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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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doing today in response to the deadly balcony collapse. and it was real. a stunning reversal in a bizarre bay area kidnapping case that captured the nation's attention. from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay". >> good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. an update to breaking news in the south bay where san jose police say a gunman is on the run after a deadly shooting last night. it happened at monterey road in south san jose. near eden dale. the officers say they were responding to reports of a gun fire in that area. when they arrived, they found a man with at least one gunshot wound. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. police say so far no suspects are in custody, and no motive for this killing. all new this morning, laura, history made overnight in austria, vienna. while most of us were sleeping, iran and six western nations, including the u.s. reached a
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landmark nuclear agreement with iran. economic sanctions would be lifted in return for that country curbing and making its sights accessible to u.n. inspectors that deal caps more than a decade of negotiations. some believe it could transform the militants middle east. much more from washington, d.c., including chances of getting through congress coming up at 6:30 this morning. all lanes of the eastern span of the bay bridge are back open this morning after a small fire shut down two lanes last night. this photo shows the flames burning through a grate at an expansion joint. investigators believe a cigarette may have started that flare-up. in san francisco, crews worked through the night to restripe lanes on the brand-new presidio parkway. a curb in the lanes to the approach to the second tunnel was catching drivers off guard yesterday. caltrans says it fixed the issue but reminds drivers to keep to the 35-mile-an-hour speed limit. a live look at palo alto this morning. where ongoing overnight road
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work on 101 will cause you some delays if you're headed through the peninsula. we'll take a look at your full commute in a few minutes with mike inouye. >> from harvard educated lawyer to accused kidnapper. matthew muller behind bars for various crimes, including a bizarre abduction officially described as a hoax. stephanie, his arrest stems from a separate crime, a home invasion in dublin. >> reporter: that's right, sam. and now investigators are trying to figure out if matthew muller is connected to other bay area crimes, including two home invasion robberies in mountain view and palo alto back in 2009. the 38-year-old sacramento area man is a harvard graduate and farm farmer former marine who practiced immigration law in san francisco until 2012. dublin police arrested him for a june 5th home invasion and robbery. they say he left behind an important clue, a cell phone and led investigators to his car.
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in the car, they found items linking muller to the vallejo abduction. swim goggles with blonde hair, zip ties and a cell phone with pictures the kidnappers sent in e-mails. the attorneys for denise huskins and aaron quinn, the victims of the march break-in and abduction in vallejo are demanding police here own their mistake. >> he said it was a hoax and she owed an apology to the public. well today, the vallejo police department owes an apology to ms. huskins and mr. quinn. >> reporter: huskins and quinn appeared emotional yesterday by their attorneys. they reported kidnappers broke into their home, kidnapped huskins, drugged quinn and demanded 8.500 in ransom. vallejo police said the two made the whole thing up. so far, vallejo police referred all questions to the fbi, have not made any comments about what they said in calling that abduction a hoax. live in vallejo, stephanie
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chuang, "today in the bay." 6:03. more details now, not just vallejo and dublin. the feds say muller might be linked to unsolved crimes in the peninsula. they say he was connected to a burglary case in palo alto in 2009. a young woman was bound and blindfolded in her home, however, no charges were ever filed. also in 2009, mountain view police investigated a similar home invasion robbery involving a masked suspect who restrained and blindfolded the victims. more now to his background. muller has practiced law in california since 2011. but in january, it was recommended he would be disbarred. a hearing is set for next week. his pending disbarment stemmed from a dispute over some legal fees in an immigration case. go now to to read the full 56-page affidavit detailing all of the evidence in this case. just click on the top story box. you can also find the latest updates in the case by downloading our free nbc bay area app. at 6:04, happening today, raising concerns over safety.
