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tv   Today  NBC  March 18, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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around downtown. >> all right, we'll check back with mike. we have a local news update in half an hour. >> in the meantime, we'll be springing forward into spring in just two days. looking forward to that. >> buenas días, noticias de good morning. breaking overnight, u.s. ambassador to japan caroline kennedy the target of death threats. this morning the race to find whoever is behind the disturbing phone calls. cyanide scare, a letter mailed to the white house. the secret service investigates. is it somebody they have their eye on? on the move, robert durst transferred to a mental health facility in louisiana overnight. officials carry out a search of his home. what could they be looking for? and royal reception. prince charles and camilla kick off their first visit to the united states together in a decade. their big plans for the brief
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stay wednesday, march 18, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. >> you may be enjoying your coffee. if you like to get it from starbucks you might be interested in this. they are causing a stir on line. there is a new campaign the coffee giant offering something extra with your latte. it's definitely stirring controversy. >> people weighing in on both sides, good and the bad. we'll tell you more about that later on. let's get to the top story on a wednesday morning. the phone calls to the u.s. embassy in japan threatening to kill caroline kennedy. katy tur has the latest on this. officials are not taking this lightly. >> not at all. the calls reportedly came in
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from somebody speaking english. caroline kennedy, daughter of jfk, assumed the post in 2013. she is obviously a very high profile figure over there. and with the violent attack on another u.s. ambassador this month, police are investigating just how serious this threat might be. all seemed normal with ambassador caroline kennedy today. she gave a lecture in tokyo. the associated press reports japanese police are investigating death threats against her. japanese media say the calls were made to the u.s. embassy and came from somebody speaking english. they are looking into the possibility the person might be trying to blackmail tl 57-year-old mother and diplomat. the u.s. embassy did not have a comment but threats like this against u.s. politicians and diplomats are not uncommon. >> i'm bleeding. >> the reports come on the heels of the attack on u.s. ambassador mark lippert in south korea
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earlier this month. a kreen national testified he knifed lippert because of his symbolic representation of the united states. kennedy has been the ambassador to japan for just over a year. the associated press reports tlorts believe the threats made to her are similar to ones targeting the u.s. concull general in okinawa home to 50,000 u.s. troops. michelle obama who landed in tokyo this the morning. the first lady is kick off her educational tour promoting schooling for girls. other than the suspected blackmailing no other motive is known. any one who follows international and domestic policies knows that unfortunately these threats are not uncommon, but matt and savannah, given the attack on mark lippert who we should say was okay, these threats potential growing anti-americanism are looked at closely. >> government's full attention. katy tur, thank you.
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>> another threat closer to home investigated by the secret service, an envelope sent to the white house that is tested positive for cyanide. kristin, what are you hearing? >> according to a spokesperson with the secret service, officials at the white house mail screening facility which is located in the washington, d.c. area, received an envelope on monday that was suspicious. initial tests showed that it was negative for toxic chemicals. on tuesday, that chemical testing returned a presumptive positive for cyanide. he said the envelope has been sent to another facility for more testing and there is an investigation. this was first report bid the online publication the intercept which said that the envelope can be traced to a man who has a record with the secret service dating all the way back to 1995. and who sent multiple suspicious and disturbing packages over the year. this as the secret service is
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under 2350ir after two agents allegedly drove on the white house complex while inebriated. secret service director joseph clancey was on capitol hill yesterday and told lawmakers it took him five days to learn about that incident and it was anonymous source who informed him. he faces more hearings and outrage from both sides of the aisle. back to you. >> kristen welker, thank you. >> another story in washington also around the world today resounding victory for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. in his country's closely watched election. so, what does it mean for the u.s. and president obama? andrea mitchell nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent in tel aviv. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. netanyahu not only won, won big. the opposition leader conceded this morning. instead of a tie that might have
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forced netanyahu to moderate his assistances he has a clear sailing to form a government. what does that mean. in the closing days of the campaign he came out against the creation of a palestinian state. the celebration last night was raucous in his headquarters even before the votes were counted. they know what this means. he is against a palestinian state, a clear reversal of decades of israeli commitments to the u.s. including netanyahu's own commitment to president obama. this also means that the relationship with the president, president obama, is going to be more poisonous because on election day netanyahu appealed to his voters to come out saying that the arab israelis were coming out and said that foreign money from the u.s., from the state department, was financing his opposition, that's only going to make it even harder to get along with president obama. it also vindicates republican congressional leaders inviting him to congress. this is going to be a big issue
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for 2016 candidate notably hillary clinton. it has a big effect on america. >> andrea mitchell, we talked about a couple weeks ago when prime minister netanyahu spoke to congress that the relationship between the president and the prime minister was at an all-time low. >> now they are stuck with each other a couple years. new developments in a case, the robert durst murder investigation. police searched his home and he was moved from jail to secure medical facility. stephanie gosk is covering this investigation. what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning. well, you know, the defense team fought this transfer, this facility is 60 miles outside of new orleans. they say they need to be closer to discuss the case. they say he's not suffering from any kind of acute medical or mental condition. meanwhile, investigators in houston are looking for new evidence against him. plain clothes officers including
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investigators from los angeles searched robert durst' home late tuesday. not long after the real estate heir was seen leaving a court house with a grin on his face. durst defense lawyers say they will use a bond hearing to challenge new gun charges and the original arrest warrant for capital murder. durst denies killing his friend susan berman 15 years ago. >> my concern is that the warrant that was issued in california was issued because of a television show, and not because of facts. >> reporter: the television show "the jinx" generated enormous attention after its dramatic conclusion sunday. durst mumbling to himself in the bathroom. >> killed them all. of course. >> reporter: likely referring to the deaths of his first wife, his neighbor, and berman. authorities in l.a. say the series did not dictate their investigation. >> it's a unique set of circumstances but our case is independent of the documentary, our case will stand on its own.
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>> reporter: some legal experts believe the prosecution has their work cut out for them. >> we've got to see all of the evidence, see how it connects, what significance to give certain pieces of evidence and what insignificance to give others. this a long way from resolution. >> reporter: one of susan's friends says she believes that durst may be responsible for his own undoing. >> i do believe that bobby is a very smart manipulative human. i don't know that he has outsmarted things. he might have been bitten by his own bite. >> reporter: durst was never charged in the disappearance of his wife and acquitted in the murder of his neighbor. his lawyers say they are eager to defend his innocence in california, but they are stuck right now in new orleans. >> thanks so much. >> natalie is on assignment and then we've got tamron here with a surprising story behind a terror arrest.
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>> this one in court today as well. a u.s. air force veteran is due in federal kourpt accused of trying to join isis in syria. nbc's jim miklaszewski has the latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. he is u.s. born and raised a former air force airman who recently lost his job as a m plane mechanic in kuwait. he wound uound up in u.s. custody facing a federal indictment on terror chargings. he's tairod nathan webster pugh, accused of attempting to join isis. the federal indictment claims that in january the 47-year-old pugh who was workinging as an airplane mechanic in the middle east flew from egypt to turkey bound for syria to join isis in their violent jihad. but turkish authorities denied him entry, pugh was deported to the u.s., secretly arrested by the fbi and held for the past two months.
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court records claim pugh's lap top was packed with nearly 200 propaganda videos and those disturbing videos of isis mass executions. >> even after having discharged so many years ago this is someone who they really want to put in front of a camera, someone they want to put out there and declare his loyalty to isis. >> reporter: born and raised in the u.s. pugh was an airplane mechanic from 1986-1990. to new york congressman peter king, that makes the alleged crime all the worse. >> also all the more disconcerting when you find out that if these charges are true that you have a person who is in the military ends up being a traitor to his country. >> reporter: on his lap tops they found a letter which pugh says there are two only outcomes for me, victory or martyr. he obviously never considered the third outcome, custody in the u.s. >> thank you very much, jim.
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gun men opened fire in northern africa killing at least eight. the attack at the museum forced evacuation of the adjacent parliament building. one of the dead was tunisian. it's not clear who attacked them. >> health insurer premera blue cross was hit by a cyber attack that may have exposed 11 million cows customers. the company says it has not found evidence that customer information has been used inappropriately. meantime, kraft foods is recalling 6.5 million boxes of macaroni and cheese because some boxes were found to contain small pieces of metal. the recall applies to the 7 ounce size of the original flavor mac and cheese, the best when used by dates of september 18, 2015, through october 11, 2015 are displayed.
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a fisherman learns the hard way reeling in the big one. the fisherman in new zealand had a big bite at the end of the line and winning the battle. take a look. pull the fish to the surface. he realizes that a shark -- had taken a bite. but then a great white swooped in and ripped what was left of the fish off the line. giving everyone a big scare and that lady a laugh. i would have fainted. 7:13. >> what's our favorite line. we're going to need a bigger boat. >> thank you. >> before you cut away you have video to show us. >> you have to see this. amazing. the northern lights, this aurora borealis, it was visible from nantucket, michigan, as far south as texas. this is due to an electro electromagnetic storm from the sun. it's just beautiful.
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i mean, those greens and yellows and pinks, a perfect example of the aurora borealis. let's show you what we've got going on. in the last 24 hours look at the temperature changes, colder by 7 degrees in chicago, columbus, 29 degree temperature drop between this time yesterday and today. new york city, 19-degree drop. and look what's going on. the ice melted over lake ontario and so we're getting lake-effect snow streamers across, in fact, in green county, new york, so much snow fell there was accidents, they closed the new york state thruway in green county. we've got winds today from connecticut to maine down to washington, d.c. some wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour, so look for airport delays in boston, new york city, philadelphia, and washington, d.c. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. roviding a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they can cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace.
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and so, bank of america came and reached out to us and said 'we are really interested in making sure that everyone really understands personal finance.' and we're like 'well, we're already doing that.' and so it was kind of a perfect match. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren, taking a live look this morning. really pretty sunrise here. looking good in san francisco as well. very little low cloud cover to kick off the new day. and temperatures are mostly in the 40s and 50s to start. beautiful finish to today, with temperatures rising to the low 0s just about everywhere -- 70s just about everywhere. upper 70s in the north bay. getting into the next couple days, temps tend to cool off. atest weather. >> seems like we have a lot of stories out of washington this morning. here's another. the sudden resignation of rising
7:16 am
republican star eric schock. it comes amid questions about his spending habits. kelly o'donnell is with us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. his taste for the good life and desire to post his high flying ways really cost him. questions proved to be too great of a distraction. >> his social media handle documented the congressman's passion for adventure. in one trip this media savvy work out loving 33-year-old republican did not expect to take was a sudden fall from grace. >> i know when i take a trip and i post photos online, it can create the misimpression of being out of touch. >> he is out of a job. >> breaking news. illinois congressman eric schock announces he is resigning march
7:17 am
31st. >> he was younger and the first millennial in congress. >> ben wrote about his downton abby-inspired office and that triggered scrutiny of the u.s. of taxpayer and campaign funds. a private plane to a bears game taking staffers on a weekend trip to new york for the global citizen festival. >> what do you say we take a selfie? hello, new york! >> he billed taxpayers for 170,000 miles in his district and records show his vehicle had only been driven about half that far. they said schock will repay the government for mileage and other expenses expenses. congress will no longer have authority to investigate, but doesn't mean he won't face other legal questions. it spiralled so fast,ee had not
7:18 am
told colleagues or the house speaker and now there is a scramble to find a replacement. >> on capitol hill thank you very much. >> let's turn back to the top of the show. something extra with your coffee if you go to starbucks. >> nothing better than having deep conversations before your first cup of coffee but that new campaign is called race together. you get a cup of coffee and they write race together. the point is to get people talking. they write it on the cups and they want baristas to engage their customers about race. this is blowing up on twitter and people sending in pictures of their cups. shall we overcome? race together which we are seeing a lot of. there supporters. stephen writes proud that starbucks is engaging in ways that others won't. there is a lot of backlash. i don't need to be preached to
7:19 am
when i get my coffee. look at all the white hands in the promos for the campaign. that is an issue too. what do you think? are you open to discussing race relations at the register? before your first cup of coffee. go and choose yes or no and there will be a lot more on the campaign in the next few years. >> not just race but women's rights and other topics. >> it's encompassing everything and starbucks want to get it rolling. they have done this in the past. we will see how it turns out. >> there was a lot of things. >> it's interesting, but is this going to slow down my cup of coffee. >> exactly. we will find out what you think in a moment. >> what prince charles and camilla are doing on their first trip to america as a couple in ten years. >> another fraternity at a
7:20 am
college suspended. what the members are being accused of sharing on a secret facebook page. but first this is "today" on nbc. i
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you'll want to say... (woman) hey...toss me that litter! (announcer) tidy cats lightweight. all the strength, half the weight. you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good wednesday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san francisco police have not yet identified a woman shot and killed last night in a chaotic chase. it started when police tried to pull the woman over at a gas station when police believed the woman was driving a stolen car. they say she nearly ran down several people after taking off, hitting several cars and narrowly missing a motorcycle. police say she drove towards officers and that's when they shot and killed her. no bystanders were injured. napa police investigating a bizarre discovery where relatives found a man's unclothed body inside a freezer. police say there were no science of struggle or forced entry, but the man did have a history of
7:27 am
mental illness. california's epic drought is changing the mindset of this year's flower and garden show. it kicks off today. organizers say their goal is to emphasize creating beautiful gardens while still being water conscious. if you go you may notice more displays featuring drought-tolerant plants and landscaping. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. good morning to you at home. pretty sunrise over san jose. you can still see the beautiful green hills. temperatures mostly in the 40s. a couple of low 50s out there. a nice cool start today will make way to a beautiful afternoon. temperatures in the low 70s for today. 72 degrees in the south bay. 73 in the tri-valley. getting into the next couple days temperatures will warm up all the way through thursday. we'll peak on thursday. for the first day of spring on friday temperatures cooling off just a touch. looking good for some weekend showers. we'll have more on that for you in just moments. first, here's mike and your drive. >> we'll get a quick look over
7:28 am
here. north 880 still jammed all the way past the coliseum. we show your maps we talk about north 880 at 29th. still have one lane blocked. look at the backup all the way back out of san leandro. 580 westbound picking up a little volume. but much better heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. typical patterns for the rest of the east bay and the north bay. as we move your cameras down, talk about slowing on both sides of the san mateo and dunbarton bridges. north 280 recovers after an earlier crash cleared. another local news update is come up in just half an hour. we hope to see you then.
