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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 15, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm vicky nguyen. a tour bus full of students catches fire on a bay area highway. how one deputy was in the right place at the right time. his son was victim of a vicious beating. the south bay father is questioning the investigation. >> a picture-perfect weekend interrupted by scattered showers. anthony slaughter will let us know where some rain is expected to fall. you are watching "today in the bay." good morning. let's give you a live look outside right now at san jose. it is looking quite blue out there. i think we are going to see a lot of blue skies this morning. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen.
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let's get a check of your micro climate forecast with anthony slaughter. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> we were traveling this week on assignment in oregon. we touched down on the tarmac at sjc and stepped out. it was blazing hot. >> specially at the airport. it was 89 degrees jed in an show la san jose. it is going to be cooler. we have clouds out there this morning offering quite a beautiful sunrise. this is another shot from san jose. it is very mild once you you step outside because of the air in place from yesterday. many of us are starting off in the 60s. a good mix of sun and clouds in place. those clouds are going to make for a cooler day and showers in the north bay. we will show you that in a moment. over the next few mornings, with a strong rain layer. drizzle through wednesday. the storm system you seek on the radar right now, just to our north. showers near eureka. eventually, they will spread south over towards santa rosa and napa. look at these temperatures.
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this is really remarkable. we are starting off at 64 degrees. 67 in the peninsula. 87 in the south bay. all the way through san francisco where it will be turning cloudy later on this evening. 72 there. 72 in the north bay. if you are doing any traveling to the wine couldn't interest i, the only place we have showers in the forecast through tomorrow. we will detail that coming up and see if there is any more rain on the horizon. >> looking forward to it, anthony. thank you. >> there were some frightening moments on an east bay highway last night. several students rushed to the hospital after their tour bus caught on fire. the fire started after a wheel popped off the bus. this all happened on southbound 680. take a look there near the south maine street bus. some of the students needed oxygen. they were treated for smoke inhalation. a deputy heading to work spotted the tour bus on fire and quickly
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jumped into action. >> he told us to pull the car over to the side of the road and thought there were a bunch of kids on the bus. he got out of his car and began assisting the kids getting off the bus. by that time, the rear tires, as you can see, were engulfed. >> deputies say the students are from out of state. no word on where they were heading. several people were taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek. as of this morning, the extent of their injuries is unknown. a deadly chain reaction crash on the altimont crash. the crash happened in the eastbound lanes of 580 near north flynn road exit. the first wreck was just after 4:00 as traffic was building and drivers were slowing down. the chp says the first car in the collision was going too fast and the driver wasn't able to stop in time. that triggered a chain reaction
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of collisions. one man died and a woman was taken to the hospital with major injuries. one driver sustained fatal injuries. the passenger is currently in stable condition at eden hospital. we had a series of other collisions. >> five other people suffered minor injuries. they don't think drugs or alcohol were factors in that first crash. a follow-up to a brutal attack at valley fair mall that left a teenager in intensive care following brain surgery. his condition is improving. the father of 17-year-old christian rasner tells is his son opened his eyes for the first time after the attack. his dad says the teen was punched and knocked to the ground. he needed emergency brain
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surgery after the fall. he is still in intensive care and was fitted with a feeding tube. police are still searching for the two suspected gang members. they are described as asian men in their mid-20's dressed head to toe in black. the teenager's father says he is frustrated police haven't provided many details on the investigation. >> i know that they have a photo of the suspects. it would be nice after three or four days to get that out to the public so they can get these guys off the street and nobody else has to go through what i have had to go through. >> the case has been assigned to our gang investigation unit they say and they will follow up with the family. they are in the process of reviewing the case and trying to obtain video surveillance to assist in the identification of the perpetrators. the men were reportedly captured by the mall security cameras. that video has not yet been released. >> it was an emotional day in morgan hill. the parents of sierra lamar and dozens of volunteers carried out
