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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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morning. mike, downtown san jose. it is thursday, april 30th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc "today in the bay," this is "today in the bay." >> thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. update on breaking news and new video just in of an oakland warehouse filled with pot that went up in flames overnight. it happened about 2:a.m. it wasn't a really big fire. crews managed to put it out quickly. the fire chief is at the scene. he tells us the warehouse has a permit to grow the pot. he's not sure exactly how many planting are inside. he's just calling eight fair amount of marijuana. power is out because of the fire so arson investigators will be back when it's lights out. nobody was hurt. the fire did not spread. happening now, search is on of possibly armed gunman on the loose near facebook headquarters. >> also seen following a long chase across the bay with shots fired at police officers. "today in the bay's" bob ridell
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live from menlo park on facebook's doorstep here. how this one man managed to get away. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. police were able to catch two of the accomplices after they dichd their car here at the menlo science and technology park here on willow road. it's not clear why they weren't able to catch the third. we're assuming he was quicker and outran them. this started around 5:00 last night when three men used guns to pull off of home invasion robbery across the bay in fremont. police from fremont started chasing them a half hour later across the dumbarton bridge. one of the suspects fired at police hitting the driver's side of a newark police car. no one was hurt. officers did catch two of the men as they tried to run away from the cars. those men, one 19 years old from sunnyvale, the other 22 years old frommal po at to. police officer recovered two guns. the third suspect is out there. black man, skinny build, light-colored sweatshirt,
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dark-colored pants. this is a couple blocks awe way from facebook headquarters. the social media company telling us that this did not impact their operations. reporting live here in menlo park, bob ridell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. north bay man shot by deputies after brand dishing a knife and a gun is expected to survive. it happened at this apartment complex. sonoma county sheriff's deputies got a call about a man threatening his neighbor with a knife. he refused to come off his balcony and later brought out a gun. no one else was hurt. a man known as the pillowcase rapist will face a judge for the second day in a row today. san jose judge considering sending him back to a mental hospital. this because christopher hubbert let his battery run low on his ankle monitor twice. he was released to a community back in july. he's admitted to assaulting at least three dozen women in the
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70s and 80s including several here in the bay area. >> a man accused of killing his long time girlfriend in the east bay head back to the stand today. murdering federal investigators sandra koch in 2013. koch and alana had a long relationship and a daughter. today he's expected to answer to questions about the day of her disappearance. developing right now. a story that defies all odds in nepal showcasing the power of hope and survival. a teenager found alive after five days of being trapped in the rubble of a fallen building. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez. that boy was found by a california crew. >> can you imagine that boy and the california urban search and rescue, must be counting their blessings this morning. more of that dramatic video for you now. hear are crews carrying that teenager out of the rubble where a u.s. crusade he was sandwiched between two collapsed floors of
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a hotel, boxed in by concrete and corrugated steel. they were nearby with search dogs and scrambled to help. after six hours of digging crews reached that 15-year-old boy who believe it or not was conscious and talking. immediately hooked up to an iv, put on a stretcher and headed for an ambulance. this is drone video showing you the conditions that those folks are working under. speaking in different languages all of those different rescuers from different countries working toward the same end. in the end this was the celebration after the boy was loaded in the ambulance headed to the hospital and even local rescue crews say this is truly a miracle. >> this is the first time ever we have ever recued a life after 144 hours. live person. >> over and over again we heard people describing this as truly a miracle moment. but the americans say people can
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survive up to two weeks in the rubble so miracles are still possible for another least another week. still, this is in stark contrast to the death toll which continues to grow and now is at more than 5500 people. coming up in the next half hour we're going to let you hear from the l.a. county rescuers themselves. it is just amazing because they see it all, right? and they're still just shocked themselves. >> no doubt. look at how they were celebrating. such a moral boost even though it's one person. that whole family has to be uplifted by that. the earthquake was in nepal. some of the healing going on right here at home. berkeley sprawl plaza hosted hundreds remembering those who lost their lives. the students are also raising money. their goal here, $25,000 for relief efforts. many of them have families right now in nepal. >> i lost an uncle. one of the kindest and gentlest men i've ever met. this man was a headmaster of a
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school, he was driving home mudslide cover him, crushed his car, he died. okay? that's just one story. that's my personal story. >> ifout want to help you can donate do their go fund me account. search water for nepal. the death toll from the avalanche meantime on mt. everest strigerred by the earthquake risen to 19. among those victims google executive and sunnyvale man. in just hours nurses at two major bay area hospitals are walking off the job. registered nurses will hold a one-day strike at five hospitals in northern california. that includes cp and pacific campus in san francisco and the sutter hospital in berling game. nurses are calling on higher staffing levels and more control in patient care. they plan to walk out at 7:00 this morning. >> earlier this week we had a
