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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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rumor has it, and it's a look at the city starting out your wednesday, april 22in'. you are watching "today in the bay. good morning on this wednesday. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia canon fire if the home is on la casa villa, off of ignacio valley road. right now there are no injuries, and the family they believe lives there is not home. our other stop story, a cupertino high school student is missing this morning after showing up for his first period
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class, but he hasn't been seen since. >> the last contact they was around 10:00 on monday. >> reporter: it was, but his family hasn't seen him since about 7:00 on monday, sam and laura. we do know that 17-year-old teenager, a student here at monta vista high school does show up here, and the hope is he will return to school at some point very soon. this is a picture of conor sullivan, the 17-year-old whose family told the deputies they haven't even him since monday morning before school started. sheriff's deputies say school staff saw him during first-period class, but after 10:00 monday morning, he was not seen against on the rest of that day nor on tuesday. the sheriff's department won't say whether they consider conor a run away or considered at risk. we do know he's described at 5'5", about 150 pounds, and on
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monday morning, school staff say he was wearing a black shirt, a faded black sweather, black shorts and blue/white sneakers. the parents did searched high school as well a a nearby shopping center and fremont park as well as an open space preserve where the teenager likes to run. either he family or the authorities. they're very worried. in cupertino, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." new video in the bizarre case involving an 8-year-old boy taking with the family. the boy is back home, but the sheriffs claim that the parents were treated unfairly. -- >> have you looked at the carpet? >> you -- what is --
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[ screaming ] >> this video was recorded from the body camera. they say the woman refused to allow her in the home. the father says the reason police were not let inside is they have dogs that could bite. he says police made a difficult time worse by handcuffing the mother. now the family plans to file a complaint against the department. this following a sexual assault at a popular trail there. you always need to be aware of neurosurroundings. today stephanie trong is live. stef -- >> good morning, laura and sam. they're hoping to jog some memories. this latest sexual assault reported here on this paved trail near the hilton sonoma, a woman reports she was walking on this trail, which is parallel to
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the boulevard around 2:30 when a man tried to grab her, the man landed on top of her, and he says hess put his hands down her parts and lifted her shirt. she says she yelled until he stopped. regular hikers describes this trail as typically very safe. >> we've been walking this path for years. >> reporter: two other reports in the last nine months. last july a woman said a man groped her on a creek trail between pearson and north dunn avenue. two months ago, a woman running on a trail at spring lake park reported a man tried to take her pants off, but when she screamed, he ran. police say it could be the same man it all three attacks. they're similar descriptions. in the latest attack he was
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wearing a white t-shirt and gray shorts, a unique description is that this attacker seemed to have some sort of disability, perhaps down's syndrome. there was also evident found at this latest attack and aree ward for up to $2500 for any information that can help catch this man. a very disconcerting. it's 5:05 right now. a northern california man's long battle to overturn hi high-profile terrorism conviction is heading to court. new lawyers will argue their client's previous attorney during his trial was incompetent and failed to find evidence they say proves hayat's innocence. they were arrested in 2005. and investigators say they were tied to a lodi mosque that served as a sleeper cell of sorts, but out of those arrested hayat was the only one convicted
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ar meanancy gathered tonight to remember more than 1 million armenians killed 100 years ago. they were killed by on th ottom turks. so far the without is refusing to do so. >> they say the denial of genocide is like genocide recurring. so it's hurtful and painful to us. armenian americans are also demanding leaders in turkey end the denial and apologize. $8500 lost, the teen's prized cello was stolen. >> and it was call on camera. police are asking for your help. and the suspects are a man and a woman who either didn't realize they were being recorded or just didn't care, because here is a
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very clear image of them as they're getting ready to board an elevator in the parking garage in the 100 block of o'farrell in the city. here's video of the woman rummaging through the victim's suv market in the parking garage. this happened a couple weeks ago, it was on april 11th around 9:00 at night. police tell us they stole a 16-year-old girl's cello. serial number 1115, valued at $8500. i give you that information in case you were to come across it. as you can see, the woman thief stole other items from the car as well. this is another look at the suspects. they're both white. the man has a shaved head between 30 and 40. the woman between 20 and 30 years old. sf police want to hear from you if you recognize those people.
