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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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across the east bay in the wrong direction. the call he made to police momenting before this all went down. new clues that police will hope will help them catch a young man. close call for thousands in the south bay as flames break out dangerously close to home. we have a nice week ahead. that ocean ac is going to keep us cool for today. then showers return to your forecast. we'll help you plan for the week in your microclimate. and a good news, bad news situation for this disabled van over here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll talk you through the backup and let you know how you have to adjust. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. update to breaking news. authorities in the east bay say they think they know who led them on a wild purr suit that ended in a dramatic crash, just not where he is. >> it started in concord. police say the suspect drove the
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wrong way across several freeways before slamming into another car in berkeley. then he ran away. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live at the scene in california. steph, the suspect actually warned chp to stay away? >> reporter: he did, laura and sam. chp saying he actually called 911 during this police pursuitnd said, i don't want to go back to jail. and then warned them, please take your chp helicopter and get them off of me or i'll continue this. so that's what happened. chp helicopter continued to follow the driver and the pursuit that began around 1:120 and ended with a crash at california in berkeley. chp saying the man in his 20s were driving the holder model honda accord that came back stolen in martinez crashing into a gmc suv and took off. that suv driver suffered minor injuries. police saying lucky no one was seriously hurt. a woman who lives right where the crash happened said she only
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woke up to police banging on her door. >> very scary. yeah. and then what woke me up was the knock on the door. >> reporter: berkeley police helped chp officers with the rifles drawn go door to door searching back yards one square block around the crash site. that was for a few hours. investigators think they know who this guy is, that he lived in east contra costa county and apparently he was in jail before. also when we saw the aftermath of that honda accord, the airbags had deployed so he may have some sort of injury from that. live in berkeley this morning, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> steph, thank you. south bay crews spent the night check for hot spots after a late night fire broke out dangerously close to several homes. you see some of the viewer pictures there. that fire broke out on communications hill right next to curtner avenue and highway 37. bob redell has the latest. bob? >> sam, you can see why there is so much concern here in the
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mobile home park. right there is the charring that occurred yesterday, last night around 9:30 when this wildfire sparked, for some reason here on communication hill. coming pretty close to these mobile homes on -- homes here. these photos show taken by the people who live here, you can also get a sense of just how dangerous it was when it was on fire. a couple of challenges, terrain, hilly, burns up hill, burns much faster, wind up here. 10 to 15 miles an hour. the fire department, the call came in a little bit after 9:30 by around 10:45 they did have this fire surrounded and eventually they were able to put it all. they estimated to burn around five to six acres and they were able to keep it from catching any structures on fire. no one was hurt. still trying to figure out what caused it. reporting live in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." a developing story in
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hawaii. learning new information about a fiery crash involving a u.s. marine osprey. investigators say the osprey was in helicopter mode trying to hand when it crashed and burst into flames. one marine died. many of the 22 others onboard are in the hospital with burn injuries. investigators say it will take to while to figure out what went wrong. if the aircraft is landing studio fast, it can actually push the air out from underneath it. it creates a vacuum and the osprey falls like a rock. the group is based at camp pendleton. just last week six camp pendleton marines were killed thurg a helicopter crash in nepal. the cause of that crash is almost under investigation as well. planes are rolling again on those very rails where that deadly train derailment killed eight people and injured hundreds more in philadelphia. amtrak's president said staff
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worked around the clock to complete infrastructure repairs. the train was going more than 100 miles an hour as it approached a sharp curve causing it to derail. investigatoring are still trying to figure out why the engineer did not slow down. waco, texas, police there are calling it the most violent crime scene they have ever witnessed. nine gang members are dead, 18 more injured. after yesterday's melee involving several biker dpang gangs. it started inside a restaurant rest room and spilled out into the shopping center parking lot. amazingly no bystanders were hurt. there was some families there as well. we will have more coming up in a live report in the next half hour. >> plenty of shaken nerves, no doubt. 6:05. a new sketch is out in hopes of catching a man who tried to kidnap a young girl walking in the south bay. police say that a man looking like this tried to grab that girl as she was walking her dog saturday morning. this happened near mason court and harriet avenue in campbell. the man pulled up in his car
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asking for directions before grabbing at the girl. she screamed and fought him off and he eventually just drove away. family and friends will be holding a vigil this evening for one of the young victim os of a car crash in gilroy. that vigil at christopher high school will honor 18-year-old sara williams, passenger in a car that veered out of control and valued into a ditch near the gilroy outlets last week. two other students from mt. madonna high school also died in that crash. the driver survived and with arrested for dui. yesterday family and friends gathered to remember another gilroy teen killed in a separate car crash just days before that. thnatalia salcido would have turned 16 yesterday. instead of celebrating her birthday more than 500 people packed the gym at christopher high school to remember the cheerleader and honor student. >> she was such an amazing person. she gave everything she could to everything. she gave 100% to everything she did. girl scouts, cheerleading,
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community service. she's such an amazing person. i'm really sad that she's gone. natalia volunteered also at a homeless shelter and collected toys for kids in need. her family and friends say they're going to cherish her radiant smile and the caring person behind it. 6:07. extreme athlete known worldwide was one of two men killed in an illegal stunt gone wrong in yoet might. dean potter completed daring acts and known for base jumping with a wind suit. potter gained notoriety with youtube videos showing base jumping with his dog. they say that's what he and another man were doing saturday night when they smashed into a rocky outcropping. they were apparently trying to fly through a gap but they hit the rock. >> wow. you know the risk involved in something like that. 6:07. get a live look outside for your microclimate forecast. maybe a little cloudy out there as you start your day.
