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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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investigation into the plane crash in france. and your thursday, record breaking heat for your friday. the fog returns. a dramatic temperature drop. i'm going to focus in on a very slight chance for showers coming up in the weather forecast. and a great chance for low clouds. look at that coming down toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll show you that morning commute. let's see what we can see outside right now. the bay bridge, no problems with visibility in that shot. it's friday, march the 27th and you are watching today in the bay. good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm chris sanchez. we begin with breaking news and a public health alert in the east bay following an incident at a chemical plant. take a look at the affected area. we're talking about pittsburgh
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bordering on antioch. we're joined live with what people need to know and how much do we know about this incident, steph? >> reporter: good morning, sam and chris. very little. i just spoke with the spokesman for dow chemical who says he just got on scene and he's talking to the crews involved. this public health advisory came out just after 3:00 this morning. we did see a truck for hazardous materials response go by here. this is where dow chemical plant is here. take a look at the map again. just west of harbor street to just shy of l street. from the new york slew south to about highway 4. ultimately this could impact people with respiratory sensitivities. most people, the advisory says, will not be affected. but you could feel an eyes, skin, nose or throat irritation. what we do know is dow
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manufacturers agricultural products and has equipment here on site including reactors, storage tanks, and combustion devices. the spokesman this morning confirming it was a level two incident which generally means no crew response is needed, but that all depends on what chemicals are involved and the severity of the incident. he just got on scene and says he's working on getting us all the information. they say they have not responded to medical calls related to this incident. today in the bay. >> good to be alert right now. thank you very much. now to developing news this morning. more information coming to light on the co-pilot that prosecutors say deliberately crashed that germanwings flight in the french alps. they have searched two homes linked to the co-pilot andreas lubi lubitz. >> bob, we know that
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investigators found something of concern. do we know what it is? >> yes. good morning to you. german prosecutors have just announced they have not found 00 suicide note, but rather torn up sick notes for the day of the crash that lead them to believe that the co-pilot was intentionally hiding an illness, possibly mental in nature from his employer. which might help explain why he crashed the plane into the french alps killing all 150 people on board. investigators removed large blue bags, boxes full of material and a computer. police are interviewing the lubitz family to try to get a better understanding about his frame of mind. investigators do not believe he had any terrorist connections. they are looking into weather he suffered from depression. according to a german tabloid, he interrupted flight training in arizona for a quote, serious
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depressive episode. meantime at the crash site, searchers have found the voice recorder which did capture audio of the captain and passengers screaming just before impact. those passengers' families drove to the base of the mountain, the closest they can get to the rugged crash site. >> thank you very much. that crash is forcing airlines around the world to rethink cockpit procedures. in the u.s. when one pilot leaves the cockpit a flight attendant comes in. that's not the current policy in europe. some leading budget european airlines are now issuing a two-person minimum. we'll stay on the story all morning long.
