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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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waking up to some areas of low clouds, and temperatures staying in the 60s plus shower chances increasing. and then the east bay may be waking up with high spirits near oracle arena, but we have a crash i'm tracking on the pell peninsula. a blackened bay bridge. you're watching "today in the bay." a good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. police are at the scene of a housing complex not far from the cow palace. >> stephanie joins us. we're here on the 200 block of
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sharewin at sunnydale. there's been movement in the last ten minutes. the paramedics just brought out a stretcher as some sort of precauti precaution. take a look at some of the video we've got. s.w.a.t. -- so getting s.w.a.t. officers having -- in and out of the complex. we just learned please responded last night on the report of a family dispute. the verbal confrontation escalated to the point where the suspect threatened the victim, then he or she fled into the apartment and refused to come out. they talked out specialists and hostage negotiators to try to coax this person out and at least speak with police officers. the suspect has ignored sfpd. the good news is the victim was
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not injured, it was an escalated verbal altercation and there's no one else inside the apartment. again, s.w.a.t. officers here on scene, and it looks like getting ready to make some sort of move this morning. live in san francisco, stephanie chuan good, "today in the bay" authorities are looking for a 6-year-old hispanic girl. the man's name is maurice cheadle, about six feet tall, the woman's name is dawn atkissen. and authorities believe they kidnapped that girl right here in the bay area and took her to san joaquin valley in southern california. we'll provide you with an update as soon as we get more information developing now, oil has
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stopped spilling onto the coastline in california along the central coastline, but the damage is already done. now the work to contain the cleanup and the slick near santa barbara beach is under way. >> we're joined with more about the impact and the cleanup. >> clearly this is not something we ever want toss on our beaches. you can see the oil lapping at the shore, and people were drawn to see this disaster, as it unfolded, starting at noon yesterday. wildlife so far, though, not impacted. this is estimated to be about 210,000 gallons of oil, but the company that owns that pipeline says they can't know the full magnitude of this disaster yet. here's a look at it from the air. it's estimated to be about a half mile long by 300 feet wide. in case you missed the beginning of the story yesterday, that oil spills from a pipeline that broke on the other side of
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highway 101 on dry land, but the oil seeped its way into a culvert into the ocean. local, state and federal authorities are investigating the how while environmental crews are trying to limit the damage that's already done. >> any oil in the water causes damage to the environment. depending on the sensitive season, the economic impact it can be a lot of different things, a small spill in a very sensitive area can be as bad as a large spill in an area with fewer impacts. >> i misspoke a second ago. 21,000 gallons of oil, not 210. that would be a much bigger disaster, but still it's as bad as it is. the beaches are closed until further notice. the public is being asked to stay away, even people trying to help, because they can't get in the way of the folks doing the work. the fisheries in the area are also shut down.
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there could be more beach closures as well. in these disasters, we always see the beaches will be impact, the winds shift and the currents shift, so the oil could end up farther than it is right now. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. it's also raising questions about the safety of the oil and gas industry's infrastructure. the central coast is dotted with oil rigs and pipelines that environmental groups say need replacing. >> the lifetime for most of these facilities were 30 years and we're decades and decades past that, and they're still using the same infrastructure. >> yesterday's leak is blackening the same coastline that sought a catastrophic oil spill more than 45 years ago. at the time the january 1969 spill was the largest one ever in u.s. waters. this is an ongoing issue, we'll be updates this story across our
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digit ago platforms, go to or download our free nbc bay area app. a necropsy is scheduled for today on the third whale found recently. last month two other whales washed ashore? pacifica. crews began the process of burying those whales yesterday the big rig slammed into the center divides on highway 242. it was carrying a load of asphalt which spilled all over the roadway. the driver was killed. witnesses say it looked like the tire blew out, causing the driver to lose control. 34 million air bags, nearly a dozen automakers are are on
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the list japanese air bag maker tanaka is doubling the number of air xwags it's declaring defective. the recall now affects nearly 34 million cars. here's what can you do to see if your car is actually on the list. go to safecar had the safecar.. officials say it could take a couple days for the list to beity dated, so you definitely want to put in your number and keep checking back as well. all right. after game 1, they already broke out the fireworks last night at oracle arena. they won game 1 of the western conference final series against the rockets. the rockets game out like gang busters, actually up by as many
