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tv   Today  NBC  June 16, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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tonight, if not they come back to the bay area on friday. have a great day >> a lot of celebrating to do. >> go warriors. >> have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight, a balcony collapse in berkeley, california. at least five people killed. eight others injured. investigators now on the scene trying to figure out what went wrong. bracing for impact. more than 11 million people from texas to okla under a tropical storm warning today. up to a foot of rain possible in some areas that are still reeling from record flooding weeks ago, and al is in the middle of it all. >> murder plot. nbc news confirmed joyce mitchell and the two suspects she allegedly helped break out of prison may have been planning to kill her husband, as authorities now sispect the killers had other help in getting out. >> and breaking her silence.
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less than 24 hours after resigning her naacp post, rachel dolezal is ready to talk. did she lie about being black, and if so, why? she's here for an exclusive live interview today, tuesday, june 16th, 2015. good morning, everyone. 7:00 a.m. on a tuesday morning on the west coast. can you imagine being the center of this speculation, a lot of criticism. rachel dolezal hasn't had her side of the story out. >> we have not heard her in her own words and we'll get that in a little while. i want to start with today's top story, a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley, california. 13 people were on the fourth floor balcony. five were killed when it fell to the ground.
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nbc's jacob ras cone is following what is a developing story for us. jacob, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. nbc news has learned the five people who were killed were irish students in town for the summer, likely on exchange visas and may have been simply celebrating a birthday party. emergency responders raced to the scene early tuesday morning after a call that a fourth floor apartment balcony collapses, threne people on it falling to the sidewalk below. >> looks like it may have fell from the fourth floor and struck the third floor balcony. >> the accident killed five people and injured eight others, many critically. the luxury apartment complex sits one block from the university of california berkeley. the u.s. ambassador to ireland later confirmed the victims were irish students. multiple reports not yet confirmed say they were celebrating a birthday at the time of the accident. investigators are working with building inspectors to find out what caused the fatal incident, but so far, the deadly collapse
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remains unexplained. again, many of the eight survivors were injured critically, with life-threatening injuries. those investigators and building inspectors will be looking at whether there were simply too many people on the balcony at once. 13, or whether there was some other issue with the building. >> tragic story. jacob, thank you very much. yeah, a big weather story developing in the south that could affect you if you're traveling. tropical storm bill taking aim at texas. residents scrambling to get ready for the storm. it's expected to deliver a powerful punch in some areas where they have seen way too much rain. al is in houston this morning. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. and that's right, behind me is the buffalo bayou. this got to 37.3 feet during the flooding three weeks ago and it's going to threaten to do that again, as we show you video of people getting ready for bill. grocery store shelves were
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ransacked as people came in and got supplies, batteries, flashlights, generators are now reported in short supply. houston schools are closed as well as galveston and many throughout the region. airport delays being reported. let's show you the track and what the latest is on bill. it has strengthen in the last couple hours. winds now at 60 miles per hour. moving northwest at about 13 miles per hour. as it comes onshore, we're starting to see some of the bands of heavier rain getting ready to move into houston and galveston. comes onshore, brings in heavy rain. it's going to also cause tropical storm warnings from houston on up into dallas and later on, making its way into oklahoma. rainfall amounts anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of rain, tornados are a possibility, as this continues to track north into wednesday and on into thursday, dallas gets involved, oklahoma, and on into parts of tulsa as well. flash flood watches, in fact, some 45 million people under a
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flash flood watch or warning. 11 million people under tropical storm warnings. we continue to track this, and of course, it's going to cause massive flooding throughout the region in an area between texas and oklahoma that has already gotten dumped with anywhere from 10 to 15 inches of rain with more on the way. guys, back to you. >> very last thing they need. thank you very much. here we are, 11 days and counting, and still no signs of those escaped prisoners in upstate new york. the woman who police say helped them break out, remains behind bars this morning. now, authorities are looking into whether joyce mitchell, that woman, and the convicts had a plan to kill her husband. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is on the story for us. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. with the search for the suspects now going into a week and a half, the investigation is becoming more complex. joyce mitchell who was in court yesterday didn't have a lot to say, but the district attorney said his investigation is just getting under way.
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>> shackled and back in court, joyce mitchell is facing eight years in prison and additional charges. law enforcement source tells nbc news investigators are looking into allegations mitchell may have wanted inmates david sweat and richard matt to kill her husband lyle after she helped them escape from prison. no comment from the district attorney, who now says mitchell told her husband about some of the plan. >> lyle mitchell has information. joyce talked to him about her involvement during the last few days since she's been arrested. >> the d.a. said mitchell may not have played the only outside role in this elaborate escape. >> i expect that more people did. just seems unrealistic that it would be two inmates and joyce mitchell. >> investigators are now looking at manholes like the ones sweat and matt used popping to freedom. to see if they were tampered with fraught the outside. meanwhile, inside the
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underground complex pipe system, we now know the convicts wrote notes on the wall, directions on how to navigate the twisty maze. >> they had been down in the tunnel system, you know, for days and weeks preparing for this. >> investigators say they're also looking into richard matt's hobby. >> was a fairly decent artist. >> using money from the sales of his paintings like this one to buy silence inside the prison or help from the outside. >> very certainly isn't something that should be disregarded. you know, we need to continue to pursue that information. >> this morning, the plot thickens. with one prison employee behind bars, could there be more to follow? while the manhunt remains focused here outside the prison, investigators say they're confident they're going to find the dangerous duo, but many believe the more time that passes, the more distance between police and those
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fugitives. matt and savannah. >> miguel almaguer in new york for us. thanks very much. politics now and the race for the white house, republican presidential candidate jeb bush taking his campaign on the road today after formally announcing his bid for the white house monday. his first stop will be new hampshire. senior white house correspondent chris jansing is traveling with the former florida governor. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. in town halls like this, jeb bush's challenge will be to convince voters he's not just another member of a tired political dynasty. yesterday, he said he met his first president when he was born, his second when he was brought home from the hospital, but argued he's his own man with his own ideas. >> i decided i'm a candidate for the president of the united states of america. >> perhaps born to run, but eager to put his own accent on the bush family business. >> not one of us deserves a job by right of resume, party, seniority, family, or family narrative.
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it's nobody's turn. it's everybody's test. >> former florida governor jeb bush came out swinging. >> i will run to win. >> introducing his family before a crowd of 3,000 at miami-dade college, including one former first lady. >> mom, can you ask them to sit down, please? >> tweeting this photo, talking to dad, but leaving out any mention of the most recent bush in the white house. instead, only jeb on the campaign signs and noise makers. touting his time as governor and distancing himself from the four gop senators also in the race. >> there's no passing off responsibility when you're a governor. no blending in to the legislative crowd. >> also unflinching when protesters interrupted his speech. >> the next president of the united states will pass meaningful immigration reform so that that will be solved. not by executive order. >> and promising 19 million new jobs in his first term.
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but his first moment offstage, a bit off course, and as bush heads to new hampshire, already there, hillary clinton. timing her first news conference for just before he took the stage. but when asked to give bush advice on dealing with a famous last name -- >> a very tempting question to answer. but i won't. >> jeb bush sent a message to hillary clinton yesterday that he's going to be going after traditional democratic voters, young people, and hispanics. you heard him speaking spanish. he'll get a little help from his son, george p. bush later on in the week. he haseads after new hampshire to iowa, south carolina, and nevada. >> thank you very much. communities around north carolina's beaches remain on edge this morning. you can understand why after more shark sightings near oak island. they come on the heels of those shark attacks that sent two swimmers to the hospital. gabe gutierrez has more on that. gabe, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. this vacation spot is used to
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sharks, but not quite like this. two shark attacks within about an hour following another attack a few days before not far from here. today, local officials are extending their response. this morning, beach goers are cautious. >> we just don't want to go anywhere further than we see anyone else. >> staying mostly on the sand and out of the water. north carolina authorities searching for sharks but keeping the beaches open. >> we did cancel surf camp for this week. >> shark shock is spreading off st. louisucie florida, a sighting there is prompting officials to close beaches early, and there's another possible sighting near oak island. >> what is your emergency? >> we have somebody -- a shark attack. >> the chaos started sunday afternoon when a shark attacked a 12-year-old girl, tearing off her arm and injuring her leg. >> everybody is running, yelling, and screaming.
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call 911 and call the police. >> marie, an off-duty paramedic used string from a boogie board as a makeshift tournicate to stop the bleeding. >> i don't think of myself as a hero. it's what i do every day. >> a little more than an hour away, two miles away. >> what's your emergency? >> there's somebody attacked by a shark. >> a 16-year-old boy lost most of his arm in a separate attack. it's unclear what type of shark it was and whether there was more than one. >> usually when there's a shark attack like that, there's environmental factors coming into play. it might be bait fishers nearby, could be there's fishing going on. it could be any number of different things. >> so far today, we have seen visitors on the sand, but out of the water. again, right now, no plans to close the beach. right now, the town manager says local officials would consider it if there was another attack. matt and savannah. >> gabe, thank you. turning to natdally,
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beignews on a top al qaeda leader. >> al qaeda confirming their second in command was killed in a u.s. drone strike. his death is the biggest since the killing of osama bin laden. he is the leader of al qaeda's powerful affiliate in yemen and once served as bin laden's personal secretary. u.s. officials have said they're still trying to verify whether he in fact has been killed. >> the death toll is mounting in south korea's mers outbreak. 19 people have now died. many commuters at seoul stations wore face masks as they walked past a thermal imaging camera that monitors body temperature. there are more than 150 confirmed cases and health officials say the outbreak is slowing. thousands of schools that were closed due to the outbreak have now reopened. 12 passengers are recovering this morning after getting sick in a flight from fiji to los angeles on monday. the fiji airways flight was met by medical personnel when it
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landed. passengers reported diarrhea and vomiting in the flight. the 12 people were not traveling together, but they all stayed at the same hotel in fiji. one of the ill passengers was taken to the hospital for treatment. san diego sheriffs officials are defending the tactics of one of its deputies who was caught on camera using a taser on a 13-year-old runaway. the boy was reported missing by his mother, but officials say when the deputy tried to bring the boy home, he then put up a fight. the deputy says the teen bit him on the arm, still not clear what happened, though, before the cameras started rolling. well, some big news on the retail front. gap is closing 175 stores over the next few years. that will leave about 500 stores nationwide. gap factory stores will not be affected. the company is also eliminating 250 corporate jobs but it has not said how many store emplowies will lose their jobs. gap says the move is designed to help get the company back on
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track. charities in the u.s. states are benefitting from the improved economy. americans donated a record $358 billion to charity last year. donations fell off after the 2007 recession, but they have been increasing steadily over the last several years. most of the money, about 32%, goes to religious organizations by donations to other areas such as education, environment, and art are showing the most growth. >> the chicago blackhawks andlifeand all of their fans have great reason to celebrate. they won the stanley cup with a 2-0 win over the tampa bay lightning monday night in chicago. the famous trophy becoming a fixture in the windy city. the team's third championship in six years. how do you celebrate another win? this is how you do it. the fans filled out into the chicago streets celebrating. this is the scene near wrigley field. police did make about five arrests. while the blackhawks have had a
7:16 am
ton of success, they haven't won the stanley cup in front of the hometown crowd since 1938, so 77 years in the making, to hoist the trophy right there on their home turf. >> a bummer when you win it, great to win it anytime, but to win it on foreign ice, hoisting the cup and everybody is sitting here like this. all right, thanks. we want to go back to al in houston and get the rest of his forecast. hey, al. >> all right, guys. thank you so much. let's move west and see what's going on. fabulous weather, although i think folks in california would take some of this heavy rain we've got really excessive heat warnings from phoenix, southern california, into las vegas, and excessive heat watches. beautiful day in seattle, 75. medford, high of 91. thunderstorms in denver, and a high of 95 degrees. rest of the country, dealing with tropical storm bill in texas, and eventually oklahoma and missouri. sunshine through the southeast with record breaking temperatures there.