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their last formal search for the missing teen. >> i never thought this would happen to us but it did. really, everybody, even the media, have really helped to sustain us, because it is their way of showing that we don't want to give up. >> sierra disappeared three years ago. since then, search teams have spent more than 50,000 hours looking for her. her parents are calling off the search now because they said they have run out of places to look. yesterday, groups scanned the coyote creek area for the final time. >> it has brought people together for three long years. it has driven me, that hope to find sierra, to bring her home to her family. sierra lamar's suspected killer, antoine garcia torres is scheduled to be back in court april 8th. they are pushing for the death penalty. garcia torres has pleaded not guilty to all charges happening now, a teen is
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missing out of north berkeley. police are searching for 17-year-old andy sotello, 5'3" with a thin build wearing a redshirt, blue jeans and a black backpack. he was last seen on cedar avenue near fifth street around 6:00. they are considering this teen at risk. they want anybody who cease him to call 911. investigators are hoping a bigger reward will bring an escaped south bay inmate to justice. the reward for information leading to the arrest of john l. carter has been doubled to $6,000. he assaulted a sheriff's deputy more than a week ago and took off before his apartment at valley medical center in san jose. he is an accused child molester and police say he is considered dangerous. new this morning, an undercover operation met dozens of adults caught buying alcohol for minors here in the bay area. the california department of alcohol's beverage control says the state-wide operation led to tickets and arrest for more than
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400 people yesterday, including 59 in the bay area. these pictures are from bus and concord saturday afternoon. abc partnered with local police to raise awareness about the consequences of underage drinking. furnishing alcohol to a minor is a crime punishable by a $1,000 fine. much more ahead on "today in the bay." marshawn lynch involved in a brawl outside a san francisco bar. it is not what you think. how police say the man known as t-smoke was involved. a rare weekend state of the city address. san jose's new mayor outlines his new vision for the city. what he is pushing for.
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a live look outside. no fog in sight. a little bit of pink and blue. a gorgeous sunday morning for you out there.
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here is something that doesn't make news all that often. nfl players behaving well. seattle seahawks star and oakland native, marshawn lynch, is spotted trying to stop a brawl in san francisco. tmz recorded it. they are reporting that lynch, wearing white in this video, was leaving a bar with friends in downtown san francisco friday night when a man started insulting lynch, calling him a seattle sea chicken. the running back's friends started fighting with the man. in the video, you you can see lynch trying to separate them. san francisco police say no one has been arrested. the seahawks have not responded to the video. san francisco' popular delores park is littered with trash, which is attracting a new crowd, rats. the san francisco chronicle reports the park is covered with nearly 15,000 cubic yards of garbage every year. a lot of that comes from thousands of weekend partyers and their leftover food. that's plenty for the rats to feast on.
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the chronicle says the rodent problem has gotten worse since the park's renovation. san jose's new mayor pledges more police and more services in his first state of the city address. mayor sanlacard delivered the address in east san jose, schoozing to give the address on a weekend so more people could attend. one of his priorities is beefing up police staffing. first, we will renew san jose by making our city safer. our hard-working police officers remain stretched thin. we have seen our hard-working officer reduce crime in the past two years. >> liccardo also vowed to restore library services, help the homeless and expand after school and teen job programs. he also said he would work to secure funding to bring b.a.r.t. to the allen rock and downtown areas. still ahead on "today in the
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bay," it is sweeter than sending flowers. more on a new app that let's you send delicious pastries to friends and family. anthony? >> yesterday, we woke up to cookies. this morning, cupcakes. i'm all in. we are waking up to some beautiful colors in the sky as well. we are going to see some rain. we will tell you where coming up after this break.
