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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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evacuated. a foul smellaking people there dizzy. we've found outwhat was behind the disturbance. ==peggy/vo== thounds evacuated fally back home tonight. a high school swim meet evacuated. thousands evacuated, finally back home tonight. the danger near clear lake is not quite over yet. plus, we are seeing some lingering effects of the fire right here in the bay area. and outside lands festival in full swing. how swindlers are trying to make a buck and why their tactics are not so successful. good evening, everyone. >> thank you for joining us. a swim meet evacuated. fumes from the school's maintenance project drifted over to the pool area where more than
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700 people were expected to gather this weekend. nbc bay area is live chuck? >> reporter: i can tell you that right now, the championship swim meet has resumed. you might be able to see some people milling about behind me. there is a big group of trees there. it is a summer recreational swim league for youngsters between 3 and 18. but about 200 people of the 700 people expected were here this morning when some of them, up to a dozen people in fact, reported that they were feeling dizzy. that complaint included two children. the event was shut down and participant were told to leave the area. >> as the fumes kind of gathered, i think it really started. we had two little kids who got a little overwhelmed by the fumes. they're still here. i don't think they've been transferred to the hospital.
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i think they were treated here. once that happened there was a response from public safety to figure out what it was. >> reporter: two children were given oxygen here at the scene. however no one else required any sort of treatment. the source has been traced up the hill here from the pool. this is the high school and the track field is just up the hill. you might be able to see it here. we've learned that it is a material called weather-all i know what a sheeting that dries to a relatively spongy surface. the pool association spokesman said it is a nontoxic material. nonetheless because of the earlier complaints they did ask people to leave. the project has been rescheduled for another day. the swim meet is expected to finish up tomorrow. reporting live nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you so much. and finally, allowed back home tonight, all of some 5,000 people evacuated because of a wildfire burning in lake county are being allowed back home. the remaining evacuation orders for the rocky fire were lifted today. that fire has been massive. it has been burning since july 29th. it swept through nearly 70,000 acres in all. the fire is about 62% contained at the time. they are focused on the hot spots and the flare-ups. >> we did get a look at the damage earlier this week. as you can see, the ground there just scorched a couple of animals. you can only wonder what happened to so many of those animals caught in the middle of it. you might notice that here the air is a little bit hazy. take a look over the bay. pretty clear at this time. but smoke from the rocky fire and other wildfires drifted our way earlier. rom mayeda has been watching that pretty closely. it's amazing that we're seeing the smoke.
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>> kind of an orange sunrise. the smoke which has been drifting from the north now, earlier today we had the winds closer to 20 to 25,000 feet. generally out of the north and northwest. as we dropped a little bit lower, the winds begin to change direction and that continues all the way down to sea level. the winds strong enough to keep the air stirred up enough that we don't have any air quality alerts. at least here. north of lake county there are some air warnings. but here the cloud cover and haze off to the east. now the low clouds that we're seeing will set us up for a return of the low clouds and drizzle coming in for tomorrow morning. but sunday's afternoon temperatures are quite a bit warmer. we'll look at that in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot. ? an overnight shooting near some of east san jose leaves one man dead. now police are searching for the gunman behind the very public attack. it happened last night right by the east ridge mall and another
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shopping center over there. police found a wounded man. he died at the scene. investigators have not identified the victim or released any suspect details. this is the city's enlth the homicide in the past six weeks. a south bay man is dead. another person seriously injured after a single car crash in sun open a county last night. it happened about midnight near castle road. the 28-year-old man died at the scene. the 28-year-old passenger from new york suffered major head and neck injuries. investigators say alcohol may have been a factor in that crash. it's happened again. someone has damaged thousands of dollars of plants in the san francisco park. police say the suspect destroyed several plants in the botanical garden in golden gate park overnight. they are estimating the damage at $10,000. police say city partial are regularly damaged by vandals. >> happening now, the second day
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of the outside lands music field is in full swing. take a look. the festival's website, feeding it out on their website right now. and i their feed is pretty darn good. live in golden gate park where it is happening. how is it happening? >> reporter: when we were a little bit closer you could hear the music and folks were having an absolutely great time. not just golden gate park but the streets around it are packed as people are pouring in for the outside land music festival. about 60000 people expected to come each day. that was friday, saturday and sunday. as you can imagine, some neighbors trying to stay positive at the weekend festival with more than 100 scheduled performances happening near their homes. the black keys and ben harper out there performing. the festival brings in millions of dollars to the local economy. for those attending, a great live weekend lineup. >> it's a great atmosphere,
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great people, interesting to see all outfits and the way people come and celebrate. >> reporter: what's the craziest outfits? >> i've seen a few bananas running around. >> reporter: some neighbors expressed concern about things like littering and people relieving themselves outside. san francisco police out here. they have a strong presence. i wanted to mention the rfid wrist bands. those are mental to increase security. sfpd is letting people know for those coming out, for one, some were apparently stolen. the computer chips those were deactivated so they don't work. apparently someone was out here trying to sell them and folks who tried to get them out here didn't realize they were not good until they got to the plate. we're hearing some developments. also, parking enforcement. very tight out here. person isly near bus zones. and we can hear the music now that it has quieted down.
