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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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perry in the head. people say they may have had a disagreement earlier in the day. investigators are recommending the district attorney charge jones with attempt had murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. i did speak with a man who works in the tenderloin near the scene of the attack. i spoke with him and he said that people in the neighborhood are also glad the police made an arrest so quickly. >> thank you. at 5:00, audrie pott civil trial, she killed herself after and it was put on-line. the family sued two classmates. the boys have been in in juvenile confinement after taking pictures of her as she
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was unconscious. they have to pay $900,000 and pair in a documentary sponsored by the audrey pott foundation. most of the money in the settlement will go towards that found dalgs. >> with new video to show you, deadly plane crash in the north bay, officers say a pilot operating an ultra light plane crashed into an empty field in petaluma. this happened around noon. the ntsb is looking into the cause of this crash. the pilot has not been identified. >> you are looking at freeway signs. caltrans is helping out. today announcing another bolder move. the agency will not only cut back the 25% mandate by the governor it will double that. michelle roberts is live in san jose. a big move by one of the stitate's biggest water users. >> in some areas, they will stop
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watering when they can, but in other spots where they need agriculture, they will put in plants like these that can survive the drought a little bit better. this caltrans sign on 880 usually shows travel times and traffic information. now reads severe drought limit outdoor watering. that's exactly what caltrans plans to do. >> we already achieved our goal of 30% reduction over last year. and we are going for 50%. >> bob hoss says caltrans will use $28 million from emergency funds to update irrigation systems and install more smart sprinklers across the state. >> they will only use half the water of a traditional sprinkler system. we stopped irrigating in a lot of places wherever we can. >> he said landscaping projects will be postponed and watering medians will be avoided when possible. same advice is true for smaller landscapes. >> your lawn won't die. it might not look as good, but
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it won't die. it will do a lot to save water. >> the santa clara valley water district says the water savings is just 13%. not even half of the recommended 30. according to the state water board, the bay area made progress in december by conserving a total of 21%. and in january when san francisco didn't see a drop of rain homeowners turned sprinklers back on and water reduction fell to a measly 3%. leaving water districts begging homeowners to save more. >> we recommend that people check for leaks. take shorter showers. get your car wash at a professional car wash place where they recycle the water. >> and you are only supposed to water from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. and you are asked to reduce 20% but there is a meeting later this month but recommendations will likely go up. reporting live in san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news.
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>> thanks so much michelle. now let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. tracking rain, jeff? >> you can see, there is no rain fall along the doppler radar. dry from santa rosa towards san jose. as we do get a wider look out of civic where our storm systems usually move in from you can see this area in red here. that's the next storm system that is now 1200 miles away. it is moving at very fast clip. even though it is over a thousand miles away but here sooner rather than later. i don't want to hold back on this. we want to show you the few tour cast early on tonight. can you see saturday will be dry to start. bit afternoon and evening hours, we will have high clouds pass by. it is all about easter sunday for the beginnings of this rain fall. and it looks like by 7:00 a.m. a good section of the bay area should have showers developing. of course we will track more and the timing of this is coming up. do not get caught off guard if you are heading up to lake tahoe, this brings colder
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temperatures and snow fall. we leave you with this right now. the last time we had a tenth inch in san francisco or for most of the bay area 54 days ago. that's a long time in april. we should have a lot more by now. >> i know. i missed it. thanks, jeff. reminder, you can track any rain that falls in your area. download apps for free from the itunes store or marketplace. >> a bizarre shouting match inside a courtroom. should have been a routine sentencing for a disgraced politics turned into a circus. kimberly the judge had to intervene here. what exactly happened? >> reporter: it was really tense inside the courtroom at times today, raj. people say what happened is incredibly unusual. former santa clara county supervisor appeal foed are leniency during his sentencing today. he a i apologized for sending