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as 16 points in the first half, but the ws powered back. stef curry, this man who scored 34 points, the final score 110-106. game 2 is tomorrow night right back at oracle arena. >> that's too loud, daddy. >> i know, hold on one second. >> be quiet. >> hey, c'mon, that's pops over there. she's the show-stopper there. guess who won the hearts of all of the fans. that would be stef curlries's diaw riley, who drops the mike and walks offstage there. she will seen be a big sister. they're expecting their second daughter sometimes this summer what a cutie-pie. we want to check your forecast, rob, a cold start to our mornings lately. >> it has been. we kept the temperatures cool, because of what's behind me. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds, keeping that marine layer
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inland. we're going to stay cool again today, highs mostly in the 60s. keep a close eye in the hills here, up towards the north bay, perhaps midafternoon, we could see a stray hour or two, and more of that possibly setting up for tomorrow. 50s probably through about almost 10:00 this morning, and then as we pass lunchtime, now you're starting to see mid 60s. our high it is today again having a very tough time to climb out of the 60s. in fablgt fact most of our inland spots in the mid to upper 60s. you can soo pacifica, and for the north bay, highs in the mid 60s and a few upper 60s around dublin and san ramon. >> for the giants game catch the action here starting at 7:00. first pitch 59 degrees, staying cool and breezy with more low clouds. tomorrow if the game coming up at 12:45, we might see an
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isolated shower around the peninsula. that's our best chance for seeing a few showers. after that friday evening into the weekend, you can see what happens, high pressure builds back. a warmup which will coincide with the upcoming memorial day weekend. now for a check of your wednesday commute, here's mike. >> folks with a light volume of traffic despite this -- we've had a lot of activity on the chp blotter. the map the chirp report, i don't see slowing. there was an earlier crash and car fire. northbound 101, we just got word -- or just cleared from the chp report, that crash at 101 and millbrae, the two right lanes were blocked until just a few moments ago.
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the slow traffic is recovering. that crash cleared on the other side, a new crash reported north 101 at broadway. not a major impact toward the roadways, and of course over the weekend the san mateo bridge is closed, and we'll talk about that and the alternates coming up. how concerned are you about where your meat comes from? some congressmen if they get their way say labeling could be removed from all packaging. and maybe you can find an apple watch in an apple store? >> imagine that. plus a fight brewing between silicon valley and washington over back doors. we're back in just a minute.
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this morning, a dead whale, yet another one has washed ahoyer. >> bob mayo is live. this is the third whale to wash up in just the last month. >> reporter: sam and laura, within the next few hours, scientists out of san francisco will come here to poplar beach
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in half moon bay will come to try to form a necropsy. it will be a matter of a, if it's still there and b, whether the tide is low enough. a marine biologist tells us that the whale has been dead for favor to six days. when they tut her open today, they'll be looking for signs of trauma or broken bones sources if she collided with a largeship or died from natural causes or something else. she is the third whale to watch up along the shoreline over the past two months. the other two were in pacifica. yesterday log park and rec departments began burying that may 5th whale. the expect is that she should be completely buried by today.
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reporting live here today at half moon bay thank you, bob how republicans are moving convictly to get rid of labels on meat that has where the meat was born and slaughters. the world trade organization says u.s. labels put canadian and mexican livestock at a disadvantage. some smaller ranchers see labels as a way to separate their meat from imports. there's pressure on the white house as well to close any so-called back doors. >> secret ways for government agents like the fbi to access encrypted e-mails. high tech wants no part of it. president obama is no doubt reading over a letter send and signed by dozens of high-tech firms, asking him to quash any talk of requires high-tech firms
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from putting in a back door, something that would allow thesh to access messages without passwords. high-tech firms have aded powerful encryptions to their messaging systems. it's made the fbi furious. the director once blamed message enkrimgs for law enforcement's failure to find a kidnapped girl. well, let's check your news before the bell. land landon dowdy, good morning. >> hey, scold. good morning. a higher open following a mixed trading session on tuesday. the do you did manage not just to -- from last monday's phet meeting which may provide clues when the central -- and also look for earnings from the lows and target, but 13 points to 18,312. scott, back over to you. >> thank you.
