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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11:00 protesters block off a san francisco police station. the reason they're upset with officers. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez. the protesters chained themselves to the mission district police station and tied up traffic, making sure their voices are heard. >> stephanie chuang is joining us now live. this all stems from the deadly police shooting a year ago. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you both sam and kris. we're on valencia between 18th and 17th. this is the block that's been the site of the protest all morning long. you can see here that it's happening right now. they've got a band. they've got people who are speaking all morning long.
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then to the left in front of the parking lot gates, you see the protesters who are chained to each other. it's happening today because it's just past the one-year anniversary of alex nieto's death. this protest began just after 7:00 this morning with protesters blocking the shuttle you see here on valencia between 17th and 18th. they were holding signs. later in the morning, they held a mock trial against the four officers accused of shooting and killing nieto. last month it was announced they would not file charges. his parents say they've been grieving every day since. >> translator: i'm very sad. i've been very sad in the past year. but i'm even sadder now because throughout the year there has been no justice, nothing has happened. so that's why we're here.
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to ask for justice. >> just like they want to go home to their family and claim, oh we felt threatened, our loved ones never made it home to their family. for me every time it rains, my blood is running in these streets. you took a part of me. >> reporter: also in the crowd of protesters was a woman whose 23-year-old son was shot and killed by police in 2001. she said she's most happy to see the unity among not just protesters, but she's especially happy with the support shared among the loved ones of those who've died. >> you know we're not that naive anymore. we see how the system works. >> and you feel this can make an impact? >> very much so. this afternoon the family is coming to my home to prepare for the town hall meeting that's
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hosted by the chief. >> reporter: she's referring to the town hall meeting that's going to be held tonight at 6:00 at st. luke's church. it happens after every officer-involved shooting here in san francisco. this one is in response to the fatal shooting of alex brown last week. san francisco police would not say very much, did say it has not made my arrests so far and this was not a planned demonstration and that the officers here are here for traffic patrol as well as monitoring the demonstrators' first amendment rights. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you. tonight in san francisco as stephanie mentioned, the police chief will answer more questions from the community about the deadly police shooting of a 24-year-old woman. the shooting happened tuesday on pine street. police say alice brown was driving erratically in what they blooeed was a stolen car.
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they say she was putting officers and pedestrians' lives at risk. tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at st. luke's church in the hall on clay street. meantime investigations are under way after three separate officer-involved shootings in the bay area just over the weekend. those shootings occurred in an eight-hour period starting saturday night in vallejo. police responding to reports of a man wielding a knife. police say the man also had what appeared to be a gun in his waistband. he advanced on an officer who opened fire killing him. the gun was later found to be a replica. an hour later in richmond police shot a 19-year-old man following a routine traffic stop. police say the armed man ran away from his car. he was then hurt in an exchange of gunfire with police. and early yesterday, santa clara police shot and killed a robbery suspect outside a 7-eleven store. police say the suspect fired shots at the store clerk, who wasn't injured. officers happened to drive up as the suspect was leaving the store.
