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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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that's it for today. we will be back next week because if it's sunday it's "meet the press." coming up on "early today," a failure that was avoidable. rolling stone is forced to retract it's article about alleged gang rape at the university of virginia. on the loose police in indianapolis searching for shooting suspects after five people including three children, were shot easter night. the persecution of christians in the massacre but offered peace for iran. america's pastime is officially under way, and it was a blockbuster weekend for "furious 7." that and much more as "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm milissa rehberger.
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new overnight is being called a journalistic failure. rolling stone magazine is apologizing and has officially retracted an article about an alleged gang rape at the university of virginia. the original article focused on the student identified as jackie who said she had been raped by several men at a fraternity house. after sparking national outrage, the magazine acknowledged there were some discrepancies with jackie's story. now the columbia university graduate school of journalism released an independent review of the article as requested by rolling stone. it stays in part quote, a rape on campus is a story of journalistic failure that was avoidable. the failure encompassed editing, editorial supervision and fact checking. the review found they didn't try to contact three friends who denied information attributed to them rolling stone never identified ald attackers and never gave the fraternity the chance to respond to the
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accusation. the author of the original article is apologizing to readers saying in part i allowed my concern for jackie's well-being my fear of retraumatizeing her and my confidence in her credibility to take the place of more questioning and more facts. a lawyer for jackie has not made any comments. this morning indianapolis police investigating a multiple shooting inside a home there. five people were shot in the city's northwest side last night. the victims are two women and three children. they are all related. the children are ages six, four and an infant. the infants are all listed in serious condition. so far no motive but police believe the shooting was not random and are searching for three possible suspects in this case. with a deadline looming leaders across the country and the world are voicing their opinions on the iran nuclear deal. in a new interview president obama sat down with thomas friedman of the "new york times." the president defended what the column called an obama doctrine and said the preliminary agreement with iran is an once
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in a lifetime opportunity. >> what we will be doing even as we enter so this deal is sending a very clear message to the iranians and entire region that if anybody messes with israel america will be there. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu took to the airways to blast the iran nuclear deal. he called it a bad deal not only for israel but for the world. >> it could be a start to a bad deal because it leaves the preeminent terrorist state of our time with vast nuclear infrastructure. meantime warning about impact of his opposition. >> this can backfire on him. i wish he would contain himself, because he has put out no real alternatives. in his speech to congress no
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real alternatives. since then no real alternatives. >> republican senator bob corker offered another side saying working to make sure congress is able to review any nuclear deal with iran. >> what the american people ray not know right now, chris, is that we all kind of classified an ex anexes, they lay out details of how this will take place. that's why it's important congress play its rightful role approving this prior to mandated sanctions that we put in place or alleviated. during easter mass on sunday pope expressed support for the nuclear deal saying he hoped it would be a step. nbc bombing trial, chris in boston. closing arguments could ultimately mean life or death for dzhokhar tsarnaev.
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>> reporter: that's right, milissa. tsarnaev faces 30 counts in connection with boston marathon bombing, shoot-out for police and for killing a police officer. seventeen of those 30 counts could bring the death penalty. after testimony from 95 witnesses in the dzhokhar tsarnaev trial, the only word that matters will soon belong to the jury. guilty or not guilty. attorneys for the government and tsarnaev make their final pleas this morning in closing arguments. twelve out of the 18 jurors will deliberate. it's likely tsarnaev will be convicted. during opening statements he admitted through his lawyers he did take part in the bombings that happened at the finish line of the boston marathon. those blasts killed three people. more than 240 were injured. from the beginning tsarnaev's defense team said his goal is to keep him from being put to death. they called four witnesses in his defense, pinning the blame on his older brother tamerlan as mastermind of the attack establishing dzhokhar's
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fingerprints were not present on the bomb components and was not present when the bomb components were purchased. >> to put a finer.establishing tamerlan is leader leads into their defense that dzhokhar was radicalized by tamerlan and the least culpable of the two. >> defense blamed groundwork for next phase of the trial if it gets this far. if the jury convicts tsarnaev on any of the death penalty charges, it would launch a second trial that will be held after this one concludes. both sides would be able to argue whether tsarnaev should live or die and the jury will decide that as well. live in boston, i'm chris pollen pollene back to you. >> pope francis marked easter as 10,000 fateful braved soggy saint petersburg square. spoke of peace but talked of kenyan massacre.
