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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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they also marched into city hall and stormed into the supervisor's chambers. it was a noisy demonstration. nbc bay area's mark matthews is there at city hall. this wasn't about police brutality. this was also about money. >> that's right, raj. the protests that began at city hall was about income inequality and housing. there were two rallies for black lives matters. one at 24th and mission and marched to city hall and it was pretty clear from the beginning that they intended to join up and disrupt what they called business as usual. organizers from the service employees union suggested a takeover of city hall. >> is it all about the rich and nothing about the poor? nothing about the poor working class? well, we are here to say that city hall is our building. >> sheriffs deputies told me they expected the crowd to move
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inside to occupy the 2:00 p.m. supervisor's meeting and that is what happened. when the board president announced the meeting would be adjourned until further notice the protesters stayed for a while and descended the steps to the central rotunda. >> marchers from a rally that began in the mission, got to city hall and demonstrators took over the entrance standing on the security desks and raising the roof with whistles bull horns and chanting. sheriffs deputies locked the front doors to city hall to keep more people from coming in. and at 2:30 the protest groups con verged on the first floors keeping them from joining up. outside a woman told me that her family has been forced to move out of the city where she grew up. >> all my friends are doing the same. having to move out of the city.
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>> another woman wanted to be here because her son was shot and killed by san francisco police in 2001 and last year she lost her home to foreclosure. >> my son is dead. my home is gone. all i got left is my soul and my voice. >> reporter: and the voices of those people who feel it were heard today. this rally at city hall may have been unique among the black lives rally protests that took on -- that happened around the country and around the bay area today in that housing and economic inequality were a big part of the one here in san francisco. reporting from city hall mark matthews, nbc bay area news. mark x thank you. across the country, seattle, dallas, new york city, and across the bay, this is in oakland. marchers met at the plaza there at city hall and took to the streets and highways. again, not a large group. sizable enough where they did
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block an on ramp to 880. but the chp was able to clear the scene a few minutes after it was blocked. let's get back to the chopper live in san francisco. this is on 24th street near valencia in the mission. there were a lot of restaurants and bars there. if you're traveling through the city, especially during this rush hour and in the mission, this is on valencia or perhaps you're heading to the giants game, you might be delayed. we'll keep an eye on the ploe tests and bring you any new developments. a an unexpected sight at a pacifica beach. this is what visitors saw. the huge carcass of a whale. they contacted the marine mammal center. it's a whale that measures about 49 feet long. right now, there's no obvious sign of trauma. a team will take samples to determine how it died. sperm whales, by the way, are endangered. they're frequently seen in northern california waters. new details to shut down critical departments at two
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south bay hospitals. today isn't louise hospital in gilroy and connor hospital in san jose. they're shuttering the labor, delivery and pediatric units. robert handa broke the story on our app two hours ago. he joins us live from saint louise in gilroy. robert, the closure has a lot of people worried. it leaves an entire section of santa clara missing services for people. >> reporter: that's right. it's an isolated community when it comes to medical services. the problems here at saint louise and o'connor reflect what's happening throughout the hospital chain. at this point, no one is concern whether more cuts are coming to services and other hospitals. saint louise regional hospital told about 30 workers, mainly nurses, it was closing down the labor and delivery unit and pediatric services. a nurse who will lose her job says workers saw cuts coming after the owners lost an offer
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from prime health care last month. >> the hospital has been like a family. we and the charity have been very conscientious of the community. >> a daughter of charity spokeswoman says the difficult decision had to be made to save the hospitals. according to saint louise hospital, 60% of the service area families needing labor and delivery go to san jose facilities and that pediatrics has only about six admissions a month. santa clara county is trying to buy the two south bay hospitals. they hope the closures don't impact the process. >> hopefully we can get there in time and get a transaction done before things get any worse. >> obviously, we'd prefer to do it in a way that's very collaborative and make sure that we can do a transition in an effect i have. way. we'll have to see how it plays out. >> it will be hard for the e.r. when they're in labor and they
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have to deliver them. it's going to be -- put people at risk. >> reporter: again, cuts will take place at o'connor in pediatric, the neonatal intensive care unit and outpatient physical therapy. a spokeswoman for daughters of charity told me at this point the group is planning to move ahead with plans to sell and are pleased with the reactions they've been getting. live in gilroy robert handa. bay area news. now to a follow-up. it took nearly two years, but tonight we have some answers about the deaths of two b.a.r.t. workers. a substitute train operator hit the workers while they were inspecting tracks between b.a.r.t.'s walnut creek and pleasant hill stations. it happened during a strike by b.a.r.t.'s two largest unions. an ntsb report released found the b.a.r.t. policy was to blame, making track workers responsible for their own safety. b.a.r.t. dropped that policy the day after that accident. unprecedented steps.
