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tv   Today  NBC  May 1, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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if you will. >> thank you very much. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> all right. have a great weekend. see you in 25. good morning. what happened in the the van? crucial new evidence in the freddie gray case. this morning what the autopsy is revealing. as police brace for what could be the largest protest yet. >> breaking now. a former appointee of new jers governor chris christie in court to plead guilty to criminal charges in the bridgegate scandal. more indictments expected today. will that impact christie's decision to run for president? fight of the century. all eyes on las vegas and the boxing match between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. the richest of all time each taking home at least $100 million.
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and let's keep it moving. a 12-year-old boy bravely hurries along the president at an appearance with children. >> i think you sort of covered everything about that. >> you think i kind of -- thinks i'm talking too long. >> how he showed the leader of the free world who is boss today friday, may 1, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a friday. savannah is in australia getting ready for a big show monday. we'll see her then. we like fridays. tamron hall here. this is a big friday for sports. you have the kentucky derby. >> and the fight and both could be over in minutes depending how the fight turns out. >> most exciting two minutes in sports. we'll see.
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we'll talk about those two things. to our top story, key evidence now in hand and you can only imagine the pressure facing the baltimore prosecutor who will decide if criminal charges are filed in the freddie gray case. >> as she weighs her decision police are preparing for more protests, nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in baltimore once again. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. baltimore right now is still in a state of emergency, as we speak four buses have pulled up to this intersection in west baltimore, they are carrying state troopers and members of the national guard, dressed today in riot gear preparing for whatever could happen later today. and the baltimore sun this morning is reporting quoting sources close to the investigation that gray suffered a serious head injury inside that transport van, with a wound to his head indicating he may have struck a bolt inthe side the back of the vehicle. after what had been a day of largely peaceful protests in philadelphia, demonstrators
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briefly clashed with police late thursday, as officers tried to keep them from turning onto the highway. it was just one of many protests in baltimore, and cities around the country overnight. as baltimore police this morring are facing additional scrutiny after a stunning admission. the van transporting freddie gray made a previously undisclosed stop here outside a small grocery store. the new stop officials say coming to light from video discovered from a private surveillance camera. the revelation raises more questions about what happened to 25-year-old gray while he was in police custody. state's attorney is conducting an independent investigation, and reviewing the updated timeline to determine whether any of the six officers involved should face criminal charges. gray was arrested here, then at this first stop he was shackled and put back in the van. the previously undisclosed stop outside a grocery store was the second stop. at a third stop the van's driver called for another officer to
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check on gray. then a fourth stop here to pick up a second prisoner. wbal investigative reporter jane miller. >> by the time the van makes that stop to pick up that prisoner, our sources tell us mr. gray was unresponsive. >> reporter: the second prisoner says he never saw gray and he was put in a separate compartment. he didn't know there was another prisoner until he briefly heard him. >> he went straight to the police station. all i heard was banging. four seconds. >> reporter: the van drove to its final delsty nation, the western district police station. paramedics were called to treat gray. still unclear exactly what caused gray's death. >> we're aware what's in the autopsy and the autopsy contains no evidence that mr. gray was banging his head on his own against anything. >> reporter: the commissioner here in baltimore says that the curr fee has been extended through this weekend. the governor of the state sells he doesn't want to alarm anybody
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but he added we still believe there is a real potential for more violence and more danger over the weekend. we'll be here. back to you. >> thank you, peter. breaking news that could have an impact on the presidential race. the bridgegate scandal that followed new jersey governor chris christie for about a year and a half now is headed to court with a plea deal and indictment expected. nbc's stephanie gosk has been working the phones on this. good to have you here. good morning. >> good morning. later this morning a one-time krilsty ally official david wildstein is expected to plead guilty for unspecified charges related to the traffic scandal in september 2013 when commuters, emergency workers and school buses were trapped on the george washington bridge for hours. multiple reports have named wildstein as well as christie's former deputy chief of staff as the key architect of the traffic shutdown believed to be used as a form of political payback
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against the ft. lee mayor. governor krilsty denies knowledge but the scandal occurred when he was considered a front-runner for the republican presidential nomination. and following it, his approval ratings in new jersey and nationwide took a considerable hit. question this morning is how many more indictments are coming against kelly or any other former staffer from the governor's office. >> still more to find out. thanks very much. remind people that we sat down with governor christie a couple weeks ago and asked how he would feel if some of his closest former advisers are indicted. take a look. >> i can't feel worse than it's felt already. the disappointment happens 15 months ago, matt. so it can't feel any worse. i mean i feel like i was let down, and i know that people judged me in a very, very difficult way. because i have to be accountable for the things that happen on my watch. >> again that was a couple weeks
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ago in new hampshire. the story taking another turn this morning. steph, thank you. >> we're getting a brand new look at the devastation from that massive earthquake in nepal. you've got to see this. it's a remarkable view from a drone revealing what survivors and emergency crews are facing, nbc's miguel almaguer is in nepal. good morning. >> reporter: matt and tamron, good morning. we're coming to you from well outside of kathmandu, we're not far from the epicenter of this massive 7.8 earthquake, this is representative of so much of the country's two thirds of this region is farming land. this is where many say humanitarian aid and government help has been slow to reach. in some areas the stench of dead bodies and animals is a clear sign there is much work to be done. while villagers are pleading for help the death toll in the country nearly a week since that massive quake, has spiked above 6,000. one government official says it
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could reach 15,000. in all this quake has affected 2.8 million people, 600,000 home, many in cities and urban areas, have been damaged or destroyed. the country's finance minister says that this nation will need over $2 billion to start to rebuild. there's so much rubble here, debris piled two to three stories tall. in some communities like this they say help has yet to arrive. many saying they need aid, food and water. the government being criticized as many humanitarian aid missions are still pouring in all across the country. tamron and matt. >> thank you. what an inthe credible vantage point that drone provides. >> things we wouldn't otherwise see. meantime, this next story sounds like out of the middle ages. we're talking about an outbreak of the plague, the cdc releasing information this morning about a case out in colorado, a dog became infected last july and
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then passed the disease on to its owner. three other people were also infected in what could be the first cases spread person-to-person in this country in nearly 100 years. nbc's medical contributor has been looking into this. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the word plague strikes fear in the hearts of people who know that millions have died throughout history. what is the plague? >> the plague is an infection caused by a bacteria which you'll see a number of cases in our country every year. there are still more predominant cases in third world countries as we speak. it's not eradicated organism. >> this dog apparently became infected with this bacteria, was coughing up blood. >> yes. >> its owner became infected and then we understand passed it on to others. how easy is it to transmit human to human? >> the way it was transmitted ostensibly from human to human would have been through respiratory droplets.
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what we think is that the dog infected his owner, and the dog probably infected the vet it is taking care of the dog. we know that animal to human transmission is the normal way it is transmitted and that happens all the time. whether or not the other close contact of that index case got infected from the person versus the dog is still to be decided or determined but we think it's plausible it might have happened. >> yet, we know there are treatments available now to at least contain it. >> absolutely. a number of classes of antibiotics work. >> thanks very much. sha snell here with developments out of the porg. >> good morning. a sign of growing tension between the u.s. and iran, u.s. navy ships will begin escorting american cargo ships through the strait of hormus. the move is to ensure they don't encounter interference from iran. earlier naval vessels reportedly fired shots near a cargo ship and detained the crew
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a spectacular sight in chile wrl a volcano erupted for third time in eight days. it caused government officials to issue evacuation order. residents are struggling to clean up after two earlier eruptions. this is the volume ta no's first eruptions in 40 years. president obama has chosen chicago to host his future library. the university of chicago where obama once taught law will develop the library along with the barack obama foundation. that's according to a source with direct knowledge of the decision. the university of hawaii and columbia university were also on the short list. an official announcement is expected in the next few weeks. a 15-year-old girl is behind bars after leading police on a high-speed chase through a public park in southern california. the chase started on surface streets but eventually the teenage driver turned into the park where she tore up the grass and ran down a sign post.
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later, the car sped past a group of school children. eventually the driver lost control and came to a stop when the vehicle was disabled. she was taken into custody. and a brave young journalist is getting attention for cutting off the president during an interview. president obama was participating in a virtual field trip question and answer session at a library. the 12-year-old interrupted the president when he got a little long winded. >> listen, even the best writers usually it's not that good the first time they write it. >> yeah. i think you sort of covered everything about that question. >> okay, you think -- he thinks i'm talking too long. >> no. i think you just -- >> let's move it along. >> ouch. the sixth-grader says he was nudging the president along, i have to tell you it was almost lunch time so it was time to wrap it up. and this just in. some sad news this morning,ly
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agendaary singer benny king known for stand by me has died at the age of 76. king started his career in the late 1950s with the drifters, after going solo he hit the u.s. top five with stand by me in 1961. the song is charted nine times on the u.s. billboard. 100 over the years. sad news. >> i hope that's one that sticks in my ear all day k. like to be humming that as a tribute. thank you. mr. roker. >> what a classic. he will be missed. let's show you what we've got going on. earlier we were talking about how much colder it was in the east for this winter on into the early spring. look how warm it is. since january 1, warmest period in san jose, los angeles, las vegas, salt lake city, flagstaff, even phoenix. boise and idaho falls second warmest so on the toasty side. look at what a beautiful day it
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is in phoenix for of sunshine and highs to 101 degrees. it's a dry heat. that's not so bad. as we look at the weather out west, billings 77, beautiful day in denver, 68 degrees, hit or miss showers and thunderstorms in phoenix, 10 wurngs medford, oregon looking at a high of 85 degrees, warmer in medford than in los angeles with a high of 81. we're going to get to your local forecast. >> i think you've got it. mr. president. >> we had to duck down for a second. that's what's going on. we're going to g twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a simple sunrise can still be magic. twenty-five thousand mornings. make sure some of them are pure michigan. your trip begins at
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right now seeing sunny skies. not much wind for the moment but the sea breeze will pick up. cooling off if coast. you can see the inland spots still upper agency toss near 90. areas south of san jose 70s in san francisco. 80s into napa and upper eighty toss near 90 for one more day today. livermore, than the sea breeze cools everybody off for the weekend. see numbers dropping. 60 s for san francisco. mild temperatures continue into the start of next week.
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she will take a page from her play book when she declares candidacy on line. >> dr. ben carson will launch his campaign on monday. the renowned neurosurgeon spent nearly 30 years at johns hopkins children's center in baltimore. >> on tuesday, mike huckabee will launch hills second presidential bid. he will throw his hat in the ring from his home town of heap,fof hope, arkansas. >> bill clinton, he is in africa for the clinton foundation and his wife's campaign continues to be besieged over donations. the former president hosting an event on tuesday, hillary makes her first visit to the early voting state of nevada from there she kicks off a fundraising swing in california. by the way we'll have an exclusive interview with former president clinton on "today,"
7:17 am
his first time speaking of since his wife announced her candidacy. we'll catch up with him as he travels in africa, monday only on "today." >> speaking of politics you don't want to miss chuck todd's conversation with john boehner sunday on meet the press press. >> carson another day of agony, some ecstasy for the nfl draft fans. >> you mentioned a big weekend it is for sports. they got kicked off as the draft went underway in chicago this time making big news from the start. the tampa bay buccaneers chose florida state star quarterback as expected jameis winston as the first overall pick. tell you what we know. winston won the heisman trophy in 2013, his first pick didn't come without controversy. a checkered past with the suspensions for acting out on campus, accusations of sexual assault he was never charged for and the incident last year cited for stealing $32 of crab legs from a supermarket.
7:18 am
following his selection on thursday winston faced that seafood separation head on putting out this instagram here of him enjoying crab legs, that quickly went viral. and he did address concerns on a more serious level saying it's about your actions, whatever is in the past is in the past. i look forward to gaining everyone's trust. there you go, rounds 2 and 3 of the nfl draft continues tonight. >> all right, carson. we mentioned the jets fans boo at the first round pick. they got a good one in leonard williamings. >> they still booed. >> that's tradition. no offense. coming up, will it possibly live up to the hype. we're live in wlaefs the excitement, the big money and the controversy surrounding mayweather/pacquiao mayweather/pacquiao, the so-called fight of the century. >> would your home with stand the pow per of a tornado? could you survive? we'll take you inif side a place where twisters are created. first this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. it is 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. a family member of four -- family of four escaped injury after an apartment fire this morning on the peninsula. this happened right near 101 in san mateo. firefighters say those flames seriously damaged a two-story unit. many of the other people who live there have already been allowed back into their homes. a new warning about a bogus san jose police officer trying to rip people off. san jose police tell the mercury news that someone is leaving phone messages claiming to be sergeant mike harris. he asks for a payment on a prepaid credit card to clear their criminal record. the problem is there is no sergeant mike harris on the
7:27 am
force. happening today, may day rallies and protests planned around the bay area. one scheduled to start just moments away at oakland macarthur b.a.r.t. station. organizers are calling block the tech commute. that one. the protests against police is also scheduled to begin at 9:00 in the morning at the port of oakland. now let's get a look at the forecast for whatever you have planned today. >> good morning. seeing 50s and 60s outside. clear skies. that's going to change later on as low clouds work up the coastline. eventually leading to the cooldown of that ocean air conditioning or late day sea breeze. cool off the coast today. valleys warm. mid 80s around san jose. 90 south of downtown san jose. 70s in san francisco. 80s around the north bay. livermore for today. but notice for the weekend weather trend, temperatures cooling off. 70s around san jose saturday and sunday. 60s around san francisco for the weekend. mike? >> rob, your temperatures look hot there. keeping it cool on the roadways.
7:28 am
have just your slowing for berkeley. build for the east shore freeway and metering lights at the bay bridge. the crash in the east bay south 880 and 23rd. slowing just through downtown oakland. that's it for the area. toward our build here continuing as you cross 92 westbound and the hayward side for 880 but nothing dramatic including the south bay, northbound routes. back to you. >> we have more local news coming up in just half hour. hope to see you then.