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that of course the one and only bay bridge on this one. >> it's a very pretty blue hue out there, christina. we're all keeping the theme this morning. aren't we? >> someone sent out the memo. i have to tell you right now we're looking good for whatever color choice you like for today. white is probably not your best option late difficults later on this week with showers rolling through. 55 degrees in san jose. 55 in livermore. good monday morning to you. i hope you had a fantastic weekend. we are watching this unusual weather pattern continue in the bay area. part of the reason why is because the jet stream has taken a significant drop to the south. now, what you will notice is as we head throughout the day today we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds, more sunshine than we had yesterday but that cool ocean air will move inland all day long. that means you can get by without that air conditioner. the weather story of the day. morning drizzle will make way for abundant afternoon sunshine.
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it's going to be a little breezy out there as well. let me show you your daypart forecast for today. breaking for lunch, getting ready to round out this afternoon. temperatures will be comfortable. upper 50s to low 60s. still cool enough for a jacket. we'll round out the day at 4:00. your highs come in at 66 degrees on the peninsula for today. 62 degrees out in the east bay. that's cool enough for a jacket. you will hit 69 meanwhile in the north bay and 68 degrees for the tri-valley. we've got more to talk about coming your way when it comes to shower activity. i'm going to dive into this in my next report. if you've got to leave right now, if you've got to leave us at least mike is here to show you what could slow you down. good morning. >> good morning. we had an issue just cleared from the bay bridge. that's great news. we had that stalled van there for over 20 minutes. i got concern. asked my friend shawn at the desk to call it in. they did. just saw a tow truck push through thebarrier.
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all lanes now clear toward the bay bridge and cash lanes. everybody showing a little bit of a slow down. we'll show you the map. metering lights are on b. that's a the only backup for the bay. typical pattern but lighter than typical volume. lighter flow because christina has been talking about graduations kicking in, a shift in the commuters and shift in times. there's the north bay, no delay here. zoom out the map. show you highway four and concord and west 580 through livermore. easy drive-thru the dublin area but slow for 680 and plea about on the. hayward and union city. the south bay itself picks up the volume northbound. no dramatic slowing. 87 to show you speeds dip a bit. south bay and san francisco. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:10. the big fight over little tiny beads. the vote today that could impact a key ingredient in a lot of products that we all use every day.
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plus, an fbi search warrant has some very scary claims about what you can do to an airplane from your coach seat. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
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they are trying to clear up the haze surrounding air b and b rules. a proposal is up for a vote later today. they're not giving up their rental rights without a fight. this afternoon the city's board of supervisors is going to consider amendments to the city's current short term rental
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laws. out of the hearing lefb hosts one from each city district will visit the offices of respective board members asking them to support home sharing. the new amendments would cap all short-term rentals at a maximum of 120 days a year. pretty startling news this morning. hacker who once claimed he could take over an airport with his laptop now says that he did. >> midair and hack not typically one yos you want to pair together. scott mcgrew, you told us about kris roberts several weeks ago. >> that's right. back when this was just a claim. let me walk you through what he is and what we do know this morning. roberts is a white hat hacker. that means he's a computer security expert who looks for vulnerabilities as part of his job. he was kicked off of flight to san francisco a couple weeks back by united airlines who said he was a security risk. we knew at the time that he had on an earlier flight tweeted this. find myself on a 737. he then rufr refers to the inflight entertainment system.
