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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 2, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside...... oakland good morning to you. the time is 7:00. we want to start you off this sunday with a live look outside at oakland. bit of a cloud cover and fog across the entire bay area this morning. hi there, i am vicky nguyen. thanks for waking up with us. let's get a check of the micro climate forecast with anthony slaughter. good morning to you. >> good morning. cloudy this morning, one you want to stay in, cuddle under the down comforter. it is mild. temperatures in the 60s, cloud cover in every single location. we have showers, another day of
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showers falling in the desert southwest, socal, near sierra. keep in mind if traveling across the state today, especially across the sierra and northern california, you'll run into rain. at home, another dry day. temperatures in the low to mid-60s this afternoon. at the coastline, temperatures in the upper 60s. san francisco at 68 degrees, mix of sun and clouds. north bay and east bay, temperatures range from the 70s to 80s. it will be warm in the tri-valley. temperatures yesterday got close to 90 degrees. today closer to 80. less humidity, less heat. that continues this upcoming week. we have a hurricane making its way to hawaii. we will talk about that. >> and will that effect weather here? >> probably not. if traveling. >> last trip before school starts. anthony, thank you. we begin with continuing coverage of several major wildfires in northern california. california governor jerry brown describes the state as a tinder box, declaring a state of
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emergency. this map shows the locations of many of the more than 20 major fires going on now. in one county, lightning sparked more than 50 small fires. in lake county, the rocky fire is now 46,000 acres this morning, and still blowing. that's the largest fire burning in the state. despite water drops, firefighters made little progress the past few days. that fire just 5% contained. 24 homes have been destroyed and hundreds of people forced to leave the area. we have also learned that santa clara county firefighters are headed to the frontlines of that fire. they have a tough fight ahead of them. cal fire tells us terrain is steep and rugged where the fire is currently burning. one out of state firefighter has already died on the job. they say even though it is burning away from homes now, things can change quickly in hot and windy conditions. >> the drought is causing significant fire behavior in this area. a lot of this area, although it
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seems rural, has quite a few homes spread through the area. >> some good news. firefighters are nearly done fighting the wildfire near lake barry he is a. it is 95% contained. good weather is helping there. happening now. it will be another slow trip across the bay today. that's because b.a.r.t. is not running from oakland to san francisco. day two of the transbay tube closure happens today, while crews work on maintenance and fixing the tracks. want to give you a live look at traffic above ground, that's the bay bridge. things are moving nicely at this early hour. the closure means b.a.r.t. riders have to find alternate routes. b.a.r.t. had a bus bridge set up with 90 buses going between downtown oakland and san francisco. overall b.a.r.t. ridership was down by half as the tube was closed for work on the aging crossover track system. the ferry was also a popular alternate. >> i would take b.a.r.t. any day of the week, this is faster, i don't want to sit in traffic an
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hour, hour and a half. >> the san francisco bay ferry expanded its service and ridership up 24%. 2500 riders use the ferry between oakland, alameda and san francisco. another transbay closure is expected over labor day weekend. our coverage continues online at you'll find detailed information to get you around with minimum delay during the closure. it is one of our top stories on the website. now to hayward where a woman was hit and killed by a union pacific train. investigators are trying to figure why she was on the trucks. she was struck yesterday afternoon by a train heading southbound at industrial parkway and pacific street. a hayward fire department spokesperson says the victim appeared to be in her early 40s. she has not been identified. witnesses say she may not have heard the oncoming train. new details on the three alarm house fire that ignited in the east san jose foothills and left one family homeless.
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a mother, father, and their four young children escaped with only what they were wearing after flames erupted from their 7,000 square foot home. you can see powerful flames bursting through the roof there. it happened yesterday at 3:00 in the morning. the family is currently staying at another home. meanwhile, a neighbor is using social media to get the word out that the family needs help. >> i have posted on next door and facebook, all of the things they need, looking for people anywhere in san jose that might be willing to donate clothes, clean clothes, new clothes preferred, or diapers or food or gift cards to target, things like that so they can, you know, get through this really difficult time. >> that neighbor says in a few hours, at least ten stepped forward with donations like blankets, towels, and toys. police are searching for a parolee identified as a suspect in two incidents in downtown concord. they're looking for this man.
