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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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with an aerial attack. six tankers, 15 truck companies, 11 bulldozers and five water tenders now on the scene trying to deal with this very very smoky blaze that is moving at a very rapid, rapid pace. >> this is off highway 128 and rag canyon road. the cole canyon and mix campgrounds are both being evacuated now. three hikers have also been rescued. keep in mind it was this time last year we had another big fire in this area. that one burned a lot larger more than 3,000 acres. joining us now on our live line is captain amy head from cal fire. that you for joining and being with us. give us an estimation of where you are right now and what the most immediate concern is for firefighters on that front line. >> as you mentioned before the fire is at 700 acres and 0% containment, so our biggest concern is getting some containment on this fire. with the fourth year of drought happening, we have a lot of dry
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brush, a lot of dry vegetation very erratic winds that we're dealing with so our biggest concern is to start getting some containment around this and make sure people are safe in those evacuation areas. >> amy head from cal fire joining us. we mentioned the people being safe. we also said three hikers have already been rescued. any other people in danger right now as far as you know? >> there is the conanyon creek campground that is under evacuation as well as the mix canyon area we are evacuating. i do not have an exact number of homes in the area. it's as i say, we're work on that number. we do have some road closures along 128 and are asking people to stay out of the area to make sure they are safe as well. >> 0% containment at this point. amy, thank you for your time. we'll check back with you later through this newscast and through the night. we appreciate your time. let's accepted things over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. you heard the captain talk about
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the types of conditions they're dealing with very steep terrain, it's very very smoky. what are we talking about in terms of heat and wind. >> the wind is coming out of the south-southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. we don't see any wind gusts ranging 40 to 60 miles per hour so no major windstorm but it is very erratic in these canyons so wind gusts as high as 20 miles per hour can take some erratic turns and shift on those firefighters. we want to put a locator on this fire. it's to the north and east of downtown napa. again, to the south of lake berryessa. that's the closest landmark to this fire that's burning right now. there's so much smoke right now, it's actually getting picked up on the scanning doppler radar. that's not rain but it's smoke moving into winters and eventually we think by tonight that smoke will be moving into sacramento. if you're traveling on interstate 80 you're definitely going to be impacted with that smoke. as we leave you, we want to show you more pictures of this fire. you can see how the plumes are moving just very very forcefully in that one direction. that again is from those
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southwesterly winds blowing the smoke off to the north and also the east. i'll have a detailed forecast in about 15 minutes. >> and again, this is really a fast-moving fire. it started just this afternoon around 2:45 and quickly as you can see spread very very smoky, making it difficult for firefighters to deal with that area. two campgrounds of big concern. you can see a fire line there that looks like it's been started by firefighters to try to keep the fire in check and keep it moving in the direction that they want. the canyon creek campground and the mix canyon campground captain head from the solano county cal fire also told us that they're not sure if any homes are in this area, but those campgrounds do have those structures so we'll continue to monitor the situation. we did send out some breaking news alerts when the fire started. if you want to be a part of that and get updates on your phone any time anything happens, just download the nbc bay area app. it is, by the way, free and available for you. we're following another major story this evening of the an officer killed in the line of duty. the hayward police chief says
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this is a devastating and dark day. there are many new developments. sergeant scott longer was shot to death. the 48-year-old was a 15-year veteran of the force. the driver of a pickup truck shot him during a traffic stop early this morning. a few hours later, a chilling sight, the motorcade transporting longer's body from the hospital. late this afternoon, hayward's police chief remembered longer as a, quote, batman. >> he inspired people every day. an incredible friend a great father, a brother, a husband, a partner. we have really suffered a tremendous loss today. >> emotional for so many people. we have multiple reports this evening. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in dublin the hometown of sergeant longer but we begin with jodi hernandez live at the hayward police department. jodi. >> reporter: raj, i'll tell you
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it's been a very tough day here. folks here in hayward are really hurting. you can see all the flowers and mementos that have been pouring into the hayward police department. the police chief says they have lost a true warrior. sergeant scott longer gunned down this morning, mere seconds after he pulled over a reckless driver. >> he inspired people every day. an incredible friend a great father, a brother, a husband, a partner. >> reporter: hayward police chief diane urban describes the incredible loss they're dealing with after one of their finest was killed in the line of duty. police say sergeant scott longer was shot and killed after he pulled over a pickup truck driving erratically through a hayward neighborhood at about 3:00 this morning. >> sergeant longer got out of the car and approached the driver side of the vehicle. the driver shot sergeant longer
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without warning. >> partner down partner down. >> reporter: police say the officer's partner fired back into the suspect's vehicle. a short time later, the bullet-riddled truck was found abandoned in east oakland. late today, the chief announced they have arrested a suspect, an oakland man who's being treated for gunshot wounds at highland hospital. >> we do have a suspect in custody. marc anthony estrada. he turned 21 years old just four days ago on the 18th of july. >> reporter: investigators spent the day searching the suspect's east oakland house. neighbors say estrada is from a good, hard-working family. they can't believe it. >> he's a good kid. he's always very respectful so i'm shocked. i'm shocked, because he has never come across as a problem. >> reporter: again, that suspect has been identified tonight as marc anthony estrada.