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yellen does not make many speeches, because everything she says seems to move the markets. obviously, as always we are interested in getting some kind of hint when interest rates might move higher. also you, you may finally be able to buy an apple watch in an apple stor site 9 to 5 mac says plans to sell the watch starting in june. right now you can try it on in the store, but you have to order it online. the apple watch has become a best-seller, but many people who have bought one still don't actually have one, because it hasn't shipped to them. >> they are waiting for it. >> is it possible people buying it in the store might get it before the ones who order it online? >> let's hope not. >> hundreds of hunting boots
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right now, are being recalled after a man demonstrating the product got bitten by a snake. now the company is recalling 1800 pairs of boots, offering a free replacement with a pair that has not yet failed the bite test farmers feel they're getting bitten by the drought, but they say they're willing to give up water now. they're sxe expected to present a deal, saying they'll take less river water for irrigation or leave a quarter of their crop just unplanted. if the state accepts the deal it could become a model for farmers throughout california. there are a lot of farmer down there without -- they're putting solar on the land. >> innovation at its finest
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rob is joining us, hoping for some rain later last thursday -- typically in around average may, that was nice to see last thursday. wouldn't you know it, for tomorrow as we approach thursday there will be another chance of seeing a few showers. this morning, though is the site of low clouds and mist, the marine layer thick, well inland this morning. 56 in san francisco right now. that coupled with the sea breeze ensuring we have not only low clouds, but should also ensure another cool afternoon, as you see in the wind forecast. 10 to 20 miles per hour as we head into the afternoon more interesting on the hill tops here south of livermore,ier in
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afternoon and in the north bay, there's a slight chance of seeing some hilltop showers and an increasing chance of showers actually for foreman. we'll show you that in a moment. first the hour by hour photograph, mid 50s thus 7:00 and 8:00 this morning, and by 3:00, should see the temperatures closing in, maybe close to 70 around los gatos, upper 50s closer to san francisco for the north bay mid 60s. you'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s around pleasanton. for the giants game tonight, of course, catch the action tonight. first pitch should be in the upper 50s with patchy low clouds. then tomorrow maybe more interesting weather, as we get more moisture coming on in. the chance of a few showers, especially around the coastal mountains, but possibly near morgan hill and san jose. as we get into the weekend, it warms up as we head towards memorial day. 70s coming back starting
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saturday. another check of the wednesday commute, which has been off to a rough start. it. >> it has. two key spots i want to point out. a couple lanes -- so they're -- but then farther south, this, the other, more serious issue we have the report of a crash there, blockingal lanes. i just got the update from chp just south of the -- and they're trying to clear a couple others lanes, there are three or four there, southbound slows from 101, you can use surface streets, for example, is clear, the rest of the bay moves pretty smoothly and predictably. i bay bridge toll plaza -- mike, thank you very much. we bring you an update, an amber alert off santa clara county right now thoughts are looking
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for ava bar-ilan, mar rue cheadle is roughly six feet, 195 pounds. the woman's name is a 35-year-old white woman, authorities believe they are now in san joaquin county just east of the bay area. they were last seeing driving a dark-colored chevrolet cruze. 6vus072. right nour we're making calls to get a picture of the kidnap girl. we'll provide you an update as soon as we can. what the historic ruling could mean for dog owners everywhere. a major natural and organic
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grocery chain, selling what some consider a pet. >> it's atrocious they decided to sell a domestic breed in their meat case. >> we investigate complaints that the meat isn't meeting the company as standards and what is revealed about food safety and animal welfare. >> that's a red flag tonight at 11:00. we investigate.