7:29 am
7:30 am
we are back at 7:30. it's wednesday morning, march 18th 2015. the pretty woman cast being reunited for the first time after 25 years. yes, it's julia robert richard gere. hector al zondo and we will hear from all of them next tuesday on "today." matt sat down with them. >> it was wild. we did it to keep in the mood of the movie in a bathtub. it's fantastic. >> were you listening to prince? >> singing kiss.
7:31 am
>> big mistake. huge. >> let's look at what's making headlines today. death threats against the ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy. the threatening phone calls were made by someone speaking english. >> the houston home of robert durst and they left with two boxes. he was moved to a mental health facility. >> the letter mailed to the white house tested positive for sinight. it is undergoing additional testing. the secret service is investigating. >> we will begin the half hour with yet another fraternity dealing with a disturbing scandal. at penn state kappa delta has a secret facebook account used by its members. gabe gutierrez is in state
7:32 am
college and gabe as i understand it this was a site filled with offensive photos. >> reporter: savannah good morning. police say this facebook page was invitation only and investigators say they were tipped off by someone in the fraternity. the house is facing a lot of trouble. this morning state is the latest dealing with a firestorm as police investigate allegations of a bad behavior. kappa delta is facing suspicious after nude and unconscious women were on facebook pages that were secretly set up by the fraternity. >> it's despicable acts and if you are engaging in that behavior you better rip that page out of your book. it's not acceptable. >> this search warrant reveals the first page was titled covert business transactions. it was shut down when one of the women spotted a topless picture
7:33 am
of herself on a page accidentally left open by a fraternity number. a second pag it included more sexually e explicit photos, drug sales, and hazing. a spokesman for penn state called it appalling and offensive. >> we are determining which individuals may have been involved. >> it's the latest in a string of negative headlines for fraternities. at the university of michigan, the sigma alpha chapter has been disbanded after members trashed a ski lodge in january causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. after this video of a racist chant from the university of oklahoma went viral last week, today's sigma alpha epsilon is announcing an extensive review of all of its chapters nationwide. >> we have a lot of examples of really bad behavior going in secret and a few heroes willing
7:34 am
to rat out their frat brothers, i think all fraternities will be a lot more ready to engage in the behavior. >> reporter: here at penn state, kappa delta row's headquarters is cooperating fully with law enforcement and the university. this morning, fraternity members are still living in the house behind me. matt and savannah, they will have the opportunity to appeal the suspension. >> thank you so much. distressing, but good that there people who are telling the truth and turning over this -- >> and reacting quickly. >> now to a royal visit from prince charles and his wife camilla. their first in a decade. today's agenda is packed. peter alexander is in washington. what's on the schedule? >> matt good morning to you. >> break out the fanny packs. charles and camilla sweeping in with an ambitious itinerary and touring some of d.c.'s famous monuments, checking out george washington's home and swinging by the white house. prince charles looking every bit
7:35 am
the part of the future king and he praised his wife's charm and charisma in an unusually affectionate tv interview. with a quick trip across the pond prince charles and his wife camilla, are stepping into the spotlight on u.s. soil. although their visit may not soil. although their visit might not make quite the splash as that other royal couple when they visited the u.s. last year. for charles and camilla, it is their u.s. visit in 10 years. back then they were just newly weds. camilla, then britain's public enemy number one, is far more popular and comfortable with her role. charles praising her on cnn. >> you imagine it is real real -- i mean she's been brilliant. and the way she has tackled these things. >> reporter: the itinerary for the future king and the duchess is filled with plenty of sight-seeing and social life. still, it is in stark contrast
7:36 am
to will and kate's dazzling performance. prince george was left at home. the lincoln memorial and martin luther king memorial. and magna carta. later charles will direct the threat of marine plastic waste threat. and they will visit president obama in the oval office. hard to believe 30 years have passed since charles and diana made this trip. the people's princess dancing her way into the hearts of millions. charles may be hoping to present a different image on this his 20th visit to the state. >> he wants to remind the world. so a meeting scheduled with obama. the message, look, i need to be taken seriously. >> they will get a dose of southern hospitality. they are visiting kentucky. a new poll showing one in four
7:37 am
brits say they like camilla more than 10 years ago. and the number of brits who don't has dropped in half. >> our fanny packs never go anywhere i just want you to know. >> they could really boost their numbers with a stop by the plaza. >> there you go. >> formal invitation to follow. >> that's right. i'll have my secretary call your secretary. first i have to get one. and then i'm calling. we have a lot of heavy rain in southern texas, corpus christi and houston, we'll be watching the rain make its way south. and then eventually to the north. and by friday first day of spring or we have placement of this storm system european model puts it north. american model further south. here's what we're looking for. a mix of rain and snow new york city into washington, d.c. snow to the north and west of boston. snowfall totals, well, it's going to be interesting. friday night, depending on the
7:38 am
track, that will determine how much. boston gets snow. heavier snow north of new york city. heavy mix around philadelphia and new york. snowfall amounts higher away from the coast. here's what we look for as far as the snowfall totals. we're expecting to see generally one to two inches. but some folks could pick up two to five before it's all 7:38. happy wednesday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. pretty day coming your way. morning clouds followed by sunny afternoon conditions that are very warm for this time of year. 77 degrees, for example, in the north bay. 67 in san francisco. as we get into tomorrow we will peak adding additional three to five degrees to your temperatures from today. and then temperatures will start to cool off as we head throughout this weekend. slight chance for showers late friday night into saturday. best chance for areas north of the golden gate bridge, specifically sonoma county. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. >> coming u.sinead o'connor's
7:39 am
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>>. >> drunk drivers putting your safety at risk. we are talking about repeat offenders, some caught over a dozen times and still behind the wheel. jeff rossen has that story this morning. good morning. >> sa van a good morning. hard to believe and the numbers are sobering. almost 300,000 people drive drunk every day and only 4,000 are caught by police. many of them don't learn their lesson. driving drunk over and over and over again. doing it once is obviously bad
7:44 am
enough, but there people sharing the road with us right now who have five duis, 10 or 15 to 20 convictions. this morning you are about to see what happens when they get back behind the wheel. under the influence and out of control. drunk drivers smashing into traffic. their cars flying into the air. this drunk driver hit speeds over 100 miles per hour trying to evade police before this crash. it was his third dui. watch as this repeat drunk driver drags an officer down the street when she tries to escape her third dui. the officer broke his arm and she pled not guilty. the consequences could be tragic. >> they turn the roads into a russian roulette. it's a death game. >> ellie was driving to the gym one morning when this drunk
7:45 am
driver with a half dozen prior duis smashed into her, shattering her spine. now she is forced to wear this back brace everywhere. >> he was going about 45 miles per hour and never hit the brakes. >> when you found out this driver had been convicted six other times before and this was number seven, what went through your mind? >> the people have no regard for the law. >> like robert with 16 dui convictions. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. >> what the hell do you want? >> do you think you should be in jail? some people think you should be. >> i have done my time. >> why would you get behind the wheel? >> because i was drunk all the time. >> he was sentenced to just two years in prison after his 16th dui. >> all of us share the road with people like you, it's scary. >> our rossen reports investigation found others like
7:46 am
him across the country. with an obscene number of duis. this guy may be the worst. 27 dui convictions. today a free man. >> it's more than staggering. it is off the charts and off the charts wrong. >> several states have weak laws. if no one is hurt no matter how many times they are busted it's still just a misdemeanor. often resulting in license suspensions or at most minimal jail time. one of the states with the weakest laws is colorado where ellie was hit by the seven-time offender. >> go ahead and blou through the tube. >> when we went out with this task force near denver. >> you are under arrest for dui, okay? >> they caught a repeat offender in two hours. >> at least a half dozen prior duis. >> we went straight to the governor. >> 45 other states have tougher
7:47 am
drunk driving laws. sitting here as the governor for four years, why is that? >> the legislature saw the declinedriving fatales andy woo are aware of the number who clearly have a substance problem and continue to get caught repeated times and we weren't putting them in jail. >> the governor saying he was confident they will pass a tougher law this year. >> they have been working on this for nine years. enough is enough. they are out there and they need to go to jail. >> mothers against drunk driving said the repeat offenders deserve serious jail time because 50 to 75% of them will drive drunk even if their license is suspended. they say that all those repeat offenders have the interlock devices and you have to blow into that. the car won't start if you fail
7:48 am
the test. >> it's kind of a shocker. >> it is. >> coming up on trending why are leah still and her father flexing their muscles? news on a brave fight that will bring a smile
7:49 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. wildlife officials are now testing a third bat found dead in fremont to see if it has rabies. the latest bat was found near niles community park. the third was found at the irvington community center. last thursday a dog find a bat at miles elementary school. it will be the fourth bat found with rabies in alameda county since last month. a man is in custody after yesterday's wild high speed chase through four counties, it ended in a crash. it spanned into san jose. take a look at this. then at the los altos hills, the suv eventually crashed when spike strips blew a tire. the driver got out, however, and appeared to be okay. he is identified as 24-year-old ramon bernal.
7:57 am
good morning to you, laura. i want to start with this live picture. this shows how clear it is at the coast. point reyes looks spectacular. warm sunshine for today. getting into tomorrow, we will be three to five degrees warmer. and then we have a very slight chance of showers. temperatures are going to be nice for the next couple of days. they'll drop for the first day of spring. and this weekend looks good for your outdoor plans. low 70 this is the south bay. here's mike and your drive. >> we have a slow drive and then a clear drive. so more right behind is that crash. we'll show you on the map as well. southbound 880 and just south of there, a crash. just cleared the lanes. should see a burst of traffic. but you're jammed up from dakoto. routes tend to smooth out after an earlier crash on 280 caused a backup. recovery for oakland north 880. back to you.