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the time now is 7:15. we want to give you a live look outside at downtown san jose. the sun has risen and it is going to be another warm one, not quite as warm as yesterday. anthony will be back in a moment to tell you what temperatures we are looking at across the bay area this morning. you can send a treat instead of a text to sweeten up a friend's life. as with everything in the silicon valley these days, there is an app for that. ian cole has more on an old-fashioned idea with a modern quist. >> if you have a loved one or a
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friend or co-worker, you would like to send sweet treat to, go to the app and send their e-mail and address and coordinate with the friend and find out where they would like to hand delivered it. >> a thoughtful experience. if you were to go out and buy a gift and package it and hand deliver it to your recipient and do this with the convenience of a mobile app with a couple taps. >> you could make a short video message in the app that's delivered to your friend at the same time as the baked goods. >> they get their gift and this video message they recorded for them and it makes the whole gifting experience thoughtful and memorable. >> the pastries come from one of five locally owned bakeries in san francisco. like cako. employees say it is a great way to help them expand. >> we are thinking of ways we can put ourselves out there and
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grow as much as possible. it introduces people to our signature flavors. >> this visiting couple celebrating their anniversary by reenacting their cake cutting liked the idea. >> i would love to be surprised with a cupcake. >> i think she wants me to send her one. >> the cost is $20 for each of the surprises. it is only available in san francisco right now. the founders hope to spread their app and sweetness to other places as soon as possible. in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> st. patrick's day is on tuesday. thousands of people in the bay area started the celebration this weekend. ♪ a sea of green filled san francisco's civic center plaza for the st. paddy's day festival. about 100,000 people turned out to watch the 164th annual st. patrick's day parade. 5,000 participants marched up market street to civic center. this is the largest st. patrick's day event west of the
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mississippi. they had some awesome weather out there, didn't they? >> the 164th? i wonder what the first one looked like. >> wonder what the weather was like. >> really, yeah. >> couldn't have been as beautiful as yesterday. even this morning, we are starting off very mild. temperatures in the 60s. that's where we usually end up by the afternoon. another mild day even at the coastline. the city by the bay. you will notice some green on our map. up near eureka, showers are starting to fall. this is a cold front that's going to make its way into the bay area. as we head through the day today, it will offer more cloud cover and even some showers for the north bay. if you are doing any traveling to wine country later on today, or even this morning, heads up. you may run into showery activity. this line of showers will make its way towards point arena by about 9:00 and santa rose' by about 10:45 and sonoma by 11:15. showery activity for some of us. otherwise, everyone else will see a good mix of sun and
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clouds. 67 degrees at 7:00 in the morning in the peninsula. 64 in san francisco and even 60 in the south bay. later on this afternoon, temperatures are going to warm very quickly back into the '7. we're already so mild. 72 in san francisco with a good mix of sun and clouds there. 78 for the east bay, 76 for the peninsula. eventually, later on this afternoon in san jose. after yesterday getting close to 90, back close to 80 today. the showers are expected in the north bay. your high there around 72. if you are looking for some things to do, we like to tell you what's happening across the bay. today at stanford, an outdoor sculpture walk. temperatures will be very comfortable, a light jack kit there. overall, very nice with a good mix of sun and clouds at stanford as well. we have a storm system that's making its way towards the coastline. you can see it here depicted by our streamline data. the center of low pressure making its way towards medford, oregon and along the california coastline. for us, we are going to get the tail end of this cold front and
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that means we are going to see that cooler ocean air make its way into the bay today. it won't cool us off a whole lot. we are already starting off so mild. through the next few days, temperatures are going to cool off quite a bit. we are expecting shower activity concentrated across the south bay. a few light showers and tomorrow afternoon, again, same story. north bay, light showers continuing. all of this is because of that system that's going to be making its way on to the coast as we head through the day. now, that onshore push as we head through the next few days, tuesday into wednesday, that's going to mean a little more green on the map as we head towards the morning hours, each and every morning, tuesday and wednesday. expect light showers at the coastline. more in the form of drizzly activity. coming across the golden gate bridge, you may need the windshield wipers as we head towards tomorrow morning, tuesday morning and wednesday morning for the coastline. everybody else will see a good mix of sun and clouds. temperatures closer to average
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the next few days. as we head towards the middle part of the upcoming week, more sunshine is expected. at the coastline, the showers are expected. today, north of san francisco and tomorrow all the way through tuesday morning. even by wednesday morning, we'll see the drizzle for the morning hours. vicky, that's all we are talking about. i wish we could have more measurable precipitation. it is only going to amount to about less than .10 of an inch. still ahead on "today in the bay," picking up other people's trash makes this man a neighborhood treasure. a bay area proud story nearly four decades in the making. stay with us.
