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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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house. >> good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. it will stay warm today, if you're sick of the heat the good news is those numbers plunge by tomorrow and we've got showers on the way. your microclimate forecast in moments. and an early crash over at the dublin interchange, lasting effects for your monday commute. happy monday, folks, we'll take you through it coming up. >> live look from the south bay on this monday morning, awaiting the sun's arrival, last monday of march, it's the 30th and this is "today in the bay." thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. developing story right now, family, friends and teammates all searching for any signs of 19-year-old eloi vazquez. no one has seen that cal freshman since saturday when he left a frat party near usc. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us live from uc berkeley this morning. steph, there is a $50,000 reward in the hopes of bringing vasquez
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home safe. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. the cal campus slowly starting to wake up, the first day back from spring break but 19-year-old eloi vazquez is presumed to be missing down in southern california. that's where he headed with friends last thursday for this spring break trip to l.a. friends who say he left the frat house around 1:30 saturday morning and called saying he wanted to take a walk on the beach. he called a friend up here in berkeley, she texted him to see if he was okay and got no response, both family and friends say it's out of character for him. >> the kid is so well loved, he has so many friends and people from the bay area and here are all out trying to contact people in the bay area and trying to look for him because everyone knows that this is not typical behavior of his, that something is awry, something is not right.
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>> reporter: very concerned family from novato. his mom adding he did not have any wallet nor any identification on him and that he had surgery just a couple months back and is wearing a brace on his leg. cal athletics calling him a wonderful young man and saying that he exceled both on and off the field and that it is trying to help with the search as a top priority. again, a $50,000 reward for any information leading to eloi vaz ques, missing since saturday morning. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, stephanie. it is 6:02. judge will set a preliminary hearing date for brock turner today, turner pleaded not guilty to charges he sexually assaulted an unconscious and intoxicated woman he met at an oncampus party in january. turner moved back to ohio after he bailed out of jail, but a judge has ordered him to appear at every court appearance. the trial will begin today
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in a civil suit filed by the parents of audrey pott. two years ago three teens sexually assaulted and took photos of pott while she was unconscious at a party. the high school student later committed suicide. the attackers served their time but the family thinks the punishment was not severe enough, why the pott family is suing two of the three attackers, it settled with the third person earlier this year. today the u.s. supreme court could decide to hear a case surrounding free speech and the american flag. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in morgan hill this morning. kris, this is centered around a group of bay area, south bay high school students. >> reporter: right, laura. the students have now become national headlines and it's taking a long time to get here. none of the students are still here at live oak high school here in morgan hill, and even the principal, the assistant principal who was at the helm at the time has moved on as well, but the question remains, where is the balance between students' free speech rights and the rights of administrators to keep
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the peace on campus. it stems back to an incident five years ago when the assistant principal at live oak high school in morgan hill banned students from wearing shirts with american flags on cinco de mayo in part because the principal felt the students were motivated not only by american pride but incidents with the mexican flag the year before which sparked several fights. students who did wear the shirts were asked to turn them inside-out. when they refused, they were sent home. as a result, families filed a free speech lawsuit which has been dismissed in lower court. one of the judges who wrote the ninth circuit court majority decision said in part "it was reasonable for school officials to proceed as though the threat of a potentially violent disturbance was real." however, a judge with a different opinion argued that speech cannot be banned only because of how it might be perceived. if the supreme court decides to take up the issue they could make that announcement as early as today. in morgan hill, kris sanchez,
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"today in the bay." >> a lot of people watching that one, thank you, kris. the legal dispute dividing the family of the late robin williams will be heard in a san francisco courtroom later today. back in december, williams' wife susan filed papers alleging some of williams' clothes and personal items have been removed from the couple's tiburon home. the actor's three children called her claims despicable and untrue and that she has blocked the trustees from conducting inventory. the public is invited to a celebration this morning to honor the life of a martinez woman killed in a gravel truck accident. dump truck toppled over and crushed lindsay combs' car last month as she was trying to move it. since then, fund-raisers have brought in more than $14,000 to pay for funeral expenses and fly family in from out of state. today's event will be held from
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11:30 to 5:00. the san francisco fire department wants to you know what you can do to protect your house. they will hold a fire prevention tutorial. there have been three massive fires in the mission district, two of them deadly. today's tutorial begins at 1:00 at 870 bush street between taylor and mason streets in san francisco. it is 6:06 now. time to check the microclimate for this mopping morning. i love that when the sun is just about ready to break over the horizon there, and making way for a nice day today. >> gorgeous start so far off of a gorgeous weekend, christina, good morning. >> yes, a lot of people are curious about the changes coming your way this week. you know what? it's going to be much cooler tomorrow so if you want that warmer weather, get on out there and enjoy it today, if you have that luxury of course. lot of us work very hard in the silicon valley and the entire bay area, 51 degrees to kick off the new day in san jose, meanwhile we have widespread 50s, couple upper 40s out there
