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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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for the first time. good tuesday morning to you. breezy and cool conditions for today. then we have appreciable rainfall in may and snow in tahoe. details in just moments. watching this flag. what moves the flag also moving the vehicles. your commute as it's affected beity weather today. from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news. severe shaking once again in nepal. dozens are confirmed dead. more than 1,000 are hurt following yet another strong earthquake and now aftershocks. >> a 7.3 quake you just mentioned. we just got another 4.2 approximately up a of this happening just before midnight our time. kris sanchez is tracking the story. >> you can see the clouds of smoke as those buildings just crumble under the magnitude of that 7.3 quake.
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it was weaker, deeper than the last one but that does b matter to the nepalese people whose nerves are frayed. more than 40 people are known dead. we'll put this on the map so you can see how close this one happened to the last one. today's was closer to the border with tibet and centered close to a mt. i've vest base camp. good news is climbing season was canceled after that 7.0 on april 25th. that was closer to capital city of kathmandu. we just got this video in. earthquake triggering a landslide. this is part of the problem. the damage doesn't end with the shaking and the monsoon season is bearing down. this video from the center of the city you can see the panic as people try to get outside. soldiers carrying patients out of a hospital for fear it would crumble. women running outdoors with babies. one woman said they wanted to get out because the walls were actually slanted. in another neighborhood shell shocked people poured into the streets and you can see bricks on the ground. one person there said this jolt
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felt as strong as the one last month. we know that that's not true but that doesn't matter. that one killed more than 8,000 people and left a quarter million people with nowhere to call home. you can also see people on cellphones, frantically trying to make contact with loved ones. >> i'm waiting for my family. >> reporter: a hotel and guests evacuated into the streets. this is also in kathmandu. last earthquake we saw people too afraid to go back into their buildings even the if they weren't damage for fear of aftershocks. that is a valid fear. here's the u.s. geological survey site showing the number of strong quakes that followed the 7.3 this morning. that blue dot happened in the last three or four minutes. the usgs says there have been seven earthquakes magnitude 5 or higher in nepal today including the first one. as we mentioned, there are known 40 people confirmed dead and more than 1,000 people are injured. according to nepal's home ministry the government expecting both of those numbers
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to rise very quickly. and already people are voicing a lot of frustration with their government for what they considered a slow response and this is certainly not going to help. sa . >> resources still strained, too. we'll check back with kris in 15 minutes for updates any time you can enter our website happening today, the man police say followed a 13-year-old girl home from school, cornered her in her own home. then tried to sexually assault her will face a judge for the first time. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in san jose this morning. this chilling attack really gained national attention in guy was aggressive. >> reporter: it was, laura. you know, in large part this national attention from the viral video of those crystal clear images you saw on camera, accused attacker set to be here in court this afternoon. investigators say the 31-year-old mohammed khaliqi fled to his mother's house in
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san leandro after attacking the 13-year-old girl inside her san jose home a week ago after following her home from school. she fought him off and he ran. police say khaliqi also unsuccessfully tried to sexually assault a 28-year-old woman in a rest room at the nearby japanese market. that was in early april. sources by the way close to the investigation telling nbc bay area khaliqi has confessed to both attempted sexual assaults. police adding khaliqi lives close to both victims and changed at appearance after the footage started to spread. he was booked on multiple charges incued colludings a techbted sexual assault and burglary and forced imprisonment. live in san jose, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> steph, thank you very much. follow up on the so-called pillowcase rapist. the state judge is allowing christopher hub bert to remain a free man.
