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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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remembering a fallen officer. the community gets ready to right now at 11:00, remembering a fallen officer. the community getting ready to honor the san jose police officer killed in the line of duty. good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock, in for scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. it's a day filled with remembrances and vigils for mike johnson, the first of which begins about a half hour. >> bob redell is live in san jose. bob, it's a somber day for everybody involved. >> good morning to you, sam and rist rr. at noon in just about an hour the public is invited to this ordinary office building in downtown san jose to honor san jose police officer mike johnson, in an extraordinary way. create tv which runs several community activist channels in
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this building will be opening up studio b, allowing anyone who wants to step in front of the camera and the television viewing audience on channel 30 to express their views about what happened to officer johnson, whether it's reading a poem saying a prayer or standing in silence, anything. the station wants to give the public a megaphone to speak about the tragedy that took place, something that create tv tries to do when there's something that impablths the community in a big way. >> it's a partnership with us we have brought on parents of young folks that have been tragically killed in this community and had rich dialogues with young people around that. this is what we do. so you know certainly opening the studios for reflections on officer johnson was appropriate for us. >> create tv will open channel 30 to the public from noon to 2:00 this afternoon. studio b is located at 255 west julian, just by the guadalupe.
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they'll hold a candlelight vigil for officer johnson at 6:30 in the 2300 block near the scene of the shooting and another vigil at 8:00 just outside the city hall rotunda in downtown san jose. officer johnson was shot and killed while responding to a man who was drunk, depressed and suicidal tuesday night. san jose police confirmed it was a fellow officer who returned fire killing the suspect, scott dunham. johnson is the first san jose police officer to be killed in the lune of duty in san jose in 14 years. reporting live here in downtown san jose bob redell nbc bay area news. thanks bob. nbc bay area will be there as the community gathers to remember officer johnson. stay with us for complete coverage throughout the day, both on air and online at we have breaking news now to report in san jose. that's where a tractor ran over a man in a homeless encampment. highway 101 and story road near
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the 680 interchange. this is a view from the chopper just moments ago. that incident happened roughly an hour ago. we have heard the injuries are minor. we'll keep an eye on the situation. now, to new developments about 27-year-old andreas lubitz. he's the german copilot who investigators believe deliberately crashed a germanwings plane in the french alps. >> lease searched his home over night and found evidence he was battling an illness, likely depression. katy tur reports. >> the german prosecutor's office has released findings of what they were able to find in the childhood home of lubitz and his dusseldorf apartment. they didn't find evidence of a suicide note. they found no evidence of a religious or political affiliation, but they found evidence 06 illness. they wouldn't say what illness exactly, but german media has been widely reporting he was
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suffering from depression. they found evidence he was being treated for that illness. there are doctors notes as well e excusing him from work, including the day he was flying the plane and the day he crashed the plane into the side of a mountain, which means that he should not have been working the day, that he was ignoring doctors orders not to be at work. also evidence he was hiding this from his employer which would coincide with what lufthansa is telling us. it coincides with what we're hearing from neighbors that they didn't see anything wrong with him. >> i can't imagine that he has done it. this attention, it does not fit in this picture. >> people who knew him in his flight club days they didn't see anything wrong with him. investigators, though, will be looking alt whether or not they can find any reason that this was premeditated any motivation for this crash. back to you. >> that was katy tur reporting
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from germany. stay with us for continuing coverage of the sorie. you can also get the latest on our website, new details now on an early morning scare for people waking up in the east bay. an estimated thousands of pounds of chemicals released in a plume that led public health officials to warn of the effects in pittsburg and antioch. just before 3:00 this morning, chemicals involved in making soap like products released after a high pressure machine malfunctioned. spokesperson said the visible plume lasted just ten minutes before onsite company emergency crews were able to contain the situation. there was no fire nor any injuries to any of the half dozen or so workers in the plant. >> all of our emergency services and response took care of the situation very quickly. we have a lot of professionals out there who take care of this stuff, so it was pretty quickly contained. >> now, the chemicals involved