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(glasses clinking) ♪ (ground shaking) well there goes the country club. the 2015 dodge durango. now with available beats audio. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we start out the day it's in the mid to upper 50s walking out the door but still cool in the north bay, it's 49 degrees. and you see those low clouds. as we go into theafter snoon expect highs in the mid 70s, another gorgeous day and still very comfortable all across the bay area. the sunshine will be breaking out, too. for the tri-vel we will see the highs reaching into the lower
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80s. temperatures going up as we go through the rest of the workweek. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. back to you. >> thank you so much. got some big health news to tell you about. nbc news has learned the fda will move today to ban artificial transfats in all foods within the next three years. doctors have been warning for years the transfats can clog arteries leading to heart attacks which is still the number one killer of american adults. tom costello is in washington with this story. >> good morning. way back in 1993, a harvard study attributed 100,000 deaths each year to transfats. since then, the food industry has cut back on the transfats in food. now the fda is moving to ban almost all of the measures in three years. for years, cardiologists have warned artificial transfats are killers, turning liquid vegetable oils into solids clogs
7:19 am
arteries and lowers good cholesterol. since 2006, manufacturers have been required to list transfalts on their labels, but with the fda accused of reiching into kitchens, it also made its way to comedy center. >> you can have my transfats when you scrape them out of my cold, dead heart. >> but dietician and mom rebecca is always watching the labels. >> if you see partially hydrogenated soybean oil or cotton seed oil or the word hydrogenated, there's a good chance there's transfatsz. >> the food industry says since 2003, food manufacturers have voluntarily lowered the amount of partially hydrogenated oil or transfats in their food products by 86%. companies continue to reduce them. but today, you can still find them in doughnuts, cookies, frozen pizzas, microwave popcorn, pies, cakes, sprinkles and ice cream. nine years ago, new york city
7:20 am
bans trans fats in restaurants. now they're going a step further. >> the fda is saying finally, get it out. we don't need it. it's harmful. >> while food manufacturers could petition the fda for a trans fat exception, they warn food prices could rise. but dieticians warn every gram of trans fats adds up. >> we can do a lot better to eat higher quality foods, fruits and vegetables. >> california is the only state so far to ban trans fats, prohibiting products containing trans fats from being sold, although school cafeterias have an exception. food manufacturers have three years to eliminate the transfacts or to petition for an exception. >> can we have a moment of silence for funnel cakes? >> now sugar detox coming up. why even get out of bed? >> i know. >> coming up, our exclusive interview with rachel dolezal, the spokane area naacp leader
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who resigned on monday amid a swirl of controversy over her race. >> and later on, good news if you love chocolate. this is for you, matt. eating that sweet treat may actually be heart healthy. and you said there was no reason to get up. >> even milk chocolate? >> milk chocolate, too. first, this is "today" on nbc. s is "today" on nbc. >> hershey's kisses? grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer no strings attached. carmax. start here.i'm ... a trac a very good morning to you. it is 7:26 i'm laura garcia-cannon. simply tragic morning in berkeley after a four-story balcony collapses. five people confirmed dead several more fighting for their lives after the collapse of a crowded fourth floor balcony the victims were said to have been attending a 21st birthday party for irish students on work visas. >> it's going to be a saada i for a lot of these victims' families to get this kind. >> we will have update all day long on air and online at happening today people in the south bay may see spoke in the hills above san jose. it's supposed to be there. cal fire is doing a controlled burn today an tomorrow in grant
7:27 am
county park. the clurn b. your honor it in preparation for a firefighter training that will cake place next week. crews are burning a perimeter around the training area today to keep the training fire from getting out of control. the warriors they're shooting for history tonight, a win in game six is of the nba finals and the dubs are examples for the first time in 40 years. we will have full coverage for you. we will be very tired tomorrow morning, kari but that's okay it will be worth it. >> yes it will be worth it. this weather looking awesome today, too, as we start out with low clouds starting to break up as we get the view from manhattan tam we see there are breaks in the clouds, too. the weather will be assume reaching 75 degrees in we had radioed city at&t park for the giants game reaching 63 degrees, 84 degrees in santa rosa today, openly land topping occupy at 66 degrees, seeing low 80s in the tri-valley. livermore today 82 degrees. let's see some of those
7:28 am
problems, what's going on on the roads? >> on the lens la there is a crash and it's richl back over to the east bay. they are all interrelated here south 101 at willow crest blocks one lane backing thing upcoming into the area, more slowing as you head down towards that pally jack at university. that area boggs down with folks coming westbound. that's the slower unexpected slowing for this this tuesday. the rest of why you are drive pretty typical build except for west 237 at zanker. that clearing still there. earlier crashes have are cleared. >> another update in half an hour. see you then.
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back at 7:30 on tuesday back at 7:30 on a tuesday morning. the 16th of june, 2015. some very angry surf conditions down in galveston, texas. that surf churned up by this. the radar image of tropical storm bill. churning in the gulf there, affecting the people of texas who have already had a very tough spring. >> very ominous looking radar picture, and of course, tropical storm bill is one of the stories making headlines this morning. more than 11 million people under the tropical storm warning today. flash flood watches also in effect. the storm could bring up to 10 inches of rain to some areas. >> in other news, al qaeda said its second in command has been killed in a u.s. air strike. the man was also the leader of al qaeda's affiliate in yemen.
7:31 am
the u.s. says they're trying to aeda's reports. >> and the chicago blackhawks are the stanley cup champions. they beat the tampa bay lightning in game six of a great series. this is, by the way, the blackhawks' third win in six years. coming up, what would you do, or do you know what you would do if you came face-to-face with a shark? in light of the real life shark attacks, we have a special rosen report on what you need to know if you ever see one lurking in the water. but, let us begin with the resignation of former spokane naacp president rachel dolezal. she made her announcement on monday on the organization's facebook page. but this morning, there are even more questions surrounding her, her race, and also her background. in a moment, we'll speak exclusively with her in her first public comments since the allegations surfaced. first, the latest on her story. >> are you going to make a stand? >> this morning, spokane's controversial naacp leader has
7:32 am
stepped down, writing in a facebook post, this is not about me, it's about justice. but her statement doesn't offer an explanation or apology. in a controversy that has swirled around her claims she is black. >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. >> your parents, are they white? >> dolezal has been under fire ever since her biological parents said the civil rights activist was born white. >> she may have felt that she had some advantage in her activism by being portrayed as a black woman. >> the latest revelation about dolezal's past a 2002 claim she was discriminated against at historically black howard university, partly because she was not african-american. the looultawsuit eventually dismissed. dolezal's legacy as a civil rights leader at risk.
7:33 am
>> all it took was one night to destroy everything she claimed with a lie. >> others caution against a rush to judgment. >> we have to understand that race is more complex than pigment and certainly inheritance. >> even though dolezal won't lead this naacp chapter anymore, she said she won't disappear, writing in her resignation, i will never stop fighting for human rights. rachel dolezal, good morning. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> you had a busy week. all the headlines. top trending item on twitter. you resigned your post at the naacp, and you started a discussion on race and what it means in this country. did this come as a surprise to you, or did you always expect the lid would be blown off your story at some point? >> the timing of it was a shock. i mean, wow. the timing was completely unexpected. as to the second question, i did feel that at some point, i would
7:34 am
need to address the complexity of my identity. >> let me just -- we can't talk about the big picture that you have created without talking about the small picture first. let me just ask you the question in simple terms again, because you have sent mixed signals over the years. are you an african-american woman? >> i identify as black. >> you identify as black. let me put a picture up of you in your early 20s, though. when you see this picture, is this an african-american woman? or is that a caucasian woman? >> that's not in my early 20s. >> a little younger, i guess? >> 16 in that picture. >> is she a caucasian woman or an african-american woman? >> i would say that visibly, she would be identified as white. by people who see her. >> but at the time, were you identifying yourself as african-american? >> in that picture, during that time, no. >> your parents were asked this question this week.
7:35 am
they didn't have any trouble answering it. they said she's clearly our birth daughter and we're clearly caucasian, that's just a fact. your father went on to say she's a very talented woman doing work she believes in. why can't she do that as a caucasian woman, which is what she is? how do you answer that question? >> well, first of all, i really don't see why they're in such a rush to whitewash some of the work i have done. and who i am. and how i have identified. and this goes back to a very early age with my my self-identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> when did it start? >> i would say about 5 years old. >> you began identifying yourself as african-american? >> drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon and the black curly hair, you know, yeah, that was how i was portraying myself.
7:36 am
>> so it started way back then, rachel. when did you start, and i'll use the word, you can correct me if you don't like it, when did you start deceiving people and telling them you were black when you knew their questions were pointed in a different direction? like it -- deceiving people and telling them you were black when you knew their questions were pointed in a different direction. if when someone said are you black or white and you would say i'm black. you didn't say, i identify as black. you would say, i'm black. when did you start deceiving people? >> i do take exception to that. it's a little more complex than me identifying as blacker or answering a question of are you black or white. i was identified when doing human rights work in north idaho first as transracial and then when some of the on signals to some of the human rights work i was doing came forward and started the next newspaper article referred to me as a bi-racial woman.
7:37 am
the next article there were burglaries, nooses, et cetera was this is happening to a black woman. i corrected that. >> why not? you knew it wasn't true? >> well, because it's more complex than, you know, being true or false in that particular instant. >> the skeptics will say you didn't correct the reports. >> i didn't correct those reports. >> because it worked for you. because it helped you meet your goals. is that fair? >> i don't necessarily think that's fair. not just at that time but before then, too, i have had to answer those who have seen me and because i'm a black hair stylist, you know, have styled my hair in many different ways, have been identified as mixed, light-skinned, black, et cetera. you know, i have had to answer a lot of questions throughout my life. >> you have changed your appearance. your complexion appears darker than it did in the photos of you as a young lady.
7:38 am
have you done something to darken your complexion? >> i certainly don't stay out of the sun, you know. and i also don't -- as some of the critics have said, put on black face as a performance. >> let me address that. some people said the way you have changed your opinion is akin to putting on blackface. jonathan capeheart wrote in the washington post, blackface remains highly racist no matter how down with the cause a white person is. do you understand what he means by that? >> absolutely. >> do you agree? >> i have a huge issue with blackface. this is not some freak birth of a nation mockery blackface performance. this is on a very real connected level how i have actually had to go there with the experience. not just a visible representation but with the experience and the point at which that really solidified was when i got full custody of
7:39 am
isaiah. so you're my real mom? he's in high school. for that to be something that is plausible, you know, i certainly can't be seen as white and be isaiah's mom. >> a couple of quick points. there are reports that at times, at one time in particular, you looked at a friend of yours, albert wilkinson, and you told friends of yours that he was your father. he is an african-american man who is clearly not your father. was that done to enhance your resumé as an african-american woman? or was there another reason for that? >> there was another reason. he actually approached me in north idaho. you know, we just connected on a very intimate level as family. >> why point out an
7:40 am
african-american man and say that is my father when you know your father is a caucasian man? >> albert wilkerson is my dad. any man can be a father. not every man can be a dad. >> your lawsuit against howard university in 2002 where you claim you were discriminated against because you were a pregnant white woman. do you understand how people could hear that and say, here is another example. she said she identified herself as being african-american or black from a young age but here is a case where she identified herself as a white woman because it worked for her under the circumstances. >> the reasons for my full tuition scholarship being removed and my teaching position as well, my t.a. position, were that other people needed opportunities. you probably have have white relatives to help with your tuition. i thought that was an injustice.
7:41 am
>> would you make the same choices given all that's happened and given the fallout from it but also the positive side of the discussion that has come out of it? would you make the same choices you have made, rachel? >> i would. i would. >> what do you want to come out of it? what discussion do you want to prompt. >> as much as this discussion has been at my expense relatively in a very sort of viciously inhumane way come out of the woodwork and the discussion is really about what it is to be human. i hope the that really can drive at the core of definitions of race, ethnicity, culture, self-determination, personal agency, and ultimately empowerment. >> when you say you would make
7:42 am
the same choices wouldn't you go back and be a little bit more transparent about certain thing miss your lifer or correct some of the things said about you that you knew to be incorrect? >> you know, there are probably a couple interviews that i would do the a little differently if circumstances in retrospect -- you know, i knew what i know now. but overall, you know, my life has been one of survival and the decisions that i have made along the way including my identification have been to survive and to you know carry forward in my journey and life. >> you resigned in spokane at the naacp. do you feel you could have been as effective? and by the way, people feel you have breathed new life into that chapter. could you have been as successful, had as big an impact
7:43 am
had you been caucasian as opposed to being identified as african-american? >> i don't know. i haven't had the opportunity to, appearance that in those shoes. so i'm not sure. i'm not sure. >> finally, your two sons, isaiah and franklin are here in studio. >> they are. >> if i were to ask them if you are a black woman or a caucasian woman, how do you think they would answer? >> well, i was talking to one of my sons yesterday. he said, mom, racially you're human. culturally, you're black. you know, we have had these conversations over the years. i know they support the way that i identify. they support me. ultimately we have each other's backs. we're the three musketeers. >> rachel dolezal, thank you for talking to us this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you can weigh in with your thoughts on rachel's story using the hashtag #orangeroom. we'll talk about what you have been telling us. let's get a check of the weather
7:44 am
now from al. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by trivago. >> hey, guys. we got an update tr the national hurricane center. bill has intensified. winds at 60 miles per hour. it's about 175 miles southwest of galveston moving northwest at 13 miles per hour. we'll update this coming up at 8:00. meantime we've got severe weather to talk about. we have video. last night the while the chicago blackhawks were winning their stanley cup they had flooding in chicago. high water, parking lots, front lawns all flooding out. 450 flights cancelled at o'hare airport. in cleveland, this is near i-90. look at the cars trying to get through the high water. again we tell you, turn around, don't drown. there was a lot of this throughout cleveland yesterday. in new jersey, one of our viewers shot this from inside her car. you can see folks driving through high water.
7:45 am
let's look at the risk of severe weather today. it is a wide swath. it stretches all the way from the midwest and texas into the northeast and on into the midatlantic states as well and parts of new england. isolated tornadoes possible. we've got flood watches. 80 million people under a flood watch or warning. rainfall amounts from 6 to 8 inches in texas, but 1 to 3 here nothing going on. with the exception of some low clouds. good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we see those temperatures in the mid to upper 50s walking out the door. it will be a beautiful day, though, with some mostly sunny skies all across the bay. in the mid 70s for the south bay and the peninsula, east bay today reaching 66 degrees. 63 degrees in san francisco and one of the warm spots in the north bay reaching 84 degrees.
