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tv   Today  NBC  August 6, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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those school days are coming sooner rather than later. enjoy it now. >> homework, lunch to make, school supplies. have a good one. good morning. taking on trump. the much anticipated first debate between the top ten presidential candidate now just hou hours away. will we see the kinder jentd ler donald he promised? we're live in cleveland. outrage. family members of passengers of on mh. -370 about the wreckage found on reunion island. the malaysian government sayings it the missing plane. other authorities say more tests are needed. boundary hunters searching for a fugitive raid a phoenix home. just one problem.
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that's the wrong house. and wait until you hear who actually lives there. and for 16 years jon stewart took on politics. >> 49% of the country also solemnly swears. >> cable news, and yes, even us. >> sarah palin co-hosting the "today" show. i was performing a medley of her greatest hits. >> tonight he signs off and late night tv will never be the same. "today," thursday august 6th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this
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thursday morning. >> jon stewart signs off tonight, the same night as the republican debate. you don't think he would have wanted one more shot at this tomorrow? >> maybe he'll come out of retirement. i don't know. we'll see. tonight's big debate is the big story. plenty of prove. the main event is in prime time it features the top ten. peter alexander is in cleveland for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there is an electricity in the city that you normally would not see until a general election debate. about a year from now. the challenge for the top ten in the main event tonight is most of them will stand on the stage for roughly 110 minutes each silently. when they get called on, can they show energy and leadership? that includes donald trump. >> you're fired. >> he's known for putting on a show, but donald trump has never been on a stage like this. tonight the frontrunner will be
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front and center flanked by nine republican rivals. >> how do you prepare for trump? >> i'm not running against the people on the stage. i'm running for president. >> reporter: trump did face new questions whether he's tcozy wih the clintons. clinton's office tells nbc news the presidential race was not discussed but trump aids tell the washington post clinton encouraged him to play a larger role in the republican party. if clinton said that it worked. this map posted by google shows the most surge the republicans. all that red is donald trump. >> he put glasses on so people will think he's smart. >> reporter: he would like tonight's event to be civil. for donald trump to say he wants a civil debate it seems like he's breaking the theme. >> that wouldn't be the first time donald trump contradicts himself. >> reporter: carly fear renee didn't make the cut.
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that also includes bobby jindal trying to breakthrough with the political stunt. in a push up contest sporting a tie. still many have to say most pressure may be on jeb bush. >> fairly or not the presumption is, the perception is as trump gains steam it's jeb bush losing his preimminent place in the field. >> reporter: donald trump says he has never debated before. his aids insist there's been no rehearsing. they say what you see tonight will be the real donald. >> all right, peter. thank you. one thing is for sure it's going to be an interesting night. for more let's bring in chuck todd moderator of "meet of pr s press." good morning, chuck. >> reporter: good morning. >> it's finally here. the republican debate. it has a happy hour.
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if you're one of the ten prime time candidates tonight, do you have to come with some kind of a one liner in your pocket that you're going to deliver no matter what you're asked just to make the highlight reels tomorrow? >> i'll tell you, no. i think if a candidate does that, they risk falling on their face and looking cliche-like. i think all the candidates on stage need to realize something that we in the media aren't focussed on. that's the fact they'll be making a first impression. their very first impression on millions of people tuning in to hear the candidate. they may have read about them, seen them on twitter, but this is a chance to make a first impression, and, matt, the saying goes you don't get a second chance. this is a big night. i think the candidates need to be careful not to try to be overly entertaining because then they may diminish themselves. >> wait a second. you're telling me there's hope here. we could have a real discussion tonight on things like
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immigration and iran and isis and it'll be more about the stake and less about the sizzle? >> i think it's possible. look, i think the moderator will try hard. if the candidates come in here, i think all of them will try to do that. that's what first debates usually are. it's unusual first debates because the presence of trump and what he's done. obviously the moderators want them to engage. at that point we'll see. can donald trump go two hours in the new clark kent per son that he's had or does he come out swinging once he's invited to do. >> speaking that have, he's the frontrunner by a wide margin. generally if you take center stage in that position, you're probably going to be a little cautious because you don't want to blow it, but nothing about donald trump is cautious. >> reporter: that's right. and he's been down playing his expectations. i think if you're a political
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strategies, he's been down playing them rather beautifully. he has a low bar to succeed. if he doesn't look as crazy as the media then people will say, wow, donald trump looked pretty reasonable. he doesn't have much to prove, but one of the reasons why he's skyrocketed he's been willing to tell it like it is. i don't think he can be overly reserved either. he has to give the people a little bit of trump they've been excited to see. >> chuck, thanks very much. the idea substance versus si sizzle. that's on us as well. we have to make sure they talk about the issues as opposed to the one liners. chuck, thank you very much. another big story the confusion and outrage this morning over what officials are saying about the piece of plane wing found on an island near madagascar. malaysian's prime minister saids it from mh 370 other but other
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investigators say more tests are needed. it's not been sitting well with family members of the victims. bill neely is following the story. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. experts are back inside this french lab looking at the debris. we're waiting to hear exactly why they're so certains s it - is mh 370. tears and anger from the families of many chinese passengers still uncertain their loved ones are dead. what does such a tiny piece of debris mean, she asks, on a 230 ton plane. why are they trying to fool us? to make us take the compensation money? we won't accept it. for families around the world this isn't over. >> unfortunately no we have got a long way to go for that.
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>> reporter: the families' pain acknowledged by secretary of state kerry. >> all the wounds have been opened again. all the sorrow is felt even more intensely. >> reporter: the experts concluded within three hours that the debris found on the beach is from malaysian flight 370. >> it is with a very heavy he t heart. >> reporter: malaysian's prime minister saying they confirmed conclusively it was from the missing plane. french prosecutors wouldn't go that far saying they can only very strongly presume it matched. australia agreed saying it was highly probable. there is still a small doubt. china's government urging openness. malaysia, he says, should explain more to the relatives. it did today. a government minister saying it was unique paint and sealant that proved the part was from mh 370. he claims his team had found more aircraft pardons on
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reunion. >> well, we knew plane we knew and there was some aluminum foil. >> reporter: none of it has been confirmed as being from malaysia flight 370. the search for more debris intensifying. so the french here being very cautious. the malaysians appear anxious to end all the suffering of the families. but this is a complex investigation. it will go on here for weeks, if not months. the big question remains unanswered why exactly did the plane crash? matt, savannah? >> bill neely, thank you. another investigation. investigators in tennessee are learning more about the man who used pepper spray and an ax to attack movie-goers in a nashville area theater. the suspect was killed by police. mark potter has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. police are still trying to learn why the man came here to this
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theater, bought a ticket, and went inside to start attacking people. they say he had a documented history of mental problems. >> shots being fired right now. >> reporter: this morning, police say this man 29-year-old vincente montano bought a ticket to "mad max." entered the hickory hollow theater and carrying ax, pellet gun and pepper spray started to enter the theater. >> he pulled out a hatchet and started attacking his family and took out a gun and we all ran out of the theater. alex roby was in the next theater. >> we took cover in our seats trying to stay as quiet as possible. we could hear screams, yelling and gunshots coming from the theater. >> be advised. shots fired. officer involved. 901 bell road. >> reporter: just down the street, two officers were alerted to the danger by citizens and ran to the theater. montano had already grazed one
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man with his ax and released pepper spray with red dye hitting a woman and a teen girl. police say when the officer approached, montano raised what appeared to be a real semiautomatic and pulled the trigger. the officer fired at montano and backed down. montano fled out a back door where a s.w.a.t. team shot and killed him. police later determined montano's gun was air air soft pellet that shoots pilves but looked like an semiautomatic gun. >> as you look at the gun and someone confronted you, you would think it was real. >> reporter: police say montano carried a duffel bag and backpack which had a hoax explosive device. >> this is maybe what we call the new normal. we can't just shut down america. we carry on. we need to be mindful of our surroundings as we do that. >> reporter: authorities also praised the responding officers for moving to quickly to confront the attacker, reducing the chances of other people
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being hurt or, perhaps, killed. matt? >> mark potter in tennessee for us on this story for us. mark, thank you very much. turning to tamron in for natalie. she is assignment in the search for a dangerous manhunt tops your news. good morning everyone. it's happening in shreveport, louisiana this morning. for a suspect who shot and killed a police officer. police say the officer was responding to reports of a suspicious person inside a home wednesday night. the armed man apparently was inside the home and was threatening to harm people. police have been searching the area with helicopters, drones, and police dogs. president obama is warning congress that rejecting the iran nuclear deal would be a historic mistake. saying it's a choice between diplomacy and, quote, some sort of war. he called the deal the strongest nonproliferation pack ever negotiated. the best way to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. congress will vote on the deal next month. today japan is marking the
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70th anniversary of the atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima. japan's prime minister and the u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy, attended a ceremony this morning at the peace park. more than 40,000 people attended the commemoration of the 1945 attack that killed 140,000 people. the outbreak of legionnaires disease here in new york city has claimed another life. eight people have died. another 97 have been sickened by the disease. health officials say those who die were older adults with underlying medical problems. legionnaires disease is a severe, often lethal, form of ammonia spread through the air. firefighters making progress raging through northern california. the fire north of san francisco is about 30% contained. residents are being told to stay vigilant because changing winds can cause a flare-up. more than 40 homes have been
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destroyed. the rocky fire is the largest of 23 wild fires statewide. and when it comes to jury duty, no one -- and we mean no one is off the hook. not even the man you're about to see. former president george w. busho see. former president george w. bush reported for jury duty. he didn't get picked. but he spent most of the morning posing for pictures and chatting with other potential jurors and staffers. the judge said the former president was incredibly gracious and hopes others will follow his lead follshowing up jury duty. >> get ready for a long day. >> tamron, thank you. i'm looking at your map a lot of action in the mid plains. >> that's right. it's heading east. let's show you what we have
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happening. strong storms firing up in the plains. it's making the way to the east. we have so much rain from lexington. bolling green could be looking at flash flood watches. the system will be pushing east. so the rain stays to the south of new york city but the delmar peninsula southeastern atlantic coa coast look at the heavy rain. look at what happens the next 48 hours around norfolk the bulls eye about 3 to 5 inches of rain before it's over. we'll get to your local forecast ♪ they've always been your second pair of eyes. so when you need glasses, you gather the girls... to find your look. bashful. bold. smart. flirty. sometimes it's unanimous. and sometimes you need a deciding vote. oh i need another opinion... excuse me, what do you think... love them! spark your style for less...with hundreds of frames from new brands like flower by drew barrymore. backed by our 12- month guarantee.