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here the spokesman said if you were to touch those chemicals, you would not be in immediate danger. monitoring stations at dow reported no impact to the community. >> a mysterious kidnapping story out of vallejo keeps getting more and more strange. denise huskins reported lay taken from her vallejo home showed up at her parents home two days later. then police claim it's a hoax and now huskins and her boyfriend say the ordeal was all too real. joe fryer has both sides of the story. >> denise huskins left the vallejo police station after meeting for hours with investigators. her attorney said she wants to clear her name after police called her kidnapping a hoax. >> she's emotionally and physically broken. and the fact that she's been designated as a suspect only hurts her further. >> attorneys for huskins' boyfriend, aaron quinn, also claim it's no hoax. they say at least two kidnappers
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entered him home early monday and abducted huskins. why wait several hours to report it? >> he was not only bound up. he was drugged. he was forced to drink something that even the kidnappers told him was drugs. >> while huskins was missing, the san francisco chronicle received an audio recording of someone claiming to be her. >> on wednesday morning, she turned up safe 400 miles away in her hometown huntington beach. by that night, police said there was no evidence she was kidnapped kidnapped. >> if you can imagine devoting all of our resources, 24 hours a day, on what i will classify as a wild-goose chase, it's a tremendous loss. >> but police have not commented since. huskins boyfriend said he was interrogated by investigators for 17 hours. giving them a blood sample, clothes, and access to his electronics. he received messages from the kidnappers demanding a ransom of
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$8500, an amount many find odd. >> $8500 split between two kidnappers, that's a little over $4,000 apiece. most of us could get an advance on our mastercard without the chance of going to prison for 30 years. >> a deepening mystery with conflicting stories about whether this girl was truly gone. joe fryer, nbc news los angeles. still trying to put the pieces together there. 11:08 right now. san jose police have arrested a man accused of viciously beating a teen at a valley fair mall. truong huynh is charged with felony batally. he beat up a teen as he was walking to his car in the mall parking lot. they say the attack may have been part of a gang initiation and the attack left 17-year-old christian rasner unconscious and seriously injured. rasner is still in the hospital but doctors are optimistic about his recovery. >> investigators say an escaped santa county jail inmate is no
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longer in the south bay and they say he got away with his brother's help. they arrested joseph carter. he's accused of being an accessory after the fact for assisting johnell carter his brother. johnell carter escaped from the santa clara sheriff's deputy before a medical appointment at valley medical center in san jose three weeks ago. he has not been seen since. johnell carter is an accused child molester. >> one of two men accused of sexually assaulting a drunk taxi cab passenger will be in court today. investigators say the woman was drunk and passed out in the back seat of a cab in sunnyvale. when she woke up this man was allegedly on top of her. he could enter a plea later today. the cab's driver is also accused of sexually assaulting that woman. he appeared in court earlier this week and did not enter a plea. the cab company has since fired him. people who live in one north bay community may find out today if a convicted sex offender will be allowed to move into their
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neighborhood. the emotions were heated at a meeting a few weeks ago in solano conte. that's where a convicted sex offender is petitioning to be released to a home near solano college. he has been in and out of prison for four decades for attacks on young women in their teens and early 20s. >> the family of robin williams is locked in a court battle. that dispute between williams' three children and his wife susan. they're arguing over who should get his home in marin county and the belongings inside. up next at 11:00, the unusual sight on a peninsula. a sea lion pup in the tall grass in mountain view, instead of in the water. how he got there. >> plus -- >> what he said was true and that's why i decided to post a video. >> a local restaurant fighting back against a bad yelp review. how technology helped the restaurant order up revenge. >> we have a comfortable weekend
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coming your way. we'll give you the details if you're planning on staying local. otherwise, want to get away? we have the full get pm away forecast for california plus we'll tell you when rain arrives. that's coming up when nbc bay area returns. =kris/cu= a violent confrontation
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caught on camera is leading to questions about the downtown a violent confrontation caught on camera is leading to questions about the downtown berkeley ambassador program. and we have to tell you, this video may be hard to watch for some of you. it shows an ambassador repeatedly punching a man during a heated exchange. ten times on this video. the ambassadors are supposed to ask the tres passers to move along. the downtown berkeley association says the violence is out of line. >> clearly unacceptable, and egregious behavior that cannot be tolerated. >> the downtown association fired the man who threw the