7:46 am
also some low 80s in the tri-valley today. have a great day. information go to the weather channel on cable, on line. guys. al thanks. dogs aren't just your best friend. why some researchers say your dog will ignore people mean to you. we will have more on that right after this. eople who are m ean if you struggle with type 2 diabetes you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love
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7:50 am
we are back at 7:50. a lot of people reacting online to the interview matt did with rachel dolezal. >> we have all these comments coming in. let's get to it. since the story broke rachel dolezal has been a trending topic. as we mentioned at one point it was trending worldwide. let's get to comments. corbin wrote wheel i understand dolezal's racial identity is complex i don't like her using it as an excuse with no expla thags. other comments that came in
7:51 am
dave chapelle said there is not one thing that woman accomplished she couldn't have done as a white woman. she just needed the braids. i don't know what she was doing. kareem abdul jabar writing, bottom line the black community is better off because of her efforts. let her get back to what she does well making america more american. keep the comments coming. we'll get to them. first a qui you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:56 am
i'm ... a night of celebration -- turns tragic in berkeley. take vo it's 756 tic i'm sam brock is. a night of celebration turns tragic in berkeley. five people have been confirmed dead, several more fighting for their lives this morning after the collapse of a crowded fourth story balcony, the victims were said to be attended a 21st birthday party for irish students on summer work visas. >> our officers and our pair med can dick's did everything they could for all the victims. we're going to have to try to pro is ses and move forward and get answers for them. we are going to have updates on this story all day long both on air and online at meantime a driver accused of killing a mother and her young child while driving drunk is expected to en it err a plea in court later today. brian jones is charged with two counts of murder and two counts of drunken driving. police say he was behind the wheel when he drove through a wall striking a woman and her
7:57 am
baby. let's check in with kari hall and look at your weather. >> it is looking much better in the weather department. as we start out with some low clouds, all across the bay area but it will be clearing up especially inland by 10:00 and there will be some afternoon sunshine in the city. the clouds still back in and then the on shore persists that makes that temperatures cool down later on tonight. overall today across the bay we see 60s in san francisco, even low 80s for the north bay, santa rosa reaching 84 degrees and pleasanton today reaching 83 degrees. now let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. south bay drivers head up over here northbound 101 at tully road we have a crash involving a krolts the motorcycle and rider with down and two lanes are blocked. suddenly jamming up with capital expressway. making things north better but all your northbound routes are target to cribbing in. on the peninsula that crash
7:58 am
clearing near willow. the rest of your bay a pretty typical tuesday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up on edge. in the wake of terrifying attacks in north carolina a special rossen reports on what you need to know to avoid an encounter with a shark. plus put down the sugar. i like chocolate. i like brownies ice cream. >> york pepper mint patties and payday bars. >> a good mint chip. >> no more cookies, cakes or condiments. we are going on a ten-day sugar detox and we want you to join. and an eye for an eye. a tough lesson on why you should never park this the boss's spot. today, june 16, 2015. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:01 am
>> we're on the "today" show! >> seattle loves the "today" show. >> all the way from indiana to get a selfie with savannah! [ cheers ] ♪ the . >> good morning, wisconsin! happy birthday mom! >> it's my birthday on the "today" show! >> the "today" show is our last stop before getting married in sonoma! >> it is 8:00 on "today," tuesday, june 16 2015. happy, happy crowd out here on the plaza. >> every once in a while you come out and meet someone and they are clearly an enlightened person, incred bli incredibly intelligent. >> i say you look so young in person. >> ahh. >> i'm melting. >> members of pll's family in
8:02 am
the audience. >> she's going to the optometrist after this. >> let's go inside. natalie has a check of the top stories. >> good morning. this morning, five people are dead and several others injured in the collapse of an apartment building. jacob rascon has the latest. what can you tell us? >> the five people killed were irish students in town for the summer on exchange visas and may have been trying to celebrate a birthday party. just after midnight, 13 people were on that balcony on the fourth floor of the apartment complex when it collapsed. four people were killed on impact. one person died and eight others injured, many critically. the u.s. ambassador said they were in town on the visa. those five killed were of irish decent and many injured may have been as well.
8:03 am
building inspectors are working with investigators to determine what happened to the balcony, whether there were too many people on it at once or another issue with the building. that luxury apartment complex is one block away from the university of california berkeley. live in the news room, jacob rascon. back to you. >> thank you. a murder plot may have been part of the plan for escaped killers richard matt and david sweat as the manhunt in up state new york enters the 11th day. investigators are looking into whether joyce mitchell wanted the convicts to kill her husband. they are checking sales of richard matt's paintings to see if the money was used to buy assistance inside and outside the prison. rachel dolezal is speaking out about her racial identity. in an exclusive interview, she
8:04 am
told matt she didn't understand why they insisted ongoing public. she identified herself as black at a young age. >> i don't see why they are in such a rush to whitewash some of the work i have done and who i am and how i have identified. this goes back to a very early age with my self-identification with the black experience, as a very young child. >> she stressed she did not feel she was being deceptive. beaches are open on oak island, north carolina amid heightened concern of shark attacks after two swimmers were badly injured. a 12-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy lost arms. they are keeping an eye out for more sharks. there is no ordinance having them clear the surf. this is one way to chill out in hot weather.
8:05 am
a bear and two cubs going for the long, cool drink. the homeowner caught the trio on tape with momma bear rummaging through the freezer and the cubs checking out the grounds after lapping up two drinks, the bearing lumbered off. it is 8:05 now. over to matt and savannah. guys? >> all right, natalie, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> you were just getting more people to say how young and handsome you are? >> i was trying to deceive the crowd. coming up, how would you react if you saw a shark in the water? >> jeff rossen is going to tell us what to do if that happens. he is live with the story after this. a half gallon. i'll take that.
8:06 am
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nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. we are back at 8:09. time for a rossen reports safety alert tied to the shark attacks we have been telling you about. what are you supposed to do if a shark approaches you this the water? >> today, jeff rossen down on the jersey shore to show us. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning to you. on this beach last night the neighbor showed us, they found a baby shark that washed up here. they are out there. as many beaches across many states where there have been attacks already this year. there are ways to protect yourself. by the way, we are about to show you and that's why we are here what to do if you face a shark
8:10 am
out there. believe it or not, there are things you can do while packing for the beach before you get in, including the one color not to wear. the latest attacks just days ago. not just one swimmer but two. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> we have somebody -- a shark -- a shark aorter: frantic 911 calls pouring in. >> a girl's hand was bitten off by a shark. >> reporter: the teenager swimming in shallow waters off this popular beach in north carolina, mauled just an hour apart. >> the left arm is completely missing and also a bite to the left leg, a 13-year-old, weak pulse. >> reporter: both survived the brutal bites, but the damage was done. to give you an idea how often it's happening, consider this -- 16 attacks reported so far in the u.s. this year alone from florida to hawaii and the carolinas. and the summer is just starting. >> so you're ready for this? >> reporter: as ready as i'm
8:11 am
going to be. i know what it's like to come face to face with tiger sharks. >> this is either the best decision of my life or the worst. once jumping into shark infested waters on "today." i did it with shark experts and american tourists paying big bucks for the thrill. swimming with maneaters, no cage at all. >> okay. this is scary. whoa! one shark coming so close it head butts the camera. >> we are trying to keep a safe distance, but you can see the sharks are everywhere. you can't avoid them. you cannot avoid them. how do you protect yourself if you ever come face to face with a shark? there are things you can do before you get in the water. right? >> yes. >> reporter: we are on the beach with steve kessel, a shark scientist with 14 years' experience. >> first avoid wearing lots of shiny jewelry. the sun reflecting could make the shark mistake it for scales of a fish.
8:12 am
>> reporter: you say there is a color not to wear. >> yum, yum yellow. they are attracted to bright yellow colors. dark, plain swimwear is preferable. >> reporter: and there is a time to avoid? >> avoid night, dusk and dawn when they are most likely to be feeding. >> reporter: if i'm in the water and i see a shark, i know myself, i would do one of two things, be paralyzed by fear or high tail it out and be frantic. >> the worst thing you can do is frantically swim. if you run away from a dog it will likely chase you and bite you. if you face it, it keeps its distance. do the same thing with the shark. face the shark, keep it in eyesight and back up as calmly as you can to shore. >> reporter: what if the shark is aggressive or bites you? i heard you should punch it in the nose. >> attack the shark. go on the offensive. attack the eyes and gills. they are more sensitive than the nose.
8:13 am
you are more likely to ward it off. >> reporter: get to the shark in the eyes and gills. >> yes. >> reporter: i have always assumed there are more shark attacks in the summer months because there are more people out in the ocean in the water. that's true. but experts say there is another reason as well. sharks' metabolisms are higher when the weather is warmer. that means they digest food faster, so yes, they are hungrier. savannah, clearly you are not listening to the yum-yum yellow tip. get into another color and join me at the beach. >> definitely. speaking of magnificent water creatures, you look great in that wet suit. >> reporter: i'm rocking it, right? >> all right. >> jeff, thank you very much. i think i would not have the frame of mind or presence of mind to casually back up. >> how about bonking him in the nose or the gills? >> the eyes. >> i don't think i would have the courage. >> let's get a check on the weather from al in houston. >> thank you so much. we are waiting for tropical storm bill.
8:14 am
we are at the buffalo bayou that flooded three weeks ago. that's the problem throughout texas after record-setting rain there is nowhere for all the rain to go. let's show you the latest, just in from the national hurricane center. bill intensified a bit. 60 miles per hour winds moving northwest at 1305 miles southwest of galveston making its way, getting ready to come on shore. we are starting to feel the bands now. rainfall amounts from six to ten inches of rain are from houston, dallas on up into oklahoma. oklahoma city and tulsa as well. we've got a risk are of severe weather stretching further north into arkansas, indiana, into the midatlantic states and the northeast. can't rule out tornadoes. one to three inches of rain. flash flood watches in effect. 80 million people under flash flood watches for the next week. we've got record-setting heat again this in the southeast. look at the temperatures. feels like temperatures from upper 90s into the low 100s all the way down into northern
8:15 am
a lot going on elsewhere. nothing going on here. i think we'll take it. we start out in the 50s and low 60s as you walk out the door. still some low clouds. this afternoon it will be gorgeous. warming up into the mid-80s for the north bay. we see some lower 60s for san francisco and the east bay. then a high of 75 degrees as you head over towards the south bay. so a look closer at those microclimates. pennsylvania lo alto palo alto today reaching 76. and that's your latest weather. matt savannah back the you. >> al thank you so many purchase. coming up are the s.a.t.s about to get easier in why the tests your kids take may be nothing like we took. >> not going to help me now. then could you go ten days without added sugar? we'll give it a try with help from joy bauer. what you need to know to do it
8:16 am
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8:20 am
version of trending today. you ready? how did you do on the s.a.t.'s? >> not that great. >> you? really? >> thanks for being surprised but no. >> natalie? >> no. i got an average score. >> average score too but i feel a lot better now. we're starting with the big changes coming to that test. the s.a.t. making it in the words of one expert the easiest version ever. this according to the website business insider for starters the test will shift back to the old system 1600 now the highest score you can get or once again -- >> what i had. >> that's what we all had. >> imagine how bad our scores looked when it went to 2400. >> other changes, no obscure vo cab you you larry. fewer answer voice choices. wait you'll love this. your time for students to take the test and no penalty for
8:21 am
guessing. this morning the college board is telling us the new test will make things easier for students parents and educators. >> more true to life too. >> wait. when i was a kid i walked to school in the snow. but like why should it be easier? i thought the test was supposed to be hard. is it really doing what -- i did poorly on the test. >> is anybody saying if you get a higher score you are more successful in life? >> clearly not. >> i don't know how i feel about that. sorry, kids. when i was a girl. okay. starting the sugar detox today. >> under duress. >> because there's a story in trending that the pro sugar story. says eating chocolate every day could cut the risk of heart attack and stroke and that was in people who ate up to 100 grams of chocolate a day.
8:22 am
that is two hershey bars. not just dark. it can be milk chocolate. >> we're going to promote strokes. >> i had ten days in one binge eating. >> i went for broke. >> one of those king size snicker bars. >> all right. we know your dog can be your best friend. did you know they can also hold a grudge for you? researchers in japan examined just how far canine loyalty goes. turns out it goes pretty far. they discovered your dog can tell if someone is mean to you, and they willig nor people who snub their owners even if they are being offered food. so dogs can throw shade at people. >> what are you talking about? >> smile, buddy. >> did you think dogs can do that? >> no. but i kind of love that. that means they are emotionally intelligent enough to hold a grudge.
8:23 am
>> they sense when you're not feeling good about something. >> they know when you're afraid of something. it they come to your defense. >> or if you're upset. they know how to am cofort you. >> is that a live picture or a still frame? there, it moved. never mind. you imagine the camera holding up like a giant doggy jerky. >> very still. >> that's a wrangler statue we put in while you were off. >> attention. he is a puppy. you know how they are. here's something everyone should know. never take your boss's parking spot. everybody knows that. except for someone in ohio state university apparently. they paed in the space belonging to urban meyer. their car is that silver suv. when coach meyer showed up he got payback, blocking them in for the rest of the day. complaints. come see me. >> the doggy holds a grudge. i think he was a running back for the team. it was a player. i got to look.