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the way city budgets are stretched, it is challenging just to keep the streets clean. one man doesn't have that problem thanks to the dedication
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of one man. here is garvin thomas with the latest installment of "bay area proud." >> reporter: with the exception of a stint in the navy, michael liddell has spent his entire life living a stone's throw from oakland's piedmont avenue. he has seen many changes over the decade. one change he can take particular pride in. if you tablg tke the time to std listen, you will notice early mornings have a different sound than the rest of the day. it is through along oakland's piedmont avenue, though here there is one noise that is distinct from almost everywhere else, that would be the sound of dedication. created by michael lieden's broom and dust pan. every tuesday and thursday morning, you will find him walking up and down piedmont avenue removing every little thing that doesn't belong on
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piedmont avenue. >> here is the interesting thing here. all these cigarette butts. this guy up there throws them out the window. >> geez. >> it is certainly a nice thing for a 70-year-old retired man to do for his neighborhood. it is a remarkable mission when you learn just how long he has been doing it. >> since 1979. >> reporter: that would be 36 years. >> that's okay. don't pass out. i know i'm a young-looking man. >> good morning. >> reporter: michael says the sweeping started when he began helping his retired father maintain the grounds of a nearby church. michael noticing only then just how littered the streets were. >> i would, on the way back, after helping him, i would clean the stuff up. that's really kind of started that way. time moves on. i'm still sweeping. >> reporter: early on, it didn't
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take long for the local merchants association to notice just how clean michael's part of the avenue looked. so they asked him to start a program paying people to sweep five days a week. michael did, keeping a couple days for himself, though, but not taking a cent for the work. >> i'm just doing what i'm doing here. >> reporter: if there is a lesson in this for all of us, though, it might just be that sometimes the simplest tasks can make you the biggest of neighborhood heroes. >> good to see you. >> have a good day. >> okay. okay. >> reporter: we should add, michael is involved in any other number of neighborhood causes and not only does he sweep his two days a week, he coordinates the program for the other sweepers making sure every day gets covered. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. just go to our website, nbtsbay
7:27 am and search bay area proud. "today in the bay" is back after the break. coming up, an unbelievable story. this baby survived for hours after her mother crashes into a river. now, see the amazing footage of paramedics in action rushing to save her life. plus, frightening moments in the air. passengers pray and brace for impact when the plane's tire is blown out. what the emergency landing liked like from the passengers point of view.
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a live look outside at san jose. beautiful sun rises out there. anthony slaughter is he can whiching the tweets. everyone is commenting on how gorgeous the sun is. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony standing by with a look
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at the entire micro climate forecast. i know it is your twin's birthday. great day to be outside. >> there are two. so they are not going to know that they are celebrating their birthday. we'll take pictures. >> they will know when it is hot out there. >> we are waking up to temperatures in the 60s, believe it or not. it is a very mild start. a little bit of sun out there. more cloud cover than anything else. the cloudier skies today is going to mean for cooler temperatures from yesterday but still above average. even some showers in the north bay today and then drizzle will return for the next few mornings. specially for that morning commute. you will notice the doppler radar powered up. showers near eureka will spread down and into the north bay. santa rosa, point reyes and towards napa. 67 degrees in the peninsula. meanwhile, in the east bay, 56 degrees. we have quite a variation where we have warm temperatures at and then the cold air that's trying to make its way into the bay
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area. that cooler air will inundate later on this afternoon. it will not be as warm but nice. 80 in the south bay and 78 for the east bay. again, we were talking earlier, it is hard to beat temperatures even though we are talking about temperatures cooling off. it's still going to be nice. >> it was balmy out there. >> just some showers in the north bay. keep that in mind. >> anthony, thank you. >> there were some scary moments on an east bay highway. several students had to be rushed to the hospital after their tour bus caught on fire. the chp says the fire started after a wheel popped off of the bus. it happened on southbound 680 near the south main street exit in walnut creek at about 8:30 last night. some of the students were hooked up to oxygen tanks. they had to be treated for smoke inhalation. a deputy heading to work spotted the tour bus on fire and quickly reacted to help.
