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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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why zoo keepers say the zoo eavesdropped on them. >> good morning. i'm christina loren. and good news is, we're tracking rain in the microclimate forecast. >> and we're tracking a backup on one side of the bay bridge approach. this is not unusual. we'll talk about the changes in the toll plaza throughout the east bay. coming up. another live look keeping it in the south bay. it's thursday, imagine 19th and you're watching "today in the bay." >> have a good thursday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm lawyura garcia-cannon. >> first, nearly 40% of california is in exceptional drought this morning. familiar conditions as we near four years of very little rainfall. >> the entire state right now grappling with some level of drought. that's more than 37 million
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people impacted. >> this week the state water board issued water restrictions. >> next step today governor brown announced emergency drought measures. >> chris, the governor wants to use a billion dollars to try to fix the problem. >> yes. you mentioned state water restrictions, those have to do with how we use water outside of our home where most household use the bulk of their water. what is happening is about the governor trying to provide some sort of relief suffering because of this drought that's entering the fourth year. many reservoirs are below normal and snow pack won't be enough to back phil. nasa said we only have enough water for one year in california. statewide californias cut back by 1% instead of 20%. while the governor has not released the details or specifics of his plan. here's what this year's $687 million plan included.
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there's money to upgrade farm equipment and food assistance for farm workers who can't work when there's no water for crops and funding for increased water supply projects. state water board saying some conservation measures could become permanent. >> we are trying to ring the bell, get some action, but we're considering permanent regulations as well as more drastic temporary regulations. >> that's the state water board, of course and the governor will unveil his emergency plan today at 10:30 with southern california lawmakers at his side. critics say the one thing he should be talking about is mandatory water rationing. and the governor said more than once he's just not ready to go there. >> in san jose, kris sanchez. "today in the bay." >> another resort is closing because there's not enough snow. last week sierra tahoe suspended
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skiing and sugar bowl is ending its season as well. the last day they hit the slope this season at sugar bowl is this sunday. ski season typically ends in april. stay with us as we continue to cover the drought from all angles in half hour. meteorologist christina loren will have a special report dealing with the draft. today we could learn the name of a navy s.e.a.l. killed in a training mission. it happened yesterday. military officials say the victim was among several parachuting together in a remote training area. the victim's parachute malfunctioned but it's not clear why. in the east buoy bay a woman and her 1-year-old boy are in the hospital after being truck in a crosswalk. we're told that the mother and son have pretty major injuries? >> yes.
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good morning. this 21-year-old mother was in that crosswalk right there trying to push her 1-year-old baby boy inside the stroller, trying to get him across the tennyson ramp. when a small white suv plowed into them. the impact was so strong it sent the mother and child down the on ramp where they lay wounded. both in the hospital with major injuries. the driver did stop and stay on the scene until officers arrived. >> the driver of the vehicle is cooperating with chp. alcohol and drugs have been ruled out at this point. however, the cause of the collusion is still under investigation. >> chp tells us the mother was, again, using the crosswalk when trying to push her son across the street. investigators will be looking into whether that burned out street lamp might have made it too dark for the driver to see
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the pair. as you see right here the sun in not out and you can see how dark it is without that lamp and without our tv ramp you can imagine what it was like at 7:00 last night when the woman in the white suv maybe did not see them in the crosswalk. this is under investigation. reporting live, bob redell. >> state attorney general said she used her personal e-mail for work like hillary clinton but she said it only happened on rare occasions. she said she does not use e-mail regularly anyway, but said she has used her own private e-mail to reach top members of her staff. harris says in rare cases she's forred news articles to co-workers with the word, "let's discuss." her announcement comes after hillary clinton is facing criticism for using her private e-mail account.
