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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at avenue look. mangled metal, a body in the roadway and a bus on an embankment. the latest on a dede crash in the east bay. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. the bus crashed into a car at the intersection of davison drive and burrwood way in antioch. >> bob redell is live there now. bob, one neighbor you talked with said that sadly, they thought this was bound to happen. >> unfortunately, you are correct. and it did this morning. a few hours ago. good morning and just moments ago, the man, the man who died here, his brother and grandmother showed up and i spoke to them off camera.
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the brother telling me that his brother who died this morning was 27 years old, and when i mentioned to them he was ejected into the middle of the road they were not surprised. they said it was not unlike him to wear a seat belt. they didn't believe he regularly wore a seat belt and residents felt for some time this intersection needs a four-way stop sign. it may have saved the life of the man who was killed when the saturn car on the back of the wrecker was clipped by an oncoming public bus. >> i'm just broken hearted that the death corner has actually become a death corner. >> sadly, the so-called death corner, as that resident calls this place, lived up to its name around 5:45 this morning. the driver of the saturn was making a right-hand turn coming up around the bend on davison was a transit bus. it collided and sent the saturn
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into a spin. the driver ejected and died here on the road on davison. the bus went up the embankment with six people onboard. the driver and passengers are all okay. the bus driver was shaken up, pretty distraught. police trying to figure out who was at fault. people who live around here think this intersection is poorly designed and wonder what role if any it played in this morning's tragic accident. >> my personal experience with this corner is that you almost have to pull out into the street to see who's coming. the problem with that is if a person is doing the speed limit, they're still on you by the time you're edged out enough to seem them coming. if anybody is speeding you have no chance of getting across or out of their way. >> two neighbors tell us people break the 35-mile-per-hour speed limit on davison on a regular basis. sometimes going by their estimates at 40 50 60 miles per hour. again, antioch police have not yet figured out if anyone was
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speeding in this morning's accident. and nor have they figured out who was at fault. they said the bus driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. there are video cameras on the bus but they do not know if the cameras captured the collision that left a 27-year-old man dead here in the middle of the road in antioch. reporting live in antioch, bob redell nbc bay area news. >> poor family. thank you very much bob. >> a young mother and her 1-year-old boy are in the hospital this morning after an suv struck them in a crosswalk. the accident happened around 7:00 last night on 880 in hayward. the woman pushing a stroller across tennyson road when they were hit. it sent them flying onto the on-ramp. the woman and the baby are in the hospital with major injuries. >> chp dispatch was alerted by a 911 call. when emergency personnel got on scene, they discovered two pedestrians laying on the roadway of the on ramp. >> the driver of the suv did
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stay at the scene and spoke with police. she was not arrested. investigators have ruled out drugs and alcohol and the street light above the cross walk was broken and unlit when the woman and child tries to cross. in san francisco, a 5-year-old girl and her mother are recovering after they were also hit in a cross walk. this happened a few blocks north of the san francisco state campus. we're told the little girl has serious injuries. the driver in that case an 86-year-old woman, stopped and cooperated with police. it's not been decided whether she was fill charges. >> new details on accusations of spying at a very unexpected play. the san francisco zoo. the zoo says this was a misguided attempt at increasing safety but teamsters are speaking out this morning saying there's more to the story. >> they represent the zoo workers. stephanie is live in san francisco. this controversy tied to the deadly tiger attack from a couple years ago. >> that's right. good morning to you both. we're talking back to 2007 and
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we'll explain in a bit but we're here at city hall because this is where i spoke with the director of the san francisco zoo about an hour ago and she's hoping this is just a big misunderstanding. to be clear, this is not about using the radio as a fupgz of a radio, but as a function of an open microphone almost that someone who is preapproved can actually listen to what's happening, the conversations around you and you're not even aware of it. so let's go to the history of this. tying back to the attack of the tiger back in 2007. the union representing these zoo keepers says when that whole thing happened they demanded the zookeepers demanded the zoo update their radios to include a code red button to allow for immediate communication in case of an emergency. they installed the latest radio system after zookeepers complained other versions were not good enough. a week ago someone approached a union steward after hearing them eavesdropping on another