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prosecutors asked the judge to return him to a mental hospital because he let his batteries in his ankle bracelet run too low twice. heed a mid itted to raping more than three dozen women in the '70s and '80s including several in the bay area. he was released just last year to a neighborhood near los angeles. it is 6:05. south san francisco police need your help finding two gunmen who robbed a man on a popular trail. it happened friday night on the centennial way trail near kaiser medical center. police say two men approached a man from behind on the trail and jammed two handguns into his sides. the robbers took the victim's wallet, watch, and leather jacket. in november you may recall two women were attacked in separate incident on the same stretch of trail. an arrest in connection to a bizarre murder inside of an old san francisco theater. officers arrested harris ros rosenbloom in great star theater in chinatown. he's well-known in the local art scene and trying to revital hiz
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that venue. one reported the dead woman inside theater on sunday afternoon. investigators are nowle whatting that case a homicide. new questions this morning over seismic safety for the bay bridge. now bridge officials are getting millions of dollars for new testing. the latest concern is a steel rod securing the bridge's main tower to its base on the new eastern span. new california trans tests indicate water from the bay may be seeping into the foundation of some of the rods. that could lead to corrosion. according to the mercury news last night, the bay area toll authority approved $4 million for new testing. get ready for water rationing in the south bay. silicon valley says they're going to impose a mandatory rationing for its 1 million customers starting next pont. the san jose water company unveiled the plan late last night. the rationing amount to a 30% reduction from the average water use in 2013. those who receive their ration are going to be fined. a plan would make san jose the
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largest city in california to impose strirationing. if it's approved by the state public utilities commission lit be take effect in a month. time to check on microclimate forecast as we look outside. this is at the top san bruno mountain. we are expecting some rain later this week. quite a bit, in fact. right now wind speeds are the concern this morning. >> i have the story of the morning. christina, good morning. >> wind speed going to play a factor in your morning drive. if you have a high profile vehicle. some of the winds are picking up right now, especially at the immediate cost and around the inner bay. check out half-moon bay. up to 17 miles per hour. 29 sustained in san francisco this morning. what's so interesting though, we're sheltered by the santa cruz mountains in san jose at 3 to 5 mile percent hour. the microclimates making a big appearance in terms of your wind today. let me show you though our camera in emeryville is getting quite a bit of a shake this morning. that's courtesy of that wind. so please, if you go over our
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open water bridges hold on tight with that steering wheel. after all, it is a traffic tuesday. there's always something going on about this time. temps are on the chilly side. factor in the wind as well. you're at 48 degrees. good morning to you, santa rosa. 47 in the south bay to kick off the new day. 50 degrees in san carlos. the weather story of the day. breezy and chilly conditions. let me take you through your lunchtime temperatures. 60 tonz way. just about everywhere when it comes to your various microclimates. by noon, 59 for san francisco. that's the only city that's still going to be in the 50s at lunchtime. round out the day about five to ten degrees cooler average. 66 on the peninsula. 71 in wine country. 66 degrees for us here in the south bay. let's talk about the storm that's coming your way. by wednesday afternoon showers mainly in the south bay. the heaviest rainfall will occur looks rei s like the morning of thursday. we will get into thursday afternoon and evening, showers
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are going. we do have a slight risk for thunderstorms as well. hail, pea size, maybe even nickel size hail like we saw last week. possible the best bit will be over the higher elevation. stick around if you can. i'm going to give you an update on the timing and how much we're expecting in your microclimate in just moments. if you can't, hope your have a good day. here's mike inouye again. >> you were going to say good luck. looking at the bay bridge. let's show you this shot from emeryville. christina showed you a skts of the wind. pointing toward the bay bridge span. we're watching the span. no reports of any problems. talking about the gusts of wind that may catch you there. the metering lights are on as you look on your approach. smooth flow of traffic on the right side. the east shore freeway. east 80 slow through berkeley. mild slowing and 580 off of 24 where the biggest build is. no drama though. that's great for a tuesday. down toward the golden gate bridge, you're at speed. tri-valley and east bay, we do have your typical slowing up
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pattern shows southbound 680 and southbound 880, the freeways in toward fremont off of 580. a lighter build considering this is a tuesday where we tend to see a heavier volume of traffic. 101 and 87 have been showing speeds in the upper 50s at their worst 101/680 to 880. we will look at the pinla with a light volume of all. this is reason why. the very light volume of traffic through palo alto through san francisco. this is a light commute so far. i hope i don't lose sight. >> thanks a lot. 6:10. when it comes to why you drive bigger is not always better. up next, new crash test results that may surprise you. yesterday we told you computer controlled cars are safe. new statistics this morning show they're even safer than we thought. we'll look in business and tech. >> meantime, buckle your seat belts or at least strap on your helmet. get ready to ride.
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preparations under way right now in san jose as the world's best cyclists are about to roll on through. we're live at the starting line. bob ridell scoping out the competition. that's coming up next.
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so we know this. houses in the bay area not just expensive, they're breathtakingly expensive. >> when you think about it it's a number game. comes down to inventory, there simply are not that many homes for sell. there are more families going to the same open house. >> and bidding up that price. national association of rel ors, sam, just released new figures and show house prices notice whole bay area are up about 10% compared to this time last year. i was talk about san francisco. the median price of a single family hope in san francisco in the first quarter is $7,403,000.
