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tv   Today  NBC  July 15, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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up there? >> up up up. and the weekend will be nice. >> yes. thank you very much. happening right now on "today in the bay." >> we'll be back with you with more local news updates at 7:25. good morning, deal or no deal. republicans vow an all-out battle to stop the president's unprecedented nuclear agreement with iran. >> they made a worse deal than even we had feared. >> you know the iranians are going to cheat. >> this morning one of the most vocal critics republican candidate lindsey graham, why it calls it a nightmare. new video showing the exact moment el chapo escaped as nbc news goes inside the elaborate tunnel. disciplined in a rare more. the faa puts new restrictions on sky west airlines after a plane packed with passengers stalls
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mid flight dropping more than 12,000 featset. and courage controversy. the special honor being awarded to kaitlyn jenner and why some say it's undeserved. this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. we have willie in for matt. the very moment that el chapo disappeared. >> here it is, inside the prison cell, makes his way to the shower and disappears through a hole in the floor going through that tunnel we've been talking about all week, that elaborate tunnel with a train system inside. we'll go in the tunnel with mark potter. >> why wasn't anyone watching that video at that exact moment. now the question is will they ever find him? more on that in a moment.
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we have a top story first. president obama is facing a tough sell over the deal that he says will prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb. we're going to talk about all of this with u.s. senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham in just a moment but first the national correspondent peter alexander at the white house with the details. good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning to you, now the congressional sales pitch of this iran deal begins. this morning vice president joe biden will meet with house democrats. they are key to ensuring the republicans don't kill the agreement. already republican 2016 candidates and lindsey graham is is there, attacked the deal, calling it naive and one of america's worst diplomatic failures. iran the latest flash point to the race for the white house with pld obama defending the agreement in a new interview with the "new york times." >> we have cut off every pathway for iran to develop a nuclear weapon.
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>> just as soon as the ink dried hillary clinton, now the democratic front-runner, announced her support with a note of caution, releasing a statement, i'm still studying the details but based on briefings i received and review of the documents, i support the agreement because it can help us prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. congress has 60 days so review the deal with republican candidates aren't holding their fire, blasting the agreement at every turn. >> we need a president who will terminate that bad deal with iran on day one. >> we have created legitimized iran being a nuclear threshold country and that in and of itself creates huge instability in the region. >> this is the most dangerous, irresponsible step i've ever seen in the history of watching the middle east. >> you know the iranians are going to cheat. >> a group backing marco rubio released this ad urging congressional republicans to
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kill the deal. >> lessons of history are either confronted or defeated or it grows and it spreads. >> reporter: the landmark agreement would lift hundreds and billions of dollars of economic sanctions on iran, only if iran meets the following requirements, limits to nuclear program for ten years and to nuclear research for 15. and granting more access to u.n. inspectors at suspect sites but with notice. >> a legacy defining deal for president obama that could also define much of the 2016 campaign. >> as we said now it's in the hands of congress but even senate republican leader mitch mcconnell admitted blocking this agreement will be very hard. even if the gop controlled house and senate rejected president obama's already said he will veto that bill. to override a veto, it would take all republicans plus 13 snas and 34 house democrats and right now that looks like a really big long shot. >> high hurdle for sure.
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let's talk more about this with republican candidate lindsey graham. he opposes this deal. good morning. >> good morning. >> diplomats will tell sign of a good deal is nobody is happy. do you think the iranians look too happy this morning. >> when the iranians tell you this is a win-win, it's probably not. my biggest problem is we're taking the largest state sponsor of terrorism, people who overran our embassy and killed hundreds of americans and given them billions of dollars and they can use the money any way they would like. might as well right a check to assad, hezbollah and hamas, that's where the money is going. we'll give them more weapons regardless if they change their behavior. we took a very dismantled approach to the nuclear program and ensured they are on a path to become a member of the nuclear club and arabs will get their own weapon and creating a nuclear arms race and using the largest state sponsor of terrorism.
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>> yesterday it was said opponents proposed no viable alternative. you said we should have kept the interim deal and wait for next president. what do you think that a president lindsey graham would have any more luck than president obama with iran? >> i would tell the iranians you're not going to get a penny as long as you're the state sponsor of terrorism and not going to lift the arms embargo until you stop toppling your neighbors and make sure you would never leave inspections -- take inspections away as long as they were the largest state sponsor of terrorism. >> secretary kerry says that sounds good but it's fantasy. you look at someone like ronald reagan, did a nuclear deal with soviets -- >> the fantasy is to believe the a i can'tya >> the fantasy is to believe the a i can'tyatollah was building a power plant not a bomb. a fantasy is to believe that when they charnt death to israel they are just kidding. this is the 70th anniversary of
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the end of world war ii where the jewish people were almost wiped out. you've given the chief an tag nits a pathway to a nuclear weapon and putting us at risk. this is a terrible deal. anybody could have done better. and you have taken a can of gasoline and thrown it on a fire as far as i'm concerned. >> senator graham, you and colleagues have 60 days to review the build. any measure you take to eliminate this deal could be vetoed. are you going to get democrats on board? you know democrats will go against the president? >> number one, eight years from now they can build the largest missile they would like to build without any consequence. i'm going to introduce legislation with democrats to put sanctions on their missile program saying they can't get new technology until they stop becoming the largest state sponsor of terrorism. i think there are a lot of democrats who say they support israel. this is your chance. because when they say death to israel, i think they
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literally -- you're about to give them the camability to enact it. i do believe this is a destabilizing event in world history and the more you know about this deal when the arabs build their own weapon, and they will, a lot of members of congress will say i don't want my fingerprints on that. >> we've got to ask you about presidential politics. donald trump is a atop the polls, even betting jeb bush, the front-runner in the most recent one. what does that say about your party? >> i think he's riding a wave of outlandish behavior, that there's some people in the republican party that like hearing that all of the illegal immigrants for the most part are rapists and drug dealers and some may be good. i think the overwhelming majority of republicans don't hike that rhetoric. i think he's riding a wave. if you ask me is this man ready to be commander in chief? absolutely not. he's going to charge the mexican government $100,000 for every immigrant that comes across the border. we live in the most complicated
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dangerous times in the world. he's a wrecking ball when it comes to policy and the way he's engaged the public is hurting the republican party at a time where the chance to do better. >> lindsey graham, always good to get your straight talk. thank you so much. one other note on this, we'll hear more from president obama about this deal. he holds a news conference at the white house later today and nbc will have live coverage, 1:00 eastern on most of these stations. >> we're now getting our first look at surveillance video showing the moment mexican drug lord el chapo escaped from prison. mark potter is in mexico where he was allowed inside the elaborate tunnel used in that escape. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. that tunnel connects from the prison behind me from a house about a mile away in that direction. when we went inside the tunnel, we were really struck by how well constructed it is and how much work went into it. it is a professional job and allowed chapo guzman to ride out
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of jail. >> this video released by the mexican government shows chapo guzman on a security camera in his cell on saturday, the night he escaped just before 9:00 p.m. he can be seen pacing, going in and out of the shower stall where the tunnel entrance is. finally he bends down and goes out of the camera's view and disappears. tuesday mexican authorities recorded video of the tunnel entrance and then went into the tunnel itself where an old motorcycle with a cart can be seen on a set of tracks. mexican officials tell nbc news, chapo laid on that cart and was pulled through the tunnel carrying the drug lord to this house a mile away. >> what's most impressive how well it is built. there are steel beams and wood, electricity. this is a generator to run all of the lights we're told. this is an electrical panel. if you look over here, this is the equipment that's used to bring the mud up. and over here, more equipment
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and then over here is the main tunnel -- main shaft going down to the tunnel heading over towards the prison. following his escape, the chicago crime commission named guzman public enemy number one. >> with a very powerful drug leader like chapo guzman, when they are repatriated with their cartel, oftentimes there is hell to pay. >> guzman cartel dominates the drug trade in the u.s. u.s. officials say it reaches from western mexico into more than a thousand cities, distributing heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. now he could be overseeing day to day operations. >> it's tremendously significant to the united states and our safety and well being. >> reporter: many blame the cartel more much of the current heroin epidemic, one more reason he is considered most wanted on both sides of the u.s./mexican border.
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>> incredible to see el chapo casually step through the hole in the door to freedom rngts the faa is taking action against sky west airlines, one of the bigger regional airlines after what the faa says was a close call. a crew stalling the plane mid flight with passengers on board. tom costello covers aviation for us. we find him at reagan national this morning. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah, sky west flies as regional airline for american and united express. this flight occurred on april 23rd. it was flight 6367, flying from denver to oklahoma city. the faa says the crew allowed the plane's air speed to drop too low, stalling the plane. the plane dropped from 39,000 feet down to 27,000 feet. the crew then managed to restart the engines and the plane landed safely in oklahoma city. now the faa is ordering maximum
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altitudes and minimum air speeds for sky west flying these crj regional planes. the minimum indicated air speed is going to be 272 miles per hour for a crj-200 and 288 miles per hour for the crj-700 and 900. if a pilot allows his or her plane to fly too low and for the speed to drop too low, the plane can quickly stall and they can lose altitude. however, sky west tells nbc news, this was an isolated incident and did not meet the true definition of a stall. skywest says in a statement, the aircraft's slow air speed alert system functioned perfectly and air crew responded appropriately with a 4,000 foot descent. it says it voluntarily told the faa about the incident and finds the actions arbitrary. it did immediately order retraining for all of the crew members and says sky west
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considers the safety of the passengers the number one priority. back to you. >> sounds like they have to agree to disagree. thank you very much. >> natalie is here with an important day at a trial we've been following. >> it's been 11 weeks of testimony in colorado and jury deliberations begin today in the colorado theater shooting trial. james holmes accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in a shooting spree at a movie theater back in 2012, defense attorneys want a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors say holmes was legally sane when he went on a shooting spree and should be convicted of murder and executed. the 94-year-old former ss sarnlg ent who served at auschwitz has been convicted of 300,000 counts of accessory to murtd, known as accountant of auschwitz has testified that he guarded prisoners baggage after they arrived and collected money
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stolen from them. prosecutor says that amounts to helping the death camp function. he's expected to be one of the large nazis to face a courtroom. anti-abortion activists have released what they say is undercover video showing a planned parenthood official discussing aborted fetus. planned parenthood says the activity in question is a legal not for profit donation and it charges only for the cost of shipping the tissue. commercial sale of human fetal tissue is illegal under federal law. noncommercial tissue donation is allowed if the person undergoing an abortion gives consent. in orlando police officer is recovering after being hit by a fleeing driver. this happened monday during a traffic stop in this dash cam video shows passengers jumped out of the car and run away.
7:16 am
the driver slams on the gas and hits the officer and managed to fire three shots as i fell to the ground. one person was arrested but police are still looking for two suspects. the officer did not suffer thank goodness, any life threatening injuries. a traffic camera captured the dramatic moments when a small plane made an emergency landing on a new jersey highway narrowly missing several cars. the plane carrying students from a sky diving school lost power on sunday. the pilots was somehow able to avoid the traffic there and land safely on the grass median in between the east and westbound lanes. amazing there there was only one minor injury on board the plane. good for that pilot, though. for the second year in a row, mike trout, named mvp of the all-star game, tuesday night hit a lead-off home run to give an early 1-0 lead, the first in the mid summer classic in 26 years.
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american lead held on to win 6-3. that means the american league team gets the advantage in this fall's world series, home field advantage. good for them. >> mike trout, maybe the best young player in baseball. boy is he good. >> pretty amazing. >> al, what's shaking in the weather? >> we had a lot of shaking going on down south last night. this is outside of atlanta, marietta, georgia. boom. look at that. i mean, that is a display right there. lightning hits a light pole and bam. thousands were without power last night in and around the metro-atlanta area. let's show you what we've got going on. we've got pretty heavy showers and thunderstorms firing up especially right now, we've got flash flood warnings, philadelphia into southern and central new jersey as these strong storms push through. we'll watch this as the morning wears on. look at the top of the rock. you can barely see visibility is about a mile. there are going to be airport delays. st. louis right now, you're okay
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but there's heavy thunderstorms headed your way. we have the risk of strong storms through the southeast, all also into the plains. tornadoes possible in the northern high plains. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures a little bit warmer today than it was yesterday, especially for the inland valleys. in sunnyvale, expect a high of 77 degrees. san mateo, 72.
