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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. (humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker in. >> i'm vicky nguyen in for terry mcsweeney today. we are following developing news outs of southern california tonight that relates to a uc berkeley student. this is eloi vasquez. he hasn't been seen since very early saturday morning. now there is an intense search going on. nbc bay area's christie smith is
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live in berkeley with the very latest. >> reporter: i spoke with family members from the bay area who are now in southern california joining the search. they say this is not like him. he's a responsible student. an athlete. he plays on the men's soccer team here at call. they say he was actually looking forward to coming back to starting classes up again this week. eloi vazquez is a 19-year-old freshman last seen at a party near usc early saturday. he is actually from movado. family says he went to enjoy spring break with friends from call berkeley. he mentioned that night at the party he wanted to go to the beach. but that was far away. friends with him told him no but said they didn't see him again. family says that a friend got a call after 2:00 a.m. at berkeley and he said he was loosest. the friend suggests he call
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friends who were with him in southern california. friends and his mom immediately drove down. >> we are just overwhelmed. we have no idea. there is just no no contact. people have been searching all over. i mean it's just so unlike him. he's so responsible. and he knew he was supposed to go home today with the rest of the boys. so there is no way he would have -- if he could have -- if he could, if he were able to, he would be contacting them to tell them where he is. >> reporter: she said the family was working with police trying to access to his records like perhaps the last call he made that he was look forward, again, to coming back and starting classes again. meantime i received a statement from call athletics by e-mail saying they too are concerned for his safety working with authorities here and in los angeles, and of course asking anyone with information to contact police. reporting live at uc berkeley
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christie smith nbc bay area news. >> christie thank you so much. wrestlemania in full swing inside levi's stadium tonight. the athletes are performing in front of a sold out crowd. didn't seem to be many article? s getting into the event. but a smooth exhibit? that's yet to be seen. marianne favro is live at the stadium. on twitter, people are tweeting pictures of these athletes. sting is a big guy who just dame came out. they are not thifg leaving yet. >> reporter: this is an active social media group. 71,000 fans are here at levi's stadium. look. they are roaring every few seconds. enjoying the sunshine at levi's stadium. and there are fans here from 40 different countries. many jumped on light rail and came here directly from a fan event at the san jose convention center. yes, the trains were definitely crowded and many people had to stands for the trip. >> instead of parking they give
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you the clipper card. boom take the vta, go up to levi's stadium. don't have to worry about parking. come back here. easy. >> reporter: it wasn't quite so easy for those who opted to drive. many complained about a major back up once they got off highway 101 and tried to make it to it stadium. late this afternoon that all seemed to clear up. this is definitely a trial run for the super bowl next year which will be held here at levi's stadium. because the arrival times are staggered. some fans got here as early as 1:30 when the gates first opened, it seems to run smoothly going in. now the big question is how is it going to be getting 71,000 fans out of levi's stadium at one time later tonight. we'll let you know. the economic impact the event, last year this event in new orleans had a $143 million impact for that area. people here are hoping it will do the same in the south bay.
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reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro nbc bay area news. people using -- to get into the south bay for event were delayed up to 30 minutes after a train struck and killed a man in sunnyvale this afternoon. authorities say their investigation reveals this was an intentional act. none of the passengers were injured. this is the tenth fatal accident this year. the man killed was about 20 years old. also two high-speed accidents to tell you about. officers now investigating the accident that happened at the exact same spot in highway 80 in fairfield this morning. the first just before 7:00 this morning. police say this driver was passing cars at 100 miles per hour when he lost control and hit a guardrail. the 23-year-old was from voyage. the second crash happened an
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hour later near the same spot. officers say that driver was going 85 miles per hour in the slow lane when he lost control and crashed through a fence slamming into a tree. the 62-year-old was killed. he was from fairfield. a violent night in oakland after three shootings leaves one man dead and two others in the hospital. the first shooting happened after 8:00 last night. police say a driver fired onanother car on highway 580. one person in the car was shot in the back but is expected to survive. two hours later police responded to a drive by shooting on macarthur boulevard. the vifl is recovering from a bullet wounds to the chest. four hours later officers found a man shot several times at tenth and washington streets. he died at the hospital. there is no suspect information right now for any of those shootings. california could soon have a surplus on its hands. the state controller has received $1 billion more than
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expected in the first eight months of the current fiscal year. if history is any guide that number will swell to about $2 billion by june 30th. this is us about of the booming economy. unemployment is down. also the state is spending less on safety net programs. thurston also says the tables could turn quickly if lawmakers do not extend proposition 30. passed in 2012 that initiative collects about $7 billion each year in taxes on the wealthy and also via sales. >> california is really taking hold and it has rancho penasquitos rebounded. but we have to look past that. look past that to the expiration of proposition 30 in 2018. at that point an extra 7 billion that has been coming in temporary will stop. and so the surplus we have today could be a deficit as soon as two or three years from now. >> in the immediate future that surplus will likely be spent on
