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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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loren, one more warm day, a few records possible, then tomorrow, everything changes, much cooler temperatures, chance for showers, your forecast in just moments. over my shoulder, here's the dublin b.a.r.t. station and the big problem, a crash involving a big rig. we'll give you the latest at the dublin interchange. we had four of the six lanes blocked. >> a live look outside right now, mike, downtown san jose, it is monday, march the 30th, and you are watching "today in the bay." and a good monday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. the family of a 19-year-old berkeley student is desperate to get him home safely. he disappeared after leaving a frat party near usc saturday night and hasn't been seen since. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is joining us live at cal where elois have questions played soccer. the family is offering $50,000
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of info leading to their son. >> reporter: they're hoping that can help get information. eloi vazquez last seen more than 48 hours ago. the family is searching for any tips that can help lead to him. he left the bay area down to l.a. for spring break and he was last seen leaving a fraternity party near usc early saturday morning. friends tell nbc he called saying he wanted to take a walk on the beach and last called a friend in berkeley around 2:15 a.m. telling her he was lost and in trouble. family and friends describe it as out of character for him to be out of touch for this long. >> he is a kid so sometimes he doesn't get right back but never the whole day or something like that. especially if he were somewhere he didn't know or he knew we were concerned about him, he would get right back to us. >> his mom says vasquez is open with the parents and admits to drinking, but only once in a
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while, because he's an athlete. he didn't have a wallet or any photo identification on him. he is sporting a brace on his leg from surgery a month ago. cal athletics is working as a top priority with police to track him down, calling him someone who excels academically and athletically. coming up, the last person who heard from eloi vazquez in the next hour. >> hopefully they'll get some leads. police in vallejo aring looking for a gunman behind a kedly shooting just before 6:00 saturday night on hillborn avenue. police found a man with several bullet wounds including one to the head and he later died at the hospital, identifieded aruben johnson jr. no word yet on a suspect or motive for the killing. shots fired near a north bay school, this morning two people behind bars. the shooting happened on a field near hamilton elementary school in novato yesterday afternoon.
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the victim was shot twice, taken to the hospital and expected to survive. police arrested two suspects, a man and a woman. their identities have not been released. sensitive fight over free speech, all centered around wearing the symbol of the united states american flag. the supreme court may decide today whether to take up that issue all because of a controversy at a south bay school. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in morgan hill, kris this fight has been going on for almost five years. >> reporter: it's been a long time getting to this point and all of the students involved in this case have moved on, even the principal has a different job right now, but it all stems back to an incident in 2010 five years ago when the assistant principal here at live oak high school in morgan hill banned students from wearing shirts with the american flag on sink demyo, may 5th in part because the principal felt the students were motivated not only by their american pride but also by an incident with the mexican flag
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the year before, that incident which sparked several fights. so the assistant principal is trying to keep the peace. students who did wear the shirts were asked to turn their shirts inside out. when they refused they were sent home. and as a result, the families filed a free speech lawsuit which has been dismissed in lower courts. judge margaret mccown wrote the ninth circuit court majority decision saying in part, it was reasonable for school officials to proceed as though the threat of a potentially violent disturbance was real. now the dissenting judge argued that free speech or speech shouldn't be banned because of how it might be perceived but again, the lower courts have not overturned the decision. we will find out today whether or not the supreme court will take up the issue. they have not recently been inclined to get involved in school district free speech disputes. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> we'll see if they break precedent. 5:04. sfrab's archbishop is getting
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ready to take part in a rally against civil marriage for same-sex couples the rally held in washington, d.c., next month. back in san francisco a group of students and teacher also hold a vigil protesting it. it begins at 6:00 at night at 16th and dolores streets basilica. the archbishop has drawn criticism for adding a so-called morality clause to a school teacher's handbook. the all clear for jetblue following a system-wide ticketing problem, that snag prevented flyers from checking in online and the lines got very long early this morning at east coast airports, that includes boston's logan international. flights were briefly grounded and delays lingering. no word on what cause the i.t. outage. the tentacles from the growing puc scandal are reportedly reaching uc berkeley. the "l.a. times" reports cal's goldman school of public policy is turning down money it received for a retirement dinner
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honoring michael peavy. peavy stepped down in december amidst the scandal surrounding back room e-mails with pg&e. the dinner raised some $30,000. organizers now say they want to give the money to another deserving group. >> 5:06. a group of people who support giving medical marijuana to some are going to hold a meeting to explain why. mothers advocating medical marijuana and california khan business advocate also speak at the meeting, called khan business healing our kids, a new paradigm for recovery. organizers say success stories of medical marijuana helping kids with autism, enlepsy and some cancers creating a new wave of positive advocates. the meeting begins at 6:00 at the commonwealth club office in san francisco. it is 5:06. warning for people at the beach in southern california, watch out for dangerous sneaker waves.