7:19 am
soma, 74 degrees. napa, 83 degrees and 76 in oakland. bless san top tops out at 89 degrees and there will be a few spots hitting 90 today. more widespread 90s heading into tomorrow afternoon. . . . . . . . . . . . for two days to find overnight search crews located what they believe to be the crash site. nbc's hallie jackson has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, autumn veatch is finally home. she then spent 48 hours in the woods alone fighting her way through thick trees and steep terrain to civilization. >> she's amazing and remarkable. she had the courage and will to continue on when you know, she
7:20 am
was in a very scary situation. >> reporter: the 16-year-old sounded calm when speaking to a 911 operator after two hikers who found her on a rural highway drove her to a convenience store. >> we crashed and i was the only one that made it out. >> are you injured at all? >> yeah, i have a lot of burns on my hands and i'm like kind of covered in bruises and scratches and stuff. >> reunited with her dad at the hospital, autumn asked for something special. chicken mcnuggets what friends call her comfort food. >> it's amazing to see her in good spirits and she's going to be processing and it's going to take hour by hour, day by day, we want to be there for her. it's been amazing, it is a miracle what happened. >> overnight search crews found wreckage in the woods not far from where autumn is found. they haven't been able to reach the crash site to identify the plane or any victims. the local sheriff says autumn
7:21 am
burned her hands trying to pull her step grandparents to safety. doctors gave the teen a clean bill of health but say it will take time for her to recover from the exhaustion after her two-day hike to safety. for today, hallie jackson, brewster, washington. >> amazing that she walked away. >> we heard her dad talking yesterday, she learned survival skills from watching tv. >> a bizarre case of espionage, did sea world use one of its workers to infiltrate peta. >> if a fire broke out in your kitchen, would you know how to put it out safely. first, on a wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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plus vitamin c and other antioxidants. to work their magic while you sleep. don't just sleep, revitalize. new emergen-zzzz power down to power up. i'm ... ==anim== a developing story in the east bay. ==topvo== authorities are at the scene of a deadly csh good morning, it is 7:26. >> i'm kris sanchez. a developing story in the east bay authorities on the scene of deadly crash on highway 84 involving a big rig truck and three other cars. both directions are closed right now. it is a crash that happened on -- in livermore between leonard avenue and balcitas road. livermore police say at least one person died. no word yet on other victims but we can tell that you commuters are advised to look for alternate routes. mike will have more in his traffic update coming right up. and continuing coverage now of tense talks in the south bay where san jose is coming up against the deadline today in reform talks with police and firefighters. voters aed pension chances in
7:27 am
2012 and they have been trying to for months to settle the dispute out of court. but it there is no deal union leaders say they are prepared to walk away from the talks and take their case to court. happening today, san francisco supervise letters discuss plans to build a new jail. the $290 million facility would replace the one on the top floors of the hall of justice. sheriff says the change has to happen because the old jail is not seismically safe. opponents argue that the money should better be spent on reducing the jail population in the first place. and now, let's take a look at your forecast which is ramping up right? >> yes. temperatures a little bit warmer today, especially like places like sunol, where we already see the sunshine and after the morning low clouds quickly roll out, our lunchtime temperature in the peninsula will be 75 degrees, 68 in the south bay east bay, 77 degrees, here is the highs today, reaching 90 degrees in the trivalley and 80 in the peninsula. here is mike with traffic.
7:28 am
move quickly we have a crash this one here palo alto south 101, university causing an early jam right here. oakland, we are jam packed, coliseum north toward 29th, there was a crash, i saw more flashing lights heading through the area. this, in livermore, chris told but this closed because of the deadly crash that goes on between vineyard and balcitas the next few hours. suggestion using vasco to tesla to holmes to get around it. back to you. >> more local news coming up for you in a half hour and an update on that commute. we will see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ 7:30 on a wednesday morning, the 15th of july 2015. okay we're going to be honest here it's not the nicest morning we've ever had here in new york. >> it's all right. >> but look at our crowd. they're happy. they're thinking it's great to be alive, and so are we. nice to have you with us on a monday morning. >> it's a little muggy. you might call it a two shower day. >> easily. >> more on that in a moment. first, let's look at the headlines snp newly released video shows mexican kingpin el chapo on the night of his escape from a maximum security prison. you can see him pacing around his cell walking behind a shower partition. then he vanishes down into an elaborate tunnel. >> but he took a shower before. >> exactly. president obama holding a
7:31 am
news conference later today, expecting to face some questions about this nuclear agreement with iran. congress has 60 days to review it. house speaker john boehner already vowing to fight what he calls a bad deal. and after nearly three months of testimony, jury deliberations get under way this morning at the trial of accused colorado movie theater shooter james holmes. he's pled not guilty by reason of insanity to the 2012 attack that killed 12 people and injured 70 others. and coming up the honor being given to caitlyn jenner tonight and why some are praising it while others say it's a bad idea. but first, surprising new claims against seaworld. peta is accusing a theme park employee of masquerading as an animal rights activist for years to gather information on the animal rights group. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on this story. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: willie good morning. it's no secret that seaworld and people for the ethical treatment of animals have butted heads for decades, but now the battle's intensify intensifying each accusing the
7:32 am
other side of spying. this morning, seaworld faces a possible pr backlash after a whale of a claim. peta says a seaworld employee posed as an animal rights activist and infiltrated protests for years. >> we came to discover that what appears to be a case of corporate easy naj onespionage on the part of seaworld. they placed someone to act like an activist in san diego. >> reporter: peta provided these pictures. according to the group, a man identifying himself as thomas jones protested against seaworld posted incendiary tweets and was each hauledven hauled away by police during a demonstration. but peta says his real name is paul macomb and he's worked for seaworld since 2008. nbc's repeated attempts to reach him were unsuccessful. in a written statement, seaworld says it "does not comment on our security operations," but accuses animal rights activists of doing the same thing, trying to gain employment at places like seaworld and growing
7:33 am
increasingly extreme in their rhetoric and tactics. since the release of the documentary "blackfish," which argues against keeping killer whales in captivity, industry reports show seaworld attendance has dropped. still, if peta's claims are true it's not clear why one of seaworld's employees would pose as an activist or even what the legal fallout would be. business experts say these allegations of corporate espionage are unusual. >> it's not common. big, publicly traded big brand company tend to try to avoid this thing because of what they call reputational risk. that's the worry that this is going to blow up in their faces and cause a lot of embarrassment. >> reporter: this isn't the first time peta has sounded the alarm. in 2002 the animal rights group filed a lawsuit claiming the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus spied on them. that lawsuit was dismissed in 2006. willie and savannah? >> strange story. gabe gutierrez, thanks. meantime tonight all eyes are going to be on caitlyn jenner. she's accepting an honor tied to her transition to life as a woman.
7:34 am
but as nbc's national correspondent kate snow explains jenner's selection is not without some controversy. kate good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. caitlyn jenner's being honored at the epsys with the arthur ashe courage award this evening, an accolade she says means a great deal to her, not only because ash was one of her heroes but because she'll be able to stand as her true self in front of her peers. >> it's so great out there. >> reporter: less than two months after revealing herself on the cover of "vanity fair," caitlyn jenner now says in a blog post that she never expected all this. "it's honestly been incredibly positive." the former olympian has been taping a docuseries with "e!" network called "i am cait," but tonight's epsy awards in los angeles will mark jenner's return to the red carpet this time as caitlyn. >> i think people should expect the same person they've gotten to know all these years, actually. because when a transgender person transitions, they just become more of their authentic self and who they really are. >> reporter: epsy awards producers say it was her courage
7:35 am
to be her authentic self that caught their attention. they say jenner's journey "may not only give comfort to those facing similar circumstances but can also help to educate people on the challenges that the trans transgender community faces." on social media, many expressed support for jenner but some question whether she deserved the award named after the groundbreaking tennis star turned aids activist arthur ashe. "i totally respect caitlyn jenner," one woman wrote on twitter, "however in my opinion, this year amy van dyken is much more deserving of this honor." when asked about this year's recipient, nbc's bob costas weighed in. >> this is not anything against caitlyn jenner. i'm pretty sure they could have found someone who was much closer to actively involved in sports who would have been deserving of what that award represents. >> reporter: the executive producer of the epsy awards told "sports illustrated" that the decision to honor jen year was not a publicity stunt, adding
7:36 am
that if caitlyn jenner attracts viewers to the broadcast "we are not going to run away from that. every person who has a cause needs a platform." for jenner who's been experimenting with her nails and asking fans what she should wear this day is a long time coming. >> this award is a powerful recognition of the fact that for her personally this was a courageous act to transition and also that transgender people can be celebrated as heroes. >> now, all of caitlyn jenner's children are expected to attend tonight's ceremony with her, including stepchildren kourtney khloe and kim kardashian. >> a lot of people can see both sides to this. >> one thing is for sure a lot of people will be watching. >> to see what she says too. >> and whether that was the motive i guess we'll never really know. by the way, caitlyn jenner's dockuseries "i am cait" premieres sunday on our sister network, "e!" >> thanks a lot. let's get the weather now with al. do you know why yesterday
7:37 am
was a day of significance? >> we saw pluto? >> beyond that. >> oh, no. >> what? >> all the snow has now officially melted in boston. >> are you kidding? >> yes, that's right. take a look. >> you're kidding me. >> this is the snow pile on a four-acre lot. and now officially all that's left -- >> wow. >> -- is that pile of trash. >> whoo! unbelievable. >> wow. >> but it took all this time to melt all that snow. that's unbelievable. well guess what we've got a lot of snow melting out there going on if there was any. big dome of high pressure going to bring in a lot of heat. the jet stream is way up to the north, so it's going to feel like 108 today in memphis, 106 in selma. montgomery you'll feel like 106. but on the other side of the jet stream look at these temperatures. albany 74 degrees today. that's eight degrees below normal. cleveland, you're at 13 degrees below normal at 13. chicago only 73 for a high. we do have a slight risk of strong storms ahead of that front through the southeast, also wet weather. some monsoonal moisture in the southwest may actually over the next couple of days make its way
7:38 am
into southern california. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out with sunshine across most of the bay and highs this afternoon in the south bay reaching 83 degrees. 8 0 in the men anyone sul la. san francisco today topping out at 74. trivalley up to 90 degrees and east bay, 76. north bay, 85 degrees and even hotter out in laurel. temperatures coming down in time for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. willie? >> al thank you very much. just ahead, we've got a new contender for best trick shot ever. it involves a trampoline. >> oh, my! >> you've got to see this one. and next an important lesson before you turn on the stove. >> hi good morning. i'm jeff rossen. coming up more of our special series "save my life." today we're talking about dangerous and deadly kitchen fires and the one big mistake so
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back at 7:43 with day 3 of our rossen report series "save my life." what do you do if a fire erupt uhs in kwor kitchen. jeff rossen is here to tell you. >> good morning. most house fires starter in the
7:44 am
kitchen. hundreds of people killed every year. if you are using the stove and walk away it's plenty of time for flames to erupt. there is good news you can put out the fire before it gets out of control. here's a hunt. water can sometimes make it worse. this morning give me two minutes and i will show you how to save your fan and stop your oushouse from burning down. it starts small. fire sparks on top of the stove. but within minutes, the flames engulf the entire kitchen. your home becoming a deadly trap. would you know how to stop this before it's too late? >> this is one of the most common causes of kitchen fires, leaven an oven mitt on the stove. >> today thisser fire captain shows us how to protect ourselves at home . inside the morris county fire training academy. >> right now everybody needs to have a fire extinguisher in their home and know where it is. >> the second part is the problem for people. i think the i have one in the
7:45 am
kitchen. i don't know where it is. that's the message. go home and figurer it out. >> after finding it you have to know how to use it. in order to use it it is a simple acronym. pass is pull the pin, aim, squeeze the handle and sweep side to side. >> reporter: let me try it. pull the pin. aim squeeze the triggerer. go side to seed. >> the fire is out that easy. >> reporter: that easy. >> even more dangerous, grease fires. they burn hotter and spread faster. >> reporter: if i didn't have a fire extinguisher my first reaction is to throw you are water. >> uh water is the worst thing. it would spread it. here is a cup of water. >> reporter: whoa. even that small amount of water sends flames flying. what are you supposed to do? >> common household material baking soda sthrks we have baking soda. >> regular baking soda.
7:46 am
pour the box over the fire. >> reporter: like this ? >> whole box. >> reporter: it put it out. this is in you are our kitchens now >> exactly. >> reporter: simple tips so you don't make a mistake. when trying to save you are your home. and your family from danger. by the way, natalie just asked this. can you use flower on a grease fire? no. it doesn't react the same way. the other thing because fire needs oxygen. if you can get close enough to put the lid over top. it will starve the fire of oxygen. >> scary. be care offul. >> make sure your fire extinguisher is charged as well . they sit for a while and either not effective. >> a lot of us are intimidated by it is. >> i have never used one. i thought there would be a kickback and i was afade. there is no kickback. you pull the triggerer. it is made for people like us. >> your first ing stingt is water and that's not where you
7:47 am
go with a grease fire. >> tomorrow we are talking about heart attacks. it can happen any time. this school bus driver caught on video suffering one while driving children. would you know how to save someone when they collapse? we'll sho uh you the first thing to feed them and the high tech tool that's probably in your office now. et's in ours. most of us, including me. i didn't know where it was. we'll show you where it is how to use it and what to do coming up tomorrow on "today." >> thanks jeff. coming up why jennifer lawrence calls her new ink the most unrebellious tattoo ever. and the problem with it she spotted too late. >> next phoning home. carson on the message from pluto overnight. >> baking soda. >> waited on that one nearly a decade.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
of pluto. today we are all space geeks. >> wrangler pulled an el chapo and took off. check this out. this is the scene at nasa's mission operations tuesday night when they learned the new horizons spacecraft survived. it confirmed they are successfully going to capture these images. we'll see them over the next 16 months. this tweet from nasa locked we have confirmation of a successful pluto fly by. we'll get images from within 8,000 miles. these are just outside the distance. you can see the clarity as it increases. on the 13th of july this nice image. all the colors of the surface of pluto and its moon showing off what we'll see in the next year. awe the images. savannah regramed this. social media still upset pluto got dumped. so you dumped me years ago and
7:53 am
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i'm ... ==topvo== new fallout from the recent deadly shooting on san good morning to you just a few minutes before 8:00. i'm chris sanchez. fallout from the shooting on san francisco's pier 14. in washington gop lawmakers are turning up the heat on sanctuary cities like san francisco. they are pushing to block federal grant money for cities that do not comply with federal investigation requests. the suspect in the pier 14 shooting was deported five times and released from a san francisco security. homeland security director saying any law requiring authorities to cooperate could be a violation of the constitution. if he wouldfield testing for body cameras for officers will cost the department about $500 per device.