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employee's conversation through the radio. >> they were turning his radio into a microphone, like a bug. and they were making fun of him, poking fun of him, laughing at him. and this manager was so offended, he reached out to one of our union stewards. he said you need to know what's going on. he told the story. >> now, here's a picture of the feature in question. it's called the remote monitor. it's a screen shot of the description of the function in the manual and it says you can remotely turn on the microphone on the radio without any audible or visual warning. that plus the gps tracking function has led to more serious concerns. >> it's possible for the dispatchers who are watching the little dots of gps, they could watch two little dots come together during lunch and management could decide that's an interesting conversation to listen to, and they could turn on the microphones. our members are outraged. they have been thinking back
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about every conversation they had in the lunch room with their coworkers, about their health about their spouses. >> now, the director of the zoo says she warned the teamsters that the latest teng knowledge would likely include gps tracking and says the remote monitoring feature was installed on three radios hers the vp of operations and dispatch but said when she learned about it in training she made the executive call to disable them. otherwise, it was meant for safety and medical reasons. >> this is intended for, again, imagine a keeper who has had a stroke cannot access their radio. that open mike or speaker phone function goes on. they can talk to the radio. or we could understand what was going on around the keeper for example, an active shooter or some other dangerous situation. >> now, she says that the zoo's
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legal counsel has begun to investigate this to interview people, including the vp of operations who was allegedly eavesdropping, but the teamsters say that's not good enough and they have hired outside counsel to open an investigation for the union. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you. happening right now, governor brown details his billion dollar plan to help californians in dire need because of the historic drought. about a half hour ago in sacramento, he announced his water connoisseurservation plan in california. the plan accelerates spending on projects that voters have already approved for water and flood projects. that will also provide immediate aid for communities facing dire water shortages, and also unemployment because of the drought. the proposal also includes money to secure emergency drinking water for the hardest hit counties. >> this is a struggle. and it's going to be something we're going to have to live with
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for how long we're not sure. we're going to have to find the recycling, the storage, the efficiency. it's not a partisan problem. the drought is a real problem. a hide rological challenge. we're going to meet it the best way we can by pulling together. >> the drought proposal will require majority approval from the state legislature. stay with us as we continue to cover the drought from all angles. nannette miranda is in sacramento following the governor's drought relief announcement. she'll have live reports at 5:00 and 6:00. san jose safety experts today will discuss the logistics of equipping police officers with body cameras. police chief sent san jose counsel members a letter that outlines plans for the pilot program starting in september. that will involve about a dozen officers. today, the public safety committee will discuss the rollout. all san jose officers are expected to have body cameras by next year. >> calotia is investigating a
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construction accident. a construction worker was hurt on the job yesterday afternoon. the mercury news said he broke his ankle. no word on whether this will set back the project. apple's new headquarters set to open by the end of next year. >> the arrest of new york real estate heir robert durst may breathe new life into a cold case in the bay area. durst is currently in louisiana awaiting extradition to l.a. for the murder of writer susan berman, but information about his movement in the late '90s giving the family of a missing bay area teenager new hope for clues as to her disappearance. she disappears in san francisco back in 1997. oakland police tried to connect durst with that case in 2003 but nothing stuck. >> i don't know if they get their hopes up. i do. i'm ready to you know but i -- i still do. i mean i have to hope that -- i want to bring her home. >> oakland police released a statement saying they do not
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have any evidence that would link robert durst to the disappearance, but one lead investigator tells nbc bay area he would never close the door to the possibility that there could be a link. >> a new twist in the closely watched kleiner perkins gender discrimination lawsuit. the judge reportedly considering a request to toss out claims for punitive damages. the case centers around former high ranking employee ellen pao. she is seeking millions after she says she was fired in 2012. kleiner perkins attorneys filed a motion to have her punitive damages thrown out. the claim thrown out, after the judge warned the defense it had not bun a sufficient job to show malice. the judge says he'll rule on the request tomorrow or saturday. next at 11:00, rent a car, but that's not all you're getting. why cameras are being installed inside some rental cars. plus uber invades the big apple. we'll tell you why taxi cab drivers aren't too concerned, they say.