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he's 21 years old and from oakland. the chief says he's not in a gang but he is associated wpith gangs. again, this is the first police officer killed in the line of duty in hayward in nearly three decades. the chief calling it a dark and devastating day. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you jodi. all across the bay area law enforcement agencies have lowered their flags to half staff in honor of sergeant longer. let's turn things over to nbc bay area's michelle roberts. she continues our coverage in dublin where sergeant longer grew up. dublin is a very very tight community where a lot of folks know each other. >> reporter: that's right. he's touched so many lives here in this community and throughout the east bay. of course his co-workers calling him a wonderful man and co-worker. people who didn't know him are thankful for his service. this is the scene throughout the bay area flags flying at half
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mast, like here in dublin outside the police station. >> i always tell the officers to have a safe day. >> reporter: she says brentwood is a place where people know their neighbors. >> it's pretty close so it hits home. >> reporter: she calls sergeant longer a good customer who would often stop by the brentwood cafe on his way to work. >> very nice guy. very nice guy. family man. >> reporter: 48-year-old longer leaves behind a wife and two daughters in brentwood. he graduated from dub lick high school in the '80s where he played football and baseball. he also volunteered at the day labor center in hayward, alongside gabriel hernandez. >> and i'm sorry for the family and for the police department. >> reporter: hernandez describes scott longer as the big teddy bear who had the ability to put people at ease. >> no one deserves to lose their life like that. >> reporter: today his co-workers called the 15-year veteran an ideal police officer, member of the s.w.a.t. team and gang unit and a loyal friend. >> it is a tragedy that this has
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happened that someone has done this. but we are pulling together as an organization the department is devastated. >> reporter: while the hayward police department mourns the loss of one of their own -- >> every time i see something like that it just makes me very sad. >> reporter: many people in the east bay are saying thank you to the men and women who serve. >> they put their life on the line every day, every minute that they work. >> reporter: tonight at 8:00 there is a vigil scheduled in his honor at the hayward city hall. reporting live in dublin michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle thank you. we're constantly updating this story on our digital platform so you can find each new turn in this investigation on our free app, also our facebook and twitter pages. there's a big shift in store for the san jose police department. the police chief late today announced he is retiring after three decades of service. he worked his way up the ranks until officially being named chief two years ago. the chief says he plans to stay
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at his post until this coming january. we had a one-on-one conversation with the chief on his decision. he also had advice for his successor. that is coming up in a live report in about 20 minutes. one problem after another. santa clara county paid $75 million for its state-of-the-art crime lab, but since that crime lab opened in 2009 on west heading street in san jose that lab has been plagued with structural issues. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us from that crime lab with a look at the newest problem. >> reporter: raj, there it is behind me. the window panel came crashing down just a few days ago here at the forensics crime lab in san jose. the mystery only adds to the list of issues affecting this crime lab. they help solve some of the county's most notorious crimes. technicians have been testing dna samples at the new santa clara county crime lab since 2009. but that's also the year they started seeing problems with the new building. a faulty seal on a rooftop pump
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broke, forcing a leak. then two civil grand juries investigated bacteria in a water pipe. bacteria that can cause leej legionnaire's disease and now this. >> so there's a broken window? oh i see. >> reporter: county workers discovered a broken glass panel and vandalism doesn't seem to be the cause. county workers say they haven't been told about it. >> what's wrong with the window? >> i just got back, i don't know. >> reporter: the county supervisor told me he hadn't been told about the glass panel either, and if it's a structural issue, then he said he'd be very concerned. via text message, he said quote, this building when constructed was celebrated as best in its class. if there are defects, we will get to the bottom of it. the county said they'd try to get back to me by 2:00 with a possible answer as far as what the problem here might be.