7:58 am
>> another local news update coming up in half an hour. we hope to see you then. have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up truly brave. good news to share about devin still's daughter leah and her battle with cancer. who has them flexing their muscles this morning. we will tell you. meet the dad raising quadruplets on his own. his fight to keep their mother's spirit alive as the family and community rally around him. the property brothers meet our puppy. the hgtv stars stop by to build wrangler a new play space on the plaza this march 18th 2015.
8:01 am
parcel brighting 53 here at the "today" show. >> celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary from georgia. >> celebrating the honeymoon on the "today" show. >> we flew all the way from knoxville, tennessee to see the "today" show. >> we love you, wrangler. >> we are back at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 18th day of march, 2015. the chill has returned to the plaza, but we have lots of warm souls out here on a prespring kind of wintry day. >> it's still the rolling spring. >> that's true. look at all the people we have here. it's nice. >> spring arrives on friday. >> 6:45 p.m. >> the property brothers building wrangler a new romp
8:02 am
area. >> it's beautiful, by the way. it's like cribs for wrangler. >> i thought it was for my kids. >> we will show you that in a little while. >> spring arrives on friday and we are getting you ready for the new season with steals and deals. >> let's get to the news of the morning. tamron across the way from jill in for natalie this week. >> police in japan are investigating death threats made against caroline kennedy and another diplomat. according to the press, they came in phone calls to ambassador kennedy and a general based on the island of okinawa. the caller spoke english and threats come on the heels of this month's attack on the u.s. ambassador to south korea. a victory for prime minister benjamin netanyahu's ruling. the win means netanyahu should be able to put together a new government and serve a fourth
8:03 am
term as prime minister. he campaigned and vowed there will be no palestinian state as long as he is prime minister reversing a promise he made to the u.s. after recent breeches new director joseph chancy is hoping to protect the real white house by building a fake one. clancy is asking for $8 million to build a rep licky of the white house to be built about 20 miles away in maryland. they train in a parking lot and said they would be able to train more efficiently if they had a more realistic white house and a fence around it. eight officials say getting food and other help to some people is difficult following the powerful cyclone. one woman returned home for the first time after the storm, desperate to find her family. she saw her grandmother and her
8:04 am
son. [speaking foreign language] >> moments later she was also reunited with her mother. >> the reliability of breast cancer biopsies. they looked at the same samples and in some cases of invasive cancer 96% of the time which is reassuring for the 1.6 million women who have them, but in a d.c. is case 50% of the time. they should get a second opinion. watch where you are when you take a selfie. they were posing for what they thought would be a great shot in front of a dumpster on fire. what they didn't count on were the firefighter who is showed up to put it out.
8:05 am
yes. that's what happened in their selfie. all wet. it is 8:04 and let's get another check on the weather from al. >> that is a crazy piece of video. that's nuts. we have an eh change student from georgia? >> republic of georgia. >> not the state of georgia. >> not the state of georgia. >> where are you going to school? >> i'm going in texas in gran bury heights school. >> good for you. already. everything is better in georgia. the state of georgia. look at all that rain down south. corpus christi texas looking at wet weather that will continue rain and that moisture will make its way into the northeast and bring us a real mess for the first day of spring. nice and coasty and gulf coast amongst them.
8:06 am
8:05. happy wednesday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. look at this beautiful clear sky over san francisco. and the same clear sky over the green hills of sunol. pretty day coming your way. low 70s for us here in the south bay. mid to upper 60s in san francisco. you're going to hit the upper 70s meanwhile in the north bay. looking good for a peak warmth as we head throughout thursday. then temperatures will drop off for the first day of spring. weekend looks good as well. 72 in the south bay on saturday in san jose. and 73 on sunday. hope you have a great day. >> that is your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up on trending take a look at the message on this onesy. i hate my thighs. cute or offensive. the father finding hope after tragedy raising quadruplets after his wife's death shortly after giving birth. a story that will touch your heart. >> look who i'm with in the orange room. she has a new movie and doing
8:07 am
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8:10 am
that's why petsmart has all you need to take care of your kids. here we are. we are back at 8:10 and time for trending. first up i can't wait to see what you think about this. a baby onesy. do you think this is fat shaming or does everyone need to lighten up. take a look and decide. the clothing brand has been selling this onesy with the message i hate my thighs. they pulled the item and said it was only meant as a joke. >> they pulled it. >> they pulled it. i saw it and i thought it was kind of funny as a mother of a deliciously chunky thighs baby. >> for the baby can read it you
8:11 am
have an awesome kid so why would you worry. >> i see to a serious point, you don't want your kid to be growing up hating themselves but i think it's funny. >> i'm shocked people are offended. it's a cute little thing. >> look at the little thighs. >> people come over and i say do you want to see her thighs? it's the cutest thing. >> were you surprised at how folks on felt. we asked do you think it's offensive. % of you said no and 41% said cute. >> ring me up to the minority on this. we love concerts. what's the best part about going to a concert when you see your favorite band play your favorite song. you see the stones play brown sugar and billy joel new york state of mind. what if if they don't play your favorite song. sinead o'connor want you to know
8:12 am
she will no longer perform one of her greatest hits ♪ nothing compares to you ♪ >> that song one of savannah's anthems was written by prince by the way and brought sinead global fame in 1990. doesn't seem that long ago. she said she won't play it anymore because she is not in an emotional place where she identifies the song. she said i don't want audiences to be disappointed coming to a show and not hearing it. i am letting you know that you won't. she said if i were to sing it just to please people i wouldn't be doing my job right. i would be lying. how do you feel about that? >> isn't singing songs to please people part of your job? >> she has to be true to her music. >> she is saying if that's your song, don't come.
8:13 am
>> thanks for telling us. >> it's all written at a time in their lives where they connected with the song. >> we talked about breaking bad habits like biting your nails. i do. >> not the nails, the skin. >> my nails are hideous. guess what it's because we are perfectionists. it's a new study researchers said biting nails is one of the ways that we type a's cope in the experiment. they chewed more when they were prevented from finishing work on time. >> in our weather office, dylan is always chewing my nails. >> that's not how she got the job. >> that's nasty. >> a photo that will britten your morning. devin and his daughter leah flex their muscles. leah has been battling cancer. what has them so happy? hoda kotb has more on the story.
8:14 am
>> what a great thing to wake up to. i saw the instagram and he said when you get good news and you don't know what to do how about you flex. finally they got great, great news. >> this is truly the picture of happiness. he posted the triumphant image of himself and leah to his instagram could. the bangles tackle announcing that a tumor detecting scan came up with no results of an active disease in leah's body. they are waiting on additional tests, but he said the doctors feel very optimistic because of the results from today. for now we celebrate. #le on strong and #i'm so happy i feel numb. she was diagnosed last summer shortly before devin was cut from the bengals. the team announced they were keeping him on the roster so
8:15 am
leah's treatment would be covered by the team's insurance. still's jersey became a rallying symbol for the fight against cancer raising more than a million dollars. >> it doesn't come from the weight room. it comes from your >> she showed tremendous heart. >> leah's supporters followed along with updates on the father's instagram account. >> you ready for today? you ready to get the cancer up out of you? let's do it. fist pump. >> leah who appeared on "today" -- >> what happened and you didn't cry? >> a tube came out. >> she didn't cry. good for you. also had a role in "my truly brave" music video helping provide an anthem to those struggling against cancer. so while the battle isn't over yet, it got a big boost this week. that brings a smile to the faces of leah's supporters of all sizes. >> so i just called leah and
8:16 am
devon this morning. i promised we would all say, hi leah. >> hi leah! >> thrilled for you and devon, as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> that's what's trending today. >> a community rallying around a single father and four babies. we'll meet them all in just 30 seconds. welcome back. carlos and erica morales struggled for years to start a family but last year they
8:17 am
received very big news. they were expecting quadruplets. the four children were born back in january but in a horrible twist of fate erica died shortly after childbirth leaving carlos to raise the babies on his own. their story's told in an exclusive "people" magazine series and shared only on "today" and talking to caitlin from "people" in a moment. car wills and four baseballs and mother-in-law sandra bridges are with us now. good morning to all of you. >> good morning, matt. >> and let me start by offering my condolences on the loss of erica and, yet, even as i say that sandra and carlos i say there is something to feel blessed about and that's that's these four little babies. introduce us to your family car wills. >> this is tracy in my left and paisley in my right-hand side and sandra got carlos jr. in her
8:18 am
left-hand side and little erica in the right-hand side. >> so gorgeous. how are they doing? are they gaining sfwhagt are they healthy? >> oh yeah. they're getting weight. they're healthy. and they're doing really good. althy and doing really good. >> talk to me about what this has been like. i know the great news is two came home immediately from the hospital and two more came home last wednesday. i know your family and friends and community has really rallied around you. talk to me about that. >> in the beginning with two, it was difficult. we get used to this first two and then i was going back and forth from the hospital to the house. it feels really good to have all four. it's now two seems easier now that we have all four at the house. it has been a blessing and we
8:19 am
just are doing our best and i'm feeling really, really grateful for everybody that came together to help us. over 86,000 people donating. >> i want to mention that there is a go fund campaign. people have gone on and donated over $350,000 to help your family. were you surprised by that? >> absolutely matt. it has been a wonderful out pouring of support. i know when my daughter told my son in law, her husband, that she was going to have four babies she said his response was i can't afford that. so it's funny how things turn out, bitter sweet, but at the same time thanks to god and the out pouring support of the
8:20 am
public has been phenomenal. i like to say thank you to each and every one of you for all the support we have gotten. we appreciate it. >> hug those little beautiful babies. sandra and carlos thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, matt. >> kaitlyn, it's some story. >> it's unbelievable to watch their journey for the first story we did and see all this money come in and grow stronger every day is extraordinary. >> he is taking it day to day. >> really day to day, diaper to diaper bottle to bottle. he can't think too far into the future. >> he feels so blessed to have sandra in his life. erica's mom. she has been a saving grace in all of this. >> she has. >> it's an extraordinary story and a "people" magazine exclusive. we thank you for sharing a part of it. >> we can't wait to follow them on and to share their
8:21 am
story and how they are getting stronger every day. >> thank you for having me. >> let's go to savannah. >> we top the say good morning to jennifer one of the stars of the new movie, danny collins that centers on an aging rock star with none other than al pacino on the family he abandoned. it doesn't exactly give him a warm welcome at first. >> you did this to yourself. shame on you. >> that was good. >> thanks i have been practicing. >> you married well. >> he did. i'm great. see what you missed out on. perfect. that's a cute movie. great to see you. >> i was going to ask you what drew you to this role but seeing him in the rock star
8:22 am
glory at the top of the list. working with him and watching him and they created for him in the movie. >> hey baby doll. >> it was catchy. >> he definitely plunged into the role of flamboyant rock star. you are the glue in this movie. you were the seoul of the movie. you are helping this relationship heal. >> sometimes families coming back together can be as painful as families splitting up. the fun thing is after the awards season when everything is so serious and dire this movie is all about so life and family affirming. it was so fun. we were all drawn to the story. there not that many original stories. come on.
8:23 am
it doesn't get better. >> there is something unique that set the movie. the raging rock star discovers none other than john lennon got him thinking about the life he didn't live. i thought that was an interesting jumping off point. is there anything that you think about in your life. if i turned left instead of right and if i take this other road what might i have done. >> for sure. there millions of those things and this film asks you to stop and take stock and look at your and see what was the road not taken for me and how could i have done things differently. it's never too late to fix anything you have regret over. >> something really cute southern living just did a spread with you, your sisters and your mom. when i was looking at it i thought this was really cool and i bet jennifer loves this because the spotlight is on the la ladies you love. >> i won't look at it but there
8:24 am
is nothing like sharing the spotlight with your sisters and your mom. >> i can so relate to that. there is something about when you are in these jobs when you get to do the fun things and share and say hey, mom, want to get your hair and make up done? >> it's always fun for me to get my sisters dolled up and my mom. >> you are killing me jennifer. your love is just -- >> you show those babies and leah and i can't take it. the "today" show is too tough for me. >> you have a heart of gold. that's your problem. what can we talk about? we have to talk about something boring. >> how about that dog, wrangler. >> how about tax day. it's coming up. >> how about my birthday. april 17th. barefoot contessa i'm cooking with her on my birthday. >> what are you going to make?