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the largest chocolate egg stands 28 feet tall and took 17,000 pounds of chocolate to make it. new york city celebrated with easter parade tradition that dates back to 1870s walking up fifth avenue in midtown. revelers and dogs donned colorful hats and outfits. celebrities like taylor swift also had easter fun. the pop star posted two videos on instagram of her and her brother austin on the hunt for easter eggs. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with your start of the week forecast. >> how was it in your family like ready, go or just a fight? >> we had an elaborate search. i was the younges so my mom made sure there was something perfect for me to find. how cool was that. >> you were taken care of. >> what a great mom. thanks, mom. >> the little one, the spoiled one. talk about forecast rain active weather in the west could have hail with thunderstorms come tomorrow. here is the culprit, storm system off the oregon coastline.
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that will dip to the south, rain along coastal areas. we'll get it where we need it in california as we go throughout the day tomorrow. rainfall amounts are actually looking pretty decent with the tem, not earth shattering flooding problems but we could get as much as two inches in the mountainous areas and a lot of that will fall in the form of snow. cities themselves, san francisco, reading, sacramento, all about an inch lesser amounts santa barbara and l.a. unfortunately, not as much in the southern half of the state. northern sierra looking good one to two feet higher elevations, the drive of 80 a little hairy throughout the night and tomorrow. today's forecast out there, temperatures are definitely cooler than they have been setting the stage for the storm system. 50s and 60s down to sacramento l.a., 66 too. a big change. you can tell the weather pattern has changed across the country as all the warmth has shifted now into the middle of the a coastline.
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temperatures in the low 50s with rain. so this isn't going to end the drought, barely going to dent it but we'll take what we can get. >> bill thank you. did nsa leaker edward snowden even read the top secret material he stole before he leaked it tsarnaev plus an 18 year sentence and women victimized in a revenge poor trial speak out. you're watching "early today."
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today lawyers for aaron hernandez will start laying out his defense. the former new england patriot is accused of killing odin boyd back in 2013. at the time lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez' fiancee. prosecutors say the ex nfl star was angry with lloyd after a
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dispute. lloyd's body was found a mile away from hernandez home. prosecutors say video shows hernandez with what they believe was the murder weapon but that weapon was never found. in san diego jail time for creator of a revenge poor website. he got 18 years behind bars. he posted more than 10,000 nude photos of women on his site. the photos were also linked to victims' social media site. to get them removed, victims had to pay him up to $350. one of the identified alleged victims spoke out after the sentencing. >> i blame myself. the whole entire time for that. i'm so thankful because i'm going to get my life back and back to the way things were. >> in queens, new york, police looking into a fight that broke out in queens casino friday. it was allegedly triggered over a dispute over a place in line. several others were hurt including an officer. late last week -- tonight, rather host john oliver travels
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to russia to track down edward snowden and oliver didn't pull any punches. >> how many of those documents have you actually read? >> i've evaluated all of the documents in the archives. >> you've read every single one. >> well i do understand what i turned over. >> the difference between understanding what's in a document and reading what's in the documents. >> i recognize the concern. >> when you're handing over thousands of nsa documents, the last thing you want to do is read them. >> snowden also told oliver he misses his country, his family and hot pockets. let's get down to business now with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> hey, milissa, good morning to you. the markets could come under pressure as investors get their first chance to react friday's disappointing jobs report. adding 126,000 jobs last month, well below forecast. the first time in a year fallen
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short of 200,000. milky mouse getting into fantasy baseball. disney investing $250 million in fantasy sports draft kings, in return draft kings will spend a lot of money on ads upon espn. universal backs fantasy site fan dual. racing to the box office $340 million, a record for april debut and highest for any film in the action franchise. the movie aired $240 million overseas analysts think it could be the next to milissa, over to you. >> landon thank you. why fbi counting calories in the war on terror. a nasty hit in hockey. what the player did next on live tv. it's gross. sports is next.
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this morning on "today," an nbc news investigation, possible safety concerns involving older nissan altima models and why drivers, some drivers, are experiencing a growing problem right under their feet. now for the latest in sports send it to my colleague betty nguyen. good morning betty. >> good morning, milissa. baseball is back. mlb season opener cubs took on
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cardinals. cards left fielder matt holliday with rbi single. cubs start strong with 3-0 victory over chicago. opening day continues today. in the women's ncwa final four south carolina notre dame came down to the wire. >> down by one. 14 footer possibly blocked. from the baseline. way outside the three, knocks it out of play mitchell has it and heaves at the buzzer. it's over. it's over. notre dame is returning to the national championship game. in the second game of the night, look who is in the crowd. yeah tom cruise. you might call this game mission impossible there to watch. 25 points tuck added 24 to lead uconn to 81-58 win.