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some of the strictest regulations in the state will be up for debate in berkeley tonight in response to last month's deadly balcony collapse. kris sanchez joins us with some of the proposed regulation legislations. >> so many people calling for change, laura, since the balcony fell and tonight the berkeley city council will talk about changes that would affect not only new construction but also the balconies on existing buildings, as well, through changes in the building code and the inspection process as well. let's start with the physical changes first. we saw in the video following that june 16th balcony collapse the beams supporting the balcony were made of wood, and the investigation revealed there was severe dry rot. you can see it crumbling away. the berkeley city council is proposing that going forward, they be built with something more durable. the council is also calling for better design standards to protect the integrity of the construction from exposure to weather. one councilman says he will also push for more frequent inspections every three years instead of every five, and there is a call for baseline
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inspections, as well, with all balconies getting a look over within the next six months. also today, the state assembly is set for a critical vote on a bill that would force construction companies to disclose any of their past problems. under that bill, california senators from berkeley and san mateo want construction companies to have to disclose to regulators any legal settlements in cases involving construction defects, negligence or fraud. now those changes may be little comfort for the families of the six people killed and the seven people hurt in the collapse but many berkeley residents have asked the council to do something to prevent a similar tragedy from ever happening again, and certainly the state assembly is listening, as well. sam? >> we'll see what they end up doing. thank you, kris. 6:06. a crash that brought tears and so many questions. now the ntsb set to release its findings today in last year's deadly crash involving a fedex truck and a bus north of sacramento. ten people died in the crash, five high school students from southern california getting
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ready to tour humboldt state. federal investigators are expected to reveal the probable cause of the accident. chp and state investigators faulted the fedex driver, but could not answer why his truck veered across the median. a developing story in mexico and the manhunt continues for mexican king pin el chapo, who escaped from his maximum security jail cell in mexico. dea agents say they warned the prison over a year ago that drug lord joaquin guzman was planning to escape. locals even spotted dump trucks hauling away rubble from a house in a farm field near the prison. he may be getting help from the outside, because too many in mexico say that he is seen as a folk hero. >> he's one of the all-time narco figures who would shower people with gifts, kind of a santa claus, robin hood role. >> on saturday, investigators say guzman escaped through a
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hole in his cell shower into a mile-long underground tunnel that led right to that house. this is el chapo's second prison escape. back at home now, californians with brown lawns now officially have the law on their side. yesterday governor brown signed a law making it illegal for cities and county to say fine people for dead or dying lawns. while the state is in the midst of a drought. a number of cities fined or warned people who let their lawns die. governor brown has required cities to cut water use by 25%. time to check the microclimate forecast this morning. let's take a peek outside at a foggy san francisco this morning. sound the fog horns out there. >> hard to see much of anything. hopefully it clears off soon. we check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> think about yesterday morning when it was completely clear when we woke up and headed out the door. now we have these low clouds all across the bay. one more mild day before those temperatures start to ramp up. we've been talking about that.
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keep in mind, the heat peeks on thursday, in the meantime nice and comfortable. in the upper 50s to lower 60s as you get the day started and highs reaching 74 degrees in the east bay peninsula. 84 in the south bay while the east bay makes it up to 74 degrees. and the heat will continue to build as we go into tomorrow, as well as thursday, as high pressure starts to move in. i'll detail just how warm it gets as we go into the next ten minutes in the next microclimate forecast. right now i'll send it to mike with an update on traffic. >> our camera turned toward the bay bridge and this span. i haven't seen any additional slowing. in fact, tail lights getting tough with the lighting but moving very smoothly toward treasure island. the map shows you the area. i was concerned with the slow down toward treasure island, standard there. the earlier crash, no details, no lane information, no lanes reported blocked. still tracking that anyway, because the bay bridge is sensitive. a slower drive, 680 and 880
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southbound. the tri valley, the east bay and the rest of your bay northbound routes through san jose and the rest of silicon valley starts to build. we look at the palo alto camera. laura told you about what was going on there. just at the top of your screen between university and embarcade embarcadero. a lot of dust for the next couple nights and the frontage road. you see the home depot sign? between the freeway and home depot, there is a road called east bay shore road, so that will be an issue for folks who use that as an escape route and not a good one. >> good to know. the home depot is your northstar there. thank you very much, mike. 6:10. up next, more exploding air bags and it has nothing to do with takata. the new recall, just announced this morning. and reaching new horizons. a nasa spacecraft goes where none other has been before. pluto with a mission far from over. more trouble for reddit, as well. we'll walk you through the drama coming up in business and tech. and maybe you would like to walk or run across the golden
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gate bridge. at least these commuters traveling quickly across. another car manufacturer is
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under investigation new this morning, another car manufacturer is under investigation for exploding air bags. the national highway traffic safety administration says arc automotive incorporated made air bag inflaters that could potentially malfunction. investigation covers hundreds of thousands of chrysler and kia vehicles. it comes after massive fallout with japanese air bag maker takata. they recalled 38 million inflaters in the u.s. for a similar problem. >> all those problems at reddit have blown up. >> scott mcgrew, new accusations against the company this morning and another resignation. >> yeah, good morning to you. reddit has hit that crisis point all crisis managers dread, sam and laura, where it's really not in control of its own narrative.
