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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we can't afford to wait. this needs to happen next year. >> how much school is too much. a bay area wide issue in the spotlight tonight. a plan to reduce class time for high school students. >> too much stress too many suicides. that issue brought out parents, students and teachers. the idea reduce anxiety by
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reducing class time. could it work on the peninsula and will it spread to other bay area skills? . we're there with more. this is a serious issue for parents and teenagers. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. it's very scary and a very real problem here. now, what they are thinking of doing is changing the length and overall structure of the classes. the idea has skeptics but everyone disagree that more needs to be done to help these students. sabrina's freshman year didn't start out the way any new high school student could imagine. there have been several suicides involving guns and palo alto high school students. she attend add meeting tonight to learn more about possible changes to reduce the stress on students. >> i think what we have now is pretty like stressful. i think it's a good idea.
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obviously there need to bes changes. >> reporter: tonight brought them together to hear about a proposed non-traditional schedule for students. supporters say this would allow for students to do their homework in class and foster better relationships with teachers and classmates. a later start time to their school day is also being considered to give students more sleep. one big change students will also face next near they won't be able to take academic classes in zero period anymore, something that isn't sitting well with some students. >> they took away zero period earlier this week. which is class earlier in the morning. they took away academically. that takes away my prep at the end of the day which i need for sport. >> reporter: but they say big changes are needed. >> we can't afford to wait. this needs to happen next year.
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i think it's really part of a big cultural change and we're trying again to focus on learning and great teaching and innovative ideas, not just on who has the highest gpa. >> reporter: now based on discussions from tonight's meeting, the committee will take a proposal to the school board in may. the hope is to get a new schedule in place by the next school year. reporting live in palo alto nbc bay area news. new at 11 chok, southwest on the defensive for the death of a prominent financial trader on a flight from oakland has the popular airline facing a lawsuit. he was found crying and moaning in the plane's bathroom ten minutes before it was supposed to land in orange county. this happened last september. we've obtained this home video of him. today, his wife filed a wrongful death suit in alameda county. she says southwest treated her
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husband as if he was causing a disturbance rather than providing him the medical aid he needed. >> i don't know what they thought. i don't know. and i just want answers. i want the truth. i want the truth to come out and i want southwest to take responsibility for what they did. >> a southwest spokesperson says the flight attendants handled the situation appropriately. a jewelry store employee in the hospital tonight after being attacked during an attempted robbery. two men walked into the jewelers and hit the woman in the chest before running off. that employee, though suffered a heart attack. police arrested one of the suspects. he's only 17 years old. a major ruling tonight that could impact governor brown's mandatory water cut consist. a state appeals court ruled that a tiered water rate structure used by the city is unconstitutional.
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the city used it to charge customers who use more water a higher rate. several cities in the bay area used tiered rates. it's now unclear how the ruling will impact those agencies. governor brown is lashing out saying state lawyers are reviewing that decision. okay. did you hear it? loud and proud. warriors fans, as you can see, pumped up tonight. after the opposing coach complained of the noise wondering if it was actually legal. we're in oakland. what a game it was. it was close and it was loud. >> reporter: it was loud. it was close. you know i really think that the pelicans coach was very serious about the noise level here at the arena. the game and the fans tonight, i think he kind of has a point. come on, if the seattle seahawks
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can have a 12th man i think the warriors can give the sixth man award to the fans. the fans cheered before the game and during the game and together they are loud. >> it's loud because the fans are the best fans in the nba. >> the noise is great. home field advantage. it's working out well. >> reporter: a major distraction to the opponents. pelicans coach today went as far as to say the fan noise might be against nba rules. >> it does get a little out of hand, but their fans are -- i've talked about it for years. they've got some of the best fans in the league here. >> reporter: the fans reacting to the pelican coach tonight. >> was it the coach from the other team? too bad. we're sorry. >> oh well. >> not. >> stop whining. i think it's only sour grapes
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because we're just the best fans in the nba as a result of that, we make a lot of noise. >> reporter: so the warriors will be packing it up and headed to new orleans for thursday's game. and at 6:00 i promise to wear my t-shirt. i bought one, but i was too lazy to put it on. i promise to wear it on thursday. reporting live from oakland, nbc bay area news. >> it was a big win tonight. we'll see you again on thursday. if you're bleeding blue and yellow like many people are, we want to see it. our gallery of fan photos. you can post them to our facebook wall. we're not done. later in the newscast back live. we chat with the splash brothers after this close victory tonight and has game highlights. >> he was taken while asleep in the family car. tomorrow, we should hear from
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the 8-year-old boy about his terrifying experience. the father says he was warming up the car early this morning and the third grader inside the sleep in the driveway. when he came back the car and his son were gone. his mom made a frantic 911 call. >> 911? >> my son is gone. >> when he woke up the guy said he didn't know he was in the car and pulled over got out the car, the boy went back to sleep. >> luckily, he was found three hours later less than 2 miles away. an alert citizen recognized it from the amber alert that went out. officers are now searching for that suspected kidnapper. road rage that's what police say was behind a violent run-in between a bicyclist and an uber driver in san francisco. there are also renewed questions about the safety of ride share drivers. we're live in san francisco with more on what happened exactly.