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3 c3 bien, son las 7:30 en esta born in australia. she made her way to australia, she's going to broadcast from there live on monday. there with her mom, returning to the place where it all happened. >> where it all started. we look forward to seeing her then. and we're going to hear about adventures. >> here is what is making headlines. officials in baltimore extending a citywide curfew after monday's riots. a police report on the death of freddie gray is now in the hands
7:31 am
of state's attorney mosley who will decide if criminal charges are filed in the case. new this morning the justice department announcing a $20 million program to purchase body worn cameras, they will be sent to police departments in an effort to increase officer safety and promote accountability. and u.s. navy ships will begin escorting american cargo ships through the strait at the mouth of the persian gulf to ensure they don't encounter interference from iran. meantime, who is ready for a summer of fun? yes. of course we are about to announce the -- didn't mean to pressure anybody. our 20th anniversary toyota summer concert series. if you can't wait get a sneak peek at >> i like going on line now. >> it's a great lineup. >> good stuff. >> let's talk about what's called the fight of the century. after years of talk and failed deals two biggest names in
7:32 am
boxing, floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao will climb into the ring tomorrow night. nbc's ron mott is in las vegas where anticipation is building. good dp morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're outside the new york, new york hotel, the big fight tomorrow at the mgm grand. i'm told there will not be a red carpet in place but make no mistake it is showtime in every sense of the word. it's a boxing block buster. >> this will be a fight the wol whole world has been waiting to see. >> featuring bankable headliners floyd mayweather jr., manny pacquiao, a must see for a list celebrities. brady and of course kardashian for starters. and the public reaching deep, pay-per-view at 100 bucks a buy creating a box office knock-out shattering records. >> we want everyone to tune in by pay-per-view. we love the fans from around the world.
7:33 am
they have supported this event. >> reporter: in one corner mayweather nicknamed money, the top paid athlete, undefeated, brash, quick to show the fruits of his labor. in the other corner, pacquiao, a national treasure in his native philippines, a congressman there whose birthday is a holiday. quiet and reserved by comparison. >> your emotions this close to the fight? >> my emotion relax. i want to fight on saturday. >> payday more than $100 million each. pay-per-view estimated $300 million with $100 million, some fetching tens of thousands for floor seats even though both fighters' careers are winding down. >> this is a tremendous fight, certainly not going to save boxing though. boxing has gone by the wayside because doesn't have the same flare that it had decades ago. >> mayweather's domestic violence history is generating back lash.
7:34 am
>> still, the excitement is electric. >> a spectacle in the making and reminder from the raping boxing legend. don't you forget muhammad ali tweeted i'm the greatest. >> what do you say to that? >> that was a great tweet. i love ali. >> wouldn't be boxing without bragging. a twist there are media reports that says mayweather promised to get shug knight out of jail. it's a $10 million bail. there you go guys. back to you. >> interesting way to spin some of the cash. tickets high-priced, $350,000 is what they are going for on line. i don't know -- >> $100 pay-per-view. >> or if you're al roker sleep in and hear about it on the highlights. let's get a check of the man known as al roker, our own champion. hey there. >> today's weather is brought to you by pure michigan, your trip
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begins at mohammed ali is the greatest. always will be. forever more. we look at louisville right now and there is a great event about to take place, we've got wet weather, upper level low causing problems but not for louisville where they are going to have the running of the oaks today at churchill downs, sunny and mild temperatures up to about 70 degrees for a high. for the 141st running of the kentucky derby yeah, american pharaoh the favorite. most pli sunny, mild, light winds with temperatures in the mid 70s. and as we look at the rest of the country, some of the wet weather in the southeast but again, gorgeous in the northeast, a little on the cool side. sunny and warm through texas, beautiful in the pacific northwest, in seattle 74 and sunny skies. san francisco later on right
7:36 am
now. 50s and 60s outside and speaking of san francisco you're not really seeing much of a breeze out there. the warriors flying out downtown showing you an onshore push. it will come back with low clouds surking up the coastline. heading into the afternoon. slightly cooler on the koes today. inland spots though still mid 80s around san jose. 90s south of downtown. closer to saratoga. 80s in the north bay. near 90 in the tri-valley. >> this weekend get the weather you need weather channel on cable or online. the woman that quit a $95,000 a year job to sell ice cream. why she decided to do it. and on rossen report showing you the true power of tornadoes. >> reporter: good morning. i'm jeff rossen. coming up we are inside of a tornado lab. rare access where they're doing research simulating right here an ef-3 tornado with wind speeds
7:37 am
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back now at 7:40. lovely crowd out there this morning. on rossen reports, the power of tornadoes. how would your home hold up and would you know how to get out alive? "today's" jeff rossen is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: hey tamron. hey, guys. good morning to you. we are in peak tornado season right now and it's off to a scary start. an estimated 190 tornadoes touching down already this year. as we've seen they can rip a home to shreds in an instant. you're about to see the raw power of a tornado up close. we're going inside a special twister lab that they create twisters and flying debris in there learning how to build better homes. this morning we're going to show you how to survive if it strikes your house. >> oh my gosh that's going right through. >> reporter: powerful and devastating moments.
7:42 am
>> there goes cars. i saw headlights go flying. >> reporter: imagine coming face-to-face with this. >> holy smokes. >> reporter: just weeks ago, this massive tornado ripping and shredding its way across illinois. blowing semi trucks over like toys. >> go go go! >> blown away by the sheer terror of everything. >> reporter: the tornado killing two and leaving behind a 20 mile trail of destruction. now scientists here at texas tech are doing ground breaking research trying to get inside a tornado to figure out exactly how they work. right now we're in this semi-empty warehouse in lubbock, texas. this is their tornado simulator. we've been granted access inside. what they're doing here is simulating an ef-3 tornado. most of the tornadoes that make windfall in the u.s. are average
7:43 am
ef-3. but they do significant damage. what they're doing here is a way to build safer homes and the kind of walls it takes to keep you safe with twisting winds like this. >> it's hitting something. >> reporter: and what's inside that twister just as deadly. flying debris like this. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: so researchers are simulating that too. launching two by four planks at home's siding. it went straight through like a knife through butter. what kind of tornado does that represent? >> about an ef-0. >> reporter: the weakest tornado. >> that's right. >> reporter: now see what happens when they simulate an ef-5 tornado. winds at 250 miles per hour. the force there is scary when you're here in person. what does this show us? >> your typical house will not stop the missile. >> reporter: but what if the tornado was barrelling toward your home and you don't have
7:44 am
time to get away? >> well we're going to need to get as far inside the house as we can. >> reporter: rick smith is with the national weather service. >> grab some cushions or something to cover up with. >> reporter: couch cushions. >> that would work well. >> reporter: i've heard the best place to go is the bathtub in a bathroom. >> it depends where it's at in the house. you want to put as many walls between you and the tornado as you can. >> reporter: where would that be in this house? >> the best available is this interior closet in the bedroom. this puts a lot of walls in between us and the storm. here's a bathtub. not a good spot in this house because there's a window there. >> once you get inside the closet what do you do? >> we want to get down get as low as we can possibly get. and we want to cover up with the couch cushions whatever you have. >> reporter: so put the cushions on top of you literally like this. >> ride it out right here. >> reporter: one other tip for you, experts say when you're making a storm plan and you
7:45 am
should have one now before it strikes, have a whistle like this ready. that's in case you're stuck under the rubble. you don't have the energy to scream out loud. they say have a whistle handy inside of your house. also by the way, a storm shelter, the best place to be. that's because they have cement walls. on our facebook page right now, we have video of flying wood going into the cement wall and you'll see the difference of what happened to the wood. >> other thing you should do bicycle helmet they say. if you have a chance to grab one, do that. >> information about not going into the bathtub, i grew up in texas. your whole life you're told go into the bathtub. >> maybe that's the bathtub, maybe it isn't. but put as many walls between you and the storm as you can. >> really good. thanks very much. just ahead, how old do you look? >> oh. >> a new website that you'll be playing on all weekend if you turn you onto this. >> by putting it to the test we're doing it?
7:46 am
okay. and next the most popular kids in the history of youtube. the charlie bit my finger kids. they'll join carson in the orange room after this. so cute. i need to look for a used car. but i just keep putting it off. it's daunting. what if i make the wrong choice? it's like, if i buy a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. milk has 8 grams of high-quality protein. which could be the difference between just living life. and milking it. start every day with the power of protein and milk life.
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7:50 am
back at 7:49. u youtube is officially ten years old. they are kicking off a month. long celebration. >> that's right. youtube celebrating a decade of viral videos. so why not start with the most viewed non-music youtube video
7:51 am
>> how is your finger? >> it's okay. >> how many people have seen that video? give me a guess. >> 820 million. >> let's see if you are right. you want to take a guess? 818 million people. what is it like to have that many people watch your video? >> you think it is awesome? >> that is super cool. do you like being here in new york city? >> yeah. >> what will you do today with your dad? tell him you want to have lunch at a place called fao schwartz. do you like ice cream? >> yeah. >> there's a place called serendipity 3. >> ask if they have sandwiches
7:52 am
in england? >> yes al. come on. they have sandwiches. this is for you to protect your finger. this is for you. >> have some fun kids. guys coming up on trending let's get to it. there you go. first lady specaking up about her plans at white house. and hoda talks about her lip sync battle. >> and how many people watched it? 800 million. come on carson. coming up would you go gray on purpose? we'll being back. ts huh? what? (explosion) i'm drawing a blank. what's my line? maybe we do live in a fantasy? a little bit out there maybe? but just a bunch of dreamers no way! we're just like everyone else we put our board shorts on one leg at a time.
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7:56 am
>> there is enough evidence to file charges against police officers in the death of freddie gray. the prosecutor says the knife clipped in gray's pants pocket was legal and not a switch blade as place claimed it was. prosecutors received the police report on gray's death yesterday. gray suffered a broken neck inside that police van that transported him. neighbors rush to the rescue after home caught fire overnight in san jose. happened around 1:00 this morning near highway 101. neighbors say before firefighters arrived someone ran into the home to make sure everybody got out. nobody was hurt if fire did burn two other homes before crews were able to get the flames out. let's check your weather this morning. good morning. >> good morning. seeing the temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside. clear skies. not much of a sea breeze yet.
7:57 am
later on today, low clouds moving up from south to north. we call it the southerly surge as the low cloud cover sweeps over the bay area. cooling for the coast. inland spots still looking hot for one more day. 80s around san jose. 70s closer to san francisco. 80s into the north bay. upper 80s to near 90 in the tri-valley. starting tomorrow that cooler air spills into the valleys with 70s inland around san jose and 60s closer to san francisco. mike? >> that southerly surge sounds refreshing but this surge on 880 not so refreshing. slowing past the coliseum. you see slowing for 880 which is typical. same thing for 580 toward the toll plaza where the metering lights are on. getting into san francisco, remember tcp harding park, the golf coast south of the zoo, the tournament is continuing. a lot of surface street traffic. northbound commuting looking san jose starting to show slowdown some more. 85, 280, and 101. back to you. >> thanks, mike. just got word on the zoo, zebras
7:58 am
down by two strokes. another local news update for you coming up in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, it's all about the gray. the hot new hair trend that has women of all ages celebrating silver. but would it work on you? ♪ then, countdown to derby day. the horses, the hats, the hot kentucky sun. we're live at churchill downs to get you ready for this weekend's big race. and diva today. jennifer lopez dazzles the crowd with a touching the tribute to her idol at the latin billboard awards, before opening up to natalie. >> you found your voice through selina. >> i really did. you never know what's going to happen. you have to live in the moment, you have to be present. >> the exclusive interview
8:01 am
today, friday, may 1st, 2015. ♪ >> my dad turning 6-0 in the big city from buffalo. >> celebrating our five-year anniversary in new york city. >> it's so great to celebrate our anniversary! >> we're the rough riders from orlando taking on new york city! >> good morning, new orleans! >> we love "today"! >> tgif, see you tomorrow! >> all right. we're back now, 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the first day of may. a little chillier here in new york city, but hopefully we get a nice, warm weekend coming up, and we have a huge first of may crowd out on the plaza. >> we do. >> a little bit of a programming note for you.
8:02 am
coming up monday, we've got an exclusive interview with joan rivers' daughter, melissa. she's going to open up about her mom's remarkable life and also, sadly, about her final hours. >> remember when you walked in the hospital? >> mm-hmm. >> what did you see? >> i just couldn't believe what i was seeing. it became very surreal. >> that's melissa rivers, monday, right here on "today." >> meantime, we are gearing up for another exciting summer here on "today," the 20th anniversary of our toyota summer concert series. >> excuse me one second. >> where are you going? >> i know, i'm sorry. happy spring to you as well. it's not every day i get my name on a sign out here. i don't take it for granted. >> really? that's all it take? >> what's your name? >> jordan sailor. >> nice to meet you, jordan. >> while you're there, tell her to turn her sign back up, there, she was upside down. there you go. >> toyota summer concert series, the lineup is awesome.