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we're twinsies good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. right now it's 63 degrees in concord and livermore, as well as san jose. san francisco now at 60 degrees. heading into the afternoon the warmest temperatures of the week reaching 88 degrees in cupertino, pacifica 73 degrees, embarcadero will be at 72 degrees. a mixture of sun and clouds there, mostly sunny skies for the north bay. mill valley a high of 82 degrees while hayward tops out the 77, walnut creek 9 # 3 and 91 degrees today in this san ramone. and that's your latest weather. a new study turning heads. high lying the diversity in hollywood. halle jackson has the story. >> reporter: the study examines gender, race, and ethnicity in 700 of the top films from 2007 to 2014. some of the key find sngs only about 30% of characters were
7:18 am
female. that's a ratio of 2.3 male roles to one female role. of the 21 female leads or co-leads in 2014, only three were women of color. none of the women were over the age of 45. just last year, nearly 3/4 of all speaking or named characters in the 100 top grossing movies were white. more than 40 of those movies had no speaking characters of asian decent and in 17 of the top films there were no speaking parts for african-american characters. >> when you're making big budget movies you spending $200 million or more on the movies, so executives get a little bit safe. they are less willing to take risks. sadly,s it consid s iit is cons to not have a traditional white male movie star in a starring role.
7:19 am
>> reporter: it come patricia arquette made headlines about her comments about women's rights. >> it's our time to have wage equality once and for all. and equal rights for women. >> the majority of the hollywood executives that i have come in contact with are very progressive. there's a difference between talking about it and the actuality of making the decisions. >> reporter: that is a theme for a real life underdog story that still hasn't found the classic hollywood ending. for today halle jackson, nbc news. >> we were talking about this on the set here. nobody was surprised that this is a problem, but the extent to which it's a problem in 2015 is a little surprising. >> especially when the head of the academy is an african-american is part of her push to bring in gender diversity. >> do i have a speaking part here? >> yes. >> that was a good one. a chaotic scene in phoenix.
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a very very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today, day two of hillary clinton's latest bay area visit out of the public eye. she's attending a breakfast fundraiserer am p san francisco where workers are already gathering. cost per plate, $2,700. yesterday our cameras caught her motorcade in an exclusive atherton neighborhood where clinton attended a if you know razor at the home of former facebook executive kris kelly. investigators are trying to determine if a serial arson suspect arrested yesterday is behind even more fires. authorities arrested 29-year-old james wilson in bay point yesterday. he's accused of setting at least 30 fires across contra costa county, he is being held on a
7:27 am
million dollar bail. firefighters put out all of the grass fire before they caused too much damage, the largest about 40 acres. governor jerry brown heading to lake county to hear from firefighters on the front lines of the massive rocky fire. cal fire says the fire has burned nearly 70,000 acres are more than 40 homes destroyed. firefighters ienl alley starting to get the upper hand it's now at 40% containment, up to 30 last night. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> it is looking good but it will be a warm day. we start out in the lower 60s and some clouds especially near the coast. it's 60 degrees if had san francisco. as we go into the afternoon expect&z÷ a high that will be a little bit warmer than yesterday, 87 degrees in the north and south bay, 77 degree in the east bay, peninsula 80 degrees and san francisco topping out at 72, while the tri-valley today sees a high of 91 degrees. is it starting to heat up on the roads? a bit as far as the speed sensors.
7:28 am
warmer colors because her going from green to orange and yellow. here is the shb westbound, slow here, look at your pap, you to see that for 92 toward the red approaching the toll plaza slower across the high-rise. same denny hamlin for the can dumbarton bridge. we will show you the south bay with your mortgage bound routes a typical pattern. no surprising for silicon valley. the north bay looking for a smooth drive but the live shot shows you slowing, the volume target to build out. >> hope you get a chance to enjoy it. another local news update coming up in in another half an hour. gñ
7:29 am
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♪ 7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 6th of august, 2015. we'll get out and say hi to the plaza in a couple of minutes. things will be hot on the plaza tomorrow morning with keith urban puts on a live concert at the 8:30 half hour. if you're in the area, come on down and get here early. >> i'm going to make the face now. nice to have you here. here are the headlines all eyes on cleveland for the much anticipated prime time republican presidential debate. donald trump will be center stage. he's the frontrunner. he's vowing to keep things s sizzle unless his opponents
7:31 am
attack first. the movie attacker had a history of mental illness. 29-year-old vincente david montano was shot and killed by police. three movie goers were treated for minor injuries. blue bell is making ice cream again. the company shut down all the plants in april due to listeria. alabama's facility is allowed to reopen followed months of testing and decontamination. it will be the end of an era tonight as john stewart signs off on t"the daily show." a look at his most memorable moments. first, this half hour a bizarre zone caught on camera happened in phoenix. a group of boundary hunters are in big trouble for accidentally raiding the wrong home. here is nbc's jacob rascon.
7:32 am
>> reporter: dressed in tactical gear and wielding handguns. bounty hunters thought they had their fugitive surrounded. roderick battle had escaped. one described him on armed and dangerous. they gave an address in phoenix. the man holding a police baton answering the door was not only the wrong guy. it was this guy. the phoenix chief of police yahner. >> reporter: immediately yahner's girlfriend called for help. >> reporter: when officers arrived they arrested boundary hunter brent farley on trespa
7:33 am
trespassing atrespas trespassing disorderly conduct. you give idiots a bad name said another. >> we have information that a chief's home was surveilled for as long as two hours. there was one victim that came and went from the home that didn't match the description. >> reporter: police say farley is a convicted felon disqualifying him from hunting down bad guys for profit. the cameras rolling boundary hunters hungry to deliver someone to the authorities. didn't expect to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. for "today" jacob rascon, nbc news. >> thats a major whoops. >> you think. is it wrong i'm happy there was a camera there to capture the whole thing. let's take a look at new technology being rolled out by apple and google that will have your smartphone predicting your behavior. naturally, there are major
7:34 am
privacy concerns around this. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> here is your reminder. >> reporter: smartphones are smarter than ever. >> if can tell me before i need to know is helpful. >> reporter: apple is adding new features to the software that will anticipate how customers behaves. >> remind me to grab the coffee off the roof of the car. >> reporter: on android devices google now gathers data from online searches and officers users targeted information. isn't it creepy? >> sometimes it is. it's like big brother. >> reporter: it's almost like science fiction forshadowed years ago in the movie "minority report." customize ad now popping up
7:35 am
before customers ask for them. >> google now is one step ahead. >> reporter: google now can automatically suggest gas stations near the airport when you return rental cars. >> google now brings me information. google now to try to stay a half step ahead. >> reporter: google says it doesn't share or sell data to other companies and you can turn off the features. apple stresses customer information stays on the device is encrypted. critics worry about privacy. >> i think in the end we don't know where the data will end up. we don't know companies or governments will use it against us. we don't know if divorce lawyers will use it against us in the future. >> reporter: it's a race to target customers like never before. what is google now? >> i don't have anything to say about google now. or ever. >> reporter: and apparently competition is fierce.
7:36 am
for "today" gabe gutierrez nbc news atlanta. >> i don't like other than where it saves me from driving away with my coffee. >> that would have saved me with the phone. >> no! siri would have been like "no!" >> help me! i'm on the ground. where are you? >> in that voice. >> that's right. coming up a little later this morning, is technology like the smartphone harming your relationship with your family? wait until you hear how kids really feel about your devices. >> that will be interesting. >> al has a check of the weather. >> can you do it in that voice? >> your daughter vail is growing up watching you watch her. >> that's right. she loves to take a selfie. all right. let's show you what is going on. the wild fires in california crazy stuff. we can see them on visible
7:37 am
satellite. the fires are creating, in a sense, their own environment. they're so big. what they do. these are called pyro cumulus clouds. they can reach up 35,000 feet in the atmosphere. they can develop their own weather. you can see lightning coming up. it forms an icecap on top and the winds come out as it collapses and spreads the fire even further make more of a big problem. so we're going to continue to track that as this happens. it could be good news as moisture comes up out of the south we're looking at monsoonal moisture bringing more rain to the southwest. some of this may actually get into northern and central california there by bringing l humidity levels higher and helping the firefighters. look for flash flooding the next i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures will be warming up across the bay. fairly quickly as we go through the morning. right now we are in the lower
7:38 am
60s and a mixture of sun and clouds, 72 degrees will be in the high this in san francisco, north bay at 87 degrees, 77 in the east bay, tri-valley will be one of the warmest spots reaching 91 degrees this afternoon and 87 in the south bay while the peninsula tops out at 80 degrees. also a chance of lightning across the bay area later on this evening. >> any time go to weather channel on cable. is it fashion forward or fashion faux pa for a guy to wear shorts to work? >> unless your name is pharrell, no. the moment we are going to miss. right after this. what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster
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7:43 am
ends tonight. >> this is a tough one. we only had a couple of minutes to do it. one way you can measure jon stewart's impact on comedy is david letterman will be replaced by stephen colbert. over the course of the 16 years, stewart went from respected stand up comic to cultural icon. >> it's really time to go. >> reporter: there's just one episode left. >> this is the ultimate episode. it's the one that everyone will probably forget! >> reporter: with jon stewart signing on for the first "daily show" in january of 1999. >> craig is on assignment in cu. >> reporter: the media world had no idea what was about to hit them. >> as a hard hitting news program -- >> reporter: it was fake news that often made a real
7:44 am
difference. and stewart was a different kind of late night host. >> i have one character i do. >> reporter: no bands or side kicks and editorial monologue unlike any other on tv. >> i'll miss me. >> reporter: a 2014 poll showed more than one in ten adults admitted turning to stewart for their news. about the same number as the new york times. >> the final margin in the state of florida five votes to four votes. >> reporter: the show began to take off during the 2000 presidential election. what stewart calls indecision 2000. he skewered the bush administration nightly. >> you know when you're in trouble when people check the death to america box. >> reporter: after bush's re-election. >> in which point 49% of the country also solemnly swore.