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>> officers discharged their weapon fatally wounding the suspect. >> police say they recovered cash taken from the store and a loaded weapon. this morning, supreme course justices heard a case that sprang directly out of a bay area incident. the question should police be required to take special precautions with suspects who suffer from mental illness and who are also armed or violent under the americans with disabilities act? attorneys representing al schizophrenic woman from san francisco filed that suit. sfpd officers shot and injured her at a group home after she charged them with a knife back in 2008. the justices will issue their ruling on this case in june. all new at 11:00, did you feel them? a couple small quakes rattled the south bay this morning. the 2.7-magnitude quake struck around 8:45 nine miles north of morgan hill. 45 minutes late erksr, a 2.9 quake
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struck. no damage or injuries reported in either earthquake. meantime the coroner has identified a hiker who died after a trail collapse. this happened saturday. two hikers were on bear valley trail when they came across the arch rock. there were posted warning signs about a crack in the trail. the two hikers kept hiking on the side of the cliff closest to the ocean. they fell 70 feet down and were burr rid under rubble. one of the hikers died. she's been identified as 58-year-old nancy bloom of san francisco. a 9-year-old boy is in the hospital this morning after falling from a school roof. this happened at hamilton school yesterday morning. rescue crews say he fell from the roof while he was playing up there and on to a cement floor 30 feet below. that child is now at oakland children's hospital. no word on his condition yet this morning. a bay area rescue crew is now joining the search for a man missing in yosemite national
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park. marin search and rescue team is now working alongside authorities looking for this man, 20-year-old michael dahl. he was last seen saturday morning. he's described as 6'1" with light brown or reddish hair and green eyes. when he was last seen on saturday, he was wearing a light blue hoodie sweatshirt and jeans. the santa clara police right now warning people about someone pretending to be a police officer. the fake cop tells a victim there's a video of them speeding and a warrant out for their arrest. they say they can avoid jail time if they pay anywhere from $300 to $800 with a prepaid debit card. police say they'll never call about warrants or payments. the parents of audrey potts settled a lawsuit against one of their daughter's attackers. two years ago, three teenagers sexually assaulted audrey potts while she was unconscious at a party. they took photos and shared them and she later committed suicide.
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the attackers have since spent time in juvenile high. they settled with one of the teens because he was honest about the incident and showed remorse. a civil case against the other two boys is expected to start next week. all new at 11:00 a hanger at san jose international airport transformed into a makeshift disaster zone. the goal here to be prepared in the event on an emergency. >> bob rydell is live there. what did the crews learn from this exercise? >> reporter: well, good morning to you there, kris and sam. the faa requires major airports like this to conduct these drills once every three years in case, god forbid there's a real airplane crash with people hurt or even worse. what happened to your head? you okay? >> yeah the tray table in front of me -- yeah, my head smashed against it. >> of course. >> reporter: in this morning's scenario, a boeing 767, the largest kind of aircraft handled here, struck a flock of birds while taking off on runway 12-l. it has crashed.
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it's on fire with multiple casualties. the airport fire department is responding to put water on the crash while rescuers tend to the wounded. the drill just ended moments ago. what's happening now, evaluators from other airports are giving the people feedback, let them know what they did right, what they can improve upon. >> these are just the best ways to come together. keep in mind we've been planning for this for many months. we're always testing our plan. we're always planning. but these types of drills allow us to come together if with our partners. we're establishing relationships. >> i'm imagining i'm going to be learning a lot about triage and also being a nursing student, learning how people are going to be acting within the roles of simulating neck injuries head injuries lacerations, blood pressure pulses capillary refill, all that good stuff. >> reporter: over 150 people participated in this morning's drill, including those from police, fire the coroner's office and office of emergency services, just naming a few
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agencies there. there were also several volunteers playing the walking wounded. you saw one there. many are students working on their nursing degree. bob rydell nbc bay area news. >> all right. an interesting exercise. thank you very much. up next at 11:00, say good-bye to the swipe and sign credit card transaction. the new smart card technology already in place that you might not know about. zblchblgt plus three bay area students get to go to the white house. the great science fair project they showed off to the president himself. we love science. good morning to you. speaking of atmospheric science, we actually picked up some decent rainfall totals. we'll tell you how much getting a little sunshine for now. more rain on the way tonight. then the weather story changes entirely. we have a big-time warmup. 