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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that breaking news is impacting thousands of commuters, parts of two busy b.a.r.t. lines shut down because of equipment problems. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. i'm kris sanchez. let's get to mike inouye. this has been a problem for nearly 90 minutes. now you know what the reason is. >> there were delays throughout the morning but yeah really bad now. this is from our chopper. over the lines between oakland and richmond. we see some movement. what happened was, unlike a few weeks ago when there was damage to the tracks b.a.r.t. tells us it's a component on the side of the tracks that feeds information to the computers. thus a lot of people heard about
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a computer problem for the system. one of the components trackside was damaged. a crew is on scene, hoping to have it fixed in ten minutes or so. we'll get you updates if there are any. so far, right now, an equipment problem on the tracks near the 12th street station where almost all the trains focus and head to and from san francisco. that's resulted in trackwide delays. service is suspended on the richmond line to mill braybrae. that's the red line. green line service suspended between bay fair and fremont in the east bay on the daly/sf city trains. red line take the fremont and transfer at mcarthur. in towards san francisco, not a direct shot there. for the green line you have the alternate. richmond trains will have to transfer at bay fair to an sf/daly city train. this might not make sense if you are not a regular b.a.r.t. rider so listen to the station alerts as well. let's get out to the map. to lay it out on the map.
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the richmond line suspended toward millbrae. there is an alternate but you have to take a transfer. from bay fair toward fremont that service suspended. transfer is necessary for that line. hope to have an update in the last few minutes. in the last half hour big backup forming 580 coming out of 24 and into the maze. a lot of folks driving into and out of san francisco. looks like the into san francisco is starting to slow down. we'll track and see the ripple effects and jump in with anything big to report. back to you guys. >> even if you're not a regular b.a.r.t. rider it will impact your commute as well as more people take to the roadways. so if you want to track it, download the nbc bay area app. you can find information on all of our digital platforms. to new details on a frightening morning for a san jose mother. about an hour ago she was reunited with her 6-year-old daughter, who was kidnapped overnight. nbc bay area bob redell is in the newsroom now with how
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authorities brought this morning's amber alert to a safe end. bob. >> reporter: stockton's police chief said this case illustrates just how important those important those amber alerts are given the fact that that girl 6-year-old girl from san jose ava bar-illan has now been safely reunited with her mother hours after the alert was issued. the mother and daughter as you can see right there, appearing moments ago at a news conference at the police department. chp issued the amber alert after the mother reported that her ex boyfriend 39-year-old maurice cheadle of milpitas kidnapped her data from their home at 1:30 this morning. the santa clara sheriff's office received a tip the girl might be at that home in stockton. police found his car outfront and his girlfriend out side the home. his girlfriend told the officers she was inside and officers surrounded the house.
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>> we called into the house and he brought the 6-year-old girl out and surrendered peacefully. the girl is okay. >> i'm happy ava is okay. i want to thank everybody who was involved in getting her back safely. >> what was going through your mind? when did you realize that ava was missing? >> reporter: >> a lot was going through my mind. her being safe getting back to her and everything being okay. >> reporter: that was ava's mother. she believes her daughter did not realize anything was wrong since cheadle is her mother's ex boyfriend. cheadle, by the way, though is not the biological father. he and his current girlfriend remain in police custody. kris. thank you very much bob. interesting story. now to a developing story along california's central coastline that could impact your memorial day travel plans. a 21,000 gallon oil spill along the santa barbara coast has crews racing to clean it up. the coastal community is bracing for an economic hit as well as
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the environmental disaster affects nine miles of beaches. >> the cleanup will take quite a bit of time. >> reporter: this right here is what crews are facing this morning as a massive cleanup effort gets under way. about 21,000 gallons of oil spilled yesterday from a leaking pipeline near the area and now a stretch of the coastline near santa barbara which runs about four miles long is being affected. at this point authorities have not been able to tell us exactly how long potentially this cleanup effort will take but as you can see here many of the rocks and the sand are now covered in this sludge. also several of the state beaches remain closed. no word yet on what exactly caused the pipe to burst. it is owned by a company out of the state of texas. the company releasing a brief estimate saying basically it regrets this incident and, of course all of this is happening
