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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 17, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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nbc bay area news. >> we are tracking breaking news. fire crews are battling a wildfire in san jose. this fire threatening mobile homes at one point. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. the fire is burning near several homes. fire officials say people are safe and those homes are no locker in danger. take a look at pictures sent tus by viewers showing how close the plane came homes to and really at one point how large it appears to have been. >>. >> nbc bay area's marianne favro
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is at the scene. how is it looking? >> it has borned about six acres and as you menged it did threaten several mobile homes. with me is captain mike van elgord with the san jose fire department. tell us what the latest is and what the challenges are. >> that will take us up through the morning through the night before we have it completely extinguished. challenges are that it is up a hill threatening several different home developments and we can't see where we are walking or any pit falls and dangerous attack at night. we use several different techniques including ground patrol, ground roots, hoses and mobile units doing a progressive attack on mobile units. >> did you have to evkate anyone? >> no. thankfully we were able to confine it before it actually
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directly threatened any homes. we placed what we call construction protection units and if the fire went up there, they could extinguish it. but thankfully, no leaving. >> will you be out here all night this is. >> >> yes. as you can see, there is no heavy wind and it is an hot night. but we will be out here until dawn. >> i know it is early but any indication of how this may have started? >> we are still investigating it. it spread some degree so we don't note origin point yet. again, that will take daylight. >> thank you, captain. we appreciate your time. again this fire has been contained. at one point it threatened several mobile homes and crews will be out here all night. the fire is contained at six acres. marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. >> you heard marianne ask the
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captain about the winds. it sounds like they got the fire under control. >> rob, what are fire crews dealing with tonight? >> temperatures are cool and we have relatively higher humidity. you can see fire crews with temperatures in south san jose nearby. humidity 68%. cool temperatures humidity relatively high. but again, what we are seeing out there on the hills with dry brush is it is may but we are seeing july to almost august and september like conditions at the multiyear drought. we are seeing around the hillside around the bay area. light winds at 4 miles per hour right now in san jose and wind speeds about 5 to 10 miles per hour. some gusts up to 15 miles per hour. as mop-up continues with that fire tonight, if you are living in south san jose or towards morgan hill that is likely where the smoke will continue to go with winds out of the northwest. nothing too strong and overnight temperatures staying cool pep wind speeds not too gusty.
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hopefully that will help knock down hot spots around the fire in south san jose. >> let's take a look at other photos. these in from viewers. continuing to track this breaking story and bring you the latest and you can see how scary this month has been for those homeowners there o with the fire along the ridge line there and different angles there. a lot of people i'm sure still smelling smoke or seeing smoke. as we heard the fire catching detail, on the phone looking for hot spots. >> all right. >> more on today in the bay tomorrow morning. >> we are tracking a developing story tonight. a marine is dead. more than a dozen hurt after their osprey crashes in hawaii. the marine chopper slammed into the ground at bell yoes air force base on the island of oahu. you can see the smoke billowing from the wreckage of the aircraft. witness and medical doctor says he saw the plane just drop out of the sky fold by thick clouds
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of smoke. >> it was almost luke a tornado. i mean there was so much dirt and it was just dead. i can well imagine that anyone in the aircraft as they defended this was absolutely blind. >> 22 people were in the helicopters. no word yet on what caused the incident. >> this is cuff news on the heels of one of the world's most dangerous and a different story here claiming the life after famous base jumper in yosemite. dean potter died yesterday attempting a wing suit flight from a 7500 foot cliff in yosemite national park. crews found their bodies today. their parachutes were deployed. base jumping is illegal in yosemite. dean potter gained worldwide attention with a video showing
