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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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an officer came to an end. about 1:30 this morning, our cameras caught at least one flash bang grenade going off. officers confirm the suspect is now dead. >> the apartment complex is located along center road. >> neighbors have been evacuated ever since that shooting happened at just before 7:00 last night. >> overnight, we learned the name of the officer who died. san jose police say michael johnson was a 14-year veteran of the force. >> he and another officer were responding to reports of a suicidal man when the suspect opened fire from a second story balcony. >> it happened in the middle of a busy neighborhood with a lot of witnesses. we spoke exclusively to one man who saw the police activity and actually started recording video with his cell phone. several gunshots were heard and officers were actually rushing towards the apartment building. we've chosen not to air the entire video because some viewers actually might find it very disturbing. it involves the actual sound of the death of that officer.
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>> a lot to absorb. bob redell and kris sanchez have been covering this story overnight. we're going to begin with bob redell, who's live in san jose. he was this when the standoff came to an end. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. within the past five to ten minutes, larry esquivel spoke to us, gave us a few more details about how they found the suspect. when they entered the apartment about an hour and a half ago, they said that he was by himself, found dead on the balcony, and the chief pointed out it's quite possible he could have been dead the entire time. it was around 3:20 this morning. we heard the sound of about four flash bangs. that's when they entered the apartment and found him. san jose's mayor is calling what happened here last night the city's darkest hour. it was a little bit after dinnertime. a family member called 911 to report that he was despondent, that he was intoxicated, that he had access to a high-powered
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rifle and was threatening to hurt himself and others. dunham started firing from the second floor balcony, hitting officer michael johnson, a 14-year veteran with the san jose police force. his colleagues returned fire. it is not clear if that's if they struck dunham. officer johnson, however, died there on the scene, becoming unfortunately the first san jose police officer to die in the line of duty in 14 years. the last officer to be killed was jeffrey fontana, one of johnson's classmates in the police academy. >> he was part of that academy class with jeffrey fontana. and it's unfortunate for any of our officers to lose their lives, whether in that class or any class. but it's something that we are aware of and something that we need to at least address at some point. and understand what we can do, especially with those officers
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in that specific academy class. >> this part of san jose i'm talking about, at center and umbarger is still closed as police process the scene. the coroners are waiting for that person to arrive out here. that apartment complex where dunham lived is still shut down, or at least some of it is. the residents are evacuating. the chief trying to work -- or the spokesperson pointing out they are trying to work on clearing that scene so they can get those people back into their homes. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. so tragic. >> yes. and as bob mentioned, the last san jose police officer killed in the line of duty was jeffrey fontana. back in 2001, a gunman shot and killed him during a traffic stop. the man responsible, deshawn campbell, convicted in that shooting. fontana and michael johnson, the officer killed yesterday, graduated in the same police academy. >> we saw so much police
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activity still going on in that area. in fact, people living at the apartment complex caught in the middle of the standoff. they had to spend the night outside, forced out of their homes for their own safety. many waiting for hours at a nearby gas station. >> kris sanchez live now in san jose. it was a long night for officers and neighbors. have all the neighbors been able to return home at this point? >> reporter: the neighbors have not been able to return home. we saw many of them still sitting in their cars at that gas station where they have been since the shooting started yesterday afternoon. and the police chief, in talking with the media, made reference to those folks. he said the folks who live in that neighborhood were very supportive and they were very understanding about getting out of the way and letting officers do their job. and when officers said that there could be a gunman aiming a high-powered rifle at them, they were quick to get out of the way and stay out of the way. they are still out of their homes this morning. we talked with albert morales. he says it is still going to be some time before they get to go
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home because the scene is not clear. though the suspect is dead, his body is still in place where he died, and also, sadly this morning, we have found out that the officer's body is still there on the scene as well. the coroner is there on the scene trying to determine how they can move the officer's body out and also the suspect's body out. but until that happens, that scene will not be cleared for folks to return back home. we have more information coming up for you in the next half-hour. about when that timetable might allow those folks to go back home. but again, there was a mother we talked with who ran out for a quick trip to the grocery store. left her 1-year-old and 3-year-old with a sitter and she spent the night without them last night. so a very difficult night for the families who live around there. but again, police chief larry esquivel said he was very moved by the support that the community showed in helping officers do their job at the scene. in san jose, kris sanchez,
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"today in the bay." >> and the support we'll all have to show as we'll face the funeral in the coming weeks. the story extends well beyond san jose. other police departments as well flooding social media. sunnyvale police tweeting thoughts and prayers for our brothers and sisters from san jose p.d. hoping for a quick and safe resolution. san mateo tweeted thoughts and prayers to our brothers tonight. chp tweeting, the men and women of the chp offer our thoughts, prayers and condolences to san jose pd. our thoughts and prayers are with you. >> the gravity of this suggest matter so apparent. it's been about 14, 15 years since a san jose police officer has died in the line of duty. so we are going to continue to follow this story all morning long. >> there will be a lot more to this story in the hours and days to come. we'll have crews at the scene until the story comes to an end.