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strong rip currents are forecasted, as record heat draws more crowds to the shorelines. parts of the valley approached 90 degrees yesterday and with spring break now here around the corner for us, a lot of people heading there. >> it will be a popular destination. we had some great weather, some warm weather over the weekend, do we keep that going into the week? microclimate forecast right now christina. >> thank you. 48 degrees to kick off the monday, 53 in san francisco, scattered spring breaks for the next few weeks. you want to definitely bring a full variety when it comes to your wardrobe. 50 degrees in sacramento, big changes coming your way. another mild day for us here in the bay area, but this will be it. temperatures at lunch time in the mid-60s to low 70s, we'll be at 66 degrees on the peninsula at noon, you'll be at 69 degrees in the north bay and 67 degrees on the east shore, rounding out the day very comfortably on the peninsula. 0 degrees for you in places like palo alto, cupertino, 71 for the east bay and san francisco,
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today finishing off at about 69 degrees. enjoy the day if you're looking for warm weather because everything changes by tomorrow. this will be last day of near-record warmth. drizzle chance tomorrow in addition to the cooler trend and then we'll see that trend continue through the mid section of your week, if you are going to be headed out, i can tell you right now, temperatures are going to be much warmer today in reno, lake tahoe, yosemite, carmel and big sur what we expect tuesday so bring the full wardrobe with you and if you are going to be traveling, maybe you're leaving right now, here's mike to help you get out that front door. >> this will be a problem headed through the dublin interchange in your commute direction. traffic is stacked up from basically santa rita and tassajara, almost back to fallon, slow drive past the auto centers over here and toward that dublin b.a.r.t. station. right around the dublin interchange we have your right lane still blocked but instead of four lanes blocked we just have the right lane blocked, a much better situation and traffic is starting to move a little bit better. we have the backup, we'll show
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out on the maps. off the roadway at fallon take dublin boulevard, there's not as much traffic, and it will take you past the scene as well. the slow lane is blocked until they can get the right sized tow trucks, they need one flatbed and a big rig is on the shoulder as well so we have a lot of activity going on, that's what's causing the early slowdown, before we get to the bulk of the commute heading west out of the altamont pass, see how things play out over the next ten minutes. making quick work of the crash. the last stages of clearing are toughest along the dublin interchange. slowing north through san ramon, unrelated it seems but we have that burst of traffic. no problems for the walnut creek interchange or coming off the benicia bridge or carquinez bridges. here is the north bay, san rafael down to the golden gate bridge, at speed for 101 there. the bay shore freeway moves smoothly anywhere north of the san mateo bridge and south of the dumbarton bridge looking at the south bay where we have a
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couple of slower spots still showing up southbound 101 just off of 880 and southbound 17 coming down past hamilton, we had the blips showing up, they cleared in the last three minutes but i'll track for any other incidents, meanwhile overnight road crews. back to you. >> thank you, mike. you might be light right now in some areas traffic wise but a any report shows traffic in general is getting worse especially in the south bay. live look at highway 101 and san jose, already stacking up out there. according to "the mercury news" highway 101 north one of the busiest roads in the bay area and growing at a quick pace. traffic levels jumped almost 40% in 2013 the most recent year fo which figures were available. most of the traffic comes from people who live in more affordable housing in hollister, gilroy and morgan hill commuting into silicon valley for work. i've known people that commute from fresno, the central valley. >> just getting farther and farther. if you've driven on bay area
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roads that story clearly has to be true. there's so much traffic out there. coming up, what we learned about the moments before the german wings plane crashed into the french alps.  >> live look outside right now, fremont in the early 5:00 hour. folks not battling too much traffic right now at least in that part of the bay area. we'll so a live look, updates on your weather, traffic and news, after the break.
