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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning on "today." from all of us here on nbc news, have a great night. she's always smiling and always happy, and she would tell jokes and she would just -- she was amazing. >> right now at 6:00 a. community dealing with tragedy. today hundreds came together to remember a 15-year-old girl whose life ended too soon. good evening, everybody. >> it was supposed to be a day of celebration, but instead people are now mourning her. we are joined live from her high school in gilroy where people are choosing to celebrate her
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life marianne. >> reporter: she was a sophomore here at christopher high school in gilroy and her family had planned a surprise 15th birthday party for her today, but instead they held a celebration of her life and the difference she made in the lives of others. more than 500 people came together at christopher high school to celebrate the bittersweet birthday of the cheerleader and sophomore who died in the car crash on saturday. her friends remember the radiant smile. >> she would tell sroebgz, and she was just amazing. >> they say she had a generous spirit and packed a lot of giving into her short life. >> when you see the number of people who actually attended and showed up that's when you really get a feeling for how much she impacted this
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community. >> from helping the homeless to collecting the toys for kids in need to making others feel special. friends say the 15-year-old leaves behind a legacy of giving. this has been a difficult week for students here at the high school, and they lost another student who died in a different car crash. here at the gilroy school district, they lost four students in five days. tomorrow night at 8:30 we will hold another vigil here to honor sarah jean williams. reporting live in gilroy, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. we want to get you to a developing story out of hawaii. 12 people in the hospital after a military helicopter went down. this is a photo of the crash with the belllack smoke. this happened during a training
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exercise and 21 people were onboard at the time, and 12 of them were injured and we will have more on the story at 11:00. and here a fire burning more than seven acres. crews say the fire broke out about 2:30 this afternoon and it was contained about an hour later and nobody was injured. the party continues in san francisco right now. the official bay to breakers have been over for hours and people are still having fun. the 104th running of the race brought out tens of thousands of people to run or walk or stagger across the city and the serious runners jumped out this morning. among those in attendance there was wonder woman, and dominos pizza, and santa claus was there and a lot of members of the golden st. warriors. very popular all of a sudden,
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and some wore nothing at all. >> we always get a kick out of the costumes and of course the naked people. >> it's a very fun san francisco tradition, so it's fun to take part. >> a little cool and it kept people wanting to keep moving and stay warm out there, and incidents on the course were minimal and minor that happened and we worked close with the sfpd to make sure everybody was staying safe. >> yeah, no alcohol on that course. police and organizers were proactive about that and there were sobriety tests, too, and neighbors complained of people using bushes for bathrooms and this year there were more than 1,100 port apotties out there. bay to breakers may not be the most serious road race out there, but there are people that run it to win it and that's what these two did.
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the congratulations to them. nbc bay area would love to see your bay to breakers photos and videos and let's keep them clean, please. >> we will filter them as best we can. >> and we have been, trust us. to see all the photos we already received go toonline or download the app. we just learned that maximilian was euthanized this morning, and his kidneys failed. the $10,000 raised to find the person responsible has generated a lot of leads and they were able to find max's owner and reunite them before he was euthanized. his owner says max was stolen last week and he was found in a park in san francisco and he had
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been burned and beaten and left to die. authorities say they got a call about a paraglider that crashed into a cliff side. firefighters and paramedics found the victim but were not able to revive the man and he sustained traumatic injuries and died at the scene. the cause of the accident under investigation, and the victim has not been identified. afterward people continued to paraglide. an investigation into a death on cal train tracks. a man was struck and killed near the atherton cal train station. oakland police arrested shawn mcgehee after he allegedly robbed a ban income antioch. police say mcgee abandoned his
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apartment and held somebody hostage, and the hostage was able to break free and no injuries to report. the teams are now set. the warriors and their fans now know who they will be playing next on the road on the way to the nba championship, and eutd will be the houston rockets. this is the players arriving at oakland international early yesterday morning. james hardin some thought, should be the mvp, and let's talking abouting this talk about this a bit. >> the rockets right now, they are brimming with confidence. they are the ninth team in nba history to overcome a 3-1 deficit and win a playoff series. you will remember in game six the rockets trailed by as much as 19 to the clippers in the second half and had to fight back to stay alive and today on their home court in game seven, the rockets took an early leave and never looked back.