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>> just a beautiful-sounding instrument. >> yes, nice music. we're listening to the tunes of mother nature right now. christina, you're saying a very unstable type of atmosphere. >> and on our spotify list we have the pitter-patter of rain drops. it's another mild, cloudy start, widespread low clouds across the bay area. basically a repeat performance with a better chance for mountain thunderstorms, especially over the high terrain, let me take you through year day forecast. on the as you break for lunch, you can probably get your jacket, and we'll round on you the days. and 68 degrees on the east
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shore, 66, about five degrees warmer where our giants are back at it tonight after beating the dodgers l.a. night. temperatures will be comfortable after there. 63 for the first pitch. you might not care about the weather, because you're going to watch it right here on nbc bay area. all the action starts at 7:00. so let's go giants? we have a small streak, but at least a streak, mike. wouldn't you say? >> we can get a "w" anywhere we can get it. the golden gate bridge, you see it well lit and a clear view across the span. you might have heard a rumor that the lights were off. they were for a few seconds, but we have traffic restored. you can see the smythe drive and they have realigned that center drive. there was no disruption of the flow in and out of the north bay. we had that overnight road crew,
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and it looks like they're just about cleared, so nice into and out of san francisco. looking over here, this is the fighters they were talking about. a two-alarm fire. it was visible from the freeway at times, but it looks like things have calmed down looking over toward the tri-valley as well, a bit of a build into livermore. typical for 580, the rest of the tri-valley and tri-city area. all moving smoothly. you're at speed for all of your freeways no problems for the dumbarton bridge. the camera we have pointed at the san mateo bridge, and still blocking, and then clearing just by the other side of the flat section in the eastbound direction. all of this light and activity, this is just the crew that's
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typically there overnight, and over towards that high rise, moving you over, because you are missing the two left lanes, still good explanation. thank, mike, coming up, the supreme court rules a common police practice to be unconstitutional. details are next. plus twitter makes some very big changes. what you have to watch out for. a nice look outside this morning at fremont, some of the traffic out there starting to pick up pretty early on your wednesday. it's 5:11. we'll have news in your community up next.
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well, the rules have changed for police officers who want to use drug-sniffing dogs. yesterday the supreme court r50u8d that if a traffic stop is otherwise done holding the suspect while an officer waits for a drug-sniffing dog to show up, it's considered unconstitutional. doing so the justices say is an unreasonable search and seizure. that case was brought to the court by a man who had to wait seven or eight minutes for a drug-sniffing dog to arrive after he was given a ticket. the dog found meth in the car
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and rodriguez was convicted the san francisco sheriff's department sis it's leading the way when it comes to body cameras, on the heels of a major scandal, the department will require cameras for some deputies, following allegations that deputies forced inmates for fight each other. well, it's not a venue for the thinned-skins. but more changes are coming to twitter. >> some are are calling it twitter time-out. >> you're familiar with time-outs. twitter says it will increase the frequency of suspensions to discourage people who write nasty things on its service, also expanding the policy from rho hibting threats of violence against someone to not allows a kuhl to violence against anyone or anything, that is a much more vague and therefore useful policy.
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the ceo marisa myers talked to reporters and analysts on a conference call explaining the company's latest financials. she's under pressure to cut costs and indeed cut 1100 employees in the first three months. the employees called it like a drip layoffs like a dripping faucet let's go to landon downey for more. >> good morning following a mixed session on tuesday. they failed to hold on to early gains, though the nasdaq stayed positive. we get data today on existing home sales and earnings from boeing, koch -- coke and mcdonald's. scott, back over to you. >> landon, are you getting the apple watch on friday? have you ordered one? >> you know, i haven't. i'm not much of a watch wearer, but when it comes to apple, i
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always give in. i'm sure i'll have one soon nbc will have an app for the apple watch. you can find the latest business headlines, the watch, of course, comes out friday. >> or we can get that info from you. >> we could. very that'sy. we all give into apple. the ballots over mandatory vaccines returning to the state capitol. it easily passed the house committee early this month, but the senate committee members were far more critical. parents in favor of the bill say unvaccinated kids are a health hazard to everyone, but other parents feel they'll be forced to home-school their kids. there's -- researchers have found more evidence that there is no link between childhood
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immunizations and autism. the study published in the "journal of the american mill association" shows the risk was actually lower if they were vaccinated compared to those who were not expectations have been raised in the fight to conserve water in the south bayh last night city leaders voted to up conservation goals to 30% per household. also the city is lying out a plan to impose stiffer penalties. the mayor wants to bypass multiple warnings and hold people accountable. how to dole out those penalties always the key question in these discussions, is going to be talked about by city leaders. >> especially right now. meteorologist christina loren joins us. >> we're digging out of four years of drought here in the bay
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area. you know what? here in the bay area, i do know a lot of people have been trying to conserve that water. let us know if you have any good tips. post on my facebook or twitter page and we'll share it. 5:19 is the time. temperatures are mostly in the 50s. and yeah, always nice to have a conversation with our viewers. we love talking to you guys. 53 is the general temperature across the bay area right now. we're going to be at 66 at lunchtime. really a nice day ahead, with temperatures in the 70s. it's going to be a bit muggy out there, but not too hot. in fact unsawnably cool. let's talk about what's happening out there. we kind of have this interesting pattern. high pressure to ourself, low pressure to our north, two competing systems, fire wok as a result especially over the sierra nevada. we could see flash flood warnings and watches go up, with generous moisture making its way over the sierra nevada.
