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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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darting down the freeway in the wrong direction. a driver leads police on a chase before crashing, and he's still on the run. new clues. south bay police are releasing as think search for a man who tried to kidnap a girl. close call on communications hill where a brush fire comes dangerously close to nearby homes. the bay bridge on monday, you are watching "today in the bay." all right. wipe away the weekend. here we are on monday. i know. bearer of bad news. i'm sam brock. >> let's hold on to the memory
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of it as we start on monday morning together. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with christina. did you have a good one? >> i had a great one. every day is a gift. happy to be joining you all this morning. 55 degrees in san carlos. we're starting the day at 54 degrees in oakland. here's the deal for today. some interesting shenanigans happening in the weather department. we're talking about showers. we're talking about much cooler than average weather. things that you wouldn't normally associate with the month of may. stick around. i'm going to show you that forecast. it might just blow your mind what we're in store for this week. what are you working with on a monday? >> apparently i'm working with a blown mind, that could be dangerous. the bay bridge, the backup has cleared from the cash lanes. happened in just the last few seconds. we're looking over at the map. nothing else that you're really missing except i'm going to zoom here. the green, a little yellow north 680 in danville. a deer has to be removed from the roadway. that's not great news sfarsz
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your commute though, that should clear in the next few. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:31. breaking news. police in berkeley are on the lookout for a driver going the wrong way on the freeway. he eventually got on to city streets before crashing into other cars. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live from berkeley at the crash scene. steph, there's a flipped over car behind you but the driver nowhere to be seen. >> reporter: that's right, sam and laura. this is where the crash happened here on herself at california in berkel berkeley. police have ended the search in this neighborhood for a young man who drove the wrong way from the concord area down here to berkeley. what you're looking at now is the tow truck driver getting rae i can ready to get the car that crashed into the suspect's vehicle, stolen vehicle, gone from this neighborhood. it started at 11:30 last night when they had this man, the stolen car going the wrong way on highway 4. concord pd was the first one on
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the scene. they did not follow him because he's going the wrong way. chp had a helicopter following the car all of the way to berkeley. at some point this is the hot part. the driver apparently called 911 and said i'm not going back to jail. if you guys leave me alone without the helicopter i will stop my car. that didn't happen, of course, for public safety and this is where it all ended. and then he took off on foot. so police the last few hours were looking at the homes here in the backyards, with flashlights. unfortunately they did not find this young man who they describe as 20 to 25, young white male. again, what you're seeing now is the car getting up righted. the drive vert of the car, innocent person, wrong place, wrong time, is okay. minor injuries. at the hospital. that's the good news. no major injuries. again, wrong-way car pursuit that began in concord this morning ending in berkeley. the driver of this stolen vehicle still on the run. of course, we will talk more to people here in this neighborhood
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and have more throughout this show. live in berkeley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. wild scene behind you there. 4:33. developing story out of hawaii where investigates want to know what caused a military aircraft to crash killing a u.s. marine. this happened yesterday at bellows air force station on waiou. 24 were injured. many seriously. the group is based out of camp pendleton. the osprey which flies like a plane but takes off and lands like a helicopter had a mishap during a training exercise. the marine who died has not yet been identified. a new sketch is out this morning in hopes of catching the man who tried to kidnap a young girl in the south bay. police say a man looking like this trying to grab the girl as she walked her dog saturday morning. it happened near mason court and harriet avenue in campbell. the man pulled up his car asking for directions before grabbing her. the girl screamed and fought him off and eventually he drove
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away. six men could enter pleas in court for the murder of an oakland mom killed as she was trying to protect her kids from bullets. pierce was caught in the cross fire of a gunfight between her west oakland home in march. she had parked her car, trying to rush her children to safety when pierce was struck. seven people have been arrested in connection with that shooting. family and friends will hold a vigil tonight for one of the young victims of a car crash. they will honor 18-year-old sara williams. she was a passenger in a car that veered out of control and rolled into a ditch near the gilroy outlets last week. two other students from mt. madonna high school also died in that crash. the driver survived and was arrested for dui. south bay clues spent the night checking for hot spots. this after a late night fire broke out dangerously close to several homes. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with the latest for us. good morning, bob. >> laura and sam, the wildfire