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in the north bay, but another mild afternoon coming your way, with temperatures by lunch time into the mid-60s. so if you are going to be bringing a jacket to work, you can probably ditch it by lunch time, just about everywhere. you might need it all day for today in san francisco, up to 65 degrees at noon, only rounding out the day at about 69 degrees. we'll see 71 on the east shore, 79 degrees in the tri valley and 80 degrees could see a couple records break today up in wine country. so let me take you through the changes. high pressure has been firmly in control of our weather pattern for the past couple days. in fact about the past week. that thing will start to move off to the south and the east as we head throughout the next couple days, allowing this area of low pressure to move through. we will see some light precipitation tomorrow, only expecting some drizzle, maybe light showers but what we will experience for everybody across the bay area tuesday into wednesday much cooler conditions. temperatures will tumble. i'm going to show you that, how we're expecting the numbers to
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really crash in just a day's time and we have a better chance for some shower activity for your easter sunday weekend. remember, you don't ever have to wait. we know you like the instantaneous information, that's why your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for your specific microclimate. here's mike, if you don't have any time to lose he can tell you what's on the roads. good morning. >> good morning, i also know folks don't like to wait but you might have, slow it down a bit more than you're expecting in dublin. look at 580. an earlier morning crash about 4:40, reports of a crash at the dublin interchange, caused a big backup, we had a number of lanes blocked for a while. all lanes are clear. you see the heavy flow of traffic here. look at your map approaching hacienda, a slower drive in general, basically out of theality month pass slow to the dublin interchange. we usually see pockets of faster moving vehicles. slow southbound 680 towards sunol boulevard where we had an earlier crash there. one, maybe two incidents over on the shoulder but the slowing
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drive rippled back toward 580, and things speed up where it started to slow down earlier, again, the tri valley influx. no major problems for 880 down through hayward and union city coming off of the 348 drive a smoother flow of traffic there and across the bay for the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. here in the south bay, look where the arrow is northbound 101, we typically see slowing kicking in once again but holding off right now. there may be a lighter flow overall throughout the bay area even though the san francisco schools have spring break for the most part this week, looking at a lighter flow for most spots except for the tri valley. looking at the areas north of the bay bridge a smooth drive. highway 37 westbound with some slowing and the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. build coming into the maze for west 580 and fender bender reported at the toll plaza but i could not see it on the cameras. we'll look at the north bay, san rafael building a little bit, no problems now coming southbound from here all the way down in towards san francisco where as i mentioned folks a lot of elementary schools in the san
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francisco school district, those are the ones that are mostly off. we'll have them rotating for three weeks, next week and the following so we'll see different traffic flow for the morning. >> to the delight of a lot of parents. >> typically lighter. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 6:10. still ahead on "today in the bay" a terrifying scene in fresno, cameras capture a moment a fewer fighter falls into a garage engulfed in flames. a live look outside the golden gate bridge, as mike was saying, lighter flow certainly seeing a few vehicles here and there as that shot gets interrupted, there we go. we'll keep things stable for you this afternoon and morning, we'll be right back.
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good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. we want to get you started on a good day. we have a few records possible when it comes to your weather, and then everything changes, a few showers roll through tomorrow, better chance over the weekend. your full forecast is just moments away. and we look live look past the oakland coliseum, 880 northbound with the taillights southbound with the headlights both moving smoothly. we'll talk about your bigger backup for the tri valley and also give you an update on the crash reported right by the bay bridge toll plaza. at 6:13 here's a look at today's top stories. police are looking for a cal student last seen at a usc frat party. eloi vazquez left the party friday night, last heard from saturday morning when he called a friend to say he was lost. u.s. supreme court could decide today if it will hear a
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case out of morgan hill. five years ago school administratorsality live oak high school banned students from wearing shirts with the american flag. investigators are waiting to talk to the parents of a co-pilot what crashed a germanwings plane into the alps. they want to determine a possible motive. defense attorneys may be starting their case today in the boston bombing trial. prosecutors are nearly set to rest their case in the capital murder trial against dzhokhar tsarnaev. the defense strategy will likely be designed to spare tsarnaev the death penalty by placing responsibility on his brother. a veteran firefighter is in critical condition with serious burns to most of his body after he fell from the roof of a burning home in fresno. take a look at terrifying moments caught on a neighbor's
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cell phone. ♪ screaming ] >> oh my god! >> you hear the screams from people nearby, the images so hard to believe. the 25-year veteran firefighter was working to ventilate the garage when the roof caved in. massive flames burst into the sky. firefighters immediately started using axes to break through the garage door to get to him, eventually managed to pull him out within three minutes. >> once they got the firefighter out of the garage, removed his clothe, doused him with water, took his uniform off. he was burned from head to toe >> this is a significant event, significant emotional impact to our members who were part of the rescue, part of the incident, part of this firefighter's personal life. >> the firefighter suffered third-degree burns to 40% of his body including his hands, face, back and legs.