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welcome back to you. dow industrial is down about 100 points after a runoff yesterday. apple, by the way, a member of the dow 30 as of today. the federal open markets committee finished up its two-day meeting and strongly hinted it will start raising rates for the first time in nearly ten years. but it will do so later. we're figuring maybe in the fall. generally speaking the fed raises rate under two condition conditions. when it's satisfied there are enough jobs and when inflation becomes a concern. so jobs, yep, check, no problem. inflation, practically nonexistent. though not every company is hiring yahoo continues its slow painful piece meal layoffs.
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wednesday is always the toughest day. well this past wednesday, yesterday, yahoo said it was closing all operations in china. it no longer had a very big presence there. slow layoffs not only hurt morale, that they encourage good employees to bail out before they're targeting. >> there could be more money available for electric car drivers. they report this morning pg&e is considering very big rebates for homeowners who buy plug-in cars. how much we don't know yet, but you get that money even if you have already bought your car. add to that federal tax breaks rebates, state breaks those already add up to as much as $10,000. tesla, meanwhile, sent an update to its model s cars. better range estimates can tell you if you can make it to the next electric charger. that should make people more confident they can take their teslas long distances. and two, automatic steering. elon musk said the software
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could drive for you, but don't try it out just yet because the software hasn't been activated. tesla is back in business in new jersey. tesla forced to end sales in the state last year because of a law banning car manufacturers from selling directly to consumers. but yesterday, chris christie signed a law allowing tesla to resume operations in the state. >> there are reports this morning target is prepared to pay as much as $10,000 to people affected by the target credit card breach. our understanding is that would be to cover any money stolen from you, not every customer necessarily getting $10,000. we'll continue to cover that. finally, take a look at this video. careful look from the white house when the president was meeting with the prime minister of ireland. right there, on his wrist, that is a fitbit. it is the first time we have ever seen the president with a wearable, and certainly with a suit. we don't know who is tracking it, but we assume -- suspect his first lady. >> michelle obama.
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she's got him moving, right? >> how many calories today? yes. >> meanwhile, i was distracted. i saw the same video, but i didn't notice the watch because i was too busy looking at the snub. >> oh, yes. >> the prime minister goes to shake, and president obama turns and he's like -- um and he checks his fingernails. the most awkward thing ever. glad we're talking about the fitbit instead. >> the streets of new york are looking a bit different these days thanks to a bay area company. uber cars often those black sedans now outnumber yellow cabs in the big apple. the city's taxi and limousine commission says there are about 14,000 registered uber cars compared to about 13,600 yellow cabs. however, the number of people hailing a cab still trumped the number of uber rides a day, so you'll have to stand there and wave nicely forever. car rental are big business and modern bells and whistles are in high demand but one upgrade drawing criticism from privacy
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advocates. hertz is installing cameras they say will be using for video conferences. 1 of every 8 cars has a camera inside. groups like the aclu say with no law preventing video recording, the cameras are an invasion of privacy. meanwhile, public reaction is mixed. >> if they want to watch me in the car, i really don't care. they're not going to see anything very interesting. so it wouldn't bother me at all. >> i feel uncomfortable someone potentially watching me all the time. >> right now, hertz says the cameras don't work they're not operational. it says the cameras will not be used to listen in or watch drivers. we'll see how that works out. >> from cameras in cars to cameras in the kitchen. panera bread will start recording employees who make food so managers can review the video to make sure items are being prepared correctly. a dirty secret of the food industry is that 1 in 7 orders is wrong. panera bread admits that when it
