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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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anel. we'll be back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." it's monday, july 13th. breaking news this morning. greece has a deal details ahead. coming up on the loose. one of the world's most notorious drug kingpins remains at large after escaping from a maximum security federal prison through an elaborate series of tunnels. the 15th gop candidate enters the race for president and lindsey graham calls donald trump the wrecking ball of the republican party. it appears officials are closer to a deal in iran and an announcement could come closer. oklahoma's olivia jordan is our new miss usa! our bill karins is predicting tornadoes and widespread wind
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damage ahead. "early today" starts right now. good monday morning to you. i'm ayman mohyeldin. i'm betty nguyen. greece has a deal just a short time ago. european leaders have introduced they have reached and agreement with greece to resolve its debt. 17 hours of all-night talks in brussels an agreement has been reached and include serious reforms and financial support. german chancellor angel merkel is behind the agreement and will recommend the deal to parliament so keep an eye on stock futures and see the reaction from the world markets today. an international manhunt is under way for the head of a drug cartel who escaped from his prison cell. it was a prison break by joaquin guzman, nicknamed "el chapo." mark potter has the details. >> reporter: when joaquin guzman, the notorious kingpin known as el chapo was arrested in february of last year, after a 13-year manhunt, mexican authorities bragged they were
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cracking down hard on major drug traffickers and promised he would never escape from their maximum security prison, but he did escape in a daring highly sophisticated scheme involving a mile long tunnel beneath the prison wall, a major embarrassment for the mexican government. >> they have no control over the powerful drug cartels that operate in their country. and they have no control over the system of justice and incarceration in their country. >> reporter: authorities say guzman was last seen on a security camera around 9:00 p.m. entering a shower area in his cell in the prison near mexican city and from there they say he slipped out of camera range through a 20x20 inch hole and climbed down a ladder and entered an elaborate tunnel and that tunnel stretched about a mile and went under the prison and supported by wood and pvc
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pipe and a ventilation system and a small motor car attached to a rail track and it surfaced in a half-built house in a farm field. former drug agents say for a team to dig from a house to a specific spot in the prison took lots of coordination and expertise. mexican official are questioning dozens of prison workers and authorities on a manhunt throughout the country and issued an international warrant. >> that was nbc's mark potter reporting. guzman is wanted on traffic and organizing crime charges in several u.s. cities. the attorney says the u.s. will do anything they can to help mexico recapture him. a new opportunity for gop presidential candidate donald trump. he tweeted unbelievable corruption and usa is paying the price. i told you so.
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fellow candidate senator lindsey graham who is struggling to stand out in a large republican field called trump a wrecking ball for the gop. >> we can't worry about what donald trump might do. we have to focus on what we should do. and as a party, we should reject what he says because it's not true. >> meanwhile, scott walker is expected to throw his hat into the gop presidential ring today. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington for us. is anyone going to be able to steal the spotlight away from donald trump? >> they're trying and the latest is scott walker. we got a look at his first campaign ad as of this morning. he just tweeted officially "i'm running." signing the state's budgets wisconsin governor scott walker said he's ready to take on washington. >> the defense between wisconsin and washington is we get things done. today walker becomes republican number 15 trying to grab the spotlight from donald trump and
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immigration. >> they're taking everything and killing us. >> early this morning a provocative tweet about the mexican drug lord "e el chapo" trump said the u.s. will invite him to become a citizens. >> i think he hijacked the debate. some candidates are defending trump wanting to build a wall between u.s. and mexico. >> it's not extreme. it's common sense. we need to secure the border. >> trump may be controversial but he's popular in a router poll. he's tied with jeb bush for first place among republicans with almost 16 percent support but 40% of republicans say they never would vote for him. back live now we're following the republicans and we're following the democrats, too. hillary clinton today kicks off a week of talking about the economy with a speech on profit sharing. we got more details this morning on what she's goingayman. she's going to offer tax breaks
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to companies that share their profits with employees trying to boost middle class wages. >> tracie potts, thank you. secretary of state john kerry and other foreign leaders are trying to hammer out a deal with iran. andrea mitchell has the latest. >> reporter: after three missed deadlines in 16 days of negotiations, it looks as though it is finally coming together. secretary kerry, the russian foreign minister and the others who are negotiating with iran, met amongst themselves to iron out what diplomats said were last-minute glitches. iranians would get hundreds of billions of dollars in sanction
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relieve in return for restraining their nuclear program and whether to lift an arms embargo on iran and for how long and what kind of nuclear research iran could resume at the end of this program, 10, 11 or 15 years from now. the foreign minister of iran was upbeat, as was john kerry. sharif said no deal but we still have work to do to iranian reporters and shouting down from his balcony. kerry on his way to church sunday morning said that it's hopeful, that it's positive. >> i think we are getting to some real decisions. so i will say, because we have a few tough times thing to do, i remain hopeful. >> reporter: we will see if it all comes together, if president obama and the iranian leaders also agree overnight, there could be a nuclear deal with iran on monday. andrea mitchell, nbc news, vienna. now something a little different on the jersey shore. a small plane from a sky diving school land odd a main road leading to long beach island. that plane had lost power and had to make an emergency landing.
