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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's thursday, june 4th. coming up on "early today," law enforcement sources tell nbc news the boston terror suspect killed by police was plotting to kill police officers and to behead the draw muhammad activist. speaking out. jim bob and michelle duggar revealing four of five of their josh duggar's molestation victims were his sisters. plus, the most fascinating story you will see today. a man undergoes brain surgery while singing and playing guitar. that and much more on a busy thursday. "early today" starts right now. good morning and thanks for joining us today. it's described as an isis-inspired plot to killed police officers in the u.s. but for the terrorism suspect killed tuesday in boston, was it plan b? law enforcement sources tell nbc news usaamah abdullah rahim originally abandoned a plot to behead pamela geller.
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she is the conservative activist behind the controversial draw muhammad contest in garland, texas, which ended with police killing two gunmen. it appears that plot was just talk, a fantasy. officials don't know whether the suspect even knew where to find her. geller released a statement saying, in part, they targeted me for violating sharia blasphemy laws. it won't end with me or the cops. it's just beginning. the one thing that is being ignored that came out of garland is that isis is here. islamic terrorism is here. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has details on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators were back at the scene where a boston police officer and an fbi agent shot the man authorities say was plotting to kill police, 26-year-old usaamah rahim of boston, as the fbi revealed new details about the investigation. nbc news learned three weeks ago based on rahim's social media postings and messages the fbi put him under 24-hour-a-day surveillance. agents disclosed that were
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watching as he went online may 25th and 27th ordering three knives with long blades on amazon. they say rahim and two others met on sunday to talk about rahim's plan to behead a victim in another state, someone not named in court documents. the fbi says rahim changed his plan saying in a wiretapped phone call he wanted to attack police tuesday or wednesday adding i'm just going to go after them, those boys in blue because it's the easiest target. alarmed by the call the fbi decided to break cover and question him before he got on a bus with one of his knives. officials reveal that when five boston police officers and fbi agents approached, he drew this knife and refused to drop it. they say he was shot as they were backing away. hoping to calm community leaders, boston police showed them surveillance video of the shooting. those who saw it called it inconclusive but disclaimed a claim by rahim's brother he was shot in the back while talking to his father on the cell phone. >> what the video does reveal to
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us very clearly, the individual was not on the cell phone, the individual was not shot in the back. >> reporter: one of the men the fbi says was in on the plot, 25-year-old david wright appeared in federal court, arrested late yesterday after police and federal agents searched his house in the boston suburb of everett, a shock to neighbors. >> you say hi to them every day and they're out there to hurt us, hurt police. >> wright was charged with encourage rahim to get rid of evidence by destroying his cell phone. michelle and jim bob duggar of tlc's "19 kids and couting" are speaking out for the first time since reports of sexual abuse allegation against their eldest son josh. the duggars sat down with fox news' megyn kelly last night. they say when their son josh was a minor he improperly touched five victims, including four of his younger sisters and a person outside the family. >> 12 years ago we went through
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one of the most darkest times our family has ever gone through, and our son josh came to us on his own and he was crying, and he had just turned 14. he said he had actually improperly touched some of our daughters. and it was -- >> we were shocked. we were just devastated. i don't think any parent is prepared for a trauma like that. >> the duggars say none of their daughters were aware of what happened, saying the girls were asleep at the time. it wasn't until josh admitted to touching one of his very young sisters that the parents sought help outside the home. >> that same day, he was just weeping and shared immediately what he had done. so we were weeping, and the little one was like, what's wrong? why is daddy and josh leaving. as we were all leaving, the next day and for days and days i was
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saying you know, josh has done some very bad things, and he's very sorry. >> when asked why the police weren't called right away, jim bob and michelle said they wanted to handle the matter themselves. they eventually reported josh's actions to authorities, but not before the statute of limitations had run out, rendering his actions unpunishable by law. tlc has pulled "19 kids and counting" from its schedule. it's been on the air for ten seasons. jim bob and michelle says they don't know if the show will resume. it's like pulling on a ball of yarn. new information on just how massive this fifa corruption scandal could be. prosecutors unsealed a transcript from a 2013 hearing where a top official, chuck blazer, confessed he and others accepted bribes involving bidding to have france host the 1998 world up the and the 2010 world cup in south africa. he said those schemes involved both a high ranking official with fifa as well as the south
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african government. south africa denies that and says payments were aboveboard. new developments in the anthrax scare at labs across the country. it's now twice as bad as first thought. it turns out the deadly poison was fedexed to dozens of locations in at least 17 states and 13 different countries. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, how is the pentagon situation basically playing out? how is the pentagon itself responding to all this? >> reporter: they're investigating it.. >> proving ground sent live anthrax to 51 labs and 17 states and three countries. twice as many as first reported. >> we think that the number may rise. >> they're tracking down and testing 400 samples. four tested positive for live anthrax. this is how they were shipped.