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zoo workers are saying they are victims of spying by management. stephan stephanie chuang explains it's a spat over eavesdropping. >> reporter: that's right. the zoo keepers have confirmed that management installed new technology on a radio system that allows the executive director as well as director of i.t. management to secretly list ton employee's private conversations on their radios. in general, employers are expected to monitor communication systems but e-mails, voice males and computer activity monitored or logged by employee. but recording something like a phone call requires all pears informed about it. late last night, the san francisco zoo executive director issued a statement. emergency monitoring on the radio system was a vendor
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feature designed to assist with medical and safety emergencies. when i was made aware of that feature it was disabled. the zoo keeper reps will be holding a press conference after the zoo closes at 5 a. 45 tonight. >> very interesting, thanks, steph. >> panera bread says it will start recording employees who make food. panera said managers will review the video to make sure items are properly prepared. the ceo said dirty little secret in food industries admits 1 in 7 orders are wrong. >> 90%. simple math for you on your thursday morning. let's check with christina loren. you appreciate the math, christina. >> i do. i appreciate 90%. i appreciate not everybody is
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perfect as well. although we try to be. 80 degrees in the tri-valley for today and 74 degree, comfortable conditions to finish off winter in san francisco. that's way above average for this time of year. it's kind of cool out there to start. you want to dress two parts of the day. warming nicely as we get into this afternoon. today in the bay, this is what you can expect. a little breeze. and calm when it comes to wind speeds. unseasonably warm. wide spread 80s in the north bay and temperature will fall quickly as we get into this evening under a clear sky. your sun will set at 7:17 and then after tomorrow, first official day of spring, our days will start to get longer than our nights and temperatures will get warmer. tomorrow we hit that equinox. enjoy temperatures today.
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80 degrees in the tri-valley. you'll see more motorcycles on the roads. let's find out what else is happening. here's mike inouye. >> we have 583 dublin, not a lot of space in between these cars but we're looking at your maps. enough to keep things moving smoothly through the tri-valley as you approach the dublin interchange. westbound on the altamont pass. 205 and 580 where they come together. and feed over to the bay area. that's the volume as well as antioch, coming off the antioch bridge. over here in pittsburg, there's activity in the fast lane. i'll track that. it just got reported a couple minutes ago. meanwhile. novato, moving at speed down towards the bay bridge.
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let's take a look at the camera. the earlier back upwe had on the approach, it's clear all traffic lanes open. now we have traffic building in that volume. we'll see what it is like at 5:40. back to your maps we'll end with a shot of the bay area. bay bridge, continuing to the south bay where there are no delays. >> thank you very much. >> it's 5:10. instead of an ice cream truck how about ice cream tesla. >> why the car company is joining the ice cream game. >> plus there's all kind of money out there that you may be able to get. i'll tell you how coming up. >> let's take a live look outside. everybody moving along nicely in freemont this morning. traffic picking up. if it is. we'll find out. mike inouye is keeping tabs.
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just in, honda is adding more than 100,000 new vehicles to its air bag recall. the added vehicles include 2008 pilot suvs as well as 2004 civics and 2004 accords. honda said inflaters can blow apart a metal can sister and
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spew shrapnel towards drivers and passengers. move over ice cream trucks here comes an ice cream tesla. >> voila, we are in business. >> just like that, vermont's famous ice cream band, ben & jerry's, scooped up a tesla converting it to a serving station on wheels. they said it owes it to the rest of the world to make major moves about climate change. they are handing out ice cream from a totally emissions free vehicle. >> we have to take action. this is the most urgent thing we're working on. >> employees probably enjoying this process as well. ben & jerry's is taking the tesla across the country in the swirled climates tour. >> tesla is back in business in new jersey. tesla was forced to end sales
