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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we begin this morning with a fire in sunol, our helicopter sending back images right now. can you see the smoke pouring near interstate 680 near the castlewood exit. >> we know that smoke can always create distractions and there are already traffic troubles in the trivalley. >> a piece of equipment causes major disruptions, and puts into doubt the drive home for many. good morning. i'm sam brock in for scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. here is the major change in
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dublin from 580 and 680 meet. slow-going traffic all morning long the traffic map that's updated, you can see red tic tacs and that means no one is going far. >> bob redell has the reason for that backup. it's going to linger into the afternoon commute? >> reporter: dan and kris the tri-valley has been a terrible mess with the traffic nap shows is sp very accurate. normally by this time this time of backup is nonexistened but you pan to our left, looking east towards livermore and tracy, this backup goes as far as the eye can see. this is the view from the chopper, showing the problem. an afat paver that broke down around 4:00 this morning. this is on southbound 680 just south of the 580 interchange where we are at right now.
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this put the cal tran road crew behind schedule forcing them to keep at least one lane shut down and it's still shut down. we're looking at the far left lane just south of 580. we just got word from chp that the new equipment has yet to arrive. so once that equipment arrives, they must finish the roadwork before they can reopen the lane and one that equipment arrives, it would be another five hours before they can open that lane. all the people trying to go westbound into san jose have been backed up this morning causing a traffic jab, extending all the way back into tracee over 20 miles away. we heard a report taking two hours just from tracee to dublin. a lot of colleagues were never able to make it into work.
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>> they're all late. they're all late this morning due to the traffic. >> it took me 65 minutes. >> reporter: normally? 20 25 minutes. >> reporter: how do you deal with it stress whyise? >> i'm used to it. >> reporter: did you have a full head of hair when you first started? >> yes i did. i did. >> reporter: we're in dublin right now right along 580. we're now showing you the south view. you can see that white plume of smoke over the kaiser permanente office building where that man we heard from that white plume of smoke is a good sign. that brush fire you mentioned earlier, that plume was black, it was dark earlier. the fact that it is white means they are getting that wild fire out. that's just off northbound 680 at the cast manywood exit. that's a reverse commute
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direction. you may have a slow down because of looky-lous. sfrf as far as this issue right here with that broken piece of equipment, it will be quite a few more hours before they get that lane reopened. meantime reporting live in dublin, bob redell nbc bay area news. back out to the fire that bob mentioned. again it is burning near sunol. you can see from the chopper it's very close to the freeway, but more importantly it's now very close to the home on the hillside and homes are threatened. it's now a two alarm fire. plenty more area charsed, but still plenty more area in danger. the white smoke is a good sign however, not much comfort for those whose homes are in the line of fire. we'll take a look at the forecast for what it means for the fire fight. >> of course we'll continue to
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provide you with updates on that fire throughout the course of this newscast. don't let that traffic jam catch you off-guard. we'll give you the up-to-the minute traffic reports in your neighborhood coming up. it has been a debilitating morning for commuters. they hit another snag this morning in a small brush fire along highway 4. this time offal willow pass road. the battalion chief there on the scene told our crew that the five-acre fire that burned was less than a mile from the pittsburg-base ed pittsburg-based b.a.r.t. station. no word on what started it. the flames of a different kind in san francisco, where firefighters ballotsed the blaze of a road in an apartment overnight. this happened near the intersection of union and mason street. the flames were so fierce crews had to call for backup. once they arrived, they had it
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contained within about 20 minutes. this morning the man accused of killing five people in modesto is behind bars. martin martinez will be transported to santa clara county to -- one of the victims is dr. amanda cruz a figures with the stance las vegas medical agency. he officials say he killed his over 6-month-old daughter. the names of victims are not being released. >> we have identified all victims are female all related, the children are from 6 months to 6 years. >> after the grisly discovery on saturday, police launched a statewide manhunt, an alert san jose police officers spotted his car in san jose and that allowed them to track down when
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he changed cars in oakmont mall. a man fell 300 feet and lived to tell the tale. that man clinging to the side of a cliff near land's end, where rescue es had to pluck him. it's their second major rescue of this type in. >> stef there are signs warning people, but others before them have died going off of that trail. >> reporter: there are, sam and kris. the trails all along land's end, where many come. rescues happen here so much we bumped into a group of firefighters training new hires, even they are is it stunned that the man was able to walk away. >> it's beautiful. >> it's incredible. >> the views at land's end are
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stunning but the risks people take can be deadly. >> it was here in october when a 26 years old woman fell about 150 feet to her death. luckily for one 18-year-old out nearby at death man's cliff, this morning a 300-foot fall did not end up the same way. san francisco rescue crews rappelled down the cliff where a man was clinging above rocks, panicking because the tide was growing. 918-year-old was able to walk and talk. the only thing visibly wrong was a bloody scrape on his chin. there are signs posted saying do not step off the. >> there are no lights. there's a lot of narrow roads, and it's easy if you're not familiar with these trails to fall off of it. stay away do not come out here at night. >> i'm not going outside of where they tell me to for sure.
