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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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landing. >> plus screaming and struggling. what happened and why officers need your help this morning. >> drizzle could get year windshield wipers going, as we see temperatures around placing like the south bay trending a little warmer today. >> and we have our eyes in the sky, showing traffic. it is trending a bit better here. what's going on, what to expect for the unexpected slowing on the nimitz. a very good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon, a story developing by the minute. fifa accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes. overnight arrested several top leaders. >> this is for behavior both past and president. bob redell joins us. accusations of kickbacks.
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the u.s. probe, sam and laura focuses on a miami-based organization that governs soccer here in north america. this video comes to us from miami, where within the past few hours, fbi agents searched two office lodges. the doj hats also indicted 14 people on charges of racketeering and bribery in what law enforcement called a 24-year scheme to enrich themselves through the corruption of international soccer. in conjunction with in investigation, swiss police raided a hotel in zurich overnight and arrested seven executives with fifa. authorities have also shut down several swiss bank accounts in connection with those alleged bribes. in a second separate investigation, swiss authorities
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are probing horrid fifa awarded the world cup to russia, and just moments ago the head of fifa told the press it was his organization that alerted swiss authorities to this alleged criminal activity and those world cups would still be played in the respective locations. >> what would you expect from us? that we start and speculation that maybe raascha, qatar, we have to redo the voting? i mean russia and qatar will be paid. this is what is fact today. i don't go into speculation what will happen tomorrow after tomorrow, and so on. this is what i can tell you. >> thank you very much, bob of course we'll continue to follow it. join us with another update in the next half hour or o we'll update the story all morning along across all our digital platforms new this morning a grass
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fire near happy hollow park and zoo in san jose is out. crews responded to the slow-moving flames just after 3:00 this morning. it wassous in less than an hour. no injuries have been report the. still no word on how it started dozens of passengers from the bay area salvely landed in san diego overnight after an unexpected stop at l.a.x. southwest airlines flight 1516 took off from san jose bound for san diego, but the pilot made an emergency landing in los angeles lay last night when a heat sensor detected a fire in the cargo hold. all 77 people on board were evacuated. firefighters said there was no fire and may have been a faulty warning light. after a short delay, the plane was cleared for stakeoff a quick spot that could save a life. the chp hoping to talk with a little girl. they said to make sure she's okay after a toll taker said he
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saw the girl struggling with a woman inside the suv. stephanie has the survaluance photos the chp wants you to see, stef. >> that's right, sam. you see the build up on the toll plaza, where it's still split. that is key here. there are still people here collecting tolls and one of them is the one who reported that a young girl may be in trouble. that man told chp that there was a girl between 9 to 12 years old, not in these pictures, who was kneeling at the center console of this suv, screaming and struggling with the right front passenger. this was heading west into francis around 8:30 saturday night. it's unclear if any actual crime took place, but investigators want to make sure the girl is okay. they want you to look at thinks pictures. in what happens to be a tan or gray suv. a '95 to '97 maybe chevrolet bladeser, the toll taker describing the passengers as a
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woman 40 to 50, wearing a multicolored scarf. the chp seeking possible witnesses, which by the way, did not have license plates, but did have a demp rather operating permit, so thanks to the person who thought it was worth reporting to police, we may not have lies on other bridges like -- stephanie chuang 6:05. more now on a developing story. a bay area volunteer will board a plane bound for the flood-ravaged state of oklahoma. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency in every county in that state. kris sanchez is live at maneta, where kris just spoke with that man. >> reporter: yes, a volunteer from pallet alternate. he's headed to the disaster area in oklahoma.
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he used a very silicon valley comparison. he said that when the red cross comes to town, it's like going from start-up to 1500 employees overnight. i think that's something we can certainly all understand the flooding that hit texas and oklahoma, that's where he's headed. it is just the latest of the problems for oklahoma in particular. the red cross is helps the red cross there. he says that is the difficulty there, the operations were supposed to be winding down. >> so it's an ongoing operation, and the weather keeps changing there. it's sort of severe weather season for them. we're seeing a lot of flooding, rain and tornadoes. >> reporter: nearly 700 red cross workers and volunteers are now helping in texas right now. carl mastky will join them.