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5:25, good wednesday morning. state of emergency and mandatory evacuations after a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed. six tanker cars went off the rails near baton rouge. they ordered the evacuation of people living within 1,000 feet of the scene. they suspect damaged track causing the rails vice president joe biden's son is in the hospital this morning. one source called the situation serious. 46-year-old beau biden, the former attorney general for delaware. he's had medical issues in recent years including a mild stroke. last year he declined to seek a third term, saying he had been given a clean bill of health and planned to run for governor in 2016 it's a ruling some believe may reshape dog owners and their responsibilities. $100 million ar ward to a man
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mauled by a pack of dogs. that's what the dog owners were ordered to pay. the victim had been trying to feed about a dozen dogs owned by the same family when they just turned on him. most were pitbull and pitbull mixes. the man's attorney says they do not believe they will collect anywhere that amount, but hopes it send a is strong message the coastline blackened by oil. crews are trying to clean it up before it causes any more harm. kris sanchez is tracking the latest developments. she has an update, nest.
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francis streets shut down as s.w.a.t. teams surround an apartment. the new details we are learning at the scene a massive oil spill blackening the waters off of the coastline. how bad is the daniel the day once again starting
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off with low clouds, we'll be tracking more than drizzle tomorrow, maybe some showers, a look at that coming up right now tracking a crash and delays north past the airport sfo, and by syc, another crash for the south bay let's take a live look outside this morning. beautiful bay bridge halfway through your workweek. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> we continue to report on breaking news this morning. an amber alert out of santa clara county. authorities are searching for a 6-year-old ava bar-ilan, the man's name is marreese cheadle. you see on your screen right there as well the woman's name
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is dawn atkisson. authorities believe they're in san joaquin valley just east of the bay area last seen driving a dark-colored chevy cruze. 6vus -- and an update to more breaking news, a tense standoff is unfolding right now in san francisco. they're not far from the cow palace. >> stephanie chuang, what can you tell us at this point. >> reporter: first we cannot show you the scene live, because we have to protect the s.w.a.t. officers here. you can see the road is closed. there are there are paramedics as well as police officers here. about 45 minutes ago s.w.a.t.
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bringing in three of its own have iing, driving here into this apartment complex, offices in tact call gear have been going in and out of the complex all morning long, officers say this began around 8:15 when police responded to the report of a family dispute that then escalated, specialists and hostage negotiators were called out to the scene to try to coax the suspect to come out or at least talk to police officers. so far the suspect has ignored these requests. that hasn't happened yet. the good news is one victim uninjured, and they believe no one else is? that apartment. there's also an american red cross vehicle. officers have been coming here to get food and drinks as this has been going on into the ninth hour of this standoff. live in san francisco, steffie chuang, "today in the bay" we move to a developing
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story, a disaster along the central coast, an oil spill onto the beach and into the ocean near santa barbara. >> kris sanchez joins us with mo more. >> globs of oil washing up onto the beautiful shoreline. empty since that spill was first discovered around noon yesterday, that oil has been lapping at the shore, ending up in blobs on the street. people usually driving through the beauty of the santa barbara coastline are watching this disaster unfold. right now the spill is estimated at 21,000, but the company that owns the pipeline says they could know the full magnitude just yet. that company is all-american pipeline. the spill is estimated to be about a half mile long by 300 feet wide. the coast guard is monitoring the cleanup effort, as they often do. they have already put up booms
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and equipment to try to contain the slick now. the oil spilled happened from a 24-inch pipe that broke on the other side of highway 101 on dry land, but the oil made its way into a culvert which spilled into the ocean. local, state and federal authorities are investigating the how while environmental crews are trying to figure out the when it would be cleaned up. >> any oil in the weir causes damage to the environment. depends on the sensitivity in the area, the economic impact, it can be a lot of different things, a small spill in a very sensitive area can be as bad as a large spill where there are fewer impacts. >> this could also impact your weekend plans. if you were headed down to the coast f. the beach and others nearsby are closed until further notice. the public is being asked to stay away even if they're trying to help.