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punches, suspended his female partner as well. city leaders say now they plan to increase training for the ambassadors. >> the jury is deliberating for a third straight day today in that high profile sex discrimination case in silicon valley. ellen pao claims venture capital firm kleiner perkins discriminated against her because she's a woman. she also claimed she was fired for complaining about gender bias. kleiner perkins denies the allegations. how much dust it cost to lurg one of wall street's top executives to silicon valley? how about $70 million. that's how much they're paying their new financial officer over the next two years. she's known as one of the most powerful women in finance. she comes from blue chip investment bank morgan stanley where she earned $10 million. >> lieutenant governor gavin newsom is helping to spearhead state policies on key marijuana issues. yesterday, he gave a progress report. the lieutenant governor along with a committee is seeking control of the initiative since
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voters could possibly legalize marijuana in 2016 should it make it to the ballot. the committee is working on how pot will be taxed, how to keep it out of the hands of kids and how to keep people safe on the roadways. federal politics now. senate minority leader harry reid is not going to seek re-election. the 75-year-old said that move is to make sure that democrats regain control of the senate next year. reed said it would be quote, inappropriate for him to soak up campaign resources when he could be focusing on putting the democrats back in power. reid also mentioned january's treadmill accident that left him badly bruised. he said the accident gave him time to think. >> a big mac enthusiast and fashionistas rejoice together. mcdonald's releasing a new line of clothing and home decor. up your alley. featuring a signature sandwich. take a look at this. big mac line of running pants, rain coats, maybe rain boots.
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even wallpaper. and sam, this is for you. bedding. mcdonald's introduced the line at a fashion show in sweden this week, but it's only available in sweden for now. company says it may launch an international store soon. >> my only question why didn't someone think of this sooner? how did it take so long to get big mac pjs. 11:16. how far will some restaurants go to prove a bad yelp review is just wrong? >> a millbrae restaurant went to great lengths to do that. ian cole has the surveillance video. >> what does one little review mean to a small business? one for a restaurant like wonderful chinese restaurant in millbrae apparently a lot. about a week ago, the restaurant received a one-star review on yelp. it's the lowest you can rate an establishment. the customer who went by dan w. says he went into the restaurant by himself and asked for a seat. he waited for a minute he was not helped further. he was not happy, and he left.
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then he left the bad review. the restaurant couldn't believe it. >> people think that business owners are not adversely effected, but really they are, personally and professionally. >> this man is the owner's son, he studies abrought in england and keeps track of the accounting, website, and reviews. he started digging to prove dan wrong. >> this person had pointed out the exact time and what he was wearing when he came to the restaurant, so i said i'll go on to the surveillance footage and check if this guy was really telling the truth. so i can make better changes to our policies. >> he checked the video to find dan was only there for 22 seconds, though he posted on yelp and posted the vid joe saying dan simply checked the wait list and left. >> none of what he said was true and that's why i decided to post the video. >> the customer at the center of the controversy responded saying the restaurant went too far. yelp confirmed dan has since removed his account so we weren't able to get ahold of
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him. >> i dont care about a star i care about how they feel in my restaurant. >> while yo-yo isn't happy, he helps others simply ask for help in person instead of posting online. his father, the owner, said they would love to have dan back because according to him, every customer, every review, counts. >> i will take care of him personally, and -- >> my father hases if he does return to wonderful, we will offer him a free meal free drink, and a warm hand shake. >> in millbrae ian cole nbc bay area news. nice to see son come to dad's rescue. sea lion pup is being nursed back to health today after somehow it made it all the way to mountain view. here he is. the pup is nicknamed glicker. and was found on the steven's creek trail on wednesday. not a lot of water there. glicker now being cared for at the marine mammal center. no word yet on how he or she is doing. >> okay. corvette enthusiasts some sweet