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he underwent surgery last night. the cause of the fire itself is still under investigation. we're told the home was a board and care facility and several people were inside at the time of the fire. no word yet on any other injuries. quite frightening, sam. >> thank you, laura. crews uncovered two bodies in the rubble of a collapsed building in new york city. one of those bodies is identified as nicholas figueroa. he was on a date at a restaurant in one of the three east village buildings that collapsed last thursday. 22 people were also injured. the mayor of new york city says someone may have illegally tapped a gas line leading to the explosion and the collapse. the governor of indiana says he won't back down from ace state's controversial new religious freedom while. governor mike pence won't change the law but open to clarifying it. lawmakers say the act is said to protect people's religious
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freedoms. apple's ceo tim cook addressed indiana's new law and laws mike it in an op-ed in "the washington post" over the weekend, he callings the indiana act diskram nation. he says "american businesses have longed recognized discrimination is bad for business" saying "that's why i'm standing up to oppose this new legislation wherever it emerges." arkansas lawmakers are considering a bill similar to the one in indiana. the conscious protection bill prevents the government from intruding on religious practices. critics say it would allow for discrimination against gays and lesbians. arkansas's governor says he will sign it into law'legislation makes it to his desk. 6:17, time to check that microclimate forecast on this monday morning, wow, take a look at that, beautiful live look outside at the bay bridge making way for a nice day. change in the works for the week. christina is tracking that for us. >> it's very warm over the
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weekend and today is going to be similar, just a touch cooler, depending on where you live. always noticing the microclimates making a big difference in your temperature this is time of year and over the course of the summertime months but right now, just about uniform numbers to kick off the new day. i hope you guys had a great weekend, temperaturesiyó right mostly in the 50s, at 53 in mountain view, magic number 53 for san francisco as well, we're at 51 degrees right here in san jose. weather headlines tell the story, one more warm day and then everything changes by tomorrow. we have a stark drop in your temperatures, drizzle chance as well for tomorrow morning and then much cooler as that area of low pressure comes through, all the way through the mid section of your week. so here are your highs for today, peninsula, 70 degrees, not a bad day there. 79 for the south bay, 80 degrees in the north bay, and 71 degrees on the east shore. the tri valley is at 79 degrees. before you know it our boys will be back in town thursday into
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friday, we have the bay bridge series, at&t park, it all starts on thursday, 60 degrees, giants taking on the a's, and friday, 62 degrees, comfortable conditions at about 7:15 for this exhibition series, and then they'll cross the bridge for saturday night and head over to coliseum. temperatures will be comfortable all week long. we have a good looking week coming your way from 79 today to 69 tomorrow, so a sharp dropoff between today and tomorrow especially in the south bay and yes, we're going to see cool conditions in san francisco for a couple days, before we hit the 70s. temperatures rebounding nicely, warming up towards the end of the week. we do have some showers on the way, two sides to your easter weekend, saturday looks good for your outdoor plans and easter sunday starting in the evening hours, we are expecting some showers to roll through. i'll have the full details coming up for you as we head throughout the next 15 minutes together. if you have to leave right now i know the man who can help you
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out, here te ihe is mike inouye. >> warning 580 westbound. that stretch of the tri valley slower than you might expect kicking off of monday, earlier crash at the dublin interchange, this is west 580, coming up toward 680 and continuing up the dublin grade. we're back to a typical view right here. look at your map, slow in the entire area, the earlier crash right here started to smooth out a little better but on the approach coming out of livermore and out of the altamont pass we have a good slowdown still continuing right here past north livermore and toward about airway. southbound 680 saw an earlier burst of traffic and a couple crashes, sunol clear, south 680 back to i atypical flow, a little extra slow at the dublin interchange. no drama, just a little slowing north through san ramon as well for 60, the walnut creek interchange moves smoothly. we'll talk about the earlier crash reported at the bay bridge toll plaza, haven't seen any lanes blocked. traffic flowing smoothly. the metering lights are on, backup building for west 580 as well and a fender bender off the
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shoulder coming around the bend and the 880 overcrossing. no lanes reported blocked there. we look out of the approach east shore freeway, richmond slowing west 80 into berkeley. it's not a big deal, they drive off the benicia bridge and a smooth drive westbound highway 4 through concord. the north bay showing san rafael through mill valley through the waldo tunnel all the way to the golden gate bridge. we'll also look south of 92 on the peninsula, smooth flow 101. 880 the build through hayward and south bay gentle build 101 and 87 coming into downtown. i want to show you coming off of the san mateo bridge even though the speed sensors show you green live camera on the foster city side shows a hefty volume of traffic. more slowing as it continues to build coming over from hayward and a smooth drive toward the 101 and 92. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. the time is 6:21, up next on "today in the bay," the new technology meant to curb car thefts with just the blink of an
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a very good monday morning to you. the sky getting a little brighter with the sun's arrival overlooking the south bay this morning. we'll check the bay forecast coming up in a bit. the country's leading pediatricians are outlining new guidelines for parents giving their kids medicine.
