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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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/ nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 11:00, case closed. an abrupt ending to the high profile lawsuit as two south bay teenagers apologized in court to what they did to a female classmate. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm janelle wang.
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>> peggy bunker has the story. >> well, it is clear that the fam ly wanted the boys to own up to the part of the attack. they did finally get the apology from the boys who sexually assaulted audrie and then shared photos and texts. >> reporter: it has been a difficult journey for the pott family. the two boys received two months at a jooufuvenile defense, tension and now they were not willing to admit they were part of the case, but now as part of the settlement they have to acknowledge that audrie was unconscious, and she did not consent, and also give ten
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presentations of their role in the attack and also appear in a documentary about spreading rumors and also their homeowner's insurance will pay the damages to the family. they shared photos of an attack and it proves that the social media did heighten the assault. >> it just says that they are not at fault. >> reporter: but it says that it helps to perpetuate the violence, because they agree anonymous anonymous. >> fi don't say it to their face, why can i post it online? >> because audrie had to relive the rain, and believe that everyone in her school and her world knew and if if the pictures were out there, it was
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if she had been raped thousands of times and would never end. >> reporter: the family settled with the third boy who was also involved in the attack. as part of the settlement today, both of the attackers said they would have to sign a petition to hel help award her an honorary high school diploma. raj? >> now the case of a couple connected to child abuse. police first visited this couple's home after their 17-year-old daughter took her baby to the hospital in critical condition. at the home they found the body of their teen sister. they believe that they are traveling with five other young children, and at this point, no arrest warrant has been issued for the parents, but the 17-year-old is facing abuse charges. and now police staffing levels are dangerously low in san jose, and that is a reality,
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but now there is a group that wants to bring law and order to the streets without wearing a badge. cheryl hurd has more. >> reporter: well you vhave seen them in major cities and all over the world, and i'm talk about the guardian angel, and they are volunteers to walk the streets to be a deterrent to the crime, but not everybody believes they are a good fit for san jose. friday evening in san jose. the sharks are playing at the sap arena and the streets are bu busy. ta means that business is good for gene. >> well, there is a lot of traffic, and people are hustling and bustling on nights like this this. >> reporter: when darkness comes the san jose streets can become dangerous. >> just spontaneous brawls that just break out, and then they disintegrate in five to seven seconds. >> we are the guardian angel,
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and we are looking for volunteers. >> reporter: robert wants to change that by bringing the guardian angels to san jose. >> our police force is half of what it used to be and it is a beacon for the criminals. >> we are recruiting tonight. >> reporter: no secret that there is a concern about police staffing in san jose. the guardian angels have organized in the city before didn't last. some saying that they were taking more of a law enforcement role than they should. >> we are not superheros, but we are out to help, and keep an eye out, and be a visual deterrent. >> reporter: the san jose crime unit says they have no objection to them coming to the city, but he is not sure that beret wearing volunteers is the answer. >> hiring more police officers might be the solution.
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>> reporter: and the volunteer is related to dave cortese, but he is not instrumental in bringing the guardian angel s tos to the bay area. and there it is on the calendar easter and passover and a big weekend for a lot of people. and now, looking outside, here comes the rain. chief meteorologist jeff rainier, what are you seeing there? >> there is a storm coming through, and sitit is picking up steam, so you will see that saturday is the dry day, and some high clouds will pass by in the afternoon, but by easter sunday the cold front will sweep across for a quick blast
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of the weather from san francisco to eventually san jose. we don't want you to be caught off guard, because if you are going to sierras there could be some snow. we won't weigh in on the totals and not a lot, but maybe one to four inches of snowfall will make the roadways a mess w.. we will have more details on the moisture we could pick up in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. and now the san jose chief of police wants some of his fires fired for exchanging racist, and homophobic messages. the chief says that he has suspended seven officers at the san francisco police department which includes a sergeant and captain, and has requested that to the san francisco police commission that they all be fired. the chief called the text repulsive, and he is going to be working to rebuild the trust with the communeity.