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communications here in south san jose was a remained -- reminder for all of us californians how serious in fire season could be if the drought knts and the weather stays dry. these were pictures taken from people who live at the bottom of the hill near curtner. you can see how close the wildfire came to the homes. at one point threatening a mobile home park. the main challenge for the fire department was the fire was fast moving. could burn up hill and the terrain was rugged which made it much more difficult for firefighters to traverse. they put it out before it could cause any damage to nearby structures. the cause is still unknown. >> thank you very much, bob. in fact, that was the second fire in less than 24 hours. earlier in the afternoon a fire burned more than 70 acres in livermore. it happened on the center divide of interstate 580 at mountain house parkway. crews managed to contain the fire in just about an hour but the smoke could be seen for miles. the cause of that fire is still
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under investigation. no doubt we're going to see more brush fires here moving forward, dryer conditions. you know what, rain at the end of last week and, christina said we're not done with those showers yet. >> i recently talked to a public information officer with cal fire and he told me, hey, we are in a year-round fire season until otherwise noted. even though we have had a lot of moisture rooming through and there is more on the way this week we all need to keep that in mind. if you live in a wooded area, protect that defense space. clear out dying vegetation. we are getting into the dry summer months. but it hasn't really felt like summertime and it's not going to for much of this week. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. a little drizzle expected. we actually have some coming down as we speak at the immediate coast. let me take you through your day park forecast. temperatures are looking cool as of lunchtime today. 62 degrees on the peninsula. you will be at 59 degrees at lunchtime on the east shore.
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and then we will round out the day in the low to mid 60s all across the board. 65 on the peninsula. 62 degrees and that's it for today on the east shore. whereas typically this time of year highs are in the mid to upper 70s. that's what we typically average. much cooler than average today. that's going to extend into the week. then we have that shower chance coming your way. more on that in just moments. right now it's a back to business monday. he's always talking business in the traffic department. >> that's right. very serious. serious look over here at the san mateo bridge, folks, and it's not so serious on the span itself. a smooth drive westbound with the head lights. eastbound with the taillights. camera trembles a bit from time to time getting a breeze but look at the map. not a major concern. chp to travel across the bay bridge. let's look at the map and see the spend sensors here. as the folks took a look at the bay bridge, overnight winded a vuzry. a gust or two after midnight. they haven't updated since then.
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the dumbarton bridge to the south. zoom in on the east bay side and north 880 around what written that. a shoulder there involving a big rig. sounds like earlier crash and no injuries. we zoom out. we do still have the issue northbound 680 where the deer was hit overnight but all the activity is in the center divide. back to you with an easy drive. it is 4:39. could be a limit coming to the number of days you stay in san francisco. >> why homeowners are fighting a new proposal on the table today. are you a hot head on the roadway and look at some of the most irritating behaviors that get people ticked off on the road fshl road. take a deep breath. we'll see you what kind of temperatures meet you later today. live look from san jose.
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. good morning. monday morning. here's a live look outside at
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golden gate bridge. a few folks are starting early. there's a proposal to tie in air b and b rules in san francisco up for vote today. opponents say they are not giving up their rental rights without a fight. the board of supervisors will consider amendments to the city's current short-term rental laws. ahead of the hearing 11 air b and b hosts, one from each city district, will visit the offices of their respective board members asking them to support home sharing. the new amendments would cap all short-term rentals to a maximum of 120 days a year. finding available housing and renting such an issue in the city, now ed lee is going to reportedly up the ante on his push for more affordable housing. he will revise plans to half million dollar in pro effect,s left in limbo when the state dissolved all that. lee's new plan includes bond financing for 3,000 new affordable housing units within
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15 years. gas is down about 50 cents a gallon from this time last year. now we're learning what people did with all that money they saved. according to 40% of americans spent the extra cash on necessities, namely groceries and rent. 23% saved or invested the savings with millennials more likely to save than any other age group. just 14% ramped up their spending as a result of gas saving. save money and keep your cool. what sets off-road rage for a majority of drivers? new study determining the most infuriating behaviors. that study cuzz commissioned by expedia which found that texting is the behavior of most likely to enrage other drivers. that followed by tailgaters, left lane hoggers, and crawlers who just don't go fast enough. the study also found inside the car that backseat driver sparked rage in a little more than half of all drivers. you can relate to that? >> no, not really. you were saying it like you were a little upset.
