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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 12, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and then big changes coming your way. not what you would usually associate with may. we are talking about ample rainfall. details in just moments. and those gusty winds will catch you. here's the high rise. we're watching that as well as road crews on that eastbound side. let's take a live look outside this morning. bay bridge there from a distance. wind is whipping our cameras just a tad this morning. a cool start on may 12th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good morning to you. thanks for joining us i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have an update to breaking news. this does not sound like it would be possible but nepal rocked yet again with a second strong quake in as many weeks. dozens more dead with a thousand injured. >> these people are not getting a break with the earth shaking there. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here with more on this increased devastation. >> we see video.
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this is a village where the buildings just kind of crumbled. this quake, a magnitude 7.3. the last one was 7.8. i want to put the two on the map so you can see how close to each other they happened. today's was close er with the border of tibet. the good news is that the climbing season was canceled after the april quake. that one was closer to the city of kathmandu. we just got this video in to the newsroom. the earthquake triggering a landslide. this is part of the fear, especially as monsoon season approaches. the devastation not expected to end with the end of the earthquake. in this video, from the city of kathmandu you can see the panic as people try to get outside. you see them running outside. we see people, unicef worker, soldiers carrying victims out of a hospital for fear of collapse, women running with babies. one young woman said they wanted to get out of the building because inside the hospital walls were actually closing. in another neighborhood shell
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shocked people poured into the streets where you can see bricks on the ground. and one person there says the jolt felt as strong as the one last month but not as long. that one killed more than 8,000 people and left a quarter million people homeless. you can also see people with cellphones frantically trying to make contact with loved ones. >> i'm waiting for my family. >> hotel guests and their employees evacuated into the streets. in the last earthquake in april we saw people too afraid to go back into the building for fear of aftershocks even weeks later. that is a valid fear. here's a map from the u.s. geological survey site showing the number of strong quakes that followed the 7.3 this morning. the usgs says there have been seven earthquakes of magnitude five or higher in nepal today include that very first one. as we mentioned, there are nearly 36 people now confirmed dead. more than 1,000 people are injured. according to nepal's home minist
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ministry, the government expects the number will go up drastically this one was deeper, not as widely felt. yet people are feeling so shell shocked that i think anything is just -- feels devastating to them. >> just seems so cruel that the entire country would have to go through this ordeal again after what happened two weeks ago. >> indeed. >> thank you. we do have our own concerns of earthquakes happening here in the bay area. new questions this morning over seismic safety for the bay bridge. now bridge officials are getting millions of dollars to test the troubled bridge. here's a live look at the beautiful bay bridge. the latest concern? the steel rods securing the bridge's main tower to the base, to the new eastern span. new caltrans test indicate water from the bay may be seeping into foundation of some of the rods. that could lead to corrosion. according to the mercury news last night the bay area toll authority approved $4 million for additional testing. happening today, the bay area man accuse of assaulting a san jose girl inside of her home is going to face a judge for the
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first time. here's the surveillance video we all watched in disbelief recently of that terrifying encounter. >> now sources close to the investigation say the suspect is also confessing to previous attack a month ago. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us live in san jose. stephanie, what is going to happen in court later today? >> reporter: sam and laura, in this case that video you showed police went viral and helped them catch the man who is due here at the hall of justice in san jose this afternoon. mohammed khaliqi has been behind bars at the santa clara jail since friday when police arrested him at his mother's house in san leandro. the 31-year-old fled after he was caught on camera cornering a 13-year-old girl trying to attack her inside her san jose home. that was last tuesday. just a week ago. she fought him off and he ran. police say khaliqi also unsuccessfully tried to sexually assault a 28-year-old woman in a rest room at the nearby japanese market and that was in early april.