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out a fraudulent mailer. during the hearing things got heated. at one point, both his attorney and the prosecutor raised their voices and argued over how the sentencing was being handled. it got bad enough it that the judge threatened to hold the prosecutor in contempt of court. >> it was strange. i've never seen a situation where a judge refused to let both attorneys make their final statement. >> and of course the judge gets the last word after that. but i saw something contemptuous, nothing disrespectful. >> both attorneys asked to go on the record to clarify positions. the judge denied their request and went ton sentencing. >> while adisagree with the court's characterization for mr. chase's conduct and my contact, i'm glad this case was for the appropriate sentence of community service. >> do you feel you were
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treated -- >> yes, i was. >> sentenced to 45 days of community service which goes against the prosecutor's request. the prosecutor wanted the 63-year-old to further explain his crime or serve jail time. >> he is disappointed with the outcome of the case but will respect the judge's decision. though he doesn't agree with it. live in san jose kimberly tere nbc bay area news. >> a plea from the parents of william pateko junior. he was shot around 9:45 last night. emergency crews tried to save him but he died at the scene. his mother said she had seen him just minutes before she heard the gunfire. >> they came by came up jefferson and shot my son right if front of me. if anybody knows anything please come and tell us. >> police have not released a motive or any information on a possible suspect. >> it all goes to the family of fallen san hoe zie officer
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michael johnson. a gift of $25,000 raised by a well known south bay bar. hundreds of people showed up at the britania arms both locations of the pub. this is after officer johnson was memorialized and laid to rest. the turnout exceeded expectations. many friends and family members showed up at the almaden valley location to celebrate his life. >> turmoil in the middle east, nation of yemen is a half a world away but hitting home for many in the bay area. a san francisco native is trapped over there. helping coffee farmers in yemen for u.s. government agencies with today his friends and members of san francisco's yemenis community gathered on the steps of city hall. while the family is from yemen, he and his brother grew up in san francisco.
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>> i call him frequently. every time we talk on the phone or skype, i hear constant bombardment, constant shelling. attacks are random. they are given no warning. they have been at 2:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m. 4:00 a.m. and civilians are dropping like flies. >> well known at san francisco work because of the work on the city's civil rights ordinance. >> a new discovery in the germanwings plane crash. the copilot accelerated as the plane was flying into the mountain. he meant to destroy that plane. it shows lubitz repeatedly accelerated. the crash killed 150 people. still ahead at 5:0, why exactly did he do it? latest on the search for the motive and closer look at the new evidence we just told you about. nightly news with lester holt
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begins at 5:30. >> lost at sea for 66 days and one man's harrowing story of survival and how the stars aligned, ultimately leading to his rescue. and a crime that cost caltrans millions of dollars. the action the agency is taking to fight back against copper wire theft. >> good afternoon. i'm meteorologist era here inny. beautiful day across the south bay for weather underground time lapse. you can see a lot of blue sky behind me but that will quickly change throughout your easter weekend. we will let you know about the rain fall and dramatically cold temperatures. a new discovery linking fall lines. >> we didn't know about it before. >> with satellite technology just revealed that could produce an earthquake even more powerful than loama prieda. new at 6:00.
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all clear after a suspicious package was checked and determined to not be a bomb. it was on west taylor street at about 7:45 this morning. traffic was stopped and people were told to stay in their homes and businesses. a preliminary report said the package contain had batteries wrapped in tape with exposed wires.