90s in the forecast. we'll tell you when, when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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the gender bias trial creating a stir across silicon valley could go to the jury early this week. over the weekend, the judge decided that ellen powell can seek punitive damages. that means she could get tens of millions of dollars more than the $16 million in lost wages and bonuses that she is suing for. powell says she was passed over for a promotion because she's a woman. the company says that's not true. closing arguments are expected tomorrow. okay. mired in a drought, and now the state isn't the only entity looking to take action. new water cuts might be coming locally. the santa clara county water district is expected to recommend a conservation goal of 30% this week. that's not all. also on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting a public discussion about raising your water rates, approving an engineer's report about recycled water project, and restricting outdoor water use to two days a
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week. the governor announced an emergency plan to help curb the effects of this historic drought. in a move sure to draw fire from homeowners, the bay area's quality air district wants to ban all homes with wood-burning fireplaces. in order to rent or sell a home a homeowner would have to replace that wood fireplace with a gas one. the ban would also extend to fireplaces in new homes. the new measure could take effect as early as november. so far, there's no timetable on a vote. this week, though the district is holding public meetings to get public input. grocery store chain fresh and easy is closing about 50 stores in california, arizona, and nevada including seven here in the bay area. after two years in the bay area the british-owned company says the stores just aren't performing as well as expected. according to the silicon valley business journal, the bay area stores to close are from danville, san francisco, walnut creek, pleasanton pacifica, and
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hayward. no word on how many of the employees will lose their jobs. and when you step up the next time to the register to pay for your next purchase how comfortable will you feel that the information on your credit card or bank card is secure? >> if you're not secure join the millions of other americans who are at risk of having their personal data stolen each time they use their card. as nbc's kurt gregory reports, that is about to change. >> reporter: it's a payment ritual that's almost a century old and soon to be extinct. prepare to say farewell to the swipe and sign credit card transaction. new smart card technology is already being phased in. you may already have one and not know it. >> i didn't pay attention to what it was. i noticed it looked a little different. >> the first time i noticed it was when they required me to process it differently. >> reporter: chip cards can goal squares on the front like this one are already out there.
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instead of swiping and signing these go into a card reader. the card and terminal work together to protect your in-store payment. you either sign your name or enter a pin number to complete the purchase. major credit card companies say these new chip cards will keep you from getting ripped off. >> chip cards will better protect consumers and their personal information, and down the road of course the shopping experience for customers and retailers will differ greatly. >> reporter: mastercard and visa are ahead of the game. both have set an october deadline to switch to the new cards. >> chances are you're going to get a chip-enabled version of one of these cards in your mailbox in the next six to eight months. >> reporter: if you already have a new smart card you can use it both at walmart and sam's club. moat other retailers have yet to make the switch. regardless of what kind of card technology you're using, remember, the best way to protect your financial security is to check your bank and credit
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card statements regularly, because nobody cares about your money and financial security as much as you do. kurt gregory, nbc news. all right. hopefully more secure. the cast and crew of one of the most beloved fantasy series on tv will be spending the season premiere in san francisco. >> pretty neat connection here. hbo is hosting a season five premiere for "game of thrones" at the war memorial opera house tonight. the network is going to stream video of the red carpet arrivals live on facebook. the rest of us are going to have to wait until april 12th to watch the premiere on hbo. >> how are you going to manage? >> day by day. three bay area students got to meet the president this morning. >> they were among just a few dozen students from across the country invited to take part in the white house science fair. >> 14-year-old holly jackson of san jose created a device to measure the strength of stitched fabric, which could help design high-performance protective gear like hazardous materials and space suits.
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>> 19-year-old natalie ying of cupertino discovered a way to better help discover breast cancer. >> and this 18-year-old figured out how to use a single drop of blood to test for cardiac markers. >> we also remember our science projects from back in the day. don't think we were doing anything quite that ground breaking. >> but it felt like it at the time. >> i have a feeling, christina, you probably did some progressive stuff. >> i sure tried. honorable mention though. compared to those young ladies. happy to see three young women in the science field. that's really impressive. you want to see something cool? i've got something great to show you. this is a time lapse from our soma camera. we have a double rainbow out here from the showers we received earlier. looking really good to continue to clear you out as we head throughout the day today. what you will notice at this time, a mix of sun and clouds.