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fisheries are shut down for now, and there could be more beach closures, because the beaches could be impacted as the winds shift and as the tides shift and that oil starts to move around. they're trying to figure out whether they clean it up, scrape it up, disperse it. there's a lot of questions. >> all that wildlife impacted, too we move to an investigative unit exclusive. most bay area residents remember that day almost two years ago when asiana flight crashes, but what about -- senior investigative reporter steven stock discovered questions about whether the air is prepared. >> good morning, guys, san jose ma netta airport keeps growing, 4.3 million passengers in 2013, making it the 41st busiest airport in the country. but when compared to airports of
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similar size, san jose ma netta falls behind in terms of fire department staffing on scene, staffing that would be critical during any kind of emergency. we compared syc to ten airports of similar size from around the country. we found that san jose maneta had the fewest firefighters on duty. compare that so sacramentoo or santa ana airports. they each had five plus a captain. or pittsburgh with 15 firefighters plus a supervisor. at the time of the asiana flight, sfo had 23 on duty. the ntsb's investigation credited the high staffing level as being, quote, instrumental in saving live during the crash. according to sjc's president, they're prepared, but san jose
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is not breaking any rules. 9 faa has no minimum requirements for the number of firefighters on duty. it does require a certain number of fire trucks based on an airport size, which sjc meets. we have the full data, as well as the full report on this issue posted on our website. just go to and click on "investigations." guys, back to you. >> stephen, thank you. if you have a tip for auer investigative unit, please give us a call or you can send us an e-mail. perhaps you need a tip of how to dress for the day. you know who we're going to check in with? rob? >> we're going back and forth on this, rob. >> a jacket would be just fine. you can see it's looking kind of gloomy, we've been getting that gray sticking around no problem getting the marine air all the into livermore and fairfield at
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times. right now mostly 50s. as we go through the dade today, just like we've seen for the last two or three days, mist at times, breaking out the sunshine, but north of santa rosa, east of san jose, increasing instability as more moisture begins to creep in. today looks like a continuation, mostly in the 60s as more moisture starts to come in, that could lead to an increasing chance of hilltop showers. just today like we're seeing outside upper 50s to low 6710s around noon. by mid afternoon starting to see the temperatures climb into the upper 60s closer to san how so i, near 70, you'll look at numbers in the upper 50s closer to san francisco, mid 60s around santa rosa, giants game weather, of course, coming up tonight, the action starting at 7:00. first pitch temperatures into the 50s upper-level lows start
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to move in. that would bring us a chance to see more hilltop showers tomorrow, and especially thundershowers for -- if you're going to head east. here's mike. >> a big travel weekend for a lot of families with a three-day weekend. this one stretch of 87 is still very slow because of a crash. the overturned vehicle is still in the lay. that's a big deal for the south bay. as we jumped up to the peninsula, actually the second of the crashes at broadway has finally cleared from lanes. slowing will recover. the rest of the bay pretty smooth. a live look, the metering lights are on. back to you thank you very much, might be here's a story to take note of before you head out the door. the company behind that massive air bag recall says even more are defective.
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we'll show you step by step to show you to find out whether your car is on the list. we'll have news, traffic and weft.
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welcome back, it's 5:22. canadian officials rescue ten young people wh they say were planning to travel to syria to join isis. so far no charges have been filed, but authorities did confiscate all of their passports. the national counterterrorism center estimates over 20,000 foreigners at this point have joined isis. of those, about 4400 are from western nations 5:42, in washington lawmakers are at odds. that's the law that's allowed the nsa to collect those phone records. tracey potts brings us more live.
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good morning. >> good morning. while they can renew it, they can let it expire. there are a number of options here, but what we are seeing are some interesting alliances between democrats and republicans, some republicans are at odds with each other about this. the bottom line, this is a critical piece of national security law sgli the patriot allowed them to -- ruled that illegal. how democrats and republicans overwhelm fwli passed a replacement. a freedom and that would leave those reports with phone companies and restrict how the government can search they will. but the senate's republican leader wants to renew the patriot act as-is. >> if there's not enough votes, we need to look at an alternative. >> rand paul may filibuster, talk it to death and threat
5:44 am
expire. >> i don't want to replay it with another system. >> the without is concerned if congress does nothing. >> it is a risk. >> senator mcconnell, this is a lifeboat. you're alone on this island. take the boat. get off the island. let es vote. >> mcconnell says he will allow a vote on the freedom act, even though he's against it. >> so it's really the senate that has to deal with it now. they're supposed to be going on memorial day break starting monday. so they don't have a lot of time. glue alternates more work to do there. developing story, there's a lot of work to do along the coastline as crews are scrambling to clean up the coastline. the pipeline pill 21,000 gallons of crude oil about 20 miles up the coast from santa barbara. it created an oil slick.