7:45 am
>> reporter: stewart acknowledges he leans left but president obama was not safe either. >> yes, we can give it certain conditions. >> no. i think what i would say is, yes, we can, but -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: stewart saved some of the most devastating shots for the media. >> stop hurting america. >> it's not. >> yes,s it. >> reporter: the show that will perhaps be stewart's most lasting had no jokes. it was the first after the attacks of september 11th, 2001. >> we're going to get back to this. and it's going to be fun and funny and it's going to be the same as it was. as stewart goes off the air, his legacy is promise neptly on display with former "daily show" correspondents everywhere you look. >> pull back the tears, john. >> now it's a south african newcomer trevor noah with the daunting task of filling jon
7:46 am
stewart's shoes. >> jon stewart directed a movie last year. he could be directing a new movie. he and his wife bought a farm for an animal sanctuary. the rule appears to be go as long as you need to, on. there's nothing after him. you can bet you'll see some of the old correspondents. >> you get the sense he can take a blank piece of paper and write anything he wants to do and he's going to get the opportunity. >> he's had many suitors. he said he wants to take a minute to figure it out. the sergeant pepper has been called the best album of all time. why is a certain rock legend calling it rubbish? carson demonstrates something new and exciting coming to facebook. theres it right there! >> yeah. >> good stuff. we'll have m
7:47 am
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7:51 am
we're back at 7:50. facebook jumping into the live streaming game. what could possibly go wrong? carson is checking it out. >> it's so much fun. we have twitter's version, and now -- that's right! we've got a new one on the mix. facebook is joining the streaming wars with this live. you can stream from public figures and comments. the news here is a big difference from the other streaming apps is video from facebook never expires. it stays on the celebrity's facebook page after the stream has ended. >> that can be dangerous. >> you're right, al. we have dwayne "the rock" johnson and lindsay vaughn testing it as it launched on wednesday afternoon. we have the orange room going. we've been doing this. you're watching on, i think your
7:52 am
phone at the desk over there. we have people on the plaza watching. viewers can join in at home. keep your comments coming. we have thousands of viewers now. a reminder, al, it stays on the page. let's keep it clean. >> at least five seconds. >> okay. we're almost there. two seconds. >> carson, thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up star ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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7:56 am
a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san francisco police hope it this video can crack a chaotic string of robberies. you can see how quick it happens. inside a beauty supply store a group of women head straight for the high ticket items and ransack shelves. this 75 seconds police say the group stole more than $11,000 worth of items. police call them the rainbow crew for their loud hair and clothes. they are connected to several recent store robberies, mostly close to union square. tasaro has agreed to pay $4 million to settle air pollution violations at its martinez refine refinery. they say workers indirectly disposed liquid bi production. in the settlement the company did not admit to wrongdoing and regulators say they have fixed the problems. any problem with the microclimate forecast? i doubt it. >> we start out with sunshine across the bay as we get a live look now at the sunol hills and
7:57 am
we see some thin clouds up there and now the temperatures at 65 degrees in livermore, napa 63 degrees and san francisco at 60 degrees, it will be a warm one with a high of 88 degrees in cupertino and san mateo 82 degrees and outer sunset will be in the upper 60s. north bay 88 degrees, oakland 78 and livermore expect a high of 93 degrees. mike. in the north bay we have this slower drive really kicking in over the last 20 minutes ear the san mateo bridge is where we see a good steady build over 92 and toward the peninsula side. look at your map. 92 anywhere south of there we're looking at a slower drive. dumbarton bridge, peninsula, palo alto shows a slowing toward that lane shift and northbound routes continue to build through the silicon valley but not dramatic. 280 right at 17 is the worst. back to you. thank you for joining us. another local news update coming
7:58 am
up in half an hour. have a good morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, paying tribute. >> it makes me proud to know that my son was able to touch people's lives like this. >> an exclusive interview with the father of the bat boy who died doing what he loved most. as players and community rally around the family. plus, botched. what happens when a cosmetic surgery procedure goes wrong. what you need to know before going under the knife. throwback thursday on "today." we take it one day at a time with valerie bertinelli. she cooks up some comfort food. and rick springfield goes from singing about "jesse's girl" on to being merril's man. "today," august 6, 2015. ♪
8:01 am
>> all the way from massachusetts. >> all the way from chicago. >> we're celebrating our 22nd anniversary from dallas, texas. >> celebrating our 21st anniversary on the "today" show! woo woo! >> happy birthday, jimmy! >> today i turn 18 in new york city! >> my gram took me to new york city for my tenth birthday. >> go navy! welcome back to "today." it is 8:00 on thursday, august 6, 2015. what a pretty day on the plaza. a little bit of a nice breeze in the air. it's cool almost fall like. >> all right. can we talk about something right now? >> yeah, we need to talk about something. >> just quiet down for one second. you hear the song we are playing right now? it's thursday and "throwback
8:02 am
thursday." that's the heart of rock and rock and roll by huey lewis. you picked huey why? >> he was born here in new york city. raised out west. learned to play a harmonica. a great story and rich history. the song is 32 years old now. which is crazy! >> one of the early videos on mtv. >> that's right. shot that video at brooklyn bridge, times square. >> sometimes i used to teach aerobics to this song. >> really? >> yeah. keith urban will be here tomorrow. >> he will be. big concert. he'll let you choose one of his songs. you can look at it online. meanwhile, we have natalie on assignment. tamron has the top headlines of the morning. >> good morning, everyone. the first prime time debate among ten presidential hopefuls is just hours away. rivals are trying to close the gap with frontrunner donald trump. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in cleveland. pete peters, good morning iii. >> reporter: good morning. there's an energy and
8:03 am
electricity in this city of cleveland you wouldn't normally see until a general election debate more than a year from now. all eyes are focused on donald trump. all the candidates get a chance to make a first impression late tonight. ten on the late stage the main event. as for donald trump, he insists he has never debated before. his aides say there have been no formal prep session, he doesn't have any lines he has memorized. a lot of pressure may be on jeb bush. he comes into this debate hobbling after acknowledging a misstatement when speaking about women's health issues earlier this week. rights priebus is the chairman of the republican national committee. we spoke with him a moment ago. he should you should look out for sharp elbows but he hopes the party presents itself as genuine. the happy hour debate begins at 5:00 tonight with the bottom republicans and the main event tonight at 9:00. back to you. >> peter, thank you very much. malaysian's transport minister said more apparent airplane debris has washed up on
8:04 am
reunion island in the indian ocean. in the meantime, the country's prime minister insisted today that unique paint color and sealant proved last week a swing section came from missing flight 370. however officials in france, australia, and china said more evidence is needed to be absolutely certain. many family members of the 239 people on board expressed outrage at the mixed signals. police say the man who was shot to death wednesday after terrorizing patrons in a suburban nashville movie theater had a history of significant mental illness. they say 29-year-old vincente montano attacked two women with "mad max. and cut a man with a hatchet. the officer fatally shot montano when he pulled the trigger on a pellet gun that looked like a real pistol. the incident came two weeks after a deadly movie theater shooting in louisiana. bill cosby has been ordered to give a sworn deposition in a
8:05 am
lawsuit brought by a woman accusing the comedian of sexually bisi iabusing her at t playboo mansion when she was 15 years old. it marks the first time in nine years that cosby has been directed to testify under oath in response to a complaint of sexual misconduct against him. nasa has released stunning images of something we can't see from earth. the dark side of the moon. not the song. it never faces us. nasa had to shoot the moon with its deep space climate observatory a million miles away! pretty cool. isn't that awesome? back to matt and savannah. >> yeah. and you're reliving the '70s. the pink floyd reference there. '70s. the pink floyd reference there. now we move to a heartbreaking story out of kansas we've been following this week. kaiser carlisle, a 9-year-old bat boy died after he was accidentally hit in the head as a player took a practice swing. >> his father is speaking out. carson is here with more. >> good morning.
8:06 am
chad carlisle talks with nbc news to remember his son not for how he died but how he lived. >> it was something i've never seen. he loved this. >> reporter: 9-year-old kaiser carlisle was more than the bat boy for the liberal b.j.s of kansas. >> first pumps, high fives. he was the spark plug for the team. >> reporter: to the team kaiser was family. >> kaiser will always hold a special place in my heart. >> it makes me proud to know my son was able to touch people's lives like this. i mean, you raise your kid to do the best, but you never dreamed it would be at this magnitude. >> reporter: it was at a game on saturday when kaiser, who had been wearing a helmet was accidentally struck in the head by a bat during a practice swing. he was rushed to the hospital but died the next day.
8:07 am
since kaiser's death there's been an outpouring of support from the team and the community. at tuesday's game, kaiser's little sister threw out the first pitch. there was also a moment of silence. >> get your kaiser carlisle baseball card here. >> reporter: the team doing what they can to support the carlisle family. the use of bat boys and bat girls has been suspended for the remaining world series games in wichita, still, kaiser's father remains a firm believer that the tradition should continue in the future. >> this shouldn't be taken away. there might be a better way of doing things, but the bat boy thing is tremendous for kids, i think. >> reporter: kaiser's legacy, meanwhile, is being felt. he was an organ donor who helped two other children. >> it's not that hard of a decision to make when you know that he's on that final thread and there's two other kids that are going to live forever because of that.
8:08 am
>> reporter: kaiser's funeral is scheduled for sunday, his father says it depends how well the team does. there's no way he would hold a funeral when players and coaches cannot attend. the game on tuesday they sold cool baseball cards that said kc with kaiser's picture on it raising money to help his family. >> that's great. carson, thank you. we'll be back right after this. ♪ sami has no idea why her coat is so shiny; buddy doesn't know why he's full of energy; but mom and dad know that they're feeding them the complete nutrition of natural balance®. now available at petsmart! we're always looking to bring you the very best in pet nutrition. with natural balance®, part of our family of natural foods, you can give your pets premium quality ingredients.
