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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sooner or later, we make mistakes, because you know what? we're all human. >> right now at 5:00 senate candidate loretta sanchez apologizing after making a gesture and sound some found offensive. what she did and how it may impact the race. also a terrible update. the dog found beaten burned and left to die has passed away. why vets were unable to save maximilian's life. and remembering the teen
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killed in a crash last week. the special meaning today has for those who knew her and what they're doing to celebrate her life. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. more than 500 people came together to remember a gilroy girl, a 15-year-old who touched their lives deeply. natalia salcido would have turned 16 years old today. she died in a car crash last saturday. and this is not the only tragedy that the community there is dealing with. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us live from her high school in gilroy with more on this day of celebration. marianne? >> reporter: natalia salcido was a sophomore and a cheerleader here at christopher high school in gilroy. her family had been planning a surprise sweet 16 birthday for her today, but instead, hundreds came to gather to remember the life and celebrate the life of natalia and the way that she touched so many others. a shrine of flowers to remember a short but incredibly
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meaningful life. today at christopher high school in gilroy hundreds came to celebrate the bittersweet 16th birthday of natalia salcido. what most said they would remember about her is her smile and generous spirit. >> she's always smiling. she was always happy. she would tell a joke. she would just -- she was amazing. >> reporter: from helping the homeless to collecting toys for kids in need her friends say natalia touched others well beyond her radiant smile. >> when you see the number of people who actually attended and showed up that's when you really get a feeling for how much she impacted this community. >> reporter: many of the people who attended this celebration of life are also mourning the loss of another student here at christopher high school. sarah jean williams was kill in another accident last week. in fact gilroy unified school district has lost four students in just five days.
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and tomorrow night, a vigil is planned here at the school at 8:30 in the evening for sarah jean williams. reporting live in gilroy marianne favro "nbc bay area news." >> all right marianne. thanks very much for that. and we have sad news to report on the abused dog found in san francisco. we've just learned that maximilian was euthanized this morning. his kidneys failed. there was nothing veterinarians could do. animal care and control say the $10,000 raised to find the person responsible has generated lots of leads, and they were able to find max's owner and reunite them before the dog was euthanized. the owner says max was stolen early last week. max was found thursday at a homeless camp in san francisco. he had been burned beaten and left to die. >> tough, tough story. well new details on a police standoff in the east bay. oakland police have arrested shawn mcgee after he allegedly robbed a bank in antioch. the robbery led to a police pursuit in oakland. police say that mcgee abandoned the car, ran right into an apartment on topanga drive where
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he held someone hostage. the hostage did manage to escape. no one was injured. and a tragic paragliding accident today in daly city has claimed the life of one man. authorities say they got a call this morning about a paraglider who had crashed right into the cliffside near westline drive. firefighters and paramedics found the victim but were unable to revive the man. they say he sustained traumatic injuries and died at the scene. the cause of the accident is under investigation. so far, the victim has not been identified. people were able to continue paragliding after the accident happened. well it's never really about the race. bay to breakers is over. the party is far from over. this year's bay to breakers quieter and tamer than years gone by. it started in embarcadero and the 12k race took runners straight to ocean beach. you know the route, folks. nbc bay area's christie smith live at the finish line. christie, the party has moved on. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. you know they're just down to the last cleanup here at ocean beach. most folks have moved on. on occasion we do see someone
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still walk by in a costume. a short time ago, i saw gilligan and the skipper walk by. but boy, what a day here in san francisco. the 104th running of the bay to breakers brought out tens of thousands of people to run or walk across the city. of course the more serious runners jumped out in front starting at 8:00 this morning with costumes and the party atmosphere to follow. those costumes wonder woman, dominos, santa claus, bananas, warriors apparently quite popular, also a lot of folks as snow globes. and some well, in nothing at all. >> we always get a kick out of the costumes and of course the naked people. >> it's a very fun san francisco tradition, so, it's fun to take part. >> just little cool so it kept people wanting to keep moving and stay warm out there. incidents on the course were very minimal and minor that happened, and we worked very closely with sfpd to make sure that everyone was staying safe. >> reporter: now alcohol was not allowed on the course and
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police and organizers were proactive with that. there were also sobriety tents available and no backpacks allowed. in the past some neighbors had complained of people using bushes often over bathrooms, but this year there were nearly 1,100 port-a-potties out there along the route. organizers say they try to follow up with community groups -- sorry for that. but they try to follow up with community groups and see how they think it went. that's the latest from here reporting live in san francisco christie smith, "nbc bay area news." >> christie well done. bay to breakers may not be the most serious race out there but there are people who run it to win it. >> and they dress as runners. >> they actually wear running shirts running shorts. >> yes! >> running shoes, that's right. isaac mwangi and also jane kibii won the races there. congratulations to those two winners. nbc bay area would love to see your bay to breakers photos and videos. you're looking at some already sent in with the great costumes.
