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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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then some showers on the way for all of us. your full forecast in just moments. >> as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, this is your friday metering lights, and we also have a car fire in the south bay, i'll bring thaw update in just minutes. and in the south bay this morning, a live look outside, it's friday, march 20th, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. new this morning, a busy san jose intersection is back open following a deadly crash between a motorcycle and a pedestrian. this happened overnight on monterey highway not far from oak hill cemetery. police say the motorcycle was heading north on monterey when it hit a person walking in the street. that pedestrian died on scene. the motorcycle slid about 100 yards before coming to rest. the rider is now in the hospital. this morning, palo alto police are working to figure out the connection between two men found shot to death in a
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murder/suicide. it happened at the alta tore senior complex on fabian way in palo alto, near the san antonio exit off-ramp near 101. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live in palo alto. we understand police are still on the scene some 15 hours later? >> reporter: absolutely, good morning to you. i spoke with the acting isserget this morning, and we counted at least three police officers inside the apartment complex here. the purpose really is to guard the crime scene which you can see the first floor office blocked off and that is where one man in his 70s was found dead, shot multiple times. he was discovered by police around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. now in the video from this morning, you can see that just across the hall is the elevator that's also blocked off. this is where firefighters responding to a medical emergency called first found a man in his 60s dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot, a semiautomatic pistol in his lap. for hours police questioned
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almost everyone coming in and out of this neighborhood. >> i asked if he was okay, he said the children were safe but didn't know anything more before we arrived here, couldn't get in so we were terrified and they wouldn't tell us what was happening. >> reporter: that was from a parent from the nearby complex family complex now picking up her children at the preschool. police covered up the license plate of an older model white toyota camry and towed it away. this is a new place built five years ago housing seniors. korn the coroner will have to contact families first after arriving last night. the men lived here at the senior complex and don't know how they knew each other and what led up to the apparent murder/suicide. police are investigating now the second homicide of the year in town. live in palo alto, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> some people startled by that, thank you very much, steph. one person is recovering after a fire in san francisco's excelsior district overnight. this happened at a home on
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brazil avenue just after midnight. three people were inside at the time, one escaped and is in the hospital. firefighters say it does not appear to be suspicious. landlords in san francisco are under more pressure this morning to make apartment buildings safer. the department of building inspections is zeroing in on the mission district after two deadly fires there. inspectors have found many buildings with code violations, including fire extinguishers that need servicing, fire alarms that don't work and emergency doors and stairways that are blocked or locked. making tenants nervous. >> it's dangerous, because the door is stuck. it's really bad. >> the director of building inspections is asking the city attorney to take immediate legal action against landlords who don't bring their buildings up to code. landlords could face fines up to $1,000 a kay for violations. a teenage girl
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died from injuries she sustained during a fire in the mission district last week. the 13-year-old suffered smoke inhalation. her father also died in that fire. investigators are still looking for the course. >> 6:04 now. animal control workers in east bay are warning people about rabid bats. four infected bats have turned up in the last two weeks. two in fremont, one in san leandro, one in sunol. the health department says if you find a dead or injured bat, leave it alone and call animal control immediately. humans can contract rabies by just touching a bat's saliva. here's a story of a second chance at life. dozens of dogs will soon be ready for adoption after being rescued from what would have been a gruesome death. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us to talk about this. these dogs were raised in another part of the world specifically for their meat. >> in south korea dog meat is considered a delicacy and some people think it has health benefits, it sells for hundreds of dollars. these dogs about 60 of them will escape that fate because of the san francisco spca.
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the dogs were rescued from a meat farm after that owner was persuaded to quit raising dogs for food and grow chilies instead. most of the dogs are of the mastiff breed so they're rather large dogs. about half of them are puppies who warmed up to rescuers faster than the older dogs. so little had kind kangt with humans they had to be carried out of their crates. in this video provided by the spca, the lead rescuer says you who you can see how the dogs spend life in cages at the market until the moment someone buys them. >> you can see the guy pick up the electrocution stick, you can hear the dogs screaming. >> he says he wishes that they could have saved more dogs. about 2 million dogs are killed in south korea every year for their meat. it is not illegal but it is unregulated, which means that it could lead to inhumane and unsanitary conditions according to critics. the spca says that some of the dogs are getting medical care and all of them will be
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see valuated before ythey are pt up for adoption. in new jersey there was another group of dogs that went there, and that farmer, the man raising them for food, switched to growing blueberries, so there is maybe a shift in what people are doing. >> changing the mentality. okay. >> very good. thank you very much. we love our animals especially here in the bay area. they lead the pack in getting us out the door and out for walks this morning. these folks are already out and about crossing the golden gate bridge this morning, looking forward to our forecast for today and the weekend. >> they also put us in a good mood. christina, it is already the international day of happiness so presumably we're all feeling good anyway. good morning. >> to each his own, to each his own but hopefully that is you included. we do have a beautiful day ahead. weather is something to be happy about for sure. we have rain in the forecast.
