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tv   Today  NBC  April 24, 2015 7:00am-10:29am PDT

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medicine sullies the reputation of columbia university and undermines the trust tha esse to physician/patient relationships. >> if i wanted to stop him, i would write a letter recommending he be fired from abc. i wouldn't write a letter to columbia saying stop him from doing the job he's good at. >> reporter: the new round of criticism came as oz took on the first round of critics on his show. >> the question you should be asking yourself, i did for quite a while, is what's the motivation. why now? >> reporter: in their op-ed, the colleagues said he should begin with a simple disclaimer. >> the show's purpose is not to talk about medicine. it's to talk about the good life. >> reporter: in an interview that took place before the interview was published -- >> it's called the dr. oz show. we have oz as the middle and doctor is up in the little bar for a reason.
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i want people to realize that i'm a doctor and i'm coming into their lives to be supportive of them. but it's not a medical show. >> reporter: for "today," stephanie gosk, nb. >> dr. oz, good morning. good to have you here. let's start where that piece left off. you said the word doctor is up in the corner of the graphics internationally. but you often wear scrubs on the show and people trust what you say because you have a medical doctor. have you upheld that trust over the years? >> without question. i'm proud of what we've done on the show. it's much broader than a medical lexture series. people don't want to be hounded about information that's irrelevant to their lives. it's about celebrating life and getting to them where they live. >> do you think when a doctor becomes the host of a television show, that he or she deserves a certain leeway and can do and say things on the air that perhaps you wouldn't do or say in private practice? >> it's much broader than what a
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doctor might speak about on their own practice. i'm going to embrace unconventional routes. matt, i've always done it. my whole life has been about pushing boundaries. looking around the corner. both high-tech solutions but also some low-tech approaches. i think people have to get comfortable. in america, that's where the conversation is moving. >> this is the way you position it. you tend to position yourself as a crusader for your viewers. and their good health. and the little guy taking on the big guys. but these doctors are positioning you very differently. they're saying you're careless and reckless as a doctor and you could be endangering the health of those viewers. >> to be clear, there are different types of attacks that come out. some have agendas. the ones i dealt with last week and yesterday, were folks who had to clear gmo biases. i think they were unfair not wanting us to have that
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conversation. when i talk about hard core medical issues which i do, it is a medical show in i do cover those topics but it's broader than that. hard core medical topics, we're all buttoned up. but i have to go beyond that. because health is not always found in a doctor's office. nutrition is a good example. >> but when you use words like breakthrough and radical and miracle to describe products or processes on your show, does the doctor in you ever cringe at what the talk show host in you is saying? >> i am proud of all those words. there's only one time i have not been proud. and that's the frustration that's been expressed about weight loss supplements. which i wish i could take back the words i said about them. this is a flawed area. i haven't talked about them in a year. so many americans think i'm all about the fake ads coming into their spam folders. that's not who i am. what i'm trying to do is help people understand their bodies better so they can be the expert on their bodies.
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so when they go to talk to their doctor, that is supported. i hear from viewers and doctors all the time about how we have helped make that confers easier for them. because there are themes in america that we don't associate with health. as a good example, the nutrients we put in your body. that has to be a forefront on my show. >> going back to the criticism from faculty members at columbia. quote, many of us are spending a significant amount of our time debunking ozzisms regarding metabolism game changers. irrespective of the underlying motives, this sullies the reputation of columbia university and undermines the trust that is essential to physician/patient relationships. sullying the reputation of the university. that's very strong stuff. >> it's actually -- i'm appreciative in that same le applauded many things we do. you're not going to please
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everyone. that's not my goal. my job is to help america understand the opportunity towards health. there are going to be times when i'm going to discuss topics where we just don't have all the information yet. other times we're going to be extraordinarily targeted because we have a truly new breakthrough on health. the show has to be broader than what might take place in the doctor's office. and i completely respect why so many of my colleagues might have a difficulty with that. but i appreciate many do understand. >> and if more and many doctors come out and criticize you, can you survive this? can you show survive this? >> without question. i expect my colleagues -- this is an important topic to come out there. and we are hearing from many. some critical, some supportive. the goal for all of us is it has to be a focus on people who need our help. i expect them to continue to be discussed. and i'm celebrating on our show, our 1,000th episode next year, i want to do the show as long as
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we can because i think it helps make america a better place. >> good of you to talk about it in person. thanks very much. and let's go over to al for a check of the weather. >> all right, matt. thank you so much. and not only are we talking about severe weather, we're talking about unseasonably cold weather. i mean, this is very cool. we've got this upper level low that's been spinning around and the jet stream's down to the south. that allows the cold air to come in. we've got frost, freeze warnings, freeze watches stretching from iowa all the way to new england today. this is crazy stuff. look at these temperatures. highs today, caribou 44. syracuse 43. saturday more of the same. we start to see a little moderating on sunday. but again, temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below average. so we're not looking for a warm-up until some time ea that's wha 7:38. happy friday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is bevel deer.
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nice clear sky. but you can see the low clouds positioned at the immediate coast. we'll see the high and mid-level clouds increasing, the low clouds clearing by 11:00 a.m. there's a storm system working towards the bay area. and that means for us today temperatures are going to stay on the cool side. 50 to start. 60s to finish with rain on the way. overnight into tomorrow morning. >> get the weather when you need it this weekend. weather channel on cable or online. coming up on "trending," a special would you rather edition of the friday fish bowl. >> what could go wrong? and up next, does google maps hold the answer? the new way for you to join the search for the ♪ ♪ nah nah nah kraft natural shreds not made with just any milk
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we're back at 7:44 with one of the world's best known unsolved mysteries that the loch ness monster actually exists. for decades everybody has searched for that answer. now the hunt is getting some new high-tech help. keir simmons has the story for us. hey, keir, good >> reporter: good morning. you know that there in new york using google you can get on your smart devices like these and look at a london street like this. well, now anyone at home can get on their computer or on their devices and look at a mysterious scottish lake and investigate
7:13 am
the animal they call nessie, the loch ness monster. britain is a land of strange stories. legends tell of dragons here and of creatures lurking in the water. most mysterious of all in scotland, the loch ness monster now google has mapped the lake. >> it's the sort of place that if there weren't any dragons -- >> reporter: using state of the art technology, their cameras allow you to navigate through the water giving you a monster's eye view. in the past submarines and sonar have scanned 800 feet down. >> 30 to 50 feet long. snakelike neck, bulky body. >> reporter: theories suggested
7:14 am
the mons ser a prehistoric reptile. or even a swimming elephant. >> hoax. this one, hoax. >> reporter: but what does a man who has hunted for nessie for years say? >> this is more like a giant eel than a prehistoric monster. >> reporter: he questioned whether google will help solve the mystery. you'd think that technology would mean that if it is there, there would be more sightings and more pictures. >> not necessarily. not if it's an animal that virtually never comes to the surface. >> reporte the answer simply and back now live. let's take another look at one of those google images that they have taken on that lake. in the middle of the lake,
7:15 am
there's something. guys, what's that? can you see that in the middle of the lake there? >> yes. >> reporter: what is that? a log? a bird? could that be the monser? >> it's nessie obviously. i'd know her anywhere. >> reporter: obviously. >> keir, thank you so much. pretty cool. we can google that on our new apple watches. sorry to bring it up again. >> wow. >> oh. >> i didn't say that, i want you to know. comine in next, the campout before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition.
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dust off some memories, make new ones. new flonase. six is greather than one. this changes everything. let us check in with carson, find out "what's trending" in the orange room. i'm guessing buckingham palace is a hint. >> that's one of them. these are all the things at this moment in time. everybody is talking about the apple watch and all these things. we are going to focus on right here and the royal baby. let's go through it. guys, you can play along. we have got -- that's right. dedicated royalists setting up camp outside the wing. the royal baby gender name predictions are rolling in. here's from our nbc news poll. 62% think it's going to be a girl. 32%, a boy. our survey says it's going to be diana.
7:20 am
overseas betting sites say alice. if it's a prince, alexander is what we've got. overseas saying james. hold up your paddle. >> i'm going girl. >> me and al are going boy. >> we want a girl. >> what do you think the name will be? >> maybe like diana elizabeth or elizabeth diana. >> all right. we'll see. >> this is what kate said to me. you know, she might change her mind. >> royal baby, too, if you want to weigh in. coming up on "trending" today, south dakota's new state slogan, two people waiting at the desk for this. the apple watch. coming up, bruce jenner's journey. will it change the way american's perceive
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good morning. 7:56. i'm laria garcia-cannon. m happening now. one of san francisco major traffic arteries are blocked. traffic on van ness is closed from now until midnight sunday between ellis and pine. the new california pacific medical center is building a pedestrian tunnel. the only vehicles allowed through are commuter buses. what a roar. did you catch the comeback? warriors fans at oakland tribune tavern went nuts when steph curry hit that three-pointer against the pelicans. warriors then won taking a commanding 3-0 lead over the first round playoff series. they were down 20 points to start the fourth quarter. let's see if they do it again on saturday. let's check the forecast with christina. >> happy friday, laura.
7:25 am
good morning to everybody at home. 7:56. skies are starting to change over san francisco where we did have low clouds earlier. at this point temps are in the 50s. by 4:00, we are expecting wide spread 60s for today. getting into this weekend we've got shower activity starting tonight. that's going to continue into tomorrow morning. most of which will come through while you're sleeping. and then as we head through tomorrow afternoon, clearing. potentially measuring though up to a quarter of an inch of rain. right here in san jose. maybe half an inch over the santa cruz mountains. here's mike and your drive. >> maybe more greenery back in the hills. oakland, not looking at the hills, the high rise for high street. slowing past the coliseum. saluting the warriors. no incidents reported through downtown. we have that did kicking in 580. slows a bit as well. east shore freeway. crashes were able to clear quickly because we have a lighter friday commute. that shows up 880 as well as 101 through san mateo, an earlier crash cleared. another one now north by 380 and the airport. south bay, lighter build. back to you. >> thank you. another local news update in
7:26 am
half an hour. have a great friday morning.
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7:28 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, jenner's journey. all eyes on the former olympian as he reportedly gets set to reveal his transition to life as a woman. how his story has sparked a national conversation on what it means to be transgender. then live from washington, it's the white house correspondents dinner. >> open your eyes, michael. measles, ebola, charter school. sometimes, i'm like. >> "snl" all star cecily strong will be spending this saturday night entertaining the president in one of the toughest rooms around. so what does she have planned? we'll ask her. and grab the coconuts.
7:29 am
al's exclusive reunion with the guys from "monty python" for the 40th anniversary of their classic movie "monty python and the holy grail." >> would you make the same movie today? >> no. people have already seen it. >> we'll celebrate the movie that changed comedy forever. today, friday, april 24th, 2015. ♪ >> here from louisiana and i >> happy 80th birthday to my fabulous dad in hickory, north carolina. >> celebrating my golden birthday in new york. >> ♪ >> good morning, texas! >> checking off the bucket list. >> hey mom and dad we're having
7:30 am
>> we're back now. 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 24th day of april 2015. it is down right winterlike out here. it is cold. >> i blame al. >> we all blame al. >> sure. >> meanwhile, coming up, monday on "today" an exclusive interview with kim kardashian west. she talks about her first year of marriage to kanye, mother hood, and her new book of selfies. >> you're naked a lot in here. >> not too naked. >> naked a bunch in here. >> not too naked. >> pretty naked, actually. plus we'll have kim's first comments on bruce jenner and the attention it's getting. that's kim kardashian west on monday on "today." >> kind of naked. not that naked. >> there's a section of nakedness. >> all right. in the meantime, let's go in to sheinelle who's in for natalie today. >> good morning. more than a dozen students are
7:31 am
recovering this morning after a frightenig stage collapse in indiana. john yang has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. absolutely terrifying video. this came at the end of a show last night at westfield high school. the students, all performers, came out to the edge of the stage. they were singing and dancing when suddenly the stage gave way plunging everybody into the orchestra pit below. earlier this morning savannah spoke with one of the performers. >> it was honestly for the most part it was just terrifying. and at first it didn't seem real. and then once it kind of sunk in, at that time it was go time. you know, just doing everything we could to try and get everybody out of there, get any injuries treated. >> reporter: officials say that students were actually trapped under the platform that collapsed. they say the injuries are minor. they describe them as orthopedic
7:32 am
injuries. the state and fire marshal are investigating what went wrong. meanwhile, school is open and classes as normal as they can be this morning at that high school. counselors are on the scene. and any student who is want to stay home are allowed to. >> glad they're going to be okay. thank you. president obama has ordered a review of the drone strikes that inadvertently killed two , one italian, one american. high ranking u.s. officials said they do not know who was there on january 14th when it killed wienstein and lo porto. dr. mehmet oz says he is proud of the work done on his show. responding to recent criticism, he told matt earlier on "today" that his job is to help americans understand their health. >> there are going to be times where i'm going to discuss topics where we just don't have all the information yet.
