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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> a standoff in san jose all coming to an end less than an hour ago. we just heard a flash bang grenade used by officers during an eight-hour-long standoff. the man who shot and killed a san jose police officer is dead. >> overnight, we learned the name of the officer killed, michael johnson, was a 14-year veteran of the san jose police force.
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>> "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us now live near the scene. this all came to an end about an hour ago. >> reporter: just around 3:20 this morning. police confirming they did find that suspect, 57-year-old scott dunham dead on the balcony of his apartment just a few blocks behind us. and that's the sound of one of four flash bangs we heard go off. san jose police then made entry into the apartment of dunham's residence where they found him dead from one gunshot wound. san jose's mayor calls what happened here last night the city's darkest hour. last night, a little bit after dinnertime, a family member called 911 to report that dunham was despondent, intoxicated, had access to a high-powered rifle and wanted to hurt himself and others. dunham started firing from the second-floor balcony, hitting
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officer michael johnson, a 14-year veteran on the force. johnson died there on the scene. his colleagues returned fire. it's not clear if they struck dunham. >> i tell you, as a chief, this is not something that we would ever want to do. it's a sad day for law enforcement and for the police department in our community. >> our thoughts are certainly with the men and women who are out there now in harm's way. they know every day that they put on a badge and uniform, that they take extraordinary risks. >> reporter: officer michael johnson is the first san jose police officer to die in the line of duty since 2001, about 14 years ago, and again, police have confirmed within the past hour that the suspect in his murder, scott dunham, is dead. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. >> a heavy day for the entire bay area community. the last san jose officer killed
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in the line of duty was jeffrey fontana. in 2001, a gunman shot and killed him during a traffic stop. the man responsible, deshawn campbell, was quiconvicted in t shooting. they graduated in the same police academy class. that shootout happened in the middle of a very busy neighborhood. >> one man was at a nearby convenience store when he caught the shooting on camera. we want to warn you, some may find this disturbing. >> one of his two shots hit one police officer. the second one was attempting to hit another officer that was next to that officer. then when that happened, the police officers dropped to the floor to attend to the other officer that was shot. but then after everybody retreated and left the officer there, i knew he was gone. >> there were two shots fired
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and officers returning fire. it appears the initial shots were fired from the balcony of scott dunham's apartment from behind a sliding glass door. police immediately responded and the standoff with the suspect ended an hour ago with that  suspect killed. >> and people are still waiting to return home after this hours-long standoff. >> earlier this morning, police cleared out more homes as they prepared to enter the home of scott dunham. others spent the night outside because police had closed the street for safety. >> i'm really worried because there's some crazy guy at large with a gun and my babies are at home. and my husband and i, we want to get home to our kids. >> no word yet on when people will actually be allowed to return home. stay with us for continuing coverage on the story. you can also stay up to date on our website, >> so with heavy hearts, we move forward now and turn to our microclimate forecast. this as we give you a live look outside downtown san jose as
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you're getting ready to start out your day. let's check in with christina loren. >> good morning to you, sam and laura. good morning to you at home. we do have pretty comfortable temperatures out there in some spots. other places downright chilly. 47 degrees to start in livermore. 55 in san jose. but the big weather story i want to get into for today is temperatures well above average. we'll take you through those changes coming up in my next report. first, though, want to welcome in mike inouye. how you doing? actually, i'm going to send it right back to you, sam. >> all right, thank you very much, christina. now to a developing story out of vallejo, searchers have stopped combing the waters for signs of a woman who might have been kidnapped. stephanie chuang joining us live with the latest on the search and what police are saying about bizarre circumstances behind her disappearance. good morning. >> reporter: absolutely. good morning to you, sam. the circumstances and the timeline making this a bit bizarre. but we haven't seen any activities in the water so far
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since we've been here. police saying that the search dogs and sonar detection both thought there might be a body in the waters here, but after hours of searching, nothing. so if you take a look at the video, you'll see there was a lot of focus with the search and rescue dive team coming up unsuccessful in this area. they have been looking for denise huskins as well as any clues to where she might be. her boyfriend has told police an intruder broke into his home monday morning, took her by force demanding a ransom. it took him 11 hours to report this to police. huskins' family members say they're holding on with almost no updates from this investigation. >> almost nothing. just telling us that they've got 75 people on it. and i think the fbi is here and the d.a. is here. seems to be a lot of people working on it but they're not telling us really much of anything. >> reporter: local detectives, fbi, and doj agents could be seen taking out brown bags of
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evidence from that boyfriend's mare island home on the 500 block of kirk land avenue from where huskins was allegedly abducted. one later update is police have found a car registered to huskins' boyfriend in an undisclosed location here in vallejo. while the family members have been calling him a boyfriend, police say the connection so far is unclear. we'll keep you posted on the search efforts today. live in vallejo, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> okay, thank you very much, stephanie. the santa clara university student accused of stabbing his roommate is expected in court today. dylan kim may enter a plea this morning. police say kim stabbed his sleeping roommate and then cut himself before he was arrested. the roommate is expected to survive. san francisco sheriff's department now reviewing its protocol following the escape of an inmate recently. that inmate ran off while being escorted by a sheriff's deputy to take out the jail trash. he was last seen monday night.