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taste of heat. meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina this morning. >> we are going to blow that out at water. we had a taste of what's to come later on this afternoon. 80s and 90s. some of the warmest place, livermore, 93 degrees. if you live there already think about the pool or the beach. if you're headed toward the coastline, be warm there as well. a look outside, you can see every vantage point earlier in the program we were talking about how warm it was in the peninsula. 68 degrees in mountain view. you fallen ten degrees in the last hour because the winds have relaxed so we're not seeing as much friction as we talked about earlier. that excites the atmosphere and warms up the air particles. as we head through the day today, clear morning and a very warm afternoon. you notice temperatures at noon in the south bay 79 degrees. peninsula there as well. and san francisco at 75 by lunchtime. tri-valley, 83. east bay, 76. in the north bay you will be in the low 80s by the time you hit noon. in the afternoon hours, 3:00,
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4:00, 5:00, temperatures will be warm. this will be the warmest time of the day. 89 for the south bay. 90 for the south bay. yes, it's going to be a warm day. spf, lots of water. if you have the day off, hit the beach. in the meantime, let's talk to mike and see how that drive is shaping up. >> toward oakland, 880. smooth drive northbound past high street. by the coliseum if cocoliseum, freeways move freely on the maps. just off the area just past 89th and g. that's where the fire that we've been talking about, the warehouse with the pot inside and we still have activity near 89th and g at san lee andro and international. they move smoothly and are not blocked. it's an easy flow of traffic as well. wri i did want to show you the south bay. typical slowing southbound out of the altamont pass. yes, that north bay you've been
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waiting for, the road is still curved. >> nothing breaking there. >> all right. >> 5:08. on the court it's all cheers for the warriors but off it a big fight is brewing over the proposed arena over the water front. >> steph, opponents say the new arena is down right dangerous. is that trying to get through all the traffic. >> yeah, the warriors' new arena, the plans have been in place close to a year. now the new concerns about the location at 3rd and 16th on mission bay across the mission bay campus, the new hospital. that's part of the concern. they're afraid it will create the worst traffic jam. it's a non-profit group that says there are not enough parking spots to take the 200 events set to take place in the 18,000 seat arena.
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a warrior spokesman says there are going to be 9,000 public parking spots within walking distance. more than twice what the warriors have at oracle arena in oakland. plus public transportation. >> they haven't been truthful or straightforward in letting the people know what this arena will have. >> ten months of work and the public has been involved every step of the way. >> so this is about the traffic again on the streets. mission bay alliance saying it will impede access to the ucsf hospital and ucsf releasing its own statement why it is focus and the traffic it is encouraged by the city's efforts. meantime warriors owner joe released a statement saying in part, quote, there are 17 locations around the country where hospitals are located within one mile of an arena. i don't think it's an issue, end quote. who is in this alliance group and how far are they willing to go to stop development here? we'll have that coming up in our next report in half an hour.
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live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." warriors coverage continues in the next half hour. why is the new team that's sleeping on the job? we've uncovered one of the warriors secret weapons. >> without losing any sleep over their performance. plus, a modern family star in a fight to save her embryos. we'll explain. hey, it's tesla day as well. tesla's not secret announcement, we'll tell you all about it coming up.
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hillary clinton finally getting some company in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. here's the thing though. it's fer month senator bernie sanders who is going to throw his hat into the ring. sanders technically is an independent but you know what for this race he said i will run for the democratic parties. nomination, that. sanders first confirmed his run to the media yesterday just after midnight. he sent out an e-mail to his supporters. today is a big day for tesla. it's set to unveil what many people think is the worth kept secret ever. >> it's not a secret at baall. it's a battery. >> yeah, it's a battery. it's still school. home battery to help you save money. you can save electricity you generate on solar panels during the day or if you don't have solar panels, download electricity during the night from pg&e because it's cheaper at night and then use it during the day. elon musk will tell everybody about that today in the los angeles area. musk lives here, works here, tesla is design center is in southern california. it's where they announce things. a this morning is wondering
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to pay a lot of money in irish taxes as the argument over whether apple pays too little heats up. apple sells a lot of products overseas and that money goes to apple's irish division because ireland has a lower tax rate. let's check your markets this morning. kate rogers is off at cnbc headquarters there or on, i should say. good morning to you. >> good morning to, you scott. futures are lower in stock and down across the board. following disappointing first quarter gdp growth in less than expected 0.2%. the nasdaq lost the first three-day losing streak in a month. we get reports today on weekly jobless claims which have risen for the past three weeks. headwinds for the job market has export and lower energy price which affect jobs and oil and natural gas production. also look for data on personal income and consumer spending for march. the dow falling 74 points to 18,035. the nasdaq falling 32 points to
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50.23. back over to you. >> kate, thanks, much. laura, lots of news on the apple watch. all kinds of interesting stuff in just a bit. >> just don't get that tattoo. thank you, scott. we'll explain that coming up in a little bit. anybody traveling any time soon for the first time in a century. the lava lake at the summit of hawaii's volcano is overflowing. lava bubbled over the rim at least three times overnight. creating quite a show. it is slowly spreading on to the crater floor. but not a big concern for people living on the big island. the lake has been mostly active since it opened up about seven years ago. the levels are usually much lower. fascinating to see. from a distance. >> yes. no mass vac yagss. the first time i think you said in a century that that's been active. amazing. 5:16. anthony you're going to bring heat of your own here for this nurse. >> it's going to be warm this afternoon. always fascinated by watching the hgtv where they buy in hawaii and want to live on the bay island. come on.