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live look outside this morning, that of course the golden gate bridge, you can actually get a reasonable shot of it there, not too much fog this morning. crews are examining the black box of an air canada flight that slid off the runway at halifax international airport. it was snowing at the time the plane tried to land yesterday but the airline has not determined if that played a role in the incident. the hard landing damaged the plane's nose and one wing. power was also knocked out to the airport when the wing hit a power pole. more than 25 people were on board that flight and were injured. we're learning more what
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happened in the frantic moments before a german wings plane crashed into the french alps. the pilot can be heard yelling for the copilot to open the cockpit door while passengers screamed. investigators think the copilot, an dreeious lubitz locked the pilot out and intentionally crashed the plane. the pilot can be heard using some type of tool to try to break down the door. 150 people died in last week's crash. in the wake of the crash australia imposed a new aviation law requiring at least two people to stay in the cockpit at all times during flights. we knew a law like this was coming and australian leaders made it official today. >> this will mean that one of of the flight attendants would come and sit in the cockpit, if one of the pilots needed to leave the flight deck for any reason. >> that law takes effect immediately. weaponsmaker lockheed martin has been picked to help south korea with the country's biggest
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ever weapons developing project. state-run south korean company will do the majority of the work. lockheed martin has been hired to provide technology and other help. south korea wants 120 new fighter jets to replace its aging fleets of f-4 and f-5 fighter jets. the country is paying lockheed martin several billion dollars for the help. it's 5:16 on your monday. popular supplement store making big changes and stocks finally rallying after a four-day losing streak. >> for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> sam and laura, good morning to you. futures point to a higher open this morning. stocks rallied friday breaking a four-day losing streak. the markets posted their biggest week of loss since the end of january. we continue today on personal income and spending and pending home sales, the dow rising 34 points on friday to 17,712, the nasdaq up 27 to 4891.
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gnc has agreed to implement sweeping new testing procedures for dietary supplements that far exceed federal quality control rules. the "new york times" report comes the actions come as the attorney general accuse gnc and three other retailers selling supplements fraudulent or contaminated with unlisted ingredients that can pose health risks. volvo will spend $500 million to build its first assembly plant in the u.s. the swedish automaker will announce where the factually will be located in a few weeks. production will start in 2018 and plans to increase u.s. sales to 100,000 vehicles a year. >> all about the snazzy rides this morning. thank you very much, appreciate that. as our cars and trucks become smarter and filled with more technology, there's a new device to ensure the right person is driving the right vehicle. check this out. company called ilock developed small infrared technology that
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scan your eye's iris. once it creates a match you can drive away. the odds of a car thief or anyone else having an iris matches yours one in several trillion so only you, for all practical effect or someone else already scanned into the car's memory can drive the car. >> it's going to be used to authenticate the ignition so the wrong person can't start your car and steal it, tied to telematic s so insurance premiums rated on a driver by driver basis not just when a car is in motion. >> the company says jet makers are talking about using the same technology in cockpits and airports are considering using iris scans at security checkpoints. >> don't even try to take mine. jay-z is expect odd officially throw his hat into the streaming music ring today, the announcement is expected to be about title, a $56 million pet project jay-z just picked
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up. pandora will offer higher quality music resolution compared to competitors, however it will cost subscribers about $20 a month to get unlimited music. users can access title now on android and ios devices. >> there's no area of business jay-z has not seemed to conquer. he keeps spreading his reach. >> maybe he'll play "here comes the sun." >> that's the classic the beatles. lot of music as well this weekend for great weather. >> i'd love to hear the remix of that. 5:18, you're right, sam, he is a brilliant businessman. if you're headed to work off to business this morning, temperatures are pretty chilly out there but will see a nice rebound later on today, temperatures into the 70s. mid-60s for us today at noon, and then we'll round out the day close to 80 degrees in your inland valley spots, closer to 70 degrees in san francisco and we are getting into that time of year where we get much cooler conditions at the coast versus what we see inland, that
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temperature separation usually starts to kick in, in spring and you can really see it very noticeable by the summertime months. let's talk about our shower chance for tomorrow, area of low pressure will come through, this could provide some much needed rainfall over the santa cruz mountains, we've got the best chance for that tomorrow morning. i think we'll see a few showers up in san francisco as well, that's going to come through between about midnight and 8:00 a.m., and then things start to clear out but behind that area of low pressure, cool air will remain and we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s to mid-70s just about all week long. then friday, starting to rebound a little bit into the mid-70s before our next much better chance for rain arrives by sunday, that's easter sunday. i think you'll still be able to get out there in your sunday best without the showers coming through. we're expecting that activity late in the evening hours on sunday but take a look at this, on saturday, temperatures will be nice and comfortable, they'll drop dramatically for your easter sunday down to 66 degrees in the north bay from 73 on saturday. we'll have more on your spring
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break forecast, maybe the kids are off, you know what, mike, it's that time. we'll see scattered spring breaks for the next few weeks, huh? >> that's true. we'll probably see a big effect on the commute. this week, next week and the week after i've heard from a number of different school districts, number of different families so that's what we'll see over the next three weeks things will be hopefully lighter than the dublin interchange, this is because of an earlier crash. you some of the auto yards and darty off-ramp as you approach the dublin interchange a slow drive compressed passing by the b.a.r.t. station. look at your map, this takes a few minutes for our sensors to average out to the new speeds, traffic is moving smoother fallon road to hacienda, where the real big slowdown starts. the earlier crash blocking your far right lane at the dublin interchange. west 580 slow because of the build of the commute not only there but because of all the traffic coming out of the altamont we'll continue to see this be an issue for the first part of your morning commute. we'll hopefully clear all the vehicles from the area quickly
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and get some chance of recovery but right now, plan on the bigger build and watch 84, we'll get a little more traffic, folks trying to cut through the area as well, stanley to the 680 area as well is an option for you. over here toward the bay bridge toll plaza traffic flows smoothly. the rest of the bay no delays and just a couple of cars waiting for the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza, and up in the north bay, san rafael moves smoothly southbound 101 a tiny build for your commute, no slowing novato to the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next new rules to keep drivers safe crossing train tracks. plus not your usual police pursuit. why officers in l.a. gave chase after spotting this tanker truck.