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on these usually pristine beaches right before the memorial day weekend. reporting this morning near santa barbara, i'm vanessa ruiz for nbc news. >> the spill is raising questions about the safety of the oil and gas industry's infrastructure. the central coast is dotted with oil rigs and pipelines which environmental groups say need replacing. >> the lifetime of most of these facilities was about 30 years, and here we are decades and decades past that and they're still using the same platforms and pipelines. >> the leak is blackening the same coastline that saw catastrophic oil spill more than 45 years ago. at the time the january 1969 spill was the largest ever in u.s. waters. we have much more about this developing story on air and online for the days to come. a crew is headed to the coastline right now. we'll have live reports from the beaches during our evening newscast. for anytime updates head to
11:07 am update to another developing story. we are heading into hour 15 of a standoff in san francisco's sunnydale neighborhood. hostage negotiators trying to coax a man out of his apartment. it's happening near the intersection of sunnydale avenue and schwerin street a few blocks away from the cow palace. s.w.a.t. officers in full tactical gear and rifles have been walking around the heritage homes apartment complex. this began at 8:15 last night when police responded to a report of domestic dispute that escalated when a man threatened the victim before hiding in his apartment. nbc bay area spoke to a neighbor who didn't want to show her face. she says she is friends with the suspect, a man in his 30s who she says lives alone adding he has a son who lives outside the city. >> they was trying to talk him out. >> you said he was on the balcony? >> they came out earlier. ooh. >> what did he say?
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>> i wasn't too much wanting to listen. i was too much worried about just don't hurt him. >> we don't know if he is armed. for safety precautions that's why we have our tactical team here to ensure nothing happens to the public or our officers. >> police called in specialists and hostage negotiators to try to coax the suspect to come out or at least talk. the good news is the victim wasn't hurt and police don't believe anyone else is inside that apartment. a south bay science camp employee could enter a plea today to charges that he molested a 10-year-old boy. he is charged with distributing child porn as well. he is accused of sexually abusing the boy at walden west science camp where he worked as the night manager. the camp has sites in saratoga and cupertino. authorities say they also found hundreds of explicit pictures of children in his computer and on his phone. san jose's downtown skyline may get closer to a big change.
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san jose city council members approved a nearly $13 million deal to sell the property next to city hall. plans call for a 20 story high-rise housing development along with shopping on the ground floor. this land covers almost a half a square mile on east santa clara street. currently houses a car wash and a parking lot. a reprieve for san jose pot clubs which now will reportedly receive more time to comply with strict new rules. the mercury news reporting council members extending the deadline. the new deadline will be mid december instead of mid july. scientists will have to wait another day, if at all, to do a necropsy on the whale that washed ashore in half moon bay. the tides too high this morning to thoroughly examine the whale which washed up on the shores yesterday. it's badly decomposed. scientists think it's been dead
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for several days. >> no indication of what killed her from the outside, but we do see some bite marks, which could have been scavenging after death or might have been prior to death. >> this is the third dead whale to wash ashore in the bay area in just five weeks. crews are in the process of burying the other two whales in pacifica right now. up next at 11:00, maybe, just maybe, you can finally buy an apple watch in an apple store. a local dad tries to join a mom's club. why they turned him down because of who he's married to. >> no. it was not me. let's talk about the weather. some clouds this morning. the clouds well they're still here this afternoon as we move into the afternoon hours, i should say. we actually have a storm state your name that's going to bring rain to the bay area as soon as tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up after this. keeping an eye on breaking news impacting b.a.r.t. and, of course, spilling onto the roadways as well. service suspended on the
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richmond and fremont lines because of an equipment problem and it's causing widespread delays. back with an update coming up after the break.