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howard had a double-double. and that was enough to handle blake griffin who had a team high 27 for the clippers, and chris paul who had 26 with ten assists assists. game one is set tuesday at oracle and the rockets return to the western conference finals for the first time since '97. join us on comcast sportsnet, and we will have a pregame show at 5:00 and then your postgame reaction and locker room sound and highlights as soon as that game is over. i will definitely have more on the warriors as well as their reaction as they get ready for the western conference finals and how they are doing and what they have to do to compete with the rockets. should be a great series. >> if you don't have the press pass, you need tickets, and if you want tickets you better pay up. tickets still available through
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the warriors website, and the cheapest tickets, $500 500 bucks. if you go through stub hub, there are tickets for $200. how can that be? prices will go up so if you want them get them now. >> great to see. coming up sanchez apologizing after making a gesture some found offensive suggestions. >> sooner or later, we make mistakes because you know what? we're all human. >> we're looking into how that may impact the race. also wild weather across the country from water rescue to trains blown off the tracks. we will show you the damage left behind. and it's called the greatest show and tell on earth. we are showing you some of the cool inventions being shown this weekend here in the bay area. a cool finish to the weekend with low 50s and 60s outside, with showers in the hills. we are tracking that on the
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radar and the potential for more showers as we get into the start of the workweek. a look at your forecast when we come back.
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the question is is sorry enough to make up for the damage done. u.s. senate candidate loretta sanchez issued an apologize after what some consider a racial slur and it was caught on
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cell phone video. >> i am going to the office. >> so in this crazy and exciting rush of meetings yesterday, i said something offensive and for that i sincerely apologize. >> you saw the video, she is mimicking a indian cry. it happened about getting a invitation, and she said she is part native american herself. we spoke with the political analyst to see if her gesture would impact her campaign. >> it's early and whatever first impression she made today she has another chance to make a second impression in the days ahead. 29 tornados the official
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count from the weather channel. torrential rains and flooding put a lot of pay pulleople in danger and put crews in danger as they rushed to save lives. >> in north texas, dramatic moments as rescuers took to the air to save residents from the water, and one by one they were plucked by homes inundated by massive flooded produced by hours of rainfall and one man lost his car in the water and grabbed on to the tree. >> he was not going to stand on that tree limb much longer so i was going in after him. >> a missouri motorist found himself in a similar spot waiting for help to come by boat. and swollen rivers threatened to swallow up roadways and not far away high winds pull srau rised homes and barns, and in kansas a dozen cars have a stationary train were blown right off the tracks. >> oh, my god!
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>> it was a wild weekend in the midwest and plain states tprrbgs texas all the way up to minnesota. >> we saw a very busy saturday and 29 reports of tornadoes and looks like the active pattern continues. a strong cold front coming in as well, and more tornados and flash flooding possible. >> residents of broken arrow, oklahoma this was the day to pick up the pieces. the lure of a tornado now replaced by the buzz of chainsaws. the weather channel says the severe weather season started out slowly, but may is making up for it. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> meteorologist, rob mayeda here, with your forecast. >> we are seeing active weather here and the active weather across the mid portion of the country, and snow in north dakota and snow possible towards minnesota and into the gulf coast. look at this. we have thunder showers, not just in the sierra but up here towards lake county. we will zoom in across clear
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lake dropping hail almost half inch in it's dropping towards hidden valley lake. pretty intense weather there in lake county right now. and then there's a cell off to the east, and the bay area seeing low marine clouds and then high up in the clouds with cool air aloft, and daytime heating, firing off the convective showers. right now, closer to sea level it's fairly cool. 61 degrees in san diego. oakland, 60 right now. all locations fairly breezy as we take you over to san francisco. 59 degrees, and the winds bringing in those cool marine air temperatures, again, 50s to low 60s outside this hour and winds ten to 20 miles per hour and as we head into tonight we see areas of low clouds moving inland, and during the day tomorrow off towards the diablo range or areas east of san jose
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north of napa county and sonoma county we will see hilltop showers, and not just monday but also tuesday, wednesday and thursday. morning temperatures in the 50s, and not much warming as we head towards the lunchtime, upper 50s to low 60s. and only the warmest spots in the mid-60s again tomorrow, and san jose climbing up close to 67 and 50s or upper 50s closer to san francisco, and mid-60s from napa out towards the valley and we cool with the upper level system and the showers on going in some of the hill tops and you see these temperatures looking very cool. no 70s here on the board for the south bay through about thursday, and for the north bay and trivalley. as we head into the next weekend, that will lead to warmer temperatures and we will see the end of the temperature trend here for san jose
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mid-70s, and that should be the average high not the low 60s we are seeing in san jose and livermore, next weekend, temperatures rebound but for san francisco, not a lot of warming, but even here we will see temperatures climbing into the mid-60s as we approach next weekend, and the hilltop showers off to the east for next weekend out towards the sierra as those numbers slowly get back to average by next saturday and sunday. back to you. >> all right, rob. back to you. thank you. a popular website that guesses what your age is guessed on your picture. >> where are all those images you are up loading going? some people concerned about that and digging for an answer and we will show you what they found after this.