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that's what one of the bay area's biggest water districts took today. east baio owe declared a stage 4 drought emergency. setting the stage for penalties, rate increases and mandatory water conservation. tens of thousands of bay area customers. the cuts start now. >> we're in a stage of drought that's worse than the stage 4. >> for the first time ever the east bay municipal utility district has taken the extraordinary step of declaring a stage 4 critical drought. starting immediately customers will be required to cut back water use by 20% and follow new stricter outdoor watering rules. >> although it comes from the sky, it is not free. we have to make the best use of the water we have. >> east bay mud set the stage for rate increases of up to 25% and penalties for overusers. charges they hope to implement in the coming months.
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>> i think that's brilliant. sometimes people need a little prod to do the right thing. >> east bay mud's tough new rules are drawing praise from those already doing their part to conserve. the folks with grateful roots, a company that installs laundry to landscape systems say doing things like rerouting washing machine water from the sewers to your garden can really help. >> the more care we take over the water into our houses, the more we use it in sensible ways that will benefit everybody. >> if you want to take it to the extreme, a nonflush compost toilet may be for you. sawdust replaces the flush. saving tons of water. >> there are really extraordinary ways that people can save money. a lot of times it's a matter of changing a behavior or a habit. >> in the east bay, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the mandatory 20% cutbacks and the new watering restrictions rules go into effect right away. the penalties for the biggest
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water users is still a few months ago. the proposals have to go through another public hearing before they can be enacted. a hot button issue in san francisco continues to evolve. mayor leah announcing a new plan aimed at air bnb. >> they introduced amendmentments to the law. the current law caps temporary rentals of homes at 90 days a year but did not restrict people from renting out rooms while they're home. critics felt it would be nearly impossible to determine if owners were home while people were renting. the new law was capped, short term rentals to a maximum of 120 days a year. san jose's legal fight over the oakland a's is going into extra innings and the u.s. supreme court. the city today filed a petition with the high court. major league baseball has refused for the a's to move
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south. san jose's position is that major league baseball should no longer be exempt from anti-trust laws. the ninth circuit court said only the supreme court has authority in the case. lawyers representing san jose said they knew the case was eventually headed to the nation's highest court. on the field, the giants are hoping to snap a four-game losing streak after yesterday's home opener. this is a live shot from at&t park from our exclusive ballpark cam. nbc bay area's geraud moncure has more. >> it's early so no one is panicking. this giants team not used to losing four games in a row. they're sending out tim hudson to try to get them back in the win column. they will not have the -- posey getting much deserved night off. sanchez will do the catching. >> he was more than solid in san
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diego versus the padres. no runs on five hits. in a no decision. >> impressive. considering how far he was behind. and not just with the ankle. with the arm. >> i love when he send the -- he just throw that in a -- doesn't matter how well he pitches. the giants are averaging a little over a run and a half per game which of course makes it tough to get it done. coming up later in sports we will talk about this sudden lack of offense the giants are going through right now. reporting live at at&t park geraud moncure, nbc bay area. back to you guys. thank you, geraud. still ahead, the charges that could be coming for google.