8:24 am
a player? >> it was a player. >> from now to a guy sideswiped by a superstar and the secret bash at the white house. carson is here. >> step aside. you would be pretty upset if the you were sideswiped by a driver. that's not fun. what if it was 6'5" and 260 pounds and his name was duane the rock johnson? >> this happened. >> you might be more forgiving. instagram he said he hit a truck, damaged a side mirror in massachusetts where he is filming. he says the truck owner recognized him and absolutely refused to accept money for the damage. that's when you're supposed to say to a celebrity that taillight that was a million dollar taillight. sorry. toyota only made one of them. sorry. >> you say maybe my car got in your way. >> exactly. >> now to the secret soiree at the white house featuring prince and stevie wonder. it happened over the weekend.
8:25 am
the white house tried to keep it on the dl that didn't work. why? you know, social media, you got people bragging like russell wilson who put out dancing at the white house with prince and stevie wonder with my lady. thanks mr. president. the first lady did say the first family paid for the event. you know who was at this? our friend al roker. >> right. >> in houston, can you tell us more about the event? >> well it was very nice. some lovely horse lyly hors d'oeuvres and watched the president and the first lady get down. stevie wonder performing was worth everything. >> how do you get 0en the list. >> unbelievable. >> how did you get invited? >> i don't know. i think it was a mistake. they actually wanted debra and i had to come along. >> thank you, al.
8:26 am
>> carson thanks. coming up one military family gets a surprise in time for father's day.i'm ... tragedy early this morning in a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. tragedy early this morning in berkeley. five people are dead after a fourth-floor building of an apartment building collapsed after a birthday party. all were irish students here on work visas. eight others were injured, taken to local trauma centers. we'll continue to follow this story all day long on air and online at let's get a look at the morning commute with commute. >> in the south bay, a good news/bad news situation. that crash involving a motorcycle cleared. haven't heard about any major injuries. we have recovery that's starting up the capital expressway. northbound 87 moving smoothly but the bad news is at 280
8:27 am
there's a crash at the 87 connector. that will affect the jam heading up. the rest of the bay moving smoothly. we have a crash and jam south on 101. a crash at willow and another approaching the area. so that's an issue as folks are getting off the dunbarn to bridge. san mateo to the north, a little better than we often see on a tuesday. a crash on 88 over on the shoulder. that's a distraction for richmond. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on tuesday morning, the 16th day of june 2015. we have a big, amazing crowd are here. happy to be out on the plaza with them. >> great morning. coming up this half hour do you guys like to go to the drugstore? the it's one of my favorite things. >> sure. >> why? >> it's fun. shampoos lotions and stuff. >> you have to get out more. >> it can be over well ingwhelmingoverwhelming.
8:31 am
>> and lipstick i don't need. >> we'll tell you the good the bad and what to avoid. >> ladies you might enjoy this. get this. there is a way for the men to feel what it's like to be in labor . only one man was brave enough to try it out. we'll talk to kier simmons about it. >> why didn't you do that? >> that's awesome. >> i volunteer you. >> i don't like pain. >> who does? >> also we have a reminder about a special concert friday. you know nate russ from fun. he has his first solo album featuring the single "nothing without love." eel be here live on friday only on "today." >> before that a check of the weather from al who is down in houston. al? >> guys thanks so much. we are getting bands of rain coming from tropical storm bill. they will get heavier as the morning wears on. let's see what else we have. we have a risk of strong storms
8:32 am
in texas thanks to the bill. we have a risk of strong storms back through the central plains. west coast looks great. 75 a in seattle with sunshine. wet weather extending through the ohio river valley into the northeast and new england. tomorrow more strong storms in the upper ohio river valley. wet weather and flooding rains. texas, oklahoma arkansas western third of the country looks spectacular. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. looking spectacular here even though we're starting out with the low clouds and fog in some spots. it's in the mid-50s to lower 60s. into the afternoon, we're in the lower 60s in san francisco. the east bay, 66 degrees. still very comfortable. 75 degrees for the peninsula and east bay. also looking for the tri-valley we see all of that sunshine there. you'll warm up to 82 degrees. sunny and nice but temperatures will be warming up as we go through each day. and that's your latest
8:33 am
weather. back to you. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now to start the "today" summer shape up what better way the to start feeling better than with a ten-day sugar detox. >> yeah. >> why? "today" national correspondent and nutritionist joy bauer is leading the charge on this this. what have you gotten us into joy? >> well matt there is no turning back now. you have all agreed to kick the is shh sugar habit for ten days. i'm joining in too, and so are your colleagues. first of all, why we are taking a break from some of our favorite treats. sugar. how sweet it is. but americans are consuming about 22 teaspoons of added is sugar per day. that's nearly the four times the recommended amount for some people. it's not just coming from the sugar bowl. it is hidden in processed foods like cookies, cakes, condiments. while enjoying hod rat amounts
8:34 am
of added sugar is fine excessive amounts can have us feeling not sweet side effects like mood swings and weight gain. that said we are doing an experiment. to kick start healthy habits for summerer we are kicking the sweet stuff out of the dieter for ten days. >> i have dessert after every meal including breakfast. >>er for me it's all ice cream. >> peppermint patties and payday bars are are my favorite sweets. >> dark chocolate. >> we have a great home made ice cream place nearby. >> chocolate, brownies ice cream. >> i love chocolate ice cream coffee, strawberry banana mint chocolate chip. >> i love a good mint chip. >> the tiny entemann's chocolate chip cookies is. >> pie, cup cakes, candy. >> probably ten in a sitting. >> i do eat sweets. >> have i made it clear? i i love dessert. >> they say misery loves company. we are asking the whole office to join in.
8:35 am
i am taking away things like sugar, agave, honey, maple syrup and artificial sweeteners, soda diet soda fruit juice cookies, cake pie, tarts. around here saying so long to sweet s is no easy feat. ♪ >> put down the sugar! ♪ >> reporter: how hard could it be? >> not my treats joy. >> hand them over amy. >> joy bauer is here. you will be the most hated person on the "today" show. >> just to clarify it was savannah's idea. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> really? p.m. i plead >> i plead the fifth. >> what do we have to give up and what can we have? >> pod rat amounts of sugar is
8:36 am
fine but we gobble down excessive amounts. this is the ultimate reality check. we'll take everything out. here is the list. all real sugar agave, honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar. everything on the list. you have to read labels. it's in cookies, salad dress thing, ketchup . be care of. the other thing is artificial sweeteners. suck sucr are alo se aspartame, saccharin, stevia. we are saturating our taste buds with sweet . >> fruit has sugar. can we eat it is this? >> you can. >> monk fruit is out. >> fresh fruit and frozen fruit are fine. also the natural sugar in plain kwo gurt is okay. but flavored yogurt not so much. >> most importantly, natalie wants to know what about alcohol? >> you guys will love me. standing ovation.
8:37 am
wine is in. >> why? >> a glass? >> unlimited? >> a glass a day and hard liquor. contrary to what people say -- >> a glass a day. >> there is little sugar the in wine and it is natural. only one glam. but be careful. once you get the buzz on don't go for the real sugar p.m. this is a substitute for ice cream which is hard for me to give up. kids summer. >> same thing. icon cob concocted for matt chocolate ander for carson mint. they stole your mint chocolate. >> that's really good. >> it's not good. >> are you serious? >> no. it's not good. >> what do you think? >> it's not bad. i would take it because we are not eating sugar. you took my monk fruit. >> matt? >> he loves it! >>. it's good. >> for ten days? >> savannah i foe you love your chocolate pudding after dinner.
8:38 am
it has sugar or artificial sweetener. this is sweet potatoes avocado. >> this is not good. i tried it. >> that's not good. but as a substitute? >> can i tell you? >> oh my god. this is terrible. >> try it before you -- did you try it? >> this is how great baby food gets made. all right. to the caramel popcorn. this is good. >> natalie las vegass caramel pop corn. i reduced balsamic and put it on top. what do you think? >> that's okay . >> this is good. >> and al loves waffles with maple syrup which is out. i made a peach ginger coolie. no sugar added. all i did was take frozen peach slices and mixed it with ginger which is an anti-inflammatory.
8:39 am
it helps al with aches and pains and i simmered it. >> i would like to say -- >> 2 of 2? >> i'm out. >> ten days matt lauer. anything for ten days. >> if you break it what happen sths. >> just get back on the wagon. do the best you can. >> we want you the to join us. but don't eat this stuff. you can learn more about the detox plan including the foods to avoid at joy will be answering your questions. >> while on suicide watch. >> it's a facebook page today at 10:30 a.m. eastern. you can join the conversation using the hashtag # no sugar today and no taste today. >> the ice cream is delicious. >> it's okay. >> coming up, what a thrill. we'll talk to a military family about their incredible family serving overseas. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back now at 8:42 with more of make your today dads as we honor dads that deserve recognition. major jackson is serving his fourth deployment in afghanistan for the u.s. army. here to tell us why he's special are his wife stephanie and his kids kiara and mj jackson. good morning. >> good morning. >> i guess you're happy to be talking about your dad. he sounds special. this is his fourth deployment. >> yes. >> how long has he been gone? >> a year. it will be a year on the 20th. >> yeah. it must be hard. we talk about it with military families and i know one thing you want to emphasize is yes, it's hard but you are proud of his service. >> we are proud of him, excited for him to come home. we appreciate what he does for our family and for the country. >> i imagine this gets harder as you get older. you must miss him. how has the last year been?
8:43 am
have has he missed anything you wish he had been there. >> volleyball games, soccer, band competitions my academics. those are things i would have wanted him to be there. i know he couldn't have. >> what about you, mj? are you excited to see your dad? >> yes. that means i don't have to go shopping with these two. >> you need a guy in the house basically. >> oh yeah. >> stephanie what has it meant to have other members of the community standpoint in and fill the role when your husband is gone? >> gosh they have helped so much. guys have helped with mj boy scouts. i have though idea what -- no idea what i'm doing with boy scouts. they say, mom, he needs this he'll be okay. with kiara, other families have helped take her back and forth to volleyball soccer band system you missed your wedding anniversary? >> yes, our 14th. it's okay.
8:44 am
he'll pay for it when he gets overwhelm. >> do you remember your wedding song? >> "rhythm many inin the sky". >> this is it. i think i can make your wedding anniversary -- how would you like to see him right thousand? >> surprise! >> oh my gosh. >> major melvin jackson. home a little early. >> you're supposed to be in texas. oh, my gosh. ♪ >> hey, buddy. what's going on? >> i'm seeing a lot of tears. >> now you know why the blackout yesterday. >> he wouldn't talk to you as soon as you thought he was ignoring your calls? >> you were going to dinner. >> i know. >> i have to tell you something about your dad.
8:45 am
he's so special. he obviously came home early. he's been traveling for a week since afghanistan. >> last monday. >> they even lost your luggage. so you literally have the clothes on your back now. >> that's it. yeah. i got in and i was like where is my uniform? this is all i have. but it's worth it to see these guys. >> what does it mean to the see your dad? >> we're so happy to be part of your reunion. happy father's day. welcome home. thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> the jackson family. thank you so much. tomorrow we'll see how matt surprised a rhode island principal with something beyond his wildest dreams. coming up next, if you are looking to clear up your sinuses sinuses, get rid of a headache we'll tell you what the pharmacist recommends when it comes to over-the-counter medicines at the drugstore. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
back at 8:47. when you walk through a pharmacy the option s can be mind-boggling. we have help this morning. u.s. news & world report and the pharmacy times released the top pharmacist recommended guide for over-the-counter health products. dr. natalie azar is an nbc news contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is all based on feedback? >> this is a survey of over 2,700 pharmacists, over 1,000 different products. basically based on their recommendations presumably from their impression of safety and toll rablt. >> start with allergy season. what do they recommend for the top allergy relief products. >> this is top rated. they recommend claritin,
8:49 am
nonsedating. we get to benadryl but it is sedating. these are their recommendations. what might work for you. >> kind of on the same subject. you have the stuffy nose. what do what i they is about nasal decongestants. >> they like afrif which constricts blood vessels. you can use them with other drugs is. >> be careful about using it too often. >> they recommend more than two, three weeks you can get rebound congestion. see a doctor if that's the case. >> pain relief. >> first on the list is advil. it's a brand anymorer for ibuprofen ibuprofen. it's an nsaid, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. good for pain fever. >> a>> asit min finish isn't quite as if he can spif testimony excedrin migraine top of the list by a wide margin.
8:50 am
>> xcedrin has aspirin, caffeine. works well. >> cold >> this is -- it surprised me as well. i used it. it basically has an antiseptic in it an oral anesthetic. it was top on the list. >> kids colds. >> is big one here important. we did talk to the american academy of pediatrics. they have a strong position that cough and cold medicines not generally recommended for children. fluids using tylenol, advil, but the number one for the pharmacist dimetapp. this has something to suppress the cough. >> if you have just eaten some of joy's dessert you might need something for your stomach. pepto bismol. >> yes. a few of my friends. basically it contains an
8:51 am
anti-inflammatory. they don't know exactly how it works but it does help to soothe pain indigestion. a caveat if you have stomach pain that is prolonged, more than two to three weeks, blood in the stool, weight loss don't self treat. see your doctor. >> we've got more categories we'll put up on the website. doc, thank you as always. good to see you. and coming up next a way for men to be able to feel a woman's pain literally. wait until you see the labor simulator for dads. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> in time for father's day dads get a taste of what it's like to go through labor. keir simmons you lucky dog. >> why did i agree to do this? some things that only mothers have to go through which is why some dads are signing up for the experience the pain of labor. i agreed to do the same. being the birth of your child is life changing. research says when dad is present, helps mom relax. but a new study finds fathers can make the pain worse, too, simply by being there. it depends on mom's psychology how she copes with pain. >> get out! >> it can be a bit confusing for us. but some places outside the u.s.