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when we're not on the air, head to a violent confrontation caught on camera is leading to questions about the downtown berkeley ambassador program. the video may be disturbing to some viewers. it shows an ambassador repeatedly punching a man during a heated exchange. the downtown berkeley association says the violence is completely out of line. >> clearly unacceptable behavior that cannot be tolerated. >> they have fired the man who threw the punches and suspended his female partner. they now plan to increase training for the ambassador. lawyers for a man and woman involved in an alleged kidnap for ransom insist their clients are telling the truth. denise huskins left the police department yesterday shielded by detectives after six hours of questioning. her boyfriend called police monday saying she had been
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kidnapped for ransom. attorneys for huskins and her boyfriend, aaron quinn, insist their clients are the victims of a terrible climb. >> very quickly threw under the bus. when they thought egg was going to end up on someone's face, they threw it on her. this is a legitimate crime. >> he was not only bound up, he was drugged. one of the things he did voluntarily was give a blood test so that the police could confirm that the kidnappers drugged him. >> ultimately on wednesday, police called the kidnapping claim, quote, an orchestrated event. san jose will come together today to honor the life of the officer killed in the line of duty. they will open up one of the studios this afternoon so that members of the community can come together and grieve and reflect. that event will start at noon. tonight, there will be a candle light vigil for officer michael johnson. people plan to gather near the
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location where johnson was killed on tuesday. tonight's vigil starts at 6:30. police say the suspect who killed johnson died moments after the shooting. johnson's partner managed to return fire and kill the suspect. the officer who has ask us not to name him is a 16-year veteran of the force. now to a topic with a lot of people talking this morning. the state will stop enforcing a key provision of jessica's law which restricts where convicted sex offenders can live. that comes after a state supreme court said it is unconstitutional. now only high risk offenders and parolees will be banned from living near a school. a convicted sex offender in fairfield could find out today whether he'll be allowed to move into a home there. neighbors are trying to keep him out of the area. they're worried he could be a threat to students at the nearby
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college. a judge is expected to rule later today. an escaped santa clara county jail inmate is no longer county jail inmate is no longer gotten help from his brother. authorities arrested joseph carter. he's accused of being an accessory after the fact for assisting carter, his brother. he escaped right before an appointment at the medical center three weeks ago. he's an accused child molester. we are pretty much at the doorstep of the weekend. can we see it? because right now, we've had fog kind of coming through the area this morning. how's the visibility out there? >> we definitely have fog out there. that's going to lead to a much cooler day. want to show you the records broken yesterday. widespread records. ending up about 15 to 20 degrees above average on thursday.
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we hit 90 degrees at the official reporting site in gillroy. places like san march teen up to 93 degrees yesterday. definitely a much cooler scenario for your friday. we're going to stay nice and comfortable all weekend long. now, temperatures are mostly in the 50s right now. i want to fly you into san francisco just to show you ocean beach was able to cool off to 51 degrees this morning. and, yeah, nice day shaping up for everybody because of a return of that onshore flow. an area of low pressure is tracking closer to the coast. for us, that's going to bring in significant cooling. back to the 70s as we get into your weekend as well. 67 degrees, though, that's a much better day for you in san francisco where we hit 80 yesterday. 78 degrees out in the tri-valley where we got to 90.
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i told you we might see showers. i'll talk about that coming up. first, here's mike in your drive. >> it wasn't the heat, it was the humidity that had me feeling like i needed the ac this morning. our camera from san francisco pointed back showing you the beautiful bay bridge. the bay lights they won't be back on until 2016. this is the concern, the low clouds. there are folks coming out of the toll plaza. there you go, descending down just above the east shore freeway. drivers not seeing a problem on i-80. we're watching for that to drift across the bridge. out to the maps, you do see what you'd expect for friday. easy approach, no major problems. look at that zooming out, the north bay over here, golden gate bridge, no issues aside from the fog. over here in antioch, area of pittsburgh where stephanie's on scene talking about the health
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advisory there. no problem and drive through the area. a little slowing for west 580. and here's the south bay. an easy flow of traffic. wrestle mania on friday. back to you guys. >> we like ra kus crowds. thank you, mike. coming up, the latest on the ellen powell discrimination case. >> wait until you hear how much money it took to get a morgan stanley executive to come to the bay area. >> and take a live look at fremont traffic. it's friday morning. we'll tell you everything you need to know to get your day started. we'll be right back.
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it is k5 14 right now on your friday morning. a live look outside in oakland. cooler start to your day. christina keeping close tabs on what will be to come. well, the jury is deliberating for a third day today in that high profile sex discrimination case in silicon valley. she claims a venture capital firm discriminated against her because she's a woman. perkins denies those allegations. how much does it cost to lure one of wall street's top female executives to silicon valley? how about 70 million large.