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banning a draw to same directly to consumers but a law was signed allow them to resume operations in the state. and californias may get another rebate for electric cars. >> add to the fact many bay area companies offer free charging stations. it's like getting paid to drive. reporter david baker cover energy. pge is giving rebates for home owners who buy plug-in cars. how much? we don't know. add that to federal tax break, rebates. state breaks adding up to $10,000. speaking of big money, there are reports target is prepared to pay as much as $10,000 to people affected by the target credit card breach. before you put 10 k on your target card. that has not been approved. though that number comes right from court documents that's an
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astonishly high payment. we'll give that one a double-check tomorrow. you know what else is kind of fuzzy. the fed once again pushing rate hikes off. we know sooner rather than later it certainly affected the market. let's check in with landon dowdy. good morning. >> you're right. the market looks to add to wednesday's game. although futures pointing to a lower open this morning, the feds are ready to spark interest rates but not in a rush to act on it. they expect the first rate hike in september or october. data today on unemployment and manufacturing, the mass contact up 45 to 4982. scott, back to you. >> thank you, landon. >> as we watch the dow there's a new face in class. that's apple. it still trades on the nasdaq exchange. still listed on the nasdaq
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composite. there are actually several companies that trade on the nasdaq list and intell, for instance. >> all right. got to keep it straight. thank you very much. scott. >> new research right now finds that a common supplement may help you get to sleep even in a noisy room h. researchers gave a dose of melatonin, placebo or eye mask and ear masks. while they slept in a room designed to resemble an intensive care machine. people in the melatonin and eye mask group got more sleep those who took melatonin got the better quality of sleep. >> breast milk study fines it makes them smarter an healthier. the breast fed babies scored higher on iq tests, attended better colleges and got higher
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paying jobs as an adult. scientists admit breast milk is not the only factor and more research should be done. 5:17. we're progressing nicely. last day of winter. >> we're still getting pretty cold morning lows which is good news for those in tahoe in particular. sam's right, later on today, temperatures will be very warm into the 80s in some spots. 49 degrees in oakland to kick off the new day. 46 in san martine. cool enough for a jacket. but we have a big rebound headed your way. cool and clear start will make way to abundant sunshine and very warm temperatures by lunch time today. close to 70 degrees in the tri-valley and east bay by noon today and we'll round out the day in the mid 70s. a couple of 80s expected in the tri-valley. 79 degrees is the forecasted
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high. for us in the south bay. another warm day. high pressure is headed strongest for today. hence the warm-up. by tomorrow an area of low pressure approaches the coastline. for the first day of spring much cooler conditions as a result. we'll see a few showers in the north bay. we are counting on those showers as we head through sunday with a better chance going into monday. wide spread activity anticipated across the bay area. san francisco right now. nice and clear. as we head the next couple days we'll trade clear skies for clouds. especially tomorrow morning, clearing you for the afternoon if you want to get outdoors. saturday and sunday looking great. if you want the sunshine you'll get more of it on sunday before the next round of rain is arrives. we're talking about wide spread activity. not just north bay but heaviest totals will be up north. 70 degrees friday, first day of spring. what a drop-off.
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level off saturday and sunday. 65 degrees by monday. a return to wintertime weather. i'll show you future cast coming up. plus, as promised we'll take a closer look at that drought so you can conserve and create healthy habits. mike already has. >> good morning. my kids remind me things they learn in school. we see a rainy day and monday both in one on the five-day forecast. over here looking at bay bridge toll plaza. this is the morning commute starting to building just starting at the toll plaza. we'll show you the approach very nicely. no delays down the east shore freeway. or west 24 coming in out of the rest of the east bay. we'll show you one thing. westbound highway in pittsburg. three vehicles are involved. no complications show as a result of that. the walnut creek interchange. here's the north bay.