8:54 am
men can experience simulated labor with a special machine. one that is used primarily to treat sports injuries with electricity. >> what we're going to do we're going to take some electric stimulation. >> i was a little nervous. >> this contraction is short. you're going to be fine. >> perhaps. but i'd seen these internet videos of others having this treatment. the idea is to help expecting dads empathize. some believe doesn't come close enough to the real thing. >> i think that women probably do have a higher level of pain tolerance. pain of labor and delivery is a sustained long term pain, the intensity of pain is likely much greater and also different. >> pregnancy prepares women for labor. >> i went through almost 36 hours of labor. >> i had night pain.
8:55 am
it was very intense. very, very intense. >> many say trying to explain what labor is like now, that's tough. >> i think it's hard to explain it to a man to be honest. what labor is, it's the muscles of the uterus pulling, contract so for a man it's almost impossible. >> it looks like i'm going to have to do this. >> pressure. around the stomach. >> i felt like my stomach was knotting together and in real labor just this early stage can last four to six hours. >> the next will be a little bit more. breathe easily. >> i might faint, by the way. ouch. ouch. >> breathe out. i think you can handle one more about a seven. >> you going to hold my hand? >> i'm going to hold your hand. >> that was not even close to
8:56 am
full labor pain. >> i never ever want to go through this again. >> it's over. >> was it bad? >> they are twins. >> it was painful but apparently not as painful as the real thing is. so you know. >> your gorgeous twins. >> my little girls. you know something i realize it's all worth it when you get girls likei'm ... a balcony collapse during a birthday part in berkeley killfive good tuesday morning. it's 8:56. i'm sam brock. a balcony collapsed during a birthday party in berkeley killing five people overnight. several others still fighting for their lives this morning after a fourth floor balcony detaches and crashes down on the balcony below. this happening just before 1:00 this morning. the victims were said to be attending a 21st birthday party for irish students here on summer work visas. we'll have updates on this story
8:57 am
all day long as we learn more about their conditions both on air and online at also happening today, san francisco municipal transportation agency the mta, expected to discuss the safer market street proposal. it would make the street only available to public transportation, no private vehicles, and if approved it would go into effect in august. we'll see you again in 25 minutes. now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better.
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this morning on today's take, we are kicking off a sugar detox. we want you to join us. and a live performance by viral video sensation walk off the earth and ed sheeran's big surprise that has everyone talking. that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome to "today." it's tuesday horning june 16, 2015. a big excited almost summer crowd outside on the plaza. >> almost summer? >> 16th. >> so next week.
9:01 am
we have a great show dield up, live pew sicker for you. we'll do this sugar detox deal. are you ready? >> i'm already having withdrawal. >> you started? >> yeah. 4:00 a.m. when i woke up i started. >> we're supposed to start already? i just had a deliciouser caramel. >> i had a donut. >> not so good on day one. joy will be here. >> to teach us the right way. give us the path. >> she'll take away our favorite things for a few days. al is down in houston. residents bracing for as much as ten inches of rain. more flooding from tropical storm bill. we'll talk to al in a moment. we want to begin with the interview that matt did a couple of hours ago on the show with former naacp leadererer in spokane washington coming under fire as perhaps you know after accusations that she lied about her race and pretended to black. rachel dolezal's parents revealed to reporters last week she is their biological daughter
9:02 am
and they are white. the story went viral after rachel did this interview with an affiliate in spokane. >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> were your parents -- are they white? >> this blew up, a combination of the parents saying she's white and that interview a few days ago. rachel stepped down if are the naacp presidency in spokane yesterday. this morning she sat down with matt. matt started with the question everyone wanted an answer. >> let me just ask you the question in simple terms again because you have sent mixed signals over the years. are you an african-american woman? >> i identify as black. >> let me put up a picture of you in you are your early 20s though. when you see this picture is this an african-american woman or is that a caucasian woman? >> that's not in my early 20s.
9:03 am
>> youngerer i guess. >> 16 in that picture. >> is she a caucasianer or an african-american woman? >> i would say visibly she would be identified as white by people who see her. >> at the time were you identifying yourself as african-american? >> in that picture during that time, no. >> when did it start? >> i would say about 5 years old. >> you began identifying yourself as african-american? >> i was drawing self-portraits with the brown craneyon instead of peach and black curl ary hair. yeah. that was how i was portraying myself. >> so over the last few days as the story developed reports if the media started referring to rachel as trans racial, bi racial and black. matt asked her about the terms. >> the cynics and skeptics will say you didn't correct those reports.
9:04 am
>> i didn't correct toes reports. >> because it worked for you, helped you heat your goals. is that fair? >> i don't necessarily think that's fair. over -- not just at that time but before then, too i have had to answer those who have seen me and because i'm a black hair stylist, you know, is have styled my hair in many different ways. have been identified as mixed, light-skinned, black et cetera. you know, i have had to answer a lot of questions. throughout my life. >> so she did go on to tell matt she hopes this conversation starts a larger conversation about the definitions of race ethnicity, culture, self-determination and empowerment. what do you think? >> not to discredit the work she's done as a teacher in africana studies and at the naacp chapter that she worked
9:05 am
at. her story is so conflicted and she seems to change versions of the story. other reports have surfaced. they just don't align with what she wants to say she is and feels. i thought it was interesting. she had her two thekids here who are black. she basically said in their eyes, they view me as biologically human and actually culturally african-american. i don't know. it seems she wants to latch onto this trans racial identity. but it's a hard one. i think it is a very sensitive subject. i don't know. it seems sometimes whatever is most convenient for her. >> she sued howard university, the black university for district manager thags because she was -- discrimination because she was white. if we are to be honest with ourself s in having the conversation, i don't know if we got the answer as to why she's
9:06 am
doing this. >> right. >> i think for me it is would she have accomplished the things she's done had she not identified as white. what does identifying as black mean? as an african-american person, i don't know. when someone says i identify as black does that mean the texture of your hair? tanning of your skin? what does that mean? >> exactly. >> i didn't get that answer from her and why do you identify as black? what does that bring to your life? what does that bring to the job that you do and the raising of your children? what does that mean? >> the question i had before and after is why can't you support and advocate for and relate to the african-american experience without making yourself african-american? >> that's what her dad said. she could have done this without
9:07 am
having to pass herself off as black. >> but she's not answered the question. >> right. >> or what motivated her reasons for the change. >> i think all of us are rightfully as journalists sensitive to it and as human beings. you don't want to feel like you are judging someone certainly not in this day and age. however there are authentic questions that if you are on a public stage like the "today" show you should be ready to answer. it's her journey. she's now stepped down and hopefully naacp in spokane can move forward and continue their work. >> we appreciate she was forth forthcoming the if giving us her side of the story. >> but she was pushed into it by her parents. >> she didn't volunteer. >> she's the one who created the story. >> it's her journey. >>er all right. shall we do the sugar thing? >> i don't know. we love joy bauer.
9:08 am
>> everyone does. >> here's the deal. joy is motivating us to kick our sugar habits tr for ten days. life is about pod radiation. this is not about being a task master of diet. >> i'm not a sugar stealer. >> we have confessed to you some of the things we love most in our lives. you are going to assist us in finding alternatives. >> right. these are sweet swaps. natalie loved caramel popcorn. i made for her some reduced balsamic. it's a sweet tangy topping for popcorn. popcorn is a whole grain without added sugar. willie loves cookies. >> the little ones. >> these are oatmeal banana pecan cookies with no added sugar or artificial anything. >> those look amazing. i could dig into that popcorn. that looks like a cookie. what is that?
9:09 am
>> tamron this is for you. when i asked you what your sort of sweet indulgence was you said candy all day long. >> i have candy jars filled to the top at home. as soon as you walk in, huge candy jars. >> i thought maeb we'd have a lot of sweet produce items. i froze grapes. you can pop them in your mouth. grape or cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, red pepper sticks, hummus or salsa. no sugar. but you can dip into the cookies as well. >> that looks good to me . >> let's switch. >> absolutely. >> does that mean i can keep my entemann's. >> these recipes are on >> for education purposes wie is it difficult for us to reduce our is su gar addiction? >> i think we are programmed to crave and love and gobble down sweets. moderate amounts of added sugar
9:10 am
isn't evil or the enemy. it's fine. excessive amounts get you into trouble. let's remove everything for ten days and after ten days we'll be more selective about what we bring into our diet. >> things that are refined with sugar make it difficult. joy, thank you. >> good luck! >> you are amazing. >> this is a great story as i swallow this frozen grape. really good. we love ed see ran are. he's amazing. look at this great surprise. a 13-year-old girl was at a talent show at a mall in canada singing one of his hits when lo and behold, who surprises her. take a look. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's ever green ♪ ♪ and baby your smile forever in
9:11 am
my mind and memory ♪ >> wow. what a duet. sydney was performing "thinking out loud." ed was there shopping when he saw it going on. so he decided to surprise her. isn't that amazing? >> finish that song. i love it. >> it's a beautiful song. >> to think he was performing here when he just started out. that song is one of my favorites. >> it's good. al is in houston tracking the tropical storm down there. al what does it look like? >> right now we are getting bands of rain coming in. let's give you the latest on what's going on with tropical storm bill. still offshore. right now it has in the last hour or so intensified. winds up to 60 miles per hour. northwesterly winds. motion at 13 . 105 miles south west of galveston. the thing makes land fall in the
9:12 am
next few hours. as it does it will bring in heavy rain, tropical storm warnings. over 111 1 11 million people affected. three to five inches of rain in the houston area. throughout the morning heavy rain spreads up to wrk aco, san antonio, flash flood watches through tomorrow morning. three to five inches of rain. keep going forward. into the early morning hours of wednesday you're going to see dallas get involved. flash flood watches in effect. rainfall 5 to 7 inches. the problem here, guys, as we continue to move the map forward so much rain they have this the last three weeks. as you can see oklahoma city gets into this by wednesday afternoon. it continues on up into the midwest and will continue to affect those areas. here they have picked up anywhere from 10 to 15 inches of rain in the last three or four weeks. so that's the big problem. nowhere for the rain to go. flooding a problem.
9:13 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. all dry here across the bay area. as you walk out the door it's 55 degrees in san francisco. we're headed into the lower 80s today especially around morgan hill. 67 degrees. at at&t park the giants game going on. it will be nice. 63 degrees and 84 degrees in santa rosa. dublin reaching 77. have a great day. latest weather. guys? >> thanks, al. we'll talk to you in a bit. coming up, their videos have hundreds of millions of views on youtube are youtube. now walk off the earth has an album and a tour coming women talking about activia. when i feel bloated and my stomach is rumbling in the morning, it takes me forever to get dressed. i just like wearing a lot of black. i don't have the time to be gassy and uncomfortable,
9:14 am
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9:16 am
i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. walk off the earth launched their career with wildly popular cover songs. >> first how they became internet sensations. ♪ >> reporter: walk off the earth -- ♪ players gone ma play play play ♪ >> reporter: a fabulous fivesome gaining followers with a series of videos covering your favorite songs. they hit it big with "somebody that i used to know" which
9:17 am
reached over 166 million views on youtube. walk off the earth's success continued wither their original song "red hands" climbing to number 15 on the charts. their latest album "sing it all away" is out with a european tour kicking off this year. ready to take the music scene by storm. walk off the earth is here. gianni, sara, brian, miker or beard guy and joel cassidy. the album is out today. great to have you with us. we have been watching your videos for a long time. good to see you coming out with your own stuff, too. let me start with you, sara. congratulations. >> thank you. >> very much pregnant. that's gianni's baby. you have a 2-year-old as well.
9:18 am
>> yeah. >> is the tour bus the family-friendly affair is? >> yeah. we have a lot of family and a lot of kids. you know, it'ser our rock and roll lifestyle. it's not as party crazy as you would think it is. >> fun times with family. >> natalie mentioned 166 million views. just for the one video alone. almost after a billion when you put your videos all together. when was the moment this exploded for you guys? >> we had been steadily growing our audience for a few years before that particular video exploded. that was the main piece to kind of finish off. >> did somebody share it? what was the moment it went from a few views to your friends is it? >> i think a lot of people shared it during the first couple of days. it struck a chord. >> you guys are all about the choreography and the harmony. did it take a lot of takes to get it just right is it? >> definitely a little bit of
9:19 am
patience that has to be had. we typically when we are doing videos we practice as much as we can. when you do a one-take video you have to get it perfect. so we do 25 30 takes of the same video over and over. >> that's cool. >> stepping out now. you will play live for us in a few minutes. we can't wait to hear it. >> walk off the earth. as willie said they will play "rule the you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me,
9:20 am
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audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. when you are applying for a job think about this. google receives 2.5 million resumé as year. >> how do you stand out from the crowd? here to answer is google's senior vice president of people operations responsible for attracting developing and retaining. you have a big title. so you know a lot. >> it's a lot of words. >> we'll launch in with tips on resumés and formatting. what do we need to know? >> number one thing is keep it simple.