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you're thinking that's way too low. satistician's use the metropolitan statistical area to talk about the house prices. san francisco includes oakland down to hayward. houses are more affordable over here. and that's going to effect this price. as for the south bay it's a much more clearer picture. median house price in the san jose area, $900,000 on the nose, up. 11% from last year. other news, i spoted a number of headlines yesterday critical of self-driving cars. new report dinged safety of self-driving cars, et cetera. remember though the associated press found four accidents last year involving self-driving cars and in two of them the computers weren't driving at the time. so to me those don't seem to count. in the other two, google says, the other car was at fault. for instance a robot car is sitting at a red night and gets
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rear-ended. it's not the computer's fault. the consumer watchdog says that's not enough. we want to know about all the accidents involving robot cars in which google said, fine. there have been 11 since those cars were invented. all minor fender benders. no injuries. here's the thing, sam and laura, in all 11, google says it was the other guy's fault. 11 accidents in 1.5 million miles driven, twice what the average american drives in a lifetime in is all according to google, not according to actual accident reports. 11 of themnd they were hit and the computer car itself was not at fault. >> the other guy's fault. >> yeah. >> always. you can't blame a robot. they don't even have independent thought. want the size of that vehicle? the convenience of an suv can be nice but the practicality of a car. they're seeing more and more mid size suvs on the road but gave mixed safety resultses in latest
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round of crash tests. >> the insurance institute for highway safety tested seven mid size suvs from the 2015 model year. most of the vehicles did okay. the dodge durango, jeep cherokee and hyundai santa fe had marginal rating. the best was nissan murano. it earned good ratings and is designated top safety pick. ford flex earned an acceptable rating and the worst performer was the dodge journey. it was given an overall poor rating. >> hopefully no crashes at all today. we go from cars on the road to cyclists. we are talking about the world's best cyclists to be exact. >> they are rolling through the bay area this morning for stage three of the amgen tour of california. it is certainly an up hill climb. no better to help us than our own bob ridell live at the starting line in san jose. great day for morning ride, bob.
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>> reporter: beautiful so far, laura and sam, here at the community center in san jose. you can see race organizers are constructing the starting line for stage three which will take off here at 10:45 this morning. and the 141 riders competing in this year's amgen tour of california in the background there of the hls that they will have to be going up against. they're coming off of stage two which ended yesterday in the sacramento area with mark cavendish of great britain, peter of slovakia at second, american robin carpenter in third. tenth year in a row that san jose has hosted a stage in this race. the only city to do so since inception. it makes sense. stage three is a dprul withing 105-mile stage that will take riders on serious climbs. road into river more. once in roifr more, up mines road for a 4200-foot haul, past the observatory and back in san
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jose where it will end at motorcycle county park. this is the only stage that starts and ends in the same city. expected to take five hours. there are eight stages in this race. the eighth and final stage and sunday in los angeles. reporting live here in san jose, bob ridell, "today in the bay." >> looks good, bob. thanks. as we mentioned, nice day for a ride, whether you're a pro or just an amateur cyclist out there. live look in san francisco this morning. >> hopefully they have the aerodynamic outfits working. >> right. high visibility lycra. that's what you're talking about. >> i don't know about lycra. >> that's what you couldn't see. you didn't see the bottom of bob but that's where we're going with today. 6:18 now. yeah, you know, if you're going to be headed out to ride a bike this morning, a lot of people bike to work in the bay area. keep in mind that gusty wind has been blowing all night long. as a result, we've got debris out there in places that you might not usually find it.
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watch out for that this morning. travel cautiously. always go at the high visibility. that way you play it safe. and the helmet. i always get so mad when i see someone without a helmet on. windchill factor as well. look at the stellar sun rise from palo alto, temperatures here are mostly in the upper 40s to low 50s. that's basically the trend across the bay area right now. as we get into your afternoon, temperatures are going to stay on the cool side. 67 dreez egrees is the high for tri-valley. 66 on the way right here, beautiful san jose. so let's talk about the changes coming your way as of tomorrow. the wind will die off as we head throughout tomorrow morning. the showers move in by tomorrow afternoon. what you will notice here, showers are first. starting up in the south bay. here's the deal. the storm system is coming from the south. it has a very unusual track soes associated with it. south bay cities are get the
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rain first. we take you into thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. we stop that clock again for you. what you will notice here, showers intensify. thursday is going to be the day when the bulk of the moisture comes through. 7:00 p.m., lingering activity up in the north bay. and through your east bay valleys. take you into saturday. lingering activity. that means that sunday is going to be your best bet for outdoor plans. let's talk about how much we're expecting where you live. we've got sites posted up across the bay area. fremont, .3 of an inch. the track of that system, 3/4 of an inch meanwhile in half-moon bay. and basically these totals are more than we typically see in the month of may here in the bay area. so we're already going to exceed our averages just from a single storm system. i got to el you, looks like there's another one on the way for next week, which is good news. let's help you plan that weekend. saturday into sunday. temps in the mid 60s to low 70s. like you said before, more sun,