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the american academy of pediatrics wants medicines measured in metric units not spoonfuls because spoons come in different sizes and even a small error can be toxic for babies and toddlers. the guidelines mean parents and pediatricians need to switch, some still are prescribing medicines in spoonfuls. sweeping changes for products coming from gnc stores amidst accusations from new york's attorney general that retailers including gnc sold fraudulent and mislabeled products. gnc will implement new testing procedures that far exceed federal standards. as our cars and trucks become smarter and filled with more technology there's a new device to ensure the right person is driving the right vehicle. >> company called ilock developed small infrared technology that scan your eye's iris. once it creates a match you can drive away. the odds of a car thief or anyone else having an iris
6:26 am
matches yours one in several trillion, about the same as getting the right answers on the ncaa tournament. so only you and anyone else scanned will be able to drive the car. >> it's going to be used to authenticate the ignition so the wrong person can't start your car and steal it, tied to telematic s so that insurance premiums rated on a driver by driver basis not just when a car is in motion. >> the technology is going to spread, too. the company says jet makers are talking about using the same technology in cockpits and airports are considering using iris scans at security checkpoints. maybe it would speed things up. >> one could only hope. one could only hope. >> still ahead the opening bell just minutes away. we'll look at the early numbers for you coming up. and throwing their hats into the political ring, the former bay area ceo could soon announce a run for the white house. and a live look outside the
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bay bridge, all sparkly this morning from our emeryville perspective. we'll be right back for news, weather and traffic, right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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now we can stream all things fast and furious. you've done it again, carlos! with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots, xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7, in theaters april 3rd. nuclear negotiations hit a snag. what could keep the u.s. and iran from meeting a critical deadline, now just hours away. and good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. few records possible today. tomorrow temperatures crash, then we get a pretty good chance for some shower activity getting
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into your easter weekend. more details in moments. i am scanning our camera here in oakland for a crash reported here, same for the peninsula as well. a live look at this morning the new york stock exchange as we time that bell ringing, the nasdaq as well, it is monday, march the 30th. you are watching "today in the bay." a good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. time is running out hours away from the deadline for the u.s. and iran to come up with a framework forea nuclear deal and still plenty of wrinkles to be ironed out. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., this is happening as the rest of the arab world gears up for an all-out war for
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iranian-backed rebels in yemen. >> it seems to be impacting the relationship between the u.s. and iran, just within the last couple of hours iran is claiming two of their advisers on the ground in iraq were killed by a u.s. drone strike a week ago, last monday. u.s. officials say they're checking their time lines before denying that report, but it could certainly raise tensions between the two as they try to sit down and work this out, with yemen and the fighting there in the background. as bombs reigned down in yemen, the u.s. is hoping for a nuclear deal with iran by tomorrow. >> do you think you'll get a deal by the deadline? >> good question. >> reporter: the white house remains optimistic. >> they should be able to do that by the end of march. >> reporter: in yemen, arab nations aren't waiting for u.s. help. they've agreed to form an army of 40,000 as the air campaign continues against rebels backed by iran. the saudis deny iran is their real target.