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down towards millvale from novato. a slow down at the golden gate bridge. we'll show you both sides of the bay. 280 on the peninsula. 880 and 580, we'll show you what things like across the bridge westbound. that's the commute direction. we're seeing a heavy commute 6:00 every day this week. eastbound we have folks coming across. looks like there was a traffic break. there was not. there's temporary temporary slow traffic. we'll show you the dumbarton bridge, either side, east bay and peninsula, all moving close to the speed limit and that slowdown we saw on north 280 earlier, is green again. so you're at the speed limit for northbound south bay silicon valley commute. >> back you to. >> thank development. take a look at this video. a motorcyclist taunted chp
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officers while leading them on a high-speed chase. officers tried to pull the driver over for reckless driving. but he didn't stop. then, the man climbed on his seat and he rode without hands. like a stunt driver. at one point he even stopped in a cul de sac. took off his helmet and put in ear buds. it ended when he pulled into a gas station and gave himself up. >> nonchalant as well. >> getting attention. >> yes. 5:22. trying to get your attention. coming up next a man believed to be behind a notorious terrorist attack has died. how officials tracked him down. >> and a student being arrested leads to overnight protest on a college campus. why students say the officer should be ashamed. live look outside of downtown san jose. hopefully the sharks staying here. more on that story coming up next. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside along the peninsula. paul la alto this morning. looks like traffic will pick up out there. we'll check with mike. he has the details on the morning commute. two people were sadly killed and 15 hurt in an overnight shooting
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in a restaurant in sweden. two men started shooting with automatic weapons. investigators believe it was gang related. no arrests but several brought in for questioning. u.s. officials say the mastermind in a terrorist attack that killed 57 people in a mall in kenya is dead. it was reportedly hit by a u.s. drone strike in somalia. it happened last thursday but officials just released the details. university of virginia students angry this morning over a classmate's arrest. agents from the state's alcohol and beverage control arrested 20-year-old martise johnson. cell phone video shows him being roughed up by officers. johnson is facing charges of obstruction of justice and public intoxication. it's 5:26, coming up a kayaking trip turns tragic.
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what we learned about the kayaker who died yesterday in marin county. and a mother and baby boy struck by a car in a heyward crosswalk. the latest on the investigation next. live look outside. city by the bay. you see the beautiful bay bridge waiting for the sun's arrival. next day of winter will be the warmest as well. you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you, and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander, because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
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demanding change now. the peninsula railroad crossing is so dangerous, cars can get stuck on the track. >> governor brown getting ready to spend big bucks already approved by taxpayers to help californias deal with the drought. what it means for you coming up. >> we'll tell you some statistical averages. for snow and rainfall. but peak temps in the 80s.
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we'll tell you what the weekend holds in moments. >> and the last stages of the bay bridge without metering lights. i'm also watching an incident that might affect your drive towards san francisco. >> let's take a live look outside golden gate bridge leading into san francisco. thursday, imagine 19th, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. get ready for more water restrictions. governor brown will announce more drought measures. >> reporter: good morning. just a few days after the state water board said they're getting more serious to cut outdoor water use. the governor will talk about a plan to help people who are most affected by the drought as it
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enters its fourth year. many reservoirs are below normal statewide and snow pack won't be enough to back phil and california only cut water use by 10% last month not the 20% the governor asked for. while the governor has not released a lot of specifics about his billion dollar drought release plan, here's what this year's $687 million plan included. there was money to upgrade farm equipment and food assistance for farm workers who can't work when there's no water for crops also included funding for improving water supply projects. state water board is warning some conservations measures should become permanent. >> we're trying very hard to ring the bell, raise the floor, get some action but seriously considering permanent regulations as well as more drastic temporary regulations. >> the governor will unveil his brought release plan at 10:30 this morning in sacramento.
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critics say the one thing we should be talking about is making south some conservation measures mandatory. the governor said he's just not ready to do that. in san show hoe say, kris sanchez "today in the bay." >> there's places in the central valley their wells are so dry they have water -- they raise water, literally bring water. . some parts of the state are getting dire right now. >> i want to check with christina who has been really monitoring the drought for years. what are some measures before restrictions become mandatory. >> we have a lot of great ways. monitor where you use the water the most. if you don't have a yard, watch how much you're using when doing laundry, take a shower. we give you great tips on that. i want to get you up to date with where we stand in terms of 2015. so far it's been a pretty good rainy year for us. a lot of rainfall came through in december.