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8:12 am
where? famous footwear. 8:12 we're back with what is trending today. there are stories that fill up your social media. all right. how about this one? making a huge mistake yesterday. this is a graver ror. did you know yesterday the fifth was national oyster day. >> i did not. >> it's usually printed on calendars. we were going to do the story about oysters yesterday. we had the oysters sitting around and decided to try them -- no. they're fresh oysters. we decided to try oysters today. we have four of us on the set who love oysters. >> yes. >> and one person -- raise your hand -- who is not a fan. >> it's just that i don't really understand -- >> why do you have to understand? >> you're not supposed to chew them. you're supposed to put sauce on
8:13 am
them and swallow them. couldn't i swallow anything and -- >> for somebody not 100% on board go with the smaller ones. >> do you chew it at all? >> you let it slide. let it slide. by the way, if you're not a big fan, also, you start with a little more sauce either the cocktail or the lemon. you work your way to less and less. >> i tried one ten years ago. >> these are very fresh oysters. >> which end? >> no fork. >> is it detached or whatever? >> thinking about the brining salt -- >> that's delicious. the taste of the ocean. >> it's not delicate. you have to make a noise. >> we used to -- >> break up the flavor. >> i like it. that's with the cocktail sauce. these are from our friends at the sea grill which is a great seafood restaurant. >> how many americans enjoy
8:14 am
oysters? 50/50? >> oh, no. no sauce now. >> no sauce. >> what do you think? >> no. >> i like the small ones. >> i don't like a mouthful. >> it's like eating the ocean. >> that's the point. >> yeah. it's good eating. consider yourself among us now. >> pass the barnacles. >> do you have a mint? >> yeah. i do. >> thank you. >> remember we talked about air-conditioning this week and how the ladies are always cold? >> your pocket is cleaner than most kitchens. >> i got it right here. eat this. >> put that in my mouth? back to our story air-conditioning. how women are cold at the office
8:15 am
and they always complain. men have been heard and this is how they are responding to the story. i think they have good points. they're pointing out we have to wear the whole suit situation you got the undershirt, you got your suit here, for you you have the leather vest you wear under every day. they are posing the question is it time to change the dress code for men and specifically, do you think shorts are okay for guys at the office? >> like pharrell shorts? not like gym shorts. >> not daisy dukes. >> okay. >> i think you can -- in some businesses if you're in the advertising. that wasn't for real. that was for a segment. i couldn't get away with that. >> i think you get away with -- >> socks and dress shorts. >> why not short sleeves like in the south you see a lot of guys wear the short sleeve dress
8:16 am
shirts. >> how about business casual just a shirt. >> it's keeping the air down. you feel good because you get a lot of griping that happens. >> it's not griping. it's observation. >> we have to do "pop start." keith richards throwing shade at the beatles. >> it's "pop start" time. starting with taylor swift. here is a tip for anybody going to a taylor swift concert. keep your hands to yourself. taylor was performing on stage and a fan dancing grabs her ankle there. look at the look on her face. that fan had -- we don't know where that fan is now. that fan is missing. you know what he said? what are those! >> you worked it in. it's been named the best
8:17 am
ro rock and roll album of all tiem sergeant pepper. people love it but not keith richards. he can't get no satisfaction from it. >> wow. >> he keeps saying the beatles got carried away in the '60s and forgot what they were good at. >> i don't think it's the greatest album of all time but i think he went overbad. >> -- board. >> he said their album was terrible, too. the stones. >> i like the "white" album better than "sergeant pepper." that album won the grammy in 19 1968. >> it was classic. >> how do you pick up from that? >> give him another oyster.
8:18 am
>> that's mariah carey on wednesday she got a star on the hollywood walk of fame and a diva like mariah carey isn't used to be upstaged. it was by her twins they stole the show. bored by the speeches. look. they're cute. she wrapped up her speech early to give them the attention they wanted. >> can we roll back the prompter. >> what did you say? >> matt will tell you later. >> okay. anyway. and finally, don't turn the channel! please. imagine you're a tv reporter. imagine, guys. for just a second. you're doing a report on the street and this happens. [ laughter ] >> hugh jackman sneaking thereupon. there you have it. that's your "pop start." that's a common reaction.
8:19 am
>> how about a check on the weather? i'll tell you what we got going on. the big dome of high pressure and the heat is on. it's staying on in the southern plains. look at the temperatures. we have excessive heat watches and heat advisory oklahoma city, abilene, little rock to shreveport. next three days over 100 degrees houston, austin, dallas, oklahoma city. here in the northeast, however, look at how pleasant it's going to be boston in the mid 70s. low to mid 80s in new york. 70s in atlantic city. mid 70s to low 80s all the way good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a mixture of sun and clouds across the bay. it is warming up into the low to mid-60s across the bay. today a high of 72 degrees in
8:20 am
san francisco. the east bay at 77. peninsula, 80 degrees. 87 degrees in the south bay as well as 87 in the north bay. in the tri-valley, you'll have the hottest temperatures you've had all week long. topping out at 91 degrees. we may have a chance of some lightning later on this evening. and that's your latest weather. al, thank you very much. now to the summer secrets and the week long look at plastic surgery. this morning what happens when procedures go wrong and tamron has more on the story. >> hey, savannah. in a moment you'll hear from women who wanted to add to their curves. each spent a few hundred dollars on licensed injections thinking they were getting a good deal. turns out they got more than they were bargaining for. plastic surgery is meant to give people the look they want. most times it does. sometimes things go wrong. there's a whole reality tv show about it called "botched."
8:21 am
where doctors fix problems with nose jobs, tummy tucks, and any number of procedures. they even handle butt augmentation procedures. procedures to enhance a derrière is on the rise. the number of butt augmentation surgeries has nearly doubled from 2013 to 2014. these are just the surgeries done by board certified physicians. there's a more dangerous side for those that want the same look and don't see a real doctor. just look at the case on paige victoria winslow. sentenced in june to up to 20 years in prison, she was convicted of murder for injecting silicone into a british woman at the airport hotel in philadelphia. the low-grade silicon travelled to the woman's lungs killing her. in court, winslow claimed to have injected thousands of women but said she didn't realize the
8:22 am
injections could be dangerous. this doctor said a growing number of women are coming to him with complications from the elicit treatments. >> a lot have pain walking. they get infections. >> can tow dr dakota saw an unl practitioner. >> days i cry because i feel so bad that i made a decision like that that affects me -- not only me but my daughter. you know, i worry is something bad going to happen? >> reporter: her implants have chipped into the back of her legs. she's been in and out of the hospital misdiagnosed by doctors because she was too embarrassed to tell the truth. this shame is common among the women we met. this woman asked us to conceal her identity. >> i was afraid to go to the hospital. >> how long did you let the time pass before you went to the hospital?
8:23 am
>> years. >> reporter: years? she said she flew to miami to have the silicone removed using liposuction but it didn't work. the pockets of silicon are spread all the way down her leg. both women are coming forward now to help others. >> i put aside my embarrassment because i want other women to understand that if you want to do a procedure it's better you spend the money and go to a real doctor. don't go to someone in the neighborhood. it's not worth it. it's not worth your life. >> reporter: dakota and the other women are patients of this doctor and he'll operate on them soon to try to remove the silicon. in many cases insurance will cover these type of corrective procedures when the overall health of the patient is at risk. >> pretty eye opening report there. thank you. here with what you need to know before going under the knife is plastic surgeon dr. michelle. it seems to me the most important thing you can do is
8:24 am
pick the right doctor. but how do you do that? how do you know the questions to ask? >> the most important thing is to make sure your doctor has hospital privileges even if the procedure is planned for the office. >> why is that? >> that's because it ensures the doctor has had training in the procedure you would like to have. not only has been trained but continues to hone her skills by continuing medical education classes. it says that the doctors on staff at the hospital respect this doctor's ability to do the procedure, that the doctor is licensed, insured, and in case of the unlikely event of a emergency there's a back up team. >> you can ask for before and after photographs. how would you know they're not doctored by the doctor? >> you look at those and you'll have a good idea. you can ask to meet other patients who had the same procedure. this way you can see the results the doctor made are to yours a threatic liking. >> as we move on, are things that should be automatic red flags?
8:25 am
it's important to make sure that the doctor is who you speak with and not just the ancillary staff. many options presented to you or just one? it's important to see how clean the office is. attention to detail is extremely important. is the staff a con due wit so you can get to the doctor with questions or do they act as barrier. does the surgeon talk about lots of options. >> i like this the cost is unusually low. >> this is dangerous. everybody knows plastic surgery is not covered by insurance. there's a temptation to pick the least expensive surgery. s it a mista-- it is a mistake pick a doctor based on cost. >> it didn't look like you thought what do you i'm ... ==anim== happening
8:26 am
today... ==topvo== a legal hearing in s francio good thursday morning. it's 8:26. i'm sam brock. happening later today, a legal hearing in san francisco that may determine uber's future. it revolves around a lawsuit brought by three drivers who argue that they should be considered employees, not outside contractors. at stake at today's hearing, whether the case should be turned into a class-action lawsuit. by extension, any final ruling would potentially impact all uber drivers, not just the three who filed suit. experts believe that if the suit becomes a class action, uber lost, it would have huge repercussio repercussions. on the roads right now, mike, you're watching a clear up on the bay bridge. >> that's right. a road over the water, sam. getting out of san francisco, eastbound 80, look at that jam on the lower deck to treasure island. earlier crash has cleared. you're jammed on north 101
8:27 am
approaching the city all the way toward the skyway as a result. that's a tough drive. the rest of your drive, looking like a typical thursday. a smooth drive through walnut creek. the earlier crash has cleared. northbound 280, we still have a crash affecting lanes. that's a slower drive out of cupertino. back to you. >> just chugging right along on a thursday morning. that weekend is very close. we'll have another update for you coming up in just 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> we're back now 8:30 on a thursday morning. s it the-- it is the 6th day of august, 2015. we have a great crowd on the plaza. by the way, we have a second throwback of the morning. that's "jesse's girl." there's rick springfield. he's co-starring in a movie with meryl streep. savannah labelled him "smoking
8:31 am
hot." he's going talk to us about why he didn't want to audition for the movie. >> yeah. plus, one of the taller, leaner maybe more sophisticated. s it easy if you get honest about your body type. stacy london said she'll share the style secrets we all need to know. very nice. we're throwing a dinner party in the kitchen within the food network's newest star valerie bertinelli. she'll cook up one of her favorite recipes for us. let's plan your weekend out for you. starting with tomorrow we're looking at wet weather to the southwest. monsoonal moisture may be causing flooding. pacific northwest sunny and warm. as we move to saturday you have more wet weather through the gulf coast and along the southeastern mid atlantic states look for rain to the northern plains back into the rockies. showers in the pacific northwest. sunday rain from the southwest into the rockies on into the
8:32 am
central great lakes. we expect to see plenty of sunshine in the western two-thirds of the country. the heat continues down through texas on to oklahoma with 100 plus readings right into early good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a warm day across the bay with the start of the morning in the low to mid-60s. a high of 93 degrees today in gilroy. 60s near the coast. 90s for the inland areas, like the tri-valley. reaching 93 degrees in livermore. oakland, 78 degrees. santa rosa, expect a high of 86 degrees. there may be a chance of some isolated lying thing later on this evening. and make sure you get the weather you need you go to the weather channel on cable or online. let's say hello to mr. daily.