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still fair game for a very light shower or two as we head throughout the next couple hours. everything is starting to clear out pretty nicely. look at some of these totals. really great story to tell in santa cruz. over half an inch came through there. and not too bad in ben lomond. over half an inch for you. just under half an inch near danville in blackhawk. looking good for hillsborough. this is what i'm excited to show you. snow on tahoe. even some of our trees have a little snowfall. our snow levels dropped to about 6300 feet. that's lake level. and some cities in tahoe, especially north lake over a foot of fresh snowfall. still coming down. although most of the activity has subsided. you can really see that here from your radar picture. nothing really to show you here in the bay area. take you over discovery bay. that's where we had the last lingering activity through stockton and tracy.
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then we kind of bring you over to tahoe where we have a little bit of activity, but not enough to produce any measurable precipitation. as we head throughout the next couple hours, the storm is going to continue to clear out. you can see all that's left is just light activity. in bear valley still getting light snow flurries. this is where we're headed as we head throughout the remainder of the day into tonight. happy to join you for the first monday of spring. spring showers on the radar for tomorrow morning. we'll show you that here. 6:00 a.m. tuesday. waking up with light activity. as we take you into the 5:00 p.m. hour, most of that will clear out. then we have a whole other trend headed our way. temperatures are going to skyrocket. this is some warm temperatures for this time of year. we're up to 85 degrees by thursday. 84 degrees for friday. this is san jose. so as you can imagine, temperatures are going to be even warmer in some of your outlying inland valley spots.
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for example, morgan hill, into the 90s. a few showers early week. in a nutshell, heat escalates thursday into friday. then not as hot for the weekend. we'll talk about your weekend temperatures and what's going on here across the bay area in my next report. stick around for that. right now back to you, kris and sam. >> all right. there's the full narrative. thank you very much. up next the south bay's newest stadium opens up. the early reviews coming up next.
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so a sold-out crowd, a brand new stadium, and a winning game. not bad. >> check, check, and check. the san jose earthquake are off to a good start after their home opener. >> san jose leads 2-0! >> 18,000 soccer fans packed in that stadium for opening day. the new $100 million stadium in san jose. fans marveling at its design of steep seating that allowed them to feel close to the action. >> it's got a very european style to it. we sat behind the goalie. you can see everything. i think anywhere you sit, you'll get a good view of the field. >> we've been coming to games for a while. it leaves the other stadium in the dust. >> for folks who wanted to drink, there was plenty of room
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to belly up to the bar. take a look. it's the largest outdoor bar in all of north america. and of course the team did not disappoint either. they beat the chicago fire 2-1. >> they're undefeated. 11:25 right now. the stanford women's basketball team continuing its push for a national title today. the cardinal play oklahoma at 3:30. the win lerner will head on to the sweet 16. the cal women had their chance to punch a ticket to the next round last night, but they came up a little short. cal fell to texas 73-70. mean while, old meets new at tonight's warriors game. the team is marking the 40th anniversary of the 1975 championship-winning game. players from that team will be at the game with their championship trophy. also fans will receive a rick berry bobblehead tonight. warriors play the wizards at 7:30, which is the same team the warriors beat to win the nba title 40 years ago. >> we'll see if it comes back full circle.
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meantime check this out. a 10-year-old campbell boy is now a world record holder. elliott daniels ran the oakland half marathon yesterday in just 1 hour 29 minutes, and 14 seconds. that's two minutes faster than the previous world record held for 10-year-olds. elliott hopes to break the record for the 10,000 meter race in the olympics. now to football. the 49ers will get some money back from retiring linebacker chris borland. on "face the nation" yesterday, borland said he was going to return his nearly half-million-dollar signing bonus to the 49ers. he retired last month over concerns of long-term brain trauma should he stay in the nfl. he says he has no regrets. he plans to go to grad school and pursue a degree in finance. the nfl owners meeting officially starts today. one of the hot topics is of course plans to relocate a team to los angeles. the owners will get an update on the plans for a joint raiders/chargers stadium in carson as well as a separate proposal for the st. louis rams. these are just talks though.