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there's a reference to the engine indicating a crew and alerting system and then dropping the oxygen masks. he was detained by the fbi. so i brought you up to speed. here's the new stuff this morning. what we learned over the weekend was, according to internal fbi documents obtained by canadian news agency roberts told the fbi agents he did access an airplane's control system inflight and claims he did cause the airplane to deviate from its course. he has not been charge with any crime so far. so this raises all kinds of questions. can this really be done? we think so. the general accounting office recently sent out a warning about this very issue. why is the inflight sberp tanment system attached in any way to the same computer network that controls the airplane? third, why does united airlines have a port? according to the fbi documents, roberts literally plugged his computer in to the box below the
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seat. lastly, sam and laura, the big question. did he really do what h claims he did? maybe he's not telling the truth. maybe he thinks he caused the plane to change course. the fbi says he claims he made the plane fly sideways. no matter what control you use they do not fly sideways. these are all things that are definitely going to be investigated. >> most certainly. especially the fact that he's trying to do things. >> either way he's in trouble. >> i think that's a very fair assessment. >> thank you very much. 6:16 this morning. a lot of people getting ready, face wash, shampoos, makeup, toothpaste. microbeads, the teeny tiny one, almost invisible to the naked eye. >> they do help exfoliate your skin and maybe whiten your teeth but they are also polluting our planet. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here. scientists say the tiny beads are causing a problem. >> yeah. they're about the size of a grain of sand.
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when we use the face washes, the toothpaste and such with the microbeads we wash them right down the drain. the problem is sanitation plapts aren't designed to sift those microbeads out. so scientists say that means they end up in the bay, they end up in the ocean, and local rivers where they pollute if waters as they break down they can become toxic to wildlife and in some cases fish mistake them for fish egg, for food. they eat that. we eat them. lawmakers today will vote on assembly bill 888 which is the strict esteban on mistrictest b microbeads. as of right now there is no exemption for biodegradable plastics either. that's one of the strict parts. as a cosmetics and chemicals industries insist the microbeads are safe and still the makers of crest toothpaste are already voluntarily phasing the microbeads out of their toothpaste crest says they will be out by march of next year. the company's position is that
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the fact that microbeads are considered safe by the food and drug administration but they go by what consumers want and many consumers seem to want a more natural alternative to the plastics. johnson & johnson announced a similar move by 2017. unilever is being more aggressive. they say they will be out by the end of this year. the personal care industry is push for lawmakers to allow biodegradable plastic which other states have buttal environmentalists say there are other natural alternatives. we've been talking all morning about what we have seen on the show. sugary scrubs, the salts. grandma used to use a washcloth. how about that? >> good old-fashioned. no doubt she looked wonderful. >> what we've does the trick. thank you. 6:18. live look outside at your microclimate forecast. that, of course, the city of san jose. a little cloudy out there. not a bad start to your workweek. we are joined now by christina loren. the question is tis the season for what? the temperatures are cooler than usual. >> tis the season to be jolly
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year-round. yeah, no, we have an interesting set-up happening. you might be wondering what our average highs are this time of year. mid 70s. so much cooler weather on the way for today. temperatures right now in the 40s and the 50s. we are on our way to the 60s all across the board. 69 degrees in the north bay. 68 out in the tri-valley. and 66 degrees for today in the south bay. so definitely want to keep that jacket by your side. you will probably need it for much of the day. few north bay showers are possible in sonoma county as we get into the second half of the day. you want to keep that in mind. you really want to keep your umbrella handy as we head throughout the mid section of the week. and the unsettled pattern continues. then we have a nice warm finish to the week into your memorial day weekend. there is a three-day weekend coming up for many of us. do keep that in mind. that will help you pull through a case of the mondays. stop that clock for you. this afternoon, you can see those showers coming into the north bay.
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i think that that's going to be a more common pattern for us as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday. that's when you will really need to have that umbrella by you're side. i stop that clock for you again on future cast at 10:00 a.m. showers are present in the south bay. then we get our best bet for rain late wednesday into thursday. so we tallied up all four days. total for you. look at some of these numbers. pretty impressive. over a tenth of an inch for san francisco. same for palo alto. even right here in the south bay. just under a tenth of an inch for live more, orinda, in the north bay not expecting activity because it's going to be creeping in from the south. looks like you could pick up a few hundreds of an inch. then let me show you what to expect this memorial day weekend looking just lovely out there for you and your family this year. temps in the 70s in the south bay. saturday and sunday. peninsulaing looking nice and steady for the low 70s. low 60s for snaan francisco. tri-valley, north bay, you are into the mid 70s.
