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tv   Today  NBC  April 23, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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camera shaking around. the rindswinds are going to start kicking in. >> very good. that's what's happening "today in the bay." expecting a special report from the white house in just minutes. this is matt lauer and savannah gut guthrie. >> we have breaking news out the obama administration is reporting some hostage issues. we are await ingin statement from the white house, and we are gogin at the white house with
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latest, peter alexander. and >> we expect to hear from president obama in a matter of moments when he comes out before cameras here, and at the top of the hour, a matter of minutes administration expressed what it deskrib de of the loss of l innocent victims including dr. warren winestein who was the american contractor who was kidnap e named giovanni deporto who was an italian taken in that area as well, as a counter terrorism attack in the border area of pakist and another american was kill ed in the air strike named auk med farooque was and leader and also another air strike that took place in january, we are
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learning that the counter terrorism air strike killed a man that was a former californian and a member of al qaeda and a prominent spokesperson who has come up with videos threaten ing threatening this adminis with more attacks against the u.s. over the course of several more than a decade ago. we do expect to hear from the president shortly. in terms of the tone, we expect to hear from him, the press president is feeling tremendous sorrow, and he is taking full response foshlt the op and the press secretary said that no words can fully express our regret over this terrible traged again, president obama is expected here in the briefing room in matter of moments. >> peter, we will await there, expr of the hostages, but they were
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not referring to the loss of the al qaeda leader. let me be clear of that. >> and while the president is soon to come in, jim mick chef ski, what are you seeing? >> at least one of the americans who had defected to al qaeda holding them hostage had been killed in one of the strikes, and not clear if it was the 14th or the 19th, and that adam gadahn had been killed in a ik was not specifically targeted according to the u.s. officials but we do were two separate cia strikes, and part of the ongoing, ongoing counter terrorism operation in that region since shortly after
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9/11 in 2001, matt. >> and we should mention that much of the information was classified until now. the president deciding to declassify that information and now share it with the op and mik, stand by. >> and we are awaiting the president's remarks, and as we correspondent richar us on the phone, and he is in the individuals involved dr. warren weinstein who was long-time held captive in the pakistan region as well as the two american al qaeda adam gagan and warren winestein. >> yes. warren winestein helped with the
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poor, and several videos emerged showing dr. winestein, and we have not heard much of him as of late, and this is a surprising i had not heard this in the past that there had been these drone strike, and where there had been possible casualties, and so it is a surprise announcement about not just the deaths of the american hostages, but the death another american linked to al qaeda and so three americans, and onetwo of them host one of them militants. >> and richard engel on the phone from italy, and now going back to the white house where the president is expected to peter, i want to come back to in the statement that was re we will do o sure it is not repeted, and they are conducting a thorough independent statement to see what to do to prevent it, and
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this is going to razise a lo >> yes, a that is correct, matt. and it is called the uniquely tragic nature of the operation, the strikes that killed the american, and the two innocent victims, including dr. warren winestein and the italian as well. and the white house as part of the statement makes note of the and consistent with the counter terrorism policy, and they likely expect the new debate of and cont drone strikes to be renewed, >> and we understand that there were two cia drone strikes that resulted in the deaths. these happened in january in the hindu kush in pakistan and we are learning about it april 23rd, and do you have any in the timing of this now, and why did the president decide to declassify now? >> well, that is what we are waiting to hear, and why we are
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waiting to the hear from the president with three months passing since these operations were taking place, and this is deliberate by the and we received a statement at 9:23 eastern time, and we we president would be coming out to engel said that he is not familiar with the casualties as strikes, and some people may be questioning why this is released at the same time of adam gadahn's killing at the same time of warren winestein's, and perhaps to buffet any use of drones in situations like this. >> and peter, we don't know if that were killed had been notified prior to this, and they are probably learning of we are? >> we don't know that yet, but
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have been contacted in advance of this, and there was a time to terms,ed a learned these fact great confidence right now. we had heard from dr. warren wine including one in 2013 where he he felt abandon and forgotten by the obama administration, and winestein said in that video second term was in a position to make the hard decisions to go after, to go after al qaeda members and to try to find the american hostages like himself. matt and savannah. >> and another issue with the timing is to establishing the identities a confidence that it i who were kill and something that the administration had to do before releasing it publicly. and over to mik, and mik, can you tell us about the targeting when the cia releases a targeting information, because
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they were going after a co >> yes, and according to the white house statement, itself, they did not know when the airstrikes were planned, conducted or launched that the american hostage the or the italian hostager or the americanal those locations in the hindu kush region of far eastern afghanistan when they launched the arir strike. they did not realize that the american turned al qaeda adam gadahn was there at the time. they were specifically going after clusters, centers, operatives there in eastern afghanistan when these air strikes were conducted. one, the fact that they were able to conceal and hold dr. winestein and the italian since 2011 and the italian taken
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hostage in 2013 shows just how difficult it sis to sort out t individuals at any given location much less find the hostages themselves. it is a very rugged part of afghanistan, and quite frankly, the border there with pakistan and the enemy there, al qaeda, transverses easily across the borders between afghanistan and and have really had the protection in most cases of lo so it appears that they had good intelligen going after centers of al qaeda operations, but they had no clue that the americans, including two al qaeda members and the italian were conducted when the air strikes were conducted on january 14th and 19th. >> thank you, mik. and we a president to ep te
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room which he should do in over we are getting is previous li classified and now d by the obama administration is that three americans, one innocent hostage and two americans who had actually defected to al qaeda have been killed in separate airstrikes in january, the 14th, and 19th, along with an italian national, and two of those innocent, and collateral damage to air strikes conducted by drones. and the president is going to >> strikes that we have just learned that the cia ordered and travel area between pakistan and afghanistan, and couple of the names are familiar to the viewers. dr. warren winestein who is a usaid contractor held since
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name that is notorious who is a propagandaist for al qaeda and appearing in videos inspiring the 2007 video that osama bin laden released around 9/11. peter about the timing of the information, and why they deou moment, and perhaps independent confirmation by some outside president is coming down the briefing room, and let's hear what he has to say. >> this morning, i want to express our grief an condolences to the familys of two hostages. one american, dr. warren winestein, and an italian, geovanne la porto who were killed in a counter terrorism attack by the u.s.
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they were aid workers who were de people. after warren was abducted by the al qaeda in 2011, i advised the team to do everything possible to bring him home safely, and we worked tirelessly to do so and we worked closely with the italian allies on behalf of geovanne since he was taken in we have worked since 9/11 to save lives in terrorist attacks and that determination to protect innocent lives makes the loss of these two men painful for all of us. based on the intelligence that we have obtained, we believe that a u.s. counter terrorism
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campaign targeting a compound in pakistan/afghanistan border region accidentally killed warren and geovanne this past january. earlier i spoke with warren's wife elaine and the prime minister of italy. as a husband and father, i cannot imagine the anguish that the winestein and the la porto families are e enduring today. i realize there are no words that can ever equal their loss. i know that there is nothing that i can ever do or ease their heartache, and today, i system systemply want to say this, as commander in chief, i take full responsibility for the mistake that took the lives of warren unit offer our deepest apologies to the
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as soon as we discover the cause of the deaths, i ordered this information to be declassified and be ordered to be public so that the familys know the truth. and even though some of the efforts have to be s succeed, the united states is a dem kraocracy, and de openness in good times and bad. the assessment is a that this operation is fully consistent with the guidelines that we conduct attack s in east, because it is the home of al qaeda's leadership, and based on the intelligence that we had obtain ed including hundreds of hours of surveillance, we believed that it was an al qaeda compound, and that no civilians were present, and that capturing the terrorist did take out dangerous members
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of al qaeda. but what we did not know tragically is that al qaeda was hiding in the presence warren and giovanni. it is a cruel and truth that in the fog of geography and war that mistakes, and sometimes deadly mistakes can occur, but america apart from many other nations, and one of thin makes us exceptional is the willingness to confront squarely the imperfections, and then to learn from our mistakes. already i have directed a full we will identify the lessons learn ded from this trage we will do our utmost to ensure and we will continue to do everything we can to prevent the
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loss of innocent lives and not just innocent americans, but all innocent lives in our counter terrorism operations. today we join their families and friends in honoring warren and giovanni, two humanitarians who came from different countries, but who were united by a spirit of service. for decades warren lived the ideals of the country serving with the peace corps and later with the international agency for development. he devoted his life across africa and southwest he was a loving hu and grandfather who willingly left the comforts of home to help the people of pakistan. was a usaid contractor to help pakistanis to escape terror.
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giovanni's ideals took him around the world to hayit t with pakistan and the people, and believed passionately that he could make a difference in giovanni's service reflected the commitment of the italian people, our great allies and friend dignity of the people around the world, and today, it is a remind over the bonds of friendship of our country, and the shared values that the bind our countries together. there co contrast between these two selfless men and the al qaeda captors. warren's work benefited people across faiths, and meanwhile al qaeda bothed that they held warren with his jewish faith, and al qaeda held warren despite
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that his health faded, and deprived him of years from his family that missed him terrible amid the grief that is immeasurable, i hope that they will find some solace that their service will endure. they will be remembered by the pakistani men, women and children whose lives they made better. their spirit will love of their thoughts are in our thoughts and prayers today, and especially warren's wife elaine, daughters alicia, jennifer and their fami example of the shine as a light to people the world over who see suffering and answer with compassion. who see hatred and offer their love. who see war, and work for peace. may god bless these two brave men and may he watch over and t of the years to come.
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president obama in washington delivering what had been previously classified in people, the tw hostages held by al qaeda, one american and one italian, dr. warren winestein and giovanni la porta in an al qaeda compound, and he expressed profound re >> he said he declassified tip formation and disclosed it because the familys of the and notable that we did not hear al qaeda americans who w killed unintentionally in the air strikes. let's go right to peter alexander at the white house, a >> well, as you noted, what is significant is that the president that he used language
7:21 am
that he said i profoundly regret deepest apologies and used the words deep regret and condolence, and made no references to the ahmed farooque who was also killed in the same operation of the two innocent civilians who lost their lives, and also did not make any reference to the adam gadahn who is that spokesperson for al qaeda, and it is obvious that the administration were satisfied that they were able to find those two individuals and kill them, but the headline was that he wanted to make apologies to families and desire to let >> our thanks to peter alexander at the white house. we will return to "today." this has been a nbc news special report.
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good thursday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. one man is dead after an early morning house fire in mountain view. they said fighting the fire was complicated because of exploding am knew in addition stored in the garage. there were no other injuries and the cause is under investigation. a 7-year-old boy is hospitalized with life threatening injuries after being hit with a stray bullet on fifth and cherry street in vallejo. a crowd gathered following a funeral when two groups of people started shooting at each other. police say five people involved -- were involved in the altercation. san francisco archbishop will apparently not attend the
7:27 am
controversy march he attended last year in washington. it's gald the march for marriage and it opposes same-sex marriage. last year the archbishop angered some by playing a role including delivers a speech and leading a prayer. san francisco's archdiocese tells "the chronicle" he will stay home this year and other u.s. bishops will attend. let's check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> i want to show you a live look at pacifica. beautiful day ahead. we're going the get blessed with shower activity. everybody across the bay area as we head throughout your saturday. looking good for that. although we're starting out in the 50s. we're still going to end up just about as warm as he did yesterday. 71 degrees in the south bay. 75 for the tri-valley. 77 degrees in the north bay today. that wind is going to intensify. that's the biggest day between yesterday and today. getting into that weekend, we're counting on the showers early saturday. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> christina, things are slow through san jose. this is northbound 101.
7:28 am
really stacking up. this is the 680/280 interchange. look at the maps. this is the big section of red. now more folks are trying to avoid that by taking northbound 280. we will see 87 get more traffic as a result. one and then two crashes north of that. the rest of your south bay moving well but that disturbance could send a ripple effect out. recovery is good for hayward southbound past 92. earlier crash at highway 4 is also cleared. thank you for joining us as well. another update in half a hour.
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♪ back now 7:30 23rd of april, 2015. chilly morning here in the northeast. much different than we have been having. >> we have rain elsewhere. that's topping our look at a headlines. more severe weather expected ayoua across the south today. this was recorded during a storm in louisiana last night. intense rain knocked out power to thousands. prosecutors can rest their case in the sentencing phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. jurors are weighing the death penalty. the defense would begin its case on monday. and lawyers for the parents of michael brown are filing a civil lawsuit against the city of ferguson missouri.