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>> it bothers me not so much the backseat drivers but the slow drivers. >> i'll just ride in the pas is seat with you then. google is set to challenge amazon and ebay. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell we'll turn to landon dowdy at metro area. road ragers out there. good morning, landon. >> yes, you won't have to worry about driving behind me. good morning, guys. stocks may start the week out in the red following a positive day on friday. dow closed points away from the haul-time high and s&p 500 reached a new record mark. we get data on the housing sector and reports later this week on housing starts, existing home sales, consumer price, and the minutes of last month's fed meeting. it's a big week for retail earners, walmart, target, home depot set to report 21 points to 18273. the nasdaq slipping three to 5048. the impact of the outbreak in the midwest is being felt across the country.
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sysco says the virus detected within a dozen states will limit supply of eggs and eggling chickens for up to 18 months. they will discuss options which includes restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. google will launch buy buttons on search results in the coming weeks. a step toward the company becoming an online marketplace like amazon and ebay. they report the buttons will only appear on sponsored or paid result where's people search for products on smartphone or tablets. if you click on a link you will be sent to another page to complete your purchase. sam and laura, back over to you. >> competition always steep in that arena. thank you, landon. taper and calmer than use before but still a lot of fun. that's how organizers and police are to describe bay to breakers. whether it was to run, walk, party or a the above. tens of thousand os people came out in all different colored outfits for the 104th annual
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race. it was a sea of many colors with people dressed up in a variety of unique costumes. per usual, some people chose not to wear anything at all. >> we always get a kick out of the costumes and of course the naked people. >> incidents on the course were minimal and minor that happened and we worked closely with sfpd to make sure everyone stayed safe. >> alcohol was not allowed on the actual course. sobriety tebts within set up and more police monitored bay to breakers this year to ensure that everyone was safe. police arrested at least 11 people at this year's event. only three were for alcohol related problems. okay. nbc bay area wants to see your bay to breaker photos and videos. these are some of the ones the viewers sent in. crazy unicorns. you can send them to us at look. tom brady came out. that's
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>> i was out there yesterday. surprising lack of nudity from my vantage point. i was not running. i was observing. lots of tom brady deflategates. you never know what you're going to see there. it's a crap shoot. >> was that you in that cowboy hat? >> the jean jacket, actually. >> jean jacket, bringing it back. temperatures mostly in the 50s. we're on our way to the mid 60s. it was chilly out there this year. i think that helped some of the people who were actually there to run. not sure that's the case when it comes to bay to breakers but that kept more people with jackets on this year. some of us can appreciate that. want to show you what to expect as we get into your day. temperatures are going to be cooler than average with a few showers rolling through, especially northern sonoma county. so not everybody going to see this activity. it will be very isolated in nature. we could pick up maybe a tenth of an inch of ina up in sonoma county. that's near ukia for the most part. you want to keep that in mind.
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the russian river valley, fair game for rich moisture topaz through. i love this set up. i'm happy to be able to show you this. jet stream to the south. all of the way south of los angeles, as a matter of fact. for us that means unusual weather will persist. we're going to get more snow over the sierra nevada. we need this desperately. it's funny. better late than never. when we take you in your thus when we have the best chance of you getting shower activity having to break out that umbrella. just in time for your holiday weekend, high pressure builds in. that's going to bring your temperatures nice and warm. and for us, that means if you want to do any sort of water sports, things you normally associate with memorial day, boating, maybe you want to do a little jet ski ride. it's going to be comfortable. south bay is looking at 72 on saturday. 72 on sunday. and for memorial day, temperatures will stay warm. so even though it's monday, got a three-day weekend coming up. a lot of people can look forward to that. back to you, sam and laura.