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a very good moan morning to you. investigators are questioning one person this morning after an off duty los angeles police officer was involved in a drive-by shooting. investigators say the officer was driving his pickup truck in santa clara when a car drove up and someone inside opened fire. investigators have not revealed whether the officer fired back. the officer was not hurt. an investigation is under way after a cal train hit and killed a man over the weekend. this happened north of mary avenue in sunnyvale, just before noon yesterday. roughly 100 people were on the train at time and none of the
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riders. injured. this marks cal train's tenth fatality of the year, the same number of cal train fatalities for all of 2014. in the meantime police are taking a new approach nationwide to keep drivers safe at railroad crossings. officers think handing out more tickets will lead to fewer deaths. the move comes in response to the crashes including this one in long angeles. railroad officials say there are more than 10,000 crashes at crossings in the last five years. new video of an unusual freeway chase in southern california that left a trucker in jail. this happened last night at l.a. county. deputies say it started with that tanker driving recklessly. slow speed chase followed. the truck event ulices slowed to a halt near downey and the driver actually got out peacefully. >> it's 5:26. coming up, he left for spring break trip and didn't come back. >> the latest on a missing cal student and his parents' frantic search at this hour to find him. plus the supreme court set
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to hear a fight over the flag, details next.
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right nowality 5:30 the legal dispute deciding the family of the late robin williams heads to a san francisco courtroom today. plus why the sister of a south bay man says her brother went on a rampage with a mach e machete. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren, new week, new forecast, a few records possible for today, then temperatures tumble, we bring in some showers in 24 hours. your complete microclimate update in just moments. we have two sides of the dublin interchange, better news for some means worse news for others. we'll give you the latest on your commute. >> a peek outside this monday morning, the last monday of march. taking a live look at the bay bridge, it's the 30th of march. this is "today in the bay."
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a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. at this hour a frantic search picks up for a missing uc berkeley student. he disappeared over the weekend while on a spring break trip. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live at cal berkeley this morning. stephanie, family members say it's unusual for him to not call. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura and sam. they say he's responsible, they've never been out of touch with him for more than a day. it's been two days since anyone's heard from or spoken with the 19-year-old from novato. he went from the bay area to southern california for a spring break trip with friends. the last time people saw the cal freshman soccer player was when he left a fraternity party early saturday morning. the friend shows the two calls she got around 2:00 a.m. he talked about being lost and in trouble. she texted him minutes later asking him if he was okay but
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there was no response. >> and i kept on telling him, please, call your friends, let them know that you're lost. i'm really scared. i'm really worried. i just, i just hope that he comes home safe. >> cal athletics saying his first priority is to search any way, a man who excels academically and athletical. his mom says he's open with his parents about drinking, does it only once in a while because he's an athlete. she's concerned he had no money, no i.d. on him. coming up in our next report hear from his mom and what she says about the support he's getting here from the bay area. live in berkeley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> hopefully he's found safe and sound. >> definitely. 5:31. in the south bay a man is behind bars after going on a rampage with a machete. his sister says he may have wanted police to take his life. it happened in east san jose in a neighborhood on motre court near the tully excite to highway
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101. yesterday morning the man could be seen waving the knife and reportedly smashed all windows of a car. he then returned to his garage where they say he started lighting fires. police surrounded him, taking him into custody around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the man's sister says he needs psychiatric help. >> he doesn't need to be going to jail or be charged with this. he actually needs help. counseling, therapy, something. >> the suspect has not been identified, no one was hurt. a south bay fight over free speech may be headed to the nation's highest court, at issue here, students wearing shirts bearing the american flag on cinco de mayo. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez, the feud has been going on for almost five years. >> reporter: almost five years, even the principal moved on, none of the students involved are here anymore. the issue remains the question what supersedes what, whether it
5:33 am
is the right of students' free speech or right of the school district to try to keep the peace. five years ago the principal at live oak high school in morgan hill banned students from wearing shirts with the american flag on cinco de mayo because the principals felt the students were motivated not only by their american pride but incident with the mexican flag the year before which sparked several fights. students who did wear the shirts with the american flag were asked to turn their shirts inside out, then they refused they were sent home. as a result, families filed a free speech lawsuit which has been dismissed in lower courts. this is the majority decision in part reading "it was reasonable for school officials to proceed as though the threat of a potentially violent disturbance was real." one of the judges who had the countering opinion said that it is not fair to ban speech because of how it might be perceived by others. the supreme court of the united states may take up the issue, they may make that announcement on whether or not they'll take up the issue as early as today,