7:31 am
brown was shot and killed by officer darren wilson last summer, that sparked heated protests in the city. both the grand jury and the prosecutor decline to prosecute. we have an exclusive interview with kim kardashian. she will open up about her marriage with kanye west. she will talk about her new selfie book and yes her family news that everyone seems to be talking about. kim kardashian monday right here on "today." but we begin with the new fallout with the letter objecting to dr. oz. there are some surprises to story now. nbc's stephanie gosk has been following it. >> reporter: good morning. of the ten doctors who signed the letter to columbia university only one has been willing to do an interview. author henry miller is not commenting public at a all, but
7:32 am
miller has been public in the past about genetically modified food and his criticism of dr. oz. overnight, dr. oz fired back at the ten doctors questioning his practices. saying in a "time" magazine op-ed, remarkable web of intrigue emerged around them. suggesting their letter had an ulterior motive timed to the gmo industry. >> would you serve an apple engineered in a lab to your family? all new oz. >> reporter: the controversy began on march 10th. when a dr. oz show questioned the safety of the new genetically modified apple. just approved by the usda. >> would you buy this apple if i told you it wouldn't brown when you cut into it or took a bite? >> reporter: the episode drew an impassioned response from dr. miller, and a critic of dr. oz. in an april 10th editorial in
7:33 am
slate, he writes now that this remarkable fruit has jumped through the required regulatory hoops dr. oz and other fear mongerers are trying to elicit apprehension. and then one week later he writes to columbia university, asking them to remove dr. oz from the surgery department. >> i think most of us would have a different style or presentation perhaps more diplomatic, but the fundamental issues that dr. miller raises are the right ones for dr. oz to address. >> reporter: now, dr. oz is firing back. >> i vow to you right here, right now we will not be silenced. we will not give in. >> reporter: only one of the ten doctors who signed the letter is speaking out publicly. dr. gilbert ross is part of a nonprofit organization that some liberal groups have labeled as industry friendly. >> i'm fearful that his
7:34 am
teaching -- he still has teaching positions at columbia that some of the concepts he's espousing on his show might be transmitted to the next generation. >> reporter: dr. oz has his own credibility issues temporarily losing his medical license and spending time in prison 20 years ago for medicaid fraud. this another one who provided a statement that he wouldn't do an interview because he believed he was signing private correspondence to columbia university and in his words this was not meant to be a tv letter. of course, it is one now. >> exactly what it is. we'll have an exclusive interview with dr. oz tonight. it will air on "nbc nightly news" and he'll if here tomorrow live on the "today" show. in the meantime natalie has a gut wrenching case of mistaken
7:35 am
identity making news worldwide. >> imagine if your child was taken from you and brought to live in another state that happened to one teenager. the drama caught on camera. this is 14-year-old luna screaming as mexican authorities forcefully remove her from school last friday, pushing her into the back seat of a vehicle, pushing her into the arms of a woman, all the while yelling i'm not your daughter. >> like my arms -- it was my daughter. >> in texas, garcia was certain she had found her missing daughter. she has been missing since a visitation with her father in 2007. but it wasn't her. for more than seven years, the desperate mom never stopped searching until she says she saw luna on facebook. >> when i first saw her, i saw
7:36 am
my daughter. >> reporter: she convinced the mexican authorities it was her child. they seized her and sent her off to houston. >> as you can see i'm in the united states of america. >> luna was to say the least confused but like any 14-year-old she made a video. telling her parents in mexico she was fine and not to worry. >> we'll see each other soon. >> but the video of luna's seizure in mexico caused such an outcry the foreign ministry ordered dna tests which came back on wednesday, proving she was not her daughter. she was returned home to her happy and relieved parents. >> i didn't mean to hurt anybody. i just want my baby back. and i wish she was my daughter. >> a horrible case of mistaken identity, leaving one family thankful they have their daughter back while a mother in texas continues to wait and
7:37 am
hope. now it's unclear how she was sent to the u.s. before the dna test confirmed she wasn't the other girl that was missing. we're happy to report they're reunited. they celebrated with a big barbecue. still, the other mom is -- >> they do it in the other order from now on. >> you would think -- >> if they ever do it again. >> the other mom as well, it's awful. >> natalie, thank you. take a turn now and get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> today's wealth is brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelry. truly unique design you won't find anywhere. that's why he went to jared. >> thanks. so we'll be in vegas in a moment. >> right. >> on a great -- for the great elvis wedding. but we have great video to show you out of vegas yesterday. take a look at what happened by the iconic welcome to las vegas
7:38 am
sign. a dust devil. i mean, that thing is fired up. thankfully nobody got hurt but you can see that dust devil spinning around. a lot of wind and watch the palm trees moving around. let's head to detroit, last night, that's right. tigers hosting the yankees. it's snowing. first pitch, it was 40 degrees. but it did not cool off the yankees. they spanked the tigers 13-4. my gosh you have to blow on your hands a lot more than that. it will stay chilly. the jet stream down to the south. so it's awfully cold. in fact 15 states have freeze warnings and frost advisories from the plains all the way into the northeast. right now temperatures in the 20s and 30s and look at what happens for today. anywhere from 10 to 16 degrees below normal. tomorrow more chilly weather. detroit, 56 syracuse 44. saturday, the big chill is on. we do though start to see a little bit of a moderation and by sunday, temperatures are back to normal. th
7:39 am
7:38. good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures mostly in the 50s. we do have wide spread low cloud cover for now but as we get into this tarch wind will pick up and blow all the clouds out of here. temperatures will be comfortable. 70s for most of us. good news when it comes to your weather forecast for this weekend, good if you don't have the outdoor plan on saturday. we need this rain so desperately and there is some in the forecast for early saturday morning. clearing out by lunchtime. looking warmer and sunnier on sunday. >> don't forget get your latest weather. go to weather channel on cable. coming up everyone knows coffee is made from beans. right? well apparently not. >> what? >> on trending we're revealing your biggest modern day misconsessions. is that one of them? >> i guess. there are some doozies on the list. next wifi worries. we have the new worries about
7:40 am
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7:44 am
nbc's tom costello has been following this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi is worried the hackers could control the navigation system through the plane's entertainment system or portals. many experts think that's unlikely, security experts are concerned a determined hacker might try. sit possible the very entertainment system that allows you to surf the internet at 30,000 feet could supply a back door on the navigation system. >> it is definitely possible with the research that we have done and others have done to manipulate the electronics through the inflight entertainment system. >> reporter: roberts may have gone a little too far. after he sent this tweet about accessing the computers and oxygen masks, he was pulled from a flight by the fbi. ought tweets showed data pages. united airlines banned him from
7:45 am
flying. >> i did in the think it would create quite the controversy it has done. >> reporter: in a statement, the airlines says given mr. roberts' claims that he has manipulated aircraft systems while inflight it's in the best interest that he 92 not fly united. all airlines are to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. travelers connecting wires or unusual parts to the airplane seat. just last week, a government watchdog warned cockpit computers and air traffic control systems could, in theory be vulnerable. the faa says it's unaware of any attack. many pilots insist today's modern cockpits are walled off and unlikely to be compromised. >> i am completely convinced that in a modern fly by wire computer airplane the redundancys to protect the flight management system and the flight control systems would prevent it being hacked. >> yeah united airlines says it's confident that its flight
7:46 am
control systems cannot be accessed through chris robert's hacking techniques. the faa says it is working to identify potential vulnerabilities. guys this is more theoretical right now than practical. >> i am glad they are thinking about it and guard against it. thank you very much. coming up the guests are arriving we are getting -- say it savannah. >> all shook up. >> the ultimate elvis
7:47 am
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>> all right. carson is over in the orange room with the conversation started by kate snow's emotional look at the life of a transgender child. this was an amazing story, carson. >> it is matt. on wednesday we introduced you to a girl now living as a boy. jacob's journey started a huge conversation online. the video has been seen on her facebook page nearly 11 million times alone. a lot of questions are coming in
7:51 am
like this one, these parents are truly remarkable. the only kwi question i have how do you know this isn't a phase? here is the "today" survey if your 4-year-old daughter insisted she was a boy. would you support their transition or no? we will introduce you to 8-year-old mellissa and show you her story with you. >> thank you very much. >> a lot of conversations start. it's a very complex issue. one we are following closely. also ahead, we have a big surprise priscilla presley lined up for this couple. they are getting set to be married in las vegas this nexxus introduces a new movement in hair. ♪ ♪ a beautiful fluidity. restoring strength and flexibility ♪ ♪
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good morning. it's 7:56 on your thursday. i'm sam brock. police right now in brentwood hope that this video can track down three men involved in a string of robberies. investigators say the men may be tied to three robberies in less than one hour last saturday night. two of which occurred outside the brentwood shopping center and one in antioch. in each case two men threatened victims by saying they had a gun. they then took cellphones and wallets and ran off. the men are thought to be in their late teen or early 0s. east bay company offering high tech people high tech help for conserving historic drought. oakland based edyn developed a desighs to track water use. basically it uses your home wi-fi network to relay critical soil information to your smartphone and alert you if you're over watering. the cost is somewhere around up with 00100 bucks. get some water and, christina,
7:57 am
we know as our few four cast is tracking some storms. >> all canceronservation efforts are priceless when it comes this drought. mount hamilton showing you we had drizzle out there. pockets of low clouds and showers on the way. in just about 48 hours from now. i want to show you beneath the clouds in san jose murky start to your day. mostly in the 50s. on our way to the 70s. we will have details on the showers in five minutes. right now i want to check your drive. >> looking at a little bit better drive. it doesn't look like it from this shot. north 101 at 680-280. the last half hour the traffic slammed down all of the way back down past capital expressway. we're now starting to recover at the crash at the top. 280 holding steady but we will see more traffic there and 87 north as well. the rest of your bay's typical drought westbound not building in san mateo. as far as that flow off of 92. and toward the bay bridge toll plaza we have the metering lights. back to you. >> fighting through that morning
7:58 am
commute. thank you. see you again in 25 minutes with another local news update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." a family fights for their trans gender child. >> we moved to maryland. what did you see? >> i saw the person who i really >> as part of our special series, we introduce tout grabbed daughter of a congressman making a big impact of her own. >> plus, big bites. the reason why some people attract mosquitos more than ot ♪ viva las vegas ♪ and viva las vegas. you're invited to the ultimate elvis wedding. our special make your today couple is set to tie the knot with a little help from priscilla presley herself today
8:01 am
on thursday, april 23rd, 2015. ♪ >> shoutout to our grandkids in georgia! >> my sister may be at disney, but i'm at the today show. >> today is the day we made it all the way from menendez! >> >> we traveled 2,443 miles just to see al. >> good morning. i'm on the "today" show! >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." pretty warm out here on the plaza. we're going to get a great broadway show in a little bit. you have this song. i have to say i never heard this song. >> what? >> wow. >> joe cocker. >> she came in through the bathroom window. >> i never heard that song. >> that's a slice of america. >> oh, my gosh. >> my goodness. >> well, it's new to me.
8:02 am
>> shock and awe. >> i think she's just stunned that someone can come throughout bathroom window. >> you got arrested for doing. that meantime -- look what is happening down in las vegas at this hour. casey and cameron have arrived. they're busy getting ready to say i do with their family friends and, oh, yes, priscilla presley by their sides. the ceremony is set to begin in >> we have a real exciting reunion for you tomorrow on "t i'm so thrilled about. this we're bringing together five of the guys from montie python's flying circus. we will help them celebrate the 40th anniversary of the classic. huge tracks of land. mighty python own the holy gr you're going to get the scoop on some new projects they're working on. >> they're going to bring their >> that's right. >> you silly english. >> fabulous. >> bring out the should beery!
8:03 am
>> this could go on for the next 24 hours. let's go inside to natalie. she has a check of the morning's top stories. >> good morning. once again, we begin with breaking news. a u.s. counter-terrorism operation has killed two hostages held by al qaeda including an american. nbc national correspondent peter alex ander is at the white house. good morning. >> natalie, good morning. president obama and n. this briefing room within the last hour announcing the deaths of those individuals, innocent civilians, dr. warren winestein, a u.s. aid worker killed in that strike. a separate individual killed was giovani laporta. he was an italian individual. here is the president a short time ago. >> as president and as commander in chief, i take full responsibility for all our counter-terrorism operat including the one that inadvertently took the lives of warren and giovani. i pro foundly regret what happened on behalf of the united states
8:04 am
government, i offer our deepest apologies to the families. >> today the white house also announced that adam gadan, the prominent american al qaeda member a spokesperson for the group was also killed in a separate strike that took place this past january within the last 30 minutes we now heard from the family of warren winestein, his wife saying there are no words to do justice to the disappointment and heartbreak we're going through. we do not understand all of the facts surrounding warren's deat and they add those who took warren captive over three years ago, bear ultimate re >> thank you, peter alexander. another startling revelation about the secret service. the secret service took more than a year to replace an alarm system that stopped working at the texas home of former president george h.w. bush. during that time the secret service did add an agent to the the secret service says that agency has already addressed the situation. and a 4-year-old boy in britain got into a tough spot
8:05 am
over a stuffed minion from despicable me when the claw machine wouldn't deliver the goods, he then climbed inside. you see there he got stuck. young henry was in there for about a half hour or so. he did get to keep one of the minions, howev so he did end up scoring from the claw. it is 8:05 now. time for a check of the weather with al. >> we're back in the cinnamon view is our broadway musical. i'm in the orchestra pit fushgs will, hanging out with all the fine folks. they have great views of the orchestra. that's pretty nice. all right. let's check your weather. that's what we're out here for. show that you we have wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest. also showers through the gulf coast. wet weather there. here's what we got going on today. we are watch something severe weather firing up today. afternoon temperatures nice and toasty as you get through the gulf coast and into the pacific northwest. we're looking at cooler temperatures. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. and then as you can see we're
8:06 am
going to see more showers and thunderstorms firing up back through the plains states. we're looking at the risk of strong storms down through the gulf coast. and a very cutie here. who is this? >> this is abigail. >> abigail is gorgeous. how old is she? >> 8 months. >> wow. >> just like veil. 8:06. good thursday morning to you. what you'll notice out there today, definitely gusty winds picking up this afternoon. temperatures just about as warm. that's 70s for most of us. mid 60s at the coast. saturday morning looks to provide some generous rainfall all across the board. it should be clearing out by about 2:00 p.m. as we head throughout sunday the sun comes back out.