7:33 am
other times we're going to be extraordinarily targeted b on health. the show has to much broader than what might take place in the doctor's office. i respect why so many of my colleagues might have difficulty with that. but i appreciate many of them do understand why it's important. >> some faculty members say they spend a significant amount of time debunking ozzisms. dr. oz told matt, quote, you're not going to please everyone. and a teenager in washington state was hoping for a date to the prom. it didn't turn out quite the way he'd hoped. wearing what was supposed to look like explosives, he held a sign that said i'm kind of the bomb will you be my prom date? the date said yes but the principal was not amused and suspended him for five days and banned him from the prom. it is now five minutes after 8:00. time now for a check of the weather with al. >> thank you so much.
7:34 am
hey, we got a huge crowd. look at how many people all the way down here. wow. let's see what we've got going on as far as the weather is concerned. we shake it out for you. look at this. wichita, you are under the gun. you are under the risk for enhanced storms today. supercells likely, hail, damaging winds. 40 million people at risk from austin and kansas. tonight there is a risk overnight as well. we're worried about this. a dangerous area from des moines, houston, out to new orleans, tuscaloosa. hail and flooding likely. then moving into saturday, again this threat moves to the east. we're looking at an enhanced risk. 47 million people at risk. tornadoes really likely throughout that good morning to you.
7:35 am
clouds making their way through the bay area. they'll continue to increase as we head through the day and move throughout the afternoon hours. tonight rain pushes back into the bay and temperatures will be cool all day long. you'll notice the cloud cover all day today. that's going to be the general trend as we head through the rest of the day. temperatures today only topping out in the low to mid 60s. >> and that is your latest weather. >> all right. thank you very much. coming up next, the one place in the united states where you can actually buy one of those in person. >> plus bruce jenner's opening up about his transition for the first time. is this going to be a water shed moment for the transgender community? >> and also coming up, "monty python and the holy grail" is turning 40. al's assembling the cast. but first these me. your allergies bring more than sneezing...
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[ female announcer ] aaah, the amazing, delicious cinnamon and sugar taste of cinnamon toast crunch and cold milk. ♪ cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares. cinnamon toast crunch. . 8:12. good time for a special edition of what's trending today. savannah? >> hi. hey, i just sent you my heartbeat, matt. >> you did? >> on my new apple watch. let me see what else i can do. i think i can draw you a heart
7:41 am
as well. >> hold on. let me see if i got it. >> did you get it? >> no, but i'm sending you my heartbeat. >> i'm sending you something. >> isn't it time for trending? bye, guys. >> yes, it is. we should mention, we paid for these watches. >> yes, we did. >> sure you did. >> no, we did. we paid for these watches, that's one of the ways we got them early. it is interesting. we've been talking about it for a while. you can take a phone call on it. you can check your text. you can check your e-mail. you can draw little pictures and send them to other people who have apple watches. there's a fitness component. >> i'm getting a phone call. hello. >> hi, matt. it's savannah. >> hey, savannah. it's matt. where are you? >> i'm just coming into trending. is it time for trending? i don't want to be late. >> you guys are -- >> we're close enough you can yell at me. >> you're the only two people in the world who have them.
7:42 am
>> want to talk to matt, he's right here? >> hi, matt, i want your watch. >> i'm sorry, you're breaking up, carson. i can't hear you. >> do you like them? >> it's really neat. it's cool. >> what's the best part of it? >> i think the fitness stuff is cool. you can go running with it, if you're not lazy like me and you run, it can get your heart rate so you can see how much force you're exerting, your stats. >> train for this bike bit. >> yeah, that's interesting. i should mention, shipments have started. right now there's only one place in the united states where you can walk into a store and buy the watch today, that's in los angeles at the maxfield store. hundreds of people already lined up there. some waiting 15 hours. >> good thing it's los angeles. >> curse you. >> you may have heard, there are thousands of people signed up to take a one-way trip to mars. you know about this? that's people who want to go there despite the lack of survival conditions. now in a new tourism pitch, one state says it can do you one
7:43 am
better. >> mars, the air not breathable. the surface, cold and baron, but thousands are lining up for a chance to go and never come back. south dakota, progressive, productive, and abundant in oxygen. why dion mars when you can live in south dakota? south dakota. >> i think it's brilliant. >> love it. >> it's fantastic. they're releasing that tongue in cheek ad trying to lure some would-be martians. >> i love it, abundant oxygen. >> the problem is by the time they see that spot on mars they'll be millions of years old. >> it's friday. fish bowl. we're doing something different. all of the questions are would you rather questions. everybody ready? start with you, al, on the end. start the clock. go. >> okay. would you rather eat five sticks
7:44 am
of butter or five spoons of hot pepper. >> i'd go with the hot pemer. >> would you rather have your flight delayed by eight hours or lose your luggage? >> lose my luggage. >> this is a good one, would you rather have x-ray vision or the ability to read people's minds? >> i want to read your minds. >> would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again? >> oh, my god. >> that's a ladder. >> say everything, i guess. >> would you rather live in a world without coffee or a world without alcohol? is this a trick question? no coffee. >> bye-bye coffee. >> would you rather be really harry or completely bald? >> completely bald? >> everywhere? >> i mean, like everywhere? >> yes, matt, everywhere. >> yeah, bald. >> would you rather be forever tickled or forever have the feeling that you're about 20 sneeze? >> tickle because i'm not
7:45 am
ticklish. >> would you rather be naked in antarctica or wearing a snow suit in the desert? >> wearing a snow suit. >> would you rather go forward or backward in time? i guess backward so i would get to have more life. >> what answer is that? >> but then you would lose -- you'd lose veil? >> i would not. i would get to start over and re-live it. >> if you're going back. >> we're out of time. >> i'd go back and i'd restart. >> go forward in time and get the next apple product that's in front of everybody else. >> last one. would you rather eat wrangler's food or eat wrangler's crate? i'd go with the food. that's what's trending today. >> kind of deep, too. meantime, we have talked a lot this week, have some really remarkable stories about the transgender movement. tonight bruce jenner is expected to join this conversation in a highly publicized interview. nbc's kate snow is here with a look at how people are already
7:46 am
responding. kate, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. in a broadcast interview to air tonight, bruce jen ner will speak out on what he's calling his personal journey. it's the latest step from olympic athlete, reality tv star, now possibly the most famous face in the transgender community. >> my whole life has been getting me ready for this. >> bruce jenner is expected to talk publicly for the first time tonight about his decision to transition to life as a woman, a decision he's reportedly already shared with loved ones. >> topic number one, stepdad bruce jenner and all those rumors he is in the process of beening a woman. >> family members have answered questions about jenner's decision. >> i think he'll share whenever the time is right. >> jenner's possible future as a transgender celebrity is made all the more stunning as a world famous athlete. >> bruce jen ner's won the decathlon and set a world
7:47 am
record. >> he won in the 1976 olympics, jenner became a national hero. >> i worked out a lot, ate a lot of wheaties. >> appearing in movies and tv shows in the '80s then marryiy s kardashian. >> i feel like i'm not an outsider. >> since 2007 new generations of fans have mostly known jenner as kim kardashian's stepdad until now. >> hey, bruce, how are you doing? paparazzi photographers following jenner's ever move since his appearance started to change. >> i think all the eyes on bruce jenner absolutely have to be tough for him. that's why he wants to speak out. >> jenner's expected transition comes at a time when the transgender community is more visible than ever before. from a "time magazine" cover, jenner could be following a celebrity trail blazed by former tennis pro, rene and chazz bono.
7:48 am
>> i give all my support to her and love and appreciate everything she's given to america and her bravery. >> girls creator and actress lena dunham followed suit this week tweeting, dear stranger, if you're making unkind bruce jenner jokes, you have me to answer to. i seriously feel protective this week. not all the coverage has been as supportive with celebrity magazines and tv shows tracking jenner's physical changes on a weekly basis. >> it's a mystery of bruce jenner's face. >> stop. stop. bruce jenner is a human being. >> that's the kind of treatment that one trans gender advocate hopes will change with jenner's story. >> having someone in the media very publicly openly trans gender could have a huge impact on how the country and the world views transgender issues. >> molloy points out that
7:49 am
jenner's story has the potential to reach so many americans because older fans remember him from the olympics, younger fans remember him from "keeping up with the kardashians." he spans a number of generations. maybe that will cause people to start the conversation. >> taking bruce jenner out of this. the stories have been fantastic. gotten so much positive feedback. >> a lot of response. >> kate, thank you. by the way, we should mention, kim kardashian will be on the show on monday. we'll have that interview exclusively monday morning. do you have macha madness. the buzz over the next super food. we're back in 15 seconds.
7:50 am
all right. for years you've heard about the benefits of drinking green tea and some say it's purist form known as matcha might be the super food of all super foods. chenel, do you have nor on that? >> as they say, everything old is new again. using matcha to make tea is just the start. >> welcome to the matcha movement. if you haven't heard about it, you soon will. if you're in the know, well, chances are you're already hooked. >> i like my matcha iced. i like it with whole milk. >> i hook it up with the tiniest bit of agave or sugar. >> so what is matcha? >> matcha is a premium ground green tea powder from japan. >> you can think of it as an espresso of green tea. when you have green tea you are consuming the nutrients from outside of the tea. >> claiming it carries more
7:51 am
antioxidants than blueberries and spinach, it gives a focused energy without the jiter. each serving, 34 milligrams of caffeine. about half an espresso. matcha, which literally means powdered tea, has been used for centuries in traditional japanese gatherings like this one. thought to be the purest form of tea, top ceremonial great matcha can sell for more than $2,000 a pound. according to research by foursquare, in the last two years its mainstream popularity has risen more than 250%, part of a $10 billion industry. the top spot, san francisco. >> the bay area consumes more matcha than anywhere in the world second to japan. >> it's not just lattes, donuts, candy, even ice cream now all bearing that signature green. >> it is reminding you in some
7:52 am
ways of kale. my mom has been cooking green now i'm sauteing kale, trying it different ways. >> that's what this is. people are taking time to learn and be educated on what they're putting into their bodies, whether it be kale or bee pollen or matcha, they're making people feel good. people are trying to figure out ways to incorporate it into their lifestyle. >> a modern approach to an ancient tradition. >> both nutritionists and doctors seem to agree on the benefits of matcha, they have no call lor rece, can stabilize blood pressure and can stop the aging process. >> how much do you have to consume? >> like green tea. a cup of -- >> now can i just really quickly -- >> bitter. >> if you don't like green tea, you won't like it. >> are they coming up with a matcha frap pew chino. >> matcha --
7:53 am
>> oh, my good, it's bitter. >> oh. >> it's like a handful of grass to eat. >> it's healthy. >> starts bad and it gets worse. >> it might be a little more potent. here's the thing. let me say this. it has powder. don't put as much powder. if you want to try it, we have the recipes on >> the rest of the country likes it. >> let's go over to carson. >> try it. >> try it. >> you're not going to like it. >> i wanted to spit at the camera. tastes like tea. be better with billye bailey's. >> in celebration of the 25th anniversary of universal parks, we want the flashback pictures from your family on vacation. yes, the good pictures, the bad pictures and the downright awkward ones. the 25 families with the what
7:54 am
canniest, craziest, most outrageous will have a chance to win a trip for four. ive of the families will win good morning. it is 8:26 on your friday. i'm sam brock. a major hurdle cleared in renaming the waldow tunnel after renowned comedian robin williams. the state assembly unanimously approved the change yesterday. next it goes to the senate transportation committee. the tunnel connects the golden gate bridge to marin county. williams took his own life last august. the idea to rename the tunnel after williams started with an online petition that ended up receiving more than 60,000 signatures. speaking of hurdles you might encounter a few on your way to work. we'll have some hoops to go through. a bridge that you'll drive over. the high-rise.