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gene? >> reporter: we don't know what sparked this road rainfall incident but we know this is where it ended. this is where police say that uber driver hit the bicyclist on purpose. tonight, they're raising concerns about the lack of training for ride share drivers. emergency crews treat a cyclist hit by a car near fisherman's war f on sunday. >> people on bikes always get into it with people in cars. >> reporter: he says a cyclist looked badly hurt. >> the guy actually tumbled pretty far. >> the driver drove toward the cyclist striking the cyclist from behind. >> reporter: police say the uber driver hit the 44-year-old cyclist on purpose during a road rage incident. >> the cyclist pulled up towards the passenger side of the vehicle, began banging on the
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window swearing at the driver, and then slammed the side mirror. >> reporter: emergency crews took the cyclist to the hospital with broken ribs and a broken clavicle. police arrested the uber driver. >> this is a critical issue. >> reporter: the san francisco bicycle coalition says while everyone needs to keep their cool, ride share drivers are not as safe as they could be. san francisco taxi drivers are required to take a safety class taught by the bicycle co-ligts once a year. so far uber and lift and side car are not on board. >> if they really care about prioritizing safety and working with the city, they would be doing their part to help make sure that their frequent drivers, people on the road hours at a time every day, know how to drive safely around our streets. >> reporter: uber says it does expect drivers to abide by a code of conduct. they have deactivated the driver
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while police investigate the incident. the district attorney's office has charged that driver with assault with a deadly weapon. san jose's top cop got his hands dirty. the police chief tackled a murder suspect who was trying to get away. the chief gave us these photos this evening. you can see his torn shirt and a small bruise. they say the suspect was brought in for questioning today. that's when he made a run for it while in handcuffs. the chief saw the suspect and sprang into action taking down that man. the chief said, quote, i was just doing my job. tonight, we're getting our first look at the suspect. they say he has been a fugitive for murder since 2009. from the east bay to the white house, we're getting our first look at the man accused of jumping the white house fence last night. he was released from police custody. the 54-year-old pleaded not
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guilty to unlawful entry. this comes just days after officials discussed adding steel spikes to the top of the fence. next a thing called mobile-geddon and it happens tomorrow. the move by google. >> and oprah is in town providing inspiration l night for college tonights. >> plus a new device that could help police crack down on drugged drivers. and good evening. a few clouds increatesing but there's a lot more cloud cover on the way. we'll track the fog for tomorrow morning and we'll talk about drizzle and where that's possible in just a few minutes.
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well, there's been snow mageddon. tomorrow google is going to change your search results. they're fixing the searches on smart phones to push sites that are mobile friendly. home pages for many companies
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are at risk for falling lower in search results. while the meaning of life according to oprah media mogul oprah winfrey spoke at stanford tonight to a packed house. she delivered her personal reflections about personal growth and gratitude. we heard oprah speak. >> reporter: oprah spoke to hundreds of faculty and students tonight. she shared many messages and one of them to students saying people in the real world aren't looking at your grades so much as they're looking at who you really are. at the stanford memorial church the university welcomed oprah with a standing ovation. and tonight, she shared stories of her upbringing and faith. >> i knew how to pay attention. i was a great observer of life. and i grew up believing that i
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was indeed for sure god's child. >> reporter: she spoke about what he finds important in life like choosing love over fear becoming self aware. and if you ever lose sight of your goals, be grateful for every breath you have. >> i am one who believes in the sharing of stories. i believe in the process of sharing period. because i know that all life gets better when you share it. >> reporter: students we talked with were inspired by her message. >> she connects with everybody in the audience. she singles out each person. >> you have to find what you're passionate about and what makes you feel like you want to get up in the morning and do things. >> reporter: oprah also spoke about her legendary talk show where she interviewed news makers and everyday people for
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decades. >> thousands of people who have been guests on the show and many of them also audience members have been my greatest teachers. >> reporter: the event honors the late law professor who delivered his renowned last lecture to students in the 1030s to the 1050s, now influential people are invited to speak in his honor. oprah also held a q&a segment at the end. reporting at stanford tonight, ian cole nbc bay area news. a cloud of smoke hung over golden gate park for hours today. down below you see hippie hill there. thousands of people celebrating 4/20 the unofficial marijuana holiday. the gathering was mostly peaceful. and on this 4/20 we saw a new roadside test a test for
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driving while drugged. lawmakers and activists showcased the new tool this afternoon. it uses saliva to test for six different drugs including pot, meth and cocaine. it's unclear how much the technology would cost and where law enforcement would get the funding to use it. william shat ner wants to save california from the drought and he's using a kick starter to fund it. he wants to raise $30 billion to build a water pipeline from the seattle area to california. it would run alongside interstate 5. it's an idea that's been floated before. he says raising 30 billion may not work but the effort would at least raise awareness about the drought. we send our water down to l.a. maybe we can get some from up north. >> doing good. that is a high cost. be interesting to see if the