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we never heard back from them. we'll call them again tomorrow. we're live in san jose i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. let's take you back outside. 700 acres of white smoke and spreading. this is a fire we're following in napa near lake berryessa. it's near two campgrounds that are being evacuated. more when we come back. these dry trees are a product of the drought, but they're at risk of toppling during a big storm. coming up find out why washington district officials are asking you to prioritize your water use to prevent mudslides. also this piece of furniture has killed two toddlers. the message the store is sending out to help keep kids safe.
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napa wildfire update this is near lake berryessa... live pictures now from our breaking news, this wildfire in napa county.
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you see the fire craft here fighting the fire from the aerial attack. this is near lake berryessa. this has been burning nearly four hours. we were just updated, 0% containment so this could be the beginning of a very long firefight. it started with a vehicle collision, which sparked the flames. so far 700 acres, and this is near a popular hiking area in fact three hikers have been rescued in cold canyon which is near lake berryessa. two campgrounds have also been evacuated. all the smoke you're seeing is blowing towards davis and sacramento in the central valley. some other stories now it's being called a targeted attack. a husband and wife beaten with baseball bats as they slept in their east bay home. police say the suspects are still on the run. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in brentwood with the latest. >> reporter: 4:00 this morning, police came to this quiet well-to-do cul-de-sac in brentwood on the report of a home invasion and possible assault. what they found inside that brown one-story building was
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john and ann russo, husband and wife both of them beaten with baseball bats. police say three men broke into the house through a rear glass door. >> the wife was sleeping on the couch. she was assaulted with a baseball bat. and the husband was sleeping in the master bedroom, where he too was assaulted with a baseball bat. >> reporter: the woman's arm was broken. she had head injuries. the husband was far worse. they were both taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek. >> the wife was treated, remains in stable condition. the husband is still being treated and i believe is in critical condition. >> reporter: the suspects described by the wife as two hispanic males and one black male in their teens or early 20s. the house was not ransacked. it does not appear anything was taken. >> what are you looking at? >> we're not sure at this point. one thing i'm fairly confident in saying is that it was not a random act of violence. it appears that these people were targeted. we're just not sure what the motive is at this time. we're still working on it. >> reporter: lieutenant silva
6:17 pm
tells me he needs help from the people in this neighborhood someone who might have seen something. he says one of the neighbors actually had a security camera. they're going to be looking at the pictures from that. and they're frankly hoping for more. reporting from brentwood, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> mark thank you. it's hard to imagine in this drought but a major gateway into yosemite park is off limits tonight because of a mudslide. here's new video of the mess on highway 140 in el portal. heavy rains last night covered the roadway with large boulders and debris. you see it here. several travelers were stranded but thankfully no one was hurt. the slide happened in an area where a large wildfire happened last summer. it's still unclear when highway 140 will reopen. mudslides just one of the potential problems we may be facing this winter if el nino predictions are accurate. it seems that what you're doing to save water during the drought now could put you at risk during the next big storm. marianne favro joins us now with
6:18 pm
why experts say you may have to change your watering strategy. >> reporter: because of concerns about el nino and possible flooding, the santa clara county water district wants you to prioritize which plants you water in your yard. jerry hopes his hillside backyard will stay in place during the next big storm. he's already experienced mudslides here. >> we had niagara falls here in our backyard. >> reporter: but now because of the drought, he only waters his plants once a week and has stopped watering his trees altogether, so he's concerned about winter rains. >> because of the fact that they haven't had much water in what four years now, that may be a problem. >> reporter: rick austin a vegetation expert at the santa clara valley water district agrees. >> if the plants are all defoliate defoliated, if they're absent now because of the drought, then you've got a bare hillside that water is going to come piling down. >> reporter: he says dry trees are stressed trees that may have a shrunken root system and brittle branches making them much more likely to topple
6:19 pm
during a big storm. according to noaa's climate prediction center there's a favorable chance of el nino hitting california this winter yet we're still in a drought, which is why to prevent mudslides the water district wants you to prioritize the very limited you do use. essentially let your grass go brown and focus on keeping the plants alive that could stabilize a hillside during heavy rains. austin also recommends you aerate your lawn. >> the ground is rock hard so instead of any infiltration, any water coming in is going to run off. >> reporter: it's a delicate balancing act, preserving a limited resource while protecting your home from mudslides. experts say if you do live on a hillside plants like ice plant offer a win-win because they're drought tolerant and can prevent mudslides. reporting in san jose marianne favro, nbc bay area news. from san jose we want to get up to napa county now.