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52-year-old james beldin. he is a suspect in a robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. he is a registered sex offender. he is 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes. he was recently seen driving a gold 1991 honda accord with a california plate number you see at the bottom of the screen there. police say call 911 if you see him, he's considered dangerous. an east bay lawmaker is calling on residents to use the spirit of innovation and creativity to help defeat the drought. residents in the tri-valley loaded up on free recycled water this weekend. one of the water saving techniques they're using to conserve water in the state's historic drought. u.s. representative that represents the area hosted the event. they offered free water saving devices, tutorials on water efficient gardens and other tips. >> recycled water in the past was available for industrial
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users. now any resident can come get it. i love seeing the trucks driving throughout our community with recycled water tanks on the back. it is showing your neighbors that you don't have to go brown, you can have a green lawn. use recycled water to do so. >> these efforts appear to be working. tri-valley residents were asked to conserve 12%. the representative says they saved over 40%. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, good news out of zimbabwe after a day of conflicting reports, cecil the lion's pride mate is indeed alive and well. downtown drama, the shortcut in the south bay that's cutting patience for residents. stay with us. alto (adlib)
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the time is 7:09. let's give you a live look outside at palo alto. tough to see blue skies. anthony says it will clear up and be a little cooler today. new this morning, despite conflicting reports, another cherished lion connected to cecil is alive. authorities released this picture of jericho saying he is alive and well and being monitored. they say he was spotted with his pride and they were able to track his movements through his gps collar. rumor had it jericho had been shot dead not long after an american dentist killed his beloved and iconic partner cecil in an illegal hunt. officials say the two lions aren't blood related but befriended each other on a refuge in zimbabwe. wildlife authorities announce they're tightening rules for big game hunting. authorities say they've now suspended hunting of several species of big game in an area
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favored by hunters. they've also suspended bow and arrow hunts unless authorized by the director of national parks and wildlife authority. a piece of aircraft debris that washed up on an island in the indian ocean is from a boeing 777 the same type of aircraft as mh370, the malaysian plane. it washed up on a remote spot off the coast of africa this week. it was sent to a lab in southwest france for analysis. >> a piece of debris is not a game changer but obviously is a significant find. the piece of debris and its location will be analyzed to make sure that we haven't -- that we' have assessed the searh area. >> it could help pin point where the rest of the wreckage is. it is renewing hope to find out what happened as they ramp up the search of the indian ocean.
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still to come on today in the bay, the new school year is just around the corner. one bay area city is running short on teachers. why classroom jobs are hard to fill next. this morning, we have cloud cover across every single location. temperatures are mild to start the day, in the low 60s. we are going to see sunshine and talk about a hurricane headed to ohio coming up after this. hey foster farms!
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let's give you a live look outside now at dublin where traffic is moving nicely on 880. things are starting hazy across the bay. five to ten degrees cooler for most of us. anthony slaughter will be by with all of the forecast details. do not detour. that's the message downtown leaders are sending to drivers trying to cut through traffic by driving straight through downtown los gatos. they say the uptick is worse on
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weekends when beach crowds that want to avoid backup on highway 17 end up causing traffic jams on surface streets. starting yesterday, officers will be out to monitor traffic and issue citations. there are signs directing drivers to the freeway. locals want town leaders to go a step further. >> simple sign says ramp to 17 in los gatos closed would avert traffic. >> the main concern is safety. town officials say emergency vehicles could get caught in traffic jams. it is almost back to school time, but there's teacher trouble in san francisco. district leaders there are scrambling to make sure they have enough teachers for all students. at last count they were dozens short. today in the bay christie smith has more on the reason why the city is having such a tough time. >> i like teaching. >> reporter: claudia is a third grade teacher. she lives in a rent control unit, says surviving here isn't
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always easy. >> it is always very uncertain here in san francisco because the rents are so high, property value is going up so high. >> reporter: the school district has a growing issue on its hands. they need to fill dozens of teaching positions, and while cost of living is high, there's retirement and the pool of teachers is shrinking. >> california and the nation is facing a teacher shortage. it is a serious problem. >> reporter: san francisco school spokesperson says part of what happened is during the recession there was a drop in people pursuing teaching credentials. despite challenges, san francisco says recruiting efforts appear to be working. >> the result of those years of cuts, a lot of people left the teaching profession because they couldn't handle the annual cycle of pink slips. >> reporter: she says the average teacher makes about $69,500. less for new teachers. ken tray with united educators of san francisco says something