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him jumping with a dog. >> firefighters and paramedics found a victim near west line drive but were not able to revive him. he sustained traumatic injuries. the victim's name is not yet released. this is a day of celebration. 16th birthday of a gilroy teenager but instead people are mourning. the young teen's life was cut short when she died in a car crash last saturday. nbc bay area's marianne favro filed this report before breaking news. >> more than 500 people packed into the gym in gilroy to say happy birthday to natalia. the cheerleader would have turned 16 today. sadly last saturday she was killed in a car crash. now instead of celebrating a sweet 16 milestone, her family and friends are celebrating her life. >> when you see the number of people who actually attended and showed up, that's when you get a
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feeling for how much he is impacted this community. >> natalia's family and friend say they are cherishing her radiant smile and caring person behind it. >> whenever you needed a smile she was always there. she would always say something, do something that would make you just feel hpy. >> her mother and father, a san jose fire department captain, embrace during the celebration. they say even as young child natalia loved to help others. she recently volunteered at a homeless shelter and collected toys for children. >> she is just such an amazing person and i'm really sad that she's gone. >> gone but not forgotten. those who new natalia say she will remain forever in their hearts. marianne favro nbc bay area
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news. >> found beaten and burned and today the abused dog max million found thinging to life at a homeless camp had to be euthanized. max's kidneys failed and there was nothing that veterinarians could dporfor the dog. $10,000 was raised to to help with max's vet fees. his owners were found before he had to be put down. he was found in san francisco. >> a large truck backed over a hydrant which caused this. watt arerer shooting up into the power lines. there might be low water pressure in the area for a while and possibly loss of power. no word yet on when the road
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might repope. >> a tamer and calmer year than before. still a lot of fun. that's how organizer and police are describing this year's beta breakers whether it was so run, wuk or party. tens of thousands came out to san francisco for the 104th annual race. it was a sea of many colors for those who participate bid dressing up in a variety of unique costumes and some people chose to we're nothing at all. >> we always get a kick out of the costumes and the naked people. >> introduced on the course very minimal and minor that happened and we work closer to make sure everyone was safe. >> alcohol was not allowed on the course. sobriety tents were set up and more police monitored beta breakers to ensure everyone's safety. police did arrest 11 people at this year's event but only three were alcohol-related issues. >> warriors only needing eight more wins for an nba title and standing in their way are the
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houston rockets. there is a fever pitch of excitement in the bay area. we have team coverage on the warriors run at the nba title. mindi with comcast sportsnet has more on the newest challenge. first, out to nba bay area's christie smith. fans are pumped christie. >> they are p. a number of warriors fans told us this is the match-up they preferred to see happen but they aren't taking anything for granted. >> in the city warriors pride is show willing. fans say they are ready for the team to face the houston rockets who defeated the clippers. >> clippers and warriors have a long time rivalry and clippers might have had the wrsory number. >> this disappointed clippers fans stopped at union square sports bar. >> now, i think that at the end i think the cavs will beat the hawks and the cavs warriors will be the best match-up. >> in the conference finals for
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the first time since 1976 after winning over memphis. they will be back in the bay area saturday. next stop were oracle arena tuesday. chris with pick iq says on the resale market -- >> we have tickets for game 1. average price for the game currently is $511.78. dead end price for seated areas of 202. >> but bottom line for fans -- >> i'm rooting for them. >> i think it is wonderful. wonderful for the entire bay area. people are so excited and behind them. >> now i asked what about those might want to be court side at the last minute on tuesday oracle arena the 6:00 p.m. you was quoted a price somewhere around $4800. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> prices are climbing. thank you so much. necessary now let's check with mindi with comcast sportsnet.