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sources close to the investigation tell us khaliqi has confessed to both attempted sexual assaults. police also say khaliqi lives down the street from both victims but changed his appearance by shaving his head and beard after the security camera footage started to spread. khaliqi was booked on multiple charges including attempted sexual assaults and burglary. he is set to be formally charged at 1:30 this afternoon. live in san jose, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you, stephanie. follow-up on the so-called pillowcase rapist. a state judge is allowing him to remain free despite fearses from community. prosecutors asked the judge to return him to a mental hospital because we he let the batteries in his ankle bracelet run too low two times. he admitted to raping more than tree dozen women in the '70s and '80s. he was released just last year to a neighborhood near los angeles. sometimes it's not what you
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do, it's covering up what you did. a big debate in the football world this morning does tom brady's punishment fit the crime? not a chance. tom brady was suspended a quarter of the regular season. he cheated by having team assistance deflate footballs in the afc championship game. the nfl fibed the patriots 1 million bucs and two aatwo graft picks. many call that a very harsh response to what happened. some bay area critics who probably aren't patriots fans believe the league didn't go far enough and should have taken away the team's latest championship trophy. >> if the nfl really believes that the outcome of this game was effected by this issue, then frankly i think the team should suffer and the win should be vacated. >> not too many sports analysts who do think the outcome would have been different but certainly affects the integ grit at this time of the game. brady plans to appeal the
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decision. consider the warriors up to the challenge. last night golden state came up huge in game four of the playoff series against memphis. mojo. team high 33 points. warriors, 101-84 win. the series is tied at two games apiece and back to the oracle arena for game five tomorrow night. and that place no doubt will be rocking. >> no question about it. part of you wonders was steph curry toying with us the entire time? enough. we savfaced some adversity cityt now we're going to put it to bed. christina, you're tracking it and the totals could be changing depending upon the months. >> yeah. well, they actually look very significant based on what we're seeing from all the different models. we're going to get to that, in-depth look at the rain coming up in my next report. right now though, look at the day ahead. we have some interesting changes coming to your pattern. we've got a little bit of wind out there for today. this is going to play a role if you drive a high-profile vehicle
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to work. just getting to work could be tricky. watch out for debris on the highway this morning. this is a live look at emeryville where our camera is getting that shake this morning. temperatures, 48 degrees. good morning to you, san jose. 43 degrees down in san martin. 50 degrees in many concord to kek off the new day. the weather story of the day, breezy and chilly conditions. let me take it right to your day part forecast. you will need the jacket all day long. 61 degrees at noon in the south bay. 66 degrees in the north bay at lunchtime. you will be at 60 degrees on the east shore. here's the deal. this is about that time that wind is going to start to crank. then as we get into the afternoon, temperatures will be a little on the cool side. in fact, 10 to 15 degrees cooler than average for some cities for this time of year. 67 in the tri-valley. 61 degrees in san francisco. 71 degrees is the high for today. your various microcli malt showing you a cool mayday ahead. as we get into the next couple of days the changes arrive.
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showers in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. right now let's check your drive. i bet that wind is making an impact, mike. >> impacting our cameras. we'll talk about that in a second. it will catch your car, your higher profile vehicle, a van or a truck. that might get swept side to side. so far the volume is light. not affecting any of our drives. the altamont pass showing slowing typical here. the change in the colors. regular green over here to this yellowish overlay. that's where road weather index is talking about the wind christina is talking about. sweeping through this area. we do have a disabled dump truck. however, it's the only off-ramp oyster point from southbound 101. so the freeway itself is clear. watch the larger vehicles as they head over toward the bay bridge, for example. we'll show you that camera ban that christina showed you. i'm p emeryville. it's shaking quite a bit. it will catch you for gusts. hold on, folks, back to you. >> thank you, mike. traffic of another kind of worry about this morning.
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hundreds of the world's top cyclists are hitting the road for the amgen tour of california. >> high atop the hilltops is where we find it "today in the bay's" bob ridell live in san jose where stage three will kick off hours from now. talking about world class athletes here, bob. >> reporter: 141 of them. some of the best cyclists in the world, sam and laura. you can see right behind me, their colleagues. organizers of the race are already bright and early setting up the beginning of sage three here at the community center. this stage will be taking off from here at around 10:45 this morning. just under five hours from now. this comes on the heels of yesterday's stage two which wrapped up in sacramento with mark cavendish of great britain, first place. an american, robin carpenter, he is taking a third place right now. this is eight-stage race. stage three, what makes stage three unusual is that this is the only stage that starts and ends in the same city.
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we're of course talking about san jose. so when it starts this morning it will be a very grueling 105-mile stage for these riders. they have to go up mount hamilton past the observatory. if you haven't checked the elevation maps, 142-foot climb. there's another climb involved in there as they head on to livermore. they will skirt through livermore and then come back on the other side of san jose into east foothills into the motoric so sole motorcycle county park. this is a five-hour roughly stage. and from there they will be heading south. there's five more stages after today. the final, an eighth stage, ending sunday in the los angeles area. when it's all said and done, this amgen tour of california, the tenth year of this race, will have encompassed 724 miles for these riders. that's quite a feat. reporting live in san jose, robbie derobob
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ridell, "today in the bay." whether you have kids or not, a lot of people are opting to get mid-sized stufuvs not on because of the space but because of the safety. bigger doesn't mean safer. surprising results after the break. we'll look at how computers are driving cars as well. elon musk says i'm not as mean as everybody says.