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48 degrees in livermore, at 51 in san jose and 52 degrees to kick off a friday, that ought to make you happy as well. san francisco showing you beautiful, beautiful start to the day. we have low clouds overhead and as we get into your afternoon the clouds will continue to increase, high and mid levels and as a result we'll be overcast to finish off the day. increasing clouds, comfortable temperatures, that's what's in store for you this first day of spring. 65 degrees at lunch time on the peninsula. beautiful day to get out there, maybe have some lunch out on the water. 66 on the east shore, 68 degrees at noon in the tri valley. we'll round off the day in the low to mid-70s. five to ten degrees cooler than where we ended up yesterday, 70 degrees in the east bay. 74 for the tri valley and 67 degrees that is your forecasted high for today in san francisco. widespread rainfall hinted at the that earlier. we'll talk about when that's expected in your microclimate coming up in moments. first we want to get you out the front door welcoming in my
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friend mike inouye. >> good morning, my friend christina. in the bay, a lot of friends out and arched the bay even this early morning a look at 101. the first burst of traffic easing off from this live shot, the sensors still have to adjust and there's a little slowing on our map for san jose which shows a little bit north of 680, where our camera was, light volume from where our shot showed. 87 shows a little slowing north of kertner, no crashes, i checked, registered, and that earlier slowing cleared up. there may have been some -- chp just drove through the area, everybody slows down when they pass through. southbound 85 at blot some hill an earlier car fire reported on the shoulder. not a lot of activity but chp says they have the slow lane blocked and that might be why you see a little bit of slowing past blossom hill, counter commute to the 101/85 merge. gentle build southbound 880 from hayward down toward union city and for 680 southbound through
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plezanton and sunol tri valley build typically lighter as well on a friday at this time. zooming out looking at the big shot of the east bay as well as the north bay, we see no real slowing for our speed sensors atop of your screen, highway 37 westbound slow out of vallejo and moving towards the novato area and same thing for highway 4 through concord, slowing past 242 and we'll get a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on, even on friday the backup, things ease off earlier, friday's commute kicks in once again about 11:00, 11:30 because a lot of folks head toward the city for a nice early evening dinner or maybe some activity. >> get a kick on the weekend. >> sheshenanigans. a major car maker slapped with a multimillion-dollar fine. details coming up next. amazon gets permits to fly its drones and the greek national bird, we'll take ail
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look coming up in business news. and it's opening day at the yard. coming up a sneak peek behind the giants' new's traction.