7:55 am
a slower drive approaching the foster city side for the san mateobridge. that's about the only slower section. high-rise westbound. north bay and routes throughout the south bay moving fairly smoothly. we've had scattered crashes that have cleared quickly because of lighter volume of traffic. castro valley y, a little slowing. we'll have another look at your local news coming up in 25 minutes. in the meantime we'll return you to the "today" show. see you then.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ 8:30 now on this friday mo 24th of april 2015. we are about to round out our best of broadway week with a live performance from "something rotten." and there's the cast right there on stage getting ready. nice to have you along on a friday morning. >> got another big performance out here on monday from global superstar romeo santos. all his videos are hugely
7:59 am
popular on youtube. something like 300 million hits. his concerts sell out. the world's biggest stadiums including yankees stadium twice. he'll be here monday to kick off our special viva "today" week. also ahead this morning, a rare reunion of monty python. that's right. 40 years after the holy grail. >> are you going to be okay? >> i'm still verclemt. and nerd prom is tomorrow. white house correspondents dinner. we'll talk to the host cecily strong about what she has planned. but first the 21st parkinson's unity walk takes place in new york city tomorrow. it is the largest grassroots for parkinson's research. muhammad ali's daughter is here.
8:00 am
a group of walkers here. your dad the great muhammad ali was diagnosed over 30 years ago. so this has impacted your family. how does this walk help other families like yours? >> you know what, this walk, there's a lot of information there. in addition to raising money for research, there's a plethora of information for everything on parkinson's. it's a unity. there's a lot of support out there. occupational therapists, neurologists out there answering questions. it's a great event. >> how's your dad doing? >> he's doing well. he had a couple of infections a few months ago and he's stronger now. he's on the bike working out. hope to see him back at the end of the month. >> this is not just about raising money. it's about building the community of support. >> we have good news about parkinson's. we have a lot of therapies for parkinson's disease. you need to be with the right doctor to give you the cocktail of medicine to get a good
8:01 am
quality of life. and that's a movement disorder specialist. we've got doctors out there answering questions tomorrow. and you're going to be with about 11,000 other people. so very motivating and you're not alone. you've got a lot of support. >> it's a great gathering. >> for people watching right now, how can people get involved? >> you can go to w www.unitywalk.or it's saturday the 25th. >> you can just come out. if you're just seeing this now, just come on out. registration opens at . >> all right. good stuff. thank you very much. great seeing you. >> thank you for hey, good friday morning to you. waking up to clouds this morning with temperatures in the 50s. it's going to be a chilly day across the bay as another storm system slides in and brings the
8:02 am
return of more clouds through the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures this afternoon chilly. 67 for the south bay. peninsula 65. san francisco topping out at 60. the rain arrives this evening with showers for all of us tonight. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks very much. now time for your big reunion with the living members of the iconic comedy team monty python. >> it's been 40 years since the holy grail was released. in many ways it changed the landscape forever. i was magically transported back to the forest where it all took place to live the glory with the monty python group. on american soil reunited for the first time in decades, ladies and gentlemen, in new york for the tribeca film festival celebrating the 40th anniversary of "monty python and the holy grail." here we are. the surviving cast members.
8:03 am
>> hello. >> hi. >> does it feel like it's been 40 years? >> yeah. absolutely. >> exactly 40. >> exactly 40. >> what makes you think she's a witch? >> she turned me into a newt. >> it's going to get easier. >> i have no doubt. got a snort out of you. when you were making this movie back in 1975, did you have any idea it was going to be this enduring classic? >> yes. >> e y. >> you did? you knew that? what was the discussion like? >> oh, no, no, we didn't. >> no, we didn't. >> we didn't. >> hands up for no. >> i thought it was going to be a legendary film and would last
8:04 am
forever. >> why didn't you say so? >> keeping a secret, man. negotiated by money. i have a longer contract than yours. >> here in america you're on pbs stations. you were kind of a cult, as it were. was it a hard sell to get this movie made? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> it was. >> do you know how much it costs? >> how much did the movie cost? >> it cost $400,000. >> if you do not agree to my commands, then i sha- >> the producer rang me up and said we don't have a big budget. would you mind very much sharing your hotel room? i said what the [ bleep ] are you talking about. i'm a film star. imagine that. you go off to make a movie and there's sylvester stallone in the bed.
8:05 am
>> whose idea was the whole coconut bit? >> terry and i wanted to >> 40 years later do people run up to you in the street, say me? ask you. >> most extraordinary thing, 40 years on to remember the stuff. >> me, me, me. >> would you make the same film today? >> no. >> no point. >> no. >> i mean, people have already seen it. >> you're quick. you ought to be a lawyer. >> you've got no arms left. >> yes, i have, look. just a flesh wound. >> look, stop that. >> chicken. >> there's probably going to be a whole new audience that comes to see this. >> yes. >> what do you hope they come away with? >> laughter. >> yes. >> laughter. >> laughter. >> wonderful when they laugh.
8:06 am
>> it has been an honor sitting here talking to you and a lot of fun, i will say this. >> ruining your life as you lie on your death bed. you will remember your moment and think, that is when my life had a flicker of meaning. >> the meaning of life. >> the meaning of life. >> interesting thing is, they are -- they did a reunion concert a couple of years ago. they are talking about maybe doing another one here in america. >> please. please. >> all for that. >> we have to get michael palin to agree with it. >> by the way, he's not that far off. that has to be one of your highlights. >> oh, my gosh, in 1975 when i came out i watched it three times, just the first day it came out. >> up next, snl star sesly strong opens up to savannah about the honor of this weekend's white house correspondent dinner.
8:07 am
8:08 am
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8:09 am
well, we love cecily strong. in just three seasons on "snl," she has made quite an impression. she's best known for playing the girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party. >> wake . we're living in a society with walmart, happy meals, winter olympics. there are babies in china who don't even know they're adults. and it's like, every five minutes another specie >> another species what? >> exactly. >> cecily strong is taking her act to washington, d.c. she has just been chosen to host this year's white house correspondents dinner, aka nerd prom. good morning. >> good morning. >> congratulations. this is a good gig. >> it's a very good gig. >> and maybe like a teeny tiny
8:10 am
bit scary. >> yeah. i've been terrified for -- i was excited at first. then i went right to being terrified. but it had been made public so i couldn't back out. >> it's like the stages of grief. >> yeah. i'm going through the stages. but i'm going back to being excited again. >> is there any real low hanging fruit in terms of targets for jokes? i mean, this is a dinner where it's politicians who get skewered and there's media. anyone who's, like, on your target list? >> you know, no specific person yet. i think there's a lot going on that's easy to make fun of right now. >> does it have you changing for research, are you now reading the economist and stuff like that looking for the material? >> yeah, i'm always reading the economist. ask anyone. no, i think -- i'm working with a lot of the weekend update people too. so there's a great researcher there who pulls a lot of stories. so we're all -- everybody will be up to the last minute writing jokes. >> how did this gig come about? >> so, i got a call -- it was
8:11 am
like a voice mail message from this dad in september and he said, i got a call about the washington, d.c. dinner. and they want you to go. but the way he worded it, i thought he said he'd been invited. and i was like are you going to do a panel there? okay, dad. >> i should mention your dad is in journalism. >> yeah. and then slowly it -- he said i was invited and so it came through him. then it took us about three days or four days to verify that it was a real invitation. >> it's kind of random that the invitation came through your dad. >> truly random. >> and not nbc or "snl." >> that's such a dad mistake too. you know? >> you've been invited to address the president. right dad, sure. >> okay, dad. i'll see you there. >> but it is kind of a notoriously tough room because you have all these per snickty reporters. >> that's all i've heard.
8:12 am
coming from second city and doing a lot of improv, i've had some bad rooms. so that can't really shake me. >> well, then you're in good shape. you're well prepared. cecily, thank you so much. congratulations on the big gig. >> thank you. >> and matt, over to you. >> all right. thanks very much. up next, we're revealing beauty secrets from around the world that can now be used here in the u.s. for example, linda has this amazing new moisturizer. let's try it out. >> oh. ooh, it burns! >> soft as a baby's behind. but first this is "t
8:13 am
8:14 am
all right. we're back with beauty breakthroughs from around the world. linda wells is from allure magazine. we're going to take a journey around the globe. these are now coming to the u.s. >> exactly. everything used to come from paris. and now it's from all over the place.
8:15 am
this is from south korea. and it's made of snails. it's actually so disgusting i'm sorry to tell you this. but snail secretions have a very high amount of hyaluronic acid. that's an ingredient that sucks moisture into the skin. the south koreans were pros in skin care. they have a face mask, a product that you put on when you sleep. and then another moisturizer. and they all have this ingredient. >> what does snail smell like? >> should you call it escargot, would that be better? >> it smells fine. >> we don't know what snails smell like. >> okay. next we have? >> brazil. brazil brought us gisele and also brought us muramura butter. it comes from a palm tree and it's high in fatty acids and it's fused in hair products to get rid of frizz and make it shiny and moist. and lip balms.
8:16 am
>> this is one i've seen in stores. >> it has cocoa and also the muramura company. this is bare essentials lip gloss. >> it's about soothing and moisture. >> exactly. beautiful. >> all right. here we have? >> paris. paris is good for a lot of things still. this is a cleansing water. and the first time i saw this when i was backstage at paris fashion shows and i thought good old french people putting water in a bottle and selling it to us. i thought it was a scam. but it turns out there are things in there that suck the dirt and oil out of the skin without taking the moisture. >> really? >> and so it's great for cleaning your skin and wash your face. >> you put it on a cotton ball so you don't even need a sink. it's for camping. >> let me go camping with my glamour water. >> you get it at different price points.
8:17 am
>> okay. last but not least. >> ireland. so beauty capital of the universe, ireland? it's actually they use more self-tanner per capita than any other country in the world. >> i would not have guessed that. >> the come up with good self-tanners. this has time released dha which means the tan comes a bit slower and lasts longer. then this one is a mousse with caramel color in it. >> i'll take one of everything except the snails. coming up next, a performance from "something rotten" but first this is "today.
8:18 am
8:19 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" br >> all right. we've reached the end of our broadway week and we're going out in style. one of the hottest tickets in town right now, the new musical comedy "something rotten." it's the story of nick and nigel bottom as they try to climb out from under the shadow of a guy named william shakespeare. somehow the team ends up creating the world's very first musical. brian darcy james and john cariani are the bottom brothers. guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> i don't remember shakespeare as a leather clad rock star. did i miss something?