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better beach day coming your way on sunday. let's check that drive. mike, it's true. a lot of people do like to bike to work here in the bay area. it's a good way to save on those i'm missions. >> true. this is true. depending on the rider and we'll leave it at that. looking at the san mateo bridge. traffic flows smoothly. the note you can't clearly see the sign but it talks about high winds across the san mateo bridge. chp says you might get the same gusts. light volume from the live traffic shot. see the same for the sensors. 880 southbound through hayward and union city. same thing for 680 pleasanton and sunol. both heading down into fremont. that's a typical pattern. lighter volume than the typical tuesday. watching the approach to the bay bridge. no drama there slowing down the east shore freeway. we do have reports of a small fire on the side of the road eastbound cutting boulevard. richmond. no lanes blocked. it doesn't sound like there's
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any follow-up activity. there's the city approach. watch the area between sfo and the city. that's where they will be getting strong winds through the area. unusually strong as christina points out on her maps. the south bay no, delays. slow for north 880. 87, i should say, into downtown. we'll show you fremont with the light volume as well. southbound 880 just picking up a few more cars toward mission boulevard. i wanted to point out the flag is active this morning. perpendicular. that wind is catching the flag and it will catch your truck if you have a suv or van or camper. back to you. >> showed a little patriotism this morning as well. is tom brady's cinderella career now checkered? how bay area critics are reacting to nfl suspension for deflategate. a sea lion stowaway. what this little fella was caught doing on his southern california boat.
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welcome back. the warriors are back in the bay. they are back in business. still in pretty good after a dominating 101-84 victory over the grizz in memphis last night. the game was never close. the series is knotted up at two games apiece. game five tomorrow night in oakland. tipoff is at 7:30. patriots quarterback and bay area golden boy native tom brady is going to be sidelined for the first four games of next season pending an appeal. does his punishment fit the crime? yesterday the nfl suspended brady who the league believes cheating by -- cheated by having team assistants intentionally deflate footballs during the afc championship game against the colts. the league also fined the patriots $1 million and took
6:26 am
away two draft picks. many called that a harsh punishment but some bay area critics who probably weren't patriots fans in the first place believe the league did not go far enough and should have taken away the latest championship trophy. >> if the nfl really believes the outcome of this game was effected by this issue, then i frankly think the team should suffer and then we should be vacated. >> brady does plan to appeal that suspension. a man who spent the night on his boat dock in san diego woke up with a new bunk mate. >> yeah. check this out. a sea lion snug on to michael duffy's boat on the weekend. duffy said when he woke up he heard sneezing and movement on the boat. he was sleeping like a dog in the other bunk. made himself at home. duffily coaxed his new friend back off the boat and slowly back in the water. a major announcement overnight from president obama. >> plus, update to breaking news, nepal rocked by devastating and deadly
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earthquake overnight. new pictures, new videos, new a aftershocks.
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nepal shaken to its core once again overnight. now the search is on to find people buried beneath the rubble. we've got gusty winds continuing in the forecast for today. then everything changes. and we switch gears toward record rainfall in may. details for your specific mike
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c microclimate in moments. if you have an issue to the bridge, we'll talk about the east shore freeway. verizon is buying american online for $4.5 billion. that's the opening bell. take you over to the nasdaq as well as business gets under way. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we do have an update, breaking news. authorities in nepal say the death toll will rise and rise sharply. as of right now 42 people have been confirmed dead. more than 1,000 more injured. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been tracking the breaking details as they come into our newsroom. there are many, kris. >> yes, you can see this right he here, trigger bid that 7.3 quake, landslide and aftershocks have not stopped.
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the government says that current death toll of 42 will rise, as you said, sam, and the injure camp of 1,000 will as well. this struck during a lunch hour on a weekday so a lot of folks were out and about. last time it was in the middle of the night on a weekend. in kathmandu you can see people dashing out of buildings. soldiers carrying patients out of a hospital. you can see women carrying babies, running out of that hospital for fear of collapse. in another neighborhood shell-shocked people poured on the streets where you can see bricks on the ground. it hasn't been three weeks since that 7.8 killed more than 8,000 people and left a quarter million people homeless. even so, stayed outside in tents too afraid of aftershocks to go back inside. look at this. this is the reason why. the u.s. geological survey map shows the number of strong quakes that followed that 7.3, that struck during the nepal's noon hour. there have been nearly ten
6:32 am
earthquakes magnitude five or higher in nepal including one that happened just as i was walking out here. people are already voicing their frustration for what they considered a slow response to that initial quake. and this certainly is not going to help that criticism. sam and laura? >> thanks very much, kris. >> devastating for the people there. other big stories. the suspect in a frightening attack caught on video makes his first court appearance. san jose police say mohammed khaliqi followed a 13-year-old girl home, pushed his way inside the house and started to sexually assault her. she managed to fight him off. new alliance with russia may in the works. john kerry is there for talks with vladimir putin. the white house is pushing for new cooperation in several areas including the war in syria. a rite of passage for every president. presidential library. we now know president obama's will be located somewhere on the south side of chicago. the exact location may be revealed later today.