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gets 1 in 10 wrong, it's still too high for those executives. >> hopefully that's the only dirty secret. gr no kidding. >> kamala harris says she used her personal e-mail account for work, like hillary clinton. but she says it only happened on rare occasions. she said she doesn't use e-mail very regularly anyway but she says she has used her private e-mail to reach top members of her staff. she says on rare occasions she forwarded things like news articles to coworkers with the words, let's discuss. harris' announcement comes as clinton faces criticism for using her private e-mail account while she was at the state department. >> a new study finds l.a.'s restriction on new fast food restaurant in one of the poorest areas of the city didn't help make anyone healthier. in 2008, the city passed an ordinance, limiting fast food ordinance in south los angeles. they found obesity rates in the area continued to rise even
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after the law was passed. health experts say people have to make lifestyle changes in order to truly bring obesity rates down. >> all right. so now let's talk about that forecast, which we can feel good about because there is some rain in the distance. >> in the distance. in the meantime, you know what is close? spring. >> good morning. we're going to spring into the new season tomorrow, as a matter of fact. i know you like the science so we're going to talk a little bit about why we actually see that equinox and why it's going to occur tomorrow right around 3:30 p.m. now, temperatures right now are climbing nicely for the final day of winter. feeling very warm out there, lots of sunshine over san jose. same for san francisco at this hour. as we get into the next couple hours, that rapid warming will really start to kick in. we're going to end up in the 80s in some cities later on today. warmest day of the week for the final day of the season. 64 degrees right now in the south bay. at 64 already really comfortable out there if you want to head
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outdoors, you can go out a jacket. 74 in san francisco today. 80 in the tri-valley, and 78 in the south bay. so temperatures are going to be comfortable. this is something that's happening today. we like to tell you all about what's going on across the bay area. it's grown-up lego day. leave the kids at home and bring your imagination out to the mountain view public library at noon, 68 degrees out there. 71 at 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 73 degrees. and that's between 12:30 and 1:30 and then after 1:30 you can bring the kids. we all like to play with legos, let's face it. temps 5 to 10 degrees above average today. high pressure firmly in control. at the maximum for today it's going to start to move to the east as we get into the next 48 hours. area of low pressure is pushing it out of here and this is going to bring us shower activity, actually looking a little more promising on some of the forecast models for us to get showers as far south as right here in san jose as we wake up on saturday morning. but most of the activity is expected up in the north bay.
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then we get a much better chance, what kris is talking about, as we head into monday. so let's talk about your weekend first and then i'll show you the futurecast. 72 degrees on saturday. a little cloud cover early. sunday looks good to hit the low 70s in the south bay, mid 60s in san francisco. and then it's going to be kind of a cool, cloudy day monday with widespread shower activity. take it right to the futurecast stop the clock for you, 5:00 a.m. saturday morning, first round moves through. not expecting anything heavy. these are the colors we want to see after all as we get into the next couple months. we usually start to trend drier. 8:00 p.m. sunday, take a look at this moderate rainfall in ukiah. hopefully it will dip further to the south so we can see more of the widespread activity. monday, 1:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. light showers, widespread. you need to dust off the umbrella on monday as we meet back here. as promised we'll tell you about more of the events and the equinox in the next report. right now, i'm going to send it back to you. >> thank you much. >> up next at 11:00, the sharks
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playing in san francisco. why the deal is not off the table.