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>> the chances of getting anthrax from the dilationution of the samples and form they were in is none. >> 31 lab work ers are being med katded a a precaution. they're trying to see how samples that were radiated and tested still contained live supports. >> they did not detect the presence of live anthrax. we need to know why. >> the cdc is expected to halt all until they see what one calls a complete mystery. >> now, congress is expected to get an update and we have heard from democrats and leader in the house who together issued a statement aurgeing the pentagon to deal with this quickly until someone gets hurt. so far no one is sick. >> thanks for the update.
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now to brazil. a man performing yesterday by the beetles while undergoing brain surgery. he was kept conscience while they were removing a tumor. he did such a great job that the doctors asked for an on corr. amazing. >> if he is happy doing it it's a beautiful thing. >> i am glad that it turned out well. >> yes. blets talk about blanca. they think that maybe some of the cold water and probably sucked in dry air too. it's looking better. it was looking like more impact
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in the baja region. now, it's like it's shifting a little bit. could go back to a four. looks to peek sometime in the day on friday and then a v line for cabho and weak er too. even if the storm did affect it it maybe one day and the cloudy weather with the large waves. it could be worse and the forecast continues to shift off to the west and the hopes are that we can sneak off the moisture in the head. we could see another see veer weather outbreak. we're also going to be dealing with some large hail and damaging wind from rapid city and all the way down to denver. one of the areas is dry, and that's where we could be dealing with the afternoon thunders
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this weekend at kohl's friends & family sale take an extra 20% off! go to kohl's dot com to download your friends & family savings pass find your yes kohl's plus new details in the d.c. mansion murder investigation and the hunt for other suspects. you're watching "early today." welcome back everybody. new details in a murder case where their family and their housekeeper were held hostage and killed inside their d.c. mansion which was set on fire. a suspect was later arrested after a multistate manhunt. now the focus has moved to who else may have been involved. nbc national correspondent peter alexander reports. >> reporter: d.c. police are
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zeroing in on records from three cell phones stolen from savvas and amy savapoulos and their housekeeper veralicia figueroa that might lead them to another killer. search warrants reveal how police think the killer or killers forced their way into the savapoulos' multimillion dollar mansion, breaking a window pane in a set of french doors and kicking in a door found broken near the lock with a shoe or boot print found outside. police are searching for the footwear that matches that print. daron wint is the only suspect currently charged in the brutal murders. the documents also show they're also focusing on mr. savapoulos's assistant, 28-year-old jordan wallace who admitted he lied about when he was first contacted by mr. savapoulos to get the $40,000 ransom money and how he delivered it. police now combing his phone history. wallas has not charged in any wrongdoing in connection with the case. court records believe the evidence police were searching for inside the chevy cruz wint
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was arrested in and the box truck traveling with him and the weapons used in the murders, duct tape to bind hands and feet and a red bag used to carry the ransom money. also on the list, clothing or shoes with blood on them, credit cards and paperwork from the savapoulos home and digital recordings from surveillance cameras at the house. investigators have not said what, if any, of those items they found. the pressure on police to find the killers intensifies as the two teenage daughters are left to grieve. peter alexander, nbc news. rescuers continue to search for survivors after a cruise ship capsized in china's yangtze river. holes are being cut into the overturned hull, then later welded shut again so the remains balanced. divers are searching the ship's cabins one by one. so far the death toll has reached 65. more than 370 people are still missing. wall street billionaire john paulson has donated $400 million to harvard university, the largest gift the school has ever received. author malcolm gladwell quickly
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jumped on the news saying,. it came down to helping the poor or giving the world's richest university $400 million it doesn't need. wise choice, john. if billionaires don't step up, harvard will soon be down to its last $30 billion. time to get down to business. for the first time in the u.s., taco bell will served beer, wine and mixed drinks at a new restaurant in the chicago area. no word on weather this is national. it's part of a revamp of taco bell stores. here is your choice to bring home to bay son. that's 250 worth of bacon per year. you can win up to $10,000 in cash. and egg prices are at a
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now to sports and the stanley cup finals. lightning get the early lead against the blackhawks in the first period. the hawks rally in the third to score two goals in two minutes. hawks steal game one on the road, 2-2. to the french open. novak djokovic taking on nine-time champ rafael nadal. djokovic making it look easy, winning three sets straight, 7-5, 6-3, 6-1. the loss is only the second in nadal's 72 career matches at the french open. it ends his 39-match winning streak. serena williams cruised her way into the french open semifinals. she defeated sarah errani in back-to-back sets 6-1, 6-3. williams is seeking her 20th grand slam title. in the women's college world series, florida gators beat the
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michigan wolverines 4-1. they become the third program to win back-to-back national championships in ncaa history. game one was the most watched finals games ever. american pharaoh is the early 3-5 favorite to win the belmont stakes and become the first triple crown winner since 1978. the kentucky derby and preakness winner drew the number five position for saturday's race. jockey victor espinoza says he is very happy with the draw. >> announcer: "early today" is brought to you by just for men, just you and the look you want. just ahead, a first look at caitlyn jenner's new reality series. plus jerry and elaine together again. their epic seinfeld reunion next.