6:32 am
>> i wouldn't call it a proxy war because we are doing this to protect yemen. >> reporter: in washington, some in congress don't trust that iran will keep its word and not build a nuclear weapon. >> i've got a really bad feeling about what they might come with. >> the alternative is also dangerous, but i'm trying to keep my powder dry. >> reporter: lawmakers are threatening more sanctions. >> the sanctions are going to come and come quick. >> reporter: that's to prevent this deal. they have until midnight tomorrow to work out a deal but the situation iran is claiming this morning could have an impact on that relationship, also the bombs that keep falling from saudi arabia, news this morning that one according to humanitarian workers there, hit a refugee camp killing 21 people. >> large numbers there. thank you very much, tracie. one we'll continue to watch. keeping it in washington, the republican field for president is about to get a little more crowded. carly fiorina says she is more
6:33 am
than 90% likely to seek the republican presidential nomination. meantime, florida republican senator marco rubio is also expected to roll out a bid for the white house in two weeks. and kentucky senator rand paul is expected to declare his candidacy next week. last week of course texas senator ted cruz became the first official presidential candidate for 2016. you don't want to talk politics you change to the weather. let's take a live look outside, beautiful live look at the bay bridge this morning as we ownership a nice day ahead, change in the works when it comes to our work week as well and the forecast, christina. >> that's right, good morning, laura and sam, everybody at home. hopefully you had a wonderful weekend. temperatures this morning are really comfortable, not too bad out there at all. 53 to kick off the new day in san francisco. 51 in the south bay, take you through your day-part forecast we expect the low 70s for most of us by lunch time today. we'll be at about 69 degrees in
6:34 am
the south bay. 70 degrees expected by noon in the north bay and we'll round out the day above average yet again, temperatures at 74 degrees for the peninsula, 79 in the tri valley. high pressure is going to start to move off to the south and the east as we head throughout the next 24 hours, allowing this area of low pressure to move through. for us, this is going to translate to much cooler temperatures, and maybe even some showers as we meet back here tomorrow morning. the bulk of the moisture comes through between about 3:00 a.m. and k a.m., not expecting anything heavy. we have a better chance, though, getting into your easter weekend. it looks like we are going to kick off a rainy pattern, i'll describe that to you in my next report. first getting out the front door here's mike inouye on a monday morning. >> good morning, folks. we'll take two live cameras first and show you the rest of the bay. i want to take the oakland camera, southbound 880 around 66th the overcrossing you see above our kicker at the bottom, reports of a crash there, i scanned the area and still don't see any issues or interruptions
6:35 am
to the traffic flow so i wanted to confirm that first. the second incident tracking right in front of our camera on the peninsula, palo alto, 101 at university, the on-ramp above where it says nbc and the other side you see a big rig on the frontage road by the stores, not a problem for the off-ramp there on the northbound side. so again, check the incident report, but i you don't see any slowing there. let's start with the peninsula, bottom of your screen the barricade reports the incident university off-ramp. slowing for 92 at the top of your screen coming across the san mateo bridge, typical there. same thing for the south bay, north 87 and 101 slowing through the crash at tully is causing it. lighter overall volume kicking in for the south bay. we'll love your map farther over toward the tri valley, earlier problems at the dublin interchange, the crash cleared but flowing after livermore. the tri valley commute there, same thing for hayward toward
6:36 am
the tricity area, union city typical slowing nimitz southbound. the area we showed you, oakland coliseum at the bottom, reports of the crash you didn't see any on the live camera. no problem for the flow either, northbound through 880 and westbound for 580 approaching the bay bridge that's your commute direction. the maze shows the backup metering lights on and the slower drive doeflgz east shore, hercules, highway 4. speeds come down toward the 50-mile-per-hour mark. walnut creek on the right side you typically see that. north bay flow down to san rafael just building now to the golden gate bridge but again san francisco schools a lot of them have spring break so maybe less surface street traffic but maybe more commuters out of town for the next three weeks rotating around the bay, good news for the overall commute. even though your kids might not be in the school district it will affect the flow, as we know, kids off, parents tend to take it off as well. >> shortened week of trading on the stock markets as well because of good friday. >> a boost for drivers and
6:37 am
investors to start out this morning. check that out, a 200-point plus increase so far on the dow currently hovering about 17,924. we'll see if that momentum carries through for the rest of the day. sony playstation users will be able to expand their musical horizonians thanks to spotify. the music service is rolling out on playstation 3 and consoles with a new app. spotify is replacing sony's own brand, music unlimited in part because spotify is available in more countries and offers a deeper library. the service is free of ads -- free with ads or $10 a month commercial free. >> got to pay to get that clean screaming there. what's old is new again. the hopes of reviving its luxury image, ford is bringing back the lincoln continental. >> the automaker retired the brand 13 years ago, but today ford will show off a prototype of the luxury sedan ahead of the
6:38 am
new york auto show which begins this weekend. the new continental will hit dealer showrooms next year as ford aims to triple global sales. >> sounds like a "knight rider" thing going on. a rough landing sends more than two dozen people to the hospital. we'll hear from terrified passengers on board that air canada flight, coming up next.