8:07 am
coming up, what do you think is the tallest mountain in the world? >> i know the answer to that. but it's not what you think is the point. >> it's not mt. environment rest. can a certain ancient wonder be seen from space? >> i don't know. >> well, there are a lot of misperception that's we have. we're going to get to the bottom of them in "trending." >> then more of our revealing look at being a trans gender kid in america. we're going to hear from an 8-year-old and her family and answer the questions that story is raising. >> plus, on the best of broadway, she's the star, he's the director. bring the laughs with "it shoulda been you." first these messages. nice to you have both here. weight watchers, got the starter kit and i was like, hey, i can do this. now there's nothing holding me back, i can feel it.
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adding a splash of our new subway vinaigrette. the magnificent new turkey italiano melt. only at subway. back now with trending 8:10. i will start with carson in the orange room. he is not alone this morning. he's got some special guests.
8:11 am
>> are you all trying to take over my job? is that what's dwnl on here? >> ye. >> i come back the orange room has new trainees going on. you know it's take our daughters and sons to work day. sorry, my kids are at home going, what? how did that happen? orange room in very capable hands, laptop selfie sticks. the kids are having fun today. are you having fun? >> yeah. >> would you rather be in school? >> no. >> you have awesome parents. i want a selfie hannah will work the big board for us what's trending today? you want to get things started for us? >> lots of people keep posting pictures of their kids at work. >> there is one. >> there is a good one. >> here is another one. >> that's a good one. >> here's another one. keep posting your pictures at #orangeroom. >> she is going to take my job. blauz plauz. >> i love that up high. great job. i can't tell anybody this job is hard when hannah nails it like that. all right.
8:12 am
guys keep going. i will join you guys for trending. i got problems. >> i know. >> the orange room might be green by the time you get back. >> these kids know how to spin a chair, you're gone. >> hannah is going to go we got a steal. >> the sun is shining, the temperature is rising guess what our old friends the mosquitos ocoming. do you consider yourself a mosquito person? the kind of person that gets bitten first? >> i rarely get bitten. >> i am a magnet for mosquitos. >> i am always bitten. >> i'm like matt. i don't even put on repellent. >> you just are. >> that's it. >> those of us who are. >> welcome back. >> those of us who feel like we get bitten first, it turns out there is actually a reason. scientists discovered it is all in your jeans. a study published in the journal plus one revealed that 62 to 83% of a wern person's mosquito attractiveness is determined by
8:13 am
their dna. it all comes down to your genetic natural scent. i thought it was sugar in your blood. no it's your smell. your scent. your odor. >> how are you relationships doing? everybody doing okay? >> i think so. >> if you think your relationship can stand the test of time. we have a piece of advice for you. do not walk into an ikea. relationship experts explain to the wheat journal that happy couples enter the store and they often leave the store fighting they say the stage kitchens and nurserys bring touchy subjects to life not the stress for shopping for large items. worry not talking about having to assemble those items. apparently a lot of people in ikea start to fight. >> i think few end up with the swedish meatballs, you are free to go. >> no it's that little tool. make a book shelf. here's a little tiny tool. >> we will buy a table from
8:14 am
ikea she loves to put it together. >> really? >> yes. the thing we all drid aboutchalleng we don't care for it. she does. all right. we have learned many popular modern day beliefs are actually misconceptions. we are about to debug some so-called facts we all think are true. carson you got the first one. >> did you know that mount everest is not the tallest mountain? it is the highest altitude. the tallest mountain is actually mount akea in hawaii. >> from the face to the top of the sea. did you know vitamin c apparently does not treat a cold. it can help boost your immune system. it does not treat an existing cold. if you have a cold you are boosting up. >> i feel that >> it does help boost the immune system. so for epreventing a cold. >> that's forbidden fruit that
8:15 am
adam hands to eve. it was not an apple. the bible mentions a fruit picked from a tree but never explicitly says it's an apple. >> but there is a picture that is an apple. >> it was a photo. >> carson could go back to his big picture bible. >> could have been an apple, could have been a kiwi. >> did you know ethat the direction in which your toilet flushes is not caused by your location on the globe. for example, if you're north or south, of the eequator. >> people say go to australia and it spins in the other direction because the jets are pointing in the other direction. that's why. >> here's one. did you know the great wall of china cannot be seen from space. >> i don't know about this one. >> only seen if you're orbiting
8:16 am
really close and you have a zoom lens. but you cannot see it from space with the naked eye. >> i would have sworn i have seen a picture of the great wall from space. >> all right. coffee beans are from seeds. coffee seeds, not beans. >> all right, that's what's trending today. something else getting a lot of attention and this is an amazing story that kate snow brought us on wednesday. it's the story of 5-year-old jacob who was born a girl. it started a major conversation online. we'll address some of the questions in a moment, but, first, kate is back with more of her series. kate good morning. >> good morning, matt. no reliable numbers on how many children are transgender but they're seeing more kids transition to the other gender at a younger age. that means a new name pronouns and new school and changing clothing and all has a big impact not just on the child,
8:17 am
but the whole family. mike honda is an involved grandpa, he was there when his granddaughter, melissa, was born and goes to grandkids' events. >> they love him unconditionally. they know that he's funny, crazy, goofy grandpa. >> reporter: back in february honda tweeted about 8-year-old melissa. >> as a proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild, i hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied. >> reporter: melissa was born in a boy's body. >> i think a lot of parents who are social media savvy talk about their grandchildren all the time. he did nothing different. >> reporter: except this was different because mike honda isn't just a grandfather. >> he works with the president and he's a congressman. >> reporter: you have a very public job member of congress and you can choose to keep some
8:18 am
things private. >> i think that there's a time when you have to determine when there's a good teaching moment and i think that was one of them. >> reporter: eight years ago michelle and travis welcomed a son into the world. but very early their child was insisting she was a girl. >> she chose her name when she was very young. it just felt right to her. >> reporter: how old was she when she did that? >> 2 1/2, 3. >> reporter: young. >> very young. >> reporter: melissa drew pictures of herself as a princess with long hair and then one halloween a family friend gave her a long dark wig. she was 6. >> she put it on and posing and realizing realizing, this matches. >> reporter: when you looked in the mirror what did you see? >> i saw the person who i really was. >> reporter: last summer her parents sent an e-mail to family and friends asking them to accept her as melissa and they
8:19 am
did. michelle and travis say melissa's personality changed. >> you could see the difference. almost like a night and day. it was like a release. >> i'm actually the same as any other girl. >> reporter: for school and teachers have been supportive. >> i feel like the people have known her prior it just sort of made sense you're a girl. >> reporter: melissa hasn't had surgery, she's too young. but soon they'll have to think about whether she'll take hormone blockers to delay puberty. have you thought through whether you'll do anything with her hormones when she's approaching puberty. >> probably not jump the gun and rush into things. >> reporter: we have a pediatric endocrinologist, her primary care physician and people assessing her and helping us make the decisions. >> reporter: michelle and travis just want melissa to have a hap ey future and melissa has these words of advice for parents out there. >> just let your child or
8:20 am
friends be who they are. >> reporter: pretty simple right? >> all right, kate let's bring in dr. michelle professor of brown medical school gina wolff, a transgender model and advocate. jean i'm just curious. your response and reaction to that story. >> you know it reminds me so much of my childhood. i feel like i just want to hug melissa and her family. i think transgender kids and their supportive family are curages and beautiful. i think that's why these stories need to be told more and more so we can create this ripple. >> these kids are so articulate and yet so little. can you just help us understand what it feels like to be in a body that doesn't feel like the one that you feel in your mind? >> sure, i remember growing up
8:21 am
in the philippines three years old. i knew something was different. but when i was 5 years old, that's when i first expreced that. i would wear this t-shirt in my head. i would walk around the house and wear this t-shirt and my mom asked me how come you always wear that t-shirt? i said mom, this is my hair. i am a girl. at that moment i felt identified. the felt determined. a little context here a group in the philippines where we don't have access to therapy. but my family supported me. >> i read this and i read for some children it's like a lightning bolt and for others it's slower. but either way it has to be a confusing time for the young child. we're talking 2, 3, 4, 5 year old and their parents. >> the 2, 3, 4, 5-year-old are so authentic and not worried about what other people think that they sort of spontaneously disclose and say this is who i
8:22 am
am and then kids go to school and they realize what's cool and what gets mom and dad's attention and approval. a lot of kids shut down closer to the school age and then go underground. and then we see a lot of kids who are still thinking about their gender. sort of reemerge presenting in puberty because you can't avoid it when you hit the pubertal years. >> i think that early age is what has people wondering. has parents looking inward and wondering what we would do. we are talking about very little children and people wonder should you let the child dictate. how do they really know and what if they change their minds later? this raises issues no matter how loving and supportive you want to be. >> if you look at gender development. child development. kids figure out their gender as early as 18 months 2 years old. so many of these kids are doing what's very natural to all kids. which is saying i know what my
8:23 am
gender is. the issue is the brain, which is our real source of gender may be at odds or different than what their body is. so it's confusing for us as adults and it can be confusing for kids when they're told wait a minute, your body is not the same gender as your brain and that's where i think people start to worry. kids know who they are. >> we asked a question on this was the question. if your 4-year-old daughter insisted she was a boy, would you support her transition and let her live publicly as a boy? 43% of people who answered said i would wait until my child was older. 30% said yes, i would help him transition. 27% said that's not something i would support. any of that surprise you? >> well i think you really have to support and give your utmost support to the transgender kids. we didn't have access to this therapy but because of the love and support my family there's this notion of self determination that we need to
8:24 am
talk about. self-determination affects a trans' person wellness and well being. that doesn't relate to the culture and policies. it has a direct correlation to violence and discrimination later in life. >> the poll results raise a question for the doctor, too. 4 3% of our audience saying can we just postpone the decision? could you? what is the harm in doing that? >> that is great question because the harm is most often in not doing enough. i'll see folks who said we waited until they were teenagers. they already developed into their gender with breasts and big shoulders and hair and we missed an opportunity to help them pass and be more in line body and brain with the gender they identify with. earlier is better. these re these reversible, nobody has to make a life long there is no surgery. it's so powerful. >> we also got online by the way comments and very simple
8:25 am
questions that may seem trivial to you, but some people say if you have a boy or a girl going through this at 6 or 7 or 8 years old, what bathroom do they use? >> the bathroom questions and locker room questions. >> yeah. >> when we work with schools and other facilities we tell them let the kid be in the team the restroom, the locker room that they assert. so, if i say i'm a boy. i do what other boys do and i go eto the boys' bathroom and boys' locker room. >> what about, the parents, it's an issue. >> parents who think that is not appropriate. >> but no one should be looking in other people's pants at that age. people should have a safe place to go to the bathroom to change and we don't need to be looking at all that. >> the most important things at the end of the day, we have to look at these kids. the most courageous thing to do to announce to the world, this is who i am. we should allow them to be who they are because we wind up with
8:26 am
healthy kids. >> thank you. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. crews will spend another full day searching for a missing south bay teenager. the search is getting under way at this hour. 17-year-old connor sullivan was last seen monday at 10:00 a.m. he went to his morning classes at high school in couper tina and then disappeared. a steady flow of people have showed up to help look for the teenager. deputies say right now this is being classified as a run away with suspicious circumstances. let's check on your morning commute with mike. south bay with the north bay routes still slow. better but still jammed as you can tell. look at the map. tough for north bay 101. from the 85 split up toward the
8:27 am
earlier crash at montague. now we're slow toward the airport. a little better. 280 and 87 looking better as well. the rest of the bay looking standard. north bay and peninsula. no real dram. on the east bay a nice drive through hayward. compression through fremont. that's normal. bay bridge toll plaza no surprises. the north bay had a couple crashes just south of novato. thank you for joining us. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
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mercedes-benz financial services. ♪ 8:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 23rd day of april, 2015. we're almost ready for our make your today ultimate elvis wedding at the elvis presley at the westgate casino hotel and resort in las vegas. that was david -- >> he is directing his cast. >> that's okay. we like to have him here.