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let's get a look at your microclimate forecast as we give you a peek outside downtown san jose. a clear day to start. also a bit chilly. >> that's right. maybe take a little layer this morning, christina. >> yeah, you probably want to keep that jacket by your side for the next couple of days. temperatures right now mostly in the 40s and 50s. the general rule this morning is cool and breezy. at 47 degrees for the south bay. you're at 41 degrees in san martin. meanwhile, 51 degrees in livermore. breezy throughout the day. the winds will intensify. between noon and 5:00 p.m. and temperatures will warrant a jacket just about all day long. when we stop the clock for you and show you your lunchtime temperatures. then getting into the 4:00 hour the warmest point of the day, your highs are only going to be in the low to mid 60s. we're at 63 degrees on the east shore today. 60 in san francisco. 67 degrees in in the tri-valley. low 70s on the way for wine
6:34 am
count country. this is what you can do to stay two steps ahead of the weather. if you're going to be outdoors for any duration of time, ladies today, probably a good idea to tie up that hair and hold on to your hats if you plan on wearing one. it's going to be blustery today. add the umbrella to the mix, you want to keep it in your car, keep it where you can easily get to it. everything changes by sunday. the sun comes back out in full force. we're talking about good air quality. lower pollen levels courtesy of the storm system coming through later this week. that's a good idea. good way to stay ahead. we're going show you the timing, how much we're expecting and what this means for tahoe. could pick up two feet of fresh powder up there. also mammoth still available for skiing well into may. they're going to get potentially 2 1/2 feet. we'll give you the forecast for that coming up in just moments. right now though i want to check your drive. here's mike inouye. >> christina, look over here because it is tuesday. so we typically see a heavy
6:35 am
volume of traffic that's now tart starting to kick in around the bay. east shore freeway. earlier reports of a crash on westbound 80 over towards the university avenue over crossing. that has cleared from the roadway. you do see slowing on your area at the top of your screen. build up of the bay bridge. over toward the peninsula, crash north hillcrest, causing a little slowdown that just cleared as far as the sensors go and may have cleared lanes as well. notice as you go up toward pacifica at the top of your screen, yellow overlay where the winds are strong this morning as christina has been talking about. preparing you for 101 and 280 as well. other than that, no major surprises as we look to the south bay. we just have this typical build. we also have a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. gusty over the high rise, guys. pretty typical. >> all right. good up date. thanks. 6:35 right now. hunters point in san francisco was the site of wartime radiation experiments. it's now being transformed into
6:36 am
homes for thousands of people. can the clean-up of this federal super fund site actually be trusted? investigative unit discovered regulators have new questions about the safety of that land. we uncovered e-mails showing the state health department recently reversed the stance on the release of 22 old buildings at that site. first, the state said radiation was cleaned up and did not pose a health risk. they are questioning tests performed by the lead contractor on that site. critics say the company has a history of problems. >> why do you keep going back to someone who is cutting corners, not following proper protocol, trying to get this job done as quickly as possible because i understand motivations make profit. but we're dealing with radiation. >> coming upton at 11:00, i'm going to tell you why millions more of your tax dollars could go to a contractor that's already come under fire several times. if you have a tip for your
6:37 am
investigative unit give us a call or you can send us an e-mail. 6:36. bay area city is repairing to spend $70 million but the decision comes with a heavy heart. live look at the big board this morning. the numbers down to start the day. wavering weather around 18,000 for the dow jones. we're going to be tracking that throughout the morning. we came in station wagons, campers,
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6:39. warning from police in the out bay. morgan hill police say they've had nearly a dozen reports of thieves stealing catalytic converters in the past week. toyota trucks and suv rz the latest targets. officers say anyone can cut the converter from underneath your car in just a few minutes and sell it to recycling centers for cash. they say the best way to protect yourself, park in the garage i
6:40 am
you can. police confirmed a second suspect in connection to a shooting last night in isla vista turned himself in. deputies police arrived at a home to find three young men lying in the yard with gunshot wounds. one of them believed to be one of the attackers, another suspect got away. that's the one that turned himself in at a hospital this morning. nearby ucsb dorms were put on lock down but since reopened. the shooting came during an emotional time for the community. next week is one-year anniversary since the deadly shooting rampage. you may remember a student went on stabbing and shooting spree tar getting students. three of the victims were from the bay area. a jail inmate died from injuries suffered from last month's pipeline gas explosion in fresno. two offer there inmates and a county worker remain in the hospital. the explosion happened at the fresno sheriff's gun range on april 17th. a prison work crew picking up shell casings at the range at the time. the exact cause of the explosion