9:23 am
people think they have to make the resumé stand out. simple. ten point font or biggererer black and white, simple structure. a recruiterer is looking for reason ares to kick you out of the process. don't give them excuses. >> not a lot of color. plaque and white. be specific about your accomplishments. what do you mean? >> you need to put math in there, numbers describing what you plishd and how to measure it. don't say you managed a $30,000 sorority budget. say you did these four things and went ahead and invested $5,000 in an interest bearing account. sounds like a will the of details but the numbers make you stand out and give a recruiting manager a sense of why you are special. >> once you are past that time for the interview. you say practice your answers. >> absolutely. it's boring,er hard and nobody wants to do it. but you can anticipate 90% of the interview questions you will get. figure out what they are going to be. greatest strength weakness, why this company. practice. have more than one answer for each question so if one
9:24 am
interviewerer doesn't like you the other will. >> i like this advice. what's your greatest weakness. maybe i care too much. maybe i'm too good, try to do everything. that's not the answer you want to hear. >> it's not. you never believe it. my greatest weakness is not i'm a perfectionist or i work too hard. be honest. but say what you did to improve. if you are an introvert say i'm an introvert but i enrolled in a theater class or i raised my hands and was vocal and i'm better at working through it. >> instant turnoffs. i said it sounds like a dating game but what are the instant turn offs. >> one is sar ing confidential information. giving away secrets. we looked at people who applied and 5 to 10% of people had confidential information. >> like what? >> somebody would say i had a consulting project for a search engine company in california. you know they worked for google and the hiring managerer knows
9:25 am
they will share your secrets as well. >> here is my resumé for google. big fan. >> let's go to my there's a bazillion ways to top your kids' rice krispies. what's yours? ♪ a dash of fruit ♪ ♪ in their favorite color. ♪ ♪ a bunch of pineapple ♪ ♪ 'cause hey - it's summer! ♪ ♪ a smidgen of honey ♪ ♪ in the shape of a flower. ♪ ♪ a handful of almonds ♪ ♪ for strong superpowers. ♪ ♪ bananas and berries ♪ ♪ 'cause the letter b rocks. ♪ ♪ a little bit of yogurt? ♪ ♪ sure! why not? ♪ ♪ colorful marshmallows ♪ ♪ add a bite of fun. ♪ ♪ apple slices ♪ ♪ with their buddy, cinnamon. ♪ ♪ plop pomegranate ♪ ♪ for a polka dot pattern ♪ ♪ a swirl of chocolate. ♪ ♪ look! the rings of saturn! ♪ the fun never stops! how will your kids top their snap, crackle and pop? stay still, like a statue! just like a statue. look here! when your day goes on and on you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. new secret outlast clear gel. ladies we need to talk... ... about haircolor. it's garnier nutrisse nourishing color creme. rich, radiant... ravishing color! nutrisse nourishes while it colors.
9:26 am
plus it has avocado, olive, and shea oils. garnier nutrisse. nourished hair, better color agic morning in berkeley -- after a balcony i'm ... a tragic morning in berkeley -- after a balcony collapsed during a party. very good morning to you. it's 9:26. a tragic morning in burkely after a balcony collapsed. six people confirmed dead. the victims is said to be astending a 21st birthday party. >> you can see the story on air and online. happening today, smoke in the hills. don't worry.
9:27 am
it's suppose to be there. it's preparation for a firefighter training that will take place next week. >> we're going to take a quick break but we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:28 am
traffic ck san jose 17/280/880 good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we see it's mostly clear across parts of the bay. nice and comfortable this afternoon. the financial district at 62 degrees. 82 degrees with east bay reaching the upper 70s. 82 degrees with mostly sunny skies and our temperatures will be going up each day as we go through the week into the
9:29 am
weekend. >> this is 880 north from 17. this whole interchange, look at the map. there's a crash around somewhere that camera shot. an earlier crash at sar tarksatoga. the rest of your drive is nice throughout the bay. a crash over at bay front 84. still on the shoulder a distraction. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. another local update in a half hour. have a great morning. day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
9:30 am
taking a look at headlines nbc news learned the fda will move to ban artificial trans-fats in all foods within the next three years. doctors have warned for years trans-fats clog arteries leading to heart attacks, the number one killer of american adults. while food manufacturers could petition for a trans-fat exception they warn food prices could rise. science is giving you another reason to enjoy chocolate without the guilt. british researcherers monitor 20,000 people for a decade and found those who ate the most chocolate, two candy bars a day were 12% less likely to develop heart disease and 23% less likely to suffer a stroke compared the to those who ate the least chocolate. most of those this the study ate
9:31 am
ordinary milk chocolate, not the darker, healthier version. the google maps app has a feature for people who are always running late. when you start a trip it will warn if that restaurant or the store you are headed to will be closed by your estimated arrival time. the warning can be ignored and you can continue to navigate to your destination if you choose to the co do so anyway. say bon voyage to the popular cruises to nowhere. the short two, three night trips will end next year in the u.s. cruise lines that sail underer carnival and for weenorwegian that can no longer operate without a stop in a foreign port. this is because of the way homeland security clears ships. thousand a check of the weather with al in houston covering the tropical storm there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. thanks natalie. bill will have a big impact across the country as we move on through the week. let's show you what's going on
9:32 am
for today. we are looking for a risk of strong storms through eastern texas up into northern texas as the day wears on . central plains with a slight risk of strong storms. western third looks great. wet weather ohio valley northeast new england. tomorrow, the recommend nannes of bill move into the texas/oklahoma borderer. we have a slight risk of strong storps from illinois into west virginia. wet weather all the way up into the northern great lakes. again the western third of the country looks spectacular. 80 degrees in portland. sunshine and 82 in los angeles. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. not a drop of rain anywhere in our forecast. warming up today to 75 degrees. san francisco, low 60s there. the north bay reaching the 8080s.
9:33 am
freemont 70 degrees. and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thank you, mr. roker. more now of our special father's day series, lessons learned from dad. >> as you can see we are recreating a geist family road trip. >> that's correct. we made a lot of runs up and down the east coast in our family car, a slightly older, more beat-up version and smaller of this. we had a red cj 7. as dad showed me packing for the trips in a car like this was quite a skill. >> i think the thing i most admire about my dad is his ability to find humor in anything. to make a situation that might make a situation that's difficult fun. he taught me curiosity, to wonder about the world and want to know more. i learned a lot from my dad.
9:34 am
the thing i would like to pass on the most is the ability to pack the family car for a road trip. we had a 1984 red jeep cj 7. it had no doors, no roof. it's a tight space . when you have a sister and you are becoming a lanky teenage boy as i was there is not a lot of space in the back. my dad had it down to a science to the point where my sister and i would have to sit perfectly upright for the entire trip because there was a wall of suitcases here a wall of suitcases there are. usually a boom box of some kind at our feet because, god forbid, you didn't take on your family va arecation a giant 1980s boom box. sometimes we would take the jeep to nantucket to drive it on the beach. these were the good old days. no gps, no nothing. we'd get too close to the water, start sinking a little. he'd wheel it over.
9:35 am
always an adventure with dad. that's a good metaphor for life. always an adventure. >> we'll try to pack the this jeep. i think we have more luggage. >> this is all of willie's makeup, shoes. >> from my glam squad. >> not a lot of trunk space. >> first, the boom box. this is 1985 and you are going on vacation, you better have it for the beach. natalie that's at your feet. >> how come you guys aren't in here. >> you are my sister libbey. i would have been next to you. two in the back seat. you're jody geist. now you stack these up next to libby, my sister. you want the big ones on the bottom. too late for that. just go up the sides with these. >> all right. >> get that one in there. >> are you trying to kill me is this. >> this is the latest attempt. >> on an average geist family trip how many suitcases were there? >> i i think we each got one
9:36 am
small one. this is a little bit more tan we probably had. you get the idea. you stack them . there is a little sliver of a trunk so you could get one here. well, we did. >> got that in there. our cooler went at the feet. this is a bigger cooler. we had the little igloo. imagine that at your feet. >> fishing poles you can slide through the middle. jody could hold it. >> this isn't ah-haer hazard at all. >> no hooks or lures in there. my dad didn't know how to put the bike rack on. so we'd stop every the few miles to recover some of the bikes we lost along the way. >> got it done! >> up next, you will be blasting willie's big jam box with the songs of the summer. i've got my summer play list. it's my tuesday trend.
9:37 am
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mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal. welcome back. it is time for my tuesday trend. okay. i want to help you out. the next summer party, wedding wherever you're getting your groove on. i thought i would shear my summer playlist. i'm nervous because you may not like it but brian hyatt is a senior writer at rolling stone here to sort through my favorites and give us replacements if my groove is not your thing. brian, good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> playlists are aresensitive. if people don't like a play list they will delete you. you judged my playdis. >> i really liked it. >> my first song, coming home by leon bridges from ft. worth, texas. let's listen. ♪
9:42 am
every time i hear it i sing it. he sounds like sam cook. >> it's really weird. he's an old soul with old influences. he recorded he is whole album on super vintage recording equipment. if you listen to it you can tell. it sounds like it was recorded in 1965. >> the album comes out soon. >> on its way. >> up next, another jam. marvin gaye not the singerer but the song. meghan trainor and charlie puth . ♪ ♪ you get the healing that i want ♪ ♪ just like they say it in the song ♪ ♪ until the dawn ♪ ♪ let's marvin gaye and get it on ♪ >> every song makes me sing. your thoughts? >> he's one of these youtube sensations. you can tell by looking at him.
9:43 am
you know, he's from new jersey. he sees hums a ss himself as a modern version of motown. it sounds like a meghan trainor song and there she is. >> next up jedenna. janelle monae told me about him. "classic man." take a listen. ♪ his song, another throwback. he's about keeping it classy. dumping the baggy jeans and having fresh flow. >> he wears custom suits. went to stanford. >> raised in wisconsin. >> he's one of the guys who arrived fully formed with a whole aesthetic. pretty much all about being classy, old fashioned.
9:44 am
>> i taught this song was by jamie foxx. it is not. it's jamie fx called "i know there's going to be good times." take a listen. ♪ >> i love this song. >> it's so good. >> i could picture myself in a rented convertible since i don't own a car. >> me neither. ♪ >>er what are your thoughts. a little funky. >> i think it's awesome. crazy because jay xx is part of this group which is a super indy british group. he makes a solo thing that's r & b, hip hop. it 's awesome. >> quickly, you like the weekends. >> this is kind of in the same vibe. the weekend "can't feel my face." produced by max par tin who made britney spears's hits. it sounds like disclosure. it's vibe.
9:45 am
>> we'll put our play list on twitter and rod stewart also on my list. you have to hear it. up next, one of the hottest bands, walk off the earth after this. when were you first considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? when did you first fight to be considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? family isn't defined by who you love, but how. tylenol®.
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hey kool-aid man, do you like parties? ♪ ohh yeahh! oh oh, oh yeah! oh yeah! stir up some fun with 50% less sugar than leading regular sodas. new kool- aid easy mix. oh yeah! ah! ♪ i...i...i got bit by a snake. poison?
9:49 am
oh god. oh wow. ok, yeah. i feel that. that's definitely poison. apparently i'm immune to venom. immune to venom? immune to venom? immune, steve. >> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> the viral music sensation walk off the earth thoen for amazing covers of popular songs ready to give us a taste of new original music. >> here they are sing rule the world off "sing it all away." take it away, guys. ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ don't cloud my vision ♪ ♪ i'm telling you not today ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
9:50 am
♪ i'm seeing straight ♪ ♪ made my decision ♪ ♪ made it through the shades of gray ♪ ♪ ooh ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ i materialize the feel ing ♪ ♪ to carry on, to carry on ♪ ♪ i know some will say i'm dreaming ♪ ♪ but i carry are on, ier carry on ♪ ♪ they say no way ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ain't afade of the walls ♪ ♪ i i'm a break them down ♪ ♪ they stay the same ♪ ♪ i'm feeling high as a bird ♪ ♪ ain't afraid of the ground ♪ ♪ i'm a stay up i say yeah yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ they say, no, no, no ♪ ♪ they say slow ♪ ♪ i say go, go go ♪ ♪ they say no way ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ooh ooh, ooh ♪
9:51 am
♪ i chased illusion ♪ ♪ then i watched it paid to black ♪ ♪ throwing me off track ♪ ♪ found revolution ♪ ♪ found it in a simple fact ♪ ♪ ain't coming back ♪ i materialize the feeling ♪ ♪ to carry are on, to carry on ♪ ♪ i know some will say i'm dreaming ♪ ♪ but i carry on, i carry on ♪ ♪ they say no way ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ ain't afraid of the walls ♪ ♪ i'm a break them down ♪ ♪ they stay the same i'm feeling high as a bird ♪ ♪ ain't afraid of the ground ♪ ♪ i i'm a stay up ♪ ♪ i say yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ they say no, though, no ♪ ♪ they say slow, slow slow ♪ ♪ i say go, go, go they say no way ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪
9:52 am
♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ they say no way ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ ain't afade of the walls ♪ ♪ i'm a break them down ♪ ♪ they stay the same ♪ ♪ i'm feeling high as a ♪ ♪ ain't afraid of the ground ♪ ♪ i i'm a stay up ♪ ♪ i say yeah yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ they say no, though, no ♪ ♪ they say slow, slow, slow ♪ ♪ i say go, go, go ♪ ♪ they say no way ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ oh whoa ♪ ♪ i say i'll rule the world ♪
9:53 am
♪ oh , oh, oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! >> walk the earth. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
hey. >> ladies. >> the sugar detox begins and you are a lot -- >> already? >> you will forget your headache because eric dane is with us.