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we're also updating our website you can also follow all of us on twitter. now to a developing story out of vallejo. searchers there have officially stopped combing the waters for signs of a woman who might have been kidnapped. >> stephanie chuang live in vallejo this morning with the latest on this search and what police are saying about really bizarre circumstances behind her disappearance. good morning, steph. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. the waters here off mare island have been the focus at one point, both search dogs and sonar detection pointed at the possibility of a body here in the water. but so far, after hours of searching, no success. no result. both the alameda and solano county search and rescue looking for 29-year-old denise huskins as well as any clues to lead to where the kaiser high school physical therapist will be. an intruder broke in around 3:00 monday morning, took her by force, demanding a ransom. it took him 11 hours to report
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this. huskins' father flew up from southern california from huntington beach to speak with investigators. >> it's a nightmare that i can't wake up from. you know? it's not supposed to happen. >> local detectives as well as federal agents from the fbi and doj are involved in this search. investigators spending much of yesterday looking for evidence, taking out bags and bags from the boy's mare island home on the 500 block of kirkland avenue from where huskins was allegedly abducted. police did find the car registered to the boyfriend somewhere here in vallejo. they are not calling him a person of interest. they're calling no one a person of interest, that everyone is just a witness at this point. as for a foot search, police in vallejo saying they'll play it by ear, but no plans as of now. live in vallejo this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, steph. >> a lot of questions still to answer there.
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5:08 now. maybe a bit of a cloudy start to your day so far, but some nice warm temperatures on the way. >> let's check in with christina loren. she's got a look at that forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. 5:08 is the time. happy wednesday, everybody. kind of a grim start when it comes to all the breaking news. very unfortunate. thoughts and prayers definitely with all the families involved. but i can tell you for us, just trying to get out there, get your day started, we still have to go to work. 51 degrees in the south bay. right now we're at 54 degrees. right now pretty comfortable on the peninsula with big changes coming our way compared to yesterday. want to show you what you can expect. 62 degrees is actually the average in san francisco. 71 degrees is where we're going to be today. up to 76 by thursday. and friday, very warm day shaping up for the city by the bay. close to 80 degrees. saturday, temperatures will start to drop off. and we do have a slight chance for shower activities. sunny and warmer for today. record heat moves in for the next couple days. and comfortable weekend ahead. some showers. let me show you what to expect
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after all the drought is on the forefront of a lot of people's minds, especially as we're getting into our drier season towards the next couple months. thursday, 9:00 p.m., nice and dry. then watch what happens. we take you into this weekend and get a little bit of shower activity. mostly creeping up from the south. what's going to happen is an area of low pressure is going to kind of divide right around the bay area. and then we'll see this little cutoff low develop as we head throughout sunday at about 11:00 p.m. and that will continue into monday. so more on that coming up. right now, want to check your drive with mike inouye. >> we have road crews blocking two lanes up the incline from foster city. folks are heading east toward the flat section. there you go. we've seen a number of vehicles clear, but we still have one blocking what looks like one remaining lane. look at your map. we saw some earlier slowing. they're moving slowly over toward the hayward side. we'll have another crew clearing in the next few minutes. that's the reason for the slower censors here. the dunbarton bridge easy. it's still early in your
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commute. here's the south bay. the freeways are moving nicely, but we want to point out the area where chris and bob have been following this. this is overnight where the officer was shot and killed. that's your closure. the suspect now dead at the scene. continued closures for center. use monterrey as your alternate. we'll take a quick peek at the bay bridge toll play sza, which clear right now. coming up next, work has come to a halt in the bay area neighborhood where a young mother was killed by a dump truck. >> such a sad story there. plus we've learned more in the past 24 hours. we also have some video that every parent will need to see and probably close their eyes to. but we'll show it to you coming up.