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he's planning to be there at least a couple weeks. warnings remain in effect for the nation's fourth largest city, that's houston, and then severe weather is expected in oklahoma as well. while the waters are receding, it's just not nasty enough. we know that nearly a dozen people have died in the floodwaters. we all can't put our lives on hold to head to a disaster area, but carl reminds us we can always help from where we are with a donation of money or a donation of blood. >> thank you, kris a south bay woman is accused of winding hispanic families out of a quarter of a million. she promised to wire the money to loved ones, only to pocket most of t prosecutors charged letitia sand value with 14 criminal counts, including grand theft and securities fraud.
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investigators say many of the victims work low-wage jobs, some working in the field. gave her the life savings. they say she also took money from people and promise she would invest it. 13 people lost tens of thousands of dollars. gilroy police hope other possible victims will step forward regardless of any fear they might have. >> such a violation of trust 6:08 and a follow up. families are left wondering what to do next. the city council is allowing is the owner of the mobile home park to sell that park is the last remaining mobile home park in the city of palo alto it's 6:08. this morning is just flying by already. >> we are moving forward through this morning, through the week, rob. some parts of the bay more than
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others. >> yeah, the warmest we've been probably since about may 2nd. it's been that long. trying to get into the 70s and 80s, inland right now. we've had some misty skies around the bay bridge. i can show you where the mist has moved o. over towards the approach there on the new span of the bay bridge, getting out of the area there on the east bay. 57 degrees, some mist there on the camera lens, and there you see san jose, 58 degrees to start the day. the view looking down on the low clouds, you see the night coming out, about 2500 feet in terms of elevation this morning. we will continue to see the low clouds sticking around through about 10:00 or 11:00, clearing skies, still not much change on the coast where we'll see some misty skies and drizzle at sometimes today. notice the temperatures today against looking at low 60s should climb into the low 70s closer to san jose. 65 degrees near foster city. we'll see temperatures in the low 70s. 75 in concord and out towards
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the tri-valley, numbers in the mid to upper 70s. the warming trend we'll see, san jose finally near averages. 77 degrees should be close to the average high. a bit warmer than that a saturday with increasing high clouds. san francisco just slightly warmer, mid 60s. not north bay we'll see increasing clouds on saturday, and the tri-valley seems warm temperatures, but stay tuned north of the golden gate, we may see a few showers along with a slight cooldown to wrap up the weekend. we showed you the shot from the chopper, and the crew has cleared at fruitvale. what was backed up solid from high street all the way back down to 98, and now we're looking at basically traffic -- that's much better news. we showed that big slow down, and that overnight roadwork cleared. the bay bridge toll plaza seeing more -- we had the metering lambs and a jam off 24.
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we're getting back to a typical pattern here. a lighter volume throughout highway 4, so we don't see anything really dramatic. down through hayward, in through fremont, the northbound route through san jose, a crash, so 101 slows a bit, and 87, between downtown and the capitol expressway. we again talk about oakland, and it's come back up to speed past the coliseum. and overnight road crew done for the morning. hopefully the overnight workers are sleeping now. >> and then get up for the a's and the warriors. >> always energy to cheer on the team this guy is just happy to be struck by lightning. the images that to see to believe. >> are high house prices causing
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people to flee the bay area? take a look at the data, coming up in business news.
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they are as dangerous as they are fun. more than 12,000 atvs designed for young adults are being recalled because they're simply too dangerous. the vehicles failed to meet the standard requirements regarding speed and parking brakes. the recall involves models made by bombardier, you can take the atvs for a free repair. no injuries have been reported this is the topic for debate for so many. houses in the bay area are so expensive that people are looking to get out? >>. >> some people are looking at seattle, portland and points beyond. >> we brought you news here on tuesday that home surprises some san francisco had risen faster than anywhere else in the
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nation, up 10.3% year over year. the data measures san francisco, oakland and down the east bay. separate median price in the south bay is a million. redfin ran those numbers. he looked at users from the bay area to see where they were looking for houses. was it here? or was it somewhere else? and what he found is this. four years ago 85% of the people in the bay area were looking for houses in the bay area. today it's something like 75%, a big reductions. where were they looking? places like portland, cambridge, massachusetts, and seattle. looking at seattle, just four years ago, 1% of the home searches by people in the bay area were for homes in seattle, and now it's 5%.
