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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 29, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> there is such a thing that's not right. that he's missing. he's not out there having fun. >> his mom wants him home. hundreds of miles away from the bay area there is an intense search for a cal freshman missing in southern california.
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>> he was reported missing after attending a frat party on saturday. what information do they have? >> reporter: well the family is saying he is a very responsible young man and keeps in close contact with his family. that his being gone like this without contacting them just doesn't add up. >> family says he went to a frat prarty near usc and later mentioned going to the beach. friends told him it was too far and then he left. >> he called my around 1:57.
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>> she says she was surprised to get two calls fra vaz kwez overnight saying he was lost that he needed help but she was all the way in berkeley. >> i kept telling him to call his friends. >> friends in la. she says he mentioned walking and a beach but the phone cut off. she sent a text but never got a response. >> i'm really scared. i'm really worried. >> something is awry. >> the family is concerned that
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he may not have id with them. reporting live kristy smith nbc bay area news. >> police have arrested two suspects, a man and a woman. their identities have not been released. >> a south bay neighborhood on lock down for hours as a man wielding a ma she tee went on a rampage. police surrounded the suspect and took him into custody around 4:00 this afternoon.
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>> he needed help counseling therapy, something. >> the suspect has not been identified and no one was hurt. >> no word yet on a suspect description or motives for the killing. >> if you were outside it sure felt like a hot summer day. it is still pretty busy out there. rob is joining us to let us know how the workweek is going to
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show up. you can see santa cruz 76 degrees. and the morning forecast will call for some patchy clouds. cool start in the north bay. one thing to watch will be the winds. notice how these wind speeds begin to accelerate out of the northwest from about 20 to 25 miles per hour. >> whoa. >> oh my! >> that is the sound of 76,000 fans at wrestle mania 31.
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a packed levi stadium for pro wrestling's super bowl. we have been live all day. mary ann? it looks and sounds like fans got what they hoped for today. >> they were absolutely thrilled vicky. for merchandise, this event was a big moneymaker for the south bay. >> thousands of fans poured out bursting with excitement about their wrestle mania experience. >> it was like one big happy family.
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after 14 years of anticipation. and arnold schwartzzenegger was named a hall of fame inductee. >> those who chose to drive had to wrist wl traffic but tonight the parking lot cleared out
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within 54 minutes. from $2,000 seats to merchandise sales this event is expected to bring in well over 100 million dollars to the local economy. many consider wrestle mania a smack down success. and wrestle mania is certainly an excellent trial run for the super bowl which will be held here at levi stadium next year. reporting live nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. perhaps you saw mr. terry mcsweeney. the excitement spread all over social media as well. he posted this on instagram
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having pun. >> and the fight over free speech surrounds wearing an american flag. the assistant principal once banned students from wearing shirts with the american flag on cinco de mayo. as a result families filed a free speech lawsuit which has been dismized in lower court. >> and a cal train struck and killed a man. the man killed was about police
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are now taking a new approach nation-wide to keep drivers safe at railroad crossings. officers think handing out more tickets will lead to fewer casualties. officials say there have been more than 10,000 crashes in the last five years. more than 1200 people have died and thousands more have been jird. >> and coming up next straight into the fire. video that you just can't believe. this california firefighter lucky to be alive after he falls right through the roof of a house on fire. we will let you know how he's doing. >> and apple's ceo not mincing words.
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>> a similar bill is sparking controversy this time in arc arc. the southern state passed a bill on friday that allows individuals and businesses the right to refuse service to lgbtq people based on religious belief. some want the governor to veto the bill. >> hip hop royalty is taking on spot fi and pandora.
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>> and we get ready to start a monday morning. how's the week looking? >> we will see cooler changes ahead and at times very windy changes by tuesday. by tuesday morning we could have misty skies and maybe a little bit of drizzle in some of that forecast. that's one of the things you will see in terms of changing comes up. the story as we go to tomorrow will be the wind speeds really starting to pick up and accelerate at times.