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rides are rolling into the tri-valley this weekend. tomorrow is the kickoff to the 33rd all american get together at the alameda county fair grounds. that show brings together more than 3,000 hot rods customs, classics, and muscle cars of all years, and all of them are american made. >> so come out, check out the cars, incredible paint jobs customizations, a lot of stuff going on. you can see how the old cars actually get it up and go. so it's going to be a great day. >> okay if your interest is piqued, the show runs tomorrow and sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> meteorologist christina loren is in the weather center and sam said we could borrow his car this weekend. >> a hot rod? >> if only it was a corvette right? sam has a nice car. really nice car, as a matter of fact. tiburon time lapse tells a story of the day. we were so cloudy earlier, that fog was thick, and right now, you can see a lot of it has
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cleared, but back behind the cloud deck is the golden gate bridge. you can see there's still fog at this point. it's not keeping the spectators off the bridge at this hour. a really nice day ahead, especially all things in perspective. yesterday at this time, we were already into the mid 70s, a couple 80s. at this point, we have the 60s and even a couple areas still not out of the 50s because of the low clouds. 59 degrees in san francisco. 69 currently in the tri-valley. not going to climb all that much more as we head throughout the day. and that's because that fog machine is going to stay on. and for us that's onshore flow. it's natural coolant. you can get your ac a break today. 93 degrees yesterday in gilroy. today, in san jose 78 degrees. what a difference a day can make right here in the beautiful bay area. you know what's happening right here on nbc? 7:00 dodgers taking on our very own world champion san francisco giants. and temperatures are going to be hot out there. 94 degrees is the high in
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scottsdale. the regular season starts on april 1st if you're curious, just five days uz way and in the home opener april 13th we're going to go big on nbc bay area. as you know the proud broadcast home of our world champions. let me take you to napa show you what to expect if you're headed to wine country this weekend. temperatures in the upper sfebts for friday. saturday into sunday really mild out there, not bad at all. hot out there yesterday. look at sonoma 79 degrees today. 81 degrees for saturday. up too 85 degrees and that's it for sunday. rision river valley looking good. temperatures approaching the low 80s, and that's it. we like to tell you what's happening across the bay area each and every weekend. if you have ever considered a adopting a shelter pet, this sunday, 1:00 to 3:00 oakland animal services are going to have adoptable dogs on a catwalk hosted by diane dwyer. also, race starts, 6:30 a.m. the rock 'n' roll half marathon.
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beautiful conditions as we get into the weekend, and temperatures will be steady even as we kick off next week. we're always watching the long-termidaty, the next best chance for rain comes in as we get into the sick6th and 7th of april. we'll keep you updated. very slight chance for maybe sprinkles as we head throughout sunday night. more in moments. now back to you, sam and kris. >> thanks. coming up next at 11:00, the south bay getting ready to get body slammed. i think hulk hogan helped us out there. big event headed to levi's this weekend. a cooler
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♪ ♪ looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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place to be next season. sam/vo the 49ers will feature a "cool zone" -- including levi's stadium will be a cooler place to be next season. >> what are you talking about? the 49ers will feature a cool zone, including air conditioned benched on the concourse. misting fans will also be set up along the plaza to provide relief from the heat. last season many fans seemed unprepared for the direct sun and high temperatures which were more intense than at candle stick park. the 49ers are also considering placing small misting cups sfans in the cup holders. a nice perk there. >> speaking of levi's stadium. yeah, it will be hot this weekend for wrestlemania 31. guess who stopped by this
11:26 am
morning? >> would i know if i read his t-shirt? hulk hogan. a flash from the past. >> i tell you. i have never seen so many people flock to get pictures. and it wasn't just me. >> they came out from the woodwork. everyone in the station. >> some tried to play it cool. >> and i'm a little bummed because i also stood next to mr. hogan and it was in video mode and not picture mode. >> that happened to you, too. i'll help you, though. >> the stars of the main event are already in town. >> clearly. >> superstar john cena will be meeting with some young fans. he's going to host a pizza party for 25 make a wish kids and their families at the tech museum. it caps off a week of good deeds by wwe wrestlers. yesterday, they hosted an anti-bullying event. the goal here is to create a positive environment for everyone, whether it's online or face-to-face. >> and hulk hogan talked about
11:27 am
that, said it is awesome to see how much of that those guys do. >> good they're using their celebrity on that end. >> the divas went to the hospital. lucky kids. >> san jose teen selena edmonds did well in her short program at the world championships. >> she's now in the top ten, and she's leading the american contingent in shanghai. after the first day of skating, edmonds is seventh. gracy cold eighth and ashley wagner is 11th. the free skate is tomorrow. >> action packed time in the sports world. 11:26. up next at 11:00. >> the new white house recession has been on the job for a month, but we'll show you how she's inspiring people coast to coast.
