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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special  NBC  July 13, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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. - i'm bear grylls, and for years, you've watched me survive some of the harshest and most remote places on the planet. keeping myself alive has been hard enough but now i've got to look after these guys. the most important thing pull that ripcord. - okay. - all right. - where's the ripcord? - this is going to be our dinner. - no! who chases another man in the wild with a snake? - mr. channing tatum. whoo-hoo! he nailed it! don't look down. - oh, my god! oh! - okay, oh. i got it. i'm good. - each week i'll be taking a different celebrity on a two-day adventure into a remote part of the world. - [screams] - there you go. good. i've got you. - no. oh! - it's never easy, is it? - not with you.
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- tonight mega star channing tatum plunges into the wild. - this is pretty crazy. - channing's rise to stardom has been unprecedented. his movies have grossed more than $2.5 billion and he's just getting started. he recently had his first child with his wife, actress jenna dewan. channing's asked me to take him into the wild because he's a man who loves to challenge himself. - he's looking right at me. come on, watch out, watch out. - the wild is revealing. - i was really bad at school. it was just a combination of a.d.d. and dyslexia. i'm actually thankful for it now. - well, it gave you the fight. we'll be journeying through the sierra wilderness near yosemite, california... - that's where we're sleeping? - home to some of the most extreme and dangerous rock faces in north america. if that bit you, you'd die. - lord, have mercy. - channing's used to conquering the box office but can he conquer the wild with me? - you know when something feels like a really good idea
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and then something all of a sudden feels like a bad idea? that's right now. - so channing grew up in the deep south. he's a country boy at heart, but he's spent most of his adult life in the city. but what he said to me is he misses the wild. he wants a chance to reconnect. - bear grylls has written me a little note. looks--oh, god. "hey, channing. "a few knots to learn before i pick you up. your life will depend on them." i'm screwed. i'm hoping by doing stuff like this it's sort of a reset for the soul. nope, that's not it. does that look like a figure eight?
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[helicopter approaching] that sounds ominous. boom! what's up? what is--what's up? i did it! helicopter. classic bear. - hey, buddy. i'm bear. - what's up, brother? - nice to meet you. okay, we need to take off our boots, okay? and your socks. wrap it up tight. okay, we stay low.
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- [laughs] - okay, that's good. - i feel like i'm in m*a*s*h. [laughs] - so we're gonna get dropped off high and we're gonna get extracted low. - got it. - 9,000 feet. it's cool. - yeah! - i knew we'd find a lake up here. - [laughs] [laughs] - i reckon we should go for the backflip. - i've never done a backflip before. - just remember, do not jump up. you'll get a haircut you'll never forget. - yoo-hoo-hoo! - okay, all right?
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- [laughs] - you nailed it. - the chopper ride, oh, man. flipping off stuff i've done before but i've never done it out of a helicopter with blades of death above and uncertain water beneath. - channing's, you know new to this sort of stuff. this really is the deep end. do you know what i mean? we haven't eased into this. we've gone straight in at a pretty kind of extreme level. - that was epic. thank you, sir. - how we've forgotten. - if that--that was worth the price of admission right there. - okay, let's get warm. here we go. - i would absolutely say this is more exciting than any movie i've been on. this is not rehearsed.
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i don't know what's going to happen. i just got to throw a backflip off a helicopter and it was-- yeah, it was awesome. - let's just wring our pants out and then we'll get our boots on and we'll dry on the move, you know? - yeah, you're gonna get the full magic mike show. - yeah, you do it like this. - yes, yes. where are my american flag underwear? - yeah, you're good at stripping. this was your-- this is your heritage. - it's weird that you picked two things that i'm actually okay at. - so wasn't stripping your first job? - i came back from college. i played football for, like, a year. i heard something on the radio that was-- that basically they were looking for dancers, and i could dance. - did you have to have an audition? - yeah, basically i had to-- they throw you out onstage like, the first night, and see how you do. - but weren't you terrified? - yes. you cannot physically look cool in a thong. - yeah. okay, good. i've got a couple of things to give you. water. - mm-hmm. - and a hatchet.