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for lots of people today
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was the day to head out to the greatest show and tell on earth. it's the fair wrapping up the week-long event in san mateo today. it's part science fair and part county fair and it show cases new inventions and crafts. people from across the state, including 60 engineering academy students from santa barbara, and listen to this as the student explains the invention they have been working on for about a year. >> it's the property of physics, and we show the properties of deflection and light, and we try to show the properties in a really cool and entertaining way that visually explains different physics properties. >> the key is to keep it entertaining. >> exactly. >> get the message across to younger folks. the fair is a worldwide event held in every continent, except for one, antarctica. >> a website trying to guess
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your age using just your picture. >> yeah, a lot of us tried it out here in the news room. >> yours was younger. >> yeah i liked it. but the issue is what happens to your photos after you up load them. microsoft is the company behind the site. they say they don't keep the pictures but some are questioning that after reading the fine print. >> there is clearly a conflict between we are not going to store and we can do whatever we want with the pictures. >> so the question now, should you be worried lawyers say, and they like to hedge their answers, probably not. it's probably a way to protect microsoft, but you need to stop and think about it before posting anything to a website as
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it can come back and haunt you. >> yeah and it's fun how everybody did that. >> it said pheupbdmindy is 18 years old. >> i know how old i am. why would i want somebody else to tell me? i will get confused. i will tell you what is going to age everybody really quickly, is the western conference finals. they are set. it's going to be a showdown between the conferences two top teams. the rockets fought back against l.a., and they handled the clippers on the home court to advance. you will hear what the warriors say they need to do to shoot through houston and get to the nba finals coming up in sports.
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james hardin was not part of the rockets and probably will come back in game six of the playoff series against the clippers, but he certainly was a factor and lives up to the mvp consideration in game seven as the rockets advance to the western conference finals for the first time since 1997. houston trailed the clippers three games to one, and it came down to game seven, james hardin taking the show on the road. and he had a game high of 31 points and the fans loving it. fourth quarter, the clippers town ten, and jordan cuts the lead to eight, and then ariza,
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he seals it with the three from the corner. the rockets win 113 to 100, and houston has momentum and they need to up their game if they want to go to the nba finals. here is the schedule. game one starts on tuesday at oracle and followed by another home game on thursday and game three and four then at houston starting on saturday. comcast sports we will have your games and highlights and locker room reaction so join us before and after the games for that. the giants take three out of four against the reds, and we pick things up in the third, and the giants up by three runs and welcome back hunter pence. great to have you back in the lineup. he shoots a later over the left field wall. that's his first home run in a year. top of the eighth. brandon belt he is in a groove to say the least.
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a shot to center and that's his third home run in three days and the giants go on to win this one, 9-8, the final. the a's going the other direction and trying to avoid the sweep against the white sox. and that's former athletic and he faces off against kazmir. that's the first of his career, and then it's ramirez, and two runs score, and it's a four-run inning for chicago and the white sox go on to win 7-3, and more errors for the a's as well. and the winner of the race here. a lot of fun out there as well and you will look at all the fun had by all around the bay area. obviously there is temporary restrictions, but a lot of people still having a good time despite no alcohol. i think a lot more toilets had
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to do with it too. >> yeah especially the homeowners living along that route. >> yeah. giving new meaning to the term dive bar. >> at this place you have to swim in order to get your beer. >> dive bar. >> it's a dive bar, and that story coming up next.
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this is what opened yesterday in mexico the clear lounge oxygen bar on the island of cozumel. >> you hangout with a mask that
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has fragrance. >> it's the oxygen bar. >> see you at 11:00.
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