8:25 am
>> i had a lot of ideas. i'm overexcited. you cooking for others? >> cooking for her show but i'm answering it for my birthday. >> it's very exciting. can i ask how old? >> i will be 43. >> i am 43. it's a boring age. >> i'm happy to be 43. >> 40 is good. i think the milestone birthdays are good it's the middle ones that are like whatever. >> it starts to get real. >> how is the family? >> all really good thank you. >> you are such a doll. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> danny collins opens this friday. >> we took a vote. we just put jennifer in the list of best guests ever. >> she is the most adorable. hi america. you love her even more now. >> unbelievable. >> my mom is under the weather. i just didn't realize i would get emotional. >> we wish her the best.
8:26 am
i have the property brothers drew and jonathan and jill martin with steals and deals. they created a pad for 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today, martinez may jump on board with improved rail safety. their arasking the federal government to crack down on trains carrying crude. the changes being sod include more efficient breaks. oil shipments are expected to increase across two rail lines that run through martinez. they're concerned it may cause increased hazards. >> very slow through oakland. you might expect that. urmy this morning, we had a crash, and that kicked off an early slow down for 880. that never recovered. it pushed more folks to west
8:27 am
580. both are very slow although both freeways are clear in those directions north out of the castro valley area. approaching the bay bridge from the other routes, 24 the upper east shore freeway, all moving smoothly and starting to lighten up a bit as we would expect on a wednesday. looking over here southbound 101 slow from novato. we have spilling going on. debris south 242 to sith 80 but not a major concern. north 101 slows a bit in the san jose area. >> we're getting word that the missing 12-year-old from santa rosa has been found. another update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 the 18th of march 2015. spring is around the corner but it's a little bit of a chill in the air. >> just because it's chilly jill martin is looking forward to spring. she is here with a special edition of steals and deals. the bargains are so big, she tells me. she is keeping them secret for the big reveal.
8:31 am
>> sybil shepherd is here and why her life played a big part in her new role. what are they chanting? what? rocktown. okay. >> and wrangler is in for a big surprise thanks to the wildly popular property brothers. wait until you see what they created for our puppy with a purpose. >> but first -- >> so every wednesday in march, we are picking somebody out of the crowd to help me do the weather. we are calling it rise and shine with roker. ladies and gentlemen, where is grace richie? all right, come on out, grace. take that microphone from murray state university.
8:32 am
you are here on spring break? >> that's right. >> i'm a freshmen. >> what are you majoring in? >> elementary education? >> you ready to do the weather? >> yes, i am ready. partaking a look at the monitor. you can start doing the weather with the rise and shine with al. check it out. you have rain right now down in texas. >> yes. >> and there is a lot of rain. >> it looks like it. >> yes, it does. >> the observation is a big thing too. a big storm system this friday. 50 day of spring. how do you feel about that? >> i am ready for spring. >> tired of the cold. >> are you now? >> well where is murray state university some. >> it's in murray kentucky. >> are you having a rough winter? >> yes, but we had a week off the school from snow days so i
8:33 am
can't complain about that. >> grace richie thank you so much. did you have a good time. >> weather person in training and grace happy wednesday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look here at san jose. and san francisco, both clear skies to start the day. beautiful conditions coming your way. getting into this afternoon we're talking about the low to mid 70s. and a touch above average, even san francisco. 67 degrees there. way above average, meanwhile, in north bay. 77. we'll hit 72 degrees in the south bay. temperatures will climb by tomorrow, and the weekend, leveling off in the low to mid 70s. >> that's your latest weather. here's matt. >> that was good. thank you very much. sybil shepherd has done it all in her career. a model, movie, golden globes for two hit television shows. she is back playing a bereaved
8:34 am
mother in do you believe. take a look. >> she is so pretty. >> yes, she was. won't it remind you of her too much? >> oh, sweetheart. you just be yourself and everything is going to be okay. >> okay. >> sybil shepherd good morning. i missed you. >> i'm so glad. i missed you too and that scene moves me so much the fact that my character loses her only daughter and she is frozen in time and can't get to grieve. lee majors plays my husband and he is wonderful. he has his faith, but i don't believe there is a god. >> talk about this. this is a role you haven't played before. nothing like this. you had a long career. is it nice at this stage to find
8:35 am
new challenges? >> absolutely. i read the script and i started crying four times during it. my agent said it's faith-based. i didn't care. i just knew it was a great part for me and everyone in it. it's an amazing story of people helping each other. >> most actors try to find some personal experience that helps them get their arm around that character. you used a situation in your own family. >> yes. we lost my older sister at a young age. my mother a lot to go through and so did we. when my mother lost her mother she said i can't believe in god. i don't believe there is any god or he wouldn't have taken my mother that way. i understood that from my own mother about what it's like to not believe in god. >> you grew up in a religious family and you were in the choir and all of that.
8:36 am
have you had an example of time where you questioned your own faith? >> i had a near death experience and i was in the ambulance, 911 and a serious situation. i felt my soul went up to a star and i said you can't go there. you have three children. get back down here. you have to stay alive. i have questioned my faith. >> that would seem to make your faith stronger. >> it did indeed. >> i was reading about you and you have been on the show a lot. your comments about beauty struck me. you are very successful and you have always taken your beaut we a grain of salt. you have never made it about your physical beauty. you think it's more important to have an inner beauty. >> that's what my mother and grandmother said. beauty is as beauty does. i just lucked out and got beautiful parents and get that beauty look. i had nothing to do with talent. as i became a model, i was
8:37 am
comfortable in front of the camry and the luckiest person alive. he put me in my first film. >> when you look at the television and movies everyone has a favorite of yours. >> i loved do you believe and i formally like the last thing i have done. i loved taxi driver and chances are. that's one of my great favorites. >> you will go down in my history book with the person with the best title of the memoire photographer. do you want me to read it to you? >> civil disobedience. you read that to me. >> civil disobedience. how i survived sex, bruce willis. motherhood hollywood and the urge to say what i think. are you still saying what you think? >> not so much what i think. early on i was a real -- can i say smart as? >> you did. >> i had to repeat jim.
8:38 am
i was rebellious. i was a rebel girl. i was a bad girl for a long time. >> that's the part we like about you. >> i'm a good girl now. >> great to have you back. don't wait so long next time. >> i promise. >> she will be back later with kathie lee and hoda. do you believe start this is friday. are you ready to go bargain hunting? spring time steals and deals. first this is "today" on nbc. around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place including one right here at the shop now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos!
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with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd.
8:40 am
steals and deals. jill martin is here and she has the must have items for spring and i am wearing one of them. good morning. >> i will pretend it's warm out and all we need is this wrap. i'm done with this weather. it's a spring fling edition.
8:41 am
the alpaca wrap scarf. we just yanked her out of the plaza this morning. the retail is 289 and alpaca is an animal and a fabric. >> i'm happy to bring a product that is 70% alpaca and 30 different solids and super versatile. the retail is 289 and up to 76% off. >> great. thank you so much. check it out online. next behind door number one. >> mark new york with the polarized sunglasses. 60 to $75. something you typically wouldn't wear. different styles. you look very cool. polarized because they reduce
8:42 am
glare. you see all the different ones here. the tie die and the aviators and the retail is 60 to 75%. >> this might be more my style. a lot of styles. i like them. >> i have a big face. >> behind tulips number two. >> mineral make up collection kit. retail 75 to 120. choice of six sets depending on the look you are going for. if you want a smokey eye or you want to look natural, they have different ways to do it. you have to see what you are looking for. different for each skin tone made with 100% natural minerals and they are hypoallergenic. it's $19, up to 84% off. >> you saying the brushes come with it? >> each in a different kid. this comes with this and this comes with this. you have to go on loin to see what you need for your skin
8:43 am
tone. they lighten up a little bit. >> experiment with different looks. you will love this. what is better than one candle wick? three or four. deal and company luxury candles, 60 to $65 retail. great as a house warming gift or a dinner party. the glass is hand blown in stores like sack bloomingdales and the retail is 60 to $65. the deal is $18. up to 72% off. they come in this box with the wrapping already. it's one-stop shopping. >> very, very pretty. we have one more. it's not steals and deals if we don't have totes. >> this is reversible. a two for one. the reversible leather bag. it's suede on the outside and the leather bottom. then it reverses to this beach bag. >> that's cute. so this is the reverse version of that. >> genuine suede and leather. removable shoulder strap and
8:44 am
comes in five colors. 395 and the deal is $79. that's 80% off. >> two bags in one. i love the stripes. are they the only pattern? >> only stripes. i'm all about the stripes. >> let's go through them. the scarves from alicia adams sunglasses from marc new york. the bella pierre make up kids candles from dl and company and reversible bags from ali golden. where are you running off to? >> i'm getting a different pair. >> i like these. don't take these away. i will take two. steals and deals. up next wrangler is in for a surprise out on the plaza. hg tv duo, the property brothers are here and they have hooked up wrangler. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> we are back down on wrangler wednesday. we have to call it that. host of hdtv's the property brothers and they will give our pup we a purpose his own dog park. together with guiding eyes they worked on it for weeks and our crew came out here and put it together. wrangler if you are ready, drumroll please. welcome to your new park. >> wow! >> there is excitement there. >> this is cool guys. talk to me about the design. >> i'm a dog owner and i love my dogs. i want to give most of the yard to my dog. if you are training your dog and you don't want to be going out to the dog park i say build something at home. it doesn't get cuter than that. educate your dog by having different textures so they can
8:48 am
learn what it's like to be walking in public. >> have grades and the possibly bridge. you have stairs and the grass area and the ramp. this is giving him all these textures for him to get used to. wrangler is four months old and he has something in common with me. i also like my belly rubbed. >> does that ever work for you? >> not so much. there is a reason he is single. he is just a pupy and a lot of this is new to him. when he saw the wobbly bridge he was playing on it quite a bit he is tired. >> when people are looking for something for their dogs. you can just have a big area for the dogs to run around or a couple of toys out or areas for them to interact. it's nice to have the rock or the grass in different areas. >> how long do you think he will be able to use this. he is four months old. can he use this until he grows up? >> i built it a little bit bigger.
8:49 am
he can grow into it. the next thing is we will donate this to guiding eyes when he is done with it. >> i thought my kids got it. >> you go through it. >> he actually built this to himself. he passed on t on to wrangler. who would like to see drew go through the course. >> and drew would like to rub jonathan's belly. >> saxon, are you wearing a microphone? what do you think of this? >> it's great. he is loving it. play time is important for any dog, but for wrangler it's extra important. he needs to be able to learn and this is helpful with the surfaces and the different objects for him to be spaciously aware. it's great. >> this is my new thing. i'm building dog dream homes from now. >> the nice thing is you don't always have to go away.
8:50 am
if your dog is older or they have behavior issues. have a rest area for the dogs and a restroom and a feeding and water station. >> behavioral issues is something they have in common. >> dogs and jonathan have a lot in common. >> property brother, thank you. >> people can learn how to use something like this. >> thank you guys very much. once again, when wrangler is done the play space will be donated to guiding eyes. wrangler go crazy!
8:51 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
8:52 am
property brothers still with us as is wrangler. let's get birthday wishes. take it away. >> the beautiful marina marriott. that's where we are doing our shows. happy birthday to rita. i love that name from louisiana. juretta holman is 105 years old. how about that. she loves crafts. this is hazel peoplem brook. 100 years old today. she loves to garden. william koehn is 101 years old
8:53 am
and loves to go walking. take me to the alter. walter price is from rocklin, california. 100 years old today. he is a happy fella. one of the secrets to living he said is because he watches the "today" show. i don't have many friends in this world, but i have my friends in new york. i love you. back to you. >> we love you too, willard. >> remember earlier we talked about this new edition at starbucks where the barista writes things on the cup that prompts discussions on race or women's rights or all kinds of things. we asked you if you like this idea and you want to have these discussions. want to see the results? 86% of you said no thank you. 14% said yeah this is a good idea.