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one of the former ceos, the ceo before ellen powell, is accusing one of the founders of the company of staying silent when he should have spoken up. wong says it was founder alexis ohannian who fired a popular reddit employee. the dismissal led to a user uprising at reddit. it also led to the resignation of reddit's controversial interim ceo, ellen powell on friday. wong says powell was not the one who fired taylor, it was ohannia. we have no independent way of verifying any of this. what you've got is an ex ceo accusing a founder of sabotaging another ex ceo. could it get worse? yes, it could. our sister news agency, reporting this morning reddit's top engineer, beth ann blount has resigned. she had only been at the company
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a couple months. in an interview she says she did not quit because of the powell controversy but lost confidence in the direction of the company. other news, the "wall street journal" says google will slow its hiring process. google reports profits thursday. the journal says google hired a little more than 1,800 employees last quarter, compared to 2,400 in the same quarter last year. starbucks has announced it will work to hire young people with barriers. 16 other companies are joining in this effort, including alaska airlines, taco bell and jcpenney. the idea is to find jobs for unemployed young people who are not in school, particularly minority children. we talk about an unemployment rate, about 5%. but that's everybody, sam and laura. people with a college degree with an unemployment rate around 2.5%. people without a high school degree have an unemployment rate more than 8%. >> wow. pays to go to school. >> it does. >> the employment gap. thank you very much, scott. 6:15. happening now, a view of pluto
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like we have never seen before. it's taken nearly ten years, but right now nasa spacecraft is flying ever so close to the dwarf planet. once known as the planet, taking pictures along the way. >> get to know our imagery still works out there, billions of miles away. "today in the bay's" rob redell is live this morning. that spacecraft was closest 90 minutes ago. now we've got to wait for four hours to see what the actual images have? >> it could be several hours. sometime today, though. yes, sam and laura. within the past hour and a half, mankind sent a spacecraft within spinning distance, cosmically speaking, to the outer-most planet in our solar system. hence you had this scene at the new horizons missions control earlier while you were sleeping. you can see a room full of scientists counting down as the new horizons spacecraft came the closest it would ever get to the planet, the dwarf planet of pluto. cheers erupted in the crowd.
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scientists from nasa ames here in mountain view involved in this very historic mission. that was a critical moment in the mission. that's when the spacecraft was just 7,800 miles away from pluto, the closest it will ever get, traveling at 30,000 miles an hour, and 30 minutes to take pictures of the surface and its largest moon. also chemical readings before speeding past. new horizons left earth nine years ago on a journey that has taken it 3 billion miles plus. on thursday, sent back these images of pluto. it shows a planet unexpectedly peach in color and you also notice there are dark and light regions across its face. >> we have seen these crazy black and white patterns. we have no idea what those mean. and a lot of circular things we're wondering are those craters or something else. we saw a circular feature on neptune's moon triton that are not craters. >> reporter: as i log on to the new horizons website, it says
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the countdown to the new horizon phone home, i'm assuming that's when we're going to see these new images they took 90 minutes ago, 11 hours 35 minutes from now. there will be a public ceremony, a commemoration, if you will, a party here at nasa ames starting around 2:00. the public is invited. and i'm presuming that that is timing to this phone home moment when they'll see the new images. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> very cool. a long, long way. >> yeah, it's hard to believe. thank you very much, bob, it's taken this long, finally we're getting images of the dwarf  planet, pluto. this is an image you don't have to wait to see of the sunol hills as we start off your tuesday morning. we could use a little bit of rain. i wonder if that satellite imagery will send back any precipitation. unlikely. we could use it. >> we could. and you know, we get the fog in the morning, at least we're seeing that now. but yesterday morning such a different picture. that shows you that our weather is changing, and we're getting ready for a warmup in the next
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couple of days. as we get a live look right now over san jose, you can see those low clouds and a little bit of sun in the horizon as the sun comes up this morning. we will get some sunshine this afternoon. but as you take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, yeah, temperatures going up the next couple days, and it will definitely feel like summer outside. a live look now at mt. tam, low clouds in the north bay. and after the morning low clouds, sunny and breezy this afternoon. here are your lunch time temperatures, a great day to take that lunch outside with some more comfortable weather across the bay in the 60s and 70s. and then rising into the mid 80s for the south bay for the afternoon high and the tri valley reaching 8 degrees. 86 in the north bay. san francisco today tops out at 70 degrees. so we're checking out the tropics. here's where some rain is actually happening. and it's out there over the western coast of mexico. into the next couple days, this
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is expected to continue to strengthen, hurricane dolores will be moving off towards the west. but then what will happen after this, the storm will weaken and some of that moisture will be coming into parts of the western united states. but unfortunately, i don't think we'll see much of that rain. because we do have high pressure moving in, that will cause the heat to build over the next couple days. and some of that desert southwest heat creeping into parts of the tri valley. but then the heat backing off in time for the weekend. so the temperature trend, especially for the tri valley, will be going up with highs in the mid 90s on thursday, and coming back down in time for the weekend. quickly, your weekend forecast. it will still be warm, but not as warm as we will see on thursday. let's get a look at traffic now with mike. >> all right, kari. we're looking at san jose where there is that build just really kicking in now. this is the start for the morning commute proper here through san jose. look at your map. silicon valley in general showing a good volume shifting from green to yellow. that's a subtle shift in speeds
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below 60 but it's on for the northbound route throughout this area. and, in fact, all around the bay we're seeing a good volume, people getting an earlier start than we typically see this time of year. we have a crash west 580, hacienda, slowing. we'll track that. it happened a few minutes ago. the bay bridge metering lights on. and we look toward the north bay, as well, southbound 101, just in the last few minutes as kari made her report, we saw the sun come out and folks hit the road. apparently they waited for kari's report and then leave during my report. i don't know. a lot more ahead on "today in the bay". a teenage girl survives a plane crash and hikes 24 hours through the woods to find help. more on her amazing story of survival, next.