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an update now to the breaking news on the b.a.r.t. lines. b.a.r.t. service is suspended on two parts of two major lines, all because of an equipment problem. right now the fremont line shut down between bay fair and fremont stations and there is also no direct service to millbrae from the east bay on the richmond line. as you would expect this causing systemwide delays across b.a.r.t. and perhaps more congestion on the roadways as people take to their cars. crews hope to repair the problem within minutes, but already the damage is done. we'll get you an update as soon as we get new information. scott. checking your markets. the markets largely unmoved even though we got good news out of the fed. doesn't look like interest rates will go up anytime soon.
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we'll talk about that in a minute. we already knew some airlines don't participate at all with online travel sites. you will never find a southwest site on trip advisor or kayak. this morning accusations from the travel industry that delta is withholding some of its best prices giving websites some fares but leaving the best fares for delta's own website. the industry organization representing online travel says that's unfair. two obvious questions. first, why would delta do this? we suspect delta makes more money on the flights it sells itself because you're more likely to upgrade your seat or buy other extras. and extras pay big for airlines. second question. can delta do this? are fares delta property? it's much harder to say but generally you can't copyright facts and an airline's price is a fact. the airlines can make it hard tore sites to discover the
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facts. i like hip monk to find travel deals. think chipmunk without the c. i can't say whether the prices are better. it's easy to use, started by a buy from harvard in charge of booking flights for the debate team. >> no doubt that an advertisement for a cloud service was sexist. but they say the tweet drove lots of new business. here it is mostly. the woman in the tweet is wearing lingerie but we decided that was too hot for tv. the black bra makes it look more naughty than it really is. we think you would agree this is way too naughty for an ad about cloud storage. this is not related to cloud storage in any way. reactions on twitter were pretty universal. i think it's ridiculous, and i will absolute r absolutely not be a customer of yours. and thanks for helping me decide which cloud-hosting company to cross off ne list it appears on.
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the company reacted with hate. 99% of our customers are male between the ages of 18 and 42. we were talking earlier about the fed minutes. it shows that a fed rate hike in june is almost impossible so we're looking more towards september. also janet yellen, the head of the fed, will make a speech on friday. it's double the fed this week. yellen does not make many speeches because everything she says seems to move the market. obviously, as always we are interested in anything she'll say about interest rates and when they might move. you might final be able to buyen a apple watch in an apple store. the site 9 to 5 max says apple plans to sell the watch to consumers in stores starting in june. right now you can try it on in the store but you have to order it online. the apple watch has become a best-seller but many of the people who bought it don't have it yet. so they've bought it it's a best-seller. they're still bare on their
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wrists. >> only apple can pull off that business model. >> they still love it somehow. >> that's true. here is a question. is a mom's group only for moms? what did dads? that's the question a bay area tech entrepreneur is asking. is it discrimination. scott budman has his story. >> i'm going to take you all the way -- >> reporter: he is a techie. he's got a start-up after all, but he is also a dad who wants to be home with his daughter. >> i had to make sure from the beginning when we started the business so i will be able to work from home. >> reporter: and after working from home building his app, and designing figures with kid-friendly blocks he decided to meet other local parents. he wrote to the burlingame mothers' club and asked if he could join. >> i applied to the mothers' group and i got rejected for being a heterosexual male. >> reporter: wait a minute. not because he is a guy but because he is a straight guy?
