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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, police swarm a neighborhood after an intense chase. thank you for joining us. >> neighbors on edge as an entire street is locked down. he was hold up in the san jose home for hourhours.
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very close to townsend park. let's check in with nbc chuck co copla. what happened? >> reporter: we know this was resolved without any shots being fired or bistandards being insti injured as well. it began around 4:00 p.m. near san jose's municipal golf course and ultimately it was a police dog that was used to get the suspect and he was taken away by paramedics but not before a stand off that kept people away from their homes as a precaution. it began with sunny dale police looked for a man and led them to this neighborhood and that led to san jose police, dozens of them, convrnlierging on the sce and moving in. >> certainly, it's pretty taxing
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on our resources but it's important to us to help a nearby agency and getting him safely into custody was important. >> again, the stand off was resolved without any shots being fired, any officer, injury or bistanders injured as well. and as you can see, it's pretty much returned to norm al. there was concern he may have multiple weapons inside the house. we've been unable to confirm that as of now. but the bottom line is a successful resolution to a stand off of multiple hours. chuck, thank you so much for latest there. and new at 11:00 a peninsula man has been arrested for the
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death of a tudler just after midnight. the story begins on thursday when paramedics found a 16 month old girl unconscious and breathing. he contends the girl fell from a table but an autopsy showed that was homicide. and police now got good look at suspected thieves. video from thursday morning shows two young men taking the packages right off the front porch. he said the suspects didn't take anything that can be pawned off but it was pretty valuable to him. >> it's sad to see things like this happen and i don't understand. >> it's like them to get caught so it doesn't happen again. and that's the main thing. we've heard from other people
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ipti in the neighborhood that this happened and for us, it happened to be a lot of stuff. we just love this job -- >> reporter: now, the couple is being a lot more cautious. they say it's very unsettling to have so many package thefts in the neighborhood that they call home. you can go home again. all evac yauguations have been d as firefighters battle the rocky fire. thanks to cooler weather, fire crews have been able to gain ground and allow the remaining evacueyes to return. the show did not go on tonight for one oakland band. their set was canceled after
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police detained the band. and this is a pretty big deal out there? sfwlr >> reporter: yeah. that's right. and we spoke with the lead here and his mind was all about putting on a good show, nothing about wrist bands when police came at him and two other men he was with. he says during that time, one of those men, an intern did admit to selling wrist bands and in the end, the show didn't go on. the outside lands festival drew big crowds to golden state park. >> interesting to see all the different outfits sdwh way people come to celebrate. >> reporter: as a security improvement, concert goers are using wrist bands with radio freakancy id chips p. and they say acting on a tip, officers went to 25th and fulton.
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>> there are three people that were involved in this transaction and they were attempting to sell these wrist bands that were nontransferable. >> he said they were sited and released for selling, including this performer. he says, an associate spoke up. >> as it turns out, one of the interns that was with us, he was very quisqut then et and then h to fes up that he had sold a wrist band. >> reporter: with that, he thought it would end quickly for himself and the other man but it didn't. police say they're confident and so is the performer who didn't take the stage. >> we didn't get to play but it's okay. it's life and i'll wake up tomorrow and be okay. >> certainly not how he wanted this to end.
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he told the intern, you made a bad decision that in the end, effected us all. we did rereach out to the promoter for comment and were told they're still working on it. tonight, a bay area swimmer is taking a much earned rest after her historic swim to the golden gate bridge. she's from san francisco and the first woman to ever complete this trip. the last woman to ever attempt the swim was in the 1950s and she was not able to go ethe distance. she started at 11:30 last night and swam for 17 grueling hours, finally making it to the golden gate bridge at 4:30 this afternoon. >> i can't move my arms but this is what we do. i mean, there's something pretty rewarding in seeing how far you can push yourself mentally and physically. >> so, what do you do after swimming for 17 hours, chambers
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says she's looking forward to a hot shower and spending time in bed. and take a look at video from the high school in moraga. they say chemicals from the track drif track drifted downwind to the track. and two of the victims feeling queazy were children. >> as the fumes gathered, it really started when we had two little girl said who got overwhelmed by the fumes. and once happened, there was a response from public safety to figure out what it was. >> the swim meet rezumed at 4:00 this afternoon and continues tomorrow. the fbi is being called to arlington, texas tonight after a black college student is shot and killed by a white police officer. just released a few hours ago.
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take a look that surveillance video showing christian tailor kicking one car and punching out a window of another car and then taylor got a car and drove flight to a glass door that dealership and officers responding say he refused to comply and the was an altercation and an officer-in-training shot taylor. presidential candidate, bernie sanders had his speech cut short in seattle when protesters from a local blackch the stage. they wanted to draw attention to the shooting death anniversary of michael brown brown's death
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sparked nation wide protest. mean while, gop presidential candidate, trump is not backing down. he was invited to a krepublican event and the organizer took to twitter saying he rescinded his invitation to donald trump and this after cnn and he was complaining about megyn kelly. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her wherever bought in my opinion, she was off base. >> of course, those comments have caught fire across the country. he later said he was referring to a nose bleed and said quote only a deviant would think anything else. and the only female candidate, carly fiorina tweeted, mr. trump, there is no excuse.