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alexander santiago gonzalez was initially arrested on drug, weapons, and immigration charges. a san jose family is homeless this morning after a large fire in a garage. fire officials say there was fire and heavy smoke coming from the garage when they arrived. the roof eventually collapsed. it happened on thomason and chaucer. luckily no one was hurt. air quality leaders are holding the very first in a series of workshops covering what critics call an extreme measure to curb pollution. they want to phase out wood-burning fireplaces. a proposed ban would prevent wood-burning fireplaces in all new homes to rent or sell. homeowners would first have to convert those wood-burning fireplaces to gas ones. nine public hearings are scheduled over the next month. today's takes place at the morgan hill community center and that begins at 6:00. >> we could use a breath of fresh air. maybe a little rain as well. but today i think it's going to just be warm.
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>> yes, perhaps some heat on the way. let's check in with christina loren. >> good morning. happy wednesday. want to help you get over that hump so that you can enjoy the beautiful weekend we have coming your way. it does inclaude a very slight chance for some shower activity. 54 in san're starting out the d little on the chilly side this morning in half-moon toy in the low 70s, upper 6 0s out there as well. check out the north bay. one degree shy of 80. we'll have your complete forecast, including that chance for showers. right now, i want to welcome in mike inouye. >> as you might expect, a lighter volume of traffic around the bay keeping things moving pretty smoothly. we'll show you the south bay map. overall, a very nice easy drive for those freeways. overnight road crews right around stevens creek and 880, 280 there.
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we zoom into the area where bob redell just gave that live report. the overnight activity where the officer was shot and the suspect is now dead at the scene. we still have police activity. so consider center road closed between umbarger and lewis. you can use monterrey street or even mclaughlin as an alternate. although bob does see a few cars going here and there, there are closures in the vicinity, so just keep clear of center road through that stretch. meanwhile, the rest of your freeways move smoothly as well. no problems. just a little slowing out of the altamont pass. a little slowing in the middle of your screen. we'll take one shot here from the foster city side. you see the flashing lights at the bottom of your screen. two lanes actually at that point closed as you head up the incline. back to you. >> thank you very much. 4:40 right now. water restrictions getting even tighter. what one south bay water district just decided to do. plus, two fresno mothers arrested after they went to
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their sons' school and saw his bullies. and the latest on the recovery efforts of the plane crash in the alps. before we go, we are going to go back live. san jose police chief larry escovil is speaking about the recent officer-involved shooting. let's listen in. >> i want to thank our community for understanding and being able to adapt to evacuations and understanding the gravity of the situation and the outside agencies for the assistance and suppo support, not only in spirit, but in personnel here tonight. and we'll continue to get through this incident in the
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days coming. i'll take a few questions, and after that, i'll let our sergeant and officer albert morales answer any further questions. >> was there anyone else there? was it self-inflicted? >> we're going to take a quick break and bring you the very latest on this developing story. a san jose police officer has been shot and killed. the suspect also dead this morning. the latest coming up. 4:42.
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we continue to follow breaking news. a san jose police officer is dead, and so is the man who killed him. san jose police chief larry esquivel is answering questions right now. this is officer morales, he is actually the public information officer. we want to listen in. >> continue to do a good job and protect the citizens of the city.
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officers were actually crying, grieving. they will do so for quite some time, as will many of us in the department. our hearts, our prayers go out with the family of michael, our brother. and again, we just hope that you guys keep them in your prayers along with his family. again, this is a very, very difficult time right now. i'll answer some questions. but again, there's a lot of specifics that obviously we can't share. there's a lot of investigation that still has to be conducted. there's some witness statements that still have to be gone through. obviously evidence that has to be collected at the scene. family members that need to be talked to as well. we'll provide you guys with information as that becomes available soon. i know some of you have asked
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for a picture of officer johnson. sometime today, we can hopefully get that to you. in hopes of allowing people to start the grieving process and remember him with the smile that he had on his face, and with his bright eyes and someone full of life who cared a lot about this job. any other questions? >> an understandably shaken albert morales. he's the public informations officer from the san jose police department. he is taking live questions right now from reporters that have been on the scene. really covering this all night. the shooting itself happened about 6:30 last night. there was a welfare check that police were actually going to a home to check on a man, when they got there, that is when
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that man opened fire on a veteran san jose police officer and a recent recruit that was with him. that veteran officer, a 14-year member of the force, he mentioned his name there, michael johnson was shot. he, unfortunately, died. the standoff continued into the night, and it just ended this morning where officers eventually found the suspect who was on the balcony of the home, and he, in fact, was dead as well. just before 2:00 this morning, the department sent out a tweet saying "sjpd grieves as we offer our condolences to the family of our brother, michael johnson." we share in their loss this morning. bob redell is also on the scene. he's monitoring the situation as it develops. he will join us with a live update at the top of the hour. new video from europe as recovery teams this morning prepared to continue their
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search along the french mountainside where a germanwings a-320 went down yesterday. helicopter teams are again combing that crash site. the plane went down without a distress call. investigators hope the black box discovered in the debris can help them figure out what went wrong. we are learning more about victims on that flight. among the 150 people onboard, 16 german high school students, and two spanish language teachers on their way home from a week-long exchange. candles line the steps at their school. classmates are in shock. >> nobody could believe it really. it's true, but you don't want to understand it. >> we have also just learned this morning two americans were on that flight as well. we're going to continue to follow those developments. lufthansa says the flight number will now be retired. it is 4:49 right now. it is time to check the
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forecast. we know you have to get ready for your day as well. let's take a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge illuminated this morning. looks like folks making their way across the span. we're going to check in with meteorologist christina loren. she's got a look at the temperatures. right now, kind of in the mid 50s, but we're expecting a warm-up later today before maybe a little hint of rain before the weekend. am i looking too far ahead? >> no, not at all. it's wednesday, we can always look at the weekend. good morning to you, everybody at home. we're at 55. good morning, san jose at 55 degrees. down in san martin. you're getting up, trying to get ready for the day, do count on chilly conditions. those clouds will make way for a really pleasant afternoon. comfortable temperatures for today. although about five to ten degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday, so we'll likely notice that difference. 79 degrees in the north bay. 73 on the east shore.