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being an emergency room nurse, i see a lot of accidents that happen by chance. >> i've been here at night, and it's scary, there's no lights. you don't see the edge. >> from 2013 to 2014 the fire department may 45 high-angle and cliff rescues. experienced hikers say there is nothing worth risking your life especially not for a picture. >> you shouldn't do that. you could fall. this is very lipry and dangerous place. it's so pretty from the trail, what are you doing? does it look that much better down there? no. it looked pretty much the same. >> reporter: in this area here there was a small rescue. two people climbed off trail, one couldn't climb back up. alcohol played a -- a year and a half they got stranded because the rocks began to crumble.
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one firefighter said thehe may have broken an arm. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. luckily that won't happen again. san jose police officers will begin wearing bottomy cams. today kicks off a field test. they will test the body cameras worn on the chest and glasses of officers who will be able to turn at the cameras on and off at their discretion. the department says initially test video may not be stored because of costed but you can provide feedback through the from the website, facebook or twitter pages. two bikers are dead after a chain reaction crash at laguna seca.
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motor america says it happened yesterday during the second race of the super bike super stock 1000. several bikes crashed during the first lap killing the two spanish racers. in a statement the ceo of laguna seca says prayers go out to their families and -- have you heard from the surfer? from he talks about how he fought off a shark during a live competition. and houston, we have a problem. why all of a sudden scientists can't communicate with a spacecraft that landed on a comet last year. i'm kari hall tracking the weather conditions as firefighters try to get that wildfire under control. the hewitt humidity and a look at the microclimates. this is near the castlewood exits of 680. the conditions have improved no
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more black smoke, but it is still threatening homes on the hillside there. we're following this throughout the morning. we'll bring you live updates when we get back.
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welcome back. another look at breaking news this morning. that fire is still burning in sunol near 680, as we take a closer view a push in there of what's happening. that on the hills right next to 680 by the castlewood exit. the concern right now that that fire is encroaching on several homes nearby. it's classified as two-alarm fire right now, but there's
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concern that fire could spread to homes nearby. if you have not seen this video yet, you might want to take a look. that surfer right there going to battle for his life with a shark that pro surfer who is defending himself against a shark off the waters of south africa. >> nbc's joe friar has reaction. >> reporter: in the final heat of competition, a surprise entrant, a sheriff pulling aark pulling the surfer under the water. 4 it gives way to relief when eemerges unharmed with an amazing survival story. >> it just kept chomping at my board. i was screaming and kicking.