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>> then hit the median and the grass and we went back and forth a little bit and just missed cars by a few feet, maybe. and power lines too. >> despite damage to the wings during that landing, all five passengers are fine, although the sky diving instructor did get a minor cut on his arm. authorities are investigating. here is something else that you don't see often. and it's not a movie stunt. police are searching for a driver caught on camera driving in reverse for several miles on a busy street in los angeles. the driver, a male with a female passenger swerved over the double lines and nearly clipped a pedestrian before deciding to turn around and drive the right way. thank god. >> are you slightly impressed with the driving backwards ability? >> it depends on the road and how fast he was going. i think it was a bit reckless. >> of course. that goes without question. i mean i hope -- >> i would have crashed a lot earlier than he did. >> yeah.
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it's looking kind of bad? >> hot stormy in the middle of the country has all the problems. possibly the deadly weather conditions today because throw the mix of a chance of strong tornados along with this much heat. dangerous heat is the first headline all the way from iowa to areas worst around mississippi. a lot of people said the worst around kansas city. why? the corn crop is maturing and releases a great deal of moisture into the air making it feel more humidity in normal. the heat index in kansas city is 111. check on the elderly today. you don't want the kids running outside all afternoon. to the north wisconsin had a lot of wind damage overnight. now the storms heading toward chicago. a one to two hour delay for arriving planes in the chicago area. that complex will continue to move through lake michigan to northern indiana. we'll get another round of storms late today and overnight tonight.
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we could see tornados possible here in areas of illinois, indiana maybe even a few strong tornados which we haven't had a lot of lately. hopefully we pretty seasonal type weather nice summer time weather for most areas. >> a lot of people being affected by the weather. at least it's not on the west coast. we at least shifted it. meet the 89 year-old lady who fought off a home intruder. detroit's make over continues one brick at a time. you're watching "early today."
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so several families are without a home this morning after a massive fire engulfed an apartment complex near the
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university of central florida yesterday. 60 firefighters fought that blaze as residents stood in shock and fire marshals are still investigating the cause. a store was imploded over the weekend in detroit. in its place will be a new red wing hockey arena. closing arguments are expected later this week in the james holmes theater massacre trial. he has pleaded not guilty and its defense team rested its case on friday. prosecutors hope to prove he was, in fact, sane and he should get the death penalty. a brave 89-year-old woman wrestled and chased away a robber who forced her way into her home on saturday! >> he said, i'm going to shoot you. i said, go ahead and shoot me. threw this chair at me. and he threw this footstool at me. >> wow. you can still see the bruises on her face. she was able to call for her using her medic alert. the intruder is still at large. oklahoma!
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miss oklahoma has been crowned the new miss's usa. the pageant was caught in the middle of controversy after its co-owner donald trump made disparaging comments about mexicans during his run for president. the pageant aired on reelz last night after nbc dropped the telecast. let's get down to business. good morning. stocks could start the week on a positive note as investors breathe a sigh of relief after greece reaches a bailout deal with european leaders and creditors. greece faces an uphill battle as the prime minister must convince his parliament to sign on. earnings season kicks into full gear with results from big names like google and bank of america. apple accounted for 92% profits of this group and amazing because apple sells less than 20% of all smartphones.
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it charges higher prices than the rivals. comcast will broadcast live tv from hbo and about a dozen other networks. it's $15 a month. the parent of nbc universal will let users stream content on phones and services and laptops. it will launch in boston chicago, and seattle and available everywhere next year. back over to you. major league baseball reaches a meteor break and golf's newest king is hotter than ever heading into the british open.