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free zones" will soon be a thing of the past in california. a so-called sexual predator free zones will soon be a thing of the past in california. yesterday, state officials announced housing restrictions will loosen allowing paroled sex offenders to live closer to
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schools and parks. >> nbc bay area's michelle roberts shows us how many parents are worried about the change. >> some registered sex offenders will soon be able to move in next door to parks and schools. the california department of corrections says jessica's law that bans offenders from coming within 2,000 feet of a park or school will only be applyied to the most serious oftds because the initial law was ruled unconstitutional by the california supreme court this month. while many parents worry the change will put their children in danger. kathleen isn't convinced the current ban ever worked as it was intended. >> part of me believes that's a false sense of security because children are everywhere. >> she believes each offender should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. >> there are some people who are rehabilitatable. and some that aren't. >> under the current law, a person charged with multiple
11:31 am
rapes is put into the same category as someone who was charged with indecent exposure. now, parole officers will decide if the offender is allowed to live within a school zone. >> to deny them a place to live is unconstitutional. and it defeats the purpose of having someone become rehabilitated. >> brandon jonesicize he's more worried about the rights of his son. >> i think they should keep the law the way it was. >> protect them? >> yeah protect them. >> michelle roberts nbc bay area news. >> okay a battle behind bars right now. this morning, there are accusations that san francisco sheriff's deputies have been forcing inmates into gladeiator style fights for their own amusement amusement. >> the city public defender says she has proof. we have reaction from the sheriff. >> jeff adachi told reporters it's the most outrageous conduct he has seen in 30 years at the hall of justice. >> i can only describe this as an outrageously sadistic
11:32 am
scenario that sounds like it's out of the game of thrones. >> he said he heard about deputies organizing inmate gladiator fights from an inmate's father who sent an e-mail several weeks ago asking for help. the inmate is ricardo garcia recorded on this phone call from the jail. >> i was hit in the private area. where try to tell them to stop. they wouldn't let us stop. >> the inmates described injuries lasting several weeks. gar see as at 5'9" and 150 pounds was set to fight an inmate weighing 350 pounds. stanley harris said he was trained by deputies and bribed with food. >> private investigator barry simon interviewed five inmates at the jail last friday. >> the main thing that struck me the most was their consistency in what they said and how they presented it. >> the inmates named four debates, neu, the alleged ring leader joneser chiba, and
11:33 am
stainy whose first game was not given. the public defender's chief attorney says there's got to be more. >> it is impossible for just two or three or even four deputies to commandeer the jail in stage fights without other deputies being aware of it. >> sheriff believes that's true. >> i do. i actually do believe that. i think that the thin blue line sometimes extends into prisons and jails. i think that that could very well be the case. >> mark matthews, nbc bay area news. that is an interesting one. >> amazing, yeah. >> the local tech company is taking on gay rights. a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples is stirring up anger in the tech community. >> our business and tech reporter scott budman shows us how companies are fighting back. >> you could say it was tech's coming out party. big companies like apple and facebook marching in the recent
11:34 am
gay pride parade. but it's not only pride being supported now. it's activism. the ceo of san francisco tech giant salesforce tweeting out messages against the state of indiana which just signed legislation allowing businesses to, among other things deny service to same-sex couples on religious ground. >> this applies to everyone who wants to assert a religious believe. >> we have seen silicon valley stepping up and taking more of a role, playing more of a role in national politics. both through campaign donations, which have really increased in the last couple election cycles and now also on specific political issues. >> this ad set to run in the san jose mercury news opposes pending legislation in arkansas some call discriminatory towards the lgbt community. the ad's message is supported by tech giants apple, intel, and
11:35 am
at&t. salesforce, which just bought an indiana firm for $2.5 billion, was not specific about sanctions against the state, but did get other tech leaders to tweet against it and co-signed a letter encouraging indiana leaders to veto the bill. >> gay rights issues in particular are one where we see a big generational divide and young people who are some of the biggest users of tech i think, will definitely respond to this message and feel like the tech industry is representing us. >> the march is on. tech companies getting more political and standing up for gay rights. scott budman nbc bay area news. certainly silicon valley carrying a lot of weight with that as well. 11:35 right now. we move to the story of a young woman who may be one of the most impressive figures in washington. >> we're talking about the president's newly appointed receptionist. peter alexander has her story.