8:54 am
>> i can't imagine you are going in and you want to get your coffee and get going. >> not the right place to have a conversation about things that really matter. maybe while you are waiting if are your latte. >> taking a long time with everybody at starbucks when i go there. >> i'm that one weirdo. >> you are special. what a place you made for wrangler. thank you so much. >> the property brothers are here for the whole morning. >> they will be sick of us. they will have creative ways to spruce up your home and you
8:55 am
8:56 am
a good wnz morning. it's 8:56. trader joe's has issued a recall for several raw walnut brands. the product comes with trader joe's labels and december 2015 expiration dates. they include pieces and halves. the company is being cautious about a salmonella contamination. no illnesses reported. >> a group of south bay students in new york right now presenting
8:57 am
ideas about beating the drought. the students are from san jose's downtown college prep alum rock high school. the projects don't waste a drop. won several state awards. now they're competing in a national contest. the winning school gets more than $100,000 in technology products. we'll be back in another 25 minutes with a local news update.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> this morning on today's take with basement makeovers on a budget. then, are you a good liar. what the letter q has to say about you. bobby is working with al pacino. all that and more, coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> this is live. welcome to "today" wednesday morning this march 18th 2015. we are working through technology. al has mere cat. >> i was mere catting in austin.
9:01 am
it is a live streaming app through twitter. you can watch people live. so folks like crowd street and you can watch it. you have to watch it live. you can't watch prerecorded. >> prerecording us in the commercial break but you just walked out. >> i wasn't recording you, i was broadcasting live. >> which is worse because i said something and i said i'm not going to say that on air. it's too late. i said it live. wow. >> it is broadcasting. a second stream. mind blowing. >> it's interesting because we talk about privacy. i'm on my phone i can watch in my home what's going on right now. it's all out there. we have no secrets. >> no. especially when al is following you around mere catting. >> why is it called mere cat?
9:02 am
>> it's a cute character. it's like timon from the lion king. you think real and think animated cartoon. come on pumba. >> it has blown up in the last couple of weeks. >> just like twitter in 2007. there it is. >> this is us now? >> this is happening somewhere. >> that's what you are filming? >> i'm mere catting. >> what are we looking at? oh! hey, now. >> it's different because we are bringing it through the control room. it's distorted looking. or that's just the way you look. >> if you look at the whole picture, look. just lean over. you will see that i'm shooting her whole body. >> hi, mere cat.
9:03 am
>> bye-bye. >> did you see i had to point this out. jennifer garner about an hour ago. >> you couldn't miss it. she was amazing. >> she incredible and in a new move we danny collins. savannah brought up a photo shoot that she did with her mother and sisters and it was a beautiful moment. here's how it went. >> there is nothing like sharing the spotlight or anything else with your sisters and your mom. >> i can so relate to that because there is something about in these jobs when you get to do the fun things and share and say hey, mom, you want to get your hair and make up done? >> it's always fun for me to get my sisters dolled up and my mom. >> you're killing me because your love is just -- >> you show those babies and leah and i watched and i can't take it. >> you are so darling. >> the "today" show is too tough
9:04 am
for me. >> how beautiful is that. i can't look at the picture of me and my mom because i'm going to cry. that was a genuine moment. >> that was off camera too. she is exactly the same way. i love her. >> love. >> something caught our eye and we need answers from elton john. woo know that the beginning of the week elton john created this hash tag boycott dolce and gabbana because of offensive things said by the two designers. they spoke with cnn yesterday clarifying or -- not clarifying, but expounding on what they said originally that children are brought into this world through ivf were chemical or implying they are synthetic children. dolce said i believe in the traditional family. it is impossible to change my culture for something different. it's me. i respect all the world and all the culture. >> a few years ago they talked
9:05 am
about wanting a family. trying to find other ways to do it. what's the deal some. >> what gives? >> they believe in gay adoption and dolce just expressed a point of view. elton john rallied a lot of different people and all of us who were offended including us to boy cat or pressure them to clarify the statement. elton john there is a photo of him with a dolce and gabbana bag yesterday. we do not know -- maybe he was picking up dog poo and put it in there. i don't know. >> his publicist said that was not a purchase made. it was an old bag. >> how many times do you grab a bag to carry it and don't necessarily look at it. i honestly don't. i'm carrying a bag right now. >> you have not called for a boycott. >> i don't pay attention.
9:06 am
knowing elton john and not that i know him well, but he is getting ready to go to a recording studio and grabs whatever. >> i took back an outfit on monday. i said i was not going to say it on air. i took back an outfit. elton john should make sure we know. not just for him because i would have done it if it wasn't a famous person. if they said ivf children in general. this picture caught my attention. andy cohen of bravo, he is auctioning off. he is on the show kicking it. he is auctioning off a suit and the proceeds benefit the council. the current bid for the suit. dolce and gabbana used is $1,850. there eight more days left to bid. >> a well-dressed handsome man.
9:07 am
>> this is a perfume that i wear every day. this perfume is not dolce and gabbana. the person who can smell it that means they are attracted to you. that's not why i bought it. i love it. you guys don't notice it. i wear it every day. adam miller come here for a second. one of the leaders of our show said i was in the hall way and i smelled you and i was across the building and i'm looking for you. i said i wasn't over there. i smelled you. >> that's awkward. >> some people have a certain scent and it reminds you of them. i was across the street and i said tamron was just here. >> today i tested him. i didn't wear the perfume. adam comes into my dressing room and said you don't have your perfume on today. only people who are attracted to you can smell this. >> what's your point? >> i'm concerned.
9:08 am
>> i disagree with you. >> about adam. you are calling adam -- whose wife just had a baby. >> causing trouble. >> he loves two women. mandy and ellie. >> i'm just saying. >> tamron you smell nice but -- >> he said i smell like a hotel. >> what? >> see if i can spell it on you. it's unisex. give me your arm. >> i don't want perfume. it's unisex. i don't smell it on you. >> it will be awkward. >> give me your arm. see if i smell it on you. >> how could you not smell it. >> just kidding. i don't smell it. now smell it on each other. isn't that interesting? >> if you smell it -- >> i will tell the name of it on
9:09 am
twitter. if you can smell it on someone you are attracted to them. >> can't you always smell perfume? >> no, it's only based on chemical. >> those who smelt it dealt it. >> here's the question. are you a good liar. let's find out. this is from richard weiss's you tube video. four million views. i want you to draw a q on your forehead. dry an invisible q on your forehead. you drew to the left. if you draw to your right side of your forehead, you are
9:10 am
introvert and tend to be not very good at lying. >> that's to the right. i went left. you went right. >> so i'm an introvert. i have been saying that. >> you are an introvert and you are an extrovert. you are a good liar. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. >> you are a good liar. >> you are a very handsome man. >> you are a good game show host. >> did you go left some. >> if i had done that, you would have walked off to your weather and rolled your eyes. >> you would walk off yourself. anyway not liar, liar liar, pants on fire. very accurate. very nice. wow. it's like it's gone now. i don't even smell it. anyway look at the temperature
9:11 am
change. from this time yesterday, it was 4 degrees warmer in chicago. 15 degrees warmer in columbus. the temperature dropped 14 degrees from this time yesterday in albany and almost 20 degrees in new york city. lake ontario is wide open and look at the winds. i love science. you can see the winds. follow the winds and you can see the snow. it's streaming into new york. the winds up to 20 miles per hour in new york city we have delays in a lot of the airports. we are watching that. during the day today until 5:00 we have wind advisories from connecticut to maine. look at the wind gusts. 25, 30, 35 miles per hour throughout afternoon into the evening. we are going to be watching that throughout the day today, especially in the mideast. a lot of airport delays. 9:11. taking a look at the time lapse
9:12 am
from tiburon tells the story of the day. all the clouds starting to clear out of the bay area. we're going to see sunshine later on and temperatures comfortable, in the low to mid 70s just about everywhere. 73 degrees in the tri-valley. 72 in the south bay. a touch cooler at the coast for today. just 67 degrees. in san francisco. temperatures are going to warm though, as we head through tomorrow by a good 3 to 5 degrees. then we have a slight chance for showers getting into your weekend. we'll have more in just moments. >> this perfume is like the invisible ink. >> you can no longer smell if people are attracted. >> it's called molecules. i will tweet it out. you don't smell it anymore do you. >> we just said that. >> he was a gangster you never wanted to cross. he is stars along his idol al
9:13 am
pacino. we will catch up with two-time emmy winner. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies."
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the thick creamy greek yogurt that may make your tummy smile. i love it. try activia greek. clorox knows a lot of dusters just push dust around. new clorox dust wipes have the power to grab and hold onto dust, allergens, and even hair all with just one wipe. i wish i had this much hair. can't help you there. real dusting. for your real life. hey nice game today. thanks. juicy fruit? sure i'll try a piec.... juicy fruit. so sweet you can't help but chew. we're here today asking kids what their favorite vegetable is. kids? [ crickets chirping ] now we're gonna give those same kids bush's baked beans. [ kids ] mmmm... finally, we're gonna tell them that bush's baked beans are actually a veg-- tut-tut-tut. ix-nay on the egetable-vay. oh, right. bush's secret family recipe gives them a delicious flavor
9:16 am
so they're a [whispers] vegetable that kids actually like. bush's baked beans. the [whispers] vegetable that kids love. >>. >> it is hard to believe bobby was a struggling actor in the 1990s who almost gave up the profession. >> we are glad he did not. we never would have seen him play gangster that won him an emmy of course. and he played a blue collar boyfriend in woody allen's blue jasmine. >> he is realizing a lifelong dream working with al pacino in the movie danny collins. he plays strange son. check it out. >> we have to check it out with mom and pop and see if it's okay. >> i want to go to a big at a bar.
9:17 am
>> you know, it's upscale. >> what's an upscale bar? >> cover charge, you know. >> cover charge now? this place big enough for you to do your moves? >> bobby, good to see you. >> that was me in the pool. >> really? a remarkable transformation. you get to play alongside one of your idols. now to work with al pacino, it must have been a dream come true. >> if a lot of people meeting al pacino is a dream come true. working on stage is what i wanted to do. this was a bonus. it was flattering to be asked by him. >> how did he ask you? how does al pacino pitch you should. >> we have each other's phone
9:18 am
numbers. it's weirder and weirder. he likes to text. >> you are a text buddy? >> we are text buddies. i don't have his name in my phone. i don't want the phone. the phone gets lost. he comes up. >> he hit you again. he texts me and i call him. i call him and he's like he asked me, want to do a picture. want to maimonides son. of course he said yes. it's amazing. # i love his intensity. >> he loves punctuation marks. exclamations and capitalizations. >> you use emojis.
9:19 am
>> everything is urgent in his texts. call me some. >> you have pacino and annette benning and christopher plummer. it's a fun watch because of the way you play together. pacino in particular he played a cartoon character. >> he plays a guy who has been used to and has been larger than life for many decades now. he is familiar with it. it is a different role in that i haven't seen him play this part of a guy who is going to make the effort at 65 to right some wrongs. that's really really interesting to watch. i think he is the most interesting act on to watch. >> i don't think i have heart him sing. >> i don't think he wanted to. it's incredible. >> karaoke king is that what they heard? >> i like anything neal diamond.
9:20 am
>> play sweet caroline. >> we have some. >> ever hear a story about a man frog that wanted to be king. i don't know what that means. >> when is your karaoke time? >> sometimes it's late night and other times, i will go with my friends and i will get a text from him. he will call me and he will have a text at 3:00. sometimes in the afternoon, just the two of us. we sit in a room that is like this big. we don't even look at each other. we sing and have the microphone. >> i love that. you call it rock? >> congratulations. your son. >> on brought way, yeah. partaking up the family business. congratulations on the movie.