7:57 am
kerry hall is here with the forecast. >> it starts out nice but warms up as we go through the day. in san jose reaching 83. it will be warm in spots. warmer than yesterday. 84 degrees in santa rosa. low 90s in the trivalley. it gets hotter as weep head into tomorrow. we'll keep you up to date. look at this jam all the way down to dixon road where we have reports of a motorcycle down. three of your left lanes blocked. one or two at the off ramp get by. oakland, jammed northbound 880 all the way up to downtown. the earlier crash at oaks should be cleared from the lanes. we'll show you the chopper video from liver more. a deadly crash involving a big
7:58 am
rig. izabell highway 84. >> we will have more local news for you in just a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today," more work less play. why americans are taking less vacation time than ever. and the impact it's having on our relationships. plus morning versus night. we take you inside the great when to shower debate. and a love hader relationship. >> do you like me? >> yeah. >> see, i really like you. so we should be a couple. >> former snl star bill hader is here with a look at his highly anticipated comedy with amy shumer. >> this is amy. i think you butt dialed me. >> no i dialed you with my
8:01 am
fingers. >> today, wednesday, july 15. ♪ >> we are celebrating our 29th anniversary here on the "today" show. >> we are excited to be in new york city! >> go navy! and welcome back to "today." it is 8:00 on a wednesday, the 15th of july 2015. matt continues his week off. we have willie here carson al that was a cool shot. we went through the leads. it was like a "jurassic park" shot. >> we are excited and we catch up with snl star bill hader.
8:02 am
and tomorrow his co star amy schumer will be here. meantime we have natalie inside with a check on today's top stories. >> good morning. republicans are vowing to restore the historic nuclear deal with iran. one of president obama's key diplomatic goals. the president will defend it in a news conference later today to lift economic sanctions if iran quits its nuclear program. but many republicans say iran cannot be trusted because it has a history of destabilizing the region. lindsey graham called the deal a declaration of war on israel and the mideast. and earlier here on "today," he explained how he would negotiate with iran. >> i would tell the iranians you're not going to get a penny as long as you're the largest state sponsoring terrorism. i would tell the iranians we are not going to lift the u.n. embargo until you stop targeting your neighbors. >> senator graham says the deal
8:03 am
still lets iran hold on to too much nuclear technology which he fears it will share with terrorists. well, we are getting our first look at el chapo guzman on the night he escaped from prison. nbc's mark potter was allowed a look inside the escaped prison tunnel and is live outside the prison this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hi natalie. that tunnel extends from this prison behind me a mile in that direction to a house. and when we went in that tunnel we were absolutely impressed and stunned by how well it was built. there's a big generator down there to power all the lights and the ventilation system. there are steel and wood beams. and it had a motorcycle with a cart on a track that ran the length of the tunnel toward the prison. a mexican official told us that el chapo rode on that car out of the prison along the tunnel as he made his way to freedom. meantime videos have also surfaced of guzman in his prison cell moments before he disappeared down that tunnel
8:04 am
around 9:00 p.m. on saturday. a big manhunt for him is now underway in mexico and other countries, but so far chapo guzman has stayed ahead of it. >> mark potter in mexico for us. the justice department released part of its interview with the son of a police captain being held on terrorism charges. 23-year-old alexander chicalow is accused of planning to terrorize college students. his tape played out on tuesday. >> they kill enemies, they kill oppressors. >> he bought four guns and a pressure cooker he planned to turn into a bomb. and thankfully for this happy ending, a dog followed his owner down a cliff where thrill seekers dive into the powerful
8:05 am
surf. that's when a giant wave swept the dog right into the bay. the entire scene captured on this man's join camera. rescuing the dog is his owner. social media says he was careless about his pet's safety but thankfully the dog is okay. savannah and willie back over to you guys. here's something to think about. how much time off do you take each year? >> we have exclusive results of a new study to find americans are taking less vacation than ever before. only 16 days a year. and it suggests adding just a few more days might actually make you happier. chanelle jones is here with more. >> the findings may not be all that surprising but americans don't use all their vacation days. but the toll that takes on your personal life may be harming you more than you know. are you spending too much time at work and not enough time with your family? if you answered yes, you are not
8:06 am
alone. according to a new survey of over 1200 adults commissioned by the u.s. travel association, the average worker takes a week less vacation than they did 15 years ago. a move experts warn could threaten your closest relationships. >> a lot more americans now are working harder than ever. but when it becomes a pattern, you start to burn bridges with key relationships if your life. >> while about a third say they spend time at work seven out of ten miss out on kid activities vacations and other things. >> that's a problem of people with a tug-of-war between work and family and friends. >> 73% said spending time with their family is the key to a good life. >> we don't look at time as a resource and that's the problem. a lot of times we look at money as the resource. >> close to half of adults surveyed spend less than half the week with their family.
8:07 am
and many as mitt to bringing work stress home. jennifer and luke are attorneys and both juggle long hours at work come home care for their new baby and work to keep their relationship strong. so finding the perfect worklife baa balance is important for this. >> if the two of us are stressed out or it plays over into work if you don't have it all in the right place, it carries over everything. >> reporter: for the mccammons planning a vacation is a must. the only way to put family first, even if only for a week. >> we value our vacations and taking time for each other. >> reporter: carving out time for each other now is something experts say can make a difference later. >> the biggest fallout of not taking your vacation time is losing the key connection in your life. and those connections are going to support you for years to come. >> experts also recommend
8:08 am
sitting down and planning your vacation for the entire year. and while you're with your family try to limit the use of electronic devices. if you really want to post the adorable photo of your kids wait. simply enjoy the moment first and post it later. i'm preaching to myself. >> yeah. >> and i think we know it in our gut, it is just that this study backs up what we already know. it takes its toll. >> how many times have you been in a great moment and you are like on your phone, and then it is over. you missed it. >> it is an interesting phenomenon that people take fewer vacation days than they are given at work. >> and a large part of that i was reading this morning, the stress of the fear that you're going to lose your job. so it is just you're on this wheel and you can't get off. but you have to take the days for your family. >> good reminder. thank you so much. coming up next new celebrity couple that really caught us for a surprise right? and four rules to live by from the first african-american woman to own a billion-dollar business. but first, these messages.
8:09 am
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you know when you book a fabulous vacation cause the photos look amazing? (waves crashing, seagull calling) but you get there and find out it's far from amazing. (flies buzzing)
8:13 am
it's almost like it was too good to be true? that's like when you switch wireless carriers and find yourself stranded with a frustrating unreliable connection. (oven door thuds) if your new network isn't working for you... (siren blares) come home to verizon and get $300. verizon. come home to a better network. everyone needs a bff. even your smile. new colgate optic white express white toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide for whiter teeth in 3 days. dazzle... without the hassle. new colgate optic white express white. whiter teeth in 3 days just by brushing. it is trending time. our topic this morning has divided this set and may divide the nation. do you shower at night before bed or do you shower in the porning? >> the answer is night.
8:14 am
>> night. >> that's the answer. >> i do morning and night because i work out during the day. >> morning. i never work out. >> always in the porning. sometimes if you work out you do two a day >> morning and night always. >> this is where we find a division. it's one against four. you say regardless of whether you have worked out you have to take a shower at night. >> i sweat a lot. whether i work out or not. the idea of the film of grime on you you're going to get into bed? >> is there a right answer? according to al there is. you were shocked that all of oh us were one shower a day people. >> i was. also i'm a big believer. in my house we used wash cloths. >> don't get me started. >> we don't have time this the show to get into that. >> we are shower shaming. >> we want to know what america thinks. tweets. am shower or p m shower? >> that's surprising. a.m. shower. >> i agree.
8:15 am
>> how do you wake up for this job without a shower ? >> i roll out of bed, in the car. the day has to start. at night i get to shower with my kids which is an important thing. we wear 100% on the job, believe it or not. >> you do? >> this thing needs help. that's nice to get off at night. it relaxes me before bed. that's my story. >> we'll tell you what the experts say. it depends. there is no right answer. they say shower in the porning if you have oily skin. if you plan to shave when you wake up showering softens facial hair but they say shower at thiegt if you need to relax before bed if you wear makeup that'ser carson. and if you have dry skin. >> my take away is carson wears makeup all day. >> full body makeup. >> this debate isn't over al. you hear people say about their kids i don't have a favorite. is that are true? maybe. parents think one of the kids is
8:16 am
smarter than the others. 48% say it is the oldest child. this study from researcherers at are brig ham young and penn state. one theory is. >> it happens to be true. >> the oldest is the smartest. >> i'm the oldest. >> what are the kids going to say about that? >> i don't know. i'm clean and smart. >> way to combine the two. >> i have only one child and she's my favorite. >> i have a favorite. fluctuates. i tell them, too. you have to call it like you see it. enough with everybody wins a trophy. my mother loves me this much more than my sister. >> wow. >> we need to talk to your sister. >> what do you lover morer -- trending or popstart? >> popstart. >> let's do popstart. the juggernaut. >> she thinks my sister is
8:17 am
smarter. i will throw that out there. two stories making everybody on the internet freak out. one direction, the family is growing. zane isn't back. louis will be a father. expecting a child. 1-d fans are freaking out. one said ariana licked a donut and what's happening now? the other story that's got people doing a double take a new hollywood couple. bethenny frankel is dating eric stonestreet. people just asupered he was gay but it is called acting people. new york city can be a tough city to stand out, even if you are a fwramgrammy winner and star. when she took her talents to the new york city subway look at what happened. ♪
8:18 am
>> what did y'all thought of that? cool? hello? >> beuller? >> she sang her heart out. it was a song from "the wiz." one guy said she feeds to do a better job of engaging people. then he ate a tin can. >> that's not a comment on brandy but on new york city. >> we have places to go. >> i like the criticism. you were a little pitchy. >> give me a break. finally jennifer lawrence. check out her tattoo while hanging with liam hemsworth's family. h2o. why that tattoo? >> i i call this a watered down rebellion. it's not a real tattoo. i was with liam's family. everybody was getting tattoo. i thought, well i always need
8:19 am
to be hydrated. >> she said it is the most unrebellious tattoo ever. look closely. you may remember the number two is posed to be way lower. jennifer's is high. don't botherer tweeting her. she knows et's wrong and admits she should have googled it first. there is your pop start. >> liam hemsworth's family goes as a group to get a tattoo? >> i like it. thanks, carson. al how is the weather in uhyour neck of the woods? showery? >> we have a flood threat going on. look at the heavy rain. we are looking at heavy lightning. we have rainfall amounts now from philadelphia to atlantic city of about two inches per hour. lightning strike ifs the last five minutes, 153. we have ground stop thes at newark, philadelphia and laguardiament check with your airports before you uh go.
8:20 am
we are look at heavy showers and thunderstorms from to pe ka omaha pt a risk are of strong storms pushing in there. boston, you have sunshine now uh. uh you will see storms later today and a gorgeous day tomorrow. ohm ha showers and thunderstorms hanging out. we have a risk of strong storms. afternoon highs will be brutal from texas into the central plains. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. you know we have mild temperatures this morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 63 in south bay and 65 in the east bay. temperatures will be mild and comfortable. 83 for the south bay. it will be nice and toasty to the trivalley. temperature there near 90 degrees. have a good one. that's your latest weather. by the way, hashtag battle. shower in the evening is starting to catch up.
8:21 am
bill hader, do you take a shower in the morning or evening is this. >> i take it in the morning. >> there you go. >> he's a wise man. al stop voting. now to more of the ongoing series. we are calling it summer of secrets. jenna bush hagerer has inspirational stores. she has another great one. >> good morning. i love this woman. janice bryant is the first african-american woman to own a billion dollar business. she spent almost 40 years helping others find work. she could fill a book with herrer words of wisdom. >> one make sure you are prepared. two understand what the goal is. three, understand that all of those around you particularly your family are are a part of that success. four, always always find a moment for gratitude.
8:22 am
>> reporter: four principles janice has been following since launching act 1, a staffing firm, in 1978. today it is a multi billion dollar business. it has office hs in over 75 cities and works on a global scale. >> i never imagined this . i always imagined success though. >> reporter: how has the company grown in the last 30 years? >> you soo the evolution this technology. you see the transparency that the world offers. but the fundamental things ha we built the business from have stayed the same. i think that's more of the secret to success. >> reporter: there arer more than 9 million women owned businesses thousand. very different from when she started. do you feel the climate has changed for women and especially for minority women? >> the climate has changed but it is not sunny weather. women still have have a need for
8:23 am
change. >> reporter: do you remember hearing no or did you block them out? >> i heard a lot of no growing up but my parents didn't allow no. >> reporter: it's a reoccurring theme, her parents, their optimism. >> i have a pleasant eep memory of my childhood. that's more because of who my parents were. our oh parents were so nurturing and the community was so nurturing we worked more toward the potential and the possibility than we did the threater or denial of opportunity. >> reporter: uh would you say your parents were your greatest mentor sths. >> absolutely. notmother or father but mother and father. >> reporter: she grew up in segregated north carolina as one of #11 children. >> i would love to sit #
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
#. good wednesday morning. it's 8:26. a developing story in the east bay. we continue to follow both directions of highway 84 in livermore remain closed at this hour. it flows a deadly crash involving that overturned big rig and three cars. livermore police say the crash happened before 5:00 a.m. between vineyard avenue. police say one man has died and that fatality involved someone driving one of the cars not the big rig. there is no word on the other victims. a saddening way to start off our wednesday. a sad situation. a big impact.
8:27 am
it's a critical connector. take stanley or service streets or take 580 to the dublin interchange which is looking good. we have this horrible jam, south from before you get to the parkway. 880 is jammed at dixon lenny. a motorcycle crash has blocked lanes. oakland, still jams. the earlier crash downtown has cleared. we will hern in just 25 minutes with another traffic update on the situation in livermore and your weather forecast. we'll see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ we are back at 8:30 on wednesday morning, the 15th of july, 2015. a stekyicky summer day. gear up for alan jackson, the legend. he'll be here . 35 number one hits. more than 60 million al backupbums sold. he'll perform live on the plaza friday morning. >> one of the all-time greats.