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we've been following this wildfire for a couple hours. this is about the most dramatic images we've seen thus far. this is just south of lake berryessa. you can see the wind direction, you see the smoke and you see those flames intense. right now 0% containment and homes and structures are being threatened. a lot of people are being evacuated. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we've been following this and like the cal fire official said this is growing and it continues to. >> yeah, and we think it likely could grow even at the same rate because the winds will stay gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. we've seen them hit this by air and they're probably getting in on it by foot as well but it's going to be a slow go the next 24 hours. this likely could take another two to four days to get containment on it with the way that it is spreading currently. you can see those smoke plumes in some fashion going directly up into the air, but there is a strong southwesterly wind and right now that's pushing a lot of the smoke towards woodland also towards sacramento. if you need a locator on this fire, it is just south of lake
6:21 pm
berryessa. winds again south-southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. we don't really see it gusting hire than that for tonight, so that's a small bit of good news for the firefighters but it's still very erratic in the canyons. temperature of 80 degrees, humidity at 35%. right now route 128 is closed as we have been reporting, and the fire really is centered right near rag canyon road. that's why it's called the wragge fire at this point. as you get a look at the forecast for this fire winds do not look to gust above 30 miles per hour in the next 24 hours. nighttime we'll have some recovery humidity at 85%. daytime humidity will be down to 40% for tomorrow. we need this fire to be extinguished by this weekend, because next week we'll likely head into triple-digit territory and that would be again, another worst case scenario for these firefighters that are already dealing with these dry conditions and our four-year drought. to get a look outside the sky camera network right now, thankfully we did get some cooling today.
6:22 pm
temperatures in the low 70s and we have fog returning across san francisco and the peninsula. tomorrow it stays mild with 80 in the south bay, tri-valley and also the north bay will average low 80s. we're tracking more in your forecast and i'll have more details in 25 minutes. >> all right, we'll see you shortly. we will continue to follow this fire, the direction it's going. as jeff mentioned, it could be several days like we saw last year in this area. it could be several days until this has been extinguished. also coming up super prices for the super bowl. the staggering amount people will pay to stay in the bay area during next year's super bowl.
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napa wildfire update this is near lake berryessa... we've seen a lot of water drops... using lake beres back to our coverage of the wildfire near lake berryessa. you see down below all the smoke and the flames. we've seen a lot of water drops in the past 90 minutes, specifically using lake berryessa which is right there.
6:25 pm
you can see it as our helicopter pulls out. structures are now being threatened. 0% containment, more than 700 acres and three hikers have been rescued in cold canyon. now, the smoke is blowing towards davis. in fact reports now from the davis and sacramento area that the skies there are extremely smokily and dangerous for breathing conditions. we'll stay on this throughout the evening. potential dresser danger. ikea is issuing a safety warning about potentially deadly risks involving 27 million pieces of its furniture. in the last year two children have -- two years pardon me two children have died when ikea dressers toppled over and fell on the children. the company is offering free wall anchoring kits. the nationwide repair problem involves 20 other chests and dressers. now, you can get the kit at any ikea store, online or order it. as with any dresser, ikea or
6:26 pm
not, all dressers should be anchored to the walls. thousands of uc employees are about to get a pay raise. they are raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. they are the third largest employer in california and the pay increase will start gradually this october and be in full swing by the fall of 2017. the uc system is the first public university to set a minimum wage that differs from the state standard. more from our fire in napa county. it's now 1,000 acres and still growing. more news coming up next. and then killed in the line of duty. the details we're learning tonight about a bay area officer killed in the line of duty. and a green light for youberuber. a deal that's making waves in the big apple. stay with us.