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okay, we're in the woods. you're officially in charge of all weaponry. - i am super stoked. - good. we're set to go. so we've got about 13 miles to travel, channing, in that direction. over the next 48 hours i'll be taking channing tatum through a dense forest and then up a nearly 9,000-foot dome to our overnight camp. on day two, we'll have to find our way down the dome's massive vertical cliff and then continue on to our extraction point. let's go. - i grew up in mississippi and my dad always loved the outdoors. and, you know, he likes to try to fancy himself as an outdoorsman, and he just wanted us to experience these things. - so tell me about your dad. - he really enjoyed snakes and all kind of wildlife growing up. so he would always be grabbing something out of the bayou or the woods or whatever and chasing us kids around with it. my mom went to go get, like, the laundry hamper... - yeah.
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- and there's, like, a corn snake hanging out of it and he just chucked it at me. he just knew it was a corn snake. it's not, like poisonous or anything. and i'm pretty sure i jumped straight up, levitated, and ended up in a windowsill without ever touching the ground. - and were you very physical as a kid? - pretty much, yeah, i mean, they had to put me into something because i was climbing everything. soccer was the first sport that they put me in. and all the parents, like, basically came to my mom and they were just like... - yeah. - "we think channing would be better at football. "i mean, we love him and everything but he's, uh-- he's hurting our children." - so much of good survival is just having an awareness of your environment. all of this pine is so resinous. we can start fire with it. give us some of your weaponry. - yes, i've been wanting to do that for a while. - the truth is, if you don't know what you're doing fire is really hard to start. if you haven't got a lighter or a match and you haven't got the skills people don't know where to begin. but out here, if you're smart, you look around you, there's everything you need to start a fire. it's called fat pine. it's basically right from the heart
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of a dead pine tree. now, you see all these like, the blisters on here? if you pop them... - no. - see that? all of that is just, like, super flammable. - that's crazy. - you want to see how flammable this stuff is? - that's with no kindling. that's crazy. - good fuel, isn't it? sort of like a match. - it's like gasoline. - natural fire lighter. it will keep burning for ages. collect a load of that. - i guess you can see why the forest fires go crazy when they get going. - totally, yeah. ooh, ooh, ooh. look this is who we don't like. it's a bark scorpion as well. okay, scorpions, the small ones they're the dangerous ones. if that bit you, you'd die. you know, the big ones, you don't need to worry about those. this guy doesn't need to be big. - oh, sorry, buddy. where's the--where's the-- - you eaten scorpion before? - no, never. - half each? - yeah, half each.
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- you got that. - yeah, i got the little bit. - here, have a claw as well. - oh, that's crunchy. - oh, no, that's the venom bit. - mmm. well, doesn't matter now. - good. well, we got fire lighter. we've had a snack. - yeah. - we're well on our way. both: this is good. - i'm loving being around tiny little things that i can't see that can kill me. that's fun. walking through the woods with bear grylls-- he basically sees everything you don't see, where i just don't think normal people realize what's around them all the time, and he does. [rattlesnake rattles] - look, look, look, look. see it? - ooh. - see a tail? it's a rattler. - he's coming up this way. whoo! he's looking right at me. - so these guys can strike over half their body length, so let's hope he's no more than six feet.
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have you ever eaten snake before? - never. i'm not opposed to having it. - a decent-size rattlesnake-- we can cook that up tonight, and that will give us good energy. - thank you. i mean, i've done some crazy things, but this is pretty crazy. - okay, hold on. i got a plan. the truth is, you know a snake, when they're fighting for their life they're unpredictable, they're angry, a lot of potent hemotoxic venom. this is just about getting the head off. once the head's off, i relax. okay, the plan is we're going to leverage this up, then we're going to pin him. - pin him. copy. [rattlesnake rattles] whoo! - just make sure he doesn't run out. hold on. - i can pin him. [bleep]. - watch out. watch out. watch out. okay, we're going to head up here. i reckon this is as close as we're going to get to a line of weakness.