8:03 am
take a look at this. >> have taken over -- >> massive crowd -- >> thousands of screaming fans -- >> the excitement building here in rockefeller plaza. >> announcer: toyota concert series, celebrating 20 years, party all summer long, big shows, big stars. first up, meghan treanor, mitt bull, carly rae jepsen. charlie xcf. >> ladies and gentlemen, fallout boys. >> james taylor. >> nate russ. imagine dragons. jennifer lopez. flo rida. >> it's going down for real. >> janelle monet and wonderland. jason aldean. alan jackson. brad paisley and more. toyota concert series kicks off friday, may 22nd, with meghan
8:04 am
trainor live on the plaza. where great music comes to play, only on "today". >> nice! >> all right. >> i got -- >> looking forward to j.lo coming. we'll talk to her a little later on the show. sheinelle's got a check of the morning's top stories. >> a maryland state prosecutor is now reviewing evidence in the death of freddie gray and what happened after his arrest by baltimore police. baltimore's police commissioner revealed thursday that a van transporting gray to the police station made a previously undisclosed stop outside a grocery store. he said that stop was discovered through video from a private security camera. gray was arrested in april, after officers said he ran from them, unprovoked. at some point, he suffered an injury and died a week later, touching off a wave of protests. activists across the country say police brutality has been added to the grievances aired at today's may day rallies. the may 1st marches traditionally address workers'
8:05 am
and immigrants' rights. workers from oakland to boston also plan to support the black lives matter movement, after the recent series of high-profile police custody deaths. in nepal, the official death toll from last weekend's massive earthquake has soared, above 6,200. and some officials fear that it could reach as high as 15,000. the search for bodies is making it difficult for many of those displaced by the quake to return to their homes. nepal's finance minister says the country will need at least $2 billion to start rebuilding. the first guilty plea is expected today, in the bridgegate scandal, a case that could impact the 2016 presidential race. it involves political allies and new jersey governor chris christie orchestrating traffic jams on the george washington bridge as political payback. former transportation official, david wildstein, is expected to accept a plea deal today. christie, a potential republican presidential candidate, says the case has nothing to do with him. federal health officials are reporting a small but rare
8:06 am
outbreak of the plague in colorado. the cdc says that last summer, four people were sickened by the play, which was traced to a pet pit bull. it could be the first case that is spread person-to-person in the u.s. in nearly 100 years. the four people were given antibiotics and recovered. back to the nfl draft. 340-pound danny shelton couldn't contain himself when he was chosen by cleveland in the first round thursday. the defensive tackle bear hugged nfl commissioner roger goodell, look at this, lifting him off the floor. shelton was wearing traditional samoan clothing to honor his heritage. it's six minutes after 8:00. matt and tamron, back to you. >> can we do that? >> sure, i'm game. >> thanks, sheinelle. >> what's your biggest hair fear? for a lot of men, it's going bald. for women, it's going gray. >> well, we'll talk about the bald another time.nother time. but right now, gray is where it's at in 2015.
8:07 am
♪ i'm gonna wash that gray right out of my hair ♪ >> spray the gray away in ten seconds. >> all those years trying to hide them, well, good news, ladies, these days, it's all about the gray. >> going gray is becoming really a trendy, sort of edgy thing for the younger generation, where they're purposefully going gray. it doesn't necessarily mean old and aged. >> reporter: that's right, if hollywood is any gauge, gray is in at any age. no more pretty in pink. there's rihanna, richie, kelly osbourne, even gaga went gray, all paying top dollar for what was once taboo. on social media, #grannyhair is trending everywhere. from channel to gottier, even the runways have gone gray. >> i did a quick spot bleach on the orange part. >> how-to videos have popped up on youtube for those bold enough to try it at home. though you may want to leave it to the professionals. also known as stone wash, the trend is to bleach the hair until it's white and add tones
8:08 am
of violet, gray, or blue. >> it's going to take some time getting used to. >> reporter: for those who have been hiding, don't erase, embrace your roots, though experts warn, don't quit your coloring. >> if it's not made light enough, the color is going to not really turn gray, it's going to have a greenish quality to it. >> so find a few of the 50 shades that work for you and you're on your way to going gray gracefully. >> gray is almost like this last frontier and we're kind of in this moment where, hopefully, people will start to embrace it. >> okay, so what do you think? >> i don't -- i like naturally gray here. >> naturally gray. >> people who just let it go gray. i'm not crazy about dyed gray hair. you? >> i would do it. if i could get away with it, i would do it. >> how long does it take to grow out? >> if you were to do it? >> i mare grows pretty fast, so, three months. >> maybe this weekend, we'll see. so we wanted to see your granny hair pictures. check it out. you are filling up the torng room wall with the look. keep them coming.
8:09 am
i might have to steal one of your ideas. >> all right. well, up next, she's got the skills, and i cannot lie. wait until you see hoda channel her inner sir mix-a-lot. >> she killed it. >> she did. >> plus, natalie's live in florida, fresh from the latin billboard awards and she's got an exclusive interview with jennifer lopez on the star who changed j.lo's life. and why was salma hayek eating crickets on instagram? we'll let her explain for herself, but first, these messages. you get the most out of your vacation...and your family. and this summer, you can save up to 30% off when you book a select walt disney world® resort hotel room! i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles.
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they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything.
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♪ ♪ ♪ she sees the world a little differently. and, by some miracle... she actually said "yes." to me. the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers featuring mother and child and open hearts. get this free bracelet or a charm valued up to forty- five dollars with any charmed memories purchase of $99.99 or more. at kay. the number one jewelry store in america.
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and she will be the best mom ever. every kiss begins with kay. [grunt] ♪ [engine revving] ♪ i got bit by a snake. poison? oh god, oh wow. ok, yeah. i feel that. it's definitely poison. apparently, i'm immune to venom. immune steve. immune to venom? ♪ >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. good morning. i'm erica hill in new york. this is an nbc news special report. we have breaking news to report at this hour.
8:13 am
the maryland state attorney has just announced six baltimore police officers are being charged in the death of freddie gray. the charges include second-degree murder, manslaughter, and assault. warrants have been issued for their arrest. gray, as you may recall, was arrested last month after police said he ran from them without provocation. gray later suffered an injury and died one week later. it is a story that has garnered, of course, national attention, sparking protests across the country. we want to go now to peter alexander, who's been covering this for us and he joins us this morning from baltimore. peter, good morning. >> reporter: erica, good day to you. this was a stunning announcement, just five days after riots ravaged this community, the baltimore state's attorney, marilyn mosby, the daughter of two police officers herself, announcing that all six officers involved in the arrest of that 25-year-old freddie gray who died last month in this city, in police custody, that charges would be filed against them. those charges range from
8:14 am
second-degree murder that carries a maximum sentence of 30 years to manslaughter, assault, and misconduct. according to the state's attorney, miss mosby, these officers denied repeated requests from freddie gray for help while he was in their custody. he demanded medical attention multiple times. ultimately, he died a week later of a severe spinal cord injury. among the stunning information we heard today, was that he was arrested illegally, that he had committed no crime in the west baltimore neighborhood of this city. and they also -- the attorney also says that mr. gray was put down, facedown, on the floor of that police transport van, where ultimately he was so badly injured. here was miss marilyn mosby just a short time ago. >> in the untimely death of mr. gray, my team worked around the clock, 12 and 14-hour days, to canvass and interview dozens of
8:15 am
witnesses, review numerous hours of video footage, repeatedly rued and listened to hours of police videotapes, surveyed the routes, reviewed voluminous medical records and looked a t the information made available to us by the police department, the communities, and the family of mr. gray. the findings of our comprehensive, thorough, and independent investigation coupled with the medical examiner's determination that mr. gray's death was a homicide, which we received today, has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: baltimore state's attorney, marilyn mosby, telling us that she spoke to the family of freddie gray, telling them, assuring them that no one is above the law, that she would pursue justice on their behalf. just 35 years old, she is the youngest lead prosecutor in any major city in america. she was at the forefront of this entire case, speaking to the country, and to communities today, and she concluded with a
8:16 am
call for peace, from people throughout this entire community of more than 600,000 people. erica, that is the latest from here, a stunning announcement within the last 25 minutes. back to you. >> talk about developments. all right, peter alexander for us, peter, thank you. we know you will stay on this story. this is, obviously, rapidly developing at this point. be sure to stay with us at nbc and for updates throughout the day. we will, of course, have full coverage this evening on "nightly news." i'm erica hill. we return you now to your previously scheduled program. caribbean. she left it all behind. she wrote an essay about it. why i gave up a $95,000 job to move to an island and scoop ice cream. noelle is with us now from st. john where she lives. noelle, good morning to you. >> hi. good morning to you. it's lovely to be here. >> it's good to have you. i think this is resonating with so many people because many of us dream about ditching the 9:00 to 5:00 and say hello to paradise. you actually did it. what was the tipping point? >> the tipping point, it had
8:17 am
always been in the back of my head. i had moved to manhattan six days after i graduated from high school -- sorry. six days after i graduated from college and was kind of part of the grind. just one job kind of led to another. but i always thought in the back of my head gosh wouldn't it be great to just chuck it all and move to the caribbean. and i was in my early 30s and kind of you know i finished my book and i thought well i could either get another job and kind of stay here or i can just go for it. and there might not be another time. so went all in. >> noelle in your essay that you wrote, matt mentioned it you said it's ironic i feel lonely on an island of 4 million people but it seemed i spent my life staring at screens, even elevators had tvs in them. i felt disconnected. why not just unplug and decompress opposed to leaving for the caribbean? >> i think as i was saying you know it was everywhere.
8:18 am
i was in the taxi, it was in the elevators. you know you go to a bar there or a restaurant and you look over and everybody is looking down at their phones. kind of wanting to be anywhere other than where they are. and i was just looking for a different kind of life where people were still engaged and -- i don't know. just weren't so disconnected from each other. >> we're going to put that article up on our website. obviously it's working out for you because you've got a huge smile on your face. so thanks so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> all right. thank you. >> thanks noelle. >> good move. bold move. >> it is a bold move. all right. it is friday. so that means it is -- >> fish bowl friday. >> it is. we have a special one today. we just announced the artists for our summer concert series. and they've submitted all of the questions we're going to pull from this morning. so please cue the music. what you got? >> all right. from brad paisley. who has the best hygiene on the
8:19 am
show? >> mr. lauer. >> by far. >> all right. >> what's your favorite ultimate party song? oh that's tough. it's from flo rida. name his son. "low." that's my favorite. >> all right. >> mine's from nate. what time do you go to bed every night? >> 8:00 9:00. >> mine's from jason aldean. what's your favorite go-to karaoke song? i don't do karaoke. but anything by the eagles. >> mine is from fall out boy. what's the craziest thing you've done at a concert? >> nice. >> we're all ears. >> it was in college. we'll just say that. >> that's it? >> the statute of limitations might be over. that's "what's trending" today. >> and that is what they call a wrap. up next another woman
8:20 am
living the dream. jennifer lopez. what she's revealing to natalie in an exclusive interview. but first a check of the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> we've got a fairly quiet day out today. a low pressure system spinning around the mid-atlantic coast bringing in wet weather, showers and thunderstorms to that part of the country. frontal system pushing through. look for a shower or two. all in all not a bad day. temperatures chilly in the northeast. but look how they warm up out into the southwest. hundreds and 90s interior sections of california. 60s and 70s pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine through the gulf. high surf adviseoryies along the carolina coast. temperatures are going to be fantastic as we get into the weekend throughout about 80% of the that's what's going on around
8:21 am
right now lots of sunshine. already 67 degrees san jose. low 60s in san francisco and we'll see temperatures in the 70s and 80s by noon. for the coast and san francisco likely leveling off at the temperatures around an midday. as the sea breeze turns stronger temperatures will be in the low to mid 70s around san francisco. still low to mid 80s around san jose. by the weekend as the cooler air reaches the valleys, you'll see the numbers drop even more with 70s in the forecast across the valleys. 60s closer to san francisco with morning clouds and mist saturday and sunday. and that is your latest weather. and that is your latest weather. viva today is brought to you by toyota. so all week we are celebrating hispanic culture and heritage with viva today. natalie got to catch up with jennifer lopez. the show was great. >> it was amazing. incredible night of
8:22 am
performances. we interviewed jennifer lopez, after a vibrant and moving tribute to one of her idols. the party began outside. >> i have never seen anything like this. ♪ ♪ >> inside the biggest names in lattin music sharing the same stage. i got to share it too, as a presenter. romeo santos. so many great performances but jennifer lopez stole the show with her powerful tribute to selena. ♪ ♪ selena was murdered 20 years ago. lopez, who played selena in the movie about her life hugged selena's family on stage. afterwards we spoke with lopez. >> for those who don't know
8:23 am
selena's story, why is she important, not just to lattin music but to the music industry? >> she's just one of those very special type of artists that with her music and her spirit and her joy and her heart really touched people. >> you played her in 1997 so you were just 25 years old. it made you a superstar overnight. >> absolutely. the impact that it had on my life, my career. it was a great thing for her to be my mentor you know in a way, and to teach me so much about, yes, how to navigate this business but also like how to navigate through life. >> do you think she's still a mentor to others as well? >> absolutely. absolutely. and this is one of the things that makes it so emotional. i'm watching her on that screen as the audience is watching as well and her dancing and doing that. i was like she was here she'd be doing what i'm doing now. >> she wasn't even 23 years old. do you ever think about, what if?
8:24 am
what would she be? >> i do. it's a sad story. it still gets me to this day because it really did mark my life at that time and to get to know the family and work with them and everything it was just -- it was -- it was an important part of my life. still is. >> yeah, i see. >> and it still is 20 years later. >> i know. you found your voice through selena. >> i really did. you never know what's going to happen. you have to live in the moment. you have to be present. you have to seize the day. so i decided right after that movie to make my first record and i did. >> you see all these new up and coming you know lattin sensations, these lattin music stars. >> uh-huh. >> you're so much a part of the influence and also such a part of you know the acceptance that people see. >> when i made my first record it was like me and ricky martin and marc anthony and shakira. the lat particular explosion, you know? like the english invasion. it's been happening for a long time. it's like we're here okay? >> okay. here to stay thank you.