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there are active volcanos, people. >> worst than earthquakes. >> let's talk about this forecast this morning. we are waking up to clear skies and we are also waking up to mild temperatures, in the 50s and 60s. it's going to be a very warm day. we're talking 80s and 90s later on this afternoon. that puts us about, well, 10 to 15 degrees above average. usually only in the 60s and 70sthis time of year. so, yes, l rk, it is going to b. fog free conditions. closer to 8:00. makes more sense why my kids won't go to bed. temperatures in the 50s as we mentioned. starting to cool off in the north bay, in the 40s. 58 degrees in the peninsula. 5 53 in san francisco. it's going to be warm. 89 degrees in the south bay. 87 for the peninsula. today the tri-valley will be at 93 degrees. san francisco, you will pop up to 81 this afternoon. in the north bay, yes, hot there as well. 90 degrees. probably thinking about the peach, maybe if you've got the day off.
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head to a cool spot. pacific is at 79 this afternoon with a light north therely wind. half-moon bay, 80 right around 3:00, 4:00. santa cruz, this is one of our warmest beach locations, 83 later on here in the bay area. we have offshore winds. that's what's driving this warm weather. it's all because of high pressure sitting off the coast. the winds will remain offshore today if you put the future cast into motion. tomorrow, more loud cover down near monterrey. and we start to ghaet onshore push. by saturday morning wake up to more cloud kcover. yes, cinco de mayo festivities in san francisco this saturday. 10:00 in the morning. right around deloris park and they're going to have lots of events. temperatures back in the low 70s there. we'll talk more about events happening across the bay coming up in the next report. in the meantime, let's talk to mike. >> good morning. i want to clarify, yeah, in past years in delor rest park but in year they moved it to ve lensia. i think the heart of the mission
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for that cinco de mayo activity on saturday. over here we're looking toward the heart of the dublin interchange with a tiny bit of slowing. westbound 580 shows that build coming out of the at ltamont. that's the slowest spot for the bay unless you consider antioch also. slower section but slower for a mile. that's typical westbound 4 through ant ak, no slowing through pittsburgh or bay point. walnut creek enter xang change. we're going to talk about the fire there. 89th and g. the this is off of san leandro street. not a major commute spot but tracking a warehouse fire. let's get live looks. bay bridge toll plaza, easy drive. no problem. couple of cash payers waiting. foster city side on the san mateo bridge, still see from this side down to one lane eastbound and the crew are just on the other side of the high rise on the decline eastbound 92. we'll show some slowing. on our sensors we see that as well on the map. no big drama for 92 across the water.
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84 or for the south bay. just your typical construction. today marks the 40th anniversary of the fall of saigon. the day u.s. troops left vietnam. >> our colleague and investigative reporter of focusing on her family and their journey in saigon and the silicon valley. >> good morning. as they say america is a nation of immigrants. my family's story is one i think a lot of veet niece-american immigrants can relate to i'm here in the silicon valley. san jose is actually home to the second largest vietnamese population outside of vietnam. my parents escaped in country in 1979. i was just 8 months old when we fled with my two uncles and a great aunt. we spent two days and nights on a fisherman's boat surviving a robbery by pirates on the open sea before we finally reached a refugee camp in malaysia. it would be nine months before my parents got word that we were going to the united states. we were going to be sponsored by people who had never met us.