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at 6:12, here's a look at today's top stories. police investigating a murder/suicide at a senior apartment complex in palo alto on fabian way. there's no word how the men knew each other. one person has died, another in the hospital this morning after an overnight crash on monterey highway in san jose. police say a motorcycle struck a
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pedestrian near oak hill cemetery, that pedestrian has passed. san francisco crews are investigating a house fire in the excelsior district happened on brazil avenue near edinburgh street. one person was taken to the hospital. this just in, the federal government has slapped grco with a $3 million fbi for dragging its feet on what became the largest recall of car seats. car seats with buckles that could stick or become stuck making it tough for parents to get kids out in the case of an emergency. federal investigators said the company failed to act in a timely manner to issue that recall. amazon got permission to test its futuristic delivery drone. >> scott mcgrew don't expect anything else from heaven to come down to explain. >> these are just tests. amazon has to stick to the same rules someone flying a drone for fun has to stick to. amazon now has permission basically to do what a kid in a park can do any time. the drones would fly from a
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local warehouse to your house and leave something on the doorst doorstep. the faa issued new rules prohibiting commercial flights of drones. this morning, amazon has special permission to test fly them around. the dow fell about 100 points on thursday. it was the first day the dow 30 contained shares of apple. apple stocks fell. you can't blame the company for dragging down the dow. apple may be the world's most valuable company but it only accounts for 5% of the dow. this is the formula they use to figure out how the dow industrials work. you can ignore this. what you need to know is the company with the biggest share price, not the biggest overall value, moves the dow the most. that company's actually goldman sachs. i think this is greek. that looks like it's sigma. it's kind of funny we bring up the dpreekz. europe outrages over this video which appears to show the greek finance minister mention germany and then make an international gesture with his
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middle finger. greece owes a huge amount of money to the eu, to germany, and this was really offensive, but he said he never did it. this morning the german version of "the daily show" says it's responsible for the video using special effects. sam and awe la, here is theer haveman version of jon stewart, at first pretending he's shocked but then admitting it to. you get the gist. [ speaking in german ]. >> so yes he did it or at least he says he did. the greek finance minister is an interesting, interesting fellow. he used to work in seattle as a video game developer and now runs the country of greece finance part of it. >> did you find that on linkedin or something? >> he does lots of tv interviews, speaks perfect english so he's an interesting guy to follow on twitter. >> interesting. >> one of his job descriptions
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not international offensive signs. >> did not for the record, did not do it. >> okay. >> glad they clarified it. thank you very much. 6:15. take a live look outside at at&t park where the giants season kicks off in just a couple of weeks. first home game is april 13th. >> if you want to see baseball right now, there's going to be game, spring training this evening on nbc bay area, and you don't have to wait until april to check out the ball park's newest feature, a pop-up village popping up in parking lot "a," everything from pete's coffee to north face jackets. >> bob redell joins us live across from at&t park this morning. we can even get our good old garlic bread there, right, bob? >> reporter: yes, you guys said it all. i don't know if i need to stand out here and tell you about it. good morning to you guys, we're across mccovey cove, at&t park. at&t park opening i believe in 2000, about 15 years ago and had this amazing waterfront that sat
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idle for the most part, parking lot "a." now this is what you've got, they call it the yard at mission rock, newly constructed mini pop-up villages you were talking about, uses recycled shipping containers' inside a couple of shops, a bark cue joint, beer gardens. to your right food trucks that will be installed here and this is a new way to pre-party i guess before the giants game, and these pop-up villages became popular roughly around the time at&t park opened in early 2000s, we saw them in new york and london in 2004 and a couple of summers ago during the americas cup here in san francisco. >> they're known for giving an opportunity for young designers to reach broader audiences. also funky and chic, and marry that intersection between the entertainment community with the food community. >> reporter: so today is the official opening of the yard at mission rock.
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again, taking up a portion of parking lot "a" and of course when the games start coming back here to at&t park, you have free seating here on the terry francois boulevard in front of mccovey cove, so if you can't afford to get inside the stadium, you can at least sit here and you have a semi good view of the jumbotron. >> that's a million-dollar view for free there. >> always fun to people watch, too. thanks, bob. tonight you can also as we said check out that giants game taking on the cincinnati reds right here on nbc bay area. our coverage from scottsdale kicks off at 6:00. it's 6:18. friday morning. later this afternoon officially hits the first day of spring. we're waiting for the sun's arrival as we look live outside at the beautiful bay bridge. >> joined by meteorologist christina loren. it is kind of baseball weather out there today. >> it will be nice out there, first day of spring, temperatures rising into the low 70s. kind of chilly out there to start the day, though, so make sure you grab a jacket on your
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way out the front door. we'll be at 51 degrees for the next couple hours on the peninsula. the reason why the temperature will stay put is because we have a full deck of low clouds out there. 43 degrees, a little bit of fog even in the north bay to kick off the new day. at lunch time mid-60s coming your way and we'll round out the day in the low to mid-70s. just about everywhere, with the exclusion of san francisco. you have about 67 degrees, clouds increasing steadily as we get into your afternoon. so spring begins with cooler temperatures, 10:00 a.m. today, full sunshine, by 4:00 p.m. overcast sky. tomorrow morning, waking up with a few showers in the north bay, better chance of that as we head throughout your late sunday into monday, widespread shower activity moving through. i'm going to show you your futurecast in just one moment. first i want to walk you through your weekend temperatures, and talk a little bit about a cooling trend coming your way. so today will be nice and mild, tomorrow will be about three degrees on average across the board, return to the 60s in the south bay by sunday and then monday those showers roll
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through, we could be measures anywhere from a half inch to quarter inch, areas north of the golden gate bridge, closer to maybe a tenth to a quarter in the south bay. so here we go, i stop that clock for you on your futurecast at 1:00 a.m. on sunday. showers starting to move through, as you can see that will intensify as we head throughout your sunday evening, so kind of a cloudy day to finish off your sunday with some showers moving through sonoma county. most of the activity will stay north of the golden gate bridge, until about 8:00 p.m. i'm moving forward in time, taking you into monday at 1:00 a.m. and looking good for some rich moisture to pass right over the bay area. we need this. one reason why is because it's going to keep the hillsides moist and the longer we can keep that trend going the better off we will be when it comes to fire season. i continue to move you forward in time, i stop that clock for you again monday at 2:00 p.m. lot of the activity headed out of town and we'll get another chance as we head throughout your tuesday into wednesday of next week. so overall first weekend, first week of spring looking good for us here in the bay area.