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education. also restoring funds to programs cut during the recession. last week texas senator ted cruz became the first official presidential candidate for 2016. looks like marco rubio could be hot on his heels. april 13 assistant likely date for rubio to roll out his bid for white house. the team is considering the freedom tower, an art museum in miami for the announcement. the location has especially significance. many immigrants were processed in that building decades ago. if he waits until the 13th he will likely be the third candidate to officially announce. kentucky senator rand paul is expected to declare his candidacy on april 7th. with the race for the white house heating up, so are temperatures here in the bay area. rob has a check on the forecast as we wrap up this really nice weekends. >> it has been very nice. and still close to 80 earlier in
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san jose. right now down to 78. other temperatures south of downtown as you are about to see in the micro climate outlook, still in the mid 80s out towards santa theresa. saratoga earlier today highs in the mid 80s. in the trivalley. beginning to cool down in dublin. down to 78. livermore, 82. 80 around the downtown area of dublin. you notice the temperatures begin to drop off closer to hayward hills. into san francisco, 678 degrees. camera boungs around as the sea breeze is taking hold. that is the view from ocean beach. we are waiting for the low clouds to sweep back in as you see the wind speeds from 10 to 15 miles per hour right now. these winds are going to increase for the first hatch of the work week. we'll see some gusty conditions at times and there is a chance that the weather system here that's going to be off to the north that could bring high clouds for now -- we're also seeing thunder showers urnto currently off to the east in the sierra. but the system to the north will bring us the chance for cooler temperatures and possibly a chance of morning showers for
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parts of the work week foreman forecast. a full look at that coming up in a few minutes. back to you. coming up next, heavy fighting in an iraqi city as ground troops try to drive out isis. we'll tell you the role of u.s. troops in this military campaign. also he's off once again. this mini marathoner from campbell set a big goal for himself in today's morgan hill 10k. did he pull it off? we'll let you know after the break.
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iraqi military operations continued today to try to retake the northern stiff tikrit from isis. troops, as you can see here fired towards targets with machine guns and a rocket launcher. the final push to drive isis from particular have it now going ahead without the country's iran backed shiite militia who have been instrumental in the operations so far. the pattle for the city is seen as a key step toward eventually driving isis from mosul, a major city farther north. in thieu nearby ya world leaders joins thousands in the nation's capital for a march against extremist violence. france's president was there, as well as italy's prime minister and palestine's president. it comes after gun men opened fire on tourists outside a
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museum ten days ago killing 22 people. the u.s. ambassador to tee nearbia said today washington is working closely with tee nearbyian security forces so they have the tools and training to better fight extremists. well, coming up after the break, a cute alert, an adorable addition to the animal kingdom. we'll give you a closer look at the newest addition at the san diego zoo. >> there is never a situation where there is nothing you can do. >> determined to do something after losing two of his friends to suicide we'll show you the way this man is using music to help himself and others heal. stay with us.
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he keeps getting bills from hospitals he has never been. >> to 40 to $50,000 that i know of. >> tuesday the investigative unit uncovers a new kind of medical crime.
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>> my life is being held hostage. >> one that could cost you much more than money. >> i can die because i'm getting the wrong blood type. >> tuesday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate. believe it or not, there is a softer side of punk rock. an 18-year-old punk singer from san francisco went from feeling helpless to helpful by doing what he loves. garvin thochls thomas is here with tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: what rico collie was feeling helpless about was suicide. rico said growing up he always thought of it as one of those things that happened to other people not someone he knew. well he was wrong. more than once. rico wasn't sure what he could do about it until he found his voice, as it were, in this bay area proud. >> this is a great thing. a great gig you guys have going on. >> reporter: for many a young man in san francisco these days, facial hair is something of a
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trend. >> the design and -- >> for rico collie though it's a well thought out strategy. >> i gruesome facial hair to mask how old i was. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: rico is just 18. and there aren't many teenage concert promoters out there. but rico wants venues musicians, even the t-shirt vendors to take him seriously because he is very serious about what he's doing. >> i'm just a kid. and i'm trying my hard toast do something. and i truly believe i am doing something, something big, second course. one, two, three ♪ >> reporter: rico is at heart a musician. lead singer of global affront, an up-and-coming punk bands. but rico says before committing to playing punk a few years ago, he struggled a bit with his identity. at least he thought it was a struggle until he learned what some friends were going through. >> unfortunately, i lost two of
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my close friends in early high school to suicide. >> reporter: the following year rico says was one dominated by a feeling of helplessness. constantly asking himself, what could he do? . ♪ the answer of course was right there in his hands the whole time. music. from that thought grew the first rock for life concert to benefit san francisco suicide prevention. on this night in san francisco, it's sooim timetime for the third. global affront and three other bands playing their hearts out in more ways than one. rico, and his friends will raise thousands of dollars tonight through their ticket and t-shirt sales. the rough edge of punk rock showing off its softer side if not a quieter won. and rico knowing all along he will never again ask himself
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what can be done. just how big can he do it? >> there is never a situation where there is nothing you can do. you know? there is always something you can do. >> reporter: combined over the three years rico and his friends have raised close to $20,000 for san francisco's suicide prevention. he sets off next fall for new york university where he's enter a program for music and business. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> remarkableaaq work. also pretty remarkable. remember this 10-year-old kid aiming to break a world record in the 10k? elliott daniel ran the morgan hill race aiming to break the record set by his cousin 30 years ago. family feud. all in all, this runner seems to be making his own mark in the race world. >> doing good. feeling good.