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porat is known as one of the most powerful women in the finance industry. amazon considering buying an online luxury retailer and apple ceo tim cook joins an impressive list. good morning, landon. >> hey, there, sam. the markets will look to break a four-day losing streak today. stocks closed off of lows of the session on thursday and oil prices are lower today around $50 a barrel on worry saudi led air strikes in yemen could disrupt supplies in the middle east. the dow falling 40 points. the nasdaq down 13. amazon is reportedly in talks to buy luxury online retailer.
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they said a deal would likely be worth less than $2 billion. it's a high fashion website designed like a magazine and has 2.5 million visitors per lunch. they have long eyed high fashion is sector where it has low presence. he has decided to give all of his money away. he will donate his estimated after he pays for his 10-year-old nephew's college. back over to you. >> incredible there. thank you very much. we'll see how much money he has left after that college education. chris, over to you. local tech companies speaking out against the state of indiana. indiana's governor signed a bill allowing businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples for
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religious reasons. they tweeted out messages against the state of indiana. and they are urging other tech leaders to do the same. they just bought an indiana firm for $2.5 billion. big mack enthusiasts rejoice. mcdonald's is releasing a new line of clothing and home decor featuring its signature sandw h sandwich. it includes things like running tights, maybe some rain booties and bedding. they introduced the line in sweden this week. right now, that's the only place it is available. the company says it will launch an international store soon. >> i don't know. i think i'm in the market for a good halloween costume. that could fit the bill. >> now we're talking about mcdonald's. >> you should never really where white. you know what i mean? i don't know about that.
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as far as pants go, white pants, they get dirty very easily. the time is 5:17. if you're just waking up with us, may have been hard to get to sleep last night because temperatures are so mild out there. i wanted to show you this video. i don't know if we have it or not. it shows the fog rolling in from san francisco. that is our game-changer. no, we do not have the video. it was just of fog rolling in. 58 degrees in san jose. 55 in liver more and 51 degrees to start the day in sacramento. temperatures are going to be pretty comfortable out there. into the next couple days as well, very lovely weather returning to the bay area as onshore flow is back. that means our natural ac is on and running. temperatures will be nice today. 68 in san francisco and 75 degrees in the north bay f. you don't know already, giants
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taking on the dodgers right here on nbc bay area. as we get into this evening, it's going to be very warm. 94 degrees. be happy to return to the 70s when they do. spring training is almost over. a little chance for shower activity. showers moving in late sunday into monday. overall, though, not expecting much. this will keep your temperatures cool even through the beginning of next week. we're looking good. i know mike saw those burger pants. what do you think? >> i think that is the most literal way to wear food on your hips. there you go. not making a comment on anybody's nutritional value. we do have live video of the fog rolling through. that's the golden gate bridge. drivers are doing all right. a light volume. driving through the area, you have okay stopping distance. over on the east shore, this is
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also affected by fog. we were almost able to see the shopping district. so let's get back out to the maps. traffic flow through that area is looking just fine. low clouds just above the deck, but just below our cameras. a little slowing shows up on 880. there may be a last-minute crew clearing there from the area. over here coming off the bridges, easy flow of traffic. there's the north bay. no problems. closer to the tunnel and to the golden gate, that's where the low clouds and fog will be a factor for you. no delays up the peninsula. although 101, we did have earlier reports of debris in the roadway. sounds like it's cleared. smooth flow of traffic northbound. except for the 180. just a little slowing shows up.
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now starting to move. i'll track that, though. no reports of any incidents in the area. there's an easy drive for the dublin interchange. a live look shows you what we'd expect on a friday, a steady flow. back to you. new this morning, two pakistani policemen dead and more than a dozen more injured after a bomb exploded next to a bus carrying dozens of police personnel. investigators believe someone planted the device on a motorcycle. it blew up as the bus drove by. a taliban group is claiming responsibility. u.s. officials say fighting in yemen could soon turn into an all-out war. for now, the u.s. is not joining that fight, but that may all change soon if iran attacks saudi arabia, a key u.s. ally. 100 saudi jets are bombing rebels in yemen and 150,000 ground troops are ready to attack.