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we if everything works out. we won't see as much activity, but we're still fair game for thunderstorms through the north bay mountains and the south bay mountains as well, as we get into the afternoon. the chance is actually enhanced from yesterday. thursday into friday, temperatures stay steady. by saturday into sunday, maybe a few light drops, not expecting any measurable until we get into next week, tuesday actually looks good for widespread rainfall. we'll talk more about that, plus we always like to let you know what's happening across the bay area. today's wednesday. it's okay to start thinking about that weekend, and it's actually quite a few events happening. right now let's check your drive. here's mike good morning, christina. we're looking to the major connector, the bay bridge. we're starting some backup for the cash lanes. no big deal, right on schedule over there. san rafael all the way down to san francisco.
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we'll talk about that, but i want to let folks know if you heard about any lighting issues for the golden gate bridge, they were very short-lived. everything is back to normal. an easy drive, where are no delays. in the tri-valley we're looking toward livermore, there is a crash -- all you just saw it goes from yellow to orange, but the crash completely cleared from the roadway. just because of the volume right there at that page interchange. a smooth drive southbound for both 880 and 680 into the south bay. still holding steady with these speeds, and we'll look at the north bay as well. we'll look at fremont here, the wind flapping in the north bay, no delays for that live camera. easy drive. back to you an update to breaking news. firefighters in walnut creek are putting out hot spots at a home near dipictures were sent to you
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by the contra costa fire department. the fire has been controlled. crews had to. flames did not spread to other homes nearby. right now there are no injuries, and it's believe the family who lives there is not home. >> good they got that under control. 5:22. coming up next, a fugitive on the run for nearly four decades suddenly decides to turn himself in. why he did, after the break.
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5:24 on your wednesday morning. italy's government is under fire for making say transport safer for migrants who risk their lives to come to europe. many attached numbers to themselves to represent the
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victims off the shipwreck off the libyan coast. it was the worst such incident ever in the mediterranean sea baltimore's police commissioner is speaking out after a man suffered spinal injuries during his arrest. the video released by his attorney shows the arers. his attorney says officers severed gray's spine when they took him down in a foot chase. they also chased him without any evidence he committed a crime. the police commissioner says it will take time for the truth to come out. >> they are interviewing witnesses, and when finding out things, they're going back and re-interviewing. it just takes time. the justice department has opened an investigation into the incident caught in the nick of time, a photographer who made a mad dash to save an expensive tool
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from having a splash landing. the man was using a dropped to film a sunset on a beach in western australia, but things went wrong when the $2,000 drone beban to power down and fall slowly. watching this in slow motion, as you can see he had to sprint from quite a distance to save his precious gadget with just seconds to spare, it looks like he was successful wow, pretty amazing to watch. after four decades on a run, a escaped prisoner gave himself up. the reasons -- health care. neighbors knew him as ronnie dickerson, his real name is clirns moore monday, he turned himself in. moore told authorities he did so because insurance wouldn't cover hi failing health. he recently suffered a diabetic stroke, and hi false identity has no valid social security number coming up next, the u.s. marshals possibly facing a civil
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rights, this after a confrontation all caught on camera. we heard from a woman considering falling suit it is earth day, taking a live look, downtown san jose this morning. we'll tell you about activities that are happening across the bay area, how you can make a difference.