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. - hold on. - i can pin him. [bleep]. - watch out. watch out. watch out. okay, chan, get the weaponry. so try and do it without taking my toe. okay, go, come on. kill it. nice. good job. - i can still feel his muscles moving. - yeah. these guys can bite even when their head is taken off. so we don't mess with that. here you go. this is the rattle bit. [rattles]
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- oh, my god. look at it. it's still moving. that's crazy. [chuckles] - okay, we're going to make you a necklace out of it. - this is straight-up rambo. - pop it in the middle. - this is straight out of a movie. i love it. - there you go. - yeah, man. - that's your rattle. - have a little blood as well. - there you go, my first kill. so that happened. [rattles] it's pretty intense. - okay now what we're going to do-- if you hold the head or the neck. there we go. okay, up. use your big shoulder muscles. - that is nice and tasty. - that's a simple way of gutting a snake. - what? - so that is gutted and ready to eat. i tell you what. get the machete. we're going to cut it into onion rings, snake rings.
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- oh, my god. - ready to eat. - mmm. stop moving. stop it. - it's still moving. that is crazy, isn't it? look, it's still moving without its guts and when it's been cut into quarters. - after you're dead, skinned, gutted, you're still trying to fight? - that's why they're survivors. - i don't think i'm that tough. i think once you gut me, i'm done. i think i'm not moving after that. i'm feeling pretty animalistic at the moment. i think we're going to eat good tonight. - so the cool thing about where we are here is we get our first view of where we are going. and between us and our extraction point-- i don't know if you can see it. it's just the edge of this dome. and that's the way that we're going. i haven't yet told channing about this, because it's quite daunting, and it's going to be exposed. it's going to be steep. - [grunts] - we're going to get close and dirty with that fella. okay, we're going to have a quick
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water stop. thing is, you dehydrate fast up here because, "a," it's hot "b," you're at altitude. and it's always dangerous when you start getting thirsty. were you always, like, mega ambitious to make it in this movie business world? - if you put me to a task, i'm gonna try to do it as-- i mean, as best as i can. i mean, i think someone said one time that they're not going to be the best at what they do but they're gonna definitely be the hardest working. - yeah. - and i think that's probably more where i land. - you've got a strong work ethic. that's good to see. - yeah. i love work. i probably love it too much. i feel like i have the best job in the entire world. i'm playing the highest stakes make-believe game in the whole world. - yeah. - you know, even--even if, like, bullets are flying around me i know i'm not getting shot. you know? - yeah. - there are people out there that are really doing it. - that's how i think of most of my buddies who are still serving. - yeah. - you know they go away for 9-, 12- sometimes 18-month tours at a time away from their family. - for sure. you know you want to work hard...
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- yeah. - to do the people justice that actually do it for real in their life. - even having had all this success do you still feel you're ambitious for things? - when you get to the top of one place, you know you always look past, and there's another mountain range beyond that one. and not to be so on the head where we are right now... - yeah. - but, you know, that's the truth, though. you know, you don't want to just be good at the game, you want to change the game, you know, and try to leave a real mark somehow. i think by the end of my life, i just want to have said that i really, really lived it. - channing's a man of incredible drive and real focus and he's fun, you know? he loves to joke around and have a laugh. so, for me a total pleasure, this one. - [grunts] oh, yeah. - okay, the thing is we are kind of heading up and over this stuff. my dad always used to say you can't tell how steep a face is until you've rubbed noses with it.
12:20 am
and it's true, you know? you got to get close to this. but what we're really looking for is just some line of weakness that we can get up and over. - do i have any climbing experience? not like this climbing experience. i can climb houses and billboards and stuff for fun. it looks straight up. but i don't know. i'm just going to follow him. - i'm always nervous bringing somebody who has never done this sort of thing before, because you never really know how somebody's going to react to that sort of vertical drop until they're in it. and i always think we're all a bit like grapes. you don't know what we're made of until we're squeezed. but on this rock face, channing, i promise you, is going to be squeezed. okay, we're going to head up here. i reckon this is as close as we're going to get to a line of weakness. - yeah, that looks-- that looks weak. - we're going to do forward rappel. this is a classic thing that british commandos do.