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we're at 106% of average for this water year and san jose 96% of average. the problem is, 60% of water we drink comes from snow pack. we haven't had any because the systems that come through have been so warm. northern sierra, 10% average to date. 13% for central sierra and have been okay in parts of southern california. they're still at 12%. the statewide average for snow pack is 12%. we're nearing all-time lows and below the 1976 to 1977 drought levels at this point. you also have to factor in things like population and where that water is going. how it's being distributed. really, we all need to conserve. we're all in it together. we have snow back on the way to the highest peaks of tahoe as we get into monday. i want to give you more dips. dish water uses less water than when you wash a load by hand. yeah, you want to go ahead and
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use your dishwasher, make sure it's nice and full same for when doing laundry. defrost food in the ridge straight. watch how long you're warming up that water and really want to monitor your outdoor usage. as kris sanchez pointed out we're using most of that water bulk. remember, we have showers in the forecast. we'll tell you when and where coming up in the next report. sam and lawyer you are. >> thank you, christina. stay with us as california yans continue to find ways to cope with the brought. when we're not on the airment head to the website at nbc bay we're also updating facebook and twitter accounts. >> a bay area mother and 1-year-old boy are in the hospital after they were hit in a crosswalk. bob, we're told both mother and son have major injuries this morning? >> reporter: good morning. yes. unfortunately that's how chp is
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decribbing their conditions. mother and son were using that crosswalk right here at the tennyson road onramp. northbound 880. chp tells us she was pushing her 1-year-old boy in a stroller trying to get from one side of the road to another. it was around 7:00. it was dark out that's when another woman, who was 22 years old, came along in a small white suv and appears to have been an accident but accidently plowed into the mother and son. the mother and son ended up being pushed down the road into the middle of the road on the on ramp where they lay there until help arrive. who has again taken them to the hospital with as chp describes as major injuries. the officer telling us the woman in the suv did stop and is cooperating with police. right now it does not appear drugs or alcohol were involved. this was an accident. one thing that will play into their investigation as you come
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back out here live, you can see that burned out street lamp that would presumably normally keep this place well lit, this on ram p well lit for pedestrian at night when the sun is not out. as you can see, it is dark out here without -- you can imagine not having our tv light out here, could be dark. that played a factor that the 22-year-old woman driving the car didn't see her mom and son in the stroller as they tried to cross the crosswalk at tennyson, onramp. northbound 880. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> this morning we letter aid man who drown in the bay was a popular professor. the 55-year-old man drown when his kayak flipped over. he os was not wearing a life
5:37 am
jacket. he was a professor at santa rosa junior college. last month a woman p died after a train hit her suv after it was sitting on the tracks in m menlo park. residents say pedestrian crosswalks can cause cars to get stuck on those tracks. >> what the city was doing on short term, or in two weeks, not next year? >> for me, this has been quite difficult. and i think what it does, it hangs anxiety and expeditiousness which we want to do more. >> some changes were discussed including adding curbs, medians and more signs to better alert drivers. >> 6:47. i want to check with christina
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loren. >> good morning, to you, laura, sam, everybody at home. i want to start this live picture. the reason it's cool, it's nice and clear. 49 degrees in the tri-valley. 50 in the south bay. yeah, looking pretty good for lunch time temperatures to rise near 70 degrees. a fantastic day for lunch outdoors. 68 degrees in the south bay. peninsula at noon in the upper 60s, then we'll round out the day with a couple 80s in the tri-valley and north bay as well. overall microclimate shows you everybody nice and warm for today. then tomorrow, first day of spring, temperatures will crash. we have an area of low pressure headed our way. this provides shower activity for sonoma. marin county. and we have shower activity monday morning. that's good news, everybody expecting to see showers with the heavier stuff rolling throughout north bay. that continues until 2:00 p.m.