8:20 am
>> yes, an exciting new take. i've done absolutely no research. >> but you look fabulous. what are you going to perform for us this morning? >> we're doing a medley from "something rotten" of a song i sing called "god i hate shakespeare" and "will power" by the man himself. >> ladies and gentlemen, the cast of "something r" ♪ god i hate shakespeare ♪ that's right i said it ♪ i do ♪ i hate shakespeare ♪ i just don't get it how a mediocre actor from a measly little town is the brightest jewel in the crown ♪ ♪ how can you say that because ♪ genius if he's fooling all of you ♪ ♪ he's brilliant ♪ what majesty flows from his pen ♪ ♪ his poetry soars like a violin ♪ ♪ god's own inspiration like
8:21 am
lightning doth strike him and he captures my soul ♪ ♪ jeez you sound just like him ♪ really thanks ♪ and that's another thing i hate shake ♪ ♪ all the twits who talk about shakespeare ♪ ♪ and how they talk about his great accomplishments ♪ ♪ once they start their crushing and there's no stopping and it's blah blah blah shakespeare ♪ ♪ and ta-da shakespeare ♪ will is such a genius and your writing is divine ♪ ♪ such a clever line ♪ and i'm all uh ♪ and i'm sick of it ♪ oh i hate shakespeare ♪ i think by now we know you hate she -- shakespeare ♪ ♪ the way he wears the silly collar around his throat ♪ ♪ make a shorter list and i will give it to you straight ♪
8:22 am
♪ every little thing about shakespeare is what i ha >> ladies and gentlemen, the man who put the i am in. please put your hands together for the one, the only william shakespeare! >> is it good to see me or what? ♪ yeah and they say right away here ♪ ♪ i ignore theed a ration ♪ it's kind of you to say what shall we call it ♪ ♪ will of power ♪ i am the will of the people ♪ let me hear you say now ♪ now ♪ very nice ♪ let me hear you say now is love ♪ ♪ let me hear you do it with
8:23 am
me ♪ ♪ now is the winter ♪ a glorious time ♪ let me hear you say glorious ♪ glorious ♪ now let me hear you say glorious ♪ ♪ it's will power ♪ i am the will with the thrill ♪ ♪ will power ♪ where there's a will there's a way ♪ ♪ will power ♪ will power ♪ will power >> good night! ♪ >> our thanks to the cast of "something rotten." you can catch it at the st. james theater.
8:24 am
we're back after these messages and your l ♪ good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. parents in eastern contra costa county being warned about a suspicious man approaching students. administrators at belshaw elementary school in antioch sent a message to parents, a man driving a red pickup truck yesterday approached a fifth grader twice in an apparent attempt to lure him into the car. the boy ran off to safety on the school grounds. happening today, santa clara
8:25 am
county's task force on the homeless will meet to discuss transitional housing for homeless people and families. the county's homeless population considered one of the highest anywhere in the country. more local news coming up in half an hour. see you then.
8:26 am
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8:28 am
this morning on "today's take" we are pumped buzz ellie kemper is here as our co-host. and shocker. the "grey's anatomy" plot twist that has fans fuming. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's friday morning, april 24th, 2015. we've got a great sized crowd outside but the real story is inside studio 1a. natalie is on assignment, tamron
8:29 am
has the day off. look who joined us. ellie kemper, ladies and gentlemen. >> yeah! >> yes. give it up. >> you remember her from "the office," "bridesmaids." probably the best theme song on television today. >> thank you. i agree. how catchy is it? >> it's the greatest. ♪ >> boy, that's passion. >> wow. by the way, we're going to play a game based off this song a little bit later. >> is that true? that's awesome. >> yeah. >> i thought it was just going to be me lip-synching for a segment. >> we could do that. >> okay. so last time we had you here "unbreakable kimmy" was just rolling out on netflix. we had confidence it was going to be a hit because you were in
8:30 am
it, jane in it. this i think has exploded in a way that i think maybe even you didn't expect. >> well, that's kind of you. i am thrilled to hear and see that a lot of people are watching it. i think a lot of people are enjoying it. i think it's being on netflix and people are able to binge watch it is helping a lot. you know, it's a really bright show. it's lifting. so i'm happy people are responding well. >> i think that's what it is. i think the fact that there's something that could have ruined most people's lives. your character has just this sunshine. >> absolutely. and a resilience and tenacity i find inspiring just playing this character. so it's good. i'm glad the theme is resonating. >> if you haven't seen it, check it out on netflix. >> it was interesting because you were on our show years ago when "the office" was on and you first started. but you had auditioned for "parks and rec". >> i did. know the story, willie. >> know the story. >> do your homework, geist.
8:31 am
>> tell your grandchildren the story of ellie auditioning and not getting a part. that's how i first met those guys. but i auditioned, i wasn't really aware it was for "parks and rec." i went in and read a scene with them and i was called a few weeks later and said i didn't get the part. i said i didn't know i was auditioning for a part. >> reading lines with strange people. >> just walk around reading to people. >> i don't know. it was an acting exercise? i don't know. >> speaking of acting exercises, is it true you took an improv class and your teacher was jon hamm? >> that is 100% true. he went to our high school and then he came back after college and he taught there for a year. isn't that just one of those -- >> that's amazing. >> -- thank you life moments. and here i am. >> comes full circle. a couple other things people may not know about you, they know
8:32 am
about "the office," "bridesmaids." graduated from princeton with a degree in english and then went to oxford? smarty pants. >> i am so fluent in english. you could not imagine. >> did you develop an english accent? >> oh. okay. >> i don't think that's how it works. >> no. i only wish it did work that way. i should not say this, but i'm terrible at accents. >> really? >> yes. i am. >> let's hear your british accent. >> good morning america and welcome to the "today" show. >> first of all, don't use that -- >> forget it. good morning, usa. >> oliver twist, you'll be fantast fantastic. >> did you have trouble sleeping last night. >> i was so nervous for this. >> really? >> yes. you are very intimidating. it was one of those nights where i was awake every hour on the hour. bad news.
8:33 am
>> we thought we heard this so we want to help you. >> thank you. >> we want to give you some tips. britain's daily mail which is of course our bible here for our producers. our producers, if it's in the daily mail, boom. done. all right. they have a list of 20 surprising ways to get a better night's sleep. our favorites, sleep naked. okay. clothing heats you up too much. >> well, that's true. >> i guess i could see that. >> turn the clock around. because you don't want to embarrass the clock because you're naked. no. >> look away. >> you're less likely to count how many hours of sleep you have left. >> that's totally true. when you agonize. >> eat a banana. it contains melatonin. >> it does? >> it's in the daily mail! >> it must be true. >> for the love of gosh. and then another one i do. spray some lavender on your pillow. >> al roker sprays lavender? >> yes, i do. >> this is my favorite fun fact.
8:34 am
>> it slows your heart rate down. i have a little mister. >> and you spray it on your pillow. >> actually, i make lavender salts for the bath. i put in just a little eucalyptus. just a touch. i take a soak and then before bed i spray a little lavender. >> is all of this true? >> it is all true. >> i treasure this. this is wonderful. >> then the last one, write down your worries. they help alleviate pressure and anxiety. >> write your worries? no. i'm just going to do the lavender. >> i think that sounds great. >> because it's in the daily mail. >> it's true. >> ellie, did you hear about the mcdreamy thing last night? >> i did. so there was a "grey's anatomy" big shocker last night. mcshocker. they killed off dr. mcdreamy. >> what? >> dempsey is alive.
8:35 am
his character is dead. >> that's good. >> that's insane. >> was he unhappy? why'd they kill him off? >> he got back in his car and we have a clip of what went down. it's not ideal. >> oh, my gosh. ♪ [ phone ringing ] >> whoa! wow! i didn't see that coming! >> why did you do that? >> wake up this morning. >> wow. >> nobody saw that coming. fans are up in arms, i think. >> i bet his agent's up in arms. >> exactly.
8:36 am
but he was signed on to do another season, i believe. >> could he come back in flashbacks? or ghost. >> he's been on the air for like 42 years. he's been on every one of those years. >> you wouldn't see that coming. but he's gone, guys. >> do you have other favorite tv surprise moments? >> you know, this isn't a surprise, but i was on "the office" and when steve carell left, that was very sad to me. it was very upsetting. it's sad because you feel like you start to know -- oh, look. there we are. that's very sad. but you feel like you start to know characters. so when they leave -- >> you guys had such a great relationship. >> i liked that father/daughter sort of taking care of you kind of dynamic. >> what was yours? >> i think i had the "sopranos" finale. a bit of a cliche but it went to black. >> did you like it? >> i did like it. how about you? >> i was not crazy, but
8:37 am
"seinfeld." the finale, i -- it just left me a little -- i don't know if there's any way they could have ended it that i would have been satisfied. >> nobody wanted it to end. >> that was the point. >> that's the problem. all right. okay. >> we have a game called name that tune. to help us play, ladies and gentlemen bring in jane krakowski. >> great entrance. >> how are you? >> hello. please have a seat. >> yea. i was just crying with the mcshocker. it really got me. >> are those real tears. >> i've never watched "grey's anatomy," but i was really sad about it. >> you're a great actor. >> we're playing the game name that tv tune. let's hear the "unbreakable kimmy" theme. ♪
8:38 am
>> jeff richmond, amazing. >> okay. we're going to play a game. we're going to see if you can recognize it. okay. number one. >> gilligan's island. >> very good. number two. >> saved by the bell. >> excellent. >> i did know that one. >> all right. these guys are good. number three. ellie, get in the game. >> go. >> wait, i didn't hear it. >> fresh prince. >> yes. this may be tricky. number four. >> the addams family. >> very good. >> and you're right. i'm not old enough. no way. >> reruns. >> i googled it. >> number five. >> golden girls.
8:39 am
>> all right. >> okay. here's the last one. here we go. number six. >> twin peaks? >> no. play it again. >> knot's landing? >> kimmy? i like i keep saying kimmy. >> i know. i'm in character. >> i know. it's the theme song to the end of my career. >> where everybody knows. >> no, it's not cheers. the three most unknown notes of that song. ♪ you want to know where people all know your name ♪ ♪ you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ >> well, we know the name of the city that's going to be under the gun today. dallas. showers, thunderstorms, tornadoes possible. we are watching this system develop so we have got the risk of severe weather today. we've also got an enhanced risk
8:40 am
from dallas to austin, also much of kansas. 34 people people at risk. tonight we continue, the risk of strong storms from austin, brownsville, all the way up into des moines. tuscaloosa and nashville. and the risk continues tomorrow. look at this. we've got from little rock, nashville, chattanooga, atlanta. 47 million people at risk for severe weather. we will be tracking it. make sure you check the weather channel on cable, that's what's going on arou good friday morning. i'm anthony slaughter. we're tracking a storm system expected to arrive later on this afternoon and evening. for most of us today we'll be dry but the storm system moves in around 9:00 this evening. showers for tomorrow morning and then we'll see sunshine as we head towards sunday. the rain arrives tomorrow and then sunday it will be nice and bright, temperatures back into the 70s. monday expect temperatures in the 80s for south bay.
8:41 am
>> and that's your latest weather. weather. up next, more with jane ybetter choices, jane! farewell, cookie dough ice cream. what's that you're drinking? it's trop50 with calcium. it has delicious new taste and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. it can't taste this good read the label ...and have 50% less calories? exactly. now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50 calcium. new taste so good you won't believe it has 50% less calories. thank yoand my daddy. sailor, thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended
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8:44 am
and then on "30 rock." >> so now on the new netflix comedy, jane plays jacqueline vo vorhies. >> i know you're going through a tough time and it's making me want to stress eat. so if you could do it for me while i watch, that would be so thank you. >> oh. >> excellent. eat your shame. now cry. take another bite, suck your thumb, and cry. >> jane krakowski, it's so good to see you. >> welcome. >> we're going to be repeating that. >> my golly. what is it like playing this character opposite of somebody
8:45 am
who is so upbeat -- >> happy and sunshine? it's delicious. she's the happiest girl and like the sweetest ray of sunshine every day to work with. i love working with her. >> not true, jane. anyway. >> we clicked really well immediately. >> yes. >> it was a lucky chemistry blessing that we get to work together. and people streamed our show and it got such nice notices. it's been an amazing experience. a new experience for us to be streamed on netflix. >> yes. >> doesn't sound right when you say it like that. >> someone's streaming me right now. >> there must be a darkness here, though, for all the effervescence and beauty here. where's the dark in her soul? >> in real life. oh. >> jane, tell the secrets. >> you know what's really funny? when our show premiered and everyone was sort of like texting each other and writing each other saying people are responding well. ellie is this new -- not new
8:46 am
because she's been on a hit show and one of the biggest female box office hits of all time "bridesmaids," but she was a sensati sensation. i said how are you doing this is amazing, this reaction. she goes, jane, i'm in the criminal justice center in los angeles serving jury duty. >> i was. >> i thought this is -- stars are people too you guys. >> and then i made the dorkiest joke ever. i go, i'm the urban juror. >> which you have to be a loyal fact of "30 rock" to know that joke. >> how well do you know each other? >> two truths and a lie. >> all right. let me start off. these are statements about jane that i'm going to read to you, ellie. >> and i decide -- >> you decide which one is a lie. okay. at the age of 13, jane was the police lookout while her father did magic on the streets of new york city. and then jane would collect the money in a hat.