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it is 4:49. it is also a big week for the golden state warriors hosting the houston state rockets in the conference finals. the same year they won it all, in 1975. this is a pretty good match-up for the dubs. >> i think they're going to go all the way. i mean, i'm -- i'm rooting for them. >> i think it's wonderful. it's wonderful for the entire bay area. people are so excited and behind them. >> on the resale markets tickets are ampling over $500. game one tips off tomorrow night at oracle arena. we have much more on the website and our nbc bay area app. download it on your android devices. >> they already have their nicknames, the splash brothers, the dubs. the current generation, youtube generation, generation z. >> researchers say generation deaf might be appropriate.
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that story, next. we'll get a live look. sapp jose where i was looking at pretty good burst of traffic. looks like things calm down there wi there.
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we very good monday morning. overlooking at&t park along the
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embark der a. new study suggests some kids with asthma may have a peanut allergy and not know it because symptoms of an asthma attack can mirror a reaction to food allergies. researchers looked at the medical records of 1500 children sent to the hospital with asthma related symptoms. of that group, 22% tested positive for food allergies. less than half had previously suspected any sensitivity to peanuts. okay. this may not be something that music lovers want to hear. listening to your ear buds can lead you to having ringing in your ear or even hearing loss. the new warning coming from the world health organization, they say it's especially dire for the more than 1 billion young people raised entirely in the generation of ear buds, personal audio equipment, and loud music festivals. experts recommend limiting ear bud use to one hour per day at less than half a full volume. a lot of people put those on when they're going bike riding. who knows what matt lauer is listening to today. he's making a huge bike trek.
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>> 225 miles. new york to boston. it's for the official red nose day which we have right now. you might have a hard time breathing if you've got this thing on. maybe the breathe right strips above it. it's all for child poverty. >> it always awareness. you can pick these up at walgreens locally. i've seen them there as well. go, matt, go. >> he's inspiring us all. mike, big things, want to say this because more than one in five kids grow up in poverty. living below the federal poverty line. >> awareness they give the biggest issue because we're living in a country where we talk about the extremes, extreme wealth and people having access to all sorts of stuff and we for get that next to us people are in need. >> want to put that on. >> nice catch. >> i'll be talking like this all morning. look out here. through oakland as we do look at a nice smooth flow of traffic. past the home of the dubs will be busier tomorrow. today, very calm with the good hopes for all of the folks wearing the blue and gold. we're looking toward the maps and see no major problems but
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north 880 and davis just heard about a new crash. sounds like a car went off the roadway at the davis street off-ramp not affecting 880 itself. we zoom out and see the nice flow of traffic. the altamont pass a little build there. live look at palo alto. light volume right now. you know it was busy because this weekend we went over by the san mateo fair grounds. the makers fair. >> that's right. >> did you pick up a robot or two if. >> we dilt one. >> from scratch. >> electricity. it is the greatest show and tale on eartha did not disappoint this weekend as mike just mentioned. the bay area maker fair. that show part science fair, part county fair, and it showcased new inventions and crafts. people from across the state showed up including 60 engineering academy students from santa barbara. one of the students explained their invention. >> it demonstrated optical properties of physics.
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we showed the properties of reflection and defraction of light. we tried to show the different properties in a cool entertaining way. that visually explained different physics properties. >> did you get all that? >> yeah. >> a lot offlective thing there. it's held in every continent except for antarctica. too cold there. >> one of the coolest ones here in the bay area though. >> i'm sure it is. got to check it out. we do have an update of breaking news. a driver evades police after causing a crash involving three other vehicles. the latest on the search for the suspect. it was a tense night for people living on communications hill in san jose. check out that picture, the flames from afar. a brush fire crawling dangerously close to their homes.
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breaking news. running from the law and heading straight into oncoming traffic. a wrong way driver crashes but is still on the run this morning. >> a vote today could
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dramatically change some of the personal care products you use every day. >>. and our unusual may weather pattern continues. cool and cloudy for today. showers develop later this week. full details in your microclimate in just moments. >> we have smooth traffic so far. san mateo is seeing activity. seeing a little bit of slowing, just a little starting. >> all right. nothing slow about this monday that we are shooting straight ahead as we give you a live look at the bay bridge. it is monday, may the 18th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good morning on this monday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. officers have just called off the search for a wrong way driver who crashed into other cars in berkeley. >> this is a wild scene. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us livem


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