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we can hear a little of that going on. for tomorrow night, the big finish will feature sam smith and also elton john. reporting live at golden gate park, christie smith nbc bay area news. >> let's look at how many there are. this is an nbc chopper video from yesterday afternoon. 60,000 yesterday. 60,000 today. you can see a sea of people. all around the area. a beautiful shot. >> we should be there. >> i'm trying to down them but i'm running out of time. 60000 people show up every day for this three-day festival. >> i know a lot of people who are there. you see them on facebook having a phenomenal time. also a history of san jose single back in time to the 1940s complete with a special honor for a warldorld war ii veteran. his regiment was credited with some of the very last shots in
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world war ii. he served in the pacific where he met general douglas macarthur. a family member wanted to honor him and sent in the paperwork to receive the medal. today, the mayor friend bronze star to him. and after seven decades, after he left combat, he gets his honors. >> i want to emphasize that i'm not a hero. the heroes died. many years ago. and the ones that fought before me. so i'm grateful to them. thank you. >> what a nice speech. his wife daughter and son were also there to share in the honor. >> wow! >> that's really cool. next at 5:00 video you'll only see on nbc bay area. a carjacker caught on camera hanging on for dear life. what happened next the police has them trying to find the victims not the suspect.
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then donald uninvited to a republican event because of new controversial statements. the attack against a fox news anchor that handed him in hot water. because 100% whole grain oats
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are incredibly good for you. because they're heart healthy because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family. everything we do is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love. portg from taiwan, where a the bay has uprooted trees
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torn from the ground. >> some tough weather there for ian williams reporting from taiwan where a damaging typhoon just swept through. take a look. winds about 100 miles an hour even damaged buildings. the rains washed away cars and roads. you can see some rescues underway. at least six people are reportedly dead. thousands of troops and rescue workers were deployed to help out. many will to pull people trapped by flash floods. some incredible pictures there coming in. the storm is dying down giving many the chances to start the clean-up. however, 3 million people are without power. now to decision 2016 where gop presidential candidate donald trump continues to make waves through his own party. this a day after the presidential debate. the organizer of the red state gathering said they have rescinded the invitation to mr. trump after his comments to
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megyn kelly. he suggested she was hormonal and asking tough questions during the debate. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her -- wherever. but she was, in my opinion, she was off base. >> trump's campaign says they didn't mean what everybody thinks he meant and he said this is just another example of weakness through being politically correct. here's something you don't want to see. out the window of your flight. sparks fire out of your window. a passenger recorded this. it was an american airlines flight headed to seattle. the pilot quickly turned around after takeoff will that's. >> they did make the emergency landing just fine. the flight handed safely with no injuries to report. the pilot told passengers there was a mechanical problem that caused the plane to shake and flames out the window. >> those of us who are not great
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flyers look at that and say i'm very very great tfl plane came down. >> i'm not a great flyer. if you see something like, that it's alarming. coming up, on bizarre crime spree caught on tape and it is not the suspect police are looking for. and a sacramento restaurant asking for customers to tip twice. the reason behind this request. customers say that maybe they are willing to follow this suggestion.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. kidnapping... then tries to cajack a driv ... and theattack is caught on camera. this take a look at this. the man suspected of attempted kidnapping tries to carjack the driver and it is caught on camera. this evening the police have the suspect. now they're looking for the victim who is behind the wheel. this is video you'll see only on nbc bay area. the crime unfolded yesterday in the blossom hill neighborhood. take a closer look. you can see the man running from right to left. kind of disappears there. then he grabs on to the car. you will see him hook around. now you lose sight of him. you can see him flying along with that car. the police say he just tried to kidnap a child in a nearby park.
