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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a warning this morning after a deadly slide at a popular hiking spot in the north bay. plus san francisco police at the center of a supreme court case that could impact how officers operate in life-threatening situations. plus officially now, in the running, ted cruz announcing his candidacy for the oval office. and looking live at the bay bridge this morning, and we see some green on the radar. we'll tell you what you can expect in terms of rain on this monday, march 23rd. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning.
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it's 4:30. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. live look outside san jose where the rain rolled in around midnight, woke me up. let's talk about the microclimate forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> much needed, much welcome rain. at this point most of the activity is pressing off over tahoe and for us we'll see a lovely day ahead, mostly cloudy, most of that shower activity has started to wind down, though, at this point, with i is good news if you have to get out there and commute this morning. although we have another chance for rain as we head throughout tomorrow, we'll talk about that in your full forecast. first we want to check your drive and see if there are any slick spots. >> puddles, slick roadways. fortunately on sunday we had a preamble, might have been enough to clear some grease off. live camera dublin you can see the sheen and water misting up off of the roadway. look at the lamp in the
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the light moisture moving through the air, may be mist or0
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you see that slick off-ramp at tas harrah, not involved in a
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crash. montague light rail station will be closed for the next five months so that crews can do work to help prepare for b.a.r.t.'s arrival to the south bay. dozens of dogs rescued from a meat farm in south korea will be up for adoption early this week. the san francisco spca tells us that the dogs will be up for adoption as long as they are healthy. the marin humane society, east bay spca and sacramento spca will also adopt out some of the dogs. >> going to good homes. 4:40, a sold out crowd, a brand new stadium and a winning game. >> all the elements in play. the san jose earthquakes are off to a good start after their home opener. >> san jose leads 2-0. >> 18,000 fans packed into the stadium for opening day at the new $100 million avia stadium in san jose. fans marveling at the stadium's design with steep seating that allowed them to feel close to the action. >> it's got a very european
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style to it. we sat behind the goalie and you can see everything, so i think anywhere you sit you'll get a good view of the field. >> we've been coming to games for a while and it leaves the other stadium in the dust. >> and for those wanting a drink, plenty of room to belly up to the bar. this stadium has the largest outdoor bar in north america and the team didn't disappoint either, beating the chicago fire 2-1. >> you need all the bartenders for all those people. >> a lot of people. three bay area students will get to meet the president today. >> a few dozen students are invited to take part in the white house science fire. >> 14-year-old holly jackson of san jose created a device to measure stitched fabric, it could help build hazmat and space suits. >> another to better predict the
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metasthesis of breast cancer. >> and an 18-year-old from san jose figured out how to use a single drop of blood to test for cardiac and bio markers to help improve the heart health diagnosis for patients in years to come. "game of thrones" comes to san francisco. we'll show you tonight's big premiere. plus silicon valley sex discrimination trial is winding down, not before a major weekend ruling by the judge. a grouped linked to isis creates a hit list of u.s. military personnel. what the u.s. government is saying this morning.
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it is 4:45. terror group claiming to work for isis has posted a hit list of u.s. soldiers and it is calling on isis supporters to go after them. the pentagon says isis claims to have names, photos, and addresses of about 100 servicemembers. the terrorist militants say they got that information by hacking into military databases. they say the list is retaliation for air strikes in iraq and syria. >> 4:45 right now. prosecutors in the boston marathon bombing trial may wrap up their case as soon as this week. many initially expected dzhokhar tsarnaev's trial to last three to four months. so far it's gone ten days,
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partly tu to tpart ly due to the defense admission that tsarnaev participated in the attack and the attorneys are rarely cross-examining witnesses. the supreme court will hear arguments over whether a license plate bearing the cop federate flag is protected under free speech. backers say it say violation of their free speech rights. the court has to determine if the rejection of the license plate violates the first amendment. starbucks this morning getting rid of some controversial writing on its coffee cups, but it's not done with the campaign. landon dowdy joining us live from cnbc world headquarters to kick off our monday morning. good morning, landon. >> that's right, good morning, sam. starbucks baristas will stop writing race together a week after the campaign was launched it was aimed at sparking conversations with customers about racial issues in america.