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the wind gusts could get close to 30 miles per hour to parts of the hill top heading into tuesday. high clouds here off to the west. the system though as it approaches us late tomorrow will start to push the on shore winds a little more strongly. highs up in the upper 70s for
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tomorrow. and a weather system that will weaken significantly by the time it reaches us tuesday morning. wi will start to slow things down a little bit tomorrow. there's a chance of morning drizzle around san francisco. temperatures climbing to the second half of the week. and then 70s to start. we think we will get a few showers on sunday. could end up bringing more snow versus rain drops in the bay
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area. thank you so much. >> coming up the minimarathoner set a big goal for himself.
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>> thousands of runners took to the streets of san francisco for the third annual rock and roll half marathon. they race from the golden gate bridge along to civic center plaza. once runners got to the finish
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line they went to american authors. >> elliot danls ran the 6.2 mile race in just under 39 min us in. the record wiz set by his own cow sin 30 years ago. elliot was a true sports man offering a positive message right after the race. >> feeling good. glad i did. it fun day. i didn't get the record but i'm glad i did it. i love running and i love exercise.
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>> that is because she's deaf. her story coming up. >> plus we are learning more about the co-pilot who is behind the controls of the german wing flight.
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>> piecing together the fragments from the jet liner crash, we are learning more about the final moments of the flight.
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>> he mentions the koe pilot that he didn't get a chance to use the restroom. he tells the captain he can take over at any time. the captain asked the co-pilot to prepare for landing and a few minutes later, he says you can go now. shortly after he is gone lubitz can be heard pushing his chair back. the plane begins to descend, air traffic control calls, no answer. the captain begins banging on the door yelling for god's sake
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open the door. nbc news has not confirmed this account.
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>> another frightening moment today for passengers on an air canada flight. it made quite a hard landing and slid off the runway. it was snowing at the time but the airline has not determined if that played a role in the incidence. >> we litd rally hit once and then crash. >> i just said it's over. no way were we going to survive that. >> secretary of state john kerry is working alongside world leaders to hammer out a
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compromise. the deadline to reach an agreement is in two days but it does not look promising. >> everybody wants a deal to get done but it has to be a deal that put ss. >> kerry might have a battle waiting for him back in the states.
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>> pete williams has more. >> hoping to avoid a death sentence judy clark has so far looked past the question of guilt, surprising the jury by saying this. it was him. no defense questions after an emotional testimony from victims such as rebeck ka gregory or bill richard who watched his eight-year-old son die. jurors saw survey lens video of sar the brothers walking towards the place of the blast.
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>> a bomb thrown by the brothers blew the container through a near by parked car. claiming he was retaliating. now the defense will tell its story claiming that sar knave was a vulnerabled a le sent. legal experts document he will take the stand himself. >> the injury then is focusing solely on that guy. do we like him? do we believe him?
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do we think he's a terrorist or not? >> that was pete williams reporting. we will have more on the trial tomorrow. >> two bodies have been recovered from a collapse building in new york city. relatives say he was on a date in one of the three buildings that collapsed. many immigrant were processed in that building dekads ago.
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if rubio waits until the 13 tt he'll likely be the third candidate to officially announce. >> and she is the new receptionist in the west wing. it is how she is greeting people that is unlike anyone else. >> leah is the new receptionist of the united states. that's her desk just steps from the oval of fis. she's 27 and she's deaf. >> it's a fantastic opportunity and also to show that deaf people can do anything. >> do you have a meeting this morning?
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>> doi. >> she has provided an interpreter who alerts her when her phone rings. leah was born deaf part of a deaf family. her mom is jewish her dad is mexican american put himself through college and earned a phd. she still remembers the first time they met. >> and she actually used sign language and she signed to me and she said hi my name ismy shell. it was so incredible. >> have you taught the president sign yet? >> i saw him in chicago and he already knew some sign language at that time. and he passed by me and i waved at him and he signed immediately, thank you to me. >> on this morning we ran into the press secretary. >> she wepts us very well. >> what do you think? >> sit is a great responsibility
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to be here as a deaf person and i feel very proud. >> a pioneer at the white house. how do you say hello mr. president? >> one more time. >> defined by her accomplishments, not her disability. >> really cool. amazing that they make that work. that's wonderful. >> what is usually a pitcher's dual turned into a slug fest. cactus league action next. highlights are next.