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but so far, they have really stayed out of the fray when it comes to free speech and school districts. mostly up to this point. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. right now it's 5:33. the public is invited to a celebration this morning to honor the life of a martinez woman killed in a gravel truck accident. dump truck toppled over and crushed lindsay combs' car last monday as she was trying to move the car. fund-raisers brought in more than $14,000 to pay for funeral expenses and fly family in from out of state. today's event will be held at the hard necessary sportsman club from 11:00 this morning to 5:00. back in december, robin williams' wife, susan, filed papers alleging some of williams' clothes and personal items had been removed from the couple's tiburon home. the three chirp call her claims despicable and untrue.
5:35 am
they say susan williams deliberately blocked the independent trustees from conducting an inventory. a bay area landmark is moving closer to being named for robin williams. "the chronicle" reporting the proposal to rename the rainbow striped waldo tunnel as the robin williams tunnel cleared an assembly committee and it's on its way to a full vote by the assembly and expected to clear both houses by summer. the tunnel connects golden gate bridge traffic to marin county. in the wake of several destructive fires the san francisco fire department wants you to know what you can do to protect your home. in the past six months there were three massive fires in the mission district, two of them deadly. today's tutorial begins at 1:00 at 870 bush street, between taylor and mason streets in san francisco. >> anything that can be done to prevent future accidents like that in the mission. 5:35 right now. how about a check of the forecast? >> i think we should enjoy it.
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let's do it right now christina. >> good morning to you. hopefully you two had a great weekend and hopefully you did as well. temperatures are mild out there, depends where you wake up with us across the bay area. you're at 45 degrees for example in places like santa cruz and monterey. at 53 here in beautiful san jose, and 51 to start the new day in livermore. big pattern change headed your way after this afternoon. i think that's what they were talking about on the desk out there. temperatures in the mid-60s by lunch time today, and then we'll round out the day very comfortably but much warmer than average yet again on the peninsula in the south bay. peninsula today is at 70 degrees. 79 degrees for the south bay, 71 for the east shore and 80 degrees for today in wine country. so we have got a pretty high uv index. you want to make sure you bring the sunscreen, spf 30 plus, put it on the kids as well before they head off to school today if they are. some kids have spring break but with a uv index of seven means if you're exposed to the sun for
5:37 am
20 minutes or more you have a high risk of burning so keep that in mind now that we're getting to spring we'll continue to give you the update every time we have a high uv index. by tomorrow, that fog returns onshore flow and much cooler temperatures resulting as we get into 2:00 a.m. on tuesday, notice on your futurecast some light showers coming in, and that will continue until about 8:00 a.m., then everything clears out but here is the deal. we've got a much better chance for some shower activity for your easter sunday. i'll still be able to get you to church and outdoors, if that's what you like to do, maybe some sunday brunch coming up in my next report we'll give you the timing to are that. stick around if you can. if not here's mike and an update. do we have any clearing out there in the tri valley? >> it's much better situation overall, christina, but when it's better for some not as good for others. the traffic flow christina is referring to the crash we had, for a period of time was blocking four out of the six lanes and down to one lane which caused this big backup, west 580 approaching the dublin
5:38 am
interchange, and folks familiar know this sign. as traffic starts to clear all lanes, we have flashing lights right there from time to time, those flashing lights are a bit of a distraction but that unleashes traffic through the dublin interchange, stick with me, folks, up to dublin grade up and over the hill toward castro valley. as we look at the traffic flow, it was jammed back to fallon, i was telling folks to use dublin boulevard. stick it out on the freeway, because there is traffic recovering and it's much better than the red shows, it's more than 20 miles per hour from the last shot we showed. that backup moving over toward the dublin side of the dublin interchange toward castro valley and all this traffic coming out of theality month pass will be more slowing, more folks might try 84 as they ket through today. coup enthat in mind. the rest of the bay moves smoothly, typical build out of antioch for highway 4, no drama for the maze or toward the bay bridge toll plaza, looking toward the north bay an easy flow of traffic. the south bay at speeds so we'll look at the bay bridge toll
5:39 am
plaza, as we get a live look, we see the cash lines either side. our pham rah camera is on the f. the cash lanes are building up. the story that had everyone in the newsroom talking this morning. >> stunning video of a california firefighter falling through the roof of a burning building. he survived that fall, thanks to the quick action of his comrades. plus in international news the u.s. and iran are presumably hours away from a nuclear deal ? of the mideast prepares for an all-out fight in from washington, d.c. first a live look outside along theo+6sp in palo alto this morning, traffic picking up on a monday morning. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after this break.