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a tacked while walking on a local trail. a woman says she was forced to the ground and assaulted he showed up to class and then vanished. the latest on the search for missing south bay teens and a fair amount of cloud cover for today, even a few very light showers. better chance for thunderstorms this afternoon, and i've got your weekend forecast in moments. ened and i've got your wednesday commute shaping up here. we have a steady backup building at the bay bridge. we'll talk about that. speaking of the bay bridge, a live look outside from a distance. it is wednesday, april 22nd. this is "today in the bay."
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and a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. jogger are being extra vigilant, this following a sexual assault. stephanie trong is live. >>. >> police believe they could be looking for the same man behind all three attacks. the most recent report happening along the trail here near the hilton sonoma. the difference, though, it was light out during that time. we're talking about this past monday around 2:30 in the afternoon, when a woman says he was walking on the trail. says a man tried to grab her in a scuffle, and he landed on top of her and put his hand down her pants and tried to lift her shirt. now, he's still on the run.
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that has many people here nervous. >> it's creepy. it makes me not want to run alone. >> unless you're in a gym, you're going to be vulnerable and have to be aware of your surroundings. and it's the third reported sexual assault him. on the trail between pearson street, and then just two months ago, a woman running on a trail at spring lake park, but took off when she screamed. the suspect's descriptions are all very similar, a whiteman in his 30s, around six feet tall at 200 pounds, last wearing a white t-shirt and gray shorts, a unique part of this description is the attacker seems to have a disability, perhaps down's syndrome. up to a $2500 reward for any information reading to the attackers in these cases. stephanie trong. >> 5:341, school officials are
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mystified, one family is very distraught. a 17-year-old cupertino teen is semiing and nobody has seen him since that point in time. >> chris, do authorities have any clues whatsoever where conor sullivan might have gone? >> reporter: they searched for him here at montavista high school, but they still have not seen him. it's 48 hours since anyone has seen him at school or at home. here's a look at his picture. he is 17 years old, and his family told saint clara scout sheriff's deputies they last saw him around 7:00 better the school day started. school staff saw him at the school for first period, but after that, around 10:00 monday morning and not for any of, and.
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won't say whether they consider conor a runaway or whether he's considered at risk. conor sullivan is described at 5'5", about 150 pounds. on monday morning, school staff say he was wearing a black shirt, a faded black sweatshirt, black shorts and blue/white sneakers. the sheriff's department did serve montavista high as well as the nearby shopping center, the parks and fremont open space preserve where the teen likes to run. the hope will show up on his own or anyone who knows where he might be gives authorities a call. in cupertino, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." a follow-up to a story we first told you about yesterday. the woman whose phone was taken but u.s. marshals says she's going to sue. she says when she saw marshals in her neighborhood he swabbed down the street to take a closer look. the federal task force was investigating local bikers. she says while using her cell
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phone to record the incident, the officer came, snatched the phone away and started destroying the phone, but a neighbor catch the entire incident on camera. >> any member of the public can record the police as long as the law enforcement are in public and as long as the people recording are not interfering. >> i thought he was going to beat me up, and i wanted to protect my footage, but at the same time i wanted to film him coming at me. >> shaken up. the u.s. marshal's office is now investigating this incident an $8500 loss. a teen's prized cello stolen from a car, all caught on camera. >> we're joined live from san francisco where police are asking for your help, trying to identify the suspects. bob, good morning. good morning. >> a look at these images, very remarkably clear images. you can take a look, you can see the two suspects, a man and woman, about to enter an
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elevator there at a parking garage on the 100 block of o'farrell here, and also video of the woman rummaging through the victim's vehicle that was marked in that garage while her male accomplice sits in the getaway car. it was on april 11th around 9:00 at night. they serial number 1115, valued at $8500. as you can see. they stole other items from the car as well. as you can tell in that image, they're both white police estimate the woman between 20 and 30 years old. if you recognize them, please would like to hear from you. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell "day in
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the bay." today is earth day. there are many earth day related events. in san francisco, mayor ed lee will announce a new campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he'll lead a bus tour that starts at at&t park, and points out highlights of his new green initiative. >> if you are inspired by the day there's an earth day resource fair in half moon bay right next to city hall there. volume tiers in richmond will take part in a cleanup along miller knocks regional shoreline. all of those events expected to kick off sometime around 9:00. even the little things make a big difference. you here the term "competing air masses" and we know it can lead to stormy weather. >> good morning. we have an area of high pressure