6:41 am
is still under investigation. from devastation to dreams of a brighter future. the city of san bruno is deciding how to spend $70itutio pg&e. they were ordered to pay the money in response to dead lly pipeline explosion in 2010. the money is earmarked for the community. last night they chimed in with their ideas. they suggested transforming athletic fields. >> we can have an area where kids who may be on probation do community hours can go and do their service hours and they can learn a skill, a snack bar. >> other ideas included a performing arts center and more school programs. the foundation in charge of the funds is going to take its time before making any final decisions. 6:41. up next, an update to breaking news meets new chaos in nepal. the country rocked by yet another powerful earthquake. this chilling video captured
6:42 am
national attention. and today the suspect is doing to face a judge for the very first time. cruel start. high winds in the bay area this morning as we look live outside. those winds blowing away the clouds at the golden gate bridge. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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♪ da da da da ♪ da da da da ♪ da da da da ♪ da... sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. breaking news. severe shaking rocks nepal once again. dozens are confirmed dead and more than 1,000 hurt following yet another strong earthquake. >> 7.3 earthquake struck just
6:45 am
before midnight our time during the lunch our in nepal. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been tracking this story. >> you can see from the video the puffs of clouds of dust as those buildings just fell to the ground. today's quake was a 7.3, weaker and deeper than the last one but that doesn't matter to the nepalese people whose nerves are still raw. within hours more than 40 people are known dead. today's was closer to the border with tibet and centered very close to a mt. everest base camp where the climbing season was canceled after that 7.8 on april 25th. that one was closer to the capital city of kathmandu. we just got video in of our newsroom, earthquake triggered a land slide. that is part of the problem with the shaking and the monsoon season. our equivalent of the hurricane season is looming. in this video unicef workers are with children, soldiers, carrying people out of a hospital. women running with babies for
6:46 am
fear that the hospital would collapse. in another they were hood shell-shocked people poured on the streets where you can see bricks on the ground. they are the survivors of the last one which killed more than 8,000 people and left a quarter million people homeless. you can hear the panic in people's voices. >> i'm wait for he family. >> hotel xwroiemployees and the guests evacuated into the streets. the last earthquake we saw people too afraid to go back into buildings even the ones not damaged for fear of aftershocks and that is a very valid fear. this is the u.s. geological survey site showing the number of strong earthquakes that followed that 7.3 during the noontime hour there. the usgs says there have been ten earthquakes of magnitude 5 or higher in nepal today. people are already voicing their frustration with their government for what they consider a slow response. the nepalese government asking
6:47 am
for entnational help. many aid groups are already there on the ground because they've been there since the last one and their efforts will now turn back to rescue rather than recovery which is what they were trying to do is help rebuild. >> exactly. maybe they were getting a little jump on it there. but such a strong magnitude as well. >> good reminder. check your earthquake straps. if you don't have them, get them. >> thank you very much, kris. the "today" show of course kicks off our coverage of this breaking story. coming up, you can always head to our website any time. >> check our microclimate forecast. live look outside san francisco. some new construction out there, relatively recent construction. you know it's a good thing if you're bike riding out there in the south bay, amgen riders are going to be working up the sweat. the wind will be whipping. >> it will keep them them cooler than a traditional may afternoon. great news. thanks for waking up with us. we're excited as well to be able
6:48 am
to tell you about the shower activity headed to the bay area as we get deeper into your workweek. 47 in san jose. 43 in san martin. chilly, grab a jack get. bundle up the little ones before you head out the front door. first activity by tomorrow afternoon at about 2:00 p.m. showers are first going to start in the south bay then work their way to the north as we head throughout your wednesday evening. then thursday, the bulk of the moisture comes through. morning hours, heaviest in the south bay and the peninsula. and up in san francisco and the average the heaviest rain will be in the east bay and north bay. we are also expecting the chance for thunderstorms to fire off right here in the bay area. no stranger to this. we just had this scenario last week. as we head throughout probably thursday night into friday morning right now that looks to be the best time to get some of those thunderstorms. and we could see gusty wind, hail to the size of a dime, a pea, up to a nickel as we saw last week.