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a very good monday morning to you, taking a live look outside in the south bay this morning, overlooking downtown san jose, make way for a nice day ahead, changes when it comes to the forecast, we'll check in with christina in moments. it is 5:42 right now. tomorrow at midnight is the deadline for the u.s. and iran to come up with a nuclear deal. as the deadline draws near the rest of the arab world braces for a possible battle against iranian-backed rebels in yemen. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts live from washington, d.c., this morning with an update to both of those big steeries in the mideast, a lot of activity there. good morning, tracie. >> a lot of activity and some breaking news this morning, let me try to simplify it for you. first of all, iran apparently has backed off sending some of its nuclear fuel outside of its borders, one of the things that
5:43 am
was on the table, the state department is downplaying the importance of that this morning, also we've learned that one of the saudi air strikes apparently hit a yemeni refugee camp this morning, killing 21 people, another conflict outside switzerland that's having an impact on those negotiations. as bombs rain down in yemen the u.s. is hoping for a nuclear deal with iran by tomorrow. >> do you think you'll be able to get a deal by the deadline? >> good question. >> reporter: the white house remains optimistic. >> they should be able to do that by the end of march. >> reporter: in yemen, arab nations aren't waiting for u.s. help. they've agreed to form an army of 40,000 as the air campaign continues against rebels backed by iran. the saudis deny iran is their real target. >> i wouldn't call it a proxy war because we are doing this to protect yemen. >> reporter: in washington, some in congress don't trust that iran will keep its word and not build a nuclear weapon. >> i've got a really bad feeling
5:44 am
about what they might come with. >> the alternative is also dangerous, but i'm trying to keep my powder dry. >> reporter: lawmakers are threatening more sanctions. >> the sanctions are going to come and come quick. >> reporter: that's to prevent this deal. even though they have until tomorrow that deadline can be moved if both sides agree they have until june to work out the details. also new this morning, iran is qulaming that the u.s. and its air strikes in iraq has killed two of its advisers there, heightening tensions between the two countries as they try to work out an important nuclear deal. >> violence across the region there, ratcheting up right now. thank you, tracie from washington, d.c. it is 5:44. investigators hope they can soon talk to the parents of the co-pilot who crashed the germanwings plane into the alps last week. they are keeping their distance
5:45 am
from the parents of andreas lubitz to deal with their loss. he was dealing with depression. lubitz and 149 others died in that crash. the crash led australia to implement tighter rules in the cockpit, at least two people will now be required in the cockpit for all commercial flights carrying more than 50 passengers and that rule takes effect immediately. the u.s. implemented a similar requirement shortly after the december 11th attacks. d.c. lawmakers head to wisconsin for prescription drug abuse at the veterans hospital, located in lake tomaha wisconsin. the whistle-blower reported high dose pain prescriptions for veterans, several deaths are also under investigation. the va inspector-general is accused of trying to cover up the whole thing. the house committee on veterans affairs will hold today's hearing. >> 5:45 right now. defense attorneys may start
5:46 am
presenting their case as soon as today in the boston bombing trial. prosecutors are nearly set to rest their case in the capital murder trial against dzhokhar tsarnaev. the defense strategy will be designed to spare tsarnaev the death penalty by placing the blame on his brother, who died in that police shoot-out. the pair placed bombs at the finish line, killing three people and wounding more than 250 others. >> it is 5:46. a frightening fire fight in fresno. firefighter fell through the roof and was swallowed up by a huge fireball. here's connie tran. >> reporter: remarkable witness video captures the moments a 25-year veteran with fresno city fire falls through the roof of a burning garage. onlookers screamed. [ screaming ] >> scared. it was scary. there was people screaming, i was panicking. [ screaming ]
5:47 am
>> oh my god! >> ashley like many turned to cameras and phones while firefighters rushed to pull one of their comrades out. investigators say he was in the burning garage for close to three minutes. >> once they got the firefighter out of the garage, removed his clothes, doused him with water. he was burned from head to toe. >> reporter: the fire chief says the firefighter suffered third-degree burns to 40% of his body, his hands, face, back, legs, all injured. battalion chief todd tuggle says it's been a while since someone in the department has been hurt to this extent. >> this is a significant event and emotional impact to our members that were part of the rescue, part of the incident, part of this firefighter's personal life. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation, the house was occupied at the time of the fire. it was a board and care facility with multiple people living