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okay so don't be surprised or alarmed if you see someone dangleing off a san francisco
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building. local celebrities, including kate scott of nbc bay area and even her mom will be going down the edge. a skyline challenge. it's a free hang repel off the hyatt regency. the fund-raiser for the outward bound program which helps low income youth experience the outdoors. i know who could do it next year. i'm anchor you dangle. >> no. my mom would be at the bottom going, oh, gaux. oh no. warriors owner is leaving the door open for a possible arena deal. a share deal with the san jose sharks but in san francisco. >> he told yahoo spots live last night he doesn't see it necessarily happening but he doesn't want to say never. he hedged the comjs by saying the sharks uz peer to be happy in san jose. the warriors new san francisco arena set to open in 2018 and it can accommodate hockey. >> maybe the warriors could come
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to san jose. it may be time for the sharks to look for a new arena. s.a.p. arena is the fourth oldest in the nhl, and the three teams with older arenas are now working on building new ones themselves. kevin speck ylths why the sharks may not move to san francisco their minor league team might. >> that would be fine. >> okay. just in to our newsroom big news in the soccer world for the first time the world cup will be played in december when the event is held in qatar in 2022. normally, the soccer tournament is played in the summer but the reason for the switch is that it's excruciatingly scorchingly, almost infernally hot in qatar during the summer months. the move will force top european leagues to shift their regular season schedules something which they have not had to do for past world cups. >> i know there's a long story behind it but they knew it was hot in the dez rt in the summer. >> yes, too hot. >> umnext at 11:00, a crackdown on street vendors in the south bay. why some people think super bowl
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50 is actually to blame.
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it was hard for me to sleep because i was wondering how the people were going to be able to see their children. >> why the sudden crackdown. longtime street vendors forced to shut down which has left many south bay families scrambling for extra cash. nbc bay area discovered the crackdown in part because of the super bowl. the san jose mayor going after small street vendors. >> the long standing latino tradition, damian has a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> the tradition dates back decades if not centuries in latin america. after sunday mass -- >> okay this is vanilla. >> vendors line the sidewalks outside parishes selling fruits and snacks but a couple weeks ago, the permits unit of the san jose police department showed up
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at guadalupe church and told the vendor physical they didn't have a permit they had to leave. anyone who refused would face misdemeanor charges and have their goods confiscated. >> anyone who is going -- >> i'm not a criminal, why are they treating us this way, said this vendor who didn't want to be identified. >> i just went home and it was hard for me to sleep because i was wondering how the people are going to be able to feed their children, to pay the rent. this was the only way for them to survive, the only labor they had. >> this woman works for the parish and is trying to find a way to help the vendors. san jose police say they only responded because of community complaints. but nbc bay area has learned the county and environmental health department is cracking down on street vendors without permits county wide ahead of next year's super bowl at levi's stadium. after several unreturned phone calls, we went directly to the environmental health office and asked for the inspector who spoke with guadalupe church
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about its vendors. >> looking for susan. >> i'm right here. >> oh, hi. >> hi. give me one second. >> sure. >> susan referred me to her boss, confirmed the county is working with super bowl organizers to address a permitless street vendors before the big game. >> instead of closing doors. we just need to find a way to open the doors. >> she said street vendors don't have the $1200 or so to pay for the permits. she knows all vendors have to follow the law, and is hoping they can return one day. >> we have to do what's right. >> nbc bay area news. now, to new details on a horrific terror attack on a museum in tunisia. a jihadist group is claiming responsibility for yesterday's deadly attack in which 23 people were killed and more than 40 others were hurt. two gunmen were also killed. tunisian authorities arrested nine people in connection with that attack.
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katy tur reports from london. >> as night fell over tunisia's capitol city its people stood in defiance of the terror that was intended to intimidate them. officials say people were killed as gunmen stormed the popular bardo museum. officials said the gunmen opened fire on the visitors as they got off buses, even hunting some down as they tried to hide. others were held hostage. as police prepared to confront the gunmen a few managed to escape as they ran. >> tunisia's prime minister vowed his country will not succumb to extremism. speaking in japan, home to at least three of the dead michelle obama offered condolences. >> our hearts go out to the loved ones of those who were lost here in japan and around the world. >> tunisia has been called a glimmer of light for democracy in the region. it's where the arab spring started in 2011.
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but experts worry this attack aimed at disrupting vital tourism, will only tempt those in power to turn back to more authoritarian measures to keep control. the big question is now, will tourists still feel comfortable going back there? katy tur nbc news london. >> more than 1,000 students gathered overnight at the university of virginia demanding justice for what they say was the rough arrest of a student there. the incident occurred outside a bar on the uva campus in charlottesville. the governor is calling for an investigation. willie geist reports. >> his head is bleeding! yo, his head is bleeding! >> this video obtained by student newspaper the cavalier daily, shows officers with a state department of alcohol, beverage control arresting university of virginia student martese johnson outside an irish pub early wednesday morning. >> uv ark.