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money was raised how much politics would get in the way with that decision. let's take you outside right now. the biggest thing we're tracking is that fog building in across san francisco. current temperature 55 degrees. east bay and then back to the north bay. you'll also notice very similar temperatures tonight, that westerly wind helping to level us out and really make the air mass up above the same no matter where you go. this cloudy right now, we are not going to see a change for tomorrow morning. as you wake up, we're going to start with 51 in the south bay. clouds down there. in san francisco, 52 with the possibility of some drizzle. i want to spend time on the current weather pattern. last week, it was all about the potential of maybe getting some sort of storm system in here. the thing we're seeing now is three different systems over the next seven days all three of
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them look to stay just off to the north. right now it looks like we're going to be missed by any kind of major rainfall. at least for tomorrow while we'll start off with low clouds and fog, we can get the rainfall but a little drizzling in the fork.ecast. that will be good enough to at least lower the fire danger for tomorrow. by 11:00 we keep the fog here across the bay, also across the immediate coastline. if you're heading to the coast, it's going to be a cool one. eventually by the afternoon, santa clara counties we'll have that sun. the forecast on tuesday we're going to have wide mix of temperatures. san jose 72 and sunny skies. and the peninsula, though, big time changes here. cloudy skies 58 degrees. palo alto ten degrees warmer.
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partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. most of san francisco staying cloudy. the only spot we do think we'll get some sunshine in area. napa should have a decent rebound tomorrow at 69 degrees. 69 in lafayette. and across the tri-valley that's going to be the mildest spot tomorrow with low 70s. you can see temperatures stay above average all the way through wednesday and then we'll cool down again by this up coming friday. no big rainstorms this week. we'll have to look ahead towards next year at this point you guys. >> next year? >> next water year. >> yeah, okay. details of an important recall involving a popular product at trader joe's. >> here's jimmy. >> everyone in the bay area we're back with all new shows. big shawn here. plus it's a great show. we're on next.
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you might want to check your refrigerator. two popular brands of sausage are being recalled. they're recalling the sweet apple chicken sausage. also being recalled from trader joe's, maple breakfast chicken sausages. 59,000 pounds of sausage are being recalled. both of those products may contain pieces of the plastic.
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go to our website, >> they're changing the recipe but it's for your own good. kraft is updating its mac and cheese. but it will be more natural. beginning in january it will be colored using natural spices. kraft plans to make the change to other mac and cheese recipes later this year. >> a little gritty but they get the win. back live to the arena next.
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and good evening. here coming to you live from oracle arena. back on saturday anthony davis scored 20 points in the fourth quarter. tonight, he didn't score a field goal in the fourth quarter. as a matter of fact, the pelicans just connected on nine in the second half scoring 16 points over the final 12 minutes. let's show you how we got to this one tonight. anthony davis and steph curry, the two big boys ready to do battle.
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first quarter and the pelicans come out red hot. davis throwing down the monster dunk. and down surprisingly 11 after one. the splash brothers get it going in the second. klay thompson ties the game up and he would do big damage in the fourth quarter. time winding down steph curry from beyond the arc and the crowd goes nuts as they roll into the half with a 55-52 leave. draymond green hooking up on the alley-oop and they lead it eight. bucket and the foul. klay with 14 clutch points in the fourth quarter and the warriors roll to a 97-87 victory to take a two games to none lead. >> this is the playoffs. we talked about that during the regular season no matter on the road or home, we're going to get everybody's best shot.
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you can expect that in the playoffs. it's win or go home. the grind it out kind of feel these games were here it's going to be the expect same thing if not tougher in new orleans. >> let's take you to a little baseball now in southern california. as and angels. they obviously went to the dark side. top third, a's down a run. that's a home run to right. fourth blast of the year. and they take a 4-2 lead. hammering the curve ball and that is leaving the yard as well. they hang onto win this one. as we told you earlier. the sharks and the head coach have agreed to mutually part ways. he led the team to the playoffs in six of the seven seasons with the squad and had one year left remaining on his contract. all right. sad note to report to you tonight. offensive former 49ers hall of
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fame offensive lineman bob saint claire passed away. he was san francisco through and through. he was born and grew up in the city and played on the 1952 undefeated usf football team. he was drafted by the 49ers in 1953 and played his entire career with the red and gold. he later served as the mayor of daily city and was inducted into the pro football hall of fame in 1990. dead at the age of 84. here tonight, though, the warriors take a two games to none lead with a 97-86 victory. they'll head to new orleans on wednesday. reporting live, nbc bay area.
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next year operative word. >> next rain year. >> yes, exactly. you know there's just a little bit of hope over this month end. next possibly isolated drizzle. >> have a great tuesday. thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ll cool j, rose byrne


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