8:47 am
that's one. >> oh, that's adorable. >> number two. jane has never eaten a big mac. number three. after making her broadway debut in "star light express," jane joined a competitive roller derby team. which of those is not true? >> those are hard. those are good ones. the one that is -- okay. the one that is not true -- you know what? jane, you're very healthy, but you like to enjoy life. so i bet, i could see that you have eaten a big mac. so i think you have not eaten a big mac, i think that's the lie. >> i have never eaten a big mac. but mostly just because the town we grew up in only had a burger king. so i have eaten a whopper. >> so what was the lie? >> the lie is that i joined a
8:48 am
competitive roller derby team. but i was the police lookout for my father doing magic on the street. and collected cash in a hat. >> you need to write a story about that. adorable. >> now questions for ellie. when she started she did commercials including a kmart spot. ellie once swam the hudson river. she wet her pants after sitting on a lap on kimmy's. >> the third one was true, because, well. i'm going to say the lie is the k mart commercial with a tarantula. >> and here's the commercial. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. the acting. oh, the acting. >> and here we have one. >> my gosh, you guys. is that alive? >> it's alive.
8:49 am
>> you guys. i was bragging about how brave i was. >> it's a reunion show. >> this was your costar in the commercial. jane's going to be sticking around. because we're literally rolling in dough with a twist. wait until you see what it is. oh, i guess we gave it away! pretze
8:50 am
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8:52 am
making. >> i'm going to show you how to roll pretzels competitively. but this weekend you'll get free pretzels at pretzel maker stores. three simple steps. first thing to do, bring it up, make an "x." >> okay. got it. >> next step, grab the ends. left becomes right, right becomes left. twice it over. next step, grab the top, bring it down, give it a hard push into the bottom. the heat of competition, rarely pretty. >> no. >> and that's it. you can pick it up from the bottom like this and put it on the tray. and you've got one pretzel that we're going to count for your competition. >> it's so beautiful. >> double twist is right. >> we're not going a competition. >> very nicely done. >> so far i'm actually going to have to go with -- you know
8:53 am
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this system deeply nourishes curls, to quench dryness for four times more defined natural curls. new dove quench absolute. good morning. it's 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. masked gunmen stormed a grocery store saturday night terrifying employees and customers. customers called 911 as the whole thing was going down. the gunmen took cash from the regesteres and ran to a getaway car outside. police are examining surveillance video for clues. remember the horrific scene in fresno last month where a firefighter plunged through the roof of a fire below. that fire now being called arsson. they arrested the woman who lived a the home who admits to setting the fire.
8:55 am
the injured firefighter is still hospitaled and recovering slowly. the u.s.a. fans credit it for aiming to encourage creativity and recognizing new technology in the film industry. the napa valley film festival also finished in the top ten. a look at weather and traffic after the break.
8:56 am
cine. hip friday morning to you. we're looking at clouds clearing across the bay area. temperatures pretty mild right now. in the 50s for the most part. throughout the day more clouds will increase because another storm system and on our heels. expect rain across the north bay this evening. everybody will see the rain overnight. in the meantime temperatures back into the mid to upper 60s today. cool enough for a light jacket. cooler than it's been over the last couple of days.
8:57 am
some of the breeze is shaking the camera. it shows traffic moving plas high street. 880 as well as westbound 580 slow. there is a crash on the shoulder and blocking one lane at fruitville. that's about the worst of it heading through the bay bridge. this crash is blocking one lane westbound 180 before the richmond blend with the richmond bridge. it is friday, of course. smooth getting into the city. van ness still closed between alice and pine through the weekend. we have more local news coming up for you in about a half hour. see you then. looking for one of these?
8:58 am
yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. taking a look at headlines this morning. more than a dozen people were injured thursday night when the stage at an indiana high school collapsed into the orchestra pit below. the accident was caught on camera by several people in the audience. the school's human resources says classes will go on as scheduled today. there's another listeria scare leading to a big ice cream recall. the recall involves jenny's splendid ice creams, frozen yogurts, sorbets and ice cream sandwiches after contamination was found in one random sample. the company has also closed down all ice cream shops for the time being. a new study finds more than half of all foods advertised to children do not meet government guide lines for nutrition. researchers at the university of illinois chicago looked at more than 400 foods commonly
8:59 am
advertised to kids. of those foods, 23% of them exceeded the recommended limit for saturated fat, and 32% surpassed the limit for sugar. drexel university in philadelphia is apologizing for toying with the emotions of some young college applicants. here's what happened. the university sent e-mails to hundreds of applicants who previously had been denied admission, congratulating them on getting in. but it was all a mistake. drexel says the follow-up e-mails were intended only for students who had been admitted. now let's bring al into the picture here. >> ooh, that's -- >> for a look at the weather, man. >> maybe try happy friday. we're looking at clouds in san francisco. they're clearing out. as we head through the rest of the day more clouds are streaming back in. a storm system will bring rain for the entire bay area. the knorr will see it first around sun set. same for san francisco. through the overnight hours
9:00 am
everybody will she the shower activity. high only in the mid 60s today. through sunday temperatures back up into the 70s. more monday 80s for the south bay and mid 60s for san francisco. polyp if you hahaven't seen "furious race to theaters because "furious 8" is right behind it. >> plus, a sneak peek. >> it's time to punch your ticket to hollywood with the executive editor of "entertainment weekly." good to see you! >> good to see you. >> vin diesel announced yesterday the next chapter already, even in the midst of right now "fast & furious 7" success, we're looking at number eight. >> that's right. "furious 7" crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide just last week, so it's no surprise that there's going to be a sequel. vin diesel announced that "furious 8" will be coming in 2017. he got all emotional when he announced it. he was thanking the theater owners for their support. so, you can expect more car
9:01 am
rides and car crashes. >> wow, that's crazy. all right, another classic that i think people are really excited about, the live-action disney's "beauty and the beast." >> are you excited for this one? >> i am. i love that musical! yes. >> oh, my. ♪ be our guest, be our guest >> recast. >> i think you should be cast. >> ewan mcgregor? >> that's right. reportedly, ewan mcgregor is in talks and saline tucci will be the new character, cadenza. we know that emma watson and dan johnson are already on board to play beauty and the beast. >> i guess josh gad instagramed a shot of he and some of the cast members together, right? >> that's right. >> we know he's pumped. >> he's going to be lafu. >> going to be good. let's check out the photo of the week. we've got a couple of them. some folks have a hard time guessing which actor this is -- well, not really. we know who that one is. this one. >> i guess we gave that one away. >> johnny depp doing whitey duelinger, huh?
9:02 am
>> that's right. johnny depp transformed himself to play whitey bulger, the notorious boston crime boss for "black mask," which will be out this september. we had the exclusive talks with the director who said it was amazing to watch johnny kind of really just change himself for this role. >> i read that a lot of people recognized him on set, and i thought -- as whitey bulger, like they recognized him personally. i was like, why did so many people know whitey bulger personally? >> and admit to it. >> by the way, the trailer that came out today is eerie. you're already scared based on the trailer. >> i'm really looking forward to it. >> is this the latest installment of "pirates"? >> that's right. so, "pirates 5" is on its way. you know, production had been halted in march when johnny had a hand injury, but jerry bruckheimer just tweeted this photo, so it looks like we are on board, ready to go for the next "pirates" to come out next year. >> all right. >> cool. all right, our tweet of the week. we have to thank "iron man" for this one and a kid named aiden ellis. tell us about this story. >> this is such a sweet story.
9:03 am
so, aiden ellis's mom tweeted a photo of her son, who had an injury on his cheek, to robert downey jr., said my son's having a terrible week, you know, if you have anything to say to him, it would really help. and robert just got right in there. he asked what happened. he gave aiden some advice. aidan took over his mom's twitter account to write back and say, you just made my life. this is just a really sweet exchange. >> i love that. tell me everything. he writes to a kid he doesn't know. that's cool. >> using your power for good. that's nice. >> another reason why we love robert downey jr. okay, we have a sneak peek here, another universal film "pitch perfect 2" due in may. grammy nominee jessie j. dropped her music video. it's called "flashlight," and we've got a sneak peek. take a look. ♪
9:04 am
>> we're already watching that. >> we're in. we're in. adrenaline pumping through my body. >> we have to wait until may 15th for the movie to come out, but "flashlight" is one of the things we're excited about for the sequel. a lot of the main cast is back. haley steinfeld is joining and there should be some great mash-ups and other music. >> i loved the first one. i'm so excited for the second one. >> very cool. meetha, thanks so much. good to see you. up next, emmy rauson who stars in "shameless" is being honored for her work off the screen. we'll talk to her and "lucky magazine" editor eva chen. they've both been named sheroes. we'll explain, next. the taste of light and fit greek non fat yogurt gives you the power to help make temptation shrink away! light and fit greek. with irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying!
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9:09 am
wonder woman, we take nothing away from those heroes, but this morning, we're more interested in some real-life sheroes. >> they are females who inspire girls by breaking boundaries. >> and two of them are being honored today by mattel at the variety power of women luncheon. "shameless" star emmy rossum and "lucky" magazine editor in chief eva chen. good to see both of you ladies. >> good morning, ladies! >> and congratulations sdprks. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> that is fabulous. in a society where we are quick to point out celebrities and things that go wrong, it has to be somewhat refreshing to be honored for something positive. >> that hasn't gone wrong. >> exactly. >> yes. >> positive. >> yes, it does. it's lovely. and to be recognized as a positive influencers of young women and for our charitable efforts as well, it feels really nice. >> it's great to be living in a moment where women can feel empowered and share that message of you should pursue your dreams and chase after them, really. >> what is your definition of a female hero, would you say? >> i like to stress individuality, not conformity,
9:10 am
to be yourself, to listen to your instincts and, you know to believe in the possibility that you're great. >> yep. >> good. >> to, you know, not be afraid to be outspoken and to kind of take your own path and feel like you can do your own thing and not feel like you have to stick to any one thing because people are telling you to. >> yep. very powerful message. >> there's a nice bonus in all this, you get your own barbie doll. there's emmy and there's eva, together. isn't that amazing? did you ever think in your wildest dreams you'd have your own barbie doll? >> never. >> it is a huge out-of-body experience. >> literally. >> when we saw it this morning, we were both like, oh, my gosh. it's kind of creepy, kind of amazing. it's awesome. >> it's really a dream. >> it's for a good cause, too. >> it does. they're going to be auctioned off for charity, which will be great. >> so, emmy, talk about the cause that brought you this recognition. i know animals are very important to you, among many other causes. >> yeah. i work with the best friends animal society and i have a menagerie of animals that i foster and adopted in my home as well as, you know, promoting adoption and rescue and adopt on
9:11 am
shop. so, they're a wonderful organization and i'm proud of that. >> and eva, you've been breaking ground, too. you were the youngest appointed female editor in chief of a national fashion magazine, "lucky." at what age do you earn that title? >> ooh, i don't even remember. i guess that makes me old now. i think 33. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh! she's slowly, slowly taking over the world. >> i have baby brain. so, i'm like, i think i was 33. it's just -- >> if she can do all that and have a baby and run a magazine and be charitable. my shero. >> and one of the things i think young people, men and women, can learn -- you applied for 20 internships. >> yes. >> before getting one. >> yes. i basically applied to every internship at any company i had heard of. i believe i applied for an internship here as well. >> is that right? >> don't know if i got -- >> guys? >> what's up with that, guys? >> i hope i get a letter later in the mail. >> maybe al black-balled you. >> why would you say me and
9:12 am
black-balled? >> whoa! >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> taking it to a bad place. >> couldn't help it. >> takes it to a bad place. what's your recommendation, your suggestion for young women out there who say i want to be you when you grow up? >> first of all, i think the best thing to be is yourself. i'm sure you hear that all the time, how can i be, like fill in the blank. it's an important message for women. it takes time to realize that the best person to be is yourself, really. i think it's a process of discovering your own voice. and the more you practice, whether it's writing, singing, whether it's acting, the better you'll get. so, don't be scared if it takes some patience and time to get there, i think. >> and i'm really happy you're in charge of the magazine. that's good. >> thank you. >> i like you at the helm. >> thank you. >> eva chen and emmy rossum. interesting -- >> what's the line? >> back to the fuchsia! >> perfect! >> we didn't plan that. >> we didn't plan it. coming up next, i'm going to show you one of the easiest ways to cook.
