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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's friday, july 10th. coming up on "early today," a historic day ahead for south carolina. the confederate battle flag will be removed 50 years after it was installed. imimportant new health information for anyone taking nonaspirin pain relievers. and hear what they had to say when they got together. and get ready for world domination. [ speaking foreign language] the minions are here and they're hilarious. "early today" starts right now. good morning
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ch so, after days of debate, the confederate flag will be removed from the south carolina state house. it will now be moved to a military relic museum. dave this movement is making a powerful statement. >> reporter: it really is. it's been three weeked since that rampage at a church in south carolina in which nine people were killed. today at 10:00 the confederate flag is coming down. it's been a long time since the civil war, but emotions remain high over the future of this flag. >> the confederate flag is coming off the grounds of the state house. >> reporter: it was a moment of pride. >> it is a great day in south carolina. >> reporter: spurred by a crime of hate. >> you won't ever get past what happened in charleston. >> reporter: 150 years after the civil war ended a contentious
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debate continued this week in the state where the war began. a battle over the most recognizable symbol of the confederacy. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful. >> reporter: three weeks ago, nine people were gunned down inside emmanuel ame church by a 21-year-old man fuelled by hate. and photographed with the confederate flag. on thursday south carolina governor nikki haley used nine pens to sign the bill to remove the flag. one for cynthia hurd whose brother mall con witnessed the moment. >> my sister and eight others serve as the bench mark for why that flag is coming down. they're senseless murder. >> reporter: outside the state house, some protests, but mostly praise. >> we want it down! . >> reporter: a symbol that once divided our country bringing
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people together. and the state still reeling from a shocking summer. and the flag will come down at 10:00 state. i can tell you that many south carolinaens continue to fly the flag of the confederacy. >> just minutes after governor nikki haley signed the bill to remove the confederate flag the naac and the ncaa took notice. now, that ban has been listed -- and later this morning, don't miss matt lauer's exclusive interview with governor nikki haley on the "today" show. and the fda is dialing up its warning on some big names like advil and aleve. they are cautioning that certain drugs might increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke.
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>> we see patients with high blood pressure, heart attacks, and you ask what's going on with you and you find out they've been staking nonsteroidal drugs. tracie potts is live in washington with us. what do we know about these new warnings? >> reporter: what's new here is that the fda now believes it can happen much sooner and at higher doses, typically people who are taking more of it are at a higher risk. they also think it can happen within a week or a few weeks of taking these drugs. many times people are combining the drugs and that's a concern. celebrex a prescription drug that's in that class pretty much everything except for aspirin in that class. what the fda wants you to do is take the lowest possible dose
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maybe even try acetaminophen first. they're putting more prominent warning labels so people are aware there is this risk. the fbi now says arrests in the past few weeks like lie prevented terror attacks around the holiday. >> reporter: as big cities were making plans for july 4th celebrations, the fbi was making arrests. some of those people were talking about killing people on the holiday. fbi agents made a dozen terror related arrests in the past month. the fbi director said that some were carried out to thwart planned attacks. five of those arrests came in the new york area, others came in boston and a 3rd man, originally planned attacks on july 4th. the fbi says all were communicating with isis figures overseas, responding to social media messages, advocating violence.
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blasted out to cell phones -- >> there's almost a devil on their shoulder all day long saying kill, kill, kill, kill. . >>reporter: the fbi says isis directs those who respond to the tweets to use applications like what's app and threema. >> things that were invisible to us because of end to end encryption. another chef has cut ties with trump. jeffrey zakarian is pulling the plug on a restaurant. and some are applauding for
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giving their national concerns a voice. >> i am really impressed that finally somebody has the courage to talk about the reality of what's going on. >> he's talking about securing the border. that's the most important thing. >> and in your estimation the border is not secure. >> absolutely not. >> the tone was arrogant at best and nonsensical at worst. what he said was just not true. >> a large turnout, though is expected. 4,000 say they plan to attend trump's event in phoenix tomorrow. the odd couple. two different presidents before they got to life lessons at the presidential leadership scholars program, they had to address the elephant in the room.
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>> i know you know some of the folks running for president? >> i know jeb and i'm confident secretary hillary will elevate discourse. i can't attest to their surrogates. i can attest to this surrogate, i'm not going to be a surrogate. >> i expect it to be very vigorous and whoever wins the two primaries will have a hard debate. we have a lot of tough decisions to make. that's all i really care about, besides i know who i'd like to win. do something every day. some day, for all of us, it will be our last day. >> i was stuck on that some day may be your last day line. i thought that was pretty dam profound. >> president bush also spoke to u.s.a. today about the buddy buddy relationship and 2016. >> we've both been through the trauma of campaign, we both were able to be two-term presidents
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and also old war horses put out to pasture. it's going to be from my perspective very interesting to watch. it will be painful. some of the worst years of my life are watching my dad be criticized and my brother will be, i suspect. and it's always more painful when a loved gets criticized than when you yourself get criticized. severe weather rolled through philadelphia on wednesday. one person caught lightning strike on camera. >> we're looking at a nice change in the jet stream. and that is setting um cooler weather for the northwest. which they need because the last week in june it has been nothing but a heat wave. that pattern is coming to an end. look at these temperatures. a bit refreshing over the next three days. we stay in the 70s which is where it should be this time of
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year in seattle. temperatures a little bit warmer in portland. we're also dealing with some monsoonal moisture. that will bring rain to much rain in northern california. down to the south and the desert sweftd we southwest we're dealing with temperatures in the 90s. >> the clock is ticking on those nuclear talks with iran. plus a --
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well, "magnum p.i." actor tom selleck is making it right. he's reached a settlement over allegations that he had water
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loaded from public hydrants and delivered to his 60 acre ranch all the while, california is in the middle of a historic drought. and the midnight dead line for a nuclear deal came and went without an agreement. on thursday secretary of state john kerry warned that talks were dead locked and they r that they quote are not going to sit at the negotiating table forever. each side is blaming the other for that dead lock. here's a first. a pope visiting a burger king. pope francis made a stop at the fast food restaurant to change his vestments. minions is in theaters today. one layer includes minions in
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mcdonald's happy meals. but a virginia dad says he hears foul language coming from the toil men i don't know. toy m i n i o n . . let's get down to business now. >> tax increases for tourists and businesses as well as pension reforms and spending caps. eu officials will meet to decide whether or not to accept greece's plan. they many only have enough cash to last until monday. the pc market continues to struggle. new data shows sales had their
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sharpest decline since the second quarter. and facebook maybe looking to take on youtube. the social networking giant has held talks to record labels to add music videos to users' news feeds. just ahead, a second major nascar crash just this week. plus a strategy we don't recommend if you plan on entering the tour de france.