9:21 am
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9:24 am
it applies to the seven-ounce side of the original mac and cheese. the best when used dates of september 18th 2015 and october 11th 2o 15 are displayed. raw walnuts may be contaminated in salmonella at trady joes from october 15th 2015 through december 1st 2015. trader joe's is trying to identify the source of the contamination. >> according to the american college of physicians research found that stress tests and heart imaging do not improve health outcomes for adults and may produce false positives that lead to unnecessary tests. they recommend doing them on patients with heart symptoms. a drone has boldly gone where no drone has gone before. the world's largest cave is more
9:25 am
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9:26 am
a good wednesday morning to you. 9:26. i'm sam brock. san francisco police have not yet identified the woman shot and killed last night in a chaotic chase in san francisco. it began on van ness street when police tried to pull the woman over at a gas station. they believed she may had been driving a stolen car. she nearly lyly ran down several people. police say she drove toward officers and that's when they shot and killed her. no bystanders were injured in the chase. police in napa investigating a bizarre discovery. it's where relatives found a man's unclothed body inside a freezer there. police say there were no signs of a struggle or forced entry, but the man did have a history
9:27 am
of mental illness. >> and california epic drought is changing the mindset of this year's flower and garden show at the san mateo event center. it all kicks off today. organizers say their goal is to emphasize creating beautiful gardens while being water conscious. you may notice more displayed featuring drought tolerant plants. >> we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at san francisco. pretty day shaping up here. we have a nice clear sky over the green hills in sunol. we have a nice day temperature wise. not too hot, not too cold. 72 degrees, room temperature, in the south bay. 71 for the peninsula, and looking good to stay warmer as we head throughout tomorrow. you'll notice the 3 to 5 degree bump in today. even warmer for tomorrow then the temperatures ball back to where we started as we get into friday and saturday. slight chance for showers. best chance looks like the north bay, sonoma county late friday
9:29 am
night into early saturday. better chance early next week. >> hey, this is a lot better drive, speeds showing active movement on northbound 101 at 680. 101 and 2aty are slam jammed by the 680 interchange. the crash that had things backed up has cleared. northbound 101 involved in that carryover there and 85 had a tough drive this morning as well. the south bay, the most active. the peninsula starting to clear after two earlier crashes in san mateo and recovery for oakland. >> thanks for the view of the landscape. we'll see you in 25 minutes with another local news update. for now, back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
>> welcome back to "today" at march 18th 2015. a few minutes ago they said light snow flurries. low temperatures in the northeast. >> perhaps not insignificant snowstorm on the first day of spring. >> just when you think you are out the door they sucker punch you. >> upwards of a foot. >> something fun for you guys. ever had a strange job interview with ap odd question. a career website put together a list of the top odd ball interview questions. these are questions that are and have been asked at job interviews. >> really? >> let me start with you,
9:31 am
tamron. if you had a machine that produced $1,000 for life, what would you be willing to pay for it? it says 1,000. it's 100. >> $100? >> it produced $100 every year? $100 a day. >> i'm so confused. >> spirit airlines asked how would you describe the color yellow to someone who was blind? >> that's a good one. >> happy. it's an emotion you don't have to see. >> the color of the sun. >> you can't see. they are blind. think of happy because an emotion is something you don't have to see. >> let me ask you. bose asked this question. if you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would do you? >> i would start with the orange
9:32 am
first. >> one by one. >> one by one. >> we will keep your resume on file. thanks for coming in. >> then the licorice and get someone else to do it. >> a major financial great interview. more question. how many taxis are there in new york city? >> no. >> they want to see how you come to an answer. you will be way off, but they want to see how you arrive at an answer. >> only 1200? >> licensed taxis. medallion licensed taxis. about 1200. >> how did you arrive at your answer? you are hired. >> you don't learn how to put jelly beans in the 747. >> that's not my skill set. it was at one time. >> is that your chance to be liam neeson. >> a particular set of skills. they are coming between corpus
9:33 am
christi and galveston. houston will be looking at more rain as well. the storm system may bring the european just off the coast. a little further to the south. the american model and the way it shapes up. on the track, we may see icy conditions. looking for snow from new york city to boston. how much snow, you ask? if i tell you, i thank you, i think. good morning to you. 9:33 is the time. we love you, al roker, no matter how creepy the voice is you're doing before you toss it over to us. healdsburg nice and clear. temperatures going to end up in the mid to upper 70s in some parts of the bay area. 77 in the north bay. 72 in the south bay. 71 on the beautiful peninsula. palo alto today, 72 degrees for you. getting into tomorrow, even warmer. we'll peak and for the first day of spring temperatures
9:34 am
start to level off. hope you have a fantastic day. >> thanks al. the property brothers are making themselves right at home joining us for the next two days with the message don't move, improve. >> a different room of your home each hour. we will update and brighten the basement on a budget. good to see you guys. >> good to see you too. we are talking about the fact that if you don't have a big budget to finish a base ammentbasement but want to make it liveable. people hate the musty smell. the easiest thing to do, it's likely coming from the walls or the floor. this is an unfinished wall and they will see that white powder that means moisture is coming through. scrub down the wall and clean it and get a product meant for sealing it. prime and seal it and paint it any color you want. >> you can prime and seal all in
9:35 am
one. concrete is powerousrous. even a crime coat looks better. >> if it's musty, it's probably because you are living with willy and he has gym bags sitting around. everyone liked a reclaimed wood wall. it looks expensive and nice. if you top the go down like i do, find palettes and crates that you can tear apart and make a wall. it's free. if you buy it, it is so expensive because it's trendy. you can either buy it. goggle up. you want to distress it and make it look used. can i borrow your wallet changer? i will put it there while jonathan distresses. you son of a gun! i knew we were going to do that.
9:36 am
it's okay. i am putting it out there right now. this man will never ever live this down. >> will you explain that? >> last week on the meredith vieira show. they pranked me throughout. at the end they had meredith with a hand saw fake as though she severed her finger. look at my face. i didn't know what to do. look at this. so cruel. al thinks it's hilarious. i'm going to get help. >> we don'ted it down. meredith wanted to have a severed thumb go flying at you with blood spraying everywhere. i have the pay back on my hands. give me the chain. i will do it with stuff all over
9:37 am
my face. if you want to distress the wood, you can knock the wood off and scratch it with something. >> give me your face. >> if you want to distress the wood, do an irish jig. dance on the wood. anything you top the do to muck it up. the more the variation in the color, the better it being los. >> i can't take him serious. basement stairs. if you don't want to install hard wood, easy to do. give the stairs a brazilian. rip the rug off of that thing. paint it. we have a deck paint we used to make it durable. >> depending on what you use it for. if it's a man cave or sports area, you can use your team numbers or if it's a kid's play area put princess decals like jason has in his basement. >> you are talking about yourself.
9:38 am
>> i have one of the basement dwellings that is a ruckus room. >> it's just paint and costs next to nothing. if you have a garage, for example. they just nap into place nice and easy and you can do carpet scares if it's a living space. it makes it clean and easy. i have more on my hand. i can't look at his face. it's it's going down. i had nothing to do with it. property brothers will be back to talk kitchen renovations. pop fix coming up next.
9:39 am
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9:43 am
developments in the fashion police. e is tells us she is putting the show on hiatus. it follows the departures of former cohost shelly osbourne and kathy griffin. they will stay on board and be an opportunity to broth fresh before the next awards season. the disney stars and look at the oscars. she just wants to try new things. the show was not for her. it was a show about fashion and turning all this drama. >> she was the show. >> she was the show. but her daughter who loved produces the show. >> joan was the show. for joan rivers. >> all talented. >> some people aren't one-of-a-kind. >> our jamie fox katie holmes,
9:44 am
hollywood's hottest couple. question mark bing. i don't know. "people" magazine recording that the two have been spending a lot of time together over the past year, but it's not a serious thing. we reached out to katie holmes and jamie fox. this is not the first time rumors have swirled around these two. 2013 they were spotted at a charity event. they denied they were involved back then. it should be noted that jamie fox and tom cruise starred together in 2004. can they hang out and not be like ooh they're dating? >> for the next story, also do the punctuation. >> i wanted to stress that. >> big baby news. it's a baby girl for jude law. the 42-year-old welcomed his fifth child. this one with his ex-, katherine
9:45 am
harding. according to people, harding had three children with ex-wife sady and with a model named samantha burke. makes him a 5 by 3. five kids, three moms. they are debuting with titan. the 34-year-old former member showing off that adorable baby. her very nice husband tim witherspoon. the new mom said her road to happiness has not always been easy. she is so, so happy. vin diesel getting in on the baby boom too. the 47-year-old announced the arrival of his third child. >> can you imagine the drive to the hospital? >> he posted this and said it's a wonderful world. he's a handsome sensitive guy. he is one happy papa.
9:46 am
>> did you have a song in your mind when your kids came into the world? >> when george came out, it was about the phone. >> haven't seen that coming. it's one of the five foods that ♪ dramatic music ♪ father impersonating darth vader children i am your father! we all have a disney side, and the best place to show it is disney parks. so come to the place where the entire family can laugh, let loose, and play together. disney parks. come on. it's time to show your disney side.
9:47 am
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how do i get hotel deals nobody else gets?... i know a guy. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor! i know this guy... konohito... and this guy... who knows a guy. hey guy. i know a guy in new york, vegas, dallas. i've known some guys for decades and some, nice to meet ya, let's deal. my competitors may know a guy, but i know over 60,000 guys. and gals. exclusive hotel deals - up to 60% >> we hope our minds and memory will stay sharp, but you can get a boost by eating some things every day. >> the top five that we have. >> here's what i will tell you. you can hop in and sprinkle
9:51 am
unsweetened cocoa powder right on your oatmeal. here's why. we all know that chocolate contains these flavonols. they help to increase activity that are best known for memory and cognitive function. here's the cool thing about cocoa powder. unsweetened, one tablespoon is only 15 calories. it has the same flavanoid and 150 calories. >> coffee? >> am you have a skim cup of coffee. we have a lot of great research that shows that the combination wean the caffeine and antioxidants help to wake you up and boost brain power long-term. if anyone gets jittery or has medical issues that prevent them from drinking coffee. >> would decaf count? >> you get the anti-oxidant. >> next up? >> when it comes to lunch think about berries.
9:52 am
they have the great antioxidants which have been shown to boost brain power. add them to a salad with a goat cheese or light vinaigrette. get them in. >> great with yogurt and chia seeds. >> this is the 3:00 p.m. slump. you want greek yogurt because protein helps to wake us up. sprinkle on chia seeds because this is a great source of plant-based omega three fats that help the neurons the brain cells communicate more effectively. >> that's what i had this morning it fills you up. eat your greens. >> that's right. whether it's spinach or kale or collard greens, get them in whenever you can. your brain is going to thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> no thank you. >> back in a moment. thank you. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> this is a huge lineup. >> first up, sybil shepherd, eugene levy property brothers. you are all new. >> they pranked them bad. property brothers. >> be careful. >> you guys have to replay it. it's amazing. >> we probably won't. >> plus unlikely. >> go to >> that's right, baby. >> all right. we don't have
9:56 am
well good morning everyone. 9:56. wildlife officials now testing a third bat found dead in fremont. see sphit has rabies. the latest bat was found yesterday near niles community park.
9:57 am
the first rabid bat found ten days ago at the irvington community center. and then last friday a dog found a rabid bat at niles elementary school. so, all told this will be the fourth bat found with rabies in alameda county since last month including the one in san leandro. >> a man from davis is in custody after yesterday's wild high-speed chase. ended in a crash down 680 to san jose where the suv crashed after it hit spike strips. the driver got out, appeared okay. he's identified as ramon bernal. let's check the weather. >> thank you, scott. a few morning clouds still lingering out there. those are going to clear out making way to abundant sunshine all across the board and temperatures very comfortable for this time of year. 77 in the north bay even in san francisco, above average at 67 degrees. then our pattern changes.