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>> we can't show them all. >> there are some we looked at in the newsroom and decided to spare you. send your photos to to look at photos we've already received, head to our website or download them from our app at nbc bay area. is sorry enough to make up for the damage done? u.s. senate candidate loretta sanchez has apologized for her alleged racial slur caught on cell phone video. >> i'm going to his office thinking that i'm going to go meet with -- >> so in this crazy and exciting rush of meetings yesterday, i said something offensive, and for that i sincerely apologize. >> well as you just saw and heard, sanchez mimicked an indian cry during the indian american caucus at the democratic state convention yesterday. it happened while she was talking about getting an invitation from someone within the indian american community. now, during the speech today,
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sanchez said she has always advocated for native americans and also says she is part native american herself. so, we spoke with political analyst larry gerston to see if her gesture would impact that campaign. >> it's early, and whatever first impressions she's made today, she has another opportunity to make a second first impression in the days and weeks ahead. >> larry made those remarks this morning. that was before sanchez had issued her apology. well the western conference finals finally set. about two hours ago, the warriors learned their next opponent will be the houston rockets. the team is back at practice today. take a look at video here of the players arriving at the oakland international airport early on saturday morning. game one, though against james harden and the rockets is on tuesday. tip-off will take place at 6:00 p.m. right now, by the way, if you're looking to go you can still get tickets. the cheapest that we found without going through a reseller such as stubhub, those tickets about 500 bucks. >> yesterday at this time i
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think they were $200. >> yes, it's already gone up. >> here we go. >> and a couple weeks ago, probably less than that. still to come a biker brawl turns deadly in texas. how the explosive situation unfolded. plus, the warning police had ated of time suggesting something just wasn't right. plus it's called the greatest show and tell on earth. we're showing you some of the cool inventions being shown this weekend right here in the bay area. and right now we're showing you some gray skies around the bay area and some showers off to the east of san jose. you can see the clouds they are building over the hills and that is a sneak preview of some of the action we could see this week. right now one shower there east of mt. hamilton and more could be spilling over the coastal hilltops as we get back to the workweek. we'll have a look at that in your forecast when we come right back.
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in waco texas an intense shoot-out between rival biker gangs leaves nine dead. you can see police with their guns drawn, several people with their face down on the ground. police say an argument in the parking lot led to guns being drawn out. gunshots were fired, hitting several people. police say nobody in the restaurant was hurt in the gunfire. thousands of people have nowhere to go after a major city in iraq falls to isis militants. an iraqi spokesperson announced today that the city of ramadi was completely taken over. people began fleeing their homes
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yesterday. today the military began retreating. the takeover was the isis militants' first major urban center that has been taken over by the extremists since they started clashing with security forces last year. this follows air strikes by a u.s.-led coalition over the last 24 hours. and still to come hacking right into your home. >> they're exposing our children to the world. >> a bay area techie shows how easy it is to hack into your home camera or your baby monitor. what he could do in two minutes might make you rethink the internet.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing.