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last month we traveled to eugene, oregon, to reunite with the ware family and their friends at holt international children services. it was my first chance to thank them as an adult for their generosity and kindness in helping my family 35 years ago. >> very long time, no see. >> how are you? >> let me see. no, young man. >> how are you? >> it's been like 35 years. >> when we were back in eugene we visited the first apartment that we lived in when we arrived in america. we also tracked down old local news footage of my mother being interviewed by kezi in eugene about coming to america as a refug refugee. so many of us vietnamese-immigrants are here by the grace and kindness of strangers. i hope you will join us and see this story tonight at 11:00. >> nice of vicky to share that story. >> truly a life and death
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voyage. looking forward to her story. >> great colleague. coming up, country music fans in california get a once in a lifetime surprise from an award-winning star.
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breaking news here at 5:24. firefighters battling a massive fire in fresno. that fire started about two hours a i go. you're looking at a live picture right now op those flames that are still burning. very strongly. a company that makes power poles. we're told this is off of 99 in fresno. no word on the cause right now or any injuries. unusual custody dispute is playing out publicly involving superstar sophia viagara over embr embryos. her former fiance nick lobe posted an op-ed piece in the "new york times." he said he sued the "modern family" star to protect two frozen embryos they shared because he wants to become a parent. lobe is offered to spay all
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expenses to carry them to term. he says she is asking to freeze them indefinitely. >> all right. a little insight into her this morning. not your usual lounge act playing at one southern california hotel last night. >> yeah. a once word got out on this one the place was packed. country superstar tim mcgraw held a secret concert at sdang's hotel. a stage set up on the beach fans who learned about it online, boy, they got nearby quickly to enjoy it. mcgraw kicks off a tour in june. a freebie there. >> pleasant surprise. back in the wild now thanks to bamboo. a team of vets successfully treating a giant panda in china. they originally found the sick panda two months ago with severe dehydration and malnutrition and have been nursing her back to health ever since. that treatment plan included 25 pounds of bamboo a day. giant pandas are one of the world's most endangered species. 5:25.
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coming up, last summer's 6.0 earthquake in napa damaged dozens of buildings. now a year later a significant sign of progress. live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. still lightly traveled at this hour. some heat on the way for later today. we'll explain, much more news, weather, and traffic right after this.
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miraculous and against all odds, he's alive. a teenage boy pulled from the rubble in nepal five days after the earthquake. a manhunt on the peninsula. police searching for a man possibly armed near facebook headquarters. waking up to clear skies this morning. that's going to mean for a very warm day. we're talking 80s and 90s by this afternoon. then as we head towards this up and coming weekend it's not going to be as hot but still very nice. i'm anthony slaughter in for christina loren to talk about your forecast this morning. tracking the crowd that's gathering at the bay bridge as well as the crowd that's hopefully clearing from the san mateo. we'll have you all of those bridge updates coming up. a live look outside on this
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thursday morning. isn't that gorgeous? look at the bay bridge. it's april 30th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. happening right now, a possible gunman on the loose near facebook's headquarters. this all started with a home invasion in fremont. led to a chase across the dumbarton bridge and ultimately shots being fired on the peninsula. >> "today in the bay's" bob ridell is live in menlo park with the latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. menlo park police on patrol this morning, are keeping an eye out for this third home invasion suspect. last scene running away from the menlo science and technology park here on willow road where he and his two accomplices ditched their car. if you're not familiar we're a couple of blocks west of facebook headquarters. according to police three men used guns to rob a home in fremont around 5:00 last night.
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about half hour later we're now talking about 5:30. fremont and newark police chased those suspects across the dumbarton bridge. at one point at least one of the suspects fired their gun. hit agnew washing police car in the driver's side door. no one was hurt. the men tried to get away on foot once they dichd their car. ms. did catch one of them, one a 22-year-old from east palo alto. another a 19-year-old from sunnyvale. officers recovered two guns. that third suspect got away. still on the loose. described as a black man, skinny build, dark-colored pants, light-colored sweatshirt. facebook tells us their campus was never on lock down as, again, this did happen a couple blocks away. reporting hive in menlo park, bob ridell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. the san francisco sheriff is going to share the results of an internal report and it comes after a number of issues that have plagued that department in the national spotlight. first, the sheriff plans to talk about the investigation into a recent inmate escape.