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so from 1 in 100 to 1 in 20. other news, the irs acknowledged something we've already been painfully aware of. thousands have been ripped off by identity thieves. they say more than 100,000 tax return may have been faked. these are not hackers. they break into computer systems. these are identity thieves who use data about to to pretend they were you s what's new this morning is this number. 100,000 people defrauded. they're going in there, pretending they are you, changing the address, they take care of it, oftentimes with one of those prepaid debit cards, you don't get your tax return. >> the only saving grace is you don't have to fill out your taxes, because someone else has
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filled it out for you and taken the money. >> if you get anything from uncle sam, you certainly want it. a man is recovering after he was struck from lightning. the images are hat to believe these are pictures of ryan cross from his hospital bed. that red strin, that's from the bolt. his wife says the bolt struck him on the head and exited out his back. this happened while he was riding dirt bikes during a sudden storm. cross' doctors say they still don't know if there's going to be long-term effects, but so far he's fine. >> a survivor scar. that is absolutely incredible. well, there has been a lot of severe weather to go around, but not here. we are moving farther south. more to that in a second. first a live look outside at trans. things are looking nice. >> auld cloudy overcast.
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>> good coffee weather. >> i love it. >> it's always coffee weather for us. close to 60 in san francisco, but a very different satire east of the sierra. it is severe weather season around the country. the elevated risk for severe weather from nebraska down into north-central texas, and more from the northeast. d.c. over towards philadelphia, but we're going to zoom in around houston, and fortunately overnight into this morning, flooding rains and intense thunderstorms rolling out towards louisiana. severe weather and localized flooding, still flash flood watching off to the east of austin this morning, so right now we have low clouds around the bay area, a few misty skies. and into san jose, 58 for now, and clearing skies, as we head towards the afternoon. temperatures running fairly cool. not much change, it will be the
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valleys, just a couple degrees today, and then eventually soars into the low 80s we suspect by friday and saturday. 73 in saturday, san francisco again near 60 degrees out towards oakland, 65. napa 73, tri-valley looking at numbers in the mid 70s. you have the a's game just after lunchtime. we'll see temperatures there in the mid 60s toward the fifth inning. later on this evening, you have the warriors versus rockets, as we hopefully head our way off to the nash finals. we'll see temperatures outside the oracle arena. as we look at the extended photograph friday, saturday, into the weekend. low 80s on saturday. notice the increased cloud cover as we get into sunday, specifically the north bay, could see a few stray showers s warm start to the weekend. as we go from a pattern that will have high pressure, holding its ground, then there is that
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slight chance as it rotates off to the north. may see a few showers late in the weekend, so stay tuned for the forecast, as we approach sunday. to see what's happening, here's mike. >> in case youhand heard, i want to show you once again northbound 8980, past the coliseum. we're looking at northbound traffic all the way to the bay bridge, so we'll show you the map, and the speed now completely back up through downtown, and no slowing past the coliseum. a little build, a little better off of 580, so a shift against, the metering light still on at the beige bridge. there's the north bay, we're going to zoom out. the walnut creek interchange. over here west 580, we've moved to the tri-valley. there was a crash reported west 580, but no lanes of the connector reported blocked. i'll track that report. as we move to the south bay, northbound routes, we do have a crash over on the shoulder look
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at that light slowing. it looks like it's cleared up. no problems there. we'll check the san mateo bridge. not much of a commute in either direction. 101 through san mateo, basically at speed. back to you. >> baseball as you saidly finding itself in a sticky situation, getting more sticky, thanks to a former a's pitcher. the issue here is that pitcher are illegally doctors baseballs to get a better grip. at least two pitchers have been suspended this week after umps discovered foreign substances. dallas brayden claims that even the a's used as to teach it in spring training. billy beane tells "the oakland tribune" he has no idea what brayden is talking about.
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one win away. a live look at oral cal. the warriors could punch their ticket to the first nash finals in 40 years. >> excitement abounds. the warriors are up 3-1. there's a pretty good chance, let's say there's a definite chance they will be hosts the king lebron james. the cavaliers finished their series last night. they are now waiting for the western conference finals to end. tip-off is set for 6:00. at 6:22 we'll be cheering them on why umbilical cords attached longer could help babies later in life and a doctor treats his patients with ecestate, and the fda says it's okay. that story is up next.