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an update to breaking news. an over eight-hour standoff in san jose is over. about 90 minutes ago, officers found the body of the gunman scott dunham on the balcony of his apartment complex off of center road. it's not clear if dunham took his own life or died from wounds suffered in a shootout with police last night. that's when dunham shot and killed michael johnson, a 14-year veteran of the force. he's the first san jose police officer to die in the line of duty since 2001. we'll have a live update from the scene of the overnight
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standoff coming up in about 15 minutes. >> there is a lot of anger and heartache in martinez this morning following the tragic death of one of their neighbors. we've just learned the woman was pregnant with her second child. 32-year-old lindsay combs crushed by an overturned gravel truck on monday. the worker with jjr construction asked combs to back out of her driveway to make room. it then tipped over and crushed her. the truck was part of a construction project and many of combs' neighbors are angry that the city immediately resumed the work. they say the family and the neighborhood needs a chance to mourn in peace. >> i wish that it would stop and that we can have a memorial. you see people slowly coming early this morning. >> shocking there. last night, the construction company announced it would suspend work for the rest of the week. >> that's tragic. a new television station in yemen is recording that al qaeda fighters have seized an air base usually occupied by u.s. forces.
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the u.s. evacuated after al qaeda seized a nearby town. britain also evacuated nearby soldiers. the base was crucial in the u.s. drone campaign against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it's unclear if anyone was hurt. business news now. how much influence exactly does google exert over washington? >> records show google executives have visited the white house on average once a week, every week, since president obama took office. not evidence of any wrong doing but certainly some influence. >> for sure. tremendous influence. keep in mind that google is lobbying on all kinds of issues, from government spying on american citizens to drones, to high speed internet. the reason the frequent visits come up this morning is because we learned this week google was so very close to being slapped with an antitrust lawsuit, similar to the suit brought against microsoft years ago. and it was able to convince leaders in washington not to go forward with that suit.
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"the wall street journal" analyzed the visitor records for the white house and found a google employee made 230 visits, different employees each time, of course, to the white house since president obama took office. and that works out to, as you point out, an average of once a week. well, let's check the markets this morning. landon dowdy is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning to you. >> hey, scott, good morning to you, too. futures are pointing to a mixed open this morning. stocks fell on tuesday, closing at lows of the session. going triple digits in the final days of trading. big ticket durable goods such as airplanes and heavy equipment. the dow falling 104 points to 18,011. scott, back to you. >> landon, thank you. aaa just published a study every parent should know about. it found that six out of ten crashes involving young people involve distractions from inside the car.
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other passengers, from cell phones, texting, for instance. how did they come up with that? from actual video cameras placed inside the teenagers' cars. more than a thousand video cameras, which recorded the teen driver, until they ran into trouble. here's one of just many. in each of these cases, the teen was okay, but you could see just before these real life crashes, these are not recreations. they are looking at their cell phone. guys, i know you're going to talk more about this in the 6:00 a.m. news. i think every parent, every teen can see these videos and see what this really does. >> boy, hand those phones over. put them in the trunk. gosh. thanks a lot. >> it's ruined lives, no question about it. thank you very much, scott. state lawmakers are also considering fast-tracking more than a billion dollars in water spending, if this drought
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continues, which we have no reason to suspect it will not. governor brown announced that plan last week. it will offer $101 million to help out residents and wildlife impacted by the ongoing drought. the state senate is expected to vote as soon as this afternoon on the legislation and the assembly would likely vote tomorrow. clear skies for today, but a little chance of rain in our future? >> yeah, very slight chance for rain on sunday. that's what we've been reporting. for the past couple days, nothing's changed in that department. as you're making your way out that front door, we want to make it easy for you. 48 degrees in the tri-valley. temperatures are comfortable. want to remind you to kind of dress for two different parts of the day. we're going to be cool to start. sunny and very warm by lunchtime. we're going to round out the day, pretty warm. 76 degrees in the south bay. if you don't want to use your ac in the north bay, make sure your close those blinds for today. even warmer as we head