8:31 am
plus reveal the big surprise that priscilla presley has for our couple. david hyde pierce part of our best of broadway today. the cast which is this whole thing directed by david. and the wildly popular foodies known as sorted food are here. they'll get ready to kick off a across country journey to discover america's greatest foods. coming up, we'll show you how you can help chart their course. they can come by my house. >> carcen and i are going to eat barbecue with them. first, something really big coming up next month. red nose day. john legend along with carson and me are going to be part of a night of comedy music and more to raise money for kids living in poverty, not only here in this country, but all around the world. >> this is an amazing effort. raises a lot of money. the first time it's coming to
8:32 am
the u.s. matt is doing something very special to raise money for the cause. i don't even know what to say. you're working very very hard right now. >> you might even say he's working his butt off. >> good way to put it. >> we'll tell you more about it as we get closer. red nose day, airs thursday may 21st right here on nbc. get your nose ready. after that tease, al you have a check of the weather? >> you bet. let's show you what we ehave looking at today. enhanced risk of strong storms from nebraska right on into missouri also down through the gulf coast. we're also looking at wet weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow, saturday, slight risk make its way gulf coast into the mid-mississippi river valley and wet weather out west and then sunday we've got more rain along the mid-atlantic coast and showers back through the atlantic plains and plenty of sunshine and temperatures pretty toasty down in miami a high of 8:32.
8:33 am
good thursday morning. i'm christina loren. we're looking towards a nice warm afternoon. we are going to see breezy to windy conditions develop later on today. highs at about 70 on the peninsula and 72 in the south bay. 77 in the north bay and 68 degrees on the east shore. big changes coming to the forecast as we head into your saturday. showers on the way. most of this activity will take place saturday morning. by saturday afternoon, a nice clear sky anticipated but better weekend plans outdoors for your sunday. and that's your latest weather. matt and savannah? >> thank you very much. time for make your today and a very special wedding. >> that's right, our couple is about to be married in vegas at the elvis presley graceland wedding chapel. a couple just arrived on wednesday and "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager was there to greet them and she had yet another surprise. good morning. >> good morning. i had my kleenexes ready, i can't wait. when i met up with them yesterday they thought i was just giving them a tour of the new elvis experience but i had
8:34 am
a whole different experience waiting for them. >> so you are our winners congratulations. >> just three days ago that america couldn't help falling in love with casey and cameron baker. winners of our ultimate elvis wedding contest. are you excited? next stop, vegas, baby. with baby girl lucy in tow, the couple didn't waste any time. their first order of business picking up a marriage license for the big day. >> that is so cool. >> reporter: cruising the strip in style, they arrived at the iconic westgate resort and casino greeted by the one-woman wedding welcoming committee. welcome to vegas. you're getting married. here is elvis. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: do you feel like elvis is in the building? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: for eight years, this was the king's castle in vegas, selling out performances
8:35 am
night after night. making it the surpect spot for this elvis-loving couple to stay. priscilla's costume she wore when elvis opening night. isn't it gorgeous? >> hello, hello. wow. hi. >> congratulations. >> reporter: are you guys surprised? >> yes hello. nice to meet you. >> i heard that you don't have a matron of honor and would it be okay if i was your matron of honor? >> is that okay with you? >> tell me if you don't, that's okay. won't hurt my feelings. >> i would be so honored. >> reporter: so, we've got a blushing bride, a handsome groom and a very special matron of honor. all the makings for this elvis wedding. >> has it occurred to you casey
8:36 am
is a little bit of a crier. she's quick with the tears, this should be emotional. >> she is adorable. the moment is finally here. go to las vegas and, look jenna is leading the way this morning. and that is lucy that is casey and cameron's 6-month-old daughter looking so so cute. jenna is starting us off walking down the aisle with little lucy. lucy took her first plane trip on wednesday. smooth sailing. >> all right now as the processional continues, priscilla presley. serving as casey's matron of honor. she asked if she could have this important role and she said yes in a heart beat. >> okay. then finally, here is our bride. from portland of course we know they met two years ago. she was working at nordstrom and he was working there, as well. let's watch as the moment unfolds.
8:37 am
>> cameron, will you have casey to be your lawful wedded wife. will you love comfort and honor her so long as you both shall live? >> i do. >> casey, will have you have cameron to be your lawful wedded husband will you love comfort and honor him so long as you both shall live? >> i do. >> rings, please. repeat after me. casey, with this ring. >> with this ring. >> i thee wed. >> i thee wed. >> may it ever. >> may it ever. >> be a simymbolsymbol. >> be a symbol. >> of the unbroken bond.
8:38 am
>> of the unbroken bond. >> of our love. >> of our love. >> amen. >> amen. >> please place the ring on the left ring finger. repeat after me. cameron. >> cameron. >> with this ring. >> with this ring. >> i thee wed. >> i thee wed. >> may it ever. >> may it ever. >> be a symbol. >> be a symbol. >> of the unbroken bond. >> of the unbroken bond. >> of our love. >> of our love. >> amen. >> amen. >> cameron and casey are now husband and wife according to the law of the state of nevada. i pronounce you husband and wife. cameron, you may kiss your bride. cameron, you may kiss your bride [ applause ]
8:39 am
[ applause the quite of few of these ceremonies. by the way, that's not the first time he's done one this time of the morning. >> so adorable. i'm crying their little girl cried little bit. so happy for them. what a moment. there they are, the elvis wedding she always dreamed of. remember casey said she was sick as a little girl loved to watch elvis movies and listen to music. they have so happy. this is so special to them. >> priscilla presley is sitting by her side. we will talk to them in a little bit. congratulations, folks, first, this is "today" often nbc.
8:40 am
why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it?
8:41 am
why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. all right. we're back now, 8:41. special series, lost and hungry e. the british foodies known as sorted food. >> they have huge stars on
8:42 am
youtube and more than a million videos that have been seen over 120 million times. sorted has crossed the pond to start their lost and hungry tour scouring the states for delicious dishes americans love and the guys are here. we're going to be tracking your every move fellows. >> the guys with sorted food are jamie, ben, barry and mike. good morning, welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> you've done your homework. have you been reading up on american traditional foods? why a food tour? why do you want to do this here in the united states? >> food is amazing. >> if you got this opportunity to do this why wouldn't you? >> it's incredible. >> we asked people. we asked people online what foods you simply had to try when you came to the united states in reverse order. everybody said pizza, burgers, fried chicken and you know what the number one response was? barbecue. take a look at the table in front of you. >> we'll start with what is
8:43 am
barbecue like in england. >> not like this. >> it doesn't look or smell like this. >> it is really cooked cooked because you never know when it's going to stop raining. but nothing like this. >> the vemitable has no place for the vegetable here on the stage. >> when you go to austin texas, you're not going to esee this. >> let's start with central texas and you guys have some here. this is our delicious, delicious -- >> you know kansas city. you know you're going tasee this in central texas. the brisket, the sausage. they use oak wood when they smoke this stuff. what do you guys think of that? >> killer. >> when you're doing your food tour we'll ask people use social media to help guide you where you're going to eat specifically and what kinds of foods. >> from central texas, keep chewing, we'll move to kansas city missouri and memphis, tennessee. that's right here. this has a thick, swedish tomato-based sauce and this one, the other one, dry rub.
8:44 am
there's the sweet sauce there. >> this is the best thing i think we could ever do. >> breakfast. >> recommend everything we ate. >> do your parents know you're never returning home to england? >> you're going to ebe lost and hungry in the states for the rest of your lives. let's go down to north carolina. a vinegar pepper sauce on their pulled pork. >> okay go ahead. >> jump in on that. >> pulled pork. >> delicious -- >> take a little bite. >> like a slaw they'll usually put on there. how is that fellows? >> that's the tarheel state. >> is this a normal breakfast? >> at this time of the day, this is what we eat around here that's right. >> this is going to be good. >> that was north carolina. let's come on down here to south carolina right here. little bit of a mustard-base in their sauce. tell me what you think of that. >> cornbread. >> is this an eating tour. are you going to cook it and
8:45 am
re-create some of these meals? >> yeah. >> we want to re-create. >> you're not coming to our country and stealing our recipes, are you? >> you guys are leaving for los angeles today. >> what are you going to eat there? >> what's on the menu? >> basically, we asked last week what kind of things we should be eating, the korean barbecue or tacos. so, basically, there's a decision to make and we need people to be sending it in. >> you have to hit the food truck. >> exactly. >> just for fun one more time say t-a-c-o. >> taco. >> not at all. we'll touch base with you next week. you have a little barbecue in your teeth. i'm kidding. >> that's going to happen a lot. >> what they should eat in l.a., tacos, korean barbecue. share you ideas by using the #lostandhungry e. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. and our best of broadway week is rolling right along with another great performance. >> that's right, this morning cast of "it shoulda been you." tomorrow we'll wrap things up with "something rotten." >> it will be something sweet. brand-new musical revolves around a couple getting married and things get interesting when you throw in feuding parents, drunk relatives and, yes, an ex-boyfriend. david hyde pierce is making his broadway directal debut. how are you? >> good morning. >> i read you have not done a musical on broadway in 25 years. >> that is a true fact. >> what brought you back? >> i had a play last year and had a play two seasons ago and this is my first musical in a
8:49 am
long time. >> keeping that voice protected? >> yes. but, you know i figure i'll do a musical every 25 years. >> david, you're the director. what kind of director? are you the lovable pushover? >> a little of both. lovable pushover dictator. >> you? enjoy this role? >> when i get to work with great people. >> explain to us what we're going to see. >> this show takes place at a wedding, she plays the mother of the bride and rebecca and brian are getting married and in this scene rebecca's ex-boyfriend who is uninvited shows up and surprises the family. >> all right ladies and gentlemen, the cast of "it shoulda been you." >> murray. congratulations. you're not going to do anything crazy, are you, marty?
8:50 am
>> crazy, why would i? >> with you and rebecca. >> look it's in the past. brian is a -- >> he's a great guy. >> yeah. ♪ it shoulda been you ♪ >> right. ♪ somebody i like that makes me laugh should take my daughter ♪ ♪ the guy can't tell a joke to save his life ♪ ♪ if i had a it shoulda been you ♪ murray? the girls have disappeared. >> i'm having a minute here with marty. >> your minute's up. >> hello, marty. >> what did i do? >> my daughter breaks your heart and you don't have the decency to call me? decency to call me? >> i'm sorry. >> ♪ it shoulda been you ♪ ♪ and would have been you ♪
8:51 am
♪ if she 45d had only taken my sense ♪ ♪ once you find a decent fit ♪ ♪ you keep him on ♪ ♪ it shoulda been you ♪ ♪ instead of this john ♪ ♪ he's got a tattoo ♪ ♪ you have a tattoo marty ♪ ? >> no. >> you want me in your family? ♪ it's not too late ♪ ♪ they say every brid has some doubt ♪ ♪ explain that ♪ ♪ if it doesn't work ♪ ♪ knock her out ♪ even if you feel less suicidal ♪ ♪ does rebecca know you feel this way ♪ ♪ who is is this young man? >> uncle morty who are you? >> i'm serious. >> marty kauffman friends of rebecca's. ♪ oh it shoulda been you ♪ ♪ >> you, too.
8:52 am
♪ at least you're a jew ♪ everyone knows you never mary in your phase ♪ ♪ it's true ♪ ♪ of all of the men there ♪ ♪ it shoulda been you ♪ who are you again? >> what time is the wedding? >> believe me. ♪ we're trying ♪ ♪ maybe i should talk to him and see if he likes older women cftc ha, ha, ha ha ha. >> i'm sorry, have we met? >> this is my sister sheila. >> i've heard so much about you. >> sheila? >> you have come to a good family. >> they tell me you own your own apartment and some land upstate. ♪ you would have had the great children ♪ ♪ your jeans are great ♪
8:53 am
♪ he owns his own apartment ♪ ♪ it's friday ♪ ♪ he's in demand ♪ ♪ it's not what i had planned ♪ ♪ rebecca, she might not understand ♪ ♪ it's out of hand ♪ ♪ all right. all right. hold it. just stop. can any of you even hear yourselves? >> i certainly can't ♪ marty, you don't know what you put us through ♪ ♪ it shoulda been you ♪ 34r5uz plauz. >> the cast of "it shoulda been you" you can catch it at the bruce atkinson theater. coming up next how are the first few minutes treating our happy couple? first this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ viva las vegas ♪ >> 8:55. let's check in with our newlyweds and priscilla presley. they're all live at the presley wedding chapel in las vegas. casey, how are you? >> how are you, casey? >> i'm so excited and happy and i have a husband!
8:56 am
a very cute one. >> a cute couple. >> thank you. >> how does cameron feel? >> cameron, how are you feeling? >> not asner vous as i was. i foley relieved. i have a wife now. and we're married. >> it's kind of like settling in now. it's still very surreal. but, i'm sure tomorrow. >> it will sink in. >> there was no fainteding? >> exactly. >> there was so m good morning. it's 8:56 on your thursday. i'm sam brock. this morning one man is dead after an early-morning house fire in mountain view. crews say fighting the fire was complicated because of exploding ammunition stored in the garage. there were no other injuries other than the one man, and the cause of the blaze right now under investigation. meantime a wayward sea lion is back where it should be this
8:57 am
morning after an unusual police escort. it waaedled about a quarter mile away from the ocean on sunday. deputies patrolling highway 1 noticed it just south of fort bragg. the animal was friendly and healthy. the pup climbed into the patrol car. they kept his seat belt buckled the entire time.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take laurie loughlin answers the burning question will she join the "full house" spinoff. then the prolific kevin pollack is here and seann william scott from a role that's a long way from stiffler. all that and m coming up now. >> from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's thursday morning, april 23rd 2015. a beautiful if a bit chilly morning here in new york city. a lot of weather across this country. al tamron.
