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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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everyone feel. >> joy for jordy in your heart and home. >>y >>y >> jordy's father does not whant to talk about what happened on sunday. the third grader was stabbed to death while he slept by his older brother's friend. despite the loss they insist they will still open their doors to their children's friend. >> with jordy's memory in our heart, we will continue to offer our love and home to our family and friends and our children's friends as we know that is what jordy would have wanted us to do. >> because jordy loved baseball so much the giants tell me it will be their special guest this sunday against the angels. the teams will have a moment of silence in jordy's honor. reporting live i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> very nice gesture.
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and it is little league day as well. thank you. a $6 million wardrobe change for sfpd. they will all wear body cameras. they detailed a list of investments in the police department and the office that investigates police misconduct. with the current lack of trust between the public and police something has to be done. chief greg says body cameras will keep everyone accountable. >> it's a win/win situation that protects good people from bothsides of the lens. the officers know they are wearing them so their behavior is going to be better. by telling the citizens they are going to be on camera the citizens can behave better too. >> the price tag, $6.6 million. sfpd has to develop a body camera policy and purchase the equipment. coming up at 6:00 back biting in the city. why the san francisco sheriff says the mayor's plan is
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incomplete. now to the weather. the summer-like weather in the bay area. in san francisco, the temperatures pushed into the '80s today. further away from the coast, much hotter. jeff jeffranieri is tracking the heat. >> it's the last thing we need with the drought. dangerous levels of heat. the hottest weather throughout the peninsula. 97 96 in santa rosa. isolated in san francisco up to 90 degrees. no matter where you were you saw at least ten degrees of an increase today. as high as 25 in san francisco and 22 degrees in sunniville. let's look at the climate now. we are beginning to drop off into the 80s. a few select zones in the extreme south bay where we are tracking mid to upper 90s. right now, 95 in san martin.
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morgan hill 97. we'll take you here to the skycam ra across the south bay. what you are going to see is a quick climb in the temperatures from 40s in the morning up into the 90s by this afternoon. if you have plans on heading out to do exercising put that on hold until the cooler weather gets here. we'll talk about the cooler weather and fog developing off the coastline and how it's going to impact tomorrow in a few minutes. >> okay jeff thank you. you can track the heat on our nbc bay area app. you can track the weather in your neighborhood. lots of sunshine and no water. governor brown announced a plan to save wildlife at the same time. >> this is imperative. we must move forward. >> the governor is proposing building tunnel to take water from the delta to the central valley. he says it will fix the aging water infrastructure.
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at the same time, the governor is promising a new approach for wildlife restoration. they are worried the plan may dry up the delta. back in february we uncovered significant problems with the delta levee system. to see the full report visit and scroll to the california news section and click on the top story. you will find a link to the levee investigation. 40 years ago today, the world changed. the fall of saigon impacted vietnam and california. thousands of families fled here. this is a special day filled with mixed emotions for vietnamese-americans. the refugees are in the bay area. their stories are part of our culture. kimberly is in san jose the second largest vietnamese community in the country. kimberly? >> reporter: he was 14 years old when he fled vietnam.
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he showed an old stamp collection the only personal item he was able to take with him when he left that fateful day. >> a picture at the airport before we were living. >> reporter: he fled vietnam with his mother and two sisters a day before the airport was bombed making escape nearly impossible. the san jose profer sorssor says it's an emotional state. >> we literally lost everything. it's not just a material thing, it's a culture, a custom the language tradition. the fact i didn't get to give back to my grandparents. the things i think people -- >> reporter: he says it's hard to believe it's been 40 years since saigon fell. it's an important reminder to keep the history of his people alive. it's difficult to do as the
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older generation fades without telling their story. >> especially for veet that meese-american students any student. the third, fourth generation, how did your family struggle to be here? you are all immigrants. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 6:00 two san jose created a documentary about the fall of saigon and chronicle the story of those living through it. they have no connect direction or direct connection rather. the reason why they made the documentary is coming up at 6:00. live in san jose nbc bay area news. >> see you at 6:00. our coverage continues on "nightly news," as well. tom brokaw recalls the fall of saigon. it begins at 5:30. developing news from nepal. rescuers pulled a woman from the
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rubble five days after the catastrophic 7.8 quake hit on saturday. she was found in a collapsed bus station near kathmandu. it's renewing hope for survivors. [ cheers and applause ] >> earlier today, people celebrated the rescue of a 15-year-old boy pulled from the wreckage of a seven-story building. he survived by eating cooking butter and drinking a small about of water. the boy is dehydrated but okay. the death toll tops 5,000. stunning details in the death of freddie gray. a tv station in washington, d.c. obtained information from the not yet released coroner's report. grays neck was broken after slamming into the back of the police van. they are trying to determine if gray intentionally hurt himself or the driver drove erratically on purpose. the driver made an additional stop they did not know about. police have turned over their