5:45 am
>> a lot of work to do there, and a -- this morning marine biologists will be heading out to half moon bay whether another whale that is washed ashore. >> this is the third time. live right now in half moon bay, and at this point they're going to try to perform a necropsy to try to fits out what happened. >> and within the next hour or two to take a look at this dead 40-foot-long gray whale that showed up in the surf, and they said to see if it's, a, so they
5:46 am
can perform in ne cropsy. they'll be looking for signs of trauma or broken bones or whether she died of natural charges, based on her level of decomposition, the thought is she has been dead already. the other two were in pacifica, and then this one bob redell. >> kind of heart to blefz. >> it's really sad it is. a cool start to our day.
5:47 am
>> if you want to find -- as you see there at the bottom of the screen there's the seven-day forecast. right now we're stuck with low clouds, mist and drizzle at times. no one is really all that chilly. we've got mid 50s for almost 9 entire bay area. outs towards livermore, oakland, the peninsula and the south bay. those low clouds around san francisco, at least high enough that the bridges are not obscured by low visibility this morning. again the marine layer about 3,000 feet high on the top. 55 right now in san jose, winds pointing onshore. they will say that way into the afternoon, despite the fact that we get the sunshine inland. that will keep our temperatures mostly in the 60s. in the nearby hill tops, as early as late today, we'll start to see some showers trying to build on up. more coming as we begin --
5:48 am
through 7:00 and 8:00 this morning, 50s across the board, eventually by midafternoon highs reaching mid to upper 60s in the warmest spots, including los gatos, but 68 in san jose, only upper 50s, after the north bay and tri-valley, highs mainly in the upper 60s. as we go ahead boo tomorrow we'll see that chance of showers, and cool air allot. especially around the hills of the south bay and north bay tomorrow, highest chance tomorrow will be in the sierra. then the pattern switches into the opposite direction in time for the weekend starting saturday, high pressure builds in that will allows our temperatures to rebound. no more 60s inland. san francisco really not warmling up a whole lot. for another check of your
5:49 am
wednesday commute, here's mike. >> the volume starts to increase. let's look at your map. the silicon valley will see an issue. also from syc, heading south on 87, we had a lot of slowdown. this pattern has just changed in the last couple seconds. there's heading where there was an overturned vehicle the speeds have just improved through the area. we may have toss lanes clear. and so far we are looking at coleman as an alternate to get around. we do have a crash at somersville. no injuries, but this has taken a while to clear. that's clear, look at all that green, a little slowing.
5:50 am
and the north bay very smoothly down towards the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. we're talking about your cars. 34 by on-air bags, this is historic. nearly a dozen automakers on the list. they're from all over the world. chances are your car is driving might be part of the largest auto recall. japanese air bag maker takata is declares them defective. that recall in and out affects nearly 34 million cars as we mentioned. just a staggering number. here's what you can do keep some anyone because the recall is so large, officials say it could take a couple days for the list to be updated. you'll want to be checking continuously it's important to do that. it will only take you a minute.
5:51 am
we're updating the story across our digital platforms. laura? >> sam, to the air now. are you getting the best deal on flights? you might not be if you use travel sites like tripadviser. scott? >> we already knew some airlines don't participate with -- you'll never find a southwest flight on a tripadviser or kayak. this morning accusations that delta is withholding some of its best prices, giving web sites some fares, but leaving the best fares for delta's own website. two obvious questions. first, why would delta do this? we suspect delta makes more money on the flights that it sells itself, because you're more likely to upgrade your seat or buy extras. you pay big for extras on airlines. they make a lot of money. the second question is, can delta do this? airfares, are they delta's
5:52 am
property? that's much harder to say, but generally you can't copy right facts. the airline can make it hard for travel sites to discover those facts speaking of sites. this isn't news or anything, just a thought. i really like hipmunk. it's just easy to use. started by a buy from harvard who's in charge of booking flights for the debate team. turning to the markets, shares of yahoo are under threat as it appears the i.r.s. make tax yahoo at a higher rate than expected. yahoo! also seemed to have problems with their mail earlier this week. it appears they have that fixed 5 a 52 right now. patch or protein.