9:01 am
>> i'm trying to buy tamron some time. >> yes, we did. >> tamron and i caught wind of it. >> it's a whole butcher's table of all of this barbecue from around the world. >> just from america. >> just the u.s. >> but they're from london. >> they're from london and so they're going to be traveling, these guys are going to be traveling around trying to find the best foods and #lostandhungry. >> that's a great name. >> that's how i feel every morning. >> lost and hungry. >> everybody wakes up that way. >> that's what we should name our show. >> we're lost and hungry too. >> there's some great barbecue. they smoke it over a giant volcano in chile. >> al the master of transition. have you seen these pictures. the calbuco volcano. >> it looks like a movie. >> stunning. >> 1500 people were evalevacuatedevacuated.
9:02 am
we can marvel. hank goodness. >> look at the lightning going on. >> clouds behind that, too, stunning. >> what causes the lightning? >> you got all this heat rising and humidity. it actually forms thunderstorms. >> wow! >> one particular photo shows the view. >> oh my gosh. >> look at that picture. it's considered one of the most potentially dangerous of chile 90 active volcanos. as i said, it hasn't erupted in 40 years. this is a first time thing. >> a lot of people have been evacuated. they're keeping a close eye on that one. >> another thing, we had two air scares yesterday. two people taken to the hospital after a severe turbulence caused a delta flight from paris to newark to be diverted to boston t. plane was first approaching in the landings, approaching newark, unable to land, however, then it went on to jfk where again bad weather prevented it from landing there. so it finally made its way up to bun and was able to make the mortgages landing there. but some frightened passengers
9:03 am
on board are talking about the turbulence that they experienced. take a listen. >> you could feel like king kong picked up the plane and shook it like there was no tomorrow. the winds were phenomenal and so the plane was being budgeted from left to right up and down and then it was around and around out to sea back to sea. >> yes, we jumped out of our seats. we had our seatbelts on but the bump it was kind of like a roller coaster ride. >> they said a lot of people on board were getting sick, nauseous. >> this happened as that front was coming through. we had 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts, friday, 75-mile-per-hour wind gusts. >> it's scary to be in a plane when you are in that. also, there was another emergency landing yesterday, this was a sky west flight from chicago to connecticut. it had to land in buffalo after three passengers lost consciousness. >> wow! >> the pilot descended the plane 24,000 feet in just minutes. so they were flying a little
9:04 am
over 35000 feet. they got down to about 10,000, which is considered safe for pressurization, that's when the air is breathable again. they thought there was an air cabin pressure on board. they debucked that. officials are trying to figure out what exactly happened. why these passengers passed out. that's what forced the pilot to make such a rash decision. he had to get the plane to such safe levels. >> the theory, you think they were able eliminate pressurization, what is the theory? what happened? >> i guess they were only able to figure it out after they landed. they looked at the plane and thought there was a cabin pressure problem maybe a door leaking air or leaking something. >> it didn't impact everyone on the flight? >>. but three people passed out. so few are the pilot on that plane something is wrong we got to get this to safe levels. >> the training you have a plane with three people and their reaction is severe enough to
9:05 am
land it. so what is it? >> if it's one person you can say they got sick. >> now you wonder. >> i was watching a tom kass tell lo reporting this last night. one of the passengers say the plane took a nose dive. >> the passengers were frightened to death because to go from 35,000 feet to about 10,000 in a couple. >> i'm suresome of them thought they were dying. >> yes of course. >> this next story isn't a lot of fun either. >> it doesn't make you feel comfortable at all. it's amazing. >> a good segue. >> back to that bar-b-que. get to your story. >> get to your story already hall. >> so many frequent flyers love the fact that nowadays you can log on to wifi on your plane, depending on the carrier of course. now the fbi is warning hackers may try to gain control of a cockpit's navigation system through the plane's entertainment system or the internet. so most experts think this is
9:06 am
unlikely. security experts are concerned a determined hacker may try to make this happen. the fbi warned airlines to be on the lookout for suspicious activity trying to connect cables or wires to an entertainment system. >> you should be worried about that without the wifi warning or unusual parts to the airplane seats. >> we had a piece on earlier today that talked about that. we had a hacker who said he was able to on united able to do this united says, look they've booted him off from flying ever again on tear airline saying that their systems are walled off and this is theoretical but not practical. >> nevertheless the fbi is warning, which means they at least acknowledge them. to some degree, there is a concern there. >> it's better to be safe than sorry. >> you no you have to think of everything, right? everything could potentially be a weapon or be used as a way to take it down.
9:07 am
>> i don't know what to do with information, get on the internet? >> not you. you are a law abiding citizen. >> by putting that out in the public, as a traveler? look for the guy? >> if you see that guy doing something weird. >> a suspicious cable. >> what does a suspicious cable look like? >> i don't know i just read it. >> some guy with wire cut something like that. the back of the seats tan apart. >> got the welder's mask. >> you see someone doing that anyway. you probably should alert authorities. >> pardon me i got to get this acetylene torch in here, just a second. hold on. >> that is a red flag. >> by the way, i'm going to shoe a horse while i'm here, too. all right. >> a horse? >> what? >> da da da da da. hey, okay. >> whew. >> i don't know if this is real or not but it's kind of cool. so let's show you.
9:08 am
a guy posing with friends in the philipines. a sea turtle rises to the surface just as the photo is being snapped. >> that's perfect. >> on our headline, they said -- >> i feel the same way. why would it be fake? >> underneath the water he's trying to jack into the camera. so that he can take over. >> ah, a suspicious cable. >> exactly. >> we have some amazing video here. let's bring come on in gerald, girard sorry. maybe. >> a whole bowl. >> okay. >> girard, bring us some oreos. this is an amazing video. peter banford amazing trick shots, using oreos and milk. >> rather than a turtle. is this real? that's what you should be asking
9:09 am
yourself. is this real? how do they not break. >> >> he did it from the top of the house. no one is asking if this is possible. >> i have been asking all morning. >> supposedly. we are going to. >> you roll an oreo from that side of the table, al. >> that's not fair. we have a bowl. he had a cup. >> what should i do? >> can you move this? put that there we're not trying to lure in pets. okay. now, i'm going to move over because this could turn out dangerously for everybody. now, this no oreo is injured in this. >> get in how close? >> keep going. >> i can tell you no, please don't waste good oreos. it's not right. >> put your mouth down there. >> oh. >> move it. no so you got a look at. let's do some science here. >> the light is reflecting. >> oh that's close. >> you dunk it like this. >> here we go, hold on.
9:10 am
here we go. okay. ready. >> oh, oh. >> wait. >> oh. >> hold on. >> one more. yeah! teamwork! >> now we have a new sport. >> now you could easily do this. >> what is that? >> get in that hole. . fantastic. >> mmm. >> you double your chances if you break it in half. mmm. >> i don't like wasting food. or an oreo on top of that. >> let's show you what we got going on right now. >> that's jerry. >> we got showers and thunderstorms firing up down in new orleans. a beautiful morning, but it's hot, it's humid. look at thunderstorms firing up. here's the deal, we bought the the risk of severe weather today from forth worth laredo. 13 million people are at risk
9:11 am
and then friday look at this we got this risk. 41 million people at risk. wichita into central missouri, also texas into parts of arkansas and mismis arkansas arkansas and mississippi. we will be watching this closely. today though rain and snow in northern new england. again, this risk area 9:11. good morning to you. this thursday looks pretty good for your outdoor plans. it will be a little breezy out there as you break for lunch. mid 60s. as of 4:00 p.m. 72 degrees for the south bay. 70 on the peninsula. tomorrow cooler and cloudier. by saturday area of low pressure is slated to bring some showers. but only expecting this activity for the first part of the day. should clear out by 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. temperatures saying pretty steady. we'll see a dropoff between friday and saturday but sunday
9:12 am
looks great. >> that's your latest weather. oreo cookies. >> and an oreo cookie. ♪ they forever go together ♪ ♪ it's the classic combination ♪ oreo. >> i know it is that way. ♪ eat your milk and get lonely ♪ >> that's the second verse. >> no it is. >> oh it is. >> stifflers way. let's go. >> fans he will always been known as stiffler, now seann william scott is playing a vastly different character in a new film i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet... that it was damaging the enamel. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helping me lead the life that i want to live. doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing]
9:13 am
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9:14 am
for life's bleachable moments. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. did you make kraft mac & cheese for the kids? yup. did you cook some protein to go with it? it has 9 grams per serving. did you have to use every pot in the house?
9:15 am
i didn't use the double broiler. kraft macaroni & cheese you know you love it. >> all right. most of us were introduced to this gentleman seann william scott when he played the goon stiffler. he went on the to star in "dude
9:16 am
where's my car. >> seann is taking a more dramatic turn starring in a film "just before i go" he plays a suicidal man who decides to make one last visit to his hometown which includes a stop of his obnoxious brother's home. >> you can love he tenderline the woman is packing on the pound annual. [ laughter ] >> mm. >> that is good. you put scevior secret ingredient in there. tell them what your secret ingredient is. >> love. >> love that, love. seann, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, good to see you guys. >> first what maik made you take this role? it's a departure some would say of what we seen you in the, past. >> big time. it's the antithesis i think. which is why i pursued it. i love the story and love the character. i cared about the character.
9:17 am
but i also was like, i got to do something different. i am playing the same part in every single movie. this guy is a good, normal guy. >> a normal guy with problems. he's going on i guess this sort of cross off his you can calm it suicide bucket list. >> exactly. >> then he discovers, i mean it's actually, he sees there is a lot of heart, a lot of laughs in this movie. you had me laughing you had me crying. >> awesome. that's why i liked it. you know there's a lot of heart to the movie, but it's really funny too, inappropriately. kind of expect from a movie i'm in. i'm not the guy dishing out the laughs. >> it's directedly courtney cox. i know you hasn't met her before you took this project. >> i was going to the meeting how am i going to convince ler to hire me for this. then i was thinking oh my god, it's courtney core i can't show them to be star struck. she's just awesome. one of my favorite people in the world now. i use that special but really
9:18 am
talented. >> such a supportive family. your grandpa went to every movie you did on opening weekend. >> yeah he was 88. i guess he must have been like mid-80s and his best friend was the a couple-years-older up until he was 88, he went to "american pie." they were all the weird things, all the "american pie" movies "dude where's my car" "roadtrip" he and his buddy is in the car in "dude where's my car" i'm making out with ash-on-to kutcher. imagine if they are smoking weed? >> your grandpa was smoking weed? >> i'd like to think he was. >> let's go with that. he saved all the tickets and i have this great photo of him and hud buddy with the tickets "dude where's my car" and "american
9:19 am
pie." >> you also worked in the zoo before the first "american pie" came out after you shot it. >> i wouldn't say i necessarily worked. i was waiting for "american pie" to come out. all the other guys were on to their next movie. i thought, i got to get a job here. my buddy said he will get me a job finding the animals. i was the churo stand guy. i can't make a churo. the first one i made the guy came back and said this is like a sugary hockey puck. i go i don't know what's going on here. >> clay: like the second day i said to enrique, my buddy, watch the churos. i want to see the gorilla took a little walk around. i walk by where the gorilla was supposed to be. then i got hit in the back of the head hard with something. i looked down there was a pine cone, i what the -- i looked over in the cage loo tick gorilla was staring at me like tossings up this pine cone up and down, like no way.
9:20 am
we had this moment where i was staring at him for a while. then he chucked the pine cone at me. we looked at each other for a while. you are right, gorilla, i quit, i quit and then i got "final destination" the next day. >> no way? >> are you sure you weren't having what grandpa was having at the movies? >> totally true. i think about him sometimes. i feel bad that i haven't but he's got a special place in my heart. >> you can go back with a churo. he'll appreciate it. >> that gorilla was sending you a message. >> "just before i go" hits select theaters tomorrow. we have two celebritys to answer your questions
9:21 am
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switch to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles. and using those miles is easy. just book any flight you want, on any airline. then use your miles to cover the cost. no blackout dates. what's in your wallet? >> i put out a call yesterday we need to restock our fishbowl. >> we are delivering we have lori lock rin and kevin pollack. >> ladies first. please. >> if you could switch lives with anyone who would it be and what would you do? oh my goodness, i like my life. i will say that first. with you. i'll switch with kevin. >> yay! >> i think i'd be some kind of rockstar? >> another one? >> another super successful one. >> okay.
9:24 am
sal id answer. >> all right. this one is from april. if you weren't an actor, what career would you choose? >> not similar at all to yours him i would choose christopher walken, hey, i can be a singer, a song and a dance man. i like the idea. wow! >> awesome. >> okay. here we go. we will keep this going. >> favorite meal to make loved ones? oh my turkey meatballs are really good. >> hello! i like the sound of that. >> from erin, favorite mistake. oh keeping the same agent all the this time? >> lori again. >> here we go. all right. smooth or crunchy pe nut butter. >> that's easy. smooth. >> correct. >> you guys are staying out of this, i notice. >> this is from derek what was your most embarrassing moment in your career?