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throughout tomorrow. 76 degrees in the south bay. we've got a nice-looking day. a little bit of fog expected as we head throughout the next couple of hours. and then that fog will burn off and we're going to see a nice pleasant afternoon. here's what you can expect in san francisco. temperatures way above average. and you know when we're talking about temperatures getting close to 80 degrees in the city, that it is going to be very, very warm for you. and that's where a lot of people don't have air-conditioning units, so make sure that you close the blinds there today. the next couple days we'll be in the 80s. temperatures drop off as we head through saturday and sunday, and that's what sam and laura were talking about, when we get that very slight chance for shower activity. overall, not looking that great, though. i can tell you if we see any activity, it is going to be probably to the south of the golden gate bridge, and the best chance looks like late sunday into monday, so more on this coming up. right now, here's mike and your drive. >> we're looking at an easy drive still at the bay bridge,  but starting their traditional
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stack-up. nothing unusual about that. a smooth drive over from the east bay. north 280 at hickey, right here, coming up from daley city. no major injuries. we'll track that because the commute is just starting to build. a little bit of minor slowing through antioch and also from the altamont pass. an easy drive in through the south bay. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. closing arguments will continue this morning in the sex discrimination case that has rocked silicon valley. during closing arguments, lawyers for cliner perkins says ellen pow never cared about helping the company succeed. the company arguing that pow was an underperformer. she says she was passed over for several promotions simply because she was a woman.
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one of wall street's most powerful women is leaving manhattan and heading to mountain view. google announced yesterday ruth porat will take over as google's chief financial officer in may. she's worked at morgan stanley since 1987 and played a major role in the government bailout in 2008. she studied economics at stanford. her father was a longtime engineer at the university. she is going to take over as google's cfo. coming up next, within the last half-hour, investigators have released more information about who was onboard the germanwings plane that crashed in france yesterday. details still ahead.
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new details on that passenger plane that crashed in france. we have just learned that two americans were aboard that plane. the germanwings ceo says of the 150 people onboard that flight, 72 were german. 35 were spanish. we know the plane went down without a distress call in the french alps. last night, employees of germanwings held a candlelight
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vigil in germany. it is a low-fare airline. it had an unblemished safety record until yesterday's crash. the plane had its last major safety check in 2013 and had undergone regular maintenance just this week. the pilot had over ten years of experience and clocked more than 6,000 hours flying air bus planes. it is 5:26. canada's prime minister wants his country to join the fight against isis. stephen harper presented a motion seeking to extend canada's mission from iraq into syria. harper says it's the right move because ottawa must protect canadians at home and in the middle east. >> let's also be clear that in expanding our air strikes into syria, the government has decided we will not seek the express consent of the syrian government. >> critics say the government has misled canadians and the mission lacks a clear goal, an
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exit strategy. with heavy hearts, we follow the story all morning, the man accused of killing a san jose police officer has died. >> after a standoff that lasted hours and hours, forcing dozens of people to evacuate overnight. police say the suspect died of a gunshot wound. >> police departments around the by area reaching out in a show of support. we have crews covering several angles of this story and we'll have live reports and updates after this break. stay with us.
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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> a standoff in san jose, all coming to an end two hours ago. you just heard it. the flash bang grenade used by officers during an eight-hour-long standoff. san jose police now tell us the man who shot and killed the san jose police officer yesterday has died. >> overnight, we learned the
5:30 am
name of the officer killed. michael johnson was a 14-year veteran of the san jose police force. >> these events all happened at an apartment complex near the intersection of center and umbarger roads. >> bob redell joins us live near the scene. you were there when this all came to an end, bob. >> reporter: good morning. that was around 3:20 this morning. good morning to you, sam and laura. and within the past half-hour, san jose police did hold a news conference with one of the officers saying there's been a lot of tears, a lot of crying in the department over the death of one of their fellow officers. officer michael johnson, who was shot and killed in an apartment complex here last night. it was around dinnertime when the family member of scott dunham called 911 to report that he was despondent, that he was intoxicated, that he had access to a high-powered rifle, and that was he was threatening not only to hurt himself, but to hurt others. as the officers walked up to his apartment, police say that
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dunham fired on him from the second floor balcony. officers returned fire. it's not clear whether or not they had struck dunham at that time. but unfortunately dunham did strike officer michael johnson. he's a 14-year veteran. johnson did die there on the scene. police confirmed to us that when they went into the apartment around 3:20 this morning, they did find dunham dead. he was in there by himself. they are not sure what his situation was as far as what killed him. >> that was the only report of gunfire during this incident that we have. there was not any subsequent gunfire or officers shooting their weapons other than the initial fall. it is unknown what the cause of death is at this point.