8:25 am
>> yeah. here we are. learn about it. >> yeah. she's just absolutely adorable. looks better than ever. jennifer has no plans of slowing down. she's got performances around the world coming up. she's going to wrap up the season of "american idol" and she has a new show coming soon to nbc. she's set to start shooting "shades of blue." so you're going to be seeing a lot more of jennifer lopez on nbc. >> we'll see her on the "today" show natalie, she's performing on the summer series. >> yes, she is. >> you looked beautiful. look forward to seeing you back home. >> thank you. tamron thanks very much. just ahead we're going to talk to the lovely salma hayek. then we'll take you to churchill downs to the kentucky derby right after your local news. i'm scott mcgrew.
8:26 am
good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening today, may day protests planned around the bay area today. and our chopper just flew over macarthur b.a.r.t. station in oakland where one protest was supposed to be happening. from the skies you can see it looks pretty quiet. we hear there were other protests during the morning commute. neighbors rushed to the scene after a home caught fire overnight in san jose. this happened around 1:00 this morning around yerba buena and highway 101. a neighbor ran into the home to make sure that everyone got out and the good news is no one got hurt. here is mike with a look at the traffic situation. we were expecting a b.a.r.t. protest. not so much.
8:27 am
the transit will reroute around the station until 11:00 a.m. in case anything develops. slow drive north 85. 280 recovering after a crash cleared at wolf. a late build. overall we're seeing the friday commute pattern with a later build there. crash south 101 at 92 on the shoulder. in fremont the crash south 880 has cleared. lighter volume in all areas around the nimitz and toward the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems for the north bay. more local news coming up in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
all right. back now 8:30. the first of may 2015. and a look at some of the people gathered in rockefeller plaza as we work our way into position here. >> yes, we did. and you know what? coming up salma hayek shares an exclusive look at her new project. plus we've got to talk about the snack she's been posting online. it is all the buzz on instagram or ig as the kids call it.
8:31 am
>> she's kind of new to social media. we'll talk about that. we've been talking a lot about the big weekend of sports. the nfl draft continuing the fight tomorrow night, and the 141st running of the kentucky derby. josh elliot down the stretch he comes. and he's down at churchill downs. josh good morning. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. i'm actually here on the back stretch, you mentioned it. the first weekend in may means the return of one of the great traditions in all of sports, the kentucky derby which they will run for that 141st time. as the owners and trainers and jockeys and top 3-year-old horses in the world all converge here on churchill downs on the bluegrass of kentucky to begin the chase for the ever-elusive triple crown. it's been 37 years since horse racing had a triple crown winner. last year proving yet again just how difficult a feat it truly is. with the unlikely story of
8:32 am
california chrome and his connections, a thrilling run that started with the kentucky derby but ultimately ended just short of history in the belmont stakes. tomorrow that dream is renewed in louisville. and at the center of the spotlight, two singular horses both trained by three-time derby winner bob baffert. the first american pharaoh was crowned last year as the top 2-year-old horse in the sport. he's won four straight races. he'll have a familiar face aboard. victor espinoza the winning jockey just a year ago. the other, undefeated dortmund the alpha male in the field whose size can be attributed to his father. 2008 kentucky derby winner big brown. but just six of the last 15 kentucky derbies have been won by favorites. and there are many other contenders. the field some are calling the deepest in derby history. contenders like firing line who won last month's sunderland
8:33 am
derby by more than 14 lengths. under the guidance of hall of fame jockey larry stevens who at 52 years old looks for his fourth career kentucky derby win just nine months we moved from knee replacement surgery. or follow the money and it may lead you to carpe diem. bought at auction last year by his owners for $1.6 million. riding him the highest earning jockey in history. john velazquez. so tomorrow these horses and many others will race past the twin spires at churchill downs all aiming to win the most coveted race in the sport. kentucky derby. and what a day it should be. it's actually a big weekend here. it begins today with the kentucky oaks. that's the run for the top fillies, the top 3-year-old fillies in the land. then tomorrow, of course you mentioned on what's going to be
8:34 am
an amazing day on the sports calendar. we could see what some handicappers are saying. the deepest field in the history of this race here. the 141st running of kentucky derby. coverage begins on nbc at 4:00 eastern tomorrow. >> and with all those horses the loading process will take as long as the race. but it'll be great. can't wait to see it. good luck. >> thank you, josh. and of course the kentucky derby is not just about the horses. there are the mint juleps and the famous and fabulous hats. dylan is at churchill downs with tara lipinski and johnny wier. oh, johnny. >> >> to the right and block the sun. >> you're getting all the cable channels. >> wow. >> so clearly we are talking hats at the kentucky derby. we have our fashion experts to discuss the trends. tara you and i have more of the
8:35 am
fascinator on. >> i love the fascinator. i should upgrade to a hatinator. this is my go to but it's so easy. the big hats i'm peeking out. the trend this year is bigger better hats. >> clearly taller is in order this year. >> well, you know what i had to build up a lot of weave in this to keep this hatinator on. it's absolutely stunning. it's very much that staimt piece which is something i look for and i know that many people are when you are having that derby moment. >> there are so many styles. christine moore is our hat designer extraordinaire. you're wearing the hatinator. she's added the peacock. >> i love the feathers and bold colors. >> the bold colors are great. i love the traditional derby hats. we've got miss kentucky reining miss kentucky, ramsey cash pinrpenter. >> i love this as southern bell at its finest.
8:36 am
>> light weight structured you get to see the beauty but still marvel. >> we also have miss connecticut here and you have more of a contrasting color. do you think this is hard to match with a certain dress? >> well your hat would be the statement and then you could go with a more simple dress. i love the mesh. it makes it lighter. >> tie dye is huge. christine put tie dye in my hat. we have elizabeth with the tie dye, too. why do you think tie dye is so popular? >> i think people love to celebrate the season. it was a long rough winter for a lot of us. that color certainly brings the life out in everybody. >> you're definitely bringing the color this year. we have the sunshine. it will be a beautiful weekend. guys, back to you. >> you guys all a look look amazing. thank you, dylan, tara and johnny. the kentucky derby tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. swoop.
8:37 am
for nor normal sized hats. 67 in san jose and should see 70s and 80s around lunchtime. unlike the last day that we saw yesterday we'll see temperatures leveling off and trending cooler in san francisco for the afternoon but still numbers in the mid to upper 80s inland. closer to livermore at 3:00. as the sea breeze turningss stronger it drops our valley temperatures into the 70s. misty skies and highs in the low to mid 60s this weekend. at this end got seen so we want to quickly show all these nice folks before i get ready to throw back inside to matt lauer! >> all right, al. thank you very much. we were just talking about cuddling here. out of context. salma hayek earned an oscar in
8:38 am
2003's frieda. her newest passion project is called "the prophet." it's about love and freedom inspired by calil gibrands. and she's brought along an exclusive -- i'm not doing well here -- first look. take a look. >> do >> do i hear a mouse? my name's mustafa. what's yours? >> we will escort you to your port of immigration. >> i'm going to miss him, too. >> mustafa. is he free? >> bring a riot to our doorstep. >> they think i'm a prisoner but i've flown away many times. >> beautifully done. really pretty. s salma, good morning, nice to see you. >> nice to see you too. >> passion projects you wanted to do it. is this hard to get to the screen? >> oh, yes. this is the hardest thing i've ever done.
8:39 am
it was probably harder than "frieda." >> the collection of poetry has sold something like -- >> over 100 million copies. >> in 40 different languages. how did you become aware of the story? >> my grandfather saw the book. he died when i was 6 and later on i found the book again. i was very close to my grandfather and when i saw the color, it's drawing and i picked it up and i read it and i felt like it was my grandfather teaching me about life through this book. >> and you went and you premiered this film in lebanon, which i know was an amazing experience. >> yes. there were like riots. thousands and thousands of people. you know the best part is the journalists for the first time they didn't even want to interview me. they wanted a selfie. how do you feel. >> selfie. selfie. i've never had actually all the
8:40 am
people that were interviewing me jump over and try to get a selfie, then everybody else wanted it. it was amazing. >> you talk about selfies, social media and you've jumped on board in a big way. you went with twitter, facebook instagram within a month period. >> that's because i didn't know anything about it. >> do you like it? >> you know i like it but i feel frustrated because i cannot do all i want and it goes so fast. i'm just learning like for example i just took a long trip first i went to spain because the queen gave me an award. >> congratulations. >> then i went to lebanon and then i went to washington where the american arab institution gave me another award. i have not been able to post one picture because i am so busy and also my phone, which i was not prepared, the memory is full. i don't even -- i'm borrowing phones. >> you need your own i.t. person. >> i know. you know what after these three i'm going to gather all this stuff and put it on. everybody else already put it.
8:41 am
they were faster than me. >> you have managed to put some things up. >> yes i have. >> you put a picture of you eating a cricket. i think you did that. >> yes. >> i think we have that photo. >> yeah. >> there it is right there. you also put a picture of yourself up kind of getting close and cuddling with an alpaca. >> my alpaca cinnamon. >> that's the name cinnamon? >> yes. that's my alpaca. >> how cute is that? >> i know. i'm sort of sad that people were more interested in the crickets than on cinnamon. >> because we don't see people eating crickets all that often. "the prophet" is going to open in august? >> that's right. it's going to have a platform so a couple of theaters in august the 7th of august and then it's going to grow and grow. >> your daughter is 7 now. it's hard to believe. >> yes. she loves the movie. i'm very proud. i did it for her and to create great content for our youth because it's hard to get out there. that makes them think, it
8:42 am
stimulates them and you'd be surprised how much they love it. we sometimes under estimate our own children. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i know it's a real effort to bring it to the stage. salma hayek. "the prophet" opens in select theaters in august. up next did they enjoy the tacos as they say? they check in from the first stop on their tour of this country's best dishes. but first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:44 with our special series lost and hungry. mike jamie and ben and barry. the wildly popular youtube stars are scouring the states for america's best dishes. we sent them on their way last
8:45 am
week by tasting barbecue in studio 1a. from here they traveled to los angeles to sample your first pick on their venture, tacos. how did it go? >> we made it for the first stop on our lost and hungry tour los angeles. >> this time last week we asked you what was the most iconic l.a. food that we have to explore and you voted, taco. >> tacos. >> tacos. >> t-a-c-os. >> we're on a search for some of the best. >> where are they? >> that way. >> i ordered a chicken talk could he cali march ri taco. don't know what these guys are going to have. >> look at that. oh, man. that salsa is incredible. >> now that's a taco. >> taco. >> that is a taco. >> hi! >> what is that? >> flaco taco.
8:46 am
gluten free taco. >> more like a latin taco. >> i'm not sure if you've seen ben's little brown leather bound book. this is where he keeps all of his stolen recipes. >> what do you actually know about tacos? >> you get hard ones you can get soft ones with wheat and corn. they get filled with meat fish shrimp lobster. they like salsa. fresh sauce. that's all i know. >> it was pretty obvious there were some gaps in our knowledge, so we turned to you guys on social media for help? and there was one name that kept coming up, ricky's fish tacos. >> i will have one lobster taco. >> a ricky's special. >> serving out of a food truck in silver lake ricky's baja fish tacos have a massive reputation throughout l.a. >> i am so happy. >> there were so many textures in this beautiful little pocket
8:47 am
of food. >> how are you doing? >> i am doing good. >> thank you so much. >> in the u.k. we have very strict rules about how to eat things and cutlery. what's the best way to eat a taco. >> with your hand. >> no forks at all. >> there you go. >> wow. >> there's always been tacos in l.a. because of the mexican culture. tacos are the easiest way to express mexican food. >> what's the secret to you that makes the perfect taco? >> you know keep it simple. every good taco has to have a good salsa. >> i think what makes them the best is the fact that they're -- they fry it but it's not soggy. it still keeps the crisp outer coating but then when you bite in it's so hot inside. it's soft and just excellent. >> i know someone that used to be a florist. >> yes. >> how did you go from that to this? >> i had a little filing cabinet with drawers.
8:48 am
i kind of you know cut it out and put wheels on it umbrella a fryer inside. i remember the first day, i went wow, $25 profit. i said, this is cool. >> one of those flavors? >> yes. >> can i please sit in the truck? >> absolutely. >> ricky's fish tacos and the man himself lived up to and well beyond the hype and in our brief time exploring eating and mispronouncing tacos, we've been inspired to go and create our very own l.a. style taco recipe. >> for more of the adventures head to next up on to san francisco. they want your input and help. should they chow down on clam chowder, sour dough bread, ice cream or dimsung. up next, morgan freeman on
8:49 am
the new talent he picked up on the set of his new movie. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> yes, ma'a (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
8:50 am
introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
8:51 am
back now at 8:51 winner morgan freeman, star of the new movie "five flights up." he plays an artist married to diane keaton's character for 40 years who isn't ready to give up his home in brooklyn. >> that's an awesome view. >> yeah. yeah, we like it. you looking to buy? >> my mother is. >> which one is she? >> she's probably lying down on your bed right now. >> really? >> she always does that. but don't worry, she won't buy it.
8:52 am
>> no? >> we don't have any money. >> i see. >> why are you selling it? >> that's a good question. >> morgan freeman is with us. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> checking out that brooklyn apartment, the set. you know how much that would cost you now in new york that huge apartment? >> i hate to imagine. >> i'd hate to imagine it, too. it's amazing. all of these years in the business and this is the first time you've worked with diane keaton. what was that like? >> that was amazing. >> really? >> yeah. >> i've always been let me see, one of her biggest fans pretty much in love with her. >> really? >> yeah. >> fun to work with. >> so she's one of those actors high on my bucket list. >> she's special because you want to work with people at this point who are all in who
8:53 am
connect with you. you said the people who lean in as opposed to lean out from you. >> right. >> does the cast make that big of a difference when you know we are in the same space. >> oh, heavens, yes. i think cast makes all the difference in the world because, you know acting for the most part is reacting you know? i don't initiate until you initiate and you don't initiate until i initiate so we're just -- >> back and forth here. >> -- playing back and forth. it's interesting you initiated the ideas i read to learn to paint. your character does paint and you took it up. how good are you at this point? >> i was never any good at it and i didn't learn to paint at all. i learned to fake it. >> how did you tloern fake it? >> i don't paint. >> you just move your hand? >> you don't want to see me do that. only twice. most of the time you mix paint, mix it. >> you're such an artistic fellow. you have a violin at home you
8:54 am
paint, all of these things? >> no. >> we'll leave it for alex. congratulations on this amazing career. last year we were celebrating a birthday together. >> it's coming up again. tweet it out. >> "five flights up" opens next friday. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:55 am
been telling you we're going to check in with savannah in australia on monday.