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egypt is sending warships. the u.s. and iran are on opposite sides in yemen while trying to negotiate a nuclear deal. >> the mideast is on fire. it is every person for themselves. >> has been a key partner in fighting against al qaeda's strongest affiliate. we'll have a live report from washington d.c. about how the conflict could affect oil prices here at home. time right now, 5:22. he was supposed to enforce the law, still ahead, how investigators say one california cop got caught breaking it instead.
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a man is under arrest in southern california after he led police on this chase in a stolen cab. that chase lasted four hours overnight. police say the man stole the cab when the driver walked away from the car leaving the keys inside. police chased the man from orange county to los angeles county until finally stopping him. okay. this just in, senator minority leader hairy reed will not be running for reelection next year. the 75-year-old says he has contemplated retiring for months. reid suffers serious eye and
5:26 am
facial injuries after falling off a treadmill. he says his decision is not because of the accident or his demotion after democrats lost control of the senate. well, the fresno police department is reeling this morning after they arrested the deputy police chief on drug charges. keith foster, accused of conspiracy to distribute heroin and objectioncy co-din. agents say he was arrested after a year-long joint investigation involving water taps and surveillance. the governor is helping to spearhead state policies on key marijuana issues. yesterday, he gave a progress report. the lieutenant governor along with the committee is taking control of the initiatives and could possibly legalize marijuana in 2016 if it makes it to the ballot. they're working on how pot would be taxed and how to keep people on the roads safe. time is now 5:26.
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coming up, an update to breaking news and the folks in the east bay who are being asked to stay inside after an incident at a chemical plant. and police make an arrest following a brutal beating at a popular south bay mall. more after this.
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right now, new developments on the plane crash in the french alps and what investigators say they found in the co-pilot's home. how the south bay is honoring a san jose police officer killed in the line of duty. and after a record breaking day today, temperatures will tumble. into your weekend staying nice and comfortable. maybe a stray shower. your full forecast in just moments. and we're just hoping for a regular friday light commute. but i'm talking about complicat bations bridge. and looj ever looking live this morning. the golden gate bridge is there.
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fog doesn't count for the carpool lane. it is friday march 27th. this is today in the bay. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez. >> and i'm sam brock. an update to breaking news. a public health alert just called off in the east bay. it was issued after an incident at a chemical plant there. >> stephanie is live in pittsburgh. they called this a level two incident. what does this mean for the people there and in antioch right next door? >> reporter: yeah, good morning chris and sam. according to a spokesman here, level two typically means no crew emergency response needed. it's out of five levels and really depends on what chemicals involved. we're standing by to find out
5:31 am
more details. this public health advisory came out at 3:00 this morning. this is a map of were there may be lingering affects just west of harbor street and l. street in antioch. we saw around 5:00 this morning, the county public health department hazmat response unit here, but it came and left in about ten minutes. they did say most people will not be affected those with respiratory sensitivities should be aware. you may feel an eye, skin, nose or throat irritation. now, what we do now about dow is dow chemical manufactures agriculture products. there's a lot of equipment here at the plant including reactors, storage tanks, and combustion devices. the dow spokesman says there are up to five levels of response and it depends on the severity
5:32 am
of the incident. right now, they're on site finding out more from the crews. he should be meeting with media very shortly. the fire department also said they did not respond to any medical emergencies related to this incident. we'll keep you posted this morning here. live, today in the bay. >> okay. now to new developments on the investigation into the germanwings plane crash in the french alps. just hours ago, gairts revealed what they found in the co-pilot's home. >> today in the bay is tracking all of the details. they're coming in fast and furious. this time, bob, they found something in the co-pilot's home that might lead to:añn explanation of what happened. >> perhaps a motive. good morning to you there. german prosecutors say they have not found a suicide note, rather torn up sick notes for the day of the crash that lead them to believe they discovered that lubitz suffered from an illness.