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napa county. firefighters are let's take you back to the sight of this very wind-whipped very smoky fire that started in napa county. it is now moving into yolo county. at 5:00 this afternoon it was more than 700 acres and it is growing. at this point 0% containment. very rugged terrain. it is threatening some structures near the canyon camp ground and mix campground. this afternoon some hikers have been evacuated and rescued from this area. very smoky, three hikers in fact. you can see the cloud, the huge plume and this is growing fast.
6:30 pm
right now there's six tankers out there, bulldozers water tenders. cal fire giving it everything it's got at this point to try to stop it before it continues to rage. we'll have a full update for you a little later in this newscast. a tragic day is turning into an emotional night. hundreds of people are expected for a candlelight vigil honoring hayward police sergeant scott lunger. he was killed in the line of duty this morning. sergeant lunger had stopped a car driving erratically. moments later, shots rang out. tonight a suspect is in custody and several communities are in mourning. jodi hernandez joins us from the hayward pd with the latest on the investigation. jodi. >> reporter: raj, the hayward police chief says that this department is really suffering. she says sergeant scott lunger as you can see here was a warrior, a leader who inspired others every day. today, july 22nd 2015, became his end of watch.
6:31 pm
>> we have really suffered a tremendous loss today. and the world is a little bit worse for him being gone. >> scott loved this job, he did it eagerly. it is a tragedy that this has happened that someone has done this. >> reporter: calling it a dark and devastating day, hayward police are dealing with the loss of one of their finest. they say sergeant scott lunger was shot and killed after he pulled over a pickup truck driving erratically through a hayward neighborhood at about 3:00 this morning. >> my partner down partner down. >> reporter: police say the officer's partner fired back into the suspect's vehicle. a short time later, the bullet-riddled truck was found abandoned in east oakland. >> based on the information from the vehicle, we have identified a person of interest. >> reporter: tonight hayward's police chief says they have arrested a suspect, 21-year-old marc anthony estrada, an oakland man they say has ties to a gang. >> he's being treated for
6:32 pm
gunshot wounds at a highland hospital. he is in police custody. he is under guard. >> reporter: they spent the day searching the suspect's east oakland house. neighbors say estrada is from a good family. they're stunned. >> i just feel for his parents. i just feel -- and we -- we're definitely praying for the officer and his family because i don't know how that could have happened because he's a good kid. >> reporter: we're back here live where you're looking at all the flowers and mementos that have been pouring in here. people who didn't even know the officer are breaking down as they come here to pay their respects. they say they want the family to know that the community is with them. i am told that this is the first police officer killed in the line of duty here in hayward in nearly three decades. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. condolences are pouring in online for sergeant lunger including from agencies across california and the nation. here in the bay area foster
6:33 pm
city police tweeted, quote, we mourn as a department and a community with the hayward pd. we offer our condolences to the family of sergeant scott lunger. lapd also reached out, sending its condolences to hayward pd for their loss. officers with the new york police department tweeted, quote, our thoughts this afternoon are with our family and friends of hayward pd sergeant scott lunger killed in the line of duty today. >> lunger is the second bay area police officer killed in the line of duty this year. a suicidal man shot san jose police officer michael johnson back in march. police returned fire in that case and killed the suspect. officer johnson was a 14-year veteran of san jose pd. we are constantly updating our digital platforms on this story in hayward. you can find the latest on the investigation on our nbc bay area app and on our facebook and twitter feeds. well tonight san jose's top cop is announcing he's retiring. after 30 years on the force, chief larry escavel rose from
6:34 pm
the ranks to be named police chief two years ago. he announced he will step down in january. robert, i know you sat down with the chief one on one to talk about why he's doing this and who will fill his spot. >> reporter: well that's right, jessica. you know at 5:00 we talked a little bit earlier about the progress the department has made. he had a lot to say about, for example, the body worn cameras program going on but now he shared more personal thoughts about taking on such a troubled department and seeing light at the end of the trouble. chief larry escavel spent 30 years with the police rising to the top of the department over the turmoil over pensions that led to a mass exodus of officers. >> there's been ups and downs and ebbs and flows and not only accolades but headache and heart ache at times. >> reporter: today the chief announced he's leaving in january of 2016 after two years on the job. >> to be honest with you,
6:35 pm