11:27 am
there is no relocation vote expected at this week's meeting. all right. raider fans trying to keep a positive sign here that they're going to stay. up next at 11:00, construction is making it harder to find parking in san francisco, but there may be finally some relief.
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the attack on a pg&e substation is something that moved san jose into the national spotlight. the unanswered question was, was it a trial run by potential terrorists? >> now pg&e has made significant improvements to security at the substation in south san jose. the chief investigative reporter shows us the change come six months after the nbc bay area investigative unit exposed potential failures in the company's security system. >> reporter: it's the sight and sound of change a move to make this high-voltage electric substation more resistant to an attack. >> there's no question it was a
11:30 am
big deal. >> reporter: john is the former chair of the federal energy regulatory commission. this is security camera video of the 19-minute attack that destroyed 17 transformers causing $15 million in damage and concern that it was either an act of terrorism or potentially a trial run for future assaults on the nation's power grid. >> i think it was a wake-up call for the entire industry. >> reporter: local law enforcement never named suspects, have made no arrests, and no person or organization has publicly claimed responsibility. pg&e responded by promising to upgrade security at the facility and other critical substations throughout the state. do you think pg&e has done enough now to prevent another attack? >> we are working every day to make sure it never happens again, tony. >> reporter: but there was a clear difference between what pg&e was saying and what an nbc
11:31 am
bay area investigation discovered last summer at substations in northern and central california. you were out there. is it still vulnerable to an attack today? >> it's vulnerable to the same kind of attack from a different angle. would it take a little more time? probably. >> reporter: he's asked us to protect his identity because he has two decades of military experience, including extensive training in special operations. he visited and analyzed security at many of pg&e's critical electric substations, including metcalf. guys are trained like you, how long could it take? >> it could be repeated across the sites you showed me in less than 15 minutes. >> reporter: and that vulnerability became even more apparent last august. 16 months after the original attack vandals executed a second security breach at the metcalf substation cutting their way through perimeter fencing and stealing thousands of dollars in construction equipment, all undetected by
11:32 am
what pg&e described as high-level security. now seven months later construction crews can and heavy equipment are proof that pg&e is spending money to increase the security at the metcalf substation. pg&e deserve some credit here? >> absolutely no question. they deserve some credit from moving on this. >> reporter: a move that includes increased on-site security, more security cameras, better lighting and concrete perimeter fencing that better protects the critical transformers. transformers responsible for powering much of silicon valley. they're all upgrades that follow pressure from state and federal regulators. >> pg&e is getting ahead of the game and getting ahead of those requirements and actually putting things in place that will protect those facilities. >> reporter: i'm tony coveless i can, nbc bay area news. >> pg&e declined our request to talk about the upgraids in front
11:33 am
of cameras. instead, they released a statement that says, quote, the safety and security of our facilities is always our top priority and we'll continue to be vigilant in reviewing our facilities for any risks and threats. pg&e says it's also upgrading security at other facilities. if you have a tip for our investigative unit please give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. this morning, the 2016 president partial race has its first official candidate. texas senator ted cruz is now officially vying for the white house. >> and this morning he appealed to voters where he's already kind of a favorite. nbc's richard jordan has more from washington. >> i am announcing i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: senator ted cruz announcing this morning at liberty university. he first announced his candidacy in a twitter video. >> my story is like that of so
11:34 am
many other american families. >> reporter: but his first public appearance as the first 2016 presidential candidate was far from his houston home in virginia. >> the answer will not come from washington. it will come only from the men and women across this country, from men and women, from people of faith, from lovers of liberty, from people who respect the constitution. >> reporter: cruz is getting a head start and political analysts say he needs it calling him a long shot for the republican nomination. >> ted cruz is trying to differentiate himself. he's not very well known. he's got populous support at the grassroots level, but he needs more people to know him faster. >> reporter: cruz has an uphill battle to reach the white house. he's only been in the senate for two years, a freshman much like president obama was in 2008. but cruz also needs to raise enough money to compete against more established contenders that
11:35 am