5:33 am
possibly depression. investigators found torn up sick notes from his doctor. authorities believe lubitz was trying to hide his illness from his employer. lubitz interrupted his flight training in arizona for a quote, serious depressive episode. his employer lufthansa has not said yet whether they were aware of his medical history. searchers continue to look for the flight data recorder. they already found the flight voice recorder e. and they also unfortunately captured the sound of passengers screaming just before the impact. today, the families of the 150 people on board that airbus 320 arrived at the base of the mountain. that is the closest they will get to the rugged crash site that contains the remains of their loved ones. >> that crash right now is forcing airlines around the world to rethink their cockpit
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procedures. in the u.s., when one pilot leaves the cockpit, a flight attendant must come in until that pilot returns. but it's not the current policy in europe. now leading budget airlines are implementing a two-person minimum when any plane is airborne. that includes easy jet and air canada. we're going to stay on this story all morning long continuing to track all the latest news. when we're not on the air, head over to meantime, san jose police have arrested the man accused of visionally beating a teen at a valley fair mall recently. detectives say he beat up a teen earlier in the month as that teen was just walking to his car in the parking lot. they say it might have been part of a gang anything'suation. it left the 17-year-old unconscious and seriously injured. he is still in the hospital right now. san jose will come together today to honor the officer
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killed in the line of duty. they will open up a studio this afternoon so that members of the community can gather together to grieve and reflect. and then tonight, there will be a candle light vigil for officer michael johnson. it starts at 6:30. police say the suspect who killed johnson died moments after that shooting. johnson's partner managed to return fire and kill the suspect. the officer who wishes not to be named is a 16-year veteran of the force. okay. wild allegation this is morning. san francisco's sheriff is asking the justice department to step in and look into allegations that his department forced inmates into gladiator style fights. >> i can only describe this as a outrageously saditic scenario. >> public defender says he
5:36 am
learned about the alleged fights from an inmate's father who sent an e-mail asking for help. inmates claim that four deputies forced them to fight and then placed bets on the outcome. one inmate says he was offered a cheese burger if he won his fight. the sheriff believes those allegations are true. >> actually, i do believe that. i thin blue line sometimes extends into prisons and jails. i think that that could very well be the case. >> a law firm claiming to represent the deputies calls the fights just playful wrestling and says no bets were ever placed. one of two men accused of sexually assaulting a drunk taxi cab passenger will be in court today. investigators say the woman was drunk and passed out in the backseat of a cab in sunny vail. when she woke up, sekhon was allegedly on top of her. meanwhile, the cab driver is
5:37 am
also accused of sexually assaulting the woman. he appeared in court earlier this week, but did not enter a plea. okay. now another california county in going to be banning plastic bags. as of this morning, you'll need to bring your own bag to businesses in unincorporated monterrey county. reusable bags will cost 10 cents apiece. all right. so the fog has rolled in. that means the temperatures have dropped. we have that story. >> yeah, good morning to you. oh, it's going to be much more comfortable out there today, chris and sam. i wanted to show you this cool time lapse coming to us from our winds at weather underground. at this point, we are socked in. but that is our natural ac. that's going to keep things nice and comfortable. what a difference one day will make. we do have onshore flow firmly in place. into the afternoon, it's actually going to increase. so a mix of sun and clouds for
5:38 am
the first part of the day. then that natural ac will stay on all weekend long. it just cools everything off. we had the reverse for the past couple days. mild start, much cooler conditions for you. on this friday, and happy friday to you, by the way. 66 degrees on the peninsula at lunchtime. you were into the upper 80s on the peninsula yesterday. 70 for the east shore and 78 degrees in the tri-valley. in the weekend, temperatures will stay nice and comfortable. very slight chance for some showers. first, though, before you can enjoy that weekend, you got to go to work. one more day. mike can help you get there. >> that's right. these folks making good time going wherever they're going. this is in dublin. we'll show you the maps. there's the tri-valley. a little slowing. no drama, no problems off the
5:39 am
west 580. highway 84 picks up that volume and a little slowing there. typical pattern. smooth driving north through san ramon. a little slow westbound through a antioch. over here, we saw some slowing southbound 880. there was an earlier traffic break, but now looks like everything is back to normal as far as speeds go. the toll plaza metering lights are on. i mean, there are no metering lights on, but we do have the cash lanes open. we'll show you the rest of at i approach out of the west bay. and the rest of the bay looks very smooth and light. back to you. 5:39 right now. coming up, it is the story that keeps twisting and turning. >> another strange development in the vallejo kidnapping for
5:40 am
ransom case. >> plus changes on where convicted sex offenders are allowed to live. >> we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather right after this break.