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to our south, and an area of low pressure to our north. the two are going to collide for today. for us we're already seeing the impact, but not here in the bay area necessarily. you can clearly see that counter clockwise rotation, a bit of shower activity coming down over tahoe, and we'll see more of that as we head through the afternoon. we pick up daytime heating, that is what is the main ingredients when it comes to these thunderstorms. you need the instable, the heat and we'll have both today. we could see some thunderstorms right here in the north bay mountains as we head through the afternoon. for today this is what you need to know. generally speaking we are kicking off the new day in the 50s, where some of or hillsides are still nice and green. 52 degrees on the peninsula, though i can tell you, starting to turn a little brown, the hills surrounding san jose. we have a better chance for rain, as we head through this weekend into early next week,
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but still could see a few drops as of this afternoon. 74 in the north bay, 77 degrees in the tri-valley, about 72 degrees, that's room temperature for us right here in the south bay. if we do sigh any of that thunderstorm activity, the best bet will be over the western-facing slopes surrounding san jose, and the north bay mountains, but the east bay hills, you're fair game for that activity as well. we'll see more sunshine for that thursday, and then the unsettled pattern tensed into bush but we'll get you outdoors, plus we'll tell you what's happening around here, in just moments here's mike there's always something going on. this is going on in the tri-valley, the second of two crashes reported into the system. it sounds like they are indeed two separate incidents both reported over to the shoulder. this added distraction might
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slow a little more between highway 84 and isabel and the dublin interchange. we'll watch that build steadily, as we zoom this map out, we're looking farther north through the walnut creek interchange, we've been tracking that fire, no longer visible from 680. assuming the drive through the bay bridge toll plaza. a live look shows you outside what we are expecting over here. and for the bay bridge, the bay bridge toll plaza backup is starting to form as it typically has. we'll show you the rest of the commute anywhere north of the san mateo bridge. same thing for the south bay the build just starting for 101. back to you all right. here we go. 5:39 right now, terror attack foiled. how french authorities managed to pull this off a northern california man
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accused the terrorism gets his day in court, but it's not his first time. the latest on the high-profile case a live look outside, san rafael and the s-curve, back with nonstone news, weather and traffic, after the break. sfloo
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new this morning, french officials say they foiled an imminent terror attack on at least one church. this morning they have a suspect in custody. a 24-year-old algerian computer science student was arrested after he accidentally shot himself and called an ambulance. inside his home, police found loaded guns, bulletproof vests and detailed documents identifying potential targets. the man is also accused of killing a 32-year-old woman in a suburb of paris drama right now is playing out on the high seas near yemen. u.s. warships have moved into the same area where a fleet of cargo ships are trying to pass through the arannian sea. tracie potts explains why
5:43 am
that cargo may be precious to rebels fighting the government. >> reporter: good morning. we have eight warships. just within the last hour, a white house spokesperson said we are doing enhanced maritime monitoring, in other words, keeping an eye on the iranian cargo ships in that sea. this u.s. aircraft carrier is hovering in the waters off yemen this morning, not far from seven iranian cargo ships. the u.s. fears they're there to delivered weapons to the rebels fighting yemen's government. >> that's a problem, and we're not sending them obscure messages. we send them very direct message being it. >> providing weapons only exacerbates the violence and instability in this region. >> the u.s. is not part of that. the state department says we're there to reassure or allies and keep shipping lanes over. >> our partners rely on these
5:44 am
for a lot of commerce and economic value. >> reporter: if iran's goal was to scare saudi arabia, it may have worked. the saudis announced they're ending air strikes against the rebels and backing peace talks. but the saudis say they weren't scared off by the cargo ships. they were done, done with the air campaign that they say destroyed a lot of those weapons that the rebels were using, and now of course the concern is that iran might be there to replenish them. they also -- they're not done with this war. >> a very combustible situation. thank you very much, tracie potts. northern california man's long battle to overturn hesz high-profile terrorism conviction heads to court later today. new lawyers will argue their client's previous attorneys was incompetent and failed to find evidence. hayat's father and four other men were all arrested back in
5:45 am
2005 during a terror raid. investigators say they were tied to a lodi music that served as a sleeper cell for terrorists, but out of those arrested hayat was the only person convicted the department of homeland security is coming to the silicon valley, opening an openings in the effort to attack top tech personnel. he wants to ensure the government and private sector benefit from each other's research and development. no word on when the office will be opened or where it would be. right now we are getting our first look at video of the latest security breach at the san jose -- taken on march 31st shows a woman after she reportedly scaled a fence.