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santa barbara, suspect in connection to a shooting last night in isla vista turned himself in. last night deputies in uc santa barbara police arrived at a house to find three young men with gunshot wounds in their yard. one of them was believed to be one of the attackers but another suspect got away. that's the one who turned himself in at a hospital this morning. nearby ucsb dorms were put on lock down but have since reopened. this shooting comes during an emogaal time for that community. next week marking one year since the deadly shooting palm rage. you may remember a student went on a stabbing and shooting spree targeting students. three of the victims were from the bay area. fresno cannot teach a sin innocence only, a ruling from a fresno county judge who determined they must follow state law and teach birth control as part of the sex
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education. parents sued the district in 2012 for using material that encouraged abstinence until marriage. the district then changed the policies. the judge sided with parents who will now have their legal fees reimbursed by the district. as the convenience of an suv but the practicality of a car. no doubt you're seeing more and more mid size suvs on the road. but they received mixed results from a safety standpoint in the latest round of crash tests. so the insurance institute for highway safety tested seven mid size suvs from the 2015 model year. most did okay. they all earned marginal ratings. the best performer overall was the redesigned nissan murano. that earned good ratings across the board and designated as top safety pick. ford flex earned an acceptable rating. the worst performer of the group was the dodge journey.
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it was given an overall ranking of poor. speaking of crashes, the follow-up for you now on self-driving cars. >> do you trust them? scott mcgrew, a lot of talk this week about the number of accidents involving robot cars. it's safer, you said. >> that's right. on monday, laura, the "associated press" published a study that said there were four accidents last year involving self-driving cars. but as we pointed out two of them don't even count because the computers were not driving at the time and the other two don't count either because while the robot was in charge it was another car's fault. well, safetied a have indicay a that's not enough. we want to know about all the evidence of self-driving cars ever. so which google monday said fine and published those details. the answer, there have been 11 accidents all of them minor with no injuries and google said none of them was the computer at fault. so for instance when the self-driving car is sitting at a red light and gets rear ended that is an accident but it's
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certainly not the robot's fault it was doing what it was supposed to do. it was waiting at a red light. critics would still like google to release the actual paperwork of each accident. that the company has not done. tesla wants to sell cars in the home of cars. michig michigan. but the state law wants to say only third-party dealers can sell cars, not manufacturers. the federal trade commission posted a new letter strongly urging michigan to change its mind. the ftc doesn't have jurisdiction there but it is a good idea not to make them angry. how is this as news before the bell? verizon just bought aol. let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hey, scott, that's right, the major deal was just announced. verizon is buying aol for more than $4 billion for verizon it gave access to aol's digital ad service and content which includes aol's site as well as the huffington post, tech
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crunch, and end gadgets. checking your markets. there could be more red arose today. stocks close aufd the lows of the session on monday falling for the first time in three days. failed to have a winning or losing streak of more than three days since the end of march. dow falling and the nasdaq losing ten. scott, back over to you. >> consistently inconsistent. landon, thank you much. a new biography of elon musk is hitting the book stores. in the look the author ashlee vance has a conversation with musk berating an employee to miss work in order to witness the birth of his child. musk reported on twitter this morning saying it is total nonsense and hurtful to climb that i told a guy to miss his child's birth just to attend a company meeting. i would never do that. so it's sort of he said/he said
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in the in the book the claim that musk did this refers to an anonymo anonymous tesla employee recalling an e-mail but not actually showing it to the author. so you have to decide who you believe. but then again, there are lots of interesting quotes in here from elon musk who clearly is a workaholic. >> go to the to the birth. just come after. >> that's fair. how about that? or bring the baby. >> fun for the whole family. >> we have an opening. start that 401(k) early. all right. it's 5:20. bay area crews will get hands-on training today as they gear up for very busy fire season. crews will hold drills throughout the city of brisbane today. the second in a series of training events in san mateo county this month. got a little bit of a taste of the real thing, the training very timely. already we've seen several small fires around the bay area. this one broke out in san martin yesterday coming dangerously close to homes there. it scorched ten acres just south of morgan hill.
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firefighters were able to knock it down before any of those homes burned but certainly some concern over dry conditions right now. crews also dealing with a brush fire at pacheco pass. they had a difficult time getting a handle on the fire but strong winds burned nearly 300 acres along highway 52 by the time crews were able to surround it. let's find out if wind conditions continue today. >> we add some fierce wind once again and this means pollen levels will stay on the high side for today. but they're going to drop significantly as we head through the next couple of days. expect shower activity. that is great news. it's also going to help keep moisture around the bay area and keep our fire danger from getting too high. this time of year we could see very high fire danger and temperature in the 90s. it's been mild so far this month. go figger, we have more rain and snow on the way in just a couple of days. starting with the wind speeds, fiercest speed at the coast and mountain passes as well.