are inching closer to making their own big announcements. cruz is a polarizing candidate. democrats say he's too far to the right, and even some within his own party call him too conservative. richard jordan nbc news washington. governor jerry brown responded to senator cruz's announcement on "meet the press." in his interview, the governor said cruz is unfit to run for public office because cruz recently said satellite data shows there has been no warming of the earth for the past 17 years. the governor says a buildup of greenhouse gases is bringing on global warming and impacting the drought here in california. all right. to world politics, or world news. disturbing new development in the fight against isis. the terror group posted a hit list with names, addresses, and even photos of u.s. service members. >> nbc ice richard engel has the latest. >> reporter: the pentagon says it's mostly a scare tactic a call to murder by isis. the group released a list of
11:36 am
u.s. military personnel and asked loyalists in the united states to hunt them down. the list included american troops' home addresses and contact information. defense officials tell nbc news the list does include names of active-duty service members, some deployed overseas some combat pilots. the pentagon is encouraging anyone on the list to exercise caution, but at this time has apparently made no decision to pull them off duty or provide personal protection. it's incitement and propaganda. overseas isis is going much further than that. it already has affiliates from afghanistan to west africa and is adding new countries to its portfolio, new areas where its militants operate. isis said it launched the gunmen who killed nearly 20 tourists in a museum in tunisia last week. the gunmen the group said trained next door in libya. and on friday isis claimed responsibility for five suicide attacks in yemen, killing more
11:37 am
than 130 people at shiite mosques. yemen was supposed to be the meddle for how washington would fight islamic radicals. the president spoke to savannah guthrie about yemen during his super bowl interview. >> we've been continually able to maintain pressure on al qaeda in that region. >> can you do that without a government that's a partner? >> we feel confident that we can maintain that pressure. >> reporter: instead, yemen is in a state of collapse. the u.s.-backed government there, which used to help washington fight extremists was driven out of the capital in february by rebels who are still on the march. over the weekend, the government lost another city the country's third largest, to the rebels. >> that was richard engel reporting. back at home prosecutors in the boston marathon bombing trial may wrap up their case as soon as this week. many initially expected dzhokhar tsarnaev's trial to last three to four months. so far it's been ten days. that's partly due to the defense's admission during
11:38 am
opening states that tsarnaev participated in the attack. his attorneys are rarely cross-examining witnesses. let's take a live look at san francisco, where if you have gone hunting for parking lately you were probably feeling pretty frustrate frustrated. parking always a challenge. now some people are concerned new construction is adding to the problem. >> christie smith shows is us how the city is looking at ways to ease the parking pain. >> reporter: in san francisco, construction is booming from new towers to home renovations. but with progress comes pain as michael robinson found out. >> it took me 20 minutes yesterday to find a parking spot. and that ended up being about four blocks from the house. >> reporter: the problem, construction crews taking over the already scarce street parking. >> you see a lot of construction and a lot of limited parking signs. i do think it's an issue. >> reporter: this supervisor's
11:39 am
district has the most restrictions on parking in town. >> we're asking them to put together a parking plan for their project so to look at off-street parking, nearby garages, or what have you and talk about the parking spaces and exactly why you need them. >> reporter: he says they're most concerned with late-hour permits. in the plan, if the space is not used for construction by 4:00 p.m., it becomes public. the president of the residential builders association says this could add to the challenges facing builders. >> it's the layers and layers of red tape in order to get your permits. without permits, there's no work. without work you can't provide for your family and you'll continue to see the exodus of the blue-collar worker in san francisco. >> reporter: the proposal now has to work its way through the legislative process, meaning the parking pinch won't be easing for at least a few more months. in san francisco, chris thaitie smith, nbc bay area news. you know what else might make you happy besides finding a
11:40 am
parking spot? getting a pizza pie. pope francis had a pizza hand delivered as he rode through town over the weekend. >> the hope recently said in an interview that he really does enjoy being the pope but he misses the anonymity mostly because he can't go into a petri ya and order a pizza. so a pizza maker cooked one up ran alongside the pope mobile which no longer has the bullet proof glass, until the pontiff took it. he didn't think the pope would take the pie because of security reasons, but he's thrilled that he did. >> the next step when comes to san francisco, they'll move parking spots. up next at 11:00, thousands of people gathering in britain for a special ceremony. why a king is getting a royal honor hundreds of years after his death. plus fighting cyber crime from a classroom. how these teenage students are battling hackers. and getting into the first
11:41 am
week of spring. we had our first round of spring showers. we'll tell you how much we received in your microclimate. now that the sun is coming out, shaping up to be a nice day. but there's more rain in the forecast before we hit the 90s. lots to go over in just moments.