5:46 am
now after five security breaches? less than a year, the airport has installed 1200 feet of new fencing. the new fence is ten feet tall, four feet higher than the old one also with barbed wire on top new this morning, flying into sfo is about to get a whole lot easier for international travelers. today airport officials will unveil new automated passport kiosks. that means people who arrive at sfo's international terminal won't have to wait in long lines. kind works from a south bay woman here are sparking a mystery stretching from here to the rockies. >> it springs in part from a dark day, a woman left a note on a police cruiser in denver. it had words of support offices say make the job all worst it. michael johnson, the note thanks officers for ricking their lives
5:47 am
day in and day out. denver police were so touched, they were hoping to find lauren just to say thank you. if you recognize the handwriting. >> hopefully we can find her and talk to her about it 5:47 right now this week is shaping -- and could be some thunderstorms on the way good morning. we might actually have some activity later on. the time is 5:47. you'll notice when you walk out that front door, if your hair doesn't already tell you, it is humid out there. we have an interesting set up, as we have two competing air masses. as a result you get the fireworks in between. right here in the bay area, in fact northern california, we're kind of sandwich between the two systems. as a result i think we'll see some thunderstorms, especially over the sierra nevada, where we could see flash flooding. for us some storms firing off,
5:48 am
that's where we have the best bet. second to that will be the south bay mountains, and then of course third. you have to keep in mind the high elevations of the east bay hills, but it's nice and mild, we're on our way to the mid 60s. a warmer day with actually more sunshine that what we had out there. 71 on the peninsula, and right around 74 degrees out in the tri-valley, but the unsettled pattern looks to stay with us all through early next week. pretty much the warmest time of the day between 4:00 and 5:00 is when we have the best bet. you notice our future cast is actually picking up some of those thunderstorms cells, and the high terrain. take a look at all this activity we're anticipating. it is going to be very active. we're going to keep that pattern going as we head through the next couple days, but we're so close to the weekend. it's a big weekend around here.
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the butter and eggs day festival is happening. this is going to be pretty school. it's a free event for you and the family. if you can get to petaluma, what a cool city to check out, and they have a cow chip toss. and i do believe laura garcia-cannon had her hand in that competition. >> and the cow milking too. >> taking it back to the old school. upper 60s on the way for friday into saturday. i don't know, mike has been here for a while, have you ever participated in butter and eggs day? >> i have not. laura -- imagine that, you can toss a cow chip, but they won't charge you for it. other places will charge you for that. we're looking out for anything going on right now. an easy flow of traffic here. they slowed a bit as the first burst came in and cleared the
5:50 am
second burst. coming in about 20 minutes, so we'll see those continue to change. just down to 60 in both directions passing through downtown. no incidents reported, but i'll track that. we have your build southbound 680, you saw that icon skip -- i just got word of a crash. over on the shoulder itself is, the third of three crashes, all reported on the shoulders, all slightly different details. but despite that fact, we don't have a lot of slowing through the area. no drama, i do want to show you a live camera out there. still holding very steady. back to you. >> thank you for the report, mike it's 5:50.