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>> officer michael johnson is the first san jose police officer to die in the line of duty in 14 years. back in 2001, jeffrey fontana, another officer, was shot and killed in the line of duty. johnson and fontana incidentally were both classmates in the police academy. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it is very tragic. thank you very much, bob. >> this has been a long night for officers and the people living in the neighborhood of that shooting. >> that's right. they had to completely evacuate. kris sanchez live in san jose, where people were just forced from their homes while the standoff lasted throughout the night. are any of them being let back in, kris? >> reporter: laura and sam, they cannot go back home yet because though that suspect is dead, his body is still there. and so is the body of the police officer who was shot and killed. the coroner is still there on the scene, but until all of the evidence is gathered, they cannot be removed from the scene. however, police chief larry
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esquivel did talk about the amount of patience that the community showed to them in evacuating quickly when there was that gunman, who they didn't know what was going to do. he talked about the fact that they had officer support from other agencies all around, and we also did talk with albert morales about when they might be able to go back. >> they were in the process of allowing them back into there. they just needed to go ahead and render some of the evidence and then they were going to allow people back in. >> reporter: the coroner is on the scene, waiting to see when he can take away the body of the officer. it has been a very long and difficult night. the chief says because officers had to do their investigation, knowing that their colleague was laying there on the ground. his family has been notified. the kaplan notified his parents who live here locally. his wife was also notified.
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and sadly she was out of town, and was not in the area. so now the police department is doing what they can to make sure they can get back home safely. but once again, the police chief saying that there was tremendous cooperation from the community. even those who had to spend the night in their cars in a gas station. even from the mother who had to spend the night away from her 1 and 3-year-old because she dashed out to go to the store and left them with a sitter. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> so many people impacted by the event. happened in the middle of a very busy neighborhood. >> we want to warn you, some may find this disturbing.
5:35 am
>> one witness tells us what he saw. >> shot down, and one of his two shots hit one police officer. the second one was attempting to hit another officer that was next to that officer. then when that happened, the police officers dropped to the floor to attend to the other officer that was shot. after everybody retreated, they left the officer there. i knew he was gone. >> police immediately responded. that standoff ended an hour ago. details still emerging. >> this story extends well beyond san jose. other police departments flooded social media. hoping for a quick and safe resolution, obviously, before we knew what happened. san jose county sheriff's office tweeted, sending thoughts and prayers to our brothers and sisters in san jose pd tonight. #thinblueline. the chp tweeting the men and
5:36 am
women of the chp offer our thoughts, prayers and condolences to the san jose pd. our hearts and thoughts are with you, as are ours here on nbc bay area. stay with us for continuing coverage of this story all morning long. you can also stay up to date on our website nbc ba the san jose area student accused of stabbing his roommate may enter a plea. he stabbed his roommate and then cut himself before he was arrested. he's being held without bail. the roommate is expected to survive. air quality leaders are holding the first of a series of workshops covering what critics call an extreme measure to curb pollution. the bay area air quality management district wants to phase out wood burning fireplaces. they would have to convert any wood burning fireplaces to gas. nine public hearings are scheduled over the next month.
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one in each company. >> how are those skies looking right now after we got a round of rain earlier in the week? let's find out right now. christina loren tracking everything. >> freshened up the garden a bit, christina. >> good to hear. 54 in san carlos. we're waking up in the mid 50s. cloudy sky, to answer your question, sam. it's not going to be cloudy for long. we've got a big-time warm-up headed your way. high pressure moving in quickly. and this is a very strong ridge of high pressure. it's going to amplify and bring our temperatures toward record levels. a cool morning. a very warm afternoon coming your way. look at your lunchtime readings. and because of the showers we did receive earlier this week, we still have that good air quality. mid 60s for today by noon. rounding out the day in the mid to upper 70s. 79 degrees in the north bay.
