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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. i promise just for you i am jim kramer and see you tomorrow. it's thursday april 16th. coming up on early today. serious security concerns sweep across the capital as a man on a mission sets off alarms. income in equality across america reaches a boiling point. a gang rape leads to another arrest and they connue shutting down spring breek for good. one road that changes everything. early today starts now. good morning. florida man that identifypiloted a -- doug hugs says that he is planning to deliver a message to finances reform and was arrested shortly after the
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unique landing on wednesday. he is expected to face a judge. nbc richard jordan is live in washington, and how was this man allowed to fix in restricted air space and land on the grounds. >> yes the agency was first notified back in october of a man that wanted to fly a plane to the u.s. capital. they met with him and concluded the investigation. now the man did what he said that he was going do. >> one of the challenges is that we're open in the approximatepublic. >> it landed on the lawn nearly undetected. >> everybody was saying move. move. >> florida litter carrier was arrested. last year he told a reporter that he planned to deliver mail using the aircraft has a flying
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bicycle. >> i am going to have 5 ahundred 35 meters and those are addressed to every member of congress. he was o out speaking and question by secret service agents in the past. >> it bothered him for years and years that corporations can buy politicians politicians. i think that they might get the message. >> police search the airport on his departure and actions. >> he is a very very good guy, but very committed to the concept of capitalism. >> the area around the capital has a strict no fly zone. >> and of course lawmakers want to know how the postal worker was able to get so close to the capital building. he is facing several charges under title law and those are with transportation. now we have breaking news to
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tell you about a deadly gunle on a deadly campus. then it turned into a shot out and the suspect was killed and an officer received nonlife threatening injuries. an investigation is under way. protesters hit the streets yesterday calling for better pay. it's an issue that's making the way into the campaign and stephanie goss has the details. >> on street corners organized crime for more money. >> i make two jobs to make the end meet. >> i would rather buy diapers than food for ourself. >> they're demanding $15 an hour
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and more than double. it comes as americas face the biggest gap in 30 years. in 2013 the median worth was seven times more and a full 70 times more than lower income families. these protesters believe that a higher minimum wage can be a part of the solution. some have already raised the rates and private companies have announced wage increase as well. last night we introduced you to dan price and ce ovrkso. >> the rich are getting richer and sometimes the little guy that the average worker is not keeping up. >> for generations it's meant that the kids will do better than you do. >> now that they will not. >> there are loud voices demanding something be done to
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fix it. there are 572 days until election day 2016 and already lights starring. hillary clinton zsh he has not declared and he does not mention her by time by the timing of a new video is part to ignore. he posted a video saying that history celebrates profiles in courage. >> the right to marry is not a state right, it's a human right. [ applause ] >> over on the republican side chris christy is a bit more heavy handed and they asked christy if he agreed with the foreign and domestic policies. >> well i would like to see what jeb bush is going say about these things.
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he has a brother and father that has a record. i don't know what jeb bush is going stay about foreign policy. >> jeb bush will deliver the address and that's where ted cruz delaired his run for president. in florida a third suspect has been arrested in a gang rape last month in panama city. it's seen a strain of violence and considering whether to end the party for good. more from gabe. >> reporter: it's a spring break hot spot but officials in panama city beach, fla says that a party is get out of control when an unconscious 19-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in broad daylight. >> what's so disgusting is this is happening within broad daylight of ten feet where this
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happened, there are hundreds of people standing there watching looking, seeing hearing what is going on. >> a third man was arrest in the case. two men were charged last week. this year police have seen a dramatic increase in the criminal behavior. a gunman shoot seven people at a house party last month. 11 haun,100 arrested and triple assaulted doubled from six to 11. they have spring break jails and mobile booking to keep control. they're trying to consider whether to ban the zringdrinking and send them elsewhere. >> we will do what it takes to get the beach back and get it under control. it did not happen over night, and it's going take a while to work through it. >> they could vote on the drinking ban early next monchts
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a military helicopter to land fast. the super stall yuan found a safe spot. nobody on the chopper or the ground was hurt. the helicopter was stranded for four yearhours. the story gets better. the singer kenny loggins was on the beach when he found himself on the danger zone. >> i walk down there and say you're in the danger zone. >> you remember him saying danger zone from the movie top gun. ♪ >> yes, nothing like a little loggins to get you going. >> got the need for speed. >> need for speed. exactly. with that we're here with the weather. >> that's great. >> not going to be singing that all day long.
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good morning to you the storms moving through the west and this is a slow drifter, and they're getting nailed. it's one of the events that you have had and that's going to continue and it looks like the storm is with us and out on the planes it will bring us the severe storms and today there's a slight risk and enhanced and snow fall when we get up to the top it's 18 and 24 inches and it's is southern mountains and everything from the front range and through colorado. the storms and the worst of it is texas and north texas and mostly rural areas and the best chance of seeing a tornado throughout this evening. from houston all the way down to the gulf coast, this is into friday severe storms will linger. it's not a major severe weather outbreak but less than ideal.
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ideal was as far as the sun today and should be in the mid-80s in much of the california valley today. so pretty typical spring day across the country. >> looks good. ben and jerry try the chance of beer. can you tell the flavor. early today is back in two. so, what brings you to jersey? well, geico's the #1 auto insurer in new jersey, new york and connecticut. so i just came by to say "thanks." #1, huh? that's great. here you go. a little token of appreciation. oh, that's... that's... that's great...