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staying connected to mom a bit longer at birth might give newborns a small boost later in childhood. they developed slightly higher motor and social skills if they remained attached for more than three minutes after birth. swedish researchers compared them to children who had their umbilical cords cut after ten seconds. they're not just mama's
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boyce. a francis doctor is treating patients with the illegal drug ecestate and the fast says it's okay. the drug scientifically known as mdma is currently considered by the federal government with no therapeutic value. a doctor is goods to have a clinical trial in conjunction with intense therapy sessions. >> it tends to bring on a sense of mood change, you feeling that loving and caring, of being more accepting of one's own failures and difficulty. >> if the current trial is acceptable, mdma will be used to treat much larger numbers of people still ahead, numb developments overnight surrounding hillary clinton and her personal e-mails bribery back-room deals and
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now behind bars fifa officials arrested overnight allegations of years of corruption lead to an international probe.
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we're tracking low clouds for the morning and rising high temperatures, cracking the low 70s around the south bay and north bay. a look at your forecast is coming up and low clouds, and lowering speeds. we'll track your commute. right now the san mateo bridge is getting busier the dow got pummelled
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yesterday on a strong dollar. a bit of a higher opening, the winner of the indy 500 opening the nasdaq, and some of the folks from silverton -- we'll skip the nasdaq. it's the 27th of may, it's a wednesday. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura gartia cannon. i'm sam brock. right now just into the newsroom, a man in the bay area may also be the man who robbed a bank in elk grove. police say he robbed a chase bank yesterday afternoon with a felony awarrant in san francisco. he's 5'6" with short dark hair. police say he's armed and dangerous and could be driving a silver bmw 7 series. if you have any information, please call police
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agents in switzerland and miami raid fifa offices. leaders of the global -- are accused of taking bribes for some of the the top tournaments a plane was forced to make an emergency landing in los angeles. a heat sensor alerted them to smoke in the cargo hold. and the chp wants to talk to the people in this suv seen last saturday at a bay bridge toll plaza. the toll taker says he saw a young girl inside that might have been struggling with a woman in the front passenger seed. the chp wants to make sure that girl is okay we are expecting more e-mails from hillary clinton's private account to be released by the end of next month. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington decrease krk this morning. the state department released about 300 e-mails last week. >> and now they have to release the rest overtime starting june 30th, and 660 days, meeting
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their initial stated decline. they're scrutinizing -- now a judge has got to approve this schedule, there's a special deadlines, but there's a lot of other stuff that they are trying to release. orders by september 8 we're told, and again all of this is going to be rolling out throughout the election cycle. we also know that there are a lot of e-mails they're dealing with. 30,000 of them going in about 55,000 pages. this lawsuit not only covered this freedom of information act lawsuit not only covered secretary clinton during the year she is was secretary, but also her top aides and her deputies. so they're looking at a big document dump, as we like to call it here in washington. that could start coming occupy next month.
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>> thank you. >> a lot of people interested in it. 6:32 right now, a check on the microclimate right now. yep, you can make out the bay bridge and the clouds this morning. >> right now low clouds and drizzle once again to start the money. here's the view as we take you out across the bay. we're seeing temperatures in the upper 50ds right now. as you just saw in san francisco, 54 currently with mostly cloudy skies into san jose. 58 degrees as to start your morning off with mostly cloudy conditions. right now the view from mt. hamilton looking down on the low clouds shows that blanket that should begin to break up, but continued cool on the coast for today, we'll see highs not changing much, but in the locations today beginning to see the climb upwards. mid 70s to upper 70s, north bay
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low 70s, and for oakland we have et a's game coming up should reach the high temperatures around the fifth inning. later on this evening we have the warriors taking on the rockets. that's at 6:00. we'll see temperatures cooling off, but a chance of splash brothers showers inside and hopefully a celebration parade after the game. could cause some traffic issues though, mike. >> what will be earning their money are the parking attendants. with the midday game and then the basketball. a shoutout to those hard workers. things are moving well for the fast track lanes and the cash lanes many. not really backed up -- we're looking at the map and you see a smooth flow of traffic. west 580, a little slow off 24,
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and top of your screen west 80. we do have a little slowing there. that's about it for the immediate approaches, though the san mateo bridge getting more crowded. southbound 880, records of a fender bender. we see a lighter flow this morning. 101 builds from the capitol expressway, and the crash still activity north 101 at mckee. we'll look at palo alto coming up the peninsula toward us, and folks are moving very nicely. university avenue heading southbound into silicon valley. >> smooth sailing just like tonight's basketball game. >> that's right, for the warriors. >> all that splashing going around. 6:35 right now. an investigative unit exclusive. as of this month, a record
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number of undocumented immigrants are in legal limbo. almost a half million people have been caught by border agent still waiting on a day in court to see if they'll be sent back to their home country or allowed to stay. almost everyone agrees the immigration court system is breaking under the strain. steven stock travel inside the beltway to washington, d.c. to get some answers. the director tells us what he is doing to fix this problem. >> the reality is that the system is overburdened, absolutely. that works to the detriment, not just to the system itself, but also for people who have been waiting for hearings for a long time. >> tonight at 11:00, we'll expos one of the biggest crimes currently plaguing the system and we'll ask the director what he's doing to stop it. if you have a tip call us, or send us an e-mail. next at 6:00, new pictures in a secret facebook page.