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after that, he's going to address allegations of guards betting on forced fights between inmates. after that issue, he will announce the new department reforms including a new pilot program to equip all deputies with body cameras. now to a developing story. the rescue of a teenager five days after the hotel he was in pancaked around him when the earthquake in nepal struck. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has a look at the look at the rescue and role of a california crew in save that young man's life. >> well, laura, as you know and those of you at home remember, we do have an urban search and rescue crew that often deploys to disasters like nepal around the world. this time though it was their southern california counterparts that were in the right place at just the right time. here are crews carry that teenager out of the rubble where a u.s. crusade he was sandwiched between two collapsed floors of a hotel, boxed in by concrete and corrugated steel. the l.a. county urban search and rescue team was nearby with
5:32 am
search dogs and scrambled to help after hearing his voice. after six hours of digging crews reached that 15-year-old who, believe it or not, was conscious and talking. in this video taken by drone you can see how many people this rescue took and precarious conditions underwhich they were working. lead rescuer talked with our nbc news crew on the ground. >> the floors are -- it's floor after floor after floor within a five-month span, three floors. >> victim is pancaked in between two floors. >> amazing that he was able to still be there alive. >> after that boy was loaded into the ambulance headed for the hospital, the crowd just erupted in spontaneous celebration. picking up rescue workers right off the ground. hoisting them on their shoulders like the heroes that they are. now, this scene is in stark contrast with the death toll which is now at more than 5500 people. while all the rescuers are saying this is a miracle and it is, the boy was in the rubble for five days, the rescuers they
5:33 am
say they can survive, people who survive up to two weeks in the rubble. >> so who knows who else they can save. >> and wouldn't that be wonderful? >> i saw a baby was pulled out yesterday as well. amazing story. let's hope there's more. >> hopefully. >> thank you, kris. many other quake victims remain stranded in the aftermath just awaiting evacuation from the devastated areas. television broadcast in nepal today showed hundreds of survivors desperately trying to board a helicopter. nbc has been unable to confirm the date or location of this particular video but there are many reports of victims being cut off in the rural mountainous regions. helicopter crews have been unable to land in some of the hardest it areas. more angles on the earthquake in nepal. of course that's where it took place but some of the healing happening here at home. berkeley sprau plaza hosted hundreds remembering those who lost their lives. the students are also there for another purpose, to raise money. their goal, $25,000 for relief efforts and many of them have
5:34 am
families in nepal. >> i lost an uncle, one of the kindest, and gentlest men i've ever met. this man was a headmaster of a school. he was driving home, mudslide cover him, crushed his car, he dies. okay? that's just one story. that's my personal story. >> one community here binding together to try and help. if you would like to you can donate to their go fund me account. just search water for nepal. our free nbc bay area app is a good resource to stay update thond story and you can always, always connect with us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. nepal recovers from massive quake a sign of progress in napa from last summer's big quake here. county board of supervisors coming home. the quake severely damaged parts of the administration building on third street where the napa county board is located. hundreds of county workers were moved to other locations while
5:35 am
crews did repair work. supervisors moved back in today and first official meeting is tuesday. >> nice semblance of home there back in napa. >> it's important. 5:34. anthony slaughter joining us in for christina today with a hook at your microclimate forecast. it's going to be sweltering? >> it is. in fact, later on this afternoon it's going to be very hot. we're talking about air conditioning weather. you want to make sure to get to a cool place this afternoon. temperatures right now not all that bad. hard to believe looking at 80s and 90s this afternoon. 40s and 50s right now. 45 in half-moon bay. 53, san francisco. 52, san jose. i want to take you through the day and what we're looking at. in fact, we're looking at clear skies from live picture here in san francisco over the bay bridge. sun rise at 6:14. just in about a little over -- little under an hour. as we head through the afternoon hours, as i mentioned, temperatures way above average. 80s and 90sthis afternoon. tonight, skies will remain clear as the sun goes down around 7:56. look at the highs today. shaping up with 93 degrees in
5:36 am
the tri-valley. today, 87 for the peninsula. 89 for the south bay. san francisco, you will be at 81. north bay looking at temperature right near 90 degrees. as promised, talking about things happening this weekend. in fact, the curiodyssey today, up close interaction with creatures like this and sea otters and other wildlife creatures and temperatures will be in the low 70s. might i add, this is a free event. also free, taco-chella, cinco de mayo at san francisco. like that, taco-chella. temperatures in the low 60s by sunday in san francisco. so while it will be hot today, spf, lots of water. cooler weather is headed our way this weekend. more community updates and what's happening around the bay coming up in a bit. one guy who knows what's happening every weekend, mike inouye. >> i thought you were going say, a guy who knows about eating tacos.