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>> he pulled the control car over and began assisting the kids getting off the bus. by that time, the rear tires, as you can see, were engulfed. >> deputies say the students are from out of state. no word on where they were heading. several people were taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek. as of this morning, their injuries have not been reported a deadly chain reaction xrash on the altamont pass brings traffic to a stand still for hours. it happened in the eastbound lanes of 580. one was killed and others injured. the first wreck was reported just after 4:00. traffic building. drivers slowing down. the chp says the driver that caused the chain reaction crash wasn't able to stop and they hit a car that set off the chain of collisions. the first two cars had to be pulled apart. the impact so hard, it killed a man and a woman had to be taken to the hospital with major
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injuries. five other people were hurt. those injuries believed to be minor. it was an emotional day in morgan hill. the parents of sierra lamar and dozens of volunteers carried out their last formal search for the missing teen. >> i never thought this was going to happen to us but it did. everybody, even the media, has really helped to sustain us, because it is just their way of showing that we don't want to give up. >> sierra disappeared three years ago. since then, search teams have spent more than 50,000 hours looking for her. sierra's parents are calling off the search now, because they say they have run out of places to search. yesterday, groups scanned the coyote creek area for the final time. >> it has brought people together for three long years. it's driven me. >> sierra lamar's expected
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killer antolin garcia-torres is expected back in court april 8th. they are pushing for the death penalty. he has pleaded not guilty to all charges. new this morning, pakistani taliban suicide bombers detonated themselves outside two churches in the eastern city of lahore while worshippers were gathered inside. 14 people were killed. nearly 80 were injured by the blast in the latest attack against religious minorities in the increasingly fractured country. the bombs went off minutes apart in a majority christian neighborhood as parishioners attended sunday morning services. a taliban splinter group is claiming responsibility for the blasts. passengers on a united flight happy to be on solid ground after serious complications forced their plane to turn around just after takafter. a united airlines plane on route from denver to kansas city had to make an emergency landing after it blew a tire during
7:35 am
takeoff. you are looking at cell phone video that shows what it was like for the people on board. you can see them breaking themselves. some prayed outloud. fears turned to cheers after the aircraft landed safely. no one was hurt. the runway was closed temporarily. all other airport operations continued as usual. now, to some incredible video of a little girl being saved from the wreckage of a car. the car had crashed into a frigid utah river. we are now seeing the rescue as it unfolded through the eyes of first responders during the frantic rescue attempt. here is nbc's halle jackson. >> it is a heart-stopping look at the nine nants saved baby lilly's life. >> what have you got? >> after she spent 14 hours upside down in a half submerged car with no hesitation. first responders raced to the wreck, splashing into the icy river. >> better get down here and try and flip it.
7:36 am
>> on the body camera video, you hear them realize the 18-month-old is inside. >> oh, god, there is a baby. >> along with her mother, who police say died when the car crashed. >> straining to get the baby out, they do. >> here, pass her up, pass her up. >> go, go, go. >> rescuers have mooing past and breathing hard. >> come on, baby. >> she is in trouble and they know it. >> she is definitely hypothermic. she is freezing. >> they sprint to the ambulance where they try to get her blood circulating. >> come on, sweetie. >> wrapping her in a blanket, performing cpr. >> we are almost there. are you getting a pulse? >> finally, they reached the hospital. >> straight in. we have been doing cpr on her. >> the video and lilly groesbeck in the care of the doctors who helped save her life. >> underwater. >> it is a breathtaking first
7:37 am
person perspective from the responders who jumped into action. >> everybody knew what they had to do. everybody was in the right position. everything happened just right. >> baby lilly's story has captivated the story, her recovery and her return to her family. see. and healthy. >> i am just really blessed and i am just glad to have my daughter here with me. i'm overwhelmed with joy right now. she is just a miracle to me. >> from start to finish, an incredible story of heroism and hope. >> halle jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> that is an incredible first-person perspective. >> he has been the head of the roman catholic church for only two years. pope francis is hinting that retirement may be in the veneer future. in an interview with mexican television, the 78-year-old says he believes his tenure as pope will be brief, possibly only 2-5 years. he marked his two-year point on friday. pope benedict made headlines in 2013, when he became the first
7:38 am
pope to re-sign in almost 600 years, leaving some to questions if the job of pope is still a job for life. pope francis will visit philadelphia this fall. still to come on "today in the bay," it was a birthday to remember for warriors star, steph curry. wait until you see what he did on his big day. you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you, and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise.
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it's never been better to wander, because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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your time now is 7:40. let's give you a live look outside right now at oracle arena. it played host to the biggest birthday party in the bay areas la the night. warriors all-star and league mvp candidate, steph curry, turned 27. happy birthday. a sold-out crowd showed up to help steph curry celebrate his big day. the fans and team alike were hoping unlike previous years, this he could win on his birthday. what's a party without a cake. the warriors giving steph a baked replica of his three-point contest trophy. they responded with a good game.