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and san francisco police say they have made an arrest in the disturbing attack of a homeless man. they have tracked down this man in the surveillance video 35-year-old arthur jones who they say attacked the victim with what appears to be a metal pipe. jones could face several charges including attempted murder. tonight, the vikctim is in critical condition at the sjmc. and now, the investigators say that blake johnston of martinez had more than 300 explicit images of children from the u.s. and across the world. he is believed to have had contact with at least three of the skrik tims, and may have abused many more. johnston was under arrest in october for allegedly luring an oregon girl from her home to the bay area. take a look at this, a drive drive-through atm, sort of. 5:00 a.m. today, these suspects pulled into the gas station at a
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walnut street and one of the suspects distract eded the attendant, and his partner attaches a cable to the atm, and then he pulls off taking theatm with him, and now the police are looking for the white ford truck. and a follow-up story of how the community is supporting fallen officer michael johnson. $24,000 and counting is how much money a south bay bar has joined for the family. hundreds of people showed up at the pub last night to show their support. this is after his memorial and burial. even johnston's father and members came to thebry brittania pub. and now shgs, the giants are hosting the a's tonight in a exhibition game. >> and the real season starts monday, but plenty ti of fans
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took the seats tonight. and jean elle, happy new year the season is here. >> let's play ball. a's, and giants' fans are getting to know the 2015 team. some stars are gone, and some new faces on the field, but the game is the same and the fans are loving it. the battle of the bay is a come pe tigs in the stands. >> oh, yes! >> go giants! >> let's go oakland! >> reporter: the a's, and the giants' fans are batting for the team of top team spirit. >> family rivalry. it is all good fun. >> reporter: for some the rivalry on the field runs deep. >> yes it is great. >> and during baseball season we communicate in between games. >> and we only win on the even years so we are hoping they make a break are the that and do it in an odd year. >> reporter: while the bats are swinging, the chefs are tossing
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pizza dough, and the fans are dressing dogs and the beer is flowing. a's fans are optimistic. >> they did well in the preseason, and so maybe they will extend it through the real season. >> it is just a team that you never know what you will get. >> reporter: and they are excited. >> we have to get the team going, and the chemistry going, and that is what brought us the three triplets. >> we have three triplet a, and it is okay, because we are just here for the party. >> reporter: and the par pit the ball park is just getting started. and the party is going to be moving to oakland and when the fans come back to at&t park, the fans can order a pizza on the phone and vit delivered to their seats. jean elle nbc bay area news. it has become a real kind of the star in the hospital. >> next at 11:00 a story you
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will see only on the nbc bay area, a young girl and family enter the unlikely ordeal during a bout with the flu. and why the bay area could be in for a larger earthquake than previously thought. >> and a new take on the classic easter candy. just ahead. and don't forget to set your clocks for the total lunar eclipse from 4:58 a.m. to 5:03. and we will have the full time line of the easter weekend in a moment.
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new information shows that the next big earthquake in the bay area could have a bigger impact than we thought. uc berkeley scientists have proven that the hayward fault in the east bay is a branch of the calaveras fault that is running east of san jose. they say if a earthquake happens sigh mull tain jous we could --
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sigh mull tain jous we could have a shaker higher than we have ever had. and there is a 7% chance that a large earthquake will hit on either of the faultlines in the next 30 years. and a plane crash killed a pilot in the north bay. a pilot operating an ultra light plane in petaluma. this happened near the adobe creek golf club. the ntsb is looking into the crash, and the pilot has not been identified. >> and now, she is called a miracle patient. a young girl has been dismissed from the hospital after a three-month bout with the flu. >> and the doctors say it is a highly unusual case, and ian kole with the story. >> reporter: it has been a very bu busy day at the benioff children's hospital, because it is an opportunity to get a
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picture with 8-year-old patient lydia ledford. >> she is a star in the hospital. >> reporter: you see on christmas day, lydia got a cough, and it would not stop. >> she did not have a fever, and one day, i was snuggling with her, and she was breathing very fast. >> reporter: her mom took her to the urgent care in bakersfield, and soon after, she was airlifted here. >> it was bad. really bad. >> reporter: and the next three months would be scary, and unpredictable, and lydia had to be hooked up to a machine that is removes carbon dioxide from the lung and most patients are hooked up to it for two weeks, and she was on it for two months. >> i was the first kid to be hooked up to the robotic lung. >> it is unusual for a child to
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require that kind of support for that period of time. >> reporter: and today, after all of that she gets to go home, and i asked lydia what she wants to do most? >> i really want to go to the park. >> reporter: she has not been outside much and the doctors say that she is going to fully recover. the family is moving forward, but say it is hard to move on from this. >> it is weird. i have been living this life for three month, and i love everybody here so much, but i love all of the family back home and it is a strange feeling. but i'm so excited that we feel so good that we can go home. >> reporter: in san francisco ian kole bay area news. >> what a nice story. >> we hope to see her at the park, and she has a great day. >> and she had a st. patrick's day hat, and valentine's day hat, and hopefully easter at home, and not at the hospital. >> and whatever forecast she wants, i will deliver it and even give her a studio tour