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5:42 right now. if you have plans for the weekend, they are going to be lovely. the weather is anyway. it's going to be nice and cool. not as hot as yesterday. also new developments in the investigation into the germanwings plane crash and the co-pilot who prosecutors believe intentionally crashed that plane killing all 150 people on board. >> investigators today searched a family home where andreas lubitz lived. they took a large computer and bags of other items. prosecutors now say lubitz hid evidence of a mental illness and actually tore up sick notes
5:43 am
written by a doctor on the day of the crash. a german tabloid is reporting that lubitz received lengthy treatment for mental illness. also american lawmakers are predicting the crisis in yemen could turn into an all-out war with nearly a dozen arab nations on one side and iran on the other. for now, the u.s. is not joining that fight. >> we're live from washington this morning where lawmakers are wondering how long the situation will last. good morning. >> exactly. good morning, sam. if this turns into an all-out ground war in the oil rich region around saudi arabia and if they're attacked, they're already involved in the fight, then the u.s. may not have a choice but to get more involved. 100 saudi jets are bombing rebels in yemen. they've got 150,000 ground troops ready to invade. >> the mideast is on fire and it's every person for
5:44 am
themselves. >> egypt sending warships. ten arab nations are behind them. the u.s. is providing intelligen intelligence, but mostly standing on the sidelines. >> our closest allies in the region no longer trust us. >> he argues that's because the u.s. is negotiating a nuclear deal with iran. iran is backing the rebels seeking to overthrow yemen's government. >> we believe that the situation in yemen is a very dangerous situation and we advise against any escalation. >> so the u.s. and iran are on opposite sides in yemen while trying to work together on this nuclear deal. >> they understand the talks are so important and vital to both sides' interest. >> what does the u.s. care what happens in yemen? they've been a key partner fighting al qaeda's strongest affiliates. we care about oil prices too. we had started to see the prices creep up as this situation in
5:45 am
yemen progressed. this morning, oil was down a dollar a barrel on news that the saudis sent in those fighter jets. >> all right. certainly we're watching that part of it as well. an update now to breaking news. a health advisory no longer in effect in pittsburgh. it was issued after an incident at the dow chemical plant. the concern was for people with respiratory issues or sensitivities. again, everything is back to normal. that level two incident is now over. we're in pittsburgh outside the chemical plant and will have an update coming up at the top of the hour. >> here's a look at more stories we're working on for 6:00. downtown berkeley's ambassador program under fire after a violent confrontation all caught on camera. the video may be disturbing. an repeatedly punching a man during a heated exchange. also, vallejo police say six
5:46 am
hours of questioning did little to change their minds. a kidnapping for ransom earlier this week was a hoax. the woman at the center of it all has not been charged. lawyers for both her and her boyfriend insist their clients are telling the truth. san he say will honor the police officer killed this week in the line of duty. a candle light vigil will be held for michael johnson. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of today's events. the state will stop enforcing a key provision of jessica's law. that change comes after a state supreme court ruled that banning all sex offenders from living near schools or parks as a blanket is unconstitutional. so now, only high risk sex offenders and pa row lees whose sex crimes involved children will be banned. this could have an impact on
5:47 am
this convicted sex offender trying to move to fairfield. frazier smith's crimes involve women in their teens and early 20s. that's why neighbors are trying to keep him out of the area. they are worried he could be a threat to students at the nearby college a. judge is expected to rule on the request to relocate there today. investigators say an escaped santa clara county jail inmate is no longer in the south bay and he plaf gotten help from his brother. authorities arrested this man, joseph carter. he's accused of being an accessory after the fact for assisting his brother. he escaped from a sheriff's deputy right before an appointment at valley medical center. he has not been seen since. he's an accused child molester. >> chinese restaurant on the peninsula i going the extra mile to prove that a bad yelp review is wrong. the company did not