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now a major university fraternity is in hot water a waitress serves one customer a whole lot more than just food. why she took this man down with a menu. a live look at the markets this morning. a nice trend in trading, seven minutes into the markets opening. we'll keep checking back with the numbers. a lot more ahead. stick around.
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6:39 on your wednesday. nude pictures of a woman on secret facebook page lands a fraternity at penn state in hot water this morning. the college has suspended kappa delta rho for allegedly promoting a culture of harassment. investigators also found that members of the from a ternlt engaged in hazing, forcening pledges to participate in boxing
6:40 am
matches. it's been kkd off campus for three years. texas becoming closer. just before midnight house lawmakers gave preliminary approval to a so-called campus carry measure. to allow nufrts to partially opt out of the policy. final house approval is expected later today. the governor has until monday to sign the bill once approved by the senate and a wild case in new york. two lawyers for chimpanzees are going to argue that the animals should have the same rights as people. it's filed a petition on behalf of two chimps, leo and hercules. the chimps are kept at stonybrook university where they're used in studies. the chimps are not expected in court. 6:40, a waitress at a
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restaurant in russia served customers more than just food. >> after some monkey business here, take a look at the security video posted by "the daily mirror." it shows the customer trying to grope the waitress and something down her shirt. she hits him with the menu. serves him right. >> it's 6:41 a corruption scandal with worldwide implications. the raids happening right now in connection with the world's most popular sport while screaming and struggling, what happens inside this suv, and why officers need your help this morning when is the warmup coming? a live look outpseudo. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather, after the break.
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happening right now, our chopper flying over san francisco international airport. these are live pictures of southwest flight 2436, it was heading to chicago then on to baltimore. when baggage handlers were loading that plane, one of the handlers thought he smelled some sort of fume coming from a piece of luggage that was being loaded onto the plane. the operations ceased, as you see there at the center of your screen, san francisco fire were called to the scene so they could evaluate that bag. it has been removed. they are taking a look at it now. it has delayed the flight so far. what we have learned right now
6:45 am
is it's affected no other flights so far this morning, but something we're keeping a close eye on this morning. at 6:44 also this morning, a developing story with worldwide implications, fifa accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes. agents raided the offices, arresting several top leaders. >> bob, some of those raids are happening in the u.s. amid news of guilty pleas. >> we have learned that five men have already pled guilty in the alleged corruption scandal that involves more than $100 million in bribes here in the u.s. and latin america. part of this probe focuses on a miamih based organization that governs soccer in north america. within the fast few hours fbi agents searched two areas. the department of justice has
6:46 am
indicted nine additional people, in what they called a 24-year scheme to enrich themselves due to corruption of international soccer. in conjunction with this investigation, swit police raided a hotel in zurich, and arrested seven officials with fifa. they are expected to be extradited back to the united states, again involving that more than $100 million allegedly used to get the sponsorship rights. authorities have also shut down several swiss bank accounts. in a second separate investigation, swiss authorities are probing how fifa awarded the world 2018 cup to russia and the 2022 world cup to qatar. just moments ago a spokesperson told the press it was thinks organization that alerted thoughts to this alleged activity. >> as i said in the very beginning, you don't believe me, but i know, but i'm going to say it once again, this for fifa is
6:47 am
good. it's not good in terms of image. it's not good in terms of reputation, but in terms of cleaning up, in terms of everything in the last four years, in terms of the process, this is good. >> fifa says in spite of the criminal investigations, the 2018 and 2022 world cups will still be played in russia and qatar. russia for its part says it did nothing wrong. >> this story, by the way, changing by the minute. we are constantly updating it across all of our digit as platforms, including or nash bay area app which you can download for fear firefighters made quick work of a happy sneer -- happy hollow park near the zoo.