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huskies one victim away from a title face notre dame tuesday 8:30 eastern. tonight men's final wisconsin, duke for the final. tip-off 9:18 eastern. to golf course houston open between holmes and spieth and johnson wagner. on the second playoff hole it came down to a put by wagner. so close. wagner comes up short. j.b. holmes captures fourth pga win. a massive hit against the glass during last night's game against blackhawks. what happens next you might want to look away if you're a bit squeamish. he pulled out his own tooth on live television. of course we have to show you the slow mo. that's gross. soccer star cristiano ronaldo
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will wrap his teammate's car in tin foil. why? part of an advertisement for cleats. showed off dance moves as well. milissa, back to you. >> betty, thank you. just ahead, this adorable goat at a home that ended in 911 call. "furious 7" ruled box office. the insane money it brought in.
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now for some entertainment news. a record-setting weekend for nbc universal's "furious 7" with racing top top of the weekend box office with $143.7 million. that is the biggest april opening in hollywood history. coming in second "home." with $27.4 million. and kevin hart and will ferrell "get hard" was third with $12.9 million. >> robert byrnes, jr., died friday evening in a car crash. he was 64 and the band's original drummer. he died after his car hit a mailbox and tree outside of atlanta. lynyrd skynyrd released this, "well, today i'm at a loss for words but i just remember bob being a funny guy. he was just so funny. he used to do skits for us and
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make us laugh all the time. he was hilarious. god bless him and his family. he was a great, great drummer. ♪ ♪ happy seventh anniversary to the singer and jay z. this is exclusive to her new music service. who is behind the camera? of course. live on nbc, playoff rounds of "the voice." team blake looks to get his second straight win in the competition while team pharrell and christina aim for their very first. i'm milissa rehberger, this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news in the "new york times", battling crime and calories at the fbi. fit bureau of investigation. for the past 16 years, the bureau didn't require agents to pass fitness tests. i find that surprising. but now they do. there is enough concern about expanding waistlines that they issued a statement saying the lives of your colleagues and those you protect may well depend upon your ability to run, fight, and shoot. no matter what job you hold. i want the american people to be able to take one glance at you and think, there is a special agent of the federal bureau of investigation. in the "washington post," civil rights leader friend of mlk and iconic preacher has
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died. he was known as the dean of american preaching. he was born in baton rouge. he was the grandson of former slaves. he served for 42 years of the pastor of concord baptist church in brooklyn. gardener taylor was 96 years old. to other stories we're following. britain's prince harry down under this morning. he's beginning weeks of training with the australian army. the last mission of his decade-long military career. saturday the 30-year-old royal took to the skies in a world war ii plane promoting scholarship that offers training to wounded servicemen and women. a volcano in southern chile spewing more ash and gas, so the chilean government widening the restricted area around it from three miles to six. nearby residents were told to prepare for a possible evacuation. thousands of people from surrounding areas were forced to evacuate last month when lava began flowing from that volcano. they are calling him bill
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the kid. this weekend police in new jersey responded to a call about -- >> why is he wearing yellow. >> they had to bring him under control somehow." he was head butting the door of a home there. he fled the scene. obviously he got caught. he was running down the road when they got him. the troublemaker, as you can see, was taken into custody and reunited by his owner. i guess you can't handcuff a goat. >> that should be a caption contest, a little blurb, write us and tell us. >> he's cute. a white house tradition that dates back to 1878. the president and first family will host easter egg roll for children 13 and under and their families as well. happy birthday to scrubs star zach braff 30 country music legend meryl haggard 78. i'm milissa rehberger, thanks for watching "early today." have a great monday.
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firefighters respond to a late night fire near kelly park. why you crews say the drought is impacting how they fight fires. plus saying ifgood-bye to legend area broadcaster. fans remember lon simmons. and a fundraiser for the family of a fallen san jose police officer. we'll show you how much money they raised. >> and a live look outside this morning at the bay bridge. it's monday are april 6 and this is today in the bay. a good monday morning. it's


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