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neutrogena. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection k ills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. now to entertainment. we're getting a sneak peek at caitlyn jenner's new reality series on e. >> you start learning the pressure that women are under all the time about their appearance. i never had until a couple weeks ago actually a professional come in and do my makeup. what a difference. >> i am cait premiers sunday, july 26 on e. it was the ultimate sign field reunion.
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he interviewed julia louis-dreyfus, aka elaine. who know stars on veep. >> i know how much you love your bed. is that still your favorite place to be in bed? >> i can't believe you're saying that. >> you think i don't know you. you said the only way you would do another tv series is if you could do it from your bed. that's what you said. >> that's a show about nothing. i love that. >> jason alexander who played george tells howard stern why they killed off his fiancee, he had no chemistry with the actress who played here. interesting inside there. >> this is "early today" today. we hope that it's your first stop on nbc.
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leading the news from yahoo! news, bioengineers create transplantable, quasi-living limb. scientists at massachusetts general hospital say they were able to regrow new veins arteries on the limb of a dead rat. it was then transplanted onto a living rat. scientists hope it will one day lead to generating new tissue for humans. in "usa today" drought ap lets you tattletale on water wasters. the app from a california water agency lets you send photos and gps info. the creator says it's not meant to find offenders but rather to encourage water conservation. santa monica police arrested mila kunis's stalker, stuart
4:27 am
lynn dunn, who escaped from a mental facility on saturday by climbing from a bathroom window. he was sentenced to a behavioral health center after pleading no contest to stalking the actress. in connecticut, flowers are being banned from one-eighth grade dance. why you say? because school administrators fear they may trigger allergy attacks. kids have been asked to keep their corsages and boutinnieres at home. everyone love as hug, right? apparently some sharks do, too. an aquarium keeper was filmed hugging a leopard shark. he later gave it a belly rub which it seemed to really enjoy. the aquarium says this shark often engages with keepers in a playful, harmless way. as summertime approaches, even animals need to cool off. one woman in alaska is doing her part to help out. she turned on her lawn sprinklers so a moose family could enjoy some relief. i love watching this.
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they were not shy on taking her up on the off er. >> that's a normal day in alaska. i would rather have the moose than the beers. >> i bet that they would like it. it's a great way to cool off. >> that's what we're requesting next. >> at least we have a sunny day with sprinklers. the washington mownment will open again today. the national landmark was closed for several years after it was damaged in a 2011 earthquake. it reopened in 2014 only to be closed several times due to elevator issues. now the iconic monument will reopen this morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. want to say happy birthday to israeli supermodel bar refaeli who turns 30. academy award winning actress angelina jolie is the big 4-0. and actor/comedian russell brand is also 40 today. keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early today." we hope that you have a great day today.
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a routine traffic to be goes awhy. the manhunt is on this morning. a live report just moments away. at least six dozen people were killed while taking shelter from the storm when a gas station blew up overnight in ghana. here we go. the warriors primed and ready for the start of the finals at oracle arena. from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." >> a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 4:30 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. the first thing we do every morning is check in with meteorologist kari hall. >>


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