11:35 am
i go to uva! i go to uva. >> johnson is seen on the ground yelling as officers handcuff him. >> i go to uva! >> the abc officers say 20-year-old johnson, a member of uva's honor committee was detained after being refused entry to the bar charging him on two counts obstruction of justice without force, and public swearing or intoxication. the virginia department of abc saying in a statement, a determination was made by the agents to further detain the individual based on their observations and further questioning. in the course of an arrest being made, the arrested individual sustained injuries. >> thank god martese is able to stand here today. >> overnight, about 1,000 students gathered on uva's campus demanding justice for johnson in a protest that was mostly peaceful with a few isolated incidents. >> get out of the street. >> johnson, who received ten
11:36 am
stitches following his arrest, spoke at the event. >> we deserve to respect each other, especially in times like this. thank you. >> willie geist says the department of alcohol beverage control will assist in the investigation into itself. the two agents involved in john sun's arrest are currently restricted to administrative duty. >> problems are mounting for the secret service over the alleged drunken crash at the white house involving two senior agents and the agency's director will face tough questions about it all on capitol hill today. kristen welker has the details. >> as secret service director joseph clancy prepared to face lawmakers today, there is fresh outrage. two surveillance videos he viewed this week do not clearly show what happened march 4th when two secret service agents drove on the grounds inebriated. >> when we asked if we could see a different angle, the director
11:37 am
said he wasn't sure they had these tapes, but they may have been erased. erased? are you kidding me? >> chaffetz who chairs the committee investigating the agency said it's unclear whether other cameras captured more angles and noted the director said per protocol, most tapes get erased after 72 hours. >> it's more than a week after the incident and the secret service director doesn't even know if there's a tape of the incident. that's -- that's just so inexcusable. >> this comes after clancy faced a fierce grilling on capitol hill earlier this week when he acknowledged he wasn't told about the incident for five days, and that he was informed by an anonymous source. >> i'm frustrated. i'm very frustrated. >> you can't run an agency like this, for god's sakes or any other agency. unless you have discipline in the ranks. >> maybe some people need to be sent to the mojave desert. >> clancy, a 27 year veteran of
11:38 am
the secret service was brought in to reform the agency after a series of security breaches including when a man with a knife made it inside the white house. now, clancy is facing his first big test. >> that was kristen welker reporting. no response from the secret service about this latest development. though it is important to point out that the secret service agents were driving at a low rate of speed and didn't damage their car, they have both been placed into new positions pending the outcome of the investigation. however, they were drinking while they were driving. take a look at this video out of southern california where motorcyclists taunted chp officers by leading them on a high-speed chase on city streets. officers tried to pull the driver over for reckless driving and he wouldn't stop. then after reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour look what he does next he stands up on the seat and rides without his hands. at one point, the rider even stopped at a cul-de-sac took off his helmet and put in his earbuds. it ended when the man simply
11:39 am
pulled in eded into a gas station and gave himself up. >> well up next at 11:00, if you use wi-fi in the airport or a coffee shop, we'll talk about the dangers of connecting to a public hot spot. >> plus how the humane society is using technology to help new guys find forever homes.
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time for a warning for anyone who has gone in search of free wi-fi. millions of people do it every day to connect to the internet on their phones, laptops, tablets, maybe smartphones, but do you know who is behind the hotspot. >> here's tom costello. >> the city new york the target anyone who searches for free wi-fi. we all do it but how much do we know about who's offering the wi-fi? the folks at security are about to prove how easily we can all be victimized. with just two laptops and some hotspot hardware security research chief james lynn offered free wi-fi access across the city. from jfk airport to brock ln. using names like get online and free public wi-fi.