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here's a look at some of the stores we are looking on for 6:00 a sexual assault on a popular bay area trail, an unusual description of the suspect, and police say it may not have been the first time this suspect attacked and a south bay teenager who showed up for school on monday and then disappeared. the 17 years old attended his first-period class on monday. he has not been seen since. police in san francisco are looking for a cello stolen from a local teen. the thieves were caught on camera. these stories and more coming up at 6:00. we're going to soon learn in the falcon chicks are male or female. this morning a biologist will rappel down to the nest, and place bands on their legs, which allows scientists to track the birds' movements. banding day has taken place at city haul since 2007, kind of a tradition to watch. tesla has a seek krend to
5:52 am
unveil at the end of 9 month. >> they've been known to toy with our emotions. we're using it loosely. >> it's a home battery. even tesla has said it's a home battery. either while rates are low or from solar, and then use it later. elon musk has been talking about a big reveal for april 30th at the company's southern california design center. he's not saying what it is, but gosh, it should be fun to hear. facebook reports that -- in london the stock trader was arrested for causing the so-called flash crash of 2/20/so when the dow fell in a matter of minutes. interesting news out of the google this morning. if you use this phone -- this is the nexus 6, you'll be able to buy a data plan from google. you can use any app, go to any
5:53 am
site, but the data is coming through google. this affects really honestly very few people, but sam and laura, the idea is interesting. first it will flip between t mobile and sprint, depending on which service is stronger. that's a great idea. secondly the google plan is pay as you go. most plans you have a preset amount of data, most people don't use all of it, but they pay for all of it. cell phone companies make a lot of money for this. >> or they get the warning they're being to go over. if you use it, you paid for it. it's like an alarm. >> beep, beep, beep, stop before you go over. >> thank you very much about the effort to get a woman's face on the $20 bill. it's close are to happening. an illinois congressman introducing the put a woman on the 20 act, the bill would established a panel of citizens to recommend historic women to replace president andrew jackson.
5:54 am
a woman et cetera portrayed hasn't been on currency since the 19th century. martha washington was briefly on the $1 silver certificate. >> briefly? c'mon, give martha some time. this is the million dollar questions what would happen in marijuana was legalized in california. the lieutenant governor newsom is asking that question. many experts believe california will vote on it next year, so newsom formed a blue ribbon commission. newsom says the system -- >> no people are abusing the medical side at the same time you're not necessarily taxing it and not getting rid of the illicit side of it. >> a similar meeting will be held in san francisco next month on this day -- earth day, president obama is asking for a new power grid. mr. obama in the florida everglades right now to deliver
5:55 am
a major speech about climate change. he's calling for billions of major investments in the nation's energy system. he says all those pipelines and railways and other infrastructure that brings us energy has to be modernized in the face of climate change 5:55 right now, overcast skies stewarting our day, but christina loren brightens things up. >> thank you. a nice finish to today, more sunshine than yesterday, and temperatures will actually be warming as a result. 52 in san francisco, the north bay, you also are in the 50s because of that blanket of low clouds. that's where we are expecting some afternoon thunderstorms to fire off in the high elevations. 66 degrees on the way to san francisco, and 72 degrees, we could see some thunderstorms here in the south bay mountains as well. dodgers take on the giants again at at&t park. first pitch is 7:15, game right here on nbc bay area. nigh shows from tim lincecum last night, though. they beat the dodgers 6-2, mike.
5:56 am
we'll take the "w" that's a nice one. we're looking -- at least it's better now. westbound was stacked up from the top of the screen all the way down to the bottom just three minutes ago when i planned to show this live shot. it starts to show improvement now. there was some order of hazard in the roadway. they had to do a quick traffic break. that's what started that -- right along this latitude. you see a little billed from the castro valley, and we had that crash over at the dublin interchange. southbound at 680 where there's a crash over on the shoulder, holding pretty steady as well as the driver over in towards sunol. back to you. >> thank a lot, mike a colorado man took his hate for a computer a little too far. >> he could have kicked it a couple times, but no. he blasted it.
5:57 am
he was really frustrated. >> oh, you men. >> he blasted it eight times with a handgun. 37 years old luke as hinch was charged with discharging a handgun within city limits. >> gosh, i just would turn it off and walk away for a while coming up, the bill requires california children to be vaccinated is up for a vote today. what it could mean for your children. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz
5:58 am
grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million.
5:59 am
and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2015 cla. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. breaking news another 6:00, flames light up the skies in the east bay and a warning to women after a series of sexual assaults. me a teenager vanishes from a south bay high school. meanwhile, our unsettled westerly pattern continues.
6:00 am
we'll tell you how much longer this will last. >> your wednesday commute is on if you take the nimitz through oakland. perhaps i'll help you decide. do you go north or south? >> how about those bridges? let's look at one of the marquee wins the bay bridge this morning, it's wednesday april 122nd. you are watching "today in the bay." and shine at 6:00. thank you for joining us. breaking news, massive flames now under control in walnut creek. fire, the home is on la casa villa. firefighters say the flames did not spread to any of the homes or surrounding brush. it appears the family wasn't home.


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