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i'm like, ah! >> reporter: did you get a couple punches in if. >> a couple in the back. >> it unfolded on live tv as his mother watched from australia. realized it must be a shark attack, and i was absolutely terrified. i thought we had lost him. when he got on the jet ski, that is the moment i thought, thank you. >> somehow perfectly fine. >> reporter: he's especially grateful, because his fellow finalist actually swam toward the danger to help his competitor. >> i'm sorry he got is knocked off his board, and i thought he's got one, and he's gone. i was like i couldn't get there quick enough. >> a real like jaws adventure with an ending find for hollywood. >> we're still -- it's kicking in right now. >> reporter: right after the
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attack fanning said he would probably be happy to not ever compete again. we'll have to wait and see when he does return to water. the final round of the competition was called off with both fanning and wilson agreeing to split the money and the points that impact overall standings. joe friar, nbc news london. a security breach mae cost a dating website for married people more than just their money. according to the security company, hackers stole personal information for ashley madison's users. the website said it has 37 million users, but it is unclear how many of the users' data has been compromised. ashley madison is a dating website for married people looking to have an affair form the hackers are reportedly threatening to reveal the customer records unless ashley madison goes off-line for good. market news now, it is a big day for paypal. this morning the ceo rang the
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opening bell to celebrate the return of a publicly traded company. some analysts say the switch gives ebay a chance to focus on building the e-commerce building, but paypal's challenge will be from apple, google and ali baba. >> a twit in outer space. >> the problem is the spacecraft that landed on the comet last year may have shifted its position, making it harder to communicate with the probe. the european space agent launched that spacecraft. scientists say they have received no data in the last seven days and they are worried the solar panels are no longer alive. and the breaking new from sunol, from the chopper oversaid fewer flames than we saw earlier, but crews still hard at work. smoke is still building
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overhead. it is still very close to home too close for comfort. it's hot out there. it is a bit breezy and it could get worse if the winds pick up. here is meteorologist kari hall. >> the main story today is the heat and the humidity. with the temperatures already at this time in the morning at 88 degrees in the east bay, we are also feel very light wind at this point. dublin is at 85 sunol 87 and the bigger picture shows we also have widespread 80s across the bay, so getting a closer look at the two fires at the sunol grade. the humidity only at 33%, with the temperature at 87 degrees. wind is calm so that may help the firefighters try to fight that and get that under control. with the high heat it makes it really hard to try to battle that with even hotter temperatures out there. we've always been tracking the
11:20 am
rain. it continues to move off to the east. we've only seen a little bit of that moisture making it close to the bay area but not a lot. we're just feeling the clouds and the humidity across our area as the moisture continues to roll into the area. this area of low pressure has been streaming in that monsoonal moisture, and picking up the remnants of what was hurricane dolores, and the models into it is day, we may have a bit of lightning moving in this evening, and maybe a pop-up storm here or there, especially for the south bay and east bay. the unsettled weather continues today, and then that would be moving off towards the east giving us some relief from this humidity but today we'll continue to watch out for the possibility of some storms popping up in the south bay, the east bay, and also for the north bay. it would be nice to get some rain out of that. look at the high today in san
11:21 am
jose, 90 degrees, 88 degrees in redwood city and even in san francisco we have low 80s. 94 in the north bay, oakland 85 degrees, the report today for oakland is 82 degrees, so we could be setting some new records. combine that with the humidity and it makes it dangerous to be outside for long periods of time. our showers chances go way down and that tropical moisture moves east and we get the normal sea breeze returning. it will be warm in spots. north bay in the 80s, san francisco coming down into the 60s and lower 70s. the east bay like highs in the upper 70s. we'll talk more about that sunol wildfire, give you updates through the morning. i'll send it back to you, sam and kris. >> thank you very much kari. nothing despicable about this a minion saves at girl's
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[chip crunching] [baby crying] don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today. kris/live another look at that let's take you back out to sunol, an area that could be any part of the bay area very dry and smoky right now, but you can see that there is a helicopter dropping water over the scene. this is near interstate 680 and the castlewood exit near happy
11:25 am
valley road. as we understand it right now, there are two separate fires that were burning about the same amount of time. one of them was contained within about five acres. the other still threatening homes, has now gone to three alarms. the fire crews are calling for backup, are waiting for more crews to arrive. we saw a helicopter doing a water drop. >> okay. the long fight to allow public access to a popular bay area beach appears to be finally headed for a solution. today the state is going to be taking public input about martin's beach. that beach is public but the only road to get there is private. billionaire venture capitalist bought the property along the beach back in 2008 and closed the access root. they have to come up with an access agreement by the end of the year.
11:26 am
at this point the numbers are in, in the aids walk raised more than $2 million for local services. 20,000 people walked shoulder to shoulder through golden gate park yesterday. it was the 29th year for this fund-raiser. many people there were there to honor loved ones they lost to aids. >> we've been doing this walk for like 20 years, representing my brother. he passed of aids so we come out every year not only represent him, but to represent families who have lost loved ones. >> a lot of money gog to local organizations serving people with aids. you don't need to ask too many kids about minions, but one could be called a lifesaver. >> a 5-year-old was playing in her bedroom when she fell backwards. she is was holding on to a minion, stuff one, as she feld and believe it or not it cushioned the impact. she suffered a broken arm, but
11:27 am
falling three stories, that was really good news. paramedic is say it could have been way more worse. 11:27. up next the donald is sticking to his guns controversial comments that neefr her every republican candidate is turning against him.