8:31 am
this this morning from snl to rom-com superstar, leading man bill hader is here to talk about his film with amy schumer. >> also on today food something new to tryle that will save you calories and maybe money, too. how to make your own condiments. >> so remember monday we talked about the minor league baseball team, the montgomery biscuits is this you've got to love their mascot. monty is a biscuit. they have big mo an orange biscuit loving beast. while the team was watching they sent us biscuits and swag. look at this. >> a biscuit head. >> voted best minor league name. we have biscuits from our friends at empire biscuits ear in new york city. we have fresh biscuits.
8:32 am
>> love it. >> can you do the weather while eating a biscuit and wearing one on your head? >> would you like one? pretty good. there's a biscuit. whoo! [ cheers ] >> see what's going on as far as your weather. it oos as hot as a biscuit from texas to the mid plains. look for strong storm this is the southeast. beautiful weather the in the western third of the country. expect strong storms in the plains tomorrow. er more strong weather in the northern plains. the east coast looks great. lowerer humidity. temperature this is the 80s. about 107 degrees -- would you like a biscuit, jim? there you go. flaking. all right. let's talk about this forecast on this wednesday. good morning i'm anthony
8:33 am
slaughter. we have cloud cover across san francisco. seeing sunshine same deal the the south and north bay. temperatures in the 60s. 83 degrees for south bay. 82 for the peninsula. a good mix of mid70s. hot in the try valley. the 90s returns. 90 degrees expected there. that's your latest weather. it's your birthday. what's your name? >> liana. >> where are you from? >> new jersey. >> happy birthday. we have to see this little one. she's so beautiful. what's her name? >> madeline. >> i love her earrings. thanks for sharing her. all right. hey, savannah are are you seeing a little vail now? >> i'm missing vail a lot! she's adorable al. thank you so much. the new movie "trainwreck" opens this weekend.
8:34 am
amy schumer wrote the script and stars as a commitment phobe journalist who falls in love and her boyfriend? the bill haderer. >> can i get the check? >> don't do the symbol and yell. one or the other. >> what do you mean? >> you can mouth the word check really loud and not make noise. that's the best. >> what do i do. >> watch. >> let me try. check! >> no. >> check! >> oh my god. >> can we get the bill now? we'd like to pay for the food! >> good morning. >> hot leading man. is this just a dream come true? >> i never imagined that. no. >> i don't want you to judge me for this. i i may have watched 10,000 or 12000 romantic comedies in my life. >> i'm judging you.
8:35 am
>> i anywayknow a little bit about the genre. to be the leading pan in a good rom-com isn't easy. you have to be cute but approachable. got to have sex appeal. did it come naturally to you uh? is >> i'm embarrassed right now. it was good. i didn't expect when i auditioned. judd apatow directed the movie. he had me audition. i taught it wasser for a supporting part. he said it's for the lead. i went what? me? >> you said i'm not the guy who throws up on the couch uh? >> i'm the guy walking in on them or whatever. i'm sorry. i thought, all right. it was cool. it worked out. he had amy and i audition with each other. then he took us out to dinner subpoena. >> like on a date kind of? >> but judd sat there watching us. having a date. it was strange. he took pictures too. >> the whole thing is you have
8:36 am
to have chemistry. >> yeah. >> how do you know you have chemistry? >> amy and i didn't know each other until we did the movie. once we started shooting the movie we would hang out, is have dinnerer. she would do stand-up at the comedy cellar and i would hang out there. it was getting comfortable with each other. is he wrote a great script >> it's very enjoyable. it has raunchy, racy moments. you have a sex scene. >> you're really on this sex stuff. >> i can't help it. >> it's early in the morning. >> was it embarrassing? >> yes. it's embarrassing talking about it i. my wife is in l.a. and said i will take my mom to see it. no! no! it was awkward. it was more awkward for judd directing us. he was like all right. today's the big day.
8:37 am
we're doing the scene today. all right, everybody. now i feel awkward. you just do it. the thing about doing those scenes it's all -- some lighting guy is like to can you pivot this way a little bit? i can't do what i would normally say now. >> why not? >> because we are on the "today" show. >> that makes me want you to do it more. >> no! >> okay. so you had fun doing this but you felt you blew the audition. >> i thought i was awful. i thought i was come hg in for this other part. judd went did you not read what i gave you? it was for aaron, the lead. i went, oh no. so we did two scenes from the movie. i just apologized to the room. i'm sorry, everyone. it was nice meeting you. and i left. judd had me flew out to new york and we did a screen test.
8:38 am
tafs that was better. >> the other thing that's great is lebron james. >> yeah. >> he's not perfect enough. >> really. >> he's a good actor. >> it's really not fair. what i went to classer for at second city in los angeles to learn to improvise, lebron fachly few how. >> he does this whole dead pan thing. >> he was so good. we were all going, well, we don't are have to say anything to hem . he just knew what to do. at one point amy just yelled out lebron, say the lyrics to gold digger by kanye west. like a conversation. he went okay. just did it. >> nailed it. >> no one could. i can't say happy birthday. i don't know any song that well. this is not fair. it sucked. bums me out talking about it. >> he did comedy. he was a natural. you play basketball. >> well. i throw a ball around.
8:39 am
it was fun to play basketball with lebron jamesment we did it all day. we played basketball all day. it was fun. i scored on him once i think. i still to do day don't know if he let me. i i'm going to own it. >> i hope you have it on tape. >> it's on film. >> exactly. >> oh boy. >> bill haderer, thank you so muchment tell me on commercial what you were going to say and can't say on this show. "trainwreck" opens friday. tomorrow, should i be scareded? amy schumer will be here. >> she's great. >> i love her and fear her at the same time. coming up next not up for the birds and the bees talk? the unusual way parents are handling the conversation. bill, stay for that! >> what's with you today?
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back with what can be one of the most awkward moments of parenthoodment talking to your kids about the facts of life. >> and some parents are now paying someone else to have the conversation. >> great idea! >> it's been a long time since we have had a father-son chat. >> reporter: let's talk about "the talk." you know the one. >> i bought some magazines. ♪ >> reporter: for some parents -- >> do you know anything about intercourse is this? >> reporter: -- it can be excruciating explaining the birds and the bees. >> so when two people are in love -- >> don't say ta! >> reporter: not for julie who spells it out. >> yell them out. >> boobs! >> all right. i like that. >> reporter: she's phone as the puberty lady teaching sex-ed with a twist for 27 years.
8:43 am
>> there is a lot of sex ed classes kids go through. what make this is special? >> you're sitting with your parent. >> reporter: the preteens and parents side by side for the sometimes sensitive session. >> it is awkward to do it with your mom but it's really awkward to do it with uh your friends, i think. it felt good to have her here. >> reporter: the classes, aimed at 10 to 12-year-olds fill up fast. popular with parents like jane clayton. her kids have all attended. >> julie will tell you straight and tell you the truth. that's where i want my kids to start. that's why i take them there. >> reporter: why did you want to be part of this. >> i want to be part of the conversation. this is only the beginning. >> reporter: the beginning of a conversation where no question is off limits. >> do you feel the sperm travel through your body? >> reporter: really. no question is off limits. >> why do gerls have to have
8:44 am
babies? why can't boys do it? >> they don't have the equipment. >> why is having a baby a surprise if you have had sex ? >> why are you surprised? you shouldn't be. >> reporter: everybody learns something few. even with puberty long behind them the parents get as much out of it as the kids. >> i always say this is one 200-minute moment and your homework is to have 200 one-minute conversations together. this is an endless conversation. >> reporter: these classes aren't just about adolescence and anatomy. they are lessons for life. >> thanks for taking me to the class mop. >> reporter: hallie jackson, nbc news, seattle. >> i think as long as spn is having the conversation with your kids if you are more comfortable going with your child to one of these. >> my dad would have put me in that classment he told me in the garage standing at the workbench with the dodgerers on a.m. radio. your mother says i have to talk
8:45 am
to you about where babies come from. do you know? . yeah. okay. get out of here. >> experts say to use the real name of the body parts. that whole situation over therement. >> what's the correlating word for woo-woo. >> what is the woo-woo? >> exactly. >> coming up next on our today food summer slimdown. how easy and he will the althy it can be to make your own
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ we are back at 8:47 with food and our summer slimdown. get ready to toss the store bought bottles ander squars as we headache condiments prosecute fresh. wendy is here from prevention magazine. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> a lot of people will be watching saying why not buy a
8:48 am
bottle of ketchup. why make my own? >> it's a legitimate question. the easiest way to support uh your good health and stay lean is by eating clean. so we are going to clean up by slash aring sodium sugars and sketchy ingredients. >> you're going to get us started here. what are some of the ingredients. >> we are making ket chup today. we have a bpa free can of crushed tomatoes. you can make it yourself. mash it with a potato masherer to make it seasons best. we have onions white wine vinegar honey and ginger the great harm thiezer. then we have the dried herbs and spices. 2,000 phyto nutrients rich. they are bringing the magic. >> let's make ketchup. >> all the ingredients are preprepped. this is just a blender and stove
8:49 am
top recipe. you are putting in the tomatoes. we'll dump and go. easy. there is very little copping involved in this recipe. et takes ten minutes. >> the honey goes right in. okay. >> now i will show you the quickest, easiest way to peel ginger and chop it. take your spoon. oops, flying ginger. there is a lot of research about ginger for digestive health and metabolism. recent research out of columbia university. take your spoon and pull. the peel comes off like a cinch. a lot of people struggle with graters. it's easy. >> then we have the spices. >> put all the spices in. there you go. flavor ma jek, as we said before. then blend it. but you want to blend it good before you bring toyota the stove top. on the stove bring it to a boil. reduce and simmer for 30 to 40
8:50 am
minutes. it will reduce to half. if uh you would pour it into the coffee filter so you get real thick, luscious ketchup. cool it that way and store thit a glass jar. store this is the refrigerator for a month. if you want a time saverer, make a double batch and freeze it. >> you can eat it right away? may i try it? >> you may. >> this is the taste test. >> wow. >> that's good. >> so good. >> the spicy mustard is fabulous. >> it is good. >> it's great. >> we have healthy and some french fries. the musser tarp is five ingredients are. it's lp ready. dry mustard, another easy spice. you will pay double digits in the grocery store for gourmet mustard. you can make it easy and there are a lot of variations online. make a country mustard, a beautiful other variety with
8:51 am
brandy, shallots and things. it has either white wine vinegar, rice wine apple cider vinegarment you can do stuff here. water maple syrup for the golden, beautiful color. >> right on the stove top? >> three to five minutes over immediate yup. that's it. ready. >> it's really good. they all taste gourmet but they are easy to make. >> really good. >> this is minutes on the mustard. >> five minutes. >> ketchup takes longer. >> little bit longerer. >> so good. >> you should put another pig in your blanket, if you are your mouth. >> good advice. more healthy cooking ideas head to and click on the healthy tab. coming up, we are japing with the cool kids. echosmith here for a live performance. hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money
8:52 am
8:53 am
let's check in with willard for today's birthdays. >> hey, new york. you're there. we're here. nice day in the country. come sees. happy birthday. always a pleasure. smucker's loves its birthday buddies. here's ellen from the great state of new york. she's 100 today. her big thing this life is competitive swimming.
8:54 am
angeline from louisiana. she's 100 today. her two things in life she loves to garden and cook. a great come nation if you live in louisiana. south carolina's favorite son willie reilly. he plays the piano beautifully. he plays by ear, fingers, toes anything. we wish hip a happy birthday. here's john from rancho cucam cucamamonga. he loves to go deep sea fishing. there is more to come. don't go away. new york champing at the bit to get back on the air. >> we are. thank you. >> carson has friends in the orange room. >> i i'm breaking it down. this is one of my favorite bands. you guys are fantastic. >> thank you! >> echosmith. so young. from 16 to 22.
8:55 am
you were on the tonight show. second time here. do you feel like you're pinching yourself? >> groundhog day, kwon. it's crazy to do both of the shows close to each other again. i don't know. we're excited to do anything like this. not everyone gets to be on think of these shows >> how many "cool kids" references happen in a day? >> that's number one. >> probably the first of the day. >> so many. >> did you ever think that song would go double platinum? >> yeah. well, i had no ideament it's the best part of it. et's an unuh expected thing. >> great song. new one you will do for us today. lots more coming up uh with death. let -- echosmith. >> it's "trainwreck" week here. we'll talk to colin quinn and bri lars
8:56 am
i'm ... ==topvo== it's being called a big win for air-b-and-b. at least - in the short term. good wednesday morning. it's 8:56. it is being called a victory for air b&b. san francisco supervisors rejected a new hard cap on home sharing. the board tossed out legislation that would have put a 60 day limit on air b and b rentals. they are opting for better enforcement of an ordnance that limits people to 90 days of
8:57 am
short term rentals every year. critics say that law does nothing to limit the renting of rooms inside a house. either way the fight is far from over. in november voters will decide on a measure imposing limits on home sharing. 8:57 we'll have a look at your traffic and weather in 25 minutes. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better
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this morning on "today's take," the cool kids echosmith take the stage to sing their latest hitter rfor us. wait until you see rod stewart in carpool karaoke. plus, colin quinn and bree larson from "trainwreck." that and more coming up uh now. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, july 15, 2015. nice crowd outside on a muggy day in new york city. i'm willie with al, natalie and
9:01 am
the unbreakable ellie kemperer. how are you? >> good. it's muggy. >> we are wearing pants because we'll be outside bouncing around in weird giant balls. >> willie and i are wearing culottes. >> it's a trend. >> it could have been a tuesday trend. >> today is amazon's 20th anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> they have a 24-hour sale called prime day. more deals ss than black friday but you have to be a member of amazon prime. >> which costs $99 a year. >> there are complaints by people comparing it to aer yard sale with random stuff. >> the reason is walmart is also getting in on this too. >> prime started ded it.