8:56 am
carson has a special announcement before that show. >> that's right. our sponsors quantas airways are offering one lucky viewer and a guest the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to sydney. you could win airfare and five nights exploring the beautiful sydney harbor. head to "today".com. let us know why you deserve to wake up in australia. >> very cool. carson, thank you very much. coming up carson w good morning everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. our helicopter over the port of oakland where a may day protest is scheduled to begin in four minutes. attendance perhaps a bit spotty. but some demonstrators there. that protest supposed to include a march to oakland city hall. an injured gold eagle is headed back to the wild. firefighters rescued the bird in
8:57 am
san ramon in march. she had a head injury and was so disoriented she crashed into windows. the veterinarians say she is blind in one eye but otherwise fully healed. the bird will be released at a park. firefighters will help see her off. more local news coming up in half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," salma hayek gets animated in the new film she calls a love letter. plus howard stern's better half behind the mic. robin quivers. and it's the pope call everyone is talking about. all that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> my goodness. >> it is may day. >> that's right. may 1st 2015. i'm al along with tamron hall. carson daly is hanging in while
9:01 am
natalie is on assignment and willie is back on monday. >> in honor of the kentucky derby, i thought i'd wear my hat and then al called me a pimp. maybe i made a bad decision. >> you thought you could wear this to the fight. >> well it works. >> is this your hat? >> it is a borrowed hat for the spirit of the kentucky derby. >> we did the right way to put on the hat is front to back. put it on again. there you go. oh now -- >> so are you going to watch the derby? >> i am. very excited for it. >> having derby parties? >> you were supposed to be at the derby. >> i was. but american airlines had had other plans. >> what happened? >> and by the way, the folk there is at american airlines could not have been nicer. unfortunately there was a mechanical problem. if there's a mechanical problem with the plane, let's not fly the plane.
9:02 am
so i was happy with that decision. >> have you been to the derby? >> i have not. >> you should go. >> just for the drinks and hats? >> it would be up your alley. >> and you rock a hat. >> i love hats. i love horses. so i got to get there. >> american pharaoh, 5 to 2 favorite. >> that's the horse i'm betting on? >> there's 20 horses running this year. that's a lot. >> it's a very very deep field. >> so every year there's a story, like a great female horse or different stories. what's the hot story? >> i don't know. >> there's a zebra running this year. >> voice that sounds like david schwimmer schwimmer? >> exactly. >> there's a couple standouts here. there's a horse called its a knockout. so maybe throw money on there because it's fight night. >> bob baffert has two running.
9:03 am
you get those two and then maybe wheel a long shot in the third. >> you've been to the track. >> i love it. it is so much fun to go. >> wow. but it's amazing. i mean all the buildup and then it's done in two minutes. >> how long is it usually? >> two minutes. >> wow. that's incredible. >> and of course coverage begins 12:00 eastern on nbc sports. >> i love these names. >> and then continues on at 4:00. >> keen ice. frosted. i like frosted because frosted flakes are my favorite. war story. mr. z. upstart far right. >> that's how you pick it. pick a name you like. >> love that. >> i had no idea about this fight coming up. mayweather/pacquiao. >> you're the only person in the country. >> i don't think that's true. on my twitter i've had a number of people tell me they agree with me. they don't care. >> you don't care. >> i don't care. you're getting 100 mil each. >> because so many people are getting this fight. >> i understand. there are a lot of suckers out there. i'm just kidding. you want to waste $100, fine.
9:04 am
>> it's not wasting if you enjoy it. i mean -- >> here's what's going to happen. most of these fights -- every time there's a big buildup and then it's a yawn. you know somebody gets knocked out like in the first whatever. >> they're saying it's probably going to go to the distance. >> that's because they're old now. >> this is a fight that should have happened five years ago. >> or ten. >> mayweather made $105 million last year. he's the highest paid athlete out there. he only fought twice last year to make that. he's going against pacquiao. this is the fight they want to see. and the ring girls the guys want to see. >> this is a major, major fight for many, many reasons. >> good for people. i don't care. i think it's great but -- >> and i don't want you to pretend to like it. but don't say people are suckers to watch it. >> i'm joking. >> i want pacquiao. >> why? >> you want to know the truth? >> preferably.
9:05 am
>> i do not like some of the things from mayweather's past domestic violence. and i know it's a sport and people judge people on their talent at the sport, but my career actually started covering sports boxing and joe frazier and his gang helped me get into this profession. god bless joe frazier. >> it is a tale of two characters. they're very opposite. pacquiao is mild mannered. >> i know people will get in a tiffy because i'm quote, unquote judging. but the judge judged him too. so for me i can't get past that. manny pacquiao was on the show. super cool guy. i love the fight is free in the philippines. it's an international holiday. so it's free there. that's where you would enjoy it. >> no. no. why would i want to go to the philippines to watch something i don't care about? >> because it's a nice place to visit. let's go to the president next. >> we have producers in our ears telling us what to do.
9:06 am
so it's come to tamron. go to the president. >> but i didn't ask you. who do you pick? >> i want pacquiao. but i think mayweather will win. >> so the sixth grader we all think is a winner he's getting a lot of attention this morning for cutting off the president during his interview yesterday. so president obama was at a q & a at washington library. >> yes. >> so this 12-year-old moderator was asking the president a question. he felt the president, i guess, had thoroughly addressed it. here's what happened. >> listen even the best writers usually it's not that good the first time they write it. >> yeah. and i think you sort of covered everything about that question. >> okay you think i just -- he thinks i've been talking too long. >> no no. i think you just -- >> no let's move it along. i got you. >> that's great. >> i love that. >> keep it moveing, prez. it's close to lunch. >> is that what he said? >> yeah. there's grilled cheese on the
9:07 am
menu. let's keep it going. >> we'll keep it going now. did you hear about the pope? >> i don't know this story. i missed this one. >> apparently pope francis often contacts people who write to him and maybe they have problems or they're sick. an italian man was the recipient of a phone call and the guy on the other end said hey, it's me the pope. and he just hangs up the phone thinking there's no way. pope calls back. picks up the phone. >> he thinks it's z-100 like a prank. >> after the third time finally he took him serious. and sure enough he was the pope. he was sick. they met in person had a nice conversation. would you believe in the pope -- >> come on. i'd be like sure click. i'd do the same thing. >> and he felt terrible. he met with the pope and apologized to the pope for hanging up on him. >> who would expect the pope other than a cardinal or someone within the papacy. >> this pope is just -- he's
9:08 am
brought a lot of people back to the fold. they love his honesty and his realness about him. >> the inclusiveness. and he has an upcoming trip to the states philadelphia i believe. d.c. and new york on the list as well. >> there's so much excitement about his visit. as a child who stood outside along grand central parkway as one of the kids back in 1964 when the pope came one of the catholic school kids waving to the pope. >> cool memory. >> it was. okay. question. >> then the ice cream man came by and it was like ice cream! >> when you write an e-mail or text and you're laughing about something, do you write ha-ha or he-he? >> what do you write? >> i don't really write. i'm an adult so i can't use lol. i'll write out laughing out loud. i don't judge. >> okay. >> i would probably write ha-ha
9:09 am
before he-he. what about you? >> i write mu-ha-ha. >> like an evil laugh. >> when people send things it could be naughty. >> i write ha-ha. if you type out ha-ha instead of he-he you're probably hold. they say he-he is what the younger persons e-mail. my daughter who is 16 typed ha-ha to me. so i don't know. >> so he-he is what we should be doing. >> i think it's more sinister. >> i mean when you laugh, it's like ha-ha. i wouldn't laugh he-he. >> but you have to do the hands like that. >> i do mu-ha-ha because i grew up wanting to be count chocula. obviously i'm hungry and it all comes back to cereal oh. the next time you are eating i may have something for you. >> what's that? >> not my cooking.
9:10 am
here's the deal. there's a new kickstarter project by elizabeth and clark. they have a shirt they say does not stain. special fabric they say repels virtually any water or oil based liquid soap. anything that is on the material beads off. >> i would love to see that. >> does it exist? >> we're going to test it out. we've got soda, ketchup. >> how does it feel? >> i'm ready to go. >> it feels like a material that wicks. >> let's see how it works. >> thank you, carson. >> the trick is you can't rub it. it's supposed to just bead off. you're supposed to take some water. just the liquid on the shirt. >> tick take the shirt off, throw it away and get a new shirt. >> their goal is $30,000.
9:11 am
>> it is sort of beading off. >> that's why the bowl is here. just going to pour. that comes right off. >> pour coffee on her shirt. >> see it if it rolls off. >> it does roll right off. look at that, everybody. just to secure my future working in infomercials. >> try the coca-cola now. >> oh, oh, oh. >> that's how the magician makes the milk disappear. >> okay. so let's dab you down. >> it rolled inside the shirt, actually. but i have an undershirt on so it's okay. >> nice watch you're sporting there. >> okay. let's see? wherest the stain? >> nowhere. >> that's amazing. >> okay. you can preorder this short for december delivery. $25 for a t-shirt.
9:12 am
50 bucks for the blouse. >> they should make a kids line out of this. you could make a billion dollars. kids are so messy. >> how'd it get under your seat? >> i don't know. carson daly. that's what happened. >> carson daly. >> and this is the sleeveless version. okay. cute. thank you very much. >> carson daly. got the bottom wet. my gosh. wow. all right. well let's show you what's going on. >> what? can we have the weather? >> you said -- >> i didn't say where. >> you were moving around in your chair, so i'm assuming. you know. anyway. you can see we've got wet weather making its way along the southeastern atlantic coast. got an upper level low over the ohio river valley. good news is not going to cause any problem for churchill downs. beautiful weather. and for the kentucky derby tomorrow 141st running. we're looking at some pretty nice weather.
9:13 am
sunny, mild temperatures will be in the mid-70 that's what's going on around lots of sunshine right now in san francisco. a hint of a sea breeze trying to get started. you can see our 24-hour temperature change. inland spots running a little bit warmer than yesterday. half moon bay starting to cool off as the sea breeze which is starting now at half moon bay eventually reaches inland as we head towards the afternoon. at lunchtime 80 around livermore by 4:00. look how the temperatures drop off at the ocean. air-conditioning back for the weekend. 70s in the valleys. >> and that is your latest weather. up next oscar nominated actress salma hayek is back on the big screen more animated than ever in her new film. she'll tell us about it and why we might have a surprise or two in store for her. after these messages. things made with love are the best things.
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what's that? what's this? swiffer sweeper. i came in under the assumption that it was clean. i've been living in a fool's paradise! life begins with a howl, we scream, shout shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in, our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, super poligrip. . now to our series viva today and actress salma hayek who shot to fame after the action packed film "deperado."
9:17 am
>> she later won an oscar in "frieda." >> now she's back to her lebanese roots in her movie "the prophet." why is this movie so important to you? >> i produced it. i didn't know there was going to be a voice because i started it before we had a script. i was very moved by the book. along with more than 100 millions. it sold more than 100 million copies around the world. this author had united old religions. it's a little bit about philosophy and poetry. and i think it's important that it has united because it's simple. it's about the things that bind us together in life. so i wanted to make this book feel that it was animated for the whole family. that it's entertaining. but then at the same time after being entertained, you are reminded of important values. and also that connects the family together.
9:18 am
afterwards we want to talk. right now the new generation when they think of connections, they think of the internet. we used to think of connection as human connection. >> where we used to write letters and actually connect. and the animation in this is so beautiful. and the voices are so lovely. tell us about some of the other voices. >> john krasinski is great in it. >> and liam neeson. and fred molina. and also we have damion rice who did two songs and glen hanson. yo-yo ma participates in it too. >> when it opens up you think your character's got her hands full. she's got this kid and she has to get to work. and the kid lost her father having a tough time with it. she's not talking. >> yeah. she lost her voice. >> does she end up okay? >> well it's about a little girl that's in search of her
9:19 am
voice. and she finds it through a man that talks about beautiful things about life through poetry. but in this case we do the poetry visually. and we have some of the best animators in the world. >> it's beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> so the kids learn. they understand -- not even -- they don't even need to understand the words because the message is going through the images. >> beautiful. >> speaking of images you've been on instagram and on twitter. and some of the images of you eating crickets. >> why do you eat them? >> they're good. why do you eat chips? >> in fact we have some. >> did you lose a bet? >> no no. >> no. you can have them. they're really good. >> what are these? they put chocolate in the cricket. leave it to america. >> why not. >> i told them cricket tacos. they didn't want to do it.