5:48 am
investigating after a customer gave them a one-star review last week. in the posting, the customer complained about not even being helped and described what he was wearing at the son. the restaurant owner's son found that the man was only in that restaurant for 22 seconds before he walked out. >> none of what he said was true and that's why i decided to post the video. >> that video was posted on the restaurant's website along with a rebuttal to that bad one-star review. yelp confirms that the customer deleted his account. you got to love with sons can come to the rescue of the father. >> and clear up the good name certainly. >> yeah. we are joined by our me meteorologi meteorologist. you teased us with a chance for showers. >> it's actually later on this weekend. >> any time. no bad reviews in this weather forecast. well, maybe. someone always likes the heat.
5:49 am
we're done with it as we get into this afternoon. temperatures are going to be really comfortable. sam's right, we need it. we'll take it whenever it comes our way. right now, temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. the reason why they've been able to cool off so much is because that fog is back. 65 degrees in san francisco today. 70 degrees in the south bay. what a difference a day makes. temperatures will stay in the 70s into the weekend. area of low pressure tracking closer to us. that's what brought on that heat. significant cooling back to the 70s. and then this is what sam was talking about. a little shower activity creeping up from a cutoff low. best chance is late sunday into monday. really nothing has changed when it comes to this forecast. as you can see, just a very slight chance throughout sunday at 11:00 p.m. the best chance is going to be areas to the south and east. so, the east shore, definitely
5:50 am
fair game, tri-valley all the way down through the south bay. and maybe we'll get a little activity over the santa cruz mountains as well. as you see all that moisture tends to condense and we get drizzle over there. full forecast coming up. tell you what's going on this weekend if you have not yet made those outdoor plans. before we do that, here's mike to help you get there on time. >> here's a lot of folks trying to get there as well. even on friday just before 6:00, we have this burst of traffic coming through the area. now, let's look at your map. i see the sensors going from the orange over toward the yellow. that will sort itself out. no slowing up there. so lighter volume still for the northbound through san jose. save that one burst towards 680. southbound 680 coming down past there. we have a couple of lanes
5:51 am
blocked after an earlier crash. things are changing quickly because of the light traffic flow, able to help out folks with incidents. we'll track that for slowing through the area. so far, none showing up on the sensors. hayward, southbound 880, your typical slowing. west 580 at the dublin interchange. toward oakland, we had an earlier traffic wreck. everything cleared. another break looks like it went through the area and had to remove the vehicle from the roadway. we see slowing approaching 980 then clear down toward the oakland coliseum. we have an earlier crash right there at golden gate field. the bay bridge toll plaza has your back up lanes and also fog which will impede your view in some patches around the bay. back to you. 5:51 right now. new details this morning on this building explosion and fire in
5:52 am
new york city's east village. our nbc station in new york is reporting that one person is still missing. the new york city fire and police departments are not confirming that. 19 people are confirmed injured, four of them critically. people called it terrifying incident which happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. smoke poured out from the initial blast as people ran for their lives. flames quickly engulfed two buildings and eventually jumped two to more buildings and three of the structures collapse sfwld preliminary evidence suggests a gas-related explosion. that investigation is ongoing. >> crews were stalling a new gas meet ner a restaurant moments before the explosion. in the wake of scandal, the secret service is tightening rules for employees and alcohol use. the policy change comes as this video was released showing two agents hitting a barricade outside of a bomb investigation
5:53 am