11:36 am
>> every morning in the nation's capital, leah katz-hernandez arrives for work at the white house. her job is one of a kind kind of like leah herself. leah is the new receptionist of the united states. if he is the potus, she is the rotus. that's her desk just steps from the oval office. she's 27, a connecticut native, and she's deaf. >> fantastic opportunity. and also to show that deaf people can do anything. >> from world leaders to white house staffers -- >> you have a meeting this morning? >> i do. >> anyone who has an appointment with the president or one of his top advisers comes to leah's desk first. she has provided an interpreter who alerts her when the phone rings. >> goom, this is the west wing lobby. >> leah was born deaf part of a deaf family. her mom is a social worker her dad put himself through college and earned a ph.d. a former white house intern she
11:37 am
worked for president obama's re-election campaign before being hired onto the first lady's staff. she remembers the first time they met. >> she actually used sign language and signed to me and said hi, my name is michelle. she spelled out michelle obama. it was so incredible. >> have you taught the president sign yet? >> i saw him in chicago and he already knew sign language at that time. he passed by me and i waved at him, and he signed immediately thank you to me. >> leah also oversees the roosevelt room and the white house guest book. she's the one in charge of selecting cell phones before meetings with the president. in this morning, we ran into press secretary josh earnest. >> she represents us very well. >> when you look around here what do you think? >> it is a great responsibility to be here as a desk person. and i feel very proud of the opportunities that have been given to me. >> a pioneer at the white house. how do you say hello, mr. president? >> hello. mr. president.
11:38 am
>> one more time. >> hello. >> mister. >> mister. >> president. >> defined by her accomplishments, not her disability. >> that is peter alexander reporting, an amazing story there. >> that was cool. up next at 11:00 time for some spring cleaning. not your garage. the digital clutter that you might be overlooking. >> plus, the big changes designed to make the s.a.t. more fair and how one famous bay area entrepreneur is leveling the playing field for low income students. >> and we have stellar conditions on the way for your all-important weekend. but here's the thing. saturday it looks fantastic. by sunday could see a stray shower. we'll let you know if this pertained to your microclimate. only expecting that in some spots, which nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back. kris/2shot it's spring, which means high
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school juniors across the bay area are anxious. they're getting ready to take the s-a-t. high school juniors across the bay area are getting a little anxious. they're getting ready to take the s.a.t.s. >> brings back painful memories. a time honored tradition, a
11:42 am
necessity for getting into college, but it's going to face a makeover. we're shown how they're redesigning the s.a.t. >> how many of you thought about which colleges you would like to go to. >> these high school opportunities have a lot to look forward to including applying to college. they're attending a college spring program that helps students take the high stakes s.a.t. >> never racking, actually. >> students here say the s.a.t. is daunting partly because it doesn't reflect what they have learned. >> it's just not like not telling the colleges who i am as a person. because it's not showing my academics behind it. >> sometimes they test you on stuff that you're never going to know really need in life. >> those are some of the reasons why the s.a.t. is getting an overhaul. this is the last year of the old s.a.t.sayonara. >> we're really excited about the one that's coming up. >> julie says the new s.a.t.