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>> they said we have to reject your question unfortunately. the group is for mothers. if your wife wants to join she is welcome. unless you are in the same-sex relationship with the child we would be happy to accept you. >> reporter: if you think about it, here in the bay area we're used to seeing dads with kids just as much as moms with kids. >> i don't think it's a big deal. >> reporter: moms we spoke to say they would be okay with a dad in their group. >> i'll be okay seeing a dad in there. i guess the group would not be called a moms' group anymore then. >> reporter: she has a point. so does he. when you're raising a kid, we can all learn from each other. scott budman nbc bay area news. >> that might have been a learning moment. we did get a response finally from the burlingame mothers' group. quote, unfortunately he was given wrong information due to a membership error. we sincerely apologize for our mistakes and look forward to welcoming him and his whole
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family. >> all i know is being a good parent is all that really matters, and i know a very good parent of two -- two small ones. anthony. >> thank you guys. and i'm still upright. i get her on time every day. >> and clean! >> almost! you can smell all the baby throwup. i'll stop there. let's show you a live picture from the san francisco cam. low clouds all week long guys. you know what? they're staying put for another day. the great news we're actually tracking some showers. so yes! you have to make sure the kiddos are prepared for this. you don't want to track mud in the house. heading towards memorial day weekend, the sun comes back and temperatures will be back in the 70s by the upcoming weekend. something to look forward to. right now very cloudy. and "today's" forecast will stay put with the cloud cover. 60 for san francisco, 68 for the south bay. 66 for the peninsula andnorth bay.
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giants game after nbc bay area after the 6:00 newscast. it willing breezy cool and temperatures falling back through the 50s. overcast skies are expected. our storm window has been just a little cracked over the past couple of days. we haven't had huge storms. not calling it a storm door but, yes, the window is open. every now and again we're getting a few disturbances that continue to ride along the jet stream. two are set to come towards the bay area in the next seven days. the first one moves through tomorrow. it won't bring a lot of rain activity but it will enhance the moisture in the atmosphere. as we move through the day tomorrow morning, expect a little bit of drizzle at the coastline to start the day. but by the afternoon hours i think we'll have a better chance of seeing any shower activity. best chance for that will be the higher terrains. north bay mountains and foothills. friday morning we'll wake up to a little bit of showery activity and in the weekend a return of
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70s for the inland valleys and places like santa cruz. let's show you what will be happening on the surface map. thursday into friday the system moves out of here. high pressure tries to build in for friday and saturday. that will boost us back into the 70s. the system from the rockies moves in sunday night into monday and increases the marine layer. monday we'll wake up to cloud cover but clear out in the afternoon hours. sneak peek at the memorial day weekend. temperatures will be back into the 70s saturday sunday even for monday. san francisco and the east shore will be the only places in the 60s. lots of sunshine coming our way as we head through the next few days. back to you. update to breaking news. crews have just fixed that equipment problem causing big delays on b.a.r.t. as of a few minutes ago, b.a.r.t. service was suspended on two parts of major lines, the fremont line
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and the richmond line. but, again, everything is good to go. but do expect lots of residual delays. up next at 11:00, steph curry led the warriors to victory, but it was his adorable daughter that really stole the show.
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit here is a live look at at&t
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park looking lush and green. the giants looking to take a second straight game from their rives the dodgers tonight. you can watch it here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 7:00. so one down three to go. the warriors now just three wins away from punching their ticket to the nba finals. roaracle arena rocking last night. listen to that. the warriors came from behind to beat the rockets in game one of the western conference finals. final score was close, 110-106. >> still a win! warriors will rest up today and get ready for game two tomorrow also at oracle. the dubs head to houston for games three and four on saturday and monday. if necessary, game five will be back in oakland next wednesday. >> so steph curry went on a game-high 34 points for the win, but this morning it's the his little girl that has the world talking. take a look.
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>> that's too loud daddy. >> hold on one second. >> be quiet! >> she is so funny. he plays well obviously he did that for his -- his team in the third quarter to. >> [ humming ] >> keep them close and in it. >> she is just like this. >> i think she's great. >> she is only 2. it's the craziest thing ever. >> not that he has anything to hide, right? if he wanted to hide something that would be a good way to do it. that's 2-year-old riley curry peeking out from under the table. stole the show last night during the postgame news conference. riley will soon have company on the podium. steph and his wife are expecting their second daughter this summer. >> adorable. >> yeah. up next at 11:00. we investigate. >> i think san jose is marginally inadequate. >> it's terribly disturbing to me. >> disturbing because of the lack of resources in case of an emergency.
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coming up we investigate if san jose mineta airport can handle a large plane crash similar to the one at sfo.