at the white house. those agents had allegedly been drinking at a near bar. they announced staff members are not allowed to drive government cars within ten hours of consuming alcohol. the white house will reveal a plan to tackle the spread of super bugs today. this is the first time ever by the federal government to tackle bugs that are resistant to antibiotics. tens of thousands of people die every year because they contract bacteria that are able to resist antibiotic treatment. the government wants to reduce the number of super bug infections through new diagnostic tools and improving antibiotic use. in just a few hours, scott kelly will be taking off for a year in space. they will spend a year aboard the international space station. scientists will monitor the pair gaining valuable insight into how humans react to long periods of time in space. they hope it will help them get ready for a manned mission to
5:54 am
mars. a sea lion pup is being nursed back to health today after it made it all the way to mountain view. the pup was found on the stevens creek trail on wednesday. she is now being cared for at the marine mammal center. >> she has a home at least. 5:54 right now. edmonds did very well in the short program at the world championship. >> that's awesome. she's now in the top ten and leading the american contingent in shanghai. ed montds is 7th and ashley wagner is 11th. the free skate is tomorrow. i'm talking slowly so we can watch more of the video. >> one of our san jose stars. baseball team in fresno this morning backing off from one of its promotional nights after it received a phone call from the big club. maybe they went too far here. part of back to the future
5:55 am
night, they decided to look toward the future by predicting that its major league affiliate the astros would win the world series in 2017. keep in mind, they were one of the worst teams in major league baseball last year. new year, new chances. it planned to hand out world series rings in august. that is, until the astros got wind of the plan. >> you can't -- you can't fault people for being optimistic, right? avoid driving by levi stadium on sunday. more than 70,000 wwe fans will attend wrestle mania. that means public transit really will be put to the test. they're trying to avoid another incident like last month's sharks game at the stadium where some fans waited hours to get on the train back home. they say they will try to do better, but that you should be
5:56 am
patient, prepare, and preplan. are they adding more trains? what is vta doing? that's what i want to know. >> just pack your patience. let's check in with christina. we had some real heat yesterday. >> we sure did. that ought to make for a much better day. you look around at all the people trying to get home from work in that kind of heat, not a lot of smiles on faces yesterday. today, everything changes. 68 degrees in san francisco. 75 degree notice north bay and 78 degrees in the south bay. john cena come into down. mike, what do you think about that? >> look at this gun show -- no. i hope he's not watching. we're going to talk about a little slowing getting across the eastbound direction. over the peninsula itself, we do have an issue. reports of two, maybe three
5:57 am
lanes blocked by what sounds like an earlier stall. we'll track that through redwood city. and a smooth drive down towards the rest of the bay. we end with our shot here. the bay bridge metering lights are on. there's the smackdown, guys. back to you. it is 5:57 right now. coming up, an update to breaking news from the east bay. >> we're live there where an incident at a check plant prompted health warnings. and a popular international airport shut down this morning because of a power outage. details coming up next. >> first, a live look outside. downtown san jose still blanketed in darkness. nice day coming up here. your local news right after this break.
5:58 am
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breaking news, all clear. why people living near a
6:00 am
chemical plant need to know. plus, a significant discovery inside the home of that co-pilot now accused of deliberately crashing the germanwings flight on purpose. >> and yet another twist in that bizarre kidnapping case capturing the nation's attention. and you made it to friday. temperatures much cooler for today. getting into the weekend, staying nice and comfortable. a shower chance. more on that in just moments. and if you're expecting friday light, you'll find it in many spots. here's the jam for the bay shore freeway. still dark this morning. a cool start to the day. though maybe a little sticky to start. it is friday, march 27th, this is today in the bay. good friday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i


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