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so gorgeous conditions. you want to head up to wine country. we've got to work hard for the weekend and just getting there. this time becomes more problemat problematic. let's check on that. here's our own mike inouye. >> tough there time. we do have a new incident reported. hold on for hayward. the bay bridge just shows a backup mid parking lot for the lane tons left approach. rest are backed up in towards 580 and the maze. let's know you the speed sensors with the slower drive off of 580 and the east shore freeway through berkeley. nothing dramatic. wide shot. there's a slowing through livermore and south 680. i do want to show you in that area we're looking at a new crash, south 880 at a street just past a street. motorcycle may be involved. sounds like the actitity is in the middle of your roadway. this just happened. chp is arriving. big slowdown toward that san mateo bridge. let's get a quick look at the san mateo bridge itself. traffic webb picks up just a bit. nothing dramatic over the peninsula. moving smoothly.
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we will show you the maps and flow of traffic south of there. through fremont, no big concerns. bay bridge toll plaza does have the backup. south bay, nothing dramatic. back to you. >> all right. mike, right near the hot spot on your maps anyway. in oakland, the oracle arena. the matchup is set. tomorrow night the warriors are going to square off in game one against the houston rockets in the western conference finals. tipoff at 6:00 at or rackal arena. the warriors need just eight more wins to bring home their first nba championship in 40 years. >> let's do it. >> we remain cautiously optimistic. 6:22. up next, not music to ur of ears. the new warning to young people about headphones and your hearing.
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a new study says kids with asthma may also have a peanut allergy and not even know it. that's because symptoms of an asthma attack can mirror a reaction to a food allergy. they looked at 1500 children sent to the hospital with asthma related symptoms. of that group 22% tested positive for food allergies. less than half had previously suspected any sensitivity to peanuts. here's something else that might take you to the doctors. it might not be something that music lovers want to hear. listening to your ear buds can lead to ringing to your ears or hearing loss. the new warning coming from the world health organization, they
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say it's especially concerning for the more than 1 billion young people raised entirely in the so-called generation of ear buds. personal audio equipment and loud music festivals. i think i just made it up. still, experts recommend limiting ear bud use to one hour per day at less than half of full voul ylume. a new study determines the most infuriating beyours. >> the study commissioned by expedia found that texting is the behavior most likely to enrage other drivers. that's followed by tailgaters, left lane hoggers, and crawlers who don't go fast enough. the study also found that inside the car backseat drivers spark rage in a little more than half of all drivers. >> just take a deep breath, i suppose. >> don't weigh in. just let the driver do his or her thing. still ahead, the president makes a major announcement overnight about the future of the federal government and local
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police departments. update to breaking news. bizarre chase that leads to this dramatic crash in the east bay. but the search for the driver does not end there. we'll explain, next.
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temperatures will tumble below average for today. and our unusual may weather pattern will persist. we'll tell you how much longer in your microclimate weather forecast. >> usual backup at the bay
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bridge. we have slowing for hayward. the crash is moving to the shoulder. talk you through it. >> busy week for wall street. get the fed minutes on wednesday as we take you out to the nyse. and now over to the nasdaq as well. it is monday, the 18th of may. for nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good monday morning. thanks for starting out your week with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. here's a look at the top stories. authorities have called off the search for a suspected car thief who took off the wrong way on interstate 80 overnight. eventually crashed into another car in berkeley leaving a female driver with minor injuries. firefighters stayed overnight on san jose's communications hill where a wildfire threatened homes there last night. the fire burned less than ten acres. crews had it knocked out in about an hour. no word on what caused a u.s. marine corps osprey cash
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that hawaii killing one onboard. the group is based out of camp pendleton. okay. so amtrak trains are rolling again between philadelphia and new york city for the the first time since a train jumped the tracks a week ago. eight people died in that accident. more than 200 others were injured. "today in the bay's" edward lawrence is joining us drive from washington, d.c. are investigators any closer to pinpointing a cause? >> they're slowly getting that direction, but right now there are 20 people still in the hospital. some with very serious injuries. they're all expected to survive this as the train started rolling between philadelphia and new york. now, this is the most lucrative part of the amtrak system, that corridor from philadelphia to new york. the train started about 6:00 a.m. this morning. the damaged trains sit in a delaware rail yard. investigators are focusing on a chain of events that could have caused this accident that killed eight people. they are weather human error or
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computer malfunction. also looking into something else that may have hit the train from the outside. the ntsb says that something did hit the train from the outside but it was not a bullet. they say it was about the size of a grapefruit so this investigation is getting closer. they're looking at both inside elements and outside elements as the rail lines have been fixed and the first trains havele radioed through there about three hours ago. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. new this morning, nine months after ferguson, new rules banning the federal government from providing local police with military weapons and machinery and gear. that would include armored vehicles and high-powered firearms. some call that announcement a surprise even though president obama talked about excessive millization of local place last year. he plans to talk more at length about that ban later today in new jersey. it is 6:42. developing story now in a big setback for u.s. and western forces battling isis.