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it was criticized by the public and employees. starbucks plans several other initiatives including expanding into urban neighborhoods. futures are lower ahead of the opening bell this morning. the markets come off a positive week, the nasdaq at its third highest close ever friday above 5,000. investor also continue to digest the fed's signal that it will raise interest rates gradually and get economic reports on housing, inflation and gdp. friday the dow rising to 18127 and the nasdaq up 34 to 5026. sam, back over to you. >> trying to keep that positive momentum going. thank you very much, landon. it is 4:47 right now. we want to look at that forecast, which is a rainy one this morning. good morning, christina. >> good morning. lot of this came down while you were sleeping, but the good news is, we picked up some significant totals, happy to tell about you about that this morning obviously, if you have the sprinklers ready to go set for the next couple of hours you can turn them off because
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everybody widespread shower activity got a little something out of this system and there's a little bit more on the way as we head throughout tonight into tomorrow but hopefully you're coming off of a good weekend, it was nice to see the clouds, overcast sky around the bay area and as we head throughout the next 24 hours we are going to keep some light showers in the forecast and everything changes, 90s by the end of the week for some spots, so kind of a weather whiplash kind of scenario we're getting into. starting out the day, mid-50s just about everywhere with the exclusion of the north bay, we're seeing the earliest clearing at 48 degrees there. 57 to kick off the new day in san francisco and 54 degrees in the south bay. let me show you your futurecast, take you into this afternoon, still a little bit of lingering activity for lunch time and as we head throughout the second half of the day into tonight getting a little bit of a break. what you'll notice here we have another round as we wake up and meet back here tomorrow morning which is a welcome sight. take you to 12:00 p.m. tomorrow and most of this is going to be up in the north bay. i think we're going to see some
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little patchy areas of shower activity as we head throughout tomorrow as far south as beautiful san jose. let me show you what to expect as we get into the end of the week, quite a different pattern coming your way. we'll stick with the upper 60s for monday into tuesday. by wednesday those numbers shoot right up into the mid-70s, and then 84 degrees by thursday, that will stand for friday as well. that's here in san jose. places like livermore 90 degrees, but the good news is, there's another system on track for the beginning of next week, we'll talk more about that as we head throughout the morning together. lots to go over this morning. back to you, sam and kris. >> thank you, christina. gender bias trial creating a stir across silicon valley could go to the jury early this week. ellen pao can seek punitive damages which means she could get tens of millions more than the $16 million in lost wages and bonuses she's suing for. pao says she was passed over for
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promotion at kleiner perkins because she is a woman. the company denies the allegations. closing arguments are expected tomorrow. 49ers will get money back from chris borland. on "face the nation" he said he'd return his nearly half million-dollar signing bonus. the 24-year-old retired last month over concerns of long-term brain trauma. he says he has no regrets. he is going to grad school and pursue a degree in finance. the nfl owners meeting starts today. the owner also get an update on the plans for a joint raiders/chargers stadium in carson as well as a separate proposal for the st. louis rams. these are just talks, though, no relocation vote is expected at this week's meeting. >> a silicon valley tech executive and stroke survivor is hitting the streets to raise awareness. sean maloney kicked off his bike trip in palo alto yesterday. he plans to ride 5,000 miles
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ending up in new york by june. >> i think i'm nervous. i'm very nervous, and every day will be a new day, you know, so fingers crossed. >> the goal of the riding, maloney wants to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke prevention. maloney spent the night in santa cruz county. a history-making cross-country road trip without a driver kicked off in san francisco. >> the driverless car will travel 3,500 miles over ten day, the first and the longest coast-to-coast drive by an automated vehicle. while no one will be driving, there will be someone in the driver's seat at all times, just in case of trouble. one of the drivers is tweeting at last check they were still in california. >> at last check this is probably the first of many such drives as we get ready for that kind of technology. 4:51 right now.
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the cast and crew of one of the most beloved fantasy series on tv will be spending the season premiere in san francisco. >> hbo is hosting season five premiere for "game of thrones" at the war memorial opera house this evening. the network will stream video of red carpet arrivals live on facebook. the rest of us will be able to watch the premiere april the 12th. hopefully you're caught up on the characters >> i won't watch, too scary for me. a south bay boy holds a speedy world record, we'll tell you what he did, coming up. >> and speeds are 65, that's the limit we can allow, across most of your bay area freeways. this is the san mateo bridge. still a little damp as is much of your commute. we'll talk about what's shaping up in the changes in the tri valley coming up. o
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. women's hoops the stanford women's basketball team continuing its push for a national title today. the cardinals host oklahoma at 3:30 and the winner will head to the sweet 16. the cal women had their chance to punch a ticket to the next round last night, came up a bit shot. cal lost to texas final score 73-70. meanwhile, old will meet new at tonight's warriors game. the team marking the 40th anniversary of the 1975 championship winning game, players from that team will be at the game with their championship trophy and fans will receive a rick berry bobblehead tonight. the warriors play the wizards at
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7:30, the same team the warriors beat to win the nba title 40 years ago. >> no doubt a collectors item. a 10-year-old camp bell boy is a world record holder. he ran the half marathon 1 hour 20 minutes and 14 seconds, elliott daniel hopes to one day break the record for the 10,000 meter race in the olympics. >> i think he's on track. >> pretty speedy. a new study out of stanford finds recess is not just not good for your kid's help. >> it helps behavior, in exercising conflict resolution and sportsmanship. the students showed better team, and more encouraging and the kids felt safer at school. >> a good energy release as well. mike, i'm sure you remember those days, sometimes you need to hit the soccer field. >> and sometimes run around, play soccer without the ball
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because we're just running, really we're just running. toward fremont, folks, things are running smoothly. overnight we had some drizzle, some mist and rain so we have slick roadways out there. things are moving very steadily and smoothly, out to the map folks heading south into the south bay move nicely. san jose no real slowing except for south 280 approaching downtown no big concern. severing clear for the rest of the bay, the crash 580 at greenville cleared from the roadway. 4:57 right now. why having a wood burning fireplace could cost you thousands of dollars. governor jerry brown weighs in on ted cruz's run for president, why brown says cruz is not a good fit.
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a warning this morning, after a popular hiking trail crumbles, killing one person and injuring another. how local law makers plan to get the state to pay back wildlife rescue groups who saved seabirds coated in mysterious goop.
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tracking light showers on the radar, we'll show you where. showers tomorrow as well and then a big jump in your temperatures near 90 degrees late week. all the details in in moments. >> the overnight showers leave with you a little slick roadway conditions. look at the off-ramp in livermore the 580 commute and some issues headed over the bay. >> a live look outside, speaking of the bay, there it is the bay bridge, monday, march the 23rd, and you are watching "today in the bay." a good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off this morning. well, it was not a lot but it rained enough overnight to leave the roadways slick as people head back to work on this monday morning. let's check in now meteorologist christina loren, good morning. >> good morning to you. yes, very welcome treat for us, after all we're now officially in spring, we kicked


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