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needs to give. >> when the average home in san francisco is $1.3 million now and a new idealistic teacher making $52,000, do the math. >> reporter: there's a movement to push for options for things like affordable housing and use creative recruiting. >> we are exploring options with the district to increase affordable housing for educators. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. san francisco police department got a rare chance to let loose this weekend. they hosted one of the biggest motorcycle competitions of its kind. this year's motorcycle training and skills competition brought out an international group of competitors to embarcadero and san francisco. more than 50 officers from law enforcement agencies throughout the u.s. and mexico competed on timed obstacle courses. >> we are considered the super bowl of motorcycle competition. gets bigger and better every
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year. even with the huge area, we are running out of space for everybody. we have to look for bigger area to do it next year. >> the motorcycle and training skills competition benefits san francisco police foundation. great day to be out there racing. let's check in with anthony slaughter for the complete weekend forecast. >> did you notice how gray in the shot in san francisco yesterday. that's what we're looking at today. no big changes coming our way. cool at the coastline. santa cruz will be nice and sunny, but it will be a mix of sun and clouds for san francisco today. not the perfect beach day, but hey, it is the bay area. we head to the beach even when cloudy. the weekend forecast across the state, notice more sunshine today in parts of southern california, near las vegas. still a chance of shower activity near tahoe. they expect more thunderstorms in parts of the state, even in parts of northern parts of california. we may see showers and thunderstorms again today. across the bay area, we have cloud cover. temperatures are mild, in the low 60s.
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cloudy skies in every location, even the south bay where we see sunshine. we will see the sun later this afternoon. 84 degrees for the south bay. warm for inland valleys. peninsula and east bay see a mix of the low to mid 70s. nice and comfortable there, even the tri-valley, not as hot. temperatures yesterday were 90, today closer to 80. san francisco is at 68, not overly hot, but you'll see a good mix of sun and clouds. today is the last day of fremont festival of the arts. today at 10:00, end at 6:00 p.m. temperatures in free month 76 degrees. also happening today, at the fairgrounds in san jose, temperatures in the low 80s there. another nice sunny day coming your way. remember the spf, drink lots of water. we have high pressure continuing to keep most of the wet hot. hot in parts of the pacific northwest, usually where they don't see the heat. for us at home, it has brought
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in humidity, monsoonal showers. over the next few days, the showers and humidity move out and we see more marine influence on the weather. that means cool ocean air spills over the bay area every morning. we will see morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. may get a little drizzle at the coastline for the morning hours the next couple days. here is hurricane guillermo, category two, making it towards hawaii. expected to make landfall as a tropical storm on the big island or north of it. it will continue to make it through the island chains as it moves through. great news in all of this, they're expecting it to weaken. so it will just be a tropical storm, won't have a lot of wind with it but will have heavy rain. by wednesday, that's when it is expected to make landfall. if you have plans to go to hawaii, heads up, you'll run into an interesting scenario. at home, things are quiet. we don't have any rain, don't have humidity. a typical bay area weather the next few days.
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temperatures up to 80 today. tomorrow, cooler, hovering around 80. temperatures not as hot. creeping back up wednesday and thursday, and san francisco mix of morning clouds, afternoon sun. temperatures are comfortable where they should be near 70 degrees in the next couple days. no big changes but again, if you're headed to hawaii, heads up. >> we like what we see, thanks for that warning. coming up on today in the bay, a smart phone app helping the homeless, part of bay area proud series. don't go away. filled with computer engineering
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students dreaming of creating the next bay area colleges are filled with computer engineering students dreaming of creating the next billion dollar app. a group at one university says it is more interested in how many he can help rather than how much money it can make. garvin thomas has this morning's bay area proud. >> the lab at santa clara university, they have been
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around four years, with the goal of developing technology, much of it mobile, to help people in need. more often than nod that was in other countries. then they heard a surprising statistic and thought of it as an opportunity to help people in their own backyard. on the streets of san jose, there are many things the homeless must go without, but for a surprising number a mobile phone is not one of them. in fact, according to one study, 68% of homeless here have one. it is that much a part of modern life. >> the phone is that important. >> she is not an expert on the homeless but is an expert on technology. in her role at santa clara university lab, expert in using technology for good.