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look. genuine and glowing with confidence. almay. simply american. these little angels build in softness. and these little angels build in strength. and that little angel says "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin. everything you want and the value you love. angel soft. . this morning a stunning fall for a former nfl star. >> gasts as a jury hands down
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the verdict. he was found shot six times in a field. the judge sentenced the former new england patriot to life behand bars. the the lloyd's mother saying this. >> i forgive the people that had a hand in my son's murder. i pray to hope that some day everybody will nor give them also. it started after a man helped a woman to her car that did not feel safe. as soon as she was inside they turned on him. he escape and it did not stop. in the midwest a new deadly dog flu has people worried. >> chicago has never seen
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anything like in before. numbers of the disease has outweighing anything that we have seen. cases are expected in wisconsin and ohio. vets say that symptoms are coughing and sneezing and loss of app pietetiteappetite. a woman swept off a clip by a giant wave. a u.s. student captures the dramatic scene. he was taking photos when the wave hit. the paramedic helped in the rescue. the fall left her with a shattered left ankle, and one he can of a story. now a big recall to tell you about. a ton of baby food. the reason is that it my contain small pieces of glass. the jars have the number p-8 68
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a. they expire 2016, and so far one injury reported. for more information go to nbc let's get down business now with landon. good morning landon. >> good morning a federal judge ruled that gm is shielded. that allows gm to do billions of dollars in damages being south by affective switches. they're blamed for more than 200 deaths and serious injuries. it's a big day and etsy and retailer and party city and shares of the company will start trading on the nasdaq today. a new report finds that two-thirds have a bank acount that's due partly to wide spread adochgs and that's just wallets
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and two billion people were remanned unbanked. >> thanks. plenty more ahead and a georgia mom arrested for playing twister at her teenagers party. attack of the flying fish. bombarded by giant carp. sports is next. stops odor from happening for all day confidence. when you feel fresh all day you feel confident. vagisil. your intimate health experts. real transformations can happen as much inside a person as out. that's why you should take the listerine® 21 day challenge. use listerine® and over 21 days you'll experience a transformation. take the listerine® 21 day challenge and start your transformation today. >>who... is this?! >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm!
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this morning on today an nbc
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news exclusive. matt louers interview and he shares the details on the weight loss and run for president. now to sports and i will accepted it over to betty. >> let's begin with game one and black hawks and predators and the hawks were down but in the second pert the hawks switched gollies, and they could not get anything past him. they went back in win it four to three. michael phelps is not competing in the championship this summer. he still has the sites returning to the olympic dplorglory. robinson became the first african american player in
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baseball. rex ryan takes a turn and throwing out a first pitch at a minor league game but then ryan had a few choice words of advice for a four time super winning quarterback. >> i think that there's a thing that we should talk about first. my pitch actually made it to the plate. it's a little high. i understand somebody bounced it. i am not sure who it was, but tom needs to keep it elbow up more. >> are you going let him disyou you like that. giant carp began to jump around them. if only fishing was that easy. where is a net when you need it? back to you. just ahead. what do kim dar dash canadian
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$47 million last year. is kim kardashian too hot nor the middle east. they edited her out of a picture and the newspaper says that it's because she is a pornographic symbol. you may remember another or the dox removed german chance lor from a photo for reasons of modesty. pamela anderson has gone to jail. no she is not doing time. she stopped by the sheriff joe's arizona detention center to feed inmates a meat free meal. they took meet after the meals in 2013. this is nbc and we hope that this is just a stop for you on nbc. it of american beauty. which rises from the heart of our great country... dreams are born. hopes fly high...
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leading the news usa today's most poplar story. mom loses kids over a party with kids. she you threw a party that included alcohol, pot, sex, hot tub and twister. she was arrested after her alcoholics anonymous sponsor told authorities. the british billionaire helded the group and took to the group in a bowling stunt that could be called an initiation of some sort. up until last night the adventure had never attended a game. now a judge has ordered a man to release more dash cam
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video of the arrest of floyd dent. they say that it's a shorter and edited version. he was charged with possession of cocaine and plans that the drugs were planted after he was beaten. the senator introduced a bill in the senate to create a committee to advice them ton matter. it began with a cam take of woman on 20s. who are some of the woman. rosa parks and jerry's is moving into suddens. they will release salted caramel, brown and ale in the fall. >> wow. sounds really sweet. >> we have a video for you. you can liep up and take pictures but only for three
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months. and at the bronx zoo two showed you have acuteness and you can it's tight and monkeying around. >> trying to get the monkeying around part. >> yeah we all do that with our kid. >> people could pay a lot of money to hold a lion one. that's right. >> taking them home. now it's time for a look ahead. president obama welcomes the soldier wide to the house white. dozens are cycling to raise awareness for the disabled veterans. they have been modified to accommodate with the injuries and disabilities. i am dara brown, thanks for watching early today. we hope that you have a great
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firefighters and police now investigating after a deadly fire in san jose. an amazing video out of san francisco after a car slams into a fire hydrant. we'll tell you what led up to the crash. plus the warriors are headed to the playoffs after a historic regular season. we now know who their opponent will be in the first round. let's take a live look outside on this thursday morning. beautiful bay bridge from the distance. some already making their way across the span on this with yours, april 16th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning. it's 4:30. >> lots to get to this morning.


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