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traveling across 152 east the pacheco pass, take it easy. hold on tight to your steering wheel if you have a high-profile vehicle you could get knocked around a little bit. by strong gusts such as come up out of nowhere sometimes. 50 degrees for the peninsula. 52 degrees on the tri-valley. getting you into this afternoon temperatures are going to be comfortable. we will be in the 60s and 70s yet again. 67 degrees is the high for today in the tri-valley. much cooler in san francisco. a cool day ahead. 60 degrees. now that we're in mid may your temperatures even in the city should be in the mid 60s but for us today, cooler than average. 71 degrees is the forecasted high. up in wine country. your weather headlines tell the story, that afternoon wind will intensify for today. keep that in mind. especially the wind-prone areas across the bay. a month's worth of rain on the way between wednesday and friday. and then as we head throughout monday that pattern will stay unsettled. let me give you an idea of the
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timing. we bring the showers in. as we head throughout wednesday afternoon, more rain on the way for thursday. that's going to be the day you don't want to forget your umbrella. to give you a sneak peek at the weekend, temperatures look good. nice and comfortable. sunday is going to be your better day for outdoor plans. upper 60s to low 70s coming your way. and tahoe, tahoe could pick up a foot, maybe two feet of snow. let me take you down south to mammoth ski resort there. still open at this point. and, yeah, we could see one to two feet of snowfall before all is said and done from this single system. they say closing is for quitters. they're staying open. let's check on that drive. here's mike. >> coffee is for closers. that's a different movie. looking over here, fremont moves nicely. looking at the flag. it's flapping around very strong in fremon about. what christina is talking the winds. we'll show you the bay. address overview, south bay. no delays. typical overnight construction. build for the tri-valley is starting to build at dublin. not a big concern.
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amgen tour comes through this area. mid of the day. not affecting your commute. watch the wind here as well as san mateo bridge, guys. back to you. >> thanks, mike. pint size cowboys rescue a herd of horses from storm-ravaged texas. more of this amazing video when we come back.
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a family drama wild, wild west style. expert ranch hands one as young as 8 years old springing into action to save horses in storm aven ravaged texas. >> ride up here, little buddy. keep hollering at them. >> this happened after rain set off flash flooding in texas. will barrett and his southern twang there and his three sons aged 8 to 14 save 3:1 horses after the local river flooded their pasture. look at that. just out there swimming in it
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with another horse. water could have carried the horses into a lake where they could have drowned. dad and the boys managed to save each and every horse. >> they ride and rope and have rode and done more horseback than a lot of grown men ever will. you know, so i knew their abilities were, you know, good enough to handle most situations. >> round them up, cowboys. dad called it a bona fide western experience bet their the movies. all of this shot on his iphone, lasso in hand. he forced his way into her home and police say he tried to sexually assault her. you have probably seen this video. it takes you back. today the suspect is back in the news. we're going to tell you why after the break.
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breaking news. dozens dead. this following another large earthquake in nepal. plus, he followed a san jose teenager at home and tried to sexually assault her. now he's behind bars and will
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soon face a judge. and we have another round of gusty wind in your forecast for today. the good news is, we need the rain. we're still in the drought. we have ample moisture heading to your microclimate. the wind will be an issue for some folks across the bay bridge where the build is on here. we'll show you that color changing commute. >> we'll have to ground some people down so they won't topple over. winds outside. live look at the bay bridge. it is tuesday, may 12th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. an update to breaking news. nepal earthquake. this one toppled buildings. >> more than 7.0 magnitude, 7.3. kris sanchez has all the developments for us. nepal still recovering from the last of the quake two weeks ago. >> today's quake was a magnitude
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7.3. weaker and deeper than the last one. but you see the images. it certainly won't matter to the nepalese people whose nerves are raw. within hours of the quake more than 40 people are dead and that number is expected to rise. we'll put the two earthquakes on the top to see how close they happen today with closer to the border in tibet and centered very close to a mt. everest base camp. the climbing season was canceled after the last juan. 7.0 on april 25th was closer to kathmandu. we just got this video in to the newsroom. the earthquake triggering a landsli landslide. this is part of the problem, the damage doesn't end with the shaking. and monsoon, the equivalent of our hurricane season, is bearing down. in this video from the center of city you can see the panic as people try to get outside. soldiers carrying people out of a hospital. women carrying very young babies. one young woman said they had to get out of the hospital because the walls were slanting.