robert i don't mind saying it it was a huge learning curve, from a deputy chief to the chief of a major city department. >> reporter: his advice for his successor -- >> i think in being realistic with what we can do and what we can't do being honest and being transparent. >> reporter: assistant chief eddie garcia will become the interim chief and he praised him. >> we're in a position to rebuild here and he's one of the reasons that we're in that position to do that because he's gotten us in the starting blocks. >> reporter: as interim chief, what are your top priorities then? >> continuing on what we're doing now, quite frankly. the number one priority is staffing. >> reporter: well, the chief says if there's one thing he can now say he dislikes about the job, negative media coverage. well, i did ask. anyway, right now the city has not announced any plans for its search for a new chief. live in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert thank you. terrifying moments for a palo alto mom. she woke up from a nap with her
6:36 pm
toddler to find a prowler attempting to break in. 44-year-old derrick pitts was arrested. police say he tried to pry open several doors at the home on carlson court yesterday afternoon. this is near mitchell park. after the mother spotted him, she quickly called police. officers don't believe this case is linked to two other recent reports of prowlers in palo alto. police are on the lookout for a missing dock worker. ivan geeter was last seen thursday at 2:00 in the morning leaving his home in alameda county. he told his wife he was headed for a job at the port of oakland but never came back home. anyone with information is urged to call the alameda county sheriff's office. uber strikes a big deal in the big apple. new york city was ready to cap the number of cars uber can operate but city leaders have put the brakes on that for now. they have agreed to a four-month study on the impact of its cars on traffic and the environment in the big apple. there will be no cap on how many cars uber can operate during
6:37 pm
this four-month period. the new york city council is ready to vote on limiting uber tomorrow. the city's mayor says uber is the leading cause of traffic in new york. i want to give you one more aerial view from our live nbc chopper over that fire near lake berryessa in napa county. there is smoke and lots of flames as firefighters try to extinguish this. right now having a very tough time 0% containment. more when we come back. and i'm janelle wang. i'll have the latest coming up.
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back to our breaking news
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our coverage of this fire in napa county. you can see lake berryessa on the right side of your screen. you can see part of the smoke here. the smoke is much larger than what you're seeing here but the smoke heading east towards the central valley. in fact if you're in fairfield you can see it. davis and sacramento covered now with the smoke. more than 700 acres. some reports of 1,000 acres. it's been burning since about 2:30 this afternoon. we'll continue to follow this story and the homes, or the structures we should say that are being threatened now because of this fire in napa county near lake berryessa. well, the simple act of getting a passport is making headlines today in human rights circles. the photo of the disdenting chinese artist is big news. he had his passport confiscated by the government more than four years ago. at that time he was in prison for three months. since then he's been speaking through his art, like a popular installation that's currently at alcatraz island that was there last year. he says he doesn't know why
6:41 pm
china's government all of a sudden returned his passport. he is scheduled to travel to ireland in september. twitter has announced this week it will large an on line safety center for its users. people will be able to set security settings and read up on privacy policies all in one place. twitter says the safety center will better help track and cut down on online harassment. super bowl mmxvi, are you read -- super bowl 2016 -- zephyr"... is charging a thousand dollars a night during the ones that aren't like san francisco's hotel zephyr are charging $1,000 a night during that weekend. 500% higher than what travelers are paying this summer. hotel and ticket combos are running more than $10,000. a person. >> jeff ranieri and i are going
6:42 pm
to rent out our homes and move in with you for a week. >> bring it on. i'll charge you both rent. >> so we won't make anything. >> we need to make some money with all this. >> the airbnb thing? >> nbcbnb. >> i like that. we are tracking that forecast. of course we do have the fire up in napa county. i'll have details on the wind gust with that and details on how much longer this comfortable weather will last in just a few minutes.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
table. today, a federal indictment against the young man, accused of ll the death penalty is on the table. today a federal indictment against the young man accused of killing nine people inside of that south carolina church. janelle wang joins us now with details of these charges and more on the motive. >> raj, today the justice department said dylann roof wanted to ignite a race war and he researched and sought out the ame church in charleston. >> thank you for coming. >> reporter: u.s. attorney general loretta lynch announced today that a federal grand jury has indicted dylann roof on 33 counts. the charges include murder
6:45 pm