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mitt tants toppled ramadi. 90% is under isis control. ramadi is the largest city closest to baghdad about 60 milmile s away. fearful residents are evacuated. secretary of state john kerry blames the defeat on lack of security forces. >> opportunity like ramadi or somewhere elsewhere dash has the ability to inflict great damage. >> over the weekend the u.s. did score one victory in syria. an air strike managed to take out the top money manor isis who manages its oil income. about a dozen other isis members were also killed. back home right now, take a live look outside at 6:33 at your microclimate forecast. does look a little cloudy as we take this view of the bay bridge. and maybe hopefully you had a nice weekend. >> that's right. memories of the weekend as we start out a new workweek. >> yeah. like the corners of my mind. you know, it is going to be a nice day out there.
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and just knowing that we have a three-day weekend just around the corner might inspire you to get through this monday. a little bit easier. i know it's going to be -- take the edge off for me. temperatures are mostly in the 50s. let's talk about the weather story of the day. and that is the fact that the clouds will clear out of here between about 11:00 and 1:00 p.m. depending on where you're positioned in the bay area. you're going to have to wait longer. gradual clearing for the immediate coast. abundant afternoon sunshine on the way for all of us. and it was overcast yesterday. so if you want that vitamin d, today is the day to get outdoors. have your jacket. at least until lunchtime, daypart forecast shows you upper 50s to low 60s all of the way through noon today and even when we hit the highs at about 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. temperatures will still be cool enough to warrant a jacket in san francisco. 61 degrees for the east bay. meanwhile, at 67 degrees in the tri-valley today. same for us here in the south bay. and the north bay, 9 degrees with a chance of some showers
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later on. i'm going to show you the best bet for that coming up in my next report. plus, we are talking about your pollen levels. a lot of people have been suffering from the allergies of the season. we'll let you know if we're going to get relief and how long it will last coming up in my next report. right now though i want to check in on your drive. >> glad you will be sharing with us the reason for the season. look at the south bay where things are slow, very slow. reason for this, southbound 880 at a street or just past it as you head toward the san mateo bridge. a motorcycle crash was reported earlier. thought it was clearing from the roadway but right now chp updated only the left lane open as they try to move vehicles from the roadway itself. south 880 jams up from san leand leandro. fortunately as we zoom out we see a little bit lighter volume than a typical monday so we don't have as much of wide spread of a backup. it's only for the nimitz freeway. 680 shows a build. general trend the same thing for the rest of the bay. a typical pattern, much lighter volume.
6:36 am
slowing for san jose at the bottom of your screen. no problems for the peninsula. there's your approach toward the bay bridge. east shore freeway shows the build. we'll show you a live look. metering lights are on though and the fill-in at the toll plaza no, surprise. fast track lanes are moving well. north bay, we see a light volume southbound and 101 through san rafael. no slowing here up a of the way down to the golden gate bridge. >> pretty good. >> good. >> for monday. >> yeah. i think a lot of schools are getting off. a lot of colleges are off. less computers. >> get that cup of coffee in the seat next to you, or the cup holder, i should say. remember that website, mike, that tries to guess your age before -- >> messy car. >> that could be a problem. >> this website is the one where you try to guess your age. where do all the photos go that you submit? possible answers have some people questioning microsoft this morning. reminder you can stay connected any time. just download our nba bay area app for the latest news, weather, and traffic, as well as investigations. you can connect with us on
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facebook, twitter, and instagram as well.