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you're watching "today in the bay." 6:24. people whose jobs expose them to formaldehyde have triple the risk of developing the paralyzing disease als. the new research strengthens the link between formaldehyde and a.l.s., also known as lou gehrig's disease. researchers say funeral directors who use the chemical to embalm bodies have the highest risk. formaldehyde is used to make particle board and other wood products and as a preservative in shampoo, among other things. have you ever sat at a baseball game and thought that foul ball is a little close for comfort. well, an a's fan filed a lawsuit
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in san francisco federal court, alleging that major league baseball has not done enough to protect its fans. gail payne from alameda county says the current netting behind home plate at ballparks is not enough. she wants the nets to cover fans in the infield from foul pole to foul pole. the lawsuit claims that nearly 18,000 people are injured every year at baseball stadiums. >> the league is uniquely situated to know the number of injuries and how frequent they are where the average fan isn't and armed with that knowledge, they know they have a problem that fans don't appreciate. and they can easily fix it. >> the commissioner's office told the associated press the league is in the process right now of reevaluating all of its issues relating to fan safety, comfort and expectations. 55 years in the making. harper lee's long-awaited followup to her smash hit "to kill a mockingbird" lands in bookstores today. "go set a watchman" actually went on sale online at midnight. it's essentially a sequel, set two decades following "to kill a
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mockingbird." most characters are the same, but different, and it is certainly creating an identity crisis for some fans. the upstanding and beloved atticus finch is now portrayed as a racist. that has some fans stunned with his moral shift. >> talking about it in a lot of book clubs this week. 6:26 now. being called a miracle after two days of searching. crews find a teenage girl who survived a plane crash in washington state. >> someone found the girl wandering in a remote part of the state last night. officials say she had been walking for days through the forest after the plane crash. the fate of her grandparents who were also aboard the plane remains unclear this morning. but her father and search crews are amazed the girl was able to survive. >> she watches a lot of survival shows with me. so, you know, i can't get out and do a lot of this stuff anymore so i watch it on tv. and so survivor man should be very proud of her. >> she was taken to a hospital, treated for dehydration, but is otherwise okay. time right now, 6:26.
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still ahead, an update to breaking news. a man shot to death in san jose overnight. the search is now on for a suspect. plus, we have a deal. a historic proportions. a nuclear agreement with iran reached just hours ago. what president obama is saying this morning, next, in a live report from our nation's capitol.
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good tuesday morning. picking up the ac towards the end of the week. more on that in the microclimate forecast.
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and is the silicon valley commute kicks in. two crashes in the south bay coming up. a big rally on the wall street and the nasdaq yesterday. maybe not quite today, as the governor of texas rings in the opening bell on the nyse. over on the nasdaq, making it easy with staples, tuesday, the 14th of july. from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. san jose police say a gunman is on the run after a deadly shooting last night. it's at monterey road near chynoweth in south san jose. officers were responding to reports of gunfire in the area. they found a man with at least one gunshot wound. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. police say so far there are no suspects in custody, and no motive for the shooting. here's a look at today's
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other top stories. an about-face in a bizarre kidnapping plot. authorities initially down plaied. investigators say the kidnapping of denise huskins was real. they have a suspect in custody who happens to be a harvard educated attorney. nasa cheering the new horizons spacecraft which passed at its closest point to pluto. we'll start getting new images being transmitted from the crash. an historic deal finalized. iran agreed to a new deal to halt its nuclear program, in exchange for economic sanctions being dropped by the west. for more on this story, we turn to nbc bay area's tracie potts live in washington where some congressional lawmakers remain skeptic skeptical. >> reporter: but some are going to be behind this deal very likely. and new this hour, reaction from california senator barbara boxer. take a look. she says i look forward to robust hearings in the senate foreign relations committee, and
6:32 am
if this agreement is what the administration says it is, it is a major historic diplomatic breakthrough. if everyone fought like that, president obama wouldn't have much more problem getting it through congress. but from what we're hearing this morning, that is not the case. >> a sign of hope for the entire world. >> reporter: after 20 months of tense negotiations and several extensions -- iran has agreed to limit uranium production for ten years, and access to nuclear equipment and fuel for 15 years. >> a win-win solution on what in our view was an unnecessary crisis. >> reporter: once verified, the u.s. and other countries could lift economic sanctions as early as next year. >> every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off. >> reporter: the u.n. arms embargo would stay in place five years, eight for missiles. they could lift sooner if iran complies. >> if iran violates the deal, all these sanctions will snap back into place.