8:33 am
>> thank you, uncle al. jill martin has joined me in the orange room. we have an exciting collaboration with kwqvc. along with being a "today" contributor you're the creator of the gili collection sold on qvc. >> do you ever see products and think why didn't i think of that? we want to make one viewer make they product big. we're calling it "today's next big thing" go to to submit your product criteria. home household pets, apparel accessories, and gadgets. you have to submit your idea by august 21st. nine finalists will come on "today" to pitch their idea. at the end of the week, they'll sell their product with me on qvc. >> thank you. rick springfielded is known
8:34 am
and loved for "jesse's girl." now he's on the big screen starring as meryl streep's love interest in the movie. >> that's why you're the mom and that's why i'm my kid's dad. i love my kids so much. don't you? >> yeah. >> so you want to just be friends? >> no. >> rick springfield, good morning. >> how are you? >> i should make clear you are not the rick ky in the movie. >> no. she's ricky. >> you're greg in the movie. >> yeah. >> greg the guitarist. the most likable person in the movie. >> yeah. he's the rock, which is weird. it's a lot of, you know, the people are very damaged and, you know, trying to make things work
8:35 am
and greg is actually the sanest of them all. >> i don't know how you'll take this. i watched half the movie before i realized it was you. i was like, i like that guitar play player. he's so nice and cute. i'm like, oh, my god! it's rick springfield. >> my wife said she likes greg more than me. >> he's a good character. it's got to be a little bit intimidating. you are an accomplished musician and actor. starring against meeryl streep s not a small thing. >> no. you have to get past the it's meryl streep moment. it doesn't work as an actor. you have to get past it. honestly, most actors have that take. i saw something with another actor who was going to do a movie with her and he was freaking out. and she's very gracious and she's very open and understands that you need to get to the character. that can't have the oh my god
8:36 am
it's meryl streep being in my eyes. >> there were even love scenes. the studio didn't give us clips of those. >> really? >> no. unfortunately not. you'll have to see the movie. it must have been fun? >> yeah. you know, our amazing director put them kind of more later on so it wasn't like walking in -- you know, you work on the relationship on and off the screen. it was great. i mean, she's a complete consummate actor, and i'm not going to kiss and tell. >> okay. as the story goes jonathan demy reached you and had you come and audition for the role. you weren't excited at first. you didn't want to do it. >> no, i was excited. they wanted to see me the next day. i was on the east coast touring. they wanted to see me the next day. i said i'm not going to go. i don't want to look like an
8:37 am
idiot. my pr person said get on the plane. >> she cracked the whip. he said you had the role in 60 seconds. >> i wish i had known that. >> you've been married 30 years? >> 38. >> to different women but, you know -- >> no. to the same lovely woman, barbara. you have two adorable sons. >> yeah. >> one was a pa on this movie. >> yeah. >> my son josh was a pa on the movie. when we saw the premier, you know, seeing me and everything like that and josh's name came up and we were like yeah! >> i heard you -- did he get a talking to or someone got a talking to on the set after you -- >> yeah. i'm a very hands on dad and josh didn't tell anyone i was his dad. when we were doing the rehearsal together when we were getting the band together, i came in every morning and kiss and hug him and go to work. after a couple of to mornings a
8:38 am
couple of security guys came up and said don't do that. they thought there was something weird going on. josh didn't say he's my dad. he said okay. >> good guy. he sounds like a great guy. >> he's a doll. >> the movie is fun. rick springfield is great to see. thank you for being here. i appreciate it. he's going to come back and drink with kathie lee and hoda in a little bit. how the constant attention to the smartphone is impacting your kids. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at it's 8:40. we love our smartphones. how is your gudevice impacting your kids? >> jenna bush hager is here with more. >> hi, many keep our phones on us all the time. while technology can help us be
8:41 am
better parents, sometimes it may have the opposite effect on our children. >> i'm like get off your phone and listen. >> maybe you've heard this before. in a world of technology it's the constant ringing, ding, buzzing, and beeping is creating a disconnect for our kids. >> i'm trying to talk to them they're just looking at their phone. >> this doctor a developmental pediatrician at the boston medical center studied parent child interaction at fast food restaurants. in the vast majority of kids, more than 70% of the adults used their phones during their meal. >> what we saw over and over and over again was either a parent cutting off with getting highly absorbed in their attentions in the device or when the child is making bids the parents responded in a mechanical way or a delayed way. >> reporter: according to a recent survey, 54% of kids think their parents check their
8:42 am
devices too often. and 32% say they feel unimportant when their parents are distracted by their phones. a text or e-mail can make a parent displace their frustration on their kids, research shows. and the doctor even sees this in her own home. >> my kids are pretty great, but i see them much more irritating when my head is in busy task mode. when i have a lot of stuff to do for work or an e-mail to respond to, all the cute approaches and, "mom, read to me" creates more attention. >> reporter: these two were concerned about digital distractions at home. they decided to create some rules. >> during dinner, there's no phone allowed. when the kids go down, there's no devices. there's no computer. >> have you ever had to say to them, put the phone away? the kids are here? >> yes. >> and their son oliver is on board. >> what does it make you feel like when they're on the phone?
8:43 am
>> mad. >> what are your favorite things to do with him? >> swim. >> he's a good dad, though? he built you a play house, right? >> research shows when parents are constantly connected to technology, their young kids are left feeling sad, mad, angry, or loan -- lonely. >> if you can take away cell phones from adults would you do it? >> yeah. >> how can you strike the balance. figure out which triggers are most distracting for you. watch your children's cues and acknowledge their needs. and most of all, schedule specific tech free family time. just like what these two decided to do. do you see a difference in your parents when you put the phone away as opposed to using it? >> yeah. when i'm a parent i'm a parent i'm all in. >> so i have to say i have a 2 1/2-year-old and she said no phone, mommy. and it kind of broke my heart. we're all guilty of this.
8:44 am
>> even if we care about it and think about it, we still can be distracted by our devices. >> exactly. my trick is to leave my cell phone in the front of the apartment and have mila time. when she goes to bed go back and do work or whatever. >> no phones at dinner or lunch. no devices anywhere near the table. >> do your kids want to use their phones now? >> oh, yeah. >> we don't know yet. >> all right. for some proof that the best things happen when you unplug. i hosted a mom's night out with my closest friends. you're invited to the next one, savannah. we had anxieties about my baby number two. as you can tell by the large dress -- >> any day. >> hopefully not in the next 30 seconds. >> anyway. >> you can check it out on we'll do that. coming up next. stacy london is here. her patented blunt advice for
8:45 am
fixing disasters and dressing to
8:46 am
8:47 am
today's style is brought to you by famous footwear. famous for brand name shoes for the whole family. of course now two bodies are created equal. by knowing how to dress for your shape, you can make yourself look longer, leaner, and more polished. here is stacy london on tlc. >> you are my favorite fashion gu rr guru. >> the title talks about the perception that our style -- how our style is perceive bid other people. >> if you wear a low cut top -- >> right. that sort of thing. and the thing about people's perception about the way we dress is not the way we intend. that's what the show tries to talk about.
8:48 am
a lot of that starts with the way we perceive our own body and the way we fit our own bodies in clothing. >> this is the whole point of the segment. which is know your body shape and dress for it. let's start with our first model. i know, you don't use the old fruit shapes. >> no. i don't like the fruit shapes. if you carry your weight in the top half. you have great girls and larger girls you want to do a darker color on top a brighter color or print on the bottom. the idea is to create a classic feminine shape which is to create a waistline. we have done that with a peplum top. we want to balance out the larger chest we have gone a little bit longer on the skirt to give her a little bit more length. volume on the bottom? yes. stay closer to the actual shape on the top. that way you get a more balanced frame. >> it's all about symmetry. >> symmetry and agrgeometry. >> thank you, joe anna. we have curvy on the bottom.
8:49 am
dominique is amazing. >> you have to do a little spin so we can talk about the jacket. a jacket is a woman's best friend when you're trying to camouflage a little bit of your bottom half. don't cover it. you want something that cuts across it. >> yeah. it give use a nice shape there, dominique. >> exactly. with the jacket now you have the jump suit that is a vertical line. it forces our eye up-and-down. she looks taller, long er, and leaner. and the jacket nips in at the waist. >> it give use a nice hourglass shape there. >> if you don't have that body shape you have to figure out a way to work with the clothes to create it for yourself. >> we want that body shape but i think u only 8% of women have it. >> 8% are completely symmetrical top and bottom. this is jen proportionately bigger in the bottom. this is called a fit and flare. it's flattering on every figure.