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so there's some teens on the front lines of cyber security and they're only teenagers. >> only teenagers. with the growing threat of hackers, one program is turning to younger warriors. nbc's joe fryer has the full story. >> reporter: it might seem like the world is filled with ruthless cyber villains. >> got to study. got to work on this. >> reporter: but at north hollywood high school -- >> since i was little i just liked computers. >> reporter: they're grooming the next generation of good guys. >> these kids are going to safeguard my retirement fund. >> reporter: with hack attacks making headlines on a regular basis, kids are never too young to start learning high-tech security. >> doing what i'm doing at a larger scale is just incredibly in need these days. >> reporter: each year they join thousands of bright students in a national competition called cyber patriot. their task to secure computer systems against cyberspace invaders. >> the people defending against
11:45 am
attackers, they have to be right 100% of the time. the hacker only has to get lucky once to get in. >> north hollywood high school. >> reporter: last year north hollywood won the national title. this year they came in second. and every year some cyber patriots get internships even though they're still in high school. >> we need that talent to fill these hundreds of thousands of jobs that are open now. >> reporter: gregory becker was just 16 when he interned at the global security company north are up grum monday. >> it was amazing because i can learn the tricks and the skills that these senior cyber defend verse picked up over so many years. >> reporter: today he's in a four-year cyber security honors program at the university of maryland, and like the kids in north hollywood, feeling the desperate need for cyber super hero. joe fryer, nbc news los angeles. >> why shouldn't it be them, right?
11:46 am
>> siebin cyber patriots we trust. an english monarch who died more than 500 years ago was honored in britain. his grave had been lost to the ages. >> the remains of king richard iii were discovered under a parking lot in central england. now the king is getting the royal treatment many people say he deserves. here's nbc's keir simmons. >> reporter: today thousands witnessed the final chapter in 500 years of history. king richard iii's remains were taken by horse-drawn carriage through leicester. some even gathered at the field where the king was killed in battle in 1485. his skeleton was found in 2012 below a parking lot. because of the determination. >> i felt that his grave was beneath my feet. >> reporter: she was right. a painstaking process began. the search for dna confirmation led to an unexpected descendent of the king's a soft-spoken
11:47 am
canadian cabinet maker. >> it's like something out of a movie in a way. >> reporter: he's richard's grand nephew, 17 generations back and was asked to fashion the king's coffin. >> history's coming alive in front of me and i'm standing in the middle of it involved in it. >> reporter: it is a history many would like to see rewritten. richard iii did not have the best reputation. some accuse him of jailing his nephews here at the tower of london and having them murdered. but richard's defenders say his image is unfair and hope future generations will see him in a new way. >> you've seen a king haven't you? well, a king in a box. >> reporter: after a ceremony at leicester cathedral tonight, the last english king to die in battle will lie in repose until his reburial on thursday proving history really can be a long time in the making. keir simmons nbc news london. >> we learn a valuable lesson here. don't jail your relatives.