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here's mike inouye and your morning drive. >> your last i guess winter morning commute where you have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, but traffic not unusually slow. actually look at the map, the standard slowing on the approach, berkeley curve just a bit of slowing, same thing the 880 overcrossing. no problems out of the maze itself, off of 24 out of the caldecott, as we zoom out, we see you're pretty much at the speed limit all the way from hercules toward richmond. little patches where speeds come down to 60, maybe 58 miles per hour. the north bay with nothing unusual. novato toward san rafael close to the speed limit there as well. we'll move over here, no slowing for the walnut creek interchang tri valley earlier crash on hacienda. lel' look at the dublin camera there, as we look coming into the area, no slowing shows up on the cameras and i didn't see any incidents so watch the area right past. lanes appear clear. back to the maps a smooth drive and lighter snow of traffic south through pleasanton and
6:22 am
sunol. much lighter because it is friday. we're looking toward the north bay with the northbound routes building unusual northbound 680 out of san jose. little slowing around mckee, nothing unusual about 101 or 87 coming through downtown. fire crews reported southbound 85 right around blossom hill but we have traffic flowing nicely through the area. quick look at foster city the approach coming off of that san mateo bridge and we do indeed like any other morning have a good volume of traffic traveling over 92 from hayward to the foster city side. no real slowing here but you will expect that san mateo traffic to build up a bit over the next 20 minutes. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:22. up next on "today in the bay," doctors say it is a medical miracle, how a little boy was brought back to life nearly two hours after he drowned.
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000 is 6:25. friday morning. medical professionals in palo alto are asking school board to make high schools start later. a group of 35 pediatricians, psychiatrists and therapists sent a letter to the school board this week saying teens should not start school before 8:30 a.m. the idea is to get students more sleep. the letter cites students from the american academy -- studies from the american academy of pediatrics linking sleep deprivation to increased suicide risk in teenagers. doctors right now are calling this situation frankly a medical miracle. >> it is incredible. pennsylvania toddler made a
6:26 am
complete recovery after over an hour and a half without a pulse. gardell martin fell into a fast-moving stream near his family's house last week. it took a half hour just to locate him a quarter of a mile away. when he arrived at the hospital doctors feared the worst. >> he did not have a pulse and wasn't breathing on his own and had no neurologic function. all of the things were being done for him through cpr and the breathing done through the breathing tube. >> for all purposes and intent? >> he's dead. >> no sign of life for an hour and 41 minutes. >> doctors say the freezing cold water helped him and put him in a hypothermic like state that protected his organs. as his body warmed his pulse and heart rate returned. gardel is now the ahome with his family. remarkable. time is 6:26. still up, the opening bell just a few minutes away on this friday. we'll break down the numbers with scott mcgrew. plus exaggerated and inaccurate. hear what the head of the secret
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service is saying about that so-called crash at the white house.