8:50 am
it fits more at the top and creates a very small waist and flares at the bottom. >> thank you so much. and finally the petite. good morning. how did you dress her? >> the biggest thing with petites. it's not just about size. she is very small, but petites are about ratio. shoulder to chest, chest to hip, hip to waist. all of those things are very different. you have to use petite clothing. you don't want to look too childest or old. you have to look for things that are modern. >> let's bring all our gorgeous models out one last time. stacy london, thank you very much. you can catch a new episode tonight on tlc. coming up next valerie bertinelli serves up one of her favorite meals. first, this is "today" on nbc,.
8:51 am
8:52 am
golden globe winner valerie bertinelli captured our hearts in the series "one day at a time" she had husband laughing with "hot in cleveland" now she's sharing her passion for cooking on a new food network show called "valerie's home cooking." welcome. >> thank you for having me, matt. >> you are menacing. >> just making sure you behave. >> you love to cook and entertain. this is the kind of show you
8:53 am
have wanted to for awhile? >> i think i have. when i got the opportunity i couldn't believe my luck. >> when you cook in the kitchen do you experiment? >> i do. i'm also a very good recipe followers. i make sure i do it and play around, too. >> we're making a chicken dish. let's show the ingredient list. >> it's not a lot of ingredients. >> what is the dish called? >> this is chicken cutlets, spicy arugula. >>s it what-- it is what it is. >> i like to make the chicken thin because it cooks quicker because it's not thick. pound it out a little bit. i haven't seasoned this. this is parmesan italian seasoning and fresh basil -- not fresh basil -- >> panko crumbs and that's the parmesan cheese. mix it around.
8:54 am
i basically make my own italian seasoning. >> i'm not good at separating the wrap. >> who is? >> watch this. [ laughter ] >> come here, little chicken! >> this goes in the egg, first. i usually keep one hand dry. put that one in there and get the dry ingredients all over it. then it goes straight -- well, i'll put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes so the panko can set. we're going to get it started right away. >> what kind of oil? >> canola oil. >> because it's been pounded thin how long does it take? >> mainly wait until it gets brown on one side so it releases by itself. >> i want to show you fans of ours downstairs. the gang is already eating downstairs.
8:55 am
joined by -- >> oh! >> sticking around. how is it so far? >> it's great. >> good. next step we have that. >> you want it to be brown on the other side. we'll go to the side that is done. the stunt chicken here. >> browned on both sides. and then you just plate it. i'm going to make this arugula salad. i love arugula. it's nice and spicy. it goes well with the lemon. i love to make my dressings in a mason jar. you make them up. i got some mustard here. >> a little dijon mustard and some shallots. great in everything. i'm making a mess. i don't care. and lemon, one of my favorite ingredients. you shake it up. >> it's not on very well. >> no. then you make -- how long have we known each other? >> a long time. >> so then you can put this in your fridge when you don't use all of it. you have fresh dressing all the time. i love it. i'm going to dress this. you don't want to dress it too
8:56 am
hard. you start putting it on the side of the bowl. >> perfect. gang downstairs, honest reviews? >> great! >> great together. >> yeah. >> great flavor. >> and the chicken is so well seasoned. >> the bread crumbs are amazing. >> perfect. >> super simple. >> toss it around and plate it. a little lemon. i put a little extra sauce on the chicken because i love lemon. >> perfect. by the way, this is a dish you're making later? good thursday morning. it's 8:56. i'm sam brock. we have new video this morning of drama on the high seas with a massive drug bust aboard an unusual vessel. the coast guard says that the team seized 12,000 pounds of cocaine, having a street value of $181 million from this semi-submersible. the bust took place last month
8:57 am
about 200 miles south of mexico. four suspected smugglers are in custody right now. the coast guard says crew members left 4,000 more pounds of cocaine on that vessel to keep it steady during towing, but it took on water and sank 13,000 feet to the ocean floor. technically, there are 4,000 pounds of cocaine on the ocean floor. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's" take the end of an era. jon stewart signs off from the "daily show" tonight after a 16-year run. presidential surprise. wait until you see where george w. bush showed up. and plain white t's sing their newest hit live. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today i's take" with a roker, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> watch me nae nae. >> whip it or nae on a thursday morning, august 6th, 2015.
9:01 am
>> can the audience hear us outside? >> watch me. this is your pick of the day. >> this is my pick of the day. inspired by all the videos that are there. and i was thinking about line dances. it's like wedding season. it's party season. throwback thursday, what is your favorite line dance? i know the electric slide but keep it real. what is your line dance? >> macarena in '94. >> the macarena. curly shuffle is a line dance? >> oh, yes. >> can you do it? >> well, they don't have the music. >> oh. >> this is the song of the moment. this is the song of the moment. you want to press your children with the nae. my nephew taught me how to do the stanking leg. >> what?
9:02 am
>> young isaiah in college walked me through each section of the song. he taught me how to whip. >> do it? >> i only do it after cocktails at the wedding. >> that was yesterday. >> watch me naenae. >> it's hard. i feel like something is -- i'll think about it. i pulled off the video from willie, and al said he doesn't do -- we have instructional videos on how to -- send us, you know, send us your whip and nae nae video you and your kids. >> watch me whip and watch me nae nae and use #today'stake. >> do we have a luke bryant? >> no. >> oh. thought we were doing luke bryant. we had it. >> we're going to load up -- >> see he's doing it. he's doing the nae nae.
9:03 am
do the whip. >> he's learning it. >> come on. whip. >> oh. you have the moves. you know that. >> yes. that's my song of the day. >> what we do. whip. come on, dad. >> no. >> like it's your car. ♪ >> you're sitting. can you sit and do the -- >> you can but we're going bring it. i swear we're going to get the crew. when our dancer comes back we'll do the home video. >> are we considered a crew? >> we're a crew. >> we're not cool enough to be a crew? >> again, the old dad. i don't think i'm qualified. >> we're the street crew, really? street crew. >> baller. >> hello. if you like big tv events, tonight is your night. we have a couple of good ones. the first presidential debate of the election cycle tonight in
9:04 am
cleveland. the top ten candidates will be there. seven more will have an earlier debate. >> the happy hour debate. >> wouldn't it be great if they serve them drinks? >> that would be great. like the andy cohen show you've been on and drinking. >> andy cohen as the moderator. >>awesome. >> i would watch that. if you put the chart again you see how it lays out. the guy dead center is the guy that leads the polls. donald trump the first time we've seen him in a debate. we've seen him reacting to a lot of things and throwing shots out. now he's on stage face to face with nine other candidates. >> it's going to be amazing television. >>s it -- it is. >> there's a substantiative conversation because it's our country. but then it's good tv. i believe some people think it's like the apprentice. the opening of the show ♪ money money money
9:05 am
what if they walked in on theme songs and trump walks in off the theme from apprentice. i can dream. >> it has to be slow motion. >> it will be interesting because we haven't heard him get specific on issues. now he's going to face three good moderators from fox news and they'll ask him, okay, you want to get rid of bureaucracob. what are you putting in the place? >> and politico did a study on all the websites for the candidates and on their websites they're all explaining some of their positions. so he, you know, and, listen, what he did for lindsey graham. when in doubt he'll throw your phone number out there. >> the thing to me is the idea that jon stewart is going off tonight. i just -- the idea if he had done a live last show after this debate it would have blown threw
9:06 am
the roof. >> that's what i'm tweeting at this 5:00 a.m. this morning. you have the first gop debate and jon stewart saying goodbye at the same time. how does this happen? it's like -- what's that? polar vortex thing. you know it exists but then all of a sudden al roker is doing it on the news. >> do the nae nae thing again. >> no. you know what i mean? it's like a perfect storm. like george clooney is at the helm. >> now clooney is in the mix? >> i'm totally lost. >> waking up and going to jury duty and seeing a former president. >> there you go. >> there it is. >> it happens. the dallas courthouse president george w. bush showing up for jury duty. he was not chosen for the jury, but he took a lot of photos with potential jurors and they posted the pictures on twitter. according to the "dallas morning news."
9:07 am
the reason he was not selected not because the high profile nature but because they had filled the positions. >> oh. >> if it were me i would hold up my hand and say i'm going excuse myself so the president can be on the jury. >> a little known fact about al roker, you love jury duties. >> i love jury duties. >> there was an incident, though, al roker. this was early on in twitter when nobody knew the rules. i posted a photo from the jury room on twitter. i went out to lunch, which is the best part of jury duty -- because you get -- >> you're downtown. >> yeah. >> italian place. >> oh! >> oh, yes! >> and tmz was there and access hollywood and everyone was like whoa! you're in trouble. i had no idea. >> why were you in trouble? >> because you weren't supposed to tweet pictures from inside the jury room. >> wow, i didn't know that. >> i was showing everybody's face. >> you violated the rules.
9:08 am
>> i violated the rules. >> even you, big shot. the rules apply to you too, al roker. >> i'm telling you, do your civic duty. if a president of the united states -- >> have you ever been selected for a jury? >> i have. it was great. >> yeah? >> it was a malpractice. >> i had the same one. >> yeah. a three week trial. >> i've never been selected. >> it's actually a fascinating process. >> i go in dressed like princess leia like liz lemon. the length people will go to. >> this is adorable especially to celebrate a young life a survivor. a little girl is leaving the hospital after undergoing radiation treatment for a tumor on her spinal cord. like many teens 12-year-old is from shreveport, louisiana. she loves to dance and she loves
9:09 am
the song of the day "the whip." take a look how her doctor surprised her last wednesday as she was leaving the willis kingstkin knighton therapy center. ♪ ♪ now watch me whip now watch me nae nae ♪ ♪ watch me whip watch me nae nae ♪ ♪ this is in honor of our girl, willie! >> in order to make her feel good, willie and i will not do that. congratulations for being a fighter and thank you to that hospital! you know, how different hospitals are now regarding how they have the bedside manner and they're not ashamed of showing that. >> she's doing well, we hear. >> first -- "today's" weather is brought to you by yoplait.
9:10 am
now with 25% less sugar in all 25 delicious flavors. a lot of rainmaking the way through the mid plains from indianapolis, cincinnati, lexington, down to birmingham. we're looking at a decent amount. in fact, we have flash flood watches from louisville to much of kentucky today. as this system moves to the east, it's going to spread the way to the central parts of new jersey, the all the way down to the carolinas. rainfall amounts in the plains about 1 inch or so. the heavy rain over the 48 hours will be concentrated from washington to womilwilmington. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures warming up as we are getting ready for the hottest day of the week especially in the tri-valley. the south bay will be up to 87 degrees. more clouds moving in. and the peninsula 80 degrees. east bay 77 degrees. tri-valley up to 91.