11:43 am
>> we'll be using this to demonstrate how you are making life easy for cybercriminals. >> a whopping 2,341 people connected to the hot spots, but even more astonishing, 109 people handed over their credit card information when james offering 24 hour access for just $2. >> of course in this case we're not actually taking the money. but 109 users happily handed their credit card details over to a complete stranger. a company they have no idea about. and in this case me. >> to demonstrate how easily it's done james lynn sat down with us offering a free wi-fi hot spot. >> so i typed in my name my e-mail address. i hit enter. and immediately, the information pops up over here. i can see your name e-mail and password. and credit card details if you were providing them. >> already, instantly. in real time. >> and he's got control of my computer and all the information that's on it. he actually told the good people of new york what he was doing.
11:44 am
it was right there in the user agreement most people just click right past. in new york, they typically clicked agreed and just 1.3 seconds. the problem is when you connect to a wireless network, you're handing over authority on where your information goes on the internet. to the owner of that device. >> the padlock on the wi-fi only means your information is encrypted on the way to the cybercriminal. what should you do to protect yourself? use a secure wi-fi whenever possible. avoid paying for hot spots, keep your security software up to date and use web filtering to block malicious code or phishing expeditions. >> once you have the information, you have the keys to the kingdom. >> open access to credit accounts, you can use their credit card online. it's very simple. >> if those 109 people who gave their credit card information had been taken for $100 each the cybercriminal would have made an easy $11,000 in a matter of hours. >> my favorite part about that
11:45 am
it was all in the user agreement. tom costello reporting. now, obviously, the reality is cybercrime is an opportunistic crime. every time you connect to the internet especially untrusted networks, you could be a target and a victim. >> just call them the dna doggies. precious pups the peninsula humane society is attempting to find homes for, now with a little science and creativity. it appears the shelter has found a formula for getting the pooches adopted. >> michelle roberts explains the so-called who's your daddy campaign. >> we kind of came in here for the moment. >> she's hoping to find her future pup at the peninsula humane society. there are doberman pinchers pit bulls and lately a handful of rare mutts. >> he's part chihuahua, part american eskimo and part miniature schnauzer. >> they say paz was labeled a chihuahua mix, and though he was chosen for dna testing.
11:46 am
>> it paints a picture of who they are as a dog. >> 24 small dogs who arrived looking like siblings were given a new and unique breed name based on test results. >> she's been identified as a chihuahua and a minton. we cover all of that. >> kind of crazy. i have never heard of it. >> something new. >> the catchy names made nuton, who was set on adopting a pit bull take a second look at the lap dogs. >> i can't even pronounce that. >> the who's your daddy campaign appears to be working. so far, 18 of the 24 dogs who were dna tested found loving homes. >> an average wait about four weeks to be adopted. and many of those dogs were adopted within a few days. >> maybe winchester will be the next doggy dna success story. >> taking home a dog, you want to know every single detail small or big. >> michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> great idea. now, i want to know if the dog who was set on the pit bull
11:47 am
ended up with a chihuahua. >> right? it would be nice to know how big they're going to get. >> that would be. >> yeah because the bigger they are, the longer their walks need to be. today, if you have a big dog, you're going to love this forecast. >> yeah, the more they pull you along as well. golden tincher, huh? guess there's a first for everything. point reyes this morning looking really really clear out there. if you wanted to hit the beach. comfortable conditions to do so. today is going to be your best beach day in the extended future. mid 60s now. warm-up is on. highs today at about 4:00. it will be at 80 degrees in the tri-valley. then, we hit that equinox tomorrow. twice per year this happens. earth is tilted at 23.5 degrees, and because of the tilt that why we get the seasons. now, tomorrow we're going to see the earth permpendicular to the earth's rays shining on the
11:48 am
equator, which is cool because it's the warmest ocean current. all the warm water flows out toward the poles and that's why you have the coldest regions at the north and south end of the globe. for us equinox latin for equal nights, the same lent tomorrow night and day, worldwide, northern and southern hemisphere. for us in the northern hemisphere, the days will start to get a little longer than the night. good thing is we have the giant spring training first day of spring, 79 degrees out there. they're taking on the reds. 6:05 on nbc, and those giants are looking so good. you can catch them right here. we love watching that. who needs march madness when you have the giants right here on nbc bay area? if you're looking for something to do for the first weekend of spring the vernal equinox family hike is taking place saturday, 10:00 to 11:00. on the presidio. plenty of spring blooms to view. also a lot of wildlife out there, and temperatures will be mild. might actually get a little drizzle out there.