5:38 am
that's a five-to-10 degree warming trend. 78 degrees for today in the tri-valley. you just have to get to work this morning, if that's what you're focused on, let's find out how that drive is shaping up. >> those are the cash lanes. we'll see these metering lights turned on in the next 90 seconds, let's say, if things go according to the typical pattern. on the peninsula, north 280, we still have that crash reported right around as you're coming up towards the san bruno area. we have that over on the shoulder. things are moving slowly through daley city. on the east bay, eastbound 580, that's heading away from the maze at highway 13. a fender bender on the shoulder. no disruptions of flow. there's antioch. a little slowing there typical. for livermore valley, we're looking at a slower drive west 580. it was jammed up earlier this
5:39 am
morning. things smoothed out and traffic started the move over toward the livermore area. we're back to your morning typical pattern at the dublin interchange. 680 moving smoothly. here, the south bay northbound routes show a typical slowdown, a little bit for north 101 as well as north 187. a reminder that the center is still closed because of the police activity we told you about, the officer shot and killed overnight, and now the suspect is also dead at the scene. we have overnight construction crews that just cleared their flashing lights. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. afghanistan's new president is in washington today. and he's on a mission. why he says he wants to keep u.s. troops in his country even longer. plus, what we've learned in just the past hour about the passenger plane that crashed in france with 150 people aboard. a live look outside overlooking the south bay. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and
5:40 am
weather after the break.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> new this morning, a television station in yemen is reporting al qaeda fighters have seized an air base usually occupied by u.s. forces. the u.s. recently evacuated about 100 soldiers from the base after al qaeda seized the nearby town. britain also evacuated soldiers. the base was crucial in the u.s. drone campaign against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it is not clear if anyone was hurt. afghanistan's president says his country still needs help fighting terrorists. he's going to address a joint meeting of the congress later today. tracie potts joining us live from capitol hill this morning with the details. plus, how the u.s. is reacting this morning to allegations israeli has been spying on our nuclear talks with iran. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. that's going to strain the already strained relationship between the u.s. and its ally,
5:43 am
israel. but first, let's talk about afghanistan. because in about two hours, just over two hours, their new.will be here on capitol hill explaining why he wants u.s. troops to stay this year. why he wants u.s. troops to stay. >> we will probably have several tough years. >> reporter: there's already trouble. new today, word that a u.s. drone strike killed 11 taliban militants near the border with pakistan. more extremists are expected to rise up this spring. president obama has agreed to leave nearly 10,000 troops there this year, but stick to the full pullout by the end of 2016. >> we want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to help afghan security forces succeed. so we don't have to go back. >> reporter: there's also concern isis could move into afghanistan. >> groups like isis fill the nooks and crannies, the black
5:44 am
spaces in a time of high anxiety. >> reporter: today's speech similar to netten yah netanyahus speech. but those republican leaders here are now applauding president obama for extending the tours of americans in afghanistan. the white house is saying that the 2016 deadline, that still stands, instead of half coming home this year and half next year, they're pushing them all into 2016. >> an interesting reaction from capitol hill as well since the president promised to reduce those troop levels. thank you very much, tracie potts from washington, d.c. canada's prime minister wants his country to join the fight against isis. stephen harper presenting a motion yesterday seeking to extend canada's mission from iraq into syria. harper says it's the right move because ottawa must protect canadians at home in the middle east.
5:45 am
critics say the government has misled canadians, though. the mission lacks a clear goal and exit strategy. new video from europe as the recovery teams this morning prepare to continue their search along the french mountainside, where a germanwings a-320 went down yesterday. helicopter teams are again combing the crash site. the plane went down without a distress call. investigators hope the black box discovered in the debris can help them figure out what went wrong. this morning, we're learning more about the victims on that flight, which was on its way from barcelona to dusseldorf. among the 150 people onboard, two americans. also, 16 german high school students and two spanish language teachers on their way home from a week-long exchange. candles now line the steps at their school. classmates are in shock. >> it's true, but you don't want to understand it. >> the flight number on that
5:46 am
germanwings flight will now be retired. an update now to break news we've been following all morning. an eight-hour standoff in san jose is over. officers found the body of the gunman scott dunham on the balcony of his apartment complex off of center road. it's not clear if dunham took his own life or died from wounds suffered in the shootout with police last night. that's when dunham shot and killed a veteran police officer michael johnson with sjpd. 14 years he'd served on the force. he's the first san jose police officer to die in the line of duty since 2001. we're going to have a live update from the scene of the overnight standoff coming up in just about 15 minutes. now to a developing story in vallejo. searchers have now stopped combing the waters around mare island for signs of a woman who may have been kidnapped. >> stephanie chuang live with the latest on the search and what police are now saying about some bizarre circumstances surrounding her disappearance.