9:20 am
>> they're supposed to go with salsa. i do have to say. the worms, those are good. we eat tacos of those too. >> there's a restaurant across from where i live and they have gras hopper tacos. >> you don't have to. it's a chicken or beef. >> it's a protein substitute. >> salma hayek. check it out. coming up next we'll talk about the mint julep. dylan dreyer is there and she'll
9:21 am
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crest whitestrips work below the enamel surface to whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. the way to whiten tomorrow is the big day when the big hats come out. it's the 141st running of the kentucky derby. dylan dreyer is at churchill downs for all the fun alongside martin lawrence. good morning, guys. >> morning. >> reporter: good morning. i have the one and only martin lawrence here. this is his first time in louisville for the derby. >> yes. >> reporter: you're here for the grand gala a giant charity event. what does it feel like to be here and contribute so much to this area? >> it feels great. and just the fact they asked me. i was sitting home in my drawers wasn't doing nothing. they asked if i could come have fun. i'm excited. >> reporter: there's a lot of people going to be there. >> chris rock ne-yo, darius
9:24 am
rucker. there's a lot of people. lot of good entertainment. >> reporter: you say you're sitting around in your drawers. you just turned 50. you have a huge app coming out. >> it's a run tell that app. it gives you footage of stuff you never seen before. and pictures and things. and the audience the fans kind of help control the app. >> reporter: forget all the martin lawrence twitters because they weren't real. you are finally on social media. >> yes. i'm finally learning the social media thing. >> reporter: and last summer on conan you mentioned that "bad boys 3" might be in the works. how are we feeling on that? >> everybody keeps asking me this question. but i don't hear nobody asking will that question. i'm ready. i want to do it before it becomes sad boys. >> reporter: well we want to see it. good luck tonight. have fun at the derby. whatever horse wins that you bet on too goes to charity. wonderful to have you here. back to you. >> thank you so much.
9:25 am
you can catch the kentucky derby tomorrow 4:00 eastern on nbc with early coverage begins at noon on nbcsn. coming up ♪ ♪ ♪ if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before giving you healthier gums in just two weeks. innovation and you. philips sonicare.
9:26 am
good morning. it's 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. happening right now, our chopper live over the port of oakland where a may day protest is under way. demonstrators began gathering more than a half hour ago and the protest is supposed to include a march to oakland city hall. this is just one of several may day rallies and protests scheduled throughout the bay area for the day. a family of four escaped injury after an apartment fire this morning on the peninsula. this happened on la silva street near 101 in san mateo. firefighters say the flames seriously damaged the family's two-story unit but the good news is many of the other people who live in the complex have been allowed back into their homes and there were no injuries. a new warning about a bogus
9:27 am
san jose police officer who is trying to rip people off. san jose police tell the mercury news that someone is leaving phone messages for people claiming to be sergeant mike harris. the man then asks for a payment on a prepaid credit card in order to help clear their criminal records. san jose place say there is no sergeant mike harris on the force. also they would never ask for money to clear a criminal record. we have a look at weather and traffic coming up right after the break.
9:28 am
our temperatures warming quickly. 60s and low 70s already at this hour. a bit of a change now taking place. half moon bay 55 degrees. we've got the low clouds surging up the coastline. that will stop the warming around san francisco midday. for the valley locations the seabreeze is turning stronger and it looks like one more hot day inland. into the mid to upper 80s. low 70s in san francisco. cooler temperatures inland.
9:29 am
san jose 70s for the weekend. rob, we're getting details on this crash. sound 101 just before you get to university. two vehicles involved, maybe three actually. a tow truck and chp is on the scene. the map shows that overall we see a pretty pleasant friday commute. northbound through san jose. south past the crash there slows. oakland past the coliseum a crash clearing south of there. we'll show you the camera. southbound does slow starting at about 98. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. see you then. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
9:30 am
see what spam can! do... at taking a look at the headlines, the maryland state attorney has announced that six baltimore police officers are being charged in the death of freddie gray. the charges include second-degree murder manslaughter and assault. warrants have been issued. gray was arrested last month after police say he ran from them without provocation. he later suffered an injury and died one week later. even a small step is good one if you think about cutting sugary drinks from your diet. a new study finds dropping one sweet beverage a day can significantly lower your risk for type 2 diabetes. switching to artificially sweetened drinks did not appear to provide the same protection. tesla unveiled a new battery that can power homes. a home battery can capture and
9:31 am
store solar energy during the day to be used after the sun goes down. the battery is available to ship this summer for $3,000. consumer reports is out with a new list of products you should be able to find at deep cuts in the price of may. mattresses at a lowest price this is month around memorial day and a good time to buy new carpeting and look for dealsen athletic apparel, camping and outdoor gear and small consumer electronics too. all right. let's take a check of the weather from al. >> all right. i'm hitting costco. >> there you go. >> thanks so much. well for this weekend we've got a gorgeous day throughout much of the country tomorrow. we're looking at sunshine from the east coast to all the way to the west coast. a few showers around the rockies. beautiful day in l.a. tomorrow. 78 degrees. 68 in new york city. 83 in orlando. on sunday sunday! again, gorgeous weather throughout much of the country. and temperatures warming up finally here in the east. in fact warmer in the east than
9:32 am
it will be along the west northbound. temperatures warming up quickly inland with 60s and 70s toward concord. half moon bay and areas along the santa cruz coastline are seeing temperatures dropping off as low clouds round the coast and eventually head towards san francisco moving into the afternoon as the ocean air-conditioning and the seabreeze fires up for the afternoon. we'll see warming stopped around san francisco around lunchtime but continue inland around livermore. mid to upper 80s inland. the weekend. 70s in san jose for the weekend and low 60s closer to san francisco. yes. >> where's our music? cheers to friday. and carson's first party with us at pop fix. >> that's water. >> that's water, he said. oops! britney twisted her ankle. the pop diva, britney spears, is postponing her vegas concerts
9:33 am
to recover after twisting her ankle during a show. in a video on youtube while performing "crazy," look at that as you see her jump and land awkwardly on her foot. she continued to perform because she's a star. on the floor of the stage, eventually standing up but clearly she was in pain. last night, the posted a message telling fans she's heartbroken saying her doctors advised her not to perform this weekend. the two shows will be rescheduled. britney has had a soldout residency in vegas since 2013 and she may end it this september. okay. i went to see brit. it is amazing. >> the show? >> yes. you know and love every song? >> i know and love every song? i give her credit for putting that show on. people were skeptical. >> she's 33. >> i know, right? >> i've known her since she was about 15. >> really? >> yeah. >> scarlett johansson may be a
9:34 am
superhero in "avengers: age of ultron," going to see it this weekend, but that does not make her immune to a good old-fashioned scare. her and her avengers have been making rounds to promote. she stopped by the "ellen" show. ellen loves a great prank. so when she asked her about chris evans, guess who creeped up right behind her. >> chris evans, captain america. how many movies now with him? >> this is our fifth movie. we've been working together since we were, like, i don't know, 17, i think or something like that. >> really? so you must know him pretty well. >> i know him very well. too well, probably. >> ellen said it was all chris' idea. but can we pause and give love to scarlett johansson's hair? >> that is cool. the hair is cool, too. >> the hair is amazing!
9:35 am
the shave in the back, that might be the summer look. look at that hair. i love it. and she's a new mom. looking good, too. so just when you couldn't get enough of george clooney's stunning wife, amal, guess what? she's got a lookalike sister. all focused on the newlyweds last night, stepping out in new york for date night. it didn't take long for her gorgeous sister, tala, to steal the spotlight or share. stylishly walking the streets of new york. >> wow. >> tala is just as stunning. >> how are we just finding out about this now? >> i don't know. >> down, boy. >> she was in town visiting the clooneys with the parents. look at the side by side. >> wow. >> tala is a mom and apparently she and amal are thick as thieves. >> i'd love to know what george thinks about it. >> what is with their hair? the best -- that's great dna. >> somewhere pippa middleton is like, yes, finally. somebody else. up next, if howard stern is
9:36 am
the king of all media, then she is definitely the queen, no doubt about it. radio host robin quivers is in the house. but you won't believe what her job was before she teamed up with howard. robin will tell us after this. but you won't believe what her job was before she teamed up vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch® the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic
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♪ caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. ♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. well, not many people can hold their own against the great howard stern. but there is one woman who always has his attention and utmost respect. robin quivers is the partner in crime behind the mic with howard for over 30 years now. >> and now she's gearing up to host a foundation influence of women awards honoring seven
9:41 am
inspirational women. >> robin, always good to see you. >> good to be here and see all of you. >> what a terrific event. how'd you get involved? >> they actually came to me. i found out about the t.j. martell foundation from a friend who invited me to a wine dinner. and then after i've had some wine they said why don't you host. and of course i said yes. >> wow. who's women that have influenced you? >> jeez. everybody who is any woman of accomplishment from barbara walters to diane sawyer to katie couric. there are so many fabulous women around today in broadcasting especially. and so they all inspire me. and then i get to meet people from other walks of life in this organization. you know when we do the women of influence, it's ceos from business and unions and, you know the music industry. and so you get to see how much women are doing today.
9:42 am
and how they're out there accomplishing all kinds of things. >> well you greatly influenced me. >> you're kidding. >> me too. >> i learned hey now from howard. but i learned to be bold from watching women like you. here you were in this world that i think people would not have expected and you were owning it. so we said you're the queen if he's the king. how did you find that -- i guess, that center that ability to hang with one of the best? >> i don't -- well we started off as kids. >> from military service? >> i was out of the military. i decided to try broadcasting. and we were hired by the same radio station in washington, d.c. and so it wasn't the howard stern you see today. >> i can't imagine. >> it was a little easier hanging with him and growing with him. growing into the role. >> one of the great things about what you do is you not only hold your own, but you've inspired
9:43 am
people. you you have cancer free for two years and you have spoken out about this and really given a lot of people inspiration. >> we never knew until you came out with it. >> that's why i'm happy to be anywhere at this point. because i was in dire straits there for a little while. we didn't know how it was going to turn out. i have to say i'm doing really well feel really good. >> you look fantastic. >> and getting that old energy back. feeling like my old self again and able to do a lot more -- you don't know what to expect after something like that. >> what is the deal with swimming? because you're athletic but -- >> i don't necessarily swim. but i like to be on the water. so you know i have jet skis and a jet boat and a larger boat and kayaks. and i'm always in the water. so i have to wear a life vest. because if i fall out -- >> that's a problem. >> -- i don't necessarily know
9:44 am
what to do. >> i just learned to swim. an olympian taught me. i can teach you. >> but can you really swim? >> look at me. that could be you. >> that's different than the bay or the ocean. >> i can do that. >> okay. >> that's great. >> that's floating. >> and you could stand up in that pool. robin quivers, thank you so much. >> thank you. i'll take the lesson. >> thank you. >> me robin, swimming pool. you'll see the video. >> for more information about the event, head to natalie catching up with one of the most sought after designers in the world right real cheese people, don't eat pasteurized processed cheese food. it's only required to contain 51% real cheese. with sargento 100% real natural cheese slices a patty melt becomes more than just patty. ham unites with its better half. and a club sandwich becomes
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♪ introducing new country time lemonade starter with real lemon juice. a fresh, new way to make country time. we have a big brood. with a lot of mouths to feed. fortunately, petsmart has a wide assortment of foods for us to choose from. zack is our best sleeper. bitsy has a little bit of a sensitive stomach. bitsy likes a fairy tale before bed. do you have any types of food for dogs who are afraid of spiders? austin likes a story that is more realistic. and do you have anything for dogs who are so lazy? petsmart has great deals on your favorite food brands backed by an unbeatable price guarantee. 'cause pethood's better with a partner. more now of our series viva today and one of the most successful designers from the world. from the red carpet to the white
9:49 am
house, some of the most influential which wear his designs. natalie has more. >> reporter: hey, carson. that's right. there on the cover of glamour you see them wearing his beautiful design. rodriguez says his passion came at an early age and was inspired by his cuban heritage. this fashion designer gets his inspiration walking around new york city. >> look how chic she is. >> reporter: so this is what you do. you stalk people. >> stalk people. >> reporter: but it's quite evident his career has inspired others. from michelle obama on election night to stars on and off the red carpet. this is gorgeous. narciso has been creating clothes since he was a child. >> i think i made a back vest
9:50 am
for myself. very easy thing to do. >> reporter: did it look good? you put it on and said i made this. >> i'm sure i thought it was great, but i doubt it was very good. >> reporter: growing up in newark his cuban heritage was an early influence. >> when i look at my work and people say so clean and so where's the ruffles and the red. i translate it in a different way. but i certainly see my latin heritage in the work. >> reporter: narciso dreamt of going to parsons school of design working for donna karan, and starting his own label. he accomplished all of it. but then his parents set the example. do you think coming to this country as cubans having to make it here again put fire in your own belly? >> i always say they're heroes. two people earlier 20s not speaking the language leaving their tropical island for the cold harsh winter. the idea so many immigrants have to give their kids a better
9:51 am
chance. they're the real success stories. >> reporter: narciso is a success too. his empire includes his women's ready to wear line shoes, handbags and four fragrances. and his parents are his biggest fans. >> they love going to every boutique making sure that everything looks good. >> reporter: so they help you out. they're checking up on your inventory. >> it's very sweet. >> reporter: in a career of highlights there is one bittersweet memory. designing the dress for his friend and muse carolyn bisset kennedy. >> well carolyn and i were great friends. she was dating john and we went for a drink. she told me john had proposed and we were giddy and happy and excited and she asked me to make her wedding dress. i said of course. don't be silly. i made that dress with so much love for someone who i love sodd so
9:52 am
much. and then i got home and the world changed for me. >> reporter: instant sensation after that. >> it was strange. i had done the work my whole life but that was when everybody heard my name for the first time. >> reporter: and nearly two decades later, he's an icon who keeps on evolving. so guys you get a sense of the passion that he puts into every dress that he designs. back to you. >> all right. thanks. thanks thanks. lovely background. and we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
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9:54 am
we've had a good day. >> fun. >> thanks for filling in. appreciate that. coming up kathie lee and hoda catch up with candace bergen. >> also gifts for mom. the time is ticking. >> also stick around to see if your name is called in the big
9:55 am
friday giveaway. >> awesome prize. check it out. monday we're celebrating willie's 40th birthday.