9:58 am
first day of spring we're talking about a little shower chance. we'll give you the details today at 11:00. right now, want to see how the drive is shaping up if it's slow or moveling up to speed. >> both christina. it's slow but you're starting to move better now. closer to speed. this is 101 to 680. kind of one of the worst spots of the south bay. you see the red zone where speeds are down toward 20 still slow coming into the area and turn nothing to north 280, gets confusing wrk north slow from capitol express way, a crash also causing slowing. san mateo has a sluggish southbound drive, broaching the bay bridge things getting lighter but still slow. >> thanks. mike. another local news update in a half hour. hope to see you then.
9:59 am
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from nbc news. this is today with kathie lee gifford and live from studio 1 a. >> hello everybody, and by that we mean all of you. it's march 18th and we're so happy that you're here with us today. >> we have big things. >> major onings. first of all we have shepherd in the house. >> yes. she did a terrific movie. this is called do you believe, and it's just fantastic from the same producers that went on to be a huge huge movie.
10:01 am
it's really beautifully done. >> it was tanz formed for her. >> yeah. >> we're here to talk about his show and it's called creek. >> we can not say it. >> if you spell it it's chitt's for our purposes today, we're going to go -- we're wearing something today. >> i wonder what it could be. >> that's under $25. >> this is what we call -- lovely lily's loves for less. >> she needs a song. >> lovely lily. lovely lily's love for less. >> we have to get a salsa beat
10:02 am
to it. >> like to salsa. yeah, we need a little bit of salsa. >> so we're wearing something. should we stand up? >> yeah why not. we're back this week and this time it's under $25. we know that the viewers love a deal. something here is under $25. >> and it's not my spanks by the way. people got that last time. they're worn out. >> it's not your lipstick. >> it's not lipstick. it could be something else. >> yeah. >> i think that it's the same on both of us or a little bit different? >> i think that it could be different different, or it could be the same. >> you're going come back a little later and tell us. >> go on the facebook page and start guessing. if you guess correctly, we may mention it on the show. >> thanks lily. >> who is cuter than she is? >> nobody. >> do you want words of wisdom? >> i need them. >> fathd is taking the first
10:03 am
step even when you don't see the whole staircase. that's a martin luther jr. quote. >> great. great. news. sometimes you wake up and say oh my gosh. this is the best news ever. flfs a instagram post and def von is a football player for the bangles, and his little daughter i have become so close too. she is four years old and battling cancer. i wear her bracelet. this morning her dad posted or late last night posted a beautiful instagram that said we did not know what else to do so we thought that we would flex. we got great news from the doctors. they're waiting for a few other tests but they're happily celebrated today. leah, if you're watching we love
10:04 am
you so much. she was one of the cute kids and feature in the truly brave video. >> that was awesome. >> she was such a bright light. she was at the children's hospital of philly and i went to visit her and i walked into her room and she was there with her mom and said i have been waiting for you. >>. [ laughter ] >> just like i was late. i walked over to her and she was one of the kid that melts her heart. so happy that she is getting better. >> absolutely. okay. an update on fashion police if you care. >> i think that people care. cathy griffin quit. there's big news. >> e announced that it's going off until september. they want to be able to sort it out. i think that melissa rivers that's the executive producer has to be upset on what is going down. >> of course. >> on top of everything with
10:05 am
mother. know she has the lawsuit happening. >> what's that? >> they're bringing the lawsuits. you can look that up. it's complicated. that's going to be taking a lot of her time as well. >> julian that ransic is coming back and cathy griffin is going around and talking badly about the fashion police and saying that there's so many leeks there and so many exceptscomments and went on howard were stern. >> why do you think she is doing that? >> i don't know. if it's not a fit, it's not a fit. her daughter is running the show and you would not want to hurt her. you're so close that you would think that's not what you're going to do. >> we all felt and nothing against her, but there are lemgds in the world and people that are truly irreplaceable. i think that joan was one of
10:06 am
those. she would get away with something so snide but with the twing until her eye and everybody just accepted it. >> yeah, you understood the spirit. i think it would be hard no matter who it is. yeah trouble. e eleisereleased a statement and saying that we look forward to refresh the show before next season. >> i am going go for refresh. >> it's called a facelift. go and get the facelift and come back. we will see you when you're healed. your boyfriend regis is coming on. do you think that he accepted the challenge? >> i don't know. i was going to do a twiz letter challenge, and i have a cold and i don't want to do anything -- he would never forgive you. trust me on that. >> so madonna is apparently best friends with ellen and said that
10:07 am
lord is away at college and she is gone into a deep funk because it's the empty nest syndrome. let's take a look. >> how is that with lord gone? >> it's an absolutely devastating experience. >> everybody says that. >> i know. my sister said it to me when her son went away and i was like you're so dramatic and she was balling on the phone. my daughter left me and i feel into a deep depression. i am so happy when she calls me and says mommy i miss you or need you to rub my head. it's like yes, you're still needed. i am still needed. >> wow. madonna human. >>. [ laughter ] >> that's indeers her to people. you know what you're -- >> she looks like she was uncomfortable. that corset from the 1800s. it does help your posture.
10:08 am
yeah. >> she would be happier if she would let it out a bit. it seems to me. any way, i do understand it. i was fine when cody left. i was so ready to drop back when he left. i was -- >> that's a hard -- that's the truth. how can i explain this. young boys -- he is a man now but if they have strong mothers they almost make themselves so obnoxious so that the mother is ready to see you go. it's healthy. they come back thank god. as a calf have a perfect child, and i was in a deep depression. we saw that with the new baby baby bambino. i want to give advice. get a puppy. you will fall in love and they're little. >> they still need you everyday. they love you unconditionally.
10:09 am
team blake and there was a country singer and take a look. >> right. >> ♪ >> you look at us baby at the midnight is breaking. no such thing is wild enough. maybe we just think too much. >> let's be crazy. ♪ >> who cares if we're crazy? we have to be crazy. >> i know that we're crazy. let's be crazy. ♪ >> i love them both. >> yeah. yeah e. >> who are you going to go with? >> who has a pick? >> jacob or corey. whose team are they on? >> blake. >> i will go with jacob.
10:10 am
>> who is the winner of this battle? >> the winner of this battle is corey. >> corey is moving on. >> jacob gets going. >> let me remind you jacob is available to steal. >> yeah. >> he is looking so happy. >> that was a great thing. >> yeah. >> that's the best part of the show. that's the great new thing. >> corey is just as excited when he got stolen. he was happy that he was not left. it's time and we're starting the chunked out segments because we don't get to watch all of the reality shows and this is married at first sight. >> we don't want to either. >> you know what wants to? amanda avery. she is going explain to us married at first sight.
10:11 am
>> yeah they meet at the alter and jamie and doug was the big one. she was crying at the alter and said that doug was unattractive and fell in love. they're still together. >> they're sweet and great. >> so season two. >> who was it? >> 7,000 singles applied and here are the couples. first we have ryan and ryan is with jessica. so ryan came across like a player and extremely neat and that's a red flag to me. >> no. no. >> jessica totally sweet and kind of emotional. >> we like the wine in front. 35 seconds. >> i give them a 50 slash/50 chance. shawn and devina. her family does not support this whole thing. >> why not? >> she does not. the mom is not even attending the wedding. that's not a good sign.
10:12 am
>> finally who else? >> we timely got to see the wedding of rye wran and jackson. let's take a look at the table at the wedding. >> okay good. ♪ >> she walks in the room and i am happy camper. >> at first i see him like dutches and oh man. this is him. oh god. >> i see what i like. dark hair and eyes and nurturing look. i am attracted to her. >> my initial reaction is like -- >> i could not believe it. >> i thought that couple to me after the three hour special last night -- i thought they were going to be the ones that
10:13 am
were going to fall in love and not looking good. >> thank you amanda for all that you do. >> the brides will be with us on friday. >> i am excited to meet them. good-bye. >> where does she come from? >> i don't know. new orleans. she is the golden globe winner and actress. >> we're going to catch up with cybill sheprd when we get back. making him feel warm. then pie crust as he wonders if it's too soon to ask what's for dessert. now vanilla, reminding him of pep talks with mom and slightly inappropriate advice from dad. new air wick life scents in mom's baking the first constantly changing fragrance that acts like real life and says 'welcome home, kev-y bear.' this is him, secretly loving the name kev-y bear. air wick home is in the air. ♪
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10:15 am
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10:17 am
what do you think? >> she shes that she is 17. >> and she thinks that i am 117. >> it's not funny jt. he has lost enough already. i am not ready to lose you too. >> high cybill. >> great to see you. >> it was so much fun making the movie, and i cried four times. my manager said that it's a faith based movie. >> is there something wrong with that? >> it does not matter. it's a fantastic story f people going out of the way to help other people. >> you root for every single one, and everybody has a different outcome. it's not predictable that way. you are working with lee major there. that must have been great. >> i have known him for a long time. he knows as much as any director and he is helpful. we had a short talk before the scene with not too many words and we know where we were going
10:18 am
to be. >> wow. this is a faith based movie and it sometimes brings you closer to your own faith. is that something that happened to you? >> yes, i was a christian and i think that i got my heart broken and could not get rid of that last bit of broken heart, and then i started to ask the lord to help me. i got the offer for the role. >> wow. wow. >> and playing the role of a mother who's lost a child is different. where did you draw it from? >> my mother went through that. my sister died when i was young. i forhave never experienced that. my character is frozen. she is not grieving. >> it's like a shrine. >> yeah so that's where lee is
10:19 am
helping me to get through that and let that go. let me grief show you know and become alive. >> as the lord often does he uses a child to do that. >> yes, indeed. i found myself crying four times throughout it. it may recollects youkes you a mush. so many people are hurting for all kinds of reason. >> your life is going so well and there's a little grandson. oh my gosh. >> eli is coming. >> eli is coming. >> oh my gosh. can we put him up for one more second. hold on. >> i know. look at him. >> look at the eyes and feet. >> he is one-year-old? >> one-year-old. >> cybill is what we call be softed. >> it's what happened when a baby comes into the world. >> what is it like? >> it's like the joy in the world.
10:20 am
since i am the grandparent and not the parent i just make an idiot of myself. >>. [ laughter ] >> it's best. it's your privilege and prerogative. that's great. i have to give you the one thing that i have not. a lull by al bumalbum. sometimes english will not do. >> okay. if you can fit it in the suitcase, it's yours. we love you and the movie is called do you believe. it opens up in theaters on friday. >> friday. we're getting ready to play who knew. the questions may drag you mad and we're heading up the creek without a paddle because you do not know what is in store when gene is around. we're going find out after this. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
a lot of people are taking part in all the march madness. we're going to play who knew and we bet you're going to want to play along. >> what is the fist name of mad magazine's cover boy? alfred eugene, or albert. you have a few minutes to think about or just look it up. google it. >> i'm going to play with folks across the street. wish you could update your kichen in a day. the property brothers will help you here after your local news. before fibromyalgia, i was active.
10:25 am
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10:26 am
[ baby crying ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] unlike ordinary diapers pampers stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. pampers. well good morning, everyone. 10:26. happening today, martinez city leaders will meet to consider asking the federal government to crack down on trains carrying crude oil. several california cities are asking for better breaks and
10:27 am
lower speed limits. the mercury news says oil shipments are expected to increase across twoerally lines running through martinez. a group of south bay students presenting their ideas about beating the drought today in new york. the students are from san jose's downtown college prep alum rock high school. their project, don't waste a drop, won state awards. now they're competing on a national level. the winning school gets more than $100,000 in technology. well we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break
10:28 am
10:29 am
i'm meteorologist christina loren. these are your high temperatures for today. 73 in the tri-valley. 67 in san francisco. a few clouds out there right now, but we'll see warm sunshine for today. abundant sun coming your way all across the bay area. by tomorrow peak warmth. 3 to 5 degrees climbing and then as we get into next couple days, first day of spring friday, we have a chance for light showers. not until friday night, but that will persist through the first part of your saturday. we'll show you when we have a better chance for showers and talk about who has the best chance for seeing showers into friday night coming up today at 11:00. >> folks, let's look at san jose, look how much better this is than just a half hour ago. traffic moving much better on 101, and look at the map. 680 and 280 looking a lot better as well. gone from red to pretty much green through the area. a little recovery past the airport, but that's traditional for the late slowing through the
10:30 am
peninsula. we also have that for san mateo. no big issues toward the bay bridge. >> make sure to join us at 11:00 for the next newscast. we'll see you then. we're back with more "today" on this wines day wednesday we're playing our trivia game called who knew. we're getting into the spirit with march madness. kathie lee is rubbing up the crowd across the street. she's handing out $100 to anyone who gets the question right, and for those who don't, an amazing cd. you know what, okay. here to help me out in studio is fandango contributor editor, eric davis. >> knead here by the skin of your teeth. train issue but we're glad you're here. >> before the break, we asked you this question. what is the first name of mag magazine's cover boy? what's the correct answer? >> alfred e. newman.