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in another neighborhood shell shocked people poured on the streets where you can see the bricks there on the ground. one person there said the jolt felt as strong as the one last month but not as long. that one killed more than 8,000 people and left a quarter million people homeless. you can see people with cellphones desperately trying to make contact with loved ones. >> i'm waiting for my family. >> hotel police and guests evacuated into the streeths. waez saw last time people too afraid to go back into the building for fear of aftershocks. that is a valid fear. take look at the u.s. geological survey. map showing the number of strong quakes that follow the 7.3 this morning. the usgs says there have been seven earthquakes of magnitude five or higher in nepal today including the first one. as we mentioned the early reports are that 40 people are confirmed dead. that's just within this next few ho hours. the government says that count is going to continue to rise when people don't have anywhere
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else to go. they've already been homeless. 250,000 people were displaced the last time. >> it is just so tragic. even the numbers are growing as you mentioned, within the last half hour. >> scared me. my husband was putting earthquake straps on one last bookcase going through and checking everything because it is just horrifying to see. >> what a way to be reminded. you're right, though. you're right. stay with us as the story develops. we're not on the air you can g to our website happening today. the bay area man accused of attacking a san jose teen inside her house is going to appear in court. that scary encounter caught on surveillance video. >> now there's more. the same man may be responsible for other ating thes. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is life ve in san jose t morning. >> reporter: that 31-year-old man is due here in court at the hall of justice this afternoon. he's set to be formally charged with attempted sexual assault, burglary, and false
5:34 am
imprisonment. mohammed khaliqi had been behind bars since friday. investigators say he fled to his mother's house where people arrested him after the security camera footage went viral. it shows him trying to attack that 13-year-old girl inside her san jose home last tuesday after following her home from school. she fought back and he took off. police say just a month earlier khaliqi tried to sexually assault a woman in a rest room at the nearby japanese market. she was also able to fight him off. sources close to this investigation tells nbc bay area khaliqi confessed to the two sexual assaults. they also say khaliqi lives close to the both of the victims but changed appearance by shaving the head and beard after the security camera footage started to spread, which the deputy police chief says is a common practice. and for some perspective, that's deputy chief saying he's been here for two decades and described this as one of the most heinous crimes he's ever seen. >> amazingly all captured in
5:35 am
crystal clear video. thank you very much, stephanie. right now, renewed push to equip san jose's police officers with body cameras sooner than originally expected. san jose's may you were made that announcement monday. the city already has a plan in place to outfit some officers with body cameras starting in september for a one-year pilot program. if all were to go as planned all officers would get them. ricardo wants to fast track the timeline and have all patrol officers wearing them in a year. the mayor's announcement comes days after report accused san jose police of targeting minorities. the report showed while african-americans and latinos make up about one-third of san jose's population they make up around two-thirds of police stops. only about 6% of those stops actually result in arrests. >> i'm proposing that we accelerate some of our efforts around body-worn cameras, expanding the scope of
5:36 am
investigation for the device and complaints. >> definitely want to be disr transparent. we are going to be comprehensive in analyzing the data. >> both the city and the police department plan to have the report independently analyzed. a jail inmate just died from injuries stuffed in last month's gas pipeline explosion in fresno. two other inmates and county worker were also injured and they remain in the hospital. that explosion happened at the fres no sheriff's gun range on april 17th. they were picking up shell casings at the range at that time and the exact cause of the explosion is still under investigation. if you're going to be outside and worried about your hair, make thicker hair gel. christina, blustery out there. >> i've got to go talk to mike inouye and see if i can borrow his. he's got the good stuff. temperatures in the 50s. really that wind is fierce at the coast and through our high elevations. we're not dealing with a lot of that wind just yet down here in the south bay. it will be picking up though as
5:37 am
we head throughout your tuesday. 50 degrees right now in concord. 52 in livermore. we're going to be five to ten degrees below average for today. some spots up to 15 degrees below average. that's courtesy of a dry cold front that came through overnight as we head throughout the day today, conditions are going to be rel flektive of that cold front. we're going to have windy conditions and temps in the 60s by lumplg time today. only in the upper 50s to low 60s. your microclimate is not making a big appearance in terms of temperature separation as they could be doing so as we are now in may. but temperatures are going to be way below average. even though our days are getting longer as we get closer to summertime. 63 degrees is the high temperature for today on the east shore. 66 on the peninsula. 66 degrees is the high in the south bay for this afternoon. as you prepare for the week ahead this is what you want to do. keep those jackets handy through wednesday. then by wednesday night you might be pulling out your umbrel umbrella. we're going to sew you the
5:38 am