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here. and we are track inging the tour here, and it is down to the pacific here 1,000 miles away, and so it is a long time before it gets here but tomorrow, it is caught up in the upper flow of the jet stream to advance it here quicker. outside of the skycamera here, and the temperatures are in the 50s, and you can set the alarms now, and get the telescopes ready, and the total lunar eclipse with a small window a ndnd set your clocks a half hour from 4:58 and get the coffee go ging. and we have 47 in the north bay, and getting caught up in that last story, and trying to get through this one. and now, 48 in the bay area and so you will need a jacket to get a view of the eclipse. and now, the big thing is the temperatures cooling off 5 to 10 degrees from what we had today,
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and we will have high clouds passing by. sunniest location tomorrow is morgan hill and 71. most of the e peninsula will will stay cold and 57 in pacifica and 67 in foster city the, and for san francisco, widespread 6 o0s through the marina and sill mama -- sillma and it is going to be much cooler there in oakland at 67 and the tri valley is going to be hovering at 70. advancing into the future cast, and this is going to be be helping you to plan the weekend, and it is the crystal ball of the weather station, most of the rainfall is off shore, but sunday easter sunday as you are getting up early to do the easter egg hunts, this is the
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sonoma and marin county and then it is going to be moving down to the coast by 10:00. and we will be left with dramatically colder temperatures, and after this the next strongest storm will be arriving next tuesday, when we get a pretty big bull's eye of rainfall, and isolated thunderstorms. so any plans on tuesday, think of some alternatives at this point. in terms of the three-day estimate, not much as changed. 3/4 of an inch in the east bay, and maybe a 1/4 in the north bay, and 1/2 here in the north bay. and so we will get the rainfall, and then monday, break, and then by next tuesday, again, rain and possibly thunderstorms. and if you rare headed to the
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sierra, as we mentioned 2 to 3 inches of snow is expected there. and all of the sudden, winter is back. >> that is so strange. not rusty at all and it is like we vhave been having storms everyday. >> thank you very much, and have a great weekend, too. >> and still to come passover at the white house, and new take on a classic easter candy. >> and of course, jimmy. >> and hey, guy ss, rickie gervais is my guest, and we will have a great show, check us out next.
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happy passover and the president and the first lady are celebrating tonight. they are not jewish, but they have been celebrating a sader meal and the first president to host the celebration in the white house. and one brewery is now making a new beer with the
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marshmallow peeps. the colorado brewery is adding the special ingredient into the beer. the head brewer says that they may not know the tis it with the first sip, and the color does not reflect the many marshmallows that went into it. >> we used the pink blue yellow, and we did 50 last year and 80 this year, and they were all severely harmed. >> the fans say that the drink has a malty sweet taste, and it probably won't last long. that sounds yummy. >> and coming up is geraud moncure, and is the sharks' season over? that is a live look at the at&t park.
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mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list.
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so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all. ♪ ♪ ♪
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good ooef ngevening, geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. big promotions the talk at the at&t park today. the vice president of baseball operations for sabean and
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extension of bruce bochy. and now, matt cain on the hill and he tossed three strikeouts in four scoreless innings of work. and then he strikes out norrie aoki. >> i felt strong even through the end of it. and you know, that was good and with a lot of pitches in a short amount of time and everything everything kept feeling good which is a good thing for me, so i have to keep the pitch count down and get deeper in the game, and i got into some long at-bats with these guy, and sometimes that is the way it is.
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and to the shark tank, with the narrow inging playoff pursuit, less than a minute logan couture puts one in and then later, patrick marleau knows just where pavel ski is in front of the net, and finds him. pavel ski finds the back of the net, and he get ss the 37th of the season, and the sharks go on to win it 3-1. in sac town his are tri is on thoeld, the 6'7" -- history is put on hold as 6'7" failed to get any playing time in the loss. and tens of thousands around the world were interest ed ined in the debut which makes coach george karl unpopular at the moment especially in new delhi. >> and tiger woods is committed
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to playing in the masters next week. he said quote, i'm playing in the masters, and i have worked on the game and i am looking forward to competing, and i am excited to getting to augusta, and i appreciate everyone's support. and the national football league is set to hire the first full-time female referee. sarah thomas is going to be among eight new officials, and shannon easton was the first woman to the officiate a nfl game in the 2012 lockout, and thomas said i never set out to be be the first, and that has not changed, end quote. she started to officiate in 1976. more news after the br
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okay. one last look at the easter forecast. >> that is right. as we head into tomorrow, it is going to be dry in san jose and still cooler with 60s in san francisco and even colder on sunday. and jacket weather with the rain returning for easter sunday morning, and a better chance of rain by sunday. >> and lunar eclipse at 4:58 a.m. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ricky gervais, jordana brewster musical gu


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