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they have played very well again the rockets this season. >> they are 4-0 but they know that number one seed will pose a chel. right now the rockets have momentum. they are the only the ninth team to come back from 3-1 deficit and win a playoff series. so certainly know they have a lot of confidence right now. rockets trailed clippers by as much as 19 game 6 and fought back to stay alive. today game 7 in houston. rockets with an early lead and never looking back. james harden with a game-high 31 points. dwight howard with 16 as well as 15 rebounds. blake griffin for l.a. with a team high 27. and 26 for clippers. but houston was better from beyond the arc and getting points off l.a.'s turnovers. snrs first two games at oracle this week. tip off is tuesday night. sure to be a very exciting time. comcast sportsnet bay area for one-hour pregame show as well as
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post game highlights. and as soon as the game is over we will have all of your warriors highlights. and i will have morn this match-up and also warriors reaction from today's practice as they prepare for the western conference. that's coming up in sports. >> mndy $4800 for court side seat from you. >> i think this will go a lot higher. the media section is even going to be packed. those type of games, oh, a lot of media shows up for those games. >> hang on to that badge, mindi. >> a unique meko never expected you would see. >> wow. really clearly states that they are incapable of at that point to meet the security standard that are necessary. >> this memo exposing a clear contradiction and the company's promise to keep things safe andcy cure. we investigate, next. >> california politician says she is sorry for her allegedly racist comment about native americans turns out she is part
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native american. >> wild west shootout in texas. nine dead, more than a dozen hospitalized. we will tell what you sparked the blood bath. >> continue to follow breaking news from the south bay. crews watching out for hot spots. after a wildfire burned near mobile homes. a live report coming up.
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serious questions tonight about the public and private statements made by pg & e regarding security for critical electrical facilities. >> bay area investigative unit uncovered a memo that contradicts statements made by the utility. tony co-have a less ski has this report. >> here is the bottom line. insiders wanted this information out. that's why they sent us a copy of this memo written by pg & e's director of corporate security. now you can see a clear contradiction between what pg&e said in front of our cameras and what the it said in the memo. >> together we're building a better california. >> our commitment is to spend $100 million over the next three
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years -- >> publicly pg&e is working to build safety and security. >> we are doing the very best job we can to make sure our customers have safe reliable and affordable energy. >> privately a much different message. inside the pages of this internal memo. >> well really clearly states that they are incapable of that point, to meet the security standards that are necessary. >> state senators jerry hill reviewed the memo provided to nbc bay area by informed sources from inside pg&e. >> it calls into question their integrity as we move forward. they said they are going to change. they have committed to changing. but they he haven't changed. >> before we get into the details of the memo it is important to understand the time lines. first, in april of 2013 gunman attacked the metcalf substation. they destroyed 17 transformers
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causing $25 million in damage with the potential to black out much of silicon valley. than last july a bay area investigation included 14 visits to critical substations in northern earn central california. reporting to verify pg&e's promise to increase security. our reports included insight from a military vet with two decades of special ops training. >> guys are trained like you. what could be done? how long would it take? >> metcalf could repeat across all of the sites you just showed me in less than 15 minutes. >> in ugaugust of last year a second successful security breach. this time unidentified intruders cut through the fence, stole expensive equipment and went undetected nor than five hours. it was an indictment of the utility's claim of enhanced
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security. >> do you think pg&e has done enough now to prevent another metcalf attack. >> we are working everyday to make sure it does happen again. >> she made that statement on august 18 of last year just 12 days of that interview, a week after the second security breach at metcalf, on august 30th pg&e's security director wrote this memo to chris johns. the physical security infrastructure of pg&e has plenty of work to be done. and she wrote in reality pg and ae is years away from a healthy and robust physical posture. she word are in stark contrast to what douglas told us 12 days before she wrote that memo. >> would you call pg&e security right now high level security. >> yes, i believe we have high level security there. yes. >> in the memo douglas rights in reality the corporate security
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division cannot firmly account for what security assets are in place and the company's existing security infrastructure is an assortment of technology many of them outdated. she adds i would consider them to be in a fail mode. information in the memo now helps explain why pg&e could not answer this key question last year. can you tell us where we've been and when? >> i'll let you tell me. i do know a couple places you've been. and i know that you've been to visiting some of our sites at night. >> that's part of our test here. can you tell us where we were and when? >> tony i'll let you give me some ideas. >> still speaking out of both sides of their mouth. >> senator jerry hill spear head headed legislation calling for greater requirements and accountability for security at pg&e substations. >> we work everyday to make sure our security is in place so we don't have another metcalf. >> after reading this memo was she telling the truth?