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welcome back. happening right now, taking you live to southern california this morning. look at the center of your screen as we zoom in here. our chopper overhead. that is a big rig that was carrying glass that is overturned. this is on southbound i-5. we believe near highway 60. completely blocking all the southbound lanes. after that tractor trailer just spills on to the roadway, shattering a lot of glass. should take at least -- probably about 45 minutes they estimate to clean that up. but something we'll keep our eye on this morning. 6:39 now. a story scott mcgrew has been talking about, scary claim from a hacker in newly released court documents. said he was able to take over control of a plane's engines mid
6:40 am
flight. chris roberts said he connected his computer to the inflight entertainment system by con necking a cable to electronic box under the seat in front of him. he then caused one of the airplane engines to climb, he says, causing the plane to shift sideways. roberts says his goal is to improve aircraft security. hasn't been charged with anything yet. united has banned him from its flights. remember the website that tries to guess your age by using your picture? came out a few weeks ago. it was really an instant hit. >> it was. many of us tried it ear at nbc bay area. i didn't want to go venture that far. this morning there are concerns about where those photos ended up. >> the websiters call it how old so do i look. so far 240 million pictures have been uploaded. microsoft, the company behind the site, says it doesn't keep the photos but some users are questioning that after reading the fine print. user agreement says, you grant
6:41 am
permission for microsoft to use them in connection with their, quote, unquote, internet business. >> what, between we're not going to store and we can do whatever we want with the pictures. >> should you be worried? lawyers say probably not. the user agreement is likely just a way to protect microsoft but it's a good idea to stop and maybe think before posting any photo or video to a website. you know, you google yourself you're going to find pictures there. >> 6:41. from silicon valley to the white house. the first lady is going to honor the tech museum. >> san jose's tech museum, one of ten recipients. it's the nation's highest honor given to museums and libraries for out stanning service within the community. the ceremony will be held in an hour from now at the white house. >> very cool. local accolade. 6:41. up next, the big fight over tiny beads. the vote today that could impact a key ingredient in a lot of products we use every single
6:42 am
day. update to breaking news. dramatic crash as a result of a suspect speeding across the east bay in the wrong direction. the call he made to police moments before this all went down. live look outside today from san bruno. looking a little cloudy out there. what are the pollen levels like? christina will get into that after the break.
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update to breaking news. authorities in the east bay say they think they know who led them on a wild pursuit that ended in this dramatic crash but they don't know where that
6:45 am
person is. >> it all started in concord. police say the suspect drove the wrong way across several freeways before slamming into another car in berkeley. then got out and ran awe. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live at the scene in california. the suspect actually warned authorities to stay away? >> reporter: that's right, laura and sam. chp saying the driver called 911 during the police pursuit and said i don't want to go back to jail. and then told them to call off the chp helicopter that was following him or warned he would would keep going. when the helicopter followed him and ended here in this berkeley neighborhood where you see fresh tire track and where it ends is where the driver crashed into an suv that was trying to turn around here on herst avenue. the driver took off. the other driver of the suv suffered minor injuries. chp said the man in his 20s was in concord driving the older honda accord. it went nearly 30 miles driving the wropg way south to berkeley.
6:46 am
no one else was seriously hurt or killed. he saw the chase last night and says he lives not too far from the crash site where he says neighbors are likely quite nervous this morning. >> for other people in the neighborhood, yeah, it could, you know, i mean, if he's running and hiding he's desperate. if he's desperate, he's scared. a scared person is always three time more dangerous than a regular person anyways. >> some concern this morning. now, berkeley police helping chp officers with their rifles drawn go door to door earlier in the morning searching back yards. one square block around the crash skit. came up empty after a few hours. they think they know who this man is. that he lives in east contra costa county who apparently was in jail before and back in jail aga again. live in berkeley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." microclimate forecast at 6:46. a live look outside. you know what? have you experienced some of those annoying pollen related
6:47 am
allergies so far because let's just clear the air right now? try to, anyway. >> that would be nice if we could. a lot of people have allergies have been having trouble with it. >> the wind picks up that pollen and transports it into our atmosphere. a lot of people have been suffering from the allergies of this season. it's not too bad. you might be wondering where are our pol loan levels for today. well, actually not doing too bad in the bay area. talking about mild conditions compared to where we were a couple weeks ago. especially when you compare us to the northeast where allergy experts are calling the season a pollen tsunami because of their brutal winter, it was pretty bad out there. it delayed the release of tree pollen. now they're getting the grasses and tree pollen at once and calling it a perfect pollen storm. so if you're headed out that way make sure you bring your allergy medicine or get ready for what you're going to experience. for us, low to moderate. this assisted by our very mild weather. it's been really nice out there. we haven't had a lot of wind.
6:48 am
we've had a lot of moisture roll onshore and even shower activity. not too bad. we're at 60 dreez right now in san francisco. temperatures are going to stay put as we head throughout the day today. then we bring on some changes into the latter portion of the week. we see shower activity in the north bay this an afternoon. we take you to tuesday at 10:00, expecting more activity at that point. and then as we get into your wednesday, even thursday, measurable precipitation coming through the bay area. keep your umbrella and your jacket ready to go for this week. let's talk about the pattern change. low pressure finally heads out. high pressure builds in. it will provide us with seasonal temperatures as we get into your all important memorial day weekend. this is though when it dries out and warms up when we are expecting the pollen levels to creep back up. so you got to take the good with the bad around here. 71 degrees for the south bay on saturday. 73 degrees by sunday into memorial day. temperatures stay steady.