9:02 am
>> target joined in. best buy. everybody. >> it's a crazy day. if you uhneed something, today's the day. >> no one is making them buy them. >> you go online right now! >> i already went on amazon. >> what did you need? >> i bought garros areroceries. >> that's the great thing. if you're a prime member you get it the next day. in new york sometimes you get it within uh hours. >> there is a thing called prime now. google express, post mates. >> it's a prime world. >> we have no patience anymore. i want it now. >> there are certain tingehings like tube socks and underwear. i know their sizes. i can easily go on, shows up the next day. >> and $99 is arbitrary number.
9:03 am
okay, we'll see what people will pay. >> and you get free streaming of music stuff like that. >> we love james gordon rod stewart. what happens when you put them together in the carpool lane? rod stewart sharing revealing details about his rock star lifestyle. >> what's the moment of your life when you have been like okay, this is a rock and roll moment? >> there's been so many. we were outrageous. >> in what way? >> just drinking and shagging and the drinking and the shagging. >> drinking and a-shagging. >> that's your motto. >> wow. that's a tattoo right there. of course the duo rocked out to one of rod stewart's classics.
9:04 am
we love this. ♪ ♪ if you want my body ♪ ♪ and you think i'm sexy ♪ ♪ come on, sugar ♪ ♪ let me know ♪ >> hands on the wheel! ♪ if you really want me ♪ ♪ just reach out and touch me ♪ ♪ come on, sugar ♪ ♪ let me know ♪ >> he was way more into it than stewart. stewart was looking out the window. >> can i get out now? >> james is so good. >> 's funny. >> i love hip. >> uhthe next one tells a lot about a person. how do you eat your pizza? jerry has to deliver the pizza. >> special delivery. >> yahoo! food did thing about with a it says about your personality. ellie, how do you eat you are
9:05 am
your pizza? >> this isn't going to go over well. i eat it with a knife and a fork. >> so do i. i'm cut from the same cloth. >> you eat your emo's st. louis pizza with a knife and a fork? >> et'smo's is different. it's in squares. >> do you get a lot of stuff? >> i'm going with plain. >> fold. i grew up in new york. al will agree. >> al? >> you have to fold. if you are a true new yorker uh you buy a slice at a place at the window, fold and go. >> the personality trait. what al is doing, you have somewhere to go. you always is have somewhere to go. you need to do things on the go. >> i have nowhere to go. >> all the time in the world. >> fork and knife girls are
9:06 am
traditional classy and refined. we're not going to put it in our face like that. >> when the mayor was seen eating pizza with a knife and a fork and the new york tabloids -- >> apparently stack the slices is this. >> multiples? i guess you just can't hand le -- you can handle more than the average person. >> wow. >> you need to get it all in at once. >> you don't have tommy to savorer more than one slice. i heard of something and i have never seen it. you fold it outside in. >> so that move? >> the cheese falls off. >> why? >> read that's what happens. >> one more. the pizza facial? where you put the napkin to dab up -- >> is sometimes it's swimming. then you say i'm sorry. >> that says you don't like to
9:07 am
get pesmessy. you like things clean. >> don't apologize for how you eat it. >> do women say "i'm sorry" too often? >> yes. >> do you apologize too much guys? >> i have noticed witness you open you are yourer earsapologizeing all the time. i'm sorry, but i have to talk. i saw this from inside amy schumer. these wem are leaders in their fields. >> sasha. >> i invented a solar panel water filtration system -- [ clears throat ] i'm sorry. portable and light weight. >> do you feed water? >> yeah, i'm sorry, thanks. if you can't, no worries. >> let's come back to you. >> i'm sorry. >> a my give us a little background on the research you're involved with. >> absolutely. well -- oh, thanks so much. >> oh, sorry. >> i'm sorry. so sorry. >> yeah.
9:08 am
>> you know, could i have a water? sorry. i'm just allergic to caffeine. just a water would be great. tanks. sorry. >> it's so true. >> it is. typesss types it's a fillerer. i think by putting it out there you're in a position of humiliation feeling lower than the other person. it's something people should maybe not say as much. >> you're apologizing for yourself. >> that sketch ends -- >> do you say "sorry" often? >> not terribly often. >> are you sorry is? >> it manifests itself when the stakes are high like if someone is askinger for a raise. >> i'm sorry. >> this might not be a good time. >> i don't think there is a need to say sorry unless you kill someone and regret it. >> or you have done something horrible. >> i'm sorry. but i have to go do the weather.
9:09 am
>> don't apologize. >> there you go. i'm sorry. i'm sorry that we have to break this up. a lot of heavy rain now. in southern new jersey and coastal new jersey. rainfall ates up to two and a half inches perrer hour right now into the new jersey metro area. there is a big cluster of lightning now. a lot of lightning strikes. 241 in the last 15 minutes. that's a lot of lightning going on. we are looking at another area of heavy showers and tlorps out of then -- thunderstorms headed into kansas city. we are looking now at fog in the northeast. airport delays a problem in the northeast. kansas city with showers and thunderstorms. a risk of strong storms through the southeast into the northern p oh, good wednesday morning to you. i'm mooejt anthony slater. little clearing happening across
9:10 am
the peninsula. this is daly city. we are looking at sunshine this morning from that vantage point. in fact, it's going to continue to remain clear all day long and temperatures nice and comfortable for the first half of the day. by this afternoon it's going to get warm. we're talking temperatures close to the mid-80s for the north bay and south bay, even for the peninsula. temperature in the low 80s there. tri-valley one of our warmest at 90. san francisco nice and comfortable 74. that is the other thing about america. different pizza. >> thin crust, emo's. >> hybrid cheese, real cheese, no cheese. >> it's mind bogging. >> up next, the comedy of the summerer if you haven't heard "trainwreck" stars a long list of the funniest actors including colin quinn and bri larson, ok, let's try this online snacking thing again. ugh! rough around the edges. ugh... greaseball... oh! dan
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9:14 am
all right. the if two days the summer's anticipated come ohdy "trainwreck" rolls into theater starring amy schumer. >> colin quinn plays her dad and bree larson plays her sister kim. not all laughs when he's going to be a grandfather. >> i'm finally going to be a fwrand grandfather. >> you already are. >> not yet. >> you already are. >> alster. >> with a about him sp?? >> that's your grandson. >> no. i mean -- your stepchild and my step grand kid, i guess. i'm talking about our blood lines. >> yeah. >> what's wrong with that? >> nothing! detenying your own flesh and
9:15 am
blood. here's the deal. was it a revelation or a shock or disappointment when you were asked to play a dad? >> i i said, amy, i'm too young to play your dad. is he she said, no, you're not. >> they aged you. definitely. >> they did they made you gray. >> uh ii look like a mets fan. aged from are thethe mets. >> you're in the first couple of frames of the movie which established with a the film would be like. explain what kind of dad you are and how it impacts amy? >> i believe i give them a wake up call that monogamy isn't real stek and they repeat it. amy goes with it and kim doesn't. she doesn't agree with my philosophy. we have a strange relationship. >> a bad relationship. >> by strange you mean -- >> bad. >> disruptive. >> still there is a base of love there.
9:16 am
the movie is super funny raunchy. there is a core of sweetness to it and discovery. >> we are family. we're stuck together. >> yeah. >> it has the sense of a fan that's so different that's torn apart in some ways. but it comes back together. >> it is a comedy. i cried. it's a moving film. there are parts that are heart wrenching. you play amy's sister. her real life sister kim was a producer on the movie. >> yeah. >> were you asking her he forfor notes? >> yeah. she's quiet when you first meet her. we worked for a couple of days. she was always in the room. i felt like, am i doing it right? i said. am i supposed to be like looking to you and asking questions is it? she went, yeah. you probably should uh. . >> okay.
9:17 am
very quickly i realized it wasn't so much about being her as it was giving a real depiction of sisters. i don't know the last time i have seen real sisters the way my sisterer. we are opposites, love each other have differences and lean on one another. it's a important thing. >> it's good. >> i don't always think of you as a method actor. >> maybe you didn't see "grown oh up ups 2," al. >> i missed it. you had a prop wound on your head that you got stitched to your head? >> yeah. bill hader is the nicest guy. really suspicious how nice he is. do you know what i mean? there has to be a dark side. he practiced so he wouldn't hurt me. he's not a doctor. the real doctor comes in for the
9:18 am
stitching because they need it. i was like, ow. three hours later. the real doctor accidentally stitched -- this is the big hit of the summer. watch my lawsuit. >> colin quinn can't heal his wounds. >> thank you so much. "trainwreck" from universal opens friday. >> he was peter russo in "house of cards" but now takes on antman this the new action film. plus toys to make a splash with your kids. right after this. after we are all inside for a while it gets pretty stuffy. when dad opens up the window what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows you can see the dust floating around. there's dog hair.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
>> tow he plays yellow jacket like a bee, who first discovers the existence of ale small but mighty superhero are. take a look. >> will you tell our guests what you told me every single time i asked you? was the ant panman real? just a tall tale. how could anything so miraculous be real. >> good morning p.m. good morning. >> you are the villain. how much fun to play the bad guy uh? >> it's the best ever. i had a heating with some of the guys at marvel and that was one of the first things i saidment i want to play a villain. >> this is a compliment. you have a villainous face. i mean you can be a hunk or a villain. >> nice save.
9:23 am
>> did you say i'm sorry? >> i did. >> you are a comic book fan. >> i wanted to be a comic book artist in high school. i failed and this was my backup plan. >> did you know about ant man? had you read the comic book. >> he was ale small character, no pun intended. important uh but small. >> for people who don't know who ant man is, wo is ant pan? >> there are two ant men in the movie. the origin fall played by michael douglas. invents a formula and a suit that can make him shrink to the size of an ant. he passes on the torch this in this movie to paul rudd's dark ter scott lang. >> he's great as an action hero. >> like bruce willis in "die
9:24 am
hard" nobody would have thought of him. we knew him from "moonlighting." >> is he laugh out loud funny? i have been at a golden golden globes dinner with im. i couldn't stop laughing the entire time. >> there was a special ant man dance he did in his suit. hopefully it will make it to the dvd. >> we have to bring somebody out. the minute we saw you would be on the show we have a dople ganger on the staff. our stage manager. >> what do you think? >> a little bit. >> separated at birth. >> another bald dude. >> there's something there. >> it's if the eyes i think. >> look this way. >> yes! >> here's another bald guyment . >> much resemblance. >> el ly wanted me to tell you that you have a villainous face. >> i mean you can turn into a
9:25 am
villain. >> we are officially calling this the summer of stoll. >> it is the summer of is stoll. ♪ this isn't just the start of school this is the new year. find the styles and brands they'll love for every big moment. where? famous footwear. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. everyone can join the fun with connect and collect minions
9:26 am
inside these marked boxes of big g cereals. i'm ... ==anim== a developing story in the east bay. ==topvo== authorities are still at the scene of a de good wednesday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. developing story right now in the east bay. authorities still at the scene of a deadly crash that killed both directions of highway 84 in livermore between vineyard avenue and valacedos road. it involved a big rig that flipped over and three cars. police say one person died in that accident. and that the fatality involves someone in one of the cars not the big rig. there's no other updates right now on other victims. mike inouye will have more in traffic coming up. first, continueing coverage of intense talks in san jose coming up against a deadline today in pension reform talks with police and fire. voters approved those pension changes back in 2012.
9:27 am
the sides have been meeting privately for months trying to settle their disputes. but if there's no leaders, union leaders say they're prepared to walk away from talks and head back to court. also happening today san francisco supervisors will be discussing plans to build a new jail, $290 million proposed facility will replace top floors in the hall of justice. the sheriff says that change is needed direly because the old jail is not seismically safe. opponents argue money should be spent on reducing the jail population instead. coming up after this break a look at weather and traffic.
9:28 am
welcome back now. temperatures warming nicely. we're already in the mid-60s, close to 70 degrees for the tri-valley livermore, concord up to 60 and san jose 65. san francisco you can see the fog has burned off and a good mix of sun and clouds. high temperatures today are going to be nice and comfortable in the city. 74 there, 76 for the east bay but warm for the knot baynorth bay.
9:29 am
hot spot without a doubt as usual tri-valley close to 90 degrees. let's check the commute. tough one still jammed through fremont. 880 improves just cleared lanes a few minutes ago. still jammed up from before you get to the scene. northbound south bay clearing a bit. palo alto has slowing through the construction area typical over there. 880 slow to 580. we had a prison bus stalled on the slow lane that has stalled on 580 at fruitvale. coliseum jammed after an earlier crash downtown. back to you. mike thanks for the update. back in 25 minutes with another news update. in the meantime we return you to toads.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines the f.a.a. is ordering restrictions on sky west a regional carrier for american eagle, delta alaska connection and united ex press after an incident in april when the f.a.a. said the crew allowed a plane's air speed to drop too low on a flight from denver to oklahoma city. stalling the plane, causing it to drop 12,000 feet ordering halifax multiple altitudes and minimum speedser for crews. sky west calls the action arbitrary. researcherers are suggesting that combining anti-depressants and over-the-counter pain relievers could cause serious health problems. a study in south korea looked ator records for 4 million people and found thos who
9:31 am
treated with both anti-depressants and pain relievers like excedrin, motrin and aleve had a higher risk of brain hemorrhage, especially with men. they say more study is feeded but people taking the drugs together should be aware of the potential risk. blue cross/blue shield is planning to give member ss than health insurance. by the beginning of 2016 it will have free protection against icht d. teft with credit monitoring, fraud detection and fraud resolution services to eligible members with blue cross/blue shield policies. the move follows data breaches involving health insurance companies. it is the end of an era. f.a.o. schwartz is closing its store in manhattan, shutting down after almost 30 years at the site on 5th avenue, squeezed out by rising rent. it became a tourist destination especially after tom hanks played the giant keyboard there in "big."