10:31 am
>> mad magazine's founder editor, he discovered the name and he sent out to readers to ask where does this image come from, textbooks and all over the place. really interesting. my cousin is the editor of mad now. i have to say, what's up, give him a shoutout. >> all right, over to you. >> into that detail with every one of these questions? this beautiful lady is from baltimore, home of my favorite craft place. it's so good. in the tv series madmen, what is the original anymore of the advertising agency that john hamm's character works for? >> sterling cooper. >> yes indeed. you wanted the cd instead. the money right there. >> it is, this question makes me sad because madman sending. >> i know. >> after sad seasons. and it's always sad. it's changed over the yeerts sterling cooper partners, again, over the years, 15 emmy wins, 105 emmy nominations for this show. >> amazing.
10:32 am
>> all right. over to you. >> beautiful lady from austin, texas. which of the following voiced one of the animals in the 2005 film madagascar? >> i'm going to go with the rock. >> and you'd be right. >> yay. >> yeah. >> by the way, is everyone getting our same it's madagascar, madmen, all the mad sufficient. >> chris rock played in z bird in the movie. had the perfect voice for animation. he's done a few times, jerry seinfeld's movie, dr. doolittle. he has a good movie top five, it's also good. if he can play in both worlds good. >> all right, from jackson tennessee, what was the name of the mad scientist in back to the future? >> i am totally guessing, dr. emmet brown. >> good guess. >> this is amazing. so the mad scientist dr. emmet brown. >> this is also my favorite
10:33 am
movie of all time. back to the future. christopher lloyd plays dr. emmet brown in all three movies. he's reprized the role over the years in commercials and sketches, and recently as last year in a million ways to die in the west, he was in that movie too. >> favorite movie of all time, wow. all right. >> okay. from houston, texas, which actor played the mad hatter in the 2010 film "alice in wonderland"? >> johnny depp. >> it was, yes. >> okay. it is a bad day for kathie lee. all the money. >> and if you like that film, he's reprizing the character in a sequel coming out in 2016, alice and wonderland through the looking glass. also coming back is jack sparrow in the pirates of the caribbean movie. he loves coming back. >> he sure does. one more. >> from west virginia which actor plaled the -- that was yours thank you so much. there you go. which billionaire promised $1 billion to anyone who could create the perfect march madness
10:34 am
bracket last year? bill gates, michael jordan, or warren buffett? >> i'm going to go with a, bill gates. >> no, she's the luckiest woman in here. >> all right. so one person warren buffett. >> it was warren buffett. imagine this million dollars, it's almost impossible to get. you havele to guess 63 teams, and it just so, so difficult. march madness what we love about, it's full of cinderella stories. so you can't predict it. it's like the odds are one and 128 billion. >> hello. good luck on the office pool this year. glad you made it. get ready for more madness when the hilarious jew yeen levy sits down with us. and can cost a fortunate for kitchens, diy ideas, you know these boys. they're i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®.
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♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all of the time. my budget was always second guessing me when i'd buy stuff for the family. fingerhut. fingerhut. fingerhut. (door hinges creaking) just click on over to to get the credit you deserve and great stuff for your family. oh, not fingerhut. i heard you have a tough clog. i only have ten minutes. i only need 7. liquid plumr urgent clear penetrates the toughest clogs with two fast acting gels in only 7 minutes guaranteed baby. now to two brothers that make home improvement look good. very very good. you know what we mean? >> yeah. >> the host of property brothers
10:39 am
drew and jonathan scott. they have been showing us how to upgrade with the message don't move improve. now they're transforming the kitchen. unless you need to go pot ti and that's the bathroom. >> well the big thing is that a lot of people want to do the improvement but do not have the cash. they want the wow factor but don't have the cash. >> they're cheap. >> get the crap off the counter. you have to elevate it up. we look for creative places to put things like inside a cabinet. there are a lot of places to hang. this is a bathroom hanging rack because it's a fraction of the cost of a kitchen rake. you have a space and if you open the door up mount a bathroom towel rack and s hooks and up elevate everything.
10:40 am
these are for a shower curtain and a lot are companier and go and save yourself a couple of bucks. >> what do you have here? >> if you want to do plates inside or you can take the short tension rods and then all of the trays can slide between them. that's the perfect solution. you can get these premade, but it cost more money 30 or 50 bucks. do it yourself and it's only a if you bucks. >> this is cool and putting a magnet strip and all of the spices in mason jars and click them. >> that's to genius. so lighting. >> some think that it's a fortune to put in a chandler. pendant lights are less expensive. >> if you want to set the mood at a dinner approximate put, put it down there. >> i like to set the mood in every room. let's see if we do do it now.
10:41 am
>> okay. so you put the dimmer in and anyone can do it? >> you can have an electrician do it. i can swap it out, but if you're going to do it yourself cut the power and you can swish it. now you can get dimmers that you can control from your phone too. so all of the dimmers. >> if she calls and says i am the way over i have to go on the app and -- >> look at the different hair styles. do you talk of what gets the hair styles? >> i am the but of hgtv. [ laughter ] >> let me get the dimmer. >> if you have older cabinets and everybody has the stained oak cabinets and kind of dates. you do not have to rip everything out when we're doing a whole new kitchen. just pray the cabinets out and do an oil base or something that's a little bit more
10:42 am
durable. you can roll it on if you want to do it yourself but straying it. it's an even finish. >> no door. >> i don't dough noyou do not have to have a door. you can take the glass out and make a display. you can pop out. >> underthat if you're going to put a glass door or no door, you have to keep the dishes like this. >> nice and clean. >> would they do it? >> they would drive me crazy if if you were not -- >> >> last thing is that if you want to paint the floor, i have done grid that is i do a cool checker pattern and you want to bhak sure that you use a deck paint that's more durable. if you cannot afford to go and put hard wood in, paint it. >> the big thing to keep in mind and you can not sand it and it's too thin. this is the option without having to replace the floors.
10:43 am
>> aren't they cute? >> yeah. >> yeah i will do it for you. >> all right guys. >> thank you so much. jonathan and drew are book and going to update. >> what? >> they're here for a long time tonight. >> we're staying at your house tonight. >> you can do any floors tonight. >> what are we wearing for $25? >> $25. >> get ready for a good time eugine ley after this. a patty melt becomes more than just patty. ham unites with its better half. and a club sandwich becomes part of a club you definitely want to be in. real cheese people would never eat a slice wrapped in plastic when they can have a slice of 100% real. natural cheese slices from sargento. we're real cheese people.
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10:47 am
10:48 am
that's right. hey. we're back with one of the funniest men on the planet, eugene levy. for 40 years the actor and comedian has been making us laugh from his hilarious on second city television in 1976 to the romantic comedy, slash. then multiplicity, of course, waiting for gusman. the three american pie film.
10:49 am
best in show. his role as a salesman. >> all right. >> more, please. >> we have a body of work. what's important is now he's back and better than ever in the new hit comedy [ bleep ] creek. he plays johnny rose, the patriarch of an extremely wealthy family that's lost everything in a made up thing. and is forced to move to a small town. >> and sometimes, there isn't much to do except spend the day at the salon. >> have you seen my husband? >> oh my god. oh. look at you. boy, you look like -- >> who do i look like? >> i want to say tanya harding. >> do you? >> we love you, eugene levy and we love this show. >> thank you, thank you. >> congratulations. >> pick ud. on a second season. >> i'm very excited about that on there we were picked up on
10:50 am
cbc and i'm so proud of the show. >> is there so much giggling on set? watching a scene like that how you didn't break up when you walked in. >> there is giggling on the set, but we are all -- let me think of the word, professionals, yes. and we know that -- i learned early on that doing the kind of the improvizational films with chris, when you if you kind of break up during a scene which some people -- it is fun but in that sense, you could possibly ruin a perfectly good take that you will never capture again if it was going that well that it made you laugh. so, we try not to. it's hard work. >> you don't want to make the director crazy. >> you get to work with your family members, tell us about that. >> well i'm working with my son, daniel i created the show with my son, daniel. he's a really talented -- >> how adorable is he? >> there he is. there he is. you can tell where he got his good looks from, his mother.
10:51 am
my daughter, sarah a is also in the show, playing twyla, and there's no bigger fan of yours, than my daughter sarah. >> that's so nice. >> she's happy on the show. i can't tell you how excited she is. >> that's sad in your career. >> katherine, this is big for me. you know. i'm canadian. this is big for me. this is huge. are you kidding? >> we love that as well. >> katherine o'hara bill i can't. chris elliott, great cast. >> did you shoot it in toronto so you get to shoot home? >> that's the nice thing, you get to go to work and you get to go home which is nice. i mean that is home for me. >> uh-huh. >> do we have time to play the game? >> it's called guess the eyebrows. do you want to play? >> all right, good. >> here we go. >> okay. here is our first eyebrow. who's are those?
10:52 am
>> i want to say the pope, but i'm not going to. >> you've got it. >> eyebrows, please. oh. >> it's that little, unibrow, somebody from my big fat greek wedding. oh. >> burt. >> yeah. one of the puppets. >> one last one. >> oh. that could be i know it, he's a leading man -- >> here it is. >> charles oh man. give me a hint. >> i'm going to see him today. >> yes. >> broadway musical, you don't know and you're looking at him. you know, it remind of a game show we did on tv where, you know, the contestants come out, and they're blindfolded and they're supposed to guess who it is. it's a famous canadian personality, and i say, hey, let's take off your blindfolds and turn around and look at the guy, and then continue the
10:53 am
questioning. >> gallagher. >> gallagher, peter. >> i had a it. >> you can catch eugene's show creek tonight on pop tv. have you figured out what we're wearing? lilliana will reveal the answer. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
i want to introduce you to two beautiful ladies. kristina and grace. >> thanks for being with us today, ladies. >> we are back with lilliana and her luxe for less. earlier lilliana dressed us in a hot trend that's under $25. >> and we asked you to guess on our facebook page. and a lot of you, like kendra and diana said you hoped it was hoda's dress because you love it. >> thinks it's kathie lee's blue
10:57 am
bracelet or earrings. >> look how cute that baby is. and guessed it was our ring. so lilliana, let's have it. >> okay. so the big reveal is. he was correct, it is the rings. yay. okay, so hoda you're wearing a set from shoe dazzle, under $25 and the whole set. five of them for knuckle rings. >> or is that just as far as they go? >> no that's so funny you would say that. >> and under $5, these are from forever 21. >> they're cute. >> they're so tiny, it's for a child, but they actually are meant between the first and second knuckle. >> you have such tiny fingers. they're supposed to be up here. >> mine are completely there. >> and we have tons here all from forever 21 and shoe dazzle. hot trend, rita ora is huge fan. >> i like her. >> love her. and then also ellie.
10:58 am
>> all the music girls do. very cool. it's a trend you can incorporate. >> thank you. tomorrow the property brothers are ba
10:59 am
11:00 am
and that breaking news is in arizona where police in suburban phoenix are on the about for a gunman. officers say he opened fire at least three separate locations including a restaurant and a hotel. four people are wounded. police in mesa closed off an area around east valley institute of technology. they're looking for the shooter. meanwhile, mesa community college on lockdown. we'll keep an eye on the situation for you, and as always more information at but again, we'll update you. good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. good to have you back scott. new at 11:00, flames erupted at a south bay home and neighbors had to run in the


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