6:49 am
just a touch warmer for monday. overall, looking pretty good. just keep that jacket handy. you might have to use your windshield wipers from time to time. hires mike inouye and your morning drive. >> note that and be ready for that. meanwhile, the commuting looking lighter than you might expect. looking in toward the summer months and summer commute starting to kick in a bit as graduations hit the area. slower drive for the east shore freeway but nothing dramatic. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. by view of the bay. slowing for the tri-valley. the worst of the bay right now is hayward. this is the big issue. southbound 880 jammed out of san leandro and south end of oakland down toward a street where chp is saying we have your three right lanes blocked southbound. only the left lane gets by this crash involving a motorcycle and two other vehicles. they've had that with the same status for 20 minutes. . they are trying to clear the road as quick as they can. meanwhile, the rest of your bay
6:50 am
shows a typical build for the south bay. northbound route show s slowing a little build. volume at northbound 101 at 680. that volume of cars, 680 right there, the overcrossing up toward the airport sjc. easy drive westbound across 92. a lighter volume kicks in over here. back to you. >> all right, thank you, mike. there is a sense of shock and concern in the central texas town of waco this morning after a deadly shootout between rival motorcycle gangs. it happened in the middle of day right in the middle of a crowded restaurant. "today in the bay's" jay gray is live there. there are hundreds of bikers involved? >> reporter: yeah, at least 200 gang members. they're still working the scene. let's give you a look to see what's going on at this point.
6:51 am
waco police say if you can name a local or state police agency, a federal law enforcement agency, they are on the scene and working here. you see the row of motorcycles here. five rival outlaw biker gangs were in this restaurant, the twin peaks that you see here. it started in the rest room. it spilled into the bar and into the parking lot. when it was all done, nine gang members dead, 18 injured. remarkably no police officers, none of the people who were in this crowded popular shopping restaurant area hit by gunfire. now, several inside the twin peaks rushed into a stand-up freezer inside the restaurant. police are crediting that with saving their lives. right now they say they've arrested between 160, 175 people. the investigation continues. they're not letting down their guard. there's concern that more gang members could be on the way. in fact, three of those arrested were arrested overnight on the outskirts of town. they are charged with, among
6:52 am
other things, weapons violations. laura, sam, that's the latest here in waco. back to you. >> jay gray, thank you very much. scary scene there. meantime, a developing story in hawaii where we're learning new information about a fiery crash involving u.s. marine osprey. investigators say the osprey was in helicopter mode trying to land when it crashed and burst into flames. one marine died. many of the 22 others onboard are in the hospital right now with burn injuries. this happened yesterday at bellows air force station. investigators say it's going to take a while to figure out what went wrong here. they say there's a rare phenomenon with ospreys if the aircraft is landing too fast it can push the air out from underneath it creating a vacuum and the osprey falls like a rock. the group is based at camp pendleton in san diego. you may remember last week six camp pendleton marines were killed when their helicopter crashed during an ate quake relief mission in nepal. the caution of that crash is still under investigation right
6:53 am
now. trains are rolling again on the very rails where that deadly derailment killed eight people and injured hundreds more last week. amtr amtrak's president says crews worked around the clock to complete infrastructure repairs where the train went off the tracks in philadelphia on tuesday. the train was going more than 100 miles aen hour at the time as it approached a sharp curve causing it to derail. investigators are still trying to figure out why the engineer did not slow down. laura? sam, it's 6:53. new sketch is out this morning in hopes of catching a man who tried to kidnap a young girl in the south bay. police say a man looking like this tried to grab the girl as she walked her dog saturday morning. it happened near mason court and harriet avenue in campbell. the man pulled up in his car asking for directions before grabbing her. the girl screamed and fought him off. evtually he drove away. south bay crews spent the night check for hot spots after a late night fire broke out dangerously close to several homes. the too irbroke out near curtner
6:54 am
and communication hill. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose with the latest for us. bob? >> reporter: laura, it was a relatively small fire, six acres. you can see it did come up fairly close to homes here in the mobile home park at the base of communication hill. there's the chars of that fire. close enough it was almost in the back yards of the homes. fortunately the fire department did their job and was able to keep it from burning any structures. these photos given to us by viewers gives you a better sense of just why they were so concerned. especially with that bright fire in the evening. this around 9:30 last night when this fire was first called in. the fire department had it contained within an hour, hour and 15 minutes. it wasn't the easiest fire to put out for a number of reasons. one, you're on a hill. it's slightly rugged terrain. not the easiest place to access. two, there were winds last night. 10 to 15 miles per hour.