9:11 am
and san francisco look for a high of 72 degrees with more clouds moving in. and the north bay will be topping out at 87 degrees. we will have a chance of some isolated lightning in the south bay later today. >> go willie! >> and that's your latest weather. >> we're all in whip land. >> maybe not all. coming up next, they hit it big with their song, hey, there, delil delilah. they have new songs out. they're trying to figure out the orange room puzzle. >> you can do it. >> you can do it. >> we'll talk to them next. >> that's good. no, don't give up. >> give up. plait! it's snack time! oh, look! yoplait original now has 25% less sugar. it tastes good! yoplait! my only makeup? true match.
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9:14 am
thanks. kleenex. someone needs one. >> plain white tees started their career in chicago playing in basements and small clubs. >>then they hit it big with hey there delilah, and now they have a new album called american nights and they're touring with rob thomas. >> we'll catch up with the guys in a moment, but first, a look at their rise to the top. ♪ hey there delilah what's it like in new york city ♪ >> the plain white tees skyrocketed to fame in 2007 with the pop ballad hey there delilah. >> what you do to me ♪ ♪ oh, >> the grammy nominated single became one of the most
9:15 am
downloaded of all time and reached number 1 on the billboard top 100. ♪ only one thing to do >> only one thing to do for the band, continue their success with platinum hits like one, two, three, four. and rhythm of love, each single selling over 1 million digital copies. their songs have been featured on commercials. tv shows and movie soundtracks. >> i'm doing to push pause. call a time-out. >> and their latest album "american nights" is already heating up our summer days. plain why tees are tom higginson, dave lopez, demar hamilton and microtaurio. good to see you. >> that was a great video. >> did you like it? i worked on it all night. so, for those who don't know,
9:16 am
where did the name of the group come from? >> we have always been inspired by music of like the '50s and '60s, and you think back to those times and you think of james dean wearing the red jacket and the plain white tee. >> nice. >> look at that. >> nice. brando there. >> you guys are quick. >> tim, we have to congratulate you. you just got married about a month ago. you said it's a romantic first month, joined by all four of your bandmates. >> hell of a honeymoon surrounded by these guys. we got married and jumped right on the bus because we're out with rob thomas right now. and the tour. i actually had to take -- oh, cue the photo. >> you do look beautiful. >> she looks good. >> she looks good. >> polishes me up nice. but yeah, i took about, what, a week off tour to get married, and then jumped right back on the bus with these guys. >> this album is your first independent album since 2001. how does that feel? that's what the number says
9:17 am
here. how does it feel to have the freedom, the creative freedom? >> it's pretty incredible. the label was always good to us. we had great relationships there, but to be able to just be in complete control of our careers is amazing at this point. >> really terrific. we're so excited that you guys are here. we'll be back later with your song "american nights." >> up next, you get tongue tied at the water cooler? we have tips to make small talk less painful. you could do the whip. >> or the nene. t get just any o. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque, and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamond clean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back
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9:21 am
gear up for great. mindless chatter, questions about the weather, awkward silence. making small talk can be super painful for people, especially in places like an elevator where you're trapped with another person that you don't know. here to help us improve the conversation, faye, the author of "social skills for success." >> i'm just hoping i don't have coffee breath. kwl you're good. >> i make no secret, i'm horrible at parties, any cocktail thing, social thing. i get in the corner and i hide. do we have to socialize at these things? >> yes. absolutely. that's kind of the whole purpose of going to a cocktail party,
9:22 am
making small talk and getting to the deeper level of conversation. and unfortunately, you can't get to more meaningful conversations without the small talk. >> i always find one person and hog their time and then leave. if you're in an elevator, for example, how do you handle this? >> we're in a really tight space. i'm uncomfortable because i'm think yg have coffee breath. this is the kind of setup where you have 7 to 15 seconds to do anything. >> you walk on and say hi or good-bye? >> this is the place where you can do that. this is about the only place where you're permitted to do that. >> when you get on the elevator, say hi, when you get off, say good-bye. >> good morning. simple as that. use your smile. you have a gorgeous smile. >> a little more time spent at the water cooler. what do you say? >> at the water cooler, sometimes you're a little awkward. should you prepare some questions to have ready? >> absolutely. it's like anything. you should prepare for conversations in life, right? we prepare for everything else we do. we take lessons. we study. but why not have three questions
9:23 am
ready that you can ask anyone? now, i say scrap the how's the weather today unless it's with you. but scrap that. you can just, as simple as how is your day going? and the key to it is, keeping the conversation going by asking pertinent questions. >> you don't want to be the one doing all the talking. >> two ears to listen and one mouth to talk. do double the amount of listening as talking. >> when you start to ask thoeg questions and you're listening, how do you break it off and move on without being rude? >> well, you know, it's not rude to break off and move on. the key to it is you don't need to lie and say, oh, i've got to get somewhere or someone is calling me. it's okay to say, well, i wt great to see you. and move on. that's the whole point of conversations. i mean -- >> pigs in a blanket. >> welcome to the party. >> goom. how are you? >> good, getting drunk with the staff. standard operating procedure for me. now we're at a cocktail party. this is different because you
9:24 am
walked into a room with a lot of people. what's your first move? >> this is one of the most daunting situations for most people. how do you break into a conversation? my first suggestion is always don't feel overwhelmed by a big crowd. there's always one person you can start a conversation with. so kind of coming aside and how's your day going? >> pretty good. pigs in a blanket. >> okay, now, here we go. couple of keys to a conversation. you may never respond with a one-word answer. thank you. you did a great job. never respond with one word. >> okay. >> before you stop talking, so, if you ask me how's your day going? >> you's your day going? >> really well. it's been busy. by the way, you don't have to have something incredibly wonderful to talk about. you can talk about your mundane day. before i'm done talking, i need to ask another conversation. otherwise, it's a conversation killer. >> what's the exit strategy? you exhausted conversation and you want to move to a different group? >> great to see you, willie.
9:25 am
nice to meet you. >> i like to start walking backwards. if you're thinking about walking around the house this weekend, we'll have more after the local news and weather. but mom and dad know that they're feeding them the complete nutrition of natural balance®. now available at petsmart! we're always looking to bring you the very best in pet nutrition. with natural balance®, part of our family of natural foods, you can give your pets premium quality ingredients. introducing natural balance® at petsmart. save up to 10% on dry and wet food! fill your pet with love. petsmart®. inspired by pets. ooh pizza rolls! ahh! they're ready! make summer awesummer with totino's pizza rolls. and get a free movie ticket when you spend $10. started using gain flings,fe their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) honey, isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel.
9:26 am
more scent plus oxi boost and febreze. it's our best gain ever! it's "day-2" of hillary clinto la b good thursday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. happening today, it is day two of hillary clinton's latest bay area visit. all of it out of the public eye. clinton is attending a breakfast fundraiser in san francisco where workers are already gathering. costs per plate $2,700. yesterday our cameras caught clinton's moto kad zipping through an exclusive atherton neighborhood. that is where the former secretary of state attended a fundraiser at the home of former facebook exec chris kelly. investigators are trying to figure out if a serial arson suspect arrested yesterday is behind even more fires. authorities arrested 29-year-old james wilson in bay point yesterday. he's accused of setting at least 30 fires across contracosta county. he's being held right now on $1
9:27 am
million bail. firefighters put out all of those grass fires before they could cause too much damage. the largest one was about 40 acres. governor brown heading to lake county to hear from firefighters on the front lines about massive rocky fire. cal fire now says the fire has burned roughly 70,000 acres. it's the largest fire going in california right now with more than 40 homes destroyed. firefighters are finally starting to get the upper hand. the fire is now at 40% containment, up from 30% last night. coming up after the break, a bad accident on 101 in mountain view. more on that and your weather right after this.