7:25 am
>> we can help somebody. >> reporter: which brings us to this project. her app meant specifically for homeless youth gives access about food, housing, medical care, to name a few. it has the potential to help 7,000 in santa clara county alone. >> trying to put technology to good use. i show you a demo. >> reporter: this project aims to bring ridesharing to remote portions of uganda. think of it as uber for rural africa. >> we take technology to them. making a difference for them. >> reporter: none of them likely get rich off their invention, but they're certainly enriching the lives of others. the app for the homeless is expansion of a previous program run through frugal integration lab, one that used text messages to alert the homeless to
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upcoming cold weather. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to and search bay area proud. still ahead on today in the bay, an exclusive interview with the man in charge of your water, pour, electric bill. >> big shoes to fill, small shoes to fill. >> different shoes. i'm tennis shoes. >> arriving in a criminal moment, what does michael picker have to say about how he will run it. a massive cheese recall. stay with us. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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live look outside. it is a little overcast and cooler. good morning, thanks for waking up with us. i am vicky nguyen with anthony slaughter who is standing by with a look at the micro climate forecast. a last day of the santa clara county fair. >> fremont festival, last day for some kids getting ready to go back to school. >> couple weeks. >> get ready. changes coming our way. as far as the weather goes, it has been the same thing every day, morning clouds, afternoon sun. it will remain that way the next couple days. if you travel across the state, heads up. we are going to talk about showers this afternoon, especially for tahoe, socal, even las vegas, it is raining there now. we have cloud cover for us here and across the bay area. marine layer we see every morning. later this afternoon, it will be comfortable. 60s and 70s around the coast and inner bay. we will see a warm day in inland valleys. no surprise. not as hot as it has been.
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tri-valley got close to 90 degrees, today close to 80. same for the south bay. still nice, less humidity, more sunshine. >> looking forward to it. anthony, thank you. we have continuing coverage of several major wildfires burning in california. governor jerry brown describes the state as a tinder box and declared a state of emergency. this map shows the location of many of the more than 20 major fires going on now. in one county, lightning sparked more than 50 small fires. in lake county, the rocky fire is now at 46,000 acres this morning. still growing. that's the biggest fire burning now in california. despite a lot of water drops, firefighters made little progress the past few days. the fire is just 5% containment. 24 homes have been destroyed, and hundreds of people have been forced to leave. we've also learned that santa clara county firefighters are headed up to the frontlines of that fire. they have a very tough fight ahead of them.
7:31 am
cal fire tells us terrain is steep and rugged in the area where the fire is currently burning. one out of state firefighter died on the job after wind turned quickly and trapped him. fire officials say even though the fire is burning away from homes now, things can change quickly in hot, windy conditions. >> the drought is causing significant fire behavior in this area. a lot of the area although it seems rural has quite a few homes spread through the area. >> good news, firefighters are nearly done fighting a wildfire near lake barry he is a. it is 95% contained. good weather is helping. we continue coverage on our nbc bay area app. we are updating also on facebook and twitter. happening now, another slow trip across the bay because b.a.r.t. is not running from oakland to san francisco. day two of the transbay tube closure begins today while crews
7:32 am
work on the tracks. give you a live look above ground at the traffic there on the bay bridge. things are still moving nicely at this early hour on sunday. the closure means b.a.r.t. riders have to find alternate routes. b.a.r.t. had a bus bridge set up with 90 buses going between downtown oakland and san francisco. ridership was down by half when the tube was closed for maintenance of the tracks. the ferry is a popular alternate. >> i would take b.a.r.t. any day of the week, this is faster, i don't want to sit in traffic for an hour, hour and a half. >> san francisco bay ferry expanded service and carried another 500 riders. ridership was up 25%. another transbay closure is expected. mark the calendars, that's labor day weekend. the new president of the state public utility commission is trying to rebuild the public's trust after leaked e-mails led to state and federal
7:33 am