5:47 am
>> reporter: bizarre because of the unusual ransom demand as well as the timeline of events. more than 100 search and crew members involved in this. at one point, both search dogs and sonar detection pointed to the possibility of a body here in the water, but after hours, police ended the search there earlier this morning, so they are still looking for 29-year-old denise huskins. a kaiser hospital physical therapist. her boyfriend told police an intruder broke into his home around 3:00, took her by force, demanding a ransom. 11 hours later, he reported this to police. huskins' family members say they are holding on. >> we have all the typical questions. you know, who is this boyfriend? why such a lapse in time between -- it was supposed to be a 3:00 a.m. abduction, or a 1:00 p.m. reporting to the police. you know, that's curious. >> reporter: local detectives
5:48 am
and federal agents from fbi and doj could be seen taking out brown bags of evidence from the home. on the 500 block of kirkland avenue. police also found a car registered to the boyfriend somewhere here in vallejo, but they're not calling him nor anyone else a person of interest at this point. as for search plans, police say they're playing it by ear, but no immediate plans to search mare island on foot. >> a lot of questions still to answer there. thank you very much, stephanie. >> two fresno mothers could face charges for trying to stop their son from being bullied. the mother and stepmother of the 12-year-old boys say they reported the bullying to school officials for two months. they say with no results. last week, they decided to drive to the school and confront the bullies themselves. during the conconfrontation, onf the daughters started a fight. no word if the daughter will face charges. >> it has been a heavy morning, no doubt about it. we're beginning to try to establish a sense of normalsy.
5:49 am
find out what's going on with the weather. how are you, christina? >> i'm doing great. thanks for asking. a lot of us just have to get to work this morning. a very comfortable day heading your way. it's not too cold out there right now. thanks for joining us on a wednesday morning. we do have some clouds, but not a lot of fog just yet. you'll be at 69 degrees in the north bay. silicon valley looking fantastic for outdoor plans. 76 degrees to round out the day with your high temperatures coming in at about 4:00 p.m. high pressure is the story. this is going to really gain momentum. we're talking about some very hot temperatures. record-breaking heat on the way for the next couple days. coastal cooling will start to take place as we head throughout your saturday. and then even more changes coming your way. shower activity as we get into
5:50 am
your sunday. any precipitation is good, keeping our hillsides nice and moist. also helping us postpone that fire season. we want to do that as long as we possibly can. that's when we're expecting our next round of activity. but getting into this weekend, temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable. by sunday, still hitting the 80s with the clouds increasing and that storm system starting to move in. we're going to tell you what's going on around here this weekend, maybe you want to make those outdoor plans. that's coming up in my next report. first, though, here's mike and your drive. >> we're looking towards the bay bridge. folks at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on, right as you'd expect, and there's the backup as well, just as you'd expect. a smooth drive. we're easing in through your wednesday morning. we're looking at a smooth drive
5:51 am
for east 80. 101 southbound. your commute direction moves very smoothly through the area. antioch on the edge of the screen there. you see slowing from ill crest. a little bit west. but then things are still clear. the walnut creek interchange. no drama there. all the way down to northbound 680. westbound 580 had the early slowdown and it continues to be slow there and then clears out a little bit. speeds still in the 50s as you come into livermore and congestion toward the dublin interchange as well as that volume build for pleasanton. we'll give you a live look to show you what it feel it feels dublin. we do have this closure. they're still at the scene. overnight the officer was shot and killed in san jose.