firearms violations and a hate crime, which normally is difficult to prove, but the a.g. says she has evidence. >> an essential element of his plan was to find his victims inside of a church. specifically an african-american church, to ensure the greatest notoriety and attention to his actions. >> reporter: the justice department said roof had a perception that african-americans had committed wrongs against whites and for that he wanted to seek revenge. authorities found racist postings online. the 21-year-old was also seen in pictures holding the confederate flag. then last month police say roof walked into bible study at the history mother emanuel church in charleston south carolina armed with a.45 glock pistol and eight loaded magazines, they say he opened fire killing nine parishioners. >> mother emanuel was his destination, specifically because it was a historically african-american church of significance to the people of charleston, of south carolina and to the nation. >> the u.s. attorney general
6:46 pm
says the hate crime charge carries a potential death penalty, but the justice department has not made a decision yet on whether to seek that. roof also faces criminal charges in south carolina but that state does not have a hate crime statute. jessica. >> all right, thank you very much janelle. let's take you back outside to that fire we've been telling you about near lake berryessa. cal fire now confirming this fire has grown just since we've been on the air, now at 1,000 acres. there is a small level of containment now, about 5% but they have a long way to go. the fire started around 2:30 this afternoon and quickly spread through that area. it is now also entering the yolo county area. this is a popular hiking area. three hikers rescued in cold canyon. two campgrounds evacuated and the smoke is blowing toward davis and sacramento. >> it could be a long few days ahead of us for firefighters. jeff ranieri joins us now. you recall last year in this area it was more than a week firefighters were on that fire. >> we definitely could be in a situation here with at least
6:47 pm
three to five days before we get containment. just based on how fast this has spread over the past four hours. firefighters are attacking this by air, by multiple different aircraft. you can see in the video back here behind me the smoke columns seem to be going straight up in the atmosphere but there's a strong southwesterly push that's moving a lot of this toward the sacramento valley. if you're traveling on interstate 80 you will definitely run into that smoke. if you're heading close toward sacramento, you can see the helicopter pilot pans out here just how expansive this fire again has become. it almost looks like it's been burning for days but just hours at this point. so let's take you to the forecast. and again, this fire is just to the south of lake berryessa. winds out of the southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. and the good news in my forecast tonight is we do not expect winds to exceed 50 miles per hour, so we're not looking at a major wind event. it's just the fact that this will be very erratic when those winds get going in the canyons. it's going to make it tough for
6:48 pm
the firefighters and also a steep elevation. route 128 is closed as we've been reporting, and that fire is right near wragge canyon road. it's obviously grown a lot larger than that. as we go ahead and get a look what you're going to find in the forecast is that winds are out of the south-southwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we expect it to stay pretty much the same as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. humidity during the daytime will continue to drop to around 40% and they want to get containment of this by this weekend because as we head into next week temperatures could likely hit 100 degrees in that area so not good news when it comes to that upcoming forecast. as we take you to tomorrow morning's weather, we have upper 50s and also low 60s. the fog will come back areas of drizzle in san francisco and also the peninsula. our forecast has been ruled by this trough of low pressure the past 24 hours. that's the main reason why temperatures dropped for today. that's going to keep the fog right up against the immediate
6:49 pm
coastline for the morning hours the next two days and then eventually looking ahead toward the weekend, yes, it does warm up but it's not going to get extremely hot. no 100s expected to come our way, at least through saturday and also on sunday. so let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout thursday. comfortable day in san jose 80 and sunny skies for the peninsula. 63 and foggy in pacifica, 69 in san mateo and palo alto up to 78. san francisco stays in the 60s with typical fog in the marina back towards the financial district. you'll get some breaks of sun. and for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, a mix of weather here. we'll have low 80s up into napa county where the fire is currently burning. back towards 76. oakland in the east bay at 68 and ten degrees warmer back at fremont at 79. the tri-valley will stay out of the 90s. 78 at danville it's going to feel like the ac is on out there across the tri-valley. all right, let's go ahead and get you into the weekend forecast. you can see as we head
6:50 pm
throughout saturday and sunday low 80s expected for the south bay. san francisco upper 60s and low 70s. the north bay will hold on to mid-80s. once again, that forecast will get a lot hotter next week so we hope they get this extinguished in the next two or three day period. also ahead, we've got some sports to talk about. jed yoeshrk the 49ers owner, with some curious comments about the 49ers culture. and guess what the giants swinging through san diego. geraud moncure is next. k this out. with xfinity home we get 24/7 professional monitoring and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching] [baby crying] don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today.