timing and intensity of this incoming storm in my next report. keep that umbrella in your car or close at least through saturday. and then by sunday, we're going to see nice conditions return to the bay area. remember, 74, scrolling there at the bottom of your screen. better day this weekend for outdoor plans. what do you say, mike, can i use that gel? >> you can. at your own risk. i'm going to have you sign a waiver. tri-valley, traffic flows nicely. typical pattern there. this is the only real slowdown, aside from one other for the bay. here's the rest of the bay. south bay, smooth flow of traffic. across the bay, watch the bridges. they're going the get windy conditions. gusty at times through san francisco. south san francisco, daly city, seeing gusts for the morning. bay bridge toll plaza. the rest of the map looks green. we see the backup here. no metering lights registered just yet. i'm sure lit be a matter of seconds. chp talks about that. as well as the windses catching across the san mateo bridge. high rise. smooth flow of traffic and back to all lanes on the span itself. over here on the foster city
5:39 am
side, crews clearing as you approach that bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. between u.s. and russia. >> it's history they did not want to make. the nepalese people, video just in of a massive and deadly earth yak in nepal. world's top cyclists getting ready to hit the road in the south bay. what that might mean for your morning commute. we're back with 15 minutes of news.
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welcome back. live look outside. this is at the san bruno mountain looking toward san francisco. cool start to our day. wind as well. we'll keep check that forecast.
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5:41. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry is in sochi, russia, to meet with vladimir putin. it's aimed at easing the strained relationship with russia and the u.s. over conflict in the ukraine. how big of a difference does it make? >> the latest report on poverties has just been published as president obama heads to georgetown university for discussion on the state of poverty in our country. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. this morning with more. good morning, tracie. >> hey, good morning. he's going to face-off today with a harvard professor and conservative think tank here in washington to talk about how do you fix this poverty problem in america. we've been digging in to some numbers. the numbers in california, about 15% of people are living below the poverty line according to the census bureau. the numbers are bigger for children, about one in four or 2.1 million california children
5:43 am
are in poverty. half of them extreme. a lot of it has to do with income. we've also learned that the number of homeless students are the percentage went up year over year, 13%. that's a big issue that the schools are now having to deal with. and poverty not having money also leads to kids being hungry. 2.4 million of them in california. notice thooat's more than below the poverty line. president obama sits down the with the academics to see if they can come up with solutions on how you fix things. >> childhood poverty is such an issue issue. tracie potts, thank you very much, live from washington, d.c. we move to an investigative unit exclusive. hunters point, site of wartime experiments have been transformed to homes for thousands of people. can the clean-up of this federal super fund site be trusted? they discovered the regulators have new questions now about the safety of that land. we uncovered e-mails showing the
5:44 am
state health department recently reversed the stance on the release of fwoo old buildings at that site. first the state said radiation was cleaned up a and did not pose a health risk. new data has the lead contractor on the site. critics say the company has had a history of problems. >> why do you keep going back to someone who is cutting corners, not following proper protocol, trying to get this job done as quickly as possible because, i understand, motivation makes profit. but we're dealing with radiation. >>t tonight at 11:00 we'll toll you why millions more of your tax dollars could go to a contractor that's already come under fire several times. if you have a tip for your unit please give us a call or you can send us an e-mail. update to breaking news. at least 42 people are dead and close to 1,000 injured as
5:45 am
another major earthquake rocks nepal. 7.3 magnitude quake was centered near mt. everest near the border of china. damaged buildings crumbling to the ground in kathmandu devastated in the first major earthquake three weeks ago. if you're away from your television you can always get the latest information on our website, we're also on facebook and twitter. okay. waez await a little more wet weather later in the week, colder start to your workday here. >> it's still going to be a nice day. beautiful bay area day coming your way. time is 5:45. thanks for waking up with us each and every day. happy to be the bearer of good news for you this morning. much needed rainfall as with we get into a month where we typically don't see a lot of rain. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. 50 on the peninsula. 582 in the tri-valley. san francisco, you are waking up in the low 50s. only going to climb by ten
5:46 am
degrees as we get into this afternoon. 71 is the high for the north bay today. your weather headlines tell the story. afternoon wind will intensifnte. keep that in mind if you look at the wind prone areas across the bay area or you work in one. might be a little bit difficult to drive your high profile vehicle later on today. otherwise, the wind will taper off by tomorrow morning and then everything starts to change. talking about clouds increasing for your wednesday. showers on the way. wednesday through friday. potentially accumulating a month's worth of rain and more rain than we've seen since february. that unsettled pattern will continue into monday. let me give you an idea of the timing of the storm system. we stop that clock for you. take you into your wednesday at 2:00 p.m. light activity at that point. we continue to move you forward in time. stop this again for you. at 10:00 a.m. on thursday. that's when the bulk of the moisture will come through. keep that umbrella handy through saturday morning. and then finally we'll get a little bit of a break as we head throughout saturday night. staying unsettled even for next week, which is really unusual.