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plus -- >> there's a fight over land in the south bay. a school district plans to sell 27 acres to the highest bidder. i'm michelle roberts. coming up, many people were aren't happy about it. good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. winds 10 to 28 miles per hour across the bay area. we'll talk about how the winds are heating temperatures up and who is in for the biggest increase tomorrow in just a few minutes.
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so what's more important. land or money. it's a question of south bay community college will have to answer tonight. 27 acres on the evergreen valley community college campus is up for grabs. they placed their bid on the land while dozens of students and faculty fight to prevent the sale. michelle roberts is live where protesters are marching to the district headquarters and they want to keep that as part of the
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college, not another type of development. >> reporter: that's right. the protesters just went into the meeting. i took a look inside. it's a packed house. at 7:00 the district will open up bidding where they will decide whether to sell off a part of campus. dozens of protesters marched through the streets of san jose this afternoon. chanting from city hall to san jose evergreen community college district office where tonight board members will be voting on the future of this plot of land on the evergreen valley campus. >> the land should be devoted to college use and not to be a revenue generating source. >> the district is moving forward on a plan to lease 27 acres of campus space to a commercial developer. it's expected to bring in $1.5 million a year. >> this is about opportunity. this is about the future. >> chancellor rita cespedes says the mondayly fund student programs and protect students from increasing tuition if state
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funding decreases again. >> buffering and preparing in good times for what we know will happen. >> the district is alreadyleasing 6 to 8 acres of property already. it brings in 5 haun$500,000 a year. >> students say that should be enough. many protesters admit a healthy district budget is desirable but not if it means passing up an opportunity for students. >> i think land should be used for education. the neighbors doesn't want more retail and medical. students programs are getting canceled. >> reporter: if the school board accepts the bid tonight, then the decision will go to the planning commission where they will have the opportunity to vote. reporting live in downtown san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. michelle, thank you. the cougar has left the building. a mountain lion who made himself at home decided today that perhaps he overstayed his
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welcome. the mountain lion named p it 2 was discovered yesterday afternoon. you can see him in the crawl space underneath the home near griffith park close to downtown los angeles. wild live officials left the crawl space door open overnight hoping he'd leave when he got hungry and wouldn't you know today he did. >> i asked if we would get a spot on the star map now. our house is officially a celebrity house. >> if p 22 sound familiar to you, it's because he's somewhat famous already. three years ago he traveled from the santa monica mountains crossing two freeways before taking up residence at griffith park. the european union, the e.u. will file former anti-trust charges against the giant. it could face $6 billion. it could be the biggest anti-trust battle since microsoft a decade ago. europe has been investigating
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them for years. it voted to break up the company last fall even though it doesn't have the power to do so. perhaps you felt it. the latest in a series of small earthquakes that struck the east bay. the usgs reports a 2.7 quake near crockett just after 11:30 this morning. no reports of any injury or damage from this quake. two other small quakes struck the same area on march 1st and march 20th. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri and take you outside. jeff so much cooler today. >> yeah. the wind that's been with us just helps to make it feel cooler out there. you're going along and the wind kicks up and gives you a windchill across the bay area. gusts as high as 25 miles per hour at the coastline. it's that wind coming out of the northwest today that helps any kind of fog from forming. you can see right now, temperatures in the 60s here across the bay area. 61 for the average in the south bay. tri-valley at 66.
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that chilly wind in san francisco down to 58 degrees right now. so we are going to be undergoing some changes for tomorrow. the key change that we're going to have is that region of high pressure is going to get stronger. building in across the bay area. we're anticipating a 20 to 40 degree warmup on wednesday. that's not for the daytime high. but that's going to be a drastic warmup from the morning lows into the afternoon highs. look at how cold it's going to start off in the morning hours. 38 in the north bay. likely an average of 39 in the east bay and 42 in the south bay. as the drier winds continue to build in it will shift a little bit more out of the east for tomorrow. that should be good enough to help temperatures to boost up. you'll see likely the largest increase into the north bay. we could see a 42-degree jump from the morning into the afternoon. you need the jacket in the morning and good to go with shorts by the afternoon. 79 for the east bay and up 35 degrees in the south bay to 77 degrees. now, the trend will stay mild here in the south bay.