5:52 am
the suspect now dead, and we'll continue to get details from that scene. your south bay with no real concerns. back to you. >> very active night out there. it is 5:51 right now. possible lighter sentence for former 49er chris culliver. they reduced a felony charge of possessing brass knuckles to a misdemeanor. he still faces a misdemeanor hit-and-run charge for the same incident. he recently signed a four-year deal with washington. san jose's city council has approved the mayor's list of spending priorities for the next year. among them, repairs to city treats and more after school programs for kids. he also wants to reopen those libraries for six days a week that were slashed during funding cuts. the tap is certainly tighting for people in the south bay. they approved a plan to cut water use by 30%. the district cannot fine violators, but has suggested it
5:53 am
might ask law enforcement to help get major violators to comply. watering laws will only be allowed twice a week. santa clara county not the only locality making moves during this drought. the contra costa times reporting that east bay mud is considering a 25% surcharge on all water bills. that would be on top of the 8% rate hike that the district is implementing to cover infrastructure costs. the surcharge would only be temporary to cover growing cost from the drought. the board plans to vote on that plan in june, and the surcharge would take effect in july. >> suddenly i'm not as thirsty. 5:53 right now. facebook developers hit the streets of san francisco this morning. >> what were they doing? the streets in particular here. >> very busy. home of facebook's f.a. conference each year. one of the things we're expecting is for facebook to really expand the power of its messenger app. there's talk of using messenger to do things other than just
5:54 am
chat with friends. things like paying bills. i'm sure mike's going to point out the area will be super crowded today. so you may want to avoid harrison. >> a proposed law just made it out of a senate committee in sacramento that would prohibit law enforcement from looking at your facebook messenger or text messages or other personal information without getting a warrant first. it's one of several privacy bills this legislative session. another prohibits smart television from selling your data or what you say to outside parties. just a week after getting permission to fly drone, amazon says its permits are outdated. the government ok'd test flights of a certain kind of amazon delivery drone. now amazon says the model and the paperwork, this one is an old model that they don't fly anymore. amazon's been test flying a new drone. they've been doing so in canada. canada has really caught on to this idea of allowing drone
5:55 am
flights, because the united states does not. >> our regulations are still trying to catch up. figure out what exactly are the rules. >> not that fun. some young kids are batting life-threatening diseases, but they're beginning to get a very special visit later today. >> members of the wwe superstars will visit patients in palo alto today. wwe superstars are all in town early. it's all ahead of sunday's wrestlemania. a familiar tune there. "rocket man." elton john will be in the bay area this august. maybe singing "benny and the jets." dozens of artists lined up to film this year's festival. here are some of the other headliners. billy idol, mumford and sons, the black keys and sam smith, a
5:56 am
strong lineup. it happens the first weekend in august. >> and boy, do they get a big turnout for this. >> weather is really nice. but we're not going to predict really far into the future. >> summer heat for this week. >> it is going to be warm out there for today. good morning to you. and we can take a look at august. definitely going to be hot. that is usually the hottest month across the bay area. 53 degrees right now. it is cool outside. and we do have a beautiful spring afternoon shaping up. the peak of this heat wave will occur tomorrow. 69 degrees in the north bay at noon today, into the upper 70s there. it's going to be a little on the warm side, but nothing like where we're headed tomorrow. we will show you the rest of the week. here's mike and your drive. >> so does the capacity of the roadway. the volume continues to go up. 101 here in san jose. we'll show you the slowdown. this one shot here is this one shot right there. 87 shows a bit of slowing. but traffic moves slowly on the
5:57 am
freeways. remember, we have the closure at lewis because of the police activity. meanwhile, the crash 280 and northbound coming up through daley city, no slowing. a smooth drive toward the maze. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. here in antioch as well as the tri-valley. back to you. coming up, an update to breaking news. we're live on scene where members of the san jose police force just spoke about an hour ago about that deadly shootout that left an officer dead. learning about the gunman just found this morning. >> why crews have stopped searching a north bay lake for a vallejo woman who may have been kidnapped for ransom.
5:58 am
5:59 am
nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> a veteran police officer shot and killed, and the alleged
6:00 am
shooter found dead on his balcony just hours ago. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. here's what we know right now at 6:00. within the past few hours, police confirm the suspect scott dunham is dead and they say he shot and killed san jose police officer michael johnson. johnson a 14-year veteran with the force. >> this all happened at an apartment complex on center road. kris sanchez has reaction from residents forced from their home. we begin with bob redell. he was there when the tense standoff finally came to an end. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. police confirming around 3:20 that that suspect scott dunham was indeed dead, possibly dead during the entire standoff. i want to share with you first a moment that just took place here along center road in san jose. this was in the past ten minutes. a very heartbreaking scene, as around 40 or 50 squad


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