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monday and showers hightail it out of there. we'll tell you what that means and we might get more precipitation. this is not the only storm i'm watching coming up in my next report. right now, i want to check our drive. could be busy. we don't know. >> it changes. this is the golden gate bridge. i've seen no disruption to this flow of traffic. we'll watch that report but so far traffic looks normal. bay bridge we have a normal backup. no backup for fast track. we should see the metering light in the next couple minutes. look at your maps watching the approach for bay bridge. no slowing for upper east shore. pittsburgh still in the center divide but nothing additional for that problem there. we're looking at tri-valley, and typical slow down towards the dublin interchange. back you to. >> thanks a lot. >> coming up next a bizarre story out of maui, a mom taking care of children is now accused of using thosekys to send
5:40 am
messages to an accused killer. and we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop traffic and weather after the break.
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5:42. nuclear talk was iran pick up back in switzerland this morning. both sides rushing towards the crucial deadline to either outline a plan or call it quits in the end of the month. >> tracy potts us joining us with more. >> as we've been telling you, republicans don't like the way this plan is shaping up. they are getting an update on the talks here on capitol hill. >> wish you best of luck. >> thank you. >> today, the house foreign affairs committee hears from the state department on how the talks are going and trisry on whether u.s. sanctions against iran will continue. law makers want a much longer,
5:43 am
tougher deal than secretary of state john kerry is negotiating in switzerland to prevent the possibility of iran building a nuclear weapon. now, a new twist, zraet's prime minister has won re-election after being publicly and vehemently opposed to these talks. >> we don't think his win impacted the iran negotiations or will. >> iran said netanyahu's talks set up a confrontation with obama. >> those two drive this relationship to a bad place. >> back in switzerland, iran's technical experts say they worked out one or two key issues on curbing the country's nuclear production. talks are expected to continue tomorrow. >> then what we're watching, and continuing into next week. if we get an announcement today or tomorrow that they continue
5:44 am
these negotiations next week that's a good sign. it could mean they are coming close to an agreement close to that deadline. sam and laura? >> 5:43. a search is under way for a gunman who opened fire in a museum in tunisia. the militants opened fire as visitors climbed out of buses at the museum. the attackers charged inside to take hostages. two gunman died in a shootout but three other gunman on the loose this morning. a california congressman wants to change how hostages are dealt with abroad. the governor is introducing a bill calling on a task force for agencies best suited on each case. leaders at a boys and girls
5:45 am
club on maui said the former program director used children to send messages to convicted killer jodi arias. arias is the arizona woman doing crime for killing her boyfriend in 2008. club leaders don't believe the children knew what they were doing. >> hi, i'm julia from the boys and girls club. >> the employee was acting totally on her own without approval of the boys and girls club of maui. in violation of the clear policies of this organization. >> after firing the worker club officials note vie the parents. they said their top priority is making sure the kids are okay. >> so strange. 5:45. new video, first lady hi shell obama with her japanese counterpart in tokyo. they announced a new partnership called "let girls learn." mrs. obama is on her first visit
5:46 am
to japan. here at home the president is preparing for a visit with british royalty. prince charles and camilla will meet with president obama and vice president joe biden in the oval office today. before that meeting the royal couple will visit an armed forces retirement home. princess of wales and duchess wornwall are set to leave tomorro tomorrow. >> how about some snow? you were talking about the fact we have historically low levels of snow pack? . yes. there's a little bit in the forecast. we'll have to wait. slight chance sunday and i love how you pay attention to my forecast. you know what i'm saying? 5:46. let get you outdoors and show you what to expect for this final day of wintertime. i have to remind you. last spring we did get decent storm systems and we are tracking a couple on the way to the bay area. let start, though, with 25 degrees in truckee. so, speaking of that snow, it's