6:55 am
they were able to can tan it within an hour, 15 minutes kept it away from the struck ur choose. still trying to figure out what caused it. reporting live here in south san jose, "today in the bay," bob redell. microbeads, little i itty-bitty beads you find in face wash and shampoos and toothpaste promise big results of smoother skin, whiter teeth. >> scientists say the biggest impact is on the health of our planet. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here now with a vote that could actually change all that and some of your favorite products maybe. >> yeah. when we use those face washes and toothpaste with those tiny little microbeads we rinse them down the drain, we spit them down the drain. the problem is sanitation plants are not designed to it shift them out. they go into the bay, the ocean, local rivers where they pollute the waters as they break down they can become toxic to wildlife as well. in some cases the fish mistake the microbeads for food and they eat it, we eat them. you see where this is going.
6:56 am
today lawmakers will vote on assembly bill 888 which is the strictest ban on microbeads in the nation. it calls for no microbeads by january 1st, 2020. as of right now there is no exemption in the california bill for biodegradable plastics, either. the cosmetics and chemicals industries insist the microbeads are safe and the fda sided with them. but the maker of crest toothpaste are voluntarily phasing those microbeads out of their toothpaste. crest says they will be out by the end of next year. the company's position is that though they are allowed to put the microbeads in, by the fda, they go by what consumers want and the consumers seem to say they want an alternative to the plastics in their products. johnson & johnson, loreal, unilooeun unilever are removing them. unilever saying they will be out by the end of this year. personal care industry is push for lawmakers in california to allow biodegradable plastics
6:57 am
which other states have but environmentalists say there are natural alternatives nonpolluting and we've been talking about the alternatives we've seen, apricot, sugary, and salts and grandma's washcloth. >> thank you. demolition of candlestick park resuming this morning but the controversy continuing. last week we learned that workers taking down the park had been using freshwater to keep the dust down. angry neighbors say the company should be using recycled water instead. the san francisco public utilities commission says state law requires the use of drinking water for aerial spraying on demolition jobs. apple's ceo tim cook gave a commencement speech where he talked about his mentor steve jobs and challenged the graduates to change the world. >> that's not all that he did. first, made sure they turned off their iphones. >> absolutely. sam, you host events. you know these days that's the first thing you have to do. remind everybody to turn their phones to silent. tim cook did so at the top of
6:58 am
his address to the graduating of george washington industry saying those of you with an iphone just place it in silent mode. if you don't have an iphone please pass it to the center aisle. apple has a world class recycling program. just moments ago reuters reported this appeals court for the federal circuit reversed some of the payments and fines that samsung would have to pay apple in that famous patent case. this all took place in san jose as apple accused samsung of stealing many of its ideas in the iphone. it turned out to be a billion dollar verdict. this man was the jury foreman of sapp jose, retired engineer, became the billion dollar man and rather famous or awarding a billion dollars to samsung. again, that has been reversed -- not reversed. some of the fines have been lowered according to reuters. but i just a couple seconds ago got out the phone with the clerk of the court in washington, d.c.
6:59 am
he says we haven't announced anything at all. so we are waiting for official word. but again, reuters saying that maybe samsung won't have to pay apple quite as much money as we first thought. >> okay. one we will continue to watch. >> right now we are hoping to get your work wheat started out the right way. cooler start, unseasonably so, christina. >> cooler finish. on track. >> reverse that. >> you know what i'm saying. i'm a scientist. i have to be precise. we're looking good. this is afternoon lower thetory. 55 degrees on the peninsula. 55 in the tri-valley on our way to the mid to upper 60s. later on today, that is what you're talking about and that is a good ten degrees below average across the board. >> order of operation. thank you. >> now to our trafficologist. >> you can't go before the car in front of you. there you go. looking at the rest of the bay. moving smoothly. south bay starting to build. lighter than normal flow as you approach the summer months causes starting to get off here.
7:00 am
south 880 at a street all lanes clear by chp. there was a earlier crash. that will be recovery for hayward. the rest of your bay, no big surprises. >> getting through the monday together. that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> see you in 25 minutes. also, red nose day. giving money to charity. good morning. good morning. deadly brawl. a fierce gun battle erupts between rival gangs inside a crowded restaurant. >> they went and started shooting people. >> at least nine dead, more than 100 in custody. this morning the story of innocent bystanders forced to take cover in the kitchen freezer. military tragedy. a marine helicopter crashes in hawaii killing one service member and injuring all 21 on board. what went wrong? back on track. amtrak trains rolling again between philadelphia and new york, for the first time since that derailment. where is the investigation


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