9:32 am
the owners hope to re-open sometime next year. controversial baseball great pete rose got a hero's welcome tuesday fight before the all-star game in cincinnati. the city are where rose played the bulk of his career. as for the game, mike trout hit a lead-off homerun to give the american league an early lead. he was named mvp for the second year in a uh row. the american league held on to win it 6-3. let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> all right, natalie. tank you. let's kek your weather, see what we've got. for today we have a risk of strong storms through the southeast and the northern plains. ssh sunshine out west. for tomorrow, a risk of strong weather, some tlorphunderstorms and showers in the mississippi river valley. cooler and dryer in new england. the heat continues in the so
9:33 am
hey, happy wednesday to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. waking up to some sunshine and even cloud cover. no fog this morning. notice temperatures warming already nicely into the 60s across the entire area. 60 in the north bay, 68 in the tri-valley and 65 for san jose. overall temperatures are headed to back into the 80s for most of us. 70s for us at the coastline and 90s for the tri-valley. details in our 11:00 newscast. see you then. that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now to our series the great outdoors. if you think it is too hot to play outside with the kids we have the toys to keep everybody cool. >> the mom shop is here with some of her favorites. >> great to see you. there is nothing like a wet and wild summer, right? >> absolutely. >> we grew up with the slip n slide. this is high tech. >> the temperature is up.
9:34 am
we have the right toys to cool kids down. this is the slide and surf. this is a screaming 20 and 30 foot slide so the kids can go on their bellies or on slide boards. they are having a blast. cooling down. >> lookment. >> wow. hey! >> wipe out. >> i love it. >> we don't need ice, we have water. this is our knee hockey rink. i don't know where our players went. kids get on their knees, defend the goal. we have the hockey pucks, sticks. i don't know who's playing with grace. what happened? >> she's on a breakaway by herself. >> do you remember when we went under the sprinklers? that's all changed. this is the whamo arch sprinkler. kids are running under it. we have all of the water coming down and the discovery ball. this is discovery kids beach ball. an oversized inflated sprinkler
9:35 am
for the kids. it's almost 3 feet tall. >> we have one. the kids love it. what are natalie and el lie doing? >> this is great. not just for the little ones but big ones. it has the kids bouncing, jumping, active. just inflate them. if it's dark out you can see the glitter lights inside. we have lights in there. >> send up the rockets. >> who's ready for rockets? >> uhwow! >> look at that. >> nice shot, buddy. >> this is the zoom stomp rocket. we can shoot off six in a row. they can go up to a hundred feet in the air. >> double shot. >> the kids are running,
9:36 am
catching them. it's awesome. >> let's talk water balloons. nobody likes to fill them, tie them or clean them up. these are the bunch of balloons. what happens is we start like this. we add the water hose and shake it off. self sealing. >> sealed? >> the kids are throwing them. after an hour in the waterer ter going to disintegrate. after 72 hours on the ground disappear. >> amazing. >> that's awesome. >> incredible . >> thank goodness tamron isn't here. >> she would be lighting us up. >> let's talk bikes. everyone loves to bike ride in the summer. now kids can trick out the bikes. these are the fuse water blasterer and bubbler. we put them on the bike and we have controls to control where
9:37 am
the splash is going and we can soot water. >> it shoot s bubbles out of the back. >> we have a bubbler on the back. >> amazing. then this. >> this is our -- i think the wind. look what happens when it catches the wind. thousands of bubbles. led lights. we can make them spin or keep them straight. the kids love bubbles. everybody does. >> amazing. >> we love the bubbles. >> okay. >> all right. thank you very much. you two, not so much. they burst onto the music scene with "cool kids." they shared a stage with taylor shift and now echosmith will perform their newest single live after this.
9:38 am
9:39 am
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and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol. cheerios... how can something so little... help you do something so big. it's a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time. black silk, from folgers. the group echosmith won over audiences with the hit "cool kids." it racked up 175 million hits. >> first more on this family band from southern california. ♪ i wish that i could be leekike
9:42 am
the cool kids ♪ >> reporter: echosmith became the new cool kids on the music scene with tear debut album "talking dreams" and platinum break out single. sib llings make up the quartet that's burning up the charts. in 2014 they were named mtv's artists to watch. and vh-1 you ought to though artist. the group toured with bands like owl city and americaner authors. they are thousand headlining a u.s. tour. they even joined taylor swift on stage for a performance of "cool kids" on the 1989 tour this year. their second single "bright" was certified gold with over 500000 singles sold and 30,000 streams on spotify proving their future is -- ♪ bright ♪ ♪ so bright ♪ >> i love that song.
9:43 am
echosmith, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is truly the deaf thigs of a family affair. did you know you wanted to perform together or did it just happen? >> we randomly started playing individual ly. then somebody needed a band to play a benefit concert that was free and young and we were both. guess we'll play. whatever. we have been doing it since. that was almost 9 years ago. >> you're a parent's dream. we all sing your songs but you all seep to get along, perform together and you have reached a high level of success. what do your parents think? >> i assume they're proud. >> want us to bring them out? >> are they here? >> mom! >> they're excited. enough to come with us, and make sure everything is okay. >> do you have other siblealings too? >> we don't talk about them. >> we're keeping that in the basement for now. i get it. >> we saw you performing with taylor swift. what was it like?
9:44 am
>> awesome. taylor is great. is he asked us a few weeks before it happened to come and play with her in philly. we were stokeded. we flew from mexico city to philadelphia to do it. it was 50,000, 60000 people in a sold out saidtadium. >> we couldn't tell anybody either. >> we knew a couple weeks before. i don't think anybody knew. >> i read that "cool kids" almost didn't make the album. >> we always interrupt each other. >> yeah. that song, it took us a long time to write it. for the album we took a long time. we really took our time with writing it. with ta the song it was over six months or so. writing, going back and forth, liking it, not liking it. fixing tinge s inging things.
9:45 am
eventually we fixed it, liked it and took it out, brought toyota the it out to the fans. >> it's a collaboration when you write. you uh kind of all contribute to it. >> we do. it's a team effort. every song would be different if one of us wasn't a part of it. it's cool how it works out. >> a parent's dream. the band is ready to sing "let's love. so stick around for that next. ♪ it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results, you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or just tell us what you need and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it. angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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9:49 am
i'm feeling lucky. today is the day. i knew it! (robot voice) activate probe. no way! three rye chips and a breadstick! the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> the siblealings from california let it big as the band echosmith. >> here they are with their new gold sengingle "let's love." ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm just a girl from the city ♪
9:50 am
♪ you came to me like cavalry ♪ ♪ and now all i want is to hold you now ♪ ♪ i've been saving my soul for someone like you ♪ ♪ so let's love while we're young ♪ ♪ so let's love before we've even begun ♪ ♪ oh, darling ♪ ♪ we'll be fine ♪ ♪ so let's love while we're young ♪ ♪ you were the girl that came with the sun rise ♪ ♪ dark brown hair and emerald
9:51 am
eyes ♪ ♪ now i can't think of a day without you ♪ ♪ i've been saving pe soul for someone like you ♪ ♪ so let's love while we're young ♪ ♪ so let's love before we've even begun ♪ ♪ oh darling ♪ ♪ we'll be fine ♪ ♪ so let's love while we're young ♪ ♪ ♪ let's love while we're young ♪
9:52 am
♪ let's love before we've even begun ♪ ♪ oh, darling ♪ ♪ we'll be fine ♪ ♪ let's love while we're young ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! >> nicely done. love that! great song, guys. >> thanks so much. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪
9:54 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
9:55 am
♪ >> what's coming up on the program? >> we have a big show. ju uh judy greer colin quinn of "trainwreck." >> he was ale howl on our show. >> is have you seen the movie? >> such fun. >> and we have a new thing called trash it or table it. how long can food be left on the counter. >> like butter. >> potato salad. >> pi mothmy mother could see germs growing on potato salad. 20 minutes, she tossed it. if you were eating it. >> give me that!
9:56 am
i'm ... ==topvo== new fallout from the recent deadly shooting on san good morning everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. new fallout from the recent deadly shooting on san francisco's pier 14. republican lawmakers are turning up the heat on sanctuary cities like san francisco pushing to block federal grant money to
9:57 am
cities that don't comply with federal immigration requests. the suspect in the pier 14 shooting was deported five times and released from a san francisco jail. now, homeland security jeh johnson, you saw him there in the video earlier, says any law requiring local authorities to cooperate with federal immigration could be a violation of the constitution. happening today, san jose police will demonstrate new body cameras for its officers. field testing for the new cameras starts next monday. the department will try to pick between three cameras, whichever one's chosen will cost the department about $500 per camera. well lest check your weather with anthony. >> good morning to you, scott. waking up to sunshine here across the coastline. here's our shot from belvedere. little fog towards the horizon but nonetheless lots of blue sky from the north bay into san francisco. same for the south bay. a little hazy there, but look at these temperatures really nice and comfortable in the 60s and 70s already tonight at 10:00.
9:58 am
that mean it's going to be a warm day later on. 82 for the peninsula. east bay comfortable at 76. san francisco at 74 but the tri-valley will be one of the hottest up to 90 degrees. take it easy if you have to be outside. let's talk to mike now. take a look outside we see at 880 northbound right by the coliseum a crash in the center lane folks slowing the approach already making it worse than it was in the first place. fremont slow after the earlier crash cleared slow all the way to 237. looking backup on the map another crash at dacota slow from 92 through 880. 680 a slower drive, not a graelt alternate because it comes through the tri-valley. rest of the south bay better. mike, thanks. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
demi lovato singing us to cool for the summer. >> winesday wednesday, july 15th july is officially half over. >> a big day for a certain someone, a certain someone on this particular day celebrating a birthday. we decided we wanted to pick up our phone, do it old school.
10:01 am
>> prove some people do call us back. >> big star celebrating a birth day. >> all right. also that show "married" really great. >> jude die grier, we love. i didn't know he was an oscar winning screenwriter. colin quinn, in "train wreck," very funny. >> like a dad going to a nursing home, really, luke at colin quinn, you think, what you see the movie you get t he is perfect for the role. i hope we showed that clip there. >> another day another game called trash it or table it how long can you leave out your barbecue foods? lilliana here with looks for less. >> we are wearing outfits hand picked by you. >> that's right. today's lux for less trend is
10:02 am
about water color trends. you are not wear that. >> not wearing. i wanted you guys to stand out. one is wearing the dress under $50. tweet us at klg and hoda, let us know which is under 50. later, i will be back with all under 50 finds that represents the water color. thank you, lilliana. look forward to that. >> somebody is 34 years old today. ain't >> ain't me. >> all right. >> here is the birthday boy himself, his photograph. do you know him? >> "chicago fire's" taylor kinney. >> hey, my favorite girls, thank you. >> we know who is number one in your heart. >> yes, we sure do >> like to think we are two and three. >> so what are you and gaga plan fogger your birthday celebration? >> actually i just got back she is in italy right now. we spent the night in amsterdam, had a great dinner got back,
10:03 am
spendsing time with my mom, sister-in-law and nephew. >> i heard a baby in the background. >> that is rusty. had a birth day on the 12th. he says hello. >>ity slit most romantic place? >> she had taken off, still on tour with tony hopping all over france and switzerland and denmark. >> but don't you get jealous of tony bennett? >> he is a sweetheart. yes. >> he's sweet heart. >> yes, he is gel lou. >> spends more time with him than he does -- >> concerned about their relationship. >> maybe i should be a little jealous, yeah. >> we hope you have a great birthday. >> a wonderful time. if you were here we would take you out. >> we sure would. >> we would take you out. >> both have a birthday next month, so, happy birthday to you, too. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> thank you so much. >> happy birthday. like some words of wisdom? >> i am ready for it hoda. seems like a long week already. here we go.
10:04 am
>> when i cry, tears roll down my face then i taste salt. when i taste salt i think of french fries and then i stop crying. the circle of life. # >> found that quote on snarky cards. like forward to your -- please don't make this like i hoda. # >> i saw that and like this. >> because you've been getting up a 29:00 in the morning for your dog because of intestinal issues. >> thank you. he will be embarrass. billy bush watching some of the lip sync stuff. i tested him yesterday, why don't you do lip sync probably good at it. no never good at it. must have been obsessing all
10:05 am
day, he sends any video, he was not driving, i want to point out, while he was making this he was sitting in a parking lot. check out billy bush trying to out for "lip sync." ♪ >> i don't even know the words. >> that is obvious. >> so darn cute. >> adorable. so it's time for "the bachelorette" update. >> okay, in case you haven't been keeping track, "the bachelorette now" was three now it's down to two. >> nick, sean and ben h. >> don't put an x through ben h. he's the only good one left. >> well he's gone. >> that was rude. >> but they say he's going to be the new bachelor.