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nfs just in to our newsroom, prosecute yours say the
6:41 am
germanwings copilot was treated years ago for suicidal tendencies. investigators suit up to taux to his parents to talk about a possible motive, investigators say lubitz locked the other pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed that plane into the french alps. all the people on board died in the crash. crews in nova scotia are slowly to working to move an air canada plane battling damage in a rough landing at a halifax international airport yesterday. the flight from toronto touched down short of the runway and skid more than 1,000 feet before coming to a stop. the plane's nose and landing gear snapped off, one wing badly damaged. many of the passengers on board say they thought they were going to die. >> and then crash and then we just skidded for a very long time. >> hit my head, i just said, it's over. no way we were going to survive that. >> it was snowing at the time. so far, no official word on the cause of the hard landing.
6:42 am
25 people were hurt, all should be okay. >> good to hear. time is 6:41. coming up next, several strong earthquakes shake the south pacific this morning. >> and developing here at home, where is he? a cal student vanishes in southern california. and overnight, flames tear through a van in the south bay, what witnesses are tell us this morning. and we're also keeping tabs on your morning commute. live look from the north bay this morning of the s curve at san rafael. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, weather and traffic after the break
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. a developing story right now, family, friends and teammates are searching for any
6:45 am
signs of 19-year-old eloi vazquez. no one's seen the cal freshman since saturday when he left a frat party near usc. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live at uc berkeley this morning, and steph, there's a $50,000 reward in hopes of bringing him home safely. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. lots of hopes for that. crews behind me are cleaning parts of the campus here at cal ahead of the return from spring break for students today, but it's now been more than two days since anyone heard from that 19-year-old from novato. last week he headed down from the bay area to l.a. for a spring break trip with friends, the last time anyone saw him leaving a frathouse near the campus of usc, he's a freshman soccer player here for uc berkeley. then friends said he called them around 1:30 saturday morning to say he wanted to walk on the beach. he last called a friend up in berkeley twice who says he talked about being lost and in trouble. she texted him minutes later
6:46 am
asking if he was okay there was no response. >> i kept telling him please call your friends, let them know you're lost. i'm really scared, really worried. i just, i just hope that he comes home safe. >> reporter: cal athletics saying its first priority is to help in the search, he exceled on and off the field. his mom said he's open with his parents about drinking, he admits to do it but only once in a while because he is an athlete. he did not have any money or identification on him when he left the party saturday morning. lot of concern and hope that he will return safely. live on the cal campus, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> a story we'll continue to follow. thank you, steph. 6:46 on your monday, just trying to get the work week off on the right foot as we take a live look outside right now, downtown san jose, the sunlight coming in, temperatures have been up but things could be a-changing and rather soon. >> that's right, christina has a look at our forecast for you. >> we want to help you get out that front door, help you start
6:47 am
your day on a good note, that's what we're here for, after all. the time 16:46, just about 6:47, if you got to get out that door and wondering the exact time. 44 degrees, chilly conditions in the north bay but look at tahoe temperature, truckee is at 28 degrees, even cooler on the highest peaks, they're making that snow steadily, so that they can stay open. of so the resorts are still open for easter weekend. you know what? there's a storm system on the way to help out. 51 degrees in san jose, we're at 47 in livermore and temperatures are really comfortable out there for the first part of the day, it's going to be hot later on today inland, not too bad though if you live where the fog machine is back on in full force. clear start to the day for most spots, but we have a little bit of fog at the immediate coast. you can see that live from our san bruno camera. now here's where we're headed as we get into the day, cooler at the city and coast, the heat will persist inland and the fog returns tonight, your sun setting at 7:30, you notice the
6:48 am
days getting longer, that's what happens as now we're in spring and they'll get longer as we transition into summertime. temperatures right now are kind of chilly but you'll want something you can ditch later on when it comes to a jacket or sweater. we're going to hit 69 degrees in san francisco for today, 71 on the peninsula and 79 degrees in the beautiful silicon valley. so your weather headlines tell the story, warm today, last warm day. by tomorrow, drizzle chance, a little bit of shower activity for the morning hours and clearing you out by the end of the day. much cooler midweek and then we get that powerful storm system toward the end of the week. so let me take you through the changes. ten-degree drop between today and tomorrow in the south bay, into the 70s for thursday into friday, and then look at this, what a beautiful, beautiful day we have for you on saturday, don't want to forget that jewish passover, though, beautiful conditions on friday as well. saturday into sunday things start to change, we get a little shower activity, 68 degrees on easter sunday, that's in the
6:49 am