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good friday morning to you. first day of spring kicking off the new season, five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday with widespread shower activity in the forecast. more in moments. although a lighter friday commute we have slowing building for the south bay and watching that san mateo bridge. ooh. we're expecting a fairly decent open on the nasdaq this
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morning and the nyse. we take you out to new york city where they're about to ring the bell. over to the nasdaq in times square as business gets under way. [ bell ringing ] >> there's the bell. your friday morning getting under way as well. folks making their way across the span. it's friday, march 20th. this is "today in the bay." a good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning israel's prime minister is backing off his preelection day comments about not supporting a two-state solution with palestinians. today'd ed "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with how the u.s. is responding. >> hi, laura, good morning. good morning, everyone. the u.s. is sort of backing off its support and taking another look at how they're going to deal with israel and the palestinians in an exclusive
6:31 am
interview with nbc news, netanyahu seemed to reverse himself again but he insists he hasn't changed. >> i haven't changed my policy. i don't want a one-state solution. i want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution. >> that's not what he said before election day. the obama administration is rethinking its policy in the middle east. >> that does and has prompted us to reevaluate our approach to this matter. >> reporter: netanyahu, who finally got that congratulatory phone call from president obama, doesn't think his comments will hurt his relationship with the u.s. >> we'll work together. we have to. >> reporter: the u.s. is also concerned about the prime minister opposing ongoing nuclear talks with iran. in a message to the people of iran, president obama said he's hopeful. >> there is a way for iran, if it is willing to take meaningful, verifiable steps, to assure the world that its nuclear program is, in fact, for peaceful purposes only. >> reporter: those talks continue in switzerland today.
6:32 am
and just in the last hour, we got word the iranian delegation is headed home to tehran for the weekend, but they do plaen to return monday. >> tracie potts live from washington, thank you. 6:32. happening today the obama administration is expected to release new regulations for fracking on federal lands, the controversial procedure provides access to oil and gas and long been an environmental concern due to chemicals that can sometimes end up in drinking water supplies. the new regulations will include measures to protect groundwater and allow companies to disclose what chemicals they're using. reports that two agents crashed a car at the white house "exaggerated." chief joseph clancy told congress there was no crash and says the car was going only about 2 miles an hour when it simply bumped a plastic barrel. clancy says there's no video of the incident from certainly angles because the cameras tape over content every three days.
6:33 am
earlier reports accuse the agents of crashing into a white house security barrier after a night of drinking. department of homeland security is investigating a significant security breach at an american airport. investigators say a convicted felon and former member of a domestic terrorist group was allowed to use a tsa pre-check security lane even though he had not actually applied for the program. security officer at the airport recognized the felon and told his supervisor, but was reportedly told to take no action and allow the traveler through the pre-check line. officials are not saying though, where this incident actually happened. >> 6:33 right now. time to check the microclimate forecast on this friday morning, as we take a live look outside this morning, we want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. okay, let me get this straight. yesterday was the last day of winter. it's going to be, it was warmer then than it will be on the first day of spring. >> right. that's exactly right. good morning to you. we have a really good looking friday coming your way nonetheless. i can tell you as we get into tonight, temperatures will start
6:34 am
to drop quickly. we've got a full deck of clouds headed our way, and some showers to wake up with for parts of the bay area as of tomorrow. showing you a live look san francisco, from our sonoma cam you can clearly make out all the city lights. clouds increasing between 4:00 and 12:00 p.m. waking up with 51 degrees, good morning to you san jose, 48 in livermore and san carlos comfortable at 52 degrees. that's the weather story of the day, increasing clouds, comfortable finish to the day. let me take you through the day part. 66 degrees at lunch time on the east shore, you'll be at 65 meanwhile on the peninsula as you break for lunch and 64 degrees in the north bay. air quality has held steady in the good to moderate range and for today it's going to be nice out there, 71 degrees to finish off at 4:00 p.m., highs coming in, 70 degrees on the east bay side, and 74 degrees really lovely day coming your way up in wine country. today and tonight will be just about equal at 12 hours each and then as we head throughout the next few days you'll start to
6:35 am
notice our days getting longer than our nights and as a result climatologically starting to see numbers bump up. we're still tracking showers in your future. widespread rainfall on the way to the bay area. we'll tell you where, how much we're expecting where you live coming up in my next report. first here's mike and your drive. >> are the will, i think when last looked i made the clear aleutian, san mateo bridge, ooh, there you go. ooh, look at that, westbound starting to slow down. now friday light around much of the bay, where we see a lighter flow across the san mateo bridge. look at the view from foster city, the headlights coming toward us make it look worse, the same volume of traffic, trust me no one disappears heading over the bridge and a smooth drive headed 101 on 92. is t is not that dramatic but one of the slowest spots for the bay as traffic feeds down from 808 southbound out of hayward and in toward that bridge, we see some slowing there, continuing down into union city, a look over on the right, we have slowing for south 680 out of pleasanton, in towards sunol
6:36 am
as well. that's about it for the tri valley, friday lighter commute, a slower build. we'll have that commute still at issue for the south bay. it's proven to be the case for fridays in your northbound direction, starting to subtly see that build 101 from capital expressway past the airport. as for 101, 87 and 280 taking their time to build this morning. moving our maps farther north looking north of the san mateo bridge for the upper east shore freeway slowing west 80 out of richmond and in toward berkeley and looking at the north bay, novato through the golden gate bridge. you're pretty much at speed there. i mentioned berkeley, let's get a camera here folks traveling westbound on 80, headlights right under. if you can see the outline of university avenue that bridge, traffic is filling in all lanes, well packed but close to 55 miles per hour, which is great for berkeley and of course the bay bridge metering lights are on, where that closer cars will pack in and it's a smooth drive in the big city. >> that was about 55. >> roughly. >> wow, looks slow.