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higher prices for copper has been spurring theft for the metal for years. today cal trance shows how they are fighting back. they released this video showing tamper proof boxes it engineered to stop access to copper wire. it is also working with copper recyclers so they can recognize state property when it is stolen. caltrans is working with police on sting operations. copper wire cost caltrans $7 million a year. they often disable traffic signals and lighting. . >> a 36-year-old sailor is back on solid ground and in surprisingly good shape. after being lost at sea for 66 days. it was a chance encounter that led to his rescue. >> reporter: lewis jordan walked from the copper into a norfolk
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hospital under his own power. to an emotional reunion with his father after 66 days at sea. >> it seemed like a lot longer. >> friends and family knew he went selling january 23 aboard his sailboat angel. but no one heard from him for more that two months and his parents were frantic. >> it is terrible. you live moment to moment. and those moments turn into days. >> what no one knew is that he had drifted out into the atlantic. mast and rutter broken. >> i was flying through the air, somersaulting and everything was upside down and backwards. >> for two months rationed his food and ate raw fish that he pulled out of the ocean, capturing rain water to survive. then thursday morning an incredible stroke of luck jordan's small sailboat was spotted by the houston express, a massive german container ship 200 miles off the carolina coast. >> they saw me on the front of my boat standing up there waving my arms and they turned that
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huge thing around. >> taking him off the deck of the houston express, flying him back to norfolk. >> thinner and shaggier than before his ordeal but happy to be home. nbc bay a iraarea news. >> lucky to be alive. hoping for the best preparing for the worst ppt bringing bart down to the south bay. today firefighters are getting ready for that. mill pit yas construction taking place by the great mall. fire crews say the practice drill is in case a cannot construction emergency comes up. >> we have a lot going on. good friday passover easter spring break for the kiddos. you've got a lot of pressure on you. >> man, i'm feeling it. we don't control mother nature but we have a few speed bumps
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coming into the forecast. that next. developing storm system now 1200 miles away. yes, a long ways from the bay area. but it is going to pick up speed here as we head throughout the next 24 hours and will be impacting that easter weekend. can you get a preview of that and the ticker as that populates from the north bay to the south bay. now, take you outside to the sky camera network and 68 in the south bay. beautiful through the peninsula. 69 holding ton warmth in the east bay and 73 degrees. and stunner after view here in the north bay. 72 and our weather underground camera showing limited visibility towards san francisco. so as we head through tomorrow morning, it is going to start off cold again. we will see high clouds beginning to increase across the peninsula, east bay and san francisco. that's the biggest change for the morning and light jacket to start. micro climate forecast for tomorrow, not nearly as much as today. everyone goes down 5 to 10 degrees.
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that puts san jose at 70 degrees. a lot of 60s around foster city. 50s in pacifica. san francisco also dropping. cloud cover begins to increase by the afternoon in the north bay east bay and tri-valley. pushing up to 71 in napa. oakland at 67. lafayette 70 degrees. around 70 degree mark here in the tri-valley as well. well advance the story and get you a time line on the rain full. by 7:00 p.m. saturday, rain fall is off-shore. as we advance into the evening hours, we are still dry there saturday. by 5:00 a.m. sunday you see areas developing in marin, nassau counties. by 9:00 in the morning, any easter egg hunt you can expect it for the east bay, south bay and peninsula. once we are past 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning, we should undergo a break. we aren't expecting a heavier rain fall for sunday afternoon.
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through monday's forecast showers develop but really the largest storm system we are tracking over the next few days will be arriving as we head throughout tuesday's forecast. from the morning hours, right into the afternoon as well. so how much rain fall could we pick up? it is right in line with what we saw yesterday. higher in some cases. possibly throw o to 3/4 irj. right up into the north bay as well. if you are just tuning in rb rain fall for your easter weekend. dry saturday. wet weather by sunday. monday little bit of a break in the action. by tuesday, that is the strongest storm in the mixed force with possibly isolated thunderstorms. by the way, 2 to 5 inches sun diand monday. we've got it all. >> we've got it all. >> for the first time the national football league will have a woman on the field during the game.
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we'll explain. >> plus good news for commuters. the major improvements muni is about to roll out on the streets of san francisco.