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>> clearly she did not tell us what -- the fact of the situation. >> the memo also included improvements continuing to slow piece mill and uncertain. and we risk not knowing about security issues and having gaps exist for some time before the issue is resolved. >> we don't have years for security. this could be drastic and devastating for our economy. and for many people's lives if we lose some of these substations. >> what do you say to the insiders that trusted us with this information that wanted this to become public? >> to word. thank you. >> we requested a new interview with pg&e security and she declined. changes include more funding and staffing for security and monthly security reviews for senior managers. also since that memo pg&e points to the significant security
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upgrid at metcalf including a barrier wall enhanced detection and deterrent systems and improved lighting. changes, yes. but no explanation for the contradigs in public statements and reality painted in that private memo. with the investigative unit, i'm tony co-ey could have a less ski. >> the work week is quickly coming upon us. let's quickly check in with rob. >> it looks like a continuation of the weather we saw this weekend with cool temperatures with lots of low clouds. low clouds atop san francisco spilling into parts of the south bay. 50s across the board right now. but earlier today, east towards mount hamilton. showers and a very busy weekend. now notice we had clear lake
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firing up today. more showers chances earlier this week as this area of low pressure hangs out across the west coast. this promotes not only the on shore wind keeping temperatures cool but morning drizzle at time low clouds and northern napa county sonoma you could see a few hilltop showers and also around the coastal range to the south. that is going to be the story for the first half of the week and temperatures still running quite cool. not those mid 70s we should see but mid 6 os. sfort so for the morning, low clouds and around lunch time still jacket weather promotes the bay area. upper as and low 60s. few sunny breaks at tooms but those temperatures not getting out of the 60s. san francisco, oakland, upper 50s to near 60. you can see san jose 67 degrees. mid 50s around pacifica upper 50s around san francisco and mid 60s around the north bay and for the tri-valley highs tomorrow 65
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degrees. those should be closer to 76 for livermore. not getting there obviously from tuesday through thursday. next few days from the south bay to san francisco. staying cool. slight chance of hilltop showers. north bay to tri-valley, you see for thursday now temperatures warming up. if you see 70s in the forecast you will probably have to wait for the seven-day forecast shows on the bottom of the screen friday or saturday. high pressure building back toward the west coast that sends the trough off towards the rockies. so valley temperatures making a run at the 70s. more so as they get into friday and you can see by next weekend temperatures climbing up. and finally back to average. 75 in san jose. same story towards east bay valley. for san francisco and the coast, largely missing out. we are not going to see a classic off-shore breeze event. temperatures there in the mid 60s. there is an outlook for the n. weekend which shows temperatures a lot warmer than we had this
11:25 pm
weekend finally back to average in terms of numbers next saturday and sunday. back to you. >> great information there, rob. thank you so much. >> coming up future is now and to the south bay. showing you cool inventions shown this weekend. and what is called the world greatest show and tell. >> a lot of very smart kids. also, very tough questions for this republican presidential candidate.
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♪ ♪ democratic candidate and congresswoman loretta sanchez says story after a racial slur was caught on cell phone video. >> i'm going to his office. thinking that i'm going to go meet with -- so in this krizcrazy
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rush of meetings yesterday i said something offensive and for that i sincerely apologize. >> she mimicked an indian cry. it happened while she was talking about getting an invitation from someone within the indian american community. sanchez said she always advocated for native americans and said she is part native american herself. we lock need whether her suggestion would impact who are campaign. >> whatever first impressions she made today she has the ability to make a second first impression in days and weeks ahead. >> he made that statement before she issued the apology. >> nearly one week from the amtrak derailment in philadelphia, the investigation continues. we will tell you what factors they are considering as they look into what caused the accident. >> a fire burning on communications hill. we're live next.