7:41 am
second quarter, curry drains a golden three giving golden state a three-point lead. with two seconds left, steph catches the inbound pass and andrew bogut hits the long threes atime ex spires. he scored 25 points despite not playing in the fourth quarter. the warriors crushed the struggling new york knicks 125-94. to spring training, giants and a's meeting for the third time this spring. top of the first, casey mcgee doubles down the right field line. giants lead, 2-0. despite the fast start, that's all the gfrmt"g" men would get e day. the a's win 5-2. tune in this afternoon for the first spring training game. the diamondbacks go to scottsdale to take on the defending champs coming up, a delicate diplomatic dance is underway between the u.s. and the cuban government as they try and reestablish political ties.
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up next, the south bay man who is sure of the right steps that need to be taken. good morning. i'm mike inouye. there is lots to do on "today in the bay." we begin with a quote from william shakespeare and his work with julius cesar. beware, the eyes of march. now, we will show off the work of michelle michelle creator of the brides of march. an adults only and only in san francisco event on the eyes of march. brides of march is part social statement on the ideal of marriage and part comment on ever increasing consumption and mostly an irreverent bar hop around san francisco. this is not for the kids. the next one, this is not for kids but by kids. you may have heard of the full-blown albany film festival. one film uses lay goeggos to tee story. the hypothetical battle of humans versus hex buds.
7:43 am
they have teamed up again on this to encourage young filmmakers to surprise, inspire, educate and entertain. for more educational entertainment, we will head back to san jose, back into history. and the chinese history and cultural project. inside their historical building, this one, you will be entertained by dancers, musicians, advocates and other children's activities to finish off our month of chinese lunar celebrations. everything goes from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. from 4:30 a.m. tomorrow, i'll be here to help you celebrate the noon lit new week and your commute right here on "today in the bay."
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a lot still stands in the way before american travelers and american businesses can flood the island of cuba. one cuban living in the south bay understands the delicate diplomatic dance underway better than most. he has been a principle player for 20 years. here is our own jessica aguirre with his story. >> we want to go from the left side into the right side. >> reporter: on the third tour of an old downtown san jose building, in a cavern rehearsal hall, discipline is being transformed into artistry. it appears this man is playing out his newest and perhaps most challenging role yet as ballet company's artistic director and more recently as an unofficial
7:47 am
ambassador between cuba and the u.s. >> it is a dream for me. i respect everything that happened many years ago but i think it is time for a change. the cuban-born international ballet star has been at the helm after retiring from the royal ballet in london. like many cubans in the u.s., carenjo is thankful to be living his american dream but nostalgic about his birth place where his mother and father still lived. >> i had a great time dancing in cuba. it was so difficult, the economic situation and everything. i had fun started ballet in cuba. everybody loves ballet in cuba.
7:48 am
>> his famous dance pedigree, dedication and intensity landed him in cuba's fame ballet national at 10:00. the government gave him permission to do what few cubans are ever allowed. to leave the communeist country and take his talentses around the world. ever-present reflection of a past he still embraces. >> people think of cuba as a country that struggles so much economically. what is it that cuba does that it can produce such talent? >> i guess it must come from passion. because, i mean, if i had to say three things that i really admire of people that recognize cuba as baseball, boxing and ballet. >> admired roles that bring celebrity but not prosperity, nor freedom of speech.
7:49 am
>> human rights violations still a key stumbling block between washington and hard line cuban ex sils that say reunification can only come with reform. >> what changes would can he see if the embargo was lift snd. >> a lot of change in so many ways, not only culturally, economically. i think probably cuba would change tremendously. >> what is your hope? >> i think the better, the more influence american or the more cuban can be open, the better it will be. i wouldn't wait any longer. >> until then, this 46-year-old ballet master will continue to mark time. and prepare for a grand political leap not seen in 50 years. >> that was jessica aguirre reporting. carenjo has on several occasions returned to cuba for cultural
7:50 am
ballet exchanges and see his family. he is hopeful to take ballet san jose as well. as for the next political move, the u.s. is pushing to open the first american embassy in cuba since 1961 next month. >> now, to a follow-up on ballet san jose's fund-raiser. the show will go on. the dance company was successful in raising enough money to stay open. the company members had until midnight last night to raise $550,000 or else the lights would turn out for good. with help from the city of san jose and the community, they raised a total of $640,000. this is the south bay's only ballet company. "today in the bay" is back in two minutes. next, one of our colleagues, rob buy ada showed off his soccer skills as part of a relay. we will show you where that ball he is kicking around is headed. we have a storm system headed straight for the north bay. that's where the showers will fall today. a good mix of sun and clouds on
7:51 am
the way. mild temperatures. back to explain after this.