11:43 am
will more accurately reflect what students learn in high school. the idea behind the remodel, to level the playing field and make it more accessible. >> i think the college board is really working with equity in mind and working to make the test more fair. >> among the changes coming next year no more penalties for wrong answers. vocabulary words that are more relevant and essay will be optional. >> why couldn't they do this this year? i would have loved to have done the optional essay. >> the redesigned s.a.t. will be more focused and clear. useful and open than ever before. >> also the college board wants to counter it with free online test prep. >> this will be the best thing out there that happens to be free. >> i think the effort to overhaul it are -- are moving in
11:44 am
a right direction but not far enough. >> but not everyone is convinced that the new s.a.t. will be a better s.a.t. >> i think that people that are still marginalized come from marginalized communities, still won't be impacted positively by the changes that the s.a.t. officials are trying to make. >> good job. >> whatever the outcome of the new s.a.t. these students in hayward are focusing on conquering this year's s.a.t. for pursuing their college goals. >> really it's all about endurance for me. >> you can't take the s.a.t. more than once. most colleges will see the last time you took the s.a.t. >> jessica aquirre, nbc bay area news. >> i hate to see them so stressed out. >> so much pressure on the tests. >> spring cleaning may have you sifting through your closets and garages, trying to dump stuff on
11:45 am
your friends, getting rid of items you don't need. >> but you might be overlooking digital clutter you face every day. >> an overstuffed inbox can be overwhelming, but it's not insurmountable. >> there's a lot you can do to declutter your devices and that can help declutter your mind. >> if e-mail overload is stressing you out, a service can help you out. the free service consolidates your e-mail subskrpgzs. >> newsletters promotional e-mails, updates from facebook, anything. >> you can unsubscribe from whatever you don't want but what you keep is combined to one daily e-mail. spring cleaning can also be a time to get another part of the digital life in check. >> your social media feeds can also get full of posts from people or pages that just aren't relevant to you anymore. >> on facebook if you don't need to see the post from a certain friend you can choose to unfollow them without the sting of unfriending them. also check the brand pages you
11:46 am
subskrine to and what apps have access to your data. if your smartphone is lagging, photos and videos eating up storage space may be the cause. before you start deleting content -- >> you should consider backing up all the photos and videos which are data heavy to a cloud service, to an external hard drive or to your computer. >> that's an idea that is likely good for any season. mark barger nbc news. >> know where they're coming from here. thousands of spam e-mails that litter your inboxes every day. that's a bummer. >> yes, it is. let's talk to christina loren. i never ignore the weather alerts, though. >> yeah you have little ones. we like to get them outdoors every once in a while. much cooler. they won't be complaining as much today. look at all these people out here enjoying the sights on the golden gate bridge. finally starting to see that bridge clear up. we still have fog out there. but before the day is done in fact, over the course of the
11:47 am
next couple hours, these 50s will jump into the 60s and 70s. and that's where they will stay and we'll see full sunshine for today. 59 degrees in santa rosa. same for san francisco. the reason it's so much cooler here than what we're seeing in the inland valley spots is that low cloud cover. now, let me tell you the weather story of the day because yesterday, we had high pressure firmly in control. for today, onshore flow has returned, as the big ridge of high pressure has pushed off to the east. what a difference a day can make here in the bay area. and the cool ocean air is going to move all the way inland. in fact all the way through to sacramento delta as we head throughout the day today and tomorrow for most of the weekend as well. but once the clouds clear up we do want to make sure you're aware of this. it's time to put the sunscreen on each and every day. as now we're in spring. today we have a uv of 7. and what that means is you have a high risk of burning if you're exposed to the sun for 20 minutes or more. hey, ladies when it comes to
11:48 am
aging of the skin, sun damage is the number one contributor. you always want to have the sunscreen ready to bow. plus, it keeps you safer. 72 degrees a beautiful day coming your way on the peninsula. 78 for the tri-valley. 68 degrees in san francisco. and 76 degrees, hard to beat that in the north bay. considering we were in the low 90s yesterday. onshore flow will persist all weekend long. might squeeze out a few showers as we head throughout late sunday into monday. and the best chance for that looks like it will be for the tri-valley and the higher elevations right here in the south bay. systems sneaking up from the south. great weather for weekend events. the rock 'n' roll half marathon taking place in san francisco. 8500 runners expected in the city. that is going to be jam packed. you might want to avoid the city between about 6:00 and 9:00 because of the reason. this is a big one, we're excited about this. easter egg hunt for dogs on saturday. gorgeous conditions. 70 degrees out there.