5:47 am
so you know what, you might just work here to get to the weekend. enjoy that outdoor activity with you. and your family members. that's what we all work hard for here at nbc bay area. temperatures are in the 60s for your saturday. by sunday, upper 60s to low 70s. and sunday will be the much better day for you're out door plans. you got to work though. mike is here to help you get there on time. wouldn't it be nice if it was always the weekend? >> that would be great. look forward to, oh, wednesday is coming soon. looking over here. this is tuesday traffic. backup in the building as we talked about. just seconds after the last report. no real trauma on the approach. smooth smart to a tuesday. expecting a good volume of traffic heading acrossover to san francisco. the north bay no delays either. zoom out and show you the tri-valley. look at west 580. slowing into livermore. dprad chul build over here. dublin interchange and now south 680 has more traffic in
5:48 am
pleasanton. no slowing for hayward. 880 was nice in the south bay. south bay itself, gentle build. peninsula is clear so we will show you the volume of traffic. showing the slowing on census for san jose. the living camera looks like this. northbound with if commute just starting to build. first burst of traffic. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the world's top cyclists are hitting the bay. >> the third sage of the amgen tour of california is, how do we say this, up hill climb. who better to get us over the mountain top than our very own bob ridell live at the start line this morning. i guess i wouldn't say rev your engi engines. get those cycles ready. >> legs pumped up. >> reporter: you think about it you're talking about an up hill climb. think about the entire week, all eight stages encompass 724 miles. today's stage three, you can see right now is being set up.
5:49 am
the starting hline here in san jose. at 10:45 this morning you're going to have 141 of some of the world's best cyclists taking off from here on a 105-mile stage that will begin and end in san jose. but to get back to san jose, they've got to climb a 4200 feet up the back side of mt. hamilton, dip into livermore, and come back into san jose and east foothills in the county motorcycle park. yesterday was stage two. that wrapped up in sacramento. and right now it's a brit so in the lead. mark cavendish in first place. robin carpenter of philadelphia, an american, is currently in third place. of course, what the places are, the positions are right now in stage three the is still early in this competition. again, this will be the tenth year of the amgen tour of california. they still have five more stages after today. the eighth stage, the final stage will end in los angeles on
5:50 am
sunday. again, encompasses 724 miles in the golden state. it's quite a trek for these athletes to get from up here to down there and what they have to go through. you can imagine. if you're thinking about coming out here to watch the beginning, the middle, or the end. you can go on the amgen tour of california website to find out the best viewing spots. but if you want to watch the beginning we know in years past you go out here and keep an eye out of that parking will be tight. again, stage three starting at 10:45 leaving here at the community center headed somewhere that way. i don't think you can see the hills. there are some big hills. >> something to see. looks like a swarm of bees racing by you. pretty cool. thanks, bob. it is 5:50. summer camp, it's a rite of passage in an annual tradition for many families. we investigated the safety of one of the bay area's most popular treats.
5:51 am
we're learning it was a tragedy that may have been prevented. investigative reporter vick we nguyen with a story you will only see on,in bc bay area. >> the unit reviewed thousands of pages of court documents from our workers who worked at camp tawonga. camp leaders were resisted pruning trees to make the camp safe. in 2013 as panicked parents got word a tree fell at camp tawonga. killed 21-year-old art teacher. three other staffers were also hurt when that 300-year-old oak tree fell right into the middle of camp. had it fallen minutes later dozens of kids would have been in the path. court documents and testimony from arborists hired by the camp indicate the camp's director had been advised to prune and monitor this tree for years but no inspection reports show that the ever happened. arborists also testified that camp leaders were reluctant to remove other trees even when they were warned they were
5:52 am
unsafe. the camp declined our multiple requests for comment. our full report including the emotional interviews with her parents all online right now at just click on the ininvestigations tab. guys? >> such art break for the family. thank you, vicky. it's 5:52. chltsz here are the stories we're working on. police call the man in this video chilling as he tries to attack a 13-year-old girl. what to expect later today when he makes his first court appearance. turns out spanning the new bay bridge span is by no means over. the millions of new dollars being laid out over concerns the bridge may not be as safe as first thought. a major drought-related cuts coming to south bay water customers. steep new restriction and penalties the water wasters will soon be wasting. scott mcgrew says he has two surprises for us this morning. >> all right. aol has been sold. >> that's done. >> what's the other one?