6:37 am
>> it will get slower. thank you very much, mike. let's see if the markets are moving this morning. >> hopefully surging upward, hanging around 8100, the dow is anyway. let's check in with scott mcgrew. >> good morning. little more action on the markets, we're making it up today, 18,067 on our charts here, intel and tesla doing fairly well. intel announcing it's working on a new smart watch and tesla interesting new software to its tesla model ss. >> in case you're interested. thanks a lot. 6:37. still ahead, first the problems, now the changes. our investigative unit shows us the security upgrades at a pg&e substation hit by a sniper last year. we live in a pick and choose world.
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so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. right now, you can save $600 on the number one-rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number. to an exclusive investigate yif ive unit. security>/ upgrades for two yea after a snipe ear tack. >> construction cruise building a primmer fencing to make it more difficult for any possible future attacks at metcaf. the security upgrades follow a series of critical reports last year by the investigative unit. series of unscheduled visits from former military ops veteran raise questions about the level of security at pg&e's critical substation.
6:41 am
>> guys trained like you, what could be done, how long would it take? >> metcaf could be repeated across all the sites you showed me in less than 15 minutes. >> what kind of impact do you think that statement has? >> well, i think it had a big impact and demonstrated that unless these kind of steps are taken, these facilities continue to be vul ear nbl. >> pg&e says it will have $100 million in security upgrades in place by the year 2016. chief investigative reporter tony kobe less kobalesky looks at the latest security upgrades and the question has the public utility done enough? his full report tonight at 11:00. send an e-mail to or call us. police piecing together evidence in a shocking
6:42 am
murder/suicide on the. heiness in peninsula. dozens of dogs facing a dwrusome death get a second chance at life. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news traffic and weather after the break.
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you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots, xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7, in theaters april 3rd. 6:44. palo alto police are trying to work out the connection between two men shot to death in a murder/suicide. it happened at a senior apartment on fabian way in palo
6:45 am
alto near the san antonio off-ramp to exit 101. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live in palo alto. steph, police are still on the scene, now it's been like 16 hours. >> reporter: we're approaching that mark, laura. good morning to you. at least three officers still here, one telling me this morning that he understands there's still a lot of work to be done here inside where closer to the crime scene the first floor office is blocked off. that's actually where one man in his 70s was found dead, shot mull multiple times 3:30 afternoon police found him there after firefighters discovered a man in his 60s in the elevator across the lobby, who was also dead and appeared to have shot himself. palo alto police say this is the second homicide of the year right next door the busy family jewish center where parents trying to pick up their kids were met with crime scene tape and police everywhere. >> we arrived here and we couldn't get in so we're very terrified and they wouldn't
6:46 am
actually tell us what was happening. >> reporter: very chaotic scene. police covered up the license plate of this white older model toyota camry and towed it away. the coroner will have to first contact the families of the victims before we learn who the two men were, how they knew each other and what led up to this apparent murder/suicide. we know that both of them lived here at the alta tore senior complex. there will be an investigation lasting throughout much of today. live in palo alto, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks for staying oen n it, steph. 6:46 on this friday morning, a live look at downtown san jose, just waking up as many of you are, to start out this very, beginning to our weekend and looking forward to it, nice weather on the way. >> and the season of new beginnings, that's right.)kt
6:47 am
6:46 now. where are you' a wherever you're waking up with us, mild day to kick off the first official day of spring. good morning to you, san jose at 51 degrees. 48 in oakland and 41 a little chilly in half moon bay where you do not have the blanket of low clouds. i want to show you where the clouds are this morning, san francisco, high clouds streaming in, low clouds up in the north bay, microclimates making a big aexperience for this first for this first official day of spring. all across the silicon valley a beautiful day. 74 degrees for us today, 74 for the north bay as well and 70 degrees on the east shore. the tri valley down from the 80s yesterday, you'll be in the mid-70s this afternoon. getting into your all-important weekend, love having a couple days off and the weather is going to accommodate you for the most part. we have light shower activity up in the north bay, should be clearing out between 9:00 a.m. i'd say 11:00 a.m. expecting showers in the morning.