5:37 am
i have a couple of skills, anthony. the skill i'm showing you right now is watching flashing lights. eastbound 92, foster city over toward the high rise. the crews are still blocking two lanes at times but look at the hayward side and you see the traffic flowing toward us without any major problems. westbound would be your major commute. starting to pick up the volume. the map will show you not enough to cause slowing. eastbound where the crews are clearing that the sensors are confused. we should have that clearing over the next half hour. san jose, blip for nicole paultre 101. typical slower spots just starting a light development. no crash is reported for the approach toward the bay bridge or north bay as we look at the maps. at speeds there. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the lanes are backing up back to about the end of the parking lot. we should see the metering lights turn on any second guys. it is 5:37. update on breaking news we brought to you at the beginning of the hour. crews say a fire at a oakland warehouse full of pot likely
5:38 am
started with an electrical problem. it happened about 2:00 a.m. wasn't considered a big fire the the fire chief was at the scene and tells us the warehouse has a permit to grow the pot. he's not sure exactly how many plants are inside. he's just calling it a fair amount of marijuana. no one was hurt and the fire did not spread. xwl. >> it's not an exact science but winter is a sporting event, he uses puppies. >> adorable. in case you missed it last night fallon used puppies to predict the winner of this weekend's kentucky derby. ♪ >> okay. release the puppies. and they're off right there. >> number four. >> who is number four. interesting question. all right. that is american farrow. >> didn't even make it out of
5:39 am
the gate. >> american farrow is getting hoisted. he is the horse or dog in this case which happens to be one of the favorites to win the derby. you can watch the actual kentucky derby this saturday right here on nbc bay area. you wonder how many people just went to place their bets based on that. >> you never know. you can't go wrong with puppies. still ahead, the final moments of freddie gray's life. what was just learned about his death in police custody. in baltimore, as camden yards irl early quiet yesterday. no one in the actual stadium. we'll show you how players reatted to that odd scene. super hot temperatures headed towards the bay area today. could we break any records? we're going to find out. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather after this break. th
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sprang up in baltimore over freddie gray's death are spreading now across the country. including one that got heated in new york overnight. >> "today in the bay's" traes tracie potts is live in d.c. >> good morning. >> good morning. pretty quickly, too. sworn in on monday and now we're hearing her comment on this case what sparked protests all over the country. there were protests in denver, boston, minneapolis, houston, and the nation's capital. >> it's not fair that we can just, you know, terrorize us and beat us down like we mean nothing. >> this looks just like 40, 30
5:43 am
years ago when they were fighting for the evil is rights. it's mondind boggling. >> reporter: in new york 150 people were arrested. this is what the streets looked like in baltimore just after kaur few. lots of people out but calm. police looking unconcerned. they're expected to turn over their report on freddie gray's death to the state tomorrow. it will not be made public. >> we can't put out too much information because it may jeopardize the case itself. >> reporter: the case is getting attention from new attorney general loretta lynch. she says a conversation needs to happen on how police interact with the communities they zef. >> that's a conversation that i am committed to advancing. >> she's overseeing the federal investigations. >> we are also watching a "washington post" report out today claiming to, quote, court documents turned over to them that the other man in the van with freddie gray was he heard freddie gray apparently trying to hurt himself in that van. but he was also on the other side of a metal partition. this is after gray had been
5:44 am
reported unresponsive. they were only together for a few minutes. the autopsy didn't show any other injuries beyond that very serious spinal cord injury. >> stale awaiting for the results. camden yards, a surreal scene yesterday. a major league baseball game missing one critical component, the fans. >> silence replaced the roar of the crowd. the official attendance, zero. a major league first. the league personnel, the immedia stadium remained close. it's something everything talked about including as fans last night at the coliseum. >> i can see something like that happening here. unfortunately it's the reality. i just hope it doesn't. >> orioles first baseman kris davis threw the ball into the stands at the end of one inning. joseph fake signing autographs. that had to be hard for the
5:45 am
players as well. you almost have to pretend you're at batting practice there. >> he had a three-run homer in that game and you get nernl from the fans. >> you could hear the crowd from outside nearby hotels and what not. >> usually hear the crowd from inside. >> that's true. >> backwards. >> weather today. backwards. >> we're in spring but it's going feel like summer? >> yeah. jumping ahead to fast forward to summer this morning. 70s and 80s. want to start with this picture perfect shot from san bruno. lots of clear skies. a little bit of haze out there. a few high, thin clouds. otherwise, it's going to be down right hot. later on this afternoon but not right now if you're headed out this morning for a morning jog, temperatures are comfortable. 49 in the north bay and 53 in san francisco. while we are heading on our way to see a warm day there is cooler weather on the way by
5:46 am