investigations. in the first in depth tv interview, we sat down with chief reporter. >> it was intriguing, telling interview on several fronts. we talked about the criminal investigations, scandals that rocked the puc, what insiders call a cozy relationship with pg&e, and questions about his predecessor's legacy. taking over for michael, big shoes to fill, small shoes to fill? >> different shoes. i'm tennis shoes. >> an interesting contrast offered by michael picker after inheriting the most powerful seat with a powerful agency that determines what california residents pay for water, gas and electricity. the agency charged with setting the safety standards for utilities. the agency that federal officials say contributed to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. >> i'll be honest with you, this is probably the most frustrating
7:34 am
job i've ever had. >> in recent years, conflicts and controversies rocked the state public utilities commission. >> federal investigators are looking into the case. >> after an e-mail scandal led to on-going criminal investigations, last december the former president decided to step down. >> i surrender! don't shoot, i surrender. >> it was an iconic moment. all of the controversy and his last meeting he puts his arms up, says i surrender. what did the moment say to you? >> said it was a passing, i took note, tried to focus on my job. >> what's your read on his legacy? >> it is complicated. >> a legacy that ended after 65,000 e-mails became public, showing inappropriate access and interaction between puc and
7:35 am
pg&e. >> the e-mails are troubling, distressing, i will leave it to somebody better qualified than me to say whether it has been a crime or some kind of violation. >> michael picker took over after a lengthy government career in sacramento, including stints in the governor's office, treasurer's office, and with the mayor of sacramento. his decision to answer our questions months after taking over offers a stark contrast to his predecessor who regularly declined interviews and often worked to avoid public accountability. >> mr. peavy, mr. peavy, we would like to talk about your travels, sir. >> explain to us why the puc should pay for you to fly to and from los angeles, your home. >> i am headquartered in los angeles. you know, you are an extremely difficult person. >> what's the purpose in coming to napa to speak to the senate.
7:36 am
>> you're very antagonistic. you have a job to do. it is pathetic what you're doing. >> okay. >> pathetic. >> our reports the past two years questioned free travel to exotic destinations, by the former puc president. >> what's your position on accepting free travel from groups you regulate? >> never done it. i do think we need to get out and talk to people and meet with people, but i don't feel the need to have luxury. >> critics of mr. peavy said travel he accepted, more than $160,000, crossed the ethical line. will you cross that line? >> probably not. i stumble every day here. i think that's one i can avoid. >> under peavy, critics accused puc of acting like a lap dog instead of a watchdog.
7:37 am
repeated pipeline ex-employes and attack on the grid led picker to say pg&e may be too big to operate safely. >> i think we need to hold them accountable. if we find they're unable to actually perform, we have to figure out what we legally can do. nobody here actually knows what it would take to evoke a pge franchise. >> would you saber rattling, sending a message to pg&e you may be looking at a bigger picture? >> no, i am mapping out a work plan. >> the puc president mapped out an internal plan for his agency. he has ordered puc leaders to develop a code of conduct and hold e-mail training for staff. another priority for picker, a plan to modernize the agency and equip it with updated technology. >> puc is really kind of stale
7:38 am
and isolated in many respects and has not kept up with the times. >> picker acknowledges it will take time to rebuild an agency that has slowly unravelled for years. >> how do you want people to look back on the michael picker era? >> i think they should look back and see what the organization has done and probably not even notice that somebody new is in my chair. >> picker says he wants reform of the puc to go much deeper than just superficial repairs. how long will that take? he says california rate payers should notice a difference in about two years. finally, credit where credit is due. michael picker sat down and answered tough questions for more than an hour. potentially the dawn of a new era. with nbc bay area investigative unit, i am tony kovaleski. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call
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888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit some of our best stories come from tips and tweets. we have an important recall to tell you about. kraft is recalling some craft singles due to a choking hazard. they're recalling 3 and 4 pound packages. company reps say there's a possibility a piece of the wrapper may stick to the cheese, could cause a choking hazard. it has a best when used by date of december 29th, 2015 through january 4th, 2016, followed by the manufacturer code s 54 or s 55. sports highlights are coming up on today in the bay. the giants looking to stay cool in the texas heat. a heartwarming moment for a mother and son at the coliseum. you don't want to miss it. highlights are next.