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this morning on "today," could this be the world's longest water slide? watch as he takes a plunge through 2000 feet of slip and slide action. now for the latest in sports i'll send it over to my colleague betty nguyen. >> serena williams taking on maria shareapova. she moves onto the finals. and tour de france has been stressful this week buts they got a little comic relief when a
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fan suspended his bike from a lift truck and pedals above the racers. that's one way to stay out of traffic jams. and for the second time in the past week, a nascar driver in a serious wreck. ben kennedy racing at the camping world truck series. and he makes contact with another car, causing him to slam into the catch fence and ride atop the wall. he was not injured. and former oakland raiders quarterback died wednesday as a result of complications with colon cancer. known as the snake, he helped lead the raiders to a victory in 1976 and continue the success with victory in the super bowl xi. stabler was the perfect quarterback and the perktd raid
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er er. he was 61. well, lebron james had agreed to sign a 46 million dollar deal with the cavs. this is the first time james has resigned with a team. james says he is more motivated to bring a championship to cleveland. he might just do it. just ahead, kim kardashian makes history at madam tussauds plus the ariana grande tour continues over her donut looking. you're watching "early today."
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now, to some entertainment news. ariana grande issued a second apology for licking and spitting on donuts in a california bakery. it was caught on a surveillance video. she says she's proud to be an american, regrets her behavior and wants to be a more positive influence for her fans. and the sequel to harper lee's "to kill a mocking bird is set to be released but already a big hit. it's the most ordered title on since harry potter and the deathly hallows. >> it's none other than kim kardashian who probably made selfie taking a science. and the figure took four months to complete and cost over $200,000.
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comicons day one was packed with excitement. and bill murray dressed as his upcoming character but clearly has a soft spot for his 1984 hit "ghost busters" when asked about his favorite role, he said once upon a time, i did save the city of new york and i had the coolest damn car in manhattan. the hunger games cast members are great on screen but whistling the franchises theme, not so much. take a listen. >> every time i try to do it, it comes out as the x files. [ laughter ]. >> i'm not even going to try that. this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc. ♪ ♪
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leading the news in the huffington post. scientists find sharks living inside underwater volcano. they discovered two eded two species of sharks inside a volcano in the pacific ocean. they were spotted swimming in the hot acidic water around that volume capable. and the confederate flag flag doesn't end in south carolina. counts 80 petitions around the country which relate directly to confederate flag symbols which are now front and center in consideration for removal around the country. and the state of georgia
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wants to reverse a ruling that allowed the kkk to help clean up program. and a judge ruled in november that the state's denial of the kkk's adoption of the highway was a violation of their free speech and interestingly, the aclu sued the state on behalf of the kkk. and the three sisters who went missing in the grand teton national park were found. they didn't meet their mom in chicago following their hiking excursion. >> running a little bit short on food but other than that, in good physical condition. hollywood, despite calls for the removal of the bill cosby's hollywood walk of fame star, the chamber of commerce announced it will not be going anywhere called it part of the historic fabric of the walk of fame.
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and if you can't get enough of the newest royal baby, this will make your day. the british royal family has released four official photos from princess charlotte's christening. you can see the entire family. they all look joyous with both their kids. and then there's this black and prince william with prince george. adorable. >> they are growing up so fast. >> now for a look ahead. the city of new york will honor the women's world cup champions with a ticker tape parade at the famed canyon of heros. they're the first women's team to be honored with a ticker tape parade in nearly three decades. >> happy birthday to jessica simpson. adrian adrian grenier is 39.
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have a great friday and a terrific wee
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an aggressive home invastion robbery in san jose leads police into a lengthy search for the people responsibl an aggressive home invasion robbery in san jose leads police into a lengthy search is for the people responsible. the new details we're learning. doyle drive is closed today. the get around if you're trying to get in or out of san francisco. and the sheriff is speaking out. what will san francisco's ross mirkarimi say about why his department let a repeat offender out on the streets of san francisco. >> announcer: from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." >> very likely it is your favorite day of the week on this friday. good morning i'm sam brock. >> friday. if it's a payday even better. lots to get to this morning. >> there was some rain coming down, kari hall


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