this weekend. for today and tomorrow it's going to be one of the warmest on the week. 80s and 90s. off to a clear start. it's going to be warm. by lunchtime today take you through the day, temperatures near 80 in the south bay. same for the peninsula. comfortable in san francisco. 83 for the north bay at lunch and by noon, 83 in the nor bay. by this afternoon or the tri-valley you will jump up to 93 degrees. 84 in the east bay. 90. even san francisco today going to be warm. 81 degrees. south bay, 89. so, yes, you may be thinking this is cause any warmth for records. this will be a few places that break for records today if we get back to the upper atity toss low 90s. you will notice the records in the low to mid 80s but still break those records or tie them. not everybody will see records today but it's just going to be hot wherever you go. you're going to get into the 90sthis time of year to break any kind of record. while it will be warm there, not
5:47 am
record breaking. friday brings cooler weather especially at the coastline. san francisco back in the 70s. by this upcoming weekend really cool, 60s at the coastline. and, yeah, look at this little guy. may be doing crab lessons at ft. point. get out there and do it for free, saturday, san francisco. temperatures in the 60s. let's talk to mike now and see what's going on around the bay as far as the drive. >> i'm sure that crab is not advising folks to come out on crab lessons. tasty crabs if you're not a crab. some sfoek fofolks are crabby bf the backup. the left approach a little bit lighter than the rest. everyone has to wait right here. a look at san rafael has traffic flows. showing slowing into the area. south 101 at lucas. a stall reported in the center divi divide. as we look at our north bay map, see traffic moving smooth through the area. that's where the breakdown is around lucas valley. in the center divide, smooth drive from novato and smoother
5:48 am
shot and across the golden gate bridge. behind me, no real slowing down the upper east shore freeway or maze. the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze move smoothly and the walnut creek interchange. over here in the tri-valley, west 580 slows typically through livermore and slowing for the dublin interchange because there's a build for traffic. same thing for 880 southward. no drama down there or for the south bay. northbound 101 a live look shows you san jose does have that build coming towards us at 680. back to you. the warriors in case you didn't notice have arguably the most exciting team right now in the nba. they're on a roll. soon they can have a brand new 18,000 person arena. >> there's a lot of concern cropping up about its impact from the those living and working in mission bay, where that arena would go. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live. steph, maybe the biggest concern is getting to a nearby hospital? >> that's right. good morning, laura and sam.
5:49 am
yeah, it's been about a year with the planning for the warrior's new home here at 3rd and 16th in mission bay. smooth sailing up until now. why? take a look across the street. we are across from ucsfed in call center mission bay where you also have children's hospital and emergency services. so this one group says the 200 events a year set at the 18,000 seat arena will interrupt traffic including ambulances that need to get to that hospital, especially being less than a mile away from at&t park. mission bay alliance wants to stop the development of a new arena threatening ballot in court of at the ballot box. the group is non-profit and one member is a former ucsf vice chancellor who is quoted by the sf business times saying some of the peers want the university to take the land back from the warriors for further expansion. >> warriors arena as proposed will create the worst traffic jam san francisco has ever seen. >> it's an attempt to scare people.
5:50 am
and i think it's a bad way to go about this. >> reporter: now, ucsf released its own statement while it is focused on the issue of traffic it is encouraged by the city's efforts. warriors owner responded to part saying there are 17 other arenas across the country that are within a mile of a hospital and that he does not think that it is an issue. he also says this is an unprecedented civic opportunity. we'll explain why coming up in the next half hour. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." would you believe the warriors are sleeping on the job and it's paying off? >> as much sleep as they can get. number one on the floor and in their beds. a couple much akro the coach enlisted the help of ucsf sleep researcher sherry ma. ma researched the affects of sleep on athletes and the mistakes many basketball players make is the length of their naps. ma says naps should be less than 30 minutes, power naps. other tips here are to read and stretch before you go to bed. and stay off of your phone. the warriors say all of those
5:51 am
pieces of advice are helping. >> i take a nap during the day. focusing more on nighttime. those two things have helped me a lot because i'm not one to sleep much. i struggle with sleep. >> that's what's helping green post all those triple doubles. all right. ma is doing more studies this week finding out just how bad sleep deprived athletes really do struggle. as for the warrior, their next game is sunday against the memphis grizzlies. if you're inked up you may think twice before buying apple's new watch. earlier reports indicate that tech giants new smartwatch doesn't work for people with tattoos. in the blog apple insiders says the watch's infrared led lights which detect blood flow under the skin are blocked by tattoos. no word yet from apple. >> after you get that tattoo removed, scott, it turns out that's not the only problem. >> maybe you get a tattoo of the watch, i don't know. scott mcgrew, apple may have to slow production on the watch we understand because of a problem
5:52 am
inside? >> it's something called the taptic engine, relating to the sense of touch. wall street journal says system of the technology deep inside the watch that make the watch vibrate did not work properly and apple caught it early. they switched suppliers. so consumers who have the watch now do not need to worry. but it has slowed production which is why there are so many of us who don't have the watch yet. recode reports this morning that meg a company sales force could be for sale. sales force is very big led by this man. it is, in fact, san francisco's largest private employer. it would be expensive to buy. it's worth $44 billion. you would have to offer more than that. but well within the budget of microsoft or ibm or oracle. yesterday's news, i know, but the fed didn't raise interest rates yesterday. nobody expected they would. but we got to talking about the other thing the committee did. it took references to when