5:47 am
still cold enough, below 32 so they are able to steadily make that snow. we'll tell you what you can expect at ski resorts so open. squaw and alpine coming up as we head to the 6:00 hour together. temperatures are pretty chilly. santa rosa starting at 44 degrees and end at 80 degrees later today. 35 degree temperature spread between now and heat of the day which occurs at 4:00 p.m. san francisco is nice and clear to start. that's part of the reason why it's so chilly this morning. temperatures will warm up nicely. 71 degrees in san francisco today. 80 degrees in the tri-valley and looking at 79 degrees in the north bay. as high pressure really hits the maximum for today. for us, it's going to be warm and numbers crash as we head throughout tomorrow. go figure. much cooler temperatures headed your way and a chance of showers saturday morning as we head to the north bay. not much wide spread activity
5:48 am
until saturday or monday. looks like sunday into monday, everybody getting shower activity. it's a good idea to keep your sprinklers off for the shower activity and we have another chance of rain as we head through wednesday into friday of next week when we start to lose those rain chances overall that we will be concerned. we are getting into some dryer months. so we'll keep you updated. every time i say something you'll find out about it. let's check your drive. always watching something new every five minutes. seems like you got a new report, mike. >> we do. we have a new report. please, folks, come back. it's always new, usually not faster but looking at dublin interchange. yes, a little slower than last time we checked. let's show you the approach on 580 out of livermore. the map will show you slower drive developing. colors going from yellow to orange toward the dublin area. no problem south. all of these folks cutting through 84.
5:49 am
there you go. just a little slowing shows up now. 680. as we move your map over toward the east bay let's get the wide shot. upper east shore still at speeds all of the way down into berkeley. no problems from walnut street interchange. smooth drive for north bay as well. we'll check the bay bridge where the metering lights were turned on three, four minutes ago. this might indicate a lighter volume of traffic. we'll end with these maps showing you the rest of the bay. south of 92, a little slowing develops. 101 northbound. back you to. >> thanks, mike. 5:49. eavesdropping while you work is a concern coming from workers at the san francisco zoo. they say management was secretly listening to them. stephanie chuang, the zoo said when they realized the problem
5:50 am
they took corrective actions? >> reporter: that's right. management saying this is just a misunderstanding. we got the case that we don't usually come to the zoo for. zoo keepers accusing top level managers of spying on them using an eavesdropping device or mechani mechanism. the union which represents the zoo keepers at the san francisco zoo says it's confirmed that the zoo recently installed technology on the radio system that allows the executive director as well as director of i.t. management to secretly tune in to what employees are talking about. they are also questioning whether this is a violation of state and federal laws. late last night, the san francisco zoo did issue a statement saying once they discovered this monitoring feature they immediately turned it off. zoo management has no interest monitoring conversation of its employees. safety is a top priority for the do and new radio system is installed to ensure zoo
5:51 am
employees are working in the safest possible environment. a lot going on. we should learn more at 5:45 at the slope boulevard entrance of the zoo. this is where zoo keepers and union reps hold a press conference. live, steveny chuang. "today in the bay." >> donald trump wants you to know he's serious about making a run for president. he's expected to attend a reception at the home of a new representative. he announced a home to plan a exploratory committee and he's not renewing the reality show "the apprentice." >> and the plan to reduce fast food restaurants did not curb obesity or improve diets. the city passed an ordinance to limit fast food restaurants but the study found obesity rates continued to rise even after the law passed.