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11:29 am
the heart-wrenching story of a woman in the fight of her life for the right to die here in california. christy o'donnell is stricken with cancer. she wants the ability to die on her own terms. the story might sound familiar. earlier this year brittany maynard gained national headlines for her fight. >> reporter: for christie o'donnell, 46 the most painful
11:30 am
part of the lung cancer isn't the tumors that spread to her spine and brain, but knowing that she won't be there when her daughter gets married. >> i've written her cards for her ingauge mints, birthdays, baby showers. >> reporter: she knows the cancer will kill her, she just didn't snow where. >> there have already been two times, when i fell down, wondering if that was the moment my daughter would find my body. no one should have to live with that. >> it's why she's demanding lawmakers give her the right to choose when and where she will die by taking prescribed medicine. >> i want to be at home in my own bed with my daughter. >> reporter: picking up the fight where brittany maynard left off. she made headlines last year forcing her to move from california, where it's not
11:31 am
legal, to oregon one of five days where it is. >> i would like to see all americans have access to the same health care rights. >> reporter: gallup polling shows an up tick but in california it's -- >> these aided killing. >> reporter: he believes that doctors should be prolonging life, not ending it. >> we look to our health care provider to give us hope now they would have a different role of saying two of these and don't bother to call me in the morning. >> reporter: o'donnell and others are suing, asking a judge to -- they probably won't live long enough to legally make that choice for herself, but she want if sharing her story can make a difference, it's worth it. >> don't look at me and feel sorry for me. if a fraction of people have an opportunity to experience what i
11:32 am
have they would be very lucky. >> after a life lived fully, a death worth fighting for. hallie jackson, nbc news santa clarita, california. let's take you back out to sunol, you can see from the chopper, one of fire crew helicopters doing their work as the fire burns near the castlewood exit. as we zoom out, we can see that there have been two fires that joined forces. they contained one to about five acres, the other still burning and threatening a barn and getting dangerously close to the home that belong to that home as well. fire crews have called for backup. this is now a three-alarm fire though again the other fire is out. now you can see the charred remnants of the hillside that did burn in the last half hour or so. we'll continue to monitor this one, again, it's burning off of 680 on the east sigh of the
11:33 am
freeway and near happy valley road and pop lynn feather drive. a medical mistake during and after surgeries, and medical experts say many have and should be prevented. now other investigative unit has the unprecedented medicare data published by "pro public licka." in it's over the last five years, showing how many surgery doctors have performed and how many times their patients had complications afterwards. experts from harvard and johns hopkins devised pro publica on the data analysis. >> for the first time ever in a way that's groundbreaking we are seeing a plethora of good data inform performance metrics of doctors and hospitals in a way we can understand.
11:34 am
>> coming up tonight at 11:00, we talk to one drr who scored in the top 3% of low risks statewide. donald trump is finding himself at the center of another political firestorm, this time publicly criticizing and belittles john mccain's status as a war hero. >> that made no friends for him in the party. there are growing calls for trump to apologize. >> reporter: new this morning, john mccain is reluctant to call himself a hero but to donald trump, owes an apology to all the p.o.w.s that he served with. >> it's totally inappropriate for donald trump to saying he doesn't like to -- with people who are captured. >> i said four times that mccain is a war hero.
11:35 am
>> reporter: saying his issue is the record on veterans issues. >> this is really offensive. >> donald trump is wrong, wrong wrong. >> reporter: they were talking about what he said saturday about mccain. >> he's not a war hero -- he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. i hate to tell you. >> reporter: then this sunday -- >> do you owe john mccain an apology? >> not at all. >> reporter: some say he crossed the line. >> it's ridiculous and i do this is it's a disqualifier as commander in chief. >> after donald trump has a prisoner of war for six years, then hess's in a position to criticize the senator's record. >> at a minimum he needs to apologize. >> trump's response -- i don't need to be lectured by failed politicians. trump also accuses the media of covering him unfairly. tracey potts, nbc news
11:36 am
washington. san francisco's mexican consulate -- organizers invited him to the festival hope to show a side of mexico maybe he's not familiar with. while trump was a no show at opening day yesterday, hundreds of people did turn out to enjoy, food music and activities. the mex i am festival runs through this sunday. the race -- incumbent mike honda at his 2014 challenger are already right back in the thick of battle for the 2016 election. larry gersten says there are several reasons why this race is already gaining attention. first you have the unusual situation of a democrat against a democrat and secondly the enormous war chest of money that he has already raised. >> this is extraordinary.