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and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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nothing could stop people from heading out to the greatest show and tell on earth. the bay area maker fair wrapped up its week-long event in san mateo today. this show is part science fair part county fair and showcased new inventions and crafts. people from across the state attended including 60 engineering academy students from santa barbara. one student explained the invention they've been working on for about a year. >> it demonstrated a bunch of different optical properties of physics. for example, we showed the properties of reflection and of the defraction and refraction of light. we try to show all these different properties in a really cool entertaining way that like visually explains differences of properties. >> that's the same experiment i've been working on. >> right. >> that is so weird. >> i remember you mentioning that. >> the maker fair is a worldwide
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event held on every continent except for antarctica. >> a lot of new technology is coming into our homes, but is it bringing criminals along with it some. >> you've probably heard those horror stories of hackers getting into some surveillance home cameras or baby monitors, but you might be surprised just how fast that can happen. business and tech reporter scott budman has the proof on camera. >> reporter: it's called the internet of things bringing dozens of high-tech devices into our homes. >> this is the part where i initially break into the camera. >> reporter: but many of these devices are vulnerable to hackers. >> it really is kind of the wild west of hacking right now. >> reporter: colby moore broke into a home camera in two minutes for us. he's a research engineer at redwood city security company synac, and says when you install one of these cameras, you invite hackers in as well. >> the flaws that are present in
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the system may allow an attacker to compromise the systems, you know watch you, kind of figure out your pattern of life watch your children. >> reporter: and that goes for thermostats and baby monitors too. >> they're exposing their children to the world. >> reporter: the problem, moore says is that security has not caught up with the demand for inhome technology and if a good guy can hack in -- >> security really is an afterthought. >> reporter: -- the bad guys will try as well. scott budman "nbc bay area news." all right, let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda right now with your micro climate forecast. >> and the forecast right now doesn't really feel much like may outside. we've seen temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees below where they should be this time of year. and right now at the oracle arena, 60 degrees. of course we've got game one of the western conference finals coming to town on tuesday. and right now there's the warriors flag over san francisco. 60 degrees about the same temperature as the winds have been blustery throughout the day, plus clouds limiting the amount of sunshine. so, highs for most of the valley today in the mid-60s.
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and one of the warmer spots earlier was san jose down to 62 degrees. notice no rain around downtown but those clouds off to the east of mt. hamilton very interesting. and you're actually seeing stuff falling underneath those clouds on the radar here. some scattered showers off to the west of interstate 5. and right now, that is really the lone shower that's around the bay area. most of the action is up across the sierra and to the north of sonoma county. but we will likely see a few more of these showers trying to pop up around the north bay hilltops tomorrow and possibly getting a little closer to the diablo range. so that's one of the things we'll be tracking for tomorrow in addition to the low clouds and continued cool temperatures. you can see all the low clouds around for the morning with some drizzle at times. then as we head into the afternoon there around santa rosa and also maybe around mt. diablo and south of mt. hamilton tomorrow afternoon, we could see a few hilltop showers and still ongoing showers out towards the sierra. it's the first half of the week that continues the cool pattern we've been seeing for most of this weekend. so, for the morning, lots of clouds, temperatures in the 50s.
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as we head towards lunchtime, we'll start to see a little more sunshine inland, but those numbers are not really warming up a whole lot. upper 50s to low 60s and mid-60s once again for highs. and again, watching those hills, especially up on the coastal range, to the areas north of napa tomorrow might see an isolated shower. 67 degrees in san jose tomorrow, mid-50s around pacifica upper 50s around san francisco. and from the north bay to the tri-valley temperatures in the 60s. and overall temperaturewise, not much change for the first half of the week through wednesday. you can see around the south bay, we'll be staying in the mid-to-upper 60s. san francisco quite cool as well. and for the north bay and tri-valley through about wednesday, temperatures mostly below 70 degrees. and the end of the week, we should begin to see some changes as high pressure tries to build back in and this trough which has been across the west starts to move a little bit further to the east. this should allow temperatures to climb on up so that by the time we get to friday numbers starting to climb on up. and as we head towards next weekend, now you're seeing 70s back into the picture just in time for next saturday and sunday. partly cloudy skies, but those
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showers will continue into the sierra all week long. 60s and 70s back by next weekend. back to you. >> all right, rob. thanks a lot. well coming up a little girl loses her battle with a rare type of cancer. >> but her parents aren't giving up. >> jennifer is still fighting. jennifer will be around for finding the cure. >> their selfless act that just might save other lives. it's in our "bay area proud" series.