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you'll rer the asiana plane crash at sfo was a terrifying site. >> what if a similar crash happened at silicon valley san jose international airport? is it prepared? senior investigative reporter steven stock is uncovering some eye-opening information about sjc. >> bring in your medical gear reporting to me at the command -- >> reporter: video from a firefighter's camera gives us a close up look at the crash from sfo. it also shows the incredible and immediate actions of the first responders there. >> they all shared a similar experience of an initial impact. >> reporter: the ntsb's investigation credited san
11:30 am
francisco's fire department staffing levels as being, quote, instrumental in responding so quickly and saving lives. >> there are essentially two large openings. >> reporter: they had two firefighterers on seen. the first vehicle was there within three minutes. so we wanted to know just how prepared is the fire department at silicon valley's airport in case of a similar disaster here. we compared data from ten other major airports listed by the faa as similar in size and passenger traffic to san jose mineta international. what we found, san jose had the fewest number of firefighters on duty at any time at the airport. sjc has only three firefighters and a captain. compare that to sacramento and santa ana airports with five each plus a captain or battalion chief or pittsburgh. >> i think it's marginally
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inadequate. >> reporter: these men developed and taught training courses used by airports around the world including here at san jose. they also both worked as firefighters at san jose mineta in the 1970s and '80s before creating their own consulting business. back then they say there were six firefighters per shift. now only four. >> i would like to see one or two more firefighters at the airport. i think they would be more effective. >> reporter: san jose mineta is not breaking any rules. that's because, while the faa mandates airports meet a minimum number of trucks the faa has no requirements for the minimum number of firefighters that have to be on duty. >> the faa says it's good enough, and the fire department is here and responding. we have those people on site. they're very well trained. they train, they drill. >> reporter: kim becker is director at san jose mineta. you conform to all faa requirements. >> correct. >> reporter: if there were a 787
11:32 am
or a 767 that went down without a declared emergency, is there enough equipment on scene and, more importantly, is there enough personnel on scene to adequately respond to an emergency such as an asiana here at sjc. >> yes. we have the personnel and the mutual aid response that we need to respond at this airport. >> reporter: no doubt about it. >> none. >> chief rop rts sapien oversees operation for the fire department including station 20 located at the airport. >> the speed at which we can achieve our operational objective certainly has been affected by a reduction in personnel. >> reporter: do the math. two of the four firefighters on duty would be driving the two fire fighting trucks there. the emergency plan calls for the captain to direct the scene and issue orders. so what's left? >> what's left is a firefighter. >> reporter: one firefighter. one guy, to help with evacuation and rescue of those who survive
11:33 am
any crash. >> it's simple math. you have an airplane that carries 250 people. at least four slides on one side. four on another. they're going to deploy them all. that leaves one person to manage eight slides. can you tell me how you do that? i don't know. >> reporter: san jose mineta's airport emergency plans also call for backups to arrive and help out, but this email memo from fire officials shows average response time of the backup vehicles just to get to the fence outside the airport is eight to 11 minutes. according to the ntsb at that same point in time after the asiana crash firefighters had already evacuated all the passengers. >> yeah. it's a big challenge. i mean all the equipment has to get to the airport. then they have to get into the fence and then be escorted to the scene. >> when i was there we didn't have runway hydrants. >> reporter: they still don't. >> they don't? >> they don't. >> reporter: no fire hydrants on the actual field itself at sjc