6:49 am
the best bet is going to be of the higher elevations of the south bay. we will keep tab on this for you as the storm system gets closer. we're able to gauge it even better. so let me show you how many rain we're expecting in your specific microclimate. we take it right to your future cast. as we head throughout late wednesday all of the way through saturday temperatures are going to be cool, not too much cooler than what we're already experiencing. this is the number that we've got for san jose. .38. under .4 of an ifrnch. that would exceed the average rainfall for may if we get that. it does look likely right now. some of the models are bringing in 3/4 of an inch to an jose. we're going to be cautiously optimistic here. 3/4 of an inch likely for half-moon bay. just under a third in santa rosa. looking good for snow, significant at that in tahoe. could pick up one to two feet. and mammoth is actually still open for the ski season.
6:50 am
if you can get down there. they can accumulate two, maybe 2 1/2 feet. you will notice where you get those purples where we're going to see the highest totals. around the key, 12 to 18 inches. even 18 to 24 in some spots along the spine of this sierra nevada. that's great news. let's find out if we can keep that threat going. traffic tuesday, mike. >> well, along the spine of the east shore freeway. earlier crash right there at university avenue. that truck is gone. there was one truck on the side of the road. all lanes look like they're clear now. look at the volume of traffic. show you the slowing on the map. you so that hercules to the berkeley area. this being tuesday, this is not so bad. look at the nrorth bay, smooth flow of traffic. stand by for the san mateo bridge because i got an update there. typical drive for the tri-valley. san mateo shows slowing. while we talk about the slowing there was a burst of traffic that hit. the san mateo bridge we had reports of a ladder down across
6:51 am
that mid span area. the live camera shows you traffic jamming up. there's chp. may be another vehicle. i'm not sure where along this span ladder is located. clearly causing slowing as well as high winded a vuzry for the span as well. hold on tight for 92. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. happening today, the man police say followed 13-year-old girl from school cornered her in her own us to and then tried to sault sexually assault her will faks a judge for the first time. seeing that video gives you chills. stephanie chuang is live this morning. this attack gained national attention. >> it did, sam. not just because the video of the attack was so clear but because it showed just how aggressive that attack was. now, the accused attacker set to be here at the hall of justice for court at 1:30. investigators say mohammed khaliqi fled to his mother's house in san leandro where police arrested him friday after the security camera footage went viral. police say it shows the
6:52 am
31-year-old trying to attack the 13-year-old girl inside her san jose house. last tuesday after following her home from school. she fought back and he took off. police say just a month earlier khaliqi tried to sexually assault a 28-year-old woman in a rest room at the nearby japanese market. she was also able to fight him off. sources close to the investigation tell us khaliqi confessed to both attempted sexual assaults. police sading khaliqi lives down the street from both victims but changed his appearance after that security camera footage started to spread. and just for some perspective, the deputy police chief saying he has been here for more than 20 years and described this as one of the most heinous crimes he's ever seen. live in san jose, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> it has been tough video to watch. 6:52. a camp employees known as papa bear, camp counselor is now accused of molesting a 10-year-old boy. the latest allegations come a few days fr police arrested edgar rubias for distribution of
6:53 am
child porn. investigators say a 10-year-old boy reported him sexually abused him at one of the walden west campsite where's he worked. he found plik pictures on his computer and phone. follow-up on the pillowcase rapist. the state junk is allowing him to remain a free man. prosecutors asked the judge to return him to a mental hospital because he left the batteries in his ankle bracelet run low twice. hubbert admitted to raping three dozen women in the '70s and '80s including several in the bay area. south san francisco police need your help finding two gunmen who robbed a man on a popular trail. the ating the happened friday night on the centennial way trail near kaiser medical center. police say two men approached a man from behind on the trail and jammed two handguns into his sides. the robbers took the victims'
6:54 am
wallet, watch, and leather jacket. in november two women were attacked on separate incidents on this same stretch of trail. a connection to a bizarre murder inside an old san francisco theater. officers arrested harris rosenbloom who leased the great star theater in chinatown. he's well-known and had been trying to revitalize that venue. someone reported a dead woman i side the theater sunday afternoon. it's not clear how the woman died but investigators are calling that case a homicide. new questions this morning over seismic safety for the bay bridge. now bridge officials are getting millions of dollars for new testing. the latest concern are the steel rods securing the bridge's main tower to its base on the new eastern span. new caltrans tests indicate water from the bay may be seeping into the foundation of some of those rods. that could lead to corrosion. according to the mercury news last night the bay area toll authority approved $4 million for additional testing.