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getting into the next couple days, we are going to be approaching temperature records, especially for thursday when we hit the peak of this warming trend, and then temperatures will level off. we'll drop back to the 70s. best chance right now looks like late sunday into monday. i'm going to show you a future cast. back to you, sam and laura. two fresno moms could face charges for trying to stop their son from being bullied. the mother and stepmother of the 12-year-old boys say they reported the bullying to school officials for two months and received no results. so last week, they decided to drive to the school and confront the bullies themselves. during that confrontation, the daughter of one of the women started a fight and one of the bullies was injured. no word yet if that daughter will face any charges. the tap is tiegtdghtening ie south bay. they approved a plan to cut water rates by 30%.
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the district has suggested it might ask law enforcement to help get major violators to comply. watering lawns will only be allowed twice a week. it's 4:51 right now. moving to sports. the warriors doing something they haven't done in nearly four decades last night. we'll have details next. and traffic flowing better than it has since about this time yesterday as well. we'll talk about your commute and where i see some unusual slowing coming up.
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the golden state warriors have clinched their first division title in 39 years with a romping over the portland trail blazers last night. sealing the deal for golden state. that team is now an nba best 58-13, with just 11 games to go. the next goal for the team is locking up the number one seed in the western conference. some young kids will get a very specialisit today. >> members of the wwe superstars will visit patients at lucille packard children's hospital in palo alto today. the wwe superstars are in town early ahead of sunday's wrestlemania at levi stadium. yeah, let's have a little "rocket man" starting now. just one of the dozens of
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artists lined up to perform at this year's outside lands festival. others include billy idol, mumford and sons, and sam smith, just to note a few. tickets go on sale tomorrow. it happens the first weekend in august. >> we'll now go to our very own idol, mike inouye, who's tracking those runways. >> uh-oh. he's going to do the billy idol. >> oh, yeah, but i got the gloves. over here, looking at 580 through dublin, you know you're moving pretty smoothly here in this live shot. let me show you, no surprise at the dublin interchange. we do have some yellow showing up for northbound 680. look at that, just popped up eastbound over the dublin grid. just a couple of slower moving vehicles, but over here, traffic up until about five minutes ago, backed up solid to north flynn road, and then suddenly we see the orange and yellow moving over. so whatever was going on, maybe a little traffic break that has
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cleared, there's no scheduled overnight closure for that section. at least not of the freeway itself, but there may have been issues as far as some equipment going around on the roadway. closer to the bay bridge, you're at speed for the north bay down through san rafael. the south bay roadways are moving nicely. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you very much. coming up next, we're going to update you on breaking news. san jose's police chief just updating us on the death of up with of the san jose police department's officers. police found the body of the man who shot him early this morning and that scene still very active. we're going to check in with bob redell in just minutes. plus, the new details about a young mother killed in a tragic construction accident.
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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news within the last 90 minutes or so, a standoff between san jose police and the man accused of killing an officer came to an end.
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about 1:30 this morning, our cameras caught at least one flash bang grenade going off. officers confirm the suspect is now dead. >> the apartment complex is located along center road. >> neighbors have been evacuated ever since that shooting happened at just before 7:00 last night. >> overnight, we learned the name of the officer who died. san jose police say michael johnson was a 14-year veteran of the force. >> he and another officer were responding to reports of a suicidal man when the suspect opened fire from a second story balcony. >> it happened in the middle of a busy neighborhood with a lot of witnesses. we spoke exclusively to one man who saw the police activity and actually started recording video with his cell phone. several gunshots were heard and officers were actually rushing towards the apartment building. we've chosen not to air the entire video because some viewers actually might find it very disturbing. it involves the actual sound of


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