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likely the warmest weather by friday with mid-80s. also the peninsula, mid-80s on friday's forecast. we'll keep sunny skies in san francisco and temperatures in the 70s. we'll have more coming up in 25 minutes on when we may actually get more rain returning back across the bay area. >> okay. thank you, jeff. okay. go pro taking you to outer space. check this out. this is real. it's new footage of what it's like to be outside the international space station. nasa strapped a go pro camera to the suits of two astronauts earlier this year. they were out doing maintenance work. the footage captured is the closest most of us will come to being in space. still ahead at 6:00 solar powered. the bay area city that wants all new homes to come solar ready. they cheated for big bonus and raises. teachers involved in one of the biggest cheating scandals in u.s. history. today the judge throws the book at them. their punishment is next.
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no mercy. a judge handed down hefty prison sentences for the people involved in one of the largest school cheating scandals in u.s. history. janelle wang joins us with more. >> sentencing day was supposed to be yesterday. but the judge postponed it to today giving the defendants a chance to accept a plea deal and admit guilt. only two people took the deal. eight other educators learned their fate today and it was a harsh one. >> i'm going to put you in jail. if you yell at me point at me -- emotions ran high in an atlanta courtroom this morning. >> been convicted and she's at the top of the food chain. >> judge jerry baxter sentenced eight educators to prison time today, ranging from one year to seven years after being convicted last month on racketeering charges. for those who got seven years, that was more than prosecutors
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asked for. >> this thing was pervasive. it was -- it's like the sickest thing that's ever happened to this town. >> authorities say the educators, including teachers and administrators, conspired to inflate student test scores in nearly 50 atlanta schools dating as far back as 2005. witnesses say the group was motivated by bonuses and the threat of losing their jobs. one witness says some teachers even held cheating parties where they spent the evening changing answers on test documents. >> even though justice might have been somewhat served the kids are still suffering. >> former high school students who benefited from the cheating scandal testified they can barely even read at middle school level. an academy has been established to help the kings. the daughter of martin luther king, jr. is on the academy's board. >> i want to challenge community leaders. i feel like the blood is on our hands. >> in addition to the eight people sentenced today, nearly two dozen other educators are also involved in this cheating
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scandal. those people made plea deals in the past year and received probation, fines and community service. jessica. thank you, janelle. official honor today for students from east oakland skyline high school. they were guests at the white house. >> ♪ first lady michelle obama hosted more than 130 middle school high school and college students at an interactive workshop on the history of gospel music. they got an overview of the origins of gospel and learned how it inspired the sound of other american musical genres. >> for this event, i always feel blessed to be here. it's really like you won't really see someone from east oakland really coming here. it touches people in so many different ways the different cultures of it, the languages. >> a show will be broadcast, friday june 26th on stations nationwide. >> when a man loves a woman ♪
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>> it is a classic. soul singer percy sledge has died. he was best known for this song. when a man loves a woman. he sang this after a girlfriend left him for another man. the hit song tops the billboard charts in 1966. through the years, it's been part of several movie soundtracks. sledge was inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 2005. he's survived by his wife and children. percy sledge was 74 years old. and still ahead on the road hillary clinton heads out on the campaign trail. a closer look at her strategy, next. >> about to sit down for dinner and i heard my phone buzzing. and i was lucky enough not to ignore it. >> he answered the call and saved a life. the local app that's making a difference between life and death. also -- >> as cop cams become more popular. lawmakers want statewide guidelines on how they're used.
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i'm kim yoen knack alive in san jose. that story is coming up.