9:56 am
welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! a tragic end to a night of celebration in berkeley. take vo 6 people are now confirmed dead - several more are fighting for their lives - good morning everyone. 8:00 8:56 8:56. six people dead after a bool cony fell in burkely. it was the collapse of a crowded fourth floor balcony.
9:57 am
they were attending a 21st birthday party. >> we're going to try and process and move gourd. >> we will continue to have updates on this story all day long on air and online at a mother accused of killing her mother and baby girl while driving drunk is expected to make a plea in court today. police say he was behind the wheel when a car crashed and hit a woman and her 14-month-old baby. let's check with kari on the weather. >> good morning. we start out with some mild temperatures and low clouds all across it is across the bay. we'll see highs reaching 56 degrees in the east bay
9:58 am
peninsula. one of the warmer spots, the north bay 84 degrees. overall, a sunny and nice day. we'll start to see those temperatures go up each day as we go towards the end of the week and the weekend. now let's check in with mike. >> the last few minutes we've seen the interchange start to move better as far as the speeds go. still have a late delay and another crash in the back approaching moore park in the area. north 880 passing the area and a fender bender on the shoulder. the bay looks nice. the crash on the shoulder of 84 for bay front. not a problem though. late getting to the peninsula. back to you. >> thanks mike. we continue to update that story in burkely. we'll do so again in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ okay! >> uh-huh. uh-huh. alrighty. it's what day, hoda? >> booze day tuesday. >> we've got one word for you -- mcsteamy. "grey's anatomy" actor, he doesn't want to be called a hunk. eric dane is here to tell us what's floating his boat these days. also "high school musical star ashley has a lot to
10:01 am
celebrate. big event coming up. what did she call herself -- haute mess. guess what we're doing? >> i'm doing it -- next. going on a sugar detox. >> for ten days? you signed up noor?for that? >> two. i thought it was two, joyce. >> ten days hoda. >> all right. >> first, i'm concerned about how this is going to work out. starts off with headaches. that's what happens when you cut something out you that love. you get withdrawal. i'm just letting you know. >> in honor of father's day, we're cooking up my daddy's favorite meal and we hope it will become one of your favorites, pork and sauerkraut. >> yummy. >> i had this marathon day yesterday. >> tell me. >> remember 6-year-old corey was with us yesterday? >> from make-a-wish.
10:02 am
>> from make-a-wish. just the sweetest young boy. >> dreamed of being a firefighter? >> yes. we made that wish come true. my friend sonny and i went off to have lunch. you guys are getting to the pictures before i get to the story. >> uh-huh. >> the restaurant that we're going to go to wasn't open for lunch. so we'll walk up to the palm five blocks away. as we're walking, all of these guys are screaming my name from the firehouse. i look in and they say, cathie look corey's here. i go what! there he is oh my gosh he's the happiest kid. he was up in the fire truck. i climbed up there. his mom lorena. and the nicest fire guys in the world. the firefighters. oh gosh. i spent 28 minutes, 30 minutes, i don't know. had a ball with everybody.
10:03 am
i want to thank them. by the way, it was so great yesterday on the show when he wished to be a fireman and he's going through his debilitating illnesses and then suddenly -- wow. >> he wanted a hug. his eyes were all aglow. >> then what happened? >> then we went to the palm. and who comes walking down the aisle, to table, senator joe lieberman. now, okay. that's great. but what are the chances i'd be having lunch with sonny, who used to be joe lieberman's secretary. >> what! >> yeah. >> this is a weird day. then what happened? >> then we went to the movies. scared it. >> the movie's not out yet. >> no three weeks. "the gallon lows." oh my goodness.
10:04 am
>> was it gory? >> no it's not gory. it's scary, scary, creepy. then that evening, i was with my friend gretchen the book "getting real." it was a fullhouse and she was as lovely as ever. >> are you tired? >> i am. >> and then you got home. yesterday at sirius radio, i did this great radio show. andy grammar who singing "honey i'm good." he brings his guitar. i look over at the guy -- ♪ it was just so cool. the great thing about sirius radio. i'm walking through sirius radio. i'm about to leave and i hear this beautiful sound over the overhead and i'm like what song is that? i should download it. they said no she's right there in the fishbowl.
10:05 am
he wanted to go into music. i couldn't believe it, this is her. ♪ >> i love this. ♪ >> that's an angel. >> yeah. >> what is going on! it was so exciting. >> did you know the song? >> i don't know it yet. but that's it. >> okay. >> so if you guys haven't been paying attention to the news lately -- >> everybody hasn't. >> there's a woman bit name of rachel dolezal, she's been making headlines. he was the president of spokane naacp. she recently stepped down from that. her race has been in question. that was her when she was a younger girl. and is this her today. she's estranged from her parents who are white. and it's so interesting because people had assumed she's black. people said she's black in articles. she hadn't disputed it she said, in many ways. but the whole thing came to light because a reporter was asking her very basic questions
10:06 am
about her dad and things like that. take a look. this is what started the whole firestorm. >> reporter: are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> reporter: are your parents, are they white? >> so she walked out of frame. and i think because she did not confront that issue. so her parents came on and they said that they were her parents and that she's been deceptive. >> she's been deceptive, right. >> dishonest is the the other word. >> yeah she came on with matt today and everybody was wondering what is he going to stay what's her perspective, what's her point of view. >> because everybody was talking about her. >> yeah. list ton what she said. >> are you an african-american woman. >> i identify as black. >> you were deserving people and you knew their questions were pointed in a different direction. when someone would say are you black or white, you'd say, i'm
10:07 am
black, you didn't say i identify as black. you'd say i'm black. when does you start to see these people? >> well i do take exception to that because it's a little more complex than me identifying as black or answering a question of are you black or white. i was actually identified when i was doing resource in idaho as first transracial. and then when came forward and started the next newspaper article identified me as being a biracial woman. and then the next article, this was happening to a black woman. and i never corrected that. >> why didn't you correct it you knew it wasn't true? >> well it's more complex than you know being true or false in that particular instance. >> your two sons isiah and franklin are here in the studio. if i were to ask them if you're
10:08 am
a black woman or a caucasian woman, how do you think they'd answer? >> well i actually was talking to one of my friends yesterday, and he said mom, racially you're human. and culturally you're black. >> wow. >> i don't think anybody minds her identifying the way she wants to. i think it's the dishonesty that is offsetting for some of these people. just be who you are. >> right. >> love who you want to love. but don't tell me -- don't lie to me. >> yeah. i think there are a lot of earlier lies like she said she grew up -- was born in a tepee. and she used bow and arrow to hunt. >> yeah. >> there were all sorts of things along the way that didn't seem to be true. and then so i think you put everything into question look how you identify yourself is your -- >> your business right. >> but i think if someone asks you point blank, you should say
10:09 am
i identify. >> well all kinds over the spectrum. but here's the tough part. and matt as usual, was excellent in the interview. but i don't know -- i didn't get any answers from her, did you? she sort of talks around things. >> yes, she talks around things. when he asked her, why did you deceive? she said people are identifying me. >> yeah. >> i think there are other issues here. >> there are. >> she pretended to be black and that she was -- >> yeah we said all of that. >> okay. all right. wait. we're not going to do the limbo? >> we're going to do the limbo for two seconds. we have to do the other thing, the "the bachelor." we don't have time. amanda put her makeup on hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> so cute. darn. we're not going to know what went on on "the bachelor." >> here's something pretty
10:10 am
amazing. you've seen people do the limbo. but you have seen them do it like this. >> danita charles. >> yeah look at her. >> oh, my god. ♪ >> oh! oh. >> is that cake -- what's in there? oh my gosh. that is just unbelievable. >> okay. that is amazing. 8 1/2 inches which is the height of a beer bottle. i can't believe she can do that. >> trains up to six hours a day. she has to go to a chiropractor once a week. >> she does. >> to get aligned. >> oh look who's understand there. look over here. >> hello there, you're steaming up our kitchen. >> oh we already thought our kitchen was -- >> eric dane will be out with us in just a moment.
10:11 am
we'll see if mcsteamy is here. father's day, we're going to do a special ambush makeover. if your guy is in new york maybe he needs a shave or hair cut, we want to hear about it. all right. . >> find out where he is steaming things up. we'll be right back. >> joy's going to kick off our detox. joy. >> she's a kill-joy, get it? >> uh-huh. ♪ nah nah nah ♪ kraft natural shreds not made with just any milk we start with fresh milk carefully selected from only us dairy farms ♪ masterpiece masterpiece ♪ because to make something amazing you gotta start with something amazing ♪ masterpiece ♪ kraft natural cheese ♪ masterpiece ♪
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if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any kidney liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. if i seem a teeny bit crankier over the next ten days there's a good reason for it. >> we're kicking off our sugar detox and we want you to join in. here to explain what we can and can't eat during this time to make sure people stick to it is our fearless leader, nutritionist joy bauer. >> it's not going to be hard and you're definitely following it because you already don't have a lot of sugar. >> you don't eat sugar. >> you're almost already
10:15 am
following it. >> it's one of my food groups. >> this is really for hoda. what are the rules? >> the rules are we're pulling out all added sugar, not natural sugar, for ten days. that means obviously sugar but also honey and maple syrup and agave agave, high fructose corn syrup. but we'll also get rid of artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes because it saturates your taste buds and your mind with sweet and we want to strip all of the sweet out of our diet so we learn to taste what real food -- >> by the way, that i believe even if i chew sugar free gum for my sugar rush i start craving sweets. >> gum is out. this morning i almost took a piece of gum. >> what about mint? >> not if it has added sugar. just try. >> it i am running out of ten days that's my problem. >> it goes quick and then afterwards you can put selective sugar back into your diet. i'll go back to some sugar
10:16 am
afterwards but it's a great learning experience. so what i'm going to show you is how much food is in a sample day. for breakfast, scrambled egg, fruit because fruit has natural sugar in it and that's fine. then the problem with you, kathie lee, is going to be coffee because you can't put stevia in the coffee. >> i do stevia in the raw. what's the difference -- >> it's still a fake sugar. i'll show you how we can doctor up the coffee. so then for lunch you can have a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, however you want to check your brand of bread and make sure there's no added sugar in the bread. pickles, carrots, seltzer water. look at all the snacks that you can have. we have peanut butter with apples. i drizzled reduced balsamic vinegar on top of the popcorn. that is plain greek yogurt. we can't do flavored because it
10:17 am
will either have sugar or artificial sweeteners. we'll doctor it up with chopped nuts or any kind of dairy or fruit. obviously vegetables work and hummus or salsa. grapes. for dinner you can have any protein, it can be sauteed green, fish, a baked bow tae toe, sweet potato, sour cream is fine, so is butter and guess what? wine is in. >> because everybody says -- >> everybody thinks that -- >> we're all under a lot of stress. >> people think wine is filled with sugar but there's only one gram and it comes naturally from the grapes. it's not loaded with sugar. >> what about red or white oro say? >> any kind. just not the dessert wines because a lot of times they have added sugar. so hoda your sweet spot is -- >> black and white cookie, popsicles, candies, cookies everything. cupcakes. >> i made you a no sugar added
10:18 am
popsicle. all i do is add in a cup olf pineapple, half a cup of sliced strawberries, half a cup of pitted frozen cherries. unsweetened vanilla almond milk. then i poured it into popsicles the mold, i froze it, see what you think. no sugar added, under 40 calories a pop. >> oh, my god, that's really good. >> it's juicy it's sweet. hi five? >> i love that. >> and kathie lee, for your coffee you can make any of the flavor varieties or take vanilla extract, put it in some milk, put in the the microwave and you won't need your stevia. >> i like my stevia. >> ten days! >> i'll let you know when i decide! join in. log on to, find out more about the detox plan, including a full list of foods to avoid. >> joy will answer your questions during a chat at 10:30
10:19 am
east zblern eastern. don't. >> don't leave our show, why can't you do it at 11:00? it doesn't get sweeter than this, "grey's ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with walmart's low prices every day...'s not just about having more savings. it's about having more fun. great get-togethers start with low prices you can trust every day.
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10:23 am
well? picking -- you know, making good choices. >> making good choices, surrounding myself with people who are much smarter and much more talented than i am. >> but not more handsome! >> well, thank you. >> so the plot of this one is interesting. you are literally on the last ship. describe for people who haven't seen the first season what it's about. >> well, we were in the arctic as people tend to be on a ship. >> that's why the pandemic didn't get you guys? >> we were isolated so by the time we got back to the states, 80% of the world's population had already been decimated. >> i think this works because it's in the realm of possibility, the craziness we live in in the world today. >> i think 30 years ago this would have been science fiction and now it's somewhat probable. i mean, the ebola outbreak was pretty isolated, but had that happened in a densely populated area with people flying in and out, it would have been a wrap. >> but when you watch out -- it
10:24 am
looks authentic. when i watched parts of it i thought it looks like you really are on a ship. >> we are. we get a lot of support from the navy. we are forever indebted to help the. they have been absolute sports about this and shooting on a naval destroyer is interesting because the -- well you're on a $3 billion ship. >> better take care of it. >> better take care of it. and once you put on the uniform and sit in the captain's chair, it helps. >> we'll take a tiny trip down memory lane. you were on "the wonder years" "married with children" "saved by the bell." but we dug up a nugget because we had to. >> want to do yourself a favor and go out with me tonight. >> i'd love to. but i'm relacing all my tennis shoes tonight. hey tad, i change mid-mind. i'd love to go out with a handsome guy like you tonight. >> really? oh! >> the old days. do you even remember it?