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mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all. there were presentee of
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people who could have seen it. possible hit and run during san mateo during the busy commute. a motorcyclist was killed after going over the railing and landing on the ground below. witnesses say they saw a white suv stop then leave the scene. the victim was on the connector ramp from southbound 101 to eastbound 92 when the crash happened. the suv was last seen going east on 92. the suv might have damage to the right side. if you have information, please call the chp. shake-up with an sfpd. the police chief says he wants to fire several officers. this stems from the racist and homophobic text messages sent within the department. >> it just makes me sick to even talk about it. >> reporter: rec mepdommending firing officers for racist and
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homophobic texts. >> eight officers engaged in such repulsive conversations via text messages that i have suspended them and they have been referred to the police commission with a recommendation of only termination. >> one has resigned. he said one more is resigning today. two others were reassigned and sent to the police commission. four more face less discipline for violating policy. text messages were part of the corruption case of former police sergeant ian messinger. the case will be reexamined. >> we agreed go back ten years. there will be about a you this cases to bring back to court. any time a police officer testifies, their credibility is at issue. >> the trust in our department is not lost on me. but it has taken a major hit and we will do everything we can to rebuild that trust. >> all of those officers who knew about these texts and did
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not report it, are just as guilty. and needs to be fired. >> a big issue in the city. public defender's office called the recommendation to fire the officers a step in the right direction and urged the police kpligs do the same. >> a muni makeover. getting around san francisco might get a little bit easier. one of the biggest changes, more drivers and that means faster service and shorter wait times. bus shelters are also being many proved and easier to read bus signs will be installed. muni is making a new map, which includes renaming routes to clarify where the bus lines run. these changes start april 25th. there may be more bikes hitting bay area streets. local government officials announceing a proposal. motivate international which runs the program will pay for 6300 additional bikes by 2017. the plan would also expand the program into oakland, berkeley and emeryville.
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the metropolitan transportation commission will consider the proposal on wednesday. if approved it'll go before the full board later this month. >> take you outside. a live look at the port of oakland where dock workers could be closer to approving a new labor contract. union delegates voted to approve a five-year deal. ships stacked up at 29 ports along the west coast until union members approved a tentative contract if february. a big slow down for business. that allowed part of the $1 trillion in annual cargo to start flowing. the union said a final vote will be held on may 22nd. >> history will be made in the nfl this fall when it p us at woman on the gridiron. a female referee, no comment from the league yet. and its ref roster doesn't come out until next week. but the baltimore sun reports this woman, sarah s on the starters list. she was the first female to work an ncaa game in 2007 and first to work a college bowl game. she won't be the first woman to
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serve as an official for the nfl. shannon easton worked as replacement three years ago but sarah thomas will be the first to get a full-time job. >> congratulations to her. back in a moment with a story and show in the sky set for tomorrow. stay with us.
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tonight at 6:00 former governor arnold schwarzenegger stepping into the debate over indiana's controversial religious freedom law. why he says republicans will suffer because of all of this. that's tonight on our 6:00
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newscast. >> shortest lunar eclipse takes place overnight. it starts at 3:16 a.m. that's when the arnl's earth's shadow will start to creep over the moon. full eclipse at 4:58 a.m. and lasts less than 5 minutes. the moon will have a red glow and that's why it is called a blood moon. >> what time? >> 3:16. but you have to wait until 4:58. set the alarm. >> so stay up late or wake up early. >> what am i going to do until 5:00 a.m. >> i think i'll take a nap. >> smart man. >> what about easter? >> we have a graphic. a view of what is going on. at 4:58. 5:03 a.m. is the best time to view that. clear for a lot of the bay area. i don't think you will have any problem seeing that. you will have a jacket and rain
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fall returns for easter sunday. dry saturday rain on sunday. >> thank for joining us. enjoy the weekend. see you back here at 6:00. >> good night, folks. on this friday night, violent threat tearing across a huge flood emergency. high water rescues and that massive fire. was it lightning? tonight, millions on high alert for tornadoes. found alive. a dramatic rescue and an amazing survival story. we hear from the man saved after 66 days stranded alone at sea. nbc news exclusive. the police detective caught on camera berating a driver in an apparent bit of road rage. the video gone viral. tonight, he speaks out for the first time. game changer. getting to know a woman about to make history on the field in the nfl. and act of faith. we go behind the scenes of a blockbuster sequel to the smash hit series "the bible." "nightly news"


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