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center (adlib) ===vicky/cu=== the giants 7:41. another look at the sap center. skies are overcast today. should be a nice day to get out and enjoy this sunday. the giants continue a weekend series in texas. the rangers took home game one friday after roughing up world series mvp madison bumgarner. three run rally led by buster posey and hunter pence tied the game. 11th inning, pence would strike again. he and brandon belt hit back to back home runs and the giants hold on for a 9-7 win. the a's hosting indians at a rookie making his debut didn't disappoint. brooks pitched into the eighth inning, gave up one run.
7:43 am
his mom cried tears of joy, telling fans that's my boy. the a's win 5-1. still ahead on today in the bay. can more be done? california is a pace setter in low carbon emissions. governor jerry brown has a plan to cut more. larry gerston joins us to talk about how it would hurt the state economy. i am mike inouye. lots to do in the bay today. one thing not going on is b.a.r.t. service through the transbay tube. rest of the system is open. including union city station. if you take east bay lines to that stop, then cross the street to kennedy park, you'll be rewarded with a tenth anniversary adobo festival. they're showing off secret recipes. also, there's a competition, you saw that wooden toy with handle, ball and strings, my kids discovered it this year. we remember seeing it sold all over the hawaiian islands last
7:44 am
year, i'm sure they'll be sold today, at the aloha festival as well. 20th anniversary for this, second pacific island themed festival, celebrating the pest of polynesian culture. boasting great entertainment, music, dancing, workshops. all the delicious food. and aloha. if that's not for you, head to the largest free street festival west of the mississippi river, free month festival of the arts. a weekend total close to 400,000 visitors, over 650 artisans, they claim over 18,000 ice cream bars are consumed there every year, not enough you say? make your way to nbc bay area pee calk pavilion, win stuff like one of our t-shirts, wear it to bed to wake up tomorrow wearing our shirt, watching our show, hearing how that transtube project went on today in the bay!
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introducing multi-gig speeds from xfinity. the future of awesome. california governor brown is
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promoting a new initiative to reduce the state's carbon welcome back. the time is 7:46. california governor brown is promoting a new initiative to reduce the state's carbon footprint. already california leads the nation in reducing greenhouse gases but can it do more? we talked with bay area political analyst larry gerston who tells us what the latest push is about. >> we've got two elements really, two major elements to brown's new initiative. first, he wants the state to reduce petroleum consumption for cars and trucks by 50% in the next 15 years. the current law requires 20% reduction by 2030. a big jump there. second, he wants to increase reliance on solar, wind, geo thermal by 50%. the current goal there is 30% by 2030. a couple of big changes here. these goals are packaged if you
7:48 am
will in a bill sponsored by the senate president. a lot at stake with this legislation. >> we know california leads with regard to low carbon emissions. give us a sense how much lower the new legislation would bring us. >> you're right. california really has one of the nation's smallest carbon footprints, if you can use that term, per capita basis. 12% of the population, california discharges only 6% of the nation's emissions, and if passed, new rules reduce the state's carbon footprint to 4% of the nation's output, separating the state more from the rest of the nation, would be quite a change. california producers 1%, this state produces one full percent of the world's global emissions. which is why brown said we have to do more. >> what kind of impact does it have on jobs and the economy? >> now you touch the big question. what may be technically feasible
7:49 am
may not be politically feasible if you will because of the disruptive nature of new regulations, opponents say brown's proposal will reduce rules in such a way that gasoline tax revenues will change, it will increase the cost of electricity, make it harder for energy using companies to locate here, and eliminate thousands of energy related jobs. that's quite a list. proponents say less reliance on fossil fuel will reduce health care costs, encourage mass transit, and slow down global warming. >> if this passes, sounds like it would be a fundamental change. what are the challenges that still face the supporters of the bill. >> in recent years, environmentalists had a hey day. with increased reliance on alternative energy, higher gas mileage requirements, cap and trade legislation, and passage of high speed rail.