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>> reporter: the international atomic energy agency, the monitors, will report on any outstanding issues by december 15th. israel see mentally opposed any concessions. this morning, prime minister benjamin netanyahu caulls the deal a big historic mistake. >> iran will get a jackpot of cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars which will enable it to continue to pursue its aggression and turn the region and world. >> reporter: congress has to approve the deal. it will be a hard sell. lawmakers don't think it's tough enough. they have got 60 days, including a month-long break in august. now, that clock starts ticking as soon as the paperwork hits capitol hill. it's got to go through the director of national intelligence first. the president has promised a veto. anything that comes off capitol hill that does not approve this deal. we're already getting reaction new this hour from the campaign trail. republican scott walker who just jumped into the race calls this one of america's worst
6:34 am
diplomatic deals ever. worst diplomatic failures. also, hillary clinton is here on the hill now, asked about the nuclear deal this morning, no comment. sam? >> all right. all the politics now coming into play. tracie potts live from d.c., thank you. secretary of defense, ash carter, has commissioned a study aimed at ending the military's ban on transgender people. one oakland resident, sasha buick effort, who served in the marines in 1980 says if the rules had been changed while she was in service, she would have had no fears of reaction from her fellow marines. >> my worst nightmare would be to be dishonorably discharged for who i am. >> 18 foreign marines already allow transgender soldiers, including israel, great britain and australia. and it's possible that as early as next year, the u.s. could be adding its name to that list. in the wake of the supreme court's decision on marriage equality, we may be getting closer to donor equality when it comes to blood. the food and drug administration is considering ending a
6:35 am
32-year-long ban in allowing gay and bisexual men to donate blood. that would only be if they have not had sexual relations with other men in one year. a developing story. at least one person has died, several others missing this morning as a band of severe thunderstorms rumbled from the midwest towards the southeast. a drone captured this incredible video of a large tornado touched down near the town of hutchinson. some homes had been evacuated in that area. there are also numerous reports of downed trees and power lines. >> that cloud would most certainly put the fear of god in you. 6:35 now. a live look outside and a much clearer picture of downtown san jose. >> a place where i like to stay. i think if i saw a tornado of that magnitude, i would go in the other direction. >> we stay in san jose. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall. good morning. >> wow, that was crazy video,
6:36 am
especially when you see right beside it, it was all clear. and then there's a tornado. that was just unbelievable. now as we look at our weather, we see the sunshine over some low clouds as we get a view from the sunol hills. and our temperatures are now in the lower 60s across most of the bay. and we see the low clouds this morning. we do have a deeper marine layer. compared to yesterday, giving us the low clouds. and it will take a little bit of time before it clears up. but we will have a sunny afternoon. and highs reaching 70 degrees in san francisco, the north bay 86 degrees. the warm spot will be in the tri valley, reaching 88 degrees with mostly sunny skies. and the south bay today, expect a high of 84 degrees. temperatures will be going up the next couple of days. i'll detail that, and we'll get a look at the weekend forecast too, coming up in a few minutes. now let's check in with mike to see how traffic is flowing. >> all right, kari. we have a good build and all of your commute, this tuesday looking like it's getting
6:37 am
started. looking towards the south bay to start northbound 101, we have a crash. a fender-bender moved quickly to the shoulder. added distraction as the build is on there. bottom of your screen, north 85, close to winchester, a crash taking a couple minutes to clear from the lanes, causing more slowing there, as well. there is your silicon valley build again, early for this amount of slowing. the rest of your bay typical pattern here, 680 and 880 southbound out of the tri valley and east bay, more slowing there, and west 580, hacienda, earlier crash on the shoulder. all routes toward the bay bridge, that's your commute direction, also that slow down, the metering lights are on. and the golden gate bridge, conditions changing with low clouds hovering above the deck, cutting off the tops of the towers, visibility for drivers fine so far. >> how about visibility of those lanes, a little restriping. >> the parkway, overnight road work hopefully makes things easier. 6:37. still ahead, we're getting new details about a terror plot that
6:38 am
never materialized. you won't believe who was believed to be behind it. and what authorities say he was planning to do. and a look now at the big board. the arrow changed from up to down. but right now pretty flat to start your day. the dow hovering around 17,000. actually 18,000. 17900. more business and tech news after this. ent in the new york city
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police chokehold case all-new in r this morning, a multimillion dollar settlement in the police choke hold case that killed a man for ill legally selling cigarettes. the city agreed to pay the family of eric garner $5.9 million. garner died as an officer tried to cite him outside a liquor store. cell phone video showed him refusing to be handcuffed and repeated low told the police officer, i can't breathe. medical examiners say the choke hold contributed to garner's death. but a grand jury did not indict