5:53 am
whole foods set off a fiery debate when if announced it would start selling rabbit meat. tonight we show you what inspectors found and whether the farm is meeting is the standards that whole food promises the customers. whole foods says it's offer rabbit because customers wanted it, but what are believed to be internal sales figured share with nbc bay area suggest that's not the case. >> whole foods is a trendsetting grocery store. if they create a demand for new meat, that will happen across the board, every grocery store will try to follow suit. >> whole foods declined our request for a statement. -- which we are confident among the best in the nation. join us tonight to see what the inspection reports reveal if you have a tip for you're investigative unit, give us a call, or send us an e-mail.
5:54 am
if you're just joining us, 5:53, here are some of the top stories we're working on. including an amber alert for a little girl is over. we found she's been found safely a police standoff continues. in the last hour we've seen s.w.a.t. teams gathering outside an apartment complex where it's all happening and demanding answer. today's call for action in the wake of a deadly action that took the life of a camp counselor. one year revival turning into a two-year tradition for the fourth of july celebration. fireworks returned to san jose after a five-year hiatus, but last year's event initially billed as a onetime deal, but today the rotary caleb is expected to announce downtown fireworks will return. if you've never been, it's pretty spectacular, because you don't get the fog in the south bay as you do in the city. >> you can get a clear look.
5:55 am
what is independence day without fireworks? hopefully not too many for your forecast today. >> right now this morning we have lots of low clouds outside, misty skies to wake up to, and hour by hour, 50s across the board, and then by lunchtime, out towards the tri-valley livermore finally hitting the mid 60s and by 3:00 still cool with that all-day sea breeze. in the mid to upper 60s. >> san jose southbound 87, we does have a crash at heading street. we'll keep track of that. meanwhile, north 101 shows the build itself for san jose predictable there. the san ma the i don't bridge, the sign over on the shoat there, it does warn it would start closing again, just like a couple weekends ago, we'll have that close -- but those overhead signs for the amber alerts, you
5:56 am
may see them, but as sam told you, that amber alert has been canceled. that's the better news. back to you. .warriors won game 1 of the western conference finals series against houston. the warriors they certainly powered back. final score 110-106. game 2 tomorrow night right back at oracle. >> that's too loud, daddy. >> i know. hold on one second. >> be quiet. >> what a cutie. sure the warriors won, but she stole the show. that's riley curry in the post-game news conference. she was board. she just took off. she will soon be a big sister. they're expecting their second daughter this summer. a lot going on in their house. >> so cute.
5:57 am
an update, breaking news, a happy ending in the search for a 6-year-old girl kidnapped from san jose. the very latest on this amber alert that's now over, after this break.
5:58 am
[baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it! [cheering] hi, grandma! ♪
5:59 am
breaking news at can have, a 6-year-old kidnapped from san jose found safe. what we just learned, next street shut down and a home surrounded overnight as a s.w.a.t. situation is still under folding right now in san francisco the damage is done. thousands of gallons of oil came nating the california coastline. the cleanup efforts under way this morning once again we're starting the day with lots of cool clouds.
6:00 am
in the forecast we're talking about some showers and 70s returns. a look at that, coming up. we'll show you the latest for 87 throughdown town, and reporter the bay bridge backup. good wednesday morning. >> authorities have now caught both suspects wanted in connection with an amber alert that started in santa clara county. the girl is now safe. she's from san jose. she's three feet call, weighs 60 pounds, authorities say she was taken earlier this morning by a man and woman. just moments ago, authorities? stockton caught that man and woman. they say the little girl is safe. the suspect is marreese


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