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- you're doing great. we're getting there. - jeez, this keeps going. i'm on top of a mountain and it's terrifying. i'm from florida we didn't--we don't have this. even in mississippi, we don't have this. - okay, so i'll climb up, okay? i'll get into a solid position and then have a tight line to bring you up. - copy that. - the thing about all of this terrain around here is that it's just very steep granite. it's a lot of exposure a lot of vertical height and when you look down it, you're just not human if you don't feel a bit of a boom-bitty-boom. okay, i'm pretty solid here. you're good to climb. pretty exposed bit of rock face here. if he falls, he's going to pendulum big-time. so we need to take it around this rock that's going to give it enough friction to secure it if he falls.
12:26 am
come on, focus. we're finishing strong. - that's messed up. whoop. [distant thud] that put things in perspective for you. - yeah. that's what we don't want to happen. - i mean, if you start slipping on any of this stuff there is nothing but, like bear on a line to keep me from falling completely to my death. and on entertainment news, actor goes up on mountain and is an idiot and falls off. that could be what my wife hears. - nice. - yeah. - good. - this is insane. - okay, you want to lead us to the summit? - yes! ah! - okay, take us home.
12:27 am
- [shouts] - good job. - yeah, brother. - whoo! - oh, time-out. i just want to be like-- get that for a second, because that was by far the most insane thing i've ever done in my life. - you did very well out there, channing. yeah. - thanks, man. - this kind of altitude, a little bit of gradient, a little bit of exposure and adrenalin. - yeah. - you managed it like a pro. - well, i mean, it's a lot nicer being hooked to you. when i think of, like, america, this is what, like, i see in my mind, but just with, like, a bald eagle flying around and doing circles and stuff. - okay, kitchen's ready, channing. we need energy. we're at 9,000 feet still. so, you know, you're burning up a lot and not putting a lot in. so it's time now to eat, and that means snake time. okay, firesteel, striker. have you ever done this before? - no. - okay so that's what your doing. you're just driving the sparks. you kind of want to try and hit the mark, because that's what you're trying to hit...
12:28 am
- yeah. - all that fat pine. that's it. there you go. drive it into that. there you go. it's alight. nice. - every single thing i've done is all so foreign. i mean, like, starting a fire. it's sort of a magic trick to land the little tiny spark on this little piece of wood. i've never done that before. - then we just put these little zip blocks on top. there's not a lot of wood up here to burn. - uh-uh. - and then put this flat stone on the top and that's going to get super hot. and then we just cook up the snake. - yummy. - yummy. - it's kind of like being in a japanese restaurant. - but worse. - you went to culinary school, right? - yeah, this is like lesson one, day one, this is.
12:29 am
- i was really bad in school. like, i was just, like-- - like what? - i just wasn't--i never-- i got tested a bunch of times for just learning disability and all kind of stuff. and ultimately i think it was just a combination of a.d.d. and probably dyslexia or some version of it. i think there's so many different shades of gray in all that, that it's all kind of mixed up and there's not one case that's the same. it gets really, really really discouraging when you're the last one to get up from, like, taking a test every single time. then, i probably looked at it, as i thought i was stupid or something. - yeah. - i thought i had some disability because they literally labeled it as a disability. - yeah, yeah. - i'm actually thankful for it now. like, i think it has helped me-- - it gave you the fight. it gave to you... - i think it gave me the fight. - the fight in your life. - yeah, and i feel like-- i attribute it a lot to my creativity. - yeah. - like, my mind does work differently. it helps me a lot with, you know, acting and just thinking quickly and, you know, focusing. i've had to--that's been my, like, fight for my whole life
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is just focusing focusing my attention and dedicating myself to something if you really want to do it. - well, you're going to be an inspiration to lots of people. okay, that's done to a "t," that is. i'm warning you, they're pretty bony. you basically munch through all of the ribs. leave the backbone and then just chew all the ribs. - a lot, i guess. chew them pretty good. - yep, that bit is pretty raw still. [laughter] it tastes good. - oh. [chuckles] - just got to munch through the ribs. - just like fish. - yeah. why do they always say "it tastes like chicken"? i'm always thinking, "where are these guys getting their chicken from?" - yeah. - because that sucks. - that is completely terrible chicken. it was a lot bonier than i thought it was going to be. i was like "we're going to eat bones? hmm." - it doesn't get better than this. - mmm. i'm going to wa


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