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near the runways of the ten airports we compared to san jose only three others did not have hydrants on the air field. >> that's a major issue right there. >> reporter: at sjc the nearest hydrants are located at the edge of the field, the gate where the airlines park. more than 1,000 feet from the center of the runways. >> you don't want to have your vehicles leaving the scene to resupply with water. >> reporter: airport director becker says officials chose not to install hydrants on the airfield during runway reconstruction. >> i think we have a great supply of water on the ramp area and around the airfield. i'm confident that they know what they're doing and they'll be able to handle the fires. >> reporter: do you wish you had more personnel? >> wish is a difficult word to respond to. but i will tell you that the fire department certainly field operations, did propose two additional personnel in this budget cycle that's up for review by the budget office and the council. it's not for no reason at all. we do believe that delivering the services that are required here at the airfield could use
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some enhanced resources. >> reporter: steven stock nbc bay area news. pet or protein? whichever size you're on whole foods set off a fiery debate when it announced it would begin selling rabbit meat last summer. our investigative unit reviewed the investigative reports for the source of the rabbits. tonight we'll show you what inspectors found and whether the farm in iowa is meeting the standards whole foods promises its customers. we also look how well the meat is selling. whole foods says it is offering rabbit meat because customers wanted it. but what are believed to be internal sales figures shared with nbc bay area suggest that's not real lily the case. >> it's a trend-setting grocery store. if they create and demand for new meat every grocery store will try to follow suit. >> whole foods declined our request for an interview. the producer of the meat says we
11:36 am
proudly produce rabbit and take pride in our animal care and food safety practices which we're confident are among the best in the nation. join us tonight to see what the inspection reports reveal. we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip or the investigative unit give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send us an email what's become the biggest consumer recall in u.s. history, takata recalling air bags in 34 million vehicles after the company admitted it does have a problem. >> most of the model years involved are 2000 to 2011 but there are dozens of models involved as well. nbc's tom costello has followed the story since it broke last fall and has this report. >> reporter: this morning the world's biggest air bag maker, takata corporation, is on the defensive with car dealers gearing up for the biggest recall in u.s. history. bigger even than the recall of 31 million tylenol bottles in 1982. affecting roughly one out of every four cars on the road, nearly 34 million vehicles
11:37 am
nationwide involving 11 different auto makers. >> auto makers and manufacturers have a safety responsibility that they must live up to. there are no excuses. >> reporter: government investigators say exploding air bags are thought to have killed at least five people including this man who died in an accident in orlando. the family attorney showed us her car. >> you can see the shap nal on the floor. what went forward towards her are metal fragments from the inflator itself. >> reporter: it came right into her face and neck. >> literally shoots through the bag into her neck. >> reporter: until now the takata corporation insisted its air bags were not defective. did takata put profits ahead of safety, sir? refusing to answer questions from nbc news or the japanese media. now it admits there is a problem in a statement saying we are committed to continuing to work closely with regulators and our auto maker customers to do
11:38 am
everything we can to advance the safety of drivers. but many original drivers may have long ago sold their cars. >> a lot of these vehicles also are in the hands of second owners, third owners. that's a big problem too. just in communicating to them. >> reporter: there still aren't enough replacement parts, to make matters worse. >> that is the difficult part. here is what you do to see if your car is on the list. go to and click on the v.i.n. lookup number and enter your car's number which is on the front dash of your car to see if it is part of the recall. keep in mind because the recall is so big, officials say it could take a couple of days for the list to be updated. so keep checking back. up next at 11:00. given orphaned birds a second chance. we'll show you how a local group is helping baby birds in need. also/. >> it occurred to see that was when i was going to donate all my money towards. >> this teenage photographer
11:39 am
doesn't keep a penny of what he makes. he is part of our "bay area proud" series. a little blue sky coming through in sunol. we have thunderstorms popping up across the sierra and the north bay mountains, all ahead of our next storm system that's going to bring more widespread rain to the bay tomorrow. back to break it down for you coming up after this.