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standard equipment for police. now they may come with new rules that the unions say go too far. a measure that would impose controversial new rules on the use of so-called cop cams has taken a key step toward becoming law in california. but it comes as san jose police are considering another pilot program to figure out if they actually want their officers to wear the cameras.
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nbc bay area's kim yonenaka is live at police headquarters with more. >> reporter: the pilot program is targeted for the fall. by the time it's up and running, the 12 police officers who will be taking part in this program could be forced to conform with a statewide body cam law. today, the assembly public safety committee voted 5-1 to approve a measure that would set the guidelines for all law enforcement officers across california who wear body cameras. several law enforcement groups are criticizing one specific provision. when a peace officer is involved in a use of force incident resulting in injury or death, the officer won't be able to see the recording until after making their initial statement. >> i'm really concerned when police say no we don't want this. what are they afraid of? so there's an incident. you record it. or you speak truthfully about
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what happened. and then the video can be used by them. but not before. >> judge kordell is san jose's independent police auditor. she's been pushing for officer body cams for several years and says the recent shootings across the country that have been recorded help support the need for this type of equipment. the san jose police officers association would say only that this state assembly measure is in the very early stages. but "we'll see how it meshes with the officer bill of rights. we'll be monitoring the legislation as it goes through the process." >> reporter: now city officials and san jose police are meeting today about this program. they all seem to be in favor of it and say generally it would help the officers and cut down on litigation. if all goes well with this pilot program, the hope is to have every single officer outfitted with a body cam in 2016. reporting live in san jose i'm kim yonenaka nbc bay area news.
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an emotional appeal for justice. the family of a woman killed by a sheriffs deputy last year is demanding better training for dealing with those who are the mentally ill. this 18-year-old was killed after her family called 9-1-1 requesting medical attention. the responding deputy shot her claiming she advanced on him with a knife. today, her brother and other community members talked to county supervisors for crisis intervention training for all law enforcement. >> after the murder of my sister at the hands of an untrained police officer last year i am left with nothing, nothing but pain. an emptiness that nothing can fill. >> no charges were filed against the deputy who killed garcia. the da found he acted in self-defense. meanwhile a reserve sheriff deputy from tulsa, oklahoma turned himself in to face manslaughter charges.
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robert bates mistook his gun for a taser. the shooting was captured on body cam video. bates is a volunteer with the tulsa county sheriff's officer. bates is now free on bond. turning to decision 2016. presidential hopeful hillary clinton is using an unusual tactic as she campaigns in iowa. no rallies. instead, it's a more personal approach ahead of the nation's first caucus. jay gray is in monticello, iowa with the details for us. >> hey there good evening jessica. always great to talk with you. most know hillary clinton's public record. secretary of state, senator and first lady. so the goal of the campaign now is to be much more personal. if the idea was to start low key, well hillary clinton picked the perfect place. sitting down with students and teachers for an education forum at tiny kirkwood community college in the middle of iowa
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farm country. this is the first stop on her newly announced but widely expected second presidential campaign which includes a new grassroots strategy. meeting with voters one-on-one or small groups like in coffee shops and gas stations as she drove more than 1,000 miles to iowa from her home in new york. targeting middle class voters. a vote that swept her out of the race and barack obama into the white house almost eight years ago. right now, she's the only democratic hopeful. >> people are ready for a woman and that is very much something she can do. >> but the field of republicans is growing. florida senator marco rubio entering the race on monday joining rand paul and ted cruz already on the campaign trail while jeb bush is also considering a run. and now the gop candidates have a target on the other side of the ticket. >> hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington
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machine, the arrogance of power, corruption and cover-up. >> it's an image that doesn't play well in the heartland, which is exactly why clinton is here. >> now, tomorrow clinton will meet with another small group in norwalk outside of des moines for what the campaign is calling a business roundtable there. in monticello iowa i'm jay gray nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jay. also ak tich on the republican side, we mentioned marco rubio. he's hoping to become the first hispanic president. >> i would hope -- it doesn't matter how your last name is pronounced or where your parents came from or where you started out in life. if you work hard and persevere in this country, you can go as far as your talent and work will take you. >> announcing his candidacy for president and he appeared on the "today" show this morning. the united states is taking a big step toward normalizing relations with cuba.