south bay. the peninsula at 67 and 66 degrees in the north bay. so when it comes to showers, we get a little bit of a chance for tomorrow, a better chance toward easter, then watch this. showers arrive at about 5:00 in the north bay on easter sunday. then watch what happens, we stay with these showers all the way through most of next week, and boy, oh, boy, do we need it. we'll keep you updated. i love having something to watch. he's always watching your drive, here's mike inouye. >> good morning, christina. watching a slower drive unfortunately to kick off the week for dublin, west 580 there, that truck is slowing up getting off there at santa rita. we'll look at the map, overall flow, we had an early morning crash after 4:30 around the dublin interchange, set off the slow drive and still slow west 580 through livermore to the dublin interchange. couple of crashes here, pleasanton into sunol which cleared as well from the roadway, caused more slowing. that's the tough tri valley commute. over toward the dublin grade slowing there, clearing by the time you get through castro
6:50 am
valley and slowing again off the castro valley y south 808 through hayward and toward union city, typical build toward union city and hayward for southbound 8 880. slower drive 92 san mateo bring and the south bay routes building for 85, 87. crash north 101 around tully had things backed up earlier than you might expect. let's get a live camera out here, where we typically see a big backup this time of morning, pretty easy toward alum rock but this will build as the crash clears at tully. out to the maps, the rest of silicon valley in addition to san jose's build we see more slowing for sunnyvale and mountain view for northbound 101, typical pattern along the peninsula. smooth drive toward the bay bridge and san francisco. no big drama for the upper east bay, we have highway 4 and the walnut creek interchange starting to build, same thing for the east shore freeway and of course right here, the north bay, novato through san rafael, a little slowing because of the volume of traffic, no drama and a smooth drive toward the golden gate bridge and into san francisco.
6:51 am
back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. all new this morning, a pair of strong earthquakes struck off the south pacific nation of tonga. the first quake had a magnitude of 6.4, and then it was followed 30 minutes later by a magnitude 6.8 quake. there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage. so far no tsunami warning has been issued. earlier this morning, a powerful 7.5 quake rattled papa new beginie, generating a small tsunami. no one was hurt in that event. within the last few minutes we learned the supreme court will not hear a free speech case out of the south bay. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from morgan hill this morning, it is the fight that has been going on for almost five years now there at the school where you stand. this is a big breaking news, kris. >> reporter: it is, laura and the folks have been waiting a long time. though the students involved in this case and even the assistant principal have moved on from live oak high school here in
6:52 am
morgan hill, and now we know that the supreme court is not going to look back at that case, again, either. this harkens back to an incident five years ago the assistant principal banned students from wearing shirts with the american flag on cinco de mayo because the principal felt like the students were motivated not only by their american pride but also by an incident the year before with the mexican flag which sparked several fights. students who did wear the shirts were asked to turn them inside out, they refused and were sent home, and as a result, the families filed this free speech lawsuit which has been dismissed by lower courts, one judge at the ninth circuit court of appeals saying that it was reasonable for school officials to proceed as though the threat of a potentially violent disturbance was real, and now, we can assume that the united states supreme court, the highest court, the last word on the matter, might agree with that. they have decided not to take up the issue that really did take a
6:53 am
stand between where the rights of the students' free speech ends and where the rights of the administrators' rights to keep the peace began. so again, the united states supreme court not taking up the issue of the american flag bearing t-shirts here at live oak high school in morgan hill. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. more breaking news to share with you, we're hearing reports of a possible shooting at ft. meade in maryland. we've got a live look at the scene from ft. meade, maryland, this morning. we don't know how yet these cars are involved. you see an accident of some sort there in the center of your screen but officials say two people arrived at its gate injured this morning but it's unclear how they were hurt or just how badly they were hurt. initial reports indicate the incident happened outside of the entrance itself but it's not clear yet if anyone from the military base was involved. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story this
6:54 am
morning. >> back at home, the former stanford swimmer accused of sexually assaulting a woman on campus will be back in court today. a judge will set a preliminary hearing date for brock turner, pleaded not guilty to assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious woman at a campus party in january. he moved back to ohio after he bailed out of jail but a judge ordered him to appear at every court appearance. the trial will begin today in a civil suit filed by the parents of audrey pott. two years ago three teenagers sexually assaulted and took photos of pott while she was unconscious at a party. the saratoga high school student later committed suicide. the attackers have served their time but the family thinks the punishment was not severe enough, why the pott family is suing two of the three attackers. it settled with the third earlier this year. the legal dispute dividing the family of the late robin williams will be heard in san francisco courtroom later today.