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well spring has sprung
11:42 am
meaning birds have made their nests and babies are hatching. >> many of the baby birds are facing danger before they ever even fly. joe rosado jr. shows us how an unusual group is giving orphaned birds a wing up. >> reporter: there is nothing in life that says home like someplace cozy and warm. nothing that says love like something woven and shaped by hand. >> just a way of keeping my little hands busy. >> reporter: becky took up the knitting needle long ago. >> when i was a child i started knitting. these are crocheted ones. >> reporter: her family is not constantly getting gifts of scarves and sweaters. >> i don't do sweaters. i just do nests. >> reporter: the recipients of becky's hand knitted kindness are baby birds. >> can you imagine one baby bird in this thing. >> reporter: she started
11:43 am
knitting bird nests a year ago after the animal care center called out for help with nests. >> there was a front-page article in the newspaper calling knitters to knit for birds. >> reporter: it didn't take other nudging to get knitters to press their needles into action. >> this year this is about 100. >> reporter: birds aren't very different than humans. they just want a warm place to lay their head. >> this helps us reduce our waste so we're not lining our nests with paper towels and also helps keep them warm and cozy. >> reporter: with that coziness in mind the knitters knitted and knitted and knitted until pretty soon -- >> we are people knitting us and sending us from australia and iraq. >> reporter: they got so many nests they couldn't hold them all. >> we put out a call to they are centers across the country and we shipped them to anybody who needed them. >> reporter: more than 100
11:44 am
animal care facilitates got nests. >> we're all coming from different walks of life different places we learned to knit. and it's sort of paying it forward. >> reporter: now, as another bird season gets under way the knitters are once again knitting it forward. >> i started this nest about half-time last night of the warriors' game. >> reporter: the home-made nests bring comfort to ailing birds across the country while giving the knitters something they needed an appreciative audience. >> people who love to knit i think their families has as many sweaters and scarves as they can. >> i've done over 5,000. >> reporter: becky doesn't she her knitting as an obsession. to her the nests are like knitting a very tiny hug. joe rosado jr. nbc bay area news. >> if your hands were moving during the entire -- >> i have been band from making hats. on occasion. maybe i should connect with these ladies because my kids --
11:45 am
i haven't seen their hair in years. what's a quick way to bring people closer together put a smile on their face? ask them to take a picture. >> it's something a young man from sonoma has been doing a lot lately. not just his subjects are smiling. here is garvin thomas with today's "bay area proud." >> reporter: christian isbrandtsen is a 17-year-old high school junior. he says he laughs when he hears someone say he can't make a difference as a young person. christian says they are wrong and has the pictures to prove it. >> can i get a photo of you two? >> reporter: you can't always tell just by looking at someone if they suffer from a serious disease. >> thank you! >> that's a neat face. i like it. >> reporter: it's why though he is the picture of health himself, christian isbrandtsen must frequently explain that no he does not have type i diabetes. >> i always say, no i actually
11:46 am
don't. a lot of people ask me that. >> reporter: the story behind that interesting question is, as you might imagine, interesting itself and begins not with a medical condition but with a nikon camera he carries around his neck. ever since he was little he has moved taking pictures. graduating to his very own professional-grade camera before even graduating middle school. >> the first thing would be like, oh that's your mom's camera. and i'm like no. it's actually my own. >> reporter: christian was just itching for excuses to take pictures with it and soon he found a very good one. it happened after going to a gala where he saw a presentation by the juvenile diabetes research foundation. >> i didn't know the impact that type i diabetes had, especially on children. and after that it clicked to me that that was when i was going to donate all my money towards, was that foundation.
11:47 am
>> reporter: maybe not all his money, but all the money he could make from his photography. at first christian set up booths at sonoma wineries asking $10 donations in exchange for a sooufuvenir picture. he soon realized though there was more money to be raised at bigger events. parties, galas, openings christian is now a regular at them around wine country. taking pictures but never taking a fee. >> could i have you guys look up for a photo? all of. >> reporter: if christian or no one close to him has the disease, why go to so much effort to help fight it? sometimes he says a passion and a purpose just seem to click. >> it makes me feel really really happy. >> reporter: only three years into his non-profit and christian has already photographed dozens of events and raised thousands of dollars for jdrf. car garvin thomas nbc bay area news. >> very nice.