7:50 am
still, critics will ask will these proposals put the state at risk, do they go too far, too fast, are they perhaps too radical for the economy to absorb in a short period of time. the answer to those questions remain to be seen, but we know this. proponents and opponents are preparing for a very major fight that will surely produce consequences one way or another. >> very interesting. as we often see as california goes, so goes the nation. larry, thank you for your time this morning. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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welcome back this sunday. 7:53 the time. start with you a satellite, radar image. we have showers falling. more so in northern california, rain from monsoonal showers that moved in yesterday. doing traveling near tahoe, socal, vegas, expect more showers and thunderstorms. we start with cloud cover, temperatures are mild in the low to mid-60s. we will see sunshine for inland valleys. good mix of sun and clouds for the coastline. temperatures are cool at the coast today. 68 degrees for san francisco. east bay and peninsula seeing a mix of mid 70s. inland valleys without a doubt hot, mid-80s. 84 for south bay. mid-80s for north bay. same for the tri tri-valley. all in perspective. at least it is relative.
7:54 am
not talking extremely hot day, but better air quality is headed your way. had unhealthy air. marine air swoops across the bay, keeps cool ocean air in place. mixes out the atmosphere with all of the fires in the state. we have the final day of fremont festival of the arts today. temperature later this afternoon, up to 76 degrees. santa clara county fair today, final day for that. temperatures right now 83 degrees. take you to what we have been tracking. high pressure is continuing to keep us hot. some of it makes it to the east, and that allows for ocean air to inundate the bay area the next couple days. what that means, basically morning cloud cover, afternoon sunshine each and every day. the other thing we will start to see are thunderstorms. still be some for today. by tomorrow, they move out. you can see drizzle, how it sweeps against the coastline. that will be morning cloud cover we will see each and every day this week. we will see sunshine.
7:55 am
the other thing keeping you up to date with is hurricane guillermo. category two hurricane making it toward hawaii. you put it in motion, it will make a close landfall, if it doesn't make landfall, either way will brush up against the islands and will bring tropical storm winds. tuesday into wednesday. it does weaken to a tropical storm by wednesday, makes landfall, at least past the big island. may brush up against that island. you can see the cone keeps it within the whole island chain. keep it in mind if traveling this way, by wednesday tropical storm winds and heavy rain. may want to change plans if you have the power to do so. otherwise, it is nice and quiet at home. temperatures today in san jose are near 80 degrees. tomorrow is cooler. we will see the same trend happen for east bay valleys. temperatures are near 80 degrees, warming a little bit toward wednesday and thursday. that will be high pressure taking charge of the bay area again, keeping humidity in
7:56 am
place. by later this upcoming week, but today and tomorrow, comfortable temperatures in san francisco. not too hot, not too cold. perfect day to enjoy bay weather. >> just the way we like it for august. >> crazy to believe. >> all right. anthony, thank you. exciting moments at the san francisco zoo. two penguin chicks graduated from the zoo's fish school. they have this rigorous training program. zoo members got to name one of the penguins. they were born in may. they have been attending school where they learn to eat whole fish, swim, get food from animal staff. yesterday they did the march of the penguins to their new home. zoo members entered names. not anthony slaughter, not even slaughter, tough guy. the smell of deep fried
7:57 am
twinge east and corn on the cob must mean the county fair is going on. visit and enjoy rides, games, good but not exactly good for you food. >> it is an interesting collection of things that only come together in one place, one time a year. it is great fun for a family. >> it is, though. the fair ends today. as anthony reported, great weather to get outside, and not too hot. and the fremont festival of the arts starts at 10:00. over 600 arts and crafts booths. nbc bay area is the media sponsor of the festival. thanks for making us part of your morning. more news at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00, and all day at have a great day. >> see you.
7:58 am
hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. well do we get points for trying?! fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better.
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this sunday a potential po political bomb shell. word that joe biden is seriously considering taken on hillary clinton. we have the latest on what we ally know. also game on. it's republican debate week. >> it was hit trump. hit trump, and i am in the lions den. >> how will the others deal with the wild card donald trump? the man himself donald trump joins me this morning. the latest clues as to who is in and who is out. i will be joined by the othe


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