6:41 am
that police officer. today could mark the end of a trial for a man accused of killing 12 people in a colorado movie theatre. the trial began three months ago, and today lawyers will present their closing arguments. james holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. back in july of 2012, holmes opened fire inside an aurora movie theatre during a midnight showing of "batman, the dark knight rises". a guilty verdict would send the trial into the death penalty phase. a police captain accused of plotting to plant bombs at a local university will be in court for the first time. 23-year-old alexander ciccolo will enter a plea today. he was arrested july fourth after he got four guns from an fbi informant. the fbi reportedly recorded ciccolo talking about planting bombs at a university. his father told the fbi about his son, saying he had a long history of mental illness and
6:42 am
was talking about joining isis. it's 6:41. coming up, an update to breaking news in san jose. an overnight shooting that left one man dead. and a tragedy prompts change. now what the city of berkeley is doing today in response to the deadly balcony collapse. and it was real. a stunning reversal in a bizarre bay area kidnapping that captured the nation's attention. a live look outside now. that is at&t park. no one inside because it is the all-star break. the giants will come back hopefully with a bunch of ws after the break. we'll be right back with 50 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather.
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now, 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and
6:45 am
traffic on "today in the bay." we continue to follow breaking news in the south bay this morning. san jose police are looking for the gunman who shot a man to death last night. a shooting which happened on monterey road near chen owe width in south san jose. no suspects in custody. and no motive for that killing. at 6:45, an unexpected twist in what has become a high-profile kidnapping case in the bay area. this morning, this man, matthew muller, is behind bars, accused of various crimes, including an abduction. vallejo police initially called a hoax. today in the bay's stephanie chuang is live in vallejo this morning. this arrest actually stems from a separate home invasion he's believed to be involved with in the east bay. >> reporter: that's right, laura, in dublin. and now investigators say he may be responsible for other home invasion robberies in mountain view and palo alto in 2009. in both cases, the victims bound and blindfolded. the 38-year-old man from
6:46 am
sacramento area is a harvard graduate and former marine who practiced immigration law in san francisco up2012. his attorney, by the way, says muller suffers from both psychosis and bipolar disorder. dublin police say he left behind a cell phone in the june 5th home invasion robbery and records from the cell phone led investigators to his car, where they found items linking muller to the vallejo abduction, including swim goggles, zip ties and cell phone with pictures the kidnappers sent in e-mails. the attorneys for denise huskins and aaron quinn, the victims of the march 23 break-in and abduction are demanding vallejo police own their mistake. >> the police department said it was a hoax and she owed an apology to the public. well today the vallejo police department owes an apology to ms. huskins and mr. quinn. >> reporter: huskins and quinn both appeared emotional yesterday by their attorneys.
6:47 am
they had reported kidnappers kidnapped huskins, drugged quinn and demanded $8500 in ransom. after she turned up safe, police said the two made the whole thing up. so far, police have referred all questions to the fbi. they have not said anything about the comments describing the abduction as a hoax, and muller, by the way, is in county jail in dublin this morning. live in vallejo, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." 6:47. of course, our coverage of the story continues on all of our digital platforms. head to if you would like to read any of the 56-page affidavit detailing all the evidence in the case. you can also find the latest updates by downloading our nbc bay area app. time now to check your microclimate forecast at 6:47 as we give a live look outside. things flowing well once again at the golden gate bridge, even if you can't see the entire golden gate bridge. >> that's okay. kari has a look at our forecast. >> and we are in for a warmup
6:48 am
the next couple days. that's what we have been talking about and probably why we were thinking to wear red this morning. but it starts out with a low clouds and then we get that sunshine this afternoon. come over and look at the seven-day forecast. it's coming up on the bottom of the screen right now and it will help make plans for the weekend. it gets hot as we go into thursday. and that's when the heat peaks. but this weekend, the heat starts to come back down, and we will really feel it as we go into the tri valley, some of our inland areas. temperatures now are in the lower 60s, but we still have some upper 50s in san francisco, and half moon bay. oakland now at 60 degrees. we'll see those clouds this morning by the coast, sunny and breezy and warm this afternoon. here are the lunch time temperatures. it will be 67 degrees in san francisco, tri valley 75 degrees. but in the tri valley it warms up to 88 degrees today. 84 in the south bay. and the north bay today reaching 86 degrees. into the next couple days, high pressure starts to build.