11:48 am
>> it is indeed. let's check in with another nice guy, anthony. looking at cloud cover this morning. trying to make this passion click this morning with my clicker here. you know what the cloud cover will be with us all morning long into the afternoon hours. notice in san francisco, as i click in here and get closer cloud cover pretty extensive. that's really our trend as we head through the next couple of days. it's going to be cloudy with a little bit of drizzle at the coastline. starts at 8:00 tomorrow. really for the rest of the day. we have showers in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon, not going to be widespread but i think a few of us especially up against the foothills up in the north bay mountains might see isolated showers and a rumble of thunder as well and then the sun comes out for memorial day weekend. it will warm up. the return of 70s. giants game this evening taking on the dodgers. 7:00 you can tune into it right here on nbc, expecting dry conditions. it is going to be cool and cloudy. the on shore wind remains in place. we will stay cloudy through the
11:49 am
rest of the day. through the day tomorrow notice the green blobs there starting to pop up across the peninsula. that's a little bit of drizzle for the coastline tomorrow morning. look what happens towards the afternoon hours. we get a few more cells popping up across the north bay. those will be a few areas of light showers, and even down towards the south bay foothills near gilroy morgan hill could see a brief shower expected towards the afternoon hours tomorrow. up in the sierra expecting thunderstorms there as well not only for tomorrow but into friday. so if you're doing some traveling that way, heads up. the bay area towards the weekend, the return of 70s does make its way back into the forecast. if you're making traveling plans, perhaps to lake tahoe. friday and saturday thunderstorms. lots of sunshine headed this direction. warm by saturday close to 80 degrees there. and our last and final stop takes us toward the central coast. cooler here.
11:50 am
temperatures will be back into the 60s and showery activity for thursday and friday. the system moving through tomorrow will move out of here as we head towards friday afternoon, at least for us here at home. high pressure building in towards the weekend. not a big warmup because another storm system to the north will dive south head towards the sierra. expecting that to be a dry system is it for us because it is going to make its way back east before it impacts aus. toward memorial day, expecting cloud cover for the morning hours and then sunshine. temperatures will not be overly warm, but closer to where we should be for this time of year. the south bay, 70 for saturday, 74 by monday. even the peninsula you'll be a little chilely on saturday 78. same for the east shore. warm spots will be the north bay and tri-valley back into the mid 70s. not a big warmup guys but you'll notice it because we've been below average for the past week with 60s and 50s. nice warming trend headed our
11:51 am
way. >> it's been strange. thank you, anthony. >> get your sweaters. sniekake bitten. one man trying to show off the power of sturdy boots has started a national recall.
11:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪
11:53 am
one of the biggest roadblocks to a good cardio workout may be your smartphone. researchers at kent state university recruited 44 people to test the effects of using a smartphone while on treadmills or using it to simply listen to music added to the workout experience. when people talked on the phone they automatically reduced their speed and annoyed the people next to them. texting lowered both speed and the participant's heart rate as well. hundreds of hunting boots made to protect buyers from snake bites are being recalled after a man demonstrating the
11:54 am
product got bit by a snake. a contractor put on a pair of rocky brand boots to demonstrate the durability. unfortunately the snake in the demonstration bit through the boots sending him to the hospital for treatment. now the company is recalling 1800 pairs of boots and offering a free replacement with a pair that has not failed the bite test. >> let me give you a tip. don't be the guinea pig. >> there was a snake in my boot. how about that? we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
how about this for a new twist on the iconic lobster roll. >> maine's maritime museum unveiled a wheeled crustacean. it's a vw beetle. it served as the official vehicle of a florida lobster restaurant before it was donated to the museum. it made several stops in several states including georgia, pennsylvania and new york before final arriving in maine. the museum hopes it will attract more visitors. how could it not? >> that's almost as good as the oscar meyer wiener mobile. we always stopped to take pictures in front of that one. >> they need to get out west. >> how the lobster roll. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> bye!
11:58 am
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>> today on "access hollywood live" back stage with mirrorball champs rumer and val. >> sawyer fredericks won "the voice," he's with us today. >> rolling down there, he's a cellist and been in more than 70 movies. the latest one is scary. >> i love them. how kim kardashian made the first move on kanye. an interview with kim, all exclusive. >> be nice and i'll share my kim kardashian exclusive. "access hollywood live" starts right now.


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