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welcome back. 7:53. good morning. i'm meteorologist, anthony slaughter. i want to start you you off with this look in san bruno. we have clouds out there and the camera shaking around a little bit. that's our next storm system making its way through the bay. it looks like the north bay will see this shower activity. there is the storm system you can see. very light stuff falling across the ocean waters.
7:54 am
as the cold front gets a little bit closer each and every hour through the day. we will see those showers make their way through the bay. you will notice by point arena, you will see those showers. by 9:00, santa rosa, 10:45, 11:15. you will notice these temperatures this morning really mild out there. in fact, our average high for san francisco this time of year, our high is 63. we are already starting off at 64 degrees. so that's a good sign that's going to be well above average today. even 67 in the peninsula. afternoon highs because of the cloud cover that's moving in today and that strong ocean breeze that's not going to be as warm. it is still going to be nice by all accounts. 80 degrees in the south bay. 76 for the peninsula. 78 for the east bay. 72 for san francisco and the north bay. on our weather streamline data, you will be able to find that storm system. you can see the spin there. that's our core, the center of low pressure streaming. then, you have got the quoeld front tailing down along that.
7:55 am
the thing about this map, it shows where our wind is flowing and our winds are coming in from the ocean. that's a cool ocean breeze. yesterday, they were coming in from our inland valley. that was a warmer wind. that's where we got close to 90 degrees in san jose. for today, not as warm but still very nice. we will see a good amount of cloud cover streaming as we head through the day with the cold front making it through. the north bay is the only place where we will see the showers many could go through. tomorrow morning, some cloud cover and drizzle across the north bay as well. each and every morning this week, all the way through wednesday, we'll see the same thing happen drizzle in the morning with the coastline and some sunshine as we head toward the afternoon hours. for tuesday, same deal, same deal for wednesday as well. notice the futurecast, drizzle each and every morning. enough for the windshield wipers coming over the golden gate brinl a bridge around the bay bridge. temperatures cool as it moves in towards the bay area. by tuesday, bottoming out in the
7:56 am
low 70s. thursday and friday, another chance of seeing 80s return as we had had towards the latter part of this upcoming week. in the meantime, temperatures warm today. we kind of cool off a little bit each and every day. then, we are back up. a little bit of a roller coaster ride. it would be nice if we could throw a little rain on the roller coaster. for us, it is a dry ride the next seven days. >> all sunshine. >> a little drizzle. that's all we will be able to manage. >> allergies are acting up now that we are getting into spring and things are starting to bloom. >> they have been high for the last three weeks. keep the medication close. medicate, don't hesitate. anthony, thank you. instead of passing the torch, soccer fans dribbled a ball. earthquake fans bid farewell to the soccer field. o our own rob mayeda took part
7:57 am
with a very special ball. next, it is heading to the new stadium in san jose for the kickoff at the first match which is set for march 22nd. check out this amazing video. we are getting a bird's eye view like never before. an eagle conservation group set a world record and gave us an mazing first-hand look at an eagle's flight. it flew from the top of the world's tallest tower into dubai all the way to the ground. that flight was more than 2700 feet. do eagles have ears and do eagle's ears pop? this is all in an effort to spread the world about eagle conservation. that is incredible video. how much would you pay for a show about nothing. we are talking about seinfeld, reports that they are trying to sell the streaming rights of shot for more than $100 million. netflix passed on the deal but hulu, amazon and yahoo! are now in talks. until someone finalizes a deal, no soup for you you or anyone. >> that was a terrible, terrible one. >> i knew where you were going
7:58 am
thanks for making us a part of your local morning. there will be more following the giants game tonight at 6:30. have a great day! >> see ya. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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this sunday, letter to the ayatollah. why did 47 republicans write to iran's supreme leader? and why some of them now regret it. >> i'm embarrassed for them. plus, is hillary clinton too big to fail? >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account. >> what the roefcontroversy over e-mails could mean for the presidential bid and why there is no plan b. and the class divide. we asked americans where they think they belong. are you really middle class? and in the endgame, lindsey graham started it here on "meet the press." >> i don't e-mail -- no, you can have every e-mail i've ever sent. i've never sent one. >> now the other washington politicians who admit never taking that bridge to the 21st century.


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