6:55 am
back in december william's wife, susan, filed papers alleging some of williams' clothes and personal items have been removed from the couple's tiburon home. the actor's three children called her claims "despicable and untrue." they said susan williams has deliberately blocked the independent trustees from conducting a full inventory. a bay area landmark is moving closer to being named for robin williams. "the chronicle" reporting that proposal to rename the rainbow striped waldo tunnel as the robin williams tunnel cleared the assembly committee. it is expected to clear both houses by this summer. that tunnel connects golden gate bridge traffic to marin county. the public is invited to a celebration this morning to honor the life of a martinez woman killed in a gravel truck accident. dump truck toppled over and crushed lindsay combs' car last monday as she was trying to move it. since then, fund-raisers brought in more than $14,000 to pay for
6:56 am
funeral expenses and fly families members in from out of state. today's event will be held at the marred necessary sportsman's club from 11:30 this morning until 5:00. 6:55, police in vallejo are looking for whoever shot and killed a man in weekend. that shooting happened just before 6:00 saturday night on hillborn avenue near mare island way. they found 20-year-old ruben johnson jr. with multiple gunshot wounds, including one to his head. he died at the hospital, no word yet on a suspect or motive for that killing. in the south bay a man is behind bars after going on a rampage with a ma schett hooe. his sister says he may have wanted police to take his life. it happened in east bay near the tully near the exit to highway 101. neighbor the say yesterday morning the man waved a knife and reportedly smashed all the windows of a car. he then returned to his garage where he started lighting fires. police surrounded him and took him into custody around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the man's sister says he needs psychiatric help.
6:57 am
>> he doesn't need to be going to jail or being charged with this. he actually needs help, counseling, therapy, something. >> the suspect has not been identified, no one was hurt. new video of a possible arson in camel. all that's left is a burnt shelf a van. the fire department is on the scene near highway 17 camden avenue exit. happening today in the wake of several destructive fires, the san francisco fire department wants you to know what you can do to protect your house. today the department will hold a fire prevention tutorial. there have been three massive fires in the mission district, two of them fatal. today's tutorial begins at 1:00 at 870 bush street between taylor and mason streets in san francisco. it's 6:57 right now. final check of the day's top stories for you. police are looking for a cal
6:58 am
student last seen at a usc frat party. eloi vazquez left the party friday night, last heard from saturday morning, when he called a friend to say he was lost. a fresno firefighter has a long road to recovery after he fell through a roof. he suffered second and third-degree burns to nearly 75% of his body, and is currently in critical condition. we've just learned the u.s. supreme court will not hear a case out of morgan hill. five years ago school administrators at live oak high school banned students from wearing t-shirts bearing the american flag on cinco de mayo. students say it violated their free speech rights. >> that wardrobe option not an option there, but plenty of options should be in your arsenal this week, christina, you were saying the temperatures will be up and down. >> you can break out the summer today, and then hold off on that winter wardrobe, don't put it away just yet because you might need it tomorrow. depends where you're waking up with us. 69 degrees in san francisco, 80 today in the north bay and 79
6:59 am
degrees in the south bay, last warm day a ten-degree dropoff with showers on the way for tomorrow. >> sounds good. what about that morning commute? >> we have a slow drive for the tri valley. let's look at the dublin camera, west 580 continues a slow drive out of the altamont to the dublin interchange. the crash cleared, slow drive and south 680 slow from earlier crashes in sunol. rest of the bay a pretty easy drive. south bay with the build and rest of the bay bridge with the toll plaza metering lights on. we'll look at an easy drive for the north bay. >> thanks, mike. breaking news, police on scene of an incident outside of ft. meade in maryland. >> this is a live look at the scene from an nbc helicopter, emergency workers could be seen caring for an injured man, a uniformed man later loaded onto an ambulance. it's not clear what the connection that person has to the incident itself. two damaged vehicles you request also see them at the center bottom of your screen located
7:00 am
outside of a gate. ft. meade owe fishes say two people showed up injured at their gate this morning. it is one we will continue to follow this morning. thank you so much for joining us. we'll have a local news update in about half an hour. >> good morning. breaking overnight. prosecutors interviewing family and friends of that german co-pilot accused of crashing a passenger plane into the alps as his medical files are handed over. we're live in germany. terrifying collapse. a firefighter falls through the roof of a burning garage setting off a race against time to pull him out. a dramatic scene caught on camera. how he is fighting for his life. exclusive, raffaele sollecito first interview since he and amanda knox.


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