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t alarm, just roll out of bed anytime, it appears okay want an egg mcmuffin, no need to set the alarm, just roll out of bed any time. it appears the golden arches will soon offer breakfast all day long. the company is notifying
6:53 pm
franchise owners to stock up on pancakes for potential breakfast any time kickoff come october. mcdonald's has already been testing the idea in san diego and a few other cities and apparently breakfast any time all day has been a hit. >> pancakes at 5:00 p.m.? >> that sounds fantastic. >> let's bring in geraud moncure from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. big day for the giants. >> absolutely. chance to win another series after the all-star break with the day off tomorrow and a chance to take another road series after the break. giants taking full advantage of the getaway today at petco park. rubber match of the series versus the padres. pick this up in the top of the sixth, pads up 1-0. but this one over the deep wall in center field ties the game at 1-1. an inning later, para board for buster posey. matt kemp plays indecisively.
6:54 pm
3-1 lead. top eight now, dale sayer greeted by brandon crawford. the shortstop's 14th homer of the year. giants win big, 7-1, as crawford continues to crush at the plate. >> i haven't really changed anything. i mean maybe there was something in my swing that i just -- i didn't see or didn't feel and get a couple of days off and it helped. >> are you going for the home run title? >> i don't see why not. >> jeremy affeld reinstated after missing the last 20 games with a shoulder strain. he struggled a bit together giving up a hit and a walk without recording an out in the eighth inning. what did the warriors and the 49ers have in common? a lot if you ask 49ers ceo jed york. york made these comments to the
6:55 pm
monday morning quarterback today. culture is huge. you look at the golden state warriors. they were the dumbest team in the nba for letting mark jackson go who won the most games in the franchise's history. they bring in steve kerr. kerr changes the culture, comes in with a different perspective and look what happens. york is hoping of course jim tomsula does for the 49ers what kerr did for the dubs but that might be asking a lot. learning day in alameda as female raiders executives taught more than 100 young women about what they do as part of the first youth empowerment summit. the girls also took part in confidence building skills and learned the importance of fitness and continuing their education. >> there are women in every role in our industry and it is very realistic for anyone interested man or woman, boy or girl, to work in the nfl. finally, remote-control car
6:56 pm
drag racing just one of the many competitions today for indy driver graham and his dragster fiancee, courtney force. grape stomping was another thing with where the couple went head to head in several competitions as they get ready for an nhra race at sonoma. they are competitive in their perspective series with rayhall third in indycar points and force the nhra's winningest female driver. raj, back to you. let's take you back outside and give you a final look here. this is the fire we've been following since this afternoon. this is near lake berryessa in napa county. lots of smoke, lots of flames. a thousand acres now at least and about 5% containment. we've seen this fire grow rapidly since 2:30 this afternoon. jeff ranieri is here with us. jeff, you've been saying that one of the key things here is they need to get this contained before the weekend, because it's going to get much hotter. >> definitely.
6:57 pm
our forecast shows by next tuesday, wednesday, possibly by thursday, upper 90s to about 100 potentially in the same area where this fire is burning right now. so again, the next three or four days is always critical but it's especially critical with that hot, hot weather coming next week. now, you can see the smoke plumes are very impressive. it looks like this has been burning for days but again it's just been since this afternoon. and here's the smoke plume on our doppler radar. again, that green is not rain it's smoke. that's blowing right over dixon, davis and heading right towards sacramento. now, the forecast keeps winds in the area anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the southwest over the next 24 hours. so a lot of folks in the bay area won't smell that smoke, but if you live in sacramento or are heading that way, you're definitely going to encounter it. as for our forecast we have the fog coming back for the morning and we have 70s inland for tomorrow. it looks really beautiful. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening.
6:58 pm
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