10:06 am
>> it hasn't been confirmed but he's adorable, he's a software salesman, he's 26 years old. i think he's definitely going to be the next bachelor and he is fine. fine, fine. >> i question his taste. >> what do you mean? because he was with her? >> yes. i have nothing against this young lady -- >> yes, you do you don't like her. >> i don't know her. i don't like that way she's letting herself be seen. i don't know what she's like at all in real life. it's just -- >> it's lot. it's going to be a lot to overcome. and once these guys, and i'm sure they're watching this whole season unfold, i can't imagine what they're thinking as they're watching all the details that they missed while they were out there. >> do you think anybody's grave is saying "i wish i spent more of my life watching the bachelorette." anybody going to have that on there? >> i doubt it. well, i don't feel like i'm wasting time when i watch it. i enjoy it! i feel good i'm laughing, i go
10:07 am
to bed i'm happy. >> okay. >> there's more. >> e also reports the bachelorette's britt nelson and brady -- who? -- have plit after less than six months of dating. who are they? i am now to the point when i read newspapers or do any of the magazines unless it has a story habit president obama or benjamin netanyahu i don't know who anybody else is: i have never heard of them. >> so anyway, she was going to be "the bachelor"ette and then she wasn't. now she's dating a guy who got bounced from the show and now they're not dating. >> so it's good i never invested it in to begin with right? i am invested in this and this concerns me. we were not sure what was going on here but if she is indeed driving it's not good. >> this is a snapchat video
10:08 am
allegedly posted by eded by kylie jenner. >> well, that's kendall and that's kylie. kylie is shooting it? kylie has different air color every single day. so her feet are out the window and she has no hands and she's in the driver's seat. it looks like she's driving. we don't know. >> we don't want to say. >> she could be in the backseat, i didn't see the steering wheel. anyway, it was a snapchat video which means those things live for the day and go away. we did reach out to kendall and kilie. >> we're hoping children call us back. that's when you hit the bottom. >> you call them. >> i didn't know until this morning. i just saw kylie last week. so it had to happen since then. >> well, they say it's possible it could have been one of those video mirror images when where it's in reverse.
10:09 am
>> i hope so. because if not two people were not too smart. kendall for driving that way, kylie for putting it up on youtube. >> snapchat. >> snapchat. >> you love snapchat. >> i hate snapchat. >> come on you. know i've been trying to snow you snapchat. >> ever since you showed me your pad of butter sizzling and thought i should have been entertained by that i have hated snapchat. you put something interesting on snapchat -- >> i put that because we were making breakfast and i said oh look, let's do it, snapchat. then i showed you the sizzling butter. i thought you would like it. >> what did you want my reaction to sizzling butter to be, hoda? a true friend would have lied and said "oh, your butter looks great, really". >> one time i took one when i was running in the park -- >> well, that would be interesting. some action. when should you shower, morning or night? first of all who cares? >> i care, this is important.
10:10 am
>> this is breaking news. it turns out either is fine. >> well, let's discuss when do you shower or take a bath? >> i take a shower twice a week. that may surprise people. but i take a bath every single day even if i've taken a shower that morning. >> but what time of the day do you take a bath? >> in the evening. unless i've just worked out. >> so when you wake up -- >> i go in the shower monday mornings and thursday mornings. >> but on a tuesday and wednesday you've taken a bath before, you just get dressed and come to work. >> yes, unless there's a reason you stink that's all you should need. >> okay i shower in the morning because i can't wake up in the morning if i don't like to take a shower. >> well, you get up so early. plus your dog is having gestational problem -- not gestational. digestion. [ laughter ] >> so they say you should shower many the morning if you have oily skin because it buildings up overnight. if you shave in the morning they say your showering does soften the hair. if you're okay with waking up
10:11 am
early and if you're a night sweater. see, don't you sweat at night? >> maybe. >> well then -- >> if i do that much believe me i would get rid of it. see, that was fascinating. >> we're trying to move on. you had a big day yesterday. you went directly to from here to an zblent new jersey, it was a great breast cancer launch. bonnie levin; it's her charity. >> a crowd comes out for hoda woman. >> i told them i should show the group shot and there are a few others but those are the big ones. there they are thank you for invite mega. >> if you have a chance to hear hoda speak. she gives an amazing speech. >> that's such a nice thing to say. >> you do. funny and inspirational. it's only when you play the music you lose me. >> i played just one thing for them. >> don't forget this friday we're going to give it away like kaitlin giving five lucky viewers a prize you can enter. you have to enter once a week.
10:12 am
so if you didn't win, you have to enter again. >> for complete rules and regulations, you can go to our page,, hit the "connect" button and all of that. coming up, he's an oscar winner and she's a face you know from somewhere. judy greer and nat faxon are married. we're going to tell bret their two year tv at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
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judy greer can be seen in more than 09 role bus she's the scene stealer "13 going on 30" and "the descendents" with george clooney. her roles led her to write the book she came on with us called "i don't know what you know me from." judy has reunited with gnatnat faxon, and he directed and starred in the coming of age story "the way, way back." now they play a couple in ifx series "married." >> is it broken? >> no. but if it was broken that would be very cool. i mean, man breaks wife's shoulder from intense love making session. >> this did not happen from sex. >> true or false, we had great sex on sunday. >> that was three days ago.
10:17 am
[ laughter ] >> i think you're lucky if it's three days ago. >> congratulations. good to see you. >> nice to see you guys. >> who was cast first in this? >> i was. i was sort of the centerpiece for whole show. >> you were the nucleus? >> yeah, i was the glue. >> you audition, right? >> yes. >> did you? >> no! [ laughter ] that was such an insideshow business comment. [ laughter ] >> i'm so used to it by now. >> you had to see the casting director, didn't you? >> i had seven pre-reads and got in the door to see everybody else. >> first he put himself on tape to gut the pre-reads. i'm going to have to audition for his next movie. >> absolutely. >> but it was an amazing movie. let's talk about married. it's not all roses, is it after a while. the children start coming and kids complicate it. >> yeah, turns out. >> it's never easy, it's lot of
10:18 am
work. >> he has three kids. >> you do? and you have? >> you have two awesome step kids. >> your husband dean is with us today. >> is dean cramping your style the fact that he's here? [ laughter ] he's totally in your eyeline looking right that. >> he's giving the snake eye to nat. >> he really is. >> he's everywhere i go. >> that's how it works? >> yes yes. >> what's the best part about being married for you device in real life. careful he's looking. >> he's right there. well, i guess when i'm thirsty he'll get me a glass of water. [ laughter ] wow. >> dean just walked offset. he literally just stormed off. >> and what's the worst part? >> the worst part? being accountable always. [ laughter ] >> can't get away with anything. >> do you draw from your lives in this show or is this something totally scripted and you stick to it. >> it is totally scripted. a lot of the writing that goes
10:19 am
on in the writers' room is personal stories. $a they incorporate into the show. but a lot of it is incredibly relatable, at least for me just because i have three kids and it's a constant work in progress. just being a parent. >> it's a joy. it's a joinchtsy. >> now in your real life you were a bartender. >> i was. >> were you actually a bar tender? >> yeah, it was good. >> were you waiting for acting work snrchgts yes work? >> yes, unlike judy,o]#eg i've not been in 90 films. >> well you're an oscar winner. >> have you asked her that yet? >> in your face. >> well, i was in the movie that you -- >> still in your face. >> can you show us a few of your bartending skills? and while you're doing that, we're going to play a game a quiz. you're going to guess whose line the movie was. from here we go. >> she wants white. thank you. >> what about anybody else? >> i'll have white.
10:20 am
>> i'll have read. or would you like the rose? it's lovely. >> that, too. >> okay, what's the name of the film. here's the line. "we have these really long super intense conversations about religion and snowboarding." >> that's -- that has to be a line that you've said. >> we're going to give it away -- >> wait. >> that's you in "sex tape." >> oh! >> that was recent! >> "what >> what good is it being appreciated if no one is make it.ed? >> that's me and "27 dresses." >> speaking of me, what is she doing here? >> that has to be me from "13 going on 30." >> they grabbed cardboard from snack shack and going to town. >> "way way back." >> you wrote it! >> actually i made her dinner. >> actually i made her dinner? >> that has to be you. >> in "tammy." all right. >> i'm sorry.
10:21 am
i'm overserved. >> no problem. just yell and i will answer. >> that's me and that is -- um oh "wedding planner"? >> you were almost right. but we brought you a presents. cotton is for your second anniversary, we got you a bag of cotton balls. >> thank you. >> tomorrow night on fx "married." thank you guys so much. happy birthday. your birthday is next week, isn't it? >> yes. >> it is a big one. >> yours is in october. same one. >> a different season. >> what's new with leftover burgers, after this. cheers. >> cheers, you guys.
10:22 am
at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. good day, president obama is about to hold a formal news conference in the white house east room. it comes on the heels of this week's historic agreement between the u.s. and five other nations with iran to limit iran's nuclear program. in exchange for ending some economic sanctions. our senior white house correspondent chris jan sing is in the east room. >> he is going to be giving a re
10:23 am
robust defense of this deal. every republican coming out and being strong against it. we've heard the republican presidential candidates against it. his target is going to be the american people. and democrats who are concerned about whether this deal really is safe really in the long run. it keeps iran and its nuclear program in check. which is why earlier today we saw vice president biden on the hill and we're hearing from the president later today. lester? >> one of those hoping to sway congress to reject this is benjamin netanyahu. i spoke to him a few hours ago about his relationship with the president over this. >> i think we have an honest disagreement. i think the question is really what's the nature of this iranian regime. i thought that the right deal would have lifted the restrictions on iran's nuclear program only if we saw a perceptible change in iran's behavior. >> a lot of opposition overseas and certainly in congress. the president having a very wide
10:24 am
audience he will be trying to reach today. he'll be answering questions on some recent supreme court decisions. the president has held his last formal news conference in december. he has spoken to the press since then. we are awaiting him to come out any moment to begin that campaign try to convince congress and the american people that this deal with iran was a good one, that it makes us safer, that it makes the middle east safer. the question of course the timeline as it nears the end of his agreement, ten down to 15 years. does it open the door for iran to resume its nuclear activities and how quickly could they get going again, even if this were somehow to fall apart. chris, is the president going to be working the room so to speak, with members in congress in the days ahead? >> he absolutely is. he's been making a lot of phone calls. his vice president is making a lot of phone calls. he is sending any cue member in his administration out there. when you hear democrats that are
10:25 am
skeptical. they say i need to know about the details. a person to watch is energy secretary who can answer the technical questions. we have heard the president is going to be out there. he is ready to answer any question about this. he will be doing this in a visible way. congress has 60 days to review it. that's time for them to build opposition. they have a plan at the white house to counter that opposition. lester. >> and here comes the president as we hear the announcement. >> please have a seat. good afternoon, everybody. yesterday was a historic day. the comprehensive long term deal we achieved with our allies and partners to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon
10:26 am
represents a powerful show of diplomacy. it shows what we can accomplish when we lead from a position of strength and principle when we unite the nerlt community around a shared vision. we resolve to solve problems peacefully. as i said yesterday it's important for the american people and congress to get a full opportunity to review this deal. that process is now underway. i've already reached out to leaders in congress on both sides of the aisle. my national security team has begun offering extensive briefings. i expect the debate to be robust. that's how it should be. this is an important issue. our national security policies are stronger and more effective when they are subject to scrutiny and transparency that democracy demands. and as i said yesterday, the details of this deal matter very much. that's why our team worked so hard for so long to get the details right.
10:27 am
at the same time as this debate unfold i hope we don't lose sight of the larger picture. the opportunity that this agreement represents. as we go forward it's important for everybody to remember the alternative and the fundamental choice that this moment represents. with this deal we cut off every single one of iran's pathways to a nuclear program. a nuclear weapons program. and iran's nuclear program will be under severe limits for many years. without a deal those pathways remain open. there would be no limits to iran's nuclear program and iran could move closer to a nuclear bomb. with this deal we gain unprecedented around the clock monitoring of iran's key nuclear facilities. the most comprehensive and
10:28 am
intrusive inspection and verification regime ever negotiated. without a deal those inspections go away. and we lose the ability to closely monitor iran's program and detect any covert nuclear weapons program. with this deal if iran violates its commitments there will be real consequences. nuclear related sanctions that have helped to cripple the iranian economy will snap back into place. without a deal the international sanctions regime will unravel. with little ability to reimpose them. with this deal we have the possibility of peacefully resolving a major threat to regional and international security. without a deal we risk even more war in the middle east and other countries in the region would feel compelled to pursue their own nuclear programs threatening a nuclear arms race in the most volatile region in
10:29 am
the world. as i said yesterday, even with this deal we will continue to have profound differences with iran. in support of terrorism and its use of proxies to destabilize parts of the middle east. therefore, the multilat rrl arms embargo will remain in place for five years. and ballistic missiles will remain for eight years. the united states will have its own set of sanctions, and will continue our unprecedented security cooperation with israel and continue to deepen our partnerships with the gulf states. but the bottom line is this this nuclear deal meets the national security interests of the united states and our allies. it prevents the most serious threat iran obtaining a nuclear weapon which would only make the
10:30 am
other problems that iran may cause even worse. that's why this deal makes our country and the world safer and more secure. it's why the alternative, no limits on iran's nuclear program, no inspections an iran that's closing to a nuclear weapon. the risk of nuclear arms race and a greater risk of war, all that would endanger our security. that's the choice that we face. if we don't choose wisely i believe future generations will judge us harshly for letting this moment slip away. no one suggests this deal resolves all the threats that iran poses to its neighbors or the world. moreover realizing the promise of this deal will require hard work and vinyl lnsgilance and execution. this deal is our best means of
10:31 am
insuring that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. from the start that has been my number one priority. our number one priority. we've got historic chance to pursue a safer and more secure world. an opportunity that may not come again in our lifetimes. as president and as commander in chief, i am determined to seize that opportunity. so with that i'm going to take some questions. al and let me see who i'm starting off with. here you go. i got it. andrew beaty. >> thank you, mr. president. yesterday you said the deal offered a chance of a new direction and relations with iran. what steps will you take to enable a more moderate iran and does this deal allow you to more
10:32 am
forcefully counter iran's destabilizing actions in the region aside from the nuclear question? thank you. >> if you don't mind because i suspect that there's going to be a common set of questions that are touched on i promise i will get to your question. i want to start off just by stepping back and reminding folks of what is at stake here. and i already did in my opening statement. i want to reiterate it because i've heard already some of the objections to the deal. the starting premise of our strategy with respect to iran has been that it would be a grave threat to the united states and to our allies if they obtained a nuclear weapon. and so everything that we've done over the last six and a half years has been designed to
10:33 am
make sure that we address that number one priority. that's what the sanctions regime was all about. that's how we were able to mobilize the international community, including some folks that we are not particularly close to to abide by these sanctions. that's how these crippling sanctions came about because we were able to gain global consensus that iran having a nuclear weapon would be a problem for everybody. that's a reason that iran's accounts got frozen and they were not able to get money for the oil sales they've made. that's the reason they had problems operating commerce. we built the international consensus around this very specific narrow but profound issue. the possibility of iran getting a nuclear weapon. and, by the way, that was not simply my priority if you look
10:34 am
back at all the debates that have taken place over the last five six years, this has been a democratic priority this has been a republican priority this has been prime minister netanyahu's priority. it's been our gulf allies priority. it's making sure iran does not get a nuclear weapon. the deal negotiated by john kerry and our allies and partners achieves that goal. it achieves our top priority. making sure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. but we have always recognized that even if iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon iran still poses challenges to our interests and our values both in the region
10:35 am
and around the world. so when this deal gets implemented, we know that we will have dismantled the immediate concerns around iran's nuclear program. we will have brought their stockpiles down to 98%. we will have significantly reduced the number of centrifuges they operate. we will have installed an unprecedented inspections regime. and that will remain in place, not just for ten years, but, for example, on the stockpiles will continue for 15 years. iran will have pledged to the international community that it will not develop a nuclear weapon and now will be subject to an additional protocol. a more vigorous inspection in
10:36 am
monitoring regime that lasts in perpetuity. we will have disabled a facility like iraq the iraq facility from allowing iran to develop pluton plutonument that could be used for a bomb. we will have greatly reduced the stockpile of uranium that's enriched. and we will have put in place inspections along the entire supply chain, so that if uranium was diverted into a covert program we would catch it. so i can say with confidence but more importantly nuclear experts can say with confidence that iran will not be in a position to develop a nuclear bomb. we will have met our number one priority.