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we are tracking breaking news. fire crews battle wildfire in san jose. this fire is threatening mobile homes. right now fire officials say that people are safe and those homes are no longer in danger. take a look at pictures sent us to by viewers. they show just how close the flames came. the flames are near the intersection of curtner and communication. marianne, what's going on now? >> right now fire crews are mopping up and they say they plan to be out here all night and well into the morning. that's important because there are a lot of homes out here. you can see all of the fire trucks lined up. this fire was contained at six acre at one point threatening several mobile homes on the other side of the ridge but
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residents did not need to be evacuated. firefighters faced several challenges tonight. >> the challenge at night is it is up a hill threatening several different home developments and we can't see where we are walking. can't see pit falls. >> winds gusting at 10 to 15 miles an hour. firefighters were able to contain the fire. they have controlled it. the fire sought and they will be out here all night mopping up. the cause of the fire is under investigation. reporting live in san jose marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much for that. amtrak is working overtime to get the busy track between philadelphia and new york city back up and running in time for the morning commute. starting tomorrow service will
11:34 pm
resume after the deadly derailment on tuesday night. the damage trains now sit in a delaware yard. >> investigators are focussing on the chain of events that might have caused a horrendous accident. ntsb said nothing is ruled in or out. >> we are looking at three domains. human, machine and environment and all three are still on the table. >> engineer brandon bastion told investigators he doesn't remember what happened just before the speeding train crashed. there are also questions whether a projectile hit the train as well as two other trains at the time of the accident. ntsb said brandon bostian never radioed. amtrak said its trains are hit by projectiles all the time. residents say it is a common sport for local kids. >> glass. like i said, big rocks. balls. ice. snowballs. just anything that you can throw has been thrown.
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>> it is not a new problem. the "new york times" carried a story in 1905 of teddy roosevelt's train hit on the same stretch of track. if train 188 was hit, did that distractor disorient engineer bostian, new to the route. meanwhile, at the crash scene this afternoon, a moment of reflection for the eight people who died and 200 injured on tuesday night. >> and new video tonight of a deadly fight that killed nine people, sent 18 others to the hospital. police say a shooting broke out between rival biker gangs. gunfire erupted outside in the parking lot. officers were on scene as they anticipated at least five boik are gains show up at this location. 200 members were involveed. more than 50 weapons confiscated. it was a horrific scene that
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filled the parking wlot blood. >> in 34 years of law enforcement this is the worst crime scene, the most voiiolent crime scene that i have ever been involved in. >> no by standers were hurt in the incident. a police standoff last night, shawn mcgee was arrested after allegedly robbing a bank. that led it a police pursuit in oakland. mcgee abandoned the car he was in, ran no an apartment, and held someone hostage. that hostage managed to escape no one was injured. >> smoke could be seen for miles. fire burning more than 70 acres in livermore. interstate 580 at mountain house parkway p. crews say the fire broke out at about 2:30 but was completely contained an hour later. no one was injured. >> and now to decision 2016. where yet another major candidate is under scrutiny.
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this time over questions over the war in iraq. chances are it is not the way he hoped to stand up over the weekend where players were trying to mick a name for themselves. >> reporter: today would be marco rubio's turn to get tripped up by what's been called the most obvious question in this presidential election. >> was it a mistake to go to with a are in iraq if. >> it wasn't a mistake given the president at the time. >> after jeb bush -- >> i misstepped before. >> today marco rubio found himself doing the same thing. >> it was not a mistake for the president to decide go into iraq because -- >> i'm not asking you. >> the world is a better place because saddam hussein is there. >> a blunder on a weekend that was supposed to be about republican unit at annual lincoln day dinner in iowa. >> we can beat hillary. we must beat hillary. we will beat hillary. if she ever takes any questions.