9:25 am
>> oh so many. >> hopefully not right now. >> all right. lori, kevin thanks, stick around. we will talk to them the next thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. mornings got you a little... (puppy squeal) grab the good energy of quaker oats. one of nature's most perfect energy sources. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going and getting. one bite at a time. quaker up. keep up with everyday messes with the help of roomba from irobot. sensors automatically guide roomba around your home,
9:26 am
vacuuming up dirt and debris for a more thorough clean every day. roomba. only from irobot. a very good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. one man is dead after an early morning house fire in mountain view. they found the man in the back bedroom of the home. fighting the fire was complicated because of exploding ammunition stored in the garage. there were no other injuries and the cause is under investigation. a 7-year-old boy is hospitalized after being hit by a stray bullet. a crowd had gathered following a funeral when two groups of people starting shooting at each other. police say at least five people were involved in the altercation. san francisco archbishop salvatore cordileone will not attend a controversial march he
9:27 am
attended last year in washington. it's called the march for marriage and it opposes same-sex marriage. last year the archbishop angered some by playing a role including delivering a speech and leading a prayer. san francisco's archdiocese tells the chronicle cordileone will stay home this year and other u.s. bishops will attend. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. showing you a clearing sky over pvg pacifica. 70 across the bay area. we're looking at 67 for the east shore and 77 degrees out in beautiful wine country for today. getting into your weekend, some big changes coming our way. area of low pressure will dive to the south. for us that will translate to widespread rainfall. by sunday looking good for your outdoor plans. monday into tuesday of next week the pattern stays unsettled. we'll have the full details on that for you today at our 11:00
9:29 am
broadcast. we will esee you then. folks are moving down. the compression typical on fremont. flag moving a little more and haze in the air as well. looking at the map. fremont showing a typical flow. north bay through san jose. the peninsula not so bad today. we do see some slowing for san mateo, southbound is the worst, around 92. that's typical for the thursday. nice easy drive on the bay bridge. another local news update in half an hour. have a great thursday morning. looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved
9:30 am
by the whole family. taking a taking a look at the head lines. exnerts brittain say the obesity is being caused by sugar and carbs. they write that bad eating habits generate more problems than inactivity alcohol and smoking combined. they're calling for smarter eating and an end to celebrity endorsements of sugary drinks. of course exercise is still a very important part of staying healthy. home depot says it will stop using one potentially dangerous chemical in its vinyl flooring. the chemical is used to make the flooring more feksible. safety experts say there is evidence linking it to reproductive and developmental problems. they want to stop using the chemical by the end of the year.
9:31 am
more than 140,000 vacuum cleaners are involved in the u.s. shark rotator power lift rotator upright vacuum clean jurors that can pose a shock hazard. no injuries have been reported but for more information head to our website, summer is coming and that means so are the mosquitoes. if you think you are a mosquito magnet you want to hear this. genetics may be to blame. studies published reveal that 62 to 83% of a person's mosquito attractiveness is determined by their dna. pregnant women are more attractive to some mosquitoes than nonpregnant women and people with a greater body mass also appear to be more attractive. apparently it all comes down to your genetic natural sense. the world's longest sky walk that is built from a cliff over 5,000 feet high will open to the public in china. it's 85 feet long and it extends
9:32 am
from the cliff and it circles back. it's 15 feet longer than the grand canyon's sky walk. only 30 people are allowed to walk on the bridge at a time. not for the feint of heart. now let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. hey, al. >> get you and jenna. >> that's in china. that's kind of far. >> a bridge too far. thanks so much nat. let's show you what we have today. we are looking at risk of severe weather throughout much of the southern louisiana and also central texas into southern oklahoma. beautiful weather out west although a little cool this time of year for los angeles. only 67 degrees. cool here in the northeast. tomorrow that risk area really expands. about 41 million people under either a slight or enhanced risk from kansas on into parts of missouri also down into central texas, arkansas and mississippi. we're going to continue to watch that. beautiful weather up and down the east coast tomorrow. los angeles -- los angeles, tampa getting up to 87 degrees.
9:33 am
los angeles still cool at 67. yeah. that's wha 9:32. good thursday morning to you. i'm christina loren. . it will be a little breezy out there later on today especially at the immediate coast and through the higher elevations of the bay area. temperature wise hard to beat these numbers. 77 for the north bay, 77 straight up on the peninsula and 64 degrees in san francisco for today. getting into this all-important weekend, two very different sides. showers on the way early saturday. clearing out and bringing in warmer weather by sunday. he fired back. >> i vow we will n and that isot your latest. >> thank you, sir. we can barely contain ourselves this week when we heard the news of a "full house" spinoff. for eight seasons actress played the loveable aunt becky on the series in the late '80s to the early '90s. >> now laurie's returning to the second season of hallmark's
9:34 am
"when called to heart" who played a woman whose husband and son were killed in a coal mining accident. she joins the other widows. laurie it is always good to see you. welcome back to the show. >> thank you so much. >> want to talk about the hallmark show in a minute. we have to get to the news of the day. people are freaking out about "full house." >> the news eclipsing. >> we know stamos is in we know cameron is in. are you in "full house?" >> i hope so. i really do. >> we are in shock. >> a lot of talk. >> a lot of talking. >> we need you, we need saget and coulier or i'm not watching. >> the twins also. >> reportedly they're thinking about it or could be thinking as well. everyone to al's point that you're talking. are the fans can we kick start? what do we need to do? >> the fans i like that. >> action.
9:35 am
what would it take? >> money. >> fans matter. i know that matters to you. >> the fans all love it. we're talking. we're optimistic that it will all work out. i think it would be awesome to have us altogether. i think that's what the fans would like to see. >> do you miss that environment of camaraderie? >> honestly it was a great show to work on. we truly, truly love each other like a family. we had the best time working to the. the first week that i was there the end of the week my stomach hurt. i realized it was because my stomach muscles, i had used muscles from laughing that i had never used before. >> you were originally supposed to be on six episodes and then it became eight seasons. >> yes. yes. but i knew -- it was funny. i knew when i got there, the first week i was there, however long the show runs i called my mom, i have a feeling i will be here for the duration. no matter however long it runs i will be here. >> well let's talk about your series "when love calls the heart."
9:36 am
congratulations. >> thank you. season two. >> what drew you to this? >> first of all, it's a period piece. so much fun back in 1910. also i like the material. i like the character. she's very strong. she's very grounded. in that time period to find a woman with that kind of strength i think is ground breaking. and i also love that even though it is set in the early 1900s, we are telling contemporary story lines, too, women coming together community. i open my own business. so again, i think like you know here's a single woman overcoming tragedy and moving on. all the messages that this show has to say. >> people who are just coming into the show season two, may not have seen season one, quick primer on where your character is? >> season one, i lost my husband and son. season two is about starting over. you know overcoming tragedy and that's where we are with the character. she's moving on. she's actually trying to save
9:37 am
her husband's name because the labor accident happened. a few court scenes. we have a lot of twists and turns this season. it's really good. it's a very well-done show. i'm he proud of it. >> we want to play the game. word on the web. >> oh, my gosh. >> some of the stories that are online about "full house" and the other things that are out there. >> okay. >> i want you to verify if they're true or not true. word on the web you've never been to the "full house" in san francisco. >> that is true. i've never been there. >> stamos is there once a week. >> did you see that? how great was that instagram. >> there he is. >> it's the best instagram ever. >> word on the web, john stamos used to eat doritos and smoke cigars before kissing you on set? >> yes, he did. he thought it was very funny. >> how romantic. >> probably smelled like greek yogurt. >> bringing it to today.
9:38 am
>> lori -- >> thank you so much. season premiere of "when calls the heart" airs this saturday. >> thanks lori. >> coming up next he was tom cruise's side kick in "a few good men" and now kevin pollak has a few new roles featuring funny guys larry davis. we'll see you up after this blow on your hands more than that, and it is going to be chilly. the jet stream stays . way from the south, and you can see the freeze warnings and the . plains to the southeast, and look at what happens today. anywhere from 10 to 15 degree ss below normal, and tomorrow, more chilly air, and detroit and syracuse 44 and 54 in new york city, and saturday the big chill, a ndnd we will do it to have a little bit of moderation, and
9:39 am
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9:42 am
some of our favorite movies, like sam weinberg in "a few old men" and the gangster johnny in "the whole nine yards. >> now he is directing a movie "misery enjoys comedy" it explores the question, do you need to be miserable to be funny? jimmy fallon explains why standup is so addictive.
9:43 am
>> i feel comedy is a drug in a weird way, it's a gateway to doing more drugs hour long specials hour long drug? what does it lead to? a lead thing. it is. it really is. it's a buzz. you go i got to get that again. >> kevin is with us this morning. good morning. >> well hello. >> this lineup. we could watch this all day long. it is intriguing. you hear that haddage, it's funny -- addage it's funny because it's true. it comes from some things in your life? >> here's the thing, children suffer from hey look at me because their children, they need attention but adults do also otherwise facebook wouldn't be a multi-million thing. who choose hey look at me as a career? what's the matter of us? that's what we try to discover
9:44 am
in this documentary as well. >> how long did this take? >> we have four weeks to shoot. i reached out to everyone. whoever said yesterday, we put on the schedule people kept saying yes, there was about 60. tom hanks spent some time with us. >> he had something really extraordinary? >> in this issue. >> amy schumer. yeah. there are different chapters, you know, they talk about how they got started. lisa kudrow an old photo. how they started. support they got along the way where the misery comes in. at some point you have to be able to articulate that i think is the burden of the performer. misery is a guarantee in life of death and taxes but how does the artist be the songwriter, painter comedian. how do they make it universal? they talk about shining a light on what it's like to be human. >> was there a common thread if you could other than that "hey
9:45 am
look at me" syndrome? >> yes, i think. so once these comedians decided to take this job on full time. there are a few things you can guarantee, rejection upon rejection. that's another strange breed of cat. why would you set yourself up for all of that? the need and desire to be in front of an audience to take an audience for a ride of your choosing for an hour. >> that sense of control doesn't exist in real life. i think that's why they keep coming back to it. a lot talk about that. >> you do great impression, can we get a little christopher walken. >> well here's the thing, al, if i may. i enjoy the show, i tune in every morning usually for the cooking segment if i'm honest. i like the kitchen. ow. >> liam neeson. >> alan arkin and his son created this game one word impressions, you can only do one word and not the word the person is famous for saying, liam
9:46 am
liam neeson and the word is comba nan nas, bananaers. >> that's a good one. >> i'm taken with that. >> kevin, thank you so much. again "misery loves comedy" it's able on demand and itunes now and by the way in select theaters tomorrow. >> we are packing snack hitting the highway with four all i did it.... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair, skin and nails. it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails and vitamin c and e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. i did it...and i feel beautiful. take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge vist for details. in delicious gummies too! does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not
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9:50 am
ready kids? ready to go for a ride? with prices so low, many families are planning to hit the rod on their summer vacation. hop on a trip. conde conde condenast. >> the over seas highway from miami to key west. >> which is a great beautiful drive. >> i always think it's like driving in the middle of the ocean. you are there half eyes closed. you are driving on the water. >> will we see alligators? >> you might see lots of marine life, 7-mile bridges you have a fantastic view. you end up in key west. it's like the end of the world. >> where will we stay? >> it's away you have a lovely place with a big pool. not to visit. >> i see mr. roker. oh no i see willie first. hey, come on in hop on in.
9:51 am
>> couldn't you stop the car? >> oh sorry i got to keep driving. >> here's where i want to go, mom, it feels like we should drive. we will go to the pacific coast highway. >> i have to make a sharp left. everybody, sharp left. >> we will take one of the most scenic drives from america from san francisco down to l.a. through big sur, and we are going to go through some of the most rugged countryside in america. stop off with the bixby bridge. take selfie. that's amazing. >> stunning view. >> go into hearst castle it's like taj mahal meets downton abbie. >> where will we stay? >> in monterey, a fantastic hotel with a golf course next door. >> let's go to the aquarium. >> tamron. >> hi everybody. >> i have lobster from maine. >> wow. >> this is what i want. maine-style lobster roll, very
9:52 am
little mayonnaise. delicious. we will drive to camden, maine, to the iconic country side, lots of sea side villages amazing views. portland is a big foodie place these days. we have sushi there. >> oh wow, that's fantastic. >> we got a great hotel in ports mouth, new hampshire again under $200 bucks. >> i stayed there. it's stunning. >> wentworth? >> wentworth by the sea. it's beautiful. a great restaurant inside. >> hey, one more. >> let me in! have a little bar-b-que. ah, i never thought i'd make it. >> we have a car. where do you want to go al? >> i'd like to go to st. louis. >> delicious. st. louis. turn to the right turn to the left. another right. >> we are on route 66. really long, but the best strip is in st. louis.
9:53 am
oh we're through oklahoma and texas. st. louis bar-b-que is amazing. also, we love the miramac caves. what do you think? don't eat and drive. >> drive, please! >> i can't resist bar-b-que. >> the route 66 motel's website is fantastic for independent motels. hotels there are all listed beautiful sign. >> okay. mark thanks so much. thanks for the bar-b-que, too. back in a moment.