9:28 am
traffic ck traffic maps good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. watching clouds moving into the south bay. and this all because of a disturbance that may bring a chance of lightning to the bay area later on this evening. still warm though in san jose a high of 86 degrees. san mateo 82. and san francisco will be topping out at 72 ke grees. 88 degrees in the north bay. more sunshine. 93 in walnut creek, and also in
9:29 am
the tri-valley. mike. all right, kari. we have a huge issue for mountain view right now. northbound 101 we have three of four lanes blocked, only fast lane gets by. sounds like there was a crash involving a big rig and motorcycle. we just got word that the coroner was called to the scene. this is not a good scene right here. this is also jamming up your traffic flow. concern for the folks involved as well as the commute involved here as well. anywhere north of 85 you should be all right heading up the peninsula. the rest of the south bay moves smoothly and so is the approach toward the bay bridge. although out of the city we have slowing from earlier crash. sam, back to you. mike, thank you. we'll have an update on the traffic accident in 25 minutes.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. almost 2 million children's watches are being recalled because they may cause skin problems. it includes more than 300 styles of mzb light up watches. the backs can come off and inside the inside of the watch to water posing a risk of skin irritation and chemical burns. there have been at least 11 reports. for more information go to google and apple are rolling out new technology. google now gathers data from online searches and officers uss targeted information. such as a gas station near the airport when returning a rental car. apple is anticipating features
9:31 am
that will anticipate how a customer behaves. you'll be able to ask siri to remind you to grab a cup of coffee off the roof of your car when you get in the car. the cost of textbooks is going up faster than any other consumer product. according to an nbc news analysis a data from the bureau of labor statistics, textbook prices have soared more than 1,000% since 1977. more than three times the jaefr all rate of inflations. some new textbooks cost more than $400. a publisher's group said the numbers are misleading since they don't include used textbooks. a new study finds teens who exercise can cut the risk of getting type-2 diabetes as adults. a british study followed 300 students from ages 9 to 16 and found the greatest impact on reducing diabetes risk came when kids were active during earlied a alyless sense at the age 13. it underscores the importance of
9:32 am
exercise. there's nothing more memorable for a baseball player than the first major league home run. for tampa bay rookie richie schafer it's what happened later. the second major league game but after he got back to the dugout, his teammates gave him the silent treatment. finally his teammates gave up the gag and celebrated some big milestone. let's get a check of the weather from al roker. >> it's a tradition with a lot of these -- i get it -- you're ignoring me. >> bye! >> tamron, she's so funny. love her. anyway, let's show you what is going on as far as your weather for the weekend. tomorrow wet weather through the southwest. some showers in western pennsylvania. we're also looking at wet weather through the southeast mid atlantic states as well. moving to saturday we have scattered showers from northern great lakes all the way back to the four corners of the southwest. look for the sunshine to
9:33 am
continue out on the west coast. they need the rain. it's more rain through the gulf coast, which finally will come to an end by sunday. look for sunny skies in the northeast, cooler temperatures lower humidity. rain from the central great lakes to the so good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. starting out with sunshine across parts of the bay. and temperatures are warming up. it will be a very warm day in some spots like the north bay and south bay. 87 degrees. east bay 77 degrees. in the tri-valley a high of 91 degrees. 80 in the peninsula and san francisco you can expect a high of 72 degrees. more clouds moving in as we go through the day. and even a chance of an isolated storm or lightning later on this evening. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. tamron? >> thank you, sir. if you've been thinking about making some home improvements to the home but worried you can't afford it. we have easy upgrades you can do
9:34 am
yourself. >> that's right. scott host of diy "income properties" here with inexpensive investments that will raise the value of your home. we're starting on the stairs putting in rauner. >> -- a runner. >> a lot of people think you have to replace it or get an expensive runner. this is a $152 runner. about an hour and a half worth of work. you can do yourself. here is your runner. you want to make sure -- >> you have the runner. >> it's simple. you use the strips which are called smooth edge. they have the spikes on them. you want to be careful. you can cut these with snips, you can saw them, you want to hammer them into the inside corners and you use a small piece of undercut. very easy to cut this. you're going to need a staple gun of some sort. your under pad you don't the president to shift arou-- want around. >> will it go through the roof?
9:35 am
>> it will go into the wood. you can use a wood filler to stain it. >> why does that add value versus a hardwood stair? >> i like a hardwood stair but if you haven an old staircase that is rough and you might have to replace it. this is a solution you can use. you have to get your back into it. >> i love how willie -- >> go willie! >> get in there. >> you just bought a house? >> well, kind of. with a lot of help. >> you want to hire somebody. >> come on! >> i didn't see that coming. >> wow. >> they are laughing at me. it's ridiculous. >> redeem yourself, man! >> let's do it, willie. >> oh, yeah. some crown molding here. >> tough crowd. >> crown molding the crowning achievement of any renovation, of course. this is the product i've been using. it's a plaster coated cistyrofo.
9:36 am
you get the plaster finish which is the traditional look and feel. >> a look of elegance. >> it's elegant. it's more of a victorian look here. crown molding is daunting for most people because it's hard to understand. you can cut your crown molding as long as it has a 45 inch angle, which this one does and most do. you can cut it using a miter box, believe it or not. you don't need a compound miter saw. >> what is a miter box? >> this is a miter box you get at hardware store. >> you can saw through it. >> it basically guides your saw. have you ever sawed something before? >> no. >> here you go. here you go on you got this. oh, boy. maybe not. >> if i lose a finger on tv, again. >> if i were -- >> how do i do this? >> it's like swinging a golf club. >> willie, are you watching this? >> sorry. here we go.
9:37 am
>> all right. did we get all the way through? >> step away from the table. >> there you go. >> there's your cut. now because we cut it upside down you want your detail at the bottom. here we go. there's your piece of crown there. this is an inside corner your next piece goes this way. super light and simple. it fills up using mud. no nails or fasteners on it. >> how long does it take to dry? >> that will dry in a couple of hours. >> cool. >> i'm doing a sloppy job here. this goes up and it squeezes out and you can finish the corners. >> very nice. >> talk quickly about caulking. it gets ugly in your bathroom. >> actually one of the best ways to add value but maintain value in a home is things that are maintenance. if you let the caulking get dried out and start to separate, you're going to get mold and mildew and moisture back there. several different tools you can use don't go right over the
9:38 am
caulking with new caulking. you want to scrape as much off. this is called a five-in-one. it's five tools in one. it's pretty simple. >> okay. >> if you go one way and the other way -- >> and quickly finish it up. >> and pull this out. boom. get your new caulk in there. you want to clean it out. >> thank you. even though you questioned my manhood and man handled my coworker. >> i do what i can. up next if you're not working around the house you may want to go out this weekend. we'll check out the best movies ♪
9:39 am
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9:43 am
>> that's right fantastic towfo. it features the story of four kids who are given fantastic powers and charged to save the world. i think what is fun is the four, you know, kind of super heros are the youngest they've featured. we saw this movie ten years ago. miles teller is there and michael b jordan is a star. keep your eye on him. >> shawn the shooun the sheep. >> i know you're feeling fatigue with the animated movie finance features a flock of sheep as they rescue the farmer. there's no dialogue in this movie you won't even miss it. there's so many puns and witty references. >> and on the music front prince continues to give up new music. >> yeah. second single in many months
9:44 am
"dare" it's available on spot fie now. it's classic prince really funky. a little bit of a throwback to one of his singles in there. this is the one you'll be streaming all weekend long. >> on the little screen a couple of new york comedians from our palestini pal amy poehler. >> that's right. starring two comedians. the comedians are struggling to keep up with the pace in new york city. there's two episodes available on hulu now and two episodes streaming week to week in september. moving on you have something to connect us with the franchise "star wars." >> there's great features to this app. you can take theme selfies. you can get access to cast interviews and film maker interviews. you can get alerts so you're the first to know on the big "star wars" news. of course, it's free and available now on apple and android. it's a great tool to have as we
9:45 am
head into the season with the "star wars" film coming out in december. >> and also, if you like angry birds the sequel. >> it's out right now. over 10 million downloads. there has been a little bit of controversy just because there are in app purchases so you to make if you want to get extras. you can also watch advertising videos. get addicted but proceed with caution. >> i'm sad my nieces are addicted. >> it's a hit for a reason. >> parents, watch your credit cards. music you might want to listen to. you will want to listen to this weekend. grammy nominated band plain white t's is performing their newest hit right after this. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car?
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at our annual clearance event, get 0% apr financing on a 2015 rav 4, offer ends september 8th. for great deals on other toyotas, visit it's all yours. thanks, jan. toyota. let's go places. the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. plain white t's rose to the top of the billboard charts with "hey there delilah" which became one of the most downloaded s ees of all time. >> here are the plain white t's singing "american night" . ♪ on these american nights that's when we all go out. that's when we feel alive
9:50 am
that's when we the tops go down ♪ ♪ i break a dollar at the bar and name the jukebox sing so tell rosie what you want the first round's on me we're going to light up these streets baby shake the dust off your dreams baby we're going to lose a little sleep baby on these american nights ♪ ♪ under the stars and shops we live in doubt with our friends tlg nothing we can't do as soon as our sunsets i'm going to find you girl i'm going try to make you laugh and once she kiss me without look i'm going to take her hand cause everything about her reminds me of all the broken romance behind
9:51 am
me i'm giving lover another chance to find me on these american nights ♪ ♪ days like these don't come up any higher we've got main street lit up like a fire nothing compares to the breathe in the air when i'm back in my hometown someday my kids will run like i did on these streets and old playgrounds ♪ ♪ i wan that drive all night turn up the radio loud love's hanging in the breeze i shut the whole world out so come and ride with me baby i'm saving you the front seat baby
9:52 am
feeling nothing but free baby on these americans nights ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ on these american nights [ cheers and applause ] >> all right! plain white t's "american nights" thank you so much. >> very good! >> we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
all right. we asked you to send us the whip and nae nae videos. this one is amazing. britta brittany, take us through. ♪ >> kristin, my daughter loves to dance. what else do we have? ♪ okay. >> oh! and that wave! that wave! >> oh, hey! >> all right. keep them coming. >> thank you, ♪ at grocery outlet, they sell the brands you love. ♪
9:56 am
♪ the brands you love. ♪ the brands you know and love. ♪ ♪ even name-brand natural foods and organics. ♪ ♪ at prices up to 60% less than you'd spend ... ♪ ♪ at those "big-name grocery stores." ♪ and did you know right now at grocery outlet, a 10-pound bag of potatoes is just 99 cents! ♪ things that i know ... ♪ and love. ♪ grocery outlet. bargain market ♪ good morning emp. 9:56. we have live pictures from our helicopter this morning of an accident in the northbound lanes of 101 near moffet airfield involving a motorcycle. traffic is badly tied up.
9:57 am
we'll turn to mike ynouye in a moment. a group of women head straight for high ticket items, steal them all, police call them the rainbow crew. their loud hair and clothes, they're connected to several robberies mostly near union square. tosoro agreed to pay nearly $4 million at its martinez refinery. workers in the settlement the company did something wrong, the company says they did not. let's check your weather this morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be a warm one tay with a lot of sunshine and highs reaching 88. 87 degrees in the south bay, peninsula, and east bay high of 77 degrees. it will be breezy in san francisco topping out at 72. the tri-valley will be up to 91 degrees. and the north bay 87 degrees. not as warm as we head into
9:58 am
tomorrow and tonight we may have a little liegghtning. we're looking at the continuing situation. this was the big rig presumably involved in this crash. it's pulled over blocking one of your lanes, but three of your four lanes is blocked. show you the extent of the backup. right here northbound approaching moffet just pastel lis and that has three of four lanes blocked back to san jose. about seven or eight miles jammed here. you can use central, el camino, once you're north of mountain view you're clear for 101. we're following this tragic scene as well as the rest of your south bay commute. back to scott. >> mike, keep us updated. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ you give me that feeling >> that is real love. it's thirsty thursday. we're so happy you're here with us. slow it down, hoda woman. we have one of our favorites in the studio today. >> you know her from a lot of things, hot in cleveland among them, star valerie bertinelli, she will make some dips.


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