6:49 am
and we do have a nice little breeze going on today, because low pressure is just to the east of us. we have high and low pressure close together, makes that air move fairly quickly. but as that high moves off to the east the next couple days, it knocks back the onshore flow. it won't be as strong, and it allows that heat that's across the desert to creep into the central valley, even into the tri valley as we go into tomorrow, as well as thursday. but then we'll have a little bit of ak,ú change in the pattern. and that causes temperatures to come back down just in time for the weekend. but the hottest day will be on thursday with highs in the tri valley reaching 94 degrees. as you make plans for the weekend, it is going to be a little bit better, and the best day, meaning the coolest day, will be on sunday, and we keep that sunshine. now let's go back to sam and laura for more news. >> thank you very much, kari. we transition from weather to traffic news. heads up if you're hitting the roads. all lanes of the eastern span of the bay bridge are back open this morning after a small fire shut down two lanes late last
6:50 am
night. there is a picture of it. this photo, that photo showed flames burning through a grate at an expansion joint. investigators believe a cigarette might have ignited that flare-up. in san francisco, crews worked through the night to restripe lanes on the brand-new presidio parkway. a sudden curb r curve in the lanes near the approach to the second tunnel was catching drivers off guard yesterday. caltrans reminds drivers to keep to the 35-mile-an-hour speed limit. for a look at the rest of the morning commute let's bring in mike inouye. how are we looking? >> looking good. continuing to refine the san francisco side, haven't seen any major problems, but do lower those speeds down to 35, even though you're used to it after just one day, folks, not everybody is used to that new transition. keep that in mind. a slower drive across the bay bridge, same thing for that richmond san rafael bridge. the volume builds in general around the bay you would expect for a tuesday. a strong flow of traffic but moving well for the tri valley and the east bay. across the san mateo bridge, really starting to build through the peninsula. the south bay, your northbound
6:51 am
routes are steady here and northbound at 75, the crash moved over to the shoulder on the approach. fremont and a smooth flow of traffic as the volume builds through the east bay into the south bay. we just watch the typical trend. back to you. >> thank you so much, mike. 6:51. happening today, raising concerns over safety and raising the bar on construction standards. some of the strictest safety regulations in the state will be up for debate in berkeley tonight in response to last month's deadly balcony collapse. countries sanchez joins us with more on the proposed regulations. >> good morning, laura. the berkeley city council is talking about seven changes that would affect not only new construction, but also balconies on existing buildings, as well through changes in building code and inspection. let's start with the physical changes first. as we saw in the video following that june 16th balcony collapse, the beams supporting the balcony were made of wood, and the investigation reveals there was severe dry rot which was visible to the naked eye. the city council is proposing in
6:52 am
going forward, those be built with something more durable. the council is also calling for better design and standards to protect the integrity of construction from exposure to weather, as well. one council man says he will also push for more frequent inspections every three years instead of every five. and there is a call for baseline inspections, as well, for all balconies within the next six months. those seven new ordinances would make berkeley standards stricter than state standards, and stricter than nearly any other city in the nation -- or rather the state, as well. also today, the state assembly is set for a critical vote on a bill that would force construction companies to disclose any of their past problems. under that bill, california senators from berkeley and san mateo want construction companies to have to disclose to regulators any legal settlements they have to pay in cases involving construction defects, negligence or fraud. while some might expect pushback from construction companies, we can tell you that there are no formal oppositions to these
6:53 am
proposals. at least none recorded in the city's records so far. sam? >> something we'll be watching closely. thank you, kris. what questions will be answered that brought tremendous grief to the bay area. last year's deadly crash involving a fedex truck and a bus north of sacramento. ten people died in that crash, five high school students from southern california who were just going on a college tour. federal investigators are expected to reveal the probable cause. the chp and state investigators and also the fedex driver but couldn't answer the question why did the truck vera cross the median in new orleans. a man wanted in connection with his missing infant daughter was shot by deputies, but the baby is still missing. matthew graham was killed by deputies in dunsmuir last night after he reportedly stole a couple's car and led deputies on a chase. he's been on the run since saturday when he became a person of interest in the disappearance of his daughter, ember.