9:54 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
9:55 am
>> oh there you are. >> good morning ladies. >> come on. >> guess who we have? >> you guys were great in the car. i'm sorry, that was an awesome moment. mary lou
9:56 am
♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. good morning everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. police in brentwood hope this video will help track down three men involved in a spring of robberies. investigators say they may be tied to three robberies in less than an hour saturday night.
9:57 am
two in brentwood shopping center in one and antioch. the men are thought to be in their late teens in early 20s. east bay company offering high tech help for people trying to conserve. edyn has developed a device to track water you place in your garden. it relays critical soil information to your smartphone to let you know if you are overwatering. it costs 100 bucks. let's check the weather this morning. not a bad day at all, scott. we're looking towards a repeat performance of what we experienced yesterday. that means temperatures will only be in the 70s. not too bad. not too hot. 68 degrees for the east shore, 77 out there for the north bay today. and the tri-valley you'll hit the upper 70s as well. a.m. clouds afternoon shine. the wind is picking up throughout the evening. then tomorrow a little bit cooler and a little bit cloudier for your friday as an area of low pressure dives to the south.
9:58 am
that means the unsettled pattern will continue into your weekend and early next week. we're actually expecting measurable precipitation saturday morning. it should clear out by saturday afternoon. otherwise we're looking towards a warm day on monday before the rain returns on tuesday. we'll tell you how much we're simpekting in your specific microclimate today at 11:00. otherwise, hard to beat these temperatures this time of year. we all know summertime is just around the corner. scott, back to you. looks wonderful. we'll have another local news update for you coming up in half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ i got some good friends ♪ that puts you in a good mood. >> do you know that song? it's thirsty thursday everybody, april 23rd it's take our daughter sons and sons to work today. and it's a great show today. lots of good stuff. >> yeah. >> what? >> the very memorable actress, mary lou henner is with us. she has a bone to pick -- uh-oh. plus ambush makeover day. >> louis.
10:01 am
>> all right. and louis of course. >> and he gets his love of cooking from his mom, those charming good looks from his famous dad, harrison ford chef ben ford who is cooking up a steak supper for us. >> he's cute. >> he's a keeper. >> stay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner okay. >> and hoda is excited about this. there's free food everywhere you go. here's the good news remember how we told you about ben and jerry's. you missed that that's not happening. if you go to jamba juice, they will give some people a free smooth smoothie. it's from 9:00 to 11:00 eastern. like she said. so now it's ten. if you have an hour. please don't leave ourselves. >> free jamba juice, celebrating the 25th anniversary. >> all right. >> also this is kind of cool. there's a place called
10:02 am
predamoge. you can get great sandwiches and soups there. what they decided to do i love this if they see someone who they feel like is being nice or kind or something. they will give a free food item to them. whatever it is it could be, you know and it's random. you could be ready to pay for your ek thing, and they could say, no no. >> they're a fake nice. what if they think i'll get something free i'm going to act nice and i'm actually not. >> that could be what they're doing, but we have two people on our show amanda came i don't know who she was with she was with a friend and jamie, yeah they were in together and jamie was saying let me buy your popcorn. and she said no i'm going to buy. >> this went on for hours. >> hours. >> amanda bought the popcorn, she goes up to buy her iced tea, one says you were so sweet to your friends, this is on the house. >> isn't that nice? should be more of that in the world, hoda. >> kath and i -- we can't do it
10:03 am
forever. >> we were in the dressing room today, and we were watching this robert downy jr. moment. he walked out of an avenger's interview. >> it was a junk it. each interviewer has like six minutes to speak with the cast. very long days. when we read this story, we didn't we were angry, when we saw it we were really angry. >> let me show you a little bit. >> you're not going to get the full thing. the full impact of it. >> yeah but the interviewers christian from the uk's channel 4 news. he was trying to make news but supposed to be about the avenger's movie. so anyway they did speak about the film -- >> for like a minute. >> now watch how robert downy jr. reacts to this. i think it's amazing. >> obviously a round of interviews that's why we're talking about the movie, but we also want to talk about you, i
10:04 am
don't know how comfortable you are, you know, talking about yourself at the moment -- >> you have as much time as anyone else will. >> you talked in other interviews again about your relationship with your father and the role of all of that. and, you know, the dark period you went through in taking drugs and drinking and all of that. and i just wondered whether, you know you think you're free of all of that or whether -- >> i'm sorry, i really don't -- what are we doing? >> well i'm just asking questions. >> right. but -- >> i'm sorry. no look i don't want to do that. >> thank you. >> he did want to do that. and he -- what you missed and what hoda and i, we were amazed about how measured and truly luckily robert was -- >> professional. >> the guy kept going at him, at
10:05 am
one point you said you were no long aeroliber a liberal. he said well i said something at the time this isn't what we talked about. he asked him a followup question. and he said at one point, well you're free to ask as many as you want in the allotted time. your foot's moving your nervous. ask your question. >> but he never got mean at all. and the other guy just wouldn't read the room at all. he was obviously -- i've been in that situation. what do you do? >> you try to be nice about it. you say, everything i have said in the past i've obviously already said. i'm here to talk about right now what's going on right now. and if you'd like to ask questions about that i'm happy to answer it. i'm going to leave because this is not the point of the interview. >> yeah. >> but i just thought the guy was incredibly rude. here's the thing about robert downy jr. i wrote him a letter when he was in prison i don't know him, but i, i, you know, i just did, i don't know why. anyway saying you know you
10:06 am
have the most amazing talent. when you do get out, god's not done with you yet. that kind of thing. i have no idea if he ever ever got it. i was so thrilled to see robert downy jr. come out of prison and not just start to lead a sober life but triumphant one. >> yes. >> he is so great and instead of having the past dragged out, he should be celebrated for what he has accomplished in his life. >> yep. yeah. >> and all we know about this man is how rude he was to somebody. is that what you want your life to be about? >> the funny thing, the one asking his questions, he doesn't seem rude. the way he asks it it just seems wilting, and you're like -- >> lovely. >> and you're waiting, and somehow -- >> not nice. i don't know. >> oh. all right. yeah i love him. his camp has not responded to this but you get why he walked out. >> watch the whole thing on tmz.
10:07 am
>> yeah tmz. not that we are always clicking there. >> i don't know thousand click, but hoda does. this is interesting, can your relationship handle a trip to ikea? have you ever been to ikea? it is like a maze and the way they positioned it once you get in you can't get out because you're way in the maze. >> i've never been arrows on the floor. >> there are snacks because you'll get hungry when you're lost. it's so weird, but there was an article in the wall street journal that talked about this. there's a great little bit that came from i think an episode of friends, 30 rock that illustrates how it can be difficult for couples in these kinds of situations. take a look. >> i need to ask you something, have you ever been to an ikea? do you know what we're walking into? >> you know what i like myself i have good taste in drapes. >> i wish i died and never met you. >> whoa. >> what was that? >> not us. we are a good team and we have a plan. we're going to go in and get the curse and then get out, then go
10:08 am
home and have an amazing night together. >> i'm serious. >> what are you worried about? come on it's going to be fun. >> i'm going back to those truth bowls. >> i swear to god,ly lyi will stab you. >> i don't know if it's true or not, but it's funny anyway. hoda thinks it's true. hoda did a lot of her apartment from ikea. >> my whole apartment is ikea. it lasts forever. when you think ikea -- >> what does that even mean? >> what does that even mean? >> i don't know. >> all right. anyway so a lot of couples go there because they're renovating. if your relationship can withstand ikea you're on the road to success. because it's hard. now that you've got everything you're not going to go to ikea. >> bull it's getting the big boxes -- >> but you can have them assembled for you, you paid the price. >> at the end aisle, they give
10:09 am
you a card and a man or woman will come and assemble the pieces and make it a bookcase. >> you're a year older by that time right? >> okay. it is earth day -- >> that was yesterday. >> yesterday. it's earth week. >> oh. >> yeah. and they trance form bottles into clothing and accessories. >> it's amazing that they can turn plastic stuff into clothes. that t-shirt is made out of 60 plastic bottles, no water use in the dying process. >> okay good. and the profit goes back to the partners for tanks. >> i want to save a little time because i did get to see them yesterday. had to leave a little early, but enough to see that it's a lovely lovely show it's at the neil simon theater. and vanessa hudgens -- >> how is she? >> absolutely delightful. she's in it with my good pal, and victoria clarkson and the cast is terrific.
10:10 am
and it was, it was directed by the gentleman who was my director when i made my broadway debut. >> that's great. >> eric shaker. signature theater, i'm proud of him. happy for him. >> young people like that. >> people of all ages. it's a wonderful movie from the 50s. it's charming. ♪ thank heavens for little girls ♪ ♪ the night they invented champagne ♪ >> was that today? >> anyway they have brought a bunch of gifts, the producers wanted me to give you -- >> thank you, wow. >> sherry's champagne. >> oh wow. all righty. >> awesome, thank you. >> you're going to like it it's country. >> okay. all right. puts you in a good mood. it's foot stomping the song is called "honey i'm good." crank it. ♪
10:11 am
>> i cannot hear the song. >> all done now? all right. it is. >> here it comes. >> go. >> come on here we go, everybody. ♪ >> good it's an anti-adultery song. >> i like that. >> cheating. >> he's not cheating i'm all for that. >> we have a bunch of great people who are visiting here. well one of them is -- >> yes. >> and one is my friend stephanie who's a wonderful wine blogger. and couple of friends. >> and you know we have mary lou henner she has a radio show. >> she has moves. >> just like you do. >> uh-huh. >> dancer. >> she can do everything. all right. >> letting you know we are on
10:12 am
sirius radio as well, xm 108. >> danica patrick was on with me yesterday, the nascar driver she's awesome. go online. she talks about how she withstood bullying on the track. >> and still withstanding it. >> a lot of blatant, rampant sexism out there in that field. >> all right. now we can't remember the last time she was here i bet she can. catch up with actress mary lou henner whose been mysterious these days. >> she's going to explai
10:13 am
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10:16 am
we love it when we get to catch up with our good pals mary lou henner. you remember her playing the hit comedy. but throughout her career she starred in more than 30 tv movies. >> and you can add a new one, on hallmark we love them called a bone to pick aurora tea garden mystery. >> a young woman investigates unsoed murders. mary lou plays your mom who disapproves of what her daughter is doing. >> daughter is candice cameron bure. >> from a body i found down the street. >> oh oh. you put the remains of a human head in mir spare closet? aurora what were you thinking. >> don't tell me i don't care. all i care is you do the right
10:17 am
thing. >> take a hit. >> yeah good to see you. >> great to see you guys. >> when was it that we last saw you. >> we saw you on the forth of july. >> red, white, and blue. >> it's so funny, i know we're going to get to this. i just turned on 60 minutes this sunday and there you are again. you and that elite group of people who has ha crazy memory it's wonderful. i just get a whole thing for nova. you know i don't want to be like the show pony or anything. what i want to do is help other people with the memories. i'm hoping to change what it's like to have this memory from the inside out to try to help other people. >> right. is it ever a burden? >> no. it's great. >> only for my husband. >> i bet. i bet. >> yeah. >> and it's great. >> let's talk about this hallmark movie. >> we're doing ten of them because they're based on a series by harris. they've written eight. asked for two more scripts and we are going to be in all of the episodes. >> they're so great. they're such a great
10:18 am
collaborative over there. >> they're wonderful. >> yeah. >> what kind of chemistry is there between these two? >> we have the same birthday. i just love her so much. and she's just one of those people that you just instantly like she was on "dancing with the stars," and, you know, we talk about being moms together. >> now, you said you've always wanted to do that. >> yeah. >> and good friend. and what would you be eligible, you did start out as a dancer. >> yeah. >> your parents owned a dance school. >> they've had pussy cat dolls on ice dancers, i don't know. >> i don't know. let's start a campaign. >>ing and she likes to be in the most beautiful people too. >> yes. >> don't you think. >> yeah. i remember when you did your tv guide thing, and you got voted. remember? who were you up against? >> jacqueline smith. >> i had to spend flowers to jacqueline smith saying i'm sorry to the real most beautiful woman on tv. >> you petitioned on the air. >> 15,000 votes, i was frameless on tv.
10:19 am
>> but i was not in the running. >> oh gosh yes. you would remember that. >> when you saw the script did you immediately say this is a -- >> oh yeah the characters has a lot of opinions and very feisty and i loved candice just from from not only the show but she's a great girl. i just you know, it's so fun to work with mb that you really enjoy. and the characters. >> yeah. >> you go. >> okay. your radio show we're totally into how is that going by the way? >> mary lou henner show. it was a term. all over the country, every week pick up new affiliates. i love it. it's the perfect combination of all the different things you can do because it has the immediacy of a life performance. it has the personal expression of a book writing a book. it's got the story telling of a movie, it has the global reach of doing a long-running >> do you do it from your home? >> i do it from my studio home and i do it here at a different
10:20 am
studio. i do it all over the country. when i'm doing, when i'm in british, columbia doing the -- >> squamish. >> yeah. >> it's gorgeous. might to want change the name. we love you. come back and see us. >> oh yeah. >> it's the one question you're never supposed to ask the lady, the first lady. when two sisters show off their ambush makeovers, they'll face the mirror and each other for the very first time. >> don't you love that? >> up cycle them into fun crafts with the kids. >> look, it's a kid. bring your child to workday. >> we have some ideas after this. ♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever.