5:48 am
there. firefighters immediately followed their brother to the hospital. >> he's our family, brothers and sisters, and as you can see here, with he rally around each other and are very supportive. >> reporter: hoping for the best, and praying for a swift recovery. >> high good be, we certainly wish them well. that was connie tran reporting. the firefighter underwent surgery we understand last night, and is now i believe in critical condition at the hospital. >> prayers of course for him. 5:48 right now. we'll look at your top stories that we're working on for 6:00. >> family and friends of a missing uc berkeley student are in southern california this morning trying to find him. 19-year-old eloi vasquez disappeared during a spring break trip to los angeles with friends over the weekend. and the trial will begin today in a civil suit filed by the parents of audrey pott. two years ago three teens sexually assaulted and took
5:49 am
pictures of her while she lie unconscious at a party. she later committed suicide and the family is suing two of the attackers. we could find out if a local free speech debate over the american flag will be heard in supreme court. five years ago the high school banned students from wearing shirts with american flags on cinco de mayo. students who wore the shirts were sent home. we are starting off your work week right now, we had a really nice weekend to build off of. maybe some chances for showers on tuesday, christina? >> maybe. we have a slight chance. i'll show you that coming up in one moment. the time now is 5:49, hopefully you had a great weekend, back to work, and you know what? temperatures are pretty mild out there to kick off the new day at 53 degrees on the peninsula. 51 degrees in the tri valley, and 53 degrees in san francisco. so getting into the next couple days, temperatures are going to drop big time so enjoy that 70 at noon in the north bay rounding out the day up in wine
5:50 am
country at about 80 degrees, very warm for this time of year. 69 in san francisco and 79 degrees in the tri valley. so here we go, i stop that clock on your futurecast at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow, mostly going to come through while you're sleeping but you might find slick conditions tomorrow morning, good thing to keep on the back wu b brner of your mind. we get a better chance of shower activity, expecting generous moisture as of your easter sunday but not until about 6:00 p.m. so you should be okay, $ave planned for easter, going to church, maybe getting some brunch, should be nice and cool but not expecting shower activity until the evening hours. taking you into monday getting some generous rainfall, which we desperately need here in the bay area so that's the good news. we have showers on the way. noticeable cooling ahead as we head throughout the next couple days, temperatures are really, really cool in comparison to today. 9 degrees for your monday, down to 69 degrees by tuesday with the showers coming through in
5:51 am
the morning, clearing out just in time for your afternoon. wednesday into thursday starting to see the numbers rise just a touch. i know we're excited about giants baseball here at nbc bay area. cardinals taking on the cubs tomorrow night, opening night, and then for our opening day giants at indians in cleveland and temperatures are going to be chilly out there, first pitch 42 degrees. 44 for the fifth inning and then by the end of the game, 46 degrees, but guess what, mike inouye, baseball is back and we're sure excited about it. >> we are, we are. we are. hello, cleveland! just like a spinal tap out there, better result than their concert hopefully. toward 580 traffic still snarls a bit. we talked about the earlier crash as we look at your map right at the dublin interchange for westbound 580. the camera shot i showed you on the approach to the area and that rippled back and blended with the traffic coming in out of the altamont pass so that's more slowing than you'll see for
5:52 am
580 but looking better than it was before, smoothing out at least for that flow. now we have a new crash south 680 around highway 84 over on the shoulder, no lanes blocked but the distraction causing a slow start. now some spring breaks start this week mostly in san francisco and rotate around the bay for the next two weeks we'll see a different traffic flow. here in san jose northbound 101 we saw the early slowdown kick in and things are starting to lighten up over the last two minutes, north 101 at 680, where i showed you the little yellow and orange blips here, the typical spot for some slowing, southbound 85 another crash off of 80 at 280, no slowing past the scene but there was earlier and the rest of your bay, the bay bridge has your lanes backing up, we should see the metering lights in any second. back to you. right now the country's leading pediatricians are outlining new guidelines for parents giving their kids medicine. the american academy of
5:53 am