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findings to the state attorney's office. high level and high profile state leaders gave us insight on immigration reform and the hurdles that remain. damian trujillo is at the tech museum. what is the biggest take away here? >> reporter: an undocumented student said it's hard to live the american dream because everybody is typecasting and labeling immigrants. the wheels of immigration reform are in motion the obstacles remain. the biggest names in california politics gather to hear the story of an undocumented student at an immigration forum in san jose. her story is part of the reason the uc president wants to fix the immigration system. >> next week we are hosting the first ever national conference national summit on undocumented
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students in higher education. >> reporter: great strides have been made in california including offering undocumented students in-state tuition rates. leaders agree it may not be enough to meet the state's fiscal and competitive challenges. >> ten years from now, in an economy we won't have enough college graduates. >> reporter: that's why the leaders say there is little time to waste. fixing a system that's been broken broken they say, for too long. that student developed a mobile app to help undocumented students. we'll look at that tonight at 6:00. i'm damian trujillo nbc bay area. >> thank you. still ahead here at 5:00 an historic visit. the prime minister of japan is in the silicon valley this evening. the one thing japan has that california needs to make things faster. >> reporter: an unusual site in
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a san francisco neighborhood. a sea lion under a car in need of help. i'm christy smith. why so many sea lions are being stranded along the coast. >> i think you have to find what you like. >> the hits runs and no errors. the teacher using baseball to help students fall in love with learning. then at 6:00 a classroom designed using a google state of mind. >> not like school. >> the changes made to foster learning. >> the expressions on their faces when we take them there. >> two iconic things missing from your school days. that's new at 6:00.
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did you see this or hear about it? a wayward sea lion in san francisco. this little guy was a repeat offender. christy smith was at the marine mammal center. is that guy okay? what happened here? >> reporter: well actually we took a look and he seems to be doing okay. what happened is san francisco police kept the sea lion safe until it came to the marine mammal center to transport him here. experts are saying there are thousands of sea lion pups getting stranded and needing help along the coast. >> we get there and the sea lion
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is under the car. >> reporter: at the corner of marina in san francisco, a sea lion pup is caught hiding. marine mammal center came to help. his nickname rubbish, a familiar face. >> it had an orange tag, which means he's been in the rehabilitation center before. there was an animal we rescued back in february. >> reporter: previously rescued from santa barbara and released near point ray. >> he's lost 17 pounds since we released him. he wasn't able to find enough fish or he's sick. >> reporter: the marine mammal center rescued more animals than 2014. they have rescues 1,000 sea lions. 122 are still in their care. >> it's causing the fish to move farther north, go into deeper waters.
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it's harder for the mothers to provide food. >> reporter: on average, they say each year, less than 20 treated and rehabilitated mammals get stranded. this case is somewhat unusual. christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> glad rubbish is okay. thanks. a terrifying crash on highway 101. it happened on the northbound lanes in south san francisco. the driver of this gold nissan when he tried to merge lost control and went into the water. it was completely submerged. the driver was hurt but managed to escape. the crash is now under investigation. a local schoolteacher was not in school today. instead, she took her students to the as game. >> great teacher. the past two decades, she's used sports to teach valuable
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lessons. we are live in the field. hi garvin. >> reporter: that's right. the first pitch for this afternoon's game between the as and angels was 12:35. of course there's always a ceremonial first pitch before that. that's what we wanted to be here for today. >> all right. good morning, we are going to do ind pendant reading. >> reporter: the classroom is about learning. step into adrian alexander's room and you will learn something unexpected. >> you may sit in the dugout today. >> reporter: this teacher filled her room with baseball memorabilia, where the sport is woven into the fabric. >> put me in coach. i'm ready to play. >> reporter: she wasn't much of a baseball fan growing up. >> i didn't play sports my
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brother played sports. >> reporter: baseball wasn't her first love teaching was. >> i wanted to be a teacher ever since catholic school. that's all i ever wanted to do. >> reporter: where did all this come from? well 20 years ago, her bosses asked for a volunteer to sign up for an education program run by the oakland as. kids read a certain amount and go to the library and they get to go to an as game. >> reporter: she took that program and ran with it. every wednesday for the past two decades has been baseball wednesday in her class. >> dan is the relief pitcher for the oakland as. >> reporter: she uses baseball for math reading, history, geography. you name it. why? because it's worked for her. >> the kids like sports. if you are excited about something, they get excited.