10:25 am
>> no! [ laughter ] >> eric, don't confuse sting's "the last ship" with eric dane's "the last ship." i told our producers i would don't that. >> you can catch the season premier on june 21 on tnt. >> and ashley tisdale is going to be with us after your local news. happy father's day by the way. >> thank you very much.
10:26 am
♪ each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are used... enough to fill the empire state building... twice. toss the tube for good... with scott naturals® tube-free. some questions can't wait until morning. so i'm one of many nurses at cigna with answers anytime, day or night. i'm lauren, and i've got your back. i'm ... tragedy early this good morning, everyone. it's 10:26. tragedy early this morning in berkeley. five people dead after a fourth floor balcony of an apartment building collapsed during a birthday party. those people were irish students here on summer work visas.
10:27 am
in fact, six dead now. eight other people injured, taken to local trauma centers, some with life-threatening injuries. >> unfortunately it's going to be a very sad day for a lot of these victims' families to get this kind of news. >> this building is located just blocks away from cal. it has apartments on the upper floors, retail shops at ground level. we are following this story all day long. much more information this morning at 11:00. we'll take a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
ck palo alto01
10:29 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. today we'll be nice pleasant comfortable, a lot of sunshine this afternoon after these low clouds roll out of here. los gatos today reaching 81 degrees. palo alto 76 degrees. and san francisco 62 degrees today. north bay will see the highs reaching into the low to mid-80s. but 76 degrees in san anselmo. livermore, high of 82 degrees with mostly sunny skies. we have a slow drive southbound 101 heading toward university. you lose that lane, folks shifting over. all that stuff happening. here's the slowing all that slowing in palo alto. the rest of the south bay coming up into the area, a lot lighter. southbound 880 clears up a bit through fremont. no more problems towards the bay bridge. scattered incidents around the bay. moving nicely.
10:30 am
>> live team coverage coming up on the tragedy in berkeley in our next newscast at 11:00. :xwe're back on this boozeday tuesday with one of hollywood's most talented star, ashley tisdale. >> she made your tweens and teens laugh as maddy fitzpatrick and she showed off her singing chops as drama queen shar-pei evans in the hit movie franchise "high school musical." >> she's stars in a new comedy called clipped where she plays a hair dresser who seems to be caught in a hairy situation when it comes to her co-worker. let's take a look. >> what are you talking about? >> the agent. i'm going play pro ball. he signed me. >> when? >> now. i'm leaving like tomorrow. >> wow.
10:31 am
>> yeah. >> that's -- that's a big deal. that deserves a beer. >> i'll take like a -- oh, you. [ laughter ] >> hey! >> hi! >> nice to see you sweetie. >> nice to see you. >> she has nothing going on in her life. >> we love your beach hair. that's what we were noticing first since you are in a show called "clipped." >> and you had to learn how to cut hair. do you have any aptitude for it? >> i think i've always been a little bit of a frustrated hairdresser. i love getting my hair done. they did teach us how to cut hair and we cut the background actors' hair on the show. >> how do they look when you're done? >> special. [ laughter ] they get cleaned up by someone else. >> now you love to sing and we love to hear you sing. is there any of you sings on "clipped"? >> there is an episode. yeah, the whole show is based on a group of kids that went to high school together and had their dreams cut short so they do hair at a barbershop in
10:32 am
boston so my dream was to be a sing sore there is an episode where i sing. >> okay, good. so you will break into song at any particular moment. if you were to break into song right now what would it sound like? >> really really bad, it's early. >> what would bit? >> i have no idea. >> oh, you're going to get out of it. we'll get you to sing in a minute. so you're turning 30 in a couple of weeks. >> yeah. >> how does that feel? remind us. i've done that more than twice." >> you're hilarious! no, it feels good. i guess -- i'm married now and i'm very happy and we have so much going on in our life so i'm super excited about turning 30. >> and you have businesses and production companies and a tattoo. >> what's the tat? >> what is the 8 significant of? >> me and my husband just got it. we got married on the eighth. >> is it eight or infin any. >> it's eight or infinity. >> let me read your arm.
10:33 am
what does that say? is it in another language. >> it's sanskrit. i hope it says "everything always happen farce reason." >> romans 8:28 in the bible. look it up. we love this girl. >> so you said you have a production company. what are you tooking up there. >> i've had the company for about seven years and we've done unscripted. right now we have "young and hungry" on abc family. i produce that show. it's in its second season. and we have a lot of stuff in development scripted and unscripted? >> you love to do it all, don't you? >> i do. it's fine when i'm not front of the camera to do other things. >> don't you think we have something she should be doing next? >> are you going to pitch me something? >> we think you should be on "pitch perfect 3" but only if you let us hear you sing a little bit. >> you are hilarious!
10:34 am
>> just a little tidbit. come on, ash! >> i need more coffee for that one? >> do you like yours with sweeten her? >> you can catch the premier episode of "clipped" on tbs. >> we're honoring fathers and mine by sharing my favorite meal for my sister in wlu is here to help us cook it. >> we hope ladies we need to talk... ... about haircolor. it's garnier nutrisse nourishing color creme. rich, radiant... ravishing color! nutrisse nourishes while it colors. plus it has avocado, olive, and shea oils.
10:35 am
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10:37 am
word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat. the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever. protecting you till the end. now, that's progressive. stay still, like a statue! just like a statue. look here! when your day goes on and on you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. new secret outlast clear gel.
10:38 am
♪ each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are used... enough to fill the empire state building... twice. toss the tube for good... with scott naturals® tube-free. does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek! in honor of father's day, we're cooking up favorite foods that remind us of our dad. >> my dad really love pork and sauerkraut. he wanted it every christmas. we'll show you how to make in the a moment but here's a look at why it's such a special meal
10:39 am
for me. meals with my daddy were to be savored. a meal was nothing to be rushed. he enjoyed every single bite. i have great, great memories of meal times with my father. they weren't something to be hurried. and we celebrated. my daddy always loved the traditional thanksgiving but what he wanted on christmas day, always was pork and sauerkraut. and the smell of that pork roasting so slowly in the oven just perm nateeated all through the house and we were so ready to eat by noon. happy times. happy times. i love thinking about him. there's a tree in our backyard that i wrote a song for one of my musicals on the day we took my daddy out of the hospital to come home for hospice. i go under that tree almost all the -- pretty much everyday if the weather is okay and i talk to him and i remember him and i
10:40 am
ask god to give him a hug for me. and you know what i do mostly? i thank him. i thank him for everything he taught me. i miss him. especially when i smell pork and sauerkraut. >> oh! whoever did the tape, i think it was alley, thank you. here to whip up my father's recipe is my sister in love. sandy just admitted that when you came into our family you hated sauerkraut. >> i didn't like it at all but mom won me over. >> it is delicious and it's so easy. >> anybody can make this. >> show us how. >> buy a pork loin roast like this one. get the one that's folded over because you want it to stay moist inside. this is very easy. put it into a metal cooking pan
10:41 am
and then just put a little bit of garlic salt. and what you need to do -- >> bake it or roast it? >> roast it. check your cook book. this is four pounds and i think it's about 1:15. >> pork has to be cooked. >> that's it for spice? >> garlic salt. anybody can cook it. >> it's such a flavorful meat. >> then take sauerkraut with nothing added to it, keep the liquid in it and pour it around and on it. then put this in the oven. that's it. then it looks like this. >> and all the juices, the sauerkraut soaks up all the juices. >> and you have to know this. on the top make sure the fat is on the top. >> fat on the top. my fat's on my bottom. >> we don't talk about calories, but there's no sugar in here. then you bake halfway through -- sorry, i made a mistake, i knew i'd get nervous. you do the roast, cook it halfway, then put the sauerkraut
10:42 am
for the second half. and sometimes you add water so it doesn't dry out. then this is what it looks like. isn't that beautiful? see how it's brown and you take the sauerkraut out around the side and you add whipped mashed potatoes green beans with almonds and corn and the best thing is you put the sauerkraut over the mashed potatoes. >> that's my favorite thing. >> i can it all together. >> and the green beans and stuff are good. it's so simple anybody can make it but when it's cooking it's amazing. >> total cook time depends on the size of the roast? >> and you can use a meat thermometer. it has to be like 160 to be done. but remember the sauerkraut goes in halfway through. then put in the the drippings and that's how it gets ground
10:43 am
down here. you can put paprika if it doesn't brown up enough. >> just make it brown better. >> the potatoes with the sauerkraut mushed is up amazing. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> the best christmas dinner and dad's had it ever christmas and mom is an amazing cook, too. >> and by the way, this is so awesome. >> you can find the recipe for pork and sauerkraut on >> from the day in the sun to nighttime fun, lillianna takes your look from beach to chic in 60 seconds after this. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement,
10:44 am
we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch® the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache.
10:45 am
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10:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with walmart's low prices every day...'s not just about having more savings. it's about having more fun. great get-togethers start with low prices you can trust every day.
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now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man?
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i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better. after a day at the beach, there's often not much time to change from swim wear to evening wear. >> here to show you how to go from beach to chic is our still
10:49 am
expert lillianna vazquez and our celebrity hair stylist sara. before we start, i heard a rumor in your opinion the puerto rican day parade. i saw you waving. >> i was on the float. >> and you gotten a award. what award did you get? >> i was there with the telemundo crew. i got the award for rising star in television and media! wepa! >> so we're going to put 60 second on the clock and you guys are going to do a redo from beach to chic. madison is our first model. tell us what about her issues were before. >> madison is in a high-waisted bikini but wearing what i love as a coverup which is a men's button down. borrow one from your husband or buy one. 60 second on the clock and start. so we're adding espadrilles in a metallic color, so cute for the summer, then i'm giving her these high-waisted shorts that have an elastic band.
10:50 am
then with the shirt she'll tie it up at her natural waist. i'll help her tuck in the back. give her a cross body, lose the had, add some bracelets then sara is stepping in. >> here we go. so for the hair in the summer you have beachy waves but you want to throw it up. place the head band on top of your hair, bring it up and tuck it into the head band. no bobby pins. just a pool party at the beach. >> that's amazing. wait a second. look how cute. >> if you can see the back it's gorgeous. >> oh i love that! >> very cute. and do we still have time? eight seconds left? >> that was awesome! nice job. she left her little slipper things here. okay, next we have -- con grats on the first one. brianna. brianna, come on out. >> okay, sporting one of my favorite coverups. this is the classic kimono.
10:51 am
it transitions so beautifully. 60 sends here we go. bag shoes, mules are easy to slip on to, these are from target they're under 30 bucks. got it? then she's going to pull the kimono to make it even. take a wide belt, this doesn't have buckles it has snaps so it's faster. let me get the second one done there. then we'll straighten her out. see how she looks. time for sara. >> glasses off. for look -- >> you're misting? >> yeah, we're misting but it's a diy beach spray. so mix a gel with water put essential oils in coconut. so basically if you're at the beach and you have beachy waves and you want to add more texture and volume. she's doing a two-strand twist. then she she eel pull it out to have volume in the front. there you go. so she added that, she sprayed the spray and adds volume. did we do it?
10:52 am
>> oh, cute. >> blue bobby bins, crisscross them. >> don't forget your clutch. >> this is so scary and exciting! >> i'm into it. >> all right, bri is next. bri has a maxi skirt on. come on out. >> how cute. she's in the nude top. this give i don't say a little bit more coverage and -- >> this is so california looking. >> and she's great in this foldover maxi skirt. ready, go? bag slip on edge withes, even simpler, these are from payless, 15 bucks on those. so cute. we're going to give her a cross body bag here as well and look what she'll do with the skirt. it turns into a strapless dress that fits perfectly over the top. fringe bag to add texture and then we're adding a couple of wood necklaces to give her that organic beachy feel right here. >> please do not mess with her hair. >> so if you have a ponytail at
10:53 am
the beach you can add a braid now bri will take it and pancake. >> it what does that mean? >> that means flattening and pulling out your braids, make it looser add texture so it's a beautiful way to create a new style on a top knot. now she'll wrap the braid around and take a large bobby pin and pop it in. >> too cute you guys. just adorable: [ applause ]clap [ applause ] ton tons of spare time. >> that's it? >> for today. >> those were terrific. great. >> thank you so much. we'll be back with more in a moment. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
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10:56 am
>> this is what was happening in the commercial, double braids, triple braids cascading. it was such fun. >> did you do the five-strand. >> you did the five strand.
10:57 am
>> we're wrapping it around. and tell them what you do january 1. >> i started 365 days of braids on instagram. >> follow her! >> awesome! >> braid of the day. coming up tomorrow we'll give it away and you know who's coming back again? lillianna. >> all right! you know go to for us to connect and you have to enter every week. >> because we'll give away a big, big prize. for complete rules and regulations, you know where to go. guess who is here tomorrow? >> oh, my gosh! i'm going to wear a gird. >> joel mchale is
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
joining us. i'm sam brock, in for kris sanchez. scott/2shot and i'm scott mcgrew. =scott top vo= our breaking ne thank you for joining us. >> the breaking news a tragedy, one block from the uc berkeley campus a balcony collapsed. during a party last night, the balcony on the fourth floor, at least 13 people plunged to the ground below. >> all this happening a little after midnight right near uc berkeley campus. victims have been transported. we begin with steph troung. some of those s


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