pediatrics wants medicines to be measured in metric units, not spoonfuls because spoons come in different sizes and even a small error can be toxic for babies and toddlers. the guidelines mean not just parents need to make that switch but also pediatrician, some of whom still prescribing medicines in spoonfuls. apple's ceo tim cook is taking a stance against indiana's new religious freedom law and similar laws across the country. critics say the laws could allow businesses to turn away gooi and lesbian customers in the name of religious freedom. in an op-ed in "the washington post" yesterday cook calls indiana's new law as well as one in arkansas discrimination. he says america's businesses have long recognized discrimination is bad for business and the states should, too. in the op-ed, cook says "that's why, on behalf of apple, i'm standing up to oppose this new wave of legislation, wherever it emerges." sales force in the cities of san francisco and seattle have all
5:54 am
said they will not send employees to indiana because of the law. over the weekend, indiana's governor said he's willing to clarify the wording of the law but he's not changing it. lawmakers say the act is aimed at protecting people's religious freedom. >> we are -- >> arkansas! >> in arkansas, hundreds of people dpaert gathered across te to protest the bill, that prevents the government from intruding on religious practices. critics say much like indiana's law it allows for discrimination against gays and lesbians. arkansas's governor says he will sign it into law if it makes it to his desk. sam? is this a slap to popular culture? ment so of the biggest music festivals in the country are the latest to ban the selfie stick. organizers of coachella and lollapalooza are telling fans to leave the camera mount sticks at home when you come out. you remember the met and smithsonian also recently banned
5:55 am
selfie sticks. the sound of nearly 77,000 screaming fans at wrestlemania 31 for the restling fans out there. levi stadium filled to capacity, setting a new attendance record and tickets not exactly cheap either, some of them went for as much as $10,000 a pop. that helped make it the highest ever grossing event for wwe, it raked in more than $12.5 million. fans who shelled out say it was well worth it. >> the camaraderie, everybody around us, like one big happy family and you got to see some old characters, new characters, rising, a departure, everything was great. >> this is a dream come true, coming across america for the first time, and actually watching my dream wrestlemania. >> oh, wow. >> and blondie. organizers say the wrestlemania 31 brought in more than $100 million total for the local
5:56 am
economy, so a huge boost there. >> yes. lot of enthusiasm there. sometimes you'll find wwe fans in unexpected places and i have a feeling that could be the case right now, do you, christina loren, have a favorite wwe wrestler or do you follow the sport? >> i don't think so. >> i guess that's a no. that question did not go over as anticipated but we're going to try to get christina at some point. here's mike. >> brother, i follow this, opera, it's theater, we love that, that's what we love about the wrestlemania folks. we had quite the performance over the weekend over at wrestlemania but right now we're trying to muscle our way through the bay bridge toll plaza. let's get out to the maps, slowing on the approach coming off of the berkeley curve and the east shore freeway. no big practice drama, some debris reported west 580 around grand but the rest of your
5:57 am
commute looking zoorstandard. north bay no delays. antioch highway slows toward concord, pittsburg, bay point. the earlier jam out of the altamont moving toward the dublin interchange where the earlier crash cleared and slow south 680 through sunol. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, the former stanford swimmer accused of rape is set to hear the charges against him. and despicable and untrue, the children of the late robin williams lash out at williams' widow as the legal fight for his belongings heads to a courtroom later today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
developing right now, where is s is he? a cal student van nishz southern california. acontroversial decision quo make could make it through to the u.s. supreme court. and a firefighter falls through the roof of a burning
6:00 am
house. >> good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. it will stay warm today, if you're sick of the heat the good news is those numbers plunge by tomorrow and we've got showers on the way. your microclimate forecast in moments. and an early crash over at the dublin interchange, lasting effects for your monday commute. happy monday, folks, we'll take you through it coming up. >> live look from the south bay on this monday morning, awaiting the sun's arrival, last monday of march, it's the 30th and this is "today in the bay." thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. developing story right now, family, friends and teammates all searching for any signs of 19-year-old eloi vazquez. no one has seen that cal freshman since saturday when he left a frat party near usc. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us live from uc berkeley this morning. steph, there is a $50,000 reward


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