11:38 pm
someone needs to ask hillary clinton, was it a good idea to topple gadhafi and libya. >> the scene, firing up debate to beat hillary clinton in a state that is good old-fashioned retail politic. from rich harry to scott walker 11 presidential hopefuls 1300 political activists in iowa with everything interest wisconsin cheddar to root beer floats. donald trump pedaling a photo op with donald. following speeches, each candidate just 10 minutes to sell themselves and their plan for victory in 2016. but hillary clinton beats all of them in head to head match-ups. >> i think republicans have been disappointed that some of the stumbles that hillary clinton has encountered the last couple of weeks do not seem to have wounded her seriously. >> still, republicans believe attacks will wear away at
11:39 pm
hillary hillary's strength. >> are you going beat hillary? >> we don't know if hillary will be one to nominate or not. >> coming up next western conference finals are set. a showdown between the west top two teams. >> warriors going to take on the houston rockets. hear what the team says they need do to continue on their road to the nba title.
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time to get out with comcast sportsnet. we are having fun talking about the waver yorsrriors. and how much the tickets are getting up there.
11:41 pm
>> yeah. >> crazy. thousands and thousands of dollars. why wouldn't you want to see the best team in the conference and james harden was not part of the rockets and probable come back in game six to stay alive in their playoff game against clippers but he lives up to the mvp consideration in game seven as rockets go to the finalens for the first time since 1997. there's magic in that beard. harden with throwee defenders and finishes. puts the rockets up by five. then the jumper to go with it. harden had a game high 31 points. moments later, rockets fuel it for houston with open three. rockets win. warriors understand now that houston has a momentum and they need to up their game.
11:42 pm
>> the game will be faster. which we like. but obviously those teams are really good at it too. so the challenges will come based on match-ups and personnel. >> the series will be more back and forth, probably. and with momentum swinging buzz there is more -- there will be more fast breaking and all that. so that is how we played all the time. and if another team tries to keep up with that pace hopefully we can outrun them. >> taking a lock at the final schedule in game one tuesday at oracle. game two will also be at oracle. that's thursday before the series of game 3 and 4 in houston and comcast sportsnet bay area will have all of your pregame and post game coverage. we hope you will join us for highlights. giants wrap up six-game ward trip if cincinnati. hunter pence, only second game back with the team. and grilling a two-run hoe run.
11:43 pm
first home run of the year. giants up 6-1 at this point. brandon belt in quite the groove. third straight game with the home run and that means the third straight win for the giants 9-8 the final. and now at home facing the tojers. different results for a's closing out at six-game home stand trying to avoid this week by the white sox. two-run shot. that's the first home run in his career and oakland has a one-run lead. two runs score and four-run inning for chicago. and white sox win 7-3. san francisco tradition is a lot of fun. but there's serious runners in the beta breakers and the league division winner. a lot of runners. congratulations to them.
11:44 pm
great run through the streets of san francisco. pga tour and rory mcilroy opening the day with four-shot lead and with the wedge this hand, look that. and after 364-yard drive, within a foot again. worry winror /* rory wins by seven shots. in eight days coming down two seconds. and winning the tour at california and that's a long way to go for a win but i'm sure worth every penny. how much would you fork out for court side seats? >> i'm dusting off my press pass to see if that can get me in. >> well -- >> you can carry a bag. >> you want to think i'm crazy?
11:45 pm
i'm going to be at dodgers/giants game tuesday night. and i will watch the dodgers game. >> a good series going on. >> thanks. >> coming up, the sound of success. >> i have certain hurdles and i'm overcoming them. >> a knewa local musician is not letting an impairment stop her from doing what she loves.