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>> chebing in now it's mindy with comcast sports net. the final four are established. many people's brackets were shredded weeks ago. we have to start with a local team. but it did not go as planned. san hoe say closing out in pittsburgh. that was in overtime. his shot is off the post so the
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penguins win six games in the regular season. third play off spot in the division. and according to multiple reports. st. john has offered the head position would replace the native who was fired friday. right here is that elite eight action peg. misses the three. but bran don dawson with the all important put back. they will play against duke or gonzaga.
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>> the move means that sanchez will back up buster posey to start the season. it appears that max well will be a back up outfielder as well. a lot of blocks for this one. posey sends this one to center. panek sends this one around to score. looks like the senor fielder will get to it. panek scores again. the giants win 11-9. the final.
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kendall graveman. what a great spring he has had for the a's making his fifth start against the brewers. that's his second home run. and the a's win 7-0 over milwaukee. >> then on the par.
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they come back to the bay area and then we're under way. i'm ready for baseball. >> i think a lot of people are. let's go. >> as soon as you come back it's going to rain. >> we will take it.
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>> jerry brown has signed a $1.1 billion drought relief package
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this as california is now in the fourth year of a devastating dry spell. they are using new and old technology. the few storms produced more rain than snow. >> rain is important but why is the snow pack so much more
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important? >> because it stores the water and gradually releases it when it's most needed down below in the low lands. >> the best part about skiing is those warm. >> they're also taking to the sky and using nasa technology. lasers and a speck tromer the to take measurements. >> something we have never actually known.
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>> but it's what the forecast holds for this future that's still up in the air. >> would that fix the problem or help alleviate the problem? >> look at the micro climate forecast. >> in the meantime this is an all time record low. 8% of average statewide. it's been a very dry area by march standards. we will see an opportunity for
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drizzle. but then we hope a better chance of some changes. in the mid to upper 70s around the south bay. san francisco, upper 60s. >> that is a weakening weather system that may have enough lift with them.
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northwest winds really start to kick up. we have been watching wind speeds. by tomorrow night now you to ear seeing the wind speed start to pick up gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. >> thank you. coming up technology taking the bad word out. how is it getting you to shell out more?
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>> it is announced everywhere. >> just pushing a button that makes it a lot easier. >> some are calling it guilt tipping. >> you feel the pressure to maybe be a little more generous. >> especially since the acceptable range of tips has also expanded often starting at 20% and going to 30% and more. the square reader was one of the first to centralize payers.
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the idea quickly caught on. not just for small businesses any more but for big ones too. >> it's going to get easier. you may find yourself tipping more than you used to. >> what do you think about the digital tipping options? >> i normally use it. >> when troy started using the square payment system he noticed customers choosing to tip more. >> they were reluctant to do it before because it was mostly cash based so. put my increments as where they need to be. 20 30 and 50%. most people go with the middle. >> it makes me tip more because i'm not sitting and doing math. >> some say digital tipping can benefit workers like waiters who largely depend on gratuity. >> i work in a tipping industry myself so i'm really aware of how to tip and how important tips are. >> these days tipping for
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service can also mean paying extra for convenience. >> i agree. it's easier to tip more. >> it works on me every time. stay with us. we will be right back.
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>> it was a fun trip tonight at the i heart radio music awards. taylor swift's song "shake it off" won song of the year. fans were also able to vote for their favorite.
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>> i love the kelly clarkson song that's out right now. >> the new heartbeat song? >> we will see some changes getting back to the workweek right now. i think the thing to watch will be the winds on tuesday. temperatures will cool off for the weekend. light rain showers tuesday. better chance late next week. >> thank you so much for joining us. have a wonderful week. >> have a good night.
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>> when else do you get a chance to make a difference? >> paying it forward with paint a greatful father comes up with a big and beautiful way to help other families. raising money for cancer research. >> brothers bonded by their love of their father and martial arts. >> it kept us together as brothers. >> and they use that love to do what few thought could be done.


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