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president obama will officially remove the communist island from the list of state sponsored of terror. the announcement of an historic meeting between the president and president raul castro. cuba was added to the terrorism list in 1982. nearly two years after the deadly crash at sfo, a hard landing put asiana airlines back in the news tonight. sparks flew when the tail of an asiana flight struck the airport in japan. investigators found an antenna caught in the left landing gear suggesting the plane clipped a communications building. they also found damage to the left wing and engine. bloomberg news reports the two u.s. citizens were on board. it's not known if they were among the 20 people who suffered minor injuries. that asiana crash in 2013 at sfo was deadly. the plane struck the seawall upon landing causing it to crash and catch fire. three passengers were killed and nearly 200 people injured.
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the ntsb blamed pilot error. indiana literally paying the price to recover from bad publicity fueled by religious rights law perceived as being anti-gay. two weeks like this had indiana worried about the state's image each after the controversial law was amended. they've hired a worldwide public relations firm. the state is spending $2 million for an image makeover. indiana is a great place to work, live and visit. >> at first i thought it was a child. maybe kicking the back of the seat. it ended up being a man trapped in the cargo hold. up next, the passengers describe the scary scene and alaska airlines explains why they didn't notice a missing worker. technology coming to the rescue? yes indeed there's an app for that. how listening to your smartphone can help save a life.
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i'm scott budman. maybe not as healthy as advertised. the feds crackdown on a popular snack.
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on the peninsula, palo alto considering adding a solar panel requirement for all new homes. they want -- they won't have to have them but there needs to be enough roof space to add them later. they will consider the change next week. the term for the new houses is solar ready. another requirement would be a diverter valve so gray water from the laundry could irrigate landscaping. a popular healthy snack might not be so healthy. the fda announcing several kind bars are labeled wrong.
6:41 pm
the agency says the peanut butter dark chocolate plus protein, the health bar here and four others have too much saturated fat to be labeled health imt: they're kind bars. if the company doesn't fix the labels, they may be ordered to remove from shelves. some peninsula firefighters saved eight lives while trying to calm a frantic mom. a series of photos show the dramatic rescue of eight ducklings by the firefighters. just out of the frame is mama duck anxiously pacing and quacking. eight of her ten kids tumbled down a storm drain. the cardboard box was a temporary corral for the babies. once everyone was rescued, the family reunited. mom scolded her babies and wandered away. the firefighters a real treat to rescue so many without even breaking a sweat. the quacking she's telling them, don't you wander away from
6:42 pm
knee anymore. see what happens. >> you sound like you've had this conversation before. >> i've had this conversation. >> you know we've all seen it. the ducks quacking. >> you feel so bad when they're so anxious. >> we're doing good. we're doing good. everybody is back this week. we've got great weather. clear skies across the san francisco bay. but it is windy. we'll talk about that and when we hit the 80s in a few minutes. >> captured on camera how this runner learned the lesson don't count your chickens before they're hatched.