6:48 am
on sunday a more organized system with a little bit more moisture starts to roll through and by monday we'll be tracking showers when we meet back here obviously we need this rain because of the drought, and so we'll be happy to see these showers returning by about saturday at 8:00 p.m. watch this, though. i pushed the futurecast into the future, i stopped the clock for you at 8:00 p.m. on sunday, and we are talking about some very generous rainfall totals, all the way from shonoma county through northern california all in the drought together so every single drop counts. for us, though, i think we're going to see a tenth, maybe a quarter of an inch areas south of the golden gate bridge, better chance to get maybe half of an inch of rainfall areas to the north. overall we'll continue to track this, we'll have the latest for you today at 11:00 a.m. during our midday broadcast. right now here's mike and your drive. >> good morning, folks. i got a note for folks traveling through oakland, a warning for 880 in just a second. i want to show the backup at the bay bridge, we have all lanes filled and note the fast track lanes are moving smoothly through as the sun is rising.
6:49 am
notice no slowing for the north bay, although a little slowing for the north bay but no problems novato in towards san rafael. just a little build and the east shore freeway continues to move smoothly despite the big volume from berkeley. we have the 50-mile-per-hour mark toward university avenue. southbound 880 through downtown oakland, passing 23rd, reports of a stalled vehicle somewhere in that area right along this stretch right here, and chp says they're going to have to do a traffic break over the next few minutes but so far they haven't started it. typecally they don't start just before 980 and head down toward 23rd, that's about how much lead time they give you so they can push the car to the shoulder. look at the volume of traffic south of there at the o coliseum. minor traffic break in downtown over the next 10 to 15 minutes, we'll track that. back out to your maps we're talking about south here from hayward down to union city, 880, then slows down because of the volume of traffic building off of 580 and the castro valley y.
6:50 am
typical flow across 92 to the peninsula, south 680 and !;ñ880 both off of 580 have the build in towards fremont. friday lighter commute moving smoother down toward mission boulevard where we have mild flowing there. build for west 237 from el viso and sunnyvale, northbound routes through the south bay, pattern north 101, 87, 280 and 85 showing a little slowing but again this is friday, a more gentle build for your commute. we'll see these taking over the next hour and san jose's live shot 101 at 680, where one of the slower spots exists because of the build of traffic, 680/280 overcrossing no problems there, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:50 right now. new this morning a busy san jose intersection is back open following a deadly crash between a motorcycle and a pedestrian. this happened overnight on monterey highway not far from oak hill cemetery. police say the motorcycle was headed north on monterey when it hit a person walking in the street. the pedestrian died at the scene. the motorcycle then slid about
6:51 am
100 yards before coming to a stop. the rider is now in the hospital. >> 6:50. also new this morning, one person recovering after a fire in san francisco's excelsior district overnight at a home on brazil avenue just after midnight. three people were inside at the time. they all escaped but one of them was taken to the hospital. at this point, the cause is still under investigation but firefighters say it does not appear suspicious. after a series of deadly fires, landlords in san francisco under more pressure this morning to make apartment buildings safer. the department of building inspections is zeroing in on the mission district following two deadly fires there. inspectors may have found many buildings with code violations that includes fire extinguishers that need servicing, fire alarms that don't work and emergency doors and stairways that are either blocked or locked. tenants are nervous. >> someone die because it's dangerous. the door is stuck. it's really bad. >> the director of building
6:52 am