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to get away, he tries to steal the car. the driver roars off but the man is clinging to the window. he eventually falls off and police comb the area and get him. >> he was acting very bizarre. possibly on drugs. we don't know. >> police stay man arrested may have tried to kidnap two different children. one at the park and another at the scene. in all the confusion, the possible victims and many victims fled the scene. investigators are asking who saw what happened to please come forward. just in to the newsroom. a swimmer heading from the farallon island just completed her 30-mile swim. kim chambers is the first woman to complete the swim. the last woman to attempt it did it in the 1950s. we got word that she did make it across to the glorious shore about 4:30 this afternoon. >> jumping in at the farallon at
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11:30 at night. that's right up there with white knuckle flying. a new way to pay. a sacramento restaurant is adding a second tip line in order to spread the wealth around. it is getting mixed reviews. customers are getting asked to tip twice. once for the server, another for the kixen staff. most servers, hosts and bussers make minimum wage plus tips but cooks make just above minimum wage. >> it made a big impact on the way our cooks feel about their work and a substantial impact on the take home. >> reaction has been mixed. some are jumping on the idea. ruse calling it tacky and question why the restaurant doesn't just pay them more. >> back to that question that is a tough job all the way around. >> a double dip. >> a lot of questions. would you do it or not? here's the meteorologist rob mayeda. we will not put you on the spot
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rob. >> we would be tipping for a little extra rainfall if we could get it. we had the thunder and lightning. instead we got a more typical sea breeze that is quite strong. our temperature compared to 24 hours ago, a running a little cooler. the marine layer was 3,000 feet thick now down to 2,000 which is beginning to set the stage for a warmer day tomorrow. sunshine tomorrow in san francisco at 67 degrees. same temperature there on the east side. bay. pleasanton at 77 degrees. and toward san jose to campbell not too bad. 73 degrees. winds onshore. and throughout the day, our temperatures climbed up, the view from mt. hamilton looking at san jose's temperature close to 80 degrees. should see mid 80s for most spots closer to downtown san jose. the sea breeze that will pull in the low clouds once again and keep the air stirred up enough
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except maybe in the north bay where some smoke pollution might be an issue late tomorrow. right now, no air quality alerts. so mild and breezy start to the weekend. a slight warming as high pressure strengthens. we should break out of the clouds a little sooner. and even along the clone, a little more sunshine. especially toward santa cruz. the inland temperatures rise 5 to 8 degrees warmer than the highs we see today. so morning temperatures similar. upper 50s and low 60s. by around lunch time tomorrow, mid to upper 70s around the tri-valley and close to 70 around san francisco and oakland as we see outside lands. beautiful weather tomorrow. you can see the temperatures around san jose tomorrow. low 80s, 90 degrees could be in reach around campbell and los gatos. low 70s tomorrow into the north bay, highs in the mid 80s in sanity rosa and napa. and near tri-valleys. temperatures starting to climb up.
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that will hold for sunday. as we get monday through thursday, we'll see the area of low pressure just offshore. that will keep the sea breeze running pretty strong. we'll see the temperatures starting to drop off below average. about average for let's say livermore should be 88 degrees. tuesday, wednesday a little warm he toward friday in san jose. similar trend. temperatures cooling into the upper 70s. a mostly mild week ahead after the brief warm-up on monday. san francisco holding steady. mostly upper 60s to low 70s as we head toward friday. one other item to watch. we're keeping an eye off hurricane hilda here off the coast of hawaii. a very strong storm. a category 4 hurricane. the moisture could get pulled up through central pacific as that storm avoids hawaii. it looks like some high clouds out of the system as we head toward next weekend. a few high clouds to start things off and then maybe a significant warm-up come next sunday. mild seven-day forecast another
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one on the way. same time next weekend. back to you. >> still to come classes may be starting too early for high school and middle school students. >> why the cdc says schools start too early and kids need to start later.
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are incredibly good for you. because they're heart healthy because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family. everything we do is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love. suggests that early start time may be making it harder for teens get enough sep to learn properly. ==take vo== the cdc reccomendsth the schoolay start 8:30a.r the cdc says teens may be getting up too early.
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they recommend school starts at 8:30 a.m. or later. that way they get nine hours of sleep each night for their still developing brains. right now only two states alaska and north dakota are meeting the 8:30 goal. how does california stack up? the average start time for middle and high schoolers at 8:07. the state with the earliest start time is louisiana. they start classes timally at 7:40 in the morning. the hills are alive with a massive garage sale. they hosted a massive group garage sale at their hillside home. more than 100 households took part and sold gently used or slightly abused toys. some like to call it more of a treasure hunt. >> you never know what you'll find but you will find some good deals. >> massive. it is really massive. like a lot of people participated more last year so it has been a great turnout.
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>> the event is only one day every year. if you missed out today, you'll to have wait until next year. >> pretty cool. everybody probably saves their stuff. some amazing lego creations in the south bay. we'll show you that coming up. k this out. with xfinity home we get 24/7 professional monitoring and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching] [baby crying] don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers, add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today.
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it was playtime in santa clartoday for people of all ages. the sixth annual "bris all right. lego lovers, listen up. it was play time in santa clara for people of all ages. this is the sixth annual bricks by the bay event. >> people bring their favorite creations to show off and share with others. people can participate in games, contests and work shops. they had to use all the new pieces. if you didn't get to go today, no problem. you can go again tomorrow. man, that's a lot of work.
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>> get in there and get a break. >> a perfect place to be. >> sounds good. thank you. "nbc nightly news" up next. on this saturday night, under fire. donald trump faces harsh new criticism from his own party. he is told not to come to a big conservative forum after new insults aimed at a moderator of this week's debate. direct hit. destruction and death from a typhoon that dumped four feet of rain, cussing mudslides and cutting power to millions. toxic mistake. how a clnup effort by the epa caused an environmental disaster, polluting a scenic river with 1 million gallons of wastewater. and terror in the air. an inside look at how the u.s. military is preparing for the possibility that terrorists might use drones to attack the united states. and getting hooked. how a lesson in fly fishing helps these women move on with their lives. "nightly new


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