11:37 am
rocana has raised well over a million, more than any incumbent in this state, normally it would be enough in itself but here we are 16 months out. moreover, if you look at the amount of money available in their kitties, city he has an advantage of 3 to 1. that's a powerful statistic. >> the race is seen as honda and organized labor, and kana and the tech sector. in 2014 honda beat kana by a very slim margin. the u.s. embassy in cuba opened today, this is as the two countries usher in a new eregard. >> they formally restored diplomatic ties. nbc's gabe gutierrez records from havana. >> reporter: it's a historic day in cuba the building for the first time in 54 years is once again a u.s. embassy. now, the reaction here in shah
11:38 am
vana is much more muted than it has been in washington. hundreds of people are lining up here applies for visas like they do every day, but the new of reestablished diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba is this page 4 of the state-run newspaper. while the change is symbolic it is important, however. the governments have had distrust for decades, certainly still at odds for many issues including the closing of the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay, and of course the trade embargo sfrks, but many people we have spoken to here in havana say they have a new hope for what can happen here while others view it with guarded skepticism. the embassy here while once again official today, the u.s. flag will not fly until u.s. secretary of state john kerry visits of island later this summer. gabe gouldiers, nbc news havana. blink and you'll miss it tesla with the insanely fast --
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and they say you never forget how to ride a bike. but what if you never learn. teach adults this childhood skill. tracking current weather conditions for the sunol wildfire, and the high heat and humidity we're dealing with is all coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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we bring you an update right now of breaking news. crews battling a second fire in sunol, trying to make progress and keeping it from nearby homes. bob redell is near where this is going on. what's the latest? >> sam, it seems like the fire department over the past 45 minutes have definitely gotten a better handle on this. we're in the neighborhood near pleasanton, with 680 in the background. you follow this fire truck up the hill it's heading up to the scene, you can see a lot of dry grass, this fire started a bit before 11 this morning and it was a large plume of smoeg at the outset. we know there were two separate
11:43 am
fires. we don't know the cause. one of them was at least 20 acres. as i mentioned this was large enough they called for three alarms. a barn was threatened at one point. i talked to one of the fire firefighters and you're not seeing or if any flame, it's still considered an active fire because there's a lot of heat out there. but as far as what we saw 45 minutes ago, this is dramatically different scene. you want to talk about the response. there's a fire crew from marin. i did ask why are they here? they didn't have that answer but we've got crews from marin, livermore, pleasanton as well as cal fire a california division of fire out here. it's a large response. when we saw it from dublin and
11:44 am
was cover the 680/580 problem, there was a column of smoke, but as you see, the column is gone. and from where we're stand, you can't see the hopes, but we know there are hops just on the other side, and one of the fire crews up there has a shovel maybe some of the cleanup, and turning over the embers so they get exposed on this very hot day and start to cool down instead of flaring back up. reporting live here in pleasanton, where you see a helicopter in the background doing water drops, i'm bob rebell. back to you, kris and sam. also, we all remember the moment we first took off on a bicycle without training wheels but some experienced it sooner than others. >> we probably still remember that first fall too.
11:45 am
>> but one group is teaching you it's never too late. >> reporter: for most of us riding a bike is a rite of passage, but for the unforgettable accomplishment came this weekend in a new york park. >> push. >> at age 60. >> there's no words to capture how i feel. >> the grandmother wasn't alone. there was jasmine drake. >> i was riding and i felt so relieved. >> and marsha ramos, who had biking on her bucket list. >> and she hopes to ride to work. >> reporter: it turns out 8% of american adults don't know how to ride a bike. with more people biking to work these days adult beginner classes are popping up around
11:46 am
the country. >> make sure your kickstand is up. >> reporter: they run this free class. >> to me it's about empowerment. if i can ride a bike i could probably do this other thing i want to do. >> judy de la cruz hasn't ridden in years. it turns out, it is just like riding a bike now somebody that earl dine now understands. >> i would love to learn to do is rollerblade. >> reporter: hey, why not? she's already on a roll. >> i'm so proud of me. woo-hoo woo-hoo! >> that's right, give yourself a pat on the back. a fast car? forget about lamborghini and mclaren. tesla is now the fastest car on the block. it's a staggering update to the model s. they are calling it ludicrous. >> you better buckle up. >> and i'm buckled in.