inspections is asking the city attorney to take immediate legal action against landlords who don't bring their buildings up to code. landlords could face fines up to $1,000 a day for those kinds of violations. we now know a teenaged girl has died from injuries that she sustained during a fire in the mission district last week. the 13-year-old suffered smoke inhalation. her father also died in that fire. investigators still looking into the cause. >> 6:52. a follow-up, the san francisco zoo and its employees are launching separate investigations after allegations of spying.t of the safety overhl following the 2007 tiger mauling at the zoo, every employee wears a radio while on duty. employees union says zoo managers were able to listen in on those radios and hear private conversations. the zoo says when it heard the concerns, the radio feature was disabled. talk about a second chance at life. dozens of dogs will soon be ready for adoption after being rescued from what would have been a very gruesome death. >> indeed. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us, the dogs
6:53 am
coming from another part of the world and being raised for meat. instead they're in the bay area. >> with he treat our animals like members of our family so a lot of times it's surprising to hear that in south korea dog meat is considered a delicacy which sells for several hundred dollars in part because it has perceived health benefits. these dogs about 60 of them will escape that fate because of the san francisco spca. the dogs were rescued from a meet farm after the owner was persuaded to quit raising dogs for meat and grow chilies instead. most of the dogs are of the mastiff breed and about half are puppies. they warmed up to the rescuers right away. some of the older dogs you can see a little bit more shy, more afraid of people, they had to be carried out of their crates. in this video provided by the spca the lead rescuer says you can see how the dogs lived their lives in cages at markets until the moment when someone bought them. >> you can see the guy pick up the electrocution stick. you can see, hear the dogs screaming.
6:54 am
>> that rescuer says he wishes that they could have saved more dogs, about 2 million dogs are killed in south korea every year for their meat. it is not an illegal industry but it is unregulated, which critics say leads to inhumane conditions for the animals, unsanitary conditions for the people who buy the meat. the spca says some of the rescued dogs are getting medical care as we speak, all will be evaluated before they are put up for adoption and some could be ready for their forever homes within the month or so. they are going to be big dogs. >> exactly. they're going to be loved, though. >> yes. >> as they should. >> thank you very much. dress rehearsals are over for the san jose earthquakes. they play their first regular season game this weekend at that new avia stadiuúd >> it's exciting. . the quakes are hosting the chicago fire at 4:00 on sunday. the team says it's been working with the city, police, and the vta to make sure the traffic flows smoothly. it's going to be a special downtown shuttle running to and from the stadium that gets going two hours before the game.
6:55 am
it's opening day at the yard. no, not the yard at at&t park, but the yard just out there beyond mccovey cove. >> we have to be specific about what we're talking about. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live at the new pop-up village at parking lot "a" and bob this yard is not just for baseball fans. >> reporter: pretty much for anyonec-ns here who has the exp, walk on over called the yard at mission rock. it opens today, laura and sam mñ anyone to preparty before the game at at&t park. you saw over to your right food trucks here, some merchandise shops and the big draw down barbecue joint. you're probably?ybo?w wonderino they get this thing to pop up so soon, that's the whole idea, you tr)z rq these are something that we've seen over thej=e6 past 15 year. they were popular in new york or started comingy.gx age of new y
6:56 am
÷)z 2004 and over the past couple of summers where they had the america's cup in san francisco. >> beginning of a big vision the giants have had for a decade and a half following the opening of the ball park. when they soon learned what an amazing area of the í?5twaterfr business, thisg9rmgc t is the b % the yard at mission rock, it ñ
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
this morning a spectacular sunrise to this first day of spring, temperatures will be comfortab comfortable, into the 70s just about everywhere, 67 for san francisco but not a bad day#p2h shaping up. >> reason for optimism as you start off your weekend. tp on the roads? >> i am, i'm optimistic rightyy now. let's show good news. >> you're an optimistic person. ó of it hayward toward the san mateo bridge and across the peninsula but lighter than a monday through thursday.s as we zoom out the rest of the bay lighter traffic pattern, overall this is friday. in san jose we have more slowing north 101 and that will be a tough spot throughout the
7:00 am
a new crash involved with afkñ motorcycle. there's slowing already. >> we are back in hñé$lz hour or we are back in hñé$lz hour >> meantime enjoy your weekend. see you at 7:25. baseball getting under way.


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