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it sounds unrealistic, saving a life with the help of your smartphone, there is an app for saving lives. the young man who checked his kept a stranger alive. our business reporter scott budman is live where the rescue happened. what a feeling for that guy. >> pretty amazing, jessica. he was using a smartphone app called pulse point that alerted him to a heart attack at a
6:45 pm
nearby park. he went over to the park and set in motion a chain of events that ended up saving a life. >> one two, three four, five, six. >> this is a recording of a recent case of life-saving cpr. >> i was about to sit down for dinner and i heard my phone buzzing. >> this is 21-year-old walter huber who helped save a life because he checked his smartphone. >> i looked at my phone and it was a cpr alert. i walked right over to the field. as soon as i came around the corner i saw indeed it was a real event and a lot of commotion going on. >> the app is called pulse point. developed in the south bay, it tells you if someone nearby needs cpr. in this case it was 63-year-old fareed rashdi. >> i had started cpr and assisted by some of the people there. they were on the line with 911 and trying to help me. >> soon sunnyvale officers
6:46 pm
arrived to help. he was saved and is recovering. >> the mood was very tense. as soon as he started talking and moving, everybody just relaxed and it was a big overwhelming calm. >> people are doing this because they want to make a difference in the lives of people who are suffering cardiac arrest. >> walter made a difference. with a little help from an app. >> that app is again called pulse point. it's a free download for your smartphone from the app store. it was indeed started here in the south bay. but has been spread all over the country. reporting live in sunnyvale, scott budman nbc bay area news. what a great use of technology. thank you, scott. we have new details on the alaska airlines flight that had to turn around and land because of a baggage handler that fell asleep inside the cargo hold. passengers say shortly after the plane left seattle for lax yesterday, they heard something unusual. some say they thought someone was kicking their seat.
6:47 pm
but others say they clearly heard someone banging and yelling for help. >> the marshal made himself known and started banging back and yelled really loud and said we're getting ready to land. >> that employee was part of a four-person team loading baggage on to the plane. his co-workers noticed he was missing. after he didn't respond to their calls and text messages they assumed he went home. the employee was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released. the plane landed safely in l.a. a quick clarification to a story we brought you earlier in the newscast. we told you that o'connor hospital and saint louise hospital are making cuts. just to be clear both are cutting their pediatric services but only saint louise is cutting labor and delivery department. up next, jeff ranieri with our micro climate forecast. jeff? >> hey, guys, it's been windy throughout the bay area and it looks like that wind will be staying with us tonight. we're seeing some of the highest gusts right now in the south bay
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up to 25 miles per hour. and the thing that we did help to do is clear out any potential fog throughout the bay area. clear skies, east bay in san francisco and still a beautiful shot in the north bay. brought you this in the 5:00 show. i couldn't help to show it to you in belvidere. wind out of the west and brilliant blue sky and limited visibility. tomorrow morning, we have breezy conditions. 10 to 20 miles per hour winds in the north. that will make our temperatures feel colder. you want to be prepared for that up in the north bay. 38 degrees could feel like 34 or 35 in the morning. want to take the jacket. also clear skies throughout the region. 45 in the south bay. for the micro climate forecast on wednesday, here's the deal. temperatures go up 4 to 8 degrees from today. it's going to be a warmer day and full-on sunshine from the south bay through the peninsula and san francisco. san jose expecting 77 to. for the peninsula from 65 to 76 in palo alto.
6:49 pm
in san francisco a mixed bag. -- warmer with 72. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, crank up the heat a few more degrees and you think you'll notice it in napa with 80 degrees tomorrow. oakland at 73. the tri-valley awesome day in downtown danville with 77. walnut creek and livermore, looking at upper 70s as well. warmer tomorrow. area high pressure that's producing the heat stays with us thursday and friday. each day is going to sequentially build the heat across the bay area that pushes in warmer air aloft. the second component that will push temperatures well above average will be the drier off-shore winds. we will not have any colder air moving in from the pacific. that's going to take our temperatures and push them up into the 80s. we think as we head throughout thursday, friday saturday and also sunday in san jose. for san francisco, you're going to go to 79 on thursday. friday 78. little bit of cooling by the
6:50 pm