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out of a terrible situation, there is now a glimmer of hope. the death of a 6-year-old girl last year from a rare type of brain tumor devastating for her family. >> but because of their selflessness, there's now good news to report in the fight against the disease. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has been following this story for
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over a year. >> reporter: libby and tony graciously allowed us into their home last february during the final days of their daughter jennifer's life. they explained to us why they were making arrangements to donate jennifer's tumor after her death. they wanted to give others the hope they didn't have. well looks like they're starting to get their wish. it has been more than a year since a brain tumor called dipg took jennifer lynn cra nnk ankkranz's life. still, make no mistake, just because jennifer lost her battle to cancer doesn't mean she has stopped fighting it. in fact you are watching her do it right now. these stem cells being worked on in a stamfordnford lab are ones grown from her tumor. the tumor tony and libby kranz
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offered up for donation in hopes that it would one day prevent others from having to go through what they did. >> there is so much bad behind it. just taking one little piece of good is huge. and if you can help that and do that for somebody else you've got to do it. >> reporter: it is a promise they made and just 14 months later, appear to be delivering on. >> the headlines in the research is that there is a promising therapy. one thing that might be going on -- >> reporter: dr. michelle manji is a assistant director at stanford medicine. she says for decades, dipg had been notoriously difficult to study in the lab because cultures of it just didn't exist. in fact the stem cell line she and her team created from jennifer's tumor is just 1 of 16 existing in the world. >> each one, as the result of an incredible donation from families that are facing you know one of the most difficult moments of their life and are already thinking about helping other children. >> reporter: and it is using those lives that dr. mangi has
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discovered an existing drug that appeared in the lab to slow the growth of dipg tumors giving the promise of extending a child's life by as much as six months. and while not a cure a step in the right direction, thanks to those who gave and are still giving. >> jennifer is still fighting. jennifer will be around for finding the cure. she will be part of it. >> reporter: believe it or not donating jennifer's tumor is just part of what the kranzes have done. they have started a non-profit called unravel pediatric cancer. they are raising money, some of which has gone to dr. monje to do the very research on jennifer's tumor. garvin thomas "nbc bay area news." >> we'll be right back.
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well happy 40th anniversary to the palo alto fire department. the palo alto fire department held a health fair earlier today to celebrate four decades of the city's paramedic and ambulance service. they have been serving the city and stanford university get this, since 1975. firefighters like the one you see right here say that keeping the community safe and healthy is one of their top priorities. so happy birthday. >> thank you, palo alto fire. rob mayeda with another look at the forecast. >> interesting west to the east of san jose, but seeing one shower popping up northeast of mt. hamilton. and around the hills tomorrow there's a chance we could see a few of those showers, especially up toward the north bay. and look at those highs tomorrow low to mid-60s. cool start to the week. then by friday and saturday, that's in the 70s. a bit of a warm-up for just in time for the beginning of next week. >> at least you said the word showers. not a lot of them, but it's nice to hear. >> we'll take what we can get. "nbc nightly news" is coming up
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next and more local news on nbc bay area at 6:00. >> see you then. night, tornado outbreak. dozens of twisters from texas to minnesota as violent weather leaves homes underwater and people scrambling to be rescued. four bodies found after a suspicious fire at an upscale washington, d.c. home. tonight the search for a person of interest. good news for frequent flyers. why it just got a whole lot easier to use those mileage points. call to serve. a veteran who is giving deployed troops a little piece of home one care package at a time. and high note. a singer who hasn't missed a beat even though she can no longer hear the music.


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