11:48 am
poor king richard iii. okay. let's move on now and find out what's going on for the rest of your week. meteorologist christina loren. >> wise records from samuel brock. good morning to you. we have a little shower activity lingering over the bay area. things are starting to clear out. looking good. we picked up 0.6 inches, a pretty impressive total. this storm system came through quickly. highest totals came in the south bay mountains. out near danville blackhawk picked up just under 0.5 inches. not too bad on the peninsula. here in the south bay, where we got rain shadowed by the santa cruz mountains, about 0.1 inches. i want to show you this time lapse from tiburon. showers from time to time, very light, if anything at all. then intervals of clouds and sun throughout the day today. as we head throughout about 4:00 looking towards more sunshine than clouds. and looking good for maybe
11:49 am
another round of rain. depends on where you live. for tomorrow morning, best chance stands for the north bay mountains. areas in sonoma county. i think we'll see activity as far south as san francisco. then the pattern changes entirely. that heat will crank as we head throughout end of the week. specifically talking about thursday and friday. but watch this steady climb for the next five days. 65 degrees for today in the south bay. up to 69 degrees tomorrow. we'll trade in the 60s quickly for the mid-70s. but we won't stay in the 70s. 85 degrees by thursday right here in the silicon valley. 84 degrees for your friday. basically, temperatures are going to bypass our seasonal averages by a good 15 to 20 degrees, but it will be a short-lived warmup. watch what happens as i take you into your weekend. temperatures are going to drop back to the 70s. the reason why is because there's another storm system on the way trying to get its act together trying to make it into the bay area. i believe that it will by sunday. we have about a 10% to 20%
11:50 am
chance for showers all across the bay area. so you can see a little cooler a little cloudier on sunday. if you're trying to make those outdoor plans for this weekend, your best bet looks like saturday. speaking of which, golden gate park has a roller disco party. yeah, you know what they're going to let everybody out there. inline and roller skaters coming together with a mobile deejay unit. temperatures in the 60s. looks like a good time to me. i say we all grab our skates and hit this roller disco party. noon to 5:00 p.m. in san francisco. we'll tell you about the other events happening across the area as we get into this coming weekend as we meet back here tomorrow. i don't know you guys. i could get into this. i think sam is really looking forward to that. >> i'm going to let the more graceful members of the team handle that. i'll watch from the sideline. >> i don't think i took my skates off between the age of 5 and 12. >> there you go. you're ready to go. >> i'm ready. we'll be right back.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
welcome back. a silicon valley tech executive and stroke survivor is hitting the streets to raise awareness. sean maloney kicked off his cross-country bike trip yesterday. the former intel executive plans to ride 5,000 miles, ending up in new york by june. >> i'm nervous. i'm very nervous. and every day will be a new day. so fingers crossed. >> that's a lot of ground to cover. maloney would like to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke prevention. the ride will raise money for the american heart association and american stroke association. maloney spent the night in santa
11:54 am
cruz county. >> i like the insignia on his uniform. no more broken hearts. a nice way to put it. >> appropriate. a history making cross-country road trip without a driver kicked off in san francisco. >> making history here. the driverless car will travel 3500 miles over ten days and will be the first and longest coast-to-coast drive by an automated vehicle. while no one is going to be driving technically, there will be someone in the driver's seat at all times in case of trouble. one of the drivers is actually live tweeting this. as last check, they were still in california. >> i'm glad that somebody will be sitting in the driver's seat. >> someone's keeping an eye on things. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
now to celebrate national puppy day with a different kind of pup. >> dan murphy surfing yesterday at a beach north of san diego when something crawled on his back. he says he thought he was being attacked. look at that. it turns out he turned around and saw a sea lion pup hugging him from behind. murphy says the sea lion held on for about 20 minutes before crawling into his lap like a puppy. the sea lion even followed murphy to the shore. the two parted ways after about an hour. murphy says it was an experience he'll remember for a lifetime. >> it's puppy day. like dog puppy day. >> that was pretty cute. it qualifies. >> have a great day. see you soon.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. >> she plays meredith's half sister on gray's anatomy, kelly. she's got a big storyline. ""access hollywood" live" starts right now. welcome back to "access hollywood live" on this monday. >> monday fun day here. basketball. did you watch it all? you were already out, my friend. >> i


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