9:56 am
good morning everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. neighbors rush to the rescue after a home caught fire around 1:00 this morning near yerba buena and highway 101. neighbors say before firefighters arrived someone ran into the house to make sure
9:57 am
everybody got out so nobody hurt. the fire burned two other homes before crews put out the flames. happening today. an injured golden eagle is handed back to the wild. firefighters rescued that bird in san ramon in march. she had a head injury and was so disoriented she crashed into windows. the vets say she is now blind in one eye but otherwise fully healed. the bird will be released at a local park. firefighters who rescued her will see her off. let's check the weather with rob. we're about to see a little bit of a cooldown for the coast today. inland locations still seeing pretty hot temperatures. 80s around san jose and probably closer to 90 south of downtown in some of the hottest spots. san francisco around lunchtime quickly rising into the 70s before the seabreeze picks up. 80s in the north bay and upper 80s to 90 in livermore. the hot spot 90 for livermore. for san jose and the tri-valley we cool off for the weekend, highs back into the 70s inland.
9:58 am
60s closer to san francisco. now a check of the morning commute. palo alto first, the crash we saw completely cleared from the roadway. recovery for the speeds. slowdown from redwood city into palo alto. we're looking at the rest of the bay. looking good. the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll give you the live shot there as well. the metering lights are still on but the cash lanes are a problem. a spider web is on the camera. don't worry. sunshiny skies and easy drive down the east shore freeway. 580 a little slow off 24. a pretty good friday commute. more local news coming up in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ you give me a feeling ♪ >> we know we look ridiculous, we don't care. try day friday the first day of may. may day, baby. which means s.o.s. may day. but a fantastic show today. the lovely talented delightful candice bergen so much to say about her life on and off screen in a terrific book. >> her book is revealing, shares so much about her life that she talks about her parents and there's -- >> she's listening to us now. >> oh, my gosh. >> amazing.
10:01 am
>> writes in a way that makes you feel she's your best friend in the whole world and for being one of the most beautiful women in the world, regardless of what you say, we all think so you have the best sense of humor about yourself. >> you're not miked, are you? >> she's not miked. >> we'll come over in a little bit and chat with you. >> i didn't know she was hearing us talking about her. i'm glad it was nice. >> i know. >> we're going to celebrate moms and moms-to-be for mother's gift. if you need a gift bobbie thomas and steve greenberg have you covered. >> the two most exciting minutes in sports but your kentucky derby party can last into the night which is why we're wearing our kentucky derby hats. >> mine is a hat and yours is a -- we couldn't find one -- >> doesn't it look like it defies gravity. you know what -- >> like carmen miranda. >> i do. >> you need bananas on there. >> yeah. >> kathie lee picked this for me
10:02 am
and i will show you why. it's got a headband and not -- >> yeah. >> i knew it would fit my hoda. >> it does. >> the hats by christine a. moore milinary. you know the horse expected to win that's why -- ♪ >> the horse's name american farrow. >> that's why they call it a horse race like life. never know who's going to get out in front, who's going to win. >> who wons last year? >> see. >> california chrome. >> excellent. we will play horse trivia. >> they only know that because they wrote the trivia. >> here we go. >> what -- >> i'm embarrassed by the sound effects. >> candice bergen is here and we will play a trivia game. here's questions, play along with us. what was the name of the lone ranger's horse? >> what?
10:03 am
>> tonto was his sidekick. >> silver. >> hi ho silver away. >> that's right. >> what child actor starred in the 1998 film "the horse whisperer" opposite robert redford. >> 13-year-old scarlet johansson. >> look at her as a kid. >> se's great in that. >> can you finish the lyric to the famous tv theme. take a look. >> hello. i'm mr. red. ♪ ♪ a horse is a horse of course of course and no one can talk to a horse of course ♪ ♪ unless the name of the horse is the famous mr. ed ♪ ♪ that is unless the horse is famous mr. ed ♪ ♪ go right to the source ♪ >> it was not in my key. >> and b, you knew a song all
10:04 am
the words and i didn't know the wordses. >> from the 1950s. >> this is easy playing velvet brown in the 1944 film "national velvet". >> of course. >> elizabeth taylor. >> that's what i was going to say. >> do you remember her? >> yes. i was only 12 and she was already just as magnificent beauty. no candice bergen but was pretty. >> who is candice bergen. >> >> was that mickey rooney? >> looks like it. >> yeah. >> which 1877. >> that's the year frank was born. >> was told from the horse's point of view and went opn to become one of the best selling novels of all time? >> the name of the horse? >> black velvet. >> no. >> black beauty. >> thank you, candice bergen. >> thank god there's some brains over here in this area. >> this is fun. the 141st kentucky derby, by the way, that's all the trivia. >> it's tomorrow. >> it's tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on nbc.
10:05 am
>> all right. >> but you're going to be some place else. care to say where you're going? >> i'm going to the new orleans jazz fest this weekend, one of my favorite places on earth. >> yep. >> great music a at different stages. they sell delicious food, great drinks, you walk around. >> and while walking around i want -- i challenge anybody that's down there in new orleans for this. >> what? >> apparently hoda has brand new little short shorts that are totally inappropriately short for a woman her age, but i would like for you to catch her in those and take a picture for us. okay. we'll show it on monday. >> who thought that was -- >> i just thought of it. i think it's great. >> i bought these shorts that i told kathie lee, i said who cares, i'm going to be drinking at the fest. nobody cares. >> i care. i want to see her in them. >> so you, my darling, had quite the night. >> okay. >> the lip sync battle. >> a lip sync battle versus michael strahan. and let me tell you something, first of all, michael strahan
10:06 am
came to play. he sang a song, the song is -- ♪ that girl is poison" by bell biv de vo. know who came out, bell biv de vo they sang with him. >> that's a group? >> that's a group. >> i wouldn't know if they walked in the door. >> anyway, when i a arrived they said we want to teach you dance steps. i'm not a good dancer obviously. >> you have one move. >> over and over. >> a bit of the performance. ♪ ♪ i'm hooked and i can't stop staring ♪ ♪ oh, baby i want to get with you and take your picture ♪ ♪ uptown funk gonna give it to you saturday night we're in the spot don't believe me just watch ♪ >> you're as beast. >> then the crowd cheers to pick who won. it's michael strahan new york giants king and they were -- they were -- >> newly until hall of fame.
10:07 am
>> i know. it was one of those things. but here's what happened. >> the winner -- michael strahan or is the winner hoda cotby? -- kotb? and the winner and battle champion is hoda kotb! [ applause ] >> wow. >> wow. >> that was unbelievable. >> am i eligible for a grammy? >> that's got to be one of the all-time greats. come on in jerry, bring it in. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. this is the actual belt. >> not as a bra. >> that is a fashion statement with that hat, though. >> by the way, i have to tell you, it was so much fun.
10:08 am
your adrenaline gets pumping, totally freaking out. >> those are songs you love. >> exactly in my wheelhouse. >> you knew every lyric already. >> we couldn't be more proud. >> i can't wait to see -- >> you know what this dress is inappropriately short so i'm going to do the show standing up if you don't mind. >> kathie lee, you great legs. >> i used to have great legs then i had great knees and now i have great ankles. know what time it is? >> time for friday funny. >> bring it. >> a husband got his mother-in-law a cemetery plot for christmasp. it came with a coffin tomb stone the works. next christmas comes by and the husband gets her nothing, nada. mother-in-law asks why didn't you get me a gift? the husband says you haven't used the one i got you last year. >> yes. >> i kind of liked it. >> yes. >> okay. >> that was excellent. >> we have a contest coming up it's called -- it's called --
10:09 am
she's so crazy. all right. if you're a homeowner and a room in your house you want redone you will love this. this is so you. >> i love this stuff. >> send a photo of the room and include a piece in the room that inspires you, right, like a pillow or something. >> like your garden or favorite vacation spot. >> like a beautiful sunrise. i don't know beautiful pillow. >> and tell us why you deserve a make-over today and sherwin williams is going to choose one winner to redesign your room based on your colors and inspirational photos. >> that's going to be fun. i love that. >> go to our website look how dainty. >> i know. this is the only angle i look semi good on. hollywood legend candice bergen on the one true love that surprised her. >> and we might have a surprise of our own. >> then it's give it away friday. and this week's grand prize find out if you're the winner coming up after this. >> i don't know what it is. >> make room for color is brought to you by sherwin williams. carpools, conferences, microwave dinners. they blur one into the next.
10:10 am
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10:13 am
. she is the extraordinary actress lived in more extraordinary life and we're excited she's back again today. the fabulous candice bergen. >> candice is known for playing the iconic role of the tough talking journalist murphy brown in the comedy that lasted ten seasons. >> a million emmies. >> five emmys two golden globes took herself out of the running for the emmy but almost didn't get the part. >> i know. when i read that i was
10:14 am
astounded. that role was one part of candice a's fascinating life which she writes about beautifully in her memoir "a fine romance." >> always so great to see you guys. >> always good to see you. we love the way you write. we were telling her, it's as it if she sits down and it's almost like you're writing it with your own pen on a -- >> yeah. >> and from your heart and not a lot of editing going on. this is what happened and this is how i felt. >> yeah. actually i wrote it stupidly on an ipad. >> you did. >> i find the ipad so friendly and then someone got the keypad from my ipad. >> it took a while to get this book from start to finish didn't it? >> yes. people were weeping, i know. finally i got a call three years after the deadline, hey -- >> had you started? >> i had worked with a friend of mine betsy i hired to edit the book. i would have had no idea how. >> right. >> and then -- >> the sequencing is interesting
10:15 am
the way you did it. >> she did that. >> it's lovely takes you on a journey a different way. >> yeah. >> when you got the script for "murphy brown" where you left it on your side table and didn't pick it up right away. >> yeah. >> when you read it did you know right away? >> i was on an airplane when i read it and in those days they had phones, like -- >> yeah. you had to wait in line to use it. >> i called my agent from the plane and said what do i have to do? turned out i had to do a lot. i had to fly out to l.a. i had to audition for the head of cbs. he did not -- first of all, cbs didn't want murphy to be 40 and coming out of a month of rehab at betty ford. couldn't she be 30 and coming back from a weekend at a spa. >> which is so much more compelling, you know. i was surprised, it didn't go well and -- but diane english was so much of a -- she fought for you.
10:16 am
>> yes. diane english said to the head of the network, i just want to see you for two more minutes and he blanched and she said you know this is as important to me as it is to you and we really think she can do it. they would have liked to have gone with a much more youthful actress. >> interesting. there's so much in this book one thing just struck me so hard you're talking about your parents and you said that your parents have never said to you to your face that they loved you. >> growing up. >> growing up. >> it was one of those things i read it and read it again and i thought, how did you deal with that as a little girl? >> it was a big rite of passage to get to the point i could say i love you, and i -- yeah. it was -- but they were good parents, they just were not demonstrative parents. >> did you feel they loved you? did you feel love? >> yes. >> you longds to be told i love you. >> yes.
10:17 am
>> and your father passed away and left his will and he didn't leave you anything in it and you thought what at that time? >> i thought, well i missed the boat on getting the approval from my father. >> breaking. >> it was really fine. >> was it? >> i mean because i never had taken money from my parents because i was lucky enough -- >> you were working from an early age. >> to be overpaid for my work and i still haven't been supported ever by a man. >> wow. >> well you'll decided to do things differently with your daughter. you tell her you love her. >> chloe, such a lovely girl. >> about to get married. >> going to be married the end of july and the family house in the southwest of france. >> wow. >> and -- >> wow. >> it's so ugly there. >> you're going to have to find some joy somehow. and the weather sucks. >> yes. >> so have you been up doing mommy girlie stuff?
10:18 am
>> we went to france in february to go to the house and to talk to the caterer and the wedding planner and the florist and at this point i've decided i have to step back and say -- >> ♪ let it go ♪ >> yes. >> is her fiance? >> lovely. >> tell the world if you don't. >> they've been living together for five years. he's a lovely guy, graham albert and she just lights up when he comes into the room, which is great. >> and, of course she is the daughter of the great -- one of the great loves of your life. >> yes. >> i loved reading you talk in his letters to you. >> yes. they're beautiful. >> oh, gosh. they make you weep. you see why he was such a fine director too. >> beautiful. >> this book will make you laugh, we got to go but you got to get the book for the story about when she's in the gorgeous gown this ball and she -- what do you do? >> fart. >> and describes it.
10:19 am
>> it's awesome. >> birthday coming up. >> i think we do have a little something. >> little birthday surprise. >> in the book you talk about -- you call yourself fas sflself fat and you are not fat you say you're gorgeous and you say you don't trust anybody that does not like desserts. >> are we going to share? >> yes. >> happy birthday. >> we love you. >> the book is -- it would make an amazing mother's day gift. >> it would. >> "a fine romance" by candice bergen. >> thank you. >> give mom a break this mother's day. the gadgets to help her rea lax. >> or make it personal. >> gifts to make anybody feel special on bobbie's buzz coming up. flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ.
10:20 am
with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. sweet mother of softness... charmin!!! take a closer look at charmin ultra soft and you'll love what you see.