11:49 am
let me show you the futurecast for saturday. some models bringing in light precipitation, even as far south as here in san jose. i think more likely we'll see a lot of that activity stay to the north of the golden gate bridge. but do count on that a little shower activity as you wake up on saturday morning, definitely possible. throughout the rest of the day, everything will clear out. the sun will be out, and temperatures will warm really really nicely. we'll be at 72 degrees in the south bay on saturday. 70 degrees on sunday and late sunday night, when we get our next chance for rain. let me take you into sunday night and monday and show you what's headed our way because this is actually a very impressive spring storm system. we stop that clock for you. apth:00 p.m. on sunday, you start to see the yellow even orange move into northern california. for us just expecting light green, especially to the south of the golden gate bridge. but it does look like this is a slow moving storm system capable of dropping mare a quarter inch of rain if all of this works out in the south bay, closer to a half inch in the north bay. but the heaviest stuff looks like it's going to cross right
11:50 am
over the sierra nevada a place where we desperately need any sort of snow pack we can get because it is a warm storm system. we're expecting the snow in the highest peaks, but hey, we continue the future cast take you into tuesday, and we get another chance for some light shower activity when we meet back here on tuesday. now, i don't want to go any further out than this. as you know with meteorology, not an exact science. tuesday, definitely monday you'll need your umbrella and maybe, if everything works out, we'll get a little shower activity on wednesday as well. back to you. >> we'll worry about wednesday later. thank you. we'll be right back.
11:51 am
11:52 am
new research finds a common supplement may help you get to
11:53 am
sleep even in a noisy room. chinese researchers gave people a dose of melatonin, a placebo, or an eye mask with ear plugs and they slept in a room designed to resemble an intensive care unit. people in both the melatonin and the eye mask group got more sleep. but those who took melatonin woke up less and say they got a better quality of sleep. >> on this schedule worth a try. turns out breast milk doesn't just make babies healthier, it makes them smarter, too. scientists studied thousands of babies and found the longer they were breast fed, the better off they were later in life. they scored higher on iq tests, attended better colleges and got higher paying jobs as adults. scientists admit breast milk isn't the only factor affecting intelligence and there should be more research. >> if you are a fan of cooking shows, there is something you might want to know. it could be associated with your waistline. a new study out of cornell
11:54 am
university found that there is a link between cooking shows and a higher body mass index. researchers found that women who watched cooking shows were more likely to be heavier. it's a concerning connection considering the food network draws an average audience of more than a million people each night. they do make you hungry sometimes. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
it would be a very good day to have your lunch outside, go
11:57 am
for a walk maybe walk over to the school to pick up the kids rather than drive if you can. beautiful day ahead today. >> sure is. well, strange sight in atlanta, just before the evening commute yesterday. >> take a look at this a man on a horse, riding along the interstate. he is riding to washington, d.c. to help raise awareness about poverty and hunger in america. while it is for a good cause, it is illegal to ride a horse on the highway in georgia. so he was escorted off the interstate. >> a slow speed chase right there. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. >> you can get the latest information all day long have a great afternoon. we'll see you tomorrow.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live," we're about "empire," what a finale, and "scandal" star is here today. >> we have to talk madonna. this guy is a super fan. >> yes. regina king's connection. >> it's a good one a role on "american crime." >> and mandy moore is here for throwback thursday fun. we've been following you on instagram." access hollywood live" starts now. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ the day will come when the lion


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