9:13 am
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so bake cookies with someone you love. and country crock's fresh, buttery taste and smooth, creamy texture means your cookies will turn out just the way you like 'em... extra soft... ... and extra special. welcome to crock country. >> announcer: "in the kitchen with al" is brought to you by country crock. welcome to crock country, where good habits are delicious. >> we're so excited to be cooking with al. and i hear we're making breakfast, lunch and dessert in muffin tins. >> yes! i started doing -- yes, in muffin tins. i started kind of a one-pot kind of idea, only small individuals -- >> yes. >> -- because my kids running in
9:18 am
and out, trying to eat. so, first we're going to do -- ooh, look at that. how romantic. >> what's this soap opera playing out before our own eyes. >> we're doing some omelet activity. we basically take some butter and brush the inside. i'm using a small muffin tin for this. would you whisk the eggs? >> yeah, i'll get on this side of you. >> and just sprinkle in some parmesan cheese. like that. you sprinkle it, just kind of coat the pan. while you're whisking, i've caramelized some onion. >> oh, yum. so delicious. >> also going to take any kind of vegetables you've got, whatever you like -- >> the service at this restaurant is terrible. >> all that stuff. and you throw that in. whoo, look at that! >> all right! >> then you saute this up a little bit, cook it down a bit. that's enough whisk. >> i know, i'm going crazy! there's still some yolk. okay, fine. >> then you put some of the vegetables in here together, along with some cheese. >> you make this look very easy, i must say. >> then you whisk it together. then you're going to ladle this into the muffin tin. >> okay.
9:19 am
oh, perfect. well, this is great also for portion control, for snacks -- >> exactly. then you put that in the oven about 350, comes out like this, and there you just pop them out. >> oh, my gosh! delicious! >> mm-hmm. >> that's very doable. >> jane, catch! only kidding. okay, now, we're going to make cobb salad with bacon cups. >> what? you can't do that. >> yes. so -- >> the bacon is the shell. >> use jumbo muffin tins. cut them to 7-inch strips and layer them in like that. then you criss-cross them. you criss-cross them, okay? >> the timing was off. the timing was off. >> then right through the center, okay? >> okay. >> then you take some nonstick spray. a second muffin tin, all right? >> i haven't see that. >> you put this on top and put it in the oven, okay? bake this at about 350. it will come out and you let it cool. >> yep. >> you then drain the grease and you'll have a cooked muffin -- a cooked bacon cup like this. and then you just take some
9:20 am
avocado, some lettuce -- >> oh, my gosh. >> some chicken. a little of that, some egg. then you've got a cobb salad, boom! >> oh, my goodness. >> then finally, this is a blondie recipe, adapted from our friends at "cooks illustrated." and instead of using cupcake dough, just put it in like this. >> this is very tantalizing. >> then you bake at about 350. the recipe is on our website. of course, you could do like i like to do and just take the cookie dough. forget about the muffins. there you go. >> all right. i'm not in charge if you get sick. >> there you go. >> the recipe's of course at how did you guys like it? >> it was delicious. >> speechless. >> wasn't it? >> please, can we have our check, please? >> thank you so much. >> great date. it was a tender date. that went really well. >> it's tinder. >> actually went on tinder. >> okay, 9:52, that's when it
9:21 am
all went definitely wrong. this is "today" on nbc. >> tinder. meredith vieira show.
9:22 am
9:23 am
♪ our good buddy, erica hill, is here with a preview of what's on "weekend today." >> hello, good buddy. >> dear friend of mine, erica hill. >> wow! what did i walk in on? here's what we have coming up this weekend. if you wish you could be a kid again, and who doesn't? how about adult preschool? yeah, finger-painting, play-doh. it happens in brooklyn, which for people in new york, you may not be surprised about, but it's sort of a hipster thing. dylan went to check it out. >> okay. >> we'll fill you in this weekend. people are paying for this, by the way. >> we'll wait and see. >> would you like a blondie in a cup? >> i would. >> how did you fair in your pretzel competition? >> i am now the knighted champion. good-bye, thank you! >> thank
9:24 am
cine. good morning. it is 9:56. i'm kris san chefrn. one of francisco' major traffic arteries blocked in both directions. traffic on van ness is closed from now through midnight sunday
9:25 am
between ellis and pine. the new california pacific medical center is building a pedestrian tunnel. the only vehicles being allowed through are commuter buses. warriors fans at oakland's tribune tavern went nuts fre steph curry hit a three-pointer against the new orleans pelicans that sent last night's game into overtime. the warriors then won, taking a commanding 3-0 lead over their first-round playoff series. golden state was down 20 points to start the fourth quarter, believe it or not. let's take a look ott our weather forecast with meteorologist anthon slaughter. when i told the news room we had rain it was like the three-point shot. tracking some rain. you can see it coming from in the coastline. cloud cover is starting to build. as we head through the day more clouds will stream on in. temperatures are comfortable today. 60 in san francisco. 69 for the north bay and mid 60s
9:26 am
for the tri-valley, peninsula and south bay. remember, showers arrive today, widespread tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. let's talk to mike and see how the traveling looks right now. oakland. that's going very well. a crazy slow down but we'll show you that traffic has improved a lot. westbound 580 as well as antibody 880. one lane blocked west bound 880. still one lane blocked. biggest slow down for the rest of the bay. looking at a light friday commute. north of 92 no problems. south into the silicon valley north 10 # with slowing. more locing news we're looking on for you in half an hour.
9:27 am
9:28 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> oh, yes. >> i thought it was -- ♪ i hear laughter in the rain >> it wasn't that. >> sounded like it. >> didn't it? >> it sure did. >> thought it was our friend neil who is a crime it's not in the song -- in the rock and roll mauc hall of fame. what is today? >> try day friday. april 24th. >> guess who is here? ♪ lou manfredini
9:29 am
>> one of the top chefs gavin caisson is here to lighten things up in the kitchen using seasonal fresh ingredients. >> and bobbie thomas is buzzing with cute carry alls for your phone, sunglasses. even bambino and blake. these you have to see to believe. >> we're giving it away every friday, stick around to see if your name is called. >> every day a certain day but today extra special. >> what's happening if. >> today is world penguin day. >> can you believe it? >> it's saturday the 25th. we decided to bring in a visitor from the adventure aquarium, african blackfooted penguin named liberty. >> jennifer duffy is here with us. >> hello. >> how is liberty doing? >> liberty is doing great. lots of lights and different things he's not used to seeing. that's okay. he actually is one of our real stable birds, which is why he was our chosen bird. >> you picture penguins being in cold temperatures and jersey has been cold this winter but not so
9:30 am
much. >> compared to the antarctic or arctic. >> this is an african or blackfooted penguin found on the southern coast of africa. of the 17 types of penguins you'll find in the world there's only two that live in antarctica all year-round. >> how does he like it here? >> new york is perfect. >> really? >> new york is great. he prefers the beach and sunshine and warm weather. so new york in the summertime is great. >> only one mate? >> they are monogamous. >> good for you. >> whether or not he's with that particular female forever -- >> that's what monogamous means. >> he only has one at a time at least. >> that's -- >> you know what -- >> monogamous. >> thank you so much for bringing that. >> liberty. >> everybody loves penguins. >> thank you for sharing. thank you very much. have a great one. >> you're welcome. bye-bye. >> all right. so this is interesting. this is maddening. >> okay. >> so there are some parents, and we don't know if it's all
9:31 am
the way true but we're going to say it is, they apparently the parents wrote a demanding e-mail for their son's first birthday. >> first. >> a lot of trouble down the road let me tell you. >> they sent a note out to people invited to the party making rules. again, this comes from redit and these are claims. we don't know if it's true. they made a list of what the baby wants. the baby wants. >> a water table. >> and what else does the baby want? >> play time. >> and what else? >> play tents. >> and what else? >> a cheerios book. >> don't give us any other books, these people say, because, quote. >> baby hates when we try to read to him. >> they demand you include a gift receipt because they want to make sure they get the full amount of the munt back when they return the gifts. >> they say, if you are unable to get these items let us know so we can buy them right away for him. >> okay. >> anyway -- >> this is upsetting on so many levels it makes me think it can't be -- how do these people have friends? >> i don't know.
9:32 am
>> and family? i wouldn't put up with that behavior for five seconds with a family member or friend, would you? >> no. i am the kind of person who when anyone gives me a gift, whatever it is, it could be this card, it could -- oh, no. it -- >> we're going to tell you what that is in a minute. let me tell you something, the only thing you will remember from our show today -- >> is this number. >> that little number. that's it. of all the things we'll discuss that is going to be the only thing you remember. don't ask why. we're going to explain it. >> okay. >> okay. >> oh, lord. we would love to know what you think of such a thing. >> one thing to have lists for when getting married. >> it's called a registry for a reason. these are the things we would like to have. but we would be so honored if you give us anything, we would be gracious and grateful. >> yeah. >> manners go? >> they've gone out the window. hold on to your wallet. >> save the wine. >> we know it's people have been cooped up and cold for so long. >> yes. >> we have a list of the top beaches, all right, according to
9:33 am
trip adviser. >> we will count down the top five. beach boys, let's do it. ko tao, thailand. 300 days. okay. we have beach balls. here you go. >> i love this place. ever been toen san tore rineny greece. black beaches and colorful homes. i don't know where this is. roatan honduras. >>s loads of activities. zip line, deep sea fish, lots -- maui. >> bamboo forest, waterfalls and 70 degree temperatures. >> number one. >> is? >> the picture of this, it is -- >> don't rec the pink thing. provideciales, turks and caicos. i've never been and everybody that comes back says oh, my gosh, you will not believe how gorgeous. you worked up a thirst. >> i was thirsty. >> does anybody know what this
9:34 am
is? yeah. this number. i'm sure you have all kinds of guesses about what this is. but hoda would like to tell you what it is. >> i'm not telling. you're telling. >> i have noed need so you tell everybody what it is. >> when it is that time of the month there is -- you usually use things from the drug store and sometimes they have plastic around them et cetera. this one is called a menstrual cup. you insert it -- >> all right. >> like you would a tam upon. >> all right. >> you asked what it is. then it's like a cup. and. >> you can walk around with it apparently tore ten hours before cleaning it. after you retrieve it and then you get to wash it. with hot water and mild soap. >> by the way, we thought this was a ridiculous thing until emily, one of our producers said
9:35 am
didn't you watch the show "younger" hilary duff talks about it. >> what's a goddess cup? >> like a menstrual thing, like a tampon but eco-friendly. sits inside your stuff -- >> like a diaphragm? >> what's a diaphragm? >> i can't. i have to go. >> generational thing right there. yep. she's pretending to be a 20 something back in school. so that's why, yeah -- >> didn't know what it was. >> this is called a lily cup. it's paid of reusable medical-grade silicone. it lasts 12 hours. >> 12. we were told -- >> lily cup compact only lasts 10. all right. anyway -- >> another reason to look forward to being post-menopausal. there you go. nothing good about it? yes, there is. >> imagine it's one thing in the privacy of your own home but people go out, people go to concerts, you know what i mean. you're out. change things out. anyway, there you have it.