6:55 am
here they come. in just a few hours the world's best cyclists will roll through south bay. >> get those binoculars ready. grueling stage 100 tough miles through santa clara and alameda counties. bob ridell does not have to do that riding but he gets to watch. bob, a great day for a morning ride. >> reporter: sam and laura, as you stand here at the starting line at stage three you cannot miss the east foothills looming large. it's going to be an ominous sign for the 141 riders competing in this eight-stage race. again, the third stage starting in just around three hours now because they're going to have to tackle those foothills in order to get throughal of this. they're coming off stage two in sacramento with mark cavendish of great britain in first. third place, the american, robin carpenter of philadelphia. now, this is the tenth year in a roseanne yoes has hosted a stage in this race. the only city by the way to do so since inception. and it makes sense considering
6:56 am
the challenge that presents the riders. stage three, a grueling 105-mile stage that will take riders on some very serious climbs. livermore, up mines road in livermore for 4200 foot haul up the back side of mt. hamilton, then back in the san jose where they'll end at motorcycle county park in the east foothills. this is the only stage that starts and ends in the same city. this 105-mile stage expected to take five hours, which is disappointing considering i did it the other day in just four. i'm just an amateur. so anyways. 10:45 stage three starting here. anyone can show up and watch them take off or go on the website to find out the best viewing points along the route. if you haven't seen it before it's quite exciting. >> you got a timer. maybe we can have him show us. >> the wind at his back there. >> he does. a big buy involving an old name this morning.
6:57 am
america online has been bought. >> you got mail. scott mcgrew, verizon paid $4.5 billion for aol. >> that's right. the deal will be finalized this summer. $50 a share. so aol stock up this morning. ceo tim armstrong will remain in charge of aol. here he is announcing the deal on cnbc. aol will be an entirely-owned subsidiary of verizon. verizon gets armstrong's ad technology as well as several tech blogs including tech crunch. now, the last time verizon was in charge of a tech blog it ran into controversy for allegedly prohibiting reporters talking about nsa spying for from writing about net neutrality. verizon say the claims made by the actual editor of the blog were, quote, mischaracterized. elon musk says he's been treated unfairly in a new book about himself. it comes out next wednesday. we have this quote from musk. he says, it's total bs and hurtful to claim that i told a
6:58 am
guy to miss his child's birth just to attend a company meeting. i would never do that. that comes from allegations shown in the book that say that he berated that employee for not coming to that meeting so that he could join his wife in the dli delivery room. musk is saying not true. this new book comes out on wednesday. >> okay. he's cut throat. hess just not that cut throat. >> not that cut throat. >> thank you very much. 6:58. final check of the top stories for you. another powerful earthquake rocked an already ravaged nepal. the 7.3 magnitude quake hit just before midnight our time. 32 people are confirmed dead. they had another one after that this morning. 4.3. >> aftershocks just keep rolling in. the suspect in a scary attack caught on video making his first appearance in court. san jose police say mohammed khaliqi followed a 13-year-old girl home, pushed his way inside the house, and started to
6:59 am
sexually assault her. she managed to fight him off. we know where the obama presidential library will be. the exact location has not been revealed it will be somewhere on the south side of chicago. >> good to know there. 6:59. you know what? a sunny start to the day. enjoy it. rain coming up later on. >> we do. and we will also enjoy in the drought. temperatures are comfortable for today. 66 degrees on the peninsula. 67 for the tri-valley. it will be a little chilly, a little brisk in san francisco with that wind intensifying as we head throughout the day. keep that jacket handy tomorrow. you will probably want your umbrella. we'll talk about it when we meet back here. >> don't roll down the windows in the car. >> especially san mateo bridge. we have winds for this i imagine from, ladder in the lane just got picked up. we see traffic moving better. look at your map. san mateo bridge marked with the arrow. bay bridge approach, folks hit that maze and east shore freeway and south bay begins the build this ernest. this is typical pattern but a little bit lighter than we see.
7:00 am
>> tuesday, here you go. not halfway through your workweek yet. >> we're getting our energy and excited about the amgen race. like you said, plenty of wind, plenty of spirit. we will be out checking that. >> have a great day. ♪ good morning. the magnitude 7.3 just weeks after the one that killed thousands. reports of death and extensive new damage now coming in. ridiculous. tom brady's agent blasts the nfl over that four-game suspension for deflategate. does the punishment fit the crime and are the patriots ready to go to war? bob costas weighs in. self-defense. the man who shot at george zimmerman claimed he only opened fire because he felt threatened. zimmerman telling a much diffen


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