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who thinks they know? >> reporter: she says she would keep doing it forever, if she taught forever. which, she is not. this, her 38th year of teaching is her last. >> they have to see us. >> reporter: so as a way to say thanks for all she has done the as asked her to throw out thursday's first pitch in this her last time taking the class to the game. too much adrian? no. she insisted one of her students get to do the honor. a memory of a lifetime for him just one more memory in a lifetime of teaching for her. isn't that like a great teacher to put her student first when she has a chance to take the stage herself. she is retiring from the second grade classroom. she's not quitting. she wants to take the home run readers program that the as do
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and help other teachers learn how to implement it into theirs and have as much fun teaching as she does. >> what a great story out there at the oakland coliseum. >> more than four decades of teaching. all her students probably think it's their favorite teacher ever. >> they lost to the angels but that's okay. it was a great day for baseball. >> hot across the bay. temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 plus degrees warmer throughout the bay. the reason it got hotter was an easterly wind that swept across the area. you can see increases, 23 degrees up from this time yesterday. 21 in san francisco. half-moon bay, 16 degree increase. in terms of the hottest weather, south san jose with 94 degrees. napa 93. isolated reading in mission district in san francisco, 90. that is the last thing we need
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with the four-year draught in place. we go outside, all areas in the 80s or 90s right now. 87 in the south bay. east bay, 89. san francisco checking with a very warm 85 degrees. here is the thing. while there is no fog from the current view we are beginning to see winds shift out of the west at 13 miles per hour. that's the cooler wind and a sign of big-time changes for tomorrow. let's take you to the morning forecast for friday. you are going to note there is a fog coming back to san francisco and the peninsula. we'll be clear in the south bay, east bay and north bay. the fog, the fog machine is really going to get amped up tomorrow by the westerly wind. today, we had the dry, easterly wind. it's going to reverse tomorrow. the west wind at 17 in san francisco on friday. also out of the west-southwest in half-moon bay. it should give the bay area decreased temperatures. the fog won't be too widespread
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but building for the afternoon tomorrow. let's get a survey of the temperatures. 88 expected. 93 at morgan hill. across the peninsula, upper 70s and 80s. down to 70 degrees increased cloud cover. for san francisco, down to 69 in forest hill after the 70s and after 80s today, we drop down to 75. the north bay, east bay, napa is still very close to 90 degrees. we take you down several notches with the westerly wind 78 degrees. oakland, 75 and the trivalley, a mix of upper 80s and low 90s. today was the hottest day of the week. tomorrow is very warm and above average. by saturday and sunday back down into the 70s. for san jose and san francisco, from the isolated 90 in the mission district down to 65 on saturday and 64 on sunday. fortunately, no rainfall and we
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head throughout next tuesday. doesn't look great over the next two weeks. take it easy tonight and tomorrow. if you are planning on doing exercising indoors would be the best bet. >> good advice. thanks so much. just ahead, this time it's not about a labor dispute. why work will come to a halt at the port of oakland tomorrow. what investigators found that could provide insight into a case.
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up in smoke. a fire breaks out inside an oakland warehouse full of marijuana plants. fire chief says the warehouse had a permit to grow pot. investigators say the fire likely started with an electrical issue. no one was hurt. the japanese prime minister made a visit to the silicon valley. shinzo abe spoke to hundreds of people on the university campus. tonight, he will talk with governor brown where he'll support the high-speed rail project. in each meeting, he spoke of the importance of a partnership with
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the silicon valley. >> translator: i want the best and brightest japanese talent with superb technology and high motivation to dive into silicon valley. >> the voice of an interpreter there. the prime minister spoke. protesters there to demand an apology for world war ii. may day protests will step down the port of oakland tomorrow. workers are loading and unloading ships this evening. however, tomorrow morning, long shoremen have convinced the port to close for business z. at 9:00 a.m. hundreds maybe thousands of protesters are expected to gather. this may day, several union workers said they too, will participate and reopen for business tomorrow night. the tech world is easily anticipating the unveiling of
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tesla's battery. they will make the announcement at the design studio in southern california. the new technology will power the entire home in a blackout. production of the home battery is expected to start in six months. it will cost around $13,000. would you believe the 49ers have new uniforms sort of. we'll show them to you next.
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tonight at 6:00 monitoring police with a touch of a button.
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the app making it easier for people to record police encounters and contact lawyers directly. that's coming up at 6:00. for the first time in 49er history, the team is unveiling an alternate uniform and we have a sneak peek. the team sent this photo to fans via snap chat. instead of the main color being gold it's black with red numbering. the alternate uniform can be worn two times a year. a big night for the raiders and 49ers. they play in that hot stadium in santa clara. they need your advice of when to use it. >> it's going to get hot. let's take a look at the forecast. san jose tomorrow 88 degrees and sunny skies. cooler interior. another hot one for san francisco. instead of 80s, we go to 75.
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back to reality before the weekend. >> back to normal. >> exactly. >> stay cool out there. "nightly news" is next. on this thursday night, the critical evidence in baltimore turned over to prosecutors who refused to make it public. tonight, what the autopsy reveals and what a man who was held in the police van with freddie gray says he heard. found alive, survivors pulled from the rubble five days after that devastating quake in nepal. an eruption of cheers ancelebration in a sea of destruction. embryo battle. one of tv's biggest stars, her former boyfriend and a very personal dispute gone public. who decides what happens to frozen embryos when the relationship ends? and clash of the titans. the richest prize fight of all time. hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. we're in vegas tonight.


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