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i'm glad i did it. it was fun. fun day. although i didn't get the record i'm glad i did it. i love running. and i love exercise. >> see, he has the attitude of a champion. no doubt he'll do it eventually. daniels is keeping his eye on the prize. he will go for another attempt at this record coming up in may. >> 10 years old. seth such a good examples. >> and his times are remarkable. >> it was a great day to be out there running, right? >> lots of sunk. positive attitude, love that, too. gorgeous morning to the south and morgan hill and around san francisco, too. for the rock and roll half marathon. starting to see a cooldown. a day setting up very much like a summer afternoon where temperatures soar into the 80s inlands triggering the late day sea breeze and the ocean marine air sweeps in across the bay. 78 in san jose. inlands, we're still hanging on to 80s out by concord and livermore. inlands temperatures running a couple degrees warmer than
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yesterday at the same time but this pattern is about to reverse as the on-shore winds increase early for the work week. right now, winds about 10 to 15 miles per hour. we will see gusts approaching 30 by tuesday. coming in off the ocean. so you know that's going to lead to some cooling early in theeck would. high clouds off shore. interesting if you look off towards the east. rather large thunder showers blossoming with the heating of the day. heating up the evaporation that takes place in the locations off to the east as the warm air rises, cools, condenses and forms into large clouds. at times this has produced thunderstorms around mammoth lakes and yosemite. watch for that in the next couple of afternoons. that is a possibility. another possibility for us is this weather system that will trigger a stronger sea breeze and verilikely driznell a few spots by the time we get into tuesday morning. tomorrow morning, low 50s. around noon 60s and low 70s. high temperatures should not be
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in the 80s. high clouds coming in. too. upper 70s in the warmest spots around the bay area tomorrow. we'll see temperatures cooling off even more approaching tuesday. we'll be watching that weather system which is off to the north. not really impact monday too much other than the fact we will see high clouds going on by. as it drops in for monday nice and tuesday, what's left this weather system may give us a little bit of drizzle at times. as it clears out we will see the wind speeds begin to pick up at 10 to 20 miles per hour. the effect of that system on tuesday. 80s today, look at san jose, 70 for a high on tuesday. drizzle possible. warm up thursday into friday. next week possibly a pattern change. by this time next sunday could see showers coming back into the picture. as you make your next weekend plans, looks dry to start. then we hope those changes start
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for next sunday. could see 60s in especially the north bay by the end of the weekend. >> never too early to start plan forth the next weekend. >> we'll be right back.
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many of the music industry's biggest names are coming together in downtown los angeles tonight for i heart radio music awards. nbc's tina kim has this preview. >> reporter: a night to honor music's biggest hits and brightest stars. and host jamie foxx will be right in the middle of it. >> i know all of these guys. it will be a fun night. we are celebrateding the music. we are celebrating the jurnr journeys to the music.
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>> reporter: foxx is also one of the performers tonight, a list that includes madonna, rihanna, and country star jason eight al dean. expect some extra excitement when justin timberlake takes the stage to receive the innovator award. >> if it's obvious that an amazing time happening in that room, then filming it trillions to what you are seeing at home. >> reporter: a combination of i heart radio charts and fan votes determines the winners. >> you guys are the best. >> reporter: social media also came into play for some categories. >> social has changed the world of music. and these artists have massive followers. and they hang on everything that they twoet or they instagram. >> reporter: tonight they will get to hang on every note. >> hip hop, pop, there is country, everything. and jamie can run a room. >> reporter: in this case a room of music's best. gina kim nbc news los angeles. the show starts at 8:00 mm right here on nbc bay area.
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>> looking forward to that. coming up next you don't want to miss it. an adorable baby jaguar welcomed at the san diego zoo.
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there is a new addition to one of the most popular tourist attractions in san diego. the san diego zoo, so cute -- look at this -- jag war cub. the cub was born a few weeks ago but made its public debut yesterday. this is the mother's third baby. the new staff don't know yet if the cub is a by or a girl. cute. hikers in southern california were surprised to fine a piano on top of a lookout in the santa monica mountains. ♪ how fantastic is that in this piano discovered on the top of toe panga look out. it was indicated the piano was
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hauled up on top of the mountain on tuesday for a music video for rachel long. beautiful view. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. we will have more local news right here on nbc bay area at 6:00. see you then. on this sunday night, the final moments aboard the doomed jetliner. chilling reports of what the co-pilot did while the captain desperately tried to get back in the cockpit. hard landing, an air canada flight careened off the runway. the nose of thplane sheared off and dozens eninjured. power threat. an investigation into just how vulnerable our nation's power grid really is and how the threats against it could put millions in the dark. and tipping point. it's showing up everywhere. digital tipping. is it shaming you into paying up? this is "nbc nightly news" with lester


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