6:54 am
ember has been missing since july 2nd. homeland security secretary jeh johnson is going to face questions today and ignite a dialogue this morning about the shooting death of a woman in san francisco, allegedly by an undocumented immigrant. johnson and the house judiciary committee will going to talk about how to enforce u.s. immigration laws. kate steinle, of course, killed earlier this month when she was just walking with her father on pier 14. the accused shooter there, juan francisco lopez sanchez, has deported five times and ws just released from the county jail in april. federal officials said they asked san francisco to keep him in custody but the county doesn't honor immigration detainer requests. bob goodlatte is planning to criticize the policy. the oil pipeline break in santa barbara in may. a committee will hear testimony about the overnight of the at the state beach. some 20,000 gallons of crude
6:55 am
wound up in the ocean as a result. the federal pipeline and e administration has been under scrutiny ever since that spill. some lawmakers say the agency is behind on changes ordered years ago that could have contributed to the failure. good news on the energy front. oil prices may be going down after a historic deal with iran. >> scott mcgrew, the deal still being shaped. we know congress has to approve it. if they do, it would help lift sanctions and let the oil flow. >> reporter: we are already seeing the effect, sam, even though you point out this deal is hours old and will take years. but we see price changes now because oil prices are based on as much what will happen as what has happened. so as an oil speculator, if you know or suspect iran's oil exports are going to eventually be back up and running, you're going to pay lessng for future contracts. good news for the thousands of northern californians who attended the now defunct corinthian college trade schools. the company reached a deal with
6:56 am
the department of education, suspending any federal tuition debt payments for four months. corinthians is in bankruptcy court. a previous deal meant any student who was at the school at the time of bankruptcy didn't have to pay anything. but many students who graduated before bankruptcy still owe money. well, apple has siri and windows core tonia and facebook now has money penny. the news blog information reports facebook is working on a personal assistant named after money penny of the james bond novels. it's not clear if facebook will keep the name or if it's just an internal code name. money penny is m's personal assistant who doesn't give bond the time of day. a little trivia. until the most recent film, she didn't have a name. >> miss money, which facebook is now worth a quarter of a trillion dollars. >> the fastest to the number
6:57 am
since google. happening now, we're getting deky this morning. a view of pluto like we have never seen before. it's taken nearly ten years but right now a nasa spacecraft is flying ever so close to that dwarf planet, taking some pictures along the way. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell, the spacecraft was closest two hours ago. the scientists won't see anything until later tonight? >> reporter: we're still waiting for that spacecraft to phone home, if you will. nasa ames scientists a part of this historic mission. the new horizons mission. and yes, within the past two hours, that spacecraft came within 7,800 miles within the system. we're talking about pluto, technically a dwarf planet, ice planet and you can see at the new horizons center on the east coast cheering this morning during that fly-by. it was a 30,000-mile-an-hour fly-by. the spacecraft had 30 minutes to take pictures of the planet, its largest moon, along with
6:58 am
chemical readings. we're still waiting for the readings to come in. could be several hours. ánine be several hours. years ago on a journey that's taken it 3 bhl billion miles plus. and on thursday, take a look at your tv screen. the spacecraft sent these images of pluto as it approached the dwarf planet, unexpectedly peach in color, as dark and lightu3:p regions. scientists still trying to figure out what those images mean and hope it gives clues to the origins of our solar system. >> i think this is a great example of a great society and a great nation and what great nations do. and i have to tell you, the data we're going to produce -- in fact, the data we're already produce something a gift for the ages to all mankind. >> reporter: you, the public, are invited to nasa ames around 2:00 this afternoon. as i mentioned, nasa ames scientists involved in this mission. they'll be having a commemoration and ce+ksu)jz at their come pus in mountain view
6:59 am
and during that time is when these new images will arrive to earth. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> he answered a very important question. how do scientists party, with american flags like this. we'll inject some into the situation now. good morning, kari. >> we start with low clouds and drizzle in some spots. today's forecast brings us more sunshine this afternoon. highs in the 70s and 80s all across the bay. >> how about that commute? >> not so bad. we'll take a quick look. a standard pattern out here. live shots. we'll show the north bay, a lot of sunlight and slowing southbound. typical build out of novato. the san mateo bridge westbound, cloud cover there. but not a problem for drivers. and we are seeing a slow drive, the other drivers, that's the problem for drivers. southbound 101 slowing toward that continued overnight road work section between university and embarcadero. standard slowing again today. >> welcome to tuesday. >> there you go. >> there you go. have a great day.
7:00 am
that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> we'll see you again with a live news update at 7:25. an action-packed day today. all these deals, and now a good day for you. we'll see you later today. good morning. breaking news. a landmark deal reached with iran. president obama speaking out this morning, saying it stops iran's pursuit of a nuclear bomb. >> this deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction. >> why is another world leader lling this an historic mistake? >> deadly outbreak. severe storms from the dakotas to the deep south. tornadoes, hail, flash flooding. in kentucky, at least one person killed, up to 12 others missing, and a massive search now under way. >> taunting the enemy, the brazen images appearing to show el chapo after his daring prison


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