5:53 am
it might raise rates. we went back wrds on our march toward higher rates. not that anybody wants higher rates but it's been around the corner for so many months now and now the fed is not even talking about the corner. >> interesting because we had so many consecutive months of strong job growth. started to look like we were going to see the rates come up. >> of course. >> and now tamp down. >> that's right. >> not showing their cards. >> nor do they ever. >> just thrown their cards in the trash. >> they're not playing the a game. all right. >> or the book. back to you. it's 5:53. here's a look at the stories we're working on for our 6:00 hour. possible gunman is on the loose this morning in the peninsula. chaotic chase that ended near facebook's campus and what police are saying about two suspects now in custody. a family angry over the death of a young war veteran here in the bay area. why they believe that police mishandled the situation that became deadly. and nothing short of a miracle in nepal. days after the deadly disaster incredible images of a dramatic
5:54 am
rescue in the rubble. okay. a company that supplies mcdonald's french fries in china is on the hot seat this morning. beijing is issuing largest ever pollution fine against that company which is partially owned by mcdonald's. china's environmental agency accuses it of releasing inadequately treated waste water and that fine amounts to $650,000. another sugary drinks measure fizzled out in california. state assembly committee yesterday shot down a bill that would have required warning labels for all sodas and sports drinks. the labels would have warned you about potential health dangers like obesity and tooth decay. the measure fell one yes vote short of clearing the committee. some many diseases associated with obesity. if you have the chance would you want to know how likely you were to get genetic disease? >> turns out most people would. survey found 98% want to know if they are at jennetgenetic risk disease. in fact, most want to know their
5:55 am
genetic code for developing serious medical diseases like cancer even if the risk is small. if you want a better memory later in life, make sure to get a challenging job right now. researchers measuring the cognitive ability of 1,000 seniors over an eight-year period. what they found is that those who had careers requiring strategic planning, interpreting information and conflict resolution scored higher on memory and thinking tests nap compared to peers who had less mentally demanding jobs. i want to check the forecast with anthony slaughter. >> in for christina this morning. >> good morning to you. >> you've got numbers to akle over there. >> yeah. a lot of early morning numbers. it's not the easiest thing to do at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, calculate numbers. but this morning we are looking at nice conditions. this is always a treat especially working the morning shift you get that beautiful sun rise over the bay area. and you can see we're waking up to clear skies across every vantage point. later on this afternoon if you haven't heard it is going to be hot. we're talking record-setting
5:56 am
territory. 81 for san francisco today. 90 for the north bay. 93 for the tri-valley. near 90 in the south bay. rounding out the day at 89. let's talk to mike and see how that drive is shaping up. >> the backup so the stop of your drive is over here at the bay bridge toll plaza. standard timing and standard backup on the approach. no big drama and no crashes on the chp board. we're looking at as they start to clear those construction crews. you have more lanes eastbound across the high rise. westbound now with the headlights looking at all those. slower off hayward and the peninsula. we'll look at your map and speed sensors don't show slowing over 92. just a little bit over the toll plaza. the park where's bob continues to follow the police activity from over there. over here, upper east shore, north bay as well. 101 down to the golden gate bridge. no delays from san rafael and novato down toward the city difficult the bay. the peninsula moves well and the south bay just shows initial burst northbound 101 starting to slow a little bit. and the second burst will kick
5:57 am
in earnest about 6:30. back to you. >> thank you, mike. up next, it's a video everyone will be talking about today. teenage boy rescued from the rubble five days after the nepal a earthquake. relative calm in baltimore but a different story in other cities. warmup in cities across the bay area. will we break any records? break out the flip-flops. a lot more news ahead. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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5:59 am
breaking news at 6:00. bay area warehouse goes up in flames. why this fire was so unusual, next. truly a miracle in nepal. a teenager pulled from the rubble five days after the
6:00 am
massive earthquake frkts. police looking for a man possibly armed not far from facebook's headquarters. this morning we're waking up to clear skies. setting the stage for a warm afternoon. we're talking 80s and 90s for some of our warmest. then a cooler weekend ahead. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter in for christina loren to break down your forecast. work crews are just about clear from the san mateo bridge off of you're a little more latitude as you cross over the bay. on the same latitude, more traffic flowing and slowdown farther east coming up. >> from nba bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do begin with breaking news. live pictures of a powerful fire happening right now in fresno. the flames are huge. it's burning along highway 99 near brawley not far from downtown. many


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