9:36 am
>> okay. >> move it over there. >> you know, we need -- >> what? >> friday funny no what do you got? >> okay. hoda, what did the great say when he was pinched? >> what did he say? nothing. he gave a little wine. why did the elephants get kicked out of the public pool? >> why? >> they kept dropping their trunks. hoda. >> yes. >> why are horses always so fit? >> i don't know. >> because they're on a stable diet. hoda. >> yes. >> where does a sheep go for a hair cut? >> where? >> to the ba-ber shop. >> i can hear the screams around america. thank goodness that's it. >> we want you to feel good at the end of our chat. here it is, our aww moment of the week. all right. these are tiger triplets, born at the columbus zoo and aquarium. in an incubator because they're so little, 2 1/2 pounds. >> their mother didn't care for them. >> oh. >> they're known as siberian
9:37 am
tigers and are critically endangered with only about 400 left in the wild. so important that they save these. aren't they precious. >> so cute. >> less than 150 of these tigers in captivity. >> oh, my god. that's unbelievable. >> shame on that mother. >> she left them. >> earth day, green toys. >> here they are. >> created an entire line of toys out of recycled plastic milk jug. this company has used 25 million recycled cartons diverted over 3 millions pounds of waste. the tea set 27.99 and truck and the sand play set 21.99. >> the watering can a bargain at 16.99. >> almost here, you need help making healthy habits a part of your lifestyle. >> go to and ask biggest loser trainer bob harper your questions. watch your wine. >> save the wine. >> all right. if you want something fresh and easy and who doesn't, going to want to see this rock star chef
9:38 am
is cooking up for us. >> what's he cooking up? >> not sure. >> one of our best prizes sure. could be yours. take it away donna adorable when we give it away to five lucky people. first these messages. >> all right.
9:39 am
9:40 am
you love our greatest, now try our latest. olive garden's irresistible duos. our most craveable classics like chicken parmigiana, paired with new tastes to explore, plus salad and breadsticks. four all new duos, starting at just $11.99. at olive garden.
9:41 am
with the winter behind us we're trading in the heavy comfort food dishes for the fresh herbs and vegetables of spring. >> we're going to lighten things up with a couple seasonal dishes from the executive chef and owner of spoon and table in
9:42 am
minneapolis, our friend, gavin caisson. >> hello. >> welcome back. >> lead story. >> lead story. >> come on. >> you deserve to be. >> cooking. >> what do you got for us today? >> we're going to do a couple things. now that spring is kind of here. >> okay. >> right, we're going to do bacon wrapped monkfish. this is the monkfish here. all right. it's a beautiful fish that we love to get so we use this in minneapolis all the time. we will season it with a little bit of salt and then just wrap it up. >> regular bacon? >> applewood smoked bacon. >> does it matter? >> it doesn't matter. >> has flavor in it. >> you can wrap a lot of things in bacon and you will be fine. >> exactly. >> what you doing? >> take it, it's tied. >> like a hot dog. >> poach the hot dog, right. >> what? >> and the plastic doesn't melt? >> it doesn't melt. when you buy plastic wrap that is safe for a restaurant it will not melt when it's -- >> is that the kind we get in the drug store or no? >> yeah. it will work. >> never saw that. >> let it poach about five or six minutes.
9:43 am
what that helps do is cooks the bacon which the monkfish. >> all the flavor in it. >> okay. >> this is it when it's done. it's out. >> show us. >> take it out and blot it here. >> blot that baby. >> blot that. now we're going to put some oil in. >> regular olive oil. >> olive oil. >> start to seer it. >> the whole thing. >> watch your hair. >> i like the sizzle. >> exactly. >> and then add some garlic. add thyme, butter, and just going to let that cook down. >> like that. >> seer all sides of it. you have to understand since we've poached it it's basically cooked a little bit. >> for the bacon, right. >> this helps render out the bacon. a lot of seasonal menus. we've been open for six months and so we've gone through two menus basically. started out in early winter and rolling to the spring section. >> do you have a favorite season? is it end of summer? >> i love the spring. i love the peas and radishes and
9:44 am
carrots, all of that. the tomatoes are great, but to have all these vegetables is so -- >> i love to see them laid out like that. so pretty. >> artisanal. >> yes. >> so now what? >> now we will finish with a little bit of sauce. this is one of my favorite sauces to do, a salsa verde. tarragon, parsley and lemon zest in a bowl. the point being very simple i have two kids at home, i need to make a sauce, this is what i'm -- this is my go to. >> do they have pretty sophisticated palates. >> homemade pasta and it will not be out of the box and al dente. >> oh, no. >> i'm kidding. >> when i gave my son a tour of the restaurant he walked around and says i have a question for you. i said what. he said are you going to have the same vanilla ice cream in minneapolis as new york city. i said we will. he said that's really important. >> that's what kids want. >> he loves it. just mix it. >> too easy. >> lemon juice, more olive oil in there. put this on skirt steak, grill
9:45 am
something on the outside in the summer and put it. we just take it here and put a little bit on the fish. underneath the fish. we have peas, radishes, romaine lettuce. >> way too healthy to be delicious. >> the salad on the side. parmesan vinaigrette, sugar snap peas, radishes, sunflower seeds. put salt in there for me. >> sure. i can do that. >> salt and pepper. it would be great. >> all right. we will taste this while we -- >> taste that. >> a raw salad. i love the peas when raw like that. >> your kids eat vegetables. >> this is one of their favorite salads right here. >> this is amazing. >> okay. try this. >> here. >> now that we're full-fledged spring you don't -- >> you're going to love that. >> oh, my gosh. >> you can't have that, can you? >> no. but that is awesome. >> that's the monkfish. >> your go to right there. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> gavin, a spoon and table -- >> stable. >> stable. >> that a girl. you got it. >> do it again. >> try it. >> spoon and stable. >> there we go.
9:46 am
>> you rock, babe. >> all right. sorry. >> bobbie thomas is getting clevered away with gear to simplify your life. want to silence the noisy garbage disposal. lou to the rescue after this. fragrance breakthrough. ♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. things made with love are the best things. and that's exactly why avocados from mexico are grown with love, all year round.
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he turbo smart suds collapse faster... to save up to 25 minutes a wash. is that magic? yes, turbo magic. new tide he turbo. saves up to 25 minutes a wash. ♪ . back now time for bobbie's buzz. bobbie thomas is here with clever carriers for your everyday essentials even one for
9:50 am
your pooch. >> oh, my gosh. love this. >> looking beautiful by the way. >> thank you. >> are they doing all right? >> feeling fantastic and i am just so grateful and everyone out there has been so amazing. >> love it. >> thank you. >> so many people are on this journey with you, bobbie. >> yes. >> they are. pulling for you. >> going to make me cry. so many hormones going on. >> let's get into this. >> i haven't been able to lug as much stuff and you can reduce the bulk in your bag with sun glass cases usually huge. somebody came up and showed me his lens shield. >> yeah. >> a way to just protect the lenses. >> oh. you don't have all the -- >> so smart. >> lightweight. >> slim, velcros in the back. >> oh, my gosh. >> really great. >> and when not using it it folds into a small half size. >> oh, my gosh. >> for sunglasses and readers. three sizes, eight colors available and only $19.99. >> what about the iphone? always interested in these. >> called roomy. you love your selfies but they're practical for other things. they have a life which is so
9:51 am
cool. if you see this. the light turns on and off it will dim and get brighter. >> what's it for? >> when you take your selfie. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. a key light. >> i love it because i can't find anything in my bag or the keys to your car you can see at night. go to the bathroom at night when it's dark. a lot of really great uses. >> i need that for frank. >> i can't believe that. >> iphone samsung galaxy. last but not least -- >> the favorite. >> come on in. >> this is adalina and jonathan. they are sporting carriers. backpacks for dogs. what? >> that looks uncomfortable. >> they're so cute. jonathan came up to me, i was walking chica and he said, mojo had his paw cut and i'm a hiker, biker, like to go mountain biking, the best way to get the dogs outside. they have how many sizes again? >> seven sizes. >> look how happy they are.
9:52 am
i know. >> in the carriers for a long time and been like sleeping. >> paw up one. we like that. >> this is little nikko. they love it. it's a great way to get the dogs outside. >> baby bjorn for dogs. >> thank you, darling. >> thank you so much. >> coming up lou manfredini has quick home fixes including the scratches on your wood floors. >> our favorite hussey is back with our favorite hoagie. >> oh, yeah. >> to answer your relationship questions. >> all after your local news. >> amazing. professional secret. amope and its premium foot care line. the new amope pedi perfect foot file, gives you soft beautiful feet, effortlessly. its micro luminor rotating head buffs away hard skin even on those hard to reach spots. its amazing, you can see it and feel it. my new must have for soft beautiful feet. amope, love every step. and this mothers day, give the gift of soft beautiful feet with amope pedi perfect.
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♪ good morning. it's 10:26. i'm kris sanchez. parents in eastern contra costa county are being warned about a suspicious man approaching students. administrators at belshaw elementary school sent a message
9:55 am
to parents. a man driving a red pickup truck approached a fifth grader twice in an attempt to lure him into his vehicle according to police. the ran boy to safety on the school goundz. cine quest is getting top billing. a readers poll had cine quest number one above festivals like slam dance. sun dance and south by southwest. fans like its creativity and recognizing new technology in the film industry. the napa valley film festival also finished in the top ten. we have a look at weather and traffic coming up.