5:53 am
>> aol is still around. verizon is going to pay slightly more than $4.4 fwl billion for american online. that works out to $50 a share. tim armstrong will remain at his position at aol as it becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of verizon. now, this is not the first time aol has been involved in a purchase. back in 2000 aol, the top of the dotcom boom, bought and merged with time warner. that is now considered one of the biggest business disasters ever. tech reporter kara swisher row about the deal in a book called there must be a pony in here somewhere, referring to an old joke of a kid digging through a pile of manure figuring there has to be a pony somewhere. other news, frontier airlines is the most complained airline in the united states. according to new government figures. that's just one list. there's also a list of the least
5:54 am
on-time airlines. who got that one? frontier airlines got that one, too. then there was the most canceled flights. that one? actually didn't go to frontier, went to envoy airlines, one of several companies that fly the american eagle brand. when you fly those small commuter planes you are usually not usually flying the actual brand painted on the side of the airplane. it's owned by a smaller company. looking over the data i did find one interesting statistic when it comes to airports. we know there are more delays at sfo than at san jose. san jose just has better weather. but speaking percentagewise how much more delayed do you think sfo is than sjc? >> i think a lot more because of the fog layer that happens there. >> all right. a number. >> hour and a half. >> percentage wise, how much more often? >> 70%. >> 3%. >> 3%? >> in the last time measured. >> really? >> equally as shocked. i would have guessed 70%, 80%
5:55 am
myself. >> maybe the drought had something to do with it. maybe there's less fog these days. >> unlikely here. but interestingly enough, you said the worst airline for being on time is frontier. how many airlines could take title, take that claim? >> none of them -- several of were not very good. frontier was the worst. quickly followed up by spirit. >>. >> terry: thank you very much. be careful who your cabin mates could be. a man who spent the night on misboat docked in san diego woke up to find his new bunk mate, a baby sea lion. he woke up to hear sneezing and movement in the boat. that's when he discovered that 30-pound sea lion. he said the sea lion was sleeping like a dog in the other bunk. he gently coaxed the guy out of the boat and jumped into the water. >> he left very gently. sea lions popping up all over these days. just don't wave any fish, christina, and you should be
5:56 am
good. >> yeah. well, he should have got that little guy a drink. something on the rocks perhaps. temperatures right now, mostly in the 50s. we've got a good looking day shaping up. if you wanted to hit the beach today i've got to tell you it is going to be blustery out there. otherwise, we're looking nice and comfortable temperaturewise. south bay, peninsula, tri-valley, all expecting the mid 60s, low 60s. when while? san francisco and low 70s in the north bay. let's find out how that drive is shaping up with the traffic tuesday. here's mike inouye. >> did you say blusier? >> i did. >> the blag is getting blustered around. fremont. and stronger winds at times around san mateo and bay bridge and san francisco, north of sfo. looking for a nice smooth flow. gentle build. 880 and the south bay. look at your map. no real surprises. a build at the top of your screen. northbound 101 and 87 also through the south bay. tell call pattern around all of your bay. tri-valley. a little slowing for south 680 and just off the castro valley.
5:57 am
ahayward and union city on the build. no surprise there. backup coming off the maze. east shore freeway, basically at speed. back to you. they thought the shaking had stopped. they thought they were safe. the people of nepal rocked by another big earthquake this morning. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with new video.
5:58 am
5:59 am
new chaos in nepal. that country rocked by yet another powerful earthquake. this chilling video captured the nation's attention and today the suspect will face a judge
6:00 am
for the first time. good tuesday morning to you. breezy and cool conditions for today. then we have appreciable rainfall in may and snow in tahoe. details in just moments. watching this flag. what moves the flag also moving the vehicles. your commute as it's affected beity weather today. from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news. severe shaking once again in nepal. dozens are confirmed dead. more than 1,000 are hurt following yet another strong earthquake and now aftershocks. >> a 7.3 quake you just mentioned. we just got another 4.2 approximately up a of this happening just before midnight our time. kris sanchez is tracking the story. >> you can see the clouds of smoke as those buildings just crumble under the magnitude of that


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