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10:24 am
>> right there in the pink sash. >> how old are you? >> how old are you? i'm 51. what does that mean? what's that look? say that again, give her the mic. what was that, babe? >> you're too young for a 51-year-old. >> that's sweet. mrs. obama invited the young girl to come up and give her a hug. >> very, very cute. >> sweet. two sisters came to new york for a fresh new look, they won't recognize each other after their ambush makeover. >> you may recognize this chef who happens to be the son of a famous high-flying celeb. we head to the kitchen with ben ford. >> so cute, right after your local news. ♪ but thanks to fingerhut, we have found our happy place. life is definitely sweeter. at we got approved to shop with low monthly payments. over 200,000 items with brand names like samsung, dyson, dewalt.
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10:26 am
so you can. oh look. look look look. >> i know. ♪ good morning everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. happening today, teams continue the search for 17-year-old connor sullivan last seen monday. he went to his morning classes at cupertino's monta vista high school and disappeared. deputies say sullivan is
10:27 am
considered a runaway with suspicious circumstances. a sea lion is back where it should be after an unusual police escort frment the pup waddled about a quarter mile from the ocean in mendocino county on sunday. deputies patrolling highway 1 noticed it south of fort bragg and the animal will be okay. weather after the break.
10:28 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. overcast start to the day, but
10:29 am
it's not going to last beyond about 12:30. we'll see the sun return just like yesterday and temperatures will be comfortable. 74 or the peninsula. 72 or the south bay and 77 in the north bay today. your weather headlines tell the story. a.m. clouds making way for p.m. sun and a little bit of wind. especially to the higher elevations and at the coastline. cooler and cloudier for friday and then this weekend everything changes. we're going to keep the unsettled pattern going into next week as well. we are expecting some showers as of saturday morning. we stop the clock on the futurecast at 7:00 a.m. it will likely continue until noon. if you're making outdoor plans for the weekend sunday looks much better with temperatures into the 70s. 73 in south bay on sunday and 68 degrees in san francisco. otherwise 80 degrees by monday with another chance for rain on tuesday. your full forecast today at 11:00. scott, back to you.
10:30 am
you make sure to join us at 11:00 for the next newscast. we'll see you then. we're back on this thirsty thursday. ready to reveal our ambush makeovers of two sisters who were lucky enough to go to an entirely brand new look. >> they are in good hands because nobody does makeovers better than our topnotch team of stylists. today, contributor and hair guru to the stars, louis, lalalala. >> and -- >> and world record holder -- >> thank you. >> so how it was today, kiddos outside? >> yeah it was good. there were many people to pick from. the weather did change a little bit in new york today. but it was great. there were just many options. >> again, these are sisters. they haven't seen each other. kim is our first lucky lady.
10:31 am
she's 55 years old from indiana, pennsylvania. kim's been a registered nurse for more than 35 years, she worked the night shift, she only colors when she's going out for a special occasion. she's starting to feel old and wants a new look. let's take a listen to her story. >> this is so exciting because you tell heme although there's an age difference people think you're twins. >> that's correct. there's five years between us. everybody comes up and says are you guys twins, no we're sisters. she always looked like this for the last so many years, she needs a makeover. she needs to look different. >> but in a good way. so are you ready for a whole new look? >> oh my gosh i can't wait. i've always wanted to do this. yes, i'm excited. >> oh my gosh. so are we. >> all right, so again, kim's sister is still out there. there's kim's before picture. all right kim, let's see the new you.
10:32 am
>> oh my gosh. >> kim. kim. all right, kim, are you ready to see yourself? >> this is going to be a big moment. >> turn right around here look in the mirror. >> oh my gosh. oh my. >> fantastic. >> you look so hip. look right there, camera 12 for a second. tell us about the new hair. >> great haircut. >> nice. and you know she wanted to just care-free hair she usually wore it back she said but we said why not go short and just get a short layered haircut. just wash and wear. >> darling. >> flirty. >> jill tell us about the outfit. >> i think know. >> very in for spring. if you're going to go with a floral print, this is the way. and the statement necklace is
10:33 am
great. >> darling. darling. >> ready to see your sister. >> you're going to come over here stand by jill and face the wall. will you hold a piece of paper to see how short her hair is. >> from mechanicsville pennsylvania retired from the army reserves in 2010 after 36 years of service to our country. god bless her. with a milestone birthday coming up in september, she's been traveling the country, checking things off her buskt list today she can get a makeover off that list. let's hear her story. >> i love this idea doing one cool thing a month, and i think this constitutes as the cool thing this month. >> yes, i do too. i'm so glad she brings me along to do all these exciting things and i think she deserves this makeover. and she's been in the military for 36 years, and had a hard time. she deserves it. >> well thank you for all your work. and we're so excited to give this to you. you seem excited. >> i am excited.
10:34 am
it's just i'm just always glad to have something like this to do. it'll be great. >> i'm happy for her. let's look one look at bonnie before and bring her out now. don't turn around yet, kim. >> wow. okay. all right. >> kim, you want to turn around and see your sister. >> oh my gosh. >> oh my gosh. >> you look good. >> oh my goodness. >> i can't believe how good you look. >> turn and see how good you look. >> oh my goodness. oh my. >> oh my. >> wow. >> okay. >> okay. >> with bonnie again, the haircut is more appropriate, it's very fine. the shorter makes it look thicker, and it does a little bit of work to the color. the colors were washing them away.
10:35 am
i wanted to make both colors stronger. of course it's all accented with the makeup. >> is that also that? >> so great, right. seen comfortable and great for the cool trip. >> it's so closed you cannot believe. not at all. >> and awesome. >> just the detail with the full leather sleeve. it's so pretty. >> give her a hug. >> get over here. >> we're about to get it out of this world chef. >> ben ford has tonight's dinner right after this. in a world full of dictates and conventions, could there be another way? ♪ ♪ la vie est belle ♪ la vie est belle the eau de parfum, lancôme receive a free gift. now at dillard's.
10:36 am
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10:40 am
if you're firing up the grill or the skill let this weekend, we have the good meal for you. >> making a fierce skillet steak that is amazeing. >> come on. >> we are cooking with ben ford. executive chef and owner of ford's filling station in l.a. >> yeah. >> hello. >> hello. >> good to be here. >> back with us again. and before we cook we have ask how your dad's doing. that was frightening wasn't it? >> he's a real life superhero. not just to me but also to me he's been remarkable as a father. >> terrific. >> he'll be on the mend. >> gladded to hear that. >> we're starting off with a beverage. >> my friend deshaun jackson helped me. putting energy into our bar. >> nice mint. >> i love shaking cocktails.
10:41 am
we have a little bit of vodka here. we have some lemon juice. >> uh-huh. lemon juice, we have this blackberry and throw that in there. blackberry puree. and we've got this -- >> healthy. >> jermaine. >> yeah. >> we're going to shake this up a little. while i do that -- >> white wine -- >> or is that the jermaine. >> yeah. >> is that a liquor. >> yeah and it's great with champagne, great with vodka. >> yeah. >> little mint over there. >> spank it get it get it. >> spank it ben, uh-huh. >> that looks just like it should. >> doesn't like your beard? >> she puts up with it. this is like, this is a beard of a guy who cooks whole pigs man. >> that must mean something. by the way, delicious. >> thank you. >> delicious. >> we'll make it a steak salad. >> yes. >> we'll start off with a simple marinade. >> okay. marinade is going to be red wine. >> uh-huh. >> looks really dark huh?
10:42 am
>> yeah. it's like a cabernet. >> worcestershire source. >> any kind of red wine. >> yeah we have that. >> put a little bit of brown sugar in there. >> okay. >> garlic and we're going to reduce this down. it'll become our marinade. >> look how good that looks. >> reduce it down to about half thicker, we have something good here. marinade these for about an hour per pound. >> uh-huh. >> that's what we're looking at. blot it a little bit. >> that meat looks awesome. >> awesome. >> and this is going to create a carpallization on the outside and it'll match up well. >> i think i might have something that'll help you stir that. >> you think. >> hold on. >> oh. >> i don't believe that. >> i do. >> oh my goodness. >> your dad, your dad would be proud of you. >> yeah. >> okay. >> all right. sop we've got a little bit of our -- >> take that -- >> no tell me you're not sick
10:43 am
of star wars. >> i will never be sick of it. i can't wait until the movie comes out. >> are you going to be on the first -- you are? >> oh yeah. >> i'm not going to be online or anything. >> you know people. >> yeah exactly. >> you have connections. >> this is going to be a little bit of our vinaigrette here. >> okay. >> basically a balsamic vins vinaigrette vinaigrette. >> i'm going to turn this off. >> put a little of that in there. >> okay. >> all right. >> set up our steak. and you can plate a little of that on there. this is some almonds, we have some -- >> looks really good. all right. i'm going to slice it against the highest, you get it going against the grain. >> looks prettier too. >> smells awesome. >> so you didn't always want to be a chef you wanted to be a baseball player. >> >> i did. i really really tried, shave a
10:44 am
little parmesan. >> you got it. >> okay. ready for tasting. >> okay kathie go it's getting cold. >> eat some without the cheese. >> i don't want it. >> you don't to want see that. >> no you don't. >> no. >> seriously. >> good summer time dish. we're getting in the grilling season. >> oh my god. oh my gosh. the recipe. >> yum. >> if you're not cooking this weekend, you might be spring cleaning. >> turn that trash into fun trash for you. >> right after this. the question i get the most is probably do you feel fear? what's the closest you've ever come to death? they're boring. i have a website because i need a way to put myself forward in my own way. this is my story
10:45 am
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dude totino's blasted rolls. sweet. totino's blasted crust rolls... yeah. flavor at full blast you say avocado old el paso says...
10:49 am
zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh ♪ when you just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. take your daughters and sons to work today. we thought it'd be fun to look at the whipper snappers. >> and recycling items you may
10:50 am
have thrown away. cool crap. >> we're not on camera yet. >> here is creative ideas, with our director aka, the craft lassie. >> that's right. all right. >> so what is he working on right now? >> he's not. >> there he goes. >> every day should be earth day. and i'm all about restyling and repurposing. now, so much hard work still ends up in the trash. it drives me crazy. toilet paper too. look at this. wrap them with contact paper. they work great to cinch up extension cords. larger containers like oatmeal cans and bringle cans. these are great. how about a six-pack caddie? >> that's cute. >> add your mustard, my favorite. this is great for outside parties, put one on every table. >> what's keenan doing? >> use those tubes to make these fantastic little -- >> adorable.
10:51 am
>> you've heard of pt cruisers these are tp kruszers. >> that's so so clever. >> and let's recycle. if you can't get rid of items, use it. upstyle it. kids love their favorite style. we both turned them into a real book. >> so clever. >> and their personal lunch pail make it an art supply carry case. great for play dates. all those tiny little toys they refuse to get rid of it turn it into a super hear super lamp. hot glue them up. >> what are they doing? >> get kids to make nature crafts. these are fine feathered friends. all you need empty water bottles, it upper ware. they look great. how about a birdhouse made out of a book? >> that's adorable. it's stuff you have around the house, you were going to get rid of it. all you need to do is make a hole big enough for it to fit in. make holes around the side for
10:52 am
the birds to like stick their face in. and you can have some great nature crafts for little money. >> yes. >> growing. you've got to grow something. even if you live in a small apartment, you can grow something. what about all those leaves ladies? >> not in my house. >> let's get a little collage. >> so cute. >> just tear up your pants, put them in the garden. >> my question is what are they doing? >> last year's garden clogs, you're going to turn them into decorations for the yard. >> oh my gosh. >> plant right into them. it looks fantastic. >> and it drains the water out. >> it does. >> it's always a joy. >> so wonderful. >> and thanks to all the kids who helped with that you guys. thank you so much. okay or not okay to reveal the question when the kids aren't around? >> oh that one.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
tomorrow we'll help you fix the pesky problems. you know who's going to be here? lou. and hear what he rhymes with tomorrow. >> also relationships. but before we do all that okay or not okay to -- >> out somebody as a cheater? what do we say. let's look. >> no. and unless someone has cheated on you and you personally have a reason to share that information, it's really no one's business. >> oh i agree. i say it is not okay. so it's best to stay out of it. >> yeah. >> truth will come out in the end anyway. >> what she said. has to come out someplace, might as well be the end. the right end. >> what? >> what are those? >> getting longer and longer. >> everything about him.
10:57 am
all right. tomorrow we're going to give it away again. >> we are. >> five lucky viewers who won this week and we're going to find out tomorrow when we hope you'll join us for friday friday. have an awesome day everybody. >> okay. >> bye. >> bye bye now. >> are we out of time yet? ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, cross in the cross fire. a young boy fights for his life after being hit by a stray bullet. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. i'm scott mcgrew. a 7-year-old could die. he was caught in a gun battle in vallejo. >> stephanie chuang is live in vallejo. you just talked to the grandmother of the boy. i can only imagine how she feels this morning. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. good morning to you kris and scott. she was, as you would expect very emotional. we caught her on the way to children's hospital in oakland where she says her grandson is in very bad shape.


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