10:37 am
now, we'll still have problems with iran's sponsorship of terrorism. it's funding of proxies like hezbollah that threaten israel and threaten the region. the destabilizing activities that they're engaging in including like places like yemen. and my hope is that building on this deal we can continue to have conversations with iran that incentivize them to behave differently in the region. to be less aggressive less hostile, more cooperative to operate the way we expect nations in the international community to behave. but we're not counting on it. so this deal is not contingent on iran changing its behavior. it's not contingent on iran
10:38 am
acting like a democracy. it solves a particular problem, making sure they don't have a bomb. the point i've repeatedly made and one that's hard to dispute. it will be harder for us to check iran's activities, to push back against the other areas where they operate contrary to us or our allies' interest if they don't have a bomb. so will they change their behavior? will we seek to gain more cooperation from them in resolving issues like syria or what's happening in iraq to stop encouraging houthis in yemen? we'll continue to engage with them. keep in mind that unlike the cuba situation, we're not
10:39 am
normalizing diplomatic relations here. the contacts will continue to be limited. will we try to encourage them to take a more constructive path? of course. we're not betting it. in fact having resolved the nuclear issue we will be in a stronger position to work with israel work with the gulf countries, work with our other partners work with the europeans to bring additional pressure to bear on iran around those issues that remain of concern. but the argument that i've been already hearing and this was foreshadowed even before the deal was announced. that because this deal does not solve all those other problems that that's an argument for rejecting this deal. defies logic. it makes no sense. and it loses sight of what was our original number one priority which is making sure that they don't have a bomb.
10:40 am
john carl. >> mr. president, does it give you any pause to see this deal praised by syrian dictator assad or praised by those in tehran who still shout death to america, yet our closest ally in the middle east calls it a mistake of historic proportions? here in congress it looks like a large majority will vote to reject this deal. i know you can veto that rejection, but do you have any concerns about seeing a majority of the people's representatives in congress saying that this is a bad deal? and if i can just ask you a quick political question a very quick one. >> let me answer the question that you asked. it does not give me pause that mr. assad or others in tehran
10:41 am
may be trying to spin the deal in a way that they think is favorable to what their constituencies want to hear. that's what politicians do. and that's been the case throughout. you will recall that during the course of the negotiations during the last couple of months every time the spleemupreme leader or tweeted something out, we bought into the notion that well the obama administration must be giving this or capitulating to that. now we have a document. so you can see what the deal is. we don't have to speculate or engage in spin. you can read what it says. and what is required. nobody has disputed that as a consequence of this agreement, iran has to drastically reduce its stockpiles of uranium, cut off from plutonium. the facility that is underground
10:42 am
is converted. that we have an unprecedented inspections regime. we have snackp back provisions if they cheat. the facts are the facts. i'm not concerned with what others say about it. with respect to congress my hope i won't prejudge this. my hope is everyone in congress also evaluates this agreement based on the facts. not on politics. not on posturing. not on the fact that this is a deal bring to congress as opposed to a republican president. not based on lobbying but based on what's in the national interest of the united states of america. and i think that if congress does that then in fact based on
10:43 am
the facts, the majority of congress should approve of this deal. but we live in washington and politics do intrude. as i said in an interview yesterday, i am not betting on the republican party rallying behind this agreement. i do expect the debate to be based on facts and not speculation or misinformation. and that i welcome. in part because, look there are legitimate real concerns here. we've already talked about it. we have huge differences with iran. israel has legitimate concerns
10:44 am
about its security relative to iran. you have a large country with a significant military that has proclaimed that israel shouldn't exist, that has denied the holocaust that has financed hezbollah. and as a consequence, there are missiles that are pointed towards tel aviv. there are really good reasons why israelis are nervous about iran's position. i've said it to mr. netanyahu, i've said it to the israeli people. what i've also said is that all those threats are compounded if iran gets a nuclear weapon. and for all the objections of prime minister netanyahu or for that matter some of the
10:45 am
republican leadership that's already spoken none of them have presented to me or the american people a better alternative. i'm hearing a lot of talking points being repeat about this is a bad deal. this is a historically bad deal. this will threaten israel and threaten the world, threaten the united states. i mean there's been a lot of that. what i haven't heard is what is your preferred alternative? if 99% of the world community and the majority of nuclear experts look at this thing and they say this will prevent iran from getting a nuclear bomb and you are arguing either that it
10:46 am
does not or that even if it does it's temporary or because they'll get a windfall of their accounts being unfrozen that they'll cause more problems, then you should have some alternative to present. i haven't heard it. and it's because there really are only two alternatives here. either the issue of iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is resolved resolved resolved resolved diplomatically or it's resolved through force, through war. those are the options. now, you'll hear some critics say, well we could have negotiated a better deal. okay. what does that mean? i think the suggestion, among a lot of the critic has been that a better deal an acceptable
10:47 am
deal would be one in which iran has no nuclear capacity at all, peaceful or otherwise. the problem with that position is that there is nobody who thinks that iran would or could ever accept that, and the international community does not take the view that iran can't have a peaceful nuclear program. they agree with us that iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. and so we don't have diplomatic leverage to eliminate every vestige of a peaceful nuclear program in iran. but we do have the leverage is to make sure they don't have a weapon. that's exactly what we've done. so to go back to congress i
10:48 am
challenge those who are objecting to this agreement to read the agreement before they comment on it. number two, to explain specifically where it is that they think this agreement does not prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. and why they're right and people like the mit nuclear physicist and an expert in this is wrong, why the rest of the world is wrong, and then present an alternative. and if the alternative is that we should bring iran to heel through military force, then those critics should say so. and that will be an honest debate. all right. >> if i can, prime minister netanyahu said you have a situation where iran can delay 24 days -- >> i'm happy -- that's a good
10:49 am
example. so let's take the issue of 24 days. this has been swirling today, the notion that this is insufficient in terms of inspections. keep in mind first of all, that we'll have 24/7 inspections of declared nuclear facilities. four down iraq the uranium mines facilities that are known to produce centrifuges, parts. that entire infrastructure that we know about we will have sophisticated 24/7 monitoring of those facilities. so then the issue is what if they try to develop a covert program? now, one of the advantages of having inspections across the entire production chain is that it makes it very difficult to set up a covert program.
10:50 am
you know there are only so many uranium mines in iran. if in fact we're counting the amount of your uranium and something is missing on the back end, they've got some explaining to do. so we're able to track what's happening along the existing facilities to make sure that there is not diversion into a covert program. let's say that iran is so determined that it now wants to operate covertly the iaea the international organization charged with implementing the non-proliferation treaty and monitoring nuclear activities in countries around the world, the iaea will have the ability to say that indeclared site we're
10:51 am
concerned about. we see something suspicious. they will be able to say to iran we want to go and inspect that. if iran objects, we can override it. in the agreement we set it up so we can override iran's objections. we don't need russia or china in order for us to get that override. and if they continue to object we're in a position to snap back sanctions and declare that iran's in violation and is cheating. for the fact that it may take 24 days to finally get access to the site the nature of nuclear programs and facilities is such -- this is not something you hide in a closet. this is not something you put on a dolly and wheel off somewhere. and, by the way, if we identify
10:52 am
an undeclared site that we're suspicious about, we're going to be keeping eyes on it. so we're going to be monitoring what the activity is. and that's going to be something that will be evidence if we think that some funny business was going on there. that we can then present to the international community. so we'll be monitoring that that entire time. and, by the way, if there is nuclear material on that site you know your high school physics will remind us that that leaves a trace. and so we'll know that in fact there was a violation of the agreement. so the point is jonathan that this is the most vigorous inspection and verification
10:53 am
regime that has ever been negotiated. is it possible that iran decides to try to cheat despite having this entire inspection verification mechanism? it's possible. but if it does, first of all, we built in a one-year breakout time which gives us time to respond forcefully. and we've been in a snap back provision so we don't have to go through lengthy negotiations of the un to put the sanctions right back in place. and so really the only argument you can make against the verification and inspection mechanism that we've put forward is that iran is so intent on obtaining a nuclear weapon that no inspection regime and no verification mechanism would be sufficient because they'd find some way to get around it because they're untrustworthy.
10:54 am
if that's your view we go back to the choice you made earlier. that means presumably that you can't negotiate. and what you're really saying is that you've got to apply military force to guarantee that they don't have a nuclear program. and if somebody wants to make that debate whether it's the republican leadership or prime minister netanyahu or the israeli ambassador or others they're free to make it. but it's not persuasive. carol lee. >> thank you, mr. president. i want to ask you about the arms and ballistic missile embargo. why did you agree to lift those even with the five and eight year duration? it's emerging as a sticking point on the hill. and are you concerned that arms to iran will go to hes bola or hamas and is there anything you or a future president can do to stop that?
10:55 am
i wanted to see if you could step back a little bit. when you look at this iran deal and all the other issues and unrest that's happening in the middle east what kind of middle east do you want to leave when you leave the white house in a year and a half? >> so the issue of the arms embargo and ballistic missiles is a real concern to us has been a real concern to us. and it is in the national security interests of the united states to prevent iran from sending weapons to hezbollah for example. or sending weapons to the houthis in yemen that accelerate a civil war there. we have a number of mechanisms under international law that gives us authority to interdict arms shipments by iran.
10:56 am
one of those mechanisms is the un security resolution related to iran's nuclear program. essentially, iran was sanctioned because of what had happened,ist unwillingness to comply with previous un security resolutions about their nuclear program. and as part of the package of sanctions that was slapped on them the issue of arms and ballistic missiles were included. now, under the terms of the original un resolution the fact is that once an agreement was arrived at that gave the international community assurance iran didn't have a nuclear weapon. you could argue looking at the
10:57 am
text that those arms and ballistic missiles prohibitions should immediately go away. but what i said to our negotiators was given that iran has breached trust and the uncertainty of our allies in the region about iran's activities let's press for a longer extension of the arms embargo and ballistic missile prohibition prohibitions. and we got that. we got five years in which under this new agreement arms coming in and out of iran are prolibtsed. we've got eight years with respect to ballistic missiles. but part of the reason why we were willing to extend it only for five let's say, as opposed to a longer period of time is because we have other un
10:58 am
resolutions that prohibit arms sales by iran to organizations like hezbollah. we have other un resolutions in multilateral agreements that give us authority to interdict arms shipments from iran throughout the region. and so we've had belts and suspenders and buttons, a whole bunch of different legal authorities, these legal authorities under the nuclear program may lapse after five or eight years. but we'll still be in possession of other legal authorities that allow us to interdict those arms. and truthfully these prohibitions are not self-enforcing. it's not like the un has the capacity to police what iran is doing. what it does is it gives us
10:59 am
authority under international law to prevent arms shipments from happening. in concert with our allies and our partners. and the real problem, if you look at how, for example hezbollah got a lot of missiles that are a grave threat to israel and many of our friends in the region it's not because they were legal. it's not because somehow that was authorized under international law. it was because there was insufficient capacity to stop those shipments. i share the concerns of israel saudis gulf partners about iran shipping arms and causing conflict and chaos in the region. and that's why i've said to them let's double down and
11:00 am
partner much more effectively improve our intelligence capacity and our interdiction capacity so that capacity so that fewer of those arm shipments are getting through the net. but the legal authorities we'll still possess. and obviously we've got our own unilateral prohibitions and sanctions in place around non-nuclear issues like support for hezbollah and those remain in place. in terms of the larger issues in the middle east obviously that's a longer discussion. i think my key goal when i turn over the keys to the next president is that we are on track to defeat isil.


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