weekend. still very comfortable. what about the next possibility of rainfall because i know a lot of you are going i'm feeling guilty. there's a slight indication by next wednesday we may have some showers coming your way. don't get too excited. this is the deal where it could come in tomorrow and find it's wiped off the weather chart. >> wednesday, a chance of a little bit of rainfall. >> a chance. >> thanks for the heads up. >> bumgarner -- the giants are trying to snap out of this early season losing streak. an interesting change to the lineup this evening. we're live on the field next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
don't count your chickens before they're hatched. this runner from the university of oregon had not heard that
6:53 pm
saying. he starts a celebration too soon and pays the embarrassing price. he began to encourage the crowd to make noise for him as he approached the finish line. what he didn't realize, the runner behind him made a last second bush. that runner beat him to the tape by a tenth of a second. >> you can't do that. >> geraud moncure, we've learned not to stress about the giants until like august 20th. >> hey, i have to say this. you know what that runner didn't go to the pre fontaine school of running without a doubt. we'll talk giants now. orange and black, tim hudson against the first place colorado rockies. the test won't be an easy one as the rockies sport the top offense averaging over five runs per game. though runs are likely to come at a premium as you listen to this, the last 14 games at at&t
6:54 pm
park have been decided by three runs or fewer. our mindi bach has more from the yard. >> the giants have scored just six runs total during their losing streak. that includes being shut out twice. the giants are getting runners on base. the big problem has been they can't bring them in. san francisco is 3 for 33 with runners in scoring position over the last five games. >> may be pressing a little bit. thinking about too much running to be on base. get a good pitch to hit. put it in play. we definitely have to do a better job of that. >> i wish i know. i do something totally different. it's part of the game. they're there to pitch and get us out and we're there to get runs in. that's the nature of the game. we try to make adjustment tonight and see what happens. >> probably we don't get the right moment. we're working on it. we come to the ballpark working
6:55 pm
hard and we hope get better every day. that's all about it. >> the giants will be without a best hitter tonight, buster posey is 4 for 5 with a home runoff the right-hander christian bergman. but because he started playing 14 straight games, manager bruce bochy said it was important to give him the night off. he is available off the bench. mindi bach nbc bay area at the park. astros houston's mascot orbit looking for the homer from billy butler last night. getting the offense on track. lacing the lead-off double to left. he scores on a sac fly. hoping to have better stuff tonight. bottom first, one out. gets the come backer. that starts the 1-4-3 double play. out of a jam. things are looking good. 3-0. athletics in the sixth inning.
6:56 pm
recently admitted he's been nervous with the playoffs getting ready to start. nervous or not, they've put their club in the best possible condition to win. the club got in a little banner raising practice today, putting up shiny new playoff banners outside oracle arena. >> it's like a new beginning. it feels like the first game of the season. you're excited. there's kind of a renewed energy sense of urgency. this is what makes it fun. >> finally, despite missing play dwrof action for the action in 21 years of coaching at every little, the sharks todd mclellan will stay busy. he'll be head coach for the upcoming world hockey championships in the czech republic from maye 1st to the 17th. on a bigger note. doug wilson expected to address
6:57 pm
mcclellan's status going forward tomorrow. we'll find out what's going on with the sharks coaching situation possibly on wednesday. >> we could have a housecleaning tomorrow. >> oh, my. >> thanks geraud. a full half hour of sports watch "sportsnet central" at 10:30 on comcast bay area. the concern over the shrinking size of airline seats tonight at 11:00 after chicago fire. jeff has the last word. >> i'll take that. let's get a look at the extended forecast. for tomorrow in san jose, 77 and sunny skies. thursday and friday we'll jump up into the 80s across the bay area. we'll keep those 80s throughout sunday's forecast. in san francisco, from the 60s today to 72 on wednesday. then yes close to 80 on thursday and friday. sunny, sunny weather staying with us. >> thanks, jeff. thanks for joining you go us at 6:00.
6:58 pm
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tom hanks' wife rita wilson battling breast cancer. >> why she says trusting her gut saved her life. now on "extra." >> one of hollywood's happiest couples rocked by cancer. ri ka wilson going public about her double mastectomy. >> my aunt died of breast cancer. >> how rita discovered the disease after mammograms missed it. and -- >> what she's urging women everywhere to do for their own health. >> dennis quaid totally melts down. >> don't [ bleep ] dennis me. >> his new caught on camera rant. did he just join the christian bale club or


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