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10:22 am
vacuuming up dirt and debris for a more thorough clean every day. roomba. only from irobot. this is special. food is my art. when we cook for someone, we are sharing a little bit of our soul. to life! and when we eat, we begin with our eyes. just as the beauty of the food entices you to try it, the beauty of the website should entice you to explore it. i am eric ripert and this is my squarespace. ♪ it is time to check out what bobbie has buzzing about this week and while we may be in need of a gift for mom don't forget about dads and grads. >> here with custom keepsaking is today's style editor and
10:23 am bobbie thomas. soon to be a mama. >> yeah. this is fun to look at ideas. still looking for mom the time is tight but grads, wedding season imagine your handwriting or someone else even if they've passed away will turn into jewelry. >> okay. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. >> look at the key chain hoda in front. >> this one says your first breath took mine away love mama. >> give that to somebody at graduationpp. we have the bracelets we take handwriting, we love you. >> take a signature or something off of a form. >> so great. i saw somebody in a meeting with the hand signature in a necklace an couldn't believe how nice that was. >> it's etsy. one today this designer when you go on-line find the information you can order by the end of the day. the others print out a gift certificate. >> yeah. >> that's nice too. >> don't forget about the grads and everyone else. >> right. >> hoda you're always into your quotes but i love fortune
10:24 am
cookies and the messages. these are fortune keepers, key chain magnetic ta you can slip. >> how fun. >> a fortune inside and keep them. >> right. >> really great fun gift idea for somebody. >> keychain, nice. >> this is cool. these are called flatter boxes. the company will do all the leg work for you if you send them a list of your friends and family. they will collect messages and put them in the box. you can pick up one that you don't -- >> like what? >> so for a graduation or birthday this says happy graduation, kate and in there cards no matter what you do be the best at it love dad. >> this is great. >> try everything. don't be afraid. love uncle dan. >> everything but important porn. don't try porn. >> and last but not least a fun idea wallet sized combs to engrave or have initials on. >> all right. >> both of you. >> awesome. we love you bobbie. >> now known as big mama. >> all after your local news. 's evil.
10:25 am
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watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. ♪ >> look good. ♪ good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. happening now, may day rallies and protests happening around the bay area. this is a protest of a small -- small protest, really, at the port of oakland.
10:27 am
demonstrators began gathering before 9:00 this morning. talked about marching to city hall. more protests are being planned throughout the day. we'll talk more about it at 11:00. a family of four escaped injury after an apartment fire on the peninsula on lasalleva street near 101 in san mateo. the flames seriously damaged the family's two-story unit. many of of the people have been allowed back intheir homes. we'll check your weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
clear skies and kind of a mild start to the day. then we're going to eventually see more low clouds filling in on the coast leading to cooling along the immediate coast today. not much change inland until tomorrow. san jose in 80s. warmer south of downtown. san francisco in the 70s today. low to mid 80s in the north bay and tri-valley some of hottest places, approaching 90. as the cooler air starts to filter in we'll see 70s around san jose and 60s closer to san francisco for the weekend. here is mike with the drive. backup at the bay bridge toll plaza because of metering lights. in fact the backup only goes to the end of the parking lot. an easier friday commute around most of the bay. north of san mateo not experiencing much slowing. a slowdown toward the caldecott and over here west 580 a crash around hacienda has cleared. the rest of the bay no problem.
10:30 am
it's friday. join us for our 11:00 newscast in just a bit. it's try day friday. mother's day is a week away. >> steve greenberg to help out with high-tech gifts easy to use. >> even for nontechies like myself. >> the authority of "gadget nation." >> time to write a new book. >> you're right. keep promoting it. >> look at ali berger one of our producers. >> don't want to get mom a vacuum cleaner. get her something to pamper herself. >> what's that? >> this is a strain relieving eye massager that has a mist action going on vibration, and warmth. it will help out. sitting out in front of a computer all day long, mom does that kind of work gets your eyes relaxed. >> i'm not sure what's going on but it feels good. >> it's got a blue look inside. very soothing.
10:31 am
>> all right. >> this is for people that have neck problems. >> the number one problem is neck and shoulder. >> thank you. >> did i hit you hard? >> yeah, you did. what else is knew. >> aren't you relaxed now? >> no. >> this is again the neck shoulder, not a square. it fits you and holds on. >> look how attractive it is. >> what's it do? >> massages heats, warmth massage should be cooking there there. >> it's not cooking. now you're talking. >> great way. both products are about $80 from hammacher schlemmer. >> do you like that? >> yeah. >> like a little buzz. >> invented by a mom inventor. one of my big things. mom and pop inventors called the nod pod and came up with this idea at night attaches to an inner pillow case. >> looks like a diaper. >> while you're sleeping put it on your eyes like that. when you sleep on the pillownd a it soothes. cool and warm side. it feels kind of to rest -- >> cool and warm.
10:32 am
>> mom loves photos. this is a free app called lyve and you basically put that on to your smartphone ipad shares all the pictures on your devices. it can hold up to 200,000 pictures but they're all low res, look at the pictures in your life on a smartphone like on an airplane. i came back from turkey and these are my pictures. got to go ballooning. >> i only want to see them in you're in a thong. >> i don't want to find that picture. here's a hard drive. take the pictures you want and back them up and store them in the full size and this is the lyve home but stores all your pictures. the second you walk in your house it grabs them. i love it. this is called a belly bud baby bump sound system. you saw bobbie in the tease. >> music for bobbie thomas's baby. >> jen. >> and christine. >> you have a ton of pregnant
10:33 am
women around here. >> a lot of babies coming. >> what's cool about it a splitter to put your own headphones on it and listen to the music as well. >> i like that. >> my hand is going to explode. >> free mozart download. >> i like that. that was real music. >> i like sir mix a lot. anyway. >> i'm wearing something called capture. this is cool like instant replay for your life. what it does recording constantly and records a minute and when you hit it twice it takes the last minute of sounts sound and sends it to your smartphone. for example, my friend beth who has her 3-year-old son frankie said something cute. >> mommy. >> yeah. >> is that house bigger than -- >> yeah. that house is bigger than an egg. >> a giant egg. >> yes. >> cute moment. it could be baby's first words or any cute thing. e-mail that. >> you could catch people in a tough situation. >> couple seconds. >> okay. this is cool this is the a must
10:34 am
have keep it in your car and attach this and jump your car. >> with that. >> simpler. >> so much simpler and charge your smartphone with it. >> genius. >> that is fantastic. >> over here. a tiny traveler. this is cool. you put it on the front of your car. has a camera back here. mom keep an eye on the baby in the back without turning around to see what's going on. eye on the road and baby from yada, not hoda yada. over here this is actually this is called the vapor wandering vino collection. put your wine in here going hiking or to the beach. comes with a glass as well. finally the musical corkscrew so when you use it it's automatically romantic. ♪ >> thank you. get ready for horsing around. >> we're off to the races. >> celebrating the kentucky derby after this. ♪
10:35 am
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10:39 am
enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologist. the 141st running of the roses is happening tomorrow at churchill downs. pull out your biggest hat and invite your friends over. >> how to throw a great -- >> kentucky derby party southern style. you know what -- >> every time i do a horse i can't speak afterwards. >> you know who it does. >> i do. >> it's elizabeth -- >> lifestyle expert and louisville native. >> elizabeth mahue. it's a party for the derby. okay. >> i am authentically from louisville so i will tell you how to do it correctly. >> beautiful city. it is a beautiful city. >> thank you. starting off with the centerpiece, super easy pull together things you have. i took my kids giant chess set and stuck it on. >> cool. >> and then i didn't use real flowers. it takes a lot and very labor
10:40 am
intensive. i went to michael, i bought some silk roses because you know it is the run for the roses. click them off, buy styrofoam, no glue needed. i bought plastic horses. >> of course you did. >> and just spray painted them gold. they look official. glue together a trophy to put your napkins. >> very cute. >> julep cups. >> food and drink. >> food. you cannot do a kentucky derby without a hot brown, created from brown hotel, in like 1926. >> what's hot brown? >> it is turkey ham, piece of tomato and put like a melted cheese sauce on it. >> oh. >> hoda can't have that. >> i can't. it has cheese. >> sliders, normally it's an open-faced sandwich but we did sliders. >> do that with cole slaw. of course we will have drinks but you need some sweet sweet tea and all i did was make -- i'm going to move that sandwich. make cozies that look like -- >> you call them cozies too. some called them cozies.
10:41 am
>> i think that's -- >> i think most people say cozy. >> cozy is something different. >> they look like little jockey silks and i did all different ones so you just do those in felt, glue them. >> let's continue. >> okay. . next the official champagne of the entire derby, so i did like a little drink. this is delicious. i have to say. >> like a lady-like -- >> mint julep. >> you don't like the heavy bourbon thing. >> this is champagne, vodka, lemon juice. >> and mint. >> that would be good for breakfast. yeah. >> and some simple syrup. next for dessert, super easy just take another -- >> nutter butter. >> and put it on top with some little icing and some chocolate. >> that's a cute idea. >> and you to have derby pie, like a nutty chocolate thing. that is from derby >> all right. >> and lastly chocolates from stella dora. >> we have to make hats.
10:42 am
>> these are hats where i just made out of paper plates cut a hole paper bowl on top and glue it and all you need to do is put your flowers on and good to go. >> okay. >> the glue guns are hot. i think -- whoa. there you go. >> stay away from hoda. >> put it on there and make your ha the. >> all right. what's the game? >> we're going to do a horseshoe game. i just made you guys little horseshoes. >> okay. >> in the bucket. >> all right. >> next here get it ready for our races. >> races. >> we have with us mary ann, jamie, heather and christy. they are our jockeys. >> they're all southern girls. >> i love southern girls. the best. are you ready? >> yes. >> on your marks, get set, go. a. >> all right. >> crown the winner. yellow. >> you have to be a as proud as hoda is. >> welcome. >> from virginia. >> what part?
10:43 am
>> [ inaudible ]. >> where do you work? >> first american home buyers. >> congratulations. >> don't forget everybody you can get to kentucky derby tomorrow beginning at 4:00 on nbc. >> where am i going? >> here we go. >> lilliana will take us to miami in a minute where a whole new scene is heating up. >> will today be the day we call your name? >> stick around to find out when we give it away right after this. >> good job, ladies no thank you. today, i'm going to fight hunger. today, i don't want to be hungry. we just have to buy food. my family gets the food we need. i'm so glad we could help. i'm so glad someone helped. hunger lives closer than you think. purchase participating items at walmart and you can help secure a meal for someone through feeding america food banks. taxi! sorry to stop you, but i noticed your windshield's dirty.
10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
as we celebrate hispanic heritage with our series viva today lilliana vazquez took a trip to the sunshine state. >> headed to miami and we hear you caught up with creative people. >> i sure did. so i should say i guess, [ speaking foreign language ] a new miami so i paid a visit to the magic city to say houla to talents helping fuel there. for most of us miami is the
10:49 am
destination for hot clubs, hot beaches, and let's not forget hot bodies. but heating up the city now, the tech industry. >> miami is geographically was a gateway to the americas. >> i feel there's a big opportunity in miami. >> and plenty in miami for more than just sun. the american dream started in the cramped apartment in venezuela. that's where he created an on-line english language program that boasts more than 300,000 users. >> i called a friend of mine who lives in silicon valley and said how do you raise money for a tech companyp you should come to silicon valley. he lefts the valley for miami where he raised $100 million in just over a year. >> we didn't want to create an app or software that would eliminate the human piece of it. we actually just wanted to use technology to make the human interaction more efficient. >> and some might say more fun. the ads have gone viral in latin america racking up millions of views. >> hey baby.
10:50 am
how you doin'? >> another hot entrepreneur you need to know is pedro. ceo of an early staged tech start-up called sports buddy. at 13 pedro moved to miami from venezuela to pursue a career in tennis but today turning that passion into his business with a sports app. >> our mission is to connect people through sports and i feel that we're leveraging technology in order to give people this connectivity in the real world. >> and for the university of miami grad there's no place like miami for work or play. >> i always wonder myself why doesn't all the best epg nears come here. you have the best weather and if you're latin you're close back home. >> time to put his app to the test. tennis, anyone? >> it feels a little bit like tind er for sports. >> well not really. we're matching with a meaning. everybody that recommends it to you is based on your skill level. >> let's pick romana and then
10:51 am
now it's time to play. >> that was really fun. thank you. >> we won. >> besides the cool night life and hot beaches, manny is hoping his second annual tech conference next week in miami attracts young innovators to the magic city. >> a platform we feed. >> a cuban immigrant created emerge america a non-profit paving the way for the next generation in south florida. even pitbull has gotten in on the action. >> get ready for this thing to grow bigger. >> like a nano second to say i'm on. >> while manny has his sights set on the future it's his past he credits for his success. >> i remember being so poor i never wanted to be poor again. my dad drove a cab 15 hours a day. my mother had two jobs a hotel maid, and that kind of gives you a reason to fight.
10:52 am
>> nbc universal has partnered with emerge america for its second annual technology conference which officially kicks off in miami on monday. amazing. >> really impressive. thank you, lilliana. >> thanks. >> we're giving away something special to five lucky viewers. >> find out what we cooked up this time when we give it away. first this is "today" on nbc. >> yes, it is. ♪
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the favorite part of every friday when we give it away to five lucky viewers at home. >> over 10,000 entered for a chance to win this week's prize which is a wolf gourmet countertop with oven. >> with convection. >> take off that thing. >> oh, yeah. >> available at sirlatab for $499. believe it or not cully nare y enthusiasts can have the precision and technology of a wolf countertop form. >> high performance electronics
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and six modes helps you get the best results for any meal when you whip it up. >> the winner, slone fleming from georgia. >> good for you. >> jan wall from fort wayne indiana. >> way to go jan. >> i got here donna lizer from payson illinois. you get one. >> we got a man. >> who? >> peter skervin from palm springs, california. >> our last one. >> i hope it's you. >> ashley richy from hanna city illinois. >> it is you. fantastic. >> congratulations all of our winners. if you didn't get lucky today enter for next week's prize. the complete rules on >> all right. next week melissa rivers and "sex and the city" alum kristen davis. >> dr. oz bill rancic and the gold family from "hard core pawn". >> have fun in new orleans. >> you have a great weekend too. ♪
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that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> right now at 11:00 a possible road to justice in baltimore. six police officers now facing charges in the death of freddie gray. good morning, everyone thank you or joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. i'm kris sanchez. prosecutors filing criminal charges against six baltimore police officers in connection with the death of freddie gray. gray died last week from injuries suffered while in police custody. >> the charges include manslaughter in the case of one officer, murder.


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