5:52 am
people have to make life style changes to truly bring obesity rates down. how revved up is our local economy? when it comes to job creation, few places in the country is v the bay area beat. this is according to the job index for the 50 areas. san francisco, oakland, metro area tied for second with houston or orlando. south bay tied three other regions in that third spot. maybe hard to believe but new york city finished dead last with san diego. meantime, more good news for our economy. foreclosure filings at their lowest level in nine years. there were fewer than 102 fewer closures nationwide. that marks a 9% drop from a year ago. if we continue at this pace, foreclosures will return to historic norms bite end of the year. >> 5:52 all of the good news
5:53 am
pressured fed to raise interest rates. scott, very reduction lant to do that. >> we did not get a lot of clarity from the fed wednesday. the fair open markets committee finished up the two-day meeting, strongly that it will start raising rates for the first time in ten years but it will do so later. we're thinking in the fall. generally speaking the fed will raise rates under two conditions. when there's enough jobs or when inflation is not a concern. inflation practically nonexiste nonexistent. not every company is hiring. yahoo! continuing piecemeal layoffs. wednesday is always the toughest day. yahoo! said they are were closing all operations in china. it no longer had a very big presence there. slow lay offs hurt morale. it encourages good employees to
5:54 am
bail before they are targeted. let me show you this video when the president was meeting with the president of ireland tuesday. take a close look right there. what do you see on the president's wrist? that's a fitbit. >> it is. >> that's the first time we've seen the president using one. we're not entirely sure who is there tracking it. but there you go. the president joining the wearable revolution. he bought his fitbit. we'll wait to see if there's an apple watch. >> maybe we can compare our the stas. >> he probably doesn't get a lot of walking. >> he loves basketball. >> that, not too much. >> really, you, laura? >> don't let her fool you. okay. now, don't be surprised if you see someone dangling off a san francisco building today. local celebrities and elected officials will take part in a skyline challenge. it's a free hang rappel. also fund-raiser for the outward bounds program which helps low income youth experience the
5:55 am
outdoors in a brave way. >> yeah, i'd say. >> it's going to be a nice day. last day of winter in fact. >> we are wrapping it up and doing so in style. let's check with christina loren. >> good morning. so close to that all-important weekend as well at this point. temperatures will be warm, in the 40s and 50s to start by lunch time. in the 70s by north bay. meanwhile, 69 degrees in the tri-valley. we've got good air quality. temperatures will end in the low 80s later today in places like dublin, livermore, 71 in san francisco and 79 degrees in the north bay. not too bad. you can roll down the windows if you do not suffer from the allergies of the season. we'll give you an update on thele pollen levels. coming up at 6:00 together. >> right now, here's mike with your drive. >> you have the window down, the mask on -- oh, man, california
5:56 am
living. over here northbound 101. these folks are kind of slow driving. let's look at map. this is the first burstst that will ease off and really kick in at 6:30. again, this will start itself out. up toward 880. the rest of san jose, silicon valley. you're at speed. the build is on. 880 through heyward. there's the east bay slowing as well. southbound through the tri-valley. the dublin interchange a little lighter than we often see. there's a gentle build around the bay. looking at westbound highway 4. coming from concord and pleasant hills. check can north bay. san rafael just starting to build now. back you to. >> thanks a lot. mike. >> keep an eye on that. strange sight in atlanta before the evening commute. >> take a look at this. a man on a horse riding along the interstate. he's riding to washington, d.c.
5:57 am
to raise awareness about poverty and hunger. while it's for a good cause it's illegal to ride a horse on the highway in georgia. >> he was pes skorted off the interstate. >> no hooves on the highways. mental note next time in atlanta. coming up next, hon day issues a new recall for more air bags which could explode. what you need to know if you're a honda driver. >> and what san francisco police are doing to equip officers with body cameras. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
5:58 am
5:59 am
looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. right now at 6:00 a bay area mother and baby hit while walking in the crosswalk. >> accusations of spying at the san francisco zoo. >> $1 billion for the governor's emergency relief plan. >> good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we'll see peak warmth. for the final day of winter.
6:00 am
a few showers more on that in moments. >> of course we have the backup at the bay bridge. all of these folks have left the house. i can tell you about the crash reported in the south bay coming up. a live look outside we'll check right back with you, mike. there is the bay bridge. kind of a halo effect this morning. you're watching "today in the bay". very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. today governor brown will announce he's ready to spend $1 billion, money approved from taxpayers to help people deal with the historic brought. kris sanchez has more with how this emergency relief will impact you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to u-sam. good morning, laura. the governor's relief plan comes days after the state


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