6:48 am
we brace ourselves for the fire season. a live look outside from the sunol hills. it's still a little too brown out there. >> so dry out there, but the temperatures have been very mild lately. >> this month has helped, with the marine air and some of the drizzle, but right now the humidity is high, we have clouds, but look at the wind speeds, right now less than 10 miles an hour, in the afternoon it would be the time frame from about noon to 5:00. once we get the clearing skies, wind picks up as the sea breeze fires up. so as the temperatures begin to climb on up, unfortunately fire danger will also be increasing. right right now cloudy skees mist and low clouds, 54 degrees with drizzle around san francisco, 58 in san jose, and the view from mt. hamilton looking down, again constituent pretty thick. we should see the clouds break
6:49 am
up right after about 10:00 or 11:00 this morning and still see low clouds. not much change, inland areas bush did you more significant warming on the way, so highs in the -- mid 70s closer to los gatos, upper 50s to near 60 in san francisco, but temperatures in the low 70s in the nor bay, mid 70s, and 65 in oakland, right around mid game for the a's game, we'll see temperatures in the mid 60s under partly cloudy skies, and later on this evening for the warriors, and as we've been saying throughout the morning. later on tonight, so for the extended forecast heading to the weekend, you see that jump up in the temperatures. 80s we suspect to start the weekend with more clouds and some cooling by sunday. notice the north bay, a chance
6:50 am
of a few showers, a bit cooler with the numbers in the tri-valley, here's the reason why we're seeing a bit of a u-turn. dry on saturday, then this upper-level system approaches the coast. for now we're calling it a chance of north bay showers. likely cooling things off a bit. >> looking over here to the south bay where, finally seeing the slower drive from 680 up towards alum rock. we have that build generally for the northbound directions. and now 28 on right past the 17 interchange. a little bit later during the spring and summer months. that crash moved from the center divide to the shoulders. that is on the shoulder, no problems, and the approach, i
6:51 am
skipped over a shot with the san mateo bridge, we have a smooth drive across the bridge. no problems on the peninsula, guys. back to you. get some hot tea, mike. new details, dozen of passengers safely landed in san diego overnight after an unexpected stop at l.a.x. best airlines flight 1516 took off from san jose bound for san diego, but the pilot made an emergency landing, when a heat sensor detected a fire in the cargo hold. all 70 people on board were evacuated. firefighters say there was no fire, it may have been a faulty warning light. after a short delay, it was cleared for takeoff and cleared to continue to san diego a scene of utter definite toews, days of relentless rain triggers floods that continue in the west.
6:52 am
14 people are missing in texas. so far 19 people have been k6r78d dead across that entire region, including several in the state of oklahoma. we're live at san jose maneta, where a volunteer for the red cross left just moments ago? >> he's about nine minutes from takeoff. we did get to talk to him before he took off for oklahoma. and carl says when the red cross deploys to a disaster, it's like taking a start upfor 1500 employees overnight. it is quite an endeavor, one they are very good at, his day job is emergency planning for stanford health care and lucille packard children's hospital, so he keeps operations going when there's an emergency. that's what he's going to do, as he arrives at the disaster zone in the southwest. the flooding oklahoma's latest problem. earlier in the morning they had been helping folks since tornadoes struck there in may.