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and then added i stand with megyn kelly. next at 11:00, frightening moments in the air for two different flights. sparks flying, hailstorms pounding and pilot tells passengers not to worry. and the big show of military force going on right now in california. and we're watching low clouds, misty skies for tomorrow morning. and perhaps a chance of showers and another cool down on the way as we head into next week. will this impact the rest of your weekend plans? we'll look at that when we come back. outside your plane window. afri
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passengers. one recorded this sparks and flames flying right outside your airplane window. this is what one passenger filmed. they recorded this last night as this air bus was leaving philadelphia, the t was headed to seattle. and they made an emergency landing back that airport, no one was injured. and the pilot told passengers there wasmechanical problem. and take a look at this plane that survived a severe hailstorm. check out the front window there. it had to make an emergency landing in denver last night. the passenger who took the
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picture said they had turbulence and hail and the pilot reported the wind shield was crackd and after all that, no one was hurt. military is showing no mercy when it comes to threats from up above, specifically, drones. yeah, this take down right here takingplas in california waters near ven turrau county. and all manned for a military run testing event and the goal is to find the best ways to bring down drones. private companies and other teaming up as the use of drones continues to evolve. >> some of the kwaud copters out there can carry cargo and i
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think it's only limited by imagination. >> and it's not all take down tactics. some other technology they're looking at is how to take control of the drones and guide them to a place where you want them to come down. >> pretty amazing. new details oen the ecoali threat in the peninsula. there's two households throughout that have been boiling water since last month. and this is for about 800 residents who were given the alert told to boil water. they say multiple rounds of testing were done to make sure the treatment was successful. those those families no longer having to boil water. >> there were eight family. >> they're dwindling it down.
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tonight, we had an interesting sunset. the smoke filter from the view from sunol . earlier today, we had smoke bring from fires burning in california. and we had a brief improvement in the air quality as the wind pick picked up. right now, what's drifting in is low clouds. and 63 degrees. oakland seeing patchy low clouds. and some of the low cloud cover spilling in toward the trivalley right now. i know dublin not seeing a whole lot in clouds. and still mainly clear in san jose, but hazy skies. right now, temperatures 64 degrees right now in san jose. so, speak of numbers, still a
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category 4 hurricane, with hilda and it's hopefully continuing on its path away from hawaii. now, for us, we're going to see a slight warm up for sunday and temperatures are going to trend cooler and very likely that's going to be the very warmest day of the week and monday into tuesday, this area of low pressure dropping down the coast and for now, showers off to our north and this is going to bring our temperatures back into the work week. temperatures by noon climbing to the mid to upper 70s. and you see san francisco there. for outside land looks pretty nice, and to the north bay, highs in the mid-80s out toward the trivalley. and here is that cool down we're
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talking about. san jose follow as similar trend and san francisco, not much change. a little sun at times. and very likely as we head towards next weekend, we should see the warmest temperatures of next weekend arriving on sunday. thanks so much. and threawhat you got? >> three bay area football legends get their long awaited call to the hall. and 49ers general manager speaks for the first time since he made a decision to part ways with aldon smith and hear what he had to say about the
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comfortable he was in a place where he's going to be okay. there's a lot of emotions, not only with the player but with everyone in the organization, obviously, we place adlot of time and energy into helping him and will continue do do so. he's not going to walk this thing alone. saturday night, three bay area legends got their call to the hall. and charles haily and timmy brown and ron wool were inducted into the pro football hall of fame receiving their bust in kansas. >> that's the way i feel about football, god, when i step out on that field, god r, i was determined to be the best every play. >> this is an honor you can't even think about. you play great football bullet you don't ever look at yourself as being in the hall of fame. so, i'm going to enjoy this
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honor but on monday, i'm really going to be able to enjoy this honor. it's been a lot of work but incredible work and i can't wait to enjoy this for the rest of my life. well deserves for them all. in the third, the with cubs down one, this and that one is gone. two-run shot to left. it's 3-2 cubs. in the 8th, cubs up 3. and triple to the right field corner. it's 7-3 cubs and they go on to win 8-6. this fan certainly happy about it but the giants not so much as they lose three straight. astros, a's at the coliseum. and good d lensia delivers and coco would leave the game with an illness.
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and chavez given a up just one earned run through 7. runner on third, two outs and he gets jose to ground out to end the game and the a's, they win 2-1. now, back to the giants with three straight losses to the cubs, san francisco is now 2 and a half games back from the wild card spot and that's going to do it for sports. be right back after the break.
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80s midland and close to 70 in san francisco. >> take it away. >> "saturday night live" is next. sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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