11:49 am
this guy is really actually happy to be out there hunting for eggs. he looks a little disappointed right now, but that is because someone is probably getting too close with the camera. this is in golden gate park. the proceeds benefit muttville senior dog rescue. $15 if you want to partake or you can watch on the sidelines for free. here we go. take you into the next couple days. 77 degrees on saturday. sunday, 81 degrees. monday into tuesday, comfortable conditions. and we're always looking as far out as we can for shower activity, and it looks like the best chance for measurable rain may be a quarter to a half inch will come in for the 6th and 7th of april. i don't think we'll see much if we get any this weekend, probably less than .5. but here we could see some promise as we head into the second week of the new month, which is right around the corner. now, just five days away from april. back to you, sam and kris. >> i don't think he looked mean. i think he was like stay away
11:50 am
from my eggs. >> i'm watching you. up next at 11:00, a sea lion invasion on the west coast. so what's driving them here? we look to answer that question.
11:51 am
11:52 am
kris/2shot call it the invasion of the mike inouye here. what if i started dancing? no explanation, that would be weird, right? but what if everyone and i mean everyone started dancing all over the world at the same time? now, that would be awesome. that's the goal of dance anywhere. trar rr trying to get you to consider the definition of public space to inspire community creativity and make the arts more acsetsable to people in general. 3:00 p.m. in new york 8:00 p.m. in rome and paris. send me a video if you participate in that. what if i started singing? i would likely clear the studio.
11:53 am
but tonight at silver creek high school in san jose opera pops will be bringing you operatic arias, duets, and ensemble pieces in six different languages sung by the cast of the upcoming production. their effort is part fund-raiser for the upcoming show and part out outreach effort to show the kids and adults that opera can be accessible, relevant and cool. we go from dragon productions to a production with dragons. head to oakland at the zoo's zimmer oddauditorium. tonight's flick is how to train a dragon 2, and bring your pillows, blankets and chairs and get ready for the show. beforehand, you can meet some of their nocturnal animals and then dig into the popcorn and hot chocolate that they'll provide or bring whatever grub you want. that's grub as in human food. they also have grubs at the zoo, too. enjoy urlunch. >> not if it's grubby.
11:54 am
so call it the invasion of the sea lions. >> more than 2,000 california sea lions have taken over the docks at east mooring basin in oregon. port leaders claim the animals are destroying the docks, but some tourists have driven for miles to see the spectacle. a group called the sea lion defense brigade says the port leaders are missing an opportunity and should be celebrating these visitors. >> i think we should open this up as a sea lion sanctuary. there's lots of money to be had here. >> that is music to the ears of those who want to embrace and not fight california sea lions. >> maybe that's where all of ours went. >> they migrated. so a robot gets ready to go where no other robot has gone before. we'll explain after the break.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
a companion robot in space? sam/vo the guinness book of records awarded kirobo the robot two a companion robot in space. >> i mean if you're going to be out there, you want someone to keep your company. the guinness book of records awarded a robault two world records today as the first companion robot in space, and the highest altitude for a robot to hold a conversation. he traveled to the iss in 2013 and returned to earth last months after 18 months in space. his sole purpose was companionship for a japanese astronaut because you have to have somebody to talk to. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. today on ""access hollywood" live" tyrece gibson is here, and we'll get into the special relationship with paul walker. >> we have to talk about the speech he gave his beautiful 7-year-old daughter. it's adorable. >> dina lohan joins us. kit, can you believe it has been ten years since she has been on a date? >> huh? we have to get into that. why she stormed off the set of the millionaire matchmaker. what made dina so upset? >> so uncomfortable. "access hollywood live" starts right now.


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