6:53 am
>> we were hoping to be winding down the operation in oklahoma, because that's been going on for two weeks now. hopefully we will be, but the question is what will happen with the flooding that certainly severe weather aaffecting them today. >> he a headed to one of four red cross shelters in operation. there are 11 shelters in texas. he's planning on staying for two weeks, but the -- just this morning, houston still officials said a flash flood remain in effect for that area and the surrounding area as well. >> we can't all put our lives on hold, but carl wants to remind us a donation of money or donation of blood can go very far in a disaster, and certainly a way we can help no matter where we are. >> all right. thank you very much, kris. this morning chp officers are hoping to talk with a little girl. they want to make sure she's
6:54 am
okay after a toll taker says he saw the girl screaming and struggling with a woman in the suv. we've live with the surveillance photos the chp wants all of us to see. good morning. >> yeah, that's right, laura. to be clear, there's no amber alert or any crime reported here for the chp, but they still want to find this young girl. you can see at the bay bridge toll plaza there's buildup. what's key here is unlike the golden gate bridge, there are still people in the booths. one of them reported a girl 9 to 12 years old may be in trouble after he saw her flee at the center console screaming and struggling with the right front passenger. it's unclear if any actual crime took place, but investigators wand to make sure the girl is okay. showing a male driver in 60s in a tan or gray '95 to '97 suv,
6:55 am
might be a chevrolet blazer. the toll taker described the passenger as a woman 40 to 50 years old wearing a multicolored scarf the vehicle had a temporary operating permit in the lower right window. so chp is hoping witnesses may come forward. thank you. a follow-up at a tearful scene. hundreds of families are left wondering what to do next. late last night the city council allowed the owner of buena vista mobile home park to sell. the owner can now submit papers to pay out and evict. that is the last remaining home park in the city of palo alto. a south bay woman is accused of swindaling families out a quarter of a million dollars. she promised to wire money to
6:56 am
loved ones in mexico, only to pocket most of the cash. she was charged with 14 counts. investigators say many of the victims work in low will have wage jobs, some work in the fields and gave her their life savings. they say she also took money from people and promised to invest it. now gilroy police hope that other possible victims will step forward regardless of any fears they may have. no more free education for out-of-towners. lath night the school of arts board voted to no longer admit students who don't live within san francisco city limits. board members say the school would serve san francisco students first and other cities and counties want to open a secure of art similar to it it, they need to find their own money for it. the new policy goes into effect the fall of 2016.
6:57 am
students who already attend the school will be allowed to finish their education. happening today, a big name coming to the bay area, reverend jesse jackson will open oakland technical high school hoping to make good -- he's going to be awarding $15,000 in college scholarships. 6:57, the markets are recovering after a drubbing tuesday. scott mcgrew, the markets do not like a strong dollars. >> it sounds counterintuitive, but that means our products are harder to sell overseas. the dow lost 200 yesterday, in fact the worst month since may. that's the winner of the indianapolis 500 with his traditional jug of milk
6:58 am
they've gotten permission to launch a military satellite. ford just announced it's recalling more than 400,000 vehicles over a power steering problem. the recall covering severing ford flex and taurus vehicles as well as the lincoln mks and mkt. i've tweeted out specifics to those @scottmcgrew on twitter redfin has interesting data. he looked at where people in the bay area were looking for houses, were they looking in the bay area? well, yeah, but fewer than before. sam and laura, as much as 10% fewer than just four years earlier. peopler leaving. they're looking a the three hot places -- portland, seattle and particularly cambridge, massachusetts. >> interesting. >> you would think they would say regional, but cambridge a lot colder, more snow, but
6:59 am
academic environment. >> it's getting expensive here. >> the weather will be turning warmer. the low clouds in san jose, here's the view from above the low clouds. mt. hamilton all socked in. we'll break out the sunshine right around 10:00 and 11:00. 73 in san jose today, 61 in san francisco, should be upper 70s and low 80s starting friday. >> and. >> as we 14i6d toward the spring and summer keds, what that will mean later today, so we have a nice smooth flew, in the south bay, northbound 280 we have a crash at winchester. that's better now. there we go. we have better voice as well. approaches the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic, cleared for highway 4 down toward walnut creek. the biggest slowdown just starting for is that 880 and
7:00 am
toward that san mateo bridge. hello, peninsula. >> hello, hot tea for you. you have a half hour before our next local news update we'll see you then. in the meantime get the information you need on go warriors! good morning. not over. the death toll rises to 19 from that historic flooding in the south. 14 others missing. the damage widespread and unprecedented, more storms on the way. >> soccer scandal. high ranking officials from fifa arrested. the results of a sweeping fbi investigation. were tournaments including the world cup awarded to some countries based on bribery and corrupti corruption? threats made against two passenger planes, this time at l.a.x.


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