9:56 am
9:57 am
we made it to the weekend. looking at temperatures a little cool right now. 59 in san martin. 62 in concord. the highs really not moving a whole lot. more cloud cover expected to stream in through the afternoon. the next storm system is expected to bring rain tonight for the north bay, south bay, san francisco and the entire bay area expecting showers. the first will arrive this evening. let's talk to mike about the drive. the wind shaking the camera. it will be an issue as you cross over the high-rise or san mateo bay bridge. green across 92 middle of the screen. southbound is slow and jammed toward shoreline. all lanes were blocked for a short period. it's cleared now and back to all clear through mountain view. we have more news in half an
9:58 am
hour in our 11:00 a.m. newscast. hope to see you then. ♪ we're back on this try day friday and when spring is in the air so is love, right. >> yeah. >> so what better time than now to get the other view on relationship. >> here to answer your questions our dynamic duo of dating the founder of "how to get the matthew hussy. >> and the founder of made to measure >> francesca hoagie. >> we went outside and asked people various relationship questions and we are going to bring them to you. here is the first one. >> i'm leah from memphis, tennessee. my question is, what do you do when you have feelings for two people at the same time? >> legitimate question. >> you pray. >> legitimate question. >> what do you do? >> it definitely depends on where you are in the relationship. if you're married it's more of a different area but i think you're getting to know people
9:59 am
that's great answer. >> you can date them both. >> date them both. don't sleep with them because that's going to complicate it. >> or you could sleep with them both. >> oh, my gosh. >> each his own. i think if you're thinking that way about both of them neither of them -- like i always think, if you have feelings for two, probably neither are the right person. >> you think? >> i think so. >> i think we jump into relationships too quickly and sometimes that's great but a lot of times, you know, you have to give yourself a chance. let a frontrunner emerge. nice pool of people you're dating. >> shouldn't you be honest with them both and say i am seeing someone else as well. >> of course. >> yeah, absolutely. yeah. >> oh, that's important but not -- >> honesty is important. i don't think people should hung up do i have to be with this person exclusively right now. i think, you know, again depends what you're looking for. if she's saying which one do i marry i like them both i say
10:00 am
neither. >> yeah. >> let's move on. angie from arkansas has something to ask. >> hi, my name is angie from arkansas and this is my friend angie. as a stepmom in a new family with adult children what is your advice to me. >> oh. >> this is -- yeah. adult -- firstly they're adults, not children. not adult children. at the end of the day, you're not trying to go and be their stepmom. you're going in as a friend, as a new person within that unit. >> right. >> don't go in trying to get accepted and trying to crowbar yourself into every situation. what do i have to bring to the table to this group of people. >> no function intended. >> exactly. >> find a way to connect with them but not, you know, overly so. they're not 10-year-olds that you have to put to bed every night. >> not trying to be their stepmom. don't need to be like a mother figure. be and friends with the group of adults. >> that can be difficult. >> respect the fact that, you know, this is a dynamic that's
10:01 am
existed long before you and find your place in it. >> no one likes a needy person coming into a family who wants to be part of everything. instead, just go in being the person you like gives. >> give the lay of the land. >> excellent advice. >> okay. michael from london. >> hi, i'm michael, we live in london, england, three children who have all left for university and i'm wondering how do you keep the relationship fresh with your spouse? >> oh. >> empty nesters. >> that's a perfect opportunity. now that you've got your relationship back in the forefront, so this is a chance to do all those things that you weren't able to do because you were focused on your kids and make the time for yourself that you weren't able do and all about the kids. >> take some time to spend time apart. >> really? >> serious. because here's the thing, everyone says, now the kids are gone, spend time together, but the reality is when they suddenly crash into the time spent together they have nothing to talk about. >> do your own thing.
10:02 am
>> just in all due respect, you're younger than i am, much younger than me, and you haven't been through this experience yet of having your children leave the home. >> i've been through experiences where i'm in relationships where i'm bored and no different between the boredom that sets a few months in, years in, two decades in. >> yes, there is, you have the experience of children. >> in reality in every relationship a difference between love and desire and over a long-term relationship desire is the thing that fades even when love increases. these two people are trying to figure out how do we make this fresh again, the journey of discovery is not about finding new landscapes but seeing with fresh eyes. the way to see with fresh eyes is actually to get to know each other in some ways less and spend less time together. you do your thing, i'm going to do my thing, come back an get to know each other again and then they will find each other sexy again. unknown, mysterious. >> i don't know if i 100% agree but it's important to always cultivate your own passion. so now the kids -- part of that -- this opportunity they have now is to not just spend
10:03 am
time together but to do the things that make them individually excited and light them up. >> okay. >> thank you, you guys, thank you very much. if you have a question for matthew and francesca go to and hit the connect button. >> all right. should you save the old credit card receipts or should you shred them. >> advice to help you lighten your paper load. >> and wish you could bring your scratched hardwood floors back to life. >> i do. >> don't call a handy man ask lou, he has the solution because he's. ♪ lou manfredini >> right after this. eel bloated and my stomach is rumblingoated in the morning, it takes me forever to get dressed. i just like wearing a lot of black. i don't have the time to be gassy and uncomfortable, when i'm trying to get out of the house. those are the days you wear sweatpants. i love activia. that is so good. i eat activia every day. enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. feeling good, looking good. activiaaaa. my husband has been singing that to me for two weeks.
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10:08 am
>> kathie from kr cra sent us a video of the, quote, horrible loud grinding noise from her bar gaj disposal. she checked for foreign objects and it has an l-shaped wrench to move the blades but doesn't know where to insert it. >> it's demon possessed. >> yeah. >> this is an easy fix. once you have those noises and you want to take care of it, this is -- this is what most people have. on the bottom, it's like the work horse, on the bottom if you can see, couple things to look for, the red button, a re-set button if your disposal gets stuck on something and doesn't work, you don't hear it hum, it's -- this is a thermal protector that throws it off. it won't keep going. >> okay. >> this l-shaped wrench that comes with every one of the things that everyone goes what do i need this for, right in the center a hole where the wrench goes inside. so when something gets caught, you manually when it's off churn it back and forth to loosen what's inside of here and then
10:09 am
you can take a little flashlight and look inside there and maybe take some tongs and pull out what you want. these are designed to grind up the food. it's not a garbage can. that's not what your drains are for. this larger unit they make actually almost liquifies it if you want something to really churn it up. >> okay. >> the name in that stuff. >> karen from mckinney texas writes i have cherrywood floors, how do i get rid of scratches or hide them? i use a cleaner to buff the floor to give it a shine but the scratches are noticeable. >> three products to try, one by bona, one from rejuvenate and the other from lund mark, floor poll lirs, water based and once the floor is clean squirt this on like a polish, like we used to polish floors years ago. >> yeah. >> these micro pads that you'll put on the end of a mop, i didn't bring the whole mop, you get the idea, and then you work this back and forth with that mop so that you get a nice, even shine and work your way out
10:10 am
going a nice long lunge, come back, the shine will be back and the scratches just in the surface are gone. >> wow. >> lou manfredini. >> 20 bucks. >> cherrywood or any? >> any hardwood floor. >> what do you do if your floor squeaks, someone asked that. >> if your floor squeaks part of what you can do, 50/50 chance, sprinkle baby powder over the top, block of wood, wrap it in a rag and hit it with a hammer. baby powder between the tongue and groove, and may quiet the floor down. >> all right. >> lynn from chico, california, asks, we have hard water an even though we have a water softener rings around the toilet i can't get rid of. >> you have two products by clr, calcium lime and rust remover and wink. if it's white, the toilet bowl is white, you can use the wink in there. the idea is that where the water line is you want to pour a little more water so that it's above that, add this product, let it soak an hour. take a copper chore boy, wearing a glove, and then work the sides
10:11 am
of the porcelain, and you will get rid of it. these are the greatest scrub brushes ever. >> wow. that's an endorsement. >> sharon from gatsland, texas, would like to buy an electric lawn mower, which is a good one? >> no electric. do cordless. the advent of cordless units is the way to go. this is by steel, this is black and decker. $399. you don't use gas. there's no maintenance. all you have to do is sharpen the blade. it costs you $5 worth of electricity the entire season to use this. >> wow. >> and you don't have to do anything but pull the handle and go. they have replacement batteries and cut up to 45 minutes. >> too good to be true. >> they're awesome. i like these. >> go to, click on the connect button for a chance to have lou answer your question next time. >> old bank statements, tax returns and atm receipts should you save them? >> or shred them? >> sharon epperson puts us to the test. >> few more spins before five lucky viewers win a grand prize
10:12 am
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10:17 am
if you have a stack of bills or documents you've been dreading to sort through we will help you stop procrastinating. >> get it done by knowing which to save and shred. >> important. >> with the help of cnbcs a senior personal finance correspondent we love her, sharon epperson. hello. >> hello ladies. >> this is one of those things, i'm getting fewer things in the mail because i feel like i pay a lot on-line but you get a lot of paper you're dealing with. >> some are not comfortable doing everything on-line and they have a lot of paper. i have a lot of papers here in front of me. i will hand you a document, you will tell me if i should save it or shred it and if you think you should shred it use the shredder, save it put it in the file. >> okay. >> let's start with tax documents from 2010. tax documents. >> 2010. >> what are we in?
10:18 am
15. >> i think you save it. >> save them seven years. you have to save those documents. also save them in a fireproof box. put them in a filing cabinet but if something happens you want to make sure they're safe. >> atm receipts. >> for you. >> i throw them away at the garbage can at the atm. >> that's dangerous for identity theft. you don't want someone to steal your identity. shred it. >> wow. >> bank statements. bank statements, some get them on-line but some get a paper statement. >> your monthly bank statements. >> save it. >> shred it. >> shred it. >> save it. >> save it. >> no, no, no, you want to shred that because you only need it as long as you might have a tax item on there. if you have a charitable contribution you made with your debit card on the bank statement maybe you need that document. most of the time you want to shred that. >> the bank has to -- electronically. >> the bank has a copy as well. >> exaing atly. >> so awful. >> homeowners insurance policy.
10:19 am
homeowners insurance policy. >> wait, i don't think so. >> save it or shred it? >> all right. >> you save it until you get the next one. okay. you don't have to save it forever. >> and then shred it. >> renew your policy get the new one. credit card receipts. >> what do you do? >> oh, you need them for taxes. >> for a while. >> well -- >> shred it. >> shred it. >> you're going to shred it again. identity theft. >> you shred them because it's going to be op your credit card statement. >> oh, yeah. >> you don't need the receipt. >> all of this is ability identity theft. >> it's all about identity theft. you once to protect your identity. if you have a credit card statement and it has an item you think you might for a business tax purpose or charitable contribution, credit card statement, you want to save it. >> credit card statement. >> this is a credit card statement. you told us to save it. >> saving it. >> all right. i gave that one away. oops. your social security statement. what do you do? save it or shred it? >> i don't need that.
10:20 am
>> i'm going to say keep it. >> okay. the social security administration wants you to go on-line and get your statements that way. they're not really giving that. they only give them every five years. >> why did you give it to me? >> seemed darn important. shred it and get the next one. loan statement. >> what do you do with the loan? >> definitely shred it. >> all right. you want to keep that loan statement until you have sold the item. >> i'm learning how to play this game. i wait a little while until sharon gives you the answer. >> all right. >> this is how you do it. you don't know. i'm trying to help you along. monthly investment statement. >> got to get -- that's nobody's business. >> every month you have to get rid of that baby. >> get rid of it. >> last one. >> another one. >> your annual investment statement you save it or shred it. this is the annual. at the end of every year, all your transactions. >> save it. >> i'm going to shred it. >> save it. >> save it. >> save it.
10:21 am
>> thank youp. i love that game. >> don't go away. we're giving away to five lucky people. >> stay tuned. >> shred everything. >> i love to shred stuff. >> me too. >> our notes. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> oh, yeah that. >> i love
10:22 am
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(record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh - 33% of our kids are overweight. so give them healthy snacks to choose from. and make a game out of it. my mother says to pick the very best one. the more you know.
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okay. you know what time it is, it's time to give it away. over 8,000 entered and five lucky viewers are about to win the week's prize. >> sharp smart hd 43 inch tv. it's worth $479. this brand few a aqios tv offers the highest standard of hd picture quality with cutting-edge design an instant access to the best apps like netflix, youtube and pandora. >> let's give this a spin. >> we've spun it. >> we will find out who the
10:25 am
winners are. >> stop fooling around. >> i can't wait. >> here. >> the first sandra from st. louis missouri. you're getting a tv. >> yes. who's next? >> who else is getting a tv? teresa odom, from franklinton, louisiana. >> who's this? >> okay. rene clug man from indiana you're getting a tv. >> morgan leg, yeardley, pennsylvania. >> getting a tv. >> this is the last one. >> yes. >> let's dig in the box. >> and the winner is. >> who is it? >> i don't know. >> cassandra arguros from new york. >> there you go. >> you're getting a tv. if you didn't get lucky -- >> all right. >> go to and hit connect. >> all right. next week, candice bergen love her, deen mcdermott and mary higgins clark here every week. >> tomorrow is sip a something
10:26 am
saturday i decided and sip something more on sunday. bye. ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
right now at 11:00, a south bay teen returns home after a frantic three-day search. now we learn where he was and how he survived. good morning, everyone. thank you nor joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. i'm kris sanchez. the teen returned home on his own. he vanished three days before. >> bob redell is live in cupertino. he didn't actually go very far, bob. >> reporter: that's correct. good morning to you, scott and kris. sounds like 17-year-old connor sullivan spent those four days here in cupertino. some of the time right here at monta vista high school. this is e


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