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the greatest show and tell on earth was held here this weekend. the week-long event wrapped up in san mateo today. it is part country fair as well showing new inventions and crafts. 60 engineering academy students from santa barbara also attended. they showed an invention they had been working on for about a year. >> for example we show the properties of reflection and of the defraction of refraction of light. we try to shot different properties in a cool way. and that visually explains the properties. >> maker fair is a worldwide event held on every continent except antarctica. >> and they've got one planned. >> let's hope. >> rob joins us now with a look at the forecast. rob sh. >> a lock right now showing temperatures in the 50s with low
11:49 pm
clouds heading towards tomorrow morning and what will be interesting will be around the hilltops later on tomorrow afternoon. you notice showers at times. san jose today, intense thunder around clear lake. we will see chances around hilltop, system across the west coast. see the clouds in the morning and there around napa and sonoma county and especially towards the sierra first half of the week. we will see the chance of the afternoon showers. lock at the temperatures staying quite cool just in line of what we have this weekend with mid 60s around san jose and 50s from pacifica half moon bay, pleasanton and livermore around the 60 is is. the first through midweek, temperatures not changing a whole lot. you will see numbers closer to 70 on thursday. same story for the tri-valley. the reason why, the temperatures
11:50 pm
are about 10 degrees below average if this large upper low system contribute together chances of showers and through the middle part of the week. by the end of the week starting friday and into memorial day we see high pressure building back closer to the coast. that trough moving east. that allows temperatures to warm up as we head toward the holiday weekend. so starting friday low 70s and just in time for next weekend. back in the mid 70s around the south bay. mid 6 os in san francisco, not too bad. towards next weekend, highs comfortably in mid 70s. back over to you. >> rob, thanks very much. coming up she said the music is in her bones. >> how a deaf jazz singer stays in tune and on time. a story you have to see coming up next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jazz musicians are known for their ability to improvise, but one young singer is doing that
11:53 pm
and then some. >> she proves you don't have to hear music to hit all of the right notes. we caught up with her in florida. >> reporter: each night on stage is a dream come true for mandy hardy. ♪ ♪ >> it's who i am. i've always been a musician. and the blood, the sweat were the tears, i love every moment of it. >> reporter: her connection with the audience is undeniable. but for nearly a decade, this 27-year-old hasn't heard any of the applause. or even the music. after battling gradual hearing loss through out her childhood, mandy's worst fears were realized as a college freshman when the music stopped. >> i broke. and i remember thinking well, what do i do now. >> reporter: what was it like
11:54 pm
for you in those moments? >> like i died. i watched myself die. >> reporter: it took a year for mandy to even think about singing again. but eventually encouragement from her dad, she died. mandy's pitch was perfect. her voice had never left her. >> there was that awareness of, yeah, rae, that worked. >> reporter: that opened up a door for me. and from there, i kind of hit the ground running. >> eight years after losing her hearing, mandy released three albums with two more on the way. much of her audience has no idea she is deaf. you have such an improvisational style of music. if you can't hear that how do you do it? report a report. >> a lot of faith and visual
11:55 pm
contact. >> reporter: she relies on the muscle memory of her brain and cords to find the note. while she knows her story is inspiration, she doesn't want it to define her. >> i don't see myself as the deaf jazz singer. to me i'm just a singer. and i have certain hurdles and i'm overcoming them. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: hurdles that made her stronger and more determined to share the music inside her. erica hill nbc news kissimmee, florida. >> good thing she kept on singing. she has a beautiful voice. >> amazing. we'll be right back.
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got some changes in store
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weatherwise. >> yeah if you like the week you will like tomorrow. big changes coming up. low clouds is the way we will start tomorrow morning. drizzle in few spots. high temperatures, yes, those are highs, mid 60s inland. toward the end of the woke low 70s. just in time for memorial day weekend. mid up toer 70s and still cool temperatures near the coast. >> hard to believe that just around the corner. almost summer. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> have a good night and great week.
11:59 pm
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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janet reilly: hello and welcome to "the mix." i'm janet reilly. at first blush, the career of my first guest reads like a classic local boy makes good story, but this is the bay area, and anyone who makes it here undoubtedly has a colorful past. greg sure is no exception. he grew up in the sunset went to si and usf, and spent 30 years on the sfpd before getting the nod as chief. his rise was not fast, nor was it without controversy; a well-publicized demotion made sure of it. but suhr's big personality, his knowledge of the city, and no nonsense style has him riding an unprecedented wave of popularity both inside the department and out. in april, we ran the gamut with him, everything from the texting scandal, to the need for more minorities on the force,


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