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this morning, on "today," would you be able to tell if someone was drowning? it's a lot harder to do than you think. kicking off a report this morning, jeff has the tips you only need to know only on "today." the latest in sports i'll send it to my colleague. >> good morning. the two best tennis players in the world battling out at wimbledon. djokovic defeats federer the second year in a row to win his straight wimbledon. djokovic has won the last five meetings against federer but their all-time head-to-head record is now tied at 20 wins apiece. after this win, djokovic said he wanted to follow and repeat everything serena williams does and great reason for that because she won her sixth wimbledon saturday making it four straight grand slams. williams is just now one grand
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slam away from completing the first calendar slam since 1988. jordan spieth is having such a good year. he won his fourth title yesterday. he becomes the first golfer to win four times since the british open since tiger woods in 2002. spieth is one victory from tieing woods for the most wins on tour before the age of 22. look at this. texas kicker nick rose's career long field goal is 51 yards, but on sunday, yep he posted this video on twitter of him kicking an 80-yard field goal. i guess everything is truly bigger in texas. then again i'm from texas but i could have told you that. thank you. just ahead, one hollywood star is reportedly heading to rehab. david letterman comes out of retirement to take an aim at donald trump. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back on this monday morning. dangerous weather in the middle of the country. severe weather outbreak going through chicago later today. in the west not many problems. the weather has calmed down there. temperatures have gone seasonal. let's look at the next seven days and there's no chance for significant rains as we expect this time of year. comfortable temperatures for once as the drought continues to beat on. >> hopefully it doesn't get any worse for the folks in the
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midwest. for entertainment news. minion mania at the box office. it debuted at 115 million. "jurassic park" al 18 million. "inside out" at $17 million. actor roger reed passed away saturday and best known for "cheers". reese was 71. a source confirms to enews that john stamos has checked into a residential treatment facility for substance abuse. representatives have declined to comment and asked for privacy. now to comic con. john lewis reenacted the 1965 march across the pettis bridge. he marched with several children across the san diego convention center. lewis has a new graphic novel out about the civil rights movement. david letterman squeezed in one more top ten list. made a surprise appearance in san antonio to deliver it.
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>> every suit i own comes with a top ten list. interesting facts about donald trump. number ten! that thing on his head was the gofer in "caddy ydy shack." he has made so many mexicans mad. he number one interesting thing about donald trump, thanks to donned trump, republican mascot. >> i don't think he can retire. >> comedians are loving the trump factor. i'm ayman mohyeldin, this is "early today" we hope it is just your first stop on nbc.
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leading the news on, mexico's volcano triggers evacuations. it showed signs to a similar eruption in 1913. it includes explosion on its southern and southwestern slopes surrounding villages that evacuated due to precaution and a local airport has been closed. to new york. man, nephew win meth lab in auction for storage unit? the two men went a an abandoned storage facility with an 80 dollar bid. they found a box full of equipment used to make meth. the detectives are looking for the original owners of that unit.
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that's like straight from "breaking bad." the running of the bulls continues in pamplona, spain, "today." fortunately, nobody was hurt on day six of the event. on saturday, four people, including two americans, were gored by the bulls. >> have you done it? >> i definitely would not be able to do that. 3,000 people turned out for new york city's first disability pride parade on sunday and celebrating the 20th anniversary of americans for disability act. former senator tom harkin who authored the legislation was the grand marshall. the parade is one of a list of events planned for july which mayor de blasio called pride month. the pakistan teen who became a symbol for women's rights to education celebrated her 18th birthday on sunday. she spent it in lebanon opening a school for syrian refugee girls. she had a message for leaders. >> we must invest in books instead of bullets.
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>> there are approximately 500,000 syrian children living in lebanon and one-fifth receiving an education. this video will absolutely melt your heart. a proud mother was able to capture on video the moment her baby girl saw her mommy and daddy clearly for the first time with the help of some adorable pink glasses. the little girl seems less than thrilled. but look at the smile when she's able to see the world in focus for the first time! >> my daughter has the frames when she was 2 years old. they look cute as can be. she's going to have a bright future ahead of her. since the 1960 to identify ways to improve the lives of sister citizens. this year's topics consider care giving, financial security. i'm ayman mohyeldin.
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thank you for
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last week it was "doyle drive," but this week? a brand new name and ce, for t main road tothe golden gate bridge. =sam/vo= happening now: people living in one north bay county can't use 9-1-1. learn how county leaders are addressing the shutdown. =laura/vo= plus, an 'international manhunt' underway this learn how consecutive leaders address the shutdown. >> and el chapo after an elaborate unthinkable prison s mo break. good monday more than morning. we have more of the same


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