11:47 am
ludicrous speed, go! >> and it's stolen from a movie, tesla is raising the stakes for super-fast cars unveiling what it calls ludicrous mode a. tweak to the model s sedan that will send it from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, faster than any production car you'll see on the road today. >> i don't think it's a gimmick. i think it's them simply same i'm going to put the fastest car on the road. >> reporter: the company also said it will deliver the model x, the suv, to buyers in two months. >> i think it opens a whole new demographic other than maybe young or middle-aged men with money who are tech savvy and green, now you have everybody. >> reporter: it comes with a price tag similar to the model s, starting at about $70,000. scott budman nbc bay area news.
11:48 am
and let's take you back out to sunol. we are looking from our chopper overhead. it has landed and is communicating with crews there, but we can tell you that it did spread to 30 acres so quite a substantial fire. the flames appear to be out, but we see crews in the distance turning embers over making sure there are no hot spots. very close to a barn very close to a house there near interstate 80. we have seen kris a wave of brush fires, dry conditions raising concerns. we're tracking wind conditions, and a bit much moisture out there. >> a bit much moisture yeah, we can feel it in the air. we still continue to look at that live picture from our chopper. we see all of that area that is burned and humidity a bit better, we don't have much of a wind so maybe that was in their favor, the crews trying to get
11:49 am
that fire under control. the temperature really hot. when you combine that with the humidity it feels hotter. another thing i'm tracking, the remnants from dolores. we have only seen a few spotty showers across southern california, a slight chance we could see that. concord, look at that temperature, 87 degrees, 88 in livermore, san jose 85 even the north bay is hot. we could have some records set, but it looks like it will main by be confined to oakland where we're forecasting a high of 85 the old record is 82 and downtown san francisco will be close to records, but we may not set a new one there. we have a subtropical surge of moisture rolling in so you can feel the soupyness and stickyness out there this afternoon. that won't go anywhere for at least a few more hours, and then into the day tomorrow we'll
11:50 am
have a much better setup, but a lot of showers and storms it looks pretty certain they'll get some heavy rain in those areas. this area of low pressure once again will be rolling off towards the east and our chance of showers and thunderstorms will be going way down. we do have a slight chance today in the south bay and the east bay hills, but unfortunately there may be some lightning too, and also for the hills of the north bay, but we'll keep tabs on that. going hour by hour in francis, look at they temperatures. by 2:00 82 degrees 83 at 4:00 and then it starts to come back down. you'll still feel that muggyness as the clouds start to roll back in. the highs in the low 90s. gilroy may also have a chance of a pop-up shower or storm today, 90 degrees. redwood city 88 degrees, and 94 in santa rosa.
11:51 am
oakland expect a high of 85 while walnut creek jumps up to 96 and pleasanton 94. the shower chance goes way down. we'll still have the morning clouds and afternoon sunshine that tropical area will be moving to the east and it will bring some cooling. that cooling continues for the weekend. just a bit warmer warmer than average with highs in the south bay reaching the 80s. san francisco, expect highs around 70 as we already look ahead to the weekend on this monday. back to you, sam and chris. >> thank you very much. we are most certainly looking ahead. we'll have an update on that fire for you.
11:52 am
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is pitching in to make it a smoother ride for athletes in you might notice something different on your apps today because uber is pitching in no rides for athletes participating in the special olympics. alternates later today, a new
11:54 am
partnership will be announced allowing uber riders to donate. it's right on the app. it's unveiling new plans for san francisco areas -- the press democrat reports star sightings, actor james franco. he's part of an independent film being shot in the area called "the fixer." casting crews rolled in about two weeks ago. he grew up in palo alto los gatos. we will be right back.
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we were hoping that we would get some rain from that storm down south. we're not, but san diego sure got some. it caused major flooding. people were not the only ones trying to stay dry. >> wild animals were trying to find refuse from the wet weather and low-lying flood areas. two raccoons got a little lucky and camped out on the signs. to stay clear of floodwater. when in doubt, go to higher ground. the pair stayed there for a while before building up nerves to come down. you would want to try have rescue them but again, they're raccoons. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00, and in the meantime go to
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today on "access hollywood live," should we be ignoring donald trump? >> he certainly is sounding awful disgusting. "plugged in" with nina parker and shagoon. and really a crazy roommate and now a comedy. and a bot here. >> a female bot. >> i watched battlebots last night. it